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TO OUR FRIENDS AND PROSPECTIVE RESIDENTS, As President of Vantage Point Retirement Living, I would like to personally thank you for your interest in The Lodge at Truitt Homestead. We believe that we have created something truly special and unique for those seeking new senior living options in the area. We have devoted the utmost attention into every detail of our new community – from its thoughtfully designed architecture, to its well-appointed apartments and common areas, and to the unparalleled services The Lodge will offer. The Lodge is different from other options you may be considering. For example, we don’t require large up-front entrance fees and we offer some of the most spacious and modern senior living apartments in the area, with balconies, patios, or sunrooms. We also offer a host of flexible health and wellness services to help you maintain your independence for as long as possible. These services will be available through a one-of-a-kind association with Beebe Healthcare and we look forward to sharing this concept with you as you gather information about The Lodge. As the only monthly-rental independent living community in the area, it is our mission to help you maintain the lifestyle you want. And with optional healthcare available, our goal is to offer many services in the background so that you can live the independent lifestyle you are accustomed to — knowing that a little extra help is available if and when you need it. At The Lodge, you’ll live your life, your way. All of this comes with the commitment of a business with decades of experience in senior housing and healthcare services in the Mid-Atlantic region. I personally back this commitment to you and want you to know that if you ever have any questions I can be reached directly at 610-321-1977, ext. 111, to talk about it. I invite you to review the enclosed materials so you can see for yourself the many benefits that The Lodge at Truitt Homestead will offer. Kind Regards,

36233 FARM LANE REHOBOTH BEACH, DE 19971 (302) 232-6372 | TRUITTLODGE.COM 10.2019


One-Year Member Opening Monthly Rates Monthly Rates Savings









One-Bedroom Deluxe








Two-Bedroom Deluxe

$5, 450

$5, 610


Second-Person Fee



YOUR CHANCE TO LOCK IN MEMBERSHIP PRICING IS RUNNING OUT - CALL US TODAY! Rates are based on a 30-day month. Published rates are subject to change without notice. 36233 FARM LANE REHOBOTH BEACH, DE 19971 (302) 232-6372 | TRUITTLODGE.COM 01.2020

OTHER AVAILABLE SERVICES Utilities • Included: Electricity, Air Conditioning, Heating, Water, Garbage/Sewer Technology • Included: Phone • Cable & Internet bundle: $70/month Dining • Included: $200 allowance, per resident, included in rent for meals to be used in any dining location • A la carte charges apply if resident(s) exceed this monthly allotment Housekeeping • Included: weekly light housekeeping such as dry mopping of floors, vacuuming, dusting, bathroom cleaning • Additional charges apply for services requested beyond weekly light housekeeping (fee to be determined) Maintenance • Included: routine preventative and 24/7 emergency maintenance • Optional: Additional charges apply for services such as hanging pictures, moving furniture, etc. (fee varies)

Transportation • Included: scheduled group transportation to shopping, activities, and other outings • Additional charges apply for private transportation – $10 per trip within 5-mile radius – Other charges may apply for waiting or increased distances (fees to be determined) Health & Wellness Services • Included: Daily personal wellness checks • Additional healthcare services will be provided in association with Beebe Healthcare. Services include on-site physician appointments, rehabilitation services, healthcare coordination, and intermittent home health services. Your insurance may cover all or a portion of these services. Out-of-pocket expenses , if any, depend on pricing and insurance coverage. Your Beebe Healthcare team is available to answer questions. • The Lodge can help residents access advanced technology to monitor health and wellness as well as notify first responders in the event of an emergency. Applicable fees will be determined by the preferred provider. Residents may also maintain their current monitoring technology or obtain their own if desired. • Health and wellness services offered at The Lodge are subject to change without notice. Salon and Spa Services • A full-service salon will be located on-site with a menu of hair, nail and massage services – Prices will vary from approximately $10 to $75

ADDITIONAL FEES FOR RESIDENCY One Time Community Fee • Two month’s rent, per apartment (non-refundable) • There are no additional security deposits or buy-in fees Pets • Well behaved pets are welcome for a small, non-refundable charge ($300)


Sometimes, people compare what they might be paying monthly in fixed costs and overlook other costs when considering monthly expenses. Let this chart help you compare against what will be offered to you at The Lodge at Truitt Homestead.




