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First Word Vista Chamber Turns 100!

Eppig Brewery & Bierhalle

A Family Legacy of Brewing

Root and Splendor

Hand-Crafted Natural Laundry Products

Rancho Grande

El Toro

An American Dream Come True

Haro Bikes

Evolving from Action

Sports Roots

Archer’s Arrow

New Coffee and Wine Bar in Vista

TJ Crossman

Honest Auto Repair and Community Spirit

Published by magazine Visit us at 303 Vista Village Dr Sun - Wed 9am - 2am, Thur- sat 9am - 3:30am CRAVEABLE CHICKEN FINGER MEALS™

“Going to Fiesta.” by Carole Lee a bronze scupture depicting a woman of the 1800's welcoming visitors to the garden of the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe.

Photos by Kent Leithold

Cabaret concerts & other events through March! Experience live music and entertainment in our indoor venue.

March – April: Selena Tribute Band, Who’s That Girl: The Ultimate Diva Experience, Foreigners Journey Starring Constantine Maroulis, and The Garth Guy.

May – September: Jesus Christ Superstar, The Wedding Singer, Disney’s Tarzan The Musical, 42nd Street , and Saturday Night Fever .

June – July: Mick Adams & The Stones: The Ultimate Rolling Stones Tribute Band, Adventures in Parrotdise: A Jimmy Buffet Tribute, Dead Man’s Party Tribute to Oingo Boingo & Danny Elfman, TUSK: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac, Queen Nation, Yächtley Crëw, and Who’s Bad: The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience.

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toward the west. Inset:
Vineyards looking
SPRING 2023 First Word Vista Chamber Eppig Brewery & Bierhalle Root and Splendor Hand-Crafted Natural Laundry Products Haro Bikes Evolving from Action Sports Roots TJ Crossman Honest Auto Repair and Community Spirit Published by magazine magazine


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Barb Miltenberger

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#7 Pizza Bread & Beverage..................................7.99 Pizza Bread (up to 2 Toppings) & 20oz. Beverage

Betsy Heightman

Vista Community Clinic

#8 Salad, pizza, & Beverage.................................8.49 House Salad, One Slice of Pizza, & 20oz. Beverage (All pizza slices are cheese or pepperoni)

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Specials Monday-Friday 11AM-4PM #1 Pizza & Beverage..............................................6.49 Two Slices of Pizza & a 20oz. Beverage #2 Sandwich & Beverage.......................................8.99 Any Sandwich & 20oz. Beverage #3 Salad, Pizza, & Beverage..................................9.99 House Salad, Two Slices of pizza, & 20oz. Beverage Lunch
of pizza, & 20oz. Beverage #4 Pizza..................................................................2.99 One Slice of Pizza #5 Pizza & Beverage..............................................8.99 Individual pizza (up to 2 Toppings) & 20oz. Beverage #6 Salad, Pasta, & Beverage...............................10.99 House Salad, pasta, & 20oz. Beverage #7 Pizza Bread & Beverage..................................7.99 Pizza Bread (up to 2 Toppings) & 20oz. Beverage #8 Salad, pizza, & Beverage.................................8.49 House Salad, One Slice of Pizza, & 20oz. Beverage (All pizza slices are cheese or pepperoni) Order Online Lamppost Pizza_Backstreet Brewery 15 Main St., #B100 Vista, CA 92083 (760) 407-7600 Cinepolis Movie Theater Order Online at LAMPPOSTPIZZAVISTA.GIMMEGRUB.COM Happy Hour Daily from 3:30pm - 6:30pm A Company You Can Trust! AWARDED ONE OF THE TOP 100 SOLAR CONTRACTORS IN THE NATION • Solar Installation • Roof Replacement Eliminate Your Electric Bill With No Money Down! 760-749-1111 NEM3.0 is coming! Get grandfathered in to NEM 2.0 before April 1st and SAVE $$$.

This year, the Vista Chamber celebrates 100 years of impacting our community. We also celebrate 100 years of the Vista Irrigation District, the 60th birthday for the City of Vista, and 60th birthday for the Boys & Girls Club and more! There is a lot of impact and history to celebrate in 2023.

While doing a bit of research on the History of the Vista Chamber, I came across an ad in the Vista Press from 1926 (just a few years after the establishment of the Chamber.)

The ad states that Vista is “a virgin empire with unlimited possibilities for wealth” and there were accurate predictions in this advertisement. The ad talks about agriculture and crops such as flowers, avocados, and oranges. There is no mention of Strawberries (but that was to come later in the 70’s) and discusses that Vista is heaven for the home grower.

This ad also claims that Vista is destined to be a City in which the business and social life of this county will focus. Bingo! Our Vista Business Park is home to more than 900 companies and 21,000 employees. And downtown Vista is growing with so much to offer!

Vistans in the 20’s knew what they were talking about. Back then the Inland Highway could take you from Vista to San Diego in just under two hours. Wow, some things never change! This article predicted that Vista would someday be home to thousands of busy people and that is true today. We are a community of nearly 100,000 according to the 2020 census, a diverse community of people, businesses, and opportunities.

Vista still has good roads, good schools, electric light (and now cars) and telephone (though maybe it is 5G now). We still have great food and excellent service. We have amazing products that are made here and shipped all over the world. We are a community of makers. And we still have delightful summer weather and mild winters with maximum sunshine!

While we may not be a virgin empire any longer, we are a community with possibilities. And, I can speak to this personally. Twenty years ago, in January 2003, I arrived with my tiny U-Haul right here in the city of Vista. I moved here knowing no one. Just me and enough furniture for the world’s tiniest apartment.

I planned to move to California for a couple of years to build my resume working for the City of Vista and then I would move back to Fort Worth. Twenty years later, I am still here but now at the Vista Chamber.

Vista has truly shown me unlimited possibilities. I made friends, good deep friendships with amazing people, through these friends I met my now husband. He is a teacher here in Vista and we have two children who attend Vista schools. We live right above Brengle Terrace Park and can hear the music from the Moonlight when the weather is just right, which is almost every day. We have friends who are business owners and community leaders in town, and we see every day the opportunities that are created by their investment in our community. I am beyond blessed to have a career that allows me to celebrate my home, a place with such amazing opportunity. Everything good in my life connects back to Vista somehow and I know I am just one of many who feel this way.

I cannot wait to celebrate everything Vista this year! I hope you will join me. Check for details.

Vista Chamber President & CEO Rachel Beld

Vista’s Eppig Brewery & Bierhalle is Rich in History

The Eppig family began their decades-running lager brewing legacy in the 1800’s in Brooklyn New York, eventually operating six breweries which employed many family members. They survived the prohibition era but ceased to operate for several reasons shortly thereafter.

Fast forward to the year 2016, when family member Stephanie Eppig and her husband Todd decided to honor the work that her late family members started so many years ago and to bring Eppig beer to San Diego. They combined desires and talents with Clayton LeBlanc and Nathan Stephens (formerly with Ballast Point) and the team has gone on to produce award-winning brews and expand their brand, always keeping the focus on learning, innovation and quality.

The 16,000 square foot facility in Vista lovingly referred to as “the mothership” is home to Eppig Brewery & Bierhalle and opened in 2019. It serves as the company’s headquarters and production/distribution facility and is just one arm of the Eppig operation, which also has locations in Point Loma and La Jolla. Vista boasts a bierhalle and tasting room with comfortable indoor space and an outdoor patio area with firepits to warm yourself beside while taking in the canyon views. They offer space to rent for your private event in part or in full. An array of rotating local food

trucks are brought in to provide a variety of dining opportunities, or you are welcome to bring in your own snacks or food from nearby restaurants. Your well-behaved and leashed dogs are on open invitation in the outdoor patio area. Eppig is big on in-house events and has hosted musicians, Oktoberfests, blood drives, fundraisers, vendor markets, creative opportunities and beer crawls (they are neighbors with Dogleg Brewing Co. and Helia Brewing Co.).

Eppig focuses its brewing style on the methods of their predecessors and their old-world Bavarian roots with traditional, balanced and approachable brews. They take their craft very seriously and while not trend chasers, they use modern techniques in order to enhance their established family beer-making formats. They use notes and formulations from the family archives while creating new

recipes that reflect their own collective knowledge and discoveries. With another nod to tradition and their family history, they honored and kept the original logo, an eagle holding a beer keg. Eppig features many styles of beer which include a lager series, ales, sours and stouts. “Special Lager International Style Pilsner is ripe with subtle aromas of sweet, starchy sushi rice, light pilsner malt and lemon blossoms. It is remarkably clean and balanced. Eagle Rider Double IPA is a Mosaic hop bomb that is big and bold, while surprisingly lightbodied for a double IPA. The aroma is a burst of ripe stone fruit, pineapple, and bright citrus with a sneaky, smooth finish. The flavor is balanced for a double and finishes clean. Pink Lemonade Kettle Sour with cherries, raspberries, lemon and milk sugar is a tart base beer with real raspberry and cherry puree,

finished with hand-zested Eureka lemons plus a touch of milk sugar to balance. It has a brilliant lemon aroma with a tart citrus flavor and just a hint of pilsner malt to remind you that it’s still a beer.” These are just a few brews from their stellar lineup which you can read more about on their website

Eppig recently celebrated six years in business in San Diego County, is now fully distributed and wants the community to find a home with them. Come on out with your coworkers, family and friends and enjoy their beers, comfortable space and community events. You can find Eppig Brewery & Bierhalle at 1347 Keystone Way, Suite C in Vista. For more information, follow along on social media and check out their website.

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By Eva Redding

As a mom of four young boys, her initial goal was to simply find a product that would work well on all stains, but contain only non-toxic ingredients. After trying many different brands of natural detergent, she could not find one that fit the profile. During her journey of exploration, she was surprised to learn that not all products labeled as natural are actually safe for people and our environment. Determined to find a solution, Kristin decided to experiment with formulating her own laundry soap. Desiring only the highest standards, she hired a team of chemists and scientists to help accomplish her goal. It took five long years of research & development, formulating, reformulating, and studying until the perfect soap was finally born. After her formula was third party laboratory tested, she was thrilled with the results—her product was labeled as premium and all the while 100% pure & natural. The plant-based formula was truly unique and not found anywhere

else on the market. With the overwhelming support of her husband and her children, she officially released her brand, Root & Splendor, for others to enjoy.

Today, Root & Splendor ships nationwide and partners with over 150 retail locations.

