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Emiliano and Matteo Mammucari


Viola Coldagelli

atilde and the pirates

48 pp, 19,5x27cm hardcover, full colour, â‚Ź 17,00

From EMILIANO MAMMUCCARI author of Orfani and one of the most important comic artist in Italy

release OCTOBER

A little girl who empowers herself thanks to her logic and detective skills

Detective Conan in the world of Monkey Island

age 7+ The life of a very peculiar bunch of pirates

It all starts with a misunderstanding: in the middle of the night, Captain Kidd’s buccaneers kidnap the daughter of the governor of Puerto Roco and ask for a large ransom. However, once they return to their ship they discover the kidnapped girl is actually the humble maid Matilde. At first mistreated and relegated to the role of potato peeler, the girl uses all her intelligence and shrewdness to obtain a prominent place on the ship. To the superstitions and prejudices of the naive pirates, Matilde constantly opposes her special, logical and investigative skills, thus helping the shabby crew of pirates to find the most unbelievable treasures. Emiliano Mammuccari Artist, writer and illustrator, he is one of the pillars at Sergio Bonelli Editore for whom he illustrated the series Dylan Dog and Napoleone, and created the successful Orfani series. He was also the character designer for the series John Doe. Matteo Mammuccari Writer, musician and playwright. He has been working for Sergio Bonelli Editore for years, and in 2019 the publisher has planned the release of his new series NERO, co-created with Emiliano Mammuccari. Viola Coldagelli She was born in Tivoli in 1984. She started to work very soon as designer and colourist freelance. She illustrated Erika Johansen’s successful novel The Fate of the Tearling.

IoIo non non ce ce la la faccio faccio piùpiù *uff* *uff* a correre… a correre… Non Non potremmo potremmo fermarci fermarci *pant* *pant* per per uno uno spuntino? spuntino?

Ehi,Ehi, voi!voi! Liberatemi Liberatemi subito! subito! Ci deve Ci deve essere essere unouno sbaglio sbaglio … …

ecco, ecco, ci siamo ci siamo quasi! quasi!

Ah Ah ah ah ah!ah! Vedrete Vedrete come come sarà sarà felice felice il il Capitano Capitano quando quando gligli porteremo porteremo la la figlia figlia del del Governatore! Governatore!

Matilde, Matilde, dov’è dov’è la la miamia colazione? colazione?

Dov’è Dov’è la la miamia spazzola, spazzola, Matilde? Matilde?

Dove Dove sono sono le le miemie pantofole? pantofole?

… …

Matilde...?! Matilde...?!


160 pp, 19,5x27cm hardcover, full colour, € 19,00

release MARCH age 10+

A graphic novel reminiscent of the atmospheres of Mulan

Gherd is a little girl living in a village covered with a thick fog and surrounded by big and ferocious creatures, often attacking her people. After she lost her parents, her only goal is to be part of the fighter group and revenge on the beast which made her an orphan. But the activity as a warrior is barred because she is a girl. Gherd manages to secretly participate in the initiation mission, where she meets Atheis, a young Molkhog monk who will let her discover unexpected things and reveal her some secrets from her past. Gherd will change her destiny.

Francesca Carità She was born in Asti in 1993, and she’s currently living in Florence. She draws comics and illustrations. She debuted in the “Tipitondi” series with Le due metà della Luna / The two halves of the Moon, written by Marco Rocchi. Always for Tunué, she took part to the book Stagioni. Quattro storie (e mezza) per Emergency / Seasons. Four stories (and a half) for Emergency.

Marco Rocchi He was born in Florence in 1982. After having worked for several publishers, he wrote for Tunué’s “Tipitondi” series Le due metà della Luna / The two halves of the Moon, drawn by Francesca Carità. Always for Tunué, she took part to the book Stagioni. Quattro storie (e mezza) per Emergency / Seasons. Four stories (and a half) for Emergency.

