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Generosity of Heart & Spirit BY LEANNE, THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM

Come on in, sit down, kick your shoes off and let’s chat about Generosity. It’s funny how the Universe and Spirit work …. when your heart is open to being and embracing the vibration of generosity, you are able to connect more with your authentic self, your soul, who you truly are. Firstly, let me say that people who place a high value on generosity, give and receive from a place of abundance, balance and love, because it is something that their soul must express in order to feel authentic, real, true and fulfilled. These type of people, give more than is needed or than is expected – not just in terms of money – and often receive the same in return! They are generous with their time, energy and resources whether that is through providing support, help, presence, comfort, encouragement, wisdom, kindness, teaching skills, opportunities, smiles, hugs, kisses and most of all love. I have observed that generous people are also patient, understanding, empathic, vulnerable, open, receptive, compassionate and of

course once again loving! Now, in truth we all come into this world as generous loving beings it is just society, institutions, governments or others we come across who put the thoughts and beliefs around lack into our consciousness, which then drives our desire for more money, bigger houses, expensive cars, better jobs and more physical things that we somehow came to think we had to collect and hold onto as there are only limited amounts and not enough for everyone. So, we have learnt that it is important to be driven by receiving more, competing with others for money, opportunities, relationships, homes, or other things rather than being generous…. Now….what I know to be true through having connected with thousands of loved ones who have passed over to Spirit, is that at the end of the day we all return back to Pachamama – Mother Earth – one way or another and our soul can not take money or material things with us when we leave, nor does it want to. From a personal perspective, I have had

many experiences that allowed me to be present and consciously aware of how I and the people showing up in my world are generous of both their heart and their spirit over the last 12 months. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to be generous in many ways, the most important of which was in my personal life and relationship with another. Being generous in my relationship and connection with others, whether my partner, friends, family, lover, clients and colleagues is essential for me to be my authentic loving self – it is part of me that I cannot, nor would I want to, change. This last month,, as a very important and amazing man in my life experienced the shock and devastating loss of a family member (who was only 11 years old), I was given the opportunity to be generous of heart and spirit, by simply providing the space physically, emotionally and spiritually for him to experience and express his grief. How we support people in their grief is something I deal with in my work as a medium all the time and also have a good understanding of the grieving process from personal experience and my training in psychology. I certainly hope that on a personal level, I was able to be generous with my understanding,

compassion, embraces, listening and my time by simply being present with him in the moments when he needed support, strength and love. What I want to acknowledge though, is that I would not have had the ability to be my generous and loving self, if he was not also generous of heart and spirit by being open to allowing me in, being vulnerable and most of all feeling safe to express his grief while knowing that he was fully supported, held, accepted and loved in his time of need. So, it is important to remember that generosity takes a balance of giving and receiving. I believe that people can and are capable of massive amounts of generosity, whether it means simply dropping everything you are do-ing or that is keeping you busy in your daily life that seems important – that so often isn’t - for your partner, friend or family member and giving what you can, often more than is needed or expected. Whether, it is taking a moment in your day to offer a homeless person some water, food or even just a smile and your love and compassion. This is what I believe creates deeper levels of intimacy and authenticity in our relationships, yet it involves allowing our souls, hearts and all of who we are to be seen, heard, accepted and loved! Remember, the only reason many people do not give or embrace generosity is because they believe that they do not have enough ….. and that if they give what they have, they would have nothing left. Well, this is simply not true! If we are still living and breathing, we always have something left. The Universe is abundant, if you only shift your perspective to what you

do have and to knowing that there is an endless supply of everything. You too can easily access this endless source that is the Universe by allowing yourself to be generous. The Universe will then be generous with you – it’s the law! So, this month, I invite you to open your heart, give authentically and generously of your time, support, wisdom, skills, kindness, smiles, hugs, kisses, comfort, resources and most of all your love!

