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Some of you know that I was gone last week. I drove from Oklahoma City with sons Jared and Daniel to visit other son and daughter-in-law, Jeffrey and Sara Beth, in Idaho. Jeffrey is serving as pastor to a three-point charge in southern Idaho. It takes two 11-hour days to drive from OKC to Idaho, so the drives there and back gave us ample time for many discussions and to listen to a great deal of music. Despite the generational divide, we enjoyed (mainly) sharing the music that means a lot to each of us. There was a lot of crossover on folk music, classical, and rock, but Jared and Daniel’s breadth of knowledge about modern music is much broader than their old man’s. They introduced me to some music that I really enjoyed and may even order for myself. Although Jeffrey and Sara Beth didn’t travel with us, our time with them was also rich with music. Our evenings in Idaho ended with the five of us singing hymns together from the United Methodist Hymnal. Sara Beth is a fine pianist, and we enjoyed learning which hymns are most meaningful to each other. It was deeply moving. As a young boy, family times with my mother’s family – the Mahons – almost always ended with hymn singing. We gathered in the large living room of my grandparents’ home in Loraine, Texas, and belted out hymns for as long as my mother’s fingers could stand to play. There were some truly fine voices in that group, and it thrilled me to hear the wonderful harmonies that danced through that home and through all my young years. Even though my sons never knew my grandparents or my father, and do not know some of those now distant relations, it all feels strangely and blessedly connected to me. There truly are ties that bind us in ways beyond our deserving or knowing. The arc of belonging and family reach further than we can imagine, and I give thanks that much of that arc is known through music. “There’s within my heart a melody ….” – Mark

Eight-Week Study with Pastor Mark Begins september 15th You will want to join this class with Mark as each week, dynamic speakers share, by video, their personal experience related to meaningful topics. John Wesley lived nearly 300 years ago, but the Christianity he taught and practiced still captures our hearts and imaginations in the 21st Century. Edgy, challenging, revolutionary, rewarding, Wesleyan Christianity rings true to modern ears. It’s a faith that matters. In this program, Scott J. Jones – writer, teacher, pastor, bishop – presents Christian beliefs as John Wesley taught them, translating time-proven principles into simple, compelling words. Become part of God’s work in transforming the world. Class will begin Sunday, September 15th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. During the week, participants will have about two hours of reading and Bible study. Call the church office to sign up. Books are $15 each. Deadline to sign up is September 5th.

BOY’S RANCH AND CHILDREN’S HOME ANNUAL RODEO AND BASKET AUCTION Circle of Care, Inc., United Methodist Boy’s Ranch and Children’s Home would like to invite you to our annual Rodeo and Basket Auction, which will start at noon on Saturday, October 19th, located at the Boys Ranch - 6 miles north of Gore, OK. First, this is a very special year because it marks the “50TH Year Anniversary” of the ranch’s beginning. In addition to the basket auction and entertainment that goes on before the rodeo, this year we are having a Chili Cook-Off. Second, we are having an art display. Young artists from United Methodist Boy’s Ranch and United Methodist Children’s Home will submit their artwork for everyone to enjoy. Third, we would like to invite all the conference YOUTH GROUPS or CHILDREN’S GROUPS to enter our Western Craft Show and Contest. If interested in participating in either contest, please call: Betty Kinslow at the ranch office 918-487-5281 ext. 301


Fire ravaged First United Methodist Church of Okay, Oklahoma, in the early hours of Sunday, August 18th. The Oklahoma State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating, according to the Muskogee Phoenix newspaper. The fire destroyed the sanctuary of the 100-year-old church and damaged the fellowship hall addition. The church had already been vandalized twice since June. A stained glass window was broken in one of those attacks. Other vandalism has been reported recently in the community north of Muskogee, according to the Phoenix. – September 2013 Issue –



Following is the schedule for the next two months:

September - Joy Class October - Disciple Class



9:30 am-Sunday School 10:45 am-Worship Communion


















Labor Day

5:00 pm-Youth Fellowship 9:30 am-Sunday School 10:45 am-Worship Noisy Offering

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Office Closed

7:00 pm - AA



6:00 pm - Bells 7:00 pm - Choir


6:30 - Finance

Grandparents Day 5:00 pm-Youth Fellowship


9:30 am-Sunday School 10:45 am-Worship

6:00 - 8:00 pm Hearing Loss Assn. 7:00 pm - AA



6:00 pm - Bells 7:00 pm - Choir



3:00 - 5:00 pm - Mark’s 8-wk study on “The Wesleyan Way” 5:00 pm-Youth Fellowship


1:30 - 3:00 pm Hearing Loss Assn.


