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Oceanside's Canine Companions

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Coastal Exposures

High tide at Cassidy Street beach. Photo by Mort Hunter

EXPAND YOUR LIFESTYLE. Dramatically open interior spaces to the outdoors, filling them with natural light and fresh air.

1802 South Coast Hwy • 760-439-6355 CONTENTS JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2023 VOLUME 10 / ISSUE 1 4 COASTAL EXPOSURES Featuring our best images of Oceanside on tap Photography by Mort Hunter 8 SET IN STONE Bring on 2023 12 OCEANSIDE’S FINEST • Eric Joyce 14 GREEN O • A Zero Waste Guide to Valentine’s Day 16 HIDDEN GEMS • The Bunker House Café 18 LOCAL FLAVOR • With Chef Aetano of allmine 20 HOMEGROWN • Josh Carson 24 ARTS • Julie Sobolewski 50 COMMUNITY • Oceanside International Film Festival 54 LOCAL RETAILER • Madson 56 LOCAL BUSINESS • The Proper 32 RESTAURANT REVIEW 58 VALLEY • Crab Pub 60 COASTAL • Ben & Esther’s 62 COASTAL • Q&A Oysters 64 RESTAURANT AND BAR GUIDE The Osider guide to all the best bars and eateries in town 70 FAST FORWARD TO YESTERDAY Oceanside Museum of Art 36 TEN THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT OCEANSIDE’S WATER HISTORY: Learn the history of providing Oceanside residents with clean water 40 CANINE COMPANIONS: Check out what’s happening at the Dean, Gerda and Trixie Koontz Campus. 44 DAVID STODDARD: Uncover how Oceanside shaped David Stoddard’s path to Brixton DEPARTMENTS FEATURES Come warm your soul with our world famous coffee cake! @beachbreakcafe


A word from the publisher

Welcome to 2023, another year is now officially on the books and I can honestly say that I look forward to the fresh start. Let this be the year of all things good. A lot of crazy stuff has gone on in the last few years and it’s time to shine. We here at The Osider look forward to nothing but good vibes in ‘23 and we plan on starting it off with a bang.

Our vibrant city has so many great stories yet to be told and our staff promises to bring you more of what our readership loves to see. Great photos, lessons of our storied history, road maps to amazing dining experiences, and spotlights of the amazing people who make our community so special. We are really just scratching the surface of what it means to be an Osider. Whether you have been born and raised here, a new resident, or just visiting for a couple weeks, each issue we drop will have something for each and every one who picks up a copy.

Thank you to all of our advertisers and the storefronts that distribute the magazine, we couldn’t do it without you guys. Our city is so special and we need to continue to keep our unique vibe on the highest level because that is what has always separated us from other cities here in SD. I say, bring on 2023. Let's make it a banger because we all deserve a little more positivity in our souls and there is no better place to find it than right here in Oceanside.

Happy New Year, Jamey Stone
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Cover: (L-R): Canine Companions' Apprentice Instructor Anika Schenkel with Verbena III, Apprentice Instructor Aimee Schildt with Tuckerman, Dan Guillou with his service dog Vanetter, and Senior Instructor Sarah Nigoghossian with Gisele. Photo by Zach Cordner

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Oceanside's Finest


On December 14, 2022, Oceanside’s Finest , Eric Joyce, took an oath of office to serve the citizens of Oceanside as their newly elected city council member. He will represent the 40,000 residents in District 1. It’s a district that is rich with culture and diversity, and spans from the ocean to the valley.

Joyce won his bid for office as a community advocate that wants to see all Oceanside residents rise with the tide of success. Oceanside’s diverse population is what keeps our beloved city authentic, and Joyce will embrace change, yet be a voice for every citizen. Since arriving in Oceanside in 2009, Joyce has set deep roots in his newfound home, building a reputation of commitment and integrity. In his new role as city council member, Joyce will undoubtedly serve his constituents with the same commitment and integrity he’s exemplified.

Joyce grew up in Richmond, Virginia, attending Radford University where he ran track, and received both his B.S. and his Master’s Degree. In 2009, after completing his M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, he packed up his belongings with his then-girlfriend, Rachel, to head west in pursuit of a career in education.

His first stop was Oceanside. In 2009, the job market was tough, and the first job offer was with the Encinitas Union School District in Special Education. Through that first job opportunity, he learned that Special Education was his calling, and he remains in that career path—and will continue

serving on the Oceanside School Board, Joyce is active in volunteering his time with different organizations. He chairs the committee to End the School to Prison Pipeline with the North San Diego County NAACP. Joyce volunteers with Humanity Showers, Oceanside Justice Coalition, and Community Roots Farm. Now, in his newest role as city council member, Joyce will represent the amazing organizations working tirelessly to better Oceanside. “I’m excited for the real conversations in the city to come to city hall, where they’re supposed to be happening,” he professes excitedly.

that career with his new role as city council member. He fell in love with Oceanside, married Rachel, and chose Oceanside as the place to raise his two children. In 2018, Joyce was elected to the Oceanside Unified School Board where he has spent the last four years investing his time and energy to benefit Oceanside students. He recently stepped down from that position when he was elected to city council.

For the past thirteen years, Joyce has invested in Oceanside. In conjunction with his career, and

As the city of Oceanside faces the onslaught of urban growth and planning; and crises such as climate change, and homelessness, it’s good to know that the residents of Oceanside have an advocate to bring their voice to the table. Joyce has already demonstrated he’s Oceanside’s Finest with a dedication to public service.

“I’m a believer that government is a force for good. Good governance can make a big difference, especially at the local level,” states Joyce.

It’s exciting to see what Joyce will accomplish as an elected public servant. Thank you, Eric Joyce, for being Oceanside’s Finest.

“I’m a believer that government is a force for good. Good governance can make a big difference, especially at the local level”

A Zero Waste Guide to Valentine’s Day

Welcome to the New Year! Now is a great time to consider resolutions that will not only help you get organized for the New Year but also improve the environment. This year, show your love and gratitude towards the planet, as well as your loved ones! Here are some cool zero waste activities you can do together that protect the environment.

Start by making sure you are recycling right by using the Green Oceanside Recycle Smart Tool. Not sure what goes where? The Recycle Smart Tool can tell you how something can be reused, repaired, donated, recycled, or disposed of. Simply type the item you are trying to recycle in the box! By making sure you are sorting properly, you can reduce contamination and minimize items going to the landfill.

The Green Oceanside Recycle Smart Tool can be found by visiting and going to our “Zero Waste Program Homepage” and clicking the link under “Program Highlights.”


Composting is an activity that can occur year-round. Compost is organic matter, such as food scraps and yard waste that has decomposed to create a nutrient-rich soil amendment. By keeping your organics out of the landfill, you prevent the production and release of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Compost also improves soil quality, biodiversity, and moisture retention. Composting is simple and it can be done at your home, office, or even classroom! Start by collecting your food scraps at home in a container.

For more information, videos and resources on how to compost at home visit and go to the “Food Scraps Recycling at Home” page.

Next, clean out your garage! Get a jump start on spring cleaning this winter by taking inventory of unused items. Don’t let them take up space and collect dust, schedule a large item landfill collection of your unwanted items that are beyond reuse or repair.

To Schedule: Call Waste Management at (760)439-2824 or by emailing



The Bunker House Cafe and Social Lounge is located in a historic 1800’s brick building on N. Cleveland Street in the heart of our evolving downtown Oceanside area. At this vibrant cafe, lounge, and wine bar, you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, local community events, and live music in their welcoming backyard patio area.

The Bunker House is owned and operated by Kevin Briens and Stevie Ray Rojano, who opened the doors in November 2021. The two are high school friends from San Marcos and started working at Kevin’s family bakery as teens, learning all the in’s and out’s of owning and running a bakery and business from the bottom up.

Five years ago, Kevin and Stevie opened their first business in Oceanside, The Oside Bakery on Mission Avenue. If you have not tasted their amazing baked goods yet, you need to do so immediately! They kept that business running during the lockdown through delivery and catering, and decided they were ready to expand to a second location when they found the space

available at The Bunker House in 2021.

The location of The Bunker House Cafe and Social Lounge, in one of the three oldest buildings still standing in Oceanside, is a gem in itself as it has a very long and storied history. The name, The Bunker House, comes from the original owner and operator, Theodore C. Bunker, who opened a store and boarding house in the building in 1886. The location has had many faces, used for town hall meetings, church services, and dances. It has also been a music store, a brothel in the ‘70s, and a motel in the ‘80s.

The wooden structure next door was originally a meat market also owned by Mr. Bunker. It is now part of the cafe and social lounge’s patio where live music happens on Friday and Saturday nights. As an added draw, if you have an interest in the paranormal, the building is reported to have at least three resident spirits upstairs and it’s fair share of unexplained bumps and breezes. I, however, was only met with friendly smiles and great tasting food and drinks on my visit!

The Bunker House Cafe and Social Lounge is a lovely spot to hang out at in both the mornings and evenings. On Thursdays, they have a happy hour all night until closing, making it a great spot to settle down and get a drink after visiting the bustling Thursday evening Sunset Market.

When they opened The Bunker House Cafe and Lounge, Kevin and Stevie were hoping to build a space to bring the community together again to eat, drink, socialize, and enjoy live music. I think you will find they have succeeded in creating just such a gem for us to enjoy in downtown Oceanside!

