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House Rules

To avoid disturbance to performers and other audiences, please switch off your mobile phones and other sound or light emitting devices before the performance. Eating and drinking are not allowed in the Theatre. Unauthorized photography, audio and video recording are prohibited in the Theatre. Thank you for your cooperation. 為避免對表演者及其他觀眾造成騷擾,請在演出前關掉手機及其他發聲 或發光裝置。 請勿在劇院內飲食,或進行未經授權的攝影、錄音和錄影, 多謝合作。

Mind, and Hours

31/8/2018 7:30PM Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Theatre 牛池灣文娛中心劇院



楊 竣 淘

For a while I suffered from ‘writer’s block’, charging into a deadline set in six months with endless ambition but no sense of direction. I tried writing about many different things, but somehow they lacked a soul. One day, Amos said we should write a native Hong Kong story, and without a doubt in mind I said this is exactly the idea I was searching frantically for: a story I care deeply about, one that is founded on truth. Then comes another problem. The privilege of attending an international school became a liability, I basically lived a foreign life in Hong Kong. Writing the story in English or about IB I felt was unfaithful to the task. I therefore revisited Chinese, and arranged interviews to truly understand the essence and struggle of HKDSE. And so, we had the story. Another challenge was directing and choreographing. I have little experience doing either of these, and so the first week of rehearsals had been nothing but difficult for me, fatigue, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, you name it, I had it all. But it is with greatest honour that I have a cast which is brilliantly talented and committed, a cast which is so naturally lively and magnetic, that I can’t help but smile through every rehearsal. It was the most rewarding part of the experience. Ten million things happen behind curtains, from producing the musical, to rehearsals, promotion, stage technicalities, logistics, venue rental... pursuing arts isn’t easy, it has never been. The least we can ask of you is to give us the chance to prove to you that we are not only madly in love with our craft, but also insanely hardworking. So thank you for coming tonight, please continue to support performing arts in Hong Kong!

寫一套音樂劇一點不簡單。有幾次嘗試起筆,寫關於大地、夢境、都市傳說,但是怎樣都寫不 好。之後,Amos提議不如寫一個關於香港的故事,我很快便愛上了這個念頭。寫香港的故事 實在不多;我們都傾向做翻譯作品,故事題材亦都比較西式,不然就喜歡寫古代中國,所以 我從來覺得觀眾與故事總是有一層拆解不到的隔膜,使觀眾無法深入體會或同情角色。所 以,我覺得以香港作主題是一個有趣的藝術取向。題材定好了,第二個難關就是怎樣寫。 我自少在國際學校長大,與朋友都是用英語溝通,電話裡的歌都是來自百老匯,很快就質疑 自己對香港的認知,覺得自己的經驗都不夠土著。我記得我的第一稿更是用英文寫,是寫關 於IB的,後來發現這不夠地道,正是我先前所說的隔膜。所以,我決定了即使要花十倍的時 間再次回歸中文詞彙以及訪問朋友有關HKDSE的生活,我都務必要用粵語來寫這套音樂 劇。有著一個明確的目標,一切都變得簡單些。

編舞是我另一個考驗,我從來沒有為一個表演編舞,導演的經驗也甚少。從來在台上都是做 跟隨者,做好自己本分便可。但今次我擔任了一個創作、領導的崗位,背後是一頓頓的壓力, 彩排的第一個禮拜甚至是寢不安席,食不甘味。但是這一班演員給了我無窮的信心,他們都 很積極學習,很喜歡表演,很自然地我就被他們的能量感染了。他們將我腦海中那個虛無飄 渺的空想,實實在在地置於舞台上。這是我在整個過程中最大的得著。 能夠讓這個製作發生,有好多人我要多謝。其中的就是非常有本事的Amos。我敢大膽說沒 有他便沒有我。他是我精神支柱,勤力得不得了,每次看著他工作都令我覺得需要加倍努 力,緊貼他的腳步。還有 Hillary,雖然人在英國,但心仍然在此,無時無刻地Skype我們,給 予我們支持和幫助。另外還有Avery和Jasmine為我們設計海報與宣傳材料;Wilson義無反 顧地幫我們做音效;還有我父母對我的信心令我放膽追尋夢想!若然不是這些人,這一切都 不會發生。

其實一個表演背後發生很多事,由寫作到排練到舞台技術到宣傳到物流到場地租借,很多 時我們都身兼多職,一切一切都是人力和時間。渴求的都只不過是有人懂得欣賞,希望我們 的想法能夠感染觀眾。有部分香港人選擇用有色眼鏡看做藝術的人;我明白,追夢的確是一 件很奢侈的事,但希望大家都明白其實做藝術有它的難處,幕後的每位都撲心撲命想搞好 這個show。請大家給香港藝術一個機會,不要在開始前就淘汰和埋沒我們,希望大家繼續 支持本土製作!



