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“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” -Vince Lombardii


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Vince Lombardi Head coach / General manager

Personal information Date of birth: June 11, 1913 Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York Date of death: September 3, 1970 (aged 57) Place of death: Washington, D.C. Career information College: Fordham (1934–1936) No regular season or postseason appearances Coaching debut in 1954 for the New York Giants Last coached in 1969 for the Washington Redskins Career history As coach: New York Giants (1954–1958) (Off. backfield coach) Green Bay Packers (1959–1967) (Head coach) Green Bay Packers (1968) (General manager) Washington Redskins (1969) (Head coach) Career highlights and awards 1959 NFL Coach of the Year (AP, UPI) 1961 NFL Coach of the Year (UPI) 2× Super Bowl champion (I, II) 6× NFL Champion (1956, 61, 62, 65, 66, 67) 96-34-6 (regular season record)1956) 9-1 (playoff record) 105-35-6 (overall record) Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee (1971) Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame (1975) Washington Redskins Ring of Fame (1997)

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Career NFL statistics Win-loss record Winning ratio Games

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SPRING TURKEY SEASON SET, ONLINE APPS AVAILABLE Monday, January 27, 2014 The state Game and Fish Department is offering 5,880 wild turkey licenses for the spring hunting season, a decrease of 50 from last year. The decrease is a result of poor production and chick recruitment. Two of the 22 hunting units have slightly more spring licenses than in 2013, while 16 remain the same. Unit 21 (most of Hettinger and Adams counties) is again closed in 2014 due to lack of turkeys in the unit. Successful spring turkey applicants must purchase a 2014-15 hunting license, as last year’s 2013-14 licenses expire March 31. In addition to the spring turkey license, hunters must have a fishing, hunting and furbearer certificate, and a general game and habitat license. Also, hunters ages 16 and older must possess a small game license, or combination license. Hunters may notice an increase in license fees required to hunt spring turkey, which were established and set by the 2013 state legislature. The spring turkey license increased from $8 to $15, and the general game and habitat license increased from $13 to $20. In addition, the small game license – required for hunters ages 16 and older – increased from $6 to $10. The combination license, which includes general game and habitat, small game, furbearer and fishing, increased from $32 to $50.

First-time spring turkey hunters ages 15 or younger are eligible to receive one spring license valid for the regular hunting season in a specific unit. To be eligible, the youth hunter must be 15 or younger on opening day of spring turkey season, and have never received a spring turkey license in North Dakota. Spring turkey applicants can apply online or print out an application at the Game and Fish Department website, Applications can also be submitted by calling (800) 4066409. Application forms will also be available by Feb. 1 at most license vendors, county auditors and Game and Fish offices. The deadline for applying is Feb. 12. Online or phone applications must be logged before midnight that day. Spring turkey licenses are available only to North Dakota residents. The spring turkey season opens April 12 and continues through May 18. __________________________

Midwinter Waterfowl Survey The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s annual midwinter waterfowl survey in early January indicated 71,500 birds were in the state. Mike Szymanski, migratory game bird biologist, said an estimated 40,700 Canada geese were observed on the Missouri River, and another 12,000 were scattered on Nelson Lake. Lake Sakakawea, declared iced-over on Dec. 14,

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had no geese on the lake itself. Szymanski said after summarizing the numbers, a total of 52,700 Canada geese and 18,700 mallards were tallied statewide.

an overview of the current deer population and prospects for the future, and look for input on possible options for changes in the way deer licenses are allocated.

“Conditions leading up to this year’s survey were colder than normal, resulting in fewer birds in the state compared to the past couple winters,” Szymanski said. “Most waterfowl were pushed from North Dakota just prior to Thanksgiving, with the exception of those using the Missouri River System.”

“We’re all aware that the state’s whitetail and mule deer populations have declined considerably in recent years,” said Game and Fish Department wildlife chief Randy Kreil. “In 2013 we had approximately 40,000 hunters who applied for a deer gun license

Feb. 18 – Dickinson, Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge Feb. 18 – Anamoose, VFW Club Feb. 24 – Tioga, Farm Festival Building Feb. 24 – Fordville, Community Center Feb. 25 – Bismarck, North Dakota Game and Fish Department Feb. 25 – Jamestown, The Bunker __________________________

According to Szymanski, early December cold temperatures and strong winds pushed most Missouri River birds from the state. Conditions remained the same through most of January, essentially causing all waters in the state to freeze by the time of the survey, with the exception of a few places with fast moving, or warm water. Overall, Szymanski said although the counts are lower than those observed during the past couple years, numbers of birds remaining in the state are surprisingly large given the harsh weather conditions experienced thus far. “Snow cover was probably borderline for allowing birds to feed without too much trouble,” he added. “If more snow had fallen in December, this year’s count would have been even lower.” __________________________

Deer Management Meetings Announced

and didn’t get one. We’re looking at some ideas that might help get more hunters in the field if deer populations remain similar to what they are now.”

Is there something going on your Company that the Community Should know about. If so Send us your Press Release at:

In the long term, Kreil said Game and Fish’s strategy is to build deer numbers to a point that would provide a reasonable chance for anyone who wants to hunt to be able to get some kind of license. “Right now we have a high public interest in deer hunting in North Dakota,” he said. “We’re hoping to come up with some solutions to help us maintain that.”


The State Game and Fish Department has scheduled eight public meetings in February to discuss deer management in North Dakota.

Each meeting will begin at 7 p.m. local time.

Department officials will present

Feb. 17 – Casselton, City Fire Hall

Feb. 17 – Devils Lake, Lake Region Community College Auditorium

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Column Jim Mullen The Village idiot HOW LONG HAS YOUR MOM BEEN ON TV?

“You’re not wearing that out there today, are you?” is something we all remember our real moms saying. TV Mom is even more annoying. “When it’s this cold, you should take special precautions like wearing warm clothing, in layers,” she tells us. Then, TV Mom explains that extremely cold temperatures can cause frostbite. She stands outside in extremely cold weater and demonstrates how cold it is by throwing a boiling pan of water up in the air and watching it turn to ice crystals before it hits the ground. My real mom never did that, but TV Mom is obsessed with being the “cool” mom. But you know another good way to explain how cold it is without bothering to boil water? Go start your car and see how long it takes for the heat to kick in on your way to work. Short time = not so cold, or maybe a very good heater. Long time = really, really cold.

Have you ever heard of this stuff called “snow”? Do you know what it looks like? Do you know that driving in snow is different than driving on dry pavement? Do you know that it usually only snows when Later that night, TV Mom reports that it’s cold outside? several people scalded themselves trying I think most of us know those things. You to do the boiling water thing because they know who thinks we’ve never, ever even had seen Mom do it on TV. It’s OK for heard of snow before? Our local TV news highly trained TV Mom News Teams to do this, but not for you or me. Hey, TV team. Or as I call them, our TV Mom.

WR illiston


Mom took a course on it at Journalism/ dry, sunny day had nothing at all to do Clown School. with it. Tailgating behind an 18-wheeler had nothing to do with it, texting about Do you know that when the temperature driving through a blizzard while driving gets colder, the mercury in the thermome- through a blizzard had nothing to do with ter drops? Did you know that cold weath- it, and taking your eyes off the road to see er most often happens in the time of year why the news van is in the breakdown known as “winter”? Have you heard of lane had nothing to do with it. It was the this thing called “winter”? Yes, I think our ice and snow that caused all the problems. real mothers may have mentioned it once or twice. But TV Mom apparently doesn’t Have you ever heard of “wind chill”? Don’t think we’ve ever heard of it. She explained worry that you’re old enough to be TV the concept of winter every night for a Mom’s parents; TV Mom will explain the week as if she were planning to give a pop term as if you’ve never heard it before. “It quiz on it later. It could only have been will feel like it’s 37 below out there today. more childish if she had given the weather If you go outside for 10 seconds, you are report in Dr. Seuss-like rhymes. risking life and limb,” she says. Then why is it OK for you to be outside reporting “Will it sleet or will it snow? this, TV Mom? You look OK. Your hair isn’t even moving in the 60-mph wind. Will it hit 23 below?” You’re not scaring me, TV Mom. If I want Do you know what a multicar pile-up is? to go and play outside, you can’t stop me! You’re not my real mom! Stop treating me TV Mom explained that the latest awe- like a baby, I can get dressed all by myself! some crash was caused by snow and ice. Going out in a blinding snowstorm to Can you help me tie my shoes? get more beer and cigarettes had nothing to do with it. Driving as if it’s a bright,


WILLISTON 5515 Hwy 2/85 North

The Bakken’s Newest Hotel Is Now Open ~ 701-609-5490 ~

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Column Alison Rosen

Over the last couple weeks, I wrote about my New Year’s resolutions to be more punctual and better with names. Those are going pretty well. I’ve been arriving to work with a few minutes to spare, and I can still rattle off the names of the people I met at a meeting last week: Sarah, JR and Brandon. Kevin? Well, two out of three isn’t bad. It’s my third resolution — to stop trying to change people’s minds — that’s proving the most challenging. I like to be understood. I can’t feel an emotion without attempting to put it into words, can’t have an experience without translating it and can’t negotiate a confusing situation without trying to figure it out. When there’s a gap between what I’m feeling and what I’m saying, or when I sense a gap between what someone else is feeling and what they’re saying, I find it agonizing. I’m like an emotional accountant — which, by the way, would be the worst kind of accountant; never get your taxes done by an emotional accountant. I need everything to be reconciled.

North Dakota’s First Fuddruckers 5517 Hwy 85, Williston, ND

When I say I’m trying to stop trying to change people’s minds I don’t mean it entirely in a literal sense. If someone likes a color I don’t like — orange, let’s say, which always reminds me of the ‘70s and makes me feel hot and nauseated — I will not try to convince him or her of the superiority of colors in the cool spectrum. Go ahead and like awful colors. More blues and greens and purples for me. Or if someone likes a band I don’t care for, I am fine with that, so long as we aren’t taking a road trip. Or if someone insists that “House of Cards” is good, as everyone insists, and I disagree because Kevin Spacey’s Foghorn Leghorn accent drives me insane and my God, could the show be more boring — so be it. But if someone listens to my podcast, where I talk openly about what I’m experiencing, and they take issue with how

I’m Not Trying to Change Your Mind I approach a problem, or worse, with the fact I’m choosing to speak openly about the problem, or even with the fact I have an audience at all, I feel compelled to try to change their mind. They must just not understand what I’m saying, I think; they didn’t hear me correctly; they just didn’t get it. And then I fantasize about explaining and re-explaining and finding the precise words that would get this person to change his or her opinion about me, to reserve judgment of me, to like me. This is not a useful compulsion — all that energy spent trying to get someone to change his or her mind could be put toward something much more rewarding and effective. It shouldn’t really matter so much what someone thinks of me. In this scenario, I am the color orange. People have a right to like and dislike whatever they want. Trying not to change people’s minds is also about learning to trust boundaries. I was talking to my dad the other day. My dad is one of those people — perhaps you have them in your family — who is always angry at a handful of people. Instead of trying to defend these targets from his, to my mind, irrational ire, I attempted to let him vent and not change his opinion. Because in the end, what does it really hurt that an old man somewhere is angry at someone who will never find out? Why must I “correct” my dad? Why is it so important that he feels about people and the world exactly how I feel about it? And who is it helping when I try to make him see things my way? If I can really pull this off — really stop trying to change people’s minds — I predict it will free up a lot of mental energy to remember people’s names.

January 30, 2014 | The Williston Review | Page 7

WR illiston


Brad Bekkedahl announces his intentions to run for the District #1 Senate seat Representative Pat Hatlestad and Representative Gary Sukut announce today that they plan to seek re-election to the North Dakota Legislature in the

currently serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Industry, Business and Labor committee and is a member of the Transportation Committee. He is Vice-Chairman of the Economic Impact Interim Committee. Representatives Sukut and Hatlestad commend Senator Lyson for his many years of service to the Williston Area and the State of North Dakota and offers their full support for Brad Bekkedahl effort to become District 1’s next Senator. Brad has an excellent background for the job and will be able to hit the ground running.

Brad Bekkedahl Husband, father, Soilder, Politican Running for District #1 Senate Seat

2014 November election. They are excited to welcome Brad Bekkedahl, lifelong Williston resident and community leader, as the third member of the District 1 legislative team. Bekkedahl is seeking the District 1 Republican endorsement for the Senator seat vacated by retiring Senator Stan Lyson. Representative Hatlestad was first elected to represent District 1 in 2006 and re-elected in 2010. Hatlestad is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Political Subdivision Committee and a member of the Finance and Taxation Committee. During the interim he is serving on the Legislative Audit and Fiscal Review, Taxation, and Educational Funding committees. Representative Sukut was first elected to represent District 1 in the House of Representatives in 2oo6 where he continues to serve. Representative Sukut

Senator Lyson’s comment: I am excited and pleased that Brad Bekkedahl has announced that he would run for the North Dakota State Senate. I know that he has the knowledge and energy to fill the seat in the Senate that I have held for the pasted fourteen years. He will have my full support to become the next senator for district one.

Mayor Koeser’s comment: “I can’t think of a better man to serve district 1 in the state Senate than Brad Bekkedahl. He is well aware of the issues we’re facing and understands the state formulas for funding oil country better than anyone I know. Brad is well known and well respected around the state.” Brad Bekkedahl comments: I am honored to have the opportunity to place my name on the ballot for the District 1 Senate seat being vacated by Stan Lyson after an exemplary record of service to Williston and North Dakota. I have always been so humbled by the level of support extended me in local government service these last 26 years by the residents of Williston, and hope to have the same level of support in this campaign. It is a pleasure to be greeted on this ticket by Rep. Gary Sukut and Rep. Pat Hatlestad, two community leaders I have known and respected my whole life, and I look forward to seeking to represent District 1 for the entire community.

Biography for Brad Bekkedahl Dr. Brad Bekkedahl is in his 18th year as Finance Commissioner for the City of Williston. He previously served 8 years on the Williston Park Board, including 4 years as President of the Board. The son of Oliver and Joan Sundby Bekkedahl, he was born and raised in Williston, North Dakota. He is a graduate of Williston High School, Jamestown College, and the University Of Minnesota School Of Dentistry. He served 9 years on the Executive Committee of the ND Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties, with 2 years as President. He currently serves on the Executive Board of the ND League of Cities. He is a Colonel in the North Dakota Army National Guard, serving a tour of duty in Iraq with the 48th BCT, 3rd Infantry Division, in 2005-2006. Brad is an Eagle Scout and served Troop 361 in Williston as Scoutmaster for 10 years. He also served many years on the Northern Lights Council BSA Executive Committee. He served on the local Williston Basin Skating Club Board at their inception, coaching and officiating for over 20 years. He also served on the North Dakota Amateur Hockey Board for 15 years, including 5 years as President. He has 15 years of service on the National Board of Directors for USA Hockey in Colorado Springs, having served on the Executive Committee and currently serving on the Legal Council, Youth Council and Audit Committee. He is the Treasurer of the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway, and is also the Secretary for the Ports to Plains Alliance in Lubbock, Texas, which is a 10 state transportation and economic development corridor. Brad served as President of the Communities for a Modern Highway 2 at the time of the 4 lane completion project from Minot to Williston in 2008. He is a charter member of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, previously serving on the Council, Building Committee, and as Congregation President. He is also a Director for the Eckert Foundation for Children in Williston, currently holding the position of Vice-President. He remains active on numerous local, state, and national boards. He currently is in his 30th year of private Dental practice in Williston.

WR illiston


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Patrick Buchanan

Is Kerry In Denial?

Does John Kerry understand the is what Americans want, and world he inherited? Is he in deni- Obama is delivering. al? Why does John Kerry deny the Consider. At Davos, Switzer- obvious? land, Kerry called it a “myth” that America is withdrawing, and “the To his credit, the secretary has most bewildering version of this undertaken three diplomatic inidisengagement myth is about a tiatives, the success of any one of supposed U.S. retreat from the which could earn him a Nobel. Middle East.” The Geneva II Conference on Is he serious? How else does Ker- Syria, the U.S.-U.N. negotiations ry describe Obama’s pullout of all over Iran’s nuclear program, and U.S. troops from Iraq, and from the Palestinian-Israeli peace iniAfghanistan by year’s end? tiative. Syria is “someone else’s civil war,” says President Obama. If we do any strikes there, promised Kerry, they will be “unbelievably small,” and rest assured there will be “no [U.S.] boots on the ground.” When al-Qaida and its allies seized Ramadi and Fallujah in Anbar province, Kerry rushed to the microphones: “We’re not ... contemplating returning. We’re not contemplating putting boots on the ground. This is their fight. ... this is a fight that belongs to the Iraqis.” Yes it is. But does this sound like the defiant “This will not stand!” of George H. W. Bush, after Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait? Moreover, a Pew poll last fall found that 52 percent of the nation approves of U.S. disengagement, saying America should “mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own.”

