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About The Temple The Temple Magazine was created by Leanne, The Barefoot Medium and is published each month to provide readers with wisdom, guidance, tips, tools, and interviews with experts, conscious practitioners, advocates & leaders in their field to support readers in their journey of connection, transformation and growth through Love, Soul and Spirit. 

Editor Angelina is a spiritual practitioner, writer and editor, with nearly two decades of experience in healing, teaching, psychic development and marketing and communications.  She's passionate about the psychic arts and helping to connect psychic practitioners with those seeking guidance to be the best version of themselves.  Angelina looks forward to working with each and everyone of you and helping people across the world in their connection, transformation and growth.

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Love & Playfulness with the Goddesses BY LEANNE, THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM Sit back, relax, kick off your shoes and imagine yourself in a relationship that flows in beautiful and healthful ways, that allows you to grow and to fully embrace the energy of love, support, acceptance, connection, respect, honour, trust, communication, loyalty, commitment, encouragement, pleasure, sensuality and playfulness. See and feel yourself having and being in union and partnership with a love that allows you to be all of who you are, your authentic self, to live in the magical flow of life, so you embody your soul’s purpose and walk your path with passion, enthusiasm, joy and of course love.   Spirit let’s you know that it is time to get clear with setting your intentions and visions around how it is that you want to bring more love, passion, sensuality and playfulness into your life, improve your partnership or attract the lover and relationship you want in your life and for the year ahead. To help you with this I have been asked to channel and bring through the following process you can use to support you in bringing this love into your life by working with the Goddesses: Welcome, it is by no accident you have come across our message today as you are now ready to step into the next level of your sacred journey of love in your physical world and invite more love, passion, playfulness and joy into your life. It is after all the reason you are on this Earth at this time – to come into union and connection with another through love. As you open to this message and process, we the Goddesses Isis, Venus, Aphrodite and Freya, invite you to find a beautiful sacred space where you can be present with us, placing yourself first on your list of priorities and your focus directly on your intention for love. Be open to any images, visions, symbols, sounds, thoughts, words, messages, fragrances, tastes and feelings you receive as we support you in creating this vision for love that you want and are ready to invite into your life now.

To begin, take a few deep breaths down into the bottom of your belly, centring and freeing yourself from any distractions or issues that may be taking place around you and open your heart to the love and magic that is about to be created.   Feel, know and acknowledge that deep down in your soul you are deserving of and ready to receive a loving, healthy, fulfilling and joyous relationship in your life so that you can thrive and embrace your soul's purpose. As you continue focusing on your breath, the Goddess Isis, the Egyptian mothergoddess of femininity, motherhood, magic, healing and power, steps forward. I, Isis, Egyptian queen of the Nile, come forward with my loving and nurturing energy to support you in healing your heart of any confusion, misery, struggle, tension, resistance or fear, whether real or perceived, based on your past experiences or present situations. To allow for this healing to occur, I simply ask you to say “Yes, I am ready” with your conscious awareness, so your heart can be brought back to its natural and true state of pure love.  Over the next month and as you move forward, I remind you to have patience and be kind and compassionate with yourself, you are learning and growing through every experience and to acknowledge your achievements along the way as this helps to increase your self-esteem and confidence.  Finally, I ask you to embrace your feminine essence, strength and beauty as well as the divine synchronicities as I bring a love that is loyal, fertile, playful and magical your way through ease and joy – know that very soon you will experience a grand celebration in your life! You now notice, the Goddess Venus, Roman Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, abundance, desire and fertility, steps forward to connect and bestow her love and magic upon you.  I, the Goddess Venus, invite you to open your heart and allow me to inspire and impact your life so you embody your juicy, abundant, sensual and prosperous self.  As you invoke and work with my energy, I invite you to understand who you are, what you value most in loving connections, how you feel feminine, beautiful and sensual as well as what makes you feel loved, juicy and desirable so you truly flow and thrive in life and love. Over the next month, and as you move forward, I ask you to give yourself permission to feel love, beautiful, sensual, abundant, desirable and fertile, without judgement, accepting  all of yourself and your desires.   I bestow upon you the gift of pleasure from the Divine. Allow yourself to tap into and connect with this yummy and beautiful vibration, knowing it is safe and healthy for you to feel and have this in your life now.