Based on our common love for Music, Theatre and Musicals, XTRAMENTAL was formed. After our debut of 'Hello To My Hollow Heart', a Music and Theatre showcase in August 2017, we wrote 'How I Cracked Singing' for the Yip's Children's Choir. We couldn't stop, so that's when we had the idea for writing a Cantonese Musical about Hong Kong. After some serious research and lengthy discussions within our team, I was very insecure if we could create something of good quality. At one point I even backed off, suggesting that we could resort back to writing English lyrics only. If it wasn't for Chun To's persistent courage throughout the time of writing, we wouldn't be able to show you our original Musical Numbers tonight! I am also very thankful meeting all the cast participating in the Musical. They've put in a lot of time and effort rehearsing, singing and dancing with us, to make all of this possible. As the Composer of this Musical, I wrote music from lyrics, and made accompanying tracks. But the satisfaction is far away from seeing the songs becoming alive on stage. And yes, I must applaud for learning all the songs so fast, going head on with the difficult and extremely fast sections. I couldn't ask for more. This concert also feature musical pieces and songs from 9 different Composers. I would like to take the opportunity to appreciate their involvement in this concert, as we all love Hong Kong and would like to express our feelings through Music. Their involvement enriches the programme and instills variety in this show. Heartfelt gratitude to all the Composers collaborating professionally with XTRAMENTAL; and a shoutout to Eagle Wu for designing this very pretty programme book! Also thank you for the performers playing their pieces! Ten thousand thanks to our Director and Choreographer Chun To. I am truly glad to work with him, that's he is willing to go on a spending spree with me just to watch different Drama shows, Musicals or Concerts for inspirations. In our last few projects, we had to tackle 7 hours of time difference since he's in Birmingham. This year, there was a difficult period of time where he was in Australia while I was in Spain. But I was so glad that we struggled through those late hours (or early) to get things in our minds done. I admire Chun To so much for his consistent pursue for artistic excellence, that he made sure everything had to look perfect. Also with our wonderful Stage Manager and overseer Hillary, we make a great team. I'll never forget the courage and willpower we have to get something this sophisticated done. Last of all, if you liked our Musicals, or liked what we do, please keep supporting XTRAMENTAL. All we want is to bring the stage closer to everyone, and to make that happen, we will need your continuing support! Do contact us on Facebook or by Email if you want to tell us anything! Thank you so much for coming tonight, and I look forward to seeing you all again! 基於我們對音樂,戲劇和音樂劇共同的愛,蛋炸饅頭劇場誕生了。 2017年8月我們演出音樂劇場“Hello To My Hollow Heart”後,我們為葉氏兒童合唱團寫了“How I Cracked Singing” 。我們停不下來,那時 就有想法要寫一部關於香港的粵語音樂劇。 首先非常感謝參加音樂劇的演員,他們花大量時間和精力與我們一起排練,唱歌和跳舞。作為音樂劇的 作曲家,我從歌詞中創作音樂,並製作伴奏曲目;但是滿意度遠遠不及看見歌曲在舞台上演出。演員學 習歌曲十分迅速,無懼艱難樂段;我不能要求更多。 這場音樂會還有來自九個作曲家的音樂作品。我想藉此機會感謝他們參與這場音樂會,因為我們都熱 愛香港,並希望通過音樂表達我們的感受。他們的參與令這音樂會很豐富;並特別感謝胡皓嵐,沒有他 的努力,就沒有這本非常漂亮的場刊!當然也要感謝表演者演奏各作曲家的作品!

感謝我們的導演和編舞Chun To。我真的很喜歡與他合作;他願意和我一起瘋狂地觀看不同的戲劇表演, 音樂劇或音樂會,只為啟發我們的創作。我非常欽佩Chun To對藝術卓越的追求,他確保一切看起來都必 須要完美。加上舞台監督及女強人Hillary,我們組建了一支優秀的團隊。我永遠不會忘記我們團隊的勇 氣和堅毅去辦一場精緻的音樂會。 最後,如果您喜歡我們的音樂劇,或者喜歡我們的作品,請繼續支持蛋炸饅頭劇場。我們想讓舞台能更 接近每一個人;如果您想告訴我們任何事情,請通過Facebook或電子郵件與我們聯絡!非常感謝您今晚 的來臨,我期望能再次見到您們!

‘XTRAMENTAL’ is a portmanteau for ‘extraordinary’ and ‘experimental’. Established in 2017, XTRAMENTAL is a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong that aims to promote Theatre, Music, Musicals and other interdisciplinary art forms; and organize artistic performances, providing opportunities in performance and backstage production. 蛋炸饅頭劇場在二零一七年成立,是一個非牟利機構, 積極在香港宣揚舞台、音樂、音樂劇與其他跨媒體藝術作 品,及舉行藝術性表演,提供不同演出和幕後製作機會。




Mind, and Hours 我 ‧ 我們 Panoramic 風景

The Winds 風.管

Amos Wong 王樂行

Actor: Chun To Yeung 楊竣淘 Violin I: Kong Kin Ling 鄺健靈 Violin II: Lai Sum Yuet 黎芯鈅 Viola: Yip Hei Samuel 葉希 Cello: Ku Lui Yen Victoria 谷壘欣

Reflection 鏡映


Sham Yee Lam Ariel 岑依霖

Tsang Henry Chi Yeung 曾子揚

Electronics: Tsang Henry Chi Yeung 曾子揚

A Happy Day 快樂的一天 The Vibrant Life 活力生活 Bonjour 早晨

Trumpet: Woo Ho Cheong Angus 胡浩鏘 Low Horn: Yip Long Hin Oscar 葉朗軒 Electronics: Fish Yu Tsz Long 余梓朗

A Fishing Harbour 漁港 Nostalgia 陳憶 Significant Dust 塵露

The Oasis 塵冥

Piano: Yip Sai Man Simon 葉世民 Cello: Chow Kung Chi Aron 周恭志 Piano: Lee Wing Ting 李永霆 Cello: Chow Kung Chi Aron 周恭志 Piano: Alice Yeung 楊凱晴 Violin: Helen Yu 余靜姍 Viola: Ingrid Fong 方希桐 Cello: Chow Kung Chi Aron 周恭志 Flute: Alice Hui 許嘉晴 Violin: Helen Yu 余靜姍 Viola: Ingrid Fong 方希桐 Cello: Chow Kung Chi Aron 周恭志 Flute: Alice Hui 許嘉晴 Piano: Alice Yeung 楊凱晴

