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Grand Ole Opry Remains The Heart Of A Music City Getaway


ong before Nashville, Tenn. became an “it” city noted as a top world travel destination by both Forbes and The New York Times, the city welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors annually with a single purpose in mind: seeing the show that made country music famous, the Grand Ole Opry. Today, the Opry is home to some of country music’s most popular stars while continuing to attract fans to its shows every Friday and Saturday night in addition to seasonal Tues. through Thurs. performances. Opry General Manager Pete Fisher says, “When guests visit, they’ll experience music from different generations, including up-and-coming stars, current hit makers and enduring legends.” “Pilgrims travel to Jerusalem to see the Holy Land and the foundations of their faith,” says Opry member Brad Paisley. “People go to Washington, D.C. to see the workings of government and the foundation of our country. And fans flock to Nashville to see the foundation of country music, the Grand Ole Opry.” This House Is Home “I always say backstage at the Opry is like your living room, only with famous people,” says Paisley’s fellow Opry member and Grammy-winning superstar Carrie Underwood, nodding to the Opry’s informal and highly approachable nature, both on stage and behind the scenes. Tours trace the steps of Paisley, Underwood and others. Visitors are guided past themed dressing rooms and are led onto the 6-ft. wooden circle on the Opry House stage, cut from the stage of the Ryman when the show moved to the Opry House in 1974. When standing on the circle, fans stand on the same spot where legends such as Patsy Cline and Hank Williams once stood, as well as where stars such as Keith Urban and Martina McBride perform today. Video commentary from Opry members including Blake Shelton and Darius Rucker on the backstage tours complement the stories shared by tour guides, many of whom personally witnessed several of the magical Opry stage moments they describe to guests.

Every Show Is Different With no less than eight acts and 50 musicians at any one show, the possibilities for artists joining forces on a song—either planned or spontaneous—and creating another “Opry moment” on any given night are endless. With the world tuned in to the popular network drama “Nashville” each week and the city welcoming



more than 1,000 nonstop flights from 40+ locations around the country, plus the destination’s convenient location for road-trippers, Nashville thrives today as a go-to spot for great food, great times and great music—including the Grand Ole Opry. At A Glance • The show that started it all, the Grand Ole Opry, continues to feature country music’s most exciting acts. Among the artists who’ve played the Opry in recent months: Eric Church, Little Big Town and Carrie Underwood.

• Home to the Opry 1943-1974, the historic Ryman Auditorium today features tours by day and concerts featuring an eclectic mix of music by night. • The Bluebird Café, often featured in the hit series “Nashville,” continues to host Music City tunesmiths nightly. Among the Bluebird’s claims to fame: helping “discover” superstars Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift. Plan Your Trip Learn more about Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry at or by calling (800) SEE-OPRY.

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Commercial Flight Nurse and Travel Companion

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Assisting in the Relocation of a Loved One

Bringing Families Together In-State • Out-of-State • Abroad Facility • Home • Hospital Medical & Non-Medical Fay Nichols RN, BSN



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Five Brain Fitness Tips ::by Susan Grotenhuis


ere’s an idea to think about: To stay mentally sharp, sustained effort is key. It takes work to keep a complicated organ such as your brain in optimum condition. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can follow these five simple steps to keep your mind bright:


Change. By the time you reach retirement age, your brain has mastered many tasks. You have to think of creative ways to surprise it. So change is vital to brain health. Change your routines, change your environment, make new friends, have different conversations, listen to different music, try new foods. List the most familiar things in your life and then change them. Think. Don’t let your brain get bored. Stimulate it with lots of new, refreshing information. Read articles, visit museums, study a new topic or take up a new hobby. That awkward feeling you may remember from your first day on the job is what you want to replicate. Try learning a foreign language or a musical instrument. Move. Experts agree that aerobic exercise has the greatest benefit in terms of helping your brain stay young. Encourage important blood flow to the brain by doing at least 21/2 hours of moderate aerobic activity (brisk walking) each week. Start where you can and gradually build up from there. Setting small, monthly goals keeps your efforts focused and on track. Eat smart. Keep those arteries— in your heart and your brain—from getting clogged with fat by eating plenty of fruits, veggies and whole grains. Stick with healthy fats such as those in nuts, avocados and olive oil. Include plenty of lean protein and fiber to round things out. Try to fill half your plate at each meal with fruits and vegetables. They’re full of anti-oxidants and supply important nutrients. Avoid white flour, generally found in breads and pastries. Losing any extra pounds can help, too. Maintaining a healthy weight means a better chance at a healthy brain. Be happy. Human beings are social creatures. The brain is



designed to interact with others and derives great benefit from close relationships. When you’re happy, your brain is happy. When you’re stressed or depressed, your brain releases a chemical called cortisol. Cortisol in small doses is useful for alertness and concentration. When it lingers, however, it attacks the cells in the hippocampus, where memories are formed. Getting plenty of

sleep is also important for relaxing and renewing the mind. Ms. Grotenhuis is a certified Brain Fitness Facilitator with Asbury Communities, an aging services organization. For more information on Brain Fitness, visit www.Asbury. org/Perspective.




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opinion Sound Off

The article by Drew Alexander entitled “New York, New York Goodbye,” how true that is. New York City has a socialist mayor who is destroying things. He needs to be voted out. By the way, only about 23 percent of New Yorkers voted for him. Dear residents of Sun Lakes and the home developments along Arizona Avenue north of Riggs Road who voted to block a big box store from building at Riggs Road and Arizona Avenue in Chandler: Congratulations. Now we’re going to have a lovely Riggs Road Industrial Park at that location. I sincerely hope a paint manufacturing company opens there and the winds blow your way! I’d much rather have low cost shopping than industry next door any day. Choke on it. Those folks who have difficulty with Drew Alexander’s writings are not compelled to read them. The newsstands are overloaded with left-wing fish wrappers that

endlessly repeat the lies that you prefer. On TV you can select from MSNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera or a number of other propaganda mills. I recently visited your area for a month and had the pleasure of reading Drew Alexander’s column on “The Offense of Offending.” His ability to observe and comment on these times are perceptive and appreciated. We enjoyed the area and have a list of activities for next time. Here’s another example of media bias, former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was convicted of 20 federal corruption charges. On NBC, ABC and CBS, when this was reported, they neglected to mention that Ray Nagin was a Democrat. If he was a Republican, it would have been mentioned time and time again. Media bias is alive and well in our country unfortunately. Obamacare was the usual example of Washington, D.C., haste makes waste, and cart before the horse. Give them time to move the horse into its traces and get on down the track eventually. Give it time like they had to do with Social Security. Oh no, you’re too young.

The Curmudgeon Come to These Rooms, Honorable Harry Reid


: : by Drew Alexander

hey are large twin rooms with two rows of throne-like chairs with built-in footrests. The chairs in one room are green, muted red ones in the other, with a glassed-in nurses’ station between the two open spaces. These rooms aren’t cheerful exactly, but I can’t say they’re depressing, either. Side by side windows allow for sunlight to bathe the areas, and the constantly busy medical staff is upbeat, accommodating and efficient. Next to each chair is a tall metal stand with hanging plastic bags of intravenous liquids. These are the infusion rooms at a major Phoenix oncology-hematology treatment and research center in which chemotherapy is administered to cancer patients. Cancer doesn’t practice age, race, ethnic or gender

discrimination; it doesn’t care if you’re a man, woman or child, and it doesn’t care what part of the human body it attacks. Cancer patients are many things— parents and grandparents, business executives, lawyers, teachers, contractors, students, government employees, professional athletes, pilots, doctors, nurses and every other personal title and occupation you can name. One thing these people are not. They are not liars. They have a disease that heavily impacts every aspect of their life, including financially, and have absolutely no reason to lie to anyone about it. The Honorable Harry Reid, the U.S. senate majority leader from Nevada, says otherwise. In February, he took to

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For those venting about computer scams, my experience was hilarious. I was told there was something wrong with my computer. I said, “You’re right! How did you guess? It’s been unplugged for 13 years.” They couldn’t hang up fast enough. I dialed *67 to see what the number was and, of course, it couldn’t be reached. Be leery boys and girls. To the February venter sounding off about soldiers, policemen and animals: Soldiers who are thought to be soldiers don’t always murder. Policemen

thought to be lawman don’t always break the law. Why don’t you always come out with it and say what you want to say—that you don’t like animals. It’s you who needs a good lesson on how to be a humanitarian. There is a built-in flaw in the small claims “justice” system. Although our contractor did have a license, they used a private mailroom as their business address. They were professional scammers, so they knew what they were doing. The small claims procedure mandates ...continues on page 8

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the senate floor to cynically condemn those who said that their health insurance policies have been canceled or their premiums drastically increased as the result of the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare. “Despite all the good news (about Obamacare), there’s plenty of horror stories being told,” the Honorable Harry Reid says. “All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America.” The Honorable Harry Reid went on to say, “The leukemia patient whose insurance policy was canceled and could die...that’s an ad being paid for by two billionaire brothers (Charles Koch and David Koch). It’s absolutely false.” While the Reid didn’t say her name, he was clearly speaking about Michigan resident Julie Boonstra. She had a $1,100 a month insurance policy that suited her needs, believing President Obama when he said, “If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan.”

Write us: Lovin’ Life After 50 3200 N. Hayden Rd., Suite 210 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

It was canceled. As have thousands of other policies across the country. On and on went the Honorable Harry Reid, haughtily insulting cancer victims and millions of other Americans by calling them liars. Now I’m going to get personal. I invite you, the Honorable Harry Reid, to come to the medical facility infusion rooms I described and tell the patients with needles in their arms they are liars. I particularly want you to say that to the attractive gray-haired lady who is fighting lung and brain cancer. Tell her, sir, tell my wife she’s a liar. As ill as she is, she still has a lot of spunk and life left in her. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when she gives you her response. Drew Alexander, also known as “The Curmudgeon,” is a monthly columnist writing about political issues. Send comments to or to Drew Alexander, in care of Lovin’ Life After 50, 3200 N. Hayden Road, Suite 210, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.

The Up Side

Returning To The Days Of Rabbit Ears And Snow


: : by Michael Grady

was 16 when we first got cable in 1978. By the time it reached Southern Michigan, the technology had achieved an almost-mythical status: cable was this mystical electronic IV, of sorts, that hooked into your television’s bloodstream and made it an all-seeing, trash-talking R-rated genius. Kind of like the drug in “Flowers for Algernon.” (I never actually read “Flowers for Algernon,” but I did watch the movie version of it. On cable.) Of course, it was the R-rated parts we were interested in. “You can see movies like ‘A Clockwork Orange’ without a fake ID,” a friend, who’d visited cableenlightened Ohio, proclaimed, “and women walk around topless, for no reason at all. Just like in France!” But cable was only available for the incredible price of $8 a month. (A price that is still incredible today, but for very different reasons.) So, it took some persistent salesmanship to get the nod from my parents. We played up the “all-seeing” and “genius” aspects of cable. “Around the clock nature documentaries!” I told them. “Cultural enlightenment without ever leaving home! Think of the possibilities!” I still remember us all, sitting tubeside, when the cable first came on. We were staring at the snow on Channel 1, when suddenly it broke into a vivid, breathless Technicolor image of two people getting amorously acquainted in the backseat of a car during “Saturday Night Fever.” My Dad looked over at me. “So which part of our culture,” he cast a thumb toward the television, “is being enlightened at this particular time?” I’m remembering all this now because it marked the beginning of a 36 yearold relationship with cable that ended just last month. The break-up went something like this: CABLE: Don’t leave me. I love you! ME: It’s not you. It’s me. CABLE: What did you do? ME: I noticed you were charging me $180 a month. If that’s for love, the prices make it a felony in some states. CABLE: Come back! I’ll give you free HBO!

ME: … really? CABLE: For a whole weekend! ME: (To the WAITER:) Check, please. When a long-term relationship ends, it’s usually because someone is willing to grow and someone is not. And while I have remained emotionally sixteen, cable has grown into a 900-channel shop vac that sucks my discretionary income while putting out only “Seinfeld” reruns. It was time to cut the cord. I’d recount the highlights of the relationship here, but in truth I can’t remember many. Like many youngest children, I am grateful that cable liberated me from the back-and-forth servitude of being a human remote control. (“Turn it to channel 8, Mike. Now to 13. Annnd back to 8…”) I suppose I saw a lot of landmark movies on cable. But no one remembers where they were—or what cable provider they were using—when Rocky Balboa knocked down Apollo Creed. (“I was sitting at this precise part of the couch, when Willie Wonka said, ‘Good day, sir!’”) My wife and I were big fans of the cable series “Ghost Hunters.” That was appointment television for a while. But the rewards of that show are subtle. So subtle, in fact, that I’m not sure it shouldn’t be called “Sitting in a Dark Building” and “Overreacting to Sounds.” Maybe, as they say, the mortal and spirit realms overlap only in gentle nuances like grainy half-shadows and faintly recorded creaks. But nuance doesn’t feed the bulldog over three full seasons. When I caught myself screaming, “C’mon! Show me a severed hand! A floating organ! Anything!” I started to wonder what cable was doing to me. I believe the quality of television is inversely proportional to the number of channels offered. If you had only one television channel, that channel would probably offer you the secret of life. With two channels, the content would only be half as good—but you’d still have insightful, visionary fare. Four channels? You’d get entertaining programs, with the occasional inspiring revelation. Seven hundred and fifty channels? You get Kim Kardashian’s Mom, urinating in her own shrubbery because she can’t

find the keys to her Beverly Hills home. The deal breaker, for me, was all those times I couldn’t remember. All the hours, projects and adventures lost because cable became my default activity. Not even watching programs most of the time, but crawling across the salmon-colored program grid, searching for something I might watch, or once watched, or could abide watching one more time. “Are you seriously watching ‘Shawshank’ again?” My wife would ask. “… just the part where he gets out of solitary.” “He escapes! How many times do you have to see this?” I don’t blame her. I have made that poor woman sit down with Michael Corleone, Virgil “the Turk” Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey in that little Italian restaurant more times than I can count. (“He goes to the john! He gets the gun! Trust me: it never ends well!”) She has a point. Movies, albeit good ones, have taken up too much disk space on my life. I have probably stormed Omaha Beach with Tom Hanks more than I have mowed my own lawn. And I fear that, when my own end is near and my life flashes before my eyes, half of the

scenes will actually be moments from “A Few Good Men.” The fact that I let cable pipe the same movies in and out of me makes me feel like one of those humans duped into believing a phony reality while aliens harvest their bodies for electricity. Which, of course, is a metaphor from “The Matrix.” Which I saw on cable. So we’re back to the days of rabbit ears and snow. It’s like stepping out of a time machine, where a strange, arid world awaits. Channels are hyphenated (45-1, 45-2, 45-3 …) No one knows why. There are stations where people talk about Jesus. There are stations where people talk angrily about Jesus. There are stations where people talk angrily in Korean (presumably about Jesus). And there are stations where people sell earrings big enough to be seen from space. Occasionally, I will find a nature documentary or some kind of cultural enlightenment—and in the pauses I can hear my Dad laughing from heaven as I watch. At least he doesn’t tell me to turn the channel. Michael Grady is a Valley-based freelance writer, reporter and playwright.

