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September 2023 p6 p18

A showstopper inter view

Tracey Fowler talks to local celebrity representative John Miles about his career and some of the friends he's made along the way

Back to good health

Walnut Grove's Kathryn Harper explains the role of an osteopath and the benefits of osteopathy

The 2023 Ar tpor t is her e Get excited about this year's Portishead Arts Festival - a taste of what you can expect to see! p40 p51

Town Talk

Get updated and take a sneak peak at our local community events, organisations and fundraisers

Page 8 When I grow up an interview with local artist Hamish Young,featuring at this year's arts festival

Page 11 Portishead Public Art Trail - Enjoy shares three favourites and the inspiration behind them

Page 17 Inside The Sports Shop - we catch up with owner Mark Hill and find out there is more here than meets the eye

Page 23 One year on we celebrate the magic of books with Max Minerva's Marvellous Bookshop

Page 25 Permission to have fun - stop scrolling and get paddleboarding on the marina! Heidi Loughlin ditches the tech and dons a wetsuit

Page 26 Breakfast with Downsy Our very own Ian 'Downsy' Down explores some of the best breakfasts Portishead has to offer

Page 29 Welcome the new custodians of Clarence House,the hidden jewel in our high street

Page 37 Finding me - Portshead mum shares her back to health story

Page 42 Mystery and murder - thrilling reads to keep you entertained this September

Page 44 Happy Home - as we head towards the final quarter of the year we look at ways to keep our homes full of summer's positive energy

Page 47 Check out this month's gorgeous feature property with local estate agents Goodman and Lilley A family home with all the extras!

Page 55 This year's Portshead Summer Show success - despite the showers the show went on to the delight of families near and far - we look at some of the highlights

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This magazine is produced for you by Tracie Fry and Tracey Fowler and together we are T& T Publishing We are both Portishead ladies with backgrounds in print media,PR,marketing and advertising and we both have an absolute passion for Portishead and all that is good in our town

We launched this magazine earlier this year after so many public comments about the need for better local media You asked for it so we took a huge leap of faith and launched our own Portishead magazine and we haven? t looked back

Huge thanks to our sponsor Wright-Morgan,to every single advertiser,to our good friend Downsy ? especially for the podcast encouragement and expertise,to our contributors and of course our readers Your feedback has been overwhelmingly encouraging to say the least and we really appreciate it

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Welcome to issue four of ENJOY Portishead.I hope you have all had a good summer

This edition is a bit of milestone for us because launching this magazine in March we intended to produce just four issues in our first year, however thanks to reader enthusiasm and the support of our advertisers and sponsor we are thrilled to announce we will be publishing monthly from now on

This month of course Portishead is celebrating its arts scene with a weekend festival and we are pleased to provide details of what you can expect during the two-day event

In this issue we also bring you more snippets from behind the scenes of some of our local businesses,we meet more Portishead characters,talk to some of our town?s experts in

their particular field and look at some of the many events coming up right on our doorstep,not to mention the great lifestyle features

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch,please do keep your news,views and stories coming

We will be back in just a few weeks with our October edition,but for now,have a great September!

With very best wishes

Tracey x


Portishead Arts Festival will take place over the weekend of 23- 24 Septem ber

This month sees the return of ArtPortPortishead Arts Festival - a community focused, multi-arts event that takes place annually in venues across the town on the last weekend in September

The festival will once again take place in three main High Street venues:Somerset Hall,the Beacon Hub and the Folk Hall,with more performances and events taking place at a variety of other locations in the town,including workshops for children and young people at the youth centre on Harbour Road and live musical performances in Marina Square,outside Hall & Woodhouse.

Throughout the weekend the three main venues will host art fairs and exhibitions involving more than 50 artists,makers and creators from across North Somerset and the South West; they will also host live music and literary events, not to mention a few surprises throughout the weekend including the world premier of ARTSTORIES,specially commissioned new films

profiling the artist community of Portishead Excitingly,the Folk Hall will be the venue for ?Field?- a unique,world-class sculpture installation by renowned local artist Hamish Young.

The weekend will also see activities and readings at Max Minerva?s,the local independent book shop; an artist-led walk and talk around the town?s renowned public sculptures and there will be a special ArtPort ArtWalk to explore

With an open submission photography exhibition,poetry readings,film workshops, circus skills,a music competition,printing workshops and more ? ArtPort 2023 really will offer something for everyone.

More activities are still being added to the programme,so to keep up-to-date with all the latest ArtPort news visit www.portisheadartsfestival.org and check out the festival?s social m edia platform s


FIELD at t he Folk Hall

A world- class com m unity sculpture installation

With community engagement and participation at its heart,a unique sculpture installation will be unveiled as part of this year?s Portishead Arts Festival

Field,by artist Hamish Young,is a specially commissioned artwork created from 27,000 handmade plaster shells moulded from shells collected from around the South West coastline The shells represent the residents of Portishead and everyone - residents and visitors ? is invited to go along and take part in this community installation:choose a shell and take it away with you,to keep as an original work of art or to send on a new journey out into the world

The installation will be housed in The Folk Halla well recognised,accessible community space in the heart of Portishead High Street

Hamish and ArtPort invite everyone to come together and be a part of this organic art installation Whether you live in Portishead,or are visiting the wonderful arts festival,there is a shell for you to choose and take away with you

to a different place,a new home The gradual erosion of the sculpture will be captured in stop motion film and you will become a part of the story

After the installation,people will be able to connect and reconnect through online channels of communication put in place for this purpose This will provide an opportunity for everyone to share their experiences of being a part of Field; any acts of creativity it has inspired and even to share the new location of the shells,via geocaching software,for other people to find

Using the channels put in place,ArtPort hopes the ripples of this community-inspired artwork will continue to spread out into the wider world, connecting more and more people to Portishead.

Field will be installed and open to visit 10am-4pm,on Saturday and Sunday,23-24 September Thereafter,people around the world will be able to engage and connect online via the channels available on the ArtPort website www portisheadartsfestival org


Over a number of years,whenever I have reported on North Somerset Arts Week or visited art events in and around Portishead,the name Hamish Young is a name that has cropped up time and time again

Originally from Rotherham,Hamish studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art,he has since made Portishead his home and in 2021he became a Royal West of England Academician I don? t think there was ever any doubt that Hamish wanted to be an artist when he grew up When studying A level art at school he recalls spending a great deal of time after


Tracey Fowler talks to award- winning artist, author and educator Ham ish Young

hours in the art studio working on plaster sculptures

Fast forward to today and Hamish is a widely respected,award winning artist with works held in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London He has exhibited at a variety of venues including the Royal West of England Academy,Royal Academy of Arts and Saatchi Gallery.

Hamish?s latest work is Field,the unique sculpture installation open to the public at the Folk Hall in Portishead High Street during the town?s arts festival weekend on 23-24


p h o t o c r e d i t : c h o r e o g r a p h


With Portishead based artist Ham ish Young

Hamish is known for works that cross the boundaries of sculpture and drawing,exploring ?in between?spaces informed by his childhood experiences His intention,however,is that his works open broader interpretations allowing the viewer to draw on their own experiences

Royal College of Art (RCA) to professional artist?

It has been a hard and bumpy journey,with lots of stops and starts! In the five years after graduating from the Royal College of Art I found myself working less and less on my own practice and working more and more as a sculptor on set builds in film studios and for other artists.When I found myself working night shifts,photocopying legal documents in a Bond Street basement,just to pay the studio and flat rent with less and less time making work I decided to train as a teacher.That happened to coincide with starting to make artwork collaboratively with my future wife which reinvigorated my art practice alongside teaching But as I became more involved in school leadership I had less time to devote to making art I eventually took the decision to step away from school leadership and teach part-time to allow time for making art

For the first time I focused solely on my art practice,and most importantly on making work that was highly personal.I gained success through regularly entering open competitions, getting involved in the local art scene in Portishead and honing the subject matter of my work

I understand you are also an author?

What m edium s do you work with?

I use media that resonate with the subject of the work including found objects,pencil leads, plaster,paint and even orchid petals

When did you first realise you could m ake a career out of your art?

I was fortunate to work as an artist assistant for Turner Prize nominee,Fiona Banner It was an exciting time seeing Fiona and other artists in the Bethnal Green studios building their careers

How did you progress from a student at the

I wanted to learn a skill at art college and after a foundry project,decided to become an expert in that field That led to studying at the RCA and co-authoring Fine Art Metal Casting:An Illustrated Guide to Mould Making and Lost Wax Processes (2003) with Richard Rome who ran the RCA Foundry

Do you have any tips for budding artists?