Their customers are raving about the effectiveness of the company’s laundry soap and stain remover line of products. As Kristin said, “People call it the Miracle Worker.” She explained, “Enzymes are necessary to remove stains and odors. Each enzyme targets a different type of stain.” Their formula contains all enzymes; therefore, targets all stain sources. With several different scent profiles, all fueled by essential oils, just one tablespoon of soap will keep your clothes smelling amazing and superbly clean. Ready to ditch dryer sheets and fabric softeners? Root & Splendor’s organic wool dryer balls are made entirely of American wool and are a great natural alternative. Their Room & Body Sprays follow the same eco-friendly and safe rules as the rest of their line. Kristin said, “With our room sprays, you won’t have to worry about what you breathe and get on your skin.”

Striving for sustainability, Kristin is excited to connect with her customers in their new location in Vista where they

can not only refill their existing bottles while saving money on packaging, but also check out a wide variety of other carefully selected small eco-friendly brands. As she mentioned, “We are the first of its kind in all Vista. People love refilling. The idea of sustainability is catching on.” Powered by the purest ingredients and made with love by hand, Kristin is proud to label her products

“Hand-Crafted in Vista, California.” Following the same commitment, their packaging is also fully biodegradable and recyclable. As a socially responsible company with deep roots in the local community, a portion of their profits is

donated to Safe Families for Children—an organization dedicated to keeping vulnerable children safe and families intact. There is more on the horizon in 2023! The company is excited to announce their up-and-coming kitchen series complete with dish soap, dishwasher soap, hand soap and much more using the same high quality ingredients. Kristin and her team look forward to welcoming you in person at Sustainable Marketplace, 1175 Park Center Dr. #A in Vista, CA on M, T, Th, F from 8:30am – 4pm or Wed. from 9am – 6pm. Learn more about their brand and products at

When Kristin Fracassi set out to search for a safe and all-natural laundry detergent, her discovery led to something far greater and life-changing.
12 VISTACHAMBER.ORG 249 S Indiana Ave, Vista, CA 92084 | (760) 659-6778 | Website Design • Search Engine Optimization Digital Advertising • Video Production Vista's Local Marketing Agency

I am always in disbelief that another year has gone by. It happens the first time I sign any official paperwork and I have to write the date next to my signature. Several days might go by and then, all of a sudden, I am questioning whether I wrote the correct year before submitting whatever it was I needed to sign. But a new year always brings new beginnings, new opportunities, and new challenges to overcome.

Of course, a new year brings new goals and resolutions. Maybe it’s a health-related challenge like exercising more or eating better. Or perhaps it’s a commitment to finally finish that project you’ve been wanting to complete. This is a time of new beginnings, to look forward to the year ahead, and set your sights on what can come.

A new year is also a great time to reflect on the previous year and think back to the challenges you faced. Did you do everything you set out for? Anything you wish you would have done differently? This is your chance for a redo! But, reflecting on the previous year is also a great time to pat yourself on the back for all the things you were able to accomplish and to reward yourself for your achievements. No matter how big or small it is important to celebrate success. As a business owner, I understand the feeling of being your own cheerleader. Customers and clients aren’t always aware of your goals, and when you are focused on serving others, your own recognition might take a bit of a back seat.

The Chamber of Commerce is certainly aware of the struggles and challenges our businesses face because we are an organization of business owners. From the Board of Directors to the individual members, we are made up of business leaders from within our community and we know firsthand that when customers come first, recognizing success tends to come second (if at all). So, the chamber wants to make sure that we recognize your success, but, we also recognize that we couldn’t operate our businesses if we didn’t have the infrastructure and support of our public safety officials, teachers, and healthcare providers.

That is why the Vista Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Vista Education Foundation (VEF) to honor our business leaders and some of our community's truly unsung heroes with our annual Heroes of Vista event happening March 10th at the Vistonian. We will recognize our small and large businesses of the year, business person of the year, and our Nick Ljubic Chamber Champion (an award in honor of Nick Ljubic to recognize a Chamber member who stood out as a champion within our organization). We also will recognize our fire, sheriff, teachers, and healthcare providers with special awards to recognize individuals for their amazing contributions to our community. But the best part? We are using this opportunity to raise money for the Vista Education Foundation and give back to our local education programs.

Please join me in celebrating our Heroes of Vista and visit for ticket information and more details on this great event.

Chairman's Corner

Archer’s Arrow coffee house And wine BAr hits the MArk

The coffee industry has become a niche, competitive market with an air of exclusivity surrounding it. Coffee consumers have become true connoisseurs with high expectations from their beverage. At Archer’s Arrow Coffee House and Wine Bar (Archer’s Arrow) which opened in September of 2022, owners Josh and Kat Barille want to take away the exclusivity and make coffee relatable to all in the community According to Josh, “The best coffee is whatever you like to drink.” Before opening their cozy shop beneath the new Rylan Apartment complex, the Barilles received several years of preparative training with the Specialty Coffee Association, earning certificates brewing, roasting and baristaing. Staff training is important to their business, and they have monthly training sessions that are hands on and interactive, seeking to encourage the individual talents and leanings of their employees as they hone their craft.

Josh and Kat want you to know that their coffee is the highest quality while also being approachable at the same time. There is a coffee for everyone, whether you have been drinking it for a long time or are new to the coffee scene and learning as you go. They use the finest beans to produce espresso, drip, cold brew, Americano lattes, mochas, cortados, cappuccino, pour over spritzers, lavender and brown sugar lattes and seasonal offerings as well. While decafs often suffer in the taste department, Josh is proud to say that theirs comes out on top.

There is a lot more going on at Archer’s Arrow than just coffee. They serve a lot of what they like to call “not coffee” options like matcha, chai (regular or dirty), Amaretto coconut tea latte, hot chocolate, loose leaf tea, lemonade and orange juice. And…WINE. Yes, you read that right…wine! With early evening hours available, they are offering wine and bites, perfect for a date night, catch-up with a friend, or to be enjoyed with one of their tasting events or trivia nights (which happen on Wednesdays). They also offer mimosas (traditional, lavender or rose), sangria and bellinis. They are bringing in wineries on occasion for tastings and educational workshops, so keep a lookout.

With a small kitchen, they have chosen to dial in their menu and concentrate on excellence. They offer a variety of gourmet toasts including loaded avocado, Mediterranean, pistachio and honey, whipped ricotta, and pb&j. Everything they offer is made from scratch in their kitchen, spreads and all. They also support other local small businesses by bringing in baked goods from Glutinus Maximus Bakery, donuts from The Goods (Wednesdays only), bagels, and overnight oats from Honey Harvest.

Check their schedule at for creative classes. In December they teamed up with Crozier’s Flowers across the street to offer a wreath making class and with your entry fee a bottle of wine was included to share between friends while crafting. They are just getting started but will be implementing all kinds of fun ways to get the community together in the future like coffee and wine education classes, creative workshops and more. They have space available to rent for your private event, maxing out at 31 people.

If you want to experience “coffee without an attitude,” then Archer’s Arrow is the place for you. You can find them at 170 Main Street in downtown, historic Vista. They are open every day of the week. Find them on Instagram at @archersarrowcoffee, their favorite place to communicate with their customers.


John Franklin Mayor's Message


On January 28, the City marked its 60th anniversary of incorporation. Vista has evolved in the last six decades, and our community is for the better. Our story continues to be one of accomplishments and leadership. Our first Mayor, Joseph Fotheringham, led our City into incorporation and, upon election, said, "Now watch Vista grow." Mayor Fotheringham and our first Council members gathered on election night. They collectively discussed their intentions to work together and accomplish "the greatest good for the greatest number, which is our obligation in accepting office."

In reflecting on those words of our founding Council and Mayor, I am in awe of the parallels of the work ahead of us today. I am proud of the innovation, commitment to progress, and meaningful successes of our City Council and staff, residents, and our business leaders. Our fortitude and capacity to respond and react in a progressive and thoughtful direction have proven that Vista is resilient and will continue to grow and thrive.

The City continues to prioritize business growth and expansion to bring new jobs and innovation to Vista and throughout the economic landscape of North County. Through federal and state funding, Vista developed a nationally recognized plan to address homelessness to support the needs of our community's most vulnerable members. Through partnerships with groups like the Vista Chamber of Commerce, we are meeting the needs of our local businesses with grants and youth internships.

We strive to keep Vista a vibrant, safe, and welcoming community for our residents, businesses, and neighbors. Our ambassadors maintain a visible presence so that we welcome visitors to our historic downtown. The Community Improvement Team ensures our City looks as clean and healthy as we did when we incorporated. Programs like these highlight our dedication to our community and that we continue to work and create the greatest good for the greatest number of residents and visitors.

I look forward to continuing this growth momentum and am inspired for the next six decades ahead!

It’s a Family Affair at Rancho
An American Dream Come True!
Grande El Toro Restaurant

Working with your family may be challenging for some, but according to Hector Gonzalez Huerta (Hector Jr.), seeing his siblings and parents every day at their family’s Mexican restaurant – Rancho Grande El Toro, is the best of both worlds. “It’s been a blessing for us to go from family members to business partners,” he says.

“My parents, Hector A. Gonzalez and Flor Huerta had the dream to own their own restaurant ever since coming to this country in 2004. We settled in Vista and made it our new home. My father worked in local restaurants for years and as immigrants, we really wanted to build something of our own. When the opportunity presented itself last spring to take over this restaurant, everything aligned and it felt like it was really meant to be.”

Rancho Grande El Toro Restaurant is located on the corner of Brengle Terrace and Williamson Street in Vista, just two blocks from the Civic Center. The “El Toro” is a nickname for Hector Sr. that adds a personal nod to the family patriarch in the restaurant’s name. Since the transfer of ownership, the Gonzalez Huerta family has made some subtle, but impactful changes to the menu and the restaurant itself.

“We’ve kept it mostly the same but modified it by adding some signature

dishes to the menu,” says Hector Jr. “A new favorite is our Molcajete--chicken, beef, chorizo and shrimp served with melted fresh cheese, grilled onions, grilled nopal (cactus) and salsa served on a molcajete stone, which is a large, heavy bowl. The dish is served with rice, beans and guacamole.”

Another signature item on the menu is their shrimp ceviche and aguachiles. The family’s favorite recipe, “mole poblano” comes from their original hometown of Puebla, Mexico. Puebla is known as the birthplace of the Cinco de Mayo celebration, the creation of mole sauce and where “camotes” (sweet potatoes) originate. All of these factors play a role in what you’ll find on the menu at Rancho Grande El Toro.