The Bunker House Café 322 N Cleveland Street Suite B (760) 400-0520 @bunkerhouselounge

Hidden Gems
Berry Mini Waffles Avocado Toast
Owners Kevin Briens & Stevie Rojano

How to Make Edible Flower Vegan Ceviche

This dish is a metaphor for life. I take something that is not necessarily perceived as food and turn it into a beautiful dish. Just like in life where we have to make the most of what we have and lead a balanced life. Easy to prepare, but intricate enough to make us wonder and ponder.”

— Chef Moreira

Preparation & Ingredients:

1. Prepare lemon water the day before and put it in the freezer.

Use a blender or ice shaver to serve

• 150 ml water

• Juice of two lemons

2. Prepare vegan ‘tiger milk’

• 3 tablespoons lemon juice

• 1 tablespoon cane molasses

3. Portion flowers, pick herbs and petals, and add shallots and seaweed

• 2 flowers of each: marigolds, blue borage, basil, pansy, begonia, mallow, primrose, sweet willian, sweet alyssum

• 10 micro cilantro

• 1/2 shallot, thinly sliced

• 1 teaspoon chopped seaweed

4. Take half of the flowers and put them in a bowl with the shallots and tiger milk for 30 seconds.

5. Add some fresh flowers on top and salt.

6. Top off with lemon ice.


For a lot of young skateboarders, the skatepark is much more than just a place to skate. It’s a getaway from the struggles of daily life, a place where you can escape the hardships of growing up, and where most can find a moment of bliss and peace amongst chaos.

That was the case for a young Josh Carson. Growing up in the Center Street area, the old downtown wooden skatepark was his safe place. At least, it was until the city took it away in the early 2000’s because of property damage from destructive crackheads and gangsters—who didn’t even skateboard.

Fast forward to today, Josh is now a father and husband to his wife Sabrina and kids, Josh Jr., Sash, and Ollie, and spends every free moment he has at Prince Park in the valley. Now a responsible adult, Josh has put an immense amount of time and energy into making the park a safe haven for the next generation of young talented skateboarders.

He has spent years working with the city to get water fountains and working bathrooms so the kids don’t have to put themselves in unsafe situations just to get basic resources. Instead of walking down the street to a shady liquor store for water or using the bathroom in the nearby river bed, Prince Park now has the basic amenities any park should have. All thanks to Josh.

He even got the name of the park changed from Alex Road to Prince Park to honor local skate legend Michael Prince who passed away a few years ago. It was no easy task, but he worked tirelessly pushing the city’s parks and recreation department to make the change.

Prince Park is now a safe haven for kids to do what they love and stay out of trouble—just like Josh had with his local skatepark when he was a kid.

With so much pride in the park, Josh makes sure the riff raff stays clear of the area, protecting the park against graffiti and any harassment towards the youngsters. He even lifts them up with video edits on his social media to showcase their talents on the board.

Taking pride in his stomping grounds is part of his Oside DNA, and his fight for proper regulations at Prince Park shows his passion and dedication to our community. So, next time you visit the park, remember the rules and introduce yourself to the local crew—showing respect is the least we can do for the people working hard to keep skateboarding safe and accessible in our town.

Thank you for taking such good care of one our most amazing resources, Josh!


Sunset Market is every Thursday night from 5-9pm in downtown Oceanside.

Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm 10

Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm

Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm 12

Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm 17

6 13

Bruce the Trenchcoat Guy's Retirement Party @ Oceanside Ale Works 2-10pm 14 19

Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm 26

Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm 31

Comedy Night

Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm

Mardi Gras Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 4:00-10:00pm

LIVE! at The Brooks Gunhild Carling at The Brooks Theatre 8pm

Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm 28

Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm

8 15 Carlsbad Marathon &
Marathon 20
2 9
23 24
@ The
30 5
18 27 7



Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm 9

Coffee & Conversation With OMA Artist Alliance @ Oceanside Museum of Art 12-2pm

Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm

Oceanside International Film Festival @ Brooks Theater



Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm 21

Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm

California Mainstreet Conference 28 Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm

Oceanside International Film Festival @ Brooks Theater California Mainstreet Conference

Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm 16

Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm 23

Oceanside International Film Festival @ Brooks Theater

Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm

Air Supply @Harrah's Resort SoCal

Canine Companions Graduation Ceremony 17 Neil Simon's Rumors @ Star Theatre 7:30pm 24

Oceanside International Film Festival @ Brooks Theater

Celebrating Black History at the Brooks Theatre 7:30pm

Penn & Teller @Harrah's Resort SoCal 18

The Six String Society’s “The 27 Club” At The Brook’s Theatre 8pm

Jim Gaffigan @Harrah's Resort SoCal 25

Oceanside International Film Festival @ Brooks Theater

Oceanside Boardriders Southside Shootout @ Southside Pier 7am

12 19 26
Southside Shootout @ Southside Pier 7am 6 13 20 PRESIDENT’S DAY 27 7
1 8 15 22
3 10
4 11
Community Events Calendar January/February 2023


The captivating complexity, depth, and magic really embodied in Julie Sobolewski’s stained glass surfboards is something that must be experienced in real life. However beautiful or cool photographs of her art look, they simply don’t do justice to these breathtaking whimsical masterpieces. Her fusion of mosaic and stained glass modalities take “surf art” to the next level.

Her works of art are truly statement pieces. More than just something to be casually purchased, Julie’s art is an investment. Both the time and heart she puts into every tiny piece of glass can be seen and felt by the energy vibrating around these treasures. The way the sun catches the intricacies and brilliance of the stained glass designs evokes compelling emotions. These “resurfaced” surf boards are more than just a backyard hobby. Every individual piece has a story to tell. Her capacity to weave San Diego surf


and outdoor culture with timeless artistic technique is worthy of high praise.

A long time Oceanside resident, small business owner, and nature aficionado, Julie is wholeheartedly embracing this new chapter of life. Yes, based on the art itself, it’s hard to believe Sobolewski has only dove into this craft, or worn the hat of an “artist” for the last three years. Julie hopes to inspire others not only with these pieces, but with her story itself.

“I had never intended to be an artist,” Julie shares. “Hell, I can’t even paint or dance, somehow this artist thing came out. And what I think is super cool is that I was able to reinvent myself at 60. Who does that?!”

For many years, the hobbies that held Julie’s heart were active hobbies, nature and oceanbased activities requiring the physical demands of the body. From walking the Camino de Santiago

in Spain to daily treks around her South O neighborhood, using her physicality to engage in life was how she spent her time.

One morning however, Julie awoke to find her leg unable to continue to carry through life in this way. Her resilient mindset, however, empowered her not to feel crippled by this experience, but empowered her to find an opportunity for learning and growth. She then enrolled in two art classes at Mira Costa College: stained glass and mosaic art. Here, a love story is born.

“I love doing this so much and it's amazing that in our lives we are never just one thing the whole time. Finding your passions and being in the moment and doing something just because you love it—the universe will take it from there.”

Resurfaced Art emerges. Organically, authentically through its own magnificent process, Julie’s art presents itself as a vessel of connection

and a reminder of life’s endless inspirations and opportunities. This new found passion is an extension of the revealing of talent and an overflowing heart. In three years, she’s sold over 70 pieces and there’s no end in sight.

Her pieces are on display at Bliss 101 in Encinitas and on the timely occasion, one catches her working with an open garage in the alley way of her South O home. Every piece is unique and original, carefully curated by hand one delicate step at a time with not an ounce of devotion wasted in the process.

To follow Julie’s Resurfaced Art journey or inquire about these works or art to own, Julie can be found on IG @ResurfacedArt or online at



From students to scholars @osideusd
Manny Mancillas
Ale House Ale EST. 2006 Enzo’s BBQ Ale House 4111 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 643-9602 • @enzosbbqalehouse Now open seven days a week: 11am to 9:30pm Sunday - Thursday 11am to 10:30pm Friday + Saturday

Things You Didn’t Know About TEN

Oceanside’s Water History

Water is essential and vital to every living thing, and today water is more important than ever. As the new town of Oceanside was established in 1883 and began to grow, so did its urgent need of water.

Mission Market,1937.

Five million gallon reservoir at Morro Hill January 5, 1967.


In the earliest years, water was delivered to Oceanside residents via a large cart driven by Walter Myers, son of the city’s founder, Andrew Jackson Myers, who drew water from the San Luis Rey River. When Oceanside incorporated in 1888, one of its principal duties was “to acquire and maintain water works to supply water for the use of the city and its inhabitants.” In October of that year, the city leased the Myers waterworks for one year at a monthly rate of $75. Magnus Tait, Jr., was appointed the manager of the City’s water department.


In 1890, the City of Oceanside purchased its water system from the Oceanside Water Company for $4,500 which included a large wooden reservoir located near Third (Pier View Way) and Summit Streets. Its sides were lined with brick and the bottom was concrete.