Rent/mortgage Property taxes Association or condo fees Groceries/Dining Out Electricity Gas Water/Sewer Trash removal Phone - Landline Cable and Internet Lawn care/snow removal Preventative maintenance (HVAC, appliances, etc.) Home Security Activities (social events, movies, concerts, etc.) Fitness (gym membership, classes, equipment, etc.) Routine housekeeping Laundry & linen services (dry cleaning, etc.) Transportation (car payment, insurance, etc.) Travel expenses (gas, tolls, etc.) Salon services (hair care, manicure, pedicure, etc.) Emergency response system Home health care

$ Included Included Included* Included Included Included Included Included $70/Month Included Included Included Included Included Included Included* Partially Included* Partially Included* Reduced Rates On Site** Reduced Rates On Site** Reduced Rates On Site**

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $




* Partially Included Services: $200 allowance for meals in community restaurants, resident linens and sheets will be washed and changed weekly, group transportation included. ** Reduced Rates On Site: It is expected that rates for services provided on site by established partners will be less expensive than market rates outside of the community. 36233 FARM LANE REHOBOTH BEACH, DE 19971 (302) 232-6372 | TRUITTLODGE.COM 10.2019

IN YOUR HOME: JOIN OUR FAMILY - BECOME A MEMBER When a person moves to our community, they become a part of our community - our family. Here, we’re family because we share a common belief that a lifestyle community can be more than just a place to live. It’s a place to love, to thrive, to enjoy, to IMPROVE… To celebrate, to laugh, to cry… and to do it all together. WHAT IS A MEMBER?


The first step to enjoy “Life. Your Way.” starts with placing a fully-refundable deposit to be on our wait list. Once your priority position is reserved, it’s time to think about your move and when you’ll be ready. Our question to you is,

Why wait?

Members are people who have taken the next step after depositing. They’re taking a leap of faith and trust in us that this community will be the premier community of its kind upon opening. Members will be the ‘pioneers’ of sorts, who will help shape the community‘s character, dining menus, wellness and fitness programs, and so much more. What’s more, Members are family. WHY BECOME A MEMBER? Membership is a benefit that is only available for a limited time. Opportunities will not be available once the community opens. At this very moment, Lodge Members are building bonds and forming relationships that will carry through to opening. They’re creating friendships with neighbors down the hall and getting to know the team behind the community. They’re attending exclusive parties and events. In addition, Members receive the following financial benefits: - Save thousands of dollars - up to an entire month of free rent! - Receive $500 off second occupant fee for one year - Lock in pre-opening rates for one year And if availability of future care beyond independent living is important to you, you’ll receive priority access to The Lodge at Historic Lewes (planned to open in 2022) that will offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Better yet, you won’t have to pay another community fee if/when you move! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?

$ Becoming a member is easy. Simply select the apartment of your choice and submit your one-time community fee. Once this happens, you’re committing to move-in within 60-days of opening. Your move-in date will be scheduled and coordinated by our team.

36233 FARM LANE REHOBOTH BEACH, DE 19971 (302) 232-6372 | TRUITTLODGE.COM 10.2019

Healthcare and will help residents maintain their independence.


Design – Our beautiful contemporary design elements combined with coastal touches lend a very unique, comfortable feel to our community. Our apartments feature open, spacious floor plans with high end finishes and appliances

The simple answer is, it depends! As in all restuarants, the price of each meal varies depending on the time of day (lunch vs. dinner) and menu item (salad vs. filet mignon). Rather than alloting residents a certain number of meals, we feel offering an allowance provides the most choice and flexibility. On average, you can expect your $200 per person allowance to cover about 15 meals per month.



Flexibility. Value. Level of services and amenities. Security. Sense of community. - We believe it’s a little bit of all of these things. And when they see the spacious, completely up-to-date living options and learn about our amenities, they realize that nothing is missing. You can have the lifestyle you want even if you don’t have the means to put down a huge upfront payment. The Lodge truly does offer the best value in the area. We make it possible for you to live with freedom and comfort but without worry or long-term commitment.