You are doing what you are meant to be doing Doing what you are meant to be doing is hard Do more of what you are meant to be doing



Our top three works of art on display in Portishead

Portishead is lucky enough to have a public arts trail consisting of around 28 pieces of art, commissioned by up to 20 different talented visual artists,dotted around the Port Marine and Village Quarter areas of the town.

The website detailing the trail in full,with background information and a trail map,has been out of action for a time for site maintenance,but it is hoped it will be back in action before the Portishead Arts Festival weekend

Meanwhile here are three of our favourite pieces:


Located in Central Park,the figures represent the new community following the development of the former dockside areas - unique and individual,yet gaining strength and support in their united formation This also relates to the five radio towers that once stood on the site



A seafarers?memorial sculpture consisting of 108 granite columns varying in height arranged in serpentine aisles across the earth mound with the sweeping form having the profile of waves Spectators can traverse the work in varying directions giving views of the adjacent Bristol Channel and the distant coast of Wales

Situated on the marina between Bottelinos and Aqua,this sculpture was created to reflect ?the feel of the site,to give the sense of scale that being by the sea gives us,the feel of the wind and its effect The impression of freedom and power the sea lends through its elemental force, as well as being a point of travel and adventure?

www publicartportishead co uk 11


Keeping your pets safe by Vale Vets

Do be careful not to leave sweets around for your dog to get hold of,especially if they are labelled as ?sugar-free? Xylitol,commonly used as an artificial sweetener,is extremely toxic to dogs Xylitol can cause hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels) as a dog?s pancreas will confuse it with real sugar,which makes it release more insulin.The insulin then removes the real sugar in the body,leading to rapidly plummeting blood sugar levels.Another reaction to xylitol is liver failure,which is even more serious,although it?s not known what causes this to happen

Xylitol is commonly found in chewing gum,but is increasingly used in other sweets such as

Starburst It is also found in some mouth washes and chewable vitamin tablets,as well as some types of peanut butter Clinical signs of xylitol toxicity include vomiting and lethargy, progressing rapidly to weakness,collapse and even coma

If you think that your dog might have eaten anything which may contain xylitol,please contact your vet immediately Have the packaging handy so you can read out the list of ingredients Immediate action is required as even small amounts of xylitol can cause big problems

12 p h o t o c r e d t : W a v e t o p


Claire Quinn from Ebb & Flo and her popular shop dog Jakeyboy share another of their favourite walks

Living in Portishead I think we are really lucky to have so many lovely places to walk our dogs

When we?re short on time,Jakeyboy and I tend to take a short walk doing a loop from our house in Redcliffe Bay out to the coastal path at the bottom of Hillside Road Jake likes to paddle if the tide?s in or even have a swim if it?s calm

From here we can just head back home along the road; however this walk can be extended in either direction along the coast path

When Jake was younger we would walk to Clevedon along the coast path but these days a more realistic walk now is to walk in the direction of Portishead to Black Nore Lighthouse where we throw stones and sometimes do a beach clean before walking up a little path that hugs the grounds of Fedden Village and pops out on the corner of Glenwood Rise and Nore Road We often then continue by crossing the road into Somerset Road where we pick up a zigzag path which takes us up through trees and opens out on to Hawthorn Close

That?s what I love about exploring Portishead, there are so many paths that link up and enable you to explore areas you?ve never been to before. During the summer months you can always enjoy amazing sunsets over the estuary and it really is the best way to unwind after a busy day

You are likely to meet Jakeyboy at Ebb & Flo, Claire?s gift boutique located in the Bakehouse Courtyard in Portishead High Street

www ebbflo uk

If you have a favorite dog walk you would like to share please em ail editor.enjoyportishead@gm ail.com

Highly Experienced Team of Local Vets Open 7 Days a week 24 Hour Emergency Care Nailsea 01275 858628 Portishead 01275 397449 Yatton 01934 833685 www.watkins-tasker-vets.co.uk W A T K I N S & TA SK ER V E T E R I N A R Y G R O U P Rehabilit at ion & Hydrot herapy for your pet s 01275 405905 | info@hydro.vet 14


Being a dog owner and dog lover for as long as I can remember,a career as a dog groomer and carer is a dream come true for me I spend every day surrounded by canine friends providing a quality grooming and day care service from our family farm in Clapton in Gordano,where I grew up ? what?s not to love?

I am very proud to deliver a service that helps keep dogs at their very best - dog grooming is about so much more than making your family pet look and smell great,it also helps with their overall well being.

As a professional groomer I have all of the right tools and expertise to groom your pet to a high standard,while also to checking them over and offering advice

Let?s start at the beginning - brushing ventilates the dog?s coat and removes old hair,this and cleaning away the dead skin that can build up ensures the dog?s skin can breathe,which can help prevent blocked pores and skin irritations Brushing also helps spread the natural oils over the dog?s coat,making it appear shinier and healthier

If your dog has medium or long fur,it can develop matts,which occur when the fur becomes tangled Left untreated these can get quite big and pull on the skin Regular grooming

eliminates the chances of matts developing.

Part of our grooming process also involves cleaning the dog?s ears,reducing the risk of infection

Washing,clipping and bushing reduces the risks of fleas I can also recommend flea treatments

Trimming your dog?s nails is another essential part of dog grooming Nails that grow too long can not only cause discomfort,they may cause your dog to change posture to accommodate them which can lead to other health problems later on When your dog is standing if its nails are touching the ground,it?s a sign they need trimming.

I am trained to make sure your dog will have the best grooming experience and I want them to feel and look a million dollars! Book your dog in today - I'll be pleased to meet you both!


pets in safe hands
8am - 5pm daily (longer hours by arrangem ent)
Lane, Clapton in Gordano, BS20 7RF Em ail: thecountrycanine@hotm ail com Call Bex on 07772 779 317
15 Pr om otion
Health and Safety Policies - Risk Assesments - Training - Fire Risk Assessments 16


When did it all begin?

I opened The Sports Shop in The Precinct in 1997 and then moved to where the shop is now at 39 High Street in 2001.The shop has always sold a wide variety of sports clothing, equipment and accessories and on top of that we stock school uniform and PEkits for many of the local schools

It?s tough for sm all independent business to survive these days, especially with so m any people shopping in big discount stores and online What m akes The Sports Shop different?

We stock a huge range of products that people can see,feel,try and then buy off the shelf We also have a lot of quality much sought after brands,many of which you can? t buy in the big stores

We have built up a good reputation in the sports world too and are a respected supplier to lots of professional sportsmen and women, for example many of the Bristol Bears rugby players purchase their boots and scrum caps from us

Badminton is big for us too.We are an authorised dealer of Yonex and have the biggest range of Yonex badminton racquets on

the shelf in the south of England People come from far and wide to buy their badminton racquets from us as our prices are competitive with those online.We have regular customers from Swindon,Bridgwater and everywhere in between I also restring racquets,something I?ve been doing since I was 16-years-old

Do you have a m essage for the people of Portishead?

First of all I would like to thank all our customers,past and present Whilst we have a lot of customers from outside Portishead,our local customers are extremely important to us.

I?d also like to say to people come in and have a look around Our stock is so varied you really do need to explore the shop to see how much we have to offer Whether you?re looking for swimwear in the middle of winter,a Tilley hat to protect your face from the sun,walking and hiking gear or clothes and equipment for seasonal sports; branded running shoes, lifetime socks,powerful torches,snooker cues and darts,we have it all in stock and plenty more besides.We can meet your professional sports needs,support your hobbies and offer perfect gifts.Pop in to The Sports Shop,it?s well worth having a browse!

Open Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm 39 High Street, Portishead Tel: 01275 842573 w w w.sport sshopport ishead.w eebly.com SPORTS SHOP 17
Pr om otion
Tracey Fowler talks to business owner Mark Hill who has been trading in Portishead High Street for m ore than 25 years, 20 as a business owner


John Miles has been representing some of the world?s finest musicians, comedians and TV presenters for more than 65 years In that time he has represented many household names including Noel Edmonds,Carol Vorderman, Jethro,Timmy Mallett,Des O?Connor,The Wurzels and many more.

I have been lucky enough to interview John on many occasions and have been regaled by his hilarious inside showbiz stories and enthralled by his tales that range from spending an evening in the company of HM the Queen,to his work for cancer charities for which he was awarded an MBE

John once told me he?ll never retire and that appears to be true I recently joined him for a chat and a cup of tea at his home in Clapton in Gordano from where the octogenarian is still running his entertainments empire,to find out how it all began

Did you always want to be involved show business in som e way?