As you continue focusing on your breath, the Goddess Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of romantic love, beauty, sensual pleasure, desire, passion and fertility, steps into your energy field.  I, Aphrodite, the Goddess of romance, pleasure and passion invite you to let go of any shame, guilt or pain you may be harbouring around your physical body. I invite you to feel beautiful, sensual, desirable and loving and to increase your awareness of your physical body and the sensations that bring it pleasure and delight, as well as what allows you to feel sensual and downright sexy.  To do this, over the next month and moving forward, I may inspire you to go for walks, exercise, eat healthful foods, nurture yourself, have a makeover, get a new look or update your wardrobe, dress up, wear something sensual, have massages, engage in loving sensual touch with another and to make time for romance, passion and what sparks your desire.  Finally, I invite you to speak your mind, ask for what you desire, what brings you love and pleasure and most of all reach out, connect to and let those you love and care about know how you feel about them. Show them they are desirable and that you appreciate, value and love them.  For those of you who are interested in marriage and children as part of a loving relationship, you will now feel the presence of the Goddess Freya, come forward to work with you.  I, Freya, the Norse Goddess of love, joy, abundance, marriage, lust and sexuality am here to help you with bringing love, nurturing, peace and pleasure into your partnership as well as with fertility and childbirth.   As you embrace and work with my energy, I invite you to talk to me and tell me your desires, dreams and intentions as well as share any difficulties or challenges you may be experiencing in your relationship with another.  Over the next month, I may guide you to come together with your love, to connect more through pleasure with your partner, to spend time and energy consciously focusing on lovemaking, accepting yourself and allowing yourself to give and receive love from another in balance.  Finally, for those who desire it,   I bring you the gift and blessing of children, in conceiving, getting pregnant and birthing healthy babies – trust and know that it will happen, the question is not 'if', but 'when', and with “how much drama or ease?” Take a moment now to thank the Goddesses for connecting and sharing their energy with you - know you are ready to be in union and partnership with another as this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn and grow - allow it in NOW!

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium is an International Medium & Channel, Intuitive Love, Relationship & Business Coach, & Author
. Website: Facebook:

Forgiveness is self-love BY LISA J BUTLER

One of the kindest and most loving actions we can take for our personal wellbeing is to forgive. If you have been shattered by the actions of another, forgiveness may be the furthest thing from your mind. It may even seem impossible.  However, when we fail to forgive, the emotional pain, anger and resentment we hold onto opens us up to serious consequences. It is widely understood in the medical and mental health communities that anger can have a devastating impact on our health.  Studies have been conducted across the globe by medical organisations and universities, indicating the health consequences of anger include heart disease, hypertension, depression, stroke, skin problems, heart attack, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia and even some cancers.   Study the work of Lousie L. Hay, Caroline Myss and other reputable Medical Intuitives and you’ll find that they believe there are many other physical consequences to holding onto anger and resentment including 

liver problems, chronic infections, kidney stones, weight issues, headaches and more. I know there are many who would say there are some actions, some deeds, that are simply unforgiveable, but I challenge that notion. There are actions and deeds that are completely unacceptable, yes.  But all are forgivable.  In fact, forgiving is the most loving thing we can do for our self. When we forgive someone we are not saying, “What you did is acceptable to me”. We are saying, “I release the impact of your actions/words from my life so I can experience peace.”  Forgiveness means releasing the hurt, pain and anger, and allowing ourselves to heal. Sometimes people become the victims of terrible acts of cruelty and degradation. How do they survive that?  How do they move forward after suffering so much? Sometimes they don’t, but there are the stories of victims who not only survive, but learn to thrive and use 

their experience to help others. The people who find happiness again are the ones who make a decision to let go of the pain, and forgiveness seems to be at the centre of that decision. If you ever need proof that the most unspeakable atrocities can be forgiven, read Eva Moses Kor’s story.  She and her identical twin sister, Miriam Moses, were just nine years old when they were imprisoned in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 1944.  The rest of her family were killed in the camp, but as identical twins, Eva and Miriam were considered the perfect ‘subjects’ for human experimentation.

