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ANDONI LUIS ADURIZ frame of mind you will leave even more creative. The Mugaritz experience is a tool that reflects and reveals the emotions which lies beneath the surface on that given day. How do you interpret summer in your work? In Mugaritz we do not interpret the seasons but we are somehow slaves to the seasonal products. Summer allows us to find products that we do not have the rest of the year, some of them are very traditional in The Basque Country such us tuna and bonito. It is also a period where the vegetable garden is flourishing. What ingredient would you associate with this time of the year? Tuna from the north.

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Credit: Oscar Oliva

Why is it important for young chefs to find the right balance between natural ingredients and technology? When we talk about technology, we usually think about futuristic tools such as molecular cooking, but we need to be aware that technology is not greater than theoretical knowledge behind a technique. For example, if we cut a tomato, we do it using the technique of cutting, but technology is all the theory of knowing why we cut in that way, way we use that knife and how does the turgidity of the tomato affects that cut, that is technology. And that is what the young chefs need to understand first. What are you working on at the moment, and what is new at Mugaritz? This year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary and we are reflecting on the concept of time, in what moment we are and where we came from. Time has become a key element that we use to explain factors associated with fine dining. Such luxury or the work of the chefs in order to generate the experiences we provide.


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