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Abrazo residencies help address doctor shortage BY KEITH JONES

Arizona’s burgeoning population has prompted Abrazo Health to take proactive measures to address a concerning trend: a nationwide physician shortage experts say stands to worsen as Baby Boomers, including physicians of the same generation, reach retirement age. Nationally, 121,900 primary care and specialty doctors are needed by 2032, according to research by the Life Science Division of global research firm IHS Markit. Arizona is already feeling the pinch, especially when it comes to primary care physicians. The Health Resources and Services Administration estimates the state needs 563 primary care physicians to eliminate a current shortage of PCPs, while Robert Graham Center workforce projections indicate an additional 1,941 PCPs will be needed by 2030. Primary care physicians include those who are trained in family medicine and internal medicine. As the boomer generation ages and needs more medical care, shortages in specialties like general surgery are expected. Forward-thinking institutions are already working on ways to meet future community needs. “Traditionally, our community filled the physician pipeline by aggressively recruiting new talent, but that is no longer enough,” said Dr. Akil Loli, an interventional cardiologist and designated institutional official for graduate medical education at Abrazo Health. “We saw the trend and worked aggressively to establish two new graduate medical education programs training the next generation of physicians at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus, Abrazo West Campus and Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital.” While Abrazo Health has a 40-plus year history of training future PCPs in its family

Abrazo Health has expanded its graduate medical education to include internal medicine and general surgery. The new programs officially kicked off during the summer, when Abrazo welcomed 15 first-year internal medicine residents who will spend the next three years shadowing physicians during continuous rotations at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus, Abrazo West Campus and Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital. From left are new medical residents Dr. Jordan Fisher of Glendale; Dr. Haitham Rahman of Peoria; Dr. Christopher Lew of Glendale; and Dr. Daniel Stewart of Glendale. (Photo courtesy Abrazo Health)

medicine residency at Abrazo Central Campus, the health network expanded its graduate medical education to include internal medicine and general surgery this year. The new programs officially kicked off in July, when Abrazo welcomed 15 firstyear internal medicine residents who will spend the next three years shadowing physicians during continuous rotations. Three more recent medical school graduates started their five-year residencies with the focus on general surgery. Abrazo’s new graduate medical education programs will eventually accommodate 45 internal medicine residents and 15 general surgery residents. Internal medicine and surgical residents will train alongside emergency and trauma care physicians at Abrazo West Campus’s Level I Trauma Center; work closely

with specialists and clinicians at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus in Glendale; and get additional real-world learning opportunities with cardiac and vascular specialists at Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital. At all three campuses, the internal medicine residents will provide a full range of medical care, including consultations in the emergency department, inpatient admissions and outpatient follow up. In addition, medical residents will train in critical care medicine by treating patients in the intensive care unit. General surgery residents will participate in trauma calls, where they will assist trauma surgeons in the operating room and provide post-operative care. One of the unique aspects of our program

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Health & Wellness

Fall 2019

A diet is not the answer: Fake pets bring real joy A lifestyle change is to dementia patients BY SUMMIT MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS

Most of us are creatures of habit. We buy the same foods from the same grocery store, prepare the same recipes and live within our own familiar routines. Those who are serious about eating healthier and losing weight need to shake things up—change those bad habits and start thinking differently about food. The problem is we get so comfortable in our ways that it’s hard to give up those old habits. It’s also difficult to avoid gaining weight on a “diet,” as when it is over, bad habits return. Many people are skeptical about changing their diets because they have grown accustomed to eating or drinking the same foods. There is a fear of the unknown or trying something new. Old habits die hard. Stress often makes people fall back on their old ways. Automatic responses override good intentions when we’re feeling weak or vulnerable.


Director of Community Engagement Hospice of the Valley

To tackle bad eating or exercise habits, stick with this four-pronged approach: • Be aware of the bad habits you want to fix. • Figure out why these habits exist. • Determine how to turn bad eating and exercise habits into healthier new ones. • Work with a clinic well-versed in making these changes. Eating a healthier diet may be intimidating at first. It gets easier. Over time, preferences will change and cravings for bad food will fade away. For more information, contact Summit Medical at 480-306-4410 for appointments in the Sun City, Tempe or State Route 51/Shea clinics. Visit


To experience the love of a pet is to know unconditional love. They don’t judge, play mind games or hold a grudge. So it’s no surprise pets calm and soothe dementia patients, who are losing their understanding of the world around them. It’s frightening to forget where you are—to wonder why a perfect stranger is talking to you about things you don’t remember. Holding a pet and stroking its fur brings a familiar comfort. Hospice of the Valley’s dementia program utilizes very special, remarkably lifelike, stuffed animals. These battery-powered models move gently every few seconds, giving a little tail wag or head tilt. There’s even a setting simulating a cat’s purr with a pleasing vibration which patients can feel. The dog makes soft puppy sounds—often eliciting a tender response from patients who have stopped communicating. Their ability to charm patients may seem magical, but it’s actually science. According to a study by the Journal of Gerontological Nursing, dementia patients mechanical pets experienced “less agitated behavior, better quality of life, increased interaction, commu-

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623.792.7366 8110 WEST UNION HILLS DR, #310 • GLENDALE

is independence, according to Dr. Nikki Castel, associate administrator at Abrazo West Campus. “Abrazo’s local physician leaders direct the curriculum in a learning environment that promotes hands-on training to suit our community’s needs and ensure that quality and patient safety standards are met,” she said. “The idea is to mold young physicians in ways that help them become leaders in medicine and patient advocates in the community.” Abrazo’s multiple services and coverage of a wide area of the state offers residents more than gaining valuable experience in their specialties. “Abrazo West and Abrazo Arrowhead are thriving medical centers serving the West Valley and beyond,” Cas-

Buddy Stapp’s communication skills improved after he got his mechanical pup. (Photo courtesy Hospice of the Valley)

nication, stimulation, relaxation and peace.” “Buddy would stare at the floor and mumble,” recalled his wife, Anna Stapp. Since getting a mechanical dog, “he talks to it all the time and his voice is so much stronger. Before he was like a flower wilting. But now he’s bloomed again.” To learn more about Hospice of the Valley’s innovative programs serving people at all stages of dementia, call 602-530-6900 or visit In-home education and support are provided to families at no cost for one month. tel said. “We continue to invest in our programs and services to meet our community’s expectations for high-quality care and excellent patient experience. Residents with rotations here also get to experience the friendliness and diversity of our community and see for themselves why so many are attracted to the area. We look forward to the day when many will choose to stay and establish post-residency practices here. “Everyone at Abrazo works hard to deliver excellent care and we’re pleased to be part of the network’s expanding graduate medical education programs. Our goal is to deliver residency programs that are second to none and that keeps young physicians in our community long after they complete their training.”

Fall 2019


Health & Wellness


Exp: 1/30/20

Exp: 1/30/20

Exp: 1/30/20 Cannot be combined with other offers.

Exp: 1/30/20 Cannot be combined with other offers.

Exp: 1/30/20 Cannot be combined with other offers.


