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WASHINGTON — Unemployment rates increased in half of U.S. states in January from December, as employers nationwide added the fewest jobs in seven months. The Labor Department says unemployment rates increased in 25 states. They fell in only 8 states and were unchanged in 17.


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Nationally, the unemployment rate ticked up in January to 7.9 percent from 7.8 percent in December. Employers add-

By The Numbers According to the BLC current population survey (CPS), the number of people unemployed in North Dakota peaked in April 2009 at 15,743. There are now 2,555 fewer people unemployed in the state. The job growth in North Dakota for Janaury 2013 showed there were 439,600 jobs, according to the CES survey. The CPS survey of house-

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ed only 119,000 jobs, down from 219,000 in December. Job gains have since accelerated. Employers added 236,000 jobs in February, and the national unemployment rate fell to a four-year low of 7.7 percent. In January, California and Rhode Island reported the highest state unemployment rates, at 9.8 percent. The lowest was North Dakota at 3.3 percent. The state has benefited from an oil and gas boom.


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holds showed 383,289 employed persons for the month of January 2013. North Dakota as a whole added 900 jobs in January 2013, also according to the CES survey ; with the remainder of the country averaging an increase of 593 jobs. North Dakota contuniees to be a force in the employment game with this growth month over month.




THE WILLISTON REVIEW A large swarm of desert locusts (Schistocerca gregaria) can consume 20,000 tons (18,160,000 kilograms) of vegetation a day.

Drivers (multiple openings): Warren Transport, a year-round regional trucking company, has an on-going need for quality, safety conscious, flat-bed drivers seeking long term employment in our new Williston, ND location. Requirements include Class A CDL with 1 year pneumatics experience and 100,000 miles. Local and State-wide runs in North Dakota hauling ash to oil rig sites. Must pass background check and meet all DOT requirements. After Af 3 months, benefits include health, dental, vision and life insurance, retirement benefits available after 6 months. Affordable housing is available through the company. Applications available on-line at . Please submit applications to:, fax to Warren Transport 406-245-3232 or mail to Warren Transport, PO Box 22745, Billings, MT 59104.

The longest living cells in the body are brain cells which can live an entire lifetime. The highest temperature produced in a laboratory was 920,000,000 F (511,000,000 C) at the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor in Princeton, NJ, USA. The heaviest human brain ever recorded weighed 5 lb. 1.1 oz. (2.3 kg.). o Armadillos, opossums, and sloth's spend about 80% of their lives sleeping.

Dispatcher/Customer Service (2 Openings) Warren Transport is seeking dispatchers/customer service representatives to work in our Williston, ND office. The successful candidates will be familiar with the ND area and have previous experience coordinating and dispatching trucks to the appropriate rig locations. Minimum skills include previous OTR or regional trucking dispatch experience along with DOT experience in the Western states, strong verbal and written communi cation and interpersonal skills, strong office skills in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook and hands-on experience with mileage software and Rig Data information. Must be a team player and be able to multi-task sales and service projects, administrative paperwork such as truck tickets and invoicing and be able to work well under stress, despite numerous interruptions. Benefits available after three months of ployment include: comprehensive health, dental & life insurance and participation in the 401k retirement plan is available following six months. Affordable housing/housing allowance is available through the company. Wages will be discussed by the employer. Please submit applications to:, fax to Warren Transport 406-245-3232 or mail to Warren Transport, PO Box 22745, Billings, MT 59104.

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Get your car road trip ready for spring (BPT) - You may be dreaming about escaping on a vacation, but the sky-high costs of flights and cruises can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you're looking to take a break without breaking the bank, a good, old-fashioned road trip could be the way to escape. Aside from packing snacks and preparing the perfect playlist, there are a few things you should consider before venturing out on the open road. A few updates and precautions can help you avoid the wear and potential safety hazards a long trip can have on your vehicle.

Fast fixes Winter can be hard on a vehicle's exterior, and even seemingly insignificant cosmetic damage can become a large issue if left unattended. Many owners are aware of some scratch or dent in their vehicles but are wary of the cost to have it professionally repaired. But allowing exposed metal to rust can create an even bigger problem. Fortunately, you can avoid ugly and potentially costly issues using Dupli-Color Scratch Fix touch-up paint. This innovative solution is available in hundreds of exact-match colors for a seamless fix to nearly any vehicle paint damage. With a roller ball tip for precision and a taper brush for full coverage, Scratch Fix is the ultimate tool for any vehicle owner. Make sure to apply Dupli-Color Scratch Fix Clear Coat over the touch up paint, to ensure a manufacturer-approved color match. For a fraction of the cost, this do-ityourself solution will help protect and beautify your vehicle before and after a long road trip. Trip-worthy tires Good tires are an integral aspect of vehicle safety, and it is extremely important to check your tires before heading on an extended road trip. According to the Car Care Council, thin tire treads create hazardous driving conditions, particularly on wet roadways. Thin or worn treads can cause tires to hydroplane and potentially lead to loss of control of the vehicle. To ensure tires wear evenly and avoid dangerous situations, it is commonly recommended

to have tires rotated every 7,000 miles. This simple routine not only makes for a more dependable vehicle, but also saves money by extending the life of your tires. Replacing worn

tires before a trip is also a good idea to ensure you will have no problems while far from home - plus, you may even see better gas mileage. Brake check Checking your brakes is an extremely important aspect of routine vehicle maintenance, and you should be sure your brakes are in prime condition before a long journey. New brake pads and fluid may not be the most appealing travel expense, but will certainly save you the hassle and cost failed brakes can incur.Routine maintenance Whether your trip is 100 miles or 1,000, checking your vehicle mechanics is important before heading out on the open road. This includes checking and changing your oil, coolant, brake and transmission fluids as needed. In addition to its inner workings, make sure all outside components of your vehicle are in top shape. Ensure headlights and blinkers work properly, inspect windshield wipers and review mirrors, and check windows for any cracks before setting out. Take advantage of the preventative tips above and you will have your vehicle ready to hit the open road with no hiccups just in time for vacation season.







The Unbearded adventures

Rachel A. Starr

Webster defines an adventure as “an exciting or remarkable experience”. I like this definition because so many things can be remarkable. As a child, and later as an adult I listened to my Nanny, a caring and loving woman, warn me about “trying new things”. Her list of never-ever’s was as long as the Mississippi River. This didn’t make her life any less enjoyable. She was surrounded by a loving husband and an amazing granddaughter; ok so there were other amazing people in her life too. However, as we laid her to rest with my Pappy late last year I couldn’t help but wonder if she would have tried more, would have risked more, would have had more “remarkable experiences” if she would have somehow had a “better” life. At the age of 34 I found myself “settling” and never going to far away from my comfort zone; and it hit me that I didn’t want a list of never-ever’s. Therefore, I have decided to embark on my own adventure and share all of my experiences with you. (aren’t you lucky?) From shooting my first gun to ski diving to learning how to add coolant to my

truck. Big or small, they are all experiences that will shape me and those around me. I would like to think of these adventures as boxes of new shoes. Sometimes the most glittery pair hurts the most; while a simple pair of flats might just make the outfit. So step into my closet and embark on a woman’s adventure in a man’s world, where a small town girl from Ohio puts a new spin on the Montana Experience. Check in every few days to see which box of shoes I choose to open. The first box is looking a bit pink and black and it carries quite the punch. See you soon….. -R







Getting organized: Learn your style and find solutions that work for you Resolving to reduce clutter and get better organized seems to be a lingering item on many people's "to-do" lists, yet for many of us, it can be difficult to get started. While organization is an essential tool for navigating our complex modern lives, many people struggle to find their personal style of organization and a system that works within their busy lives at home, at the office or on-the-go. Just as specific organizational needs vary from person to person, so too do organizational styles. "It's important to understand your own personal style of organization," says Melanie Charlton, organizational expert, product designer and founder of Clos-ette. "What works to help one person get organized may be frustrating for another. By defining your personal style, you can better identify tactics and tools that will work to keep you on track both personally and professionally." Unsure how to assess what style of organizing works for you? The Post-it Brand offers the Do More Your Way online organizational style quiz to help you classify your organization style. Through a series of questions, the quiz helps users determine which of five organizational styles best suits their personalities and helps to identify organization solutions to fit their needs. Conductors organize by "leading" information and documents into a cohesive operation, much as a musical conductor does. Implementers attack organization with a specific goal in mind, such as getting organized for a job search. Curators keep everything and need a system that allows them to quickly reference archived material. Improvisers organize outside the box and are constantly looking for new tools to aid in organization or new ways to use familiar tools. Gatherers like to have all their work ma-

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terials close at hand and put their emphasis on organized filing systems. Once you've identified your organizational style, focus on these key areas where most of us need help at home, in the office and on the go: At home

Whether or not your family removes their shoes upon entering the house and leaves miscellaneous keys, mail, loose change and other items by the door, entryways are a primary target for accumulated clutter. Assess the type of clutter in your entryway. Is it made up of items that have a legitimate right to be near the door - your shoes and car keys, for example - or are there things that should live in another part of your home, such as mail (in your home office), loose change (in a coin jar) and sporting equipment (in the garage)? Decide what belongs and remove and relocate things that do not. Invest in organization and storage solutions such as a key rack that can hang on the wall by the door or a shoe rack where your family can neatly store their shoes upon entering the home to reduce clutter in the foyer. In the office We live in a digital world, but paper remains a reality for most office settings. Taming paper is a top objective of organizational efforts for many of us. To organize the flow of documents in your office, consider adopting the "one touch" policy. When a piece of paper lands on your desk, touch it just once - long enough to decide its appropriate home, and then put it there immediately. Avoid making stacks of paper that you intend to look at and assess later; that's how clutter evolves. Instead, use an in-box for documents that you haven't yet reviewed and an ac-

The Bakken’s Best Barbecue and Williston’s Favorite Caterer! Come enjoy our patio dining area 14 Second Street West • Williston







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tive box for things you're currently working with. Anything that doesn't fit in either box should get filed immediately with appropriate labeling. On the go For many of us, work life is no longer confined to the office - especially for busy working parents. Whether you are running from meeting to meeting or on the road, make sure you have all the essentials for working efficiently and productively while on-the-move. Products from the Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Collection, a new line of products designed for more efficient and effective organization on the go, can help mobile workers stay on track. Designed to stick, insert or clip to items you carry, Post-it Mobile Products work seamlessly together for a customizable on-the-go organization system. For example, the Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pockets come in three different sizes and stick to the outside of laptops, iPads, notebooks and planners. Not only do they hold essential miscellaneous items such as important papers, receipts, bills, office supplies and more in one convenient location, but they are also translucent so you can easily see the contents while on the move. They also stick securely, but remove cleanly, so you can re-use or move them as needed. "Today, more than ever before, people are on the move for their work and personal lives," Charlton says. "No matter how busy your career, family life or daily routine, it's important to find organizational tools that are versatile and convenient to help you create an organizational system adapted to your lifestyle."