Fish Yu Tsz Long 余梓朗

Yip Sai Man Simon 葉世民

Eagle Wu Hou Lam 胡皓嵐 Alice Yeung 楊凱晴 Alice Yeung 楊凱晴

Alice Yeung 楊凱晴



Flute: Ma Chun Fung Jeffrey 馬浚鋒 Clarinet: Wan Tsz Chun Ryan 温子俊 Oboe: Chan Nim Yee Carol 陳念怡 Horn: Chan Wai Ling Winnie 陳慧玲 Bassoon: Lui Kei Yin 呂紀賢


997 / 997號

Dream 夢朦

Masquerade 假具 F.6 中六

Vocal: Shek Zin Yin 石善妍

Eagle Wu Hou Lam 胡皓嵐

Tang Chak Yan 鄧澤恩 Leung Yan Ting Tiffany 梁恩庭

Conductor: Leung Yan Ting Tiffany 梁恩庭 Piano: Hui Ching Yu 許靜榆 Soprano 1: Tsang Wing Yiu Audrey 曾詠瑤 Wong Wing Shuen Stephanie 黃穎璇 Soprano 2: Lee Yu Ching Fifi 李俞澄 Yeung Hoi Ching Alice 楊凱晴 Alto: Chen Hiu Yan 陳曉茵 Wong Yi Ching Ariel 黃懿澄 Choi Yan Sheung Gloria 蔡恩嚐

Leung Yan Ting Tiffany 梁恩庭

Singer: Lee Hiu Laam Vienna 李曉嵐

Leung Yan Ting Tiffany 梁恩庭

Dreamers 你我他

Singer: Lau Tze Wai Stephanie 劉子慧 Guitar: Tai Wing Chun 戴穎雋 Cajon: Sit Lok Man 薛樂文 Piano: Leung Yan Ting Tiffany 梁恩庭

Music/曲:Rhodrhi Young 楊國熙 Lyrics/詞:Jackson Tang 鄧子頌

Singer: Rhodrhi Young 楊國熙

Musical Presented by XTRAMENTAL 蛋炸饅頭劇場

Music by Amos Wong 王樂行, Lyrics by Chun To Yeung 楊竣淘 1. 當世界貼住分針行走 2. Perfectly Sane to be Crazy 3. 點樣揀補習老師

END 音樂會完結




Chun To Yeung is the Artistic Director and President of XTRAMENTAL. He believes that he needs to be constantly creatively-stimulated, hence he grips on every available channel which allows him to expand his knowledge of the theatre. Chun To has a unique affection for breaking conventions. His style of theatre can be traced back to his studies in IB Theatre, and more prominently, the BA Drama and Theatre Arts programme in University of Birmingham, which focuses a lot on physical and devised theatre. His theatrical pursuit began in Yip’s Children’s Musical Theatre, playing roles such as Billy in Big, the Musical, Pinocchio in My Son, Pinocchio, and Sebastian in The Little Mermaid. In 2018, Chun To performed as Mr. Tooley in Made in Dagenham and as Sketch in Hairspray, the Musical with the Guild Musical Theatre Group. Chun To also stage managed a production of Brecht’s Fear and Misery of The Third Reich in June. He is currently receiving training in the Musical Theatre Masterclass program in London under the direction of Broadway performer Michael Xavier. His hunger to share stories led him to write a three-act play, Hello To My Hollow Heart in Summer 2017. He was also the librettist and lyricist of the musical production, How I Cracked Singing which premiered in July 2018. Mind, and Hours is however, the most ambitious project yet. He believes that a story about Hong Kong would seem inauthentic if it’s not produced in mostly Cantonese, but writing Cantonese lyrics is difficult both creatively and technically, so he is curious about audience’s response. It is also his debut as a choreographer for a show, which is something he looks forward to after almost ten years of dance training. Chun To wants to see more Asian actors in the theatre, and have kept his name as it is to show his pride for his culture. 楊竣淘是蛋炸饅頭劇場的藝術總監與主席。他對舞台情有獨鍾,不斷尋找新途徑來擴展與 挑戰自己對舞台的認知。他喜歡打破格局,他的風格極受國際文憑的戲劇班和伯明翰大學 的戲劇學士課程影響。兩者讓他對 Physical Theatre 和 Devised Theatre 感到興趣,而想將這種 創新的藝術運用在他的表演上。

楊竣淘自少喜愛表演,曾在葉氏兒童合唱團擔任種種不同的角色如: 《Big, the Musical》中 的 Billy, 《My Son, Pinocchio》中的 Pinocchio 和《The Little Mermaid》中的 Sebastian。今年,他 在 Guild Musical Theatre Group 飾演了《Made in Dagenham》的 Mr. Tooley 和《Hairspray, the Musical》的 Sketch 。他也在他的大學課程裡助理舞台監督了《Fear and Misery of the Third Reich》 。他每個週末會到倫敦的 Musical Theatre Masterclass 上課,而老師都是來自 West End 和百老匯。

他喜歡表達自己的想法與故事,於是寫下和執導了《Hello To My Hollow Heart》 ,於去年夏天 初次公演。他也為葉氏寫下了《How I Cracked Singing》 ,於今年七月公演,成為此演出的劇作 家和填詞人。但今天的《Mind, and Hours》是一個深一層的挑戰:以廣東話為主,要寫出巧妙、 意味深長的歌詞,既要考慮到押韻、廣東話音調等等的技術性問題的確不簡單。他也是第一 次為一套劇編舞,希望他近十年的跳舞基礎能夠讓他創造出美麗的舞蹈。 楊竣淘對於舞台上甚少見香港人深表遺憾;亦希望能夠啟發與給予年輕人一股勇氣去追求 自己夢想。




