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APRIL 2017 - ISSUE 6

Passion & Transformation

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Get your Passion On


Transformation, is simply about the process of learning, growing and expanding into a deeper, more loving, passionate and connected version of you. The process of transforming whether in your work, relationships, health and well-being, finances or even spiritually can be at times a messy, scary and difficult experience which involves lots of snot, tears, thoughts, beliefs and emotions coming to the surface.  While this may be the case, there are other times that transformation and growth can take place through experiences of laughter, joy and passion and you allow your soul to guide you through any changes by connecting with your intuitive knowing and taking the actions necessary to be YOU. Now, because we humans are such  fascinating and sometimes 

complicated beings who feel so deeply, whether it is so called positive or negative emotions, these are what make us truly individual, beautiful and passionate about life. Your feelings and emotions let you know what it is that your soul is asking you to do to transform, it communicates with you and wants to connect with you and show you what it is that truly allows you to be joyful, passionate, loved, worthy and complete.   If you are feeling stuck, sad, frustrated, alone or unhappy, this is just your soul’s way of letting you know that there is change, transformation and growth is needed in this particular area and that it is time for you to put on your big girl pants (or man boots) and take responsibility for creating the change you wish to see in your life.  One of the ways in which you can create 

these changes is to embrace more passion in your life…. Passion is an incredibly powerful, pleasurable and empowering energy which you can use each day in the following ways: Pleasure: If there something in your life that is not bringing you pleasure and joy then you have the opportunity to say “No” to it so that you can create space for what does allow you to feel pleasure.  Whether pleasure is experienced through conversations, your partner, family, children, friends, exercise, dance, yoga, coffee, cooking, singing, movies, travelling, sexual connections or simply thoughts, feelings and memories that bring a smile to your face include these things in your life every day. Acceptance:  All of the relationships, experiences and situations in your life are brought to you to support your learning, growth and transformation into a better version of you, to help you be more authentic, loving and compassionate.  So it is important to move into acceptance of everything and to beginlooking for what is good and right about them (rather than what is wrong) and to then appreciate everything for what it is teaching you. Sensual & Sexy:  Each of you are sensual beings, here to experience your physical body and to connect with others in intimate, loving and passionate ways, so allow yourself to do one thing each day that makes you feel sexy and sensual. 

Support: You all have basic needs and goals to fulfil each day whether it is for food, water, shelter, sleep, work, family, health, friendships, connection, respect, confidence, learning, finances, travel, meaning or anything else.  Give yourself encouragement and support at the end of each day by patting yourself on the back and saying “well-done” for your achievements.  Intimacy:  When you know who you are, are being authentic, respect and value yourself and others, communicate your needs, wants and desires as well as honouring how you are feeling you are being intimate with yourself.  Tune into your intuition each day and trust yourself to know what feels right and loving for you, follow your inner guidance and take the steps towards connecting

more deeply, lovingly and passionately with yourself. Openness:  Start each day by opening your soul up to receiving all the positive, good and loving experiences that the Universe, Spirit, Source and others wish to provide for you so that you to can be open, giving, kind and generous with others.  Let go of any thoughts about yesterday and allow your openness to ignite your passion for life. Nakedness:  Well most of you will start your day with some form of nakedness as you bath and wash yourself clean ready for the new day, new experiences and new situations to flow in.  Also allow yourself to embrace nakedness with the people in your life by sharing ALL of yourself, allowing ALL of you to be seen, even the messy, snotty, angry, ugly, confused, frustrated, loving, kind, sensual, clear, intelligent and beautiful parts!

I dare you to take this month to Get your Passion on!!! Include each of these things in your everyday life and watch how your work, relationships, health, finances and other areas of your life transform, shift and change into a deeper, more loving, passionate and connected version of you!

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium is an International Medium, Trance Channel, Psychic Detective, Twin Flame Connector, Spiritual Teacher & Author www.thebarefootmedium.com.au

Purpose & Passion


“Every individual has gifts and talents that can make a lasting impact. However, only a minority of people utilize those gifts and talents to live up to their full potential.” Karl Moore. Merging a purpose & passion with your gifts & talents leads to transformation, personal &planetary.

“Within chaos seek the stillness, within the stillness you will know yourself”… Phoebe Hoogendyk.