The Gonzalez brothers, Roberto and Hector Jr. along with sister Sandy, all work at Rancho Grande El Toro, bringing years of restaurant experience with them. Sandy says that it was a team effort to make some initial changes to ensure that the restaurant offered a warm and welcoming environment for customers. “We redecorated, added some plants and made other enhancements to ensure that our customers feel at home, appreciated, and served at the highest level possible,” she says. “People noticed the new face of the restaurant right away and that means a lot to us. Our hard-working cooks have also played a big role in keeping the restaurant running and growing by maintaining the bold and original flavors of the restaurant.”

A private room is also available that can accommodate up to 60 people. It’s ideal for networking events, private parties and small gatherings.

“We feel blessed to live in such a beautiful family-oriented city like Vista,” says Hector Jr. “It was an absolute must for us to open our business in this community where people really look out for one another and support each other. This is our home away from home. There are such good vibes and positive energy in Vista that we are always looking at ways to give back and help others. This is why we are offering

sponsorship opportunities, supporting our schools and neighboring organizations, while encouraging our neighbors and chamber members to use our party space as much as possible.”

The Gonzalezes say their entire family feels like Vista is truly their home even though they weren’t born here. “Being more involved in the Chamber makes us feel more at home and we are excited about committing even more to our beautiful ‘home away from home’.”

The full-service eatery, which also offers catering, is open for lunch and dinners Tuesday – Thursday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays until 9 p.m. Sundays are one of their busiest days offering a brunch featuring mimosas that customers rave about. During the week, they offer a Taco Tuesday and hold a Happy Hour every Tuesday – Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. serving discounted prices on beer, IPAs, Kombuchas, Wine, Margaritas, Pina coladas, Mojitos and more.

“We feel blessed to live in such a familyoriented, beautiful city like Vista,”
20 VISTACHAMBER.ORG Order online or through the Hungry Bear Deli app! 2205 S Melrose Dr #103, Vista, California 92081 (760) 295-2295 Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM Saturday: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM San Diego County’s Award Winning Sandwiches, Subs, Salads and More! Monday-Thursday: 11:00am – 10:00pm Friday-Saturday: 11:00am –11:00pm Sunday: 10:00am –10:00pm Expanded Patio Seating!

From BMX to E-Bikes: Haro

Maintains Its Roots While Evolving

with surf and skate athletes, innovators, brands, and media making their homes here. Among that group is Haro, a bike company with its origins in the bicycle motocross (BMX) and freestyle industries that has since evolved to also offer mountain bikes, road bikes, kids’ bikes, and electric bikes, all while being loyal to its freestyle roots.

In the early 1980s, Haro founder Bob Haro designed and manufactured one of the first freestyle bikes, capitalizing on the popularity of BMX riding but designing his bikes for freestyle riding, not racing. Says Joshua Rosengreen, Haro D2C Marketing Manager, “In the mid-1980s, jumping bikes and doing stunts became the neighborhood norm. Haro was there to pave the way, producing the first freestylespecific BMX bikes.” What was once a small company started by Bob Haro in his mother’s garage is now a small corporation selling bikes worldwide. “In the process, we’ve developed a fanatic group of followers who love to ride!” says Rosengreen.

Locally, bikes are sold through dealers throughout San Diego County. Customers can even buy bikes at the company’s headquarters in the Vista Business Park right off the factory showroom floor. A recent evolution for the company was the introduction of electric bikes. “We’ve developed some amazing e-bikes in various riding styles. The e-bike community has been a leading discipline since the pandemic, and we offer most of our product line in an electric version. Customers have taken a liking to our dualsuspension mountain bike and our commuting e-bikes,” says Rosengreen. He adds, “We highly recommend taking e-bike classes and training!”

In addition to selling bikes, the company sponsors athletes and events throughout the year. “San Diego houses many top BMX athletes, including superstars Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley, who both have been riding for Haro for nearly a decade,” says Rosengreen. “Competing in the X-Games, Olympics, and world championships, our team is one of the most diverse in the industry. We support men and women riders of all ages and countries in freestyle, flat land, race, and mountain biking,” he says.

But you don’t have to be a superstar to get Haro’s attention. The company has a booth at most local bike events, and holds contests for youth and amateur riders, including the recent Turkey Jam 2022 in San Diego. Haro also hosts “ride outs” for the local BMX community. Says Rosengreen, “These events are what bring everyone together, no matter what bike you ride.” And the company works closely with local schools to help support their mountain bike race programs and get them equipped with the proper bikes.

Vista is a mecca for action sports, and Haro has been based here for almost 20 years. From its corporate office the company designs products, ships inventory, and sells products. Says Rosengreen, “We reside in the business park that was once the old Carlsbad Speedway, and are only a ride away from many local trails. It’s the perfect North County location for the rider in us.”

Haro 1230 Avenida Chelsea Vista, CA 92081 800.289.4276 Instagram: @harobmx

It all began in 1973

when a group of impassioned local volunteers wanted to find a way to help area youth by offering important resources where gaps existed in North County San Diego. Known for decades as North County Lifeline, “the organization’s goal is to build self-reliance among youth adults and families through high quality community-based services,” shares Don Stump, CEO.

However, over the last five years, the organization has expanded its services to include all of San Diego County, serving 5,000 people in 2022 alone with intensive services and another 27,000 with single intervention services. Now, having reached its 50th anniversary, the non-profit is excited to see that expansion reflected in its updated name - Lifeline Community Services.

“It’s this same commitment to helping those most in need in the community five decades later that continues to push the organization forward in our effort to make a difference in the lives of youth and their families,” says Brooke Stance, Communications and Events Manager for Lifeline Com-

Many of the programs and services offered have changed and evolved over time to address emerging needs in services to those in our community.

“When we were founded, some of the gaps that existed included a lack of legal support, transportation, and counseling services for troubled youth,” shares Stump. In 1989, Lifeline rose to meet the challenge of gang prevention and juvenile diversion by engaging in the county-wide Gang Alternatives Program and expanding juvenile diversion services that has significantly helped decrease the number of youths entering the juvenile justice system to this day. In 2012, Lifeline launched Project L.I.F.E. (Living In Freedom from Exploitation) to serve victims of human trafficking in collaboration with the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force with emergency response, counseling, and short term housing services.

“We are committed to providing a safe and trauma-informed environment for those who look to us for help and support. We do so by working collaboratively with community partners who share the same values and passion we do,” says Dori Gilbert, Chief Program Officer for Lifeline Community Services.

Today, Lifeline Community Services focuses its efforts on five main umbrellas of service:

1. Positive Youth Development

2. Behavioral Health for Children, Youth & Families

3. Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention

4. Housing & Self-Sufficiency

5. Human Trafficking Prevention & Intervention

The organization is funded by a combination of county and federal government sources and private donations. It has a $16M annual budget and employs 165 people. It also manages 109 volunteers, who are vital and valuable members of the Lifeline family.

Based on the needs of San Diego youth today, the organization seeks support for three of its high impact programs:

1. Club Crown Heights – Serves at-risk youth from grade school through high school graduation in Oceanside’s Crown Heights neighborhood and is run by a former graduate of the program.

2. Project L.I.F.E. (Living In Freedom from Exploitation) – Tragically, San Diego is the 13th highest region in the US for sex and human labor trafficking. This program was created to support victims and offer them help in their pathway to recovery and self-reliance.

3. LifeSpring – focuses on youth at risk of homelessness, especially those exiting the foster care system. The goal is to bridge the gap between homelessness, foster care and independent living. Youth receive a case work, independent living skills coaching and supportive housing. There’s also a Drop-In Center available to any homeless youth where they can come, get a shower, a hot meal, use a computer and just feel at home as they become ready to seek self-reliance.

“The need for our services continues to grow, but we are always encouraged by the many success stories and happy endings we have created,” says Stance. “I ask everyone to visit our website to learn how you can get involved and share your time, talents and treasure because the impact is very real.” To learn more visit

“We are committed toprovidingasafe and trauma-informed environment for those who look to us forhelpandsupport.
Lifeline Community Services Celebrates 50 Years Helping Others

TJ Crossman a u T o r epair

H onest auto repair s ince 2006

Finding the right business to help you with your car can feel like a daunting task but at TJ Crossman Auto Repair they put your mind at ease. They have been a reliable and trusted place of business in Vista since 2006.

When asked, TJ said he opened his auto repair business because, “I really like to help people by repairing their vehicles honestly and ethically. It gives me an opportunity to give back to society”. TJ, a single father, started out his auto repair service with just a trailer pulled behind his suburban. His business evolved and in 2013 he moved to a 1950s style repair shop on N. Melrose Dr. TJ and his auto repair crew have been servicing Vista with care and honesty. Their ethical business practices won them the Heroes of Vista Small Business award in 2015. Their facility can handle a variety of automotive services. If you have an issue, they are sure to help you resolve it. Just like his high standard of customer service, TJ holds his workmanship to the same level!

Continuing in TJ’s spirit of customer care, he works in the Vista community to provide for those in need. The Teen Outreach program has their food pantry in TJ’s shop. He is an advocate for their mission and helps where needed. He is also a supporter of the Antique Steam Engine Museum in Vista. This year TJ painted an 11,000 sq. ft flag to support and promote the museum. These many positive works are examples of why

the shop was awarded the Channel 10 Leadership Award.

As if these acts alone are not enough, TJ has created a car donation program to annually provide a vehicle to someone in need. Inspired by the nationwide program “Wheels to Prosper”, each year TJ fixes a used car and provides it to a person in need. The winner of the car is nominated by the community and a panel elects the recipient. It is important to TJ that the car can help the recipient radiate the same community spirit that made the car donation possible.

Much goes into the auto donation program; the auto repair crew provides the man hours and many parts needed to prepare the vehicle. They are also assisted by other local businesses who

donate goods and services to make this all possible. The car provides the freedom to the recipient that only private transportation can provide. This year the car was provided to a VUSD special education teacher in need of a vehicle.

In addition to his shop’s annual car donation, TJ was able to recruit 15 other shops to donate cars to those in need nationwide. The program is expanding and with additional help from the community and it is expected to grow

for years to come. If you would like to become a sponsor in the vehicle donation program, please reach out the TJ through his website:

If you are looking for a reliable shop with heart, then consider visiting TJ Crossman Auto Repair the next time you are in need. The shop is open Monday - Friday 7 PM - 6 PM at 1148 N. Melrose Dr. Suite A, Vista, CA.

