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About The Temple The Temple Magazine was created by Leanne, The Barefoot Medium and is published each month to provide readers with wisdom, guidance, tips, tools, and interviews with experts, conscious practitioners, advocates & leaders in their field to support readers in their journey of connection, transformation and growth through Love, Soul and Spirit.

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Abundance Mirror BY LEANNE, THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM As I connect in with Spirit I am being asked to channel a message for you from the “Be-ings of Light”, so sit back, relax, kick off your shoes and open your heart to all the love, joy and abundance that March has to offer. As the “Be-ings of Light”, we often hear people talk about wanting abundance, being abundant or asking the Universe to bring them more abundance, most often in the form of money, people, resources or opportunities that they feel are lacking in their lives. In reality “being abundant” is a state of mind, a vibration, a frequency, an energetic space, a grid that you embrace, align with or plug into and project out from your inner self into the world around you. Abundance is a way of being in the world, regardless of how much or how little you have in your physical presence. In this world many of you are wanting more abundance, whether in the form of physical resources, people, love, affection, romance, money, health and well-being or opportunities and are projecting from your inner be-ing what

we would refer to as a “lack” mentality, where you use words, thoughts and beliefs that let everyone around you and the world know that you do not have enough, that you are not enough, you will never have enough or that you do not have what ever it is that you desire. From our energetic and vibrational perspective, this is a clear external sign that you are aligned with or plugged into the “Grid of Scarcity” where you may be attempting to manifest and create, consciously or unconsciously, from a space of lack, negativity, heaviness, greed, anger, frustration, doubt, unworthiness and not having or being capable of having what you desire. When you are plugged into the “Grid of Scarcity”, it results in you projecting out into the Universe mind-set and way of being that essentially means you attract and bring to you more people, opportunities or situations that confirm that you do not have enough, are not enough, will never have enough or do not have what you desire because that is the vibration (words, thoughts, beliefs, emotions or actions) you are offering the Universe as what is true for you.

matter what happens or what takes place around you. When you are able to feel complete with yourself on the inside, when you nurture, respect and are kind to yourself and when you are truly loving you, then your external world can ONLY mirror this energy, frequency and vibration back to you and you will know that you are plugged into your abundance.

Alternatively, when you are plugged into the “Grid of Abundance”, you are accessing your heart space, connected to the Universal heart and the truth of who you are at your core, an infinitely abundant being of love. All that is created and manifested in your physical world comes from love, so you are always enough exactly as you are, you will always have enough and always be enough as this is the vibration that you project out into the world through your words, throughs, beliefs, emotions and actions. Listen to the messages of love and abundance that are being whispered to you through your heart where you are fully accepted, appreciated, approved of and loved, no

We ask each of you who are reading this article to know that you were drawn to do so for a reason, for it is time for you to more fully aligned and plugged into your abundance, into more love. So, we ask you to now open your heart further, allow the abundance of love to flow in, for the more love you can let into your heart right now, the more love you will have to give to yourself and others and the more amazing your life will be.

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium is an International Medium, Intuitive Love, Relationship & Business Coach & Author

Abundance BY PHOEBE AND PAUL Funny word that! For most these days when we think of what abundance means, what immediately springs to mind is financial abundance and most feel that if we have that then all the rest will fall into place…..happiness, health, security, safety, freedom etc, etc. No it will not! For some of you this comes as no surprise but it still will to the majority of people on Earth today….Ha! And we wonder why the planet is in such a mess as the majority still strive towards financial abundance under the guise of personal freedom regardless of the cost and consequences to others and the planet as a whole. So what then does abundance mean to us? Basically, for us it means having all our needs met as opposed to having everything we want. There is a difference. Once you have everything you need such as a roof over your head, clean water, a place to sleep and food, you have everything you need, you are abundant. All the rest is “I want”!