No,but I always had an entrepreneurial spirit When I was at Portway Secondary Modern School I would buy sweets and sell them on at a profit.I?d cut lawns for the neighbours where we lived in Clifton Wood for pocket money and got interested in gardening.I?d grow plants in my parents?greenhouse and sell the plants to the


So what path did you choose when you left school?

I couldn? t wait to start earning proper money and so left school at 15 and got a job setting machines that made cardboard boxes.Then I got a job at Long Ashton Research Station before going back to college for a while Next I started growing lettuces on some land near Pill and selling them I planned to expand this business but then a friend who was in a band in Bristol,called Daryl Grant and the Descants,asked me if I could help them get more gigs and better fees, taking a commission for my trouble We did well and word soon got around; people started telling bands if they wanted more work they should call me.I set up an office at my mum and dad?s house and as the bookings rolled in more groups were taken on and the John Miles Organisation was up and running By 1963 I had more than 300 groups on my books and was getting them gigs all over the place including in Germany

When did you realise this was going to be big?

I had booked major recording artists and promoted thousands of shows,but after eight hectic years I decided I wanted to move on from representing such a large amount of bands and concentrate on building a few artists into major acts.

Tracey Fowler interviews local businessm an John Miles who has been representing som e of the world?s finest entertainers since 1958

The first person who walked into my office in June 1966 was Adge Cutler,who had written a number of localised songs Between us we came up with the idea for The Wurzels I approached EMI records and after taking Adge and the Wurzels to London with a publicity stunt up my sleeve,within days we had a contract Sadly Adge died in a road crash in 1974 but I persuaded the Wurzels to continue with the promise that I would get them a number one hit Two years later,in 1976,we had Combine Harvester at the top of the charts.

So how did the business grow in to what it is today?

In 1973 my brother Tony (Smiley Miley) and I supplied the first Radio One Road Show stage unit and for the next 20 or so years produced and sold all the Radio One Merchandise I started representing Radio One DJ's,the first being Kid Jensen,followed by Peter Powell, Adrian Juste,Janice Long,Paul Burnett etc In all I represented nine Radio 1DJ's,plus Timmy Mallett,who I still represent today The John Miles Organisation has been built thanks to

word of mouth,integrity and a trusting handshake and still the recommendations keep coming!

What has been your proudest m om ent in business?

I have so many proud moments but one of the proudest was definitely receiving an MBEin the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2009 in recognition of my services to cancer charities



A kind, caring and nurturing team is ready to welcom e your child

From the moment your child is born,as a parent your child?s development,health and happiness are your priority

When returning to work after having a baby, choosing the right childcare for you and your child is one of the biggest decisions you will make,as you will be trusting the provider with your most treasured possession

The Nursery in Portishead has a brilliant team of experienced and qualified staff who are passionate about nurturing,educating and looking after every stage of each child?s development and wellbeing in a caring and inspiring environment The Nursery helps to create memorable childhoods while taking care of every aspect of the child?s emotional and educational needs

The Nursery is rated outstanding by Ofsted,as are many other nurseries,however to ensure

they are always outstanding they engage an external inspector to monitor standards on a monthly basis

Dedicated to developing young minds,sparking imaginations and inspiring the future generation,the team at The Nursery invite parents to book a visit,chat with staff and see firsthand the love and first class care the team provides Call 01275 402140 or email admin@thenursery ukcom



Manager Natalie Collins explains how a change in practice will benefit all those involved

At The Nursery we provide a home from home environment where each child is unique and is given the care and attention required We also have plenty of experts who can help with everything from feeding or sleeping to growth and development We are proud to say we are not just a day care facility; we are here to help every step of the way through those important first five years

We are keen to promote the fact we are unique and always go above and beyond,which sometimes involves thinking outside the box...

The Nursery now offers childcare for up to four days a week because we dedicate Fridays to our team Our families understand the benefits and work around this thanks to flexible working and family support While some Fridays allow our team members to have a day off,because we understand and support a good work/life balance,we also use Fridays for continued professional and personal developmenttraining that will benefit our nursery families.

Bearing in mind that every nursery is only as good as its team,our staff welfare and staff retention are important to us Our children benefit from a happy,extremely knowledgeable,experienced and familiar team

Before opening The Nursery Jackie,the owner, put her heart and soul into consultancy work to help childcare providers around the world offer the very best in early years development and education Jackie remains totally committed to providing the very best inclusive childcare for everyone in The Nursery?s care,which is provided thanks to our dedicated team of amazing staff

We have always been committed to training beyond standard ?early years?training practices,but these days we are also aware the UKis seeing more children than ever before with a wider range of needs entering nurseries Additional training will allow us to explore and recognise behaviours that may need a different approach; children who may need to learn in a different way and need strategies introduced to support them We have already learned,for example,a great deal about sensory processes and how some children?s receptors work differently to others,which can in turn affect behaviour and development It?s our unique staff development programme that allows us to provide bespoke care for each individual child and his or her family

To find out more and discuss your child?s particular needs and requirements,book a visit or come along to one of our free baby groups for those with babies up to 12 months We would love to see you Call us on 01275 402140 or email adm in@thenursery uk com

21 Pr om otion


It ?s al mo st a year sin c e Max Min er va?s Bo o ksho p f ir st o pen ed it s d o o r s o n Po r t ishead High St r eet

Owner Sam Taylor talks to Enjoy?

?A bookshop? (Sigh) There was one here before ?

?Oh really? What happened??

?Didn? t last ?

?That?s a shame Hopefully we will do a little better ?

(Pause) ?I give you a year ?

In among all the words of encouragement we received as we readied to open,there was always going to be one harbinger of doom

If we were a superstitious lot,we?d have taken their words as bad omens But then again,if we were a superstitious lot,we?d have headed for our underground bunker a long time ago Instead,we chose to see these book sceptics as readers-in-waiting

Bookshops are passion projects,built upon memories of reading under the covers,hiding between the library stacks,torchlight and tired eyes,smudged pages and unexpectedly adult descriptions of horse riders becoming better acquainted in Cotswold stables They?re built on naivety and optimism,with the ambition of becoming places of joy and wonder,hope and solace

It was in this spirit that we opened in Portishead on Saturday 17th September 2022 And what an opening it was From the second the doors

were unlocked people flooded in and stripped the shelves bare It was a wonderful,warm welcome and one which has continued throughout the past year.We feel very lucky to be a small part of the ?village?community

It?s been a tough 12 months for many in the town Much loved and needed shops have closed People are struggling to pay their bills It?s an economy in which luxuries are often out of reach Luckily,thanks to the lovely folk at Portishead Library and the fantastic teachers at the town?s schools,books are a little luxury available to everyone And they?re for everyone

Writer,actor and comedian Robin Ince,who?s joining us on Friday 15th September to help us celebrate our first birthday,describes books as ?weapons of empathy?.They bring happiness and increase understanding,open the doors to other worlds and put you in the shoes of other people Books are magic And we all need a bit of that right now

Portishead?s independent bookshop at 28- 30 High Street Tel: 07856282397

Po r t ishead ?s ver y o wn l it er ar y haven


In our last issue,caught up in all the excitement of the installation of the new Bakehouse Courtyards ornate archway,we decided to run a competition to win a £10 gift voucher to spend in one of the Courtyard businesses

We asked readers to name at least seven of the eight businesses in the Bakehouse Courtyard

The businesses are:Beauty@Kellianne?s,Cosma Derma,Dapur Kayu,Ebb & Flo,Laura?s Hair, Shanicatti Shakes,Two Trees Clinic,Wellness by Violetta

We had scores of answers,but only a handful got it right because Bennett?s Barbers and The Card Shop are located just before the courtyard

Anyway huge thanks to everyone who took the time to respond The correct answers were all put in to the draw and the winner of the £10 voucher is? Karen Parris

Congratulations Karen,we?ll be in touch and send you the voucher

Thanks again to everyone who took part. Look out for more competitions coming soon



explores the benefits of ditching the tech in favour of the paddleboard

These days we may have so many distractions from technology that we're often guilty of not enjoying the great outdoors enough Living in Portishead however,we have no excuse to not get out and about as we have so many lovely things to see and there is so much we can do very close to home

Since I was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2015 I have tried to keep as fit and healthy as possible and among my hobbies are horse riding, cycling and wait for it,yes,paddleboarding!