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Sound Off

... from page 6 you be able to prove the officer of the insurance statistics, the older a senior company was personally notified via becomes, the greater the likelihood certified mail (or process server) of the she is a female who is aging alone. claim. The scammers refuse to collect Moreover, at least 90 percent of U.S. (never mind sign for) this mail. No other males are married at the time of their signature satisfies the law. A process death, while at least 90 percent of U.S. server is no help. When will the scam females are unmarried at the time of artist ever appear? The cost of waiting their death. Your cover illustrations indefinitely would be astronomical. So, never, ever reflect the reality of the the small claims law, in fact, protects feminization of aging. Whyzzit? I have the scammer. A solution might be a second, unrelated question. I had when applying for a contractor’s occasion the last few months to research license, requiring a physical address the features and monthly premiums of be provided in addition to the mailing Obamacare health plans. Although address. In addition to the losses from the legislation that gave rise to them the incident, I spent additional money is called the “Affordable Care Act,” the premiums do not impress me as and never approached justice. reasonable—nor affordable—in terms I have two questions. The first of what the plans offer their subscribers. concerns cover illustrations for I am reminded of government support the print version of Lovin’ Life for big corporations in the form of After 50. I have followed the publication the well-known “bailouts,” to which for years. Almost always, the cover the taxpaying public was an unwilling shows a senior-aged woman with a contributor. It does not appear to me senior-aged man at her side. This that the ACA puts any limits on how reminds me of the way advertisers much insurers can charge by way of always depict women users of their premiums. Isn’t this correct? I have products as impossibly curvaceous, not seen any statistics on how much blonde and alluring. According to the health insurance industry’s profits

their signature legislations such as HB1020 and SB1062. Yet when you’re offended by a governor or mayor of another state, you stomp off like a 6-year-old. “I’m never gonna play with you again.” Until New York passes a law allowing businesses in New York to discriminate against conservatives, just shut your pie hole.—J. Wilson, Tucson

have increased, decreased or stayed the same since they acquired all these new subscribers who are obliged to participate by the rules of Obamacare. Is there a research study that addresses the question whether and to what extent insurers have fattened their coffers, and to what extent the public’s disposable income has been affected, due to the individual mandate? Thank you.

At last, I have a chance to voice my opinion, based on the article by Drew Alexander, The Curmudgeon. It never ceases to amaze me when I continue to hear this type of logic! What ever happened to the rights of all Americans to their own political views? This article, it is so typical of the political environment, which exists in recent years. What we have become is a very unfriendly and judgmental population of Americans, which is so un-American. The conservative wing uses the constitution to promote the use of gun ownership, yet they deny the part which says, “All men are created equal, etc. with liberty and justice for all.” The attitude is, if your attitude and beliefs are different than theirs, then you must be wrong.

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your comment about our covers and we’ll take your concern into consideration. On a side note: we do acknowledge these issues in our content including our monthly “Widow’s Corner” column. When Obama took office, the United States ranked sixth in economic freedom, now it’s 12th! Is this the type of change Americans wanted? So much for “hope and change” huh? Re: Drew Alexander’s column March 2014: What a childish attitude you have about New York. You live in a state with one of the most bigoted state legislatures in the union, but have no issue the intolerance they exhibit in

...continues on page 10

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Donate your car

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The Widow’s Corner Hiatus

Did you know you may qualify for year-round enrollment?

: : by Terry Ratner, RN, MFA


’m working out with weights in the gym—pressing 17.5 pounders above my head and then squatting and bringing them down to my ankles. After counting 16 reps, I stand the weights upright in front of me and look at myself in the mirror. I watch a thirty-something young man in back of me perform his reps with grunts that turn his face beet red and cause me to be prepared to resuscitate in case he has a health emergency. Then I focus on my own face and wonder if anyone can tell if I have cancer. What does cancer look like? Is it based on the after effects of chemo or radiation, or is it a combination of an abrupt lifestyle change coupled with a fear of dying a slow and horrifying death? Does it make one pale or old before their time? Sometimes I feel a pain in the area of my right breast and wonder if the cancer is secretly stealing all the nutrients to feed its selfish cells and preparing to ravish me from the inside out. I begin to cry. It’s not a weeping that others might notice, but more of a quiet sorrow with tears slowly making a path down the sides of my cheeks. I wonder if anyone at the gym has cancer or is a cancer survivor. I think about announcing it to the room full of men and women working out, but instead I stay focused and continue my lifting, squatting, and grunting as I work myself up to 20 pounders. It’s a Wednesday night before the holidays. I call my father in the morning. He doesn’t answer, so I leave a message for him to call me back. He’s 98 years old and lives in Chicago with a woman who is 67 years old. She and I speak only formalities even though we’ve known each other for years. Father has dementia. It has worsened in the last six months. I want to tell him about my cancer. I want to hear his “I’m so sorry” or “Don’t worry” or “Everything will be fine.”

He calls me back that evening. His wife most likely dialed the number for him. I tell him nothing about the cancer diagnosis, mainly because I know he won’t understand or else he will say something that is inappropriate. I want to tell him how much I miss mother, who died in a pedestrian accident 20 years ago. I stop myself for fear that he won’t remember the woman he spent 52 years with or he won’t understand what I’m saying. There is a silence of 10 or 15 seconds between us. I hold the phone away from my face so he won’t hear me crying. He’s confused and I hear him say to his wife, “Something happened. I don’t know where she is.” Tears are streaming out the sides of my eyes. I bring the phone back to my ear and say, “I love you Dad.” “I love you too,” he says in his cheery weak voice that breaks up with each word as if he has a bad case of laryngitis. Less than a week later, my father takes a turn for the worse. Then I had a reasonable justification for delaying my radiation therapy. I no longer needed to use the usual excuses like, “I have to do all the research,” or “I’m not sure which method is best for me” or “I don’t think I want to undergo any type of treatment.” My father died on Christmas. I had to fly to Chicago, attend the funeral, and deal with family matters that surface after a death. My new research focused on buying airline tickets, making hotel reservations and dealing with a loss. Radiation treatments can wait. Chemo treatments can be set aside. I’m putting my cancer on hold. Terry J. Ratner, RN, MFA is a health educator at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. Visit her website at www.terryratner. com. Send comments to

Pick up your copy of Lovin’ Life at any Valley

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Sound Off

... from page 8 All communities have their opponents they’re kids caught in the cookie jar and proponents of conservatives and trying to tell mom they were falling liberals. People don’t see things from out and he was only trying to put them the middle of the road, but rather from back in? As an old Jerseyite, we’re their own viewpoints, i.e., different rolling on the floor laughing about is the wrong, and this is the typical Christie’s imagination. view expressed in communities across America, today. We can blame all the Would someone please explain slanderous commercials against the how one judge can override “other” side, and people are completely the will of the majority taken in by these, instead of doing of people voting to keep marriage their own research to determine which between one man and one woman. are the correct facts. In our circle we This has happened in several of our no longer participate in the political states. Why should we vote when our conversation pushed upon us by those vote is disregarded and overrode by one with very strong views. Politics should person. This is not how our forefathers be personal, if the subject cannot be set up our country. It is a disgrace. discussed with civility. What does it mean to be American in today’s very To all who are worried about divisive and narrow-minded political the people back East with no environment? power: They plan ahead of disaster—generators, cords of wood Democracy in Washington and even—get this—heated floors. might actually work if all the egomaniacs get over the You’re having problems with games of self-importance and oneyour bank. In case you haven’t upmanship trash. There are just too noticed yet, the banking many disgusting examples they’re system of transferring employees from showing the world. No wonder peace one branch to another is part of the won’t work in the Middle East. All the reason America needs to return to the al-Qaeda groups are only copying the union system. Even if it has its own ratAmericans—believe it or not. race problems, it beats the phony job of working toward advancement. It’s Great. The opening ceremony all about big money and money going of the Winter Olympics will be ‘round and ‘round for servitudes. Quit forever remembered as having working so hard for other people. fantastic engineering and superior camera presentations. As usual, it I have lived through many was spoiled by the ignorant, poor presidencies. Some presidents timing of commercial interruptions. I may not have liked, but this Will sponsors never learn public good President Obama really scares me with manners for better business? his arrogance and abuse of power. He needs to be removed from office for the If Obamacare is so sake of our country. wonderful, why is the Obama administration spending over Arizonans already know who $684 million in taxpayer money to run killed our 19 firefighters. It was commercials encouraging people to some bureaucratic decision to sign up? turn the planes around to New Mexico. Without knowing what’s going on in The Obama administration Arizona. They’ll find a scapegoat in has loosened the immigration one of the pilots. It’s the usual process. rules, which will allow people Disgusting. Same as usual. who aided terrorists to be admitted into our country. Have we not learned Personally we don’t care to anything from 9/11? Obama is putting connect with the busy body Americans’ lives at risk by this action. strangers around the world on Facebook or anything else. It’s still Laugh of the day: Aren’t nice to be able to pick up the telephone politicians hilarious when they and hear a friend’s voice or send them misbehave and get caught like a birthday card through the U.S.

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mail. When we’ve lost that, we’ve lost America. Remember restaurants had signs that said, “No shoes, no shirt, no service, no choice.” What happened to our freedom of choice? I don’t want to sit next to a sweaty, bare-chested, barefooted slop when I go into a restaurant. Who does, but another bare-chested, barefooted slob. What happened to freedom of choice in America. Get over yourselves and get back to being a clean, welldressed, shoed polite customer. Facts are facts. Let’s get the facts straight. What ruined our economy, it happened under Bush before Obama took off. Obama is cleaning it up as fast as he can, despite Congress blocking him every step of the way. They are hoping they get blamed, while they get $175,000 a year for working 126 days a year. Their work day consists of saying “no.” Hooray! Freedom of speech does not mean people are free to advertise their ignorance, aggravations or personal mean dispositions at others at public gatherings. Write a book if you want to tell people how dumb you are. Amazing, parents and coaches are finally learning soccer can be played without using headshots. Oh boy, just use the brains inside those skull shells. It appears some Russian military are playing chicken in a typical old KGB typically sneaky way. But it stinks because it’s hungry and it’ll bite off its own tail. What do you think of that? How dare Harry Reid on the senate floor call those people who have lost their doctors and hospitals because of Obamacare liars. There are also the people who claimed that (Mitt) Romney had not paid taxes in 10 years, which was false. This man needs to be thrown out of senate. He is the biggest liar of all. Shame on him. Oh sometimes you wonder about the people who call in. I have two calls I want to comment on. Pete Davies of Sun City, if you’re going to start quoting facts,

get the facts before you start guesstimating—that’s guessing it, in case you don’t understand the translation. In Lovin’ Life After 50, you quote our consumption of foreign oil has increased not reduced. Where on Earth are you getting these figures? In a year, we’re not going to be not only self-sufficient, we can maybe export gas. I don’t know where you get these ideas, but you better start checking. The other caller’s response was about the Republicans, that they shut down the government. I think you better do a little research. The Republicans didn’t shut down the government. Republicans didn’t want to fund Obama. Obama said he would not even approve this if it was not in his budget. Who is blackmailing who? Obama takes just as much responsibility. Big news: “I’ve come to tell the world I’m an openly gay person.” So what, who cares? Shut your bedroom door and mind your own damn business. Twice Lois Lerner of the IRS appeared before Congress and both times she took the Fifth Amendment. It shouts guilty, guilty, guilty. Why would someone take the Fifth if they had nothing to hide? This proves that the IRS targeted Tea Party and conservative groups. She needs to be subpoenaed and forced to testify. If Mr. Romney made the Affordable Care Act work in Massachusetts and everybody has insurance, why do the rest of the GOP Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot and him in the back? Oh boy, sure wish I had the contract for white washing for Washington. They must be running out of it pretty soon—I hope. This is in response to a Sound Off, to some guy from Mesa foaming at the mouth about Jane Fonda. I spent 15 months on the ground with the Marines in Vietnam. I had friends blown to pieces right in front of me, and friends who were killed in every possible gruesome way. The affair that got us into the war was a big fat lie, just like Bush’s big fat lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. These lies caused soldiers to be ...continues on page 35

Ask the Old Bag Advice for the Over-50 Crowd

: : by Gayle M. Lagman-Creswick


ear Old Bag: I personally do not like your title. Anyway, in response to the never-ending problem of who pays for a date: Maybe your readers would be interested in how I resolved this non-issue. 1. He who does the asking, does the paying! 2. If a gentleman takes me out for a second date, that’s great. But, on the third date, I ask him and I pay! Heavens, what universe are these shallow senior women living in? Also: If a gentleman suggests a Dutch Date, I’m finished before we get started. Signed, Fran


ear Fran: Sorry you do not like my title. I came by it honestly. Thank you for letting us hear another version of the “who pays” saga. The Old Bag Rules for Casual Dating for those on a fixed income are not for everyone. Hope you do not miss out on a wonderful man because he goes by my rules! Good luck. Signed, O.B.


ear Old Bag: My wife passed away a few months ago. Since her passing I have been obsessed with wondering how I will die. My wife was a wonderful woman, but she had six months of hell before she died. I know we never know what path our home stretch will follow, but at the thought of how she died, I feel I must do something to avoid such an ending to my own life. What are your thoughts? Signed, Worried


ear Worried: I think it is normal to think these thoughts after losing a loved one, especially if they had a difficult passing. Most of us, given the choice, would want to die in our sleep. Unfortunately, we do not have that choice. However, when you say you feel you must “do something to avoid such an ending” that sends up a red flag to me. You must get some counseling regarding these thoughts. Speak with a doctor, hospice or with your clergy ASAP. Prayers and good thoughts are coming your way. Best wishes, O.B.


ear Old Bag: I very much enjoyed your talk to our alumni group last month. Someone asked you a question about what you thought about casual dating, if your spouse was in a nursing home and had been paralyzed for years and not able to speak, but was still aware of what was going on. You said you felt that was different than an Alzheimer’s patient who did not know you anymore and was not aware, and you said you felt it would not be right to date in that case. My question to you is: what is a person to do? It is lonely after years and years. Signed, Alum

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ear Alum: If your spouse in the nursing home is aware, I am sure she is lonely, too. I did not mean that you should not be active socially. I meant that I felt you should not develop a relationship with the opposite sex, if your spouse is still aware. You can still golf, play cards, have dinner with friends, enjoy family, go to church, travel, etc. It is very important to stay active. This is a tough time for sure. Remember, this is only my opinion. Each person must decide for themselves, based upon their own set of ethics. Good luck, O.B. P.S. If I were the patient myself, I would give my spouse permission to get on with his life...but that is just how I feel.


ear Readers: Remember the request that I made for each of us to teach the younger crowd how to be kind to others? Our assignment this month for those of you who are on board: Invite an acquaintance to dinner or to an activity to get to know the person better. It would be extra nice if the person you invite has a spouse in a nursing home or is a widow or widower. Most of us run around with the same people all the time. Stretch a little! Thank you, O.B.