There are no words to describe the horror of the torturous procedures that were forced upon Eva and Miriam and the heinous acts they witnessed inside that place, but somehow they survived, and Eva went on to become a powerful public speaker and forgiveness advocate. Now in her late seventies, Eva continues to advocate for forgiveness and the healing power it brings. It is in the interest of our physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing to forgive.  If Eva can do it, surely we can too.

Lisa Butler is an Australian author and personal development coach running programs through her business, Joyful and Free. Her inspirational book, The Constitution of the United States of Being, is available on Amazon and through her website. CONTACT:

LIVE MEDIUMSHIP PLATFORM EVENT Join Leanne, the Barefoot Medium for her only Australianbased event for 2018 WHEN: 28 February 2018 at 7pm  VENUE:  Upper Community Hall, Mt Gravatt Showgrounds, Brisbane, Australia

BOOK ONLINE: thebarefootmedium.

Connecting with your Inner Child BY JULYE-AMBER RZOSKA

As a very young child you lived in the moment and were honest. When you felt happy, you were happy. If you felt sad, you were sad.  As you grew older you learnt how to behave to fit in, to conform and be accepted by your family and society. As an adult your inner child is still within you, a representation of your true self hidden under the guise of adulthood.  Your inner child knows how to have fun and how to play and when you reconnect with your inner child you will be reminded to live a full, happier and more meaningful life. Here are some wonderful reminders from your inner child:

Fun and happiness: Your inner child is always ready to have fun. Life is about balance and making time for fun is important. It increases feelings of well-being and productivity.  If you need to, write a list of some fun ideas (you can use Google for suggestions if you get stuck) and include things you already enjoy doing.  As the saying goes “laughter is the best medicine” so bring more laughter in to your day. Enjoy what you love: As a child when you were doing something you loved, time passed without your awareness.  Whether it is a passion of yours or something small that you enjoy doing, be like your inner child and be fully present in the moment.  Follow your heart and make the most of it, you have every right to enjoy yourself.

Playfulness and curiosity: A child is filled with curiosity and wonder, they love to explore and have fun doing it. When connecting with your inner child it is a reminder to not take yourself or life so seriously.  Playfulness is about being lighthearted and full of fun and being open to new possibilities.  It’s about trying new things for the sheer fun of it and not worrying about how good you are at it.  As George Bernard Shaw once said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” Connect with your inner child and let it come out to play.  Your inner child will show you how to not take life too seriously and how to enjoy life, play, fun, love and laughter. Blessings Julye-Amber Rzoska

Julye-Amber Rzoska Psychic Medium, Channel, Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Cards, Reiki Master, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Psych Intuitive Coach Julye-Amber will channel guides and spirits to bring you honest messages and confirmation. She will help empower you by giving you insight, clarity and guidance regarding your current life and immediate future.   Your Spiritual Plumber - I help you remove blockages and get you back in the flow. CONTACT Website: Facebook:

Creativity and play in life BY JAY ANDERSON Utilising creativity and play in life, both with family and in business, is important, and having fun is important for sure - it allows us to experience joy and happiness and we get significant changes in our brain chemicals that affects our body and therefore our wellbeing and functioning. In our world of fast paced business many people forget to take breaks or are using technology so much that they miss out on the playfulness and creativity in their life. So many people are too focused on work that they miss out on play and self care in their life and relationships. Using play and play materials can use different parts of our brain. We can be more relaxed, and happier. In most situations people also 'play' with another and that improves our relationships and social capacity. We get so many benefits from play. As a therapeutic approach, the use of 'play' in therapy has many well

documented benefits, particularly for children, as play is the language of children. However, adults also benefit from therapeutic play as well. Many therapists who work with children use "child-centred play therapy" but the basic tenets of this humanistic way of working also work with adults - so a client-centred therapeutic approach is important. Techniques, such as Sandtray or Sandplay therapy, can allow adults to enter the world of play in therapy. In life making time to be creative, for freeplay and for just 'being' is very important. It can affect your emotions, your health and your relationships. So, integrating creativity and play into your life can involve daily or weekly routines - having some undirected time with your partner or children - getting a pencil and paper and doing some drawing, collecting things from nature and then creating something, being playful and playing games with friends or children, going

to the beach and making sandcastles, or going to a park and romping with your dog. There are so many ways we can add 'play' into our lives. For business, in could be about having some playful team activities, to help people interact, engage and build relationships. For people themselves, as a part of the business, it could be about down time and allowing relaxation or rejuvenation which leads to better focus, and greater productivity.   People being happier in the workplace, means less employees leave, happier team members, and better interaction together. Ultimately that will show in your relationships with your clients and the products developed too. For yourself it can allow for improved self esteem and improved relationships. Communication and interpersonal contact is important for wellbeing, and so playfulness and creativity can improve mood and daily functioning. For myself, I have found that having a pet has added another dimension on playfulness in life.

Having another living being to love and care for, has improved my wellbeing. Our young dog is very playful, she makes us laugh, and gets us both out being more active in our community and in our local natural environment.  The human-animal connection is a significant and important one.

Jay is a Registered Psychologist, Counsellor and Play Therapist. She pr actices in southwest Western Australia at the Southwest Wellbeing Centre. Jay has worked in the Human Services field for about 20 years, of which the last 9 years have involved therapeutic work. Jay's passion is "making a difference" and she works with adults as well as chi ldren. CONTACT:

Be Playful for Balance BY LAUREN SIETZEMA There is a huge part of ourselves that we have resigned to ignore once we reach a certain age. At what point do we stop indulging in doing things that are fun for the sake of fun, like we would do when we were children. We dismiss a lot of our impulses to giggle and be silly because it is ‘inappropriate’ and we have fears of what others will think of us. At what age did we say we are now adults therefore we are not allowed to jump on trampolines, blow bubbles, colour-in amongst other fun child hood activities? Playfulness is such a key aspect to creating balance, joy and passion in our lives. We need to undo some of the beliefs that have been programed into us from a young age that being playful is not appropriate. Playfulness comes from a place within us that is pure and connected to our soul; it is an uninhibited version of ourselves, so why would 

we pacify these feelings or urges. What I propose is that we start to incorporate more ‘childlike’ things into our daily interactions to create a sense of joy and connectedness to our own soul and spirit itself. Let go of life’s stifling constrictions on what is right or wrong behaviour and start listening to the inner voice that asks that we follow what feels good and right for us. Now I’m not saying that we should adopt juvenile behaviours like seeking instant gratification, selfishness or irrationality, which can also throw us off balance. I’m saying that we have swayed so far in the other direction that we feel guilty for wanting to do things that make us happy and even supress healthy expressions of joy like laughter. It is possible to be mature and playful at the same time.

In order to bring us back into harmony take on everyday with the attitude that you are going to be playful. Think about some things that will induce joy and affirm that is it ok to do things that are fun for the sake of fun. Do things that make you laugh (Laugh out loud as often as you can) be creative, be active, spend time socializing with others, use your imagination and daydream often. Once playfulness becomes a normal daily interaction it will change our perception and interaction with our lives.