Health & Wellness

Fall 2019

When to make an emergency dental visit BY BURNS DENTISTRY

Dental Emergency?

Don’t wait…Let us help

$1 $

Emergency Emergen g cyy Exam ffor or N New ew P Patients Includes exam & any necessary xx--rays

OFFER EXPIRES S 11 11/31/19 1/31/19

Restrictions may apply

General & Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Implants CEREC Same Day Crowns

$56 $96 $999

Dentures & Partials Sedation Dentistry Dentistr Veneers & so much more! Professional Cleaning & Full Mouth X-Rays

New patients only. Cannot be applied with other offers. Insurance billed if applicable OFFER EXPIRES 11/31/19

Comprehensive Exam, X-Rays, Oral Cancer Screening & Smile Imaging New patients only. Cannot be applied with other offers. Insurance billed if applicable. OFFER EXPIRES 11/31/19

Dental Implant Special Insurance billed if applicable. OFFER EXPIRES 11/31/19

We accept most insurance Financing available


2 Convenient Locations 13404 N Del Webb Blvd Sun City, AZ 85351

13909 W Camino Del Sol, Suite #102 Sun City West, AZ 85375

You take a tumble from your bike and knock out an incisor and calmly pick up your tooth from the road. Your 30th high school reunion is this weekend and your dental crown falls out on Friday. Your root canal surgery seemed to go well but now your mouth is swollen, your tooth is throbbing, your gums keep bleeding and it’s midnight. When dental problems occur, you can’t always tell what’s an emergency and what can wait. What you might consider an emer- Dr. Richard Holley says having a dentist who is trustworthy is invaluable when an emergency ocgency your dentist may not. curs. (Photo courtesy Burns Dentistry) Here are some clear-cut dental emergencies and other troubling tooth it should be evaluated as soon as possible by a dentist. Swelling in the mouth could issues and how to treat them. be related to a range of health issues from Knocked-out teeth a swollen salivary gland to cancer. Don’t When a permanent tooth is separat- assume painless swelling will just go ed from its socket, it must be replaced away. Take that seriously, too. ASAP. You can help save a tooth by Bleeding in the mouth can be an handling it with care. Preventing the emergency if you’re taking blood-thintooth from drying out is a priority. ning medication. Unexplained bleedAvoid touching the root surface of ing could signal medication problems, the tooth. Just hold it by the crown or liver problems, trauma, infection or the part that’s in the mouth. You can inflammation. Bleeding on your gums rinse off the tooth if you’ve got dirt in whenever you brush your teeth could it. Try not to remove any of the cells or be caused by irritants between the teeth tissue off the tooth. You can also gently and the only way to remove those is to rinse the empty tooth socket. floss. You can put the tooth back in the Aesthetic emergency socket if possible. If not, hold it on If you crack your front tooth before the inside of your mouth between your a major event, or dental work you’ve gums and cheek. If you’re concerned about swallow- had done has developed problems this ing your tooth you can always put it in could be considered an aesthetic emergency. Even though it’s not life or limb, a glass of milk. when dental mishaps alter your looks, Dental pain it can be distressing. Many dental emergencies involve When you’ve got a resin filling on wisdom teeth when gum tissue around your front teeth and the gap closes and them becomes infected. then it falls out is also another example If the throbbing and pain become in- of an aesthetic emergency. When that tolerable you should seek medical at- happens, most dentists will make evtention immediately. ery effort to address the problem and restore your teeth’s good appearance. Bleeding and swelling Having a dentist that you trust is inSwelling is another hallmark of a pos- valuable when an emergency occurs. sible dental emergency. Any swelling in That way if you do have an emergency the mouth associated with pain is usual- you should be able to get in right away. ly an abscess. An abscess is an infection in the mouth from some source, usually Burns Dentistry, 13909 W. Camino another tooth. The sooner an infection is Del Sol, Suite 102, Sun City West, 623treated, the better. 584-9844, suncitywest@burnsdentistSwelling without pain is different but,

Fall 2019


Health & Wellness

Benevilla offers tips for caregiver support


Some lifelong couples who experienced a wonderful marriage now unexpectedly face early-stage dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s difficulties. Many in this situation wouldn’t know what to do if they suddenly had to become a full-time caregiver. The key is to start learning how to cope with the disease now. Here’s a gameplan from Benevilla. 1. Research and learn about the disease. Make sure the challenges are understood. Considerable information is available on the internet. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

2. Speak with the doctor about treatment options. At home, discuss the pros and cons of each option. 3. Create a plan. Address financial needs, home safety and health care options. Focus on estate planning and foremost the caregiver’s emotional requirements. 4. Find and use local support and resources. Benevilla offers many caregiver resources. Join one of its free caregiver support groups. Learn from others facing the same challenges. Contact a Benevilla C.A.R.E.S. resource specialist to learn more about these groups as well as its Life Enrichment Day Programs and free home ser-

vices. 5. Caregivers should take care of their health, too. Most caregivers take on so many responsibilities they ignore their health. The best thing to do for a loved one is stay physically and emotionally strong. Eat well. See the doctor frequently. Started by and for the community in 1981, Benevilla enriches lives of West Valley residents by serving Benevilla is here to help support family caregivers with its many programs and services, resources older adults, adults with disabili- and education. (Photo courtesy Benevilla) ties, children and the families who care for them. nities, to schedule a tour or donate, For more information on Benevil- call 623-584-4999 or visit benevilla. la’s services or volunteer opportu- org.

dently care for its patients when they are experiencing cancer and the treatment’s side effects. The oncology spa treatments are designed to help hydrate and soothe the skin before, during and after cancer treatments. A detailed consultation and skin analysis are performed prior to each treatment to ensure patients receive the

safest treatment for their needs. The staff is there for patients, even if they just need a few minutes to relax or if they need corrective skincare assistance. They offer 30- and 60-minute treatments. To make an appointment, call 623594-7400. The med spa is open Monday to Saturday, and evening and weekend appointments are available.

Biswas Plastic Surgery strives to help oncology patients BY BISWAS PLASTIC SURGERY

Today, most families are affected by a cancer diagnosis. Biswas Plastic Surgery understands skin is oftentimes severely affected as an indirect result of oncology treatments. With its oncology-trained aesthetician, Biswas Plastic Surgery strives to safely, compassionately and confi-





Call the Benevilla C.A.R.E.S. Resource Team today or visit Benevilla also offers: Support Groups | Free Home Services Life Enrichment Day Programs | Resources & Education | and more. 16752 N. Greasewood St. Surprise, AZ 85378 |

Biswas Plastic Surgery’s goal is to safely, compassionately and confidently care for its patients when they are experiencing cancer and the side effects of treatments, according to Sue Clark, oncology-trained licensed aesthetician and laser technician. (Photo cour-

tesy Biswas Plastic Surgery)

Arizona School of Dental Assisting


Health & Wellness

We opened the door 20 years ago to train crucially needed dental assistants throughout the state of Arizona. Our mission was to get individuals in the exciting field of dentistry for the least amount of time and money. Our success is due to the success of our program over the last 20 years. We were the first 12-week program in the State of Arizona. We are licensed by the State Post-Secondary School of Education and approved for funding by

many state agencies. It is our endeavor to prepare individuals with the knowledge and technical proficiency, allowing them to become immediately employable in a dental office upon graduation. It is our objective to offer the best possible education, in the shortest possible time, consistent with proper educational procedures. Students are accepted regardless of sex, race, age, marital status, religious creed, ethnic or national origin. There are many opportunities available to well-trained individuals in the dental profession. It is our desire to train chairside dental assistants to assume the many positions available in the dental field. Modern dentistry requires the assistance of dental assistants well-schooled in four-handed or sit down dentistry. It is very difficult for dentists today to treat their patients without proper chairside assistance. The Arizona School of Dental Assisting is dedicated to the idea of developing efficient, effective dental assistants through a competency-based program.