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium is an International Medium, Trance Channel, Psychic Detective, Twin Flame Connector, Spiritual Teacher


Generosity BY PHEOBE AND PAUL The broad definition of generosity is “the quality of being kind and generous.” Then what is being generous? Is it giving of yourself, things, time, heart and soul? Is it expecting something in return or is it not expecting anything? It is all these and none of these at the same time. From experience we know that generosity is sadly lacking in our society today and yet there are some who give too much and can be taken advantage off. Do you give in the hope of receiving something in return? Be honest when you think about this question. We are not into judgement. It can lead to disappointment and we have so been there in the past. Learnt that lesson the hard way. Did it mean we stopped giving on all levels? No - it meant we became more discerning about how we gave. We let go of all expectations we had around giving. Now it always comes from the heart. Amongst many of the First Nations of this planet there is a giveaway

ceremony where you give something but only if it is still of value to you. It is very easy to gift something we no longer need or want. Think about the energy that is attached to a gift that is still valued. We are speaking of gifts not only in the physical sense but in all senses and this can include your time and energy which is one of the most valuable things you can gift to another. Abundance and generosity are a natural state of being and part of natural law. If you look at a fruit tree and the amount of fruit produced and the seed within…..there is more than enough. But we humans have learnt to become the masters of limitation and restriction and place it not only on others but mostly on ourselves….think about how this may impact on your generosity of mind and spirit. An in your face example of how our limited thinking plays out is when you look at the homeless and starving on this planet when we all know that there is more than enough to go around for all. Why? Do we

believe that there are people who deserve to starve and be homeless? No! The majority of us don’t. So why are our naturally generous natures seemingly stifled? Again it mostly comes from a belief in lack and that if you give away some of what you have you won’t have enough for yourself. Of course there is that sickness on our world called “greed at any cost” which has now become endemic and it will eventually consume the planet unless we learn to settle for what we need rather than what we want. Learn to be generous with the planet that is so generous to us. Gives, gives and asks nothing in return. Be like the sun in the Rumi poem that says….”even after all these years the sun does not say to the Earth….you owe me!” That is generosity personified! There is a natural reciprocity in this Universe and as far out as you want to go that ensures that there is always a balance. In other words what you give you will receive especially if you give unconditionally. Follow your hearts and live your dreams.

By Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk of Ancient Pathways a company dedicated to personal and spiritual development through Ancient wisdom.


Generosity to Self BY BELINDA EVANS

I travelled to Colombia in late December 2016 to visit Leanne, as my friend and mentor as well as to be a tourist taking some time out to from daily life to focus on being generous to me. Now….what does that look like? Well, I must confess, I was completely naive as a traveller, having not done much of it in the past – except to a resort in Fiji and the UK - so I initially really struggled to adjust to the way of life as it was so much different to anything I was used to or expected.

my life. I intended to do this when I had time and the space of course away from work, kids and all of the other distractions etc. The moral of the story .... I really needed to be more consciously aware my self talk as well as what and how I was putting things out there to the Universe around what I wanted.

Having done most of Leanne’s workshops and courses in the past, she, is one of the very few people I trust to help me unpack my ‘sh*t’. Spirit and the Universe knows this, which unbeknownst to me, meant Also, in my everyday life, I had that when I arrived in Colombia, my managed to keep myself super busy sh*t, fears, unconscious beliefs and and somewhere in amongst that patterns of behaviour were put right circus that was my life, I had set an in my face to be dealt with. Since intention to sort my sh*t out, that is to Leanne was there and given that I’m transform my fears, limiting beliefs a bit if a runner, the Universe gave and patterns of behaviours that were me what I asked for the time and the sabotaging and holding me back from space away from work, kids and all of being and having all that I wanted in the other distractions to be generous

and loving with me. And I couldn’t run from it this time. Here I am jumping on a plane to Colombia thinking I was just going to hang out with my friend, mentor and to be a tourist. In my time in Colombia, Leanne met me at the airport in Cartagena and dealt with the taxi drivers, giving directions in Spanish to our hotel, which she had helped to organise with me prior to leaving Australia and getting me settled in and adjusting to the culture, language and environment. Leanne was very supportive and understanding, endeavouring to help me and make me as comfortable as possible….and generous with her time, energy and support as we took the bus ride to Santa Marta where I was staying with Leanne for the rest of the trip. I also met Hidalgo in Santa Marta, who I found to be so warm, welcoming and absolutely amazing.