For those who loved Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Adventure and female empowerment

DAISY Marco Barretta

Lorenza Di Sepio

112 pp, 19,5x27cm hardcover, full colour, â‚Ź 17,00

more than

170.000 fans on facebook

release MAY


age 8+

on instagram constantly growing and highly engaged

Daisy is a child living with her father, a writer. One day, reading one of his father’s novel, the young Daisy plunges among its pages and becomes the new main character of the story. To get out she must reach the end of the book, following the same journey of the hero she substituted when she fell into the storytelling. Daisy, together with the other characters of the story, will try to defy the Evil Queen. But will it be really wickedness the reason behind the Queen’s actions? Maybe this story written by her father will have yet in store many surprises for the child.

Marco Barretta

He wrote the script for Procrastination, the last book of the series Simple&Madama.

Lorenza Di Sepio

She worked on several cartoon series produced by rai, music videos and commercials. She is the author of Simple&Madama, a viral project born on the social networks and then transformed in an editorial project.

The atmospheres and feelings of a contemporary Wonderful Wizard of Oz

References and fascinations from tv series like Once Upon a Time and Marco Polo

Luisa Torchio


nel mondo della magia

Being r of our esponsible action s

112 pp, 19,5x27cm hardcover, full colour, â‚Ź 17,00

release MAY

Friendship and respect for ourselves and the others

age 8+

An extraordinary graphic novel focusing on feelings, especially on anger as the sign of something which has made us suffer. Sabine is a child without any friends and a victim of bullies. One day, however, everything changes when Michael arrives at her school. The boy has recently moved to the city with his family, for some mysterious reasons, and becomes Sabine’s first true friend: she promises him they will be forever like that. Michael takes Sabine to a parallel world‌ the world of magic! Once they pass through the portal, the two friends are separated, and Sabine falls in the clutches of the evil goddess Uwa. A former queen of Magic, Uwa turned into a diabolical creature because she was imprisoned for years by some magicians who only wanted to exploit her powers for their own interests. The little girl decides to meet the evil creature halfway in order to find her friend and return home. Because of this, she will make a mess and this will put at risk the fantasy world and her chance to return to her parents.

to Freedom st n rise agai es what mak us suf fer

Imp of l o r t a our istenin n c e hea g to rt

Luisa Torchio Cartoonist and illustrator, she was born in Padua, she has Bologna in her heart and she wanders around in the real world. Sabine in the World of Magic is her first graphic novel, which will be co-produced in several countries and languages.



Every friend is an adventure

96 pp, 19,5x27cm hardcover, full colour, € 15,00

The value of friendship and helping the others

release MARCH 2020

p Growing u ing and becom nt independe

age 7+

Recently published also in the United States, the new exciting adventures of Brina, the city cat introduced in the graphic novel Brina, are finally here. Every new day reveals a different adventure to discover the city, the value of being together and the importance of helping others. With her experiences, after having learnt to get out on her own, Brina will be a guide for her friends, will help them discover their path and will be the first to learn new things: her adventures will let her know many more things about the world.

Giorgio Salati

He was born in Milan, and since 2003 he is writing for Topolino. He collaborated with La Settimana Enigmistica, Focus Pico, L’albero Azzurro and several cartoon series. He holds comics and storytelling classes at the Libreria dei Ragazzi in Milan. His latest graphic novels were in 2017 Brina e la Banda del Sole Felino with the art by Christian Cornia, and in 2018 Sospeso, with the art by Armin Barducci. From 2019 he has started writing the Nathan Never series for Sergio Bonelli Editore.

Christian Cornia

He was born in Modena, and he works as illustrator and colourist. He is one of the most important artists of Warner Bros (Yogi Bear, Wacky Races, Scooby-doo...). He has also worked in the USA for Marvel, in France for Soleil and Delcourt, and in Italy for Piemme, DeAgostini, Unipol and Mirabilandia. He teaches at the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia.

Le vacanze sono ormai giunte a conclusione, ed è tempo per Brina, Margherita e Samuele di tornare verso la propria dimora cittadina.

Che ne dici di una piccola sosta?

Va bene!

Se la portiamo fuori, il traffico la spaventa.

Lasciamo sgranchire le zampe alla gatta?

SÏ, ma dentro l’auto.

Noi stiamo via pochi minuti, Brina...

Mi raccomando, non spostare la macchina! Eh eh!

Brina è lieta di curiosare intorno…

Che noia, viaggiare! Non vedo l’ora di arrivare a casa!

… ma qualcuno di indesiderato fa il suo ingresso…

… e la nostra gattina è costretta a nascondersi.