If you have a question for The Old Bag, please send it to: Ask the Old Bag c/o Lovin’ Life After 50, 3200 N. Hayden Road, Suite 210, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 or

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April 1 Tuesday Birding at Sweetwater Wetlands, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., Sweetwater Wetlands, 2667 W. Sweetwater Dr., free, 615-7855, Join a local birding expert on a guided walk to see a variety of ducks and shorebirds, sparrows, hawks and warblers. April 2 Wednesday

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“Battles of the Bad Back,” 6 p.m., The University of Arizona Medical Center-University Campus, DuVal Auditorium, Room 2600, 1501 N. Campbell Ave., free but registration required, 626-5040, livinghealthy@arthritis., Physical therapist and author Randy Raugh will discuss noninvasive ways to treat and prevent low back pain. April 3 Thursday “Zee’s” Inlaid Mesquite Furniture and Art with Gems and Fossils Artist Reception, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Madaras Gallery, 3001 E. Skyline, free but reservations required, 623-4000. Zee Haag, known professionally as “Zee,” inlays exquisitely handmade mesquite furniture and copper art pieces with minerals, gems and fossils. April 4 Friday Introduction to Microsoft Excel, 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., Kirk-Bear Canyon Branch Library, 8959 E. Tanque Verde, free, 594-5275. April 5 Saturday The German-American Club’s Blumentanz 2014, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, 3445 N. Dodge Blvd., $8 (dinner), $8 (dance), 546-6663. Meals served from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Event includes door prizes, raffle, music by Ken Novak and a performance by The Polynesian Dancers. Paint Out in the Park, 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., Brandi Fenton Memorial Park, Visitor Center, 3482 E. River Rd., free but reservations required, 615-7855, eeducation@ Join Tucson Plein Air Painters Society Signature Artist Walter Porter to learn techniques for painting landscape scenes in the open air. Nature Nights: Evening Owl Walk, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Gabe Zimmerman Davidson Canyon Trailhead at Cienega Creek Natural Preserve, 16000 E. Marsh Station Rd., free, 615-7855, April 6 Sunday

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Bob Kay, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays, Singles and Friends Inc., 2447 N. Los Altos, $4, 883-5491. The singing

drummer/DJ plays “oldies but goodies” at a nonsmoking dance. Bring snacks for the potluck. Heirloom Farmers Markets’ “Viva La Local Food Festival: Celebrating Joyous Local Food!” 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Rillito Downs, 4502 N. First Ave., free, With more than 80 Heirloom Farmers Market vendors, 50-plus local restaurants, local breweries and wineries, Viva La Local Food Festival will be the place to go for everything local food. Arizona Choral Society’s Spring Concert, 3:30 p.m., Catalina United Methodist Church, 2700 E. Speedway Blvd., $12 in advance or $15 day of show, 3274296. The group will perform a musical Lenten journey of master works from the Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic and Contemporary periods. Historical Tour of Agua Caliente Park, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., repeats April 13 and April 27, Pima County Agua Caliente Park, 12325 E. Roger Rd., free, 615-7855, Enjoy a guided walk around the lush grounds and historic buildings of the park, and gain insights into the rich farming and ranching history of the site. April 7 Monday Art Talk with Sandy Cord, 1:30 p.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free but reservations required, 325-4800. Tucson Museum of Art docent Sandy Cord will give an in-depth presentation on Louis Comfort Tiffany, who is best known for his work in stained glass. April 8 Tuesday History Talk with Sue Ward, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free but reservations required, 325-4800. Sue Ward, an international relations specialist, will discuss “Great Decisions—Islam’s Awakenings.” Birding at Hacienda de la Canoa, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., Historic Hacienda de la Canoa, 5375 S. Interstate 19 Frontage Rd., Green Valley, free but reservations required, 877-6004, April 9 Wednesday Heritage Area Structures Rehabilitation Tour, 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., Historic Hacienda de la Canoa, 5375 S. Interstate 19 Frontage Rd., Green Valley, free but reservations required, 877-6004, Architectural preservationist Simon Herbert discusses the processes and materials used for the rehabilitation of the structures at the site.


April 10 Thursday Pima County School Retirees, 12 p.m., Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 1200 N. Campbell Ave., $9, 748-1720. The organization honors a member with the PCSRA Service Award. Open to all former school employees. Green Valley Stroke Support Group, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., Zuni Room, La Perla at La Posada, 635 S. Park Center Ave., Green Valley, free but reservations required, 626-2901. For stroke survivors and caregivers to learn more about stroke, to find positive solutions to shared concerns and to unite in support of each other. National Association of Retired and Veteran Railroad Employees Inc., 11 a.m., The Golden Corral, 4380 E. 22nd St., $11, 722-7994, 885-5649. All veteran railroad employees—retired or still working—are cordially invited to hear speaker author William Kalt. April 11 Friday Southern Arizona Women’s Chorus, 7 p.m., Catalina Foothills High School, 4300 E. Sunrise Dr., $15 in advance, $20 at the door, 404-3148, www. Join the Southern Arizona Women’s Chorus for “Medley Madness,” a selection of energetic chorus medleys from George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer, including standards from the big band and swing eras. The League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson’s Issues and Eggs Breakfast: “Jobs Won’t Grow on Cacti...Without Help,” 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., Doubletree Hilton Hotel, 445 S. Alvernon Way, $42.50, 327-7652, Daisy Jenkins of Daisy Jenkins and Associates will speak about requirements needed to be employed in today’s workforce. Other panelists will offer information on their perspective on employment solutions. April 12 Saturday Tucson Christian Writers’ Group, 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Amphitheater Bible Church, 226 W. Prince Rd., free, Jenne Acevedo will speak about “Time Management for Writers.” Tucson Botanical Gardens’ Home and Garden Tour, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., throughout Tucson, $140, $125 members, $240 per couple, 326-9686, www. Guests will start off the day with a brunch at The Gardens and then hop on special transport to six homes and end at a special reception home for wine and cheese after the tour. SaddleBrooke Spring Art and Craft Fair, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Mountainview Clubhouse, 38759 Mountainview Blvd., free admission, 818-0277. More than 90 resident artists will show off their work. Resident Art Show and Open House, 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free but reservations required, 325-4800. Stop by and see fabulous mixed media art created by Forum residents.

Stroke Check, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., TMC Marshall Conference Center, 5301 E. Grant Rd., free, 324-4345, No appointment necessary. Last intake at 11:30 a.m. Eight-hour fasting recommended. April 13 Sunday Bob Kay, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays, Singles and Friends Inc., 2447 N. Los Altos, $4, 883-5491. The singing drummer/DJ plays “oldies but goodies” at a nonsmoking dance. Bring snacks for the potluck. Southern Arizona Women’s Chorus, 4 p.m., Ascension Lutheran Church, 1220 W. Magee Rd., $15 in advance, $20 at the door, 404-3148, www. Join the Southern Arizona Women’s Chorus for “Medley Madness,” a selection of energetic chorus medleys from George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer, including standards from the big band and swing eras. Worldwide Travel Talks Presents: Mexico, Without Tickets or Reservations, 2:30 p.m., Nanini Library, 7300 N. Shannon Rd., free, 594-5365. Willy and Steve Campos offer a presentation on their trip. April 14 Monday Tucson Community Stroke Support Group, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., University of Arizona Medical Center, Cafeteria Dining Room C, 1501 N. Campbell Ave., free but reservations required, 626-2901. For stroke survivors and caregivers to learn more about stroke, to find positive solutions to shared concerns and to unite in support of each other. Brain Week, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., TMC Healthy Living Connections, Seniors Classrooms, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free but reservations required, 324-4345, CommunityCalendar. Sessions include “Reiki and Mindful Breathing for Stress Control” and “The Complex Brain.” April 15 Tuesday

Mark your calendar... ...for our FREE: •Wellness Lectures •Screenings •Demonstrations and Special Events Designed to help you live a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle.

at El Dorado Health Campus for details about all of our upcoming events.

Mon., April 14

Reiki and Mindful Breathing for Stress Control 10:00am – 11:30am - Ann Baldwin, PhD

Mon., April 14

The Complex Brain - David Teeple, MD

Tues., April 15

Oh My Aching Head! - Amy Tees, NP

1:00pm – 2:30pm

10:00am – 11:30am

Tues., April 15 1:00pm – 4:00pm

All About Parkinson’s Disease - Cynthia Fox, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Wed., April 16

The Warning Signs of Memory Loss vs Alzheimer’s 10:00am – 11:30am - Kelly Raach, Alzheimer’s Association

Wed., April 16

Living with Memory Loss - Mateja de Leonni Stanonik, MD, PhD

Wed., April 16

Younger-Onset Alzheimer's: A Guide to Living with the Disease - Morgen Hartford, MSW

1:00pm – 3:00pm 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Thurs., April 17 Exercise for Brain Change - Becky Farley, PhD 10:00am – 11:30am

Thurs., April 17 Brain Recovery - Stephanie Gillespie, NP 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Fri., April 18

9:00am –10:30am

Nutrition and Brain Health - Laurie Ledford, MS, RD

RSVP 324-4345

Brain Week, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., TMC Healthy Living Connections, Seniors Classrooms, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free but reservations required, 324-4345, CommunityCalendar. Sessions include “Oh My Aching Head!” and “All About Parkinson’s Disease.”

Pre-registration is required. For more information call 324-1960.

TMC Healthy Living Connections Seniors Classrooms El Dorado Health Campus 1400 N. Wilmot Road

April 16 Wednesday Brain Week, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., TMC Healthy Living Connections Seniors Classrooms, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free but reservations required, 324-4345, CommunityCalendar. Sessions include “The Warning Signs of Memory Loss vs. Alzheimer’s,” “Living with Memory Loss” and “Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s: A Guide to Living with the Disease.” ...continues on page 14

STROKE CHECK! FREE COMMUNITY SCREENINGS! SATURDAY, APRIL 12 - 8AM-12PM No appointment required. Last intake 11:30am (for best results, 8 hour fasting is recommended)

At TMC Marshall Conference Center 5301 East Grant Road

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Fax 520-8


... from page 13 April 17 Thursday 5375 S. Interstate 19 Frontage Rd., Green Valley, free but reservations required, 877-6004, Green Valley Genealogical Society, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Architectural preservationist Simon Herbert discusses the Valley Presbyterian Church, 2800 S. Camino del Sol, Green processes and materials used for the rehabilitation of the Valley, free, 396-4630, The main program features Betsy Frith Gotsponer discussing “Recognizing structures at the site. Errors—This Doesn’t Look Right.” The short program is “Henry Samson, Mayflower Passenger” by John Bird. Brain Week, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., TMC Healthy Living Connections Seniors Classrooms, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free but reservations required, 324-4345, CommunityCalendar. Sessions include “Exercise for Brain Change” and “Brain Recovery.” April 18 Friday Brain Week, 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., TMC Healthy Living Connections Seniors Classrooms, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free but reservations required, 324-4345, CommunityCalendar. Session is “Nutrition and Brain Health.” April 19 Saturday Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale to Benefit HSSA, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Healthy You Network (HYN) Resource Center, 3913 E. Pima St., free admission, 207-7503. HYN will host Tucson’s participation in the 2014 annual Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. Third Saturday Art Fair, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Many Hands Courtyard, 3054 N. First Ave., free, 360-1880, Many Hands will have visiting artists as well as courtyard artists. This month’s theme is “Garden Art.” April 20 Sunday Bob Kay, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays, Singles and Friends Inc., 2447 N. Los Altos, $4, 883-5491. The singing drummer/DJ plays “oldies but goodies” at a nonsmoking dance. Bring snacks for the potluck. April 21 Monday National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) Chapter 1874 Meeting, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Golden Corral Restaurant, 6865 N. Thornydale Dr., charge for meals (senior menu $7.95), 400-3456. The topic this month is the nurse/advocate program. April 22 Tuesday Dragons and Damsels, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., Sweetwater Wetlands, 2667 W. Sweetwater Dr., free, 615-7855, Explore the worlds of dragonflies and damselflies with naturalist Jeff Babson. April 23 Wednesday Heritage Area Structures Rehabilitation Tour, 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., Historic Hacienda de la Canoa,

page 14 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : April 2014

April 24 Thursday Cactus Hike, 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., Pima County Tucson Mountain Park, 8451 W. McCain Loop Rd., free but reservations required, 615-7855, Enjoy the showy flowers of the local cacti and learn about their ecology and uses. April 25 Friday A Night with the Stars, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Tucson Mountain Park Ironwood Picnic Area, 1548 S. Kinney Rd., free, 615-7855. Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association volunteers provide an introduction to the night sky. April 26 Saturday Desert Butterfly Walk, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., Tucson Mountain Park, Pima County Desert Discovery Center, 7798 W. Gates Pass Rd., free but reservations required, 615-7855, Join butterfly expert Jeff Babson on a walking tour to search for butterflies of the Arizona Uplands. April 27 Sunday Bob Kay, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays, Singles and Friends Inc., 2447 N. Los Altos, $4, 883-5491. The singing drummer/DJ plays “oldies but goodies” at a nonsmoking dance. Bring snacks for the potluck. “Wine to Remember,” 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Hacienda del Sol Resort, 5501 N. Hacienda del Sol Rd., $50, $80 for two, 322-6601 or Sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association, Desert Southwest. April 28 Monday Ask the Expert: Keeping Seniors Safe, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free but reservations required, 325-4800. Join Karen Kochhar, owner of Right at Home, as she conducts a discussion outlining the many precautions and simple changes seniors can make to help keep everyone safe. April 29 Tuesday Introduction to Computers, 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., Valencia Branch Library, 202 W. Valencia Rd., free, 594-5390. In this course, students will learn Windows tips and tricks to make computing easier and fun. April 30 Wednesday Exploring Google, 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., Miller-Golf Links Branch Library, 9640 E. Golf Links Rd., free, 5945355. In this course, students will learn about some other useful and fun features of Google, including news, maps, videos, calendars and health and financial information.