How many people overstretch what they have financially and in other ways, in order to appear “successful”? That is not abundance! On the other hand you have extremely wealthy people who live like paupers, afraid to spend in case they lose it. This is not abundance! We speak from experience as we have been on both ends of the scale….from having a few dollars a week for food to being multimillionaires. We know what it is like. We also know that more money can give you more choices but it does not change how you feel about yourself on the inside. It does not bring happiness etc. if you do not have it already. We now happily live somewhere in between …. lol! This planet and the Universe’s natural state is “abundance”. Look around you…..there are billions of stars, millions of seeds in a plant ready to produce millions of other plants. The structure that we have been taught to live in is one of “scare”city. We are taught constantly to feel we

do not have enough or will not have enough or are not enough. ENOUGH already!! If we lived the way we are supposed to live as a supportive, loving collective of consciousness then there would be plenty for all and the planet and all would be thriving! That was the original plan for us all until along came a roque cell or two and decided that they wanted it all for themselves and to hell with everyone else…..and guess what! We let them. So now we live in what we think is a place of constant need. We have become the “masters of limitation” to quote that famous and very loud off world being “Bashar”. Fear not it can change and quickly if you allow yourself to look around at what you already have. Truly stop and look not at what you don’t have but what you do and be grateful for it. Gratitude is the first step towards inner abundance…..the place that true abundance stems from…within you. How you feel and think about yourself and your world will allow abundance to flourish. If you focus on what you don’t have you won’t have and if you focus on what you do you… you will create more. Remember we are all internal, immortal, Universal and limitless beings…how can we not be abundant! Follow your heart and live your dreams

By Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk of Ancient Pathways a company dedicated to personal and spiritual development through Ancient wisdom.



Abundance: Clean-Up the Beliefs BY MEAGAN LEIGH COHN

Abundance is the experience of having plenty- an overflowing amount of anything. I really liked Bashar’s definition of abundance, who is channelled by Darryl Anka. He defines abundance as nothing more than “The ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it.” This is different to most people’s definition because so often we associate abundance with money. But money is only one of the infinite ways the things we need or want can come to us. When we set up these ridged ways of thinking, it creates stress and limits the flow of life. Let’s talk about abundance as a mindset because as we now know, our thoughts create our reality. The reticular activating system (R.A.S) in the brain is a bundle of nerves that

filters the billions of bits of information we are receiving at any given moment and to not overwhelm and blow the circuits of the mind, it filters it down to what’s relevant to us, based on our thoughts and beliefs. It seeks out information that validates our beliefs. What beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind sculpts the reality you perceive via this system. For example, the R.A.S is the mechanism that makes you start seeing the certain model and make of a car you want to buy, everywhere you go. So, if we believe anything like, “There is not enough to go around”, “I’m always unlucky”, “Things never work out for me”, “I’ll never have enough” and any number of other limiting beliefs, then the R.A.S will filter your reality based on those parameters to

simple methods yet difficult at first. Investigate the methods and try them out. It is challenging but if you persist, they produce powerful results and you can start by just 5 mins a day and gradually increase the time to 1 hour per day or more. find experiences, people and information that validates and confirms it. I would say, the R.A.S is the physical aspect through which law of attraction takes place. What you think about, you bring about. To experience abundance in all areas of our lives it’s about cultivating a healthy mind set and treating the limiting beliefs at the root level. At the subconscious level. How do we do this? By observing the subconscious mind which is usually hidden from conscious view. Well, how do we do that, you ask?! One of the most simple and accessible ways I have found is, meditation. To clear subconscious negative beliefs, we need to dive right in there and allow a big clean-up to occur. I find the best methods for this clean-up are simple breath awareness practices, Zazen (Zen) meditation or Vipassana meditation. These are very

When we heal the limiting subconscious beliefs, we can live a life that is abundant in joy, health, happiness, peace, harmony and more. Then, we will always have the ability to do what we need to do when we need to do it.

Meagan has 17 years’ experience as an energetic healing & meditation facilitator and holistic skincare therapist. Her passion, purpose and mission is to help others along their path of healing, transformation and deep relaxation on every level. Website: Facebook: shealingandwellness