Mai aperto una macchina con tanta facilità!


Se Brina non interviene, il ladro la porterà molto lontano da Samuele e Margherita.

Meow rrr! Ma cosa... ? Chissà quanto riesco a ricavare da questa carretta...

ght The ri vel o n c i graph eading tr r a t s to 96 pp, 19,5x27cm hardcover, full colour, â‚Ź 15,00


Discovery o f the values o f friendship a nd mutual help

age 7+

Importance of sport and nurturing a talent

Johanna – or Jo, as she wants to be called – hates school, cannot stand her friends and doesn’t want to play any sports except basketball: her father encourages her to follow her passion by giving her Michael Jordan’s shirt, shoes and pendant as gifts. With that pendant around her neck, she manages to overcome even the saddest moments, like when her parents are not at home because of their work. Left alone with her grandmother, Jo is dragged to do one of the activities she hates so much: shopping! Forced to try three little coats in a weird shop, she ends up in a parallel world with cupids, peace and rivers of camomile, where everybody loves each other. Despite all this, she wants to return to her world because she hates everyone! Jo treats badly a little creature which welcomes her and shows her affection: she gets angry and screams «I hate you!». Taking off her coat, she immediately returns to her real world but realizes she lost her amulet. She quickly puts on the second coat, hoping to be able to go back for it, but when she arrives in that universe everything has changed: the cupid she had treated badly has become a tyrant and now all the inhabitants spend their days fighting each other. Jo is different and that’s why they do not want her there, they angrily tell her to return to her house, but she must find at all costs her amulet which protected her from any sadness. The little girl realizes how grey and sad that world is now, when everyone is against each other, and understands she must do something to bring peace back!

Gud is the most important Italian author of graphic novel for children, able to charm hundreds of boys and girls in spectacular and engaging workshops. With Timothy Top has warmed the hearts of boys and girls, and booksellers, too; Timothy Top was also published in the United States. Gud adapted Dacia Maraini’s play The Night of Toys into a graphic novel, as well as publishing several other books with Tunué. He is one of the founders of ARF! The Rome Comics Festival.


ARIADNE’S THREAD 48 pp, 17x24cm hardcover, full colour, € 15,00

release APRIL

A ne stand-alo of story full s mysterie to be . revealed

age 10+

A story written by

Licia Troisi


Elena Patata wants to go and see Leon, but first her departure is hindered by Bert – her new boyfriend – who feels neglected and excluded from her life, then by Zick who doesn’t trust Leon and disapproves Elena travelling alone. The young girl, however, is resolute and fed up to be constantly underestimated, so she decides to leave and take a break from everybody! When Zick doesn’t hear from her for a while, he looks for her, but when he arrives at her parents’ house, she discovers she isn’t there: she’s missing! Zick immediately leaves to find her and when he reaches the Hermitage, he finds out what happened: he must immediately save Elena from the dangers Leon led her into, but it won’t be easy because the false information and the secrets the characters hide are many.

Noth ing i wha t it s s eem and s the s of Li kills c i a Tro lead is for t the rea i he w d hole er book

n a c ch i h ny a w t y ou or t h s t i he A w t f d ea dge o des r e b le iso w p o e n k s u o i v pre


Katja Centomo, Francesco Artibani, Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa are always the main creative group behind the series.

Licia Troisi The Queen of Italian Fantasy

Arianna Rea

She worked in the teams of Frozen, Tangled e Cinderella, in the comic adaptation of the tv series Violetta, in the character design of Star Darlings and the graphic novel of Inside Out. In France she drawed Charlotte, célibataire avec enfants, On n’est pas que des cobayes! and Téa Stilton.