Amos Wong is currently the Vice President and Music Director of XTRAMENTAL. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Amos Wong received choral and instrumental music training at a young age. He is currently studying Composition and Electronic Music at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Works and productions of Amos explore the limitless realms of multidisciplinary arts. He was commissioned by the Yip's Children's Choir to write a 'How I Cracked Singing', a short Children's Musical to be performed in July 2018. In August 2017 he produced ‘Hello To My Hollow Heart’, a Theatre and Music Showcase written and directed by Chun To Yeung. Amos was awarded the First Prize in the Unbound Flute Festival Composition Competition (Brisbane, Australia). He was also a selected finalist in The Future Blend Project 2017 (Warwick, UK) with his solo harp piece 'Dwarf Columbine'. His choral piece 'My Birthday Gift' was selected in The Hong Kong Children's Choir's '50th Anniversary Children's Choral Composition Selections' in June 2018. He was also selected as a participating composer at VIPA Festival 2018 in Spain. ​ Amos actively engages in choral activities, such as competitions held by The Hong Kong Schools Music & Speech Association , as well as international music contests such as the 8th World Choir Games (Riga, Latvia). In 2017, Amos toured as a teacher and accompanist along the Yip's Children's Choir to the International Men and Boys Choir Festival (Arizona, USA). He was also a speaker at the 2018 International Conference of Performing and Visual Arts at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 王樂行現為蛋炸饅頭劇場的副主席及音樂總監。王氏於香港長大,自小就接受作曲、鋼琴、 長笛及合唱的訓練。他的作品探索了跨媒體創作無限的可能性;在2018年他被葉氏兒童 合唱團委約寫下音樂短劇「How I Cracked Singing」 。他在2017年為由楊竣淘導演的音樂劇場 「Hello To My Hollow Heart」作曲。 王氏曾於多個作曲比賽獲獎,包括澳洲布里斯班的「Unbound Flute Festival」作曲比賽的第 一名。此外,他的豎琴獨奏作品亦被獲選入英國沃里克「The Future Blend Project 2017」的決 賽。他的合唱作品「My Birthday Gift」被獲選如香港兒童合唱團的50周年兒童合唱作品創作 選。 他也是入選西班牙VIPA2018音樂節的作曲家之一。 王氏也曾於馬來西亞「International Conference of Performing and Visual Arts」擔任講者。 王樂行現時在香港演藝學院修讀音樂,主修作曲及電子音樂。







Hillary is the Secretary, General Affairs and Stage Director of XTRAMENTAL. She attended the ‘Fundamental of Stage Management’ course at EXCEL (Extension and Continuing Education for Life) at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She is currently studying in the University of Birmingham. She was the Stage Manager of ‘Hello To My Hollow Heart’, a Theatre and Music Showcase produced in August 2017, written and directed by Chun To Yeung. 敖 溢 現 於 蛋 炸 饅 頭 劇 場 擔 任 秘 書、總 務 及 舞 台 總 監。她 曾 於 香 港 演 藝 學 院 之 演藝進修學院(EXCEL)修讀基礎舞台訓練課程。現時於伯明翰大學就讀。

她曾在2017年為楊竣淘導演執導的音樂劇場「Hello To My Hollow Heart」擔任 舞台監督。



宣 傳 主 任


Avery Choi is the Publicity Manager of XTRAMENTAL. He developed his passion in photography and design while collaborating with Chun To and Amos on different video and theatre productions, which could be traced all the way back in 2012. The flexibility and openness of IB offered him countless opportunities to explore these areas during high school. Being involved in various forms of creative projects, he enjoys how a piece of developed media work could capture the essence of the subject with elegance and playful narratives. He is eager to create a polished piece of his own. Hence he is currently studying Digital Media Arts at the University of Surrey, with the means to expand his technical skill set and pursue his interest. ​ His involvement in the field of publicity and promotion began with his role as the Secretary of Promotion in high school’s student council and Photographer in the photography team. He expanded his experience as a Student Media Intern at Mazars, as well as a variety of design and promotional work for societies in University of Surrey, Imperial College London and University of Hong Kong. This summer, he will be working as a photojournalist for Japan Airlines to gain professional experience and insight of the industry. 蔡喬匡是蛋炸饅頭劇場的宣傳主任。過往與楊竣淘和王樂行的合作使他對攝影和平面 設計産生興趣。現在正於英國薩里大學修讀數碼媒體藝術。他希望透過中學和大學時 期在學生會的宣傳經驗,應用在蛋炸饅頭劇場今後的表演及節目。


我‧我們 為演員,由熟悉的聲音伴奏 For Actor, accompanied by the familiar sounds 作曲:王樂行 作詞:楊竣淘 Composed by Amos Wong, Text by Chun To Yeung



岑 依 SHAM YEE LAM, ARIEL 霖 SHAM Yee-lam, Ariel started her musical life at kindergarten. She has been learning piano since 2003 and she picked up vocal training in 2015. In 2013, she started to compose music, and music has been her life since then. Sham graduated from the International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School, where she composed some solo pieces. Afterwards, Sham had composed various ensemble works and even pop songs. Some of her works had appeared in composition competitions. Sham is now studying Associate Degree in Music Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. 岑依霖自幼稚園階段便開展音樂生涯。岑氏於2003年起學習鋼琴,2015年起學習 聲樂。於2013年,岑氏開始創作音樂,音樂成為了她生命中不可缺少的一部分。岑 氏畢業於國際基督教優質音樂中學暨小學,於在學期間,創作由不同樂器的獨奏 曲,後來更創作小型合奏曲以及流行曲,並於各音樂創作比賽中發表作品。岑氏現 於浸會大學修讀音樂學副學士。