I first tried paddleboarding a few years back in Devon,when I provided my friends with water-based entertainment by repeatedly falling off and whacking my head on the board The

challenge to master standing made me determined to keep getting back up and after a while I got the hang of it

Living close to Portishead?s marina - which actually is open for water sports but for some reason not a lot of people know that ? I thought it would be a great sport for the kids to learn.Kids?centre of gravity is so low that they are actually amazing at it and it wasn? t long before my boys were much better at it then me! It?s an excellent way to get out on the water,it?s a sport the whole family can enjoy together and as a bonus,stand up paddleboarding probably gives you one of the best full-body workouts ever!

Every time we indulge in water sports at the marina we are inundated with questions from members of the public asking how we get permission to access the water and they are always really surprised to find out you don? t need permission! There?s a sign next to the jetty that informs us the responsibility lies with the participant,swimming is not allowed and that life jackets must be worn at all times Other than that you are welcome to use the water at the south end of the marina And use it you should Go onunplug from everything around you and immerse yourself in the magnificent outdoors Canoe,row, paddleboard,whatever? get down to Portishead marina and start using it I?ll see you there!

Paddleboard lessons are available via Boatfolk.co.uk and PortisheadSUP.co.uk



ENJOYwelcom es local radio, TV and sports presenter Ian ?Downsy?Downs

to the team

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I thought for my first article as a columnist for Enjoy Portishead magazine I?d share some of my favourite places for a spot of breakfast or brunch So in no particular order:


é Mar in a

This place really is a hidden gem Nestled in a corner of Kestrel Court on Harbour Road,the food here is superb Whether it?s their full marina breakfast or one of the many versions of poached eggs they serve,I?ve never had a bad breakfast here and a side order of fried potatoes makes everything even better Coffee is great too


ko ko

Everything in Mokoko?s is pretty good in my opinion, but for breakfast try the baked ham and cheese croissant You won? t be disappointed There is also a cheese and mushroom version for non-meat eaters If you?ve got room,their cinnamon bun is to die for Co

st a Co f f ee an d Co f f ee Number On e

Costa has started doing M&Sfood over the past few years,so the breakfast wrap here is nice Both do bacon and sausage baps,but I?d say Coffee Number One edges it with slightly more bacon in their rolls!

Imper o Lo un


Great brunch selection here and a huge bonus of being doggy friendly Lounge eggs are always my favourite,you can choose between bacon,salmon, mushroom or chorizo and hash browns are an essential extra for me If you?re more adventurous try the Shakshuka or the Miami Brunch and finish it all off

with some buttermilk pancakes Oh,and their freshly squeezed orange juice is just what you need to wash away the sins of the night before!

Aq ua

Aqua is the breakfast spot I?d go to if I was having family over or a business brunch,it has a slightly more upmarket feel,with food and service to match Whether it?s a full Aqua breakfast (vegan version available) or something simpler like Aqua eggs or just toast and jam,there?s something for every palate

Oc ean s Caf é

A bit like Café Marina,Oceans is slightly hidden way in the marina boat yard If you?re after a traditional English breakfast that doesn? t hold back on the portions,Oceans is the place to be Less frills perhaps than elsewhere,but the food is banging

There are honourable mentions also for The Posset Cup,Waitrose Café,and Captain's Cabin by the lock gates,fantastic if you prefer your bacon sarnie al fresco The Royal is also doing breakfasts and brunches now so it?s definitely next on my hit list!

Where?s your favourite spot? Hit m e up on m y socials, I?d love to know! I?m @downsyofficial



Dem and sees Venga relaunch its take- out m enu

The culinary offerings at Venga on Portishead High Street are known for their fusion of flavours influenced by worldwide travels and now some of the dishes available in your favourite restaurant can also be eaten at home.Cooked to order using the finest of ingredients,mouth watering dishes available for collection include everything from Mexican street corn and tortilla Espanola,to Cuban chicken wings and pork ribs coated in sticky Pedro Ximenes sherry sauce, served with spiced fries and house slaw

Venga co-owner Cam said:?People who pop in for a drink on their way home from work to take advantage of our early bird special offers on cocktails and wines often ask us to cook food for them to take home as a treat for the family. We have always been willing to oblige and

have decided to open this up to our wider clientele this autumn "

If you?re looking for great food to tantalise the taste buds and excite your palate to eat at home with the family,click to order and collect at the time you have requested It couldn? t be simpler ? what a treat! Order via the website www vengaportishead co uk

Find us at 24 High Street,Portishead.BS20 6EN or call 01275 814391to make a booking Pr om otion

Masal a 20

Quality food delivered right to your door

When you arrive home after a busy day and the last thing you want to do is start cooking an evening meal and you don? t really want to get back in the car to grab a takeaway, help is at hand.

The expert team at Masala pride themselves on providing quality food and are happy to deliver to any door in Portishead and the surrounding areas

Whether you are looking for authentic Indian food, delicious fried chicken, peri peri chicken, wraps, gourmet burgers or kebabs, special children?s meals or sweet desserts, Masala will be happy to deliver it to your home

While Masala no longer trades with just Eat, it?s very simple to order direct from the website, where you will find details of the full menu,

specials and the latest offers, or if you have a Masala favourite and you know exactly what you want,just pick up the phone and give them a call.

You can also check out the Masala Takeaway

Portishead Facebook page for the latest news, deals and offers Visit www m asala20 co uk or call 01275 397400

28 Pr om otion


Popular com m unity venue reopens

It was a rather modest opening,considering the amount of work that has gone in to bringing the interior of Clarence House in to the 21st century,but open it is and it?s well worth a visit

The new owners of the lease of this popular High Street venue,business partners Luke Taylor and Andy Rooke - who both who live in Portishead - are pleased to at last be welcoming faces old and new in to their pub

In addition to a coat of paint,new ceilings and flooring,electrics,TVs and more,they have introduced some nice touches,including a tribute to the club?s roots ? a large image of the town?s power station Clarence House was formerly the CEGB Club,a social club for those who worked at the power station owned by the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB),which was located on the site now occupied by the Port Marine development.

Clarence House has long been used ? day and night - for family parties,conferences,fundraising events and exhibitions and is also a popular meeting place for businesses and community groups.

Luke said:"We want Clarence House to be known as a welcoming family venue for everyone; it has a great walled garden,a separate function room and plenty of space for all We are making a few changes but not huge ones; we will be keeping skittles,darts,pool,the Sunday night quiz,Speakeasy Jazz Club and will continue to welcome all the groups who regularly use the venue for their luncheons,events and meetings We want to make Clarence House a pub that is at the very heart of the Portishead community and we welcome any new groups that would like to meet here "

Clarence House was closed for several weeks to allow the refurbishment work to take place and anything Andy,Luke or their family members couldn? t do was carried out by local businesses

Andy said:?These local,small,independent businesses have pulled out all the stops to support us Their quality of work has been outstanding and we can? t thank them enough We encourage people to come in and have a look for themselves,all these trades people come highly recommended by us?

Talking to Luke and Andy,they told Enjoy that for the foreseeable future they will be investing any profits back in to Clarence House so they can continue to improve the venue for the community

Follow the new Clarence House pub Facebook page to keep up to-date with the latest news


Luke and Andy would like to thank the following local businessesfor theirhard workand support during the refurbishment worksat Clarence House:

Smart Flooring (Chris) & Jamie Smart Flooring | Adam Taylor? Outback Services

Nic Dumine (Snr & Jnr) ? Carpenters& Joiners | Slp Interiors | DTVAerials

Shergold Conservatories | Joe Urch - Plumbing | Freemans | CareysDIY

Larsen Electrical | Pat Hennessey ? Painting & Decorating

Paul Marriott ? Painting & Decorating | Lara Ford ? Hanging Baskets


Posset Bit es

TracieFry exploressomeof Portishead's delightful eateries

Café Lido enjoys a fantastic location right on Portishead?s seafront, with sweeping views over Kilkenny Bay,known for its fantastic sunsets and for having a deep water channel closer to the coast than any other place in the country.As you enjoy your morning cappuccino at Café Lido,you feel you could reach out and touch the huge ships making their way up and down the Bristol Channel

Serving a range of barista coffees and other hot and cold drinks,snacks,ice creams and delicious cakes,supplemented at lunchtime by hot snacks and sandwiches,Café Lido is currently open every day from 10am to 3.30pm.