Google review! 5 STARS WAY

Fall 2019


Recent graduate Heather Hulsey says: “I did a lot of research before choosing a dental assistant school to attend. The Arizona School of Dental Assisting had the most positive reviews. After getting my dental and orthodontic certificates from ASDA, I now know why they have awesome reviews. Whittney was my clinical instructor and she was absolutely fabulous throughout my entire course. She is a wealth of knowledge and made sure I felt comfortable with what she was teaching me before she moved on to the next clinical topic. Brittney is another instructor and was very kind as well. Even though she was not my instructor, she took the time to chat with me and ask about how my course work and internship was going. Lisa, the president, is a gem! Before I enrolled I had a ton of questions so I emailed her. She insisted I call her during her personal time off campus to address any concerns I had. I thought that spoke volumes about the amazing ladies at ASDA! After that phone call,

I knew I had chosen the right school:) I graduated on 7/31/19 and now work as an orthodontic assistant. I could not be happier. Thank you ASDA for making my career dreams come true!”

ASDA Maintains high standards and enforces strict requirements while avoiding all those extra fluff classes you do not need with our hands on training that can lead you to immediate employment. Visit our website

Welcome to


Classes: • Start each month • 2 days OR 2 nights per week • Small Class Sizes • Job placement assistance provided • Financial & Payment plans, as low as $50 per month • Government Grants and Military Funding Accepted • Opportunity to earn up to $50k Annually • XRay Classes included in tuition and overview on Coronal Polishing • Dentrix training • Orthodontics training

Classes Starting Monthly

Add A 4 Week Orthodontic Class To Our Program! 4915 W. Bell Rd. Ste. #F200, Glendale, AZ 85308 For more information call

602.678.7061 or visit

For more information, call the Arizona School of Dental Assisting at 602-678-7061, or visit

Fall 2019


Health & Wellness

Agency’s Medicare counselors ready to help BY AREA AGENCY ON AGING

Marco Mandoza, CNP, is the Area Agency on Aging’s benefits assistance program director. (Photo courtesy Area Agency on Aging)

The Area Agency on Aging’s certified Medicare counselors are available to help clients make an informed decision during the Medicare open-enrollment period. The fall open enrollment is from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 every year. During this time, changes can be made to health insurance coverage, including adding, dropping or changing Medicare cov-

erage. During this time, the insured should review what they have, compare it with other options and make sure their current coverage still meets their needs for the coming year. Changes that can be made include: • Joining a new Medicare Advantage Plan. • Joining a new Part D prescription drug plan. • Switching from Original Medicare to

a Medicare Advantage Plan. • Switching from a Medicare Advantage Plan to Original Medicare (with or without a Part D plan). The changes will take effect Jan. 1. Medicare recipients should consider: • Their access to health care providers they want to see • Their access to preferred pharmacies

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Patients: CBD truly helps with pain and discomfort BY GARY S. MILLER Contributing Writer

There will never be a cure for pain and discomfort. Patients will either have to live with it or manage it. Prescription opioids have been the go-to choice, especially for constant or throbbing pain. However, they are highly addictive, have awful side effects and can be very deadly. Enter CBD. Thousands of people have found CBD to truly help with little or no side effects. Patients can never overdose from CBD. Folks are afraid to try

CBD because they think it will get them “stoned.” That is absolutely not the case as there is no THC in most CBD products. THC is the psychoactive chemical compound of the cannabis/hemp plant that gets you high, but you can’t get high from something that’s not in there. CBD can be taken orally or inhaled, for those who like to smoke. It is also applied topically to afflicted areas where you have specific pain, such as arthritic hands, back and knees. CBD should be taken orally and applied to the source of the pain if the threshold is a seven or higher.

The directions are varied, as everyone’s endocrine system and physiology is different. CBD is so new in the marketplace that prescribers experiment to figure out what works. It’s important to research products and read reviews before purchasing—preferably locally. The worldwide consensus is CBD alleviates, controls and manages pain well. Gary S. Miller is the owner of and can be reached at 602-282-4123 or info@bioactivellc. com.

Gary S. Miller, owner of Bioactive. (Submitted photo)

Patients: CBD Truly Helps with Pain By Gary S. Miller, Founder of Contributing Writer There will never be a cure for pain and discomfort. Patients will either have to live with it or manage it. The worldwide consensus is CBD alleviates, controls and can manage your pain. Prescription opioids have been the go-to choice for pain relief, especially for constant or throbbingpain. However, they are highly addictive, have awful side effects and can be very deadly. Enter CBD. Thousands of people have found CBD to truly help with little or no side effects. Patients can never overdose from CBD. Folks are afraid to try CBD because they think it will get them “High”. That is absolutely not the case as there is no THC in most CBD products. THC is the psychoactive chemical compound of the cannabis/hemp plant that gets you “high”, but you can’t get high from something that’s not in there. CBD can be taken orally or inhaled, for those who like to smoke. It is also applied topically to afflicted areas where you have specific pain, such as arthritic hands, shoulders, back and knees. CBD should be taken orally and applied on the source of the pain if the threshold is a seven or higher. The doses and strengths are varied, as everyone’s endocrine system and physiology is different. CBD is so new in the marketplace that you have to experiment to figure out what works best. It’s important to research products and read reviews before purchasing CBD. we offer only Medical Grade CBD at wholesale pricing. Complete information about CBD and our products is available on our website/online store. We also offer a Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