Dana Named 2014 Ms. Senior Arizona ::by Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

A 68-year-old dancer, Carol Dana says she has flourished in her sixth decade of life. “I feel like my 60s have been the best part of my life, I guess, because of the choices I made along the way and the experiences I’ve had,” Dana says. Dana parlayed her fun-loving attitude into a win at the 25th annual Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant held at the Valley Vista Performing Arts Center in Surprise. She wowed the audience—and the judges—with her jazz/tap routine to “Sing, Sing, Sing,” taking top honors in the talent competition as well. “This is the first pageant I’ve ever entered,” she says. “So the time was right. I wanted to show people how good life could be when you’re older. They should continue to try new things. I just wanted to show that and let people know that you don’t have to be stuck in front of your TV.” She will travel to Atlantic City in October to represent Arizona as she competes for the Ms. Senior America title. Dana is looking forward to representing Ms. Senior Arizona as well as its sponsoring nonprofit, Cameo Foundation, throughout the year. Because the competition will be stiff, Dana is considering mixing up her routine in New Jersey. Dana has danced most of her life, studying the art form at Brigham Young University in Utah. She began teaching dance at Dysart High School in 1979. Dana’s court is first runnerup Nancy Rossman from Scottsdale; second runner-up Lizbeth Congiusti, also of Scottsdale; third runner-up Sylvia Paterno, a Phoenix resident; and fourth runner-up Wilma Best of Sun City West. The 2014 contestants presented and array of talent that included singing, dancing, comedy, monologues and, for the first time, an ethnic flag dance. Other winners included: Beverly Eernisse as “Ms. Photogenic;” Congiusti, “Ms. Moxie;” and Josephine Cox from Tucson took top honors as “Ms. Congeniality.” Rossman had the “Best Philosophy of

Life” and was “Most Elegant.” The Ruth Bartel Motivational Award went to Linda Allbright from Sun City. “They are wonderful women,” Dana says about her fellow contestants. “That was one of the joys of the competition. We had practices every Saturday for about six weeks before so we would be really comfortable by the time the pageant came. “We got to know each other really well. There were a lot of women with outstanding qualities and interesting pasts.” During her run at Ms. Senior Arizona, Dana received the full support of her family including son, Joe Dana, a journalist at Channel 12. He is one of her four children, who have given her 10 grandchildren. It’s her grandchildren and her children who keep her motivated to stay healthy. “I like to stay physically active,” she says. “I still do my own yard work. I clean my house. I go to the gym and do things like dancing. I just feel like that keeps me motivated and I’m doing that to stay healthy so I will be motivated. “I have children and grandchildren that I want to be around for many years and then there’s a lot of joy in being involved rather than not being involved.” 866-780-2813 The

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de o c he t n Sca s! folk

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Entertainment The Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society Continues to Thrive T

::by Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Every eveno say Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society members are a dedicated numbered year since 1996, the society has bunch is an understatement. Just ask President Dick Wiedhopf, held a two-day event whose roots in the group go back to featuring a plant sale, 1970. He’ll talk about the passion cactus and succulent books, and an art and behind the organization. “Recently, one of our members said, pottery sale. There will ‘We really need to do a field guide be five guest speakers for Arizona cactus and succulents,’” and four workshops. The plant show— Wiedhopf recalls. “So they are writing a field guide of about 160 to 170 featuring only cactus different plants in Arizona. We should and succulents from the private member have it out in early 2015.” That’s all fine and good, but the collections—is open 54-year-old organization with more to the public at no than 1,000 followers has raised upward charge, as is the silent auction. of $5,000 for Some of the Cacti from private member collections are put on display the book. One plants are native every two years at the Sonoran X Conference. donation was rescued cactus, a product of the over 1,000 members—from all over particularly Tucson Cactus and Succulent the world. Either they want to come touching to here when we’re doing a rescue, or Society’s pet project. Wiedhopf. “In 1999, things really they think it’s a great idea.” “I went to The Tucson Cactus and Succulent changed,” he the mailstop says. “One of Society has rescued more than 67,000 and there our members, plants. Those who dig with the group was a $1,000 check,” who is part of an can buy the plants for a tag price, which he says. “She (the letter engineering firm, range from $1 for very small plants to writer) says, ‘This is he and his dad $8 for saguaros. the best nonprofit “You can get a big saguaro for $8 were working on society that I have ever a school site. They or a big barrel cactus for $6. All of a belonged to. Just keep The Tucson Cactus and Succulent did the electrical sudden, people started coming out. We up the good work.’ “When people say Society has rescued more than engineering for proved that we could do this. We could that and then put 67,000 plants, which it then sells it. There were all rescue plants and do it on the weekends these cactus on when they didn’t have anybody working some money behind it from $1 to $8. because they really believe it, I think the site. The school didn’t want to see there. We never slowed down a job.” The Tucson Cactus and Succulent them all bladed.” maybe we’re doing something right.” The duo asked Wiedhopf if he knew Society meets from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. For 20 years, it has shown that it can host conferences as well. The Tucson anything about collecting cactus. He the first Thursday of the month. For Cactus and Succulent Society, which did, as he was involved in a longtime locations and information about its costs $15 a year to join, is holding the research project about creating anti- charity work, visit www.tucsoncactus. Sonoran X Conference called “Plants tumor agents from plants. Wiedhopf org or call 256-2447. “We have a speaker, great for the Sonoran Desert Hobbyist” at and his society collected the necessary the Hotel Tucson City Center Inn permits and tags, and rescued the refreshments, raffle prizes, door prizes and everyone who stays to the end gets Suites, 475 N. Granada Ave., from 8 plants in Oro Valley. “It just exploded out of that,” he a free plant,” says Wiedhopf. “People a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, April 19, and from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sunday, April says. “We had 75, 80 members. Now really seem to like that format. We’re for the last six or seven years, we have just a group of really good people.” 20.

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Fun & Games Around Tucson April 2014 Tracy Lawrence and John Anderson

WHEN: Wed., April 2, at 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $22 to $62 INFO: 547-3040 or The concert will include an intimate evening with two of the most influential singer/songwriters in country music, John Anderson and Tracy Lawrence.

Doobie Brothers

WHEN: Fri., April 4, at 8 p.m. WHERE: Desert Diamond Casino, 1100 W. Pima Mine Rd., Sahuarita COST: $45 to $75 INFO: 342-2944 or The Doobie Brothers current tour lineup includes founding members Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons and John McFee.

Nat King Cole Tribute

WHEN: Fri., April 11, at 8 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $41 to $65 INFO: 547-3040 or The Nat King Cole Tribute features Ramsey Lewis and John Pizzarelli.

Rob Thomas

WHEN: Sat., April 12, at 8 p.m. WHERE: Desert Diamond Casino, 1100 W. Pima Mine Rd., Sahuarita COST: $45 to $75 INFO: 342-2944 or Rob Thomas is best known for his chart-topping hits such as: “Lonely No More” and “This is How a Heart Breaks” and Matchbox Twenty hits like “Push,” “3 a.m.,” “If You’re Gone” and “Bent.”


WHEN: Sun., April 13, at 2 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $5 to $7 INFO: 547-3040 or Musical adaptation about an orphan who runs away from an orphanage and hooks up with a group of boys trained to be pickpockets by an elderly mentor. ...continues on page 18

Entertainment Arizona Casinos- Listed Alphabetically Casino Arizona at Talking Stick

Desert Diamond Casino II

Mazatzal Casino

Casino del Sol

Fort McDowell Gaming Center

Paradise Casino

Apache Gold Casino

Casino of the Sun

Golden Ha:sañ Casino

Spirit Mountain Casino

BlueWater Casino

Cliff Castle Casino

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino

Vee Quiva Casino

Bucky’s Casino

Cocopah Casino

Hon-Dah Casino

Wild Horse Pass Casino

Casino Arizona at Salt River

Desert Diamond Casino I

Lone Butte Casino

Yavapai Casino

9700 E. Indian Bend Rd., Scottsdale (866) 877-9897,

1100 W. Pima Mine Rd., Sahuarita (866) 332-9467,

5655 W. Valencia Rd., Tucson (520) 838-6506, Highway 70, San Carlos (928) 475-7800, 11222 Resort Dr., Parker (800) 747-8777, Highway 69 and Heather Heights, Prescott (800) 756-8744, 524 N. 92nd St., Scottsdale (480) 850-777,

State Route 8 and Fort McDowell Rd., Ft. McDowell (800) 843-3678,

7406 S. Camino del Oeste, Tucson (520) 879-5450,

Highway 86, Why (520) 362-2746,

555 Middle Verde Rd., Camp Verde (800) 381-7568,

15406 Maricopa Rd., Maricopa (800) 427-7247,

15136 S. Ave. B in Somerton (800) 237-5687,

777 Highway 260, Pinetop (800) 929-8744,

7350 S. Nogales Highway, Tucson (866) 332-9467,

1200 S. 56th St., Chandler (800) 946-4452,



Highway 87, Payson (800) 777-7529, 540 Quechan Dr., Fort Yuma (888) 777-4946, 8555 S. Highway 95, Mohave Valley (520) 346-2000 51st Ave. and Estrella, Laveen (800) 946-4452, 5040 Wild Horse Pass Blvd., Chandler (800) 946-4452, 1500 E. Highway 69, Prescott (800) 756-8744,



ALL MONTH LONG: 2 for $30 Dinners at Agave Restaurant (Sahuarita)

APRIL 17: Anniversary Day (Drink Specials, Giveaways & More)

ALL MONTH LONG: Grammy-Winning Entertainment

APRIL 19: “49 Laughs” Comedy Show

| DDCAZ.COM See the Rewards Center for details. Diamond Rewards Card necessary to participate. Must be 21 to enter bars and gaming areas. Management reserves all rights to alter or cancel without notice. Please play responsibly. An Enterprise of the Tohono O’odham Nation.

34803_DDCAZ_UmbrellaAnnAd_LovinLife_HorizAd_APPROVED.indd 1

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Entertainment Fun & Games Around the Valley Kathy Mattea

WHEN: Wed., April 16, at 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $25 to $57 INFO: (520) 547-3040 or “Calling Me Home,” Kathy Mattea’s new release, is a collection of songs that celebrates the Appalachian culture of her native West Virginia, and expands the vocabulary of acoustic roots music that has always served as her artistic center.

Buster Keaton’s “The General”

In-Home Personal Care Through our In-Home Care Services we help seniors live comfortably and independently in their own homes. Whether care is needed for just a few hours or 24, our well qualified caregivers are ready to provide assistance. Call us today for a complementary consultation,


520-261-6177 Tucson Area 602-526-6414 Phoenix Area

are Services fortably and wn homes.

for just a few lified caregivers istance.

WHEN: Sat., April 19, at 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $10 INFO: 547-3040 or ChamberLab, Tucson’s alt-classical concert series, roars into the historic theatre with a freshly composed all-original soundtrack to Buster Keaton’s classic film, “The General,” performed live on stage by a full chamber orchestra while the movie screens.

Tejano Shootout 2014

WHEN: Fri., April 25, at 7 p.m.

Call us today for a complementary consultation, 520-261-6177 ™

Come see us at San Rafael Hearing Center. Licensed professionals who care about you! You owe it to yourself, and the one you love, to not miss a moment due to hearing loss. If conversation has become difficult, or quiet moments have become hard to hear, call the hearing health experts at San Rafael Hearing Center today.

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6518 & 6546 E. Carondelet in Tucson, AZ


... from page 16

WHERE: AVA Amphitheater at Casino del Sol, 5655 W. Valencia Rd. COST: $12 INFO: (855) 765-7829 or Tejano Shootout includes Michael Salgado and Boni Mauricio with special guests Jaime De Anda and Rey Reyna.

Gabriel Iglesias

WHEN: Sat., April 26, at 8 p.m. WHERE: AVA Amphitheater at Casino del Sol, 5655 W. Valencia Rd. COST: $35 to $75 INFO: (855) 765-7829 or Gabriel Iglesias is one of the most successful stand-up comedians today.

USAF Band of the Golden West

WHEN: Sun., April 27, at 3 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St., Tucson COST: Free INFO: 547-3040 or The U.S. Air Force Band of the Golden West is stationed in the San Francisco Bay area, is comprised of about 60 talented and versatile airmen musicians.

Everyday Andy, Joey, and Bob win kudos from you with music that will have you singing all day... set your radio dial to KGVY. Andy Taylor 5:30am-10am

Joey Lessa 10am-2pm

Bob Kale 2pm-7pm

Bill Mortimer Sundays and Mondays

KGVY1080 has the widest variety of music to be found on the radio dial. Eagles • Beatles • Elton John • Beach Boys Four Seasons • Carpenters • Fleetwood Mac Music isn’t all you can hear on KGVY. Listen to your local community radio station for local news, weather, traffic and upcoming events. Listen to KGVY on your FM dial!! Tune to 100.7FM 24 hours a day, serving Green Valley and Sahuarita.

Contest Line (520) 399-1080 Business Line (520) 399-1000 April 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 19

Broadway East Apartments Entertainment

Bingo Happenings- April 2014

Desert Diamond Casino Bingo

We offer Exceptional Living at an Exceptional Price! 1BR/1BA $639 - 719 • 2BR/2BA $809 - 899 Monday-Friday 9am to 5:30pm • Saturdays 9am to 5pm

ONE MONTH FREE - CALL TODAY! With this ad and a 12 month lease!!

6199 Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85711•

(520) 745-1444


55+ COMMUNITIES • ALL UTILITIES PAID Planned Resident Activities • Controlled Access Entry 24 Hour Heated Pool, Spa, Sauna & Steam Room Free Shuttle Service • Elevators • Private Patios & Balconies Exercise Facility • Clubhouse • Wi Fi hot Spots Game and Party Room • Library & Billiard Room Attentive, Caring Staff • Convenient Eastside Location Minutes from St. Joseph’s Hospital & Park Place Mall

Wilmot North Apartments

WHEN: Daily with start times from 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. WHERE: Desert Diamond Casino, 7350 S. Nogales Hwy., Tucson COST: $4 to $200 INFO: 342-1840 With bingo favorites, new games and levels to buy in, there’s more to win than ever before.

Casino del Sol Bingo

WHEN: Daily with start times from 12 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. WHERE: Casino del Sol, 5655 W. Valencia Rd., Tucson COST: $1 to $95, depending on package INFO: (855) 765-7829 or tucson-casino/bingo Casino del Sol’s spacious bingo hall seats up to 600 players with smoking and nonsmoking sections. There is plenty of leg and elbow room for gamers.

Elks Lodge Tucson East Bingo

WHEN: Sundays at 1 p.m.; Monday at 7 p.m.; Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. WHERE: Elks Lodge Tucson East 2532, 615 S. Pantano Rd., Tucson COST: Depends on number of cards purchased. INFO: 886-8120 Open to the public. $1,000 jackpot days the first three Bingo days of the month.

DAV Bingo

WHEN: 12:45 p.m. every day except Sundays and Wednesdays; and 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays WHERE: Disabled American Veteran, 3455 S. Wilmot Rd., Tucson COST: Call for cost INFO: 747-3333 The public is welcome to play bingo at the Disabled American Veteran.

Host a Bingo Event? Include it in this list by sending your information to

Lovin’ Life is now

1BR from $619 • 2BR from $779 • Executive Suite all inclusive $999 Monday-Friday 9am to 5:30pm

CALL FOR MOVE IN SPECIALS! 445 N. Wilmot Rd., Tucson, AZ 85711 •

(520) 745-5900

ONLINE! Read it any time!