A flume company was formed to bring the waters of the San Luis Rey River from Smith Mountain (present day Palomar Mountain) to Oceanside. The flume was an aqueduct of sorts and would purportedly bring water a distance of forty miles. W. D. Frazee wrote, “This flume will afford a large constant running stream, with a fall of several feet to the mile. It will be over forty miles in length and will irrigate the land from the mountains to the coast. This, with the railroad facilities, will make Oceanside, a business center, and, as it is at present, the second town in importance in the county.” He added, “When the Flume Company has completed its enterprise, untold wealth in the form of wood, lumber and farm products will flow into the lap of this growing town; and the water will not only supply Oceanside, but the country that lies between the mountains and the coast.” Despite the enthusiasm, the San Luis Rey Flume was never completed. 4.A new city well was dug in 1900 near the present-day Rosicrucian Fellowship, at a depth of 66 feet and it was reported it had a “good flow of water.” By 1913, Oceanside employed

C.J. Elwood as engineer of the water department and a pumping plant was built on a five-acre tract of water bearing land in the San Luis Rey Valley about one mile east of downtown. The plant machinery was housed in a brick engine house. The Oceanside Blade reported: “On the whole Oceanside has a municipal water system of which she justly can be proud. The quality of the water is better than that at nine-tenths of the beach towns, the rates lower and the system in every way is in the front rank. In picturing the advantages of Oceanside to prospective settlers the magnificent municipal water system offers one of the strongest talking points.”


In 1922, Ernest T. Duehren was hired by the city to oversee its water department. He was

credited with elevating the water system to one of the finest in California for a city of its size and class. Under his direction, a new reservoir was built in 1929 at Parnassus Park (renamed Buddy Todd Park year later).

6. In 1938, Robert A. Weese, a city employee since 1925, was appointed water superintendent after Duehren’s untimely death. First hired as a meter reader, Weese gained firsthand knowledge of the water system while reading and repairing every water meter in Oceanside for over ten years. As Water Superintendent, it was his responsibility to check the wells and the water table each week and chlorinate the water while continuing to expand the city’s water resources as demand grew. Weese's

knowledge of the water and sewer department Oceanside's original wooden reservoir.
San Luis Rey Valley water plant, 1900.

Things You Didn’t Know About TEN

Oceanside’s Water History

was so vast that he was known as “Mr. Water.” It was his foresight to divert sewer effluent, which had discharged for decades into the ocean, out to Whelan Lake. Weese also proposed a solution for saltwater intrusion: an underground barrier or dam at the mouth of the San Luis Rey River as a means of holding back the ocean during periods when the water table was pumped below sea level.

7. In 1950, the original reservoir located near Summit and Third (Pier View Way) was dismantled. After it was abandoned in 1929, it had been used as “small bore target practice.” It was torn down as a safety precaution because children “delighted in climbing on the roof” and therefore “might fall through and be injured.”


In 1956, the City of Oceanside enacted water restrictions due to the high demand of the growing city in the midst of a drought. The year prior, the Oceanside City Council approved bonds to build a large reservoir on Fire Mountain Drive. Water Superintendent Robert Weese oversaw construction of the three-million-gallon reservoir which began in May of 1956. Weese retired in 1968 after serving the city for 42 years. His life’s work was dedicated to maintaining clean and reliable water to Oceanside. The Robert A. Weese Filtration Plant was named in his honor.

and pipes “across deserts, through mountains and under rivers,” bringing it to Oceanside.


Today the City of Oceanside Water Division operates and maintains twelve water reservoirs, nearly 600 miles of water lines, and two water treatment facilities, consisting of a reverse osmosis water purification facility and a filtration plant. The city reports that these plants provide up to 31 million gallons of water per day to the citizens of Oceanside.


By 1963, water was provided by two sources: five wells in the San Luis Rey Valley and water from the Parker Dam on the Colorado River, pumped a distance of 272 miles through canals, tunnels

For more information about Oceanside’s history, please visit

Reservoir in Parnassus Park aka Buddy Todd Park, 1929. Robert A. Weese
E.T. Duehren

Canine Companions

The Dean, Gerda and Trixie Koontz Campus in Oceanside

Oceanside’s Canine Companions campus is a delightful two-acre campus named after significant benefactors (and famous author): The Dean, Gerda and Trixie Koontz Campus located at 124 Rancho del Oro Drive. On any given day 50 to 60 dogs are being trained for their life’s work—to aid a person that needs assistance in their everyday life.

The dog companions increase the quality of life for their matched human, and it’s a partnership that defines the title as “man’s best friend.” With such a profound mission, and successful delivery on that mission, Oceanside is fortunate that Canine Companions Southwest region campus calls the city, “home.”

Canine Companions was founded in 1975 in Santa Rosa, California, and has six regions serving the country. Canine Companions is the largest non-profit provider of service dogs in the United States and is renowned throughout the world for the caliber of the dogs they train. The quality of the matches made between the service dogs and the people they are trained to serve is called the “magic of the match.”

The Canine Companions Southwest Region was established in 1987 in Rancho Santa Fe and moved to Oceanside when the Dean, Gerda and Trixie Koontz campus opened in 1996, where it is still located to this day. It’s a sprawling two-acre campus neatly tucked away on an easily-accessible

piece of land zoned for non-profit organizations and leased from the City of Oceanside.

With 35 employees, the Southwest region serves seven states: Arizona, Southern California, Colorado, Hawaii, Southern Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. Nationally, Canine Companions has over 2,700 active service dog teams across the country and have made over 7,200 matches since its induction.

The Southwest region touts 366 active service dog teams throughout the seven states. The organization states, “we serve adults, children,

and veterans with disabilities. We serve more than 65 different disabilities and can meet a client’s diverse needs and impact their lives in powerful ways. The goal is to increase independence and quality of life for our clients through the humancanine bond.” Oceanside’s two-acre Dean, Gerda and Trixie Koontz Campus has two training rooms, twelve guestrooms with support facilities, a small gift shop, living room, kitchen, a “Great Room,” grooming room, an x-ray room, and all the administrative offices. Public monthly tours are held on the third Thursday of every month at 1:30 p.m. at the Oceanside


campus. Tours are open to everyone, and RSVPs are not necessary for groups under ten people.

An Oceanside resident and Canine Companion recipient is Daniel Guillou. He can be seen throughout Oceanside with his current assistant, Vanetter, or Van for short. Van is Dan’s third service dog.

Dan mentions how remarkable the matching process is between dog and owner. “I’ve had three dogs and they’re all very different, but a perfect fit for my needs. I need a dog that can go to large-scale events and not be scared.” The three year-old black labrador impresses onlookers

with his skills to hit the crosswalk button for Daniel, safely aiding him along the busy streets.

The signature blue-and-yellow coats the dog wears can be seen throughout Oceanside, as they are trained to navigate public spaces. Oceanside Harbor is a regular location where newbie puppiesin-training trot around garnering the attention of adoring onlookers—but, at the same time, learning valuable skills that will aid their matched human to enjoy the outdoors.

All of the Canine Companion dogs come from a breeding facility in Northern California.

The dogs are Labrador, Golden Retriever, or Labrador-Golden Retriever crosses bred specifically for calm and intuitive dogs. All puppies go to volunteer puppy raisers, where they are raised until the age of approximately fourteen months.

At fourteen months the puppies are evaluated to see if they demonstrate the skills needed to begin service training. It’s a 50/50 chance the puppy gets accepted to go to the next level. The 50 percent that do get accepted in the Southwest region then move to the Oceanside campus where they will live full-time, and spend the next six to

Oceanside resident Dan Guillou with his third Canine Companions service dog, Vanetter.

nine months working with professional trainers. The 50 percent that don’t get accepted have the opportunity to be adopted by their puppy raisers, or find a loving home where they will live the rest of their days as a family pet.

Lindsay Taylor is a Senior Instructor at the Canine Companions campus. She has been training Canine Companion service dogs for nine years. Lindsay was introduced to the program in college when she was studying Animal Science, and became a puppy raiser. It’s a prestigious and meaningful career with a multi-level hierarchy. The entry-level position is an Instructor Assistant, and through experience and testing, the assistant then goes on to be an apprentice at levels one, two, and three. To become a Senior Instructor, like Lindsay, a series of both written and practical tests need to be passed. It’s a rewarding career and Lindsay proudly professes, “having a job where you’re making a difference and getting to see the direct impact of your hard work benefitting our clients is the best.”

It costs roughly $50,000 for each fully-trained dog and each dog is given to its matched human completely free of charge. Applicants go through a vetting process that includes interviews to ensure that a service dog is a good fit for their lifestyle and can enhance their quality of life. Once the applicant has been accepted, and the “magical match” is made with one of the trained dogs, the new owner and companion go through a two-week “crash course.” The newly matched partners live

in dorm buildings located on the campus where they learn to live together through proper handling.

Largely due to the expertise of the trainers and their innate sense for each dog’s purpose and the needs of the client, Canine Companions boasts a 98 percent success rate. That means that almost every single match made goes on to a synergistic partnership. There is also an extensive follow-up program with the match.

The magical match is celebrated at a graduation! The public is invited to attend the graduation ceremonies that happen four times

per year and showcase about ten to twelve client/ service dog partnerships beginning their life together. The next graduation will be held on Friday, February 10, at El Corazon Senior Center. According to Executive Director, Marcell Malette, “it’s very rewarding to see someone’s life change when they get one of these dogs, so we recommend the public go to a graduation and watch that match happen.”

The service dogs are retired at approximately nine to twelve years-old, depending on the health of the dog and needs of the client. Once the dog


is retired, it can stay with its companion or go to a loving “retirement” home, ideally with someone the dog has known.