Gary S. Miller is the founder of and can be reached at 602-282-4123 or


Health & Wellness

Associated Retina offers team-based care BY ASSOCIATED RETINA CONSULTANTS

For over 30 years, Associated Retina Consultants has served Arizona by providing access to the most innovative treatments of diseases and conditions affecting the retina, macula (the back of the eye) and the vitreous humor (gellike tissue) of the eye. The practice’s team of nine, highly skilled retina physicians understand how important eyesight is and how challenging it can be coping with impaired vision. That’s why priRetina Consultants incorporates a team-based care approach allowing the physicians vate practice is dedicated to the Associated to be efficient. The Associated Retina Consultants team is, from left, Drs. Jaime R. Gaitan, Benjamin preservation and restoration of Bakall, Henry M. Kwong Jr., Matthew Welch, Alan J. Gordon, Bryan J. Shepard, Kendra A. Klein, Rahul K. Reddy and Stephen A.M. De Souza. (Photo courtesy Associated Retina Consultants) sight. Associated Retina Consultants incorporates a team-based care range of treatments. clinical research, the staff will work approach allowing the physicians to The doctors and staff take the time with the patient to attain a positive outoffer higher quality and efficiency. needed to connect with patients to bet- come. Care is provided with the utmost All of the physicians are board-cer- ter understand their unique needs. They courtesy, professionalism, comfort and tified in ophthalmology and have listen to concerns, answer questions respect for patients’ time because, at completed formal subspecialty and educate patients. They believe that ARC, patients come first. training in medical and surgical dis- only by building a strong compassionThose with vision problems shouldn’t eases of the retina. Patients suffer- ate rapport can we provide the best wait until their eyesight is permanently ing from macular degeneration or overall experience. damaged to contact Associated Retina diabetic retinopathy would benefit Through its state-of-the-art technol- Consultants. Schedule a retinal exam at every day from its comprehensive ogy, training, experience and ongoing 602-242-4928.

Fall 2019

Medicare...continued from page 7 • Their access to benefits and services they need. • The total costs for insurance premiums, deductibles and cost-sharing amounts. • They can discuss with counselors the changes, how to set up MyMedicare. gov account; finding assistance programs to help pay for prescription drug medications; and drug assistance programs to help pay for premiums, copayments and deductibles. For assistance reviewing the options, contact The Area Agency on Aging’s Benefits Assistance Program Medicare counselors for unbiased information and guidance by calling 602-280-1059. Recipients may want to meet with counselors even if they are happy with their coverage. They may find lower costs for the same coverage. Research shows that people with Medicare prescription drug coverage could lower their costs by shopping among plans each year; there could be another Part D plan in the area that covers the drugs they take with fewer restrictions and/or lower prices.



Voted Top Ten Eye Care Centers 2019

Diagnosing & Treating Conditions Such as: ·MACULAR DEGENERATION









Dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of

Alan J. Gordon, M.D.

J. Shepard Bryan, M.D.

Stephen A.M. De Souza, M.D.

Henry M. Kwong, Jr. M.D.

Rahul K. Reddy, M.D., MHS

Benjamin Bakall, M.D., Ph.D.


Jaime R. Gaitan, M.D.

Ma�hew Welch, M.D.

Kendra Klein, M.D.

Fall 2019

Health & Wellness

Make the right choice O-negative blood donors for your rehabilitation are special heroes BY ENCOMPASS HEALTH VALLEY OF THE SUN

After experiencing a life-changing illness or injury such as a stroke, hip fracture or spinal cord injury, where you choose to do rehabilitation will make a difference in your quality of life. With many types of health care facilities, the below tips from Encompass Health Valley of the Sun Rehabilitation Hospital can help you compare providers and make the best choice for your rehabilitation.

How much therapy will the patient receive?



Encompass Health patients receive multidisciplinary care from experienced clinicians through advanced technologies that allow them to return to their communities at their highest level of independence. (Photo courtesy Encompass Health Valley of the Sun)

Rehabilitation facilities and skilled nursing facilities are different. The amount of intensive therapy provided at each type of facility varies. Patients at inpatient rehabilitation hospitals typically receive at least three hours of therapy five days per week. Patients at a skilled nursing facility typically receive less.

Are the programs customized to meet the specific needs of the patients? At Encompass Health Valley of the Sun, multidisciplinary care from experienced clinicians and advanced technologies help patients return to their communities at their highest level of independence. Each patient’s unique care plan includes a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physicians, case managers, pharmacists and dietitians and others.

Can I take a tour? Before you make a decision, make an appointment to take a tour of the hospital. Look for cleanliness, smell for odors and ask to see therapy areas and equipment.

or to schedule a visit, contact Encompass Health Valley of the Sun at 623878-8800. To learn more about the hospital’s rehabilitation programs and other services visit valleyofthesunrehab.

As the temperatures cool down, Arizona’s population rises with the influx of winter visitors. Along with this growth comes a greater need for blood donors. “My son, Dean, was severely anemic when he was born and needed a blood transfusion right away,” said Twila, whose last name was withheld. Dean was later diagnosed with a rare condition called Diamond Blackfan Anemia. His body did not produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout his body, so he relied on red blood cell transfusions to live normally. “Dean is type O-negative, and we have waited several hours to get a transfusion that is a match for him,” Twila explained. “It is humbling to realize that my son’s life is dependent upon other people donating blood. Every blood donor is a true hero to Dean.” With the help of more than 100 blood donors, Dean graduated from Desert Ridge High School last spring and began his engineering studies at ASU. Every three to four weeks, Dean continues to

Dean, whose last name was withheld due to privacy reasons, has Diamond Blackfan Anemia, which requires him to have regular red blood cell transfusions. (Photo courtesy Vitalant)

require blood transfusions to stay alive. Luke Air Force Base hosts blood drives every month for donors with base access. Donors may also give at Vitalant’s Goodyear Donor Center at 14270 W. Indian School Road. To make an appointment to transform lives by donating blood, call 1-877-25-VITAL (877258-4825) or visit (Luke blood drives enter sponsor code: LAFB). To coordinate a blood drive or volunteer on the LAFB committee, contact Greg Wieking at 602-614-4772.

Limb loss rehabilitation— Life-changing results For many living with limb loss, rehabilitation is an important part of returning to an active lifestyle. Our hospital offers innovative therapies and techniques to get patients back into the community to engage in the activities they love most. Learn more at

Tell me about your outcomes Inquire about patient satisfaction, length of stay, functional gains and other quality outcomes, then do the comparison when choosing your preferred provider. When it comes to finding the best rehabilitation services, be sure to understand the differences in available rehabilitation options. For more information

13460 North 67th Avenue • Glendale, AZ 85304 623.878.8800 ©2019:Encompass Health Corporation:1522244


Health & Wellness

New Desert West flagship office to open in the spring

Fall 2019

At La Siena, accreditation matters


Women’s health care in the Northwest Valley will take a big leap in Spring when Desert West Obstetrics & Gynecology’s new flagship office is completed on the northeast corner of 67th Avenue and ThunThe artist’s rendering of the new flagship office of Desert West derbird Road. Obstetrics & Gynecology scheduled to open in the Spring. The 16,000-square- (Rendering courtesy Desert West Obstetrics & Gynecology) foot building will replace the Glendale office it occupied since the for nursing moms and separate areas for early 1990s. each physician’s care team. Patients and “We simply outgrew our Eugie Ave- their guests will also have access to iPnue office that has served us well for de- hone charging stations, free guest Wi-Fi cades,” said Cindy Bowen, Desert West and ample and convenient parking. administrator. “While the site is much With five locations, Desert West probigger than the Eugie office, our goal is vides a full menu of services including to make it a more comfortable, accessi- well-woman examinations, normal and ble and welcoming environment.” high-risk pregnancies, family planning, In addition to homey aesthetics, the new menopause and hormone replacement, location will offer in-office laboratory ser- as well as infertility and incontinence. vices, large ultrasound rooms to accomFor more info, visit desertwestobgyn. modate family members, private space com or call 602-978-1500.