Leases Starting At: $265/month 701.577.1111

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Lease based off of $2,500 down. Taxes, Title, License and doc fee are extra.  On approved credit.




Warmer weather home updates that

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are easy on your wallet (BPT) - As the weather turns warmer, most of us are experiencing cabin fever, anxious to escape to the outdoors. But has the harsh winter weather put a damper on your outdoor spaces? Don’t fret. You can easily spruce up your exteriors with a few easy and inexpensive home improvement projects. Here are a few fast fixes that will have your home looking great without taking a huge hit on your wallet.

home improvement centers offer reasonably priced daily rentals. Or it’s an opportunity to visit the neighbors who you haven’t seen during the cold months to borrow theirs.

Unpack and update The first step to enjoying the outdoors is to unpack storage areas and populate your patios and porches with furniture and accents that you put away for the winter season. However, often these pieces don’t fare well in storage and your once-beautiful accents may be scratched, faded or even rusty.

Great, green grass With your living spaces looking grand, now it’s time to turn your attention to your lawn. With the grass still soggy and sensitive, it may not be time to begin mowing or digging - but it is a good time for prevention. Since spring is often the key growth season for many grasses, the key to having a weed-free yard is to apply weed control to your yard to prevent them before they germinate. Your local home improvement store or nursery will help you determine the type and amount that is best for your yard. This easy bit of prevention will help create healthy and luscious greenery for the warmer months to come.

“It’s disappointing to find once-vibrant outdoor furniture and accents looking worn and outdated - especially when you’re not ready to invest in new,” says Katherine Merkle, Krylon brand manager. “Luckily, with a bit of spray paint - especially a version that’s paint and primer in one - it’s simple to revitalize your current pieces to make them lovely and enjoyable, only for a few dollars.” Krylon’s Dual Paint + Primer spray paint is the ideal solution with a unique formulation that’s available in a wide variety of the most popular colors and finishes. It includes both the paint and primer in one can, so you can complete your projects easily and quickly in one step with a great finish that lasts like you primed it. Plus, it works on many surfaces, including wood, metal, wicker, glass, ceramic, fabric, concrete and masonry, allowing you to update all your outdoor accents. “Whether looking to add a vibrant pop of color to dull flower pots; restoring sun-faded patio umbrellas; or restoring damaged or dull furniture surfaces, Dual has the color you need in the simple, one-step, affordable solution you desire,” says Merkle. Clean and clear Cold weather can leave outdoor spaces looking dirty and gray, so the next step in your outdoor update is to start cleaning. Pressure washing is a simple way to get patios, sidewalks, windows and siding looking clean and ready for the season. It offers instant gratification as layers of dirt, dust and grime are quickly blasted away. Don’t have a pressure washer? No worries that you need to buy one; most rental companies or

Get grilling Once you’ve got your outdoors looking great, you’ll be ready to enjoy some outdoor entertaining. To prep your grill for another year of burgers and barbecues - make sure you start with a good cleaning. Home improvement expert, Danny Lipford, has a simple and inexpensive way to clean the cooking surface using aluminum foil and white vinegar. The acid in the vinegar cuts through grease and cooked-on food, while the foil acts as an abrasive to remove the food residue.- Simply pour white vinegar in a clean spray bottle, spray the cooking surface and let it sit for a few minutes. Next, rub the cooking area with crumpled up aluminum foil. You’ll have a clean grill with items you probably have sitting in your pantry. With a few fast do-it-yourself updates, your home and outdoor areas will be looking fabulous in no time - and all without a huge price tag. For more information on Krylon paint products, visit




NASCAR Last Week Rank /Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Penske Racing Brad Keselowski Hendrick Motorsports Dale Earnhardt Jr Hendrick Motorsports Jimmie Johnson Michael Waltrip Racing Clint Bowyer Roush Fenway Racing Greg Biffle Joe Gibbs Racing Denny Hamlin Hendrick Motorsports Kasey Kahne Roush Fenway Racing Carl Edwards Richard Childress Racing Paul Menard Joe Gibbs Racing Kyle Busch Roush Fenway Racing Ricky Stenhouse Jr Penske Racing 6 Joey Logano Joe Gibbs Racing Matt Kenseth Earnhardt Ganassi Racing Jamie McMurray Richard Petty Motorsports Marcos Ambrose Furniture Row Racing Kurt Bush Richard Childress Racin Kevin Harvick Michael Waltrip Racing Martin Truex Jr Michael Waltrip Racing Mark Martin Richard Petty Motorsports Aric Almirola


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Kyle Busch wins


FONTANA, Calif. -- Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano knocked each other off the race track on the final lap of Sunday's Auto Club 400 -- allowing Kyle Busch to steal the win -- but it was Tony Stewart who left Auto Club Speedway fighting mad.

upset about a restart, that I was racing him really hard on the bottom trying to make sure I protected my spot. What I was doing actually was I was racing the 18 (Kyle Busch) on the restart and he was spinning his tires.

Yes, it was Busch's 25th victory in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Yes, Busch broke a 31-race drought. Yes, Busch gave Joe Gibbs Racing and Toyota their first victory at Auto Club Speedway.

“The rule is you can’t beat him to the start-finish line, so I am pedaling it, which gave Tony the run to go underneath me. I wanted to block that because I knew, if he put me three-wide, that would be the end of my race and I wouldn’t win. I was smart enough to realize that. Then I had to just do what I had to do to get to the front and try to win the race.”

Yes, race runner-up Dale Earnhardt Jr. leaves California with the Cup series lead, 12 points ahead of 23rd-place finisher Brad Keselowski. But it was the banging between pole-sitter Hamlin and Logano -- the renewal of a feud that sparked last Sunday in Bristol -- as well as an angry confrontation between Stewart and Logano on pit road that stole attention from Busch's milestone win. Stewart took umbrage at a block by Logano on the final restart with 11 laps left in the 200-lap event. “I did win the race today,” Busch quipped. “That might be a story … They (Hamlin and Logano) were so focused on each other that they left the door open.” His momentum broken by the block, Stewart fell through the field and finished 22nd. Earnhardt was second when caution froze the field on the final lap. Logano was credited with third, followed by Carl Edwards and Kurt Busch, who overcame a brush with the wall and a pit-road penalty to post his second straight top five. They (Hamlin and Logano) were so focused on each other that they left the door open. Hamlin nosed hard into the inside wall and was credited with a 25th-place finish. The driver of the No. 11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota was airlifted to a local hospital and kept overnight as a precautionary measure. A helicopter was used because of heavy post-race traffic outside the speedway. “Racing for the lead -- going for the win,” Logano said. “That’s what you’ve got to do … Tony was just

A caution on Lap 170 for Marcos Ambrose's blown left-rear tire followed almost immediately a round of green-flag pit stops and wiped out Busch's five-second lead over Harvick. That set up a restart on Lap 175 with Busch on the outside and Harvick beside him in the inside lane. Harvick, however, failed to launch on the restart, allowing Kahne to move into second with Stewart behind him. One lap later, Mark Martin's spin off Turn 2 brought out the seventh caution and bunched the field for a restart on Lap 181. Kyle Busch pulled away once again, but the engine in Clint Bowyer's Toyota exploded on Lap 185, giving cars running ninth on back a chance to pit for fresh tires in hopes of gaining ground on a final charge to the finish. Kyle Busch paced the field to a restart on Lap 190 with Logano beside him, despite overheating issues that threatened his chances for a strong finish. Stewart was third and Kurt Busch fourth when the field took the green. Stewart was the biggest loser on the restart, thanks to the block Logano threw on the No. 14 car as the field stormed through Turn 1. Logano got the better of Kyle Busch on lap 194, as Hamlin streaked through the field on fresh tires to move into second. Just past the finish line on Lap 199, Hamlin moved to the outside of Logano, and the drivers banged doors repeatedly until the contact sent Hamlin spinning and Logano into the outside wall, allowing Kyle Busch to steal the win.




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Medical 1 Physical Therapy Assistant-PTA Medical Staffing Network Healthcare DOE 2 Physical Therapist - Inpatient - Contract/Travel Tri-State Rehab Services DOE 3 Registered Nurse - Labor Delivery Capital Healthcare Solutions DOE 4 Part-Time Second Shift RN ALLONE Health Resources DOE 5 Medical Tech - Contract / Travel Capital Allied Solutions DOE 6 Registered Nurses ePeople America DOE 7 Labor Delivery Nurses NursesRX DOE 8 Registered Nurses ePeople America DOE 9 Psychiatrist Catholic Health Initiatives DOE 10 Physical Therapist Strategic Healthcare Staffing DOE 11 Internal Medicine Catholic Health Initiatives DOE 12 Health and Safety Specialist Tervita Corporation DOE Office/Professional 13 Trust Account Executive American State Bank DOE 14 Administrative Assistant Acme Tools DOE 15 Office Assistant Warren Transportation DOE 16 Operations Administrative Support Key Energy Services DOE 17 Night Shift Dispatcher/Office Admin Warren Transportation DOE 18 Administrative Assistant Weatherford International DOE 19 Administrative / Office Manager Executive Services, INC $16/hr 20 Part-Time Weekend Consumer Electronics Sales Rep ActionLink, LLC DOE 21 Administrative Assistant M-I SWACO DOE 22 Administrative Assistant General Electric Company DOE 23 Tax Director Williams County DOE 24 Internal Auditor Donovan and Watkins DOE 25 General Manager ProBuild Holdings, INC DOE Sales 26 Customer Service Rep Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc DOE 27 Full-Time Retail Sales Consultant AT&T DOE 28 Sales Lead PTI Group, INC DOE 29 Full-Time Customer Service Specialist Sherwin Williams DOE 30 Outside Sales Representative - Construction Industry Dakota Staffing Solutions DOE 31 Route Sales Representative Frito-Lay, INC DOE 32 Area Sales Representative Weatherford International DOE 33 Sales Trainee Fastenal Company DOE 34 Inside Sales Rep Sr ProBuild Holdings, INC DOE Oil 35 Construction Foreman Continental Resources, Inc. DOE 36 Lab Technician SOS Employment Group $16/hr 37 Mechanic Power Fuels DOE+Benefits 38 Welders Flux Core SOS Employment Group DOE 39 Local Experienced Oilfield Workover Rig Hands RT Energy Services DOE+Benefits 40 Electricians Helmerich & Payne DOE+Benefits 41 Field Service Technician HB Rentals DOE 42 Diesel Technician Spherion Staffing Bismarck DOE 43 Wireline Operator Weatherford International DOE 44 Repair and Maintenance Technician Weatherford International DOE 45 Field Mechanic Knife River Corporation DOE 46 Line Technician Montana-Dakota Utilities Co DOE 47 Lead Lineman Basin Electric Power Cooperative DOE 48 Journeyman Lineman Basin Electric Power Cooperative DOE 49 Field Service Technician Weatherford International DOE 50 Entry Level Operator Assistant Halliburton DOE 51 Engineer Associate (Gas) Montana-Dakota Utilities Co DOE 52 Drill Site Manager Cenergy International Services DOE 53 Engineering Technician City of Williston DOE 54 Light Equipment Operator City of Williston DOE 55 Oilfield Laborer C & S String Up DOE 56 Mechanic (Frac) Weatherford International DOE 57 Iron Coordinator Calfrac Well Services LTD DOE 58 Well Test Operator Weir Seaboard DOE 59 Field Service Technician Weatherford International DOE



