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DEPARTMENTS 6  SET IN STONE • New year, new goals 12  COASTAL EXPOSURE Featuring our best coastal images of Oceanside on tap. Photography by Zach Cordner 21  HEALTHY O • Dr. Dhruvil Gandhi 22  OCEANSIDE’S FINEST • Victor Villaseñor 24  ACTIVE O • MROC 44  HIDDEN GEMS • Rain Or Shine Coffee Co. 46  HOMEGROWN • Carolyn Krammer 48  LOCAL BUSINESS • Living Tea Brewery & Tasting Room 50  LOCAL RETAILER • Work / Shop Collective RESTAURANT REVIEW 52  COASTAL • Hello Betty Fish House 54  INLAND • ND Bahn Mi 56  RESTAURANT AND BAR GUIDE The Osider's guide to all the best bars and eateries in town 61  FAST FORWARD TO YESTERDAY San Luis Rey River Valley

Beach Break Burger

FEATURES 28  TEN THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE IN OCEANSIDE Learn about the heritage of African Americans in Oceanside 32  70S OCEANSIDE As seen through the lens of photojournalist Charlie Neuman 40  TOP GUN HOUSE REDUX We had it repainted!

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For most, January means the start of a new year filled with many goals and aspirations. Whether it’s a new commitment to health, work, friendships, and everything in between—we all share the common goal of becoming better people. I really appreciate all of the lofty goals set forth, and hopefully some of them are even achieved. But for me, I choose to look back on our city’s history going into 2017. Don’t get me wrong—I have goals, too. But maybe looking back will help me realize what I really want out of the next 365 days. With that stated, we’re very excited to share a rare look into Oceanside’s rich history through the eyes of photographer Charlie Neuman and his amazing black and white photography. When Charlie first reached out to us, we weren’t quite sure what’d come out of our meeting, but the second he opened up his files—our jaws dropped to the floor and our eyes opened wide. This treasure trove of images reinforced why Oceanside is so special and how I have become the person I am today because I grew up in this great city. When you look over Charlie’s feature, there’s no question that we’re a true Southern California beach town. There’s no denying the culture our city has bred in the past and will continue on into the future. Looking back at our history will hopefully help us all achieve greatness in the future. I wish you all good luck on all of your resolutions. Watch out, 2017, because here we come! Cheers,

Jamey Stone

Heavy damage to the North Jetty after a big winter storm in 1978.





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On the cover: Richard Boyden handstands at the pier in 1975. Photographed by Charlie Neuman THEOSIDER.COM


COASTAL EXPOSURES Early morning super moon setting at the pier. Photography by Zach Cordner

COASTAL EXPOSURES Sunset at Wisconsin Street. Photography by Zach Cordner

COASTAL EXPOSURES The 2016 Parade of Lights. Photography by Zach Cordner





to give your household items a SECOND CHANCE!

In Oceanside provides you the opportunity to donate large household items and textiles for reuse. It’s good for the environment.


How to Prior to the pick up dates listed below,


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If your items are soiled, broken or not repairable and cannot be donated, Oceanside offers curbside pick up for large items heading to the landfill.

Donate up to 8 reusable items using Donation week is offered twice per year. Waste Management will pick up donations curbside, on your regularly scheduled service day. Call to schedule pick up.

Landfill week is offered twice per year. Waste Management will pick up bulky landfill items curbside on your regularly scheduled service day. Call to schedule pick up.

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Other Landfill Options Other Donation Options Coming this April, Oceanside will provide donation kiosks to drop off small household items such as clothing, shoes and gently used toys: 300 North Coast Hwy. and 2880 Industry St.

Throughout the year residents may schedule curbside landfill service of up to five items, three times annually. Trash and large amounts of construction debris are not accepted.

Visit for more information.

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Used Oil Collection Events Recycle used motor oil and used oil filters every day at certified collection centers throughout Oceanside or participate in a free filter exchange event. For more details, visit


Jan. 28 9 to 1 p.m.

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Safe disposal is available at: • WM Buyback Center 2880 Industry Street • El Corazon Senior Center 3302 Senior Center Drive • Country Club Senior Center 455 Country Club Lane

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WORDS: DR. DHRUVIL GANDHI PHOTO: ZACH CORDNER Poop. Yes, I said it—poop. Now that we have the chuckle out of our system, I want to bring attention to a very important part of your body—your colon. This question mark shaped organ is the last stop for food on its journey through your body and is responsible for extracting liquid and the last remnants of nutrients from stool. This topic may be uncomfortable to read about, but colon health is an important factor in our overall health. I’ve put together a list of facts about the colon that’ll help shed some light on this often-overlooked organ.

cleansing, but make sure to use alcohol-free wipes because alcohol tends to dry the sensitive perianal skin.

8. Most hemorrhoid symptoms can be treated without surgery under the care of a colorectal specialist.

4. Your colon needs at least 35g of fiber daily for healthy function. A high fiber diet usually only has half the recommended daily amount of fiber, therefore taking a fiber supplement can make up this difference.

9. Prolonged sitting on the toilet (reading books/ magazines, using cell phone, etc.) can promote hemorrhoid problems if the habits continue over a period of time.

1. The colon is commonly known as the large intestine and is the next stop for food after passing through the small intestines.

6. If your stool is dark red or you experience persistent anorectal bleeding, please contact your doctor as this may be a sign of other underlying health conditions.

2. When the colon ends in the pelvis region, you can find the rectum, where stool is stored, and anal canal, where stool passes, upon defecation. 3. Sanitary wipes can be used on the anus for

5. Make sure to drink five-to-six glasses (eight ounces) of water daily in order to allow the fiber to work.

7. Hemorrhoids are a pain in the rear – literally – but are a normal part of our anatomy. They act as cushions in the anus to protect the sphincter muscle and help prevent incontinence.   21

10. Prolonged use of laxatives, stimulants, and stool softeners can cause worsening colon dysfunction. 11. The highest risk factor for colorectal cancer is ages 50+, so give yourself the gift of a colonoscopy for your 50th birthday!

Dr. Dhruvil Gandhi is a colorectal surgeon partnering with Tri-City Medical Center. Learn more at, or call 855.222.TCMC (8262) THEOSIDER.COM




On a sunny-yet-cool December day, bestselling Mexican-American author, Victor Villaseñor, strolled around his ranch property in South Oceanside. Just a few days before, the five-acre ranch hosted one of his proudest accomplishments—the Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving. Oceanside is Villaseñor’s home. His family roots run deep, and his body of work reflects his family’s deep connection to Oceanside. He’s not only one of Oceanside’s finest residents—he’s one of the nation’s finest authors. Villaseñor’s parents immigrated to Oceanside from Mexico and raised four children on the 160-acre Villaseñor ranch. He attended local schools, including St. Mary’s by the Sea School on Wisconsin back when the Catholic nuns taught. He struggled in school and it wasn’t until the age of twenty that he learned to read. It was later discovered that he had severe dyslexia. In retrospect, he credits his dyslexia as part of his identity and shaped his world experience that ultimately fueled his writing. Even while living in Mexico in his late teens, Villaseñor considered his birthplace in North County San Diego as home. Oceanside is also a

large part of his identity, which is reflected in most of his literary work. Writing serves as therapy for Villasenor, especially dealing with the inequity he experienced throughout his life associated with his Mexican heritage, “I started writing because I had so much rage for the system,” he explained. “Through my writing, I was able to get my rage out and it’s brought me from rage to acceptance.”