Canine Companions has four stars on Charity Navigator, Platinum Transparency in 2022, lists all its current financials, and is proudly funded 100 percent by donations. Canine Companions Southwest Region was recently recognized by Harrah's Resort SoCal's Give Back program “All-in 4 Change” with a $25,000 grant. So, a great way

to give back is to donate, knowing that the donation benefits its recipient.

Volunteering is also a great way to give back. There are multiple ways to volunteer, including helping with their largest fundraiser, DogFest, where planning for 2023 is underway. But, one of the cutest and most meaningful ways to volunteer is as a much-needed puppy raiser! Loving homes are needed for Canine Companion puppies and the public is welcome to open their home for an adorable puppy.

Canine Companions

Canine Companions:

The Dean, Gerda and Trixie Koontz Campus 124 Rancho del Oro Drive (760) 901-4300 Voice (800) 572-BARK (2275) Toll-free

Instructor Morgan Galovic at the Oceanside Canine Companions campus.
Canine Companions Senior Instructor Stephanie Yocum

David Stoddard: The Road to Brixton

Timing is everything. And, ending up in Oceanside would be nothing short of impeccable timing for David Stoddard.

“What’s cool is that my parents moved us to the best place ever without even knowing—the hub of skateboarding, surfing, and culture. Even more unique, it would have been so different if we moved anywhere else in North County, but we moved to Oceanside,” David said. “I thank God everyday that we moved here.”

Ending up here changed everything for David, gradually and subtly. The culture and community here shaped him as he grew up, ultimately leading to his greatest success yet—creating Brixton with co-founders, Jason Young and Mike Chapin.

The road to Brixton has Oceanside etched in every step—from hearing punk rock for the first time in a garage band practice on the East side, to surfing and skating all over Oceanside, and meeting the people who would eventually help him build his brand. David was able to mastermind such a successful brand because of all the experiences and connections he made right here in Oceanside.

“Someone once told me the company would be more successful if I moved it out of Oceanside and I laughed—Brixton wouldn’t be Brixton without Oceanside. It’s in our DNA,” David said.

By the age of ten, David had already moved three times—from Los Angeles, to Montana, then Rialto—before finding a home in a quaint little spot in South O. David grew up to attend Mission Elementary School, Jefferson Junior High School, and Oceanside High School.

“Surfing brought us here,” David said. “We were living in the Inland Empire and driving to Bolsa Chica every weekend to go surfing, so my parents were like, ‘do you guys just want to move to the beach?’ My dad heard you can live by the beach for cheaper in Oceanside, so we packed up and have been here ever since.”

Six years later, David’s dream would begin to take root thanks to a job in a silkscreen shop in the valley. He was silk screening hundreds, if not thousands, of tees for TransWorld Media and Climax Distribution in the golden era of skateboarding. Pumping out all these tees for other companies made him want to create a brand of his own one day. He started coming up with company names, printing the logos on t-shirts, and passing them out to his friends for free.

“I was always interested in having my own brand, but I didn't have a million dollars to start the company. I thought I wouldn’t be able to compete and wondered what I was going to do,” David said. “But it always kept coming back around, like a gut feeling that I just couldn’t shake.”

With the seed planted, David was always on the look-out for names—whether it be for his next brand or his next band. As a naturally passionate entrepreneur, scanning for names is something constantly at the forefront of his mind, like second nature.

But finding the name we all know and love wouldn’t happen until ten years later while traveling on a Euro trip. On a train from Berlin to London, Guns of Brixton by his favorite band, The Clash, blasted through David’s iPod and he knew he finally found what he had been searching for all these years.

At the time, he was working at TransWorld, which opened him up to an entirely new playing field of opportunity. Being a little older and a little wiser, David knew he had to act and phoned-afriend for some help.

“When I came home, I had $1,200 in my bank account only because of a tax return. So, I called Vinnie De La Peña, who is an awesome human being and who owned Ezekiel clothing, for his trademark lawyer’s number and asked if Brixton was available for apparel. He said it was— for $1,200,” David said. “When you’re 26, that’s a lot of money—that was all my money—but I just kept going back to something in my gut. So, I got the name, got the print out that I owned the trademark, and pinned it to my board. That’s when I was like, ‘ok, I gotta do something with this.’”

Riding on intuition and passion is a common theme in David’s life. This “gut feeling” helped him find the name of his brand and helped him land a job at TransWorld. It must run in the family since the same “gut feeling” told his parents to move their family to Oceanside.

Before working at TransWorld and before finding the name for his world-renowned brand, David was setting tile. It wasn’t until that “gut feeling” kicked in at age 20. Doubled down with natural-born passion and grit, David sought after a career change that would alter the trajectory of his life.

“I was a tile setter before I worked at TransWorld and I had something in my gut telling me I should be doing something different. I was 20 and felt like if I didn’t make a decision now, I would never

do it. So, I called Charlie Anderson, who was working at TransWorld, and told him, ‘I will take your trash out, sweep your floors, tile your house for free, just please help me get a job there.’ Two weeks later, he called me and said he got me an interview for a warehouse position. That’s how I got the job. And, I tiled his house for free.”

He moved up the ranks from the warehouse to video sales then eventually to ad sales where he landed for seven years, learning everything he needed to know to build his eventual brand. The connections he built, the insight he gained, the intel of the in’s and out’s of what truly goes into creating a brand gave him the invaluable knowledge to make his dream a reality.

“I worked with so many brands when I was at TransWorld and I was literally just a sponge, learning how each of the brands did their marketing and watched how they grew their brands. So, it was an amazing learning experience, and not only that, I got to meet so many talented people,” David said.

After getting back from Europe and buying the Brixton trademark, David had a dream and a brand name, but zero funds. He spray painted ‘Brixton’ on the bottom of his skateboards and surfboards—repping hard like his bank account depended on it.

He took the leap and his community met him with nothing but support. Seeing he was onto something, his closest friends and TransWorld colleagues pushed him to his big break.

“Jason came to my office one day and was like, ‘let's do something with this.’ He pulled in Mike Chapin who also worked at TransWorld and

has an MBA in finance, and we all came together for the funding. I borrowed 10 grand from my house—I had no money at the time—and we started with 30 grand.”

That thirty grand of seed money would flourish beyond their wildest dreams.

Brixton grew from David’s garage to a worldwide brand in over 30 countries. You can’t walk down the street in Oceanside without seeing the North County favorite fiddler cap, classic wide-brimmed fedora, or knitted skull-cap beanie. Usually, paired with a wardrobe essential Brixton flannel.

David, Jason, and Mike created a brand that grew into a house-hold name. Humbled by where he has been so fortunate to call home, David attributes his journey to Brixton with the varying cultural influences sewn into the fabric of Oceanside.

“We grew up here with so many different cultures and we have friends who are doing so many different things. I just wanted a brand that didn’t stereotype anybody, but spoke to all of us,” David said. “There were a lot of successful companies in our industry from neighboring cities to the north and south of us, but I really wanted a company that came out of Oceanside to show the talent and culture we come from. When your hometown is called names like ‘Oceanslime,’ you want to change that stigma. I remember taking that stand. I would always talk shop with my friends Jamey Stone and Charlie Anderson that we needed a brand from this town. I knew it would be great because I could involve my talented friends from here and share my influence of growing up in such a diverse community.”

In addition to Oceanside’s culture, one of

David’s biggest influences for himself and for Brixton has been music, with the late ‘70s and early ‘80s punk rock scene leaving an eternal imprint on David’s style. His older brother, Ted, gave him his first Clash tape and he was forever changed.

“We had a friend named Gordo, who is one of the most talented and influential musicians from Oceanside, and he introduced me to playing music. He was in a punk band called Under 21. I went to one of their band practices and as soon as they went into their first song, I immediately got goosebumps and my mind just melted. I couldn’t wait to leave to go learn how to play drums,” David said. “I was at Jefferson Junior High at the time and I would lock myself in the music room to learn coordination for drums and as soon as I could, I started a band. My friend, Nato, was the first guy I called to be a singer and my very first band was called the Noisy Neighbors.”

After the Noisy Neighbors, David created a band with Nato, Peter, and Jason called The Plug Uglies, which made more of a name for itself around Oceanside. If you saw their reunion show last year, then hopefully you enjoyed it because word on the street is it won’t happen again—at least not anytime soon.

David still jams in his music studio, decked out in family memorabilia, pieces from other Oceanside artists, and plenty of instruments for the whole team. Since leaving Brixton two years ago, David has been spending time with his family, traveling, and enjoying a stillness he hasn’t had in decades.

But, the guy is programmed to create. So, naturally, he’s got something else up his sleeve.


“We did a Coors x Brixton collab and it was fun telling a story surrounding that. I think I can do a good job telling a beer story around our culture, so now I’m starting a beer company. It’s called Plainview,” David said.

Plainview is set to launch in May 2023 with distribution starting in San Diego county. You’ll be able to buy the simple and crushable lager

at convenience stores, bars, and restaurants. And, just like Brixton, David is pulling inspiration from his community at home.

“My favorite quote is from Joe Strummer and it’s ‘without people, you’re nothing,’ and that’s everything to me. I had an idea, but my friends are the ones who helped me get to where I’m at. I’m lucky to have a lot of people who

influenced me and are super talented and I try to take everyone with me whenever possible,” David said. “It’s all about paying homage. Everything is an opportunity to give thanks to the people who helped me along the way and I wouldn’t be here without them, or without being from Oceanside.”

The Plug Uglies reunion show at the Mooselodge. David on drums and his twin brother Peter on Bass.