Yet Kerry’s own undiplomatic conduct may be imperiling two of his initiatives, and naivete and hubris may be blinding him to the coming collapse of the third. On arrival at Geneva II, Kerry demanded that Iran be disinvited, then launched into a tirade insisting that Assad get out of Damascus: “There is no way ... that the man who led the brutal response to his own people could regain the legitimacy to govern.” Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem was right back in his face: “No one, Mr. Kerry, has the right to provide legitimacy ... except for the Syrian people.”

“Those doing suicide attacks in New York,” Moallem instructed Kerry, “are the same as those doing it in Syria.” The Washington Post backed Moallem with a report that Ayman al-Zawahiri has called on all jihadists in Syria to line up in “one rowlike, solid structure in confronting your sectarian, secularist enemy,” the Assad regime, that is backed by “Iran, Russia and China.”

threat as “ridiculous,” called his negotiating strategy “bankrupt” and warned that “the revolutionary people” of Iran are anxious for battle with the Americans. If Kerry’s wants a deal, how does this bellicose bluster help?

Kerry now says that Iran will have to “dismantle” centrifuges. But is not America’s objective here proof positive Iran has no nuclear weapon or weapons program, and that its nuclear program is “What makes our hearts bleed,” peaceful? said Zawahiri, “is the hostile sedition, which has intensified among When did the destruction of Irathe ranks of the mujahideen of nian centrifuges become the U.S. Islam.” demand? Tehran has now planted its feet in concrete that there will Can Kerry explain why America’s be no dismantling of centrifuges, goal remains the ouster of Assad, and “Bibi” Netanyahu is crowing when the offensive coordinator that this means the failure of the for the rebels who would take talks. power is the successor to Osama bin Laden? As for an Israeli-Palestinian deal in which Kerry has invested 10 Asked what would happen should trips, Israeli economics minister Iran backslide on the new interim Naftali Bennett calls it “a joke.” nuclear agreement, Kerry rattled America’s rockets: Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon says that Kerry “is acting out of “If they do that, then the mili- misplaced obsession and messitary option that is available to the anic fervor,” that his peace plan “is United States is ready and pre- not worth the paper it is written pared to do what it would have to on,” that he wishes Kerry would do.” get his Nobel prize now, and leave Israel alone. Who is Kerry to threaten a war Congress has never authorized? As for Bibi, who resigned from Ariel Sharon’s cabinet rather than How does it advance diplomacy accept a withdrawal from Gaza, to threaten publicly to bomb your he now says that not one settler negotiating partners? Kerry talks on the West Bank will be uprootas though he were back in the ed, and not one settlement shut Senate. down.

Dismissing Kerry’s call for a transitional government without Assad, Moallem implied that not only was Kerry’s position irrelevant — Assad currently holds the whip hand in Syria and is going nowhere — but irrational from the standpoint of U.S. national Staying out of other countries’ interests. The head of Iran’s Islamic Revolu- Kerry is heading into a minefield. quarrels and other nations’ wars tionary Guard dismissed Kerry’s And so are we.

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(701) 572-2352

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Auto News

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Popular Jeep® Altitude Models Return For 2014

WR illiston


(DLO). Eighteen-inch gloss black painted aluminum wheels 2014 Jeep Wrangler Altitude Based on the Sahara model, the 2014 Jeep Wrangler Altiand a black interior complete the look. tude’s exterior highlights include a matte black grille with The limited-edition 2014 Jeep Cherokee Altitude is avail- gloss black throats, head lamp rings and Jeep badge, gloss able in four exterior colors: Brilliant Black Crystal Metallic black front and rear bumper appliques and 18-inch sevClear Coat, Bright White Clear Coat, Billet Silver Metallic en-spoke aluminum wheels, a standard body color Freedom Top and matte black “WRANGLER” decal on the hood. The Clear Coat and Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat. Dual Top with premium Sunrider soft top is optional. Two years ago, Jeep introduced a production-intent concept The U.S. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for Grand Cherokee at the Houston Auto Show, and connect- the 2014 Cherokee Altitude models is $24,995 for 4x2 mod- Inside, the Jeep Wrangler Altitude features standard black leather seats with black stitching, a leather-wrapped steered with customers to name the model. More than 100,000 els and $26,995 for 4x4 models (plus $995 destination). Houston - New special-edition ‘Altitude’ models of the 2014 Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler were introduced this morning at the Houston Auto Show. Featuring unique “blacked-out” exteriors with a distinct and aggressive flair, the vehicles arrive in Jeep showrooms this spring – thanks to a positive consumer response from earlier Jeep Altitude models.

entries were submitted by Jeep enthusiasts, with ‘Altitude’ emerging as the winning vehicle name. The brand then cre- 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude ated a limited run of Altitude models across the Jeep lineup. The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude is based on the Laredo model and is available as a 4x2 or 4x4. The standard “The unique ‘blacked-out’ theme of the Jeep Altitude mod- 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine produces 290 horsepower and els resonated so well with consumers two years ago that it 260 lb.-ft. of torque, and is mated to an all-new eight-speed makes perfect sense to bring them back now, particularly automatic transmission, delivering up to 25 miles per gallon since we have new versions of the Cherokee and Grand highway. Cherokee,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO – Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “What began as a produc- Special exterior design cues include gloss black bezel inserts tion-intent concept and naming contest generated signifi- for the front grille, fog lamp bezels, lower front fascia apcant buzz and evolved into a lineup of special-edition Jeep plique, badging, rear step pad surround and 20-inch fivevehicles that appeal to many consumers – especially those spoke aluminum wheels. Other unique exterior changes include halogen headlamps with black bezels, grey satin gloss wanting a very distinct, aggressive and edgy look.” tail lamp bezels, platinum chrome grille texture, bright dual The new, special-edition 2014 Cherokee, Grand Cherokee exhaust tips, lower body-color fascias, wheel flares and side and Wrangler Altitude models will arrive in Jeep show- cladding, a body color antenna and an SRT-style roof rail. rooms this spring. Jeep Compass Altitude and Jeep Patriot The interior features black Capri leather seats with perfoAltitude models are available now. rated suede inserts and black stitching, a leather wrapped steering wheel with paddle shifters, standard 8.4-inch Uconnect touch screen and power sunroof. The Security and 2014 Jeep Cherokee Altitude Based on the Latitude model, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee Al- Convenience Group is also standard and includes remote titude is available in 4x2 or 4x4 configurations powered by start, auto-dimming rear view mirror, security alarm, 115 either the 2.4-liter MultiAir®2 Tigershark I-4 engine with up volt outlet, universal garage door opener, cargo cover, heatto 31 mpg, or the 3.2-liter Pentastar V-6 engine, which de- ed front seats, heated steering wheel and power liftgate. livers best-in-class 271 horsepower and towing capabilities of 4,500 lbs. Both engines are mated to the mid-size SUV The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude is available in Billet Silver, Bright White, Brilliant Black Metallic Coat, Deep segment-exclusive nine-speed automatic transmission. Cherry, Granite Crystal and Maximum Steel. The Jeep Cherokee Altitude features a stealth-like appearance with gloss black grille surrounds, roof rails, front fascia The U.S. MSRP for the 2014 Grand Cherokee is $35,290 for lower applique and badging and a black daylight opening 4x2 models and $37,290 for 4x4 (plus $995 destination).

ing wheel with black painted spokes and black stitching, black finish hex bolts and black painted vent rings and door and instrument panel grab handles. The Wrangler Connectivity Group is also included. Available in two-door and Unlimited four-door models, the Wrangler Altitude is powered by a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine producing 285 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. of torque. Mated to a standard six-speed manual or available fivespeed automatic transmission, Wrangler Altitude employs a Command Trac transfer case with 2.72:1 low range. The 2014 Jeep Wrangler Altitude is available in Amp’d, Black, Granite Crystal and Hydro Blue. U.S. MSRP is $31,595 for Wrangler two-door models and $35,395 for Wrangler Unlimited models (plus $995 destination). About Jeep Brand Built on more than 70 years of legendary heritage, Jeep is the authentic SUV with class-leading capability, craftsmanship and versatility for people who seek extraordinary journeys. The Jeep brand delivers an open invitation to live life to the fullest by offering a full line of vehicles that continue to provide owners with a sense of security to handle any journey with confidence. The Jeep vehicle lineup consists of the Cherokee, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Patriot, Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited. To meet consumer demand around the world, all Jeep models sold outside North America are available in both left and right-hand drive configurations and with gasoline and diesel powertrain options. Chrysler Group LLC products are available in more than 150 countries around the world.

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Page 10 | The Williston Review | January 30, 2014

Column John Voll Williston... Living the Dream We Love Our Trucks There’s thousands of trucks in Williston. At one time over 13,000 semi’s passed thru town daily. Even with the new truck bypass still seems like 11,500 bypass the bypass and sneak past the airport. Think it’s shorter. But we love our trucks. In fact, we don’t people watch in Williston..we “truck watch”. We’d want to know if Blackhawk Energy decided to go with Tundras or Dodge Hemi’s. So when one is spotted later in the Walmart parking lot on Sunday one can make mention. “Oh that’s one of Blackhawk’s Tundras”. All these trucks have been an ideal environment for my son Eric. He really loves trucks and has a very rare condition called TSP (Truck Sensory Perception). At the red light by the Vegas Mot (the lights behind the e and l have been burned out for 2 years), a truck rumbled up next to us. Eric said “Mr John (southern etiquette for step father) I can close my eyes and tell you everything about that truck by just listening to it. It’s a 2007 Chevy Silverado Duramax diesel,6.6 Turbo Diesel, largest one made, has a high pressure performance package, dual 4” chrome pipes, transmission built for torque not horsepower, easily pulls twice as much as a Hemi and he’s burnin #2 grade diesel fuel imported from Canada that was refined just outside of Baton Rouge”. I don’t know how the hell he does it but he ain’t leaving Williston. Last time we were in Minneapolis at a stop light surrounded by a new Prius, a 2000 Hyunda 4 cylinder and an old Dodge Dart he had a seizure. Seriously with all the trucks it is dangerous here. Can’t be talking or texting or you could end up being a bumper sticker on a Kenworth. T- Bone in Williston has nothing to do with steak. But has everything to do with 2 roughnecks in their F250’s charging through the intersection at the Kum and Go Convenience Store and Mr Bubbles Laundromat and one getting t-boned. Anyway...gotta run. Taking the family North Dakota Bird Watching. Around Loves Truck Stop get a great view of flying rocks from Freightliners into the windshields of Minot northbounders on Route 2. Well that’s it from Williston where’s there’s lots of jobs, few women and no tofu. 
 More living next week…stay tuned.

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): Your social life continues to be a source of fun, as a meeting may have special sparkle. However, you might be noticing tensions in the balance between home and career that could set you thinking. If you’re considering setting up a home business or making the next career move, proceed carefully and do your homework first. The more prepared you are, the easier it may be to get ahead. Venus turns direct, easing relationship issues. Mercury in Pisces may attune you to your deeper thoughts and feelings.

LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22) A fun transit could bring someone new and interesting into your life midweek. Whether this turns into a friendship or something a little more, you’ll enjoy this chance to have a delightful experience. Venus turns direct in your home zone, which might help matters with family members to work out harmoniously, especially if you’ve experienced problems lately. Finally, Mercury moves into your wellness zone, which might make you curious to research avenues to better health.

GEMINI (May 21 – Jun 21) Finances could be an issue, especially if you’re geared up to make a major purchase. Don’t rush into anything, especially if it’s a big commitment. It might help to do a little more research. Mercury moves into Gemini and your career zone later. This might enhance any intuitive insights, saving you time and resources if you’re prepared to listen. Venus turns direct, too, which might help joint financial affairs flow more smoothly and gradually bring an end to any delays.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21): Midweek you may feel alert, lively, and eager to connect with new people, move ahead with a creative project, or even take the first step with a new romance. You might need to tread with care with your finances, as a powerful transit could cause you to rethink your strategy. This isn’t a good time to make a major purchase - reorganize your budget instead. Venus turns direct in your personal financial zone, which could help ease any delays you’ve been experiencing.

TAURUS (Apr 20 – Mar 20) Venus forges ahead this week after its retrograde phase. You may find that areas of your life that have been prone to delays or backtracking, such as finances or relationships, slowly begin to sort themselves out. Someone could oppose a plan or idea of yours this week, which could be a bit of a blow. However, it’s worth trying to compromise if possible. Mercury enters your social zone on Friday, bringing a chance for more fun, invitations, and good times ahead.

CANCER (Jun 22- Jul 22) A relationship issue could come to a head this week. However, there’s a chance you may be able to come to a compromise that works for both of you. Whether this is a business or romantic issue, a careful approach could be helpful for both parties. Venus turns direct in your relationship zone, which may help ease any tension you’ve felt recently. Hopefully, things can get back on track. Meanwhile, subjects linked to mysticism and mystery may appeal and encourage you to explore further.

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22) A fun link may inspire you to explore a new place or perhaps expand your horizons. If a friend wants to join you, you might enjoy going on an adventure together. Later, you may need to retreat for a while, especially if you’ve been hard at work. Don’t feel guilty about taking some time out, as it will give you a chance to relax and recharge. Venus turns retrograde in your lifestyle zone, which may help ease any wellness issues along with matters at work. VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22) You might experience some conflict as a powerful link comes to a head this week. If you spot this coming, try to deal with it sooner rather than later to avoid unnecessary problems. However, someone may need to back down, and it could be you! As Mercury moves into Pisces, you may find it easier to tune into others and their needs, which could give you an advantage in business or romance. Creative and romantic issues may begin to resolve.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21): You might feel like kicking back and enjoying a break, but it seems you’ll be kept busy. If you’re hoping to push ahead with a plan or idea, you could face red tape or objections from other people that might cause delays. There may be no way round this aside from doing your homework and taking things step by step. You could get some intuitive help with a budding romance as Mercury moves into Pisces. Venus moves ahead from this week, which may help ease a communication difficulty.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19): Try not to make a conflict worse than it already is by insisting on having your way. If you can be willing to compromise and consider a different approach, things could turn out well for everyone involved. Venus turns direct this week, which might help improve a relationship situation. Perhaps it will inspire a fresh perspective that has a harmonious impact. Mercury moves into Pisces, which might enhance your intuition and imagination in a positive way.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18): A sparkly transit midweek could coincide with an invitation or outing that you’ll really enjoy. Connecting with folks on your wavelength could give you a much-needed boost. Later, if you need to take things easy, opt for a lighter schedule - it could help ease any tension. You’ll also get a chance to reflect on any unresolved issues. Mercury moves into Pisces and your personal financial zone, so an intuitive hunch could reveal a way to earn some extra cash. PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20) An issue with a friend or group could cause some angst, so try to resolve this before it comes to a head. If you feel coerced into following others’ plans, it might be time to stand up for what you want. Venus forges ahead in Capricorn, which could make a positive difference to a friendship, especially if there have been recent issues with this person. You may find your voice and feel like sharing thoughts, plans, and ideas as Mercury moves into your sign.

January 30, 2014 | The Williston Review | Page 11

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Events 30 | Thursday Entertainment Inc! presents “The Lion In Winter”: Enjoy Williston’s thriving community theatre with “The Lion In Winter,” showing Jan 30-31 and Feb 1-3. Christmas 1183, an aging and conniving King Henry II plans a reunion where he hopes to name his successor. The Lion in Winter is fictional, however, the events leading up to the story are generally accurate. The play was made in to an Academy Award winning 1968 film starring Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn. 701-577-3179 for details. Location: Old Armory, Williston

ary 31st @ 7:00 and on February 1st @ 2:30 and 7:00 P.M. This dance production is directed by Angela Ekblad, with Steph Robertus, Cari Zavalney and Tessa Wold and will feature over 135 of Williston’s most talented dancers. Tickets available at the door - 1st-12th Grade $5.00 and Adults $10.00 Come and enjoy a wonderful event of some of Williston’s great young talent.