General Labor 60 Apprentice Electrician Ebel DOE 61 Industrial Services Technician Garner Environmental Service, Inc DOE+Benefits 62 Service Technician 20329 Weatherford International DOE+Benefits 63 Journeyman Electricians Ebel DOE 64 Shop Helper Harper Companies $15/hr+ DOE 65 Apprentice Electrician Muth Electric, INC DOE 66 Concrete Pumper Hughes Construction DOE 67 Stock Clerk - Tool Room Myers’ Napa Auto Parts DOE 68 Carpenter Apprentice The Petersen Group DOE 69 Part-Time Package Handler United Parcel Service, INC DOE 70 Mechanic Shop - 3 Positions Knife River Corporation DOE 71 Floorhand Key Energy Services DOE 72 Customer Service Rep Weatherford International DOE 73 Apprentice System Protection Technician Basin Electric Power Cooperative DOE 74 Block Layer and Tender Tradesmen International DOE 75 Maintenance Engineer Kum and Go DOE 76 Sr. Service Agent FedEx DOE 77 Service Manager Adecco DOE 78 Utility Operator City of Williston DOE 79 Spooler Trainee / Shophand Horizon Cable Service DOE 80 Quality Control Person Plote Construction North Dakota DOE 81 Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Fargo Jet Center DOE 82 Load Builder ProBuild Holdings, INC DOE 83 Lead IT Client Consultant AT&T DOE 84 Permanent Journeyman Electrician Yoh Services LLC DOE 85 Superintendent, Construction Plote Construction North Dakota $85k -$110k/yr 86 Project Manager Plote Construction North Dakota $95k-$120k/yr 87 Program Director Community Development Institute DOE Driver 88 Package Delivery Driver United Parcel Service, INC DOE 89 Drivers Warren Transportation Drivers (multiple openings) DOE 90 Experienced Truck Driver Rockwater Energy $20.50 (min) 91 Warren Transportation Driver DOE 92 Heavy Haul Driver Black Gold Logistics DOE 93 Pole Driver Black Gold Logistics DOE 94 Water/Septic Driver HB Rentals DOE+Benefits 95 CDL Driver Link Logistics DOE+Benefits 96 Package Delivery Driver United Parcel Service, INC DOE 97 Crude Oil and Water Drivers Tundra Fuels DOE 98 CDL Truck Driver All in Trucking DOE 99 Class A CDL Oil Truck Driver JP Energy Partners $80k- $90k Year Hospitality

100 Housekeeping Attendant Value Place Williston $11.50-$13.50 101 Building Maintenance/Housekeeping- Watford City First International Bank & Trust DOE+Benefits 102 Food Service Worker Mercy Medical Center DOE 103 Dining Assistant The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society DOE 104 Housekeeping Assistant The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society DOE 105 Store Stocker, Cleanup & Light Maintenance Scenic Sports $12-$16/hr DOE 106 On Call Maintenance Confluence at Harvest Hills DOE 107 Cleaning Tech Fox Family Cleaning DOE 108 Hotel Manager Serka Services LLC DOE

Other 109 Western Field Manager Special Olympics DOE 110 K-9 Officer Tioga Police Department DOE 111 Part-Time Merchandiser American Greetings DOE 112 HSE Manager - Company Representative White Mountain Operating, LLC DOE 113 Chaplain Catholic Health Initiatives DOE 114 Trust Account Executive American State Bank DOE 115 Bear Paw Lodge Chef Target Logistics Management DOE 116 Merchandiser HAD Merchandising DOE 117 Warehouse Merchadiser Pepsi Cola Distributing DOE+Benefits


PAGE 14 1 Job Type: Travel Contract Physical Therapy Assistant / PTA ---> Paid Time Off, Bonuses & CEs***Ask About Our Guaranteed Assignment Locations!***New Grads Welcome! When you work with Medical Staffing Network (MSN), great pay is just the beginning. At MSN, your happiness is the lifeline of our company. To apply visit 1118171 2 Tri-State Rehabs' excellent compensation and benefits program awaits the Physical Therapist candidate seeking a 13-Week Travel Contract. #1087032 3 Capital Nursing Solutions' excellent compensation and benefits program awaits the Labor and Delivery Nurse candidate seeking a 13-Week Travel Contract. #1086743 4 We are currently seeking a part time second shift RN to staff an Occupational Health Clinic in Williston, North Dakota. This challenging and rewarding position offers a different pace and experience than traditional hospital based medical treatment. The ideal candidate should be motivated to positively impact the health outcomes of the persons they treat. This is a Monday through Friday position. Interested candidates, please send your resume to the attention of Human Resources at or by fax: (339) 645-2550. 5 Capital Allied Solutions' excellent compensation and benefits program awaits the Medical Technologist candidate seeking a 13-Week Travel Contract. #1086666 6 Apply online at: #1088505 7 Apply online at: #1089944 8 h t t p s : / / w w w . n d w o r k #1098809 9 Demonstrates a commitment to service, organization values and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times, adheres to and exhibits our core values of Reverence, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence. https:// #1396228 10 Opening in Williston. Benefits Included. #JS111SW 11 Apply at #1396203 12 Tervita Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, gender/sex, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, military/veteran status, citizenship status, the basis of genetic information or any other group protected by Federal or State law or local ordinance. https:// #355329 13 American State Bank & Trust Company of Williston has an exciting opportunity to join our team as a Trust Account Executive. This is a rewarding opportunity for an individual who is self-motivated, possesses a positive attitude, has excellent communication skills and enjoys helping customers.

EMPLOYMENT To apply visit 308921 14 Now hiring for Grand Opening August, 2013. Candidates need to be able to begin training in Minot/ Bismarck prior to the Grand Opening in Williston; housing/allowances provided to employee for training. Duties for this position include: preparing spreadsheets, bank deposits and till reports; reconciling cash; ordering parts.. To apply visit 201 15 We are looking for an Office Assistant in our Williston, ND Office. The person in this position is responsible for customer relations on the phone and with the team members in our new Williston, ND office. The person in this position also has administrative support responsibilities within Warren Transport and affiliated companies. We are looking for a professional, friendly individual with a degree in Accounting or Finance, a minimum of one year of office experience who is proficient in the use of the Microsoft products – specifically Excel, Word and Outlook. Responsibilities may include some collections, recordkeeping and filing. Benefits available after three months of employment include: comprehensive health, dental, vision & life insurance and participation in the 401k retirement plan is available following six months. You must be able to pass a background check and a drug test. Wages will be discussed by the employer. If you are looking for a growth position with a company that truly cares about the employees, we want to hear from you. Apply on-line at EOE 16 To apply: Apply online at NWJL OILFIELD 296115 17 Warren Transport is seeking night shift dispatcher to work in our new Williston, ND office. The successful candidate will be familiar with the ND area and have previous experience coordinating and dispatching trucks to the appropriate rig locations. Minimum skills include 2 yrs. previous OTR or regional trucking dispatch experience along with DOT experience in the Western states, strong verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills, strong office skills in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook and hands-on experience with mileage software and Rig Data information. Must be a team player and be able to multi-task sales and service projects, administrative paperwork such as truck tickets and invoicing and be able to work well under stress, despite numerous interruptions. Benefits available after three months of employment include: comprehensive health, dental & life insurance and participation in the 401k retirement plan is available following six months. Affordable housing/housing allowance is available through the company. Wages will be discussed by the employer. Please submit applications to: jgarrett@warrentran. com, fax to Warren Transport 406-245-3232 or mail to Warren Transport, PO Box 22745, Billings, MT 59104. 18 Perform administrative functions in accordance with policies determined by or in conjunction with management. Provide general administrative and clerical support including, but not limited to, billing, accounts payable, and monthly reports. Please apply at: https://

THE WILLISTON REVIEW HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL?Page=HRS_ CE_JOB_DTL&Action=A&HRS_PERSON_ID=0&JobOpeningId=25197&SiteId=1&PostingSeq=1 19 Candidates should have at least 2 years Administrative background. Wage depends on experience; starts at $16.00 per hour. Microsoft Word and Excel experience is a plus. Must have at least 6 months applicable experience to apply. Applications may be sent in any of the following ways: Apply in person at 417 1st Avenue East, Williston; Email to; Fax to 701-572-9181. 20 ActionLink's Core Values are Passion, Respect, Humility, Collaboration, and Excellence. To that end, we seek team members with a passion for what they do, the quality of treating others with respect, an understanding of the importance of humility, a desire to work in a collaborative environment, and a proven history of excellence. Our business has grown and evolved, but our mission has remained constant from our humble beginnings in 1996. It’s what sets us apart; it’s what helps us create results; it’s what makes ActionLink a dynamic – even fun – place to work: and it’s something we remind ourselves every single day. By hiring and empowering talented and ambitious people and providing them with the newest and most insightful training techniques and methods, we’re ideally suited to find the business solution that meets our clients’ exact needs – and fuels their success, now and into the future. If you would like to be part of this dynamic, growing company, visit our website at to complete an application! 21 Requirements include advanced computer skills including advanced knowledge of MS Office software packages and/or company-specific databases. STRONG EXCEL EXPERIENCE IS A MUST. Thorough knowledge of practices and procedures of the department and company. Excellent communication and analytical skills. Must be able to work well with stringent deadlines and possess good organizational skills. Commitment to customer service and ability to work in team-oriented environment and highly self-motivated. Applicant Requirements: In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position. #372222 22 Why join one great company when you can join many? We’re passionate about making life better with new ideas and technologies. Experience personal growth and competency development as part of the GE team. GE Oil & Gas is a world leader in advanced technology equipment and services for all segments of the oil and gas industry, from drilling and production, LNG, pipelines and storage to industrial power generation, refining and petrochemicals. GE Oil & Gas also provides pipeline integrity solutions, including inspection and data management, and designs and manufactures wire-line and drilling measurement solutions for the oilfield services segment. #1717059 23 The Tax Director is responsible for oversight