“There is only one race —the human race!” In 1973, after writing many short stories and novels, Villaseñor’s first published novel was Macho! The novel made him one of the first Mexican-American authors sold in mainstream publication. His body of work now includes numerous revered literary works and non-fiction novels, with Rain of Gold as his most popular bestselling novel. As a revered Mexican-American author, many of his novels are now required reading in schools throughout the country. Further placing Oceanside on the map for 25 years, the Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving

has been hosted annually in November at the Villaseñor ranch for “worldwide peace and harmony.” He invites the public to kick off the holidays in order to congregate and celebrate. Originated from a dream, he started the Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving in 1992 to promote peace by flocking together like the snow geese have done for twenty million years, with females leading the flock. The event attracts attention to Oceanside from around the world, showcasing a peaceful quality of life in the city. With seven decades of history in Oceanside, some of his favorite things about Oceanside are the simple things about living near the ocean— walks on the beach and spotting the green flash at sunset. Villaseñor considers Oceanside “paradise on Earth.” He loves Oceanside because “it has everyone, it’s very healthy and inclusive, and it’s a wonderful place—it’s home.” For the future, Villaseñor reports that he finally has a great deal in the works for a miniseries depicting his bestselling novel, the Rain of Gold trilogy. Villaseñor will be supervising all aspects of the production and with the trilogy rooted here in Oceanside; it’s very likely production will come to his cherished home.



WORDS: ALICIA STONE  PHOTOS: CHARLIE NEUMAN Alright, my fellow Osiders—2017 is now upon facility in December of 2014. The space hosts a us and most of us have been to many friendly mixture of obstacles such as monkey bars, slinging gatherings, enjoyed quality time with family, attended ropes, climbing nets, flipping tires, and jousting company Holiday events, or maybe even partied spears. Their boot camp classes are designed to like the inner “rock-star” that sometimes comes out increase strength and endurance, lose body fat, to play. No matter how good our intentions, fitness increase muscle mass, and provide an outlet for routines tend to suffer and “cheat” days run rampant daily stress. MROC is very proud to host regular monthly around the end of each year. But that’s okay, because here at The Osider events that benefit charities such as the “Wounded we’ll always be here to let you know about the Warrior Battalion.” A recent successful event was the many, varied options available in our beautiful city Trifecta Obstacle Course Challenge, which was held to get us inspired and back on track! This issue, to raise money to help rehabilitate injured Marines we’re highlighting a great business that specializes during their transition back into active civilian life. The in inspiration and attaining fitness and wellness “Success Stories” page on the MROC website shows how pivotal the goals. MROC Training training has been in helping offers group and personal “Ordinary workouts individuals overcome training, obstacle course do not yield injuries, lower blood boot camps, as well as “open gym” times to extraordinary results!” pressure, break through weight loss plateaus, and accommodate all levels of change their mental and physical fitness. Owner Mike Confer found himself here physical outlooks. The testimonials tell us how the following a career in the Marine Corps that he started coaches consult with their clients to create a custom at age seventeen. Originally from Pennsylvania, the tailored program to a specific fitness level and will East Coast transplant landed in Camp Pendleton in modify exercises when necessary to prevent injury. Said Mike, “We chose our location in 2005 and he has called North County his home ever since. Drawing from his training, he created MROC Oceanside because of the weather, the people, (Mud, Run, and Obstacle Course) training, which he and the close proximity to the 78/I-5 Freeways.” described as “a functional group fitness gym that He added, “It’s exciting to see Oceanside specifically focuses on giving our members the thriving! I’m particularly enjoying the many upstrength, stamina, and confidence to successfully and-coming restaurant and gastro-pubs. There’s complete events like Spartan Race® and Tough some delicious food in this town! And it has been great owning a business here. Our gym is a little Mudder®.” Owner, “outside the box,” but everyone we worked with Mike started out hosting SaturdayDre obstacle Dee course workouts in 2013 and opened the current to make it a reality has been great!” THEOSIDER.COM


MROC TRAINING 2315 Via Esmarca (760) 565-2561 MROCTRAINING.COM
















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Scholastic Surf Series @ Southside Pier 7am-4pm


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Oceanside Valentine’s Week begins







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Hazel Tapsico

Agnes Hazel Dawn (7), Charles (5), and Esther Tapsico (3) in 1925.

Hazel Tapsico and Sonny Jim.



In honor of Black History Month, we take a look at African-American history in Oceanside. African Americans have played an important role, helping to shape our city and better our community. Although some may have come from humble beginnings, their contribution to Oceanside is undeniable and they have a rightful place in our City’s history. Here a just a few of many that bear mention:

Anna and Hazel Tapsico at the Oceanside Pier in 1917.

Charles Tapsico


When Oceanside was incorporated in 1888, it most likely had just one Black resident. The local paper announced in July of that year “Charley Saunders, the ‘gentleman of color’ has opened a coffee stand next to the Express office.” In 1910, the U.S. Census enumerated 687 Black persons in San Diego County, with just two living in Oceanside: William M. Jackson, age 36, native of Missouri and Alfred Fry, age 26, native of Texas. Alfred “Jack” Fry was a bootblack at Scott’s Shaving Parlors. Black men who held “menial” positions were often given nicknames of “Johnny” or “Jack.”


Charles William Fletcher Tapsico was a native of Ohio who came to live in Oceanside in about 1915. He worked at the Mission Garage on North Hill Street. His marriage announcement

was published in the Oceanside Blade: “Charles W. Tapsico of Oceanside and Miss Anna Farrel of San Diego were married in San Diego on Monday. Mr. Tapsico putting one over on his Oceanside friends and stealing away to the county seat to claim his bride.” Charles and Anna Tapsico lived on North Tremont Street and were the parents of three children, the first black children born in Oceanside. The Tapsicos lived in Oceanside for nearly ten years before moving to San Bernardino.


One of the most remembered early African Americans to live in Oceanside was John “Johnnie” Mann. Mann lived at 307 North Cleveland Street in the 1930s, and worked at the bus and train depot for over two decades shining shoes. He was known for amiable and outgoing personality. Former Congressmen   29

Lionel VanDeerlin remembered Johnnie: “He was not sub-serviant. I certainly wouldn’t describe him as that. But he shined shoes and that maybe that’s as high up the ladder as he was likely to go, not because he wasn’t a man of intense great ability and certain great sociability. I think maybe in today’s world he’d be doing something a lot more favorably viewed than shining shoes. I just knew him and to stop and converse with Johnnie was a high point of any day.” After he and his wife Charles Etta were married, they lived at 214 San Diego Street. Charles Etta was a fabulous cook and local caterer who worked at the Casa Blanca restaurant on Hill Street (now Coast Highway).


Charles Etta Reece married John Mann and they eventually moved to 214 San Diego Street in the eastside neighborhood. Charles Etta THEOSIDER.COM

Charles Etta at the groundbreaking of the Eastside Community Center in 1967.

Junior Seau and Willie Buchanon

was a fabulous cook and local caterer who worked at the Casa Blanca restaurant on Hill Street (now Coast Highway). After her husband’s death, she married Rev. Wesley H. Allen. Charles Etta became an important community activist for the minority residents of the eastside neighborhood and was elected the first president of the North County NAACP in 1965. In 1969, the San Diego Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club recognized Reece for her contributions to the community. Founder of the Oceanside Girls Club, Charles Etta was awarded the Sojourner Truth Award as “the woman who most closely emulates the finest qualities of Sojourner Truth.”