We are passionate about remembering that we are spiritual beings in physical form; Walking & living gently on the Earth, giving back as much or more than we take. About ceremony and aligning ourselves with the Earth & the cosmos. Stones, symbols, the unseen realms have always been our guides. We have learnt to trust our intuition implicitly. We have an un-erring belief in humanity & our ultimate destiny to evolve as enlightened beings, even if the world seems to be spiralling out of control. We walk our talk.

In 1986 our zest for life brought us together against seemingly unsurmountable odds. We both thought we knew which way the wind blew but Spirit had other ideas in mind. Ideas far more exciting, adventurous & challenging than we could have ever thought up. From 1990 on Paul receive visions of  elders from ancient tribes & lands calling him to find Pounamu, the sacred greenstone of Aotearoa/New Zealand. To carve it into twelve symbols. To take each to a destination somewhere in the world.

Many years earlier he had received a happened had we not accepted the download of information in call! What would we have missed out Palenque, Mexico…the symbols & on?  destinations! If you have something you are With total trust we began a journey passionate about, realise that you of the heart, fuelled by our passion & have a window of opportunity to understanding that somehow we actually follow it. Grab it and fly. You were helping the Earth & its peoples. will live the most amazing life and the Paul carved a symbol that came to self- transformation that goes with it, him during a vision. A destination is priceless.    followed. That led us, over eight years, to some of the most remote “Follow your hearts and live your places on the planet & to 11 of the dreams!” most ancient tribes. Those who still hold the true history of Earth.  From an ancient sacred site in Aotearoa, to Mt Kailash Tibet, to the Q’ero of Peru, The Big Island of Hawaii, The Inuit of Labrador, the Tsaatan of Mongolia, The wilds of Scotland, The Lacandon Maya of Mexico, The Dogon of Mali, The Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk of Temples of Cambodia & The  Anangu Ancient Pathways a company of Central Australia, we faced many dedicated to personal and spiritual challenges. We overcame them all to development through Ancient transform them into joy and wisdom.teacher excitement. Website: www.ancientpathways.com.au Sometimes we catch ourselves Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/a wondering what would have ncientpathways.com.au/

Passion & Transformation BY KERRIE WEARING

Passion and Transformation: Two words that require you to get intimate with yourself and feel your soul. Passion will ignite the flame that ultimately will lead you on a journey of soul transformation. Who you are to become once you begin following the passions that fuel your soul is a journey that is erogenous and fuelled by the desire for those elements of life that make your heart and soul sign.  Whether it is a passion for activism, writing a book or love and passion for another soul, all manifestations ignited by the soul’s need for joy are also fuelled by the soul’s need to grow, to expand and experience yourself in the light of who you truly are.  A Divine, purposeful being created in the likeness of God.

Following your passions will lead you to an erogenous journey that in time leads you to yourself, and how joygasmic is it though that a gift such as this can come with the fun, the playfulness and joy that living your passion can bring. Coincidently your passions do not excite you by pure chance. Your passions are expertly designed by your soul self and this great Universe to give you exactly what you need to support your soul purpose.  It is no co-incidence that your passion for children is in totally alignment with your soul purpose that has you here on earth to support and nurture your children, and it is no co-incidence that your passion for nursing is your soul expressing its need to heal others and give back to humanity.  There are no co-incidences only guidance when it comes to the connection your passions have to your soul.

So a word to the wise – live passionately for it is your soul’s guidance pointing you in the direction of your soul’s Divine plan.

Kerrie Wearing is a soul coach and medium passionate in supporting spiritually motivated individuals to live the life of their dreams through the magic of their soul. Website: www.kerriewearing.com

Passion, Transformation, Growth BY JULIE MCNEAL Anything living does not stay the same, it grows.  It’s the soul’s own natural progression to grow and evolve.  So what is Passion and how can we allow it to transform us and propel us to grow? True passion is a guiding light shining out from your heart to guide you upon your life’s journey.  It is the excitement you feel when you feel pulled in the right direction and it should always be followed. Anything thing that moves you to act, whether from a space of Empathy or compassion, or motivation and change, passion is the tone that the heart sings to propel you onto the right course to transform your life and deliver you to accomplish your dreams and goals. Years ago I once heard a mentor of 