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THE WILLISTON REVIEW of all County and City property valuation and assessment functions. This position is a management level position with responsibility for the direct oversight of 7 licensed property assessors and 2 clerical staff. Sporadic attendance at early morning and evening meetings (including the City of Williston Commission meetings) is a requirement in this position. Candidates must demonstrate professional, poised speaking skills and the ability to explain complicated taxing processes to individuals and groups. Requires experience in staff management, assessment or appraisal work and public speaking. Williams County provides the following benefits to full-time regular employees: paid sick and vacation leave, a fully paid health/dental/vision benefit plan, term life insurance of $25,000, 100% contribution toward retirement benefits through the ND Public Employees Retirement System (13.26%), and 11 paid holidays each year. Compensation for this position will start at $59,000 per year with additional compensation available based on experience and training. Rental housing is available through Williams County. All offers of employment will be contingent successful completion of a pre-employment drug screening and reference review. Application packet, including job description, available at Job Service or online at To apply: complete packet and return to Williams County or Job Service - Williams County, PO Box 2047, Williston, ND 58802-2047. fax: 701-577-4570; Job Service, 422 1st Ave W, Williston, ND 58801. fax: 701-774-7925 24 Live overseas! Current openings in Saudi Arabia and require a two year committment. Wonderful benefits and incredible opportunity. Positions are available for Internal/Operational Auditor and Forensic/Fraud Auditor. Ideal Candidates will have a Bachelors Degree with CPA, CA, CIA , CFE, CIFI or CFCE designations plus 10 years audit experiences. Must have Oil and Gas experience with Big 4 Public Accounting Experience and exposure to SAP Information Systems. #JHL2C45XYZS2RG5WG5Q 25 Responsible for the overall management/ coordination of all aspects of company business at a location including production, sales, technical support, customer service, human resources, safety and administrative activities; plans and directs these functions in order to meet operational and financial goals for the location. https:// #017082 26 Do you enjoy the challenge of discovering just the right part or solution for a customer’s need? Are you proactive in asking questions and recommending solutions as well as additional related products? Do you thrive in a fast paced environment where your organization, efficiency, and customer service skills... To apply visit 561744023 27 $1000 Sign-On bonus being offered. To be eligible must be a new hire to AT&T for this specific store location and hired between 10/29/12 and 4/30/13. #J3F2946W5D11NP482YS 28 PTI Group USA, LLC is currently seeking interested candidates for the position of Sales Lead to cover new operating regions in Williston, ND. This position is field based and requires field travel to customer offices and operating sites in the region. #J3G6X16981S835RBKR6 29 Sherwin-Williams, ranked among Fortune Magazines Top 100 Companies to Work For, has a Full Time Customer Service/Sales Associate Position available in our Williston, North Dakota location. In this position, you will assist wholesale and retail customers, provide decorating/color recommendations, perform administrative duties, tint and mix paint, maintain store displays and inven-

EMPLOYMENT tory, and deliver products. #JHT63V68H9HSWYZ8V9T 30 Based out of your home in the Bismarck area, our client will provide candidate with phone, computer service, mileage, and expenses on top of a base pay and commission structured compensation. The ideal candidate will need to be highly motivated, self-starter as little direct supervision will be available. Must have previous sales experience, a proven closer and must take pride in themself as well as the company they represent. You will be responsible to service retail stores and installers in an area that includes, Bottineau, Rugby and all points West. Contact Todd for further information. 701.751.7823. If you are qualified and interested in this opportunity, send an updated resume to before February 15th as company representatives will be in Bismarck on February 19th conducting interviews. 31 All applicants must apply on line at Enter zip code 58801 to access available positions, following the prompts. Individuals

who wish to request a reasonable accommodation will find a link, as well as a phone number on the fritolayemployment website. Further information, job descriptions and process are detailed on the website. If you have any questions, please contact Hugh Ward at 763432-6043 or via email at 32 Generate business and increase revenues at the region level through sales of Weatherford products and services by following designed sales objectives, policies, and programs to achieve maximum sales at the highest possible return. Please apply at: https:// HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL?Page=HRS_ CE_JOB_DTL&Action=A&HRS_PERSON_ID=0&JobOpeningId=25202&SiteId=1&PostingSeq=1 33 OVERVIEW: Working in the role of Sales Trainee, you will have the opportunity to balance formal training with real-world experience running a store and working with customers. It's a great way to learn the ropes of our fast-paced industry and potentially transition into a Sales Associate or Outside Sales position. Fastenal Company is currently seeking candidates for a Sales Trainee position at our store located at 2211 2nd Ave W., Williston, ND. TRAINING PROGRAM:The training experience includes hands-on, on-line, and classroom training offered through our

PAGE 15 corporate university. The training program for current employees who are promoted into these positions will vary based on prior experience with the company. #137185 34 Under general supervision, provides sales and customer service activities to both retail and contractor customers, utilizing knowledge of sales techniques and industry knowledge. Provides training and guidance to less experienced inside sales team members. https:// #120472398 35 Construction Foreman- Tioga, ND- Continental Resources, Inc. is seeking a Construction Foreman to supervise field operations associated with building and reclaiming drilling locations and roads. To discover how to apply for this position create an account at https:// Job #644636. 36 SOS Staffing is a primary staffing provider for the majority of leading Oil and Gas service companies across the USA. This is a great full time opportunity for a Lab Technician in the Oil & Gas Field. (Lab experience is required.) Pay will be $16.00 per hour and an excellent benefit package includes paid holidays, medical, dental, vision, retirement plans, and stock options is offered. For consideration, please go to the link provided. Candidates will be required to fill out a position survey and on-line application 37 Mechanic- Power Fuels is recognized a one of the leading oilfield transportation companies in the Williston Basin area. We are currently looking for Diesel Mechanics to be based in Western North Dakota. The mechanic is responsible for diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining the continual readiness of the Power Fuels fleet for oilfield operations (i.e. engines, power trains, hydraulics, fuel systems, power generations, electrical codes, etc.).In addition, this position is also responsible for maintaining records for parts used, etc. Must have High School Diploma, GED, or trade school equivalent. Ability to read and understand materials commonly used in the product, service, and maintenance function. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Must have 1-3 years of experience, knowledge of hydraulic and other systems, knowledge of CAT & Cummins Certified, own your own tools, be dependable and responsible. Apply online at 38 Looking for experienced and non-experienced flux core welders. You will be working in a Industrial/warehouse environment. If you are looking to join a solid, reputable oil and gas company this could be the opportunity you have been looking for. Please send resumes to: Or call 801-924-5253 for more information 39 Great pay benefits and day bonuses. Call 405-222-7180 and ask for Debra. 40 HELMERICH & PAYNE International Drilling Co. is currently seeking Electricians to work in our US Land operations in Dickinson, ND. A successful electrician candidate will have 3 to 5 years of prior electrical or electronic controls experience, an industrial control background and computer skills. We offer competitive wages and benefits package. https:// #93c27abe61 41 Apply online at: #370496 42 Responsible for performing truck repair and maintenance work as assigned in accordance with the dealership and factory standards . Oversees work of apprentice technician assigned to them. Various days and hours available. To be considered, please apply online at http:/ If you have any questions please contact Rachelle Johnson at Applicants that do not follow the above format will not be considered. 43 MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS; High School Graduate, Mathematical and mechanical aptitude. Must be certifiable in all applicable gov-