Whether you?re looking for spectacular views with your morning cuppa or an afternoon relaxing with a cream tea on the café deck overlooking the open air pool, watching the swimmers in the sunshine,this is a great place for refreshment.The café is a particular favourite for dog owners enjoying a pit stop in this popular dog walking area

Café Lido and the open air pool are run by Portishead Pool Community Trust The café is staffed by supervisors assisted by a team of enthusiastic volunteers,more of which are always welcome!


Yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream to accompany your delicious Victoria sponge cake

https://www portisheadopenairpoolorg uk/cafelido/


https://www facebookcom/CafeLidoPortishead


If your family loves Italian food you can't go wrong with Bottelinos

There's something for just about everyone on the menu from traditional pasta favourites like homemade lasagna (yes we?re spelling it the authentic Italian way), spaghetti carbonara and three types of ravioli to fish specials, steaks and of course pizzas.

Iusually go for something from the fish menu, as Ilove salmon and prawns, but someone always orders the pizza which looks mouthwateringly good and makes me question my decision! With staff that have been with the family for more than three decades, you can always find a friendly face here, and a warm welcome...


It has to be the pizza, freshly made with a delicious base and plenty of toppings, lots to choose from and big enough to need a box to take what you didn't manage home!

SeaRockisa seafood restaurant and a fishand chip takeawaythat can befound overlooking Portishead'smarina,perfectlypositioned to catch theend-of-daysun Thetakeawaymenu includesyour traditional seasidefayreincluding scampi,whitebait,chicken chunks and evencheeseburgers,but you can't ignoreitsreputation for excellent fish,chipsand mushypeas!Looka littlecloser and you will find themost exquisiteseafood on their restaurant menu This independent family-run eateryboastsfresh oysters,grilled octopus, Atlanticprawnsand muscles- threeways!Wefound thestaff extremelyfriendlyand welcoming and theatmosphereheremakes you want toreturn soon.

Pickof theweek

Without a doubt it'sthefish and chips availableto takeawayor eat in - light crisp batter,largeportionsand proper chunky chips!


DATESFORYOURDIARY Eventsand activitieshappening inour town

8th Septem ber


Exciting gypsy band The Transatlantic Hot Club travels the globe,performing at major festivals in the UK,France,the Caribbean,South America and the USA and now they are coming to Portishead!

Speakeasy Jazz Club at Clarence House in Portishead High Street will play host to this unique band,promising a steamy night of swing classics and Django standards with colourful splashes of Latin Bossa Nova!

Adrien Chevalier is New York?s premier jazz violinist at the front of the New York jazz scene. Originally from Provence in France,Adrien met Welsh hero,Ben Creighton at an international harp festival on the French Caribbean Island of Martinique Ben is one of the world?s leading jazz harpists,and The Transatlantic Hot Club was born from their mutual love of all things swing

9th Septem ber


and gypsy jazz!

They are perfectly teamed with multi award-winning double bassist Ashley John Long The quality of their playing is exceptional and the solos are quite breath-taking with dazzling harp and violin exchanges

Doors open at 7pm for a show from 8-10 30pm

Admission is £20 and advanced ticket sales are recommended.Phone Kate on 01275 848391or email:katespeakeasy@hotmailco uk

A family fun day at Portishead Lake Grounds is raising money to help families avoid school holiday hunger Among other things,the organisers who run a community interest company,raise funds to help those who would usually have free school meals obtain the equivalent during holidays Expect a cricket tournament,music and entertainment,a bouncy castle,stalls run by local traders and organisations,food and drink https://www justgiving com/crowdfunding/adam-griffiths


9th Septem ber


You will find Portishead Farmers?Market at the Waitrose piazza,9am-12.30pm where there will be a range of local produce on sale from fruit and vegetables to meats, bread,cheese and more.

For more information call 07977 397965

9th Septem ber


Outdoor cinema comes to Portishead Open Air Pool with The Greatest Showman

Inspired by the imagination of PTBarnum,this is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation

This is a sing-along screening so be prepared to belt out hits like This is Me and A Million Dreams along with the cast and the rest of the audience!

Doors open at 6 30pm,with the film screening at around 8pm Take cushions and blankets along with family and friends and enjoy a spectacular outdoor cinema experience under the stars

Find out more via the open air pool?s social media or to book visit

bookwhen.com / portisheadlido/ e/ ev- skzv- 20230909183000

20th Septem ber


Members of Portishead Floral Art Society invite you to join them for Language of Flowers,a floral demonstration by Caroline Cooper at Somerset Hall starting at 730pm Tickets cost £750, available on the door For more details call 07968348116

24th Septem ber


Join Turn the Tide Portishead's team of enthusiastic volunteers at their monthly Big Clean starting at Sugar Loaf Beach by the Sailing Club (off Belton Road) at 10 30am Everyone is welcome! Please take your own litter picking equipment if you can and wear gloves, even if you are using a litter-picker For more information visit www turnthetideportishead co uk


STILLDAFT ASA BRUSH - Andy Ford returns to Portishead

Buckle up for yet another crazy comedy ride as the West Country?s daftest comedian and legendary pantomime performer returns to the stage for his hilarious 2023 comedy show,Still Daft as a Brush on Tour!

After yet another record breaking pantomime at the Bristol Hippodrome playing to more than 80,000 people in four weeks?

Andy Ford is on tour and brings his nonsensical,hysterical and frenetic comedy show to Portishead?s Somerset Hall on 17th September His unique,warm,silly style has endeared him to audiences all over the country over a stellar career that has included very many TV appearances,the Royal Variety Performance,pantomimes and more Andy told ENJOY,he just can? t wait to bring his new tour to West Country audiences Joining Andy on the road will be sensational vocalist Francesca Carly plus the fabulous Sorella Dancers

The show is suitable for everyone? so why not take the whole family and all have a laugh together? According to Andy:?It?s gonna be a gurt lush night!?

Tickets for the Portishead show,which starts at 7.30pm cost £17 and are available from www andyfordcom edian com


To coincide with his latest tour,Andy Ford has released his autobiography - Panto?s For Life,Not Just For Christmas

With a professional career spanning more than 50 years Andy opens his heat in the book,in which he shares his incredible highs along with some heartbreaking lows From meeting the Queen,partnering mega stars on stage and entertaining the nation and wider world during the 2020 lockdown to being a victim of a traumatic assault and the painful aftermath of a life changing night; from being laid bare by rock legends Status Quo to the amazing love of his wife and family,Andy?s autobiography tells all Panto?s For Life,Not Just For Christmas is available now from Amazon


Purpuramusic presents the amazing Be More Ben Ibiza Night with legendary DJ's Matthew Bennett, Jon Gradwell,Andy Walters and Lance the Trance at Somerset Hall This promises to be a full on Ibiza experience complete with a 10Ksound system and incredible visuals

This event will raise funds for Be More Ben,a local charity that support families who have sadly lost a child Tickets from EventBrite cost £750-£15 with early purchase recommended as this will almost certainly sell out gig Full details from www facebookcom/events/822529869585262


We are aware that at the tim e of printing this, Som erset Hall has been closed for urgent m aintenance If for any reason the work is not com plete by 1st Septem ber, North Som erset Council (which m anages the hall) will do its best to find an alternative local venue ? please contact the individual events for updates should this happen

17th Septem ber
29th Septem ber


Sponsored by Wright-Morgan


Are you looking for friendship,light exercise and above all,a bit of fun?JillElliot invitesyou to join Folk Feet at North Weston Hall on Tuesday mornings930am-1130am This isan activity you can go along to on your own,or with a partner or friend You willalways be assured a warm welcome and a cup of tea or coffee Dancing is usually to live music too Jill willwalk you through the dancesand you can join in asmuch or aslittle asyou like Thisisa socialmorning with a little culture!

Just turn up or to find out more call Jillon 07515904707 or emailjillyelliot@gmailcom


The Portishead Stroke Drop in Centre isrun by stroke survivorsfor stroke survivors and their carers The centre isopen for people to drop in at Clarence House in Portishead High Street on the first Friday of each month from 1030am-1230pm There isalwaysa friendly face and open discussion with organisersLori and Matt on hand offering advice and support over a cup of tea

Strokescan affect people of any age but are more common in older people.