R CommU un Newspapeitr!y

18705 S. I-19 Frontage Rd., Suite 125


520-625-5511 page 20 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : April 2014

Located 25 miles south of Tucson, and just 145 miles south of Phoenix, Green Valley offers the amenities of city life without the traffic and congestion of the cities. Green Valley is recognized as one of the best places to retire in the nation. This active senior community was designed to deliver unparalled recreational, cultural, and social activities. The community has eight championship golf courses, twelve world-class recreation centers, and an abundance of local shopping centers.

W W W. G V N E W S . C O M

Entertainment The Winner’s Circle Presented By:


Talking Stick Player Wins $400,000 on Wheel of Fortune Triple Spin

ady luck was with MariAnne Bort on March 1 when she played Talking Stick Resort’s Wheel of Fortune Triple Spin and won nearly half a million dollars. The Phoenix native dominated the TVthemed slot machine and became the property’s latest jackpot winner, receiving a massive payout of $464,863.92. Designed after the popular TV program, Wheel of Fortune Triple

Spin is one of 700 slot machines offered at Talking Stick Resort. This is the second time the game has been hit since Gerald Allen Phillips Jr. of Mesa won $5.7 million two years ago. To be eligible to win, participants must be registered as Player Reward Card members. For more information on membership, call (480) 850-7777 or visit www.




Call 1-800-946-4452, 3 ext. 7256, 8207 teorbus140 schedule.

Visit for comple Live in Tucson? Charter buses available for groups of 30 or more.

Santan 202 & Kyrene

I-10 and Wild Horse Pass Boulevard

51st Avenue | 4 Miles South of Baseline

Owned and operated by the Gila River Indian Community. *$10 in Free Bonus Play. Some restrictions apply. See Players Club for details.

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Historic Mesa 35 W. Brown Rd. Mesa, AZ 85201 (480) 834-0600

Phoenix 2002 W. Sunnyside Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85029 (602) 943-1800

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Entertainment Tinseltown Talks

Rickles Rolls On

: : by Nick Thomas


espite a leg infection that sidelined him earlier in the year, Don Rickles is as feisty as ever. In March, the 87-yearold comedian began a spring tour of theaters and casinos across the country with stops in California, Nevada,

Michigan, Connecticut and Wisconsin. But be warned! If you’re in the audience and sporting a bad hairpiece, have an unusually curved nose, or are a little on the chubby side, Rickles could be waiting for you.

Can it really be different? Understanding the various challenges facing our clients is important to us. We are proud to announce Canyon Valley Memory Care will soon be accepting ALTCS, the Arizona Medicaid program. We are redefining Memory Care options in Green Valley. It can be different...let us show you how!

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(520) 393-0077 page 22 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : April 2014

That’s because just about everyone “annoys” Don in his act, which hasn’t changed much in half a century. Sensitive audience members wishing to dodge the comedian’s verbal jabs should probably cower in the back row. Rickles said his performances are more than just some grumpy old-timer wandering around the stage. Nor do they involve telling stories with punch lines. “I don’t do jokes,” said Rickles by phone from his home in Los Angeles. “My shows are a theatrical performance. They’re not really meanspirited, just a form of exaggerating everything about people and life itself.” Rickles traced his big break to an evening in 1957, during a Hollywood nightclub performance, when he advised audience member Frank Sinatra to go “hit somebody.” Fortunately, the often moody Sinatra laughed, and the famed crooner swooned for Rickles’ style of humor. Years later, numerous appearances on the Dean Martin and Johnny Carson shows assured Rickles of comic legend status. He also appeared in several films, such as “Kelly’s Heroes,” and was the lead cast member in the TV series “C.P.O. Sharkey” in the 1970s. “Sharkey was crazy and sharptongued, like my stage character,’ recalled Rickles. “But I was worried the writers couldn’t write for me.” While the show was not a disaster, it did suffer from weak writing and lasted only two seasons, being carried largely by Rickles’ comedic talents. “I’d like to see the show released on DVD. It’s been talked about for years, but has never gotten off the ground. Hopefully it will.” (Many episodes can be viewed online on YouTube). One TV outlet which was perfect for Rickles’ style of comedy was the “Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts,” which ran for a decade on NBC beginning in the mid-1970s. “Some guys had writers, but I did everything off the top of my head. Nobody had any idea what I was going to say,” he said. “What a joy it was to be on stage with the greatest comedians and entertainers of all time.” Stage, however, is where Rickles has always excelled. An equal opportunity offender, he not only delivers his sledgehammer comedy to the average guy in the audience, but to any friend, politician, or celebrity within striking distance. Few take offense.

Don Rickles performed at the AFI Life Achievement Award honoring actress Shirley MacLaine in Los Angeles 2012. Reuters photo. Rickles loved to target Ronald Reagan and, during the second Inaugural Ball in 1985, he addressed the president: “Good evening Mr. President. It’s a big treat for me to fly all the way from California to be here for this kind of money...Now you’re big, and you’re getting on my nerves...Ronnie, am I going too fast for you?” Probably not the most polite way to address a sitting president but, said Rickles, “Reagan had a great sense of humor and loved the attention.” In the coming year, Rickles is planning more than two dozen shows, but says touring has changed. “In the early days, you would work at one place such as Vegas or Atlantic City for weeks at a time doing two shows a night,” he recalled. “Now, with all the Indian casinos across the country, you’re always traveling and doing just one or two shows at each place. These new casinos give performers a lot of comfort, they make the job interesting and some even provide private planes, but traveling can still be tough.” Given his age, recent illness and the stress of traveling, audiences should be especially appreciative of the chance to see Rickles unleash his encyclopedia of wisecracks live on stage this year. “When you’re an entertainer, you’re like a salesman who has something to sell—yourself,” he said. “You can’t please everybody, but most people who come to see me know what to expect. I’m proud of being the originator of this style of comedy.”

Nick Thomas teaches at Auburn University at Montgomery, Ala., and has written features, columns and interviews for more than 400 magazines and newspapers. He can be reached at his blog:


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Cool Country on the California Coast From San Diego to Pismo Beach


By Ed Boitano

invites you to join us for a musical comedy matinée at The Palms Theater in Mesa, AZ: Burt & Me featuring music by Burt Bacharach. Burt & Me is the story of two high school sweethearts who reunite later in life. Songs you will remember include: “This Guy’s in Love with You,” “The Book of Love,” “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” and more! $65 includes transportation from Tucson, reserved (cabaret-style) seating, wonderful lunch at the theater and all taxes and gratuities. Contact Sharon at (520) 399-8345 or Fran at (520) 490-3709


hey came by the thousands. It was not the first time, nor would it be the last. These were young Americans, many of whom who had never lived more than 40 miles from their place of birth. This all changed with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Most of the U.S. military bases were located in California and the recruits were shipped to an unfamiliar landscape of wide-open spaces, eternal sunshine, crystal-clear ocean waters and groves of citrus trees where you could pick the oranges right from the branch. When WWII ended, many of those who were fortunate enough to return home remembered this paradise found. Winters didn’t mean having to dig your car out of the snow each morning or wearing your heaviest boots and gloves to the factory, nor did it mean sweltering in the summer Arizona heat. Many of these families packed their bags and headed to this promised land of the West—where the beaches were expansive, and the Pacific horizon seemed to say that anything was possible. This California no longer exists. The citrus groves have been razed and tract homes have taken their place. Factories and industries have flourished on the

once inexpensive and seemingly limitless terrain. Southern California, like Arizona, has now become something else, and, like all things in our land, will continue to grow and evolve. A scenic eight-hour car or RV drive from Phoenix, with seemingly endless attractions along the way, there is still a piece of paradise that resembles this dream of the post WWII years. Although it, too, has changed, this area still remains the closest to reflecting the classic California of that bygone era. It begins on the Pacific Coast Highway, just north of the city of Santa Barbara. It is known as the Central Coast, and my destination of choice for the week would be Pismo Beach.

Must See Destinations on the Road to Pismo San Diego

Arriving at the Santa Fe Depot, I discovered that I didn’t need a car or even want one. So I ditched my car and headed to the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Bus and Trolley, which allows you to be car-free in the city. The ...continues on page 26

April Special

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Join the Marana Chamber of Commerce

Natural Wonders of Costa Rica Highlights • Round trip Airfare - PHX • 18 Meals • 8 Nights Accomodations Poas Volcano National Park • Coffee Plantation • Safari Cruise Arenal Volcano National Park • Montverde Cloud Forest Selvatura Park & Hanging Bridges • Carara Biological Reserve Orchid Garden • Sarchi Artisan Village & much more!

For complete trip details and brochure: 520-682-4314 •

page 24 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : April 2014

November 5-13, 2014



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Where Elegance and Comfort Come Together




Wednesday, April 2, 2:00 Medicare Presentation Discussion on Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplements.

Wednesday, April 9, 2:00 Canada del Oro Barbershop Chorus This chorus sings good old music that people remember from the good old days.

Wednesday, April 2, 2:00 Soreo GriefShare GriefShare is a special weekly seminar and support group for people who are grieving the death of someone close to them.

Friday, April 25, 3:00 The Accordion Club of Tucson The accordion club was established in 1998, with a mission to promote accordion music and to raise awareness of the instrument itself.

Monday April 7 &14, 1:30 Brightstar Care April 7 - Presentation: ‘Parkinson’s Disease’ April 14 - Presentation: ‘Prevention of Slips, Trips & Falls’

Wednesday, April 30. 1:30 Arizona Banjo Blasters Toe tapping ‘happy banjo music’.

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and 25 restored aircraft aboard the aircraft carrier was a heartfelt tribute to the men and women who have served our country. The tour colored my thoughts as I strolled back to my car in preparation to for next stop of my journey. I had done San Diego, but knew there was Laguna Beach features 20 coves and pristine beaches, still more to see. I stretching 9.1 square miles. using real people. The city fathers will be back. have established several measures that ensure slow growth and preservation For further information, visit of Laguna’s terrestrial and marine environments. We were already impressed as we On to Laguna Beach— cruised down Laguna’s “road to The Riviera of California Laguna’s history dates back to the heaven” that cuts through the canyon arrival of Native Americans—believed to the Laguna Village. The first thing to originate from the Shoshone family. we noticed was the Laguna Coast Attracted by the plentiful supply of fish Wilderness Park, a seemingly endless and shell fish, they also hunted deer in array of connecting hiking trails which the surrounding canyons. They referred had to offer awesome coastal views. to the area as Lagona (lakes), due to Somewhere in the canyon were the the fresh water lakes in the canyon. remnants of the old Timothy Leary In 1933 a 17,000-year-old skull was Mystic Arts compound. I made a note found in Laguna, indicating their early that we should check it out, but then presence in the area. In the 1800s, the decided that that part of my life should Spanish titled the area “Canada de las stay in the ‘60s. Soon we arrived at the tree-lined Lagunas” (canyon of the lakes). The first settlers arrived in 1870, streets of the Downtown Village, with aforementioned followed by tourists who came for the complete cool ocean breezes as a reprieve from galleries, quaint boutiques, restaurants, California’s brutal inland weather. palatial resorts, intimate bed and Accommodations were in tents, but breakfasts and seaside cottages. Our accommodations were at Sunset this all changed with the building of the Hotel Laguna in 1889. Now Cove Villas, a collection of eight christened Laguna, the area was on themed luxury villas, nestled on a bluff its way to becoming a popular tourist overlooking the ocean in the heart resort. Hollywood was not immune to of the village. We scored big time by Laguna’s charm, with the likes of Bette booking the two-bedroom, two-bath, Davis, Mary Pickford, Judy Garland, fully equipped Seychelles Villa—a Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin mere few steps to the beach. We could have stayed there forever, and Mickey Rooney maintaining homes in town. Laguna was transformed luxuriating on the private deck, into an arts community when painter but then remembered there was Norman St. Clair first set his eyes on an important appointment on our this stunning landscape. He was so schedule—a painting class at the home taken by the beauty of the area that he of the Sawdust Art Festival. The intimate class was conducted spread the word to his artist colleagues. Now, Laguna boasts more than 100 by John Eagle, a former stockbroker galleries, the Laguna Art Museum, who became a full-time painter in his Sawdust Festival, Art Walk and the mid-50s. He’s listed in “Who’s Who Pageant of the Masters, a once-in-a- in American Art.” After a few brush lifetime recreation of paintings, staged strokes, it became clear that I was not DEB ROSKAMP


high-speed Internet access. Sitting at the ninth floor Phi Bar Terrace, I gazed in wonder at PETCO Park’s field, even though there wasn’t even a game in process. Old Town is the first permanent European settlement in California. In 1769, Father Junipero Serra Balboa Park is home to 14 museums and performing established a chain of 21 missions; each arts venues. purchase of a three-day Day Tripper situated a day’s horse ride apart. Today pass would transport me to all the the San Diego Mission overlooks a attractions collection of historic adobe buildings, A short trolley ride took me to the shops and restaurants. The Old Town new Hotel Indigo, in the heart of the Trolley tour is the best way to get an vibrant East Village. Once a derelict overview of what is considered the warehouse district, the East Village birthplace of California. redefined itself with the completion of Balboa Park is the nation’s largest PETCO Park baseball stadium. Now urban cultural park. Home to 14 downtown’s hippest neighborhood, museums, performing arts venues the area features luxury hotels, and spectacular gardens, it is a mustcondominiums, residential/work lofts, see attraction. Admittance is free to restaurants and galleries. Who would the grounds, but there is a charge for have thought a number of the that unassuming attractions. The StaySan Diego would for-the-Day pass offers become a national admission to your role model for choice of any four of urban renewal? the 14 participating The historic attractions. Gaslamp Quarter, The 100-acre which spills into San Diego Zoo is a (or is part of) sanctuary for more the East Village than 1,000 animals; (everyone seems a place to learn of to have a different conservation efforts opinion), is lined to protect wildlife with Victorian-era from extinction. The buildings, housing The 100-acre San Diego Zoo is a setting is stunning, restaurants, pubs, sanctuary for over a thousand with exotic plant life galleries, theaters animals. utilized throughout and shops. For history buffs, the the park. Start your tour with a tram Victorian-style Horton Grand Hotel ride, which offers a comprehensive was once the seven-year home of Wyatt overview of the zoo. Earp. Little Italy, now the largest in the The chic Hotel Indigo is the only States, dates back to the days of LEED-certified green hotel in San San Diego’s fishing industry when Diego. Virtually all the building generations of Italian fisherman called materials used were recycled products, the area home. Today, Little Italy is a with a design reflecting Fibonacci vibrant neighborhood of restaurants, numbers and plant spirals, creating pubs, galleries and shops. It also a harmonious ambience. Creature features a world-class Saturday farmers comforts included spa-like baths, 37- market. inch flat panel HDTVs, designer A trip to the USS Midway Museum furnishings, plush bedding, sleek was how I wanted to end my San Diego hardwood floors and complimentary stay. The collection of 60 exhibits