ernmental compliance programs. Must possess a lent working knowledge of company practices, proceCommercial Drivers License (CDL) with hazardous dures as well as state and federal requirements and unmaterials certification and be able to qualify for DOT. derstand policies, practices and precedents to exercise Minimum of 6 months Wireline experience is required. sound judgment in handling or referring non-routine #22737 situations. Level III: Must meet Level I & Level II re44 JOB SCOPE: PROVIDE BASIC REPAIR quirements and must possess a working knowledge of AND MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENT UN- gas operations normally acquired through a four-year DER DIRECT SUPERVISON. PERFORM GEN- degree in engineering or a business related discipline ERAL HOUSEKEEPING FUNCTIONS AS NEED- or eight years of related work experience; and two ED. LEARN BASIC FUNCTIONS OF EQUIPMENT years experience in the construction or maintenance of AND PROCESSES IN THE WORKSHOP. https:// electric or gas facilities. Provides operations direction #25750 and expertise as needed within the District/Region. #1356 45 Minimum Qualifications: 1. Over 2 years h t t p s : / / w w w . n d w o r k up to and including 4 years from post high school, 52 #J927558 work, military, institutional or vocational environ- "All applicants must complete the apment in mechanic field or maintaining road con- 53 struction equipment with demonstrated mechanical plication form found at http://www.cityofknowledge to diagnose component, troubleshoot, w i l l i s t o n . c o m / u s r f i l e s / J o b _ A p p l i c a t i o n . p d f repair, communicate and document. 2. Mechanical and submit by email to experience - diesel engine/heavy equipment pre- or mail to PO Box 2437, Williston, ND, 58802-2437 ferred. 3. Provide and maintain proper licensure, or apply in person at 809 5th St E, Williston, ND, medical card and acceptable driving record. https:// 58801. To be granted veterans preference, the #18c36c86aa quired forms, letters, or certificates must be submit46 Safely performs all duties associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of electric distribution and transmission systems. Responds to emergencies, scheduled and unscheduled overtime, after hour calls, and customer complaints. Nothing in this job summary restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. https:// #4de016fefa 47 Live line maintenance using Barehand/ Hot Stick procedures on BEPC 115kV, 230kV and 701.651.6172 403 42nd Street East ~ Williston, ND 58801 345kV transmission lines. Wood pole, steel pole 4 Blocks East of Wal-Mart & Holland Auto Body and lattice tower up to 500kV construction. https:// #401497 48 Live line maintenance using Barehand/ Hot Stick procedures on BEPC 115kV, 230kV and 345kV transmission lines. Wood pole, steel pole and lattice tower up to 500kV construction. https:// #403197 Ebel is currently seeking an IT Support Technician for the Williston 49 Safely install, remove, repair, assemble, area. This person will be responsible for troubleshooting and repairing PC hardware and software as well as networks and servers. They disassemble, and test Wellhead equipment (casmust be able to provide technical support for local area networks and ing heads, casing spools, tubing heads, valves, provide information and basic training to clients. All work completed etc.) in shop, onshore, and offshore environshall comply with company policies and this person must help proments in accordance with Weatherford and Origimote a team environment. A bachelor degree or equivalent combina nal Equipment Manufacturer procedures. https:// tion of education and related ield experience is preferred. This person should have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. To #25428 apply, please visit our website; 50 Put your desire for doing oilfield work the right way - safely, securely and efficiently - to work for you as a Halliburton Level One Operator Assistant ted with the application. The City of Williston does in our Surface Solutions Division. In this entry-lev- not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationel position you will assist in the rig-up and rig-down al origin, sex, genetics, religion, age, or disability in of Baroid Surface Solutions service equipment on- employment or the provision of services and comsite. You will help in the operation of solids control plies with the provisions of the North Dakota Human and waste management equipment such as centri- Rights Act. The City of Williston is an Equal Employfuges, vacuums and pressure washing equipment. ment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer." On the job you will learn the proper way to perform 54 Application forms are on the City of Willispre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections and associ- ton website listed above. Applications will be acceptated paperwork and reports. This job puts you outside ed until the position is filled and may be submitted and in position for rewarding possibilities. https:// at Job Service, at Public Works, 809 5th Street East, #00233980 Williston ND, or may be faxed to (701) 577-6360, or 51 Requirements: Level I: Must possess a work- emailed to For more inforing knowledge of gas operations at a level normally mation, call 577-6368. To be granted veterans preferacquired through a two-year degree with strong tech- ence, the required forms, letters, or certificates must be nical emphasis or related experience, including a min- submitted with the application. The City of Williston imum of two years experience in the construction or does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, namaintenance of related facilities. Ability to work with tional origin, sex, genetics, religion, age, or disability potential customers and outside entities, including in employment or the provision of services, and communicipalities and utilities. Level II: Must meet Level plies with the provisions of the North Dakota Human I requirements and must have four years experience as Rights Act. The City of Williston is an Equal Employan engineer associate. Employee's job assignment/lo- ment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer. cation must require demonstration of skills, knowledge 55 " C & S String Up has an immediate need for and ability to recognize matters needing attention and an Oilfield Laborer.This position will assist coworkto initiate action on that recognition. Must have excel- ers with installing/repairing wire rope on drilling

Cell Phone Boosters GPS Solutions Bluetooth Accessories Satellite Internet

THE WILLISTON REVIEW and workover rigs. Great oilfield job - Excellent pay! Skills/Abilities: Must have a drivers license and clean driving record; Mostly day work, but may be nights in emergency situations; Employer will train. Only applicants with the following traits should apply: hard worker, mechanically inclined, willing to put in the hours to get the work done, be on-call, not afraid of heights. Housing is not available through this employer. To apply: Call Jeremy at 701-609.0075." 56 Repair, install, adjust, or maintain industrial machinery systems in both the field and in the shop. The physical ability to immediately respond to emergency situations. https:// #25760 57 Responsible for maintenance and record keeping of all treating iron for the district. https:// #372408 58 Use care and attention when operating equipment, handling materials, operating company vehicles, ensure that equipment, materials, company vehicles, etc, are utilized in an efficient and cost effective manner. Seek and identify opportunities to improve processes, reduce waste and reduce company costs on a continuous basis. Perform job specifications in accordance to project specifications; operational, QHSE and SOP's. Responsibilities: Function as lead-man during rig up of equipment and operation of equipment; May be required to work as a field supervisor in certain situations; Coordinate and participate in installation of unit or system to be tested, including rig up and rig down of all test equipment, and indicating instruments; Operate controls to subject test systems within safe parameters of the designed equipment; Monitor controls and instruments and record test data for engineer/client's use; Recommend changes in test methods or equipment; Help get equipment ready and load out with very little direction from job Supervisor, ensure to utilize load out sheet; Ensure you are equipped with all required personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing (steel toed work boots, FR (Fire Retardant) coveralls, hard hat, safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection; Arrive punctually and be prepared to work for the duration of shift; Perform rig-in duties as assigned by the Job Supervisor; Perform a shift change safety meeting, hand over and walk around with the cross shift; Perform maintenance and repair work as assigned by the Job Supervisor; Consult with the Job Supervisor before proceeding with jobs for which instruction or proper training has not been provided; Learn and perform data collection as directed by the Job Supervisor or company representative for accurate reporting; Learn and perform troubleshooting of daily operations; Report all incidents, accidents and unsafe working environments to the Job Supervisor; Maintain open, professional communications with all crewmembers and company representatives; Perform all work in accordance to standard operating procedures (SOP) and ensure compliance to government, industry and company laws, regulations and policies; Participate fully in all required QHSE training - (Employee Development System Learning Plan; Attend and actively participate in all required safety meetings; Available on 24 hour call, and prepared for work when on call; Thoroughly learn the job and become familiar with the jobs of those around, in order to understand how individual actions may affect the safety of others; May be required to work offshore on drilling rig or production platform; Know and understand Weir Seaboard Quality Policy and comply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions; Must understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies of Weir Seaboard; Work assignments carried out to the highest quality level; Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical



Ebel is currently seeking a Journeyman Elecconstraints of the job; Continually prove competence 63 to the Level 1 Well Testing Competency; Begin Level trician for the Tioga area and the Williston area. This 2 competency for Well Testing. Apply on line https:// person will be responsible to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. All 59 One of the largest oilfield services companies, work completed shall comply with national electrical Weatherford operates in more than 100 countries and codes in a professional workmanship manner of the employs more than 50,000 people worldwide. With a industry. He/She shall trouble-shoot all types of elecproduct and service portfolio that spans the life cycle of trical systems for their proper operations and must a well- drilling, evaluation, completion, production and adhere to all safety guidelines and rules of the comintervention- and a robust research and development pany to minimize risk. Applicant must have proof of effort, we are well positioned to meet the ever-evolving Journeyman license of North Dakota or reciprocal needs of the oil and gas industry. Safely install, remove, license ability of North Dakota. For more informarepair, assemble, disassemble, and test Wellhead tion on applying, please call Jon at 701.774.3235. equipment (casing heads, casing spools, tubing heads, 64 The following job description is an outline for valves, etc.) in shop, onshore, and offshore environ- a Shop Helper. It is intended to serve as a guide for exments in accordance with Weatherford and Original pected job performance. Duties and Responsibilities Equipment Manufacturer procedures. DUTIES: Pre- include but not limited to: Helping technicians with repare accurate field service tickets / job reports and oth- pairs; Organization; Parts receiving and stocking; Parts er administrative forms as required; Responsible for pick up; Vehicle washing. Required Skills/Experience: assigned vehicle maintenance and inspection; Conduct Some mechanical knowledge is an asset; Must be able job safety analysis; May assist in developing job ac- to perform physical work; Must have a valid driver's lition planning with customer on location; Install and/ cense and feel comfortable driving large vehicles. Critor remove equipment in accordance with applicable technical procedures; Assemble, disassemble, test equipment in performance of advanced troubleshooting and repair of equipment; May be required to train Equipment Operators / Service Tech I's; Must be receptive to and able to comprehend training received Agri Industries is looking for a parts sales person. on new related processes; Must be available on 24 hr Customer service and basic computer skills are needed. call basis to respond to customer needs; Work assignFull time position with benefits. Please apply in person ments carried out to the highest quality level; Perform various other duties and activities as assigned 3105 2nd St Williston, ND. by supervisor within the physical constraints of the Applications are available online at job. QUALIFICATIONS:Minimum 2 years Wellhead Services equipment repair and maintenance experience; Good operational and maintenance knowledge of Wellhead equipment; 1 year wellhead experience preferred; Good written and verbal communication Bakken Bookkeeping Services skills; Valid driver's license and good driving record; • Payroll Mechanical aptitude; High school diploma or GED • Quarterly/Yearly preferred; The physical ability to immediately respond Payroll Tax Preparation to emergency situations. Please apply at: https:// • Billing & A/R • Accounts Payable HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL?Page=HRS_ • Year End 1099 CE_JOB_DTL&Action=A&HRS_PERSON_ID=0&Preparation JobOpeningId=25429&SiteId=1&PostingSeq=1 • General Bookkeeping 60 Ebel is currently seeking an Apprentice Electrician for the Tioga area and the Williston area. This Please call 701-641-0853 for more information! person will be responsible for assisting in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. All work completed shall com- ical Expectations: Must be able to work as a part of a ply with national electrical codes in a professional work- team and treat other co-workers with respect and apmanship manner of the industry. He/She shall help preciate a diverse multi-cultural environment; Desire trouble-shoot all types of electrical systems for their to learn new things and upgrade knowledge. Any job proper operations and must adhere to all safety guide- that your manager requests to be done, must be done lines and rules of the company to minimize risk. Prior RIGHT AWAY; Drug Screening Required. $15 plus experience is preferred, but not required. For more in- (Depending on Experience). Contact: Vern Hyatt, Diformation on applying, please call Jon at 701.774.3235. vision Manager -- Harper Companies; (701) 541-4390. 61 Please visit our website at 65 Muth Electric, Inc, A local electrical contracfor complete job description. An Application Packet tor with over 43 years of business is accepting applimust be submitted - Resumes only will not be considered. cations for Apprentice Electricians for our WillisA complete job description and application packet can ton Division. With our steady workload and exciting be printed out from our website at opportunities we are looking to hire individuals for Submittal instructions are included on the cover page permanent placement. We offer competitive wages, of the packet. Submit by email to dlsmith@garner-es. incentive programs, and a full benefit package. Our com OR mail to 1717 W 13th St, Deer Park, TX, 77536 apprentice program is approved by the Department OR fax to 281.478.0814. NWJL OILFIELD 296162 of Labor. Apply on line at http://www.muthelec62 One of the largest oilfield services companies, tric.comOR email resume to agraves@muthelecWeatherford operates in more than 100 countries and OR call 605.996.3983 OR submit an onemploys more than 50,000 people worldwide. With a line resume on the Job Service website, product and service portfolio that spans the life cycle of 66 Hughes Concrete Pumping is looking for a a well- drilling, evaluation, completion, production and concrete pumper for Scwhing and/or Putzmeister conintervention- and a robust research and development crete pumps. Will operate 32-47 meter boom pumps. effort, we are well positioned to meet the ever-evolving Year round work. 1 year of experience preferred and at needs of the oil and gas industry. Apply on line at http:// least 2 years of driving experience. Must have a Class A NWJL OILFIELD 296085 or B CDL, no endorsements required. Must be at least