風景 PANORAMIC Nowadays, Hong Kong is a fast paced city where people are constantly on the go and life can get a bit hectic. They have forgotten the graceful environment surrounding them. They need to take some time to enjoy and share this beautiful view with their families or friends. This piece is written for string quartet, describing the graceful view in Hong kong. The idea of the music is to use western instruments to perform Chinese style melodies. From this piece, it is hoped that people can slow down their pace of life and spend more time with their families and friends. 現今的香港是一個節奏急速的城市,人們總是很繁忙,生活很忙亂,忘記了一直包圍著 他們的優美環境。他們需要尋找一些時間與親人和朋友一同享受及分享這美景。 這首作品是弦樂四重奏,講述香港優雅的大自然景色,以西方樂器奏出中國風的旋律。 從這作品中,盼望人們可在繁忙中放慢腳步,與家人和朋友享受這城市的美景。

曾 子 TSANG HENRY CHI YEUNG 揚 Graduated from the Associate of Arts (Music) in EDUHK, Henry is now a third-year student of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, major in composition. He studied under Dr. Leung Chi Hin, Dr. Chris Hung and Dr. Samuel Tam since his secondary school life. He has participated in "Creative Mission Impossible", "New Space of music 2", and unveiled some of his new compositions, including "Nightmare", "Ghost Breath","Fog". Recently, he works as an assistant producer of the PBZ music company. To compose and produce different popular songs and albums. ​畢 業於香港教育大學文學副學士(音樂)學位,曾氏現為香港演藝學院音樂學院之 三年級學生,主修作曲。曾跟隨多位導師,包括梁智軒博士、洪銘健博士、譚展輝博 士學習作曲及樂理。中學時曾參與「譜曲特攻隊」 、 「音樂新空間2」公開音樂會,並 發表了《惡夢》 、 《鬼之吐息》 、 《霧》等多首作品。

近年亦有參與本地流行音樂唱片製作公司「零企」製作流行音樂,除為流行作品編 曲、監製外,更發表了「還原」 、 「左中右」等等歌曲。


Electronic Music / 電子音樂 Mirror give various impressions to us, it exists as it reflects. Then how about the shape of itself? 鏡給予人的印象總是千變萬化,有供它映射的物件,才能證明它的存在。那麼,它 本身的形態又是怎樣的?



余 梓 朗 FISH YU TSZ LONG Yu Tsz Long is pursuing his Bachelor of Music degree at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, major in Music Composition and Electronic Music under the guidance of Ms. Poly Ng. This year, he was one of the finalists in New Generation 2018 organized by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild. He had studied Music Composition with Mr. Chan Chorkiu during his secondary school years. Yu is also a French Horn player, studying with Mr. Derek So since he was eight. Currently, Yu is a member of the Hong Kong Festival Youth Wind Orchestra. 余梓朗現為香港演藝學院音樂學士二年級生,主修作曲及電子音樂,師隨伍巧怡 老師,在今年入圍香港作曲家聯會主辦的《音樂新一代2018》 。高中時期隨陳楚翹 老師學習作曲,開啟對現代音樂探索之門,活躍學界創作活動,曾參與學校音樂創 藝展及作品展,並在活動中獲得獎項。除了作曲外,余氏亦是一位圓號演奏者,自 幼跟隨蘇德泰老師學習,現為香港節日青年管樂團成員。


Trumpet, Horn and Live Electronics / 小號,法國號及電子音樂 Wind is elusive, what will it bring to people? Winds are musical instruments with a long history. What is the limitation of its variation? 風,人們難以捉摸。如果與風為伴,到底會為人帶來什麼?管,是歷史悠久的樂器, 早已以不同形式視人,那麼它的變化還有多大?

葉 世 YIP SAI MAN SIMON 民 Yip Sai Man Simon is currently a third year undergraduate student at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts studying composition under Professor Clarence Mak. 現在跟從麥偉鑄教授在香港演藝學院就讀學士學位三年級 。


Piano solo / 鋼琴獨奏 It's a short piece written on a happy day. 在快樂的一天寫的短樂曲


Piano solo / 鋼琴獨奏

Life should be full of energy. 生活應該是充滿力量的


Piano solo / 鋼琴獨奏 Good morning everyone~ 大家早晨



胡 皓 EAGLE WU HOU LAM 嵐 Wu Hou Lam is now studying at the School of Music, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, major in Composition, and has received the HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund. He has participated in the research “Sounding Architecture” in HKU. He is now the music arranger for the Chinese Music street performing group “The A-Players”. Wu’s piece “Link” has been selected to perform in “Music from the Heart 2017” by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. Wu has also participated in designing and building the sound installation “Echoing Bamboo” in the outdoor sound installation exhibition held by Yuan Ze University, Taiwan. 胡皓嵐現就讀香港演藝學院音樂學院,主修作曲,並獲得香港特別行政區政府獎學基金。胡 氏曾參與研究聲音與建築的關係。現為中樂街頭表演團體The A-Players擔任編曲。其作品 《連結》入圍「心樂集2017」 ,由香港中樂團首演。胡氏亦曾於台灣元智大學校園戶外音樂裝 置展「發聲共鳴」中參與設計及搭建聲音裝置《聲聲築》 。


Wind Quintet / 管樂五重奏

This piece is composed according to the Chinese Five Elements theory. Its structure follows strictly according to the Five Elements’ characteristics, order of growth, and their respective scale. The piece is called “Cycle”, representing the theory’s idea of evertransformation of chi circulating the universe. This piece was composed in three days, to enter a composition competition and to hand in a Chinese Medicine assignment. A piece composed in three days would definitely lose the competition. And I’m still clueless about Chinese Medicine theories. Though, killing two birds with one stone is quite worth it.