Williston Trail Riders Snowmobile Club Annual Drag Races- Williston Trail Riders Snowmobile Club is holding their annual snowmobile drag races on Sunday, February 2, 2014. The race will be held in the field across the 4-Lane Hwy 85 on the North Side of the road from OK Tire. Sign ups begin at 10am; race begins at 1pm. Riders must be have a snowmobile license or drivers license to race in all classes except the kitty 01 | Saturday kat race. Bring your own sled! Location: Field West of WillisBenefit Feed and Silent Auction- A benefit feed and Silent ton, North side of Hwy 85 across from OK Tire. Auction for Lacy Knutson will be held on Saturday, Feb 1, 2014. Lacy has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma 03 | Monday Stage 4 Cancer and is currently undergoing treatment in Wil31 | Friday liston. The Auction will help Lacy and her family offset the 04 | Tuesday January 31- Open Mic Night at Daily Addiction Coffee cost of treatment. Anyone who would like to donate food or Korners Lions Meeting: Grandma Sharon’s 7 Am. House, 630pm! Share your fun talent or show off your guitar/ items for the auction, please call Renell at 570-1686 or Joe at vocal skills. Write poetry? Comedy? This is the place for you. 571-4375. Items can also be dropped off at the Midway the County Commissioner Meeting- 8:00 am in the Memorial To participate or for details, call 572-2600. day of the event. Location: Midway Junction, Williston ND Room of the County Court House. Dance Fusion of Williston is proud to present “OZ- Not your 02 | Super Bowl Sunday typical Yellow Brick Road” dance production to be held Janu- Game Starts at 5:30 PM and is Broadcasted on FOX

Column Penelope Ryder Bakken Women It is a different spin.....

05 | Wednesday

In Williston, rain plagued a summer denying us the typical sweaty hell- now reserved for September- with great boots I am not happy that its 100 degrees. Still rocked them as I learned some lessons in the town today. I am still empowered by reigniting my company- feeling lucky I am here, in the new frontier- I am a modern day redneck pioneer- looking to start over...just like the melting pot I see everyday....

the jail when I go to spy on my son is not day? that is a great thing to learna good idea.........I don’t know whether to happiness. laugh or cry that I know that My days in Williston, North Dakota I learned today that I will rat out my make me see that I can achieve anything, clients son for drinking....... Damn kid for a price- hard work and the ability to should have known not to leave empty adapt will open your eyes to learn somebeer cans under his bathroom sink thing new everyday..... The hard lesson to learn and what humbles me is the reality I learned today that William County Jail of being the few left standing at the end of has a huge concentration of Meth-heads the day. To find the inner drive to move in jail (sitting in on bond hearing- better forward when you may be moving alone. than cable)...........and they are all innoI learned no one from Wyoming can This is what I learn on days that make me cent because the police are against them. drive.....or Idaho or Florida..... No rhyme want to stop or settle with what I have. or reason- no stereotype, experiment I learned that random acts of laughter The drive to never quit is what Williston ...........especially when you laugh out gives us and this force is what weeds out conducted- they suck loud.......even makes you smile later that the weak. Simple reality. I learned that carrying a light bulb into

More | Upcoming

up their best chili, along with 3 bars and a beer station. The band will play 4pm-5pm & 7:30pmUntil January 31 ND Juried Student Art Traveling 11:30pm. Location: Grand Williston Show : There are 533 pieces of student art from across North Dakota on display. Student art from February 12 WCCU Sponsored TETON NIGHT: kindergarten through 12th grade are on display and The Tetons will ROCK YOU! Western Cooperadivided into the following grade categories: K – 3, 4 tive Credit Union and Hagan Elementary invite - 6, 7 - 8, and 9- 12. The artwork is hung salon style, you to rock out at the women’s and men’s basketwhich creates an exciting floor to ceiling art experi- ball games against NDSCS on February 12, 2014. ence featuring North Dakotas finest up and coming Games, Giveaways, and ROCKING OUT! Womartists. This year’s judges were Greg Vettel, Thomp- en’s game starts at 6pm; men’s game starts at 8pm. son, ND, artist and Exhibition Chairman/Registrar at Location: Williston State College the North Dakota Museum of Art and Joan Hansen, Minot, ND, artist/art teacher. Location: James Me- If you have an Event that you would like to morial Art Center,621 First Avenue West, Williston share with the Bakken, go to February 8, API Chili Cook-off: The API Chili Cook-off features a live band, raffles, games, concessions and lots of chili! The event is open to the public at 3pm and Chili Tasting for the public starts at 5:30pm. There will be 24 booths whipping and add your event, it is Free and Easy.

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Page 12 | The Williston Review | January 30, 2014


1 Youth Care Attendent Williams County $13.62-$15.01/hr 2 Travel Occupational Therapist (OT) Reflectxion Resources, Inc. DOE 3 Labor Delivery Nurses NursesRX DOE 4 Registered Nurses ePeople America DOE 5 Physical Therapy Assistant-PTA Medical Staffing Network Healthcare DOE 6 Physical Therapist - Inpatient - Contract/Travel Tri-State Rehab Services DOE 7 Registered Nurse - Labor Delivery Capital Healthcare Solutions DOE 8 Part-Time Second Shift RN ALLONE Health Resources DOE 9 Medical Tech - Contract / Travel Capital Allied Solutions DOE 10 Registered Nurses ePeople America DOE


11 Administrative Assistant ManPower $20/$22/hr 12 General Manager Bakken Staffing DOE 13 School Aide (Part Time) Nesson School District #2 $11.50/Hr 14 Graphic Designer Dawa Solutions DOE 15 Teller Western Cooperative Credit Union $15/hr 16 Office Assistant Warren Transportation DOE 17 Legal Assistant Nehring Law Offices $15/Hr 18 Night Shift Dispatcher/Office Admin Warren Transportation DOE 19 Office Assistant Bulldog Services, LLP $15.00/Hr 20 Electrical Inspector ND State Electrical Board $33.88/hr 21 Teacher’s Assistant The Corcoran School DOE 22 Outside Sales Delta Rigging DOE


23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53

Automotive Parts Commercial Sales Manager Field Sales Inside Sales Rep Route Sales Driver Health Benifit Colsultant Customer Service Rep Store Administrator Sales Lead Territory Sales


Surface Driller/Driller Helper Mechanic (Frac) Multi-Skilled Operator Thru-Tubing Supervisor Electricians Field Service Technician Roustabout Lab Technician Mechanic Welders Flux Core Local Experienced Oilfield Workover Rig Hands Mechanic Wireline Operator Repair and Maintenance Technician Field Mechanic Line Technician Rack Tech Journeyman Lineman Field Service Technician Entry Level Operator Assistant Mechanic Oilfield Laborer

CARQUEST Corporation SOS Employment Group Executive Services Pan O Gold Baking Blue Cross Blus Shield Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc Gooseneck Implement PTI Group, INC ACME Tools White Mountain Operating Weatherfold International Producers Assistance Corp Weatherford International Helmerich & Payne HB Rentals B&G Roustabout Services SOS Employment Group Power Fuels SOS Employment Group RT Energy Services Spherion Staffing Bismarck Weatherford International Weatherford International Knife River Corporation Montana-Dakota Utilities Co Noble Casing Basin Electric Power Cooperative Weatherford International Halliburton Noble Casing C & S String Up

DOE DOE $50-100k Annually $40k-$70K + Benifits DOE DOE DOE DOE DOE

$18-$25/hr DOE $20-$23/hr DOE DOE+Benefits DOE $19-28/hr $16/hr DOE+Benefits DOE DOE+Benefits DOE DOE DOE DOE DOE DOE DOE DOE DOE $20-28/Hr DOE

10th annual local foods conference slated Feb. 14-15 BISMARCK – Packaging and labeling, improving soil health, specialty crop opportunities and craft brewing are among the topics to be covered at the 10th annual meeting of the Farmers Market & Growers Association (NDFMG) & Local Foods Conference, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 14-15, at the Grand Hotel, 1505 N. Broadway, Minot. Sponsored by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) and NDFMG, the two-day conference attracts growers, processors, marketers and others interested in locals foods from across the state. “The conference includes sessions on production practices, business development, marketing through social media, as well as presentations on marketing techniques, such as food hubs and food tours,” said Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring. “There will be plenty of opportunities for participants to network with each other. “Following welcoming remarks by Goehring and Marvin Baker, NDFMG president, Friday’s keynote speaker, Bruce Smith, Dawson County (MT) extension agent, will speak on local foods programs and projects in Montana. He will be followed by Matt Kleinhenz, Ohio State University vegetable production specialist, who will discuss plant grafting. Saturday’s speakers include Mike Frohlich, co-owner of Bismarck’s Laughing Sun Brewery, and Brett Olson, co-founder and the Creative Director at Renewing the Countryside, a Minnesota-based, non-profit organization providing ideas and assistance to strengthen their rural communities and reduce poverty. Break-out sessions both days will address plant varieties for high tunnels, ergonomics, financing options and mitigating weather-related risk. NDFMG will hold its annual meeting Friday evening. Funded through a specialty crop grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the event is open to the public. Registration is $50 per person and includes all sessions and meals. A single day registration is $30. Registration information is included in a conference brochure available at or by calling 701-328-2659 or emailing

January 30, 2014 | The Williston Review | Page 13

U.S. Census Bureau Estimates 18,000 Individuals Migrated to North Dakota in 2013 The U.S. Census Bureau today released estimates that show approximately 18,000 people migrated into the state in 2013. This compares to an estimated net migration into the state of 12,200 in 2012 and 6,900 in 2011. “These figures reaffirm that a majority of the growth in 2013 came from in-migration,” Kevin Iverson, manager of the Census Office at the North Dakota Department of Commerce said. “The change is most dramatic when compared to data ten years ago. Between 2000 and 2003 North Dakota had lost approximately 8,400 residences. We were last of the 50 states in terms of growth a decade ago. After those years of out-migration, it’s great to see that our economic growth is drawing individuals to the state.” The U.S. Census Bureau’s information takes into consideration components of population change such as births, deaths and migration. North Dakota had 10,028 births and 5,754 deaths last year. Census data released last month showed North Dakota’s population reached an estimated all-time high of 723,393 residents, an increase of 22,048 from last year’s count. Last year, North Dakota’s estimated 2012 population of 699,629 residents exceeded the state’s record Census count set in 1930. North Dakota’s population has also been getting younger. Census data shows that the median age of North Dakota residents continued to climb between 2000 and 2008, reaching about 37.3 years of age. Since 2008, the median age of North Dakota residents has declined to 36.1 years of age. The full report is available at: http:// The North Dakota Department of Commerce works to improve the quality of life for North Dakota citizens by leading efforts to attract, retain and expand wealth. Commerce serves businesses and communities statewide through committed people and partners who offer valuable programs and dynamic services.

General Labor

54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80

Security Guard Tire Mechanic Operations Manager Apprentice Electrician Electrical Maintenance Journeyman Lineman Journeyman Electricians Custodian Auger Driller/Driller Helper Oil Service Technician Stock Clerk - Tool Room Carpenter Apprentice Part-Time Package Handler Mechanic Shop - 3 Positions Concrete Road Construction Laborer Warehouse Worker Apprentice System Protection Technician Housekeeper Maintenance Engineer Sr. Service Agent Service Manager Spooler Trainee / Shophand Quality Control Person Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Load Builder Building Property Worker Permanent Journeyman Electrician


81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93

Truck Driver Crew Transport Drivers Heavy Haul Driver Pole Driver Water/Septic Driver CDL Driver Concrete Truck Driver (A/B) Package Delivery Driver Drivers Experienced Truck Driver Fuel Transport Driver CDL Truck Driver Class A CDL Driver


94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102

Food Server Server Bear Paw Lodge Chef Restaurant Server Store Stocker, Cleanup & Light Maintenance Housekeeping Attendant Line Cook Food Service Worker Cook

Securitas GreatWest Tire and Lube Mountrail-Williams Elec Co-op Ebel Express Employement Services National Able Networks Ebel Acme Tools White Mountain Operating, Inc Big Rig Truck Lube Myers’ Napa Auto Parts The Petersen Group United Parcel Service, INC Knife River Corporation Northern Improvement Co Express Employement Services Basin Electric Power Cooperative HB Rentals Kum and Go FedEx Adecco Horizon Cable Service Plote Construction North Dakota Fargo Jet Center ProBuild Holdings, INC Montrail-Williams Elec. Co-Op Yoh Services LLC

WR illiston


$19-20/Hr $17-20/hr $60-110k/Yr DOE DOE+Benefits $55-75k/Yr DOE $15/hr+ $18-25/Hr $18-24/Hr DOE DOE DOE DOE $17.40/hr $20-22 DOE $15.00/hr DOE DOE DOE DOE DOE DOE DOE $16-19.50/Hr DOE

Martin Construction $20/hr Professional Transportation, Inc $16-18/hr Black Gold Logistics DOE Black Gold Logistics DOE HB Rentals DOE+Benefits Link Logistics DOE+Benefits Spectrum Driver Recruiters $20-35/hr United Parcel Service, INC DOE Warren Transportation Drivers (multiple) DOE Rockwater Energy $20.50 (min) Gemini Motor Transport DOE All in Trucking DOE Whitetail Trucking $20-25/hr

Big Willys Saloon & Grill R. Roosters BBQ (Williston) Target Logistics Management Bunnies Burgers and Brews Scenic Sports Value Place Williston Bunnies Burgers & Brews Mercy Medical Center R. Rooster BBQ

$8-10/hr DOE + Tips DOE DOE + Tips $12-$16/hr $11.50-$13.50 $12-14/Hr DOE $12-14/Hr

Other 103 Airport Operation Manager City of Williston $36,818.00 104 Security Technician Nexus Security Solutions $22-$35/hr 105 Patrol Deputy- Sheriff’s Office Williams County $3,490/Mo

WR illiston


Page 14 | The Williston Review | January 30, 2014 1 The Northwest Youth Assessment Center provides 24-hour attendant care and detention services for at-risk youth ages 12-18. A Youth Care Attendant performs general duties to meet the needs of Center residents including meal service.

EMPLOYMENT pany policies, procedures, regulations and permits, and all pertinent legislation. Send Resume to : anna.denton@ or Apply in Person at 10 1st Ave. E, Williston ND 58801 with resume between 1pm and 4pm. OILFIELD 332678 NWJL

13 Perform duties that are instructional in nature or deliver direct services to students or parents. Serve in a position for which a teacher has ultimate responsibility for the design and implementation of educational programs and services. Please email or mail PO Box 564, Ray, ND, 58849 or call the Ray Public School at (701) 568-3301 or apply in person at 3 Apply online at: https://www.ndworkforcecon- 215 West Street, Ray, ND. 330712 NWJL #1089944 14 Graphic Designer- Dawa Solutions Group is 4 a business development firm comprised of a team of #1098809 passionate professionals creating valuable solutions for 5 Job Type: Travel Contract Physical Therapy As- our clients. Located in Williston, our services include sistant / PTA ---> Paid Time Off, Bonuses & CEs***Ask business development consulting, marketing solutions, About Our Guaranteed Assignment Locations!***New graphic design, website development, and conference Grads Welcome! When you work with Medical Staffing Network (MSN), great pay is just the beginning. At MSN, your happiness is the lifeline of our company. To apply visit 1118171 2 Reflectx Services is looking for an individual who is currently licensed or pursuing licensure in their desired state as a Occupational Therapist / OT . An occupational therapist develops a plan of care for each occupational therapy patient and provides skilled occupational therapy services. #1142535

6 Tri-State Rehabs' excellent compensation and benefits program awaits the Physical Therapist candidate seeking a 13-Week Travel Contract. https://www. #1087032 7 Capital Nursing Solutions' excellent compensation and benefits program awaits the Labor and Delivery Nurse candidate seeking a 13-Week Travel Contract. #1086743


8 We are currently seeking a part time second shift RN to staff an Occupational Health Clinic in Williston, North Dakota. This challenging and rewarding position offers a different pace and experience than traditional hospital based medical treatment. The ideal candidate should be motivated to positively impact the health outcomes of the persons they treat. This is a Monday through Friday position. Interested candidates, please send your resume to the attention of Human Resources at or by fax: (339) 645-2550.

We unite talent with opportunities and believe there is a job that fits every person and a person that fits every job.