PAGE 17 21 years of age. Benefit package available. Drug testing is mandatory. 50 - 70 hrs a week. Home every night. Wage depends on experience. APPLY: Website www. or email a generic application to or call 701572-6707. Job Service generic application to Job Service, 422 1st Ave. W, PO Box 1599, Williston, ND, 58802 or fax to 701-774-7925 or email to 67 "Myers' Napa Auto Parts has an immediate openings for tool stocker. Full time and part time positions available. Requirements: Must be 18 years of age; Will stock supplies, inventory, etc. Additional Information: Flexible schedule with work hours between 7AM and 7PM Mon Friday and 8AM to 5PM Sat; Will work around students schedule for part-time positions; Lots of overtime available for full-time position; Starting wage $14 to $17 per hour, monthly increases based on performance; Benefit package available after one year. To apply: Apply in person & ask to see Jeremy, for an interview at Myers' Napa Auto Parts, 1915 2nd Ave W, Williston, ND. " 68 Skills Needed: General carpenter skills required; Know all phases of construction; Independent work on their own. Benefits Package: Medical, Dental, 401 K; Paid Weekly; Offer per diem. Forty hour work week. Year round work. APPLY: In person at 3204 29th St West Williston ND. (Harvest Hills Development) Ask for Aaron. 69 UPS is hiring individuals to work as part-time Package Handlers. This is a physical, fast-paced position that involves continual lifting, lowering and sliding packages that typically weigh 25 - 35 lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. Part-time employees usually work 3 ½ - 4 hours each weekday. https:// #7319367 70 Minimum Qualifications: 1. Over 2 years up to and including 4 years from post high school, work, military, institutional or vocational environment in mechanic field or maintaining road construction equipment with demonstrated mechanical knowledge to diagnose component, troubleshoot, repair, communicate and document. 2. Mechanical experience - diesel engine preferred 3. Provide and maintain proper licensure, medical card and acceptable driving record. https:// #e1fc989dd9 71 #82fe61a1d0 72 Under limited supervision, provides customer service through processing routine customer orders, prepares equipment/tools for shipping, arrange transportation of goods purchased by both internal and external customers, and process all related documents related to servicing customers (i.e.: purchase orders, invoices, shipping, delivery receipts, etc). #25749 73 h t t p s : / / w w w . n d w o r k #403192 74 Looking to hire a journeyman block layer and an experienced block tender for stairwell and elevator shaft work in the Williston area. Call 701-281-7040 for more information. 75 Kum & Go is recognized as the top rated c-store chain in the nation for delivering the Ideal Customer Experience. Working at Kum & Go means that you will continue to have the opportunity to learn and grow at every stage of your career. In addition to enhancing your existing skills, you will have access to a variety of professional and personal development programs. #310091 76 Apply on line at http:// w w w . f e d e x . c o m / u s / c a r e e r s 77 Seeking qualified Service Manager to fulfill a critical role in the operations department. This position is responsible for managing the service department that covers shop and field operations, developing




service business, ensuring customer satisfaction, and Our client is a nationally recognized company with ex- Start experience is preferred. A complete job descrippromotion of products and services. Candidate must cellent benefits, long-term permanent work, and heavy tion can be obtained from Job Service North Dakota, be able to recruit, hire, motivate and maintain staff, overtime projected. They are seeking‌ Five plus (5+) Williston. To Apply: Complete company application assure compliance with safety goals, submit accurate years of Electrician work; preferably electrical install available at Job Service or at the link below and reservice quotes, monitor service department perfor- in oil and gas fields. North Dakota Journeyman Li- turn to Job Service, 422 1st Avenue West, Williston, mance (revenue, profitability and efficiency). Require- cense highly desired; Apprentice Electricians pursuing ND 58801, fax 701-774-7925, email ments for service manager consideration: experience North Dakota Journeyman License will be considered. Link to application: as a service manager, preferred with ability to manage Master or Journeyman Licensure in a reciprocity state docs/local_events/CDI_HS_App_61212.pdf employees and processes, plus excellent communica- required if no ND Licensure. Including: Minnesota, 88 UPS is accepting applications for fulltion skills. Must have a thorough understanding of P&L South Dakota, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Mon- time Package Delivery Drivers. This is a physical, Statements and Control. Visit and go to tana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Utah. Must have fast-paced, outdoor position that involves continapply now in the top right hand corner! Please com- electrical aptitude on the following: Voltage range: ual lifting, lowering and carrying packages that plete steps 1 through 3 and provide us with a resume! 12V-480V; Pull wire and install CLX cable; Motors, typically weigh 25 - 35 lbs. and may weigh up to 78 WILL PREFORM AWIDE VARIETY OF UN- controls, transformers, fuse block and relays; Bend/in- 70 lbs. A DOT physical exam is required. To apSKILLED AND SEMI-SKILLED LABOR ACTIVI- stall rigid pipe and conduit; Panel builds, setting pan- ply visit 7367355 Warren Transport, a year-round regional TIES IN THE ROUTINE MAINTENANCE OF CITY els, control panels, soft starts and panel trans.; Wire 89 WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND /OR THE to generators or main power supply; Operate equip- trucking company, has an on-going need for quality, WASTEWATER COLLECTION SYSTEM. OPERATES ment - trenchers, skid steers, trucks and trailers; Good safety conscious, flat-bed drivers seeking long term employment in our new LIGHT EQUIPMENT. Williston, ND location. ReCOMPLETE JOB DEDeer Valley Trucking, Inc is a trucking company that specializes in the hauling SCRIPTION AVAILquirements include Class of crude, water and other assorted services for the Bakken Oilfield. We are looking ABLE AT CITY SHOP. A CDL with 2 years experience hauling doubles REQUIRES COMfor experienced CDL drivers for all divisions who would like to make a long term and 100,000 miles. Local PLETION OF HIGH commitment to our team. and regional runs in North SCHOOL OR GED Applicants MUST have: Dakota and Montana haulVALID DRIVERS LI2 years CDL Experience CENSE AND CAPABLE ing bagged ash to oil rig OF OBTAINING COMsites. Must pass backClean MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) MERCIAL DRIVERS ground check and meet all Be able to pass drug screening test LICENSE WITHIN 3 DOT requirements. After Be able to drive personal vehicle MONTHS OF HIRING. 3 months, benefits include Be able to pass a road test APPLY AT CITY SHOP health, dental, vision and 809 5TH ST EAST, life insurance, retirement Wages depend on experience but are highly competitive. WILLISTON, ND. benefits available after 6 To apply please go to and fill out an application. You may also DEADLINE 5-18-05. months. Affordable housstop by our Williston office and pick one up. ing is available through 79 Duties include: the company. Applications Shop work will include It is at 310 Airport Rd Williston, ND 58801. available on-line at www. building/ assembling Any questions that you may have please call our HR office at 208-881-0202. . cables for a wide variety of clients. Rigging/ 90 Rockwater Enlifting cables. Help with ergy Solutions ND, Inc. spooling wire line cable. General shop maintenance. work ethic and willingness to learn. https://www. is currently looking for experienced Truck Drivers Field work requires traveling to locations with trainer, #JS241122439009A1 to join their team in Williston ND. Positions for loand servicing all types of steel cable, mainly work over 85 Direct activities of workers, such as heavy cal oilfield drivers. To apply: Stop by and pick up rig sites. Prefrence given to Class B CDL holders. Please equipment operators, laborers, truckers, and flag- an application at our office at 113 4th Street East Apply in person at 3204 N 2nd Ave. Williston ND 58801. gers, in the construction of highways, pipelines, or call 701-774-3655 JO 296242 NWJL Oilfield 80 "Career Minded person for Quality Assur- or other land development construction projects. 91 Have you been away from home long enough? ance Position: Strong math skills; Ability to lift 70 Tracks progress, materials used and costs, and ad- If so, we have good steady work for you right here in to 75 pounds; MSHA expereicne preferred; Con- justs work schedules. Apply: Send resume to hr- Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. Warren Transstruction and aggregate experience a plus; Willing to OR Fax: 847-628-6113 OR port, a year-round regional transportation compatrain on the aggregate piece. Must have a clean driv- Apply in person at office: Plote Construction ND, ny has an on-going need for quality, safety conscious ing record for a company pick-up. Housing available LLC, 14025 Bennett Loop, Williston, ND 58801. Drivers & Heavy Equipment Mechanics in our Billings, Medical insurance after 60 days. Apply: Send re- 86 Manage Heavy & Highway projects including MT, Lovell, WY, Rapid City SD, and Hardin, MT officsume to OR Fax: 847-628- schedules, submittals, subcontractor coordination, es. You must be able to pass a background and drug 6113 OR Apply in person at office: Plote Construction change orders, pay requests and job finalization. Plan, test. Type of equipment operated includes flatbeds, ND, LLC, 14025 Bennett Loop, Williston, ND 58801" direct, and coordinate subordinate supervisory per- pneumatics, side dumps and belly dumps. Many of our 81 Perform scheduled and unscheduled sonnel and equipment involved in the construction of transportation runs will get you home several nights maintenance on aircraft including Piper, Cess- highways and other land development projects. Par- a week. Our compensation package includes fuel and na, Pilatus, HawkerBeech, Gulfstream, and oth- ticipate in the conceptual development of a construc- safety bonuses paid monthly as well as comprehensive er general aviation and corporate aircraft; as well tion project and oversee its organization, scheduling, health, dental, vision and life insurance and a generas perform 100 hour, annual, and phase inspec- budgeting, and implementation. Apply Send resume ous 401k plan. If you thought you had to stay in North tions as required. Apply at to OR Fax 847-628-6113 OR Dakota in order to make money, take a look at us and 82 Under general supervision performs rou- Apply in person at temporary office: Plote Construc- apply on-line at EOE tine loading and unloading of materials with- tion ND, LLC, 908 Elk Street, Alexander, ND 58831. 92 Heavy Haul Driver- Black Gold Logistics in yard or work site; assembles load packages into 87 Community Development Institute Head Start is looking for motivated drivers and operators with truck for delivery to customer job sites. https:// (CDI HS) - serving Williams County, ND is currently at least 2 years oilfield experience. Applicants must #017137 seeking applicants for the following position: Program be at least 21 years old and pass drug tests. Driv83 The Client Executive is required to possess Director - Manages the day-to-day program operations ers must have a class A CDL and a clean driving restrong relationship skills, exhibit functional or techni- including personnel administration and supervision. cord (no DUI's). We pay competitive wages and also cal knowledge relative to ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Mes- Oversees the over-all program to ensure smooth func- provide a generous travel reimbursement program. saging, or custom applications and have experience in tioning of the program in all areas to provide quality Housing and meals are provided upon hire. Please software related project management, client manage- pre-school services to children and families, and to apply online at For ment, or outsource application service delivery. https:// support the goals of the program. Minimum require- more information: #12848199 ment is a bachelor's degree in child development, 93 Pole Driver- Black Gold Logistics is look84 Yoh has a direct hire opportunity for a Jour- early childhood education, human services, business ing for motivated drivers and operators with at least neyman Electrician to join our client in Williston, ND. or related field with supervisory experience. Head 2 years oilfield experience. Applicants must be at