“I really like to help people by repairing their vehicles honestly and ethically. It gives me an opportunity to give back to society”
Super Highway Program at VUSD Relaunches Get ready for the best summer ever! Scholarships available! For more info: 760.643.5272 REGISTRATION OPENS APRIL 11!
8th grade weekdays 7 am - 6 pm. Games, sports, crafts & outdoor fun are on tap! Includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and weekly guest entertainers. Counselor-In-Training program for grades 9-11.
preschool through

To help our students answer these questions, our school district is relaunching a new initiative entitled the “Career Super Highway Program.” It began during the 2019-2020 school year, but Covid-19 delayed its implementation. The program centers around students at every level from K-12 to start thinking about careers from the earliest ages through various levels of exposure to the working world.

“The idea for the Career Super Highway Program was to bring young people, business owners, educators, counselors and school administrators together in the same room to talk and determine what kids are interested in and what businesses need today,” says Robert Crowell, our school district’s Career Pathways Coordinator. “More than 80 people participated in the first meeting, representing a broad cross section of stakeholders, of which many were Chamber members. Students shared what was most important to them and what they really needed to feel successful.”

Crowell adds, “I’m not anti-college, but a lot of well-meaning people have forgotten that we need people with a wide variety of skill sets and talents to make our society thrive and that there is value in all work. Not every student is meant to, or needs to attend an expensive four-year college to enjoy a rewarding vocation or career.”

Vista’s goal is to take some of the most successful elements of Career Technical Education (CTE) and make them available to all students. This means helping them identify their strengths and interests and making connections to our local labor market. Students are given the Holland Interest Inventory and other personality assessments as early as 8th grade and in high school to help them identify their interests. According to Crowell, it’s more than that. “We want to develop a four to six-year plan for students to help them identify

career possibilities and then work with school counselors to figure out how to get there academically rather than going to school, selecting a major and then trying to find a job. I believe we’ve been doing it backwards! The Career Super Highway is changing that approach.”

Another key part of the program is moving beyond the walls of the classroom and providing work-based learning. This includes guest speakers, job shadows, and internships. Students get direct instruction on business etiquette, networking, and soft skills and then earn credit toward graduation while in the workplace. Vista Unified is reaching out to community leaders and area businesses to identify new and exciting work-based learning opportunities. “We are now more proactive to curate programs and hold students’ hands in getting a larger number of internships than ever before,” explains Crowell.

He continues, “One of the things we learned from our original brainstorming events is that the two most highly desired skills businesses are looking for in job candidates are the ability to collaborate with others and a strong level of empathy so that they can successfully interact with customers and clients. Almost everything else can be taught in-house.”

Crowell says he’s very hopeful about the future. “Our goal is to have students lead the next meeting of the Career Super Highway so they can continue to share what’s relevant and most important to them. We’re extremely excited about the future and the potential of this program.”

For more information and how you can participate, contact Robert Crowell at 760-726-2170, ext. 92010

Students Gain Real World Experience, Explore Options Besides College

“What am I good at?”
“What do I enjoy doing?
“How can I make a difference?”
“Is there something out there for me other than a traditional, four-year university education?”
"...we need people with a wide variety of skill sets and talents to make our society thrive and that there is value in all work."

The Boys and Girls Club of Vista Celebrate 60 Years of Helping Vista Kids


The Boys and Girls Club of Vista

are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year. They have made their home throughout Vista including spaces downtown, the former Washington Middle School, and now their current location on West California Avenue. The 2,000 sq foot facility is an impressive space offering a gymnasium, a music room including a recording studio, a computer lab, and much more! Continuously adapting to the changing education frontier, the Boys and Girls Club of Vista has strived to put the academic and mental health of their students first!

This year in celebration of their 60th anniversary they invite you to attend their Diamond Gala on March 4th hosted at the Westin Carlsbad. This is an event not to be missed, BCG of Vista is currently looking for sponsors at all levels to support this crucial youth program. You can support their efforts by visiting their website and becoming a sponsor or by attending the gala.

The funds raised by the gala help BGC offer scholarships and grants to families in need of assistance. It is important to them that if a student needs a space for learning and growth that they are not excluded from the BGC of Vista due to cost. The CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Vista, Matt Koumaras says, “The Boys and Girls Club is for everyone!” They make it their mission to be involved in the community. The BGC of Vista is making a particular effort to assist students who may have learning loss due to the disruption of traditional learning settings.

The club caters to students aged 5 to 18 with specialized programs, depending upon age and need. Currently the BGC is responsible for the youth sports programs throughout the VUSD middle schools. In addition to offering sports like basketball, soccer, flag, football, cross-country, and girls’ volleyball, BGC of Vista offers important STEM programs and tutoring for students. They also have internships and career development programs to help older students prepare for their future. Due to their extensive program offerings, the Boys and Girls Club of Vista are in continuous need of volunteer and support, in particular coaches for youth sports are needed.

The Boys and Girls Club of Vista looks forward to continuing their growth at their current location. They have procured a grant in order to update their property. Part of their outlook for the future includes a new soccer field on site. It is their hope that the soccer field will fit into this update, they feel this will be a great way to reach more families in the community and expand their reach to students in need.

The Diamond Gala is an event that will support the BGC of Vista for the coming year and it is crucial to their fundraising effort. You can purchase your tickets to attend on their website:, this year guests can expect a fun casino night with local celebrity Heather Lake from Fox Five News as the Master of Ceremonies. Attending the gala would be a great way to support your community while enjoying a wonderful night out. If you would like to learn more about the Boys and Girls Club of Vista, you can visit their website:

32 VISTACHAMBER.ORG - Senior Discount - Tankless Water Heaters - Sewer Video Inspections - Sewer & Leak Locating - Mobile Home Specialists - Plumbing Remodels - Copper Repiping - Drain Cleaning - New Construction - Water Heaters - Backflow Certification (760) 726-2002 WWW.VISTACHAMBER.ORG MEMBERS WHO ARE HIRING CAN LIST JOB POSTINGS FOR FREE ON THE CHAMBER WEBSITE. CONTACT OUR OFFICE FOR INFO. VISTA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WE HELP YOU GET THE WORD OUT!

Vista Unified Promotes the Seal of Biliteracy

Vista Unified has a strong history of creating programs that give parents and students choice in their educational pathway. The district offers five different magnet school pathways from arts, to science, to math, to technology, and design thinking. Our motto as a district is to promote excellence and innovation in education. It is in this spirit that Vista Unified has recently been building a Multilingual Department to expand access to Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs for students. Over the past five years, Vista Unified has gone from just a few dual language immersion classrooms at Grapevine Elementary School

to offering three comprehensive dual language immersion programs at three schools regionally located in the district - Grapevine Elementary, Alamosa Elementary, and Hannalei Elementary. These three programs provide access to dual language education for over 500 elementary students. As we follow the first cohort of the dual language model (who are currently in fourth grade), our team is expanding our dual language program to include middle school. It is our goal to have a fully articulated pathway from preschool to graduation with the Seal of Biliteracy. Visit our website for more information about our DLI programs.

50/50 1st Grade English

Superintendent's Corner
Matt Doyle, Ed.D. Grapevine DLI Commitment Night Hannalei Dual Language Task Force Vista Unified Dual Language Team Alamosa DLI 90/10 Kindergarten

Think you have to spend hours at the gym or switch to a stringent diet to improve your health?

While you may believe that big changes are the only way to achieve results, small lifestyle changes can actually make a big difference to your overall health and well-being.

“When changes are too drastic, they may be overwhelming,” says Lina Dajani, MD, an internal medicine physician at Scripps Clinic Torrey Pines. “Small lifestyle changes are easier to achieve and maintain. They are more likely to become habits and lead you to success.”

Try these five small changes to make a big impact on your life.

1. Shake up your routine a little at a time

Once a week, try a new food or recipe

It’s a great way to expand your culinary skills, and you just may discover a new favorite. Tastes change over the years, and the squash you hated as a child may taste delicious as a creamy soup.

If you’re looking for ideas, try some plant-based recipes. They not only provide health benefits, they are tasty.

Take a walk after dinner, instead of watching TV

One hour of rapid walking after a meal cuts the rise in blood fats by 12 percent.

Plus, it gives you valuable “family time,” away from the distractions of home. Try a new workout

If you usually run, explore a spinning class. If you’re a Pilates devotee, try a yoga class. “You’ll work different muscles, avoid exercise burnout, and most likely enjoy the new experience,” says Dr. Dajani.

Go someplace you’ve never been before

If you can visit a foreign country that’s always intrigued you, great. But even venturing into a new store or checking out an unusual art gallery can energize a routine day.

Write a letter instead of e-mailing

Handwritten letters have become so unusual in our fast-paced world, and they give both you and your readers a reason to slow down and enjoy heartfelt communication.

2. Keep it simple

Read a little at a time

Instead of vowing to “read more,” resolve to read one chapter (or a certain number of pages) of a book each day, or even each week.

Learn one new word a day

Treat yourself to a “Word-a-Day” calendar and expand your vocabulary without even really trying.

5 Small Changes Can Lead to Big Results with Your Health

Exercise in small batches

No time for 30 minutes of exercise? Three 10-minute blocks of activity can add up to the same heart-healthy benefits as a full half-hour.

Remember, the whole point is to get moving. No need to make excuses. Just do it.

3. Make small changes in your diet

Go light on eggs

Whip up an omelet with one whole egg and two egg whites, and save 10 grams of fat and 100 calories over a three-egg meal.

Make your baked goods lighter

Replace oil or butter in baking recipes with the equivalent amount of unsweetened applesauce or other pureed fruit. Your baked goods will be lighter, healthier and every bit as tasty.

Work in vegetables

Next time you make soup, pasta or scrambled eggs, toss a few handfuls of fresh chopped vegetables into the mix.

Make one vegetarian meal a week

Browse through the vegetarian cookbooks in your bookstore, or search online for appetizing suggestions.

4. Practice kindness

Surprise someone with a little gift for no reason

A silly card or a single flower can make someone’s day, and you’ll feel better for having done it.

Socialize with older relatives and neighbors

Older adults who make a point of spending time with others may feel less stress and have a greater sense of well-being.

5. Be good to yourself

Give yourself the gift of silence

Schedule 10 minutes a day all to yourself, with no TV, cell phones, e-mail or other distractions. A little silence goes a long way toward reducing stress.