To find out more about the Portishead Stroke Drop in Centre,contact Lori by emailing lorrainerowsell@btinternet com or callher on 01275 818492


The Rotary Club of Portishead runsa memory café on the first and third Tuesday of every afternoon in the Jubilee Hall,Slade Road from 215-345pm The aim isto provide a fun and friendly setting for those with dementia and their carers There are songs,gamesand a good cup of tea or coffee.Find out more by calling Brian on 01275 871197 or Jacqui on 01275845233


Free family history advice sessionswillbe running at Portishead Library on Friday morningsthroughout September Take along some basic family information and knowledgeable family history volunteerswillbe on hand to help You willalso have free accessto Ancestrycom

Bookable appointmentsare available between 10am and 1pm every Friday,just call 01934426040,email portishead library@n-somerset govuk or pop in to the library at Horatio House in Harbour Road


Learn to play fiddle with JillElliot in your own living room using Zoom online sessions? with or without your camera on!In person lessonsalso available Find out more at www jillelliotmusicanddance com or callJillon 07515904707



Year 11is a crucial time for GCSEstudents,but with effective revision strategies,this period can be navigated with confidence and success

If you?re just about to start Y11,you may feel daunted by the task of preparing for your upcoming exams As a parent,you may wonder how best to support your child through this anxious time As a cognitive hypnotherapist and an experienced English teacher,we?ve buddied up to pass on our top tips for students and parents to help you survive Y11

For Parents

- Encourage communication:create an open and supportive environment where your child feels comfortable discussing their academic progress,concerns,and goals.

- Manage stress:be attentive to signs of stress and anxiety,offering emotional support and suggesting relaxation techniques or activities to manage pressure effectively

- Encourage healthy habits:emphasise the importance of balanced meals,regular exercise and sufficient rest to maintain physical and mental wellbeing during this crucial year

- Seek help when needed:if your child is struggling with any subject or topic,encourage them to ask for help from teachers,tutors,or classmates


- Create a revision schedule:develop a well-structured revision timetable that allocates specific time slots for each subject

Prioritise topics based on your confidence level A revision schedule helps you stay organised, manage your time effectively and ensures you cover all the necessary material

- Set specific goals:establish clear and achievable revision goals for each revision session.Outline what you aim to accomplish and break down complex topics into smaller, manageable chunks.

- Practice past papers:practice makes perfect and this is true for exam revision Utilise past papers and sample questions to familiarise yourself with the exam format and improve your exam technique

- Stay positive and confident:maintain a positive mindset throughout your revision journey Believe in your abilities and remember that hard work and dedication will pay off Replace negative thoughts with affirmations that boost your confidence and motivation.

It?s important to remember that supporting a child through Y11is about maintaining a positive and encouraging environment while helping them develop skills and habits that will serve them well beyond their final exams

We hope you?ve found this article useful and wish you good luck in the future!

Do contact us for further advice and support:

Jason Gillm an: www m rgillm antuition com
Trina Gazzard: www trinagazzard co uk For


Sara Brooks shares a personal story

Achance meeting with an old friend,the launch of the Davina McCall show and swimming with a focus have all helped bring Portishead mum Sara Brooks back from the depths of despair to her usual happy, positive self Sara shares her story in hope that it might help others realise that no matter how low you get,there can be sunshine after the rain.

I had cancer 20 years ago and when certain symptoms raised their head at the beginning of 2023 I was convinced it was back Despite medical tests suggesting this wasn? t the case I knew something wasn? t right My anxiety built and my self esteem plummeted but I kept myself as busy as possible so that I didn? t have to think about how I was feeling The more I buried it the worse it got until one day I felt I just didn? t want to be here anymore I know that sounds terrible now,but it was how I felt at the time and I had no control over it

On the day I was really feeling at rock bottom I bumped in to an old friend I hadn? t seen for a long time I couldn? t conceal how I was feeling and luckily for me she took the time to chat She asked me if I could be peri-menopausal and I explained that due to the surgery I?d had for cancer earlier in my life that wasn? t possible She disagreed and suggested I spoke to a doctor

After struggling to get an appointment,I felt the doctor I eventually saw was less than sympathetic let alone interested,leaving me totally desperate I asked to see a different doctor and this time my experience was totally different She was brilliant despite the fact I could only sob and had to write down how I

was feeling,such was my state It turned out,it was after all menopause on the horizon and the patience,understanding and some additional research by this doctor got me the help and support I needed,from counselling and therapy to medication I talked to my

partner who was extremely supportive and I went back to swimming regularly,something I used to love doing I found my passion for swimming was still there and decided to join the Swim 22 Challenge ? swimming 22 miles, which is the distance across the Channel,to raise money for Diabetes UK.This gave me focus and purpose whilst my body adjusted and now I can honestly say I have found my old self and life is looking very different Ladies if you?re struggling as you head towards menopause ? there is help available you just need to find the right support to help you get through it



Tanya Marriott, owner of SoleLution fam ily shoe shop in Portishead High Street, talks about the revolutionary footwear that?s good for your health

We?re so excited to be stocking Joya at SoleLution and the customer feedback so far has proved we have every right to be!

The soft-elastic Joya sole and its clever design,imitates natural and dynamic walking These shoes adapt to the shape of each foot individually,stabilising the foot,calf and leg muscles and preventing the impact of hard surfaces such as concrete and flat ground on your back and joints

Also due to their removable insoles,they can be worn with custom orthotics

Mimicking walking in sand (dry or wet depending on the sole style),Joya soles have positive effects on the body ? increased muscle activity due to tiny body motions,shock absorption,as well as optimising the foot's pressure distribution and its natural rolling motion - encouraging healthy walking and standing,which gradually leads to an improvement of your posture and a relief of the back and other joints,contributing to the prevention or easing of corresponding pains

Joya is now one of the leading comfort shoe manufacturers,represented in more than 40 countries and we are very pleased to have brought them to Portishead!

38 Pr om otion


Introducing a brand new service and a brand new specialist

Tonic Hair and Beauty is delighted to announce that senior stylist Beccye has become Tonic's very own Kerastase specialist After training hard at the Academy in London, Beccye passed with flying colours taking her knowledge to the next level Not only has she extended her learning about the science of the hair,skin and scalp,she has studied the ingredients within the Kerastase product range and has been introduced to the world of Trichology,the medical and cosmetic study and practice involving the hair and scalp.

Beccye now has the ability to make advanced hair and scalp diagnosis and she wants to share her expertise

Tonic already offers a Skin Analysis service,which is a great way to start your skin journey,and we now offer a Hair and Scalp Analysis too ? a consultation with Beccye to discuss any hair or scalp concerns and a full hair and scalp analysis resulting in recommendations of the best way to relieve any symptoms

The Hair and Scalp Analysis costs just £20 which is then redeemable against two Kerastase products To take advantage of this,call our front of house team on 01275 843554 to get booked in

39 Pr om otion


When I recently recom m ended an osteopath at Walnut Grove to a friend who was experiencing regular back pain, she asked m e: 'What's an osteopath?' I replied: "Well it's som eone who fixes backs isn't it?"

After her visit to Kathryn ? an osteopath and co- owner of Walnut Grove - m y friend called m e and said: "I can now tell you what an osteopath is An osteopath is an angel!"

Being unsure as to whether either of us had answered the question m edically correctly, I asked Kathryn to explain.

When I first qualified as an osteopath,which is a BSc Hons degree including anatomy, physiology,pathology and extensive clinical training at the British School of Osteopathy, there was a wide misconception among the general public that we only treated backs Over the years however,people?s understanding of osteopathy has grown and these days people are far more aware of what it is we do

No-one can legally call themselves an osteopath without the relevant medical degree and registration with the General Osteopathic Council (GOSC),the organisation that sets out the regulatory standards and ensures they are maintained.

Osteopaths are skilled and highly trained musculoskeletal specialists who,since 2017,are recognised allied health professionals,who work alongside and support the NHS

Osteopaths aim to improve people?s overall health and wellness by treating the whole person,not just a condition or disease they may have

An osteopath will look at musculoskeletal (MSK) problems and their relationships with other systems in the body where appropriate,not just backs! Treatments include stretching, massaging and moving the MSKsystem

With their understanding of the human body, both MSKand systemic,osteopaths are extremely valued by other healthcare professions

Osteopathy can help a wide range of conditions and in one day I could be treating someone for headaches,arthritis in the hip and a foot issue and it could be patients in their 80?s or someone as young as eight

Tracey Fowler talked to Walnut Grove?s Kathryn Harper to find out
40 p h o t o c r e d t : e v g e n y a t a m a n e n k o

And,it is not just about the hands-on treatment patients receive during a visit,it is also about the advice and exercises we tailor for their specific needs to aid recovery and help their overall management of the issue We want patients to go away feeling empowered,more comfortable and satisfied they are on the right path for a longer term solution to the problem

An appointment first involves an examination and assessment to allow diagnosis Once a condition is diagnosed we come up with a treatment plan which we discuss with the patient When they are happy with the treatment plan,which will include exercises to do at home as well as hands-on treatment at the clinic,we put it all in to practice

Finally I asked Kathryn:?What made you want to become an osteopath??