此作品根據中國五行學説創作。結構緊扣着 五行的特性、相生順序及所對應音調創作。 樂曲取名《循環》 ,代表五行學説中氣的變化 使宇宙萬物循環不已。 此作品僅以三天時間寫好,用以遞交作曲比 賽及中醫課堂功課。三天的作品貨色在作曲 比賽中結果當然是輸掉,而我對中醫理論還 是一竅不同。但是一雞兩味,還是挺化算的。


Cello and Piano / 大提琴與鋼琴

This piece was inspired by Wu Guan Zhong’s ink painting, “A Fishing Harbour III”. The harbour, which was initially calm, were greatly disturbed by the clashing boats on the harbour. This piece was the first piece composed by me six years ago. Perhaps we could see it as a mirror of our Harbour, the Victoria Harbour. 這首作品靈感來自吳冠中的水墨畫作品 《漁 港(三)》 。風平浪靜的海港因小船與大船的碰 撞而掀起巨浪。

這首作品為作曲家六年前所作的第一首作 品。也許我們可以將此作品看成我們的海港 — 維多利亞港的寫照。

楊 凱 ALICE YEUNG 晴 Born and raised in Hong Kong. Alice was apprenticed to Miss Kar Yee Li and studied composition at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). She performs actively as a pianist, violinist and violist, takes part in different performances and orchestra. Alice is now currently a music student at the HKAPA, majoring composition and electronic music under the supervisions of Dr Cheung Pui Shan Florence. 生於香港。曾於香港演藝學院就讀青少年音樂課程主修作曲,師從李嘉儀老師。並 以演奏者的身份參與各個樂團及演出。 現時就讀於香港演藝學院作曲及電子音樂系,師從張佩珊博士。





Cello and Piano / 大提琴與鋼琴 Although fate tends to cut people out regardless of what happens, Our greatest memories are still ahead of us calling out our name. 靜下心,向前看,回憶會把迷失的我們 領回起點,並帶到終點。

塵露 SIGNIFICANT DUST Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello 長笛、小提琴、中提琴及大提琴 The beauty of being insignificant is that one day you will realise that was the way you would find all significances that were meant to stay. 人生若塵露,天道邈悠悠。

Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello and Piano 長笛、小提琴、中提琴、大提琴及鋼琴 Go for what makes you come alive. Because, What our land needs is people who has come alive. 這是塵世中的綠洲,我們的塵冥都不一 樣,但卻如出一轍。

鄧 澤 恩 TANG CHAK YAN TANG Chak-yan learned piano and clarinet in primary school; influenced by his teachers, he found his love in creating music. Tang first arranged for ensembles and composing simple piano solo pieces in 2013. In 2016-17, Tang conducted and arranged for his school’s orchestra. Tang is currently a Composition and Electronic Music Year 2 student studying at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, under the teaching of Ms LI Kar-yee. Tang’s works have a wide variety, ranging from solo work to chamber, choral work and pop songs, he also have choral and orchestral arrangements. 鄧澤恩自小學階段便學習鋼琴及單簧管,他受多位老師影響,令他自小喜歡創作 音樂。鄧氏於2013 年開始為小型合奏組合編曲,及創作簡單鋼琴獨奏曲。於201617,鄧氏有幸為中學管弦樂團編曲及指揮其作品。鄧氏現時為香港演藝學院作曲 及電子音樂系的一年級學生,師從李嘉怡小姐作曲。鄧氏曾創作獨奏以至室樂,合 唱作品以及流行曲,他亦曾為合唱團及管弦樂團編曲。

9 9 7 號 997

Female Singer and Piano / 女歌手與鋼琴 To the one who lives in 997 Unknown Street: Shall we make our memory real again? 住在某街997 號的你,一起將回憶重新實現好嗎?


作曲 家

梁 恩 TIFFANY LEUNG 庭 Born in Hong Kong, Tiffany was influenced by her secondary school music teachers when she was grade 10. She has been fascinated at music composition after she took DSE Music as an elective. In 2017, she graduated from the International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School. She is currently a Year 2 Music student, pursuing a Bachelor of Music Degree at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). Now Tiffany concentrates in music composition under the tutelage of Dr. Jade Yau. 梁恩庭是因高中時選音樂為其中一項文憑試選修科,在學習的過程和老師的影響下對音樂 創作產生了深厚的興趣。於2017年畢業於國際基督教優質音樂中學暨小學。現為香港演藝 學院作曲及電子音樂系二年級生,師從邱玉鳳博士。





SSA Choir with Piano /女聲合唱與鋼琴

This is a story about pursuing dreams. No matter what kinds of obstruction or oppression we face in reality, frankly, we might be frustrated and confused. Yet, we can bring the problem to limelight; to open a new path, to achieve our dreams without regret. 這是一首敢夢追夢的故事。無論面對怎樣的 阻撓,現實的壓迫,確實曾灰心失意過,迷茫 過,但最終也能克服困難走向光明,為自己 開闢一條新路,達成理想,不留遺憾。


MASQUERADE Female singer and Electronic Music 女歌手與電子音樂

What you see, is just a mask that I want to show you. When I take off the mask, my bloody face sticks on the mask, only leave a dark cavity. Am I still here? 你看到的只是我想給你看的假面具。當我摘 下百變的面具後,血肉模糊的表皮黏著面 具,只留下黑漆漆的空洞。原來的我還在嗎?