HOW DO YOUR COSTS COMPARE TO OTHER COMMUNITIES? You’re going to be pleasantly surprised. Yes, we’re committed to top-notch services and technology but we’re also committed to value! We don’t charge large, upfront fees and our prices are extremely competitive – and may even be lower than other communities in the area. Of course, we encourage you to compare and we think you’ll find our community provides better value and more flexibility than many other retirement communities.



Financial Freedom – Without long-term commitments or large buy in fees, our monthly agreements set us apart! Rather than writing a six-figure check to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), you maintain control of your assets. By doing so, you earn the interest and return on investments built up over a lifetime, not the community you’re moving into. And since we don’t tie up your assets in a complicated contract, it is easy to leave if you decide to move for any reason.

Your monthly fee includes things beyond simply renting an apartment, many conveniences, services, and amenities such as: $200 worth of meals per month (per person), telephone, property taxes and basic utilities (i.e. water, heat, electric, trash collection, and recycling). It also includes services such as weekly housekeeping & linen service and activity programs.


Not included in your monthly rent are cable and Internet, which are provided for a nominal fee, any meals that you purchase over your $200 allowance, and additional services you opt to receive (i.e. services from our wellness suite, private transportation or salon).

After that, we will schedule your move-in date and sign a rental agreement. We will work together to make the process as smooth as possible. We can also initiate your relationship with a company that specializes in helping people transition to retirement living.

Flexibility – We offer independent living with the option of adding additional health and wellness services, if/when you need them. These services will be provided through a one-of-a-kind association with Beebe

It’s really quite simple. Our community relations team will work with you to help select a floor plan and your preferred location within the community and complete an application for your selected apartment.

36233 FARM LANE REHOBOTH BEACH, DE 19971 (302) 232-6372 | TRUITTLODGE.COM 10.2019

WHAT IF I NEED ADDITIONAL HELP IN MY APARTMENT, NOW OR IN THE FUTURE? As an independent living community, we’re the ideal option for active seniors who seek a worry-free lifestyle with countless services and amenities to enjoy at their fingertips - and the optional access to flexible health and wellness services that will help maintain their independence for as long as possible. If you need additional help, our on-site wellness center can provide certain intermittent home health care services. We can also provide you with rehabilitation and therapies that will help you recover from and/or prevent future hospitalizations. If your needs increase over time, Vantage Point is developing another Lodge location, The Lodge at Historic Lewes, that will offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Residents of Truitt Lodge will receive priority access to these services if they should require them. WHAT TYPES OF MODIFICATIONS CAN I MAKE TO MY APARTMENT? Our community is your new home, and we want you to feel comfortable in your surroundings. We welcome and encourage you to make your apartment your own by hanging shelving, pictures, and painting your walls. All that we ask is that you and/or your family return the apartment to its original state when you leave. Our on-site maintenance team can even assist you on a pre-scheduled basis and for a nominal fee. We also consider larger improvements on a case-by-case basis. Approvals will be made at the discretion of the community’s executive director and in order of receipt. This approvals process will begin after the community opens.

MAY I BRING A PET? Yes! We enjoy well-behaved pets and encourage you to bring them as long as you are able to care for and pick up after them. A small, nonrefundable fee will be collected upon your pet’s arrival. WHAT HAPPENS IF/WHEN I DECIDE TO LEAVE? We only ask that if you move into an independent living apartment, you allow a minimum of one year to experience the lifestyle we offer. After that, if you choose to leave, we merely ask for 60-days’ notice. WHO OWNS TRUITT LODGE? Truitt Lodge is owned by Truitt Senior Living, LLC, a joint venture between Vantage Point Retirement Living, LLC of Exton, Pennsylvania, and Ocean Atlantic Companies of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Daily operations of The Lodge at Truitt Homestead are the responsibility of Vantage Point Retirement Living, a regionaly focused and family operated senior living development and management company.


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Truitt Lodge Pricing, FAQs, and More  

Want more information on all the fabulous services and amenities The Lodge at Truitt Homestead will offer?

Truitt Lodge Pricing, FAQs, and More  

Want more information on all the fabulous services and amenities The Lodge at Truitt Homestead will offer?