Listen to your Heart BY HIDALGO VILLAMIL ESCORCIA There are many different concepts of abundance that for some people may be true and for other inconsistent. Many people see abundance as everything they can acquire materially and that they must acquire all the necessary goods to have a full and peaceful life, but for them it is not enough because they always lack something or feel there is an empty space inside. This feeling of emptiness many times is the product of inner loneliness and the lack of both self-love and love for others. Love some people call the fifth element because for life in general it is essential to love and be loved. Love also gives you the possibility to see the world as a place of peace where you can give and receive. In a few words, loving makes you happy and when you are happy you have the ability to perceive everything the universe has to offer you since you are in a world of infinite possibilities. You only have to think about what you want in a clear, concentrated way and you will see all the manifestations of your thoughts in your life. It is the heart who speaks of abundance, listen to what it thinks, even when your thoughts are connected to it, you can clearly see what you really want and need to be happy. If you provide love in a generous way, the universe will compensate you with enough love where you can find the material and superficial things you need without letting go of what really makes you happy. Hidalgo is International Relations & Marketing Manager & Coach as well as a Cultural Guide for Cosmo Dorado (Cultural & Spiritual Tours & Retreats in Colombia, South America) Website: Facebook:

Inner Abundance BY LAUREN SIETZEMA Abundance starts from within not without. There are many outward manifestations of abundance like money, success, friends, partners, family, assets or feelings like joy, love, pleasure… none of these concepts are wrong. However, in order to receive real abundance we first must let go of the belief of what others think represent abundance & consider what abundance means for you. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t want or deserve to have any version of abundance, far from it! You deserve as much family, friends, money, love & objects… only if it makes you truly happy.

intention of having money did not come from a place of pure abundance (ie love for yourself and others) but to seek approval, to impress, to achieve something someone else thinks you should have to have value in this world, you don’t actually have abundance. In fact, it shows that there is a lack of abundance of worth & value within yourself. Take time to connect to what your inner abundance needs to be. Feel worthy of having your personal abundance & let go of what others believe abundance should look and feel like.

I’m sure we can agree that abundance is about adding good things to your life. So look Life is exclusively being created by your every at your life and be honest with yourself. What thought, perception, emotion & action. When things are adding & what things are taking we embody the essence of abundance then away? Find your own inner personal version of abundance is there. Let’s face it; being a spiritual abundance. An inner abundance for me is the soul you already are the embodiment of love, thought that there is no end to the things that therefore have endless abundance of love. I can learn, learning is infinite therefore my Accept that… you deserve that. knowledge is abundant. Knowing that, I can take actions that allow myself to learn and be Your outward abundance must mirror your true taught from others creating outward pure version of your inner abundance; otherwise abundance. You might discover that nothing in your life will hold value. Some may abundance is joyful interaction with authentic say that having millions of dollars is abundance people that value you. You will then be able to (and there is nothing wrong or shameful for see who in your life is not doing that & let wanting or enjoying money) If your inner them go.

Basically this is the law of attraction. By telling the universe this is what I want in order to feel real abundance, & your intention comes from a place of love for yourself and for others‌ your perspective will change. You will make decisions based on what your real version of abundance is. You will say no to the things that go against it and yes to what reflects it. Soon you will surround yourself with people & things that reflect your inner abundance. The possibilities are endless!

Lauren is a psychic medium living in Brisbane who brings through messages from spirit, guides and loved ones. Website: Facebook: @etherictidewithlaurenpsychicandmedium

Abundance: Find the Bliss Within BY JULYE-AMBER RZOSKA

The feeling of abundance comes from being grateful for what you have and for the chance to celebrate the moment – your friends, your family, places, things ... everything for what they are now and not for what they may be. Abundance is a state of mind. A feeling when you realise you have what you need and want. It’s a state of gratitude that exists in your body, mind and soul. Gratitude and abundance go hand in hand. Feeling abundant is a choice, your perception of how things are. Some people will not have much and yet feel grateful for what they have. There are also others who will feel they have all that they want and need right now. Others may have much more and yet feel empty or have a need for much more because they are not grateful for what they have and don’t feel abundant. Abundance starts with how you feel/value yourself ... as you are and who you are right now. Your feelings about yourself flow out into all areas of your

life – money, relationships, giving and receiving, your worth, goals, work etc. How to bring more abundance into your day: Start by appreciating who you are. Say “I love and accept myself and who I am right now”. Believe in who you really are and not what others have told you. It’s time to drop those limiting beliefs you have taken on as being true about yourself. They are not true, they are someone else’s perceptions. Be aware of your thoughts. Are your thoughts “This is too hard” or “This may take some time and effort“, “I always make mistakes” or “I’m learning to improve”. Once you flip the negative thought to its positive version, your attitude will start to change and you will start having better results which will lead to more positive thoughts about yourself, leading to gratitude and abundance.