Photography by David Stoddard

South O Car Show. Troy Elmore in his shaping room, Costa Mesa, CA. Boom box of the late Joe Strummer, singer of The Clash, in Somerset, England.
Alejandra in South O.
My brother Peter Stoddard in his garage.

Oceanside International Film Festival 2023 Festival Open for Submissions

Returning in February of 2023, the Oceanside International Film Festival (OIFF) has been one of our city’s premiere events for over 13 years. Although the festival has grown and morphed throughout the years, it is now being operated by a core team and running as a non-profit led by Executive Director Lou Niles. OIFF started out as a local event designed to provide a platform for media creators of all backgrounds to have their art recognized and is now expanding into an international destination for artists, connoisseurs, and industry professionals.

Lou said he has too many favorite films and events to list but did recall some of his favorite memories. “A few of my all time favorites would be last year’s Blue Crush 20 Year Celebration featuring director John Stockwell and actresses Kate Bosworth and Sanoe Lake. We hosted a special evening with Taylor Steele in 2019 and the Women of Industry Panel in 2018. Of course, I really enjoyed our incredible string of Animal Kingdom events and episode premieres with cast members, Shawn Hatosy and Ben Robsen. I am extremely proud of the virtual event we held in

2020. Our Artist Director, Carly Starr and her team produced an extremely well-received broadcast style production during the pandemic.”

OIFF is operated by a group of dedicated, talented volunteers, most of whom have full-time day jobs which require them to generously donate their time to keep things running. Their purpose is driven by the shared goal to incorporate into the festival our region’s trademark hospitality, unique artistic, cultural heritage, and North County’s burgeoning culinary, brewery and wine scene. The festival has expanded to include over 20


award categories for submissions and music videos are welcome under the Narrative Short/ Student Film categories.

OIFF presents annual Lifetime Achievement Awards such as to 2017 honoree Alan RoderickJones, the Production Designer for the original 1977 Star Wars film. They also distribute scholarship awards to participating student filmmakers. They welcome local actors and recently have been attended by filmmakers, cast, and crew from Europe and South America. The film and special event schedule is currently being finalized and

will be confirmed in late January. Submissions are received through FilmFreeway and all Rules and Terms are listed on their website.

Lou said,”Our hope for the future is already materializing as we continue to grow into a respected film festival that attracts diverse emerging filmmakers. It’s important for us that the festival is a platform for fans of entertainment to enjoy and experience the art that is submitted from all over the world while continuing to celebrate local and regional works that shine a spotlight on Oceanside.”

The Oceanside International Film Festival runs February 22-26. Submissions are open for the 2023 Festival. For more info go to:

GET OUT AND RIDE! BICYCLE & E-BIKE RENTALS, SALES & SERVICE 2028 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054 760-710-1478 Top Notch Barber Shop 3126 San Luis Rey Rd. Oceanside Ca, 92058
Deli & Prepared Foods • Vitamins • Natural Cosmetics • Local Organic Produce • Clean Label Grocery • Fine Wines and Cheeses 2009 South Coast Highway (760) 433-2757 We have a full line of organic and local natural foods. Cream of the Crop Family owned since 1989 Store Hours: 8am to 9pm every day Also available: 1/2, 3/4 day & Overnight private fishing charters • Seniors • Military • Groups • Schools Discounts available for: Oceanside’s Premier Landing 1/2 & 3/4 day open party sportsfishing Whale watching and Marine life adventures Diginified burials at Sea (Military Honors arranged as well) 315 Harbor Drive South Oceanside CA 92054 760-450-0403 Never a service charge for our online booking system 53


For the past ten years , the only constant for us Osiders has been change. We’ve seen small businesses give it their best shot and not survive, and we’ve seen large corporations and chain restaurants come and go faster than they can change the name on the side of the building. But it’s not often we have a business start here in Oceanside, buckle down, and work their way to being reintroduced to the community in an organic way.

That’s what Madson Sunglasses has been able to do with the opening of their new retail space on Tremont Street. Madson was started in the valley by owners Alan Ek and Tony Davis in 2014 with the hope of someday making their way closer to the coast. The friends and co-founders weren’t strangers to the sunglass industry and decided to start their own company making high quality glasses using the same top-quality materials as other premium brands, while avoiding the inflated mark-up to keep their products affordable and accessible to everyone.

Madson built relationships with large retail stores and stayed firmly planted in their roots of simple classic design, never sacrificing quality and service and continuing to deliver glasses at the best value in the market. Five years ago, they found an available building on Tremont, bringing their vision of moving their offices closer to the beach to fruition, though that area wasn’t anything like it is now.

Alan said, “Tremont wasn’t exactly known for shopping and foot traffic. For a long time, we

were operating without signage and bars on the windows. We always wanted a showroom where people could try on our products and get the full experience. It’s been fun to connect with our customers. Recently, we’ve added prescription glasses to our assortment so we’re able to offer that service in person.”

In addition to prescription eyeglasses, goggles, blue light glasses, apparel, and accessories, they have also done some cool collaborations with well known names. They recently launched their women’s collection, “June First,” focusing on modern takes on vintage styles inspired by Hollywood’s golden age and named after Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. The classic shapes and sleek packaging reflect that intent and they really look like something you’d find in a high-end boutique.

Local policemen, firefighters, and lifeguards heard about the brand early on and through word of mouth, Madson was embraced by our local first responders. When the pandemic hit, the company not only fought through like other businesses but decided there was a way they could use their skillset to make Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for our front line workers. It’s a very “Oceanside” approach to what was a difficult time for companies around the world.

Madson’s plans moving forward include hiring some new employees to support their growth and continue working on new collaborations as well as the release of a new Optical line. Alan said, “Oceanside is home to us. It is a diverse,

multicultural city with a rich history as a blue collar, working-class community. The city’s residents are known for their down to earth attitudes, grit, determination, and tight knit community pride. Those are the values at the core of Madson’s foundation. For us, it’s all about keeping it local, holding on to the culture that built this city. We understand the importance of supporting those that have been here long before Oceanside had 5 star resorts. The brands that we will continue to support and grow alongside are those that continue to give back to the community more than they have taken from it. That’s our formula going forward. To give back more than we take.”

Local Retailer
615 S
St (888) 273-1664 @madson THE OSIDER JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2023
Madson Sunglasses
The Madson team (L to R): Trent Haaland, Tony Davis, Karla Davis, Alan Ek, Kasey Curtis, Kylie Quinn, and Stuart Silverstein.
760.231.8022 | 611 Mission Avenue | Oceanside, CA 92054 Enjoy Oceanside’s Newest CRAFT WINERY P lease join us for A TASTING AND LIVE MUSIC ON THE PATIO *Ask about our wine club for special offers

Local Business


The Proper 32 is changing the way we look at dentistry.

Located on the southwest corner of PCH and Vista Way, Dr. Matt McDonald had a new vision, “I wanted to destigmatize the dental experience.” This is exactly what he did by putting a fire pit on the patio and an open air lobby that even includes a kegerator with iced coffee, hard kombucha, and local beer.

During construction, most of us thought the building was going to be another gastropub or coffee shop. Dr. Mcdonald and his wife, Maggie, played into this by feeding into the curiosity on social media before finally unveiling the coolest dentist office you’ve ever seen.

The Proper 32 offers noise canceling headphones for their fifty-inch flat screen TVs in every room and modern sunglasses to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Being a South O resident with children named Uriah and Raelle, Dr. McDonald seeks to bring the community together by hosting movie and music nights featuring local musicians, local food, and drink vendors.

They also have an amazing in-office membership plan with fair pricing to help you with whatever dental needs you may have. By recently adding oral surgeon Dr. Mark Metcalf, Proper 32 is a one-stop-shop with plans to bring on more specialists in the future.

With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, experienced doctors, and convenient location, it’s no wonder why so many locals are trusting and going to The Proper 32. If you, like so many, have been procrastinating and have a fear of the dentist, give The Proper 32 a chance—it will change the way you look at dentist visits forever.

The Proper 32 2003 South Coast Highway (760) 758-8506 @theproper32

Owner, Dr. Matt McDonald
Dear Disciples of Deals, Come on down! 928 N. COAST HWY, OCEANSIDE, CA 760-721-1101 Mention this ad to receive 15% off your purchase in our gift shop! SCAN FOR DISCOUNTED LOCAL ATTRACTIONS 704 Pier View Way, Oceanside, CA 92054 oma-online org | (760) 435-3720 @oceansidemuseum OCEANSIDE MUSEUM OF ART TOGETHER EXPLORE THE ART AND STORIES OF BRINGING PEOPLE TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ARTISTS

Dining: Valley



Everyone loves a good crab boil, am I right?

Unless you have been living under a rock, a boil is something made popular in the South and consists of multiple seafood options including corn, potatoes, and Cajun spice all boiled in a large pot and served without plates on a big table to be enjoyed by all. Is it messy? Yes, so much so that a good bib, plastic gloves, and a whole lot of paper towels are a must. The trade here is a flavor bomb that will have your taste buds in heaven.

Crab Pub Owners Brian Nguyen and Nicky Le have recently brought their already successful concept to us here in Oceanside and it is amazing! The menu offers multiple different combinations to choose from including everything from snow crab, shrimp, crawfish, clams, mussels, scallops, blue crab, and king crab. The ordering is simple. Just pick one of five different combinations,

choose from one of the seven different sauce choices, pick your desired spice level, and get ready to be full and messy in the best way possible.