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9 Capital Allied Solutions' excellent compensation and benefits program awaits the Medical Technologist candidate seeking a 13-Week Travel Contract. #1086666

113 East Broadway, Ste. 2 Williston, ND 58801 T. 701.572.1440 | F.701.572.1442

10 Apply online at: #1088505

11 MANPOWER is hiring IMMEDIATELY for an Administrative Assistant in Williston, ND. Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Permanent Opportunity Duties: Data entry, Answering phones, Coordinating travel arrangements, Dealing with confidential information, Creating tables, pivot tables, formulas, and macros, using Microsoft Excel, Creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.*Pre-employment drug test and background check would be completed upon hire. Please contact the MANPOWER office for more information or to apply. Tracey or Dawn: 701-293-3545 **Must submit an updated resume** 339035 NWJL

management. Job Description: The Graphic Designer is responsible for the creation of print and digital design solutions. The Graphic Designer will produce visual solutions to the communication needs of clients, using a mix of creative skills and commercial awareness. Designers need imaginative flair and a strong working knowledge of applicable design software. The Graphic Designer will assist with additional production tasks related to print and online solution delivery.

at 18th St W and Bison Drive, Williston. NWJL 343149 16 We are looking for an Office Assistant in our Williston, ND Office. The person in this position is responsible for customer relations on the phone and with the team members in our new Williston, ND office. The person in this position also has administrative support responsibilities within Warren Transport and affiliated companies. We are looking for a professional, friendly individual with a degree in Accounting or Finance, a minimum of one year of office experience who is proficient in the use of the Microsoft products – specifically Excel, Word and Outlook. Responsibilities may include some collections, recordkeeping and filing. Benefits available after three months of employment include: comprehensive health, dental, vision & life insurance and participation in the 401k retirement plan is available following six months. You must be able to pass a background check and a drug test. Wages will be discussed by the employer. If you are looking for a growth position with a company that truly cares about the employees, we want to hear from you. Apply on-line at www.warrentranansport-mt. com EOE 17 Legal Secretary/Legal Assistant position open. Minimum educational requirement is a high school diploma. Additional education or experience in the field of secretarial or legal secretarial studies preferred. Duties will include answering the telephone, filing, typing, reviewing and completing word processing requests as assigned, bookkeeping, and other miscellaneous projects. Applicants must show initiative and good judgment, be able to multi-task, function well under pressure. Pay will vary depending upon experience. Work will be 8-5 Monday-Friday. Experience with Microsoft Word preferred. Resume in person or by mail to Nehring Law Office, 716 2nd Street West, Williston, ND 58801, Fax: 701-5775550, Email: (NWJL 343145) 18 Warren Transport is seeking night shift dispatcher to work in our new Williston, ND office. The successful candidate will be familiar with the ND area and have previous experience coordinating and dispatching trucks to the appropriate rig locations. Minimum skills include 2 yrs. previous OTR or regional trucking dispatch experience along with DOT experience in the Western states, strong verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills, strong office skills in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook and hands-on experience with mileage software and Rig Data information. Must be a team player and be able to multi-task sales and service projects, administrative paperwork such as truck tickets and invoicing and be able to work well under stress, despite numerous interruptions. Benefits available after three months of employment include: comprehensive health, dental & life insurance and participation in the 401k retirement plan is available following six months. Affordable housing/housing allowance is available through the company. Wages will be discussed by the employer. Please submit applications to:, fax to Warren Transport 406245-3232 or mail to Warren Transport, PO Box 22745, Billings, MT 59104.

TO APPLY: Submit resume for consideration by mail or 19 Perform routine clerical and administrative By Mail: Dawa Solutions Group, PO Box 936,Williston, functions such as drafting correspondence, scheduling ND 58802-0936. (NWJL 343186) appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and 15 Western Cooperative Credit Union has open- electronic files, or providing information to callers. TO ings for a full-time Teller at the main and downtown of- APPLY: Email resume to monika@bulldogservicesllp. fice locations. The position is for teller duties. Computer com or prove an on line resume on the Job Service website, OILFIELD 330787 NWJL experience is required. Includes benefit package.

12 Bakken Staffing is seeking a General Manager for an oil and gas transportation company to be located in the Bainville, Mt - Williston area. The General Manager will be responsible for managing all operations in the northern Montana-North Dakota region, and as For more information contact Lisa Soiseth at 572-4000. 20 The North Dakota State Electrical Board will be required, facilitate synergies through integrated Canahiring an electrical inspector for the State of North Dada-US operations. This position is responsible for ensur- Pick up an application at any branch of Western Coopering all operations are conducted in accordance with com- ative Credit Union and return to the main branch located kota with the work area to be in Williston, North Dakota and surrounding areas. Minimum qualifications are:

EMPLOYMENT A high school graduate with electrical trade school degree preferred. A licensed Journeyman capable of being a Master. Successful Journeyman candidate must take and pass North Dakota Master examination within 90 days of employment. Have a firm knowledge of the National Electrical Code and the North Dakota Laws, Rules and Wiring Standards. Ability to be a problem solver with excellent interpersonal, written and oral skills. Ability to learn computer system, read and trace circuitry, schematics and blueprints. Must be a self-starter committed to time management, highly motivated, teamwork, high quality customer service and be able to multi-task projects. Flexible scheduling and overnight travel required. Must be able to lift 50 pounds, climb ladders and scaffolds and follow department’s safety procedures. Must possess a valid drivers license. Must successfully complete standard background and criminal record check. Applicants must complete an Application for Employment State Form 10950 (available at web site hrms, any N.D. Job Service, or at the North Dakota State Electrical Board by calling (701) 328-9522). Applicants must also submit with the Application a resume and cover letter explaining how their education, experience, and skills will qualify them for this position. Applicants who are residents of North Dakota and eligible to claim veteran’s preference must include Form DD214. Claims for disabled veteran’s preference must include a current statement of disabled status from the Veteran’s Affairs Office. Completed Applications must be received by the N.D. Job Service, 1601 E. Century Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58503 by 5:00 pm on September 13, 2013. Return by mail or fax to Bismarck Job Service, Attn: Chris, 1601 E Century Ave, Bismarck ND 58503; FAX 701-3285050, Attn: Chris. 329538 NWJ. 21 Instruct infant, toddler and/or preschool-aged children in activities designed to promote social, physical, and intellectual growth needed for primary school in preschool and childcare setting. May be required to become CPR/First Aid Certified. Submit resume in person or my mail to The Corcoran School, 602 4th St. W, Williston, ND, by email to, or call 855-432-7593 (334101 NWJL) 22 The ideal candidate for this position will have: At least 5 years of sales experience and a proven track record, At least 3 recent years experience in Industrial Distribution, The ability to be self- motivated and performance driven, The ability to effectively manage their time, Excellent verbal and written communication skills, and a college degree or a combination of college and experience is preferred.Apply in person at 4323 4th Ave W, Williston, ND or provide an online resume on the Job Service website, OILFIELD 325329 NWJL 23 Develops new prospects and interacts with existing commercial customers to increase sales of the company's products and/or services. Responsible for increasing awareness of the company and the features and benefits of sales and training programs offered. Acquires new commercial customers within the assigned trading area. # JHS1JX6TJJDJLMCN688

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many job openings in the Williston, ND area. These posi- with general and HVAC contractors, industrial businesses, tions generally work for Executive Services, Inc. for a period and home building/remodeling customers. Ideal candidate of ninety (90) days and are then transferred to the client once would possess a resilient and persistent sales personality to this trial period has been completed to the satisfaction of the run his/her own territory. client. Apply online at Enjoy DAY hours scheduled between 7:00 am - 5:30 pm Competitive wage within the Bakken Energy environment - Monday through Friday, and rotating Saturdays; competibased on experience. Must have at least 1 year sales expe- tive pay; and full benefit package including health, life & disrience, preferably within the drilling, completions, and/or ability insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, paid holidays, paid oilfield construction industry. A 4 year bachelors degree is a time off, flexible benefit plan, and employee discounts. plus. Computer skills and a valid driver’s license are required. Acme Tools is a leading provider of power tools and equipment, with some of the largest first class showrooms in the nation. Serving the needs of customers since 1948, we offer sales, rental, and service solutions to building, remodeling, woodworking, and landscaping industries with a wide selection of products from all the major manufacturers. We 26 Now accepting resumes for a Route Sales Driver in operate 10 stores throughout North Dakota, Minnesota, and the Williston area. Responsibilities include ordering, load- Iowa. We also support our customers throughout the United ing, and selling bakery products to grocery stores, restau- States from our on-line store at rants, and other businesses in the Williston area. The successful candidate will need to pass a DOT physical and drug Complete a company application available onsite or at www. screen, be able to lift up to 75 pounds, and have an acceptable Submit to: Acme Tools driving record. 4960 Highway 85 Any questions about this position can be directed to Brad Williston, ND 58801 Bolin at 701-235-5595 ext 15. To be considered for this posi- Fax: 701-746-2894. tion you MUST MAIL your resume to: Email: Pan-O-Gold Baking Co/FGO-13-011 444 E St Germain St Acme Tools is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 332754 NWJL St Cloud MN 56304 White Mountain Operating, LLC is looking for ex27 Sell, service, and retain individual health insur- 32 ance business for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota. If perienced and qualified Surface Drillers and Driller Helpers you are interested in this job opening and wish to complete • HOUSING available an application, please apply on line at • Atlas Copco RD20 experience preferred • Must have a valid and current drivers license and a clean 0F90225E754B1F driving record - No DUI’s. Email: 330655 NWJL • Must be able to lift over 75 pounds, bend, reach, stoop, and stand and climb to fulfill job duties. 28 Do you enjoy the challenge of discovering just the right part or solution for a customer’s need? Are you • Employer does pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing. proactive in asking questions and recommending solutions as well as additional related products? Do you thrive in a fast • Position is full time, must be available to work as scheduled including overtime, weekends and holidays if repaced environment where your organization, efficiency, and quired to complete projects. customer service skills... To apply visit ndworkforceconnec• Work references are required. 561744023 • competitive wages and benefits 29 Store Administrator: Performs a full range of ad- • Schedule-12 days on & 6 days off-could be nights or days ministrative support duties for a dealership location. Directs NO Phone calls, Walk-ins will be accepted. phone calls received at the location to the appropriate deal- No resumes are accepted unless accompanied by our compaership personnel. ny application. To complete an application and submit your Responsibilities: Receives visitors and telephone calls ensur- resume to the hiring manager please visit ing these individuals are directed to the proper parties with- 345144 NWJL in the dealership. Prepares bank deposits and balances cash 33 Learn to maintain, diagnose, and repair a variety receipts. Records standard accounts payable and accounts of equipment including: diesel/gasoline engines, transmisreceivable entries on a daily and monthly basis. Maintains sions, winches, high pressure pumps, centrifugal pumps, accounts payable or accounts receivable records sand conveyer systems, air compressors, pneumatic and Distributes mail and maintains dealership files. Drafts and hydraulic systems, mobile/overhead cranes, gin pole units, types standard letters and memoranda as requested and gear boxes, PTOs, generators, chemical metering systems, prepares documents for distribution. Provides administra- 12/24 volt electrical systems, equipment caps and controls, tive support to the sales, parts, and service departments at chassis and suspension, rims, tires, wheels, forklifts, electhat location. May order office supplies for the store location. tro-mechanical equipment, wellhead attachments and pres338175 sure equipment, and various other types of oil field related Applications may also be sent in any of the following ways: Apply in person at 417 1st Avenue East, Williston Complete a company application (available at Job Service) and leave at Job Service. Apply online at OILFIELD 332948 NWJL

30 PTI Group USA, LLC is currently seeking interested candidates for the position of Sales Lead to cover new operating regions in Williston, ND. This position is field based and requires field travel to customer offices and operating sites in the region. https://www.ndworkforceconnection. com/ #J3G6X16981S835RBKR6

equipment. Essential: High school diploma or equivalent, 1 year of technical training or equivalent, Valid driver’s license, Work flexible schedule, including long and/or irregular hours, Must have a telephone and the ability to be on 24 hour call. Preferred: Valid Commercial Driver’s License or the ability to obtain one. OILFIELD 329803 NWJL

31 Acme Tools is currently seeking a highly motivated, organized, self-starter to join our Outside Sales staff at our NEW STORE in Williston, ND! Individual will be responsible for the sale and product support of industrial, construction, and residential construction equipment. Position requires two years of outside sales experience, excellent communication skills, tool/equipment knowledge, and valid driver’s Executive Services Inc. is a temp to hire staffing agency with license with clean driving record. Prefer experience working

34 Wood Group PAC- is seeking candidates for MSO (Pumper) position in Watford City, ND area. The Multi-Skilled Operator(Pumper) may be responsible for but not limited to: Inspect gas and oil wells, tanks, meters, separators, compressors, and attached piping components for leaks or unusual conditions and taking corrective actions. Access remote locations to check wells, maintain normal operating levels, pressures and flow on separation equipment,

24 Field Sales Pay Rate $75,000-$85,000 a year (Plus Incentives) Benefits: Yes Location: Bakken/Rockies Region Major Responsibilities: · Responsible for representing the Company directly to customers and potential customers . #36587 25 Well established company working in the area providing affordable housing is seeking an Inside Sales Representative to help customers with their housing purchases. The ideal candidate will be outgoing and pleasant. Preference will be given to a successful candidate who is from the area or has firm roots in the area.

WR illiston


Page 16 | The Williston Review | January 30, 2014 making adjustments to automatic and manual controls. Gauge tanks for sale or transfer of crude oil and water. Operate rental compressors, flowing gas wells, gas lift wells, and test wells. Utilize electronic remote well supervision to optimize production and reduce Safety & Environmental impact. Maintain chemical injection rates, start up and shut in wells. Enter daily volumes, well tests, down time and injection information into a computer database. Monitor daily production inputs into electronic data gathering software and comparing input data with output data for correctness. Monitor and optimizing production and costs within area of control. Minor hands on production equipment repairs. Operate a company-provided vehicle to perform job duties in a safe manner. Adhere to all Safety, Environmental, and company policies and procedures. Must have a good driving record and pass a pre-employment screening. We specialize in furnishing energy-related companies with the most talented & qualified operations personnel in the industry. 332131 HOW TO APPLY Submit resumes to: 35 This is an entry level position that will require up to 90% of travel and time away from home while learning the tools and processes involved in thru-tubing operations. The trainee will report to an assigned mentor(s). OILFIELD 338548 NWJL APPLY via Company Website: http://www.aplitrak. com/?adid=U3V6YW5uZS5CYXVlci44NTY2Ny40MDgxQGtlbGx5b2NnLmFwbGl0cmFrLmNvbQ 36 HELMERICH & PAYNE International Drilling Co. is currently seeking Electricians to work in our US Land operations in Dickinson, ND. A successful electrician candidate will have 3 to 5 years of prior electrical or electronic controls experience, an industrial control background and computer skills. We offer competitive wages and benefits package. #93c27abe61


37 Apply online at: #370496 38 Full time permanent Roustabout positions available for oilfield location construction. • Drivers license is required, class A CDL a plus • Clean driving record • 6+ months experience preferred, but willing to train • Benefits package after 90 days • Wage is $19 - $28 per hour, depending on experience and possession of CDL • Must have necessary I-9 IDs • Drug policy, background and driving record checks TO APPLY: Complete a generic application from Job Service including 3 business references and leave at Job Service. NO PHONE CALLS AT EMPLOYERS REQUEST!! OILFIELD 342062 NWJL 39 SOS Staffing is a primary staffing provider for the majority of leading Oil and Gas service companies across the USA. This is a great full time opportunity for a Lab Technician in the Oil & Gas Field. (Lab experience is required.) Pay will be $16.00 per hour and an excellent benefit package includes paid holidays, medical, dental, vision, retirement plans, and stock options is offered. For consideration, please go to the link provided. Candidates will be required to fill out a position survey and on-line application 40 Mechanic- Power Fuels is recognized a one of the leading oilfield transportation companies in the Williston Basin area. We are currently looking for Diesel Mechanics to be based in Western North Dakota. The mechanic is responsible for diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining the continual readiness of the Power Fuels fleet for oilfield operations (i.e. engines, power trains, hydraulics, fuel systems, power generations, electrical