mine say “One should always act upon that which makes them excited, for whatever that excitement is, is the will of the soul”. These words resonated so deeply within me, I knew the truth of them in that moment because I felt them so strongly in my heart knowing I had been thrown off course and pushed away from all of which ignited “excitement” in me too many times by the shadow of fear and doubt. We often get bogged down and pulled into all the reasons our mind comes up with NOT to pursue our passions.  This in very simple terms is the fear the Ego mind projects upon our path infusing our ideas with doubt and confusion.   It’s really important to understand  being mindful of where these thoughts and feelings  are being 

birthed from will help you stay on track. If its doubt and confusion, it’s EGO, if it is excitement and deep feeling moving through you it’s of the heart and you can trust that. It’s normal to feel afraid or anxious about change but we cannot allow the mind to overrule the passion and direction the heart points out to us.  We all have fears and doubts to overcome but the key to really allowing a deep healing transformation to occur in your life is to let them go. Allow yourself (no matter how crazy your ideas may seem) to be filled with that euphoric passion from the heart and move forward into the unknown with confidence and trust.  Even when you are struggling to trust others, trust the universe is always conspiring to have your best interests at heart and deliver you to your happiest state of being. If you are truly longing for deep transformation in your life, passion is the only way through the mundane everyday fog. Always live with the awareness that nothing is ever permanent.  An opportunity to shift your focus and energy and edge closer to uncovering your hearts desires can arrive with every morning’s sunrise.   Every single day is a new day and a new opportunity to grow and evolve with passion.  Before you know it you will look back and see you are completely transformed and you will continue evolving higher and higher into your

soul’s highest potential. In the words of Eckhart Tolle, “EGO stands for Edging God Out”!  So always remember to be mindful that the anxiety, the pain, the uncertainty and the “but I can’t because…” moments are the Ego mind edging you away from Divine source of inspiration and transformation, and passion and excitement is God working through you to deliver you to your soul’s calling and ultimately your hearts desires. Julie McNeal - Psychic Medium, Phone: US 901-279-9794

Living with Passion


I feel like I want to bust the myth around finding your passion and living it, you know, it’s a very “in” spiritual topic to speak about these days. Its popular now for people to seek out their passions, live them, and make money from them, and why I am certainly not adverse to this I actually feel there is something much deeper we must become awakened to. I believe there is a missing link or secret that doesn’t get discussed as much, and it is thisInstead of seeking out your passion, seeking outside yourself to find your passion, begin to start the practise of living your life WITH passion. Living a life of passion and living your life passionately! Living passionately takes away the pressure to find a passion and live it, make money from it and it takes away the illusion that your “passion” is your “saviour”

here on Earth. Living a life with passion and with purpose feels more connected, attuned and much easier to achieve. Our purpose here, Earthside, is to BE HAPPY! To experience joy in all its forms, and to be fulfilled, however this looks and feels for you. If your passion is causing you pain, or creating pressure because it’s not paying your bills, well it’s actually taking away from the true purpose of your passion; happiness! Your passion then becomes less of a joy and more of a burden. I believe passion is felt, it’s an experience, it’s a way of being... Of course there are things we are passionate about, however it’s so much more fulfilling to just live a life of passion... Pour passion into everything... Pour it into everything you do! Those attributes and skills that come more effortlessly to you are definitely your passions,

even your soul’s callings, and so often it’s not something you have to actively search out or work really really hard at. These sorts of passions feel natural, like breathing. Think of Jamie Oliver for example, is he the best most talented cook in the entire world? Absolutely not, but he is extremely passionate about food and life and he shares his enthusiasm with us all, organically; this is why he is successful! If it’s forced, let it go… Allow passion to be a way of life, each thing you do, even the mundane, especially the mundane, put a little passion into it. Notice the activities, actions, talents and the things that light you up, the things that come naturally to you, hear them, feel them… They ARE your passions… Where you get lost in a vortex of creation, where time stands still, you are doing your passion, you are actually living your passion! You can call off the search and come home to YOU! Passion is within you and when you begin living your life passionately and pouring passion into every little thing life transforms. Tiarnie (Guided from Within), is an awakener, a facilitator and gentle guide allowing you to tap back into your fullest and truest potential.  Her passion, purpose and drive is to awaken people to their infinite potential with self seeking tools, such as astrology, numerology, the liquid crystals, selfinquiry and self-responsibility, so that you too can create an amazing life for yourself. Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/GuidedFrom-Within-351260818219943/ Email: guidedfromwithinaustralia@gmail.com