Zick’s proof of love for Elena Patata

Savinelli – Scoppetta

48 pp, 24x17cm hardcover, full colour, â‚Ź 15,00

a star to be saved

A fantastic ta importanc le on the e receptive t of being o teaching s and experi ence

ry A sto ishes fw o l l u f ope h d n a


It is the night of the falling stars, but on planet Earth an unexpected event happens: a cloud prevents the sight of their passage and they fall everywhere, scattering their load of unexpressed wishes. Because of this emergency, the intergalactic rescuers are in a hurry to recover the stars and bring them to the nearest Star Emergency Room. More specifically, the recruiter Flick decides this will be the first undertaking he will carry out on his own, without the help of his useless Master Stock. But travelling from planet to planet, from constellation to constellation to complete his rescue mission, he realizes we always need a teacher: be it Stock, or what we call “experience�. Paola Savinelli She was born in the province of Caserta. With the short film Carlo e Clara by Giulio Mastromauro, she won the David di Donatello award. Always with Mastromauro she wrote the subject and the screenplay of Nuvola (2015), one of the most prize-winning shorts in that year. Then, it is the turn of the film La pioggia che non cade by Marco Calvise.

Andrea Scoppetta He lives and works between Naples and Rome. He is an artist for Disney and a colourist for the French publisher Soleil. In 2001 he has co-founded with Alessandro Rak one of the most interesting animation studios in Italy. He works as a cartoonist for the Sunday supplement of the newspaper Terra.

Bisognava fare qualcosa! Ma cosa? Guardando il cielo sgombro tutt’intorno gli venne un’idea: - Mi farò dare un po’ di luce da una di queste stelle...

Ma non aveva fatto i conti con le costellazioni: - Con una galassia a disposizione, perché lo chiedi proprio a me? - si lamentò l’Orsa Maggiore.

Flick raggiunse il pianeta Terra e atterrò su una distesa di deserto dove giacevano le meteore cadute. Alcune piangevano per il dolore, altre per lo spavento... Ma, chi più chi meno, ancora brillavano.

I soccorritori caricavano tutte le meteore sulle astro-ambulanze ed ripartivano a razzi spiegati verso il Pronto Soccorso Stellare più vicino che si trovava sul pianeta Marte.

- Mi stai chiedendo di rinunciare a un po’ della mia luce per quel sasso?- brontolò Cassiopea.

In ogni zona della caserma veniva trasmessa questa notizia: - Un numero indefinito di meteore è precipitato sul pianeta Terra. Una nuvola enorme ha improvvisamente oscurato il cielo impedendo la visione del loro passaggio.

who killed KENNY? kenny’s throne

pera comics

112 pp, 11,5x15cm hardcover, full colour, € 12,00


The book So many new cases to be solved. Never published before, longer and even more intriguing, the murders always have the same victim: the legendary Kenny! A gamebook you won’t turn down until you have solved all the riddles. Kenny lies lifeless, in front of two - or more – prime suspects with the murder weapons in their hands. It is up to the reader, helped by the fortuitous clues, to unmask the culprit among many funny characters.

! s e s a c 45 new Alessandro Perugini aka Pera Comics

Alessandro Perugini was born in Arezzo and is living near Perugia. Advertising graphic designer working for companies all over Italy, in 2017 he has started doing comics on Instagram, quickly becoming a well-known author. In 2018 his first gamebook Who Killed Kenny? was released, and it stayed at the first place of the Amazon sales for several weeks.

chi ha ucciso kenny?

curie, newton o einstein?

chi ha ucciso kenny?

curie, newton o einstein? È stato einstein per queste ragioni: 1) newton non è stato perché la sua arma non corrisponde al tipo di ferita di kenny. 2) il numero 126 di einstein è un multiplo di 3. con la mano sinistra kenny indica infatti il numero 3. 3) einstein sbaglia a dire la sua stessa formula (e=mc2 è quella giusta). 4) l’arma di einstein corrisponde al tipo di ferita di kenny.

punteggio: 8

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punteggio: 8

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chi ha ucciso kenny?

a, b o c?

chi ha ucciso kenny?

a, b o c?

l’assassino è c per questa ragione: c dice il numero giusto mancante nella serie in basso a sinistra: 61. la serie di numeri è fatta in modo tale che ogni numero sia il doppio del precedente (x+x) aggiungendo 3. (1+1+3)=5, (5+5+3)=13, (13+13+3)=29, (29+29+3)=61 infatti sulla fronte di b c’è scritto: x + x + 3.

punteggio: 9

punteggio: 9

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ChI ha uCcisO KeNnY?

ChI ha uCcisO KeNnY?

HamBUrger O pizza?