Female singer, Piano, Cajon, Guitar 女歌手、鋼琴、木箱鼓及結他

Throwing back to the moment of the last year of school life. We found something to entertain our boring study lives and release our study pressure, imprinted our youth. I wrote this song to cherish the memory of the happiness in Grade 12(F.6).

現在回望昔日中六的校園時光,與一眾同學 一起面對高壓的學習環境又尋覓一點娛樂, 同心準備迎接公開試的青春時光。以這首歌 懷念當年快樂的校園年華。



現為University of Birmingham 機械工程學士三年級生。他的興趣是音樂,亦不時為 不同的活動和在街頭表演。這次是他第一次參與音樂劇場,希望能跟以往不同的 方式去呈現音樂予觀眾。

你我他 DREAMERS For Singer, Guitar, Piano and Percussion Music/曲: Rhodrhi Young 楊國熙 Lyrics/詞: Jackson 鄧子頌



這套音樂劇是看著四個不同身世、有著不同理想的年輕人經歷一連串的難關,包 括HKDSE、家庭糾紛、愛情破裂,而從中明瞭什麼對自己最重要。因為角色都略 有不同,所以很自然地產生摩擦或情誼;但因為人生無分對錯,這套音樂劇不想 有一個肯定的主角,反而希望觀眾透過自己的經驗、人生觀和道德觀,自己審核 誰是主角、誰是奸角。因為人生就是這樣,沒有人可以定義什麼是對與否,從來都 只是觀點的分別。今天節目之中的三首歌,是大型音樂劇的選段,希望大家接收 到的是我們的熱誠、能力、以及我們的藝術方向。若然大家喜歡的話,請繼續支持 XTRAMENTAL!

「當世界貼住分針行走」是音樂劇的序幕;以上班時侯的繁忙引入香港人對時間的 執著。香港人總是要爭分奪秒,反正「時間就是金錢」 ,但就是這樣的人生觀使香港 人陷於無窮的壓力之中。這首歌以不同的角度看同一個香港,反映出香港人急速 的節奏和不朽的精神之餘,也介紹了角色的思想、性格和矛盾,為以下故事鋪墊。 「Perfectly Sane to be Crazy」是講述故事裡三個不成熟的年輕人之中發生的一 段三角關係;描述的是年輕人首次經歷曖昧與背叛的時候,最真摯的情感。中學時 期那段初戀,回想起總是甜蜜的、浪漫的,因為始終是人生第一次。而因為大家都 未成熟,很多時大家都不懂如何溝通,如何守承諾,有時更是失去時才懂得珍惜。 「點樣揀補習老師」是集中於DSE的補習風氣。透過一位非常勤力但無奈家境貧窮 的女學生,看出補習的必要性。她明明比其他人花十倍的努力,但總是自愧不如,最 後即使要耗盡父親辛苦儲積的金錢,也堅決要去找補習老師。就是這樣,她捲入了 這個只是精通“skills”的遊戲,繼續以“佢好等於我差”的惡劣心態嘗試戰勝對方。

Brian Wan 尹琮瑜 Mr Tang, Karl Lui 尹琮瑜於零七及一四年分別加入民生書院校友會合唱團及香港聖 樂團。曾參與葉氏兒童音樂劇演出包括︰單于(Mulan the Musical, 2007)、家長(Snoopy!, 2008)、蓋比特(My Son Pinocchio, 2010)、麥克 米蘭(Big! The Musical, 2011)、艾力王子/海王崔萊頓(Little Mermaid Jr., 2012)、野獸(Beauty and the Beast, 2014)、德瑞克/牛蛙(Honk! Jr., 2015)、大象荷頓/市長先生(Seussical Jr., 2016)及獅子/大巫師 (Wizard of Oz, 2017)。 Charis Fung 馮以晴 Jennifer Charis is a 16 year old student passionate about musical theatre and the performing arts. She joined the Yip’s Children’s Choir and Musical Theatre Programme when she was still in kindergarten, and has participated in many productions since then. Recently in 2016 she played Mayzie La Bird in Seussical Jr., and in 2017 she played both Dorothy and Glinda in Wizard of Oz Jr. In 2018, she participated in her school’s annual musical production and landed the role of Anita in the show West Side Story. Katrina Chan 陳徽哲 Rachel Katrina Chan, aged 17, is a F.6 student who studies in Scotland. She loves sports and music. She joined many different activities and performances, such as school musicals. She joined last year’s production “Hello To My Hollow Heart”. This year she is excited to take on the role Rachel, and is looking forward to have a wonderful performance. Jammy Cheng 鄭志軒 Lucas I am Jammy, Chi Hin Cheng, a year 3 psychology student from University of Birmingham. Yes, I'm not a drama nor music student, and yes, I'm neither good at acting, dancing nor singing, but YES, I LOVE being on the stage! Across the years, I've been performing on stage, helping out in the backstage, busking, dancing, just trying to entertain others and be myself. It is a great pleasure for me to join XTRAMENTAL's production for the second time. I had lots of fun during the practice and performance from their previous show, Hello to My Hollow Heart. I wish to share the enjoyment with you this year, in the show, Mind, and Hours.



Jolly Fung 馮以欣 Madison Jolly is a 15 year old who currently studies at Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School. She loves musical theatre and sports. Jolly joined Yip's at the age of 5 and joined the musical theatre class at the age of 8. She joined many different activities and performances, including Yip's as well as school musicals. Jolly is looking forward to taking on the role of madison in this production.