Power Animal Message

This month’s Power Animal, from the spirit world is Bear, which represents a few different things but the key thing that Bear is about is, introspection. Bear also asks you to question everything that you think you know, challenges your beliefs and consciousness so that you awaken to a higher level of awareness.  Bear is also associated with the brain, especially with the your pituitary gland. When bear comes in not only is it about moving you to a higher level of consciousness, it is also around really trusting your intuition a lot more and allowing yourself to really focus on what it is that you need to learn or shift through introspection so that you can move to that higher level of awareness.  Bear medicine is one of the most powerful energies you can work with as it helps cleanse and clear anything from the body that is not supposed to be there.  When it comes to your life path, Bear also supports you moving forward with your purpose and in your direction.  Remember, the key message for Bear is introspection and using your own awareness and intuition to really grow and move forward.  Just like the Bear goes into the cave, into hiding, going into your own internal world to deal with your own stuff so that when you come out you have gone through this transformation, you have changed and you have evolved into a different higher version of you. By Claire Kelly  Shamanic Practitioner, http://www.lotusprogram.com/

Love's Journey


This Month's Love’s Journey Reading is intended to provide you with guidance, insight and clarity in your journey of learning, growth and development around all matters related to love, relationships and intimacy. The information is to support you in exploring and understandings particular stages, lessons, opportunities, strategies and choices available, whether past, present or future, around love and relationships.  

Two of Pentacles The first card for this month is Two of Pentacles, which invites you to take a look at where it is that you may be carrying the load, burdens or responsibilities in your relationships or where you may feel overwhelmed and not providing yourself with enough love, connection and nurturing. If you have been feeling like things have been weighing heavily on you, in terms of love and intimacy this is the time to address what it is that  you are feeling, to have an open honest conversation with your partner (or yourself) about how it is that you can bring more balance and time for following your goals and dreams back into your life.  

Ten of Swords The Ten of Swords suggests that there may be times through this month where you will feel like asking yourself if it is really worth continuing on with where you are at as problems, challenges and loss might be present for you or your partner. Your ability to communicate with each other feels like it has been part of what has created tension between you and this could result in financial and physical loss of some description.  Please know that as you work together, communicate and hold a spae of compassion in your heart, you will be able to move through this and start to see that these situations are here to work 'for' you not against you and help you create the changes that are necessary in your life.

Two of Pentacles

With the Four of Pentacles, you are being shown that the outcome for this month will not only be financial success but success and abundance in your relationship, with love, connection, romance and intimacy flowing in with such joy and pleasure. You are being reminded to be generous with the giving and receiving of love, sensuality and pleasure as you allow yourselves the time to focus on what it is that you want to achieve in love, relationships and intimacy within your life.  Balance your strength and determination with softness and openness to receive and to feel confident in knowing what steps need to be taken.  Order your own  set of Love's Journey tarot cards online & have them delivered directly to your door - ORDER:  www.thebarefootmedium.com.au


1-7TH APRIL 2017 With 1st April being ‘April Fools Day’, some will want to prank friends, family or co-workers, I do warn you to tread carefully as people are still sensitive to March’s energies & challenges. The ‘Tower Card’ suggests this is a day where the unexpected can occur, accidents are predicted, catastrophic events may occur & it can create an upheaval in your life.  On the other hand, you could experience epiphanies, realisations, ideas, which can kick-start or reignite your PASSION.  April is all about structure, foundations, stability & manifesting with the tower’s main image being a tower (structure), which stands strong (stability) on the ground (foundations) with a fire (emotions/passion) roaring inside so hard that it blows off its top (crown/ideas).  Be aware if you suffer from anxiety. The beginning of April’s energy is about life shifts, breakthroughs & things happen with lightening speed & roaring emotion.  This change comes after a period of loneliness, solitude, soul-searching & where your emotions may have been blocked or repressed, which was needed to discover what your passion is & what makes your light shine?  After a testing time in March, April The Wheel of Fortune is about fate & karma, a turning point in your life where all signs

merge & a new beginning has begun. Anything is possible; happiness, abundance & good fortune lie ahead.  