Desert West OB/GYN Sonoran

is now accepting new patients!


ffering pregnancy care, gynecology and well-woman services, our office on the HonorHealth Sonoran Medical Center Campus features a relaxing setting, caring staff and great service.

Our providers: Lisa Jaacks, MD

Laura Matlock, DO

Accepting most insurance plans!

Schedule at 602.978.1500

Desert West Obstetrics & Gynecology Sonoran Office 33423 N 32nd Ave, Suite 2200 Phoenix, AZ 85085

La Siena is proud to have been awarded a three-year accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. (Photo courtesy La Siena)


La Siena executive director Jonathan Burningham knows accreditation is important, no matter the industry. “Most people would not go to a hospital that isn’t accredited or send children to colleges that aren’t accredited,” he said. “So why isn’t that expected when considering a retirement community?

Moving into a community that is accredited affords greater peace of mind that care and services have undergone intense scrutiny by an outside, third party.” It’s a fact, accreditation matters. Designed to encourage ongoing performance efforts and pursuit of excellence, accreditation is no longer just associated with health care and higher

Our assisted living is accredited for two reasons. You. And your family. Because having the confidence and peace of mind of accreditation is important. That’s why La Siena is accredited by CARF International. It’s an independent organization that sets exceedingly high standards for care and service. So if you’re looking for assisted living services, take a good look at La Siena. We think you’ll find that our accreditation is only one of the many reasons you’ll like what you see. Join us for a complimentary lunch and tour. Please call 602.635.6968 to schedule your visit.

I n de p e n de n t & A s s i s t e d L i v i ng R e s i de nc e s 909 East Northern Avenue • Phoenix, AZ • 602.635.6968

Fall 2019 education institutions. It is an important seal of approval seniors and their families should look for when exploring senior living options. La Siena is proud to have been awarded a three-year accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). This demonstrates consistent adherence to high standards of quality, successful professional practice, continuous monitoring, evaluation and improvement of programs, and that priority is given to resident comfort, care and quality of life. Though federal and state guidelines don’t require senior living communities to be accredited, La Siena believes this is an important distinction in providing the utmost care to residents. To achieve accreditation from CARF, a senior living community must demonstrate comprehensive conformance to approximately 1,500 elevated standards that measure the effectiveness of management and communication, programs and activities, and interaction with outside agencies regarding additional services for residents. To schedule a tour, call 602-6356968 or visit to learn more.

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Sanderson Ford takes mobility seriously BY SANDERSON FORD

Sanderson Ford realizes one of our greatest freedoms is the freedom to go wherever, whenever we want. Our enhanced mobility department committed to helping everyone with the freedom of travel since 2010. Gone are the days of going to several places to get a vehicle outfitted with equipment and paying huge mark-ups. Sanderson Ford is the only Ford dealer with mobility and commercial upfits on site. We stock several different readyto-go packages, saving you valuable time and expense. The all-new Ford Transit Connect wheelchair-accessible mobility van starts at just under $40,000 and includes an 800-pound-capacity FlexFlat ramp that folds flat when not in use creating a usable deck for things like luggage and cargo. It holds six passengers including a wheelchair. This newly designed ramp allows for the three-passenger, second-row seat to stay in place for even more added convenience. The Transit Connect can also be upfitted with our newest product, Abilitrax. Abilitrax is a common platform that integrates quick disconnect seating with several different wheelchair tie-down op-

Abilitrax is a common platform that integrates quick disconnect seating with several different wheelchair tie-down options, lifts, grab handles, stretcher mounts and several other accessories using a floor grid system. (Photos courtesy Sanderson Ford)

tions, lifts, grab handles, stretcher mounts and several other accessories using a floor grid system. This platform allows users to change the configuration of a vehicle in seconds. Sanderson Ford also offers multiple financing options. Through a strong partnership with Ford Credit, we can offer one low monthly payment on the vehicle, conversion, lifts, hand controls

or anything else needed. We can do it all at Sanderson Ford and provide you with world-class service. Sanderson Ford is America’s most awarded dealership for customer service, and we will go further to earn your business. For more information, contact mobility specialist Ray Wohlgemuth at 623842-8600 and start your road to independence today.

The leading lady of authentic aging


By Dani VanCamp

At age 42, CarolAnn Tutera felt she had the insides of a 92-year-old woman. She had all the classic signs of menopause. “I don’t know how I was putting one foot in front of the other,” she said. “I wasn’t burning weight.” That was until she tried bioidentical hormones. She got her life back. Tutera is now the co-founder and CEO of SottoPelle Therapy, an international company that trains medical providers on the product’s proprietary methodology of working with bioidentical hormones. As a medical entrepreneur, she has won numerous awards and recognition for her ability to succeed in a male-dominated industry. She has become the leading lady of “authentic aging” and someone who commands respect in the bioidentical hormone therapy field. She gained much of her success by mentoring and recognizing the talent in others. No success can be sustained if not led by someone who sees the value of people. “You need to be compassionate with your employees,” Tutera said. “You need a vision that they follow, you need to be effective in communicating with them and you need an open-door policy with them.” This recognition in the value of people extends to the patients and medical providers within the SottoPelle family.

Beginnings of SottoPelle Therapy SottoPelle Therapy was founded more than 20 years ago, as the dream of CarolAnn and her late husband, physician Dr. Gino Tutera. But it was her passion and persistence in the dayto-day operations that propelled the dream into a reality. “He learned about the pellets in 1992, in Rancho Mirage, California,” she said. “The doctor came up to him and said, ‘Help me put in a pellet.’ He said sure, but said, ‘What’s a pellet?’ “This was exactly what he was looking for—bioidentical products or hormones for women who have had hysterectomies or are in the throes of menopause.” The pellet is the size of a grain of rice and it is slipped under the skin. She says it offers “tremendous relief” of menopause symptoms.

Health & Wellness

“The pellets offer a nice, steady stream of hormones,” Tutera said. “When it’s placed under the skin, the heart regulates it. At rest, everything’s great. Your blood isn’t rushing through you as much. But when you’re stressed, your blood goes faster. There’s a need for more hormones. Your body is taking exactly what it needs 24-7. The body’s a beautiful tool and we’re helping the body regulate and function.” A new patient consultation is $185, and the three to four office visits a year are $300 each. “For me, it’s a godsend,” Tutera said. “I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. “We’ve made it affordable for everybody. We could just charge a lot for the incredible process. But that isn’t us. Our goal is to help as many people as possible.” The people positively impacted by SottoPelle are diverse in age, gender, occupation and/or sexual orientation. SottoPelle helps people in a natural but medically based therapeutic manner. The practice is focused not on just disbursing a quick fix, but addressing all aspects of someone’s health, physical and mental well-being. The SottoPelle lifestyle is not just about the remedy, but about the partnerships it creates with patients in advocating for their health. Tutera has created an international community of medical providers and patients who support balanced living. This has proved challenging over the years as change and champions of that change are often perceived as controversial. Tutera has held steadfast in supporting the mission, determination and dedication to the only thing that matters—helping people. Common sense coupled with naturally based bioidentical hormone replacement therapy delivered via a medically based and proven protocol, has elevated SottoPelle to success with its patients and as a corporate entity. Notably, Tutera has led the charge in advancing the healthy and balanced approach to authentic aging. She has supported many people via a plethora of charitable organizations for veterans and athletes impacted by traumatic brain injury.