Develop a healthy relationship with money. It’s your choice what you do with the money that comes in so choose wisely how it goes out. While money is important, it isn’t everything. It does not buy the important things in life like true love, real happiness, good friendships, respect, a great idea, integrity, appreciation of the simple things and much more. Be grateful for all you have in your life, and realise you have more abundance than you thought. Get clear about your values and what you really want, not what advertising/peer groups tell you. Listen to what your heart, head and intuition tells you, only you know what will truly make you happy, what decision is right for you and what abundance truly means to you. At this moment, make a decision and find value with yourself and what is happening around you, what you have in your life and who you have in your life. Decide to enjoy the moment and find the bliss within.

Julye-Amber Rzoska Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healings, Psychometry, Chakra Clearing & Balancing Website:

Diamond Days BY LISA J BUTLER It’s not a good day to be me. I generally enjoy the game of life and I love a good adventure, but, as John Denver once sang, “Some days are diamonds, some days are stone”. Today is a stone. Or rather, today my path has stones. Lots of them. Of course, I can kick those stones to the side so I can keep moving forward. I try to be productive and I’m ever the optimist (which occasionally works against me). Mostly, I’ve learned to go easy on myself because when I do, it’s easier to see the sparkle of the diamonds that are always present along the path. And really, are the stones that bad? Perhaps it’s time to review our belief system around them. Rather than considering them as messy, tough situations to plough through and survive, we could begin regarding them as blessings. After all, they provide us with variety, a chance to learn and grow, and an opportunity to get creative with our solutions. Diamonds make us smile and feel good when we think of them, but it’s the stones we stub our toes on that truly deliver the most significant and valuable moments in our lives. Either way, both diamonds and stones offer abundant adventures to look back on years later. I’m here. You’re here. We survived. Winners! This is the way we need to view lack, rough times, and ‘stone’ days. You’ll never find a piece of jewellery set with gravel and diamonds together because gravel kind of destroys the look, if you know what I mean. The same can be said for lack and abundance. If you feel a sense of lack, regardless of what you do have, the lack will be magnified and that’s what you’ll get more of. Better to embrace the stones and appreciate them for the blessings they are. I think that’s the key to understanding abundance. It’s a state of mind, a point of view. Stones, diamonds, the odd amethyst – every situation, whether rough and dirty or smooth and shiny, is an opportunity to invite and embrace richness into our lives. So, maybe it’s a diamond day after all. Lisa Butler is an Australian author and personal development coach running programs through her business, Joyful and Free. Her inspirational book, The Constitution of the United States of Being, is available on Amazon and through her website. CONTACT:

Love's Journey Love, Relationship & Intimacy Reading

King of Wands READING BY LEANNE, THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM This month the King of Wands is coming to visit and asking you to take some time to sit back and reflect on the journey you have taken so far in 2018 and all that you have achieved. The Universe is letting you know that you have done the work, you have put the time, energy and resources into what it is that you are desiring moving forward and that you can take some time out to simply enjoy, play and have fun. The King brings you reassurance that you are on the right path, that he will support you, encourage you and that your goals and values are aligned around all things love, relationships, career, finances and intimacy. He is asking you to smile and to allow your inner glow to shine out into the world, for when you do this all around you are ignited with the love, joy and abundance that you are. Remember, to also communicate and clearly ask for the love, affection and support that you need so that you are able to successfully reach your goals with ease, confidence and joy.

READING BY HIDALGO VILLAMIL ESCORCIA Sit on your favorite sofa and take time this month to look from your perspective, this will make you feel fabulous, you are the one who takes control of your life. From that point you can see clearly and observe the rest of the world to make accurate and concrete decisions that will make your days a peaceful and comfortable place where you can move safely in any space in which you find yourself. YOU ARE THE KING and only you are the one who has the last word to decide what is right or wrong, so it is time to take control and look from the throne that corresponds to you. Being conscious and thoughtful makes you an interesting, attractive and mysterious being for others. For personal readings & help for love, relationships, intimacy as well as soul mates and twin flame partnerships! BOOK:

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