EMPLOYMENT codes, etc.).In addition, this position is also responsible Live line maintenance using Barehand/Hot for maintaining records for parts used, etc. Must have 49 High School Diploma, GED, or trade school equivalent. Stick procedures on BEPC 115kV, 230kV and 345kV transmission lines. Wood pole, steel pole and lattice towApply online at er up to 500kV construction. https://www.ndworkforce41 Looking for experienced and non-experienced #403197 flux core welders. You will be working in a Industrial/ Safely install, remove, repair, assemble, disaswarehouse environment. If you are looking to join a 50 solid, reputable oil and gas company this could be the semble, and test Wellhead equipment (casing heads, casopportunity you have been looking for. Please send re- ing spools, tubing heads, valves, etc.) in shop, onshore, sumes to: Or call and offshore environments in accordance with Weatherford and Original Equipment Manufacturer procedures. 801-924-5253 for more information #25428 42 Great pay benefits and day bonuses. Call 40551 Put your desire for doing oilfield work the right 222-7180 and ask for Debra. way - safely, securely and efficiently - to work for you as a 43 Responsible for performing truck repair and Halliburton Level One Operator Assistant in our Surface maintenance work as assigned in accordance with the Solutions Division. In this entry-level position you will dealership and factory standards . Oversees work of ap- assist in the rig-up and rig-down of Baroid Surface Soluprentice technician assigned to them. Various days and tions service equipment on-site. You will help in the ophours available. To be considered, please apply online eration of solids control and waste management equipat http:/ If you have any ment such as centrifuges, vacuums and pressure washing questions please contact Rachelle Johnson at rachelle- equipment. On the job you will learn the proper way to Applicants that do not follow perform pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections and the above format will not be considered. associated paperwork and reports. This job puts you out44 High School Graduate, Mathematical and side and in position for rewarding possibilities. https:// mechanical aptitude. Must be certifiable in all applica- #00233980 ble governmental compliance programs. Must possess 52 Repair trucks and other vehicles. Master mea Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with hazardous chanics repair virtually any part on the vehicle anywhere materials certification and be able to qualify for DOT. from changing oil to hydraulics. Apply in person at 1708 Minimum of 6 months Wireline experience is required. 47th St W, Williston, ND. OILFIELD 345138 NWJL #22737 53 “ C & S String Up has an immediate need for an 45 PROVIDE BASIC REPAIR AND MAINTE- Oilfield Laborer.This position will assist coworkers with NANCE OF EQUIPMENT UNDER DIRECT SUPERVI- installing/repairing wire rope on drilling and workover SON. PERFORM GENERAL HOUSEKEEPING FUNC- rigs. Great oilfield job - Excellent pay! TIONS AS NEEDED. LEARN BASIC FUNCTIONS OF Skills/Abilities: Must have a drivers license and clean EQUIPMENT AND PROCESSES IN THE WORKSHOP. driving record; Mostly day work, but may be nights in #25750 emergency situations; Employer will train. Only appli46 1. Over 2 years up to and including 4 years from cants with the following traits should apply: hard worker, post high school, work, military, institutional or voca- mechanically inclined, willing to put in the hours to get tional environment in mechanic field or maintaining road the work done, be on-call, not afraid of heights. Housing construction equipment with demonstrated mechanical is not available through this employer. To apply: Call Jerknowledge to diagnose component, troubleshoot, repair, emy at 701-609.0075.” communicate and document. 2. Mechanical experience - 54 Security Officers Wanted in Williston to work diesel engine/heavy equipment preferred. 3. Provide and for the largest security company in the US! We have been maintain proper licensure, medical card and acceptable rapidly expanding throughout North Dakota and we have driving record. https://www.ndworkforceconnection. positions available in Williston!!! com/ #18c36c86aa Securitas USA is hiring multiple FT officers to work in 47 Safely performs all duties associated with the Williston, ND! construction, operation, and maintenance of electric We offer free uniforms, vacation pay, flexible schedules, distribution and transmission systems. Responds to life insurance, health insurance plans and 401K emergencies, scheduled and unscheduled overtime, after Officer pay starts at $19.00/hour and $20.00/hour hour calls, and customer complaints. Nothing in this job after 6 months. Must have clean driving record and clean summary restricts management’s right to assign or reas- criminal history. Security, law enforcement, military, sign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. corrections, or related experience is required for these #4de016fefa positions. (Minimum of 2-4 years). High School Diploma or GED required. Housing is provided 48 Assists in rigging up rack materials Must possess excellent customer service skills and have a • safely assists in level out pipe racks neat and professional appearance • knowledge of hand placements while uncapping pipe • cleans pipe TO APPLY: • rolls pipe in a controlled manner Visit our website at and enter • knowledge of proper gapping procedure your local Williston Zip code 58801 and follow on screen • uses correct rolling practices with hand placement instructions. • minimum of 0-1 years related expericence This is the only way that we can accept applications • proficient with written and verbal communication skills • strong leadership and quality skills We cannot accept applications done on the workforce • understands importance of leading by example website or through any other method other than the on• ability to mulit-task line application done at the above website. Thank you for • can work closely with fellow employees your cooperation! • thorough knowledege of safety and work standard EOE/M/F/D/V. 339000 NWJL Assists Rack crew with racking equipment and services. Works in team environment. Provide an on line resume on the Job Service website, OILFIELD 345136 NWJL

55 Tire & Lube shop in Williston is currently seeking qualified applicants for our Field Service Team & Tire Shop. Candidates must have a valid driver’s license, acceptable driving record, and professional experience ser-


January 30, 2014 | The Williston Review | Page 17

Seeking a Custodian for our NEW STORE in Willisvicing & repairing medium commercial, light truck, & OTR. 61 ton, ND. This individual will be responsible for maintaining Lube experience is a plus but not required. cleanliness and organization of our facility. Position requires previous custodial experience; ability to operate cleaning **Ability to work in an environment with frequent exposure equipment; attention to detail; and the ability to lift 50 lbs. to weather elements** Enjoy full-time or part-time hours, competitive pay and a *Must be dependable and professional at all times benefit package including health, life & disability insurance, *Some mechanical & lube experience a plus, but not required 401(k) retirement plan, paid holidays, paid time off, flexible benefit plan, and employee discounts. NWJL 327245 HOUSING OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE.

Please provide resume through NDWC via Job Service Complete a company application available onsite or at www. Website for consideration. For questions call 701-774-5142. and submit to: 333981 NWJL Acme Tools- HR 700 20th Ave SE,Minot, ND 58701 56 The objective of this position is: Supervise and Fax: 701-746-2894. Email:

manage the construction, operation, and maintenance of the MWEC electrical distribution and transmission systems. Assist in the pre-engineering, project coordination, inspection and related design, economic justification, and installation of electrical transmission and distribution. Facilitate, manage, and coordinate internal and external crews on new and existing projects. Respond to emergencies, after hours calls, and consumer complaints. Manage and assume the responsibility of the overall operations of the Coop and the operations staff. To be considered for this position, a MWEC application and updated resume must be completed. To obtain an application contact: MWEC P.O. Box 1346, Williston, ND 58802-1346 701-577-3765 Fax 701-577-3777 email: or download an application at 338161 NWJL

57 Ebel is currently seeking an Apprentice Electrician for the Tioga area and the Williston area. This person will be responsible for assisting in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. All work completed shall comply with national electrical codes in a professional workmanship manner of the industry. He/ She shall help trouble-shoot all types of electrical systems for their proper operations and must adhere to all safety guidelines and rules of the company to minimize risk. Prior experience is preferred, but not required. For more information on applying, please call Jon at 701.774.3235.

62 White Mountain Operating, Inc is looking for experienced and qualified Auger Drillers and Driller Helpers. Housing Available. Soilmac SR30 Experienc preferred. CDL is required. Must be able to lift 75 pounds, bend, reach, stoop, and stand and climb to fulfull job duties. 14 days on 7 days off. To apply submit resume at No phone calls, walk-ins, or incomplete applications will be accepted. Job Order Number 322838. 63 Big Rig Truck Lube is is a Veteran owned business and we are hiring Oil Service Techs to do oil changes on half ton pickups up to semi tractors. If you know your way around a big truck and want to work in a heated shop performing preventative maintenance on them. We have the job for you.

59 To provide for effective and efficient operations, maintenance and construction activities on energized or de-energized lines with or without supervision. TO APPLY: Apply on line at or email 328712 NWJL 60 Ebel is currently seeking a Journeyman Electrician for the Tioga area and the Williston area. This person will be responsible to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. All work completed shall comply with national electrical codes in a professional workmanship manner of the industry. He/She shall trouble-shoot all types of electrical systems for their proper operations and must adhere to all safety guidelines and rules of the company to minimize risk. Applicant must have proof of Journeyman license of North Dakota or reciprocal license ability of North Dakota. For more information on applying, please call Jon at 701.774.3235.



WAGE & HOUSING -$17.40 per regular hour; $26.10 per overtime hour - increased wage rate, depending on experience A Meals & Lodging per diem allowance is available on this project if not staying in employer-provided housing: Free camper/RV parking spot & hookups (excluding propane) near Williston [NOTE: tent camping at this location is not allowed] No-cost bunkhouse may be available Apply on line at 5 . 8 2 9 6 0 0 8 6 3 6 6 8 2 9 6 & s o u r c e = 1 3 2 4 2 1 - C S - 6 1 1 3 330723 NWJL 69 Innovative Detroit Lakes Minnesota company is seeking a motivated Maintenance Tech to join their team. If you are mechanically inclined and have experience with electrical maintenance, hydraulics and robotics this could be a place to call home. Nice benefits & wages are negotiable. Please call 701-297-8800 or apply on our company website at if interested in this position or any other available opportunities. 338980 NWJL 70 #403192

71 HB Rentals is currently hiring for a Housekeeping Technician to join our team. This individual will be responsible for the cleaning of living facility equipment and offices Duties include doing oil changes, fuel filter changes, trans- as well as taking inventory on all necessary products. OILmission and differential fluid changes, air cleaner and wind- FIELD 342461 NWJL shield wiper replacements.Veterans are strongly encouraged 72 Kum & Go is recognized as the top rated c-store to apply.Email a resume or general application to bigrigtruck- chain in the nation for delivering the Ideal Customer to apply. OILFIELD 342462 NWJL ence. Working at Kum & Go means that you will continue to have the opportunity to learn and grow at every stage of your 64 “Myers’ Napa Auto Parts has an immediate openings for tool stocker. Full time and part time positions avail- career. In addition to enhancing your existing skills, you will have access to a variety of professional and personal developable. Requirements: Must be 18 years of age; Will stock supplies, ment programs. inventory, etc. Additional Information: Flexible schedule #310091

with work hours between 7AM and 7PM Mon - Friday and 8AM to 5PM Sat; Will work around students schedule for part-time positions; Lots of overtime available for full-time position; Starting wage $14 to $17 per hour, monthly increases based on performance; Benefit package available after one year. To apply: Apply in person & ask to see Jeremy, for an 58 The lakes country is calling you! Ice and snow are interview at Myers’ Napa Auto Parts, 1915 2nd Ave W, Wilupon us…enjoy your days ice fishing, snowmobiling, and all liston, ND. “ the other great things Lakes Country has to offer. Innovative General carpenter skills required; Know all phases Detroit Lakes Minnesota company is seeking a motivated 65 of construction; Independent work on their own. Benefits Maintenance Tech to join their team. Package: Medical, Dental, 401 K; Paid Weekly; Offer per If you are mechanically inclined and have experience with diem. Forty hour work week. Year round work. APPLY: In electrical maintenance, hydraulics and robotics this could be person at 3204 29th St West Williston ND. (Harvest Hills a place to call home. Nice benefits & wages are negotiable. Development) Ask for Aaron. Please call 701-297-8800 or apply on our company website at if interested in this position or any other available opportunities.338980 NWJL



Apply on line at

74 Seeking qualified Service Manager to fulfill a critical role in the operations department. This position is responsible for managing the service department that covers shop and field operations, developing service business, ensuring customer satisfaction, and promotion of products and services. Candidate must be able to recruit, hire, motivate and maintain staff, assure compliance with safety goals, submit accurate service quotes, monitor service department performance (revenue, profitability and efficiency). Requirements for service manager consideration: experience as a service manager, preferred with ability to manage employees and processes, plus excellent communication skills. Must have a thorough understanding of P&L Statements and Control. 66 UPS is hiring individuals to work as part-time Pack- Visit and go to apply now in the top right age Handlers. This is a physical, fast-paced position that in- hand corner! Please complete steps 1 through 3 and provide volves continual lifting, lowering and sliding packages that us with a resume! typically weigh 25 - 35 lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. Part- 75 Duties include: Shop work will include building/ time employees usually work 3 ½ - 4 hours each weekday. assembling cables for a wide variety of clients. Rigging/ lift #7319367 ing cables. Help with spooling wire line cable. General shop 67 Minimum Qualifications: 1. Over 2 years up to and maintenance. Field work requires traveling to locations with including 4 years from post high school, work, military, in- trainer, and servicing all types of steel cable, mainly work stitutional or vocational environment in mechanic field or over rig sites. Prefrence given to Class B CDL holders. Please maintaining road construction equipment with demonstrat- Apply in person at 3204 N 2nd Ave. Williston ND 58801. ed mechanical knowledge to diagnose component, troubleshoot, repair, communicate and document. 2. Mechanical experience - diesel engine preferred 3. Provide and maintain proper licensure, medical card and acceptable driving record. #e1fc989dd9

76 “Career Minded person for Quality Assurance Position: Strong math skills; Ability to lift 70 to 75 pounds; MSHA expereicne preferred; Construction and aggregate experience a plus; Willing to train on the aggregate piece. Must have a clean driving record for a company pick-up. Housing available.Medical insurance after 60 days. Apply: Send resume to 68 Northern Improvement Company is an industry OR Fax: 847-628-6113 OR Apply in leader in the Midwest as a highway, heavy, and municipal person at office: Plote Construction ND, LLC, 14025 Bennett contractor. JOB LOCATION - Concrete Highway Construc- Loop, Williston, ND 58801” tion at Highways 2 & 83 between Williston & Ray 77 Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

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our team. A qualified applicant prepares and drives water truck to rig sites to refill portable tanks. Class A CDL with Tankers - Hazmat is preferred as well. At least one year over the road experience in commercial motor vehicles. High School diploma or G.E.D. For more informa78 Under general supervision performs routine tion on this position or to discover how to apply for this loading and unloading of materials within yard or work job, visit and site; assembles load packages into truck for delivery to create a profile. Job #JHL4Q177DBTV2MQ5FN9. customer job sites. https://www.ndworkforceconnec86 CDL Driver- CDL Driver- IMMEDIATE #017137 ing for: Sand Haulers. Links Logistics, a Global Logis79 The objective of this position is to provide effi- tics Company, is now hiring FT professional drivers in cient and high quality maintenance to the Mountrail-Wil- North Dakota. 2 year’s experience or 100,000 tractor liams Electric Cooperative facilities in order maintain trailer miles preferred. Clean MVR. NO hazmat required. a clean, attractive appearance and good operating or- Drug and alcohol test required. Competitive Wages, Sign der. The Building and Grounds Maintenance Worker on Bonus and Paid Vacation. Links Logistics is a place performs a wide variety of jobs that require little or no where people flourish. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS! To training such as cleaning, yard work, assisting technical apply: fill out application at You craftspeople, and running errands To be considered for can also email copy of CDL and Med Card to jason.crowthis position, a MWEC application and updated resume to move the process quickly. Job must be completed. 338144 NWJL #287911Oilfield. To obtain an application contact: 87 Seeking CDL-A or CDL-B Concrete Truck DrivMWEC ers out of Williston, ND! With locations throughout the P.O. Box 1346,Williston, ND 58802-1346 Northwest, this company is a leader in the construction 701-577-3765 Fax 701-577-3777 and specialty services industry. They have received nuemail merous awards and consistently rank among the Top 10 best construction-related products and services. This comon aircraft including Piper, Cessna, Pilatus, HawkerBeech, Gulfstream, and other general aviation and corporate aircraft; as well as perform 100 hour, annual, and phase inspections as required. Apply at


80 Yoh has a direct hire opportunity for a Journeyman Electrician to join our client in Williston, ND. Our client is a nationally recognized company with excellent benefits, long-term permanent work, and heavy overtime projected. They are seeking… Five plus (5+) years of Electrician work; preferably electrical install in oil and gas fields. North Dakota Journeyman License highly desired; Apprentice Electricians pursuing North Dakota Journeyman License will be considered. Master or Journeyman Licensure in a reciprocity state required if no ND Licensure. #JS241122439009A1

pany employs nearly 5,000 talented men and women who are as diverse as the products they work with. Currently they are seeking local Concrete Truck Drivers to join their team out of Williston, ND.

Drivers transport concrete to job sites. Drivers operate revolving drum while its being loaded and checks consistency. Drivers offload concrete at job site. Drivers average 5-10 loads per shift; Average 50 hours per week throughout the year. Workweek is 6 days per week. Sunday work may be needed. OT after 40 hours.