Keep a journal

Take a few minutes to reflect on your successes or write down your worries.


Put a sticky note with the word “breathe” on it someplace where you will see it often — on your computer, for example. Whenever you see it, focus on taking 10 deep, full breaths. Focused breathing, including breathwork techniques, slows your heart rate, reduces stress and helps you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Small lifestyle changes are easier to achieve and maintain



2130 Industrial Ct., Vista CA 92081 (760) 598-5889

Store hours 10am to 10pm Sunday through Saturday

Your sexual health and wellness experts.




eTernaL HiLLs

Memorial Park, Mortuary & Crematory 1999 El Camino Real, Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 754-6600 FD-234

Memorial Park, Mortuary & Crematory

1999 El Camino Real, Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 754-6600 FD-234

memorial park, mortuary & Crematory

Memorial Park, Mortuary & Crematory 1999 El Camino Real, Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 754-6600 FD-234

1999 el Camino real, oceanside, Ca 92054 (760) 754-6600 FD-234

• We specialize in pre-planning • Proudly perform cremations on site • Serving the North County community of San Diego since 1947.

• We specialize in pre-planning • Proudly perform cremations on site • Serving the North County community of San Diego since 1947.

• We specialize in pre-planning • Proudly perform cremations on site • Serving the North County community of San Diego since 1947.

• We specialize in pre-planning •

• Proudly perform cremations on site •

Serving the North County community of San Diego since 1947.

EDCO is a family-owned and locally-operated company that cares about the communities we serve.

EDCO is a family-owned and locally-operated company that cares about the communities we serve.


224 Las Posas Road • San Marcos

the one you’re with this Valentines and beyond. We have
you need for that
We will help you make that
and many
special day and person.
other nights to
Men and womens lingerie Sensual body lotions
EDCO is a family-owned and locally-operated company that cares about the communities we serve. EDCO

Spring Events 2023

Ongoing Chamber Events: Registration for attending events can be done at

Government Affairs Meeting (First Thursday of the month): 12:00 – 1:30 pm at The Film Hub (170 Eucalyptus Ave.)

March 2, April 6, May 4

Business Mixers (Second Wednesday of the month): 5:00 – 7:00 pm

March 8, April 12, May 10

Coffee & Conversation (Third Wednesday of the month):

8:30 – 9:30 am at Cat & Craft Café (3211 Business Park Dr., Ste. B)

February 15, March 15, April 19

Membership Orientation: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm at The Film Hub

February 23

Lunch Mob (Fourth Wednesday of the month): 12:00 – 1:00 pm

February 22, March 22, April 26

Outstanding Events:

12th Annual Heroes of Vista Gala: Friday, March 10 from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm at The Vistonian located at 306 S Santa Fe Ave. Visit for more information.

Vista Strawberry Festival: Sunday, May 28 from 8am-6pm in Downtown Vista. Enjoy the 400+ vendors, 5K run, Kids Zone, Beer Garden, and much more at this 1-day festival that celebrates everything strawberry. Learn more at

Ongoing Vista Events:

Vista City Council: Meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm Visit for more details.

Farmers Market: Every Saturday from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm at 325 S. Melrose Dr.

Alta Vista Botanical Garden’s Kids in the Garden Classes: Second Saturday of the month from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm $5 per person or free with family membership. Pre-register

Member Events:

Lights Camera, Murder Mystery: Saturday, February 11 from 5-10 pm at 1617 Mission Ave. in Oceanside. Dress up as your favorite Hollywood star and solve the murder mystery. Visit for more information.

Closing Reception with Cristal Martinez: Saturday, February 18 from 5-8pm at the Backfence Society located at 110 S Citrus Ave, Suite F. Visit for more information.

Crazy Talented Asians: Saturday, February 25 starting at 7:30 pm at the Moonlight Amphitheatre at 1400 Vale Terrace Drive. Visit for more information.

Boys & Girls Club of Vista’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Gala: Saturday, March 4 from 5:30-10 pm at the Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa. Visit for more information.

Operation HOPE’s 1st Annual Swing Into HOPE Golf Tournament: Friday, March 17, registration starts at 7 am. Visit for more information.

Selena Tribute Band: Friday, March 31 starting at 7:30 pm at the Moonlight Amphitheatre at 1400 Vale Terrace Drive. Visit for more information.

Vista Gem and Mineral Society’s Spring Gem and Mineral Show: Saturday, April 1 from 10am-5pm and Sunday, April 2 from 10 am-4 pm at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum at 2040 N Santa Fe Ave. Visit for more information.

8th Annual Meading at the Garden: Saturday, April 1 at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens at 1270 Vale Terrace Dr. Visit for more information.

Who’s That Girl-The Ultimate Diva Experience: Saturday, April 1 starting at 7:30 pm at the Moonlight Amphitheatre at 1400 Vale Terrace Drive. Visit for more information.

Earth Day at the Gardens: Saturday, April 22 from 10 am-3 pm at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens at 1270 Vale Terrace Dr. Visit for more information.

For more information visit

Tague Insurance Agency

Tague Insurance

Tague Insurance Agency


Serving our community for over 50 years

Serving our community for over 50 years

Serving our community for over 50 years

Your protection is our total priority.

Your protection is our total priority.

Your protection is our total priority.

We partner with the biggest names in the industry:

We partner with the biggest names in the industry:

We partner with the biggest names in the industry:

We’re just a phone call away when you need us.

Your calls are answered by our dedicated Allen Brothers staff 24 hours a day, every day. You’ll never get an answering service staffed by far away strangers. Professional, Dignified Services & Facilities

With that one call, we’ll provide for the physical care of your loved one and compassionate support through each step of your final farewell.

Alle n Br others Mortuary, In c.

Family owned and operated since 1964. Allen Brothers Mortuary is a full-service, full-choice mortuary. It will be our honor to take care of the details for the choices you make.

38 VISTACHAMBER.ORG 1365 W. Vista Way Ste 200 Vista, CA 92083 760-509-4667
1365 W. Vista Way Ste 200 Vista, CA 92083 760-509-4667
1365 W. Vista Way Ste 200 Vista, CA 92083 760-509-4667
1365 W. Vista Way Ste 200 Vista, CA 92083 760-509-4667
Out of the
Insurance Assignments Accepted Preneed Planning and Arrangements
Your Choice of Burial or Cremation Plans Traditional, Graveside and Memorial Services Complimentary On-Site Reception Room
Funeral Honor Services
Security and Veterans Assistance Shipping Into or
Vista Chapel FD-1120 1315 S. Santa Fe Ave. Vista, CA 92083 760-726-2555 San Marcos Chapel FD-1378 435 N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd. San Marcos, CA 92069 760-744-4522 CROP .13 .15 1.6 3.8

Student's Corner

The Food That Life Gives Us

There is a saying that goes: “Some eat to live, but others live to eat.”

Rather than simply consuming everything from snacks to finely-prepared meals to just live—many individuals, instead, pursue food and cooking as something similar to a concept like art. Some go out to upscale establishments to taste the ‘refined life,’ while others stay within their comfort zone to create and eat what makes them feel the closest to home. And comfort, for everyone, means something different; whether that’s eating food that you resonate most culturally with, or cooking food that your family loves.

Cailen Alton, an 18-year-old who loves to create music and play video games, loves cooking on top of all of that. “… I really just like cooking for people. It’s nice when I put in all the hard work and I just get to watch people get satisfied and happy because… it reciprocates back to me.”

For many, cooking is a life skill that serves a testament to one’s cultural heritage. Socially, there are some who see it as a necessary talent to be a good spouse or partner.

“Cooking and eating together reflects a lot in Filipino culture,” he continues, referring from his own personal background. "There's a form of eating called ‘mano-mano.’ This is where food that is freshly cooked is placed the table on top of banana leaves, and no plates [or] silverware are used, just hands. Hence ‘mano.’”

Sometimes, there are days where you’re missing the most important part to cooking… the recipe!

When looking for a go-to recipe, Alton immediately defaults to creating spam musubi—a Japanese dish where a slice of cooked spam is placed on top of a bed of rice (with a sauce mix brushed over) of the same size, all wrapped in a thin and small sheet of seaweed. “It’s super simple to make, only takes about… 20 minutes to make to make twenty or thirty of them. They’re pretty small, and I don’t eat them all in one day—but I always share them with my family.”

Alton was asked if there was a recipe that he wanted to share with the world.

“One recipe that I’d like to share… or at least food, is a traditional and common Filipino dish. It’s called ‘pork sinigang.’ Now, sinigang is a sour stew. Its base comes from tamarind, which makes it sour. And there’s also a pepper that some people like to put in, which is ‘chile,’ but some people use jalapeños as well.”

Although we may be quick to judge others for food that we think looks or smells different, all of us should realize that food has a different meaning to us all. Whether you’re a person to eats to live, or lives to eat, we still have our favorite delicacies that we crave from time to time. Open-mindedness is crucial to accepting others. Today, treat yourself, and let others enjoy what they want to eat

Cailen Alton
40 VISTACHAMBER.ORG (760)724-8313 John Abella, DVM, DABVP (Canine & Feline), CVMA 8am-6pm Mon-Sat 2020 E. Vista Way Vista Craig Zelles, DVM Tonina Desimone, DVM, CVMA -Ultrasound/Echocardiography -Wellness Examinations -Luxury Boarding -Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgery -Acupuncture/Laser Therapy -Dentistry/Dental Radiography -Spay/Neuter & Vaccines -PennHip Certified -Endoscopy/Digital Radiography the best veterinary care...with the spirit of Aloha Vista, CA 760 724 8313 735 Shadowridge Dr. Vista, CA 92083 (760) 536-3331 Hours of Operation: Mon–Sun, 7am–3pm 10% off any purchase of $15 or more Advertise in Vista Magazine and reach customers in North County and beyond. Call 760-726-1122 to find out how. Even more connect with us through the Chamber’s website and social media! Digital Printing Offset Printing Bindery Fulfillment Automated Mail Platform Pre-Press Mailing Services Logistics Marketing Services Creative Services 1600 North Kraemer Blvd. | Anaheim, CA 92806 | (714) 538-3881 Carlsbad office: 2720 Loker Ave West, Suite P | Carlsbad CA 92010 NO ONE GETS A DIPLOMA ALONE. Every year, thousands of adults finish their high school diplomas, but they don’t do it alone. If you’re thinking of finishing your high school diploma, you have help. Find teachers and free adult education classes near you at Family Feast: 1 Large 2 topping pizza , spaghetti, salad & bread $36.95 (dine in) 988 Civic Center Drive • Vista, CA 92083 • (760) 941-3900 •FINE ITALIAN FOOD• Large 1 topping pizza $12.95 (limit 2, carry out) 2 Large 2 topping pizzas $23.00 Pick-up Orders Now! Use Grub Hub or Door Dash


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Tasker's Automotive


TJ Crossman's Auto Repair, Inc. (760) 842-1633

Archer’s Arrow Coffee House is Vista’s newest coffee shop, focused on creating approachable coffee. They offer delicious coffee, wine tastings, lite foods & bake goods, and coffee education classes. So whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just trying to get into drinking coffee, Archer’s Arrow has the perfect drink for you!