If we repress a lot of our natural urges to express ourselves out of fear of social reprimand we in fact live a repressed life; one that is not fully liberated and authentic. We have many years of belief systems to undo about what classifies age appropriateness or adult behaviour. By opening up to a mentality closer to that of a child, it can aid us in removing fears that we have around doing the things that we want, ignoring judgement of others. By embracing our more playful selves everyday we interact with the world without fear and less apology.

Lauren is a psychic medium living in Brisbane. She brings through messages from spirit, guides and loved ones to help people discover their own spiritual journey and purpose, guiding them towards living a life filled with love, joy, enlightenment and passion. Website: Facebook: @etherictidewithlaurenpsychicandmedium Phone: 0431 845 380

What's blocking your self-love? BY SALLY BAKER

The idea of ‘self-love’ is a popular aspiration for many people, along with achieving zen-like mindfulness or lithely moving from downward-facing dog to sun-salutation without as much as breaking a sweat. All these goals sound great in theory and why would anyone not want to love themselves? The only drawback is that self-love is bandied around as if it’s something that’s easy and effortless for all to achieve. If that was true then everyone would just be getting on with it and it wouldn’t be a thing. But it is a ‘thing.’ Self-love doesn’t feel like a natural state for all of us and perhaps trying to achieve it is actually just another way of beating yourself up for failing at something you think everyone else is managing as if they were born to it. Rest assured as many people struggle with achieving self-love as find yoga boring and pointless.

One of the most common obstacles to loving yourself is the little negative voice in your head that whispers in your ear a running commentary on everything you do or say. Now, if on hearing about your inner voice your response is, "What inner voice - I don’t have one", then that is your inner voice. Your inner voice runs a continuous internal dialogue commenting on everything you do and often makes judgments on how well you do it too. For many people, their inner voice is rarely a source of uplifting encouragement. It is more likely to be an unremitting flow of self-criticism and negative self-judgments and it acts as an effective block to self-love. Tuning in, and clearly hearing your inner voice is the crucial first step to silencing the dispiriting stream of negativity that can be happening

continuously, just below your conscious awareness like a toxic dripping tap. I would like to encourage you to spend a little quiet time, just a few moments every day for about a week, to tune-in to your inner voice. Simply listen and note down the negative statements it says while being aware of the use of language, idiom, slang or accent of your inner voice. Begin to get a sense of where the negative voice originated does it remind you of anyone in your past - a parent, teacher or grandparent? The first step towards turning off your negative voice is to gain a greater awareness of your own unique brand of negative self-talk. Train yourself to be more attuned to your inner voice and instead of allowing it a free pass to your subconscious become aware of it. By just clocking it you are changing the dynamic and starting to diminish your inner voice’s power to block your own self-love and then in your mind you can dismiss it for just what it is - a BS thought.

Your aim is to transform your critical, carping inner voice into your most enthusiastic cheerleader. You can do this easily in just a couple of weeks of awareness. With your inner voice finally whispering words of encouragement and reminding you how fabulous you truly are self-love does become your natural, effortless state.

Sally Baker is a full-time therapist, writer and speaker in London, England. She helps clients overcome their self-sabotaging, and co-wrote ‘7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating’ and ‘How to Feel Differently about Food’. CONTACT: Tel: +44 7986 812851

Playfulness, Love and Self-Love BY MEAGAN LEIGH COHN As the festive season comes to a close, how delightful to explore the topics of Playfulness, love and selflove.  Because over the Christmas and New Year period we place importance and emphasis on fun, spending time with loved ones and making sure we make time for selflove and care during the time that can be joyful yet also very stressful. But as we continue on into the year, these things remain paramount to a happy, healthy and contented existence.  Let’s start with Playfulness.  During my own meditations, ponderings and times of stress, Spirit reminds me that if we can approach life with a sense of playfulness and childlike curiosity, everything is more manageable, enjoyable and it puts things into a new perspective that is more light-hearted and not so heavy or serious.