destined to be another Monet, but John was patient with me and I found the experience both insightful and, above all, relaxing. After a day of beachcombing and gallery hopping—two of which featured John’s inspiring Impressionist-style paintings—I decided that painting was destined to be part of my future and planned on purchasing my own art equipment. I also concluded that an annual trek to Laguna Pismo Beach boasts over 30 restaurants and Beach would be part of my more than 50 motels, hotels and RV parks. and RV parks. You can enjoy bicycling, life. golfing, hiking, nature walks, water sports, Hummer adventure tours and For further information, visit horseback riding—also right on the beach! Pismo Beach is the winter home of the Monarch butterfly that comes to Pismo Beach Pismo Beach got its name 9,000 years stay annually from October to February. ago from the indigenous people, the Pismo also makes a wonderful home Chumash Indians, who referred to the base for exploring the Central Coast’s area as a place to find pismu, or tar. other attractions that include the Danish Spanish archeologists called these early Village of Solvang (Danish for “sunny coastal residents “playano” (“beach field”), a stunning village nestled in the people”). The Chumash, renowned Santa Ynez Valley. Founded in 1911 by a for their magnificent redwood plank small group of Danish teachers, Solvang canoes, subsided on a staple of ground is the place for fine restaurants serving acorns, wild game and the (now almost authentic Danish cuisine, import shops, depleted) Pismo Clam. The Chumash’s windmills, hayrides, Danish festivals way of life almost ended during the and activities for all ages. It is also home Spanish Missionary Period, but the of the Old Mission Santa Inés. Pismo serves as the gateway to Hearst remaining decedents found a rebirth with their new Las Vegas-style casino Castle, a home base for exploring well over 100 wineries in Santa Ynez—the (Think the film Chumash Casino. “Sideways”), the The city of shops, boutiques Pismo Beach was and little B&Bs of incorporated in 1951 the quaint village of and from the beginning Cambria, and the was a natural as a previously mentioned tourist destination Casino. with its long white Pismo Beach has the largest Chumash beaches, great weather populated Monarch Butterfly Yes, Pismo lived up to its Classic California and spectacular views. grove in the Western U.S. This is not the town, though, where time moniker. But the real attraction was has stood still. However, it has done its the Pacific Ocean. Paradise found. We best to embrace the best of the past and couldn’t wait to explore the expansive has engineered tourist friendly packages and pristine beaches. Yes, we could that showcase all the wonders the area spend some serious time here. But now has to offer. As I explored Pismo, I could it was time to relax. see it was a place where everyone seems to fit—surfers and seniors walking their Where to Stay dogs share the same beach. Fishermen Pismo Coast Village RV Resort: try to catch the big one from the iconic Pismo pier. You can drive and camp Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa: on the beach just down the coast at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular The Seaventure Resort: Recreation Area. Pismo boasts more than 30 For further information: restaurants and over 50 motels, hotels

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Membership in the Augusta National Golf Club is by invitation only.

The Mystique of the Masters: On and Off Course in Augusta, Ga. :: by Andrea Gross | photos by Irv Green


y husband is being accosted by a burly man in a guard’s uniform. I’m standing across the street, and I see the man point his finger toward the corner. My husband starts to say something. The man steps closer. I hold my breath, but my husband tightens his hold on his camera, turns and walks away. Quickly. And that is as close as either of us

gets to the hallowed grounds of the Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters Tournament, one of the country’s most prestigious sporting events. We know before we arrive that we won’t be able to get on the course. To do that, you have to be very important, very rich or very lucky. (Winners of a random drawing are allowed to

purchase tickets.) But we did think we might be able to peek through the gates and glimpse the clubhouse, or at least some green grass. Evidently not. The Masters, held each year during the first full week in April, is a highly secretive business. There are no tours of the course, not even when it’s empty. For that matter, the famed pimento sandwich—a cheesy concoction spread between two slices of white bread—can only be purchased at the tournament. You can’t even find an official recipe, although many have tried to duplicate it. They’ve come close but, say those who’ve tasted the authentic sandwich, they haven’t “mastered” it completely. But my husband isn’t one to give up easily. If he can’t walk the course where the Masters is played, he’ll walk in the footsteps of the one who co-created and designed that course, renowned golfer Bobby Jones. Thus we head to Forest Hills Golf Course where, in 1930, Jones began his historic Grand Slam, winning four major tournaments in a single calendar year. Forest Hills, like many courses in the area, is open to the public, thus allowing amateur golfers to breathe the same rarefied

Augusta air as that inhaled by the masters of the Masters. Most of these golf greats have eaten at Luigi’s, reputedly the best place in town for a “golfer sighting” as well as a terrific place for Greek and Italian food. Jack Nicklaus and his family often order a take-out box for their plane ride home, and Ben Crenshaw makes it a point to stop by whenever he’s in town. Our last golf-related stop is the Augusta Museum of History. We walk into the rotunda where we’re greeted by life-size statues of five legendary golfers. Upstairs we see a green jacket, representative of those given to the winners of the Masters, and learn more about golf ’s importance to Augusta’s economy. For example, 80 percent of the golf cars in the world are made in Augusta. While my husband continues to ogle golf memorabilia, I go to an adjacent room to learn about James Brown, who lived in Augusta as a child. Excellent displays trace Brown’s life from his early days as a shoeshine boy to his later years when he became the “Godfather of Soul.” Now two of

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Health Trends 2010 House Ca


With more sen iors ever before, doc to care for than tors are bringing fashioned bed side manner bac oldk to life. : : by Andrea Gross

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A cruise down the Augusta Canal gives people a sense of the city’s industrial past.

Augusta’s most frequented sites—the historic downtown district and the recently built Riverwalk Park—are joined by a thoroughfare named James Brown Boulevard. Woodrow Wilson also spent much of his childhood in Augusta, and the two-story brick home where he lived is just a few blocks away. During the Civil War the young Wilson could look out his bedroom window and see the hospital grounds where wounded soldiers awaited medical care. Many people think this experience explains his reluctance to involve the United States in World War I. By the time of the Civil War, Augusta was a thriving industrial center, largely due to the Augusta Canal, which provided power for plants and factories. We stop at the small but immensely informative Canal Interpretive Center before boarding an open-air boat for a narrated cruise down the waterway. It’s a leisurely ride that winds past

old homes, mills and warehouses, all reminiscent of Augusta’s glory days. While the canal is still being used for its original purpose, other things have changed. The waterfront and downtown areas are being revitalized as many of the old buildings, which had been empty for years, are being converted into classy galleries and trendy eateries. We end our stay in Augusta by devising our own Pimento Tasting in hopes of discovering a cheesy delight that’s as good as the one used on the sandwiches sold at the Masters. We immediately notice one difference: The downtown restaurants serve their pimento mixes with toasted pita points or crostini rather than atop squishy white bread. But there’s also a similarity: They’re all sinfully delicious. As we’ve learned, there’s more to Augusta than the Masters.

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Svalbard, which means “cold edge” in Norwegian, is located in the Arctic Ocean between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole.

Cool Country at the Top of the Globe :: by Ed Boitano


s recently as 1990 there was virtually no tourism lower berths. Creature comforts include café, to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, Norway. lounge and dining room. Heading northwest Located in the Arctic Ocean between the Norwegian on the coast of Spitsbergen, I experienced mainland and the North Pole, Svalbard (“cold edge”) breathtaking fjords, calving glaciers, unique was believed to be discovered by the Vikings in the animal and plant life, and a midnight sun that 12th century. It became a base for many Arctic refused to set. More than 60 percent of the expeditions, then home to whalers and coal miners. archipelago consists of national parks, nature Thanks to companies like Hurtigruten, it is now on reserves, and bird or plant sanctuaries. A large number of aquatic mammals inhabit the the map for the world to see. My adventure began with a flight from Oslo to islands, including whales, seals and walruses. Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen—the largest island It is also a breeding ground for numerous in the archipelago. With a population of 1,700, seabirds. I found a remarkable variety of Longyearbyen has the distinction of being the most small flowering plants, which use the 24-hour A cruise on the Spitsbergen allows tourists to experience northern city in the world. Once a mining community, daylight to produce colorful blossoms. Landings on calving glaciers, multiple encounters with aquatic mammals it is now a center for science and tourism. tenders were along with stops to experience rich Norwegian culture. Only four land mammals can survive on flat island and protected reserve, located north of the conducted by the this barren tundra: the Svalbard reindeer, highly skilled Spitsbergen 80th parallel. Known for its walrus colony, we spotted the Svalbard mouse, the Arctic fox and travel guides—a passionate 50 of the creatures, many larger than two tons. En the polar bear—which has become the group and walking route, we saw two polar bears on an iceberg, who symbol of Svalbard. Encounters with encyclopedias on all seemed as curious to see us as we were to see them. this species are rare, but their presence is things Svalbard. They also Calving glaciers was one of the many marvels of a felt everywhere. They are known to hunt carried rifles and acted as stop at the Monaco Glacier. We did a tender cruise humans on occasion, so people cannot our protectors. Highlights in front of the glacier and witnessed beluga whales leave settlements without a weapon or Encounters with polar bears are included a landing at swimming before us. Next was a tour of the former armed guide. Accommodations were at the rare but their presence is felt Barentsburg (pop. 500), a mining community of Ny-Alesund (pop 30), now an throughout the archipelago. Russian mining town and important research station. Spitsbergen Hotel, where, like all the On the voyage back to Longyearbyen, we assembled area’s hotels and restaurants, you must follow the relic from the Soviet era. The group was treated to on the deck for the presentation of certificates for tradition of removing your shoes before entering. a Russian and Ukrainian folkloric show, and stopped crossing the 80th parallel. There were also certificates Longyearbyen also offers shopping, galleries and the for a taste of vodka at the settlement’s one hotel Magadalenefjorden is where Dutch whalers came to for those crazy enough to go ice swimming in the Svalbard Museum, an essential stop in preparation bury their dead in the 17th century. Stone gatherings fjords. Yes, I was one of them. If you are a lover of for the voyage. The next day we boarded the 115-passenger MS and wooden coffins still remain, as well as blubber nature and history, this is an adventure of a lifetime Nordstjernen. The oldest ship in the coastal fleet, it ovens. Ivory Gulls made nosedives on the group’s with a landscape that is dramatically changing—so maintains the authenticity of a real Arctic expedition colorful hats when we got too close to their feeding my advice is to book your trip now. For further information, visit vessel. The ship has 54 cruise cabins, all with upper/ area. Words of caution: Don’t look up! Moffen is a

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Our Guide to Escape the Arizona Heat v by Ed Boitano ALASKA ALASKA CRUISES AND VACATIONS BY TYEE TRAVEL - What kind of cruise is right for you? From casual small-ship cruises to elegant luxury ships, Alaskans at Alaska Cruises & Vacations have experience and first-hand knowledge to plan your perfect cruise. Customize a land tour to make your journey complete. For advice from Alaskans who cruise themselves, go online at or call (800) 977-9705

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1, Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa is centrally located in Pismo Beach. The Dolphin Bay is the ideal hotel for romantic getaways or family vacations where guests stay anywhere from two nights to months at a time. With 60 spacious 1 and 2 bedroom suites featuring all of the amenities of a home, Lido Restaurant, The Spa at Dolphin Bay and an array of activities, guests can experience the best of the Central Coast. (800) 516-0112 or PISMO COAST VILLAGE RV RESORT – Located right on the beach, this beautifully landscaped RV resort features 400 full hookup sites, each with complimentary Wi-Fi and cable TV, on 26 grassy, tree-lined acres. Enjoy general Store, children’s arcade, restaurant, laundromat, heated pool, bicycle rentals and miniature golf course. The resort offers the ideal location for wineries, golf or Hearst Castle. Pismo Coast Village RV Resort was awarded the 2007/2008 National RV Park of the Year. (888) RV-BEACH or QUALITY INN & SUITES OCEANVIEW offers affordable rates in a convenient location in Capistrano Beach, CA. Our hotel is ideally located near many area points of interest, which include Dana Point Harbor and the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Get refreshed in our inviting guest rooms,


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Only a five hour drive from the LA area, Mention this ad for Big Sur the dramatic BigLodge Sur coastline offers a complimentary Pfeifferviews. Big SurEnjoy State Park breathtaking the tranquility, and 47225 Highway One, Big by Sur,ancient CA 93920 spend the night surrounded oaksbreakfast. âoâWWWBIGSURLODGECOM and redwoods at the Big Sur Lodge.

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is home to some of the most majestic scenery on earth. A Native American Paiute word meaning “Big Fish,” Panquitch is undoubtedly named for the plentiful lake in the nearby mountains, ideal for yearround fishing. Sprinkled with wild-west history, the city boasts museums, original architecture and cool mountain air. Just 24 miles northwest of Bryce Canyon, surrounded by many National Parks and Monuments, this magical town is one of Utah’s best kept secrets. (435) 676-8585 or PARK CITY LODGING - “Cool Mountain Escapes! Park City offers an abundance of activities, breathtaking views and comfortable weather. Enjoy world class golf, kayak or fly-fish, hike or bike moderate trails, enjoy a dinearound, gallery stroll, or cooking class and attend free outdoor concerts. Beat the Heat! Inquire about special senior events and deals: 855-393-8473 or bit. ly/summerseniors --” THE RIM ROCK INN is located on the edge of Capitol Reef National Park in Torrey, Utah. While staying with us, you’ll have close access to the park as well as the 10 acres of beautiful landscape, which offers a serene, rustic setting. Guests experience authentic atmosphere near Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Boulder Mountain. Enjoy affordable rates, comfortable accommodations, and access to both of Rim Rock Inn’s famous restaurants: The Rim Rock Restaurant for fine dining and the Rim Rock Patio for a more casual dining experience. (888) 447-4676 or RUBY’S INN & RV PARK is the closest accommodations to southern Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park. We offer 368 deluxe guest rooms, restaurants, general store and gallery, conference center, car care, Hertz car

rentals, and a RV park and campground. Our guests can enjoy swimming pools and spas, or browse the general store, shops and gallery. We feature year-round activities including cross-country skiing, horseback rides and scenic flights. Ruby’s Inn and Bryce Canyon National Park are open all year. (866) 878-9389 or SORREL RIVER RANCH, 17 miles upstream from Moab, Utah on the banks of the Colorado River, is in the heart of the high desert wilderness next to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Four-star rated, with a lavish spa, gourmet restaurants that feature all-natural farm-to-table cuisine, horseback riding and guided hikes. It is truly where luxury meets adventure. (877) 359-2715 for bookings or log-on to STONE CANYON INN - HOTEL AND RESTAURANT is one the finest inns and hotels in Southern Utah. Nestled in Tropic, our views of Bryce Canyon National Park are breathtaking. Reserve your front row seat to some of nature’s greatest accomplishments. When you’re lodging at our Bryce Canyon hotel, you will love exploring the surroundind area and relaxing each night while enjoying incredible views from our secluded cabins, cottages and bungalows. Stay at the Stone Canyon Inn, and complete your lodging by dining at our new Stone Hearth Grille! (866) 489-4680 or

RANCH EXPERIENCES COLORADO TRAILS RANCH - What you need is a week unwinding and exploring the wonders of our first class guest ranch. Colorado Trails Ranch is not far from Durango, in lovely Southwest Colorado. Set in the spectacular panoramas of the San Juan Mountains, our dude ranch resort

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8 7 7 - 3 5 9 - 2 7 1 5 w w w. s o r r r e l r i v e r. c o m page 32 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : April 2014

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The Custom African Travel Consultants

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The Experts in Small-Ship Travel to Antarctica and the Arctic “Top Antarctica and Arctic Travel Specialists”

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River Cruising is a hassle free way of traveling that lets the sites come to you. Unpack once, settle in, and start your journey in a luxurious five-star floating boutique hotel.