He helped me calm my farm (Australian slang for calm down) when I just wanted to run (a pattern of mine) and reassured me that I was safe, supported and valued. Leanne and Hidalgo, organised for me to take some time out at a retreat up in Paso Del Mango, in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains so I could relax and be generous and loving to me – in other words work on my sh*t. Essentially, they both knew intuitively what I needed …. Remember I set the intention to sort my sh*t out and asked the Universe to provide the time and space for me to do that! Well, the Universe delivered! And the messengers just happened to be Hidalgo and Leanne. I was taken care of by a beautiful Colombian family in a house next to a fresh creak with waterfalls, away from any distractions as I worked through Leanne’s ‘Shifting your sh*t’ book. It was one of those weeks where you know your life just changed, and it did. I left that retreat feeling so much more calm, centred and at peace. I’d uncovered patterns, behaviours and situations from my past that I was able to work through and shift and I

returned to Leanne and Hidalgo in Santa Marta as a completely different person with a new perspective on life – really more of my authentic self. I’m eternally grateful for the intention I set to sort my sh*t out, for the Universe delivering the time and space to be generous to myself and would highly recommended working with them both and allowing them to show you the Colombian way of life. An amazing culture filled with people like Leanne and Hidalgo who are both filled with generous of soul, spirit and heart. Belinda Evans From Chilled & Tranquil is intuitive and grounded Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Medium, Skin & Body Therapist and Personal & Business Coach Website: Facebook:

Generosity BY MEAGAN LEIGH COHN Proverbs 11:24–25 “One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; Another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” Generosity is someone who gives more of their love, time, money or other resources than would normally be expected or someone who gives money or gifts to people in need and charity organisations. Many love the joy of receiving be it gifts, compliment, money and so on. But the joy of receiving is somewhat short lived compared to the joy derived from giving. When giving in a way that is sincerely expecting nothing in return, this can lead to true fulfilment. Tony Robbins said, "Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life's deepest joy: true fulfilment."

Society claims that financial wealth = success. Tony Robbins has worked with some of the richest men in the world and said 90% of them are deeply unhappy which led him to realize “Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.” One way we find fulfilment as humans is to feel like we are contributing something meaningful. To be generous. Tony Robbins has provided over 200 million meals to those in need in the last two years, and he is on track to fulfil his goal to provide a billion meals by 2025. He shared a story of when he was so broke, he had about $22 to his name. He had spent about $6 at an all-you-can-eat salad bar and while there, he saw a young boy hold the door open for his Mum, pull the chair out for her and was very attentive with her. He was so moved by it so on a whim, he introduced himself to the child, told him he was a class act for treating his Mum so well, and said “taking her out to lunch, that’s really cool.” The boy said “I’m not taking her for lunch, I don’t have a job! I’m only 9yrs old.” Tony said “Yes, you are taking her out for

lunch.” And gave him his last $18. He said it was the most powerful experience of his life because he had no fear of scarcity and it made him feel good, even though when he got home he realised he had no money now-None! The next day he received a letter from someone he lent $1200 to a long time ago, who never paid him back. Tony said he chose to believe that it was because he let go of just trying to take care of himself. He has now provided over 200 million meals to people in need, so it’s interesting that he names this as one of the most powerful experiences of his life. It reminds me of a verse in the bible, Luke 21:1-4 that describes Jesus’ enthusiasm at acts of generosity; “Jesus looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the offering box, and he saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins. And he said, “Truly, I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.” Tony sets a great example for all of us. His extreme generosity has not hindered his success in any way, in fact it has enhanced it and made it meaningful. This is when giving and receiving become one and the same. It has given him (and the recipients, I’m sure) a sense of connection, that someone cares, which far transcends any food, money or other resource that

could ever be given. It’s the act of freely giving, in and of itself that is the true gift. Where in your life and today can you be more generous? With Time, money, energy or other or most importantly- with Love.