When I was a teenager I often complained about my back to my dad This was most likely linked to a typical poor teenager posture! He got fed up with me moaning and as he saw an

osteopath for a neck issue,he took me along to see them I loved how they listened,assessed and treated the whole body and improved my pain levels From here on in I knew I wanted to do something medical,most likely a physiotherapist or an osteopath,but osteopathy won the day Private physiotherapists (non NHS) have more scope over how they can treat than in the NHS Personally,I feel there is little difference between what we both do,just a few different areas of expertise.Perhaps that will be explored in another article?

At Walnut Grove our aim is to help everyone achieve optimum health Whether you have ailments you would like help with,want to improve your sports performance,need rehabilitation after an injury or want to discuss the use of supplements to aid wellness,just give us a call or pop in to the clinic,our healthcare practitioners are always happy to provide advice

41 Pr om otion


With the sum m er drawing to an end and the long autum n nights on the horizon, our thoughts are definitely turning to the m ore m ysterious books on our shelves Settle down with a thrilling new crim e novel from som e of the best and the newest writers on the block.

The Last Devil to DieRichard Osm an

It?s the best time of year: new Osman release month! The beloved author of The Thursday Murder Club presents the fourth in the series On Boxing Day a mysterious package is smuggled into the country and the consequences send the body count soaring Can the geriatric sleuths solve their deadliest crime yet,before they lose even more friends...?

Poison for BreakfastLem ony Snicket

One of our team?s favourites,this quirky and fast-paced middle grade novel is perfect for kids looking to put their sleuth hats on The beloved writer is enjoying his holiday when a note is slipped under his bedroom door You had poison for breakfast Now Lemony must race against the clock to solve his own murder ...before it even happens

The Butcher and the WrenAlaina Urquhart

For the fans of a grisly procedural,debut author Alaina Urquhart?s dark and detailed novel is perfect for the gathering dark Deep in Louisiana a serial killer is taunting the authorities Only the sharp and determined medical examiner Dr Wren Muller is strong enough to engage in the brutal game of cat-and-mouse Alternating chapters between Muller and her target,The Butcher and the Wren is mind-bendingly good

Long ShadowsDavid Baldacci

When someone has no enemies who killed them? Baldacci returns with everyone?s favourite FBI agent,Amos Decker Haunted by personal tragedy and adjusting to having a new partner,Decker is unprepared for a beloved federal judge to be murdered in mysterious circumstances But when everyone has an alibi and no one has a motive, only the past can present new suspects.

Max Minerva?s Bookshop opened in September 2022 on Portishead High Street and has been warmly welcomed by the town Drop in and say hello and treat yourself to a book while you?re there www m axm inervas co uk


A round- up in pictures

Here?s a quick snapshot of some of the events and activities in the heart of our community that Tracie and Tracey were delighted to attend over the summer

Reverend Lindsay Smith gave the blessing at the opening of The Portishead Summer Show The sun shone for Ascot Ladies Day at Portishead Town Football Club It was great to see so many people enjoying the new Somerset Street Food Festival at Portishead Lake Grounds Clarence House re-opened its doors and received a thumbs up from the community after giving it a bit of a makeover The Royal Inn re-opened after a six-figure investment eat:Festivals made a welcome return to Portishead marina
Enjoy dropped in to Portishead Town Football Club to witness victory for Posset on the opening day of the season


Ahh September? the summer?s not yet over,as a hush falls over the town and children return to school,but there's a whisper in the back of our minds reminding us that the last quarter of the year is heading our way like a 10-ton truck full of pumpkins and stuffed turkeys!

Our homes groan in the aftermath of the extra play dates,summer sleepovers,barbecues,day trips and if we were lucky enough, holidays away,as we eked the last drop of sunshine out of every day, and promised ourselves we'd tidy tomorrow

It?s now time to hit pause,take a moment and reset The scenery may be about to change,but we have the power to set the stage! So,let's bring that carefree summer attitude with us as we prepare for the cosy months ahead

First things first and you?re not going to like this but trust me,the quicker you get a handle on that leftover summer mess the happier you?ll be Bin it,bag it,box it! Whatever it takes,some of it just can't be saved,some can be donated and what's left can be boxed up for next summer I'll say no more and move on quickly When the nights do draw in,we want to enjoy being at home,so September is the perfect time to plan and prep for a happy home

Next up on my list is music,whether I?m cooking or cleaning,having friends over or having a dance party with the kids I have a playlist on stand-by that will fit the occasion Music can really set a positive mood at home,whatever the time of year so have some fun making yours and get everyone involved

Time to press pause and restart by Tracie Fry 1. 2. 3. 4.

It may be a Sunday brunch,a Friday games night or a Saturday cinema date but put away your tech and talk,listen and laugh These rituals strengthen family bonds and bring a positive sense of well-being to everyone in your home

Use this month to set an intention,start a family ritual and make time for each other

Stay connected with nature,after enjoying so much outdoor time in the summer,getting stuck indoors can be a shock to the system and our well-being.Make windows the focal point in your rooms,keep them uncluttered and clean and use mirrors to reflect natural light Make use of plants,not only do they bring nature indoors but are proven to improve our air qualityso go potty with the pot plants and whenever possible escape to the outdoors ? walk the dog,fly a kite or simply go puddle jumping,they're all great stress relievers


Go o d man & Li l l ey


This beautiful detached coastal home has the added benefit of an annexe,along with its double garage,and large gardens offering stunning views over the Bristol Channel and Welsh coastline

The large entrance hall gives access to the family room, with bi-fold doors out to the garden The two reception rooms to the front of the house have en-suite facilities, giving you the option to use these as bedrooms if you require.This floor is completed by the re-fitted utility room, sauna,extensive storage and cloakroom

A central oak staircase leads you up to the heart of the home,with its extensive kitchen/breakfast room and sitting room,where you can throw open the bi-fold doors to the balcony and enjoys the views over the garden and beyond to the Bristol Channel This floor also boasts a dining room,study with balcony and cloakroom.The second floor is home to four bedrooms,three of which are en-suite On the lower ground floor you will find a cellar/gym and the detached annexe over the garage, with a kitchen/dining/sitting room,shower room and one double bedroom Early viewing is highly recommended as homes like this are rarely available in such lovely surroundings.

Po r t i sh ead 01275 430440 Sal es@g o o d man l i l l ey c o u k w w w g o o d man l i l l ey c o u k
Open Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm and Saturday 8.30am - 1pm For all your fencing&timber needs WhitehouseFarm,DavisLane,Clevedon.BS216TG LocatedbehindtheHandStadium Tel:01275400155 w w w . a v r i l s f e n c i n g . c o . u k Just 15 minut es f r omPor t ishead - We Del iv er 48


Chris Collins from CC Mortgages delivers som e positive news for hom e buyers

The good news is some mortgages just got more affordable!

At the time of writing this,many of the high street lenders have just announced a reduction in their mortgage rates,despite the Bank of England raising the base rate to 5 25% This was anticipated by mortgage lenders who realised they needed to do something to help buyers and HSBC,Nationwide and TSB are just some of the lenders who have reduced their rates.Fixed rate mortgages are coming down because inflation is coming down,which is giving first time buyers and home movers hope again at last

We are currently seeing the phrase ?marry the house,date the rate?used quite a lot,which suggests you commit to the house of your dreams even if it's a bit tough on your current finances and then you refinance when interest rates improve

At CC Mortgages,however,we advise our clients,rather than concentrating on the current interest rates,to focus on the monthly repayments required now to determine how affordable the mortgage they require is.At the end of the day,it?s that monthly payment that

affects your day-to-day living and impacts your life in general

There are some interesting new mortgage products on the market at the moment to help first time buyers too,one of which is aimed at people currently in rented accommodation with no deposit

So it's not all doom and gloom - at CC Mortgages,we are here to help,advise and navigate our clients through the current tricky waters to help them find the right mortgage that is affordable to them and their circumstances

To book a free no obligation consultation, please get in touch with CC Mortgages by emailing - info@cc- m ortgages.co.uk or call Chris on 07855 954 667

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My job is to offer financial advice to people to help them create the future they want I can visit clients in their own home,at work,or online

The first thing we do is discuss your current finances,which includes everything from income and expenditure to banking,savings,pensions,mortgages and debt

I like to know what your goals are for retirement age,travelling,house moves,supporting dependents through university etc in fact anything that has an impact on your finances

We then work together to see if there are any gaps in your finances and if there are we look at how best to bridge these Each review is unique to the individual I am working with

I take away the information you have shared with me and explore the best options that will help you achieve your life goals I then return and we discuss what will work best for you Once you are happy with everything we can then put the plans in place

If you would like a financial review and want to start planning for your future,please get in touch.