Visit them at 170 Main Street (under The Rylan), open Monday-Thursday 6:30am-4pm, Friday 6:30am-6pm, Saturday 7am-6pm, and Sunday 7am-12pm.



Adella's Cookie Creations (760) 583-4124

Frogy's Donuts & Bakery (760) 758-7779

Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen (760) 842-5138

No More Boring Cakes (760) 484-1818

Banks & Credit Unions

California Coast Credit Union (877) 495-1600

First Citizens Bank (760) 696-9731

Pacific Western Bank (760) 597-4930

PNC Bank (760) 758-8050

San Diego County Credit Union (877) 732-2848

Wells Fargo Bank - Santa Fe (760) 758-9551

Banquet Facilities

Vista Elks Lodge (760) 724-1968

Barber Shops

Vista Fresh Cut Barber (760) 470-9662


Batteries Plus (760) 940-0940

Beauty Salons

Hellbent for Hair (760) 547-6081

Sport Clips Haircuts (760) 295-0662

Bicycle Repair & Sales

The Wrench House Cyclery (442) 320-3366

Bicycle Sales & Accessories

Haro Bikes (800) 289-4276

Boarding & Kenneling

The Giddy Up Pup Pet Resort & Spa (760) 295-6540

Bookkeeping & QuickBoooks Consulting

Blue Business Management (619) 777-6880

Botanical Gardens

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens (760) 945-3954


Booze Brothers Brewing Co. (760) 295-0217

CoLab Public House (858) 527-9013

Dogleg Brewing Company (760) 295-0402

Eppig Brewing (760) 295-2009

Five Suits Brewing (760) 278-3483

Helia Brewing Company (760) 216-6023

Prohibition Brewing Company (760) 295-3525

Pure Project, LLC (760) 606-7873

Business & Management Consultants

North San Diego Small Business Development Center (760) 795-8740

Strategic Results Group (760) 940-1381

Business Organization

Intesa Communications Group (619) 501-5172

Wake Water Co. (805) 903-2205

Business Services

Employees HME (760) 444-0180

GlassHouse Enterprise (443) 537-3607

Path Finance Group (760) 580-8552

San Diego North Economic Development Council (760) 510-5919

So-Cal Business Brokers (858) 366-7900

Cable Television

Cox Communications, Inc (619) 269-2458


Archer's Arrow (442)-303-8607

Sabor a Vida Cafe & Deli (760) 536-3331


Sunset Bay Candy Company (760) 295-2833

Carpet Cleaning

Ultimate Carpet Cleaning (760) 994-3200


Bleu Oak Charcuterie (760) 845-4453

Bread & Cheese Eatery - Catering (619) 709-6016

Full Metal Burgers (760) 334-2464

Red Tail Catering (858) 605-8219

The Etouffee Cafe on Wheels (760) 420-6323

Chambers of Commerce

Vista Chamber of Commerce (760) 726-1122

Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce (619) 661-6111

Child Care

Little Bears Tender Care 1-760-536-3708


NuSpine Chiropractic (760) 842-8070 chiropractor-vista

Pacific Family Chiropractic (760) 643-9191

Churches & Religious Organizations

Commonwealth Church (760) 453-0106

news and notes

Dogleg Brewing

Faith Lutheran Church (760) 724-7700

Lifeway Baptist Church (760) 724-2280

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

(760) 945-8000

United Methodist Church of Vista (760) 726-0442

Cleaning/Janitorial Services

Bio-One of Oceanside (760) 429-0729

Direct Professional Cleaning Service

(760) 672-9042

Clinics & Medical Groups

Children's Physicians Medical Group

(877) 276-4543

Pathway Health Clinic (760)-452-3815

Vista Family Health Center (760) 941-7050


True Identity Life Coaching (760) 639-8791

Dogleg Brewing recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary! For over three years Dogleg Brewing have provided us with three things our community loves, beer, golf, and dogs! Visit their location at 1347 Keystone Way, Suite A to taste their delicious beer or learn more about them on their website

Kindness Certified Company

Coffee Cat & Craft Cafe

(760) 295-1181

Dunkin' (760) 216-6155 locations?location=92084

Computer Networks & Communications

Strategic IT Group (760) 598-5005

Computer Sales & Service

The Computer Factory (760) 744-4315


Gabriel Home Service (760) 805-4577

KIRE Builders, Inc. (888) 954-7326

ADU Gurus LLC (760) 313-1000


Azzur Group (619) 330-5050

Business Group Resources (760) 390-2677

CMTC - CA Manufacturing Technology Consulting (424) 255-0505

Eckert & Sons, Inc. (760) 500-0013

Consultants - Information Technology

NewRocket, LLC (760)-201-1059


Nucave Construction Inc. (760) 310-2393

Council Member/ Candidate

Mayor John Franklin (760) 689-2220

Council Member Dan O'Donnell (708) 639-8198

Country Clubs - Golf

Shadowridge Golf Club (760) 727-7700

Vista Valley Country Club (760) 758-2800


CSI - Cremation Services Inc (760) 727-8906

Dance Studio

Encinitas Ballet Academy (760) 632-4947


Children's Primary Dental Group (760)-510-6750

Coleman Dentistry (760) 726-0770

Dreamtime Dentistry Dental Group (760)-274-0489

Ginger Hansen, DDS (760) 940-0366

Main Street Dental (760) 295-9870

Santa Fe Dental Group (760) 732-5878

Developmental Services

Sunny Days Sunshine Center (866) 417-8669

www.sunnydayssunshinecenter. com/contact/san-diego-ca

Twisted Horn Mead & Cider (760) 295-5888


American Soju (858) 335-9679

Bimbo Bakeries USA (760) 599-7005

DJ Services

Aon Events (760) 525-7794

Education Consultants

Future InSight LLC (760) 237-8224


Chambers Electric, Inc. (760) 598-5498

Kent Electrical Services (442) 500-4342

MC Industrial Electric (760) 593-8833

Richard Olinger Electric (760) 701-2043



Excel Engineering (760) 745-8118

Tory R. Walker Engineering, Inc (760) 414-9212


Altitude Trampoline Park (760) 842-5142

Cali Blues Cartel Mobile Entertainment (760) 717-4973

Escrow Opulence Escrow Inc. (760) 295-9922

Event Coordinators

City Gates Events (760) 945-3758

E.G. Concert Group LLC (760) 509-6474

ETS Productions Inc. (844) 663-8368

In Motion Events (760) 692-2900


Vista Fence Co., Inc. (760) 941-1629

Financial Planning & Investments

Advanced Financial Solutions (760) 639-0160

Dave Baldwin - LS Investment Management (760) 231-1103

www.lsinvestmentmanagement. com

Edward Jones - Mark Mertsoc (760) 599-1000 mark-mertsoc

Edward Jones - Nicole White (760) 630-8268

Edward Jones - Scott Patterson CFP® (760) 599-5810 us-en/financial-advisor/scottpatterson?query=Scott+Patterson

Fire Sprinklers

Titan Fire Protection, Inc. (760) 295-3436



Embroidery Image (760) 726-4167

Face Painting

No Limits Fitness (760) 295-1348

Business Group Resources (BGR) 1-858-333-6893

Craft Brewery WestBrew (858) 412-4364

Local Roots Kombucha (619) 452-0165

Misadventure & Co. (760) 216-6930

Employment Agencies

Equus Workforce Solutions (760) 871-1900

Painting Fun (661) 916-4611 paintingfun2022/?hl=en

news and notes


North County Fitness & Performance (760) 321-3200

Owner Aaron Gobidas and his team recently moved to their new location in Downtown Vista at 249 S Indiana Ave. Since 2015 GoBeRewarded has set out to chake up the traditional marketing landscape for small businesses by focusing exclusively on local North County San Diego clients. This means they are able to meet face-to-face, create authentic content, and deliver a consistent quality of work over and over. Learn more on their website


Food Products, Services, Supplies & Brokers

Colors Enterprise, Inc. (760) 597-1400

Food Trucks

Mexico City Cuisine (760) 822-4871

Funeral Homes

Allen Brothers Mortuary (760) 726-2555

Eternal Hills Memorial Park

Mortuary & Crematory (760) 754-6600

Magallon Funeral Home (760) 522-3356

Furniture Sales

Ideal Mattress Furniture Center (760) 631-4990

Games, Toys & Hobbies

Pair-A-Dice Games (760) 940-0139

Gasoline Stations

Santa Fe Petroleum (760) 724-1660

Government & Govt. Officials

City of Vista (760) 639-6130

Graphic Design

Janet McAlpine Graphic Design (760) 331-8729

Grocery Stores

Frazier Farms

(760) 758-7175

Rodeo's Meat Market, Inc (760) 758-0513

Stater Bros. Sycamore (760) 727-7080

Health & Wellness

Anoint for Wellness

(760) 383-3099

First Alarm Wellness

(760) 275-1469

Palomar Health Foundation (760) 889-0958

The Lotus of Longevity Wellness Center (760) 310-8770

Trade Mark Hemp / Aqualeaf Industries

(760) 998-8046

Transformative Wellness

(858) 444-0414


(760) 736-6767

Wild At Heart Botanicals

(360) 265-9657

Your CBD Store - Vista (760) 498-9176

Health Products & Nutritional Supplements

Auer CBD (760) 806-7508

Coastal Wellness (760) 734-7081

Hello Cannabis (760) 214-8457

March and Ash

(760) 624-7336

The Cake House (760) 295-0755

Heating & Air Conditioning

Air Crafts Heating & Air Conditioning

(760) 749-3667

Airmerica Air Conditioning & Heating

(858) 663-2551

Bay City Mechanical

(858) 263-4223

West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning, and Solar

(619) 473-7530

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Scripps Health


Tri-City Medical Center (760) 724-8411

Vista Community Clinic

(760) 631-5000 x 1139

Hot Tubs & Spas

Dimension One Spas of San Diego (760) 598-8922

Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Ayres Hotel (714) 540-6060

Frontline Careers LLC (855) 706-5463

SDHR Consulting (888) 220-9286

Ice Cream

Cold Stone Creamery Vista (760) 758-8805 stores/20254

Handel's Homemade Ice Cream (760) 295-0636

Individuals/Civic Members

Garry Garretson Armen Kurdian

Mary Trimmins

Nationwide Insurance - McArthur & Associates (760) 599-9300 x104 vista/92081/susan-jaye-mcarthur-10734531