To approach life with a level of playfulness does not undermine the importance of wanting to make good decisions or diminish the gravity of challenging situations. However it does allow your “Should’s”-that carry an undertone of obligation, guilt or heaviness, to turn into “Could’s” which carry an undertone of light hearted possibility, choice, freewill and empowerment. Now for Love. Love is a huge and varied topic. If you ask me, love is the meaning of life.  It comes in an infinite number of forms and flavours and is the most powerful force in the universe. It can make Mums lift cars off their babies, create amazing biological changes in every cell of a love struck being and it can heal the physical body. Which brings me to Self-Love, which is a doozy of a topic and deserves its own book- nay- library! 

Self-love -Something that almost every human being on the planet could do with more of. I think part of the problem with many people lacking in Self-love is that it is sometimes mistakenly seen to be akin with selfishness or arrogance. Self-Love simply means having regard for one's own well-being and happiness. This does not need to be accomplished in a selfish way or at the expense of any other person. Plus, if you define the “self” more broadly to include your whole community, self-love would mean employing more compassion on a broader scale that will benefit all the people around you. Regular acts of self-love not only benefits the individual but makes one a better friend, partner, long term employee, parent and role model. So for the betterment of our families and communities, we could all gain from everyone being more self-loving.  Bernie Seigel M.D knew the healing power of love and self-love. He authored best-selling book “Love, Medicine and Miracles”. He said,

about his patients; “I tell them, ‘Love yourself.’ If they smoke, I don’t tell them not to smoke. I tell them, ‘Love yourself.’ If they eat sugar and fat, I don’t tell them not to eat sugar and fat. I tell them, ‘Love yourself.’ ” In my opinion, if you combine a dose of playfulness with a good portion of Love – any variety of Love will do and mix it all together with a generous amount of self-love, you have yourself a recipe for a delicious life experience!

Meagan has 17 years experience as an Energetic healing & Meditation facilitator and holistic Skincare Therapist. Her passion, purpose and mission is to help others along their path of healing, transformation and deep relaxation on every level. ndwellness

Spiritual growth is an essential form of self-love BY SUJAY R HANDEIS Self-loving people are often misunderstood as selfish or self-obsessed. Many are aware about the importance of self-love or self-esteem but hesitate to accept self-love as a primary tool for happy, positive and stable life. These people are more inclined towards a social life and they need an external force to impose self-love practise on them. This external force is nothing but one’s spiritual path which helps to understand the concept of self-knowing or realising your own worth. Self-love is believing in one’s existence, appreciating and accepting its pure nature. It is something that can differentiate between one’s inner self and external personality. It is a spiritual focus on one’s inner peace that seeks freedom from unwanted thoughts. Practises such as yoga and meditation uplifts the spiritual development of an individual which helps for its self-observation and understand its own nature. Hence the primary context of spirituality is understanding and identifying oneself and loving oneself which is termed as selflove. An emotionally needy person often seeks for an external love because he is unable to discover his own value. Self-Love is within and Loving oneself can happen only when we meet our higher being and understand the fact that humans can be differentiated only by physical looks or appearances whereas the same humans can be united by soul. Spiritual practises such as yoga, meditation or chanting mantras unite every being by soul and vanishes the external personality which can also be termed as an 'ego'.

Spirituality is nothing but self-knowing and Self Loving and spreading the same love. Self-Love can exist only when one creates a deep relationship with its inner self and connects to the soul. If you do not love yourself properly you will face a difficulty while accepting love from others. It is not possible to love God if you do not love yourself. This indicates self-love is the first step of spiritual path where one needs to accept the fact that 'I' means the soul and not the external personality. Self-love should remain constant in all the situations. Treating yourself as a child, following your inner voice, cherishing all small and big things in life, maintaining good physical health, forgiving yourself, visiting your happy place, expressing to yourself, etc. are best practises for self-loving. It helps to attain greater life satisfaction which results in positive attitude. Self-love motivates you to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle which often keeps you playful and lively. It also helps to overcome mental issues such as stress, low confidence, loneliness and anxiety. Confident people often inspire confidence in others and gaining the confidence of others itself is a feeling of success. Most importantly, self-love can happen immediately after stopping comparison to others.