Every day leader What sets Tutera apart as a leader and influencer is her dedication and

Fall 2019

persistence. She encompasses all that most want to become and has done it by helping people every day change their lives. After her husband’s passing, she was faced with not only a new challenge of continuing his legacy and dream but defining a new one for herself. She became even more steadfast in her mission to promote education and advocacy not only for hormone therapy but the total integration of balance CarolAnn Tutera says her patients have been positively impacted by into our lifestyles. SottoPelle therapy. (Photo by Kimberly Carrillo) Her greatest attribute is her ability “Everyone has to find their preferred to redefine herself and grow, she said. medium to maximize their lifestyle and She is always seeking new avenues to achieve overall balance; anything that grow and become the best she can be, keeps you active, happy and healthy is too. the ultimate goal,” Tutera said. SottoPelle was created and has sub“Your way of life is typically estabsequently flourished because of her lished by a pattern of habits or behavdedication to people and improving the iors over time. As we age, how we use quality of their lives. The next step and our time and energy becomes a topic evolution for SottoPelle is to support of focus and concern for many. It is the growth of empowerment in the 50- never too late to refocus and redirect and-older demographic. your energy to have the life you want Tutera advocates that “you can be at any age.” the best you want to be at any age.” As a 60 something, Tutera said she Ageism and the negative connota- has never felt more vibrant and haptions associated with getting older pier. are slowly dissipating under Tutera’s “I strive every day to learn somecareful watch. Her newly launched thing new and direct my life toward podcast, “Adventures in Aging,” on positive energy through my work and iTunes candidly explores the com- helping people,” Tutera said. “I have plexities, challenges and obtainable discovered there is no one panacea for joy that can be achieved with humor aging, but finding a healthy lifestyle and balance. and balance puts you on the right path. “Adventures in Aging” is her way As the old cliché says: age is just a of life. Tutera supports regular med- number, don’t let yourself be defined itation, exercise, eating nutritiously by how old you are but how young and balanced hormones. She found you feel.” inspiration in LifeFit, a program of low-intensity formative exercises for SottoPelle has several offices integrated transformation. This meththroughout the Valley. od focuses on biomechanics and utiTo find a location near you, lizes the innate strength within each or to find a SottoPelle doctor, person’s complete biostructure to visit maximize his/her strength physically and mentally.

Fall 2019

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Fiber and exercise: a winning combination Health & Wellness


Glendale Community College Public Information Officer

Eating well is important to good health, especially a diet that is high in fiber. Fiber is part of plant-based foods that are not absorbed by our bodies. There are two types of fiber—soluble dissolves in liquid and turns into a form of gel, trapping sugar and cholesterol; and insoluble, which does not dissolve in water, but soaks up water to create bulk. Why is fiber so important? It is low in calories and more filling than nonfiber foods, which helps in weight manage-

ment. Fiber also slows down the digestion of sugar and lowers the absorption of cholesterol. Fiber can also lower your risk of colon cancer and it decreases constipation or diarrhea. Are you getting enough? The average American consumes about 15 grams per day; women should eat 25 grams and men should eat 38 grams per day. To increase your intake, look to whole-grain breads and cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes, peas, nuts and seeds. Fiber can be easily added to your diet: • Find a cereal that has 5 or more grams of fiber.

Fall 2019

• When baking, add uncooked oatmeal to the recipe. • Eat a half-cup of baked mashed sweet potato as dessert. • Add beans or peas to your salad. • Eat low-fat popcorn as a snack. • Include nuts and seeds in your salad. • Add flaxseed and chia seeds to Fiber can be easily added to any diet with low-fat popcorn, flaxseed, chia seeds, beans and peas, and your yogurt. cereal. (Photo courtesy Glendale Community College) In addition to a healthy diet, adults should engage in at least 150 workout is Glendale Community Colminutes of moderate aerobic activity or lege’s fitness center. They have every75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity thing you need to get meet your weekly a week. A great place to get in a good exercise goals.

Home Instead celebrates two-year anniversary


Home Instead Senior Care, an Arizona in-home care provider, has an additional facility to better serve Sun City and the surrounding communities. The new facility and ownership will allow the organization to continue helping seniors remain independent and in their homes for as long as possible. With more than 18 years of experience

in the medical, health and wellness industry and a passion for senior care, new owner Kara Jensen saw this as a way to show her support for the local aging community. “As we see the growing demand in care among seniors in our area, I want to make sure our clients continue to receive the award-winning, high quality of care that they have come to expect from Home Instead,” Jensen said.

Make fitness happen at Glendale Stay in shape at the GCC Fitness Centers

Affordable and no contracts | Free Group Fitness Classes

Call For A Free Guest Pass! (623) 845-3800

The Maricopa County Community College District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities.  For Title IX/504 concerns, call the following number to reach the appointed coordinator:  (480) 731-8499.  For additional information, as well as a listing of all coordinators within the Maricopa College system, visit:

Located at 21448 N. 75th Avenue, Suite 1, Glendale, the building includes a training facility for caregivers to practice basic skills, such as personal care and mobility assistance, as well as ongoing education on Alzheimer’s and dementia care, diabetes, and senior nutrition and fitness. “We are focused on providing the best possible care for seniors in their homes,” Jensen said. “From our Alzheimer’s Fam-

ily Caregiver Workshops to new training tools and technologies for our professional caregivers, we look forward to doing just that for many more years to come.” The Sun City Home Instead Senior Care office is part of the world’s largest nonmedical in-home care and companionship service for seniors. Services can

Whether you are looking for someone to help an aging parent a few hours a week or need more comprehensive assistance, Home Instead can help. • • • • • • • •

Companionship Care Personal Care Meals & Nutrition Transportation Household Duties Respite Care Hospice Care Support Services

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Newest treatments and technologies for breast cancer BY ARIZONA ONCOLOGY

Dr. Sharon Ondreyco from Arizona Oncology addressed the newest treatments and technologies in the fight against breast cancer.

What is new in breast cancer? New testing methods determine the biology of the patient’s tumor and can guide treatment.

tional five years. This test is helpful for patients with estrogen receptor positive, Her2 neu negative tumors and has cancer in three or fewer lymph nodes. New treatments are specific to the biology of a patient’s tumor.