Martin Kong 江嘉濠 Cashier/Ensemble 大家好,我叫Martin。起呢個繁榮昌盛嘅香港,大部份都市人嘅日與夜 都包圍住工作,日日都要為著生活忙忙碌碌,然而慢慢積起無型嘅壓 力,無法釋放出來。我希望可以透過音樂,透過舞蹈去釋放在生活中積 起來嘅負面情緒,同時希望可以帶給別人歡樂,亦都希望能夠認識更 多志同道合嘅人,能讓大家互相扶持。無論是追求夢想還是歸於現實, 在人生還是一條很長的路,了解自己,讓自己能快樂才是最好的路。

Jonathan Soon 孫福晉 Mr Fung, Walter Chui 孫氏早年隨廖國貞老師習鋼琴、隨已故江濟梁老師習樂理,近年隨岑 偉宗老師習粵語填詞。香港作曲家及作詞家協會(C.A.S.H.)會員、香港 戲劇協會會員,也是業餘音樂劇演員。現任胡素貞博士紀念學校音樂 科主任。

孫 氏 以 創 作 短 篇 兒 童 音 樂 劇 為 主,近 年 作 品 包 括《變、變、變》 (粵 語,1 9 9 5 / 2 0 1 0) 、 《天 使 來 過 這 世 界》 (英 語,2 0 0 9) 、 《貓 咪 支 支》 (英 語,2 0 1 1) 、 《自 畫 像》 (英 語,2 0 1 2) 、 《跳 舞 鞋》 (粵 語,2 0 1 3) 、 《安哥拉兔》 (英語,2014) 、 《望夫石》 (粵語,2014) 、 《走過這六年》 (粵語,2015) 、 《除了感恩還是感恩》 (粵語,2016)及《答案就是愛》 ( 粵語,2017)等。 孫氏是本港無伴奏合唱先驅,1994年與友人創立「合唱俠」 (Sregnis Singers)後,大力發展無伴奏合唱,並多次發表編曲作品。

Candice Tang 鄧善怡 Jennifer (Perfectly Sane to be Crazy) Candice has been involved in dance and theatre since a young age. She was recently seen in Catch Me If You Can with Face Productions. Other selected credits include Iris Kelly in Fame and Cha Cha in Grease. Catie Lam 林家琪 Ensemble I am currently studying Psychology in the University of Birmingham. This is my first time getting in touch with this type of show and being on stage. I am feeling so glad to have the chance of taking place and being very excited about it. Enriching the vacation was my initial thought of joining the play. But along with the rehearsal, it evokes my passion for dancing and singing again, and being more enjoy the practice over time. Hopefully, I can convey the attitude toward Hong Kong and broadcast the messages and stories to the audiences. Kalin Lam 林翱 Ensemble 林翱自小開始接觸音樂,曾就讀國際基督教優質音樂中學暨小學,學 習鋼琴、單簧管以及聲樂,對音樂培養了濃厚的興趣。林翱亦曾在香港 兒童交響樂團擔任單簧管手。林翱現時在英國就讀包括音樂和戲劇的 科目,並在英國和同學們創作了Devised piece《Culpa Heitara 怪責 Blame》 ,於四月演出。林翱希望將來能進一步進修與音樂及戲劇有關 的科目。

Chen Hiu Yan 陳曉茵 Musical Pianist Growing up under rich music teaching, Chen Hiu Yan, Cathy, received a wide scope of musical knowledge in music school and different awards in music. She started learning piano at a very young age, and now studying her bachelor degree of music in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Chen has performed a solo piano concerto in an open concert. She has also completed a piano recital diploma (ATCL). Besides, she has been active in international music festivals and competitions such as the Valencia International Piano Academy, to study with different prestigious piano pedagogues. Chen likewise received the Parsons Music Foundation Scholarship to further broaden her study in piano performance. Other than solo performances, she is passionate in piano accompaniment in many occasions, choral music, composing, ensembles, musical teaching and participated in art volunteering to promote music across different walks of life. Wilson Lee 李昀駿 Sound Technician A current student in HKAPA major in sound design, mastering the skills in theatre soundscape designing for dance, drama and musical. As a musician also, he played piano, trumpet and choral music to capture a wider range of knowledge. Super thankful for this invitation and opportunity to put me in. Hope to see you guys next time!





Director 導演: Producer 監製: Composer of Musical 音樂劇作曲: Lyricist of Musical 音樂劇作詞: Choreographer 編舞: Répétiteur 歌唱指導: Stage Manager 舞台監督: Lighting Design 燈光設計: Lighting Operator 燈光控制: Sound Technician 音響: Subtitles 字幕制作: Poster Design 海報設計 : Programme Book Design 場刊設計: Logo Design 標誌設計:

Chun To Yeung 楊竣淘 Amos Wong 王樂行 Amos Wong 王樂行 Chun To Yeung 楊竣淘 Chun To Yeung 楊竣淘 Amos Wong 王樂行 Hillary Ngo 敖溢 Chun To Yeung 楊竣淘 Hillary Ngo 敖溢 Wilson Lee 李昀駿 Hillary Ngo 敖溢 Avery Choi 蔡喬匡 Eagle Wu 胡皓嵐 Wong Long Yan 王朗昕

Chen Hiu Yan 陳曉茵 Gloria Choi 蔡恩嚐 Kalin Lam 林翱 Melissa Lam 林靈頌 Stephanie Wong 黃穎璇

鳴謝 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Ms Jaap Chang Ms Susan Kwong Mr Leung Chun Kit Music Sugie Digital Technology Ms Yuki Pan Mr Samuel Wong Mr Tony Wong Ms Jasmine Yeung Mr Lawrence Yeung