8-14TH APRIL 2017 This week is about choices & decision-making; what choices or changes do I need to make in my life? You are learning to grow by overcoming obstacles & is a period of TRANSFORMATION.  You have a higher level of understanding & it is time that you be or remain TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE!  You have just entered a new cycle.  This is not the time to be reckless or make silly decisions.  There may be a situation that needs your attention & requires a reassessment.  Take off the blindfold & get your head out of the sand – there are issues that need addressing & there is no room for risk-taking, naivety or foolishness.  This week brings death of a situation or endings & where there are endings there are also new beginnings. This week is critical to ensure that your decisions are made with the intentions of continually creating solid structures, strong foundations, stability & your belief in your own abilities to manifest whatever your heart desires.

15-21ST APRIL 2017 The Moon begins this week suggesting you could be feeling deceived & emotions could be up & down. Expect delays.  Could be a good week to release any un-happiness, confusion or fear.  As you reflect on your past it may trigger emotions that do not normally describe your character.  The Queen of Wands reversed is representing you: generally be described as a sophisticated, determined woman who is warm, strong in character & can easily talk to anyone.  She is the social butterfly but being in the reversed position suggests that you may just want to be silent, quiet & reserved.  It takes a lot of 

courage, determination & will power to create or manifest what we want in life. Be careful when feeling emotional, as it can trigger our own self-doubt & confidence suffers.  Surrender to your feelings & remain aware that you may not be feeling your usual self at the beginning of this week but by the end of the week it will bring good news related to new beginnings, maybe a new project, invitation or simply a positive message. Watch for synchronicities, as there could be some meaningful co-incidences that are experienced & enjoyed.

22-30TH APRIL 2017 All cards for this week are reversed suggesting your focus is ‘inward’, on yourself & how you’re feeling physically & mentally. Do you believe that you have the strength, courage & confidence to manifest your dreams?  Is there a form of study, a new project or crusade that you have previously felt bored with, stuck on or lacked motivation?  You could be questioning how you feel about your circle of friends, acquaintances, work colleagues as you may sense something’s not right!  Is there one person too many, like 3’s a crowd?  You could be experiencing a ‘lack of action’ within relationships of all sorts & this could be sending your thoughts inwards.  The 4 of Swords suggests you take it easy, rest, meditate & go-within to seek the answers you need.  It’s time to accept, surrender & allow yourself to ‘just be’ this week as you sort through it all.  You might feel like you lack success, not feeling supported or protected but understand that this experience is helping you to make future decisions that ultimately will leave you feeling smug & pleased with yourself.  Sometimes we need to make decisions that are difficult & have been stressful.  It could be the only decision that can be made, under the circumstances.   For personal readings visit: http://www.psychicowl.com.au/

Alchemy Cards Manifest, Create, Align Thoughts, Actions & Emotions BY LEANNE, THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM WWW.THEBAREFOOTMEDIUM.COM.AU

This month's Alchemy cards, support you in working with the Law of Attraction to create the loving, joyful and successful life you need, want and deserve! Â Use these three cards on their own or in combination to start transforming your words, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and take the actions necessary to move you forwards!

Monthly Affirmation Use this months positive affirmation on a daily basis to support you in following through, committing to manifesting your desires, making changes, transforming, taking the steps, choosing opportunities and embracing the relationships that bring  love, joy and success into your life. "I commit to making the changes needed to create a life filled with love, joy and success"

Monthly Emotion

The Emotion of "ENJOYMENT" is what you are asked to allow into your experience this month.  As you start each day ask yourself what it is that you are gaining enjoyment out of in your life, where is it that you are being enthusiastic?  Is it in your work, home, with family, friends or your partner?  Are you allowing your physical body to experience enjoyment through movement, stillness, rest, play, touch, intimacy?  If there are things you are doing in your life that are not bringing enjoyment, you are being asked to let them go or to change them.

Monthly Action Your Actions for this month, are "HEALING" and "COMPLETE".  Take the time this month to do some self healing and to pour love into your relationships, whether work, personal or other as this will help you to complete the shifting of old hurts that you moved through last month.  You are also asked to look at completing any unfinished business or projects to free the space for new opportunities to flow in quickly and easily.  Order your own Alchemy cards online & have them delivered directly to your door - ORDER:  www.thebarefootmedium.com.au

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The Temple Magazine (6) Passion & Transformation April 2017  

The Temple magazine is a free monthly Magazine published electronically by Leanne, The Barefoot for subscribers containing articles, affirma...

The Temple Magazine (6) Passion & Transformation April 2017  

The Temple magazine is a free monthly Magazine published electronically by Leanne, The Barefoot for subscribers containing articles, affirma...