Antihormonal Combined Therapy

There are new drugs that work in conjunction with anDr. Sharon Ondreyco from tihormonal drugs and improve Oncotype Dx test Arizona Oncology. (Photo the chance that the therapy will courtesy Arizona Oncology) At initial diagnosis, if the shrink cancer in Stage 4 breast patient tumor is ER-positive and Her 2 neg- cancer. Some drugs in this category are ative, the patient may be a candidate for an cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors. They Oncotype test. This is a test done on the tu- inhibit tumor cell division and growth in mor that was removed from the patient. It estrogen receptor breast cancer cells. Drugs tests 21 different markers on the tumor and in this category are Ibrance, Verzenio and a number or score is calculated. The score Kisqali. These are pills and have fewer side determines the patient risk of cancer recur- effects than typical chemotherapy. A new rence and the specific treatment that would pill, Piqray, approved in May for patients benefit the patient the most to prevent can- with PIK3CA mutation on their cancer. All cer recurrence. these tests and treatments are available at Arizona Oncology. Breast Index Test This is a test done on the tumor that was removed to determine the benefit of continuing antihormonal drugs for more than five years. Because most pathology labs keep the tumor for 10 years, this test can be performed years after the original surgery. This test determines the patient cure rate after five years of antihormonal treatment and what the cure rate would be if the patient took antihormonal treatment for an addi-

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Drug for Her 2 positive breast cancer

A new drug Neratinib is a pill taken after a patient has completed Herceptin as adjuvant treatment for breast cancer. This pill further improves the cure rate in Her 2 positive breast cancer, which is a very aggressive type of breast cancer. For more information, cisit or 888-972.CURE

Local Home Instead Senior Care offices employ approximately be arranged for a few hours 65,000 caregivers worldwide a week and up to 24 hours a who provide basic support day. For more information, services that enable seniors to call 623-499-3290 or visit live safely and comfortably in their own homes for as Founded in 1994 in Omalong as possible. The Home ha, Nebraska, by Lori and Instead Senior Care network Paul Hogan, the Home Instrives to partner with each stead Senior Care network Kara Jensen is the owner of client and his or her family provides personalized care, Home Instead Senior Care. members to help meet that support and education to She can be reached at 623- individual’s needs. Services or fax 602-314- span the care continuum help enhance the lives of ag- 499-3290, 4188. (Submitted photo) ing adults and their families. from providing companionThis network is the world’s leading ship and personal care to specialized Alzprovider of in-home care services for se- heimer’s care and hospice support. niors, with more than 1,000 independentAlso available are family caregiver edly owned and operated franchises that ucation and support resources. At Home are estimated to annually provide more Instead Senior Care, it’s relationship bethan 50 million hours of care throughout fore task, while striving to provide supethe United States and 12 other countries. rior quality service.



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Fall 2019

The Palazzo offers a safe environment for aging gracefully BY THE PALAZZO

The Palazzo—an independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation community in Central Phoenix—allows its residents to maintain their privacy and independence while enjoying the facility’s benefits. In the midst of a multimillion-dollar makeover, The Palazzo provides a full spectrum of health care and related services for residents. Highly skilled nurses and staff members are onsite and can assist with everything from meal preparation and housekeeping efforts to surgical recovery and memory care.

In addition to around-the-clock assistance for residents, the gated Palazzo boasts luxe, sophisticated surroundings and an elegant design scheme reminiscent of a Tuscan villa. The Palazzo boasts travertine-style floors, stacked stone columns and upscale furnishings, while residential quarters feature open, inviting concepts highlighted by ample natural light and accessibility enhancements as needed. Social opportunities abound at The Palazzo. Main Street is a thriving, central community hub that hosts musical performances and special events. Residents can swing by the swimming pool, library

or beauty salon to catch up with friends and neighbors or prep for the day ahead. Countless other amenities—an onsite bar, wine cellar and private dining room—further enhance the residents’ quality of life while improving the guest experience. The Palazzo offers a full range of services for residents in all stages of life, ensuring a comfortable, safe environment. Residents can age gracefully while maintaining their independence. The Palazzo is located at 6250 N. 19th Avenue, Phoenix. For more information, call 602-433-6300 or visit

The Palazzo boasts travertine-style floors, stacked stone columns and upscale furnishings, while residential quarters feature open, inviting concepts highlighted by ample natural light and accessibility enhancements as needed. (Photo courtesy The Palazzo)

Airman & Family Readiness Center is never the wrong place BY AIRMAN & FAMILY READINESS CENTER

Active duty members and their spouses who are expecting a baby, or new mothers assigned to an Air Force installation, are encouraged to contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center to sign up for a Bundles for Babies/Kids Ride Safe class. Parents can receive a free car seat and learn about proper installation in their vehicle, parenting skills and finances;

meet other expectant parents; and receive a bundle of supplies. That includes a large, canvas tote bag with AFAS logo, thermal receiving blanket, hooded towel and washcloth, white knit crib sheet, printed knit crib sheet, three-pack sleepn-play, five-pack onesies, two pairs of booties, two bibs and three burp cloths. Classes are open to all ranks and are not limited to a first pregnancy.

The transition from singlehood to married life is tough, and marrying a military member can pose its own unique challenges. Heart Link is a program designed to familiarize civilian spouses with the military and alleviate some of these issues. From military protocol to traditions and lingo, Heart Link teaches civilian spouses what their military counterparts deal with daily. Spouses are introduced to the mili-

tary community. They have an important role to play: keeping up the home front while their spouses are deployed and being a source of support for the airmen. Heart Link, which is geared toward newlyweds, is designed to help connect military members with their spouses. By integrating spouses into the military, it helps to enhance mission readiness. Participants learn about military protocol



• Bundles for Babies • Military & Family Life Consultant Assistance • Heart Link (New Spouse Orientation) • Employment Assistance • Transition Services (Active Duty to Civilian) • Hearts Apart Support Activities • Relocation & Sponsorship Services • Financial Counseling/Education • New or Expectant Mothers Class • Emergency Financial Assistance • Family Strengthening Programs & Resources • Personal Development Information & Resources • Exceptional Family Member Program Provides support to Military family members with special needs • Information and Referral Services • Discovery Center - Resources for relocations, transition, employment, housing, schools, and more! • AMVETS - Provides medical records screening and assistance with VA disability claims

• School Liaison Officer Addresses educational issues involving military children Monthly and youth in the local Dept. of Lab or school community TAP

Annual Career Fair January 22, 2020

The Palazzo 602.433.6300 • 6250 N 19th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85015

Employmen Workshop t

Contact us for further information: (623) 856-6550 Email: 7282 N. 137th Ave. Bldg.1113 Luke AFB, AZ. 85309 “We’re never the wrong place to go!” *Limited Services for DoD Civilians and their families