HamBUrger O pizza? SoluzioNe è stAta lA pizza peRché la FErIta di keNny PassA da parte a PaRte della testa. QuinDi l’armA usata è la sPada luNga. movente: KeNnY volEva mEttere l’anaNaS sulla pizza e Questa giustameNtE lo Ha ucciso!

PuNtEggIo: 6

gira PagINa per lA soluzioNE >

PuNtEggIo: 6

CoNtiNUa a iNveStIgaRe >

96 pp, 17x24cm hardcover, b/w, € 12,00




7 Crimes is a series composed of seven graphic novels from the pens of Katja Centomo and Emanuele Sciarretta. Each volume focus on a specific crime, with some exemplar criminal stories becoming sort of case study. At the end of each narration the crime is examined from a legal in-depth analysis point of view. The first case, with drawings form Marco Caselli, will talk about fraud crime and will be rich in intriguing scenes, comedy, drama, irony and unexpected turns of events. The main protagonist is Massimo D’Ettori, a young looking judge, who, in the development of the story, will gain more and more details, becoming a compelling figure that will lead the reader to a final twist revelation, in a narrative arc that is a true “story in the story�, while horizontal and vertical plots unfold. Covers for all the seven books will be penned by Daniele Caluri.


LA VITA CHE DESIDERI 328 pp, 24x17cm hardcover, full colour, € 29,00

tory s i H the n i “H” l y r a t o i t s ap c The e h t with

release JANUARY A large portrayal of the history of the early Twentieth Century THEMES: Shoah, racial laws, deportations A homosexual love in a period of heavy riots and political and social changes.

A vibrant book, profusely researched, telling with strength and dash a span of roughly thirty years: from World War I to the aftermath of September 8, 1943. History, marked by different chromatic dominants, reflects upon the themes of public and private violence, conformity, Shoah, racial laws, deportations and homosexuality.

FRANCESCO MEMO e BARBARA BORLINI A well-matched couple both in art and in life, they have come to the printed page after an intense activity on the web, where they became subtle, cult authors. Apart from drawing comics, they are researchers at the University on the urban community, and feminine and child condition subjects. They have published for Bruno Mondadori, Laterza, Baldini e Castoldi, Franco Angeli; they have also held degree and doctorate classes. In the early 2000s, their La rosa sepolta was one of the first independent comics available on the web.

128 pp, 19,5x27cm hardcover, full colour, € 17,00

release APRIL

Atmospheres inspired by Tim Burton’s early movies, such as Edward Scissorhands

Myrna was born with the touch of death: as soon as she was in her mother’s arms, she killed her. Her father ran away with her baby daughter, seeking shelter in the middle of the woods. The little girl grew living a solitary life, her hands bandaged, but her father let her know the world around her and her problem, and he taught her making her love many books. When her father dies, Myrna decides to stay alone in the woods, out of habit and because of an unconscious fear. Her touch can kill both people and animals, but not the plants with which she has always been surrounded. One day it will be the plants themselves to show her a path: at the end of the road, Myrna will meet a boy.

Sergio Algozzino

He was born in Palermo and currently is living in Rimini. He published the moving graphic novel Storie di un’attesa and the largely autobiographical Memorie a 8 bit, several works with a musical background, such as Ballata per Fabrizio De Andrè and Dieci giorni da Beatle, and the essential essay on the history of graphic design – in comic form – Tutt’a un tratto. In 2013 he won the Francisco Solano Lòpez award as “Best artist”, while in 2017 he published Il piccolo Caronte, with Deborah Allo’s art.

Deborah Allo

She was born in Palermo, where she still lives. She works as colourist both for the Italian and the international market. For Tunué she collaborated to the colour process of The Passenger, the graphic novel from an original script by the famous director Carlo Carlei. Always for Tunué, she illustrated Il piccolo Caronte, written by Sergio Algozzino.

ling l e p m o c A ovel n c i h p a r g in whose ma sed u c o f s i e them ity on divers

Laura Cimino

Sergio Algozzino

nellie bly 160 pp, 17x24cm hardcover, full colour, â‚Ź 17,00


Preface of David Randall, senior editor of Independent on Sunday

A woman me o c e b s a h t tha a symbol

The true story of Nellie Bly, born in New York in the second half of the xix Century, the first woman journalist to deal with the news. A graphic novel telling the story of a woman who became an icon, examined through the juxtaposition with a girl who wants to pursue the same career. The story, told through her memories, recalls her professional adventures: when she pretended to be crazy and she was interned to carry out an investigation about a mental hospital, or when she solo travelled around the world in 72 days, in a period when such actions were unthinkable for a woman. Nellie Bly was one of the few journalists who interviewed Belva Ann Lockwood, the first woman nominated to the US presidential elections in 1884. In those years, the first advertising campaigns were born, and many of them used Bly’s face.