Extraordinary Cultural, Wildlife, and Hiking Adventures since 1978. Classic Swiss Alps • Great Alpine Traverse Hike to the Matterhorn • Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking the Haute Route

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rivia Contest


t our age, it’s certainly a difficult feat for youngsters to play us for fools. What haven’t we seen in out five plus decades on this great green earth? When spring has officially sprung, a new crop of April Foolsters think they can trick us with a simple riddle, white lie or slight-of-hand trick, but we know all of the old April Fools tricks in the book. Heck, we invented them! April Fool’s Day might be in April 1, but that doesn’t stop people from “celebrating” all month long with heart attack-inducing practical jokes that are only funny once your blood pressure has returned to normal. To celebrate, we’ve gathered the best in practical jokes (OK, some a bit more harsh than a simple “joke”) to ring in spring. These gags, farces and all-out lies were some of the best ever done.

Practical Joke Trivia

Puzzle Answers


What recent U.S. president broke a tradition when he declined to play a practical joke on the president that followed him?


In 1980, the BBC reported that Britain’s famous Big Ben would be getting a makeover into what to keep up with the times?

...from page 39

page 34 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : April 2014


In 1998, Burger King took out a fullpage ad in USA Today advertising what farcical food product?


In 1962, Swedish technical expert told viewers they could effectively “bend” the light on their black-and-white television sets by putting what over the screen?


In 2007, a viral marketing effort by Cartoon Network went horribly wrong when devices mistaken for bombs were placed throughout metro Boston area. What show were the devices marketing?

To enter simply:

On a sheet of paper list the correct answers in order 1 through 5. Include your full name, mailing address, phone number and an email address (if you have one). Mail your trivia contest entry to: Lovin’ Life After 50 Attn: Trivia Contest 3200 N. Hayden, Suite 210 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Or email your entry to: The deadline for entry is the 15th of each month. Please be sure to have your entry postmarked by that date. If you’re a winner in our drawing we’ll contact you via telephone. Good luck!

Contest Prizes A gift certificate to a Valley restaurant awarded to two individual winners

March 2014 Winners Restaurant gift card Karen Conway Restaurant gift card Alan Keefe

Last Month’s Answers

1 2

T he first day of spring, which falls on March 20 this year, is called the spring equinox.

3 4 5

B enjamin Franklin originated the idea for Daylight Savings Time.

T he Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team makes its home at Salt River Fields during spring training.

Legend has it that on the first day of spring, you can balance an egg on a table. T he average high temperature in Phoenix during March in 77 degrees.

Hearing Loss and Sports Don’t Let Being a Fan Damage Your Hearing ::by The Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing and Arizona Relay Service


heering fans, loud whistles—they might seem harmless at the time, but did you know the noises at sporting events can potentially damage your hearing? Today, there are more than one million adults across the country that report having a hearing-related disability, and it is estimated one in five teens has some degree of hearing loss. Springtime in Arizona brings a lot of excitement with various sporting activities. From Spring Training to NASCAR, health experts worry that whistles, loud cheering and other noise associated with sporting events may be doing more harm than good. I’m a sports fan, am I at risk? Everyone who attends sporting events is at potential risk for experiencing hearing loss. Just take the 2014 Super

Sound Off

... from page 10 killed and wounded in Vietnam and Iraq. I look at Jane Fonda as a national hero. She saw the lies of war and tried to do something about it. She sacrifices her career to disclose the fat lies. The morons who should be prosecuted are Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and Ted Nugent, who got five deferments each because they had pimples on their butts and refused to go to Vietnam when they got their draft notice. All chickens. On Tuesday, Feb. 11, the Arizona House Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility Committee approved a bill to call for a Convention of States to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution to “impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and limit the terms of federal government officials.” The bill will now move on to the full house for approval. The power of the federal government is out of control. As the state legislators at the recent Mount Vernon Assembly realized, Washington’s abuse of power—instigated by both

Bowl for example. According to an official from the Guinness Book of World Records who was at the event, the organization recorded the noise level at 137.6 decibels. That is roughly 52 decibels over the maximum level of noise exposure. But keep in mind, this kind of noise exposure danger isn’t just found at football games. Fans attending any sporting event are at risk. How do I know if I may be damaging my hearing? After exposure to loud noise you may experience one or more of the following: • Ringing or buzzing in the ears • Slight muffling of sounds • Difficulty in understanding speech. You can hear all the words, but you can’t understand them. • Difficulty in hearing conversation Republicans and Democrats—must come to an end before it’s too late. The $17 trillion national debt is one example of this abuse. Our children and grandchildren will pay for Washington’s spending spree. There will be taxes imposed for spending they never approved and from which they never directly benefited. The cry of that generation will echo that of the founding generation: “Taxation without representation!” Fortunately, when the national government becomes drunk with power, the states possess the authority to reorganize the government in a manner that preserves liberty.

Agree? Disagree? Sound Off! (480) 348-0343 option 8 Lovin’ Life After 50 3200 N. Hayden Road, #210 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

in groups of people when there is background noise, or in rooms with poor acoustics. If you experience any of these early warnings signs, your hearing may have been damaged. Have your hearing checked by an audiologist, or have your ears examined by an ear specialist. So, what can fans do? You don’t have to stop going to sporting events, you just have to take preventative measures to make sure you keep your ears safe. According to Jessie Atencio at the Arizona Department of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH), thousands of workers every year suffer from preventable hearing loss due to high workplace noise levels. To safely enjoy sports, ADOSH requires employees to wear hearing protection and fans should wear protective wear to help protect their hearing as well. In general a person can safely listen to an 85 decibel (dB) sound, which

is a normal everyday conversation, for eight hours straight without any hearing damage. While most sporting events don’t last eight hours, their level of noise we know typically exceeds the recommended level. So, if you know you are going to be at a sporting event do the following to help preserve your hearing: • Use ear plugs. Carrying a pair of ear plugs to use at sporting events is a great way to ensure the safety of your hearing. The plugs create a barrier between your ear and the noise, allowing you to enjoy your event at a safe noise level. • Hearing protectors are also a great option. Unlike ear plugs, hearing protectors can be made to custom fit your ears so they fit comfortably. The next time you go to a sporting event, remember to protect your hearing. Your ears will thank you. For more information on the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing visit www. or Arizona Relay Service visit www.

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Hot Breakfast Buffet • Evening Social Hour • Parking WIFI/Hi-Speed Internet • Long Distance Calls to Canada, Mexico & USA

1-800-842-4242 InnSuites is an IBC Member. More Independent Hotels at

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home Kit Cooking

: : by Jan D’Atri


e’ve seen so many of them on store shelves for years. Packages and kits that make a meal or dessert, and all you do is add water or just a few ingredients. I’ve passed them up thousands of times, but this shopping trip was different. From chili kits to Kung Pao chicken sauces to signature marinades from famous chefs, I bought, cooked and ate my way through dozens of boxes and packets of “convenience foods” all designed to make our lives easier. I whipped and spread and stirred my way through dessert after dessert, asking the same question, “They may be convenient, but were they delicious?” Actually, many of them were. In fact, some tasted as scrumptious as homemade and that was a huge surprise to me. In my opinion, what topped the list for the best-tasting? It was in the dessert category and I found it at Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market. The Fresh and Easy Chocolate Frosting Mix is as tasty as any homemade version and all you do is add a little butter (I used unsalted) and water. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to perfect chocolate frosting—adding espresso, imported cocoa powder and a pinch of exotic salt from Sicily. Truthfully, the next time I have to ice a chocolate cake, I’ll be heading to Fresh and Easy, where the package promises that it’s ready in minutes. Here’s a list of some of my favorites for convenience and flavor:

Kit Cooking—Entrees:

1. Carroll Shelby’s Chili Kit (Safeway) Just add: Ground beef, tomato sauce and water (onion, optional) Done in 30 minutes

dbacks com/senior

2. Bear Creek Tortilla Soup Mix (Smart and Final) Just add: Water Done in 15 minutes 3. Zatarain’s Crawfish, Shrimp and Crab Boil (Safeway)

Just add: Water, seafood, lemon and salt Done in 15-20 minutes 4. Zatarain’s New Orleans-Style Red Beans and Rice (Safeway) Just add: Water and butter Done in 18 minutes 5. Lee Kum Kee Kung Pao Chicken (Sprouts) Just add: Cooked chicken and vegetables. (Peanuts optional) Done in 6 minutes 6. Frontera Chipotle Honey Marinade (Sprouts) Just add: Shrimp Done in 3-4 minutes (after 30 minute marinade) 7. Frontera Texas Original Taco Skillet Sauce (Sprouts) Just add: Ground beef and onion Done in 10 minutes 8. Louisiana Cajun Gumbo Mix (Smart and Final) Just add: Water and chicken, sausage or chicken Done in 15 minutes

Kit Cooking—Desserts:

1. Chiquita Banana Bread Mix (Sprouts) Just add: Two bananas, egg and water Done in 40 minutes 2. Almond Joy Instant Chocolate Pudding (Walmart) Just add: Milk Done in: One to three hours or when set 3. Dr. Oetker Crème Caramel with Caramel Sauce (Cost Plus World Market) Just add: Milk Done in: 30 minutes 4. Fresh and Easy Chocolate Frosting Mix (Fresh and Easy) Just add: Butter and water Done in: Minutes

Check out for great recipes, stories and cool places we’re visiting! Come back often! page 36 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : April 2014


Decked out from Coast to Coast: Top Outdoor Living Trends for 2014 F rom genteel porches in the East to sleek, seaside balconies in the West, the popularity of outdoor living spaces is poised for significant growth from coast to coast with industry analysts predicting it will be a $5.7 billion market by 2016. Reinforcing these projections, 63 percent of architects cite an outdoor living space as the most popular “special function room” in housing construction, according to the American Institute of Architects. What’s more, the-Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association reports that homebuilders list decks among the top three features most requested with new home buys. “Decks and porches are now considered true extensions of a home’s living space,” says Adam Zambanini, vice president of marketing for Trex Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of high-performance wood-alternative decking and railing. “People are showing increased interest in maximizing the function, comfort

See what PEOPLE are TALKING about With Captioned Telephone Service, you don’t have to worry about missing any part of your telephone conversations.

and personalization of their outdoor spaces and are realizing that it’s far more economical to expand their living space outside than to enlarge or renovate their home’s interior.” As planning and preparation for the 2014 outdoor living season begins, the experts at Trex offer a glimpse into the national trends that will be emerging outside homes across America in 2014. Size Matters The biggest trend in decks right now is the increase in square footage. Gone are the days of the 20-by-10-foot rectangle with just enough room for a grill and some patio furniture. Today’s decks are expanding both horizontally and vertically. Demand for decks with multiple tiers is increasing, as are requests to finish the space below an elevated deck. Thinking Outside the Box When it comes to deck designs,

today’s homeowners also are thinking way outside the box and customizing nearly every aspect of their outdoor living spaces. Remodelers and architects report increased interest in pergolas and walls to define different functional areas and create privacy, as well as integrated features like built-in benches, planter boxes and storage. Similarly, consumer interest in accessories such as deck lighting, ornamental post caps and decorative balusters also is on the rise. “We are seeing a lot more mixing of materials,” reports Zambanini. “Contractors and consumers alike are creating highly customized deck designs combining two or more decking shades and also mixing materials such as composite railings in white with contrasting black aluminum balusters.” High-Performance, Low Maintenance In addition to design aesthetics, homeowners across the country are increasingly concerned with performance. Specifically, they want materials that allow them to spend more time enjoying their outdoor living space rather than maintaining it. This motivation has contributed to the

continued innovation and popularity of composite decking and railing. Unlike wood or even traditional composites, high-performance wood alternatives like Trex Transcend resist fading, staining, scratching and mold - and won’t rot, warp, crack or splinter. Upkeep is hasslefree and requires no sanding, staining or painting. Food and drink spills wash off easily with just soap and water. Sustainability Composite decking also responds to another growing trend among U.S. homeowners - interest in sustainable, eco-friendly building materials. ‘High-performance decking provides the look and feel of real wood, but without the environmental impact, making it an ideal choice for today’s eco-conscious consumers,” notes Zambanini. The entire high-performance Trex decking portfolio is manufactured from more than 95 percent recycled content, including reclaimed wood and sawdust, as well as plastic from many common household items. The company salvages and keeps more than 400 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap out of landfills each year.

Tucson Bakery Outlets


Great Brands. Great Prices.

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Century Referral Services, LLC

Referral specialist that introduces residents to adult care homes and assisted-living communities. 2777 N. Campbell Ave., Ste. 210 Tucson, AZ 85719 Office: (520) 881-0101 Sam Nanez: (520) 403-6101 Steven Ortiz: (520) 289-3969

APARTMENTS FOR RENT VERY QUIET LARGE SINGLE STORY GARDEN APARTMENT Located in a great central location Large rooms, bright open floor plan and great storage. AC, covered parking and beautiful manicured landscape with extensive night lighting throughout grounds and parking area. This property is in great shape with lots of pride of ownership. Full time maintenance man on site. $600 Owner/agent Mick Cluck 520-349-3533 COMPUTER SERVICES A+ COMPUTERS Service & Repair Virus & Spyware Removal Used PC’s and Components Internet Networking On-site or In-shop Mention this ad 520-747-4668 DINING/RESTAURANTS

WE BUY LIFE POLICIES For a Cash Settlement Contact Ben The Reliant Group Inc. 1-800-457-2315 ELECTRIC BICYCLES SAVE HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS No gasoline needed Pedal with assist, pedal only or just use motor. No Lic., Ins. or Reg. required Fun to ride with many purposes Bikes contain lithium battery Basic model $750, folding $850, trike $1,200 Free Test Ride Call 520-573-7576 HEALTH & WELLNESS EXPERIENCE REIKI Visit us at the Laughing Burros tent Wednesdays at the Green Valley Farmers Market. Try on Sherry’s beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry – some lovely Reiki pieces. Behind the music area 603-470-4470 for more information HELP WANTED DOG LOVER? Will you watch a dog in your home while the owner’s away? Home full-time? $17/day and up! Sleepover Rover 866-867-5048 LAND FOR SALE

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ENOS KING-LEWIS II, AGENT Guide, Producer A to Z Businessman Wellness – Prosperity Fun Trips 800-824-1450 (Call 24/7) MEDICAL ALARMS/PENDANTS WHY WAIT UNTIL,


Oracle Junction MHC 55+ Homes for Sale RV and mobile home spaces available. 6 months FREE Rent

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FRIENDSHIP ADS DRAWER 2456T WF looking for a man that likes companionship, love, short trips, exploring new things, nature and animals.