THE WILLISTON REVIEW least 21 years old and pass drug tests. Drivers must have a class A CDL and a clean driving record (no DUI's). We pay competitive wages and also provide a generous travel reimbursement program. Housing and meals are provided upon hire. Please apply online at For more information: 94 Water/Septic Driver- HB Rentals is currently hiring for a Water Truck - Vacuum Truck Driver to join our team. A qualified applicant prepares and drives water truck to rig sites to refill portable tanks. Class A CDL with Tankers - Hazmat is preferred as well. At least one year over the road experience in commercial motor vehicles. High School diploma or G.E.D. For more information on this position or to discover how to apply for this job, visit and create a profile. Job #JHL4Q177DBTV2MQ5FN9. 95 CDL Driver- CDL Driver- IMMEDIATE Hiring for: Sand Haulers. Links Logistics, a Global Logistics Company, is now hiring FT professional drivers in North Dakota. 2 year's experience or 100,000 tractor trailer miles preferred. Clean MVR. NO hazmat required. Drug and alcohol test required. Competitive Wages, Sign on Bonus and Paid Vacation. Links Logistics is a place where people flourish. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS! To apply: fill out application at www. You can also email copy of CDL and Med Card to to move the process quickly. Job #287911Oilfield. 96 UPS is accepting applications for fulltime Package Delivery Drivers. This is a physical, fast-paced, outdoor position that involves continual lifting, lowering and carrying packages that typically weigh 25 - 35 lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. A DOT physical exam is required. https:// #7319336 97 h t t p s : / / w w w . n d w o r k #114539137 98 Class A CDL Driver: One Year CDL confirmed experience; Must have current medical card and send DMV record with application; Must have HAZMAT, double, triples and tanker; Hauling Sand, Water, Pipe and fuel; Wage depends on experience; Flexible schedule; Housing Available. To apply submit a resume by email to OR Call 701-609-1147. 99 Works in Williston. See link for more information. #17162 100 Perform any combination of light cleaning duties to maintain private households or commercial establishments, such as hotels and hospitals, in a clean and orderly manner. Duties may include making beds, replenishing linens, cleaning rooms and halls, and vacuuming. Apply with a resume on the Job Service Workforce Center website, NWJL 299009 101 Our company has excellent management opportunities available for career-minded individuals who have restaurant experience and possess strong leadership skills. Apply on line at http://tacojohns. If you prefer you may mail, email, or fax your confidential resume to: Preferred Restaurant Group, Inc. Attn: Director of Operations PO Box 937 Minot, ND 58702 E-mail: rsartwell2002@ Fax: (866) 546-7950 NWJL 298016 102 This job is responsible for dishing cold foods for the evening patient tray line. An incumbent gathers patient carts from floors, works in the dish room on clean side, prepares and runs late trays at designated times, delivers snacks, and does cleaning at the end of the shift. #1200020321 103 Dining Assistant- Helps residents who have uncomplicated feeding needs with meals and in meeting dietary needs. Qualifications: Completion of a state-approved feeding Assistant training program or ability to satisfactorily complete a training program approved by the facility and the state in which

EMPLOYMENT the facility is located. If you need assistance to complete this application or during the interview process such as sign language interpreters, readers or other accommodations, please contact the person listed. Contact Information: Patricia Johnson/705 SE 4th Street/Crosby, ND 58730. Phone: 701-9656086 Please contact 104 Housekeeping Assistant- To assist with the maintenance of a clean, attractive, and sanitary facility. Will clean residents rooms and public areas. Must be able to communicate with residents and coworkers, reaching, bending, and lifting required. If you need assistance to complete this application or during the interview process such as sign language interpreters, readers or other accommodations, please contact the person listed: Shelley Power/705 SE 4th Street/Crosby, ND 58730. 701-965-6086 Phone. Please contact 105 Store Stocker, Cleanup & Light MaintenanceScenic Sports is looking for help with some maintenance

and cleaning and would consider good temporary help whom are very mature and will do what it takes to get the job done. We are also looking for help stocking product on shelves and building displays of product. Can be full time in the summer and part time winter if wanted. Any hunting and fishing experiance will be helpful. Apply in person at 1201 E Broadway, Williston, ND. 106 On-Call Maintenance- New Property seeks talentated on call maintenance. Mut be able to perform listed job functions, be flexible and on call for snow removal. We offer excellent compensation and are an equal opportunity employer. Please follow the link for consideration! We look forward hearing from you! pa/ Job #291621. 107 FOX FAMILY CLEANING is seeking a professional cleaning tech that is motivated and energetic. Competetive wages. Part/ full time avail. Please send resume to po box 1447, Williston ND 58802 or call 701-770-8210. 108 Basic function: to supervise the operation of the hotel as efficiently as possible. Requirements include: Four-year college hotel school or four-year business college graduate with additional in-hotel training; Two to five years experience in various department management positions in superior hotel operations; Operational knowledge of all phases of the hotel; special knowledge of budget and accounting; sales procedure, proper selection, development and motivation of personnel skills and personal qualifications to present a favorable representation to guests and in the community; Ability to effectively communicate with hotel guests, general public and hotel employees; Ability to affect company loyalty through interactions with company officers and staff; Ability to comprehend directions and willingness to accept training and constructive comments. https://www. #5373653736 109 . To apply visit 310185 110 Must be licensed in North Dakota or able to

PAGE 19 obtain a license upon employment. Salary DOE. EXCELLENT benefit package. Housing Available. Experience Preferred. Apply in-person or via https:// #b1cdb0ec95 111 AMERICAN GREETINGS IS hiring Part-Time Merchandisers across North Dakota! For a full listing of available positions and detailed job information, please visit us at HTTP://AMERICANGREETINGS.JOBS. 112 Please complete a company application at our website: http://www.wmoperating. com/index.html. Applications are reviewed and if selected for an interview you will be contacted. 113 The Chaplain ministers to the spiritual, psychological and emotional needs of patients, their families and staff. As members of multidisciplinary teams they participate in the healing process of the whole person. https:// #1300005419 114 American State Bank & Trust Company of Williston has an exciting opportunity to join our team as a Trust Account Executive. This is a rewarding opportunity for an individual who is self-motivated, possesses a positive attitude, has excellent communication skills and enjoys helping customers. The ideal candidate will be experienced in personal trusts, estates and investment areas. Excellent leadership, organizational, communication and financial management skills are required. Advanced computer skills and strong attention to detail are a must. Will need a thorough understanding of trust services, products, policies and procedures. Please send application (available on line at or at either American State Bank & Trust locations) and resume to: Human Resources at American State Bank & Trust, PO Box 1446, Williston ND 58802 or email our HR Coordinator at 115 Bear Paw Lodge is a 608 bed lodge with our signature insulated Central Corridor, the spine of the lodge which provides an environmentally controlled link to all the rooms in the facility. The lodge features fitness center, internet cafĂŠ, convenience store, recreation room, 24 hour security, 24 hour dining room and more. #496 116 Merchandising, Stocking or retail experience preferred; Access to internet with functional email address & ability to print instructions; Stand/ walk/stoop/bend/kneel for long periods of time; Access to a digital camera/phone with the ability to take and upload pictures to our online reporting system; Ability to work independently with minimal supervision; Be accountable for all work performed on time and adapt well to change; Strong time management skills; Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. Reliable transportation.Thank you for your interest in HDA Merchandising and we look forward to reviewing your application. DONT MISS OUT- APPLY TODAY: http:// HDA Merchandising is an Equal Opportunity Employer 117 Pepsi is seeking a dynamic individual to join their team as a full-time Merchandiser/Warehouse! Merchandise product on shelves and displays daily. Will work in the warehouse after merchandising duties are completed; Customer Service skills required; Must have Drivers License and a clean driving record; Wage depends on experience; Outstanding benefit package including healthcare and profit sharing. Apply In-Person at Pepsi between 1pm and 4pm ONLY, 2421 2nd Avenue West, Williston, ND.





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Saturday, March 30 The Purple School and Williston State College’s Community Education offers monthly sessions of Spanish for parents and their 3-5 year old kids (kids are welcome with their adult babysitters as well!). Play games, sing, and have fun while learning Spanish! Monday and Saturday classes available. Call 701-205-1962 or e-mail We will start promptly at 1:00 so come early to register your children for the door prizes. Ages groups will be 0-3years, 4-7 years, and 8-12 This event is sponsored by the Trenton First Responders and the Fort Buford State Historic Site/Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center. In case of bad weather call 701-572-9034 for and alternate date.

March for Babies Talent Show Fundraiser 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Donate your talent to help the Oilfield Wives of Williston, ND March for Babies team. We are doing a Talent Show to raise funds for our March for Babies Team. We are looking for more professional level talents such as singing, instrumental, dancing, comedy acts, etc. Tryouts are Saturday, March 16 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Talent Show is Saturday March 30, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Both events are in the center stage area of the James Memorial Building. To reserve your place, or for more information, please contact Katrina at 701 570 3371 or Shaleena at 307 349 5065

Sunday, March 31 Happy Easter

Monday, April 1

Repeats every month on the 1st Monday until Friday, July 31, 2015 7:00 am to 8:00 am at Gramma Sharon’s

Tuesday, April 2 Cycle Only Days: West Yellowstone - Perfect ways to spend springtime days! Ride in Yellowstone for free and before the park opens to public automobiles or buses. Animals are abundant and days are invigorating. Ride to Madison Junction, Canyon or Mammoth Hot Springs--the only limitation is your energy. Note: the road between Madison and Old Faithful remains closed to all traffic until Cycle Only Days are over. Plan to spend additional time to enjoy the ride to or around Hebgen and Quake Lakes. Go the entire 60 mile loop, or just cruise out to Hebgen and return to town. Visit or call (406) 6467701 for more information about this string of dates.