While you wait for your boil to arrive, you can choose from a large menu of fried appetizers and a cold beer from one of the 24 offerings on tap. They also offer wine and soju if that better suits your palate.

Once your food is ready, it’s time to bib up while the waiter brings the steamy bag of goodness over to you and spreads it across the table. As soon as the bag is open, the smell of the freshest seafood and spice takes over and the shells start to fly. I highly recommend this experience for parties and special gatherings. They have private rooms available upon request for larger parties, too.

If you are looking for a flavor explosion and want to try something different, head down to Crab Pub and give it a go. Just don’t wear white.

Crab Pub Cajun Seafood 3766 Mission Ave Suite 111 (760) 696-3577 @crabpubsd
Cajun Shrimp Pasta Combo #5 Scallops Owner, Brian Nguyen
Sampler Platter
CARLSBAD: 3055 Harding St. Hours 9am-9:30pm Sat-Sun open at
Old Grove Rd. #8
Sat-Sun open at 8am Order online and save time: POLLOSMARIA.COM For catering Info call (760) 707-7665 NOW SERVING BREAKFAST!
Hours 9am-9pm


With the growth of our food scene in Oceanside, we have been very lucky to have so many new vegan restaurants opening in our area. An incredible new addition is Ben and Esther’s located on Coast Highway in South Oceanside.

Owned by Marc Bennett and Justin King, who met through their barbershop businesses, Ben and Esther’s is a 100 percent vegan deli. “We share a passion for plant-based food and want to introduce it to others,” and they happily brought their passion to Oceanside.

They started just four years ago and South Oceanside is their fourth deli and the only one in North County. They offer everything from authentic matza ball soup to Philly cheesesteaks. They boil

and bake their bagels daily and offer an array of flavors and smears. Their bagel sandwiches are delicious, from the classic egg and cheese to steak and eggs, these vegan sandwiches are bursting with flavor and are a great healthy choice.

Now, to the deli sandwiches. You’ll be amazed at how high the reuben is stacked and how freshly the bread is baked. One of my personal favorites is the turkey bacon club on your choice of bread. They offer deli by the pound and sell all of their fresh breads to bring to work or for school. The tuna, chicken, potato, and egg salads are delicious. Throw a latke in there and you have a great picnic.

Ben and Esther’s is open daily until 3:00 p.m. and has a great helpful staff that can answer questions if you're not used to vegan food. This great deli definitely isn’t just for vegans—meat eaters will find something on this menu that will keep them coming back. Ben and Esther’s is a great addition to the Oceanside food scene, so stop by. You won’t be disappointed!

Dining: Coastal
Ben & Esther’s Vegan Jewish Deli 1904 S Coast Highway, Unit 101 (760) 696-3099 @benandesthers_sandiego
Matzo Ball Soup Ruben Sandwich
1714 S Coast Hwy Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 722-6323 ANITASMEXICANFOODRESTAURANT.COM For more inforamation visit us at Authentic Mexican Food with Local Roots Family Owned Established 1973 EAT | DRINK | SOCIALIZE THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT OCEANSIDE DINE IN * TAKE OUT DOORDASH * UBER EATS * GRUBHUB WINE TASTING * WINE WED * WINE CLUB WINE PAIRING DINNERS COMEDY TUESDAYS * LIVE MUSIC 1706 S. Coast Hwy. | Oceanside, CA 92054 (760)453-2500 |

Dining: Coastal


Q&A Oysters offers classic Southern tastes in our little slice of paradise. Located on the floor level of the Brick Hotel, nestled next to Frankie’s, the oyster bar offers bold flavors smothered in Southern comfort.

While the restaurant is located in the same establishment of the historic Brick Hotel, the firstfloor eatery offers its own ambience. Since the Brick is more of an Airbnb-style hotel without a reception counter, the entire first floor is dedicated to Q&A. Upon entering, the space ushers you to the bar for a drink, with the smokey cognac-andrye-centric Voodoo Carre being a house hit. The attention is in the details, so make sure you pay attention to the Q&A stamp etched into the ice!

The menu at Q&A boasts serious New Orleans classics like Thin Cut Catfish, Shrimp Creole N Grits, Buffalo Oysters, and Dragos, which is a chick lobster filled with chunks of garlic and cajun cream pasta. It’s a dish inspired by the infamous Drago’s Seafood Restaurant in NOLA and tastes as delicious as it looks.

The Louisiana-style cuisine is a purposeful dedication and an ode to Chef Quinton Austin. If you’re wondering what Q&A stands for, it’s his initials! Chef Quinton Austin is the Executive Chef of Grind & Prosper, which is a San Diego hospitality group with locations sprawling across the county including Miss B’s Coconut Club in Mission Beach and Park 101 in Carlsbad.

Most notorious is Grind & Prosper’s first southern-inspired restaurant called Louisiana Purchase in North Park. Q&A Oysters is a sister restaurant of Louisiana Purchase, with both menus

taking inspiration from Chef Quinton Austin’s family recipes and the food he grew up with in New Orleans.

Since Chef Quinton Austin oversees all Grind & Prosper restaurants, Chef Sean Elliot holds down the fort at the Oceanside restaurant. Him and his team serve up the mouth-watering seafood dishes of your dreams that are an absolute must-try!

The wide-selection of oysters is something truly unique to Q&A Oysters. Hence, the word “oysters” in the name. You can choose from a selection of raw oysters or try the Poppa Legba oysters, which are charbroiled with sriracha lime butter sauce, ghost pepper, and cilantro.

The selection of oysters shooters at Q&A also can’t be missed. If you want to try something different, then throw back an Ain’t Nothin’ To Shuck With, which is a chili and tamarind infused mezcal and montenegro oyster shooter. Talk about tasty!

Q&A Oysters offers some great seafood specials during the week. On Wednesday’s, they offer a killer shucking special with $1.50 raw oysters. On Thursday’s during the Sunset Market, they offer a seafood boil special—snow crab, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn, and all! They offer three different sizes and pour that bad boy all over your table to get down and dirty with.

With an unseen menu, Q&A Oysters offers Oceanside rare flavors that aren’t usually available in North County. So, come on down, slurp some oysters, and fall in love with New Orleans cuisine.

Q&A Oysters 408 Pier View Way (760) 688-0033 @shuckwitus

WORDS: SHELBY ROWE PHOTOS: ZACH CORDNER Oysters cooked four different ways Thin Cut Catfish Dragos
Voodoo Carre

Bar & Restaurant Guide


101 BAGELS & SUBS 323 North Coast Hwy. (760) 421-6555


HILL STREET DONUT HOUSE 1926 South Coast Hwy. (760) 439-7741

LA PERLA TAPATIA 1910 Mission Ave. (760) 721-8486

LE RENDEZ-VOUS FRENCH BAKERY 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 414-9109

MISSION DONUT HOUSE 1502 Mission Ave. (760) 757-2979

MR. DONUTS 1950 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 967-6508

O'SIDE BAKERY 3815 Mission Ave. Suite 101 (760) 305-9500

PETITE MADELINE BAKERY 223 North Coast Hwy. (760) 231-7300

PARLOR DOUGHNUTS 331 N Cleveland St. (760) 231-5150

SAM’S DONUT SHOP 3504 College Blvd. Suite A (760) 945-0416

SK’S DONUTS 1129 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-0455

SAN LUIS REY BAKERY & RESTAURANT 490 North El Camino Real (760) 433-7242


19TEN OCEANSIDE 1910 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 730-5199

BEERTOWN 507 N Coast Hwy. (760) 826-2337

COCOCABANA 408 Pier View Way (760) 688-0195

DVS CORK & TAP 560 Greenbrier Drive (760)-231-6377

THE DRAFT RESTAURANT & SPORTS BAR 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 631-4700

FAIRWAYS KITCHEN & BAR 5201 Village Drive (760) 967-8400

FAT JOE’S O’SIDE 424 S Coast Hwy. (760) 722-5637

FRANKIE'S 406 Pier View Way (442) 266-2270

ANGELINA'S BAR & GRILL 3375 Mission Ave. (760) 433-5086

JUNKYARD GRILL & SPORTS BAR 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 231-6600

KNVS BAR 127 South Coast Hwy. (442) 655-9851

MISSION AVE. BAR & GRILL 711 Mission Ave. (760) 637–2222

OSIDE SPORTSBAR & GRILL 113 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-5968

PACIFIC COAST SPIRITS 404 South Coast Hwy. (760) 453-7150

PCH SPORTS BAR & GRILL 1835 South Coast Hwy. (760) 721-3955

RED ROOSTER 1985 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 754-8383

ROOKIE’S SPORTS GRILL 2216 South El Camino Real (760) 757-1123

TONY’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL 274 South Harbor Drive (760) 433-8466


ENZO'S BBQ & ALEHOUSE 4111 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 643-9602

FELIX’S BBQ WITH SOUL 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 439-7072

GUAHAN GRILL 4259 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 806-4826

PRIMO FOODS 606 Morse Street (760) 439-8711

MISS KIM'S BY THAT BOY GOOD 207 N Coast Hwy. (760) 433-4227

THAT BOY GOOD 326 North Horne Street (760) 754-1275


101 CAFÉ 631 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-5220

BEACHBREAK CAFÉ 1802 South Coast Hwy. (760) 439-6355

THE BUNKER HOUSE CAFÉ 322 North Cleveland Street (760) 400-0520

COME ON OVER CAFÉ 2405 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 201-3393

THE BROKEN YOLK CAFE 2434 Vista Way (760) 967-9655

THE BREAKFAST MUG 1401 South El Camino Real (760) 231-1010

BUCCANEER CAFÉ 1508 South Pacific Street (760) 966-1804

DON’S COUNTRY KITCHEN 1938 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-7337

ELENA'S CAFE FRENCH CREPES 511 Pier View Way (240) 644-3205

GRANDMA’S RESTAURANT 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd (760) 757-8777

HARBOR HOUSE CAFÉ 714 North Coast Hwy. (760) 722-2254

HIGH/LOW 201 North Myers Street (760) 512-3329

LE CITRON 524 S Coast Hwy (760) 696-3737

MARY’S FAMILY RESTAURANT 307 North Coast Hwy. (760) 722-3052

PIPER 105 Mission Avenue (760) 512-3816

START FRESH CAFÉ 1034 South Coast Hwy. (760) 439-7940

STRATFORD AT THE HARBOR 280 South Harbor Drive (760) 453-2073


202 North Coast Hwy. (760) 966-1203

RYES & GRIND 236 South Coast Hwy.