Elementary School Teacher Mary Catherine Henley Leggett.


Ethel Mae White was the first AfricanAmerican to graduate from high school in Oceanside in 1947. While in school, she was involved in a variety of clubs and was elected “most athletic” in the Senior Hall of Fame. A native of Mississippi, Ethel Mae came to Oceanside to live with relatives. Known for her cheerful disposition, along with her colorful hats, Mayor Jim Wood described Ethel as “the matriarch of Oceanside.” Ethel’s story is intertwined with another notable person—her husband, Mance Buchanon, Jr.


Mance Buchanon, Jr. established one of the first African-American churches that was located on Dubuque Street in Eastside. In addition to his duties as a dedicated Pastor, he was a beloved school bus driver, remembered by countless students he transported every day. Mance Buchanon, Jr. is the first and only Black citizen to have an Oceanside park named in his honor in 2007. Former Mayor Terry Johnson remembered, “Through his work in his church, and as a bus driver always picking up and


dropping off children, he touched thousands of children’s lives in Oceanside,” Johnson said. “It was fitting that a park and playground be named in Buchanon’s honor.”


Mary Catherine Henley Leggett was a teacher at Laurel Elementary in 1957, and probably the first African American teacher in the Oceanside School District. In 1971, the school district hired its first African American male teacher—Guy Mills of San Francisco. 30


John and Miriam Tolliver were a husband and wife duo and were both actively involved in civil rights. John G. Tolliver, was a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton and settled in Oceanside in 1963, along with his wife. Miriam Tolliver was a schoolteacher at Libby Elementary School. Both served terms as president for the North County NAACP. It’s worth noting that Miriam also ran for the Oceanside City Council election in 1974. Although she wasn’t elected, Miriam was likely the first African-American woman to do so.

Terry Johnson

Oscar Culp

Ethel Buchanon


Before Terry Johnson was elected as Oceanside’s first black mayor, he was served as Oceanside’s first black councilmember. A retired police detective, Johnson was elected to the city council in 1992 and re-elected in 1996. Along with being elected Oceanside’s first black mayor in 2000, Johnson was also the first AfricanAmerican mayor in county history, an office he held for four years.


Oscar Culp was known for his community involvement. He served on a variety of

civic organizations and was the first AfricanAmerican to serve on the board of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. Culp was a founding member and President of the Involved Men of Oceanside, which provides scholarships and support for at risk youths and its motto is “Borne out of Concern ... Nourished on Faith and Involved By Commitment.” Oscar joined the United States Marine Corps in 1943 and was stationed at Camp Lejeune. He was assigned to the Montford Point Marines, an all-black division of the Marine Corps. After he retired from the   31

military in 1966, Oscar, along with two fellow former Marines, went into business together. They opened CMC Furniture Store in downtown Oceanside, located on Seagaze Street. Culp was the first person honored with Oceanside’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Award in 1995.

For more information about Oceanside’s history, please visit THEOSIDER.COM




After moving to Oceanside in 1966 when he was just ten years old, Charlie Neuman got his first camera while attending Jefferson Middle School. In 1973, he took a photo class in his senior year at Oceanside High School East Campus and began his photographic journey translating his form of documentation into art. “I basically learned about photography from the owner’s manual of the camera—that’s the only real formal photo education I had,” smiled Charlie. “I just wanted to take photos. I wasn’t really looking to document Oceanside at the time. I just like taking pictures of things that look good.” Charlie began working at the Union Tribune in 1985 and had an amazing 31-year-run as one of the newspaper's main staff photographers. Cut to 2017, and Charlie is a freelancing photojournalist for the UT, The Osider, and other publications. Feast your eyes upon the next eight pages of Oceanside in the 1970s as seen through the eyes of the ever-talented Mr. Charlie Neuman.

“After a big winter storm in 1978, the pier just fell apart. It was demolished and then rebuilt.ˎ

“There was a huge storm the night before and the pier just got messed up. A lot of that wreckage got washed up on shore. That was the last straw for that old pier.ˮ Winter, 1978

“You’d regularly see Marines walking down Hill Street carrying their pressed uniforms from the many cleaners around there. The Vietnam War was going on then.ˮ Spring, 1973

“From the roof, I’m looking southwest. The building I’m on is torn down now. This is the intersection of what is now Coast Highway and Seagaze.ˮ Fall, 1972

“Holiday Land was kind of a dumpy place, but everybody went there. They had ski-ball games and a Ferris wheel out front. Looking back, I wish I would’ve shot more photos there.ˮ Fall, 1973



“Lunchtime with juniors and seniors at Oceanside High School East Campus. It later became El Camino High School. ˮ Spring, 1973 THEOSIDER.COM


ABOVE:  “Where’s the tapper? When this photo was taken at Buddy Todd Park, everyone was looking for the tapper for the keg. You can see people holding makeshift containers for their beers. It was all Coors and Budweiser back then. They didn’t have microbrewed beers back in those days.ˮ Spring, 1973



RIGHT:  “Johnny Boyden was a superstar surfer back in those days. He shaped surfboards and his brand was called Johnny B. Good. He was a real mellow guy. This photo was taken in somebody’s garage in Oceanside.ˮ Fall, 1973

BELOW:  “Ed Thompson is a legend. He was a professional surfer back then. This photo was taken on a really foggy morning. I had no motor drive on my camera—I was thumb cranking it. I shot that from the end of the jetty.ˮ South Jetty Harbor, 1973



“Richard Boyden at one of Oceanside’s first skateboard contests held at the Pier Amphitheater. It was sponsored by Logan Earth Ski. Skateboarding was just starting to get big then. The Hobie skateboard team and all these other people were there.ˮ Summer, 1975

To see more of Charlie's amazing photography, please go to:



Top Gun House

REDUX 2016

One of Oceanside’s most notable and beloved landmarks is the “Top Gun” house on the corner of Pacific and Seagaze Streets. The house has been recognized by SOHO (Save Our Heritage Organization) as the last best Victorian oceanfront cottage in San Diego County, and is probably the oldest such home of its architectural style and historical setting in Southern California. Built in 1887 for Dr. Henry and Mrs. Graves of Riverside, the local paper described it as “their annual vacation by the seaside.” Built one year before the official incorporation of the City of Oceanside, it has outlasted five piers. It has survived the wrecking ball while other properties did not, which included the house next door to the north, once belonging to local physician Robert S. Reid.