Luciana Cimino She is a journalist, living in Rome. She worked for years at L’Unità and has written articles for many newspapers. She currently manages communication and quality information in the most important Italian agency: HDRÀ.

Sergio Algozzino He has worked with many of the most important comic publishers: Disney, Sergio Bonelli Editore, Becco Giallo... and now he has permanently “landed” at Tunué, with which he has published several titles: Myrna and the touch of death, Little Charon, Stories of a waiting, 8-bit memories, Ten days as a Beatle and the essay All of a sudden. In 2013 he won the Francisco Solano Lòpez Prize as Best Artist. Not only does he work as artist and colourist, but he also teaches in various comic schools.

Ariel is the name of the air spirit in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a being with blurry sexual features. This ambiguity promotes the idea of a metaphorical place for men and women to meet each other. Ariel is a new graphic novel series that aims to become a space to fill with narrations, a spot where authors of every gender can meet readers of every gender to tell stories concerning gender issues, women empowerment and emancipation. Subjects that are becoming more and more important at any level, from relationship between men and women in everyday life to their cohabitation at work and in the social chain of command.

Sono eccitatissima ma non ho ancora deciso su cosa scriverò, e tu Miriam?

Voglio scrivere dell’inchiesta sul manicomio di Nellie Bly di 50 anni fa. Lei era donna e faceva inchieste sotto copertura, 50 anni dopo siamo ancora relegate in argomenti mondani e… Ancora la polemica contro le quote? Certo! trovo inconcepibile che la Columbia University, pur avendo ammesso le donne fin dalla fondazione, ne faccia entrare una quota limitata nella facoltà di giornalismo.

Questa storia che le opportunità di lavoro in questo campo per noi donne siano limitate deve finire.

Fidati Anne, è il momento giusto per questa polemica. Io voglio la polemica dal mio pezzo.

Vada via signorina, gliel’ho già detto, Miss Bly non riceve visite

Ancora lei? Abbia pazienza signorina, Miss Bly è ormai molto anziana e malata e…

Signorina, non può seccare tutti i giorni!

Ma io ho necessità di farle un’intervista, lasci almeno che le spieghi di persona…

96 pp, 19,5x27cm hardcover, b/w, € 17,00



stagione di caccia


release OCTOBER

A page-turner thriller, both for its rhythm and its beautiful art. Prejudices, a narrow-minded vision of the world and many twists are the successful ingredients of Kraken, winner of several awards in Italy, sold in various countries and soon to be adapted into a movie. In a village buried among the woods, three women run an organic product farm, but the town is inhabited by hunters who do not look favourably at the activities of the women: too modern, compared to their traditions. The life of the place is marked by activities that are always the same, and the hunting of the wild boars, so densely populated in that area, is the main one. Among the dwellers, the chief hunter Bruno is the one who argues the most about the activity of the company that is so distant from the inhabitants’ habits of the area. The tension becomes more acute when some thefts start to occur, and the hunters immediately find their culprit: they are convinced the migrants did them. Everything that looks different from the common daily routine seems like a threat, and the migrants are seen by hunters as invaders; meanwhile, the real invaders are actually the boars, more and more numerous in the forest area.

Emiliano Pagani He has been working for the magazine Vernacoliere since 1991, he wrote stories for Dylan Dog, and published for Panini and Feltrinelli Comics – the latter with his famous character Don Zauker. An already well-established author on the international scene, he has chosen Tunué as the publisher for his graphic novels.

Bruno Cannucciari After creating stories for Lupo Alberto and other important productions for more than 30 years, he is dedicating his beautiful art to Tunué’s graphic novels: Kraken was his dazzling debut, which made him very popular worldwide.

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