Meagan has 17 years’ experience as an energetic healing & meditation facilitator and holistic skincare therapist. Her passion, purpose and mission is to help others along their path of healing, transformation and deep relaxation on every level. Using a unique blend of healing modalities and drawing upon her spiritual knowledge she enjoys guiding her clients towards peace, calm & clarity. Website: Facebook: shealingandwellness

Generous with Love BY LAUREN SIETZEMA

There are many ways in which we can be generous, with our actions, words, gift giving, money or even knowledge. It is when you have so much abundance within your own life that it overflows to others. At the core of this I feel to be truly generous is to be generous with your love. Love for others and love for yourself. I think that there is confusion as to what generosity looks and feels like. That the act of just giving is enough to be generous, however I propose that it’s the intention behind that giving that matters most. Therefore, to be truly generous is to give unconditionally. I also feel that there in a misconception that you need to have large sums of money, assets, resources or time in order to be generous. Additionally there is a belief that the more money or physical things you

give, the more generous you are. For example there are many large companies that give millions to charity every year. You could argue that their intentions are completely altruistic and they are just giving because they want to help, and some do, however this also could be just for tax purposes. This is not to take away from the good that this money can do for the charities it is given to. The point I am trying to make is; are they more or less generous than someone with no money who volunteers in their spare time to personally help those who need it. We need to switch our thinking about how we view what is considered generous, and the value we place upon those who are openly generous with their love. If what you are giving is love, than this is an abundant and infinite resource at your disposal. A resource very

effective and powerful in nature, and can be given even when you perceivably have nothing else.

Help make life easier for others when you notice someone is struggling. Do so with the intention of having a genuine exchange of gratitude, rather I think in order to maintain an than expecting something in return. abundance of love to provide By truly giving generously you are generosity, we first must start from a openly showing someone close or place of gratitude. Â When you are even a stranger they have value and grateful, for your life and the people in you believe that in essence all people it, you create an abundance of love deserve love. and appreciation, therefore inadvertently share your appreciation Be generous with your whole self. Be with those around you. kind to yourself and others. By being Show your gratitude by being kind vulnerable, open, honest and with your words to others, listen to supportive of others, you are giving a them, and hold space to support special gift that is irreplaceable. them. Spend quality time with those around you and be vulnerable by showing your whole authentic self.

Lauren is a psychic medium living in Brisbane who brings through messages from spirit, guides and loved ones. Website: Facebook: @etherictidewithlaurenpsychicandmedium


When one thinks of the word generosity various words come to mind – kindness, unselfishness, honour, goodness and abundance. Generosity comes from the heart. When you do more than what is expected, you are being generous. Generosity can be expressed in many ways: Kindness towards others Paying it forward Forgiveness Volunteering your time, skills and or services Donations Helping someone in need Gratitude Caring about others has a big impact not only for the person receiving ... also for the person giving. Being generous encourages you to see others in a more positive light, helps improve relationships and fosters community wellbeing. It also improves your own well-being by encouraging you to take care of self. People with a generous heart are genuinely happier people. They are also happy for others regardless of

their own situation. They will help someone without expecting anything in return. When you are grateful and appreciate life, you also help others to appreciate life as well. We have a choice in how we live our lives. We can live life with a generous heart, filled with possibilities and kindness for one another or with a bitter heart filled with selfishness and self-pity. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if more people lived life with a generous heart. Julye-Amber Rzoska Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healings, Psychometry, Chakra Clearing & Balancing Website:

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King of Pentacles


The King of Pentacles has stepped up and in to provide you with some support, encouragement and love throughout the month of December. The King is all about the Divine Masculine, who takes the lead with getting projects finalised, taking actions and making sure you are moving forward in the best direction for your Divine purpose. In relationships, this means that he plays the role of the provider making sure that the Divine Feminine feels connected, nurtured, supported and loved throughout this month. So allow him to provide for you in whatever ways that he is able to at the moment. If you are the Divine Masculine, then allow yourself to step up and show your softer, nurturing, romantic and loving side. I also feel that this month will be when those in relationships, take the next step to embracing more commitment, intimacy, sensuality, pleasure, fun and adventure. Allow your partnerships to unfold with ease, grace and joy this month as the Universe has a much bigger plan for you and is really asking you to grow into the next phase of your journey's together. If you are single, then I am being guided to let you know that you need to romance and love yourself this month as this is what will allow you to then call in your Divine Romantic Partner. Celebrate your connections with others and the Universe this month. For personal readings & help for love, relationships, intimacy as well as soul mates and twin flame partnerships! BOOK:

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