"BUILT ONE YEAR BEFORE THE OFFICIAL INCORPORATION OF THE CITY OF OCEANSIDE, IT HAS OUTLASTED FIVE PIERS." The house was sold in 1905 to Charles Burlock who was a local deputy constable. Angeline Morgan later owned the home for over 40 years. She built an addition known as the “carriage house” and it was this structure that much of the filming was done in 1986 blockbuster movie Top Gun, which no longer stands. Lynn and William Rego purchased the house in 1976, and much like Dr. and Mrs. Graves, spent their summers in Oceanside looking over the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and renting it out the remainder of the year. Paramount Pictures contacted The Rego’s, as the studio was looking for property suitable for filming the movie Top Gun. Paramount rented the house for two weeks and some of the most memorable scenes of the movie were filmed there. The Victorian cottage was featured as the home of Cruise’s love interest, flight instructor Charlie Blackwood, played by Kelly McGillis. The movie became a blockbuster and soon after its release in 1986, fans from all over the world flocked to have their photo taken in front of the “Top Gun” house. The movie made

Tom Cruise a household name and the iconic scene of Maverick riding his motorcycle on palm-lined Pacific Street in Oceanside is every local’s favorite. The City of Oceanside celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Top Gun movie in 2013. In addition to an outdoor screening of “Top Gun” at the beach amphitheater, a celebrity volleyball tournament was held and even a perfectly timed flyover while the Marine Corps band performed. In 2014, the Oceanside Historical Society had the sagging porch lifted and the house painted a not-so-popular yellow color and murals. While locals protested, it’s worth noting that blue was not the original color, but painted by the Rego’s after they purchased it. The original color (and historically accurate) was likely dark brown. The wind, rain, salt air, and hot sun take a continual toll on the house and it continues to deteriorate while waiting to be restored. With public concern for the house growing, The Osider responded to a call for action. They organized a “facelift” with the cooperation of the 42

City of Oceanside and the Oceanside Historical Society to have the house repainted a familiar blue. While the blue is perhaps brighter than most remember, it’s apt to fade in the summer sun to just the right hue. The fresh coat of paint will also help to protect the house from the elements. In addition to the new paint, two new pieces of artwork replaced the murals, courtesy of Oceanside's Ford Signs, which depict a movie poster of Top Gun and an historic photo image of the house when owned by Dr. Graves. With the advent of a new hotel project on the horizon, the house is slated to be restored and incorporated into the project plans. Until then, Oceanside keeps a watchful and hopeful eye on this iconic home.

Special thanks to Larry Keast Painting (, Ford Signs ( & and Jay Rembold at Dunn Edwards Paint in Vista.

The “Man of the Hourˮ Larry Keast of Larry Keast Painting came through and repainted the house in one day. Thanks, Larry!




RAIN OR SHINE COFFEE CO. WORDS: ERIC KLIER  PHOTOS: JT RHOADES North County San Diego has always had its own style and demeanor and Suni Zeller is bringing her own unique touch to south Oceanside. Rain or Shine is not your normal coffee cart. Suni has drawn from her personal flare and 1950s style to create an awesome scene and hangout for locals and the neighboring businesses around the cart. Located in front of Ghetto Choppers on the corner of Coast Highway and Morse Street, Rain Or Shine has become a daily routine for many Oceanside residents. Suni and her husband Travis started making their dream of owning a small business a reality a few years back, and all the hard work is finally paying off. The menu at Rain or Shine offers everything you’d expect from a great coffee house with a few added treats, such as breakfast sandwiches and smoothies. The cozy outside seating and great variety of snacks and music offered makes it easy to hang out, daydream, and people watch as the traffic goes by. With its easy to access location and Suni’s infectious charm, many locals have spent hours talking and enjoying our excellent weather and beautiful city at this cart. THEOSIDER.COM

Owner, Suni Zeller

It’s difficult to keep a small business running, but Suni has adapted and adjusted her menu to give a constant variety of choices and delicious baked goods. She and Travis have found balance in life with their two children, who go to local schools, while still focusing on the everyday tasks necessary to keep their dream alive. With a lot of competition in the area, they’ve definitely found their niche in the local coffee scene. Oceanside is certainly going through a lot of changes with new businesses opening weekly. 44

It’s always refreshing to see locally run businesses not only survive, but thrive with all the changes. Suni and Travis have shown with hard work, perseverance, and long hours you can make your dreams come true. Do yourself a favor and stop by the hidden gem Rain or Shine and see what all the talk’s about.

Rain Or Shine Coffee Co. 1602 South Coast Highway (442) 500-9570

Fresh Fish and Seafood Delivered Daily Special Orders Welcome


One of Oceanside’s most endearing residents, and a fierce activist for Oceanside’s beaches, Carolyn Krammer, has been part of Oceanside’s beach scene since the 1970s. Carolyn is a pioneer in women’s surfing, putting Oceanside on the map as her home surf break. She’s watched her son and the local groms grow, raise families of their own, and pass the love of Oceanside beaches from one generation to the next. Carolyn loves Oceanside and regards North Jetty at Oceanside Harbor as one of the world’s greatest surf spots. For over 50 years, North Jetty has been her happy place and her legacy is prolific as she walks around answering calls of “Hi, Mama Krammer!” Born in Long Beach, Carolyn taught herself how to surf on the waves at Tin Can Beach in Huntington Beach at the age of eighteen. It was surfing that introduced Carolyn to Oceanside in 1975. She knew immediately that the waves of Oceanside were epic and said, “This is home.” Carolyn and her husband permanently relocated in 1978. Surfing has not only introduced her to great waves, beaches, and people, she’s made a living from the sport. “I’m lucky to work at what I love to do,” elated Carolyn. Founded in 1975 to showcase women’s surfing, Carolyn contributed THEOSIDER.COM

to Women’s International Surfing Association (WISA), where she served various roles and was a competitor. As a competitive surfer, her multiple accolades and trophies include first place in the Pro Women’s Masters. Currently, she’s the CoFounder and Competition Director for Scholastic Surf Series (SSS); and Competition Director,

“The surfing community is family, and we take care of each other and remember each other.” Officer, and member of the Board of Directors for Western Surfing Association (WSA). Both SSS and WSA attract new talent and their families to Oceanside beaches during competitions. As an environmental activist, two of Carolyn’s proudest accomplishments helped preserve the Oceanside beaches we all know and love. In the 1990s, two major beach developments were proposed. First, a large portion of Oceanside Harbor—including her beloved North Jetty—was slated to become an aquarium. Second, a developer was trying to purchase the land around 46

Oceanside Pier. With her organization, Citizens for Preservation of Parks and Beaches, both plans were defeated and ultimately by 200—the harbor remained intact and the developer was unable to roll out their grandiose plans. Still actively involved in city planning, she’s served on various committees and currently is on the City of Oceanside Harbor and Beaches Advisory Committee. According to Carolyn, the current development happening in Oceanside is welcomed, “but don’t touch the beaches, they’re our legacy.” With deep connections to the Oceanside surfing community, Carolyn and her son Erik started Surf for the Sea annual surf contest in 1996. Surf for the Sea is a surfing event held every weekend after Labor Day that honors local surfers that have passed away. This past September, Surf for the Sea marked twenty years. Carolyn reports that each year the memorial table unfortunately gets more crowded, which emphasizes the need for local surfers to unite together at least once a year. “The surfing community is family, and we take care of each other and remember each other.” For her thoughtful stewardship of Oceanside beaches and its heirs, Oceanside is fortunate to have Carolyn call it “home.”

(760) 231 9262



(L to R): Neil Gehrke, Bill Weigel, Shawnie Goldman, and Josh Weigel.