Powell & Associates Financial Planning is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St James's Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the group's wealth management products and services,more details of which are set out on the group's websitewww sjp co uk/products The 'St James's Place Partnership' and the titles 'Partner' and 'Partner Practice' are marketing terms used to describe St James's Place representatives

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Portishead?s annualVictorian Evening has been renamed after a decline in support for the Victorian theme Once a good old fashioned street fair with barrows lining the street,stallholders and visitors dressed in period costumes and prizes for the best dressed Oliver Twist and Victorian family,recent years have seen it take a more modern approach The community event,organised by volunteers from the Christmas lights committee and a main fundraiser for the town?s Christmas lights display,will,from now on,be known as A Posset Christmas Market This year?s event willtake place on Sunday 10th December 2-6pm Anyone interested in booking a stallat the event can find out more on the Portishead Christmas Lights website or email:apossetchristmasmarket@gmailcom



Following a recent presentation on the safety of open water swimming,organised by Portishead RNLI?s water safety officer Bernd Langheim,members of the public expressed an interest in taking part in a guided swim session,at Sugar Loaf Beach and/or Clevedon Marine Lake There were also discussions about further water safety presentations


A LadiesDay at Portishead Football Town Club raised £400 forcharity

Around 40 local ladiesenjoyed champagne and strawberrieswhen the clubhouse wastransformed in to a VIPlounge, bringing Ascot LadiesDay to the Bristol Road venue Everyone dressed the part to cheeron the horsesasthey watched raceson big screensaround the room A good time was had by all and the event raised £200 for Bowel CancerUKand £200 forthe British LiverTrust; two charitiesvery close to the heartsof those attending

Anyone interested or with ideas for future topics,please contact Bernd at bernd langheim 2@rnli org uk



For the third year running the Portishead Practice of Watkins and Tasker Vets has won the BestUKVets Award for Som erset. Alongside the practices in Yatton and Nailsea, Portishead was also ranked in the ?Top 25 Veterinary Practices?in the country

The BestUKVets Awards celebrate vet practices that delight their clients and are presented to practices across the UK with the m ost four or five star online reviews in each category

The Portishead practice is thrilled with the result and Steve Tasker, vet and owner,said: ?This is another reflection of the team and their dedication to providing local pet owners with quality vet care I am incredibly proud of them all ?


With great vibes, live music, love beads, kaftans and flower power, customers at The Phoenix Bar had an absolute ball at the annual Phoenix Festival, organised by the owners as a thank you their regulars for their year-round support Dawn, Tam and the team made every effort to organise a summer party to remember and they did that in style. In addition, a fantastic barbecue raised more than £600 for charity. The money will be split between Great Western Air Ambulance and Children?s Hospice South West


The Royal Inn in Pier Road has reopened after a six- figure investm ent To m ark the occasion, a tim e capsule was buried in its grounds containing m em entoes including handwritten letters to the future pub landlord from form er owners Dem etrios and Frances Pelengaris and the current general m anager; a picture of the pub team , the day?s newspapers and a sealed bottle of ale

The hotel reopened its doors on 24th July unveiling an expanded restaurant, som e tables with a sea view and an increase in size of the bar area

Externally, the pub?s garden terrace has been com pletely revam ped,now with two tiers, it m akes for the perfect al fresco dining spot Other additions include an outdoor bar on the decking with an external fire place and capacity for 250 guests

Kam an Miller, general m anager, said: ?We?re so pleased we?ve m anaged to give our pub a m odern m akeover, whilst still in- keeping with its traditional features from the original 1830s building.?

www chefandbrewer com / pubs/ avon/ royal- inn



This year?s Swimathon,organised by Portishead Rotary Club and held at Parish Wharf Leisure Centre in March,raised almost £15,000 for charities and local good causes

This was the 25th year anniversary of this mammoth fundraising event which sees swimmers from school children to senior citizens swim in relay for 35 minute slots throughout the day raising money for their own good causes and for those chosen by the Rotary Club.

Over the past few months the Rotary Club has

made donations back to schools,youth and adult groups that took part in the event,as well as donating to charities chosen by the club?s president Tim Mason - Children?s Air Ambulance and the Royal British Legion Portishead Branch


Rotarian Mollie Young,who had been an organiser of the Swimathon for the past 20 years,sadly passed away during the summer Mollie was an active Rotarian who was still helping with fundraising activities just weeks before her passing and who at the age of 81successfully abseiled around 100ft down the side of a Southmead Hospital building to raise money for one of the hospital?s cancer charities.Mollie will be remembered with affection by the many people she came into contact with



Sponsored by FH Halliday & Son

Organised by SoleLution shoe shop and sponsored by FH Halliday & Son,an art themed shop window competition will run throughout Portishead Arts Festival weekend on 23rd & 24th


High Street businesses have been encouraged to decorate their windows with an art theme, whilst others will host a piece of art from a local artist as part of the festival arts trail

Throughout the weekend people are asked to vote for their favourite art themed window and their favourite piece of professional art displayed as part of the arts trail.

Those who vote for the window and the piece of art with the most votes will be entered in to a draw and the winner from each win a £25 gift voucher to spend in Portishead High Street

Glyn and Helen Lawrence,who own FH Halliday & Son,said:?We are delighted to be supporting the shop window competition again this year We hope it encourages more people to get out

and about in our High Street ?

To vote and be in with a chance of winning, email your favourite shop window and favourite piece of art in the High Street over the arts festival weekend to friendsofportisheadcom m unity@gm ail com before 5pm on 25th September

Photo: Alice and Lizzie,last year?s winners of the shop window competition,receiving their prize from Helen from FH Halliday in 2022



The 160th Portishead Summer Show was hailed a huge success after crowds flocked to the two day event, despite a few showers on the Sunday.

There were hundreds of entries in the 300 plus competition classes for fruit,vegetables,flowers and handicrafts,scores of trade stands to browse and plenty of refreshments to enjoy The entertainment offered something for everyone,ranging from traditional Punch and Judy shows,children?s fancy dress parade and Irish dancing to Shetland pony performances, gun dogs demonstrations and a mobile farm The Batala Samba band had everyone tapping their toes while sea shanties from the Barnacle Bouys raised money for good causes

The show is organised entirely by volunteers and costs in the region of £32,000 to put on



Big on quality and big on com m unity

Over the years Richwood Construction has won awards and accolades for its work but,for owners Paul Richards and James Hailwood,it?s customer satisfaction that is the most important Giving back to their local community is also high on the agenda

The pair,both highly skilled and experienced tradesmen who live in Portishead and also work as retained fire officers in the town,formed Richwood in 2003 and have since built a remarkable workforce and an enviable reputation

James explained:?Paul and I started Richwood Construction as two mates who were qualified and experienced tradesmen determined to offer a first class personal service to local residents Since then we have built a strong team around us with expertise that spans every trade needed in the building industry Many of the 14-strong team have worked for us for more than 10 years and all of them have been with us for at least five This has allowed us all to build a trust and reliability that is hard to match ?

Much of the work undertaken by Richwood is repeat business or from word of mouth recommendations 90%of their work is carried out in Portishead ,with the other 10%being in neighbouring towns and villages Paul added:?Doing so much of our work locally means we have an in-depth knowledge of the area including newer developments like the Village Quarter where piled foundations are required Customer satisfaction is our prioritywe always aim to be punctual,clean and tidy and deliver a reliable,professional service with a smile In addition to all that,we like to give back to our local community too ?

Members of the Richwood team are known to help out at local organisations and have been seen supporting the open air pool and the football club In addition they are sponsors at a local golf club and sponsors of Gordano Rugby Club juniors,having previously sponsored the senior team and contributed to the club?s fundraising efforts to obtain a 4Gpitch Richwood takes on projects big and small,from small knock throughs and roofs to large renovations and new builds.

If you are looking for a builder Richwood would be pleased to hear from you richwoodconstruction@hotmailco uk www richwoodconstruction co uk

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For professional advice and a free quotation please call Jerem y on 07789 535460

U s e f u l p e o p l e t o k n o w 58

For professional advice and a free quotation please call Jerem y on 07789 535460

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