Sujay R Handeis founder of Spiritual Prana, a Swiss based company organising spirituality, meditation, & yoga retreats to spread Ancient Indian Wisdom worldwide. Sujay shows how he manages his financial career in Switzerland while growing his personal spiritual growth and wisdom for the past decade. CONTACT:

Love's Journey Love, Relationship & Intimacy Reading

READING BY LEANNE, THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM Love is very much a journey of connection and the Three of Pentacles card for this month suggests you have all the tools, support, help and love you need to build and create whatever it is you seek in your relationship and partnership moving forward.  This month, you are being asked to connect, embrace and love each other through your words, feelings and actions, to consciously communicate with each other through the heart in whatever ways feel right for you and your partner.  Whether you tell your partner you love, admire and appreciate them, take them out for a meal, go on an adventure or holiday together, spend quality time being present and communicating, fix things around the home or do things for each other, send love notes, give flowers or small gifts, cuddle, hold hands, give each other a massage, kiss and be sensual and intimate with each other.  It is these little things you do each day that show the strength of your connection and allow you to continue building and growing with each other as you move towards your goals (individually or in partnership).  As I connect in with the card, I am also hearing it is important to allow things to flow with ease, grace, joy and passion this month – do not push or force things. Allow yourself to be in the moment and for the energy to pull you towards love, joy and passion.  I am being told each of you have different tools, resources and skills for a purpose and it is time for each of you to allow your true gifts to shine and be seen by the world.  In terms of love and intimacy, remember to take time out from work or your responsibilities to ensure there is balance with playfulness, fun and joy – this is what fuels you moving forward.  All the energy you have put into projects, connections and your partnership will pay off and you will start seeing the results this month.

READING BY HIDALGO VILLAMIL ESCORCIA This month build an atmosphere of love and understanding.   In life we all have the ability to construct and build our lives, but when you start a relationship you must keep in mind that every day is vital to nurture coexistence from the first kiss when getting out of bed, until when you say goodbye to each other and go to do your daily tasks, whether outside or inside the home, because often people lose the affection and love that should be kept from the moment they decide to share their life with someone.  It is at that moment that we must remember that we do not all have the same habits, but in the same way we must become aware and learn from each other so that the relationship grows and maintains itself, otherwise we cannot build the union that has been established as a couple.  In addition, the spirituality and sensitivity of being are factors in a relationship which introduce us to a loving and understandable environment, because all human beings are made for compassion and generosity towards others, but there is nothing better than putting these feelings into practice with the person you love.  These acts of love, understanding, compassion and generosity, will give you peace and connection to your spiritual self, turn your surroundings into a pleasant space of coexistence in which all people want to live and share.

Episode 10: Change, Choice and Cosmic Doorways Join Leanne for this episode of Barefoot Radio where she brings through a channeled message around creating and moving through change in your life, making choices and walking through cosmic doorways.

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Book: Psychic Development: Divination Tools & Techniques Provides you with easy, simple & practical techniques you can use to understand your intuition as well as techniques to support you in getting fully connected to your intuition, inner knowing & ‘gut feeling’so you can receive guidance to help you in your everyday life as well as develop your psychic abilities to read for others.

Book: Psychic Development: Reading the Tarot Intuitively Are you feeling the pull to expand your intuition and psychic abilities? Want to learn to read the Tarot, a simple and easy language for communicating and connecting to Spirit?  Check out this new book & learn how to read the Tarot intuitively for yourself and others.  

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The Temple Magazine (16) February 2018  

The Temple magazine is a free electronic Magazine published monthly which was created by Leanne, The Barefoot for subscribers containing art...

The Temple Magazine (16) February 2018  

The Temple magazine is a free electronic Magazine published monthly which was created by Leanne, The Barefoot for subscribers containing art...


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