LIVING TEA BREWERY & TASTING ROOM WORDS: ALYSON KLIER PHOTOS: CHRISTOPHER DONEZ Whether you’ve already been caught up by the kombucha renaissance currently in effect or are just discovering the health benefits of this delicious type of tea, the Living Tea Brewery & Tasting Room is a fantastic place to visit. Located in an historic building on Wisconsin Avenue covered by a fantastically colorful mural, Living Tea’s fun, laid back brewery and tasting room fit right in with South O’s healthy beach vibes. At Living Tea, you can sample thirteen different flavors of kombucha, see how and where it was made, and even buy a kit with everything you need to brew your own living tea at home. Kombucha is a tea brewed from probiotic fermentation. The team at Living Tea is extremely passionate about their craft and their product and it’s evident in the delicious tea they brew daily. Quality is valued over quantity—they use only organic ingredients, constantly monitor for taste, and even have a custom water filtration system on location to ensure their kombucha is truly fresh and pure. Living Tea have also worked hard to make sure the tea they deliver to over sixty locations throughout San Diego County holds up to their high quality standards, so you can enjoy the same delicious tea that you’d get from the brewery itself. Brewing kombucha—a living tea—is as much an art form as a science. The visionary behind the Living Tea Brewing Company, Neil THEOSIDER.COM

Gehrke, has spent many years perfecting his brewing techniques. An enthusiastic life-long learner, Neil began making his own kombucha in his kitchen in 2005. Through an on-line community of like-minded brewers, he eventually started teaching others how to make the tea. By 2012, he was ready to try selling a small supply out of the Hill Street Café. In 2015, when that small supply became a wildly popular hit at the café, Neil teamed up with his now partners (Bill Weigel, master brewer and Josh Weigel, head of sales distribution) to start brewing at their current location. While you can be sure the Living Tea kombucha you get on tap at the many locations they distribute to will be fresh and delicious, the tasting room on Wisconsin is a cool spot to relax and hang out. In addition to tasting the rotating flavors on tap, you can choose from a wide variety of organic loose-leaf teas and herbs, buy fresh-made hummus, frozen organic bone broth, organic popcorn, local organic honey, and even seeds to start your own organic garden. There’s a selection of handmade healing jewelry, tinctures, and all natural products like lotions, soaps, toothpaste, and bath soaks. You can also buy growlers to fill up and refill so you can enjoy their tasty tea right out of your fridge. The importance of community support and involvement is an integral part of the Living Tea mission. They hold a free pancake breakfast 48

every second Sunday of the month. They give out free, organic pancakes and maple syrup along with their kombucha and fresh brewed organic teas and coffee. Bill and Josh’s band, The Barnwell Shift, often play at events at the brewery along with other local artists. The Living Tea Brewing Company plans on expanding their distribution, so you’ll soon be able to get their kombucha at even more locations. But the best way to fully experience their healthy and refreshing tea is by stopping by their tasting room, you won’t be disappointed!

Living Tea Brewery & Tasting Room 302 Wisconsin Avenue (760) 231-9986 LIVINGTEABREWINGCO.COM



(L to R): Sue Fan, 5ing's Dustin Faddis, and Danielle Quigley.

WORDS: MIRANDA APONTE  PHOTOS: ZACH CORDNER Oceanside is emerging as a community where artists and creative people come to live, work, and play. There’s a growing identification of this community as an artistic town, which makes it easy to see why WILD HABIT has recently joined The Work / Shop Collective alongside Mr. B’s Necessities, Rais Case, and 5ing. The space is filled with creativity; the gentle aroma of Mr. B’s handmade, natural bath and body products, the popular DIY table from Rais Case, and the beautifully handcrafted goods from the integrative studio of 5ing. The Work / Shop Collective is more than a commercial space or business. It’s a place where the community of Oceanside can come to shop locally, create, and even become inspired to create. This is very much a part of the mission for the creators of WILD HABIT. Encinitas based, Danielle Quigley and Sue Fan are the two visionary women behind the lifestyle brand that creates beauty from foraging. What does creating beauty from foraging mean for these two? It means styling it wild by hand-making lamps out of birch bark, hand carving and painting foraged deer skulls, or even foraging for wood duck feathers and making adorned earrings out of them. It’s easy to see that their background in photography and travel have influenced their work, from their beautiful photography prints with Mary Oliver quotes, to the ability of sourcing nature as their inspiration.


Hailing from the East Coast, Danielle and Sue met ten years ago in Antarctica and have been creating together ever since. Their history, creative skills, and passion have led them to transforming spaces— decorating and styling down to the smallest detail. Shaping living spaces and even events into dreamy, wild habitats leave others ogling about their inventive use of foraged materials mixed with vintage. The Work / Shop Collective is showcasing the talent of local artisans that Oceanside and nearby neighborhoods have to offer. Their ability to share the same space with a cohesive aesthetic is exemplary of the all of the creative people who run the shop. The space is not only home to the four brands, but also classes and workshops like Mr. B’s Necessities Candle Class. The Rais Case DIY table and WILD HABIT’s DIY vintage terrarium and necklaces could leave one spending hours in the shop. As the community sees an influx of tourists and a growing population, shops like this are becoming staples of the neighborhood. This collective feels like an evolved version of a “mom and pop” business—it supports the surrounding community, and at the same time inspires a creative “can-do” mentality. The Work / Shop Collective is a place that fosters artistry and entrepreneurship while helping to sustain the ever-growing and diverse community of Oceanside. 50



HELLO BETTY FISH HOUSE WORDS: KIM HERRLEIN PHOTOS: ZACH CORDNER Beyond it’s cool Baja-inspired exterior that’s comprised of corrugated metal and floor-toceiling windows and interior décor punctuated all things seaside including a sand dune buggy, Hello Betty Fish House is a hidden gem in Oceanside. Opened in 2014, there are two floors of comfortable, casual dining with fresh air sidewalk seating and a rooftop lounge. Both become backdrops to one of Oceanside’s most unique ocean and sunset viewing platforms. Now, let’s talk about the fresh fish! Texas-born, Chef Jared Hills of the Sage Restaurant Group, visited Hello Betty with no expectations and was sincerely enchanted by Oceanside’s culture reflected by its chill surfer vibes. Hello Betty Fish House’s upscale concept to provide the freshest fish with a Baja fish house feel has been met by Chef Jared’s impeccable attention to detail. He’s proud that his patrons can choose from a wide range of dishes from the “catch of the day” such as Pacific Rockfish, to the renown SoCal Fish Taco with both classic fried and mesquite grilled options. “I try to stay away from the Baja Stone Crab and Cheese Dip, in fear of over indulging,” warned Chef Jared. The Aguachiles, a classic Baja dish, is a standout item consisting of sashimi grade shrimp cured with sea salt and Serrano peppers served with cucumbers and avocados. The West Coast Seafood Boil THEOSIDER.COM

definitely gives the East Coast a run for its money as shrimp, mussels, clam, corn, potatoes, and Andouille sausage bathe in a delightfully delicious garlic beer broth. I dare you to try to stop dipping your lightly grilled bread until it’s all gone. Not only catering to tourists who hail to the seaside, as the Fish House shares a location with Marriott’s Springhill Suites, Hello Betty is steadily becoming a locals’ favorite with the addition of their Happy Hour. Local business people, as well as surfers, can be found sipping on locally crafted beer and enjoying a host of fresh fish favorites. Building relationships in the community is important to Hello Betty as they participate four times a year donating 25-percent of their proceeds to Semper Fi, an 52

organization helping our wounded vets. Recently, Hello Betty Fish House was granted their Receiver’s License making their mission of providing the freshest fish available that much closer. The license allows HBFH to work directly with local fisherman as near as Oceanside harbor fisherman. We’re talking fresh and local! Do yourself a favor and stop into Hello Betty Fish House and enjoy as locals do the “fish” of Executive Chef Chef Jared’s “labor of love.” William Eick


Happy Hour M-F 2-6PM F-S 8:30-Close $2 off Craft Beer and House wine (760) 643-9602 4142 Oceanside BLVD #201 Oceanside, CA

We have a full line of organic and local natural foods. • • • • •

Deli & Prepared Foods Vitamins Natural Cosmetics Local Organic Produce Clean Label Grocery