Fall 2019


Health & Wellness

and military and Air Force traditions including the role of coining and the Air Force song. Learning these things helps them understand military culture. Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC) provides shortterm, nonmedical counseling to service members and their families. MFLCs augment ex- Bundles for Babies/Kids Ride Safe class offers a free isting military support programs car seat so parents can learn about proper installation. (Submitted photo) worldwide. Through the MFLC Program, licensed clinical providers petency and confidence in handling the assist service members and their fami- stressors of military life and ensures that lies with issues they may face through issues do not impair operational readiness. the cycle of deployment—from leaving Exceptional Family Member Program their loved ones and possibly living and (EFMP) is designed to provide support working in harm’s way to reintegrating to military family members with special with their community and family. needs. EFMP services include a variety The MFLC program provides support of personnel, medical and family supfor a range of individual and family is- port functions. The Exceptional Famsues. Psycho-educational presentations ily Member Program- Family Support on reunion/reintegration, stress/coping, (EFMP-FS) is a community support grief/loss and deployment are provided function provided by the Airman & Famto commands. Family Readiness Groups, ily Readiness Center that includes, but Soldier Readiness Processing and other not limited to, on-and off-base informarequested locations. MFLC support is tion and referral, parent training, support also provided to the Child and Youth Pro- group, relocation assistance, financial gram and specifically for the summer Do- management and school information. DEA/CYP summer enrichment program. For more information, call 623-856Support for these issues empowers in- 6550 or email, dividuals during the problem-solving pro- or visit 7282 N. 137th Avenue, Building cess, increases individual and family com- 1113, Luke AFB, AZ 85309.

The biggest reasons for creating an estate plan BY DAVE EASTMAN

Morris Hall Partner and Attorney at Law

Most people believe the only reason for creating an estate plan is to avoid the costly and lengthy court proceeding called probate. Avoiding probate is a major benefit, but it is only one of the reasons for implementing a properly drafted estate plan. Your plan can also protect you during your life, your assets and your loved ones after you die. As a society, we are living longer. This may require a need for assisted living if you become incapacitated. An estate plan from Morris Hall (MH) helps you avoid court proceedings for incapacity by giving clear legal instructions on who you want to act on your behalf. Upon your death, the protection over your assets becomes even stronger, benefiting the surviving spouse or other beneficiaries. Assets in the trust are protected against ex-spouses, creditors, lawsuits and others. An MH trust also provides provisions designed to work with retirement plans allowing the distributions to

Dave Eastman is a Morris Hall partner and attorney at law. (Photo courtesy Morris Hall)

be “stretched” throughout the lives of your beneficiaries. Above all, the benefit that our clients appreciate the most is the peace of mind that an estate plan gives them. It is highly recommended to have a personal review of your estate plan, or to have one created if you have not yet created a plan. Call 480-455-3692 to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

PRESERVE & PROTECT YOUR LEGACY We provide pressure-free events to help you learn about the essentials of estate planning, strategies to protect your assets, and more.

Events hosted by:

Dave Eastman Morris Hall Partner & Attorney at Law

For event topics, dates, and times go to or call (602) 249-1328

Morris Hall Office - Surprise • 15331 W Bell Road, Suite 300 - Surprise, AZ 85374


Health & Wellness

Fall 2019

Midwestern is improving children’s teeth BY DR. SABITA RAO

Children with special health care needs are at higher risk of developing certain dental conditions. This is due to their medical, congenital or behavioral special health care needs; their dietary requirements; or their physical limitations with tooth brushing and flossing. They may also be anxious because of the behavioral aspects of their condition, or simply from a large number of medical procedures they’ve had in the past. Parents can seek the assistance of a pediatric dental specialist, who has continued specialized training for an additional two years after dental school. Pediatric dentists have the knowledge and expertise to provide specific services, including sedation or general anesthesia, to facilitate dental treatment for children with special health care needs. In addition to adaptative oral examinations, cleanings and preventive or treatment services, a pediatric dentist can also provide collaborative treatment modalities with other health care providers, such as speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, myofunctional therapists, and other specialty physicians. Establishing a dental home for any child as early as possible allows for early detection and management of many dental conditions and can reduce the need for more complex procedures

Dr. Sabita Rao makes children feel comfortable during their exams. (Photo courtesy Midwestern University)

as children grow. Visit the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry at to locate a board-certified pediatric dentist in your area. The information contained in this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional health advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment. Always consult a qualified health care provider. Dr. Sabita Rao is a clinical assistant professor and specialist in pediatric dentistry at the Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Arizona. Rao is a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. She supervises dental students during their last two years of clinical training at the Midwestern University Dental Institute in Glendale. The dental institute utilizes the latest technology to provide high-quality general and specialty dental and orthodontic care for children and adults at affordable prices. For more information, call 623537-6000 or visit

Y o u W a n t Exceptional

[Dental and Orthodontic

Care for Children.] We Are Your Healthcare Team.

Working as a team, Midwestern faculty dentists and students use the latest technology to provide a wide range of contemporary orthodontic treatments for children and adults, at affordable prices. We also offer complete pediatric primary and specialty dental care for children ages one and older.

Call 623-537-6000 for an appointment.

we accept delta dental insurance.

5855 West Utopia Road Glendale, Arizona 85308

Fall 2019

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Health & Wellness

Area Agency on Aging’s Benefits Assistance


Fall 2019

Protect Yourself from ENROLLMENT FRAUD Don’t let a plan representative trick you into enrolling in their plan – • Don’t Share – your Medicare

Number or Social Security Number with anyone. Plans cannot ask for your Medicare, Social Security or banking information just to provide you with information. Plans cannot ask for payment in person or over the phone – they must send you a bill.

• No Pressure – you can use the entire Open Enrollment Period to enroll in the plan you choose. There is no ‘extra benefit’ for early sign up with a plan.

• Don’t Believe – someone who

Medicare Open Enrollment is the time to review your Medicare coverage, compare it with other options and make sure your current coverage still meets your needs. During this time, you can make changes to your health insurance coverage, including changing from original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Plan or changing your Part D Prescription Drug Insurance provider. The changes you make will take effect on January 1, 2020. Area Agency Benefits Assistance Counselors do not represent any insurance plan and will provide you with unbiased information and detailed sign up instructions. They will help you understand the choices and find your best Medicare option.

The Area Agency Certified Medicare Counselors are available to assist you.

Call 602-280-1059 to speak with a Counselor.

The MOST SECURE way to access your personal Medicare-related information is through your official on-line Medicare account– † View your Medicare claims † Keep track of your prescription drugs, all in one place † See upcoming preventive services you may be eligible for, and more Sign up for your official Medicare account at

HealthWellness_Nov2019.indd 1

suggests their plan is preferred by Medicare or that their plan represents Medicare. Insurance plans are not allowed to say that they are Medicare’s favorite plan.

• No Free Gifts – gifts cannot

be offered for enrolling. If a plan offers a gift it must be to everyone, whether or not they enroll in that plan, and cannot have a value of more than $15.

• No Threats – you cannot lose your Medicare benefits for not signing up with a particular plan.

MEDICARE WILL NEVER • Contact you for your Medicare Number or other personal information unless you’ve given them permission in advance. • Call you to sell you anything. • Promise you things if you give them your Medicare Number— Don’t do it. • Visit you at your home. • Enroll you over the phone unless you call them first.

If you suspect Medicare fraud, call 602-280-1059 10/1/19 11:23 AM

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Health and Wellness - Summer 2019  

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