TOAST GASTROBRUNCH 339 North Cleveland Street (760) 836-0500


BAGBY BEER COMPANY 601 South Coast Hwy. (760) 270-9075

BELCHING BEAVER BREWERY 1334 Rocky Point Drive (760) 599-5832

BLACK PLAGUE BREWING 2550 Jason Court (760) 631-8110

BOOZE BROTHERS BREWERY 606 Mission Ave. (760) 385-3973

BREAKWATER BREWING 101 North Coast Hwy. (760) 433-6064

CRAFT COAST BREWING 275 Mission Ave. (760) 231-1432


NORTHERN PINE BREWING 326 N. Horne St. (760) 754-1434

OCEANSIDE ALE WORKS 1800 Ord Way (760) 295-0731

OCEANSIDE BREWING COMPANY 312-314 Via Del Norte (760) 453-7900

POUR HOUSE 1903 South Coast Hwy. (760) 730-5944

SOUTH O BREWING COMPANY 1575 South Coast Hwy. (442) 266-8244

STONE COMPANY STORE 310 North Tremont Street (760) 529-0002

TAP THAT 3207 Roymar Road Suite E (760) 433-4827

TIPPING PINT BREWING 3229 Roymar Road (760) 586-2898



ANGELO’S BURGERS 621 North Coast Hwy. (760) 757-5161

ANGELO’S BURGERS 1050 South Coast Hwy. (760) 757-4064

ANGELO’S BURGERS 2035 South Coast Hwy. (760) 757-4064

THE HABIT BURGER GRILL 2267 South El Camino Real (760) 433-3390

PAUL’S PLACE 3671 Mission Ave. (760) 721-0124

PIT STOP DINER 3825 Mission Ave. (760) 901-4299

TY’S BURGER HOUSE 515 Mission Street (760) 757-5890


CHIN’S SZECHWAN CUISINE 4140 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 631-4808

CHINA FUSION 4225 Oceanside Blvd (760) 726-8888

CHU’S QUIK WOK 815 College Blvd. (760) 726-7771

GREAT WOK OF CHINA 4635 Frazee Road (760) 439-8939

PICK UP STIX 125 Old Grove Road (760) 967-4081

QUIK WOK 2184 Vista Way (760) 439-2228


BANANA DANG 115 South Coast Hwy. (760) 846-0162

BLISS TEA & TREATS 301 Mission Ave. (442) 500-4796

BLACK ROCK COFFEE BAR 1918 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 722-7133

BOUND COFFEE COMPANY 2110 S Coast Hwy Suite C (442) 266-2259

BROWN CUP 401 North Coast Hwy. (760) 231-7968

TZONE 318 Pier View Way (760) 299-5678

CAMP COFFEE COMPANY 101 N Cleveland Street (442) 266-2504

CAPTAIN’S GROUNDS COFFEE 1832 South Coast Hwy. (760) 522-4271

COATL COFFEE 105 Copperwood Way Ste. B (833) 332-6285

COMMUNAL 602 South Tremont St. (619) 376-5710

THE CUP 206 Wisconsin Ave. (760) 231-9817

EVERBOWL 2535 Vista Way (760) 754-1572

JB JUICE & COFFEE 4635 Frazee Road (760) 529-0807

JITTERS COFFEE PUB 510 North Coast Hwy. (760) 967-7886

LIVING TEA BREWERY & TASTING ROOM 302 Wisconsin Ave (760) 231-9986

LOLLICUP 4121 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 295-0824

NAUTICAL BEAN COFFEE CO. 240 Harbor Drive South (760) 722-4851


PIER VIEW COFFEE COMPANY 300 Pier View Way (760) 966-1150

PLANTOLOGY CAFE 913 South Coast Hwy. (760) 805-3258

ROOTS CRAFT JUICE 631 South Cleveland St

SAN DIEGO COFFEE TEA & SPICE 1722 South Coast Hwy. (760) 439-8001

TAPIOCA EXPRESS 2611 Vista Way (760) 722-8279

REVOLUTION ROASTERS 1836 South Coast Hwy. (760) 529-9736


101 BAGELS & SUBS 323 North Coast Hwy. (760) 421-6555

BEACH HUT DELI 280 Mission Ave. (760) 529-9767

BOARD & BREW 2213 S El Camino Real (760) 688-9217

THE CHEESESTEAK GRILL 1771 South Oceanside Blvd. (760) 529-0077

CREAM OF THE CROP 2009 South Coast Hwy. (760) 433-2757

HARBOR PELICAN 1380 North Pacific Street (760) 722-5853

I LOVE BAGELS CAFE 3910 Vista Way (760) 945-3838

I LOVE BAGELS CAFE 4101 Avenida Del Oro (760) 216-6611

JERSEY MIKE'S 302 Mission Ave (760) 435-0783

NAEGI 1902 South Coast Hwy.

RYES & GRIND 236 South Coast Hwy.

SUBMARINA 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 945-7840

Z-MARKET 3200 Mission Ave. (760) 967-2184


MISSION ASIAN MARKET 3320 Mission Ave. (760) 722-8024


FLYING PIG PUB & KITCHEN 509 Mission Ave. (760) 453-2940

LOCAL TAP HOUSE 308 South Coast Hwy. (760) 547-1469

MASTERS KITCHEN AND COCKTAIL 208 South Coast Hwy. (760) 231-6278

ROSEWOOD KITCHEN 608 Mission Ave. (760) 231-5886


HOMESTYLE HAWAIIAN 1950 Oceanside Blvd. Suite R (760) 696-3030

L&L HAWAIIAN BARBECUE 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 726-0888

MAUI HAWAIIAN BBQ 2455 Vista Way (760) 722-8383

OHANA HAWAIIAN BBQ 459 College Blvd. (760) 630-6800

THE SWITCHBOARD 131 South Coast Hwy. (442) 266-2781



1112 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-0654


610 N Redondo Drive (760) 583-5681

FRUGOS YOGURT 3509 Cannon Road (760) 732-1000

FUGU TAIYAKI 410 Mission Ave. (760) 696-3366

HANDEL'S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM 228 North Coast Hwy. (442) 266-8552

LA MICHOACANA PLUS 1060 Mission Ave. (760) 696-3602

MENCHIE'S FROZEN YOGURT 2525C Vista Way (760) 730-5728

NANA AND POP’S SWEET SHOP 280 Harbor Drive (760) 722-1723

OCEAN RAINBOW 3784 Mission Ave. (760) 435-0750

RED CUP FROZEN YOGURT 301 Mission Ave. (760) 637-2189

RICOS ANTOJITOS 3753 Mission Ave. (760) 231-7793



600 Mission Ave. (442) 266-8366

TURMERIC HUT 125 Old Grove Rd. Suite 4 (760) 470-3415



232 S. Coast Hwy. (760) 231-5376


Bar & Restaurant Guide


ALLMINE 119 South Coast Hwy. (760) 966-6888

BEST PIZZA & BREW OCEANSIDE 1639 S Coast Hwy. (760) 435-1000

BIG BOB’S BEST PIZZA 3617 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 231-5050

BLADE 1936 401 Seagaze Drive (760) 231-1456

BROOKLYN BOYZ PIZZA 2183 Vista Way (760) 757-4992

CUSIMANO’S PIZZERIA 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 414-1200

DOMINIC’S AT THE HARBOR RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA 268 Harbor Drive South (760) 754-1881

FUNK N GOOD PIZZA 209 North Tremont Street (760) 231-5173

FRATELLI’S 3915 Mission Ave. (760) 696-9007

GIANNI’S PIZZA 3910 West Vista Way (760) 724-2670

GRAZIANO'S PIZZARIA 101 Old Grove Road (760) 231-5990

KILLER PIZZA FROM MARS 3772 Mission Ave. (760) 722-6060

KNOCKOUT PIZZA 401 Mission Ave. (760) 722-8888

MANGIA E BEVI 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 231-1225

MOUNTAIN MIKE’S PIZZA 455 College Blvd. (760) 295-3121

THE PRIVATEER COAL FIRE PIZZA 1706 Pacific Coast Hwy. (760) 453-2500

ROMA’S PIZZA & GRILL 617 North Redondo Drive (760) 757-2003

ROUND TABLE PIZZA 3440 Marron Road (760) 434-5977

TONY PEPPERONI PIZZERIA 805 College Blvd. (760) 726-6400

TWO BROTHERS FROM ITALY 4760 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 758-3638