9:30 am-Sunday School 10:45 am-Worship

7:00 pm - AA


6:00 pm - Bells 7:00 pm - Choir


1:00 - 5:30 pm - Interfaith Youth Tour 3:00 - 5:00 pm - Mark’s 8-wk study on “The Wesleyan Way” 5:00 pm-Youth Fellowship


9:30 am-Sunday School 10:45 am-Worship

Christian Education Sunday 3:00 - 5:00 pm - Mark’s 8-wk study on “The Wesleyan Way” 5:00 pm-Youth Fellowship

5:30 pm- Missions Meeting


7:00 pm - AA

6:00 pm - Bells 7:00 pm - Choir


Interfaith Youth Tour 2013 Sunday, September 22 1:00 - 5:30 pm

Visit three different houses of worship in the OKC metro area: Temple B’Nai Israel (Jewish) The Sikh Gurdwara (Sikh) Frontline Church (Christian) Informative and Enlightening!

$15 per person Includes transportation and snacks

Let Youth Directors, Lanc and Lauryn Schmitt, know of your interest

From: Oklahoma Blood Institute To: Lakeside United Methodist Church Thank you for hosting a blood drive on Sunday, August 25, 2013. Oklahoma Blood Institue appreciates partners like Lakeside United Methodist Church who understand the challenge of sustaining the blood needed by our communities. We want to extend our gratitude to Teresa Bockus for dedicating the energy and organization that resulted in participation by 19 people willing to give blood. From among those, 17 were eligible to donate the day of the drive. Each person who receives blood represents a concerned family and a beloved friend, co-worker or neighbor. Your dedication to saving lives gives us much for which to be thankful! Suzanne Bourgeois Blood Program Consultant MAKE A NOTE NEW ADDRESS

Christel Murdock Wynnewood Care Center 810 E. California Street Wynnewood, OK 73098 tel: 405-665-2150

If you have ideas for the next issue of The Lakesider, or feedback on this issue, please email Administrative Assistant, Randy Rice, at, or call her at the church, 405-843-5777. Your feedback and contributions are needed and appreciated.

To our Lakeside family: Kay and I want to thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, and visits while I was recently in the hospital. We truly appreciate it. – Bob Alexander

in chaos, a moment of...PEACE,


Peace, refuge, and relief are the in-between moments of hope that the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and partners are bringing to distressed populations in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon through much-needed relief supplies. Since March, 2011, the Syrian conflict has claimed over 70,000 lives and displaced 4.25 million people internally, including more than 1.6 million Syrians who are being hosted in foreign countries. This event is causing a huge strain on communities, infrastructure, and services. Emergency supplies and material support such as UMCOR relief kits bring peace of mind to conflict-affected families who have lost their jobs and are unable to provide for their children. You can help bring moments of peace, refuge, relief, and hope to those affected by conflict or war with your gifts to International Disaster Response, Advance #982450. Giving to this advance provides necessary emergency supplies to those affected by disaster, whether natural or human-made, to ease human suffering. – September 2013 Issue –

PRAYER REQUESTS David Moore Bob Alexander Sheila Unger (friend of Ginny Evans) Olivia (grandbaby of friends of Ginny Evans, just placed on heart transplant list) Ray Nikkel (friend of Jack Andrews) Jim and Judy Prophater Vicki Webster (Prophaters’ daughter-in-law) Jennifer, Aaron, and Reagan Brown Jackie Robb (May Newcomb’s daughter)

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers, and support during the loss of our precious Mother, Reon Williams. It is during times of struggle and loss that you feel the power of prayer, and of Christian fellowship and love to keep you grounded in God's plan. Our church family has such a true compassion to fill a need. That is a true testament of your commitment to Faith, Hope, and Love. You are true disciples of Christ. Thanks for all you do! God's blessing and care to you all, Lakeside Family! - Mark and Vicki Williams

Please contact A.M. Nowlin with prayer requests and updates (843-6811) or Use prayer request card located in sanctuary seat back.

Lakeside’s Helping Hands Really Does Help The Helping Hands account that Lakesider’s so graciously contribute to each month has been able to assist needy people 72 times so far this year. Helping Hands gives food, rental assistance, utility assistance, gas cards and Braum’s cards, depending on need. Thank you so much for your generosity.



Many of you know that the church has a website that can be found at But did you know that you can also find it at OR Unlike your home, a website can have multiple addresses that get people to the same place! And don't forget that the church has a Facebook page - https://

From Joy Class: We’ll be starting a new series of lessons from the New Testament September 1st. Jack and Wendall will be prepared. September 8th we will have our breakfast at 8:45. Always delicious! Keep these class members in your prayers; Fran Ford with a broken wrist and David Moore who is struggling with several health issues. SEE YOU SUNDAY!

– September 2013 Issue –

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