Wednesday, April 3 Williston Lions Meeting - Every Wednesday, regular weekly meetings of the Williston Lions Club take place from 12:00PM noon until 1:00PM. Location: El Rancho Motel, 1623 2nd Ave W, Williston, ND 58801.

Thursday, April 4

Tax Law: What is Taxable? Administering Sales Tax: Application and Filing Industry Specific concerns for: Contractors, Retailers, Rental Companies, Service Providers, Oil and Gas/Energy Services Your instructor will be Patrick J. Becker, Compliance Officer, North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner Patrick Becker began working for the North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner October, 2011 in the sales and special tax division. He has been trained as a sales and use tax specialist for the state. Mr. Becker has worked with more than four hundred oilfield related businesses, contractors, and retailers to resolve sales and use tax issues. He has also provided assistance to these companies to ensure the compliance of operations moving forward. Prior to working for the state of North Dakota, Mr. Becker was a business instructor for six years specializing in entrepreneurial education and business start-up. He has contributed to a number of business education initiatives including The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship and Innovate ND.

Friday, April 5

The Spring Big One Art and Craft Fair - 22nd annual spring show. More than 150 exhibitors and 250 booths filled with handmade items from vendors across the Upper Midwest. Location: ND State Fair Center 2005 Burdick Expressway East, Minot, North Dakota. Please call 701-837-6059.




Protecting Your Health While at Work Come Meet Fairlight’s Full Service Occupational Health Clinic We offer a full range of workman’s compensation/injury care, preventive care, physical examinations, wellness programs and testing for employees. At Fairlight, employers can expect timely and concise communication regarding treatment of their employees.

Occupational Health Clinic • Workman’s Comp • DOT Physicals • Pre-Employment Physicals • Return to Work Physicals • Audio Testing

Justin Shafer, MD

Board eligible physician with years of ER/acute care/ workman’s comp.


Respirator/Mask Fit Clearance and Respirator/Mask Fits • Agility/Functional Capacity Testing • Labs • Drug Testing • After Hours Care Available •

Antonio Carbonell, MD Experience in trauma and wound care. Board certified plastic surgeon.

Full Radiology Clinic - CT, X-Ray, MRI, Ultrasound Urgent Care Clinic - no appointment needed

Michelle Kunkle, APRN Board certified nurse practitioner with years of experience in walk-in and urgent care.

L.J. Jaszczak, MD

Founder and medical director of Fairlight Medical Center. Trained DOT examiner and a board-certified radiologist.

Rachel Whittier, RN, Clinic Manager

Certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health and is also a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist.

Clinic Hours Since 2002

Full Service Occupational Health Clinic Monday through Friday 7am-5pm (701) 577-6337 Walk-In Clinic Walk-in Urgent Care Clinic Monday through Friday 7am-6pm (701) 577-9255 Radiology Clinic Monday through Friday please call (701) 577-6337 for appointments

3-4th St E., Williston ND 58801



Horoscope Week of April 1st ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Things may be coming at you from all angles today, Aries. Sooner or later you will be forced to take action. It may seem like the walls of the room are slowly caving in. The pressure is building and the air is getting stagnant. Go out for a run. Exercise will help you release some of that pressure you feel.

TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 20)

You may be excited about an idea today, Taurus, but unfortunately no one else may be. You spring up with enthusiasm only to smack into a brick wall. One side of you may be communicative and witty while the other is confused. The two sides aren’t really connecting well, so perhaps you should just lay low. Hold on to your ideas, and save their presentation for a later day.

GEMINI (May 21 – Jun 20)

Much of today will be a continuation of yesterday, but with perhaps a bit more intensity for you, Gemini. There’s an added buzz in the air, like static on a radio. This background noise may not provide the best environment to work in, but you should be able to navigate with no problem. Tune out the chatter and move on.

Self-employed? We can minimize your taxes. 701.774.1286 • email:

We Sell Belts, Sheaves, Hubs, Hydraulic Fittings, Hoses, & More!

Oil & Agriculture Industries


4327 4th Ave West, Williston, Nd P:701-572-9835/F:701-572-5321 Email:Founditnow1@Yahoo.Com M-F -7am To 6pm • Sat- 9am-5pm On Call Emergencies With Fee

LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

This day will be filled with many exciting surprises for you, Libra. Approach it with gratitude and you will be amazed at the number of things that just naturally seem to flow your way. Your generous heart will be rewarded in unexpected ways. Old friends are likely to show up. Open yourself up to conversations. Act spontaneously and with a great deal of passion.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

There’s a larger trend operating in your life, Scorpio. It’s asking you to break the rules and enter a new realm - a new mindset or way of living. Today that trend comes into focus, as emotional outbursts call attention to the changes. Your heart may want to go one way while your brain wants to go another. Take deep breaths and infuse a wave of calm into the situation before you proceed.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Pour yourself a comforting cup of tea today, Sagittarius. Take a hot shower or a long bath. In short, pamper yourself. You may be picking up on the extra tension of the people around you. Be conscious of this and make a mental note to strip away the garbage that others dump on you. You’re a sensitive individual. Pat yourself on the back CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul 22) Absence makes the heart grow fond- and look out for sudden moves from others. er they say, but it may also make you pine for someone who is out of reach. Work CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19) on stability in relationships and friend- It may be that people are a bit upset by some ships and expand your range of hobbies of your recent actions or words, Capricorn. to ensure you don’t have too much free The offhand remark you made a couple time to ponder on things over long spells. weeks ago is catching up to you. What you may consider friendly, lighthearted sparring may actual do a bit of damage to someLEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22) There’s an emotional intensity inside you to- one’s sensitive emotions, especially today. day that’s squirming to find a way out, Leo. Think before you speak. Others might not Sudden outbursts are likely, so take care to have as tough a skin as they seem to have. hold your temper in check. Surround yourself with good friends who can support your AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18) erratic feelings. Don’t be clingy. Seek friends This is an exciting day for you, Aquarius. who are thoughtful listeners, not permanent You can accomplish quite a bit. Your incrutches. They may be feeling the same strong tuition is especially acute and your sensitension and don’t need an extra burden. tivity is strong. Computers might irritate you today. It’s possible to get all worked up if your laptop crashes. Save your work VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22) Today may have some crazy emotional ups often. Keep in mind that it’s just a maand downs, Virgo. There seems to be an in- chine. Don’t let it get the better of you. tense cloud seeping into every part of your day. Don’t try to fool people. They will see PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20) right through you. Bursts of positive ener- You might be a bit jittery, even without cafgy will pop out of nowhere to remind you of feine, Pisces. Sudden actions may cause peoyour more important purpose. Try not to get ple to freak out, since people will be on edge so bogged down in the heaviness of the day in general today anyway. Save the surprises that you fail to spot opportunities that arise. for another time. If you need to tell your boss that you’re going on vacation for a little while, now isn’t the time. There’s a rough edge to the astral energy. Relax to soothe your soul.


How do I reach my bank?

US Bank | 572.3744 Gate City Bank | 774.7300 American State Bank | 774.4100 Western Coop Credit Union | 800.584.9220

Who do I call for utilities?

Nemont | 1.800.636.6680 Williston Water Department | 577.8105 MonDak Utilities | 1.800.638.3278 Williston Public Works | 774.8805 Electric Coop | 577-3765 Midcontinent Comm | 800.888.1300 Williams Rural Water District | 774.8915

How do I get a job?

Bakken Staffing | 837.0873 Job Services | 774.7900 SOS Employment Services | 572.1440

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Basin Cab Company | 577.1957

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Amtrak | 572.7171 Travel Planner | 859.4766 Get Away Travel | 527.7700

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Williston Fire Department | 572.2196 Dog Catcher | 577.1212 County Sheriff Office | 577.7700 County Social Services | 774.6300 North Dakota Highway Patrol | 774.4360

Who do I call for a boo boo?

Mercy Medical Center | 774.7400 Fairlight Walk In Clinic | 577.9255


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Who do I call for my cell phone?

Verizon | 572.0044 AT&T | 572.1776

What if I don’t want to push all those numbers?

Dialing Short Cuts • North Dakota Resource Info: 211 • Directory Assistance: 411 • Travel Info: 511 • Telecommunication Relay Service: 711 • North Dakota One Call: 811 • Emergency Services: 911

Who do I call if I am bored?

North Dakota Game and Fish | 774.4320 Don’t forget to call home at least once a day.

What if I need to learn more than what I can find in this fine publication?

Williston Library | 774.8805 Public Schools | 572.1580 CDI Head Start | 572.9091 Williston State College | 774.4240

Where do I go to get a cup of Joe?

2nd Cup Espresso Shoppe | 572.5572 Coffee Post | 774.1100 Daily Addiction | 572.2326 Meg a Latte | 774.8873 C Cups Espresso | 406-231-9550

Where do I get my mail?

MailBox Solutions Plus | 609.0763

Advertising Directory

Leon’s Jewelry page 1 The Gold Shop page 1 Border Steel & Recycling page 1 Ryan Motors page 1 Tents for Rent page 1 Aggregate Solutions page 1 Coco Cola page 2 Warren Transportation page 2 Williston Chamber page 2 Murphy Motors page 3 The Tool People page 4 Ebel page 5 ND page 6 Found It Now page 6 R. Rooster page 6 Ryans Honda page 8 A & A Landscape page 9 MBSP | Mailbox Solution Plus page 9 Mile High Auto Detailing page 10 Overland Aerial Photography page 11 Universal Video Technologies page 12 Scully Build & Design page 12 Ritter Brothers page 12 SOS Employment Group page 15 Baken Electronx page 16 Ebel page 16 DVT Inc page 18 AGRI Industries page 19 Bakken Bookeeping Services page 19 The Pita Palace page 20 Fairlight Medical Center page 21 Bakbone Business Solutions, LLC page 22 Rapacki + Co page 22 Soka page 23 Ryan Motors page 24


Ryan Motors Presents...... How Stuff Works

1212 W 2nd Street | 701.577.1111

2013 Ram 1500 Sport Quad Cab #19460

What is Strong Enough to Pull a Submarine?

A Ram Truck.

Disclaimer: Ram trucks can’t actually go underwater and pull submarines...but they are so incredible we wouldn’t be surprised if they could.

Williston Review  

Vol. 5 | Iss 6

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