$20.00-$25.00 per hour, depending on experience Annual performance reviews, $50 daily housing allow81 Martin Construction Hiring Truck Drivers. For ance, Housing available, PPEs provided Full Time position, 60 hours per week. Apply at job service in Williston, ND. Pay DOE. Day shift driving. Benifits Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life insurance, 401k, Paid vacations, Paid holidays, $50 daily housing allowinclude 401(k) and other. JS: 322609 ance, PPEs provided 82 PTI has been providing crew transportation services for railroads since 1980 and has an industry Apply Online at or for more reputation for providing quality, reliable, and safe crew information call us at 855-795-1100 ext. 1. transportation services. Drivers are responsible for safe- EOE M/F/D/V. NWJL 342458 ly transporting railroad crews to their destination, while UPS is accepting applications for full-time adhering to federal, state and local traffic laws, as well 88 Package Delivery Drivers. This is a physical, fast-paced, as PTI’s policies and procedures.EOE 340472 NWJL outdoor position that involves continual lifting, lowering and carrying packages that typically weigh 25 - 35 reers/driver-application lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. A DOT physical exam 83 Heavy Haul Driver- Black Gold Logistics is is required. To apply visit looking for motivated drivers and operators with at least 7367355 2 years oilfield experience. Applicants must be at least 21 Warren Transport, a year-round regional truckyears old and pass drug tests. Drivers must have a class 89 ing company, has an on-going need for quality, safety A CDL and a clean driving record (no DUI’s). We pay competitive wages and also provide a generous travel re- conscious, flat-bed drivers seeking long term employimbursement program. Housing and meals are provid- ment in our new Williston, ND location. Requirements ed upon hire. Please apply online at BlackGoldLogistics. include Class A CDL with 2 years experience hauling com/Career. For more information: info@blackgoldlo- doubles and 100,000 miles. Local and regional runs in North Dakota and Montana hauling bagged ash to oil rig sites. Must pass background check and meet all DOT 84 Pole Driver- Black Gold Logistics is looking for requirements. After 3 months, benefits include health, motivated drivers and operators with at least 2 years oil- dental, vision and life insurance, retirement benefits field experience. Applicants must be at least 21 years old available after 6 months. Affordable housing is available and pass drug tests. Drivers must have a class A CDL and through the company. Applications available on-line at a clean driving record (no DUI’s). We pay competitive . wages and also provide a generous travel reimbursement Rockwater Energy Solutions ND, Inc. is curprogram. Housing and meals are provided upon hire. 90 rently looking for experienced Truck Drivers to join their Please apply online at team in Williston ND. Positions for local oilfield drivers. For more information: To apply: Stop by and pick up an application at our office 85 Water/Septic Driver- HB Rentals is currently at 113 4th Street East or call 701-774-3655 JO 296242 hiring for a Water Truck - Vacuum Truck Driver to join NWJL Oilfield

91 Seeking Fuel Transport Drivers. Email resume to or mail to 3451 Highway 85, Fairview, MT, 59221 or call 713.332.5704 or in person at 3451 Hwy 58, Fairview, MT or online at apply with a resume on the Job Service Workforce Center website, OILFIELD 330419 NWJL 92 Class A CDL Driver: One Year CDL confirmed experience; Must have current medical card and send DMV record with application; Must have HAZMAT, double, triples and tanker; Hauling Sand, Water, Pipe and fuel; Wage depends on experience; Flexible schedule; Housing Available. To apply submit a resume by email to OR Call 701-609-1147. 93 Must have clean driving record. Must have 2 years Class A CDL driving experience. Must add original date of issue for Class A CDL on this app. Salary $20-25 per hour, DOE. oilfield 94 Take orders and serve food and beverage to patrons at tables in dining establishment. Completes daily side work and cleaning. Customer services orientated. Must be old enought to serve liquor. Job ID 320659 95 R. Rooster’s is an establised BBQ Diner, located in the heart of downtown Williston and is looking for a server, to wait on customers, taking orders and serving food. Work on a small team with no drama. Wage is competitive plus tips. Please apply in person. 96 Target Logistics is looking for a Chef I to join our Bear Paw Lodge team. About Target Logistics: Target Logistics provides those working in remote, austere or hostile environments with innovative, turnkey solutions for all of their housing, catering, transportation, security and logistical needs. #529 97 Bunnies Burgers and Brews is looking for a newmember of their team, if you are interested in joining our team please apply in person. Bunnies Burgers and Brews is located behind Access Fitness. 98 Store Stocker, Cleanup & Light MaintenanceScenic Sports is looking for help with some maintenance and cleaning and would consider good temporary help whom are very mature and will do what it takes to get the job done. We are also looking for help stocking product on shelves and building displays of product. Can be full time in the summer and part time winter if wanted. Any hunting and fishing experiance will be helpful. Apply in person at 1201 E Broadway, Williston, ND. 99 Perform any combination of light cleaning duties to maintain private households or commercial establishments, such as hotels and hospitals, in a clean and orderly manner. Duties may include making beds, replenishing linens, cleaning rooms and halls, and vacuuming. Apply with a resume on the Job Service Workforce Center website, NWJL 299009 100 Do you have skills in the Kitchen. Bunnie’s Burgers and Bres is looking for an experiences line cook to join their team. Wage is $12-$14 depending on experience and attitude. Must show up for work to get paid. Great atmosphere and small team. If interested please apply in person. 101 This job is responsible for dishing cold foods for the evening patient tray line. An incumbent gathers patient carts from floors, works in the dish room on clean side, prepares and runs late trays at designated times, delivers snacks, and does cleaning at the end of the shift. #1200020321 102 Cook, Cook, Cook- R. Roosters is looking for someone to join their cooking team. Wage is $12-$14 per hour depending on experience. If you are interested please apply in person.

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(612) 916-7813 Attorneys (701) 774-8211 (701) 572-9704 Anseth Johnson Law Office (701) 572-3966 (701) 577-3773 Chapman Law Office Corcoran Law (701) 204-0660 Crowley Fleck, PLLP, Attorneys (701) 572-2200 (701) 572-8296 (701) 572-5977 Hennessy Law Office P.C. Jackson Lewis LLP (888) 270-4461 LegalShield (701) 572-0820 (701) 572-8121 (701) 845-1291 MacMaster Law Firm (701) 845-1291 McKennett Stenehjem Forsberg & Hermanson, P.C. (701) 577-6771 (701) 580-8116 (701) 577-2000 (701) 509-6331 Neff, Eiken, & Neff (701) 577-5544 (701) 572-5560 Pippin Law Firm Vogel Law Firm, Ltd (701) 572-9913 (701) 572-4905 (701) 572-6766 Zander Law Office, P.C. (406) 582-8100 (701) 774-3912 Auto, Truck & Machine Sales/Service (651) 261-3119 (701) 572-1040 Allstate Peterbilt of Williston (701) 572-3382 (701) 774-1153 Arnie’s Motorcycle Sales (701) 577-1032 (701) 572-2250 Chaney Repair/Northland Graphics (701) 774-3838 (701) 446-8738 Christopherson’s Tin Lizzy (701) 572-2250 (318) 807-1819 Coates RV Center (701) 572-2827 (701) 572-6452 Dakota Diesel (701) 572-8232 (701) 713-0514 Dan’s Tire Service Four Seasons Equipment, Inc. (701) 577-7014 (701) 572-2000 (800) 275-7532 Interstate Detroit Diesel (701) 572-0114 (701) 572-5484 Magrum Motors (701) 572-6635 (435) 563-6040 MonDak Motorsports (701) 577-2927 (866) 422-7368 Murphy Motors (701) 776-5878 (701) 428-1343 Rugby Homes & RV Center (701) 572-8537 (701) 845-1291 Ryan Motors, Inc. (701) 577-2142 (701) 774-5310 Select Ford Mercury (949) 294-0347 Truck Wash Express (701) 774-3007 (701) 774-3053 Wallwork Truck Center (701) 770-4374 (605) 390-9857 Washin’ the Bakken Carwash (701) 572-6711 (701) 293-7909 Western Tire Inc. (701) 774-8341 (866) 906-5569 Westland Auto Repair (701) 774-2180 (701) 774-4600 Williston Truck Parking (208) 570-1246 (406) 425-2074 Auto, Truck, & Machine Parts / Supplies (651) 261-3119 (701) 774-2222 Allstate Peterbilt of Williston (701) 572-2449 (406) 963-7200 Car Tunz (701) 572-2167 (701) 776-5878 CarQuest/Western Auto Parts (701) 572-2827 (703) 307-0424 Dakota Diesel (701) 572-8232 (703) 307-0424 Dan’s Tire Service (701) 572-3736 (701) 774-2914 Electric & Magneto (701) 577-2927 (701) 774-0424 Murphy Motors (701) 572-4567 (701) 334-0333 Praxair Distribution, Inc. (406) 544-3484 (480) 216-7577 Royal Trucking, Inc (701) 572-8537 (701) 253-9734 Ryan Motors, Inc. (701) 572-8550 (701) 580-2287 Wal-Mart Wallwork Truck Center (701) 774-3007 Western Tire Inc. (701) 572-6711 (701) 774-8341 (701) 577-1837 Westland Auto Repair (701) 572-6167 (406) 652-8765 Williston Tire Center (701) 572-6303 (701) 572-7805 Banks, Credit Unions and Finance Services (701) 774-4100 (208) 570-1246 American State Bank & Trust (800) 499-6179 (701) 572-8696 Capital Solutions Bancorp (701) 577-5543 (701) 572-1123 D&S Factors, LLC (701) 572-1509 (701) 572-8550 Dwight A. Richter Insurance Agency Farm Credit Services (701) 774-0055 First International Bank (701) 774-8321 (701) 577-2113 (701) 572-7881 First National Bank & Trust Co. (701) 774-7300 (701) 572-3769 Gate City Bank (480) 305-8500 (701) 572-6000 Homeowners Financial Group USA Kraus-Anderson Capital, Inc. (612) 335-2778 Merrill Lynch (701) 241-1237 (701) 355-6486 (701) 572-2202 Riviera Finance, LLC (612) 802-1784 1-800-365-5625 Sage Business Credit, LLC (701) 572-3744 (701) 516-6828 US Bank (701) 857-1778 (701) 570-2267 Wells Fargo Private Bank (701) 572-4000 (406) 839-9151 Western Cooperative Credit Union (701) 572-6759 (701) 772-4266 Bars & Liquor Stores 26th Street Liquor, Inc. (701) 572-2954 (701) 572-4769 (701) 577-0033 Applebee’s (701) 774-7950 (701) 577-7251 Bill’s Back 40 Lounge (605) 578-1500 (701) 609-6270 Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort

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Auto Aviation Airlines Apartment

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(701) 572-1440 ABcom, LLC (703) 841-1700 Advanced Business Methods Byerly Computer Service Connecting Point Computer Center Catering Services 3 Amigos Southwest Grill (701) 577-7755 Ebel Cash Wise (701) 572-2927 Extreme Boost Dog Gone Good Hot Dogs (701) 421-8433 Gaffaney’s of Williston, Inc. Domino’s Pizza (701) 572-8888 Marco, Inc. Grand Williston Hotel & Conference (701) 774-0241 Network Business Systems R. Rooster BBQ Co. (701) 577-7227 Superior Endeavors, Inc Serka Services, LLC (703) 307-0424 Z Wireless Spearfish Canyon Lodge (605) 574-3435 SRK Hospitality (703) 307-0424 Contractors/Roofers Subway Sandwiches and Salads (701) 572-3475 Associated Redi-Mix Concrete, LLC Black Diamond Installation, LLC Bridger Construction Services, Inc Chiropractor Ceynar Chiropractic Clinic (701) 572-8796 Construction Engineers Correct Health Chiropractic, Inc. (701) 774-3635 CS Mechanical, Inc. Fischer Family Chiroproactic (701) 774-8277 Dakota Security Systems, Inc Kovacs Chiropractic & Nutrition Center (701) 774-3832 Direct Grading & Paving Elitist Custom Concrete Express Homes, Inc Cleaning & Restoration Services C.A.C.I. Carpet Flooring & Upholstery (701) 572-0355 Hardrives Construction, Inc. Charlie’s Angels Cleaning, Inc (870) 703-5520 JM Marschuetz Construction Enviro Shield Products, Inc (701) 774-1085 Knife River Corporation - North Central Five Star Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning (701) 572-0097 Lakeshore Toltest Corporation Mirror Image Environmental Services (701) 609-6199 Legacy Sand & Gravel Pro Care Carpet Cleaning (701) 774-3024 Lunnen Development Quality Cleaning & Janitorial Services (701) 570-2679 Memmott Builders LLC Washin’ the Bakken Carwash (701) 770-4374 MMR Constructors, Inc. MVCI General Contractor Oldenburg Construction & Design Community and Professional Organizations American Legion Club (701) 572-3612 Peak Renovations Construction Co Bethel Lutheran Foundation (701) 572-0223 Petra Incorporated Community Action Program (701) 572-8191 Ponderosa Truck Yard, LLC Community Options (701) 223-2417 River Basin Contracting Corcoran Law (701) 204-0660 Root Construction Inc. Cristy LeBaron. (225) 235-5694 Serka Services, LLC Dakota Certified Development Corp. (701) 293-8892 Shaw Oil Field Services Dance Fever Booster Club (701) 572-4406 Spec Ops, LLC Entertainment Inc! (701) 577-3179 SRK Hospitality Strata Corporation ESGR - Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve (701) 577-2113 Sutton Homes Inc. Family Crisis Shelter (701) 572-0757 Tamarack Construction Co. HART Center (928) 208-7498 Tecta America Dakotas James Memorial Preservation Society (701) 774-3601 Titan Machinery-Williston Lutheran Social Services (701) 774-0749 University Commons, LLC Miss North Dakota Pageant (701) 577-0909 VPE Global Moose Lodge #239 (701) 572-2342 Wardcraft Homes, Inc. Nat’l Hard Spring Wheat Show (701) 875-4280 White Dog Development Grp. Williams Scotsman Intern. ND Youth Entrepreneurship Education Program (701) 741-6985 Williston Truck Parking NDSU Extension Services-Williams Co (701) 577-4595 Williston Unlimited North Dakota Irrigation Association (701) 223-4615 WN McMurry Constr. Co. North Dakota Teen Challenge (701) 667-2131 Yard Supreme Inc North Star Caviar (701) 774-3474 Northwest Human Service Center (701) 774-4600 Craft & Art Supplies Opportunity Foundation (701) 774-8593 Basin Dollar & More Salvation Army (701) 572-2921 FedEx Office Special Olympics North Dakota (701) 770-4010 Wal-Mart St. Labre Indian School (406) 784-4593 The Fred & Clara Eckert Foundation (701) 577-0270 Crane Service /Heavy Equipment The McCormick Group, Inc (703) 841-1700 APCO Equipment The Village Family Service Center (701) 572-4443 Borsheim Crane Service Tri-County Regional Development (701) 577-1358 Ezy-Lift Distributors Upper Missouri District Health Unit (701) 774-6400 JMAC Resources Upper Missouri Valley Fair Association (701) 570-4521 Joe’s Digging Service Williams County Farm Bureau (701) 528-3516 Journey Energy Services Williams Rural Water District (701) 774-8915 Lakeshore Toltest Corporation Williston Area Builders Association (701) 572-5744 Mon-Dak Tank, Inc. Williston Area Dev. Foundation (701) 577-8110 MVCI General Contractor Williston Area Safety Association (701) 572-8946 Peak Renovations Const. Co. Williston Community Builders (701) 774-2400 Root Construction Inc. Williston Community Library (701) 774-8805 Royal Trucking, Inc Williston Education Association (701) 572-4960 Shaw Oil Field Services Williston Noon Lions (701) 774-3015 Titan Machinery-Williston Williston Police Association (701) 577-1212 Tractor & Equipment Co. Williston State College Foundation (701) 572-9275 White’s Crane Service, Inc SOS Employment Group The McCormick Group, Inc

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(701) 774-7951 (701) 857-4811 (701) 355-6566 (701) 572-7881 (701) 258-6689 (406) 652-8765 (701) 774-3235 (701) 572-6381 (701) 774-8596 (701) 774-0348 (907) 272-2888 (701) 572-6000 (701) 829-7907 (701) 572-8550

Dentists/Orthodontists Bekkedahl, Brad D.D.S. Burke L.N., D.D.S. Dr. Tony Fisher, Orthodontist John T. Keaveny, DDS Maisey Dental Clinic Pitzer & Kline Dentistry Seeley Family Dentistry Sincere Smiles, PC Drug Testing Altitude Analysis, Inc Checkers, Inc. Falck Safety Services Material Testing Services, Inc. MedScan Laboratory Inc Advanced Drug Testing

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Mercy Medical Center Trinity Community Clinic-Western ND

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Dry Cleaning & Laundry Ameri-Pride Linen & Apparel Services Country Laundry Service, LLC Model Drive-In Cleaners Village Laundry

(701) 740-9044 (701) 572-6082 (701) 572-3734 (701) 570-6797

Education Chaos 2 Capital Consulting (701) 570-6965 Cristy LeBaron Trainer, Speaker, (225) 235-5694 Dale Carnegie Training (701) 225-8476 Dickinson State University (800) 279-4295 x 2541 Falck Safety Services (866) 404-9564 Health Education Design Solutions, Inc. (605) 720-7117 Mayville State University (701) 774-6234 Miss North Dakota Pageant (701) 577-0909 Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center (701) 572-9034 NDSU Extension Services-Williams Co (701) 577-4595 NDSU Williston Research Center (701) 774-4315 Rasmussen College (701) 530-9600 St. Joseph’s School (701) 572-6384 St. Labre Indian School (406) 784-4593 The Corcoran School 18554 EARLY-ED Trinity Christian School (701) 774-9056 Williams Scotsman International, Inc (800) 782-1500 Williston Public Schools (701) 572-1580 Williston State College (701) 774-4200 Williston/Trenton Head Start (701) 572-2346 Electricians A & F Electric CED Dakota Security Systems, Inc Ebel Rocky Mountain Electric, Inc. Tech Electric Inc.