STORE HOURS: 8am to 9pm every day FAMILY OWNED SINCE 1989 2009 South Coast Highway (760) 433-2757 • CREAMOFTHECROPNATURAL.COM


Chicken Curry

The House Special Banh Mi sandwich


Mango Cheesecake and Macarons


Located on Oceanside Boulevard, ND Banh Mi opened its doors in September 2015. Owners Nha and Dung Nguyen are a husband and wife team who immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in 1986. After working different jobs, the two decided to open a Vietnamese sandwich shop in Oceanside after noticing a void here in North County. “If you go to Orange County, you’ll see Vietnamese sandwich shops everywhere. There’s none here in Oceanside,” explained Nha. Until now, that is. Bánh mì is a Vietnamese word for different kinds of bread. Introduced by the French during its colonial period, the bread most commonly found in Vietnam is a single-serving baguette. ND Bahn Mi’s sandwiches are served on a house baguette (or croissant) with house special mayonnaise, pate, cucumbers, pickled carrots, daikon, jalapenos, and cilantro. “In Vietnam, we eat sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” said Nha. It’s easy to see why that is, as ND Banh Mi’s tasty sandwiches are like no other in town. Local favorites include the House Special Banh Mi that features a combination of THEOSIDER.COM

Manager Anthony Le and Owner Nha Nguyen

Vietnamese ham, pork roll, grilled pork, and char siu pork. Other favorites include the Grilled Chicken Banh Mi and the Sizzling Beef Banh Mi. For the vegetarians, there’s always the Organic Tofu Banh Mi or the Avocado Veggies Banh Mi. It’s not all sandwiches at ND Banh Mi—they also serve combination rice dishes, Vietnamese beef stew, chicken curry, and Vermicelli salad dishes as well. Side dishes include egg rolls, spring rolls, and meat pies. For the salad lover, they’ve got an organic spring mix with avocado that you can combine with your choice of chicken, pork, tofu, beef, or shrimp. Sweets abound at ND Banh Mi as they also have a full selection of freshly made goodies like Pandan coconut rollcakes, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, mango cheesecake, cream puffs, and a plethora of Macaron (French Macaroon) cookies featured everyday. With an array of goodness this plentiful and amazing, what’s stopping you from discovering one of Oceanside’s best-kept secrets? Savor in the exotic tastes that is ND Banh Mi.


ND Banh Mi 4160 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 726-4650

Book your holiday party or event with us!

/HelloB e

tt yF ishH

contact us at:

ou se @ HelloBe tty


Nitro Cold Brew Coffee now available on tap!

Hours: 7am-2pm Monday-Thursday 7am-3pm Friday-Sunday 1001 South Coast Highway (760) 433-2060

BAR AND RESTAURANT GUIDE BAKERIES 101 BAGELS & SUBS 323 North Coast Highway (760) 421-6555 CHOW’S DONUTS 1906 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 757-1355 ELENA’S CAFE FRENCH CREPES 511 Pier View Way (240) 644-3205 HILL STREET DONUT HOUSE 1926 South Coast Highway (760) 439-7741 LA PERLA TAPATIA 1910 Mission Avenue (760) 721-8486 LE RENDEZ-VOUS FRENCH BAKERY 4225 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 414-9109 LEROY’S SWEET POTATO SHACK 3800 Oceanic Drive (760) 722-2690 MISSION DONUT HOUSE 1502 Mission Avenue (760) 757-2979 MR. DONUTS 1950 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 967-6508 OHANA CUPCAKES 2455 Vista Way (760) 757-4262 PETITE MADELINE BAKERY 223 North Coast Highway (760) 231-7300 RED RIBBON BAKE SHOP 47 Douglas Drive (760) 754-8460 SAM’S DONUT SHOP 3504 College Boulevard Suite A (760) 945-0416


SK’S DONUTS 1129 South Coast Highway (760) 722-0455

FELIX’S BBQ WITH SOUL 3613 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 439-7072

DINO'S 400 Mission Avenue (760) 433-9900

SAN LUIS REY BAKERY & RESTAURANT 490 North El Camino Real (760) 433-7242

GUAHAN GRILL 4259 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 806-4826

MARY’S FAMILY RESTAURANT 307 North Coast Highway (760) 722-3052

NEW YORK BUFFALO WINGS & RIBS 3776 Mission Avenue (760) 721-2070

START FRESH CAFÉ 1034 South Coast Highway (760) 439-7940

BAR AND GRILLS CABO BAR & GRILL 212 North Tremont Street (760) 637-2450

PRIMO FOODS 606 Morse Street (760) 439-8711

DANNY P’S CORK & TAP 560 Greenbrier Drive (760) 967-0128

THAT BOY GOOD 207 N Coast Highway (760) 433-4227

THE DRAFT RESTAURANT & SPORTS BAR 4225 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 631-4700

STRATFORD AT THE HARBOR 280 South Harbor Drive (760) 453-2073 SWAMI’S CAFÉ 202 North Coast Highway (760) 966-1203 BREWERIES/TAP ROOMS


IRINA’S BAR & GRILL 3375 Mission Avenue (760) 433-5086

101 CAFÉ 631 South Coast Highway (760) 722-5220

JUNKYARD GRILL & SPORTS BAR 3613 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 231-6600

BEACHBREAK CAFÉ (PG.6) 1802 South Coast Highway (760) 439-6355

MISSION AVENUE BAR & GRILL 711 Mission Avenue (760) 637–2222

BREAKFAST CLUB DINER 228 North Coast Highway (760) 722-3124

OSIDE SPORTSBAR & GRILL 113 South Coast Highway (760) 722-5968

THE BROKEN YOLK CAFE 2434 Vista Way (760) 967-9655

PCH SPORTS BAR & GRILL (PG 51.) BUCCANEER CAFÉ 1835 South Coast Highway 1508 South Pacific Street (760) 721-3955 (760) 966-1804 COME ON OVER BOUTIQUE & CAFE RED ROOSTER 2405 Oceanside Boulevard 1985 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 687-6193 (760) 754-8383 DON’S COUNTRY KITCHEN ROOKIE’S SPORTS GRILL 1938 South Coast Highway 2216 South El Camino Real (760) 722-7337 (760) 757-1123 GRANDMA’S RESTAURANT TONY’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL 539 Vista Bella 274 South Harbor Drive (760) 757-8777 (760) 433-8466 HARBOR HOUSE CAFÉ TREMONT STREET BAR & GRILL 714 North Coast Highway 311 North Tremont Street (760) 722-2254 (760) 435-9555 HILL STREET CAFÉ BBQ 524 South Coast Highway (760) 966-0985 ENZO’S BBQ (PG.53) 4111 Oceanside Boulevard JENNIE’S CAFÉ (PG.55) (760) 643-9602 1001 South Coast Highway (760) 433-2060 56

BAGBY BEER COMPANY 601 South Coast Highway (760) 270-9075 BARREL REPUBLIC 215 North Coast Highway (760) 435-0042 BELCHING BEAVER BREWERY 1334 Rocky Point Drive (760) 599-5832 BREAKWATER BREWING 101 North Coast Highway (760) 433-6064 FIRE WATER SALOON 406 Pier View Way (760) 722-2216 LEGACY BREWING CO. 363 Airport Road (760) 705-3221 MASON ALE WORKS 2002 South Coast Highway (760) 429-7424 MIDNIGHT JACK BREWING 3801 Oceanic Drive Suite 101 (760) 637-9670 OCEANSIDE ALE WORKS 1800 Ord Way (760) 721-4253 OCEANSIDE BREWING COMPANY 312-314 Via Del Norte (760) 453-7900 POUR HOUSE 1903 South Coast Highway (760) 730-5944 STONE COMPANY STORE 310 North Tremont Street (760) 529-0002