1001 South Coast Hwy. (760) 758-3638

UPPER CRUST PIZZA 4196 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 630-9330


608 North Coast Hwy. (760) 722-1228

ZIGZAG PIZZA 333 North Myers Street (760) 433-1555


ONE LOVE ISLAND CUISINE 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 685-4618


CAFÉ DE THAI & SUSHI 4196 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 945-5533

GO GO JAPAN SUSHI 4121 Oceanside Blvd (760) 630-1288

HARNEY SUSHI 301 Mission Ave (760) 967-1820

KAMPAI SUSHI 1906 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 757-1484

KYOTO'S JAPANESE MARKET 559 Greenbrier Drive (760) 757-5456

LOVE BOAT SUSHI 125 Old Grove Road (760) 721-3737

MATSU 626 South Tremont Street (760) 231-6331

THE POKI CAFE 3910 West Vista Way (760) 458-3986

POKI POKI 3480 Marron Road (760) 295-9086

POKI POKI #2 4140 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 295-4924


272 South Harbor Drive (760) 277-0582

SUNSHINE KITCHEN 1006 Mission Ave. (442) 222-1811

SUSHI4REEL 4750 Oceanside Blvd. Suite A-20 (760) 659-6784

TERI CAFÉ 2216 South El Camino Real (760) 722-8399

TERI CAFÉ II 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 945-8888

THE POKE CAFÉ 3910 Vista Way (760) 458-3986

UMI JAPANESE GRILL & CAFÉ 401 Mission Ave. (760) 439-3566

WARAII SUSHI 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 630-3770

WICKED POKE 2401 Vista Way (760) 529-0774

THE WHET NOODLE 1815 South Coast Hwy. (760) 453-2738

WRENCH & RODENT SEABASSTROPUB 1815 South Coast Hwy. (760) 271-0531

WU LAN RAMEN TAP HOUSE 4645 Frazee Road Suite F (760) 453-7526

YUKIYA SUSHI 2415 Vista Way (760) 439-3283 KOREAN

GAJA KOREAN BBQ 2693 Vista Way (760) 231-1195

M. BBQ 2216 S El Camino Real (760) 433-1888

MR. BIBI 208 North Coast Hwy. (442) 266-8269

SONU BBQ 3744 Mission Ave. (760) 696-3686

ZZANG HOT DOG & CHICKEN 409 Mission Ave (760) 231-5335


MAAN’S MEDITERRANEAN GRILL 4259 Oceanside Blvd. Ste.107 (760) 726-2249

PITA GUYS 4111 Oceanside Blvd, Ste 102 (760) 295-2636


ANITA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT & CANTINA 2250 South El Camino Real (760) 757-7745

ANITA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT & CANTINA 1714 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-6323

CAFÉ ROSARITA 1816 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 722-6224

CARLITO’S CHICKEN 158 Roymar Road (760) 433-3427

CEJA’S MEXICAN DINER & GRILL 4259 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 945-2199

COLIMA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 404 Pier View Way (760) 439-4045

DE KOTIJA’S TACO SHOP 3504 College Blvd (760) 758-0399

DIEGO’S MEXICAN FOOD 1030 South Coast Hwy. (760) 721-1985

EL CHAPÍN 3753 Mission Ave. (760) 842-7683

EL MUNDO DE MARISCOS 3110 San Luis Rey Road (760) 754-8922

FIESTA MEXICANA 3784 Mission Ave. (760) 757-9872

GOURMET TAMALES 3616 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 439-3343

JOHNNY MANANA’S 308 Mission Ave (760) 721-9999

JORGE'S MEXICATESSEN 1129 South Coast Hwy. (760) 696-3072

KING BURRITO 3490 Marron Road (760) 720-9747

LA FUENTE DE MARISCOS 2936 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 529-0150



625 North Redondo Drive (760) 722-2877

LA PERLA TAPATIA 1910 Mission Ave (760) 721-8486

LOS TACOS 2183 Vista Way (760) 757-8226

MARIETA’S 485 Vandegrift Blvd. (760) 967-1769

MARISCOS HUALTUCO 3110 San Luis Rey Rd. (760) 754-8922

MARISCOS EL PULPO LOKO 1906 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 547-5624

MARISCOS ENSENADA 1405 South El Camino Real (760) 967-6024

MI ASADOR MEXICAN AND SEAFOOD RESTAURANT 4750 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 806-6684

MIRAMAR FISH TACOS & BEER 41 Douglas Drive (760) 721-2147

PEDRO’S TACOS 656 Benet Road (760) 722-7221

POLLOS MARIA 125 Old Grove Road (760) 435-9071

ROBERTO’S TACO SHOP #13 518 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 757-2377

SAN LUIS REY BAKERY & RESTAURANT 490 North El Camino Real (760) 433-7242

SANCHO'S TACOS 400 Mission Ave. (760) 231-8228

SEÑOR GRUBBYS 311 N. Tremont St. (760) 721-6040

TONY’S FRESH MEXICAN FOOD 2983 Via Las Rosas (760) 433-5004

VALERIE’S TACO SHOP 3617 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 712-1296

VALERIE'S TACO SHOP 1006 Mission Ave. (760) 231-1824

VALERIES TACO STAND 2213 S El Camino Real (760) 231-5458

VALLE 222 North Pacific St. (760) 512-3328


CRAB PUB 3766 Mission Ave Suite 111 (760) 696-3577

333 PACIFIC 333 North Pacific Street (760) 433-3333

HARBOR FISH & CHIPS 276 Harbor Drive South (760) 722-4977

HELLO BETTY FISH HOUSE 211 Mission Ave. (760) 722-1008

JOE’S CRAB SHACK 314 Harbor Drive (760) 722-1345

LIGHTHOUSE OYSTER BAR & GRILL 262 Harbor Drive South (760) 433-1900

MARISCO’S ENSENADA 1405 South El Camino Real (760) 967-6024

OCEANSIDE BROILER 1325 North Harbor Drive (760) 722-3474

Q&A RESTAURANT & OYSTER BAR 408 Pier View Way (760) 688-7249

SHOOTZ FISH & BEER 602 South Tremont St. (760) 696-3524

TIN FISH OCEANSIDE 302 North The Strand (760) 966-0007


333 PACIFIC 333 North Pacific Street (760) 433-3333

HUNTER STEAK HOUSE 1221 Vista Way (760) 433-2633


CAFÉ DE THAI & SUSHI 4196 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 945-5533

OCEAN THAI 2455 Vista Way (760) 722-9779

OCEAN THAI 3846 Mission Ave #A3 (760) 967-9901

RIM TALAY 508 Mission Ave (760) 435-2007

SABAI SABAI THAI KITCHEN 1906 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 529-5597

SAVORY THAI 3829 Plaza Drive (760) 806-9606

THAI THAI 4121 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 295-5445

THAI GARDEN 4750 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 940-1009

THAI TABLE 1910 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 721-4850


BEN & ESTHER'S VEGAN JEWISH DELI 1904 South Coast Hwy. (760) 696-3099

ERIS FOOD CO 302 Wisconsin Ave. (760) 231-9986

THE GREEN HOUSE 212 North Coast Highway (760) 529-4814

THE PLOT 1733 South Coast Hwy. (442) 266-820


MR. PHO 4750 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 940-1306

PHO BOWL & GRILL 1006 Mission Ave. Ste. C (760) 453-2999 Follow

ND BANH MI 4160 Oceanside Blvd Ste. 169 (760) 726-4650.

PHO HA 3905 Mission Ave (760) 754-5267

PHO HOUSE 3753 Mission Ave. (760) 754-9999

PHO OCEANSIDE 518 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 754-2828

YUMMY PHO 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 631-1800


BEACH HOUSE WINERY 1534 Sleeping Indian Road (760) 732-3236

BUNKER HOUSE CAFE 322 North Cleveland St. (760) 967-7727

COOMBER CRAFT WINES 611 Mission Ave. (760) 231-8022

GOLDEN COAST MEAD 4093 Oceanside Blvd Ste G. (760) 630-4468

ORFILA VINEYARDS & WINERY 221 N Cleveland Street (760) 755-7040

THE MILLER’S TABLE 514 S Coast Hwy. (442) 615-7200

THE PRIVATEER MARKETPLACE & WINE BAR 1704 South Coast Hwy. (760) 453-2254


Jamey Stone (760) 533-1003

ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Nolan Woodrell (949) 542-9653


Kathleen Larson (808) 780-6635

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Oceanside Museum of Art


It’s showtime in Funner, CA.

Must be 18 or older to attend shows. Tickets and info at Entertainment subject to change or cancellation. Must be 21 or older to gamble and attend events. Know When To Stop Before You Start ®. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Owned by the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians. Managed by HCAL, LLC. ©2023, Caesars License Company, LLC. All rights reserved. Penn & Teller Saturday, February 11 Los Ángeles Azules Friday, April 14
Dark Pale Tour Saturday, February 18 Air Supply Friday, February 10
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