Engineers Advanced Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. (701) 774-3080 AE2S Nexus (701) 774-3080 Allied Engineering Services, Inc. (701) 628-0221 Broschat Engineering & Management (701) 572-8075 Dakota Security Systems, Inc 1-800-365-5625 Darg, Bolgrean, Menk, Inc. - DBM Structural Engineers (701) 390-9131 DOWL HKM, Inc (701) 300-7014 EAPC Architects Engineers (701) 570-2267 Eggart Engineering & Construction (406) 839-9151 Forsgren Associates Inc. (701) 264-8940 Geo-Technology Associates, Inc. (701) 651-7681 ICON Architectural Group, PLLC (701) 772-4266 KLJ (701) 572-6352 Lakeshore Toltest Corporation Lightowler Johnson Associates (701) 577-0033 Moore Engineering, Inc (701) 839-1590 NIGMA Family of Companies (407) 355-0801 R&R Professional Services (701) 577-7251 Sanderson Stewart (701) 774-5030 Shaw Oil Field Services (225) 932-2500 STRATA, a Professional Service Corp (701) 572-3324 Territorial Landworks, Inc. (406) 742-1925 Ulteig Engineers, Inc. (701) 572-4172 VPE Global (719) 540-8884

Farm & Ranch Services Agri Industries C & C Ornamental Iron Works, Inc. Electric & Magneto Gooseneck Implement Company Horizon Resources Leonardite Products, Llc. Lindsey Implement NDSU Extension Services-Williams Co Tractor & Equipment Co. United Pulse Trading, Inc. Western Tire Inc. (701) 774-3333 Westland Auto Repair (701) 572-2662 Williams County Farm Bureau (701) 572-3414 Williams County Soil Conservation (701) 774-0240 (701) 774-1879 Fitness (701) 774-0259 Anytime Fitness (701) 774-0404 Curves For Women (701) 577-7611 Kay Michael Lee Studio Key Gym Special Olympics ND - Williston Area (701) 577-9225 Williston Parks & Recreation (877) 488-5901 (866) 404-9564 Floral (701) 572-4226 Country Floral Wal-Mart (701) 572-6578 (701) 572-8690 (701) 609-4401 (701) 651-7952 (701) 744-9071 (406) 544-3484 (225) 932-2500 (701) 577-0024 (701) 572-8377 (701) 572-1801

(701) 774-8338 (701) 774-0181 1-800-365-5625 (701) 774-3235 (406) 581-9903 (701) 651-7841

(701) 572-0767 (701) 572-8768 (701) 572-3736 (701) 572-6724 (701) 572-2171 (701) 572-4659 (701) 572-4128 (701) 577-4595 (701) 572-8377 (701) 572-4070 (701) 572-6711 (701) 774-8341 (701) 528-3516 (701) 572-9651 (701) 774-1935 (701) 577-5000 (701) 572-6597 (701) 572-6420 (701) 770-4010 (701) 577-5141 (701) 572-9402 (701) 572-8550

Funeral Homes Everson Funeral Home Fulkerson Funeral Home

(701) 577-3738 (701) 572-6329

Furniture Budget Home Furnishings Conlin’s Furniture Inc. I. Keating Furniture World, Oldenburg Construction & Design Pro-Re-Nata Interiors Soka Sleep Wal-Mart

(701) 572-5106 (701) 572-7996 (701) 572-6742 (208) 570-1246 (701) 572-6340 (701) 572-8115 (701) 572-8550

(866) 404-9564 (701) 774-7400 (701) 572-1077 (701) 572-7711

Hotels, Lodging & Campgrounds Buffalo Trails Campground Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort Candlewood Suites Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC Dakota Landing Days Inn/Copper Mountain Grill Deadwood Mountain Grand El Rancho Motel Hotel Executive Lodging of the Black Hills Fort Buford State Historic Site Grand View Motel Grand Williston Hotel & Conference Ctr Hampton Inn & Suites - Williston Holiday Inn Express & Suites Iron Horse Inn Lewis & Clark State Park Mainstay Suites Marquis Plaza and Suites Microtel Inn & Suites Missouri Flats Inn Mobile Motel Prairie Suites Spearfish Canyon Lodge Strata Estate Suites Super 8 Motel The Williston Thunderstik Lodge Travel Host Motel Value Place Williston Williston Convention & Visitors Bureau Winterton Suites ND

(701) 572-3206 (605) 578-1500 (701) 572-3716 (318) 807-1819 (701) 713-0514 (605) 584-1800 (605) 559-0386 (701) 572-6321 (605) 578-3555 (701) 572-9034 (701) 572-9811 (701) 774-0241 (727) 575-0334 (701) 577-0400 (605) 722-7574 (701) 859-3071 (317) 577-8888 (701) 774-3250 (701) 577-4900 (701) 572-4242 (701) 609-5353 (701) 572-9163 (605) 574-3435 (701) 774-2914 (701) 572-8371 (701) 572-0544 (763) 595-5936 (701) 774-0041 (701) 732-0037 (701) 774-9041 (701) 572-8347

(701) 577-1100 (406) 252-6265 (701) 580-7030 (701) 577-0033 (701) 572-6420 (701) 837-4949 (701) 774-5030 (701) 572-7013 (509) 599-3719 (701) 572-2165

Land Developers Advisory Services Inc. (701) 651-6614 Bluestone Communities (310) 486-4774 Boyd & Company Construction, LLC (812) 254-6858 Buffalo Hills Subdivision (701) 713-0086 Centennial Homes (701) 572-1040 Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC (318) 807-1819 Glen Investors, L.L.C. (703) 244-9797 Granite Peak Development, ND (307) 472-3116 Hershey Properties, LLC. KLJ (701) 572-6352 Ponderosa Truck Yard, LLC (702) 465-1245 773.278.8448 ext.208 (701) 572-0789 Renaissance Station (701) 580-2322 (701) 770-7207 RMC Partners, LLC Spec Ops, LLC (701) 609-6270 Tamarack Construction Co. Inc. (406) 769-2284 The Petersen Group, Inc (701) 334-0333 Three Forks Properties, LLC (701) 587-8000 University Commons, LLC (701) 774-2222 White Dog Development Group, LLC (443) 223-9943

ExEcutivE SErvicES, inc.

Healthcare Bethel Lutheran Nursing & Rehabilitation Craven-Hagan Clinic Fairlight Medical Center Fischer Family Chiroproactic Great Plains Women’s Health Center Health Education Design Solutions, Inc. MedQuest Home Medical Equipment Mercy Medical Center Trinity Community Clinic-Western ND Trinity Regional Eyecare-Williston Basin

(701) 572-6766 (701) 572-7651 (701) 577-6337 (701) 774-8277 (701) 774-7687 (605) 720-7117 (701) 774-7438 (701) 774-7400 (701) 572-7711 (701) 572-7641

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Blue Cross Blue Shield Dawson Insurance Dwight A. Richter Insurance Agency Fee Insurance Agency Manger Insurance, Inc. Nodak Mutual Insurance Northwestern Mutual Red River Financial Thrivent Financial for Lutherans UBS Financial Services, Inc US Bank Zunichs Agency Interior & Home Design Concrete Coatings 360 Conlin’s Furniture Inc. Country Floral D & R Painting & Decorating HFC West, LLC I. Keating Furniture World, JC Penney Company, Inc. Joan’s Hallmark Lightowler Johnson Associates Oldenburg Construction & Design Peak Renovations Construction Co Pierce Carpet Mill Outlet Pro-Re-Nata Interiors Sherwin-Williams Company Soka Sleep StoneCrafters, Inc. Vi’s Drapery Wal-Mart Investment Services

(701) 577-4697 (701) 572-4535 (701) 526-6202 (701) 572-1509 (701) 572-9038 (701) 572-3786 (701) 577-0597 (701) 774-8132 (701) 866-8920 (701) 572-0115 (312) 525-4403 (701) 572-3744 (701) 577-5721 (701) 572-2056 (701) 572-7996 (701) 572-9402 (701) 572-0209 (701) 609-7817 (701) 572-6742 (701) 572-6303 (701) 572-3866 (701) 577-0033 (208) 570-1246 (701) 651-7952 (406) 924-9375 (701) 572-6340 (701) 572-7755 (701) 572-8115 (701) 572-3849 (701) 774-2350 (701) 572-8550

Marketing Dawa Solutions Group, LLC KBgraFX Signs KXMD CBS 11 Results Unlimited RMC Partners, LLC Shopper The Williston Review Yellow Book USA Office Supplies Costco Wholesale Dacotah Paper Company FedEx Office Gaffaney’s of Williston, Inc. Marco, Inc. Sam’s Club Wal-Mart Oil & Gas Exploration & Development Aries Building Systems BEI, LLC Delta Rigging & Tools, Inc Great Plains Gas Compression, Inc Halcon Resources Imperial Oil of North Dakota, Inc. Kasmer & Aafedt Oil Inc. KLJ Lakeshore Toltest Corporation Liquid Logistics Marathon Oil Company Oneok Rogue Pressure Services LTD StatOil Williston Truck Parking Oil Field & Well Services ASK Transportation, Inc.

(701) 577-1100 (701) 580-7030 (701) 572-2345 (701) 837-4949 (701) 580-2322 (701) 572-4851 (208) 815-0015 (701) 221-0878 (406) 652-8765 (701) 572-2547 (406) 252-6265 (701) 572-6381 (701) 774-0348 (701) 222-1101 (701) 572-8550 855-4ARIES (701) 774-2320 (620) 544-4191 (701) 572-3722 (701) 572-7231 (701) 572-6352 (877) 427-7306 (701) 456-7500 (406) 433-3664 (701) 609-4745 (701) 875-3501 (701) 774-2180 (701) 774-3389

Interior Design

(406) 482-2616 (406) 652-8765 (701) 572-2171 (701) 572-6000 (701) 572-7755 (701) 572-7300 (701) 572-8550

Phone: 701-774-8484 Cell: 701-570-0900

(701) 572-8169 (701) 572-9402 (701) 572-8615 (701) 609-0785 (701) 774-4315 (701) 572-8550 (701) 651-3410


Hardware Big Sky Siding & Windows Costco Wholesale Horizon Resources Sears Hometown Store Sherwin-Williams Company True Value Hardware Wal-Mart

417 1st Ave. East PO Box 182 Williston, ND 58802

Landscape & Gardening/Design Bloomin’ Shoppe Country Floral F & F Sprinkler Systems Inc. & Spas Green Cat, LLC NDSU Williston Research Center Wal-Mart Yard Supreme Inc


(701) 572-1097 (701) 572-2927 (701) 572-3578 (701) 572-9198 (701) 577-6788 (701) 222-1101 (701) 572-8696 (701) 774-0707 (701) 572-1880 (701) 572-8550

Bookkeeping & Payroll Admin. Services/Mailing & Copy Temporary Help Agency


Groceries and Deli Albertsons Cash Wise Love’s Travel Stops M & H Gas & Convenience Prairie Packing Inc. Sam’s Club Scenic Sports & Liquor Schwan’s Home Service Simonson Station Store Wal-Mart

June A. Sheaks

hardware G roceries Graphic Design

Graphic Design Dawa Solutions Group, LLC FedEx Office KBgraFX Signs Lightowler Johnson Associates Northwest Supply/ R & R Trophies Results Unlimited Sanderson Stewart Shirt Worx Vision First Media, LLC Williston Herald

(406) 652-8765 (701) 572-6303 (701) 572-2352 (701) 572-7805 (701) 572-2051


(701) 774-3080 (701) 577-8100 (701) 572-8191 (701) 293-8892 (701) 609-0763 (701) 741-6985 (701) 774-4315 (701) 775-7100 (701) 774-4600 (701) 232-8030 Insurance (703) 307-0424 Aflac (701) 572-4443 Aflac (701) 577-1358 (701) 774-6400 (701) 577-4500 (701) 572-9651 (701) 774-8915 (701) 577-8110 (701) 774-8805 (701) 774-9041

Jewelry Costco Wholesale JC Penney Company, Inc. Leon’s Jewelry Maurices Inc. Ritter Brothers

(701) 651-6614 (701) 774-4100 (701) 577-4697 (701) 572-1509 (701) 572-8707 (701) 774-8276 (701) 280-2100 (701) 774-8321 (701) 577-2113 (701) 774-0653 (216) 650-6295 (701) 241-1237 (701) 774-8132 (701) 774-4165 (701) 866-8920 (701) 572-0115 (312) 525-4403 (701) 572-3744 (701) 774-3710


Government AE2S Nexus City of Williston Community Action Program Dakota Certified Development Corp Mailbox Solutions Plus ND Youth Entrepreneurship Education NDSU Williston Research Center North Dakota CPA Society Northwest Human Service Center Office of Senator Heidi Heitkamp SRK Hospitality The Village Family Service Center Tri-County Regional Development Upper Missouri District Health Unit Williams County Williams County Soil Conservation Williams Rural Water District Williston Area Dev. Foundation Williston Community Library Williston Convention & Visitors Bureau

Advisory Services Inc. American State Bank & Trust Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Dwight A. Richter Insurance Agency Edward Jones Investments Edward Jones Investments Fiebiger, Swanson, West & Co., PLLP First International Bank First National Bank & Trust Co. Investment & Retirement Advisors Inc. Lou-Ray Associates Merrill Lynch Northwestern Mutual Raymond James Financial Services Red River Financial Thrivent Financial for Lutherans UBS Financial Services, Inc US Bank Williston Investment Group


Falck Safety Services Mercy Medical Center Professional Hearing Service Trinity Community Clinic-Western Dakota



(720) 242-9853 (701) 572-2965 (701) 572-2171 (701) 572-3578 (701) 572-9198 (701) 609-6199 (701) 572-4591 (360) 310-6203 (701) 222-1101 (701) 572-8696 (303) 895-9034 (701) 577-3773 (701) 572-1880


DIRECTORY | Hotels Insurance F

Fuel & Oil Buckhorn Energy Services, LLC Bulldog Services, LLP Horizon Resources Love’s Travel Stops M & H Gas & Convenience Mirror Image Environmental Services OK Fuel Stop Quigg International, LLC. Sam’s Club Scenic Sports & Liquor Secure Energy Services Servair - Western Edge Aviation LLC Simonson Station Store

Hearing Services


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Oilfield Serviers Well service Landscaping


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Astro-Chem Bakken Wireless Basic Energy Services Basin Safety Consulting BNSF Logistics, LLC Borsheim Crane Service Boyd & Company Construction, LLC Brady Trucking, Inc Buckhorn Energy Services, LLC Bulldog Services, LLP Cal Kern, LLC Cameron Darg, Bolgrean, Menk, Inc. DBM Structural Engineers DC & B Hotshot & Trucking, Inc. Deer Valley Trucking, Inc Delta Rigging & Tools, Inc Direct Grading & Paving Ebel Electric & Magneto Enbridge Pipeline N.D. L.L.C. Enviro Shield Products, Inc Environmentally Clean Systems Express Energy Services LP Falck Safety Services Falco Energy Transportation FMC Technologies, Inc. FTS International Garner Environmental Services, Inc Geo-Technology Associates, Inc. Halliburton Energy Services Horizon Resources Industrial Equipment Sales & Service, . Jerry’s Services of ND, Inc. JMAC Resources Journey Energy Services KLJ Lakeshore Toltest Corporation Leonardite Products, Llc. Liquid Logistics LJR Pumps & Parts Maverick Logistics, Inc Mirror Image Environmental Services Mitchells Oilfield Service MMR Constructors, Inc. Mon-Dak Tank, Inc. Oilfield Safety, Inc. Prairie Petro Chem of America, Inc. Prairie Suites Red River Supply Inc. Rockwater Energy Solutions Rogue Pressure Services LTD Royal Trucking, Inc Sage Business Credit, LLC Select Energy Services Shaw Oil Field Services SolstenXP, Inc. Spec Ops, LLC Stallion Rockies LTD/Stallion Oilfield Sun Well Service, Inc. TransFac Capital Treater Sheds, Inc. US Pressure Test, Inc. Weatherford Drilling & Well Services WellPro, Inc. White’s Crane Service, Inc Oil Field & Well Supplies & Equipment A & K Rental, Inc APCO Equipment Baker Oil Tools Bakken Oil Workers & Oil Service Expo Bulldog Services, LLP Cross Shot Hauling