SURFSIDE TAP ROOM 507 North Coast Highway (760) 730-5449

QUIK WOK 2184 Vista Way (760) 439-2228

SAN DIEGO COFFEE TEA & SPICE 1722 South Coast Highway (760) 439-8001

SUNSHINE DELI 224 North Coast Highway (760)231-5481

TAP THAT 3207 Roymar Road Suite E (760) 433-4827

THE MANDARIN 1058 Mission Avenue (760) 439-0288

SUCCULENT CAFE 322 North Cleveland Street (760) 717-9612

Z-MARKET 3200 Mission Avenue (760) 967-2184




ANGELO’S BURGERS 621 North Coast Highway (760) 757-5161

BANANA DANG (PG.47) 115 South Coast Highway (760) 846-0162

TAPIOCA EXPRESS 2611 Vista Way (760) 722-8279

ANGELO’S BURGERS 1050 South Coast Highway (760) 757-4064

BLACK ROCK COFFEE BAR 1918 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 722-7133

ANGELO’S BURGERS 2035 South Coast Highway (760) 757-4064

REVOLUTION ROASTERS 1836 South Coast Hwy (760) 529-9736

101 PROOF 2002 South Coast Highway


608 (PG.55) 608 Mission Avenue (760) 291-1040

BROWN CUP 401 North Coast Highway (760) 231-7968

101 BAGELS & SUBS 323 North Coast Highway (760) 421-6555

FLYING PIG PUB & KITCHEN 626 South Tremont Street (760) 453-2940

THE HABIT BURGER STORE 1906 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 757-1355

BUBBLE TEA 318 Pier View Way (760) 967-0088

THE CHEESESTEAK GRILL (PG.10) 1771 South Oceanside Boulevard (760) 529-0077

LOCAL TAP HOUSE (PG.8) 308 South Coast Hwy (760) 547-1469

PAUL’S PLACE 3671 Mission Avenue (760) 721-0124

CAPTAIN’S GROUNDS COFFEE 1832 South Coast Highway

CREAM OF THE CROP (PG.53) 2009 South Coast Highway (760) 433-2757

MASTERS KITCHEN AND COCKTAIL 208 South Coast Highway (760) 231-6278

FIREHOUSE SUBS 2619-B1 Vista Way (760) 721-4321

URGE GASTROPUB & WHISKEY BANK (PG.49) 2002 South Coast Highway (760) 429-7424

PIT STOP DINER 3825 Mission Avenue (760) 901-4299 RUBY’S DINER 1 Oceanside Pier (760) 433-7829 SMASHBURGER 3460 Marron Road (760) 729-1686 TY’S BURGER HOUSE 515 Mission Street (760) 757-5890 CHINESE CHIN’S SZECHWAN CUISINE 4140 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 631-4808 CHINA STAR SUPER BUFFET 1401 Mission Avenue (760) 435-9001 CHU’S QUIK WOK 815 College Boulevard (760) 726-7771 GREAT WOK OF CHINA 4635 Frazee Road (760) 439-8939 PICK UP STIX 125 Old Grove Road (760) 967-4081

THE CUP 206 Wisconsin Avenue (760) 231-9817 HIT THE SPOT COFFEE 624 South Coast Highway (760) 433-3004 JB JUICE & COFFEE 4635 Frazee Road (760) 529-0807

GANDOLFO’S NEW YORK DELICATESSEN 3617 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 435-0006

JITTERS COFFEE PUB 510 North Coast Highway (760) 967-7886

HARBOR PELICAN 1380 North Pacific Street (760) 722-5853

KONA HUT 1940 South Freeman Street (760) 757-7873

I LOVE BAGELS CAFE 3910 Vista Way (760) 945-3838

L&L HAWAIIAN BARBECUE 4225 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 726-0888

THE LOOSE LEAF (PG.47) 408 Mission Avenue (760) 231-8338

I LOVE BAGELS CAFE 4101 Avenida Del Oro (760) 216-6611

MAUI HAWAIIAN BBQ 2455 Vista Way (760) 722-8383

JERSEY MIKE’S SUBS 4111 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 295-3339

OHANA HAWAIIAN BBQ 459 College Boulevard (760) 630-6800

PORT OF SUBS 510 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 439-3354


MAUI WOWI HAWAIIAN COFFEES & SMOOTHIES 409 Mission Avenue (760) 721-2090 NAUTICAL BEAN COFFEE CO. 240 Harbor Drive South (760) 722-4851

RED & WHITE MARKET 510 Vista Way (760) 433-5516

PIER VIEW COFFEE COMPANY 300 Pier View Way (760) 966-1150 RAIN OR SHINE COFFEE CO. 1602 South Coast Highway (442) 500-9570

SUBMARINA 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 945-7840   57

GERMAN IRINA’S BAR & GRILL 3375 Mission Avenue (760) 433-5086 HAWAIIAN

BASKIN ROBBINS 4201 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 631-1286 BASKIN ROBBINS 1112 South Coast Highway (760) 722-0654




COLDSTONE CREAMERY 4635 Frazee Road (760) 433-8658 COLDSTONE CREAMERY 514 Mission Avenue (760) 722-0880 FROYO LOVE 3480 Marron Road (760) 434-0701 FRUGOS YOGURT 3509 Cannon Road (760) 732-1000 J.R.’S HAWAIIAN SHAVED ICE 1943 South Coast Highway (760) 809-8304 GELATO ETC. 224 North Coast Highway (858) 761-4479 GUAVA LAVA FROZEN DESSERTS 3910 Vista Way (760) 842-7573 MENCHIE'S FROZEN YOGURT 2525C Vista Way (760) 730-5728 NANA AND POP’S SWEET SHOP 280 Harbor Drive (760 722-1723 OCEAN RAINBOW 3784 Mission Avenue (760) 435-0750 RED CUP FROZEN YOGURT 301 Mission Avenue (760) 637-2189 RED CUP FROZEN YOGURT 4259 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 842-8738 RICOS ANTOJITOS 3753 Mission Avenue (760) 231-7793

BIG BOB’S BEST PIZZA 3617 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 231-5050 BROOKLYN BOYZ PIZZA 2183 Vista Way (760) 757-4992 CARMINE’S 119 South Coast Highway (760) 966-6888 CUSIMANO’S PIZZERIA 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 414-1200

SUSHI N JOY 2530 Vista Way (760) 721-1888

UPPER CRUST PIZZA 4196 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 630-9330

SUMO HUT SUSHI BAR & GRILL 509 Mission Avenue (760) 453-7475

VENETOS 608 North Coast Highway (760) 722-1228

SUSHI4REEL 4750 Oceanside Boulevard Suite A-20 (760) 659-6784

ZIGZAG PIZZA 333 North Myers Street (760) 433-1555

TERI CAFÉ 2216 South El Camino Real (760) 722-8399


TERI CAFÉ II 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 945-8888

ONE LOVE ISLAND CUISINE 4225 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 685-4618