Insurance - Medical/ Dental

Pacific National Insurance (858) 210-6448

Pickering Insurance Services, Inc (760) 758-9800

Benefit Bridge Insurance Services & Solutions (760) 224-7076

Insurance-Property & Casualty

Insurance - Commercial/ Business

Hyatt Place San Diego Carlsbad/ Vista (760) 814-8879

Tague Insurance Agency (760)-509-4667 california/hyatt-place-san-diegovista-carlsbad/crqzs

TownePlace Suites Carlsbad/Vista (760) 216-6010 sanvi-towneplace-suites-sandiego-carlsbad-vista

Housing Developer

Caritas Corporation (760) 724-6127

Human Resources Services & Training

Apex 365 Workforce Solutions (760) 818-3426

Shorebreak Insurance (760) 512-1300

Insurance - General

Allstate Insurance & Financial Products-Timmons (760) 806-1630

Janitorial Supplies North County Janitorial Supply (760) 758-5622

Jewelry deedeet/welcome

Alta Vista Insurance Agency (888) 724-2124

John Shakarian Jeweler (760) 726-1670

Junk Removal

Bill Corley Insurance Agency/Network One Insurance (858) 569-8100

JBC Insurance Services (760) 509-1070

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One Source

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling North San Diego (760) 291-8917

One Source deliver a truly transformative housekeeping solution that restores order to the chaos introduced by the pandemic. They oversee entire housekeeping departments for hotels all the way from New York to Hawaii, and here in San Diego, they oversee the housekeeping at Legoland! Learn more about them on their website

Kindness Certified Company

Laundry Service

EZ Express Laundry

(760) 724-9900

Shadowridge Laundry, Inc. (760) 586-3967

Legal Services

Law Office of Daniel S. Rose, PC (760) 758-8000

Legal Shield (760) 216-8372

Petrov Law Firm (760) 813-3313

Lighting-Fixtures & Supplies

Solatube Home Daylight (760) 602-3223


Deja Vu Love Boutique (760) 598-5889


Quality Lock & Security Services (760) 945-4545

Vista Lock & Safe Company (760) 726-0310


Cobblestone Foods, Inc. - Plant Pantry (760) 688-6100

RUE Kitchen, LLC (760) 349-2945

The Steeping Giant, LLC

(760) 544-2681

Manufacturer-Medical Devices

Bolder Sky Consulting (760) 519-9454

VQ OrthoCare

(760) 734-1550


Advanced Transit Solutions, Inc.

(760) 598-2874

Applied Membranes, Inc.

(760) 727-3711

Ascend Coffee Roasters

(760) 715-8023

BioFilm, Inc

(760) 727-9030

DDH Enterprise, Inc

(760) 599-0171

DIG Corporation

(800) 322-9146

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps (760) 743-2211

Earthlite, LLC

(760) 599-1112

Fresh Creative Foods

(760) 597-1270

H20 Innovation USA Inc.

(760) 639-4400

HRE Performance Wheels

(760) 598-1960

Leica Biosystems (760) 539-1100


(858) 826-9090

McCain, Inc. (760) 727-8100

Medental International, Inc. (760)-727-3664

NuFACE (888)-360-9171

OYC Americas, Inc.

(760) 659-5943

Raveon Technology Corp. (760) 444-5995

Root and Splendor

(858) 837-4509

Rugged Ranch Products (760) 734-3748

Solatube International, Inc. (888) 765-2882

TechNiche International

(888) 823-2665

Tempo Communications, Inc. (760) 510-0526

The Coromega Company, Inc (760) 599-6088

The GHT Companies (760) 542-3000

Watkins Wellness (760) 598-6464

Marketing Consultants

GoBeRewarded (760) 642-1745

My San Diego North County (619) 208-8710

Marketing Services

Humble Pie Communications (760) 908-6931

Star Fox Media (760) 385-3117

Yellow Line Digital (858) 524-6269

Martial Arts

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Vista Certified Training Center (800) 674-9052

Medical Equipment

Harmony Home Medical (760) 993-5444

Medical Products

Medipal Inc. (760) 579-2679

Merchant Services

CardConnect-Fiserv (760) 473-7703

Get Beyond (509) 290-4144

National Merchants Association

8665097199 x 129

SpotOn (877) 814-4102

Mobile Food Concessions

Finest City Kettlecorn (619) 980-0880


CouNTYwide Mortgage Lending (760) 473-2495

Mortgage Lenders

Boulton Mortgage & Real Estate Services (760) 945-9924

Resban Vista (760) 716-1095

The Willson Team at CrossCountry Mortgage (760) 537-5710


Vista Historical Society (760) 630-0444

news and notes

Rancho Grande El Toro

Music Education & Sales

San Diego County Music Exchange (760) 630-7451


North County Daily Star (760) 696-8270

(760) 644-5035

Non Profit / Charity

ABC Hopes, Inc. (951) 298-9447

ACE International (760) 212-7355

Amigos de Vista Lions Club (760) 500-6964

BIPOC Support Foundation (888) 695-2476

Car Donation 2 Veterans (888) 433-6202

Civic Communities (619) 533-7184

Equation Collaborative (213) 952-2074

Foundation For Women Warriors (310) 733-2450

God's Heart Ministry - Las Valientes (760) 439-1133

This family-owned and run business invites you to enjoy their delicious food and welcoming environment. They offer all your favorite Mexican dishes plus delicious drinks to accompany your food. They count with a meeting room perfect for your parties and can cater your events.

Stop by their location at 825 Williamston St. and discover your new favorite Mexican food restaurant!


Goodwill Industries of San Diego County

(619) 518-8662

Got Your Back San Diego (760) 583-9072

Joe and Mary Mottino Family

YMCA (760) 758-0808

Kids for Peace/Kindness Certified Companies (760) 730-3320

Love Your Feral Felines (LYFF) (760) 542-8509

Norway Hall Foundation (858) 922-8655

Operation HOPE - North County (760) 536-3880

Sleep in Heavenly Peace - San Diego North (760) 533-1239

TERI, Inc.

(760) 721-1706

The Bethesda Recovery Center (760) 945-5290

The Veterans Art Project (760) 295-0799

Vista American Little League (760) 486-5407

Vista Gem and Mineral Society (760) 576-8580

W Sherman Winseman Foundation (626) 310-3131

Wounded Warrior Homes (760) 205-5050

Notary Services

Tricity Notary (619) 436-9660


Roger Fitness (323) 867-4298

rogermacedoflores.goherbalife. com/Catalog/Home/Index/en-US

Office Equipment - Sales & Repair

Sharp Business Systems (619) 258-1400

Office Space Rental

Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank (858) 527-1419

Kainga Music (760) 828-8415

Kiwanis Club of Sunrise Vista (316) 650-9068

MAAC Project Head Start (760) 471-4210

MCF/ Moonlight Angels Auxiliary (760) 630-7650

New Haven Youth & Family Services (760) 630-4035

North County African American Women's Assoc. (760) 978-6534

Soroptimist International of Vista and North County Inland (760) 683-9427

The Vista Conservancy (760) 758-7710

The Woman's Club of Vista GFWC (760) 716-5315

Tri-City Hospital Foundation (760) 940-3520

Vista Education Foundation (760) 630-8268

Vista Firefighters Association (760) 643-2801

Welcoming Services San Diego (760) 622-5954

Women's Resource Center (760) 757-3500

Packaging Machinery

Marburg Industries, Inc. (760) 727-3762

Party Equipment Rentals

Allie's Party Equipment Rental, Inc (760) 591-4314

North County Yard Greetings (760) 612-1702

San Diego Balloons and More (760) 390-2932

Payroll Services

Business Payroll Service (760) 510-6796

Pest Control Services


Bachem (760) 691-3800

Physical Therapy

All Star Physical Therapy Inc. (760) 295-4175

MJ Physical Therapy (760) 941-8600


Greater Tri Cities IPA Medical Group (760) 941-7309 x140

Moradi MD (760) 726-6451


The Film Hub (760) 643-0850

Office-Supplies, Equipment & Furniture

Staples (760) 639-1420

Organizations & Clubs

Assistance League of North Coast (760) 518-9188

Boys & Girls Club of Vista (760) 724-6606

Green Oak Ranch (760) 727-0251

North County Lifeline (760) 726-4900

Pride of Vista Lions Club (760) 726-3640

Rotary Club of El Camino Real (760) 650-2582

Rotary Club of Vista (760) 500-4533

Shadowridge Owners Association c/o PCM (760) 918-8040

Solutions for Change, Inc. (760) 941-6545


David S. Han, MS, DMD, APC (760) 726-4790

Shadowridge Orthodontics (760) 598-1707

Surf and Smile Orthodontics (760) 724-7887

The Smile Patio (760) 527-2846

Packaging Distributor

Peek Packaging (760) 438-1616

Corky's Pest Control (800) 901-1102

Spartan Termite (916) 241-5389

Pet Grooming Hairy's Pet Spa (760) 598-1005

Pet Services

Doggy Dental (760) 989-9316

Pets - Feed & Supplies

Carlsbad Pet and Feed (760) 295-5722

news and notes

Root & Splendor

Hanna Plumbing & Supply, Inc (760) 726-2002

KB Plumbing & Remodeling (760) 536-4576

Vista Plumbing, Inc. (760) 758-2345

Water Wise Plumbing, Backflow & Drains, INC. (760) 407-5710

Pre School/Childcare

Building Kidz of Vista (760) 945-9222 vista-at-taylor

Root & Splendor are a clean-living lifestyle brand dedicated to creating 100% natural home and body products that are safe, effective, and eco-conscious. Learn more and view their products on their website


Children's Paradise (760) 724-5600

Public Relations & Advertising

Taylor PR Strategies

Team Holtz Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Crest Real Estate (661) 406-6512

Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate NSDC (760) 929-9700

Rental Agency

AVIS/Budget Car and Truck Rental

Mama 'n Papa's Pizza Grotto (760) 941-3900

Educational Enrichment Systems, Inc. (858) 569-7273

Printing Services

760Print (760) 758-1140

Advantage ColorGraphics (714) 538-3881

CopyMax (760) 732-1122

Dragon PrinCopymax Inc.ting (760) 433-2813

Minuteman Press of Oceanside (760) 687-3443

Vista Printing (760) 726-3532

Professional Services

Speak Fire Publishing (619) 292-8772


Lava Propane, LLC (760) 599-4735

Property Management

Silverado Community Management Services, Inc. (760) 407-7575 x105

(760) 213-5686


Armed Forces Dispatch Newspaper (619) 280-2985

San Diego Union Tribune (760) 529-4818

Real Estate

Cristine Clark & Jamie Gilman Team (760) 500-5189

HomeSmart Realty West

Jim Wirkkala Real Estate (619) 300-8253

Keller Williams Realty - De'Angelo Edwards

(619) 630-6362

Lund Team Real Estate (760) 438-0800

Maurice Properties LLC (415) 685-1526

Over the Top Realty (844) 688-7473

Staged Homes Real Estate (760) 212-7355

Sunroad Vista Land Partners (858) 362-8500

The Lund Team, Inc (760) 828-7654

The Property Shoppe (760) 539-7995

West Residential (760) 521-1077

Real Estate Consultants

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - MarLyn Meckel (858) 354-2849

Real Estate Developers & Developments

Atomic Investments (619) 234-7966

Tideline Partners LLC (760) 295-9111

Real Estate Inspection Services

West Inspection Services (760) 696-5864

Real Estate-Commercial

Coseo Family Three, LLC (760) 931-1134 sandiegonorth/ SVN Vanguard (619) 453-0954

Real Estate-Holdings & Management

Greene Properties, Inc. (760) 727-6888

Real Estate-Residential Compadre Brokers (760) 385-8660

Green Team Realty (760) 815-4872

Turbo Home Team (425) 390-4401


Lee's Iron & Metal (760) 724-1330

Remodeling - Repairs

Catspaw Design-Build Inc (760) 414-1937

Guedes Construction Inc. (760) 295-3036

Massiv Construction (760) 497-8427

(DBA: DJQB Rentals, Inc) (760) 945-4527

McDonald's of Vista (760) 724-2728 vista/v8i


Albertacos Mex Food, Inc (760) 598-6047

Alohana Acai Bowls (760) 216-6824

Best Pizza & Brew (760) 536-3401

Chick-fil-A Hwy 78 & Vista Village (760) 607-9373

Mikko Sushi (760) 842-8001

Papa Bambino's (760) 599-9995

Partake Gastropub (760) 626-8541

Pepper Tree Frosty (760) 726-0732

pepper-tree-frosty hwy-78-vista-village

Ciao Ristorante Italiano (760) 630-7333

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

(760) 639-6086

Rancho Grande El Toro Mexican Cuisine (760) 716-4846

Culichi Town (442) 224-7800

Curbside Cafe (760) 630-2747

Grand Slam Pizza-Vista, LLC (760) 599-1199

Hungry Bear Deli (760) 295-2295

Jersey Mike's Subs (760) 681-7827

Lamppost Pizza/Backstreet Brewery (760) 407-7600

Silverback Breakfast & Cafe (760) 216-6093

Sizzler Restaurant (760) 726-2000

Swami's Cafe Vista (442) 216-2985

The Yellow Deli (760) 630-0040

Vista Village Pub (760) 643-1619

Water Shack (760) 941-1192

Tiffany Vakilian is an editor, writing coach, and international public speaker that wants to help you tell your story with fire! Tiffany has been working on assisting clients to tell their stories no matter where in the writing process they are since 2009 but only recently put a name on her business. Visit for more information.
Fire Publishing
news and notes

When Pigs Fly BBQ (760) 945-7828

Wildwood Crossing and Cantina (760) 758-1513


Babies in Bloom (760) 940-2229

Beads, Crystals & More (760) 536-3663

Ready America, Inc. (800) 959-4053

Resale Nook (760) 639-3925

Stellar Resellers (321) 439-6082

Safes & Vaults

Brown Safe Manufacturing, Inc. (760) 233-2293

Schools, Colleges & Education

Bella Mente Montessori Academy (760) 621-8948

California State University San Marcos (760) 750-4000

Classical Academy Vista

(760) 330-9800

Guajome Park Academy

(760) 631-8500

North County Trade Tech High School (760) 598-0782

Security Services & Patrol

Rancho Santa Fe Security Systems, Inc (800) 303-8877

Self Defense Studio

North Coast Jiu Jitsu (760) 659-6557

Senior Services

Memory Lane LLC (760) 536-3139


Option D Graphics, LLC (760) 936-0515

Rouse Sign & Graphics (760) 726-2070

Sign Art Graphix, Inc. (760) 940-1947

Sign-A-Rama (760) 744-5046


Good Peeps (760) 846-0123

Staffing: Temporary & Permanent

One Source (760) 919-3009


Stor'em Self Storage (760) 727-3470

Tasting House

Barrel & Stave Pour House (760) 516-7070

Rocket Johns, Inc. (760) 520-5902


North County Transit District (760) 966-6500


RV Rent California, Inc. (760) 631-2642

Travel Agencies\Cruises

Vacations by Andrea (760) 730-3829

Solar Energy Equipment & Systems

Trade Marker International DBA

Hemptique (760) 602-4862

Vista Twilight Market (760) 349-2945

Retirement Communities

Palomar Community College

(760) 744-1150

Tri-City Christian Schools

(760) 630-8227 X215

UEI College Oceanside

(760) 690-4842

Vista Adult School (760) 758-7122 x8099

Senior Services: Assisted Living Silver Oak Country Estates (760) 415-8216

Senior Services: Independent Living

San Diego PACE Vista (619) 205-4585

Senior Services: Medicare Insurance

Tax Preparation & Bookkeeping

DePauw Johnson, Inc. Tax & Financial Services (760) 941-1763

Burtek Energy (914) 819-8969

Cosmic Solar (760) 749-1111


SoundAway Corporation (760) 599-3985

Melco Business & Tax Service (760) 945-1888

Plaza Tax Service (760) 724-7113


AT&T - Corporate (800) 750-2355

Tree Service

Monster Tree Service of North County (760) 392-6241 north-county

Trophies & Plaques

B & K Engraving (760) 726-0311

Truck Rentals

Arcadia Place (760) 945-5555

Roofing & Insulation

Acclaimed Commercial Roofing (800) 619-7304

Schott Roofing, Inc. (760) 821-8497

Vista Unified School District (760) 726-2170


Alchemy Print Co

(760) 650-2282

Bridlewood Insurance Solutions (760) 420-7859

Shopping Centers

North County Square (858) 699-5958

Short Term Rentals

The Rancho Vista - Airbnb

Sporting Goods

Malo'o LLC (858) 876-0128

Ocean Reef Inc. (760) 744-9430

Theatre Group

Vista's Broadway Theater (760) 806-7905

Toilet Rentals

Diamond Environmental Services (888) 744-7191

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SVN Vanguard

Vista Truck Rentals / Quick Check Smog (760) 941-0133

Tutorial Services

Mathnasium (760) 582-9220

Kindness Certified Company

The SVN Vanguard team is an energetic and progressive commercial real estate advisory team aimed at offering dependable, transparent, high-quality advice to landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, investors, and developers of commercial real estate.

Learn more at



San Diego County Water Authority

(858) 522-6700

SDG&E - San Diego Gas & Electric Co (800) 411-7343

Vista Irrigation District (760) 597-3100


Bluebird Canyon Ranch (760) 419-0009

The Vistonian Venue (602) 950-217

Veterans Startup Partners Inc (443) 619-4968


Aloha Animal Hospital (760) 724-8313

Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Vista (760) 758-8004

Video Production Ser vices

Chris Ryan Video (760) 410-4443

Max Lux Media (760) 822-9147

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Transformative Wellness

Transformative Wellness focuses on making you look and feel better in an environment of healing through wellness and aesthetics. Some of their services include IV Therapy, Injection Therapy, Dermaplaning, RF Facials, Botox, Body Contouring, and so much more!

Learn more about them at or visit them at 138 Civic Center Dr. Ste. 205 in Vista.

ALL IN ONE PLACE Kindness Certified Company


Tevon Sesay – Guajome Park Academy; Javiyah Moliga – Vista Visions Academy; Angelina

“Lina” Cruz – Rancho Buena Vista High School; Aylin Mendez – Vista High School; Gabriel Brito – Alta Vista High School; Khalif Kamil – Mission Vista High School


Hailey Michael - Mission Vista High School; Steven Carrasco – Trade Tech High School; Imelda Mota – Guajome Park Academy; Vielka Gonzalez – Major General Raymond Murray High School; Marquis Avalos – Vista High School; Alejandra Gonzalez – Rancho Buena Vista High School

Rising Stars of the Month Sponsors: Presenting Sponsors: Tri-City Medical Center; Watkins Wellness


Viktor Gazibaric – Guajome Park Academy; Belen Hernandez – Rancho Buena Vista High School; Brigita Hambali – Vista High School; Quinn White – Alta Vista High School; Zachary Schuler – Mission Vista High School

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps; Dr. Matt Doyle; J&R Auto Body and Paint; Joe Green and Green Team Realty; Nick Ljubic Memorial Scholarship Fund; North County Daily Star; Kiwanis Club of Sunrise Vista; Tory Walker, Owner, Tory R. Walker Engineering; Wildwood Crossing and Cantina; City of Vista; Vista PEO Chapter; Sizzler; Santa Fe Dental; CSUSM


Pizza & Taproom

10,000 Sq. Ft, Modern-Industrial Space with Live music, Events, and Games

30+ rotating flavors of Kombucha, Hard Tea, Beer, & Wine

Woodfired Pizza & Outdoor Patio with Sunset Views

Private events for groups of 50-500

50% o your first round of drinks, with this coupon

1430 Vantage Ct. Vista, CA


Emergency Care Emergency Care

Elevating your experience.

Tri-City Medical Center's Emergency Room remodel is reimagining the patient experience by improving the appearance, flow and function of this important resource.

Construction begins Spring 2023.

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