DRAWER LL1471 Christian lady ISO well-versed Christian man, in his 50’s-60’s, NS for Symphony, Opera, Ballet, Chamber Music, Walking, Dancing, Fine Art, Modern Art, Action Movies and Dining Out. Conservative conversation, lots of humor.

DRAWER LL1271 Woman in her 70’s would like to meet someone who likes to go dancing, dining, movies, quiet evenings at home. Let’s get together.

How do I Answer a Friendship Ad?

DRAWER LL1413 Young 84 year old widow wishes to meet a pleasant man who likes movies, music and sports. Please write.

Drawer # ________ Lovin’ Life Newspapers 3200 N. Hayden Rd., Suite 210 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Compose your response and address it to:

DRAWER LL1460 Alone man, past 80, medium and well educated would enjoy knowing an active Christian lady. Ability to speak Spanish could be a plus.

Classified & Friendship Ad Information Write your ad in the space provided. All ads must be prepaid before each monthly deadline. Deadline for ads is the 16th of each month. Your name, address and telephone number will not be printed in your ad. We will give it a code. All mail we receive with your code will be mailed to you at least once a week. We reserve the right to edit ads. Check your type of payment and mail to: Lovin' Life Newspapers Call 480-348-0343 520-297-1220 3200 N. Hayden Rd. Suite #210, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 • Call Name: Address: City/State/Zip: Telephone #: Email: o Check/Money Order

o Visa

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o American Express

o Discover

Acct# _________________________________________________ Card Exp. ____ / ____ /____ CVV#________________________________ Signature ______________________________________ ClASSIFIedS InFoRmAtIon Please check desired circulation: o Tucson

o sun Cities (Metro Phx) o East Valley (Metro Phx) o Phoenix & Glendale o scottsdale

$25 first 30 words. 50¢ per word thereafter. $10 per additional zone.

FRIendSHIP Ad InFoRmAtIon Standard Abbreviations Used in Friendship Ads M d w LTR

= = = =

Male divorced white Long Term Relationship

$15 Check one: o Classified o Friendship Ad to Read: ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

F H ns TLC

= Female = Hispanic = non-smoker = Tender Loving Care

w = b = nd = IsO =

widowed black non-drinker In search of

first 30 words. 25¢ per word thereafter Start Issue: _______ End Issue: _______ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ (30) ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

How do I Answer a Friendship Ad? Compose your response and address it to: Drawer # ________ Lovin’ Life Newspapers, 3200 N. Hayden Rd., Suite 210, Scottsdale, AZ 85251


... answers on page 34

Even Exchange by Donna Pettman Each numbered row contains two clues and two answers. The two answers differ from each other by only one letter, which has already been inserted. For example, if you exchange the A from MASTER for an I, you get MISTER. Do not change the order of the letters.

Sudoku Time Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.

DIFFICULTY THIS MONTH H H Moderate HH Challenging HHH HOO BOY! HHHH Put on your helmet!

Across 1. Boutique 5. Advanced degree 10. “I’ve ___ to the mountaintop” (Martin Luther King Jr.) 14. Former Italian coin 15. Boxing venue 16. Character 17. From a distance 18. Music producer, Elliott 19. The skinny 20. Reptiles native to Phoenix 23. Cross-examine 24. Dashing 28. Pleistocene epoch 32. Tasseled topper 33. Vote to kill a bill 34. 20th century artist who lived in Tucson 37. Possessive pronoun 38. Effortlessness 39. Washed-out 40. Valjean’s creator 41. Flat-screen ancestor: Abbr. 42. Peak north of Tucson 46. Did lunch 47. “Dee-lish!” 48. Chinese official’s residences 49. Mom or Dad 51. Boston’s Bobby 52. He created the first community in the Phoenix area in 1867 59. Antithesis of aweather 62. Bronze coins of Qatar 63. Invention beginning 64. Nursery powder 65. Commencement 66. Printer’s amount 67. Lose a coat 68. Nudniks 69. Spot Down 1. Steel mill refuse 2. Stereo system

Crossword by Myles Mellor

3. Toothpaste, with B 4. Plane-jumping G.I. 5. Young unmarried woman 6. Dress very carefully and in a finicky manner 7. Pianist, Dame Myra 8. “Meet Me ___ Louis” 9. Having strata 10. Lively 11. Ages and ages 12. Little helper 13. New, in a way 21. Sorcerer 22. Bring down the house 25. Entomb 26. Ho Chi Minh City 27. Green teas 28. Arctic Ocean sight 29. Parchment or paper 30. Break time

31.“We ___ Family” 32. Source 35. Was dizzy 36. Excommunicate 40. Hesitation sound 42. Far East starling 43. Rock formation 44. Song writers 45. Benjamin Disraeli, e.g. 50. Throw out the cartridge 51. Little tawny 53. Lowing herd 54. Cheek 55. To read, in French 56. Bad day for Caesar 57. Tide 58. Rank 59. Mechanical cash cow so to speak 60. Neighbor of a Vietnamese 61. Building extension


Unscramble the letters within each rectangle to form four ordinary words. Then rearrange the boxed letters to form the mystery word, which will complete the gag!

April 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 39

Outdoor Allergies Allergic rhinitis, commonly called hay fever, is defined as inflammation of the nasal passages. Symptoms include sneezing, stuffiness, runny nose, post-nasal drip, and itchiness of the nose, eyes, and throat. Allergy symptoms develop when the body’s immune system overreacts to usually harmless substances called allergens; common allergens include pollen, dust, molds, pet dander, and perfumes. Allergens cause the body to release chemicals, particularly histamines and leukotrienes, which result in irritation and inflammation of various organ systems; the most problematic being the respiratory system. Allergic rhinitis can develop at any age and affects approximately 10 percent to 30 percent of adults in the US. New allergies in adults over the age of 50 are common and may develop due to changes in the immune system and nasal passages. For many people, allergic rhinitis is a lifelong condition. Fortunately, the symptoms of allergic rhinitis can usually be controlled with a combination of environmental measures and medications.

medications do not relieve symptoms of sneezing and runny nose and can have side effects such as insomnia, nervousness, and increased heart rate. These agents are not recommended for those with certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism since these conditions may worsen. Nasal sprays act locally in the sinuses, have minimal side effects, and are

Environmental Measures Eliminating exposure to known allergens is a simple way to prevent symptoms. For pollen and mold allergies, staying indoors with the windows closed while these allergens are at their seasonal and daytime peaks is recommended along with regular vacuuming, dusting, and frequent washing of household linens. Allergy Medication There are many kinds of medications both over-the-counter and prescription which can help control allergies. Oral antihistamines block the effects of histamine that cause a runny nose, sneezing, and itchiness. These agents have minimal effects on nasal congestion and may have unfavorable effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, and urinary retention. Newer antihistamines such as loratadine (Claratin®), cetirizine (Zyrtec®), and fexofenadine (Allegra®) have lower rates of side effects compared to the older antihistamine diphenhydramine (Benadryl®) and therefore are preferred. Oral decongestants, such as phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine (Sudafed®), help decrease swelling and congestion in the nasal passages. These

recommended in older adults who are unable to tolerate oral medications. Over-the-counter NasalCrom® is a cromolyn product that inhibits chemicals that cause inflammation and allergic reactions. It is used before and throughout the period of an allergen exposure and may take two weeks before benefit is noticed. Corticosteroid nasal sprays, such as over-the counter triamcinolone acetonide (Nasacort®)

and prescription fluticasone (Flonase®), decrease nasal inflammation and congestion. These agents help treat allergy symptoms already present and are used once to twice daily. Other over-the-counter products that may relieve allergy symptoms include saline nasal rinses and antihistamine eye drops. For more information about how to better manage your allergies, talk to your Walgreens pharmacists today!

On medicare part B and have diaBetes?

New Medicare changes may limit where you can get your diabetes testing supplies. The good news is that diabetes testing supplies are available at every Walgreens along with: • Easy, direct billing of Medicare Part B and most supplemental insurance • A wide selection of major national brands • Convenient 90-day supplies

It’s easy to switch! Visit your local Walgreens or call 888-380-8051. Walgreens is an accredited Medicare Part B supplier of diabetes testing supplies.

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T HE F INISH L INE Arizona’s Leader in Senior Fitness Scenes from the 2014 Arizona Senior Olympics 2014 Sponsors

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The Finish Line Newsletter is produced by Arizona Senior Olympics, founded by:

in partnership with the cities of Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe and the communities of Sun City, Sun City West, Sun City Grand

Arizona Senior Olympics P.O. Box 33278 Phoenix, AZ 85067-3278


web site:

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2014 Arizona Senior Enjoy Warmer Weather Olympics Continues to Shine with SilverSneakers

The weather at this year’s Arizona Senior Olympic Games was a mixed bag. The first two weeks we saw beautiful, moderate temperatures and lots of sunshine. Track and field athletes, swimmers and tennis players were among those who benefited from the warm, dry air. Then came the weekend of archery, road races, cycling and swim relays. Even then it was a mixed story, with cycling lucking out with no rain and the swim relays getting even more wet than usual. Half of the archers’ tournament was rained out. All of the senior athletes took the weather in stride, demonstrating great attitudes and their worthiness of the

name “athlete.” Through it all, our great sport commissioners, Angie Sullivan (archery) and Sharon Billeter (relay swimming), made the best of a difficult situation and got everyone through the competitions. Kudos to them! The fourth weekend of the games was March 8 and March 9 so the sporting events were not affected by bad weather. Athletes coming to town for softball enjoyed Arizona’s best weather of the year. Most of ASO’s 32 sports competitions are complete, with just triathlon and pickleball remaining. The triathlon will take place on April 6 at the Goodyear YMCA and the pickleball will be Oct. 13 to Oct. 26 in Surprise.

ASO Has Its Own ‘Three Musketeers’ All of us know the story of The Three Musketeers and how they were “all for one and one for all.” The daring trio stepped in with ability and saved the day. Arizona Senior Olympics is fortunate to have its own “Three Musketeers” in Roxie Allen, Paul Harvey and Robin Stillwell-Harvey. These three dedicated volunteers gave hundreds of hours in the preparation and implementation of the 2014 games. Allen, “the red head,” as she is often referred to, worked on everything from shirt and medal distribution to

troubleshooting and more. Harvey, who is ASO’s financial officer yearround, took on the responsibility of registration and the implementation of a new software system. Stillwell-Harvey became an “instant” customer service representative, in addition to creating and managing the ASO website. All three of these folks did their assigned tasks, as well as anything else that needed to be done before and during the games. Arizona Senior Olympics salutes “The Three Musketeers” and thanks them for their extraordinary service.

New ASO Office Hours Tuesday thru Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Mondays and Fridays are reserved for meetings and appointments). page 42 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : April 2014

With summer just around the corner, you may be looking to get out and enjoy the weather. As a Medicare beneficiary, you may have access to an excellent benefit to help you get on track toward a healthy lifestyle—Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness program. To help you reach your summer goals, SilverSneakers features a fitness membership to thousands of participating locations; the use of basic amenities including cardio and weight training equipment; and signature SilverSneakers classes taught by certified instructors. Looking for options outside the traditional fitness location? You also have access to SilverSneakers FLEX, which offers a variety of classes and activities at convenient indoor and outdoor locations including neighborhood parks, recreation centers, churches and even at the beach. Amenities vary by location. Here are four tips for staying healthy in the summer: 1. Stay hydrated. According to the Institute of Medicine as relayed by, men should have approximately 13 cups of water a day, and women should have about nine cups of water a day. (If you’re engaging in physical activity or live in a warm climate, you may need to drink more).

2. Protect your skin. Sunscreen helps minimize the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on your skin. It can also prevent skin cancers including melanoma, according to 3. Keep it light. Linen and cotton materials help keep you cool, while white and neutral colors reflect the sun’s rays. 4. Stay fueled. As you burn calories, you’ll need to refuel by keeping granola bars, fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks on hand. SilverSneakers is a benefit offered to members of many Medicare plans in Arizona. If you are part of a Medicare health plan or if you are a group retiree, you may already have the SilverSneakers benefit. Find out if your health plan or Medicare Supplement carrier offers SilverSneakers by going to or by calling (888) 423-4632. If your insurance carrier doesn’t offer SilverSneakers, call your plan’s customer service department and ask when it will add this valuable benefit! In the meantime, if you need help reaching your health goals, sign up for a free membership at www.healthwaysfit. com. SilverSneakers is a registered trademark of Healthways Inc.


Arizona Senior Olympics is looking for volunteer mentors from each of our sports who would be willing to be a resource to those who are new to the games or the sport. ASO will provide training.


Experience in the sport Friendliness Able to share your knowledge Willingness to be a resource


(602) 274-7742 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Tues. through Thurs.

Attention Medal Notice: Your Shirt is Ready Winners If you had to leave before receiving your medal and you do not live out of the greater Phoenix area, you may pick up your medal at the ASO office. If you reside elsewhere, please call the ASO office at: (602) 274-7742 and your medal will be mailed to you.

ASO Lost and Found Still Has Items

Every year there are items left at the games. This year we have the following items which can be claimed at the ASO office: One pair of dark brown sunglasses; one pair of black “hooded” sun glasses; and one black hoodie. We also still have a pair of black cycling pants left last year. To claim, call ASO at: (602) 2747742 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If you ordered and paid for a shirt but did not receive it at your first event, please call Roxie at: (602) 274-7742 at the ASO office between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday or Wednesday.

q Yes, I would like to be a friend of Arizona Senior Olympics Send your tax-deductible contribution by check, money order, credit card or go online to Amount Enclosed $ I am paying by q Check/Money Order qVisa qMastercard qDiscover qAmerican Express. You will be charged by Senior Games Payment Services if paying by credit card. If paying by check, please make it out to the Arizona Lifelong Fitness Foundation. Credit Card. #: Expiration Date: 3 digit code on back of card: Name as it appears on your credit card: Address: City/State/Zip: Signature:

Mail to: Arizona Lifelong Fitness Association P.O. Box 33278 Phoenix, AZ 85067-3278

Join Us In Our Wonderfully Social Neighborhood

• Beautiful Mature Landscaping • Heated Pool & Jacuzzi • Picnic Area • Exercise Program • Social Activities • Library • Crafts & Cards • Billiards • Dances

Carefree Village 55 plus mobile home community

4100 N. Romero Road


Save up to $2000* On Moving Costs!

Now you can pick up your copy at your neighborhood • (480) 348-0343

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Finale: April 30 at 6pm - Double Your Salary up to $50,000! Wednesday & Thursday, April 23 & 24 from 12pm - 7pm. Eight winners per day can choose between $300 in freeplay or a $150 cash bonus.

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