DOMINIC’S AT THE HARBOR RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA 268 Harbor Drive South (760) 754-1881 FRATELLI’S 3915 Mission Avenue (760) 696-9007 KILLER PIZZA FROM MARS 3772 Mission Avenue (760) 722-6060 KNOCKOUT PIZZA 401 Mission Avenue (760) 722-8888 LA CASA PIZZA 209 North Tremont Street (760) 722-1949


UMI JAPANESE GRILL & CAFÉ 401 Mission Avenue (760) 439-3566

CAFÉ DE THAI & SUSHI 4196 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 945-5533

WARAII SUSHI 4225 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 630-3770

GO GO JAPAN SUSHI 4121 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 630-1288

WICKED POKE 2401 Vista Way (760) 529-0774

HANA SUSHI 2415 Vista Way (760) 439-3283

THE WHET NOODLE 1815 South Coast Hwy (760) 453-2738

HARNEY SUSHI 301 Mission Avenue (760) 967-1820

WRENCH & RODENT SEABASSTROPUB 1815 South Coast Highway (760) 271-0531

THE PRIVATEER COAL FIRE PIZZA 1706 Pacific Coast Highway (760) 453-2500

HON SUSHI 1733 South Coast Highway (760) 529-0255

ROMA’S PIZZA & GRILL 617 North Redondo Drive (760) 757-2003

KAMPAI SUSHI 1906 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 757-1484

ROSINA’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 3613 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 721-5000

KYOTO GIFT & FOOD 559 Greenbrier Drive (760) 757-5456

ROUND TABLE PIZZA 3440 Marron Road (760) 434-5977

LOVE BOAT SUSHI 125 Old Grove Road (760) 721-3737

SANTINO’S PIZZA 401 Mission Avenue (760) 967-6300

POKI POKI 3480 Marron Road (760) 295-9086

SHAKEY’S PIZZA PARLOR 4141 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 940-4243

RISING SUN SUSHI 272 South Harbor Drive

WU LAN RAMEN TAP HOUSE 4645 Frazee Road Suite F (760) 453-7526 YUKIYA SUSHI 2415 Vista Way (760) 439-3283 MEDITERRANEAN MAAN’S MEDITERRANEAN GRILL 4259 Oceanside Boulevard Ste.107 (760) 726-2249 MEXICAN

SUNSHINE JAPANESE FOOD 224 North Coast Highway (760) 231-5481

TONY PEPPERONI PIZZERIA 805 College Boulevard (760) 726-6400


TWO BROTHERS FROM ITALY 4760 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 758-3638


ANITA’S RESTAURANT 309 South Coast Highway (760) 722-6323 ANITA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT & CANTINA (PG.49) 2250 South El Camino Real (760) 757-7745 CAFÉ ROSARITA 1816 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 722-6224

CARLITO’S CHICKEN 158 Roymar Road (760) 433-3427

MARIETA’S 485 Vandegrift Boulevard (760) 967-1769

CEJA’S MEXICAN DINER & GRILL 4259 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 945-2199

MARISCOS ENSENADA 1405 South El Camino Real (760) 967-6024

COLIMA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT MI ASADOR MEXICAN AND SEAFOOD RESTAURANT 404 Pier View Way 4750 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 439-4045 (760) 806-6684 COMPADRES CHICKEN MIRAMAR FISH TACOS 4225 B Oceanside Boulevard & BEER (760) 806-6867 41 Douglas Drive DAVINA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT (760) 721-2147 3320 Mission Avenue PEDRO’S TACOS (760) 722-8017 656 Benet Road (760) 722-7221 DE KOTIJA’S TACO SHOP 3504 College Boulevard POLLOS MARIA (760) 758-0399 125 Old Grove Road (760) 435-9071 DIEGO’S MEXICAN FOOD 1030 South Coast Highway ROBERTO’S TACO SHOP #13 (760) 721-1985 518 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 757-2377 EL CHAPÍN 3753 Mission Avenue ROBERTO’S TACO SHOP (760) 842-7683 2983 Via Las Rosas (760) 433-5004 EL MUNDO DE MARISCOS 3110 San Luis Rey Road SAN LUIS REY BAKERY (760) 754-8922 & RESTAURANT 490 North El Camino Real FIESTA MEXICANA (760) 433-7242 3784 Mission Avenue (760) 757-9872 TONY’S FRESH MEXICAN FOOD 2983 Via Las Rosas GOURMET TAMALES (760) 433-5004 3616 Ocean Ranch Boulevard (760) 439-3343 VALERIE’S TACO SHOP 3617 Ocean Ranch Boulevard JOHNNY MANANA’S (760) 712-1296 308 Mission Avenue (760) 721-9999 VERAS TAMALE EXPRESS 3753 Mission Avenue Suite 115 KING BURRITO (760) 213-4972 3490 Marron Road (760) 720-9747 PERUVIAN LA FUENTE DE MARISCOS PANCA PERUVIAN 2936 Oceanside Boulevard CUISINE & ROTISSERIE (760) 529-0150 1902 South Coast Highway (760) 722-3396 LA PERLA TAPATIA 625 North Redondo Drive SEAFOOD (760) 722-2877

HELLO BETTY FISH HOUSE (PG.55) 211 Mission Avenue (760) 722-1008 JOE’S CRAB SHACK 314 Harbor Drive (760) 722-1345 JOLLY ROGER 1900 Harbor Drive North (760) 722-183 LIGHTHOUSE OYSTER (PG.45) BAR & GRILL 262 Harbor Drive South (760) 433-1900 MARISCO’S ENSENADA 1405 South El Camino Real (760) 967-6024 OCEANSIDE BROILER 1325 North Harbor Drive (760) 722-3474 ROYAL BUFFET 3766 Mission Avenue (760) 721-1889 TIN FISH OCEANSIDE 302 North The Strand (760) 966-0007

SAVORY THAI 3829 Plaza Drive (760) 806-9606 THAI GARDEN 4750 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 940-1009 THAI TABLE 1910 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 721-4850 VIETNAMESE I LOVE PHO 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 630-8889 MR. PHO 4750 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 940-1306 ND BANH MI 4160 Oceanside Boulevard Ste. 169 (760) 726-4650 PHO HOUSE 3753 Mission Avenue (760) 754-9999 PHO KITCHEN 4121 Oceanside Boulevard #203 (760) 295-5445


PHO OCEANSIDE 518 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 754-2828

333 PACIFIC 333 North Pacific Street (760) 433-3333

YUMMY PHO 4225 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 631-1800

HUNTER STEAK HOUSE 1221 Vista Way (760) 433-2633



BEACH HOUSE WINERY 1534 Sleeping Indian Road (760) 732-3236

CAFÉ DE THAI & SUSHI 4196 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 945-5533

GOLDEN COAST MEAD 4089 Oceanside Boulevard Suite H (760) 630-4468

OCEAN THAI 2455 Vista Way (760) 722-9779

MATTUCCI WINERY 3830 Oceanic Drive, Suite 407 (760) 305-8435

OCEAN THAI 3846 Mission Avenue #A3 (760) 967-9901

THE PRIVATEER MARKETPLACE & WINE BAR 1704 South Coast Highway (760) 453-2254

LA PERLA TAPATIA 1910 Mission Avenue (760) 721-8486

333 PACIFIC 333 North Pacific Street (760) 433-3333

RIM TALAY 508 Mission Avenue (760) 435-2007

LOS TACOS 2183 Vista Way (760) 757-8226

HARBOR FISH & CHIPS 276 Harbor Drive South (760) 722-4977

SABAI SABAI THAI KITCHEN 1906 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 529-5597




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