(701) 572-7355 Deer Valley Trucking, Inc Delta Rigging & Tools, Inc (701) 774-0127 Double EE Service, Inc. (701) 240-2404 Ebel (855) 774-5533 Electric & Magneto (701) 572-6301 Enviro Shield Products, Inc (812) 254-6858 Environmentally Clean Systems (701) 572-1522 Ezy-Lift Distributors (720) 242-9853 Falco Energy Transportation (701) 572-2965 Flow Components & Equipment Supply (701) 774-3900 FMC Technologies, Inc. (701) 774-0341 Grainger Industrial Supply Horizon Resources (701) 390-9131 HSC Supply (701) 572-9273 Industrial Equipment Sales & Service, (701) 572-5883 LJR Pumps & Parts (701) 774-2320 Maverick Logistics, Inc (701) 484-1125 Praxair Distribution, Inc. (701) 774-3235 Royal Trucking, Inc (701) 572-3736 Stallion Rockies LTD/Stallion Oilfield (701) 774-2079 Two Bit Rentals, Inc (701) 774-1085 WellPro, Inc. (720) 335-4388 White’s Crane Service, Inc (701) 572-3352 Williams Scotsman International, Inc (866) 404-9564 Williston Fire and Safety (701) 572-6904 (701) 572-5021 Oil Land Leases & Properties (817) 339-3656 Diamond Resources co. (701) 577-1200 Empire Oil Company (701) 651-7681 Kasmer & Aafedt Oil Inc. (701) 774-3963 Serka Services, LLC (701) 572-2171 SRK Hospitality (701) 572-2393 (701) 774-1105 Oil Producers (701) 774-8511 Buckhorn Energy Services, LLC (720) 420-1700 Bulldog Services, LLP (701) 572-6352 Dakota Oil Processing, LLC Hess Corporation (701) 572-4659 Mitchells Oilfield Service (877) 427-7306 (701) 770-1712 Oil Well Drilling & Services (701) 402-2772 Bakken Oil Workers & Oil Service Expo (701) 609-6199 Bulldog Services, LLP (406) 433-8290 FMC Technologies, Inc. (800) 880-5090 IHD Solids Management, LLC (701) 572-8690 LJR Pumps & Parts (701) 774-3014 NABORS Drilling USA, Inc (701) 774-2436 Red River Supply Inc. (701) 572-9163 Rockwater Energy Solutions (701) 774-3904 Territorial Landworks, Inc. (701) 774-3655 US Pressure Test, Inc. (701) 609-4745 (406) 544-3484 Pharmacies (612) 802-1784 ND Pharmacy (701) 572-9974 Service Drug Pharmacy (225) 932-2500 Thrifty White Drug (701) 774-7583 Wal-Mart (701) 609-6270 (701) 774-3824 Phone and Cable Services (701) 774-3001 AT&T , Inc (801) 575-6500 Ebel (701) 572-1991 Kohler Communications (250) 774-8378 Kotana Communications (701) 572-6714 Midcontinent Communications (701) 774-8989 Nemont (701) 572-1801 Northern Inc. The Message Center, Inc. Wired Cellular (701) 572-9766 Z Wireless (702) 871-7474 (701) 774-8331 Photographers (937) 479-4255 Overland Aviation,- Aerial Photography (701) 572-2965 Robb Siverson Photography (460) 261-7883 Vern Whitten Photography

DIRECTORY (701) 572-5883 (701) 774-2320 (701) 572-2332 (701) 774-3235 (701) 572-3736 (701) 774-1085 (720) 335-4388

Vision First Media, LLC

(509) 599-3719

Physicians Adducci, M.D., P.C. (701) 572-0316 Anderson MD PC, Wayne L. (701) 572-4003 Comprehensive Pediatric Care (701) 572-7732 Fairlight Medical Center (701) 577-6337 Great Plains Women’s Health Center (701) 774-7687 (701) 774-7400 (701) 572-6904 Mercy Medical Center (701) 572-7711 (800) 359-3569 Trinity Community Clinic-Western ND (701) 572-5021 (920) 296-7603 Plumbing / Heating / Cooling (701) 572-7639 (701) 572-2171 C & D Water Services/Plumbing (701) 577-1114 (701) 774-8361 CS Mechanical, Inc. (701) 572-3079 (701) 572-2393 Mon-Dak Heating & Plumbing (701) 774-8354 (701) 770-1712 Polar Refrigeration & Heating (701) 282-5900 (701) 402-2772 Robert Gibb & Sons (701) 572-5887 (701) 572-4567 Selid Plumbing & Heating Inc. (406) 544-3484 (701) 774-3824 Printers (701) 572-2990 (701) 774-2248 Basin Printers, Inc. (406) 252-6265 (701) 774-8989 FedEx Office (701) 572-6381 (701) 572-1801 Gaffaney’s of Williston, Inc. (701) 572-6389 (800) 782-1500 Ink Spot Printing (701) 774-0348 (701) 572-8957 Marco, Inc. Shirt Worx (701) 572-7013 Shopper (701) 572-4851 (701) 572-5965 (701) 572-4523 The UPS Store 6375 (701) 774-2845 (701) 572-7231 Publishers/Print Media (701) 577-1100 (703) 307-0424 Dawa Solutions Group, LLC (701) 837-4949 (703) 307-0424 Results Unlimited Roundup/Ag Roundup (406) 433-3306 Shopper (701) 572-4851 (701) 572-5965 (720) 242-9853 The UPS Store 6375 (208) 815-0015 (701) 572-2965 The Williston Review Vision First Media, LLC (509) 599-3719 (701) 664-6200 (406) 433-8290 Radio CCR/Northern Plains Radio Network (701) 572-5371 KDSR FM (701) 572-4478 (701) 241-6900 (937) 479-4255 Prairie Public Broadcasting (701) 837-4949 (701) 572-2965 Results Unlimited (701) 572-5021 (701) 774-8514 Real Estate (701) 580-8116 (701) 770-1712 Bakken Realty (701) 572-5560 (701) 572-6704 Basin Brokers, Inc. (701) 774-3904 BEI, LLC (701) 774-8833 (701) 774-3655 Bekk’s Realty (701) 713-0086 (406) 742-1925 Buffalo Hills Subdivision (701) 572-1040 (250) 774-8378 Centennial Homes Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC (318) 807-1819 Dakota Realty & Leasing (701) 572-0895 (605) 578-3555 (701) 572-4181 Executive Lodging of the Black Hills (701) 572-8167 (701) 572-6721 Fredricksen Real Estate (703) 244-9797 (701) 774-3923 Glen Investors, L.L.C. (701) 845-1291 (701) 572-8550 Hi-Line Owners Group, LLC Homeowners Financial Group USA, (480) 305-8500 Lunnen Development (701) 428-1243 (701) 219-0152 (701) 355-6566 North American Building Solutions, LLC (701) 774-2222 (701) 774-3235 Prairie Vista Apatments 773.278.8448 ext.208 (701) 774-8596 Renaissance Station (406) 963-7200 (701) 774-8001 Rooster’s Partners Lodge (605) 858-1524 (800) 888-1300 Ski Mystic Deer Mountain (701) 334-0333 (701) 572-2002 The Petersen Group, Inc (701) 587-8000 (701) 572-3251 Three Forks Properties, LLC (701) 577-4000 (701) 774-0114 Williston Office Suites LLC (701) 572-0044 (701) 572-0088 Recreation & Leisure Arnie’s Motorcycle Sales (701) 572-3382 Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort (605) 578-1500 (605) 584-1800 (701) 770-4548 Days Inn/Copper Mountain Grill (218) 329-2574 Fort Union Trading Post NHS (701) 570-2679 (701) 261-7658 Jump-N-Fun Inflatables


(800) 888-1300 (701) 572-1600 (701) 577-3765 (208) 570-1246 (701) 774-8915 (701) 580-2461 (701) 570-5510 (701) 572-7878

(701) 572-3251 (701) 577-5800 (303) 895-9034 (701) 355-6566 (701) 577-1100 (701) 837-4949 (701) 572-4851 (509) 599-3719

(701) 572-7741 (701) 572-4567

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ADVERTISE WITH US! 1418 2nd Ave W | Suite 103 • Williston | ND 58801 o | 701.580.1295 • c | 406.407.2784


(701) 774-0181 (701) 572-6746 (701) 572-2177 (701) 572-9324 (701) 572-2541 (800) 359-3569 (920) 296-7603 (701) 572-4659 (701) 609-0763 (701) 572-6858 (701) 572-6420 (701) 572-9161 (701) 572-6043 (701) 572-6828 (701) 222-1101 (701) 774-0707 (703) 307-0424 (701) 572-8957

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Veterinary Services (701) 577-1837 Bakken Mobile Veterinary Service (701) 572-8696 Western Veterinary Clinic (701) 572-8550 Water / Septic Agri Industries (701) 572-5560 C & D Water Services/Plumbing (701) 339-7076 Forsgren Associates Inc. (866) 533-7368 Joe’s Digging Service (701) 572-2582 KLJ (701) 571-1047 Lakeshore Toltest Corporation (701) 609-5353 Northern Inc. (855) 724-2891 River Basin Contracting (303) 895-9034 Secure Energy Services (701) 572-8973 (800) 782-1500 Website Development AT&T , Inc Dawa Solutions Group, LLC (701) 572-4676 Results Unlimited (701) 572-2345 Shopper (701) 241-6900 Vision First Media, LLC (701) 858-0024 (701) 837-4949 Welding / Fabrication Agri Industries American Welding & Gas 855-4ARIES C & C Ornamental Iron Works, Inc. (701) 572-5250 Cal Kern, LLC (701) 572-2100 Clausen Welding (701) 651-7525 Lakeshore Toltest Corporation (701) 644-5555 Modern Machine Works (701) 572-2250 Praxair Distribution, Inc. (318) 807-1819 Wholesalers & Distributors (949) 294-0347 CED (877) 677-2231 Coca Cola of Williston (701) 293-7909 Dakota Supply Group (703) 307-0424 Dean Foods North Central, Inc. (701) 774-2914 Delaney Distributors, Inc. (855) 582-7438 Flow Components & Equipment Supply (701) 253-9734 Grainger Industrial Supply Leonardite Products, Llc. Mailbox Solutions Plus (701) 609-7937 Morelli Distributing, /Granite Springs (701) 609-0895 Northwest Supply/ R & R Trophies OK Distributing Co., Inc. Pepsi Cola Distributing Co. (701) 572-7700 Sabin Metal West Corp. (763) 595-5936 Sam’s Club Schwan’s Home Service SRK Hospitality (701) 774-3389 Williston Fire and Safety (701) 572-1522 (701) 774-3900 (460) 261-7883 (701) 572-6904 (701) 402-2772 (701) 609-5353 (303) 895-9034

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Security ABcom, LLC Allguard Alarm Systems Dakota Security Systems, Inc Ebel

Sporting Goods All Seasons Sport About Scenic Sports & Liquor (701) 572-2724 Wal-Mart (701) 774-0749 (701) 774-7400 Storage (701) 572-4673 Basin Brokers, Inc. (701) 667-2131 Bonfire Self Storage, LLC (701) 572-2921 Dart Portable Storage, Inc (701) 572-6384 H & H Rental & Storage Inc. (701) 859-4181 Ironwood Storage Mobile Motel Schatz Storage (701) 577-7755 Secure Energy Services (701) 572-4769 United Rentals (858) 254-8535 Williams Scotsman International, Inc (701) 609-5445 (701) 572-0300 Television (701) 572-6474 KUMV-TV (701) 572-4480 KXMD CBS 11 (605) 584-1800 Prairie Public Broadcasting (701) 421-8433 Prime Cities Broadcasting (701) 572-8888 Results Unlimited (701) 774-1151 (701) 572-1412 Temporary Housing (701) 774-8118 Aries Building Systems (701) 572-7781 ATCO Lodge Williston (701) 572-2364 Black Gold Williston Lodge (701) 572-1162 Burke Construction Group, Inc. (701) 572-7956 Capital Lodge LLC (701) 577-7227 Coates RV Center (701) 572-1888 Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC (605) 574-3435 DH North Dakota, LLC (701) 572-3475 JLG Enterprises (701) 572-7980 M SPACE (701) 572-0544 North Dakota Indoor RV Park (701) 572-1111 Serka Services, LLC Strata Estate Suites Target Logistics (701) 774-6673 Williston Park Village Apartments (701) 572-5977 (701) 572-9402 Transportation (701) 774-0152 Mr. Kab Taxi (701) 572-7626 North Dakota Shuttle, LLC (701) 572-6303 (701) 572-3866 Travel Agent (701) 774-3474 Getaway Travel (701) 770-8060 Thunderstik Lodge (701) 572-8550 (701) 774-9041 Trucking ASK Transportation, Inc. Brady Trucking, Inc (701) 774-2248 Cal Kern, LLC (701) 572-1740 Cross Shot Hauling (303) 895-9034 Falco Energy Transportation (701) 774-2248 Maverick Logistics, Inc Mobile Motel Secure Energy Services Truck Wash Express (701) 774-0064 1-800-365-5625 Uniforms (701) 774-3235 Balco Uniform

(701) 355-6566


Sanitation Services Chamley Pipe & Salvage, LLC MonDak Portables, LLC Secure Energy Services Two Bit Rentals, Inc

Shredding Service Record Keepers, LLC

(866) 404-9564 (701) 572-7013


Retail & Shopping Basin Dollar & More Cedar Chest Country Floral Hedderich’s Art and Trade Center Home of Economy JC Penney Company, Inc. Joan’s Hallmark North Star Caviar TNT Fireworks Wal-Mart Williston Convention & Visitors Bureau

Shipping & Packaging Critelli Courier Service, Inc Dart Portable Storage, Inc Fed Ex FedEx Office Mailbox Solutions Plus The UPS Store 6375

(701) 572-6381 Falck Safety Services (701) 720-9958 Shirt Worx (701) 298-9051 Utilities AT&T , Inc (406) 254-1761 Bakken Wireless (866) 533-7368 Ebel Lakeshore Toltest Corporation (406) 252-6265 Midcontinent Communications (701) 609-0763 Montana Dakota Utilities (701) 572-5965 Mountrail-Williams Electric Oldenburg Construction & Design Williams Rural Water District (701) 223-8199 Williston Unlimited



Restaurants 3 Amigos Southwest Grill Applebee’s Bob Roberts BBQ Buffalo Wild Wings Castle Café Dairy Queen Dakota Farms Days Inn/Copper Mountain Grill Dog Gone Good Hot Dogs Domino’s Pizza Don Pedro’s Family Mexican Gramma Sharon’s Family Restaurant Hardee’s KFC McDonalds Restaurant My Swirl Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Pizza Hut R. Rooster BBQ Co. Rice & Spice, Inc. Spearfish Canyon Lodge Subway Sandwiches and Salads Taco John’s The Williston Wildcat Pizzeria

Gaffaney’s of Williston, Inc. Midwest Tactics, LLC Sentry Security, Inc



Kay Michael Lee Studio (701) 572-6597 Lewis & Clark State Park (701) 859-3071 Million Dollar Lanes/The Sports Den (701) 572-3344 Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center (701) 572-9034 MonDak Motorsports (701) 572-6635 Reel Video (701) 577-1016 Ski Mystic Deer Mountain (605) 858-1524 Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce (605) 347-2556 The Links of North Dakota (701) 568-2600 Thunderstik Lodge (763) 595-5936 Tin Lizzie (605) 578-1715 TNT Fireworks (701) 770-8060 Upper Missouri Valley Fair Association (701) 570-4521 Williston Basin Speedway (701) 774-5055 Williston Parks & Recreation (701) 577-5141 Religious Organizations Cornerstone First Baptist Church Lutheran Social Services Mercy Medical Center New Hope Wesleyan Church North Dakota Teen Challenge Salvation Army St. Joseph’s School Upper Missouri Ministries


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Volume 7 Issue 5

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