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About The Temple The Temple Magazine was created by Leanne, The Barefoot Medium an International Medium & Channel, Intuitive Twin Flame, Love & Relationship & Business Coach as well as Author who is originally from Brisbane, Australia and lives in Colombia, South America.  The Temple magazine is published each month to provide readers with wisdom, guidance, tips, tools, and interviews with experts, conscious practitioners, advocates & leaders in their field to support readers in their journey of connection, transformation and growth through Love, Soul and Spirit. 

Article Contributions The Temple Magazine welcomes article contributions from experts in their field, conscious practitioners, leaders and spiritual advisors from all over the world, with each edition of The Temple magazine specifically focused on an area which supports readers in their personal and spiritual transformation, growth and expansion around Love, Soul and Spirit. For further details about submitting an article and guidelines please,au

All articles in this publication remain the property of the original Author & may not be reproduced, in part or full, without written permission.  All images used have been purchased & licenced through Adobe Stock or in the case of Tarot permissions have been obtained from the original artists. 

Moon Magic BY LEANNE, THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM Sit back, kick off your shoes and allow, Spirit and I to bring you through some practical ideas for how you can work with the moon to weave some magic into your life…. Throughout history the ancient ancestors’ of many different cultures have measured time, planned religious events and community festivals, as well as planted and harvested crops by observing and recording the number of moons that passed from a certain period and by the shadows that the Sun and Moon cast. Many ancient cultures watched the Moon each night and learnt to predict its phases and movements, even if they didn’t understand the reasons for those motions.  All of the indigenous people’s activities, whether for work, rest or play, were in harmony with the flow of ‘Mother Nature’ the changing of seasons, the rising and setting of the Sun and Moon as well as the phases the Moon passed through in a month. There was a time for everything! Like your ancestor’s before you, you can learn to synchronise your energy and 

activities with the Moon - Lady Lunar as many call her – as she moves through her cycles and four (4) major phases, to gain a deeper understanding of how your thoughts, emotions and actions can be affected. By learning about each of the phases you will become aware of how you can start utilising the Moon’s energy to allow your life to flow and support you in knowing when to start, undertake or bring projects to completion, when to take time to go within and re-energise and when to get out and socialise as well as creating and manifesting what it is you want in all areas of your life.  So, what are the major phases and the energy they bring with them? 1) New Moon:  Is a time for endings, completion of the old, in preparation for and to make room for new beginnings, something new and to set intentions, goals, desires and wishes 2) First Quarter:  Is good for moving forward, focusing on attracting new positive things towards you which will grow as well as make decisions and take actions to move you towards 

what you want 3) Full Moon: Is a time where your emotions, creativity and intuition are increased and heightened, where you may experience completions, change, tying up loose ends, where things that are interfering, blocking or no longer serve you are brought to light for releasing and letting go as well as a good time to consider your goals and review accomplishments 4) Last Quarter Moon:  is a time for focusing on completion, endings, eliminating or finalising projects and details, taking responsibility and reflecting on what you have created and successfully achieved since the New Moon as well as being a good time to rest, meditate and get ready for the energies of the New Moon. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, each month many of you are affected by the power of the Moon as she moves through these phases, with your energy levels growing and decreasing just as she does, and whether you know it or not you are practicing “Moon Magic”.   For example, at different times have you felt the urge to start new projects, build and grow relationships, increase your finances or opportunities?  Have you noticed that at other times you wanted to release and let go of what was not working or 

bringing you joy in life, to sit back, get clear on your goals and intentions and to develop a plan for moving forward? When you do these things, you are aligning with the powers of the Moon and putting her magic energy to work for you so that you can improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Moon Magic is one of the easiest, most effective manifesting techniques around which can be applied in very practical ways to your life.  All you need to get started is to co-ordinate and align your energy, projects, opportunities and actions with the phase of the moon, whether it is around love, relationships, business, finances, health and wellbeing or your spiritual practices and then set a clear and direct intent about the magic you are weaving.  So, kick off those shoes and allow Lady Luna to weave magic in your life this month.

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium is an International Medium, Intuitive Twin Flame, Love, Relationship & Business Coach & Author

Magic in Flow BY PHOEBE AND PAUL Magic…the word, and pardon the pun, conjures up many different things for so many people.

some of the most remote places and peoples and opened doors not usually open.

To us it means “in flow” with the Universe and all there is. That for us is pure magic. Life just flows. Connection to the divine. When the beauty of this planet is palpable and visible. When you know you are a part of all and all of it at the same time. It may only happen for a moment, a nano second or for months, weeks and years on end…lifetimes too. When it happens you know “magic” is real.

We are always connected to the creator and the divine and have a certain destiny and path to walk. It is up to us to allow that magic to come through us and trust the process. If we feel disconnected then we have with our own thoughts and actions disconnected ourselves. All there is has not disconnected from us. It is truly there waiting for you to get out of your own way and re-connect.

It is not for us the tricks and manipulations of the illusionist but the real magic of creation and being part of that creation and the creating; of life and of being alive; Of the Universe and the Cosmos.

The trouble is that many people have stopped believing in magic. If you have seen the “Never Ending Story” then you will understand that it was the “Nothing” that was destroying the fabric of the world and the nothing came out of people no longer believing. In a sense then magic is the flow of the Universe and beyond. It is in everything from the tiniest grain of sand to the rotation of the galaxies, the billions upon billions of stars, universes and galaxies that surround us as well as all the tiniest to the biggest dwellers on this planet.

What does that really mean? For us it truly happened when we stepped into total trust. We heard the call of the Ancients and all there is and for eight years on and off, followed our hearts and intuition. Truly connected to the divine. It lead us all over the world to

We are so surrounded by magic that we now longer notice it. Our senses have become dulled and we have allowed the nothing to take control of us. Time to start believing again! Believe it and you will see it!! There truly is magic in every moment. Bring your magic into this moment, breathe it in deeply and let go of anything else that allows pain, anger, fear, all of those thoughts, feelings and emotions in. Truly stop and not only smell the roses but look deeply into them, feel them, sense them, hear them! Bathe yourself in the divine, breathe it in and allow “Magic� to happen.

By Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk of Ancient Pathways a company dedicated to personal and spiritual development through Ancient wisdom. Website:

The Art of Magic BY MEAGAN LEIGH COHN  One definition of magic is “The art of producing a desired result or effect by using incantations, rituals, or other various techniques that presumably assures human control of super natural agencies.” or “Having or apparently having supernatural powers.” Ooooh sounds like a lot of fun, to me! But then where do we draw the line between magic and natural human capabilities since an increasing number of people display abilities that are seemingly supernatural. Research study has been done in the areas of super natural phenomenon such as psychical research, power of healing intention and more. These studies have shown that directing concentrated thought to specific outcomes produce reliable results in ways that are seemingly magical. Things like remote viewing, psychic abilities, telepathy, pre-cognitive abilities and more can seem like magic yet are natural human abilities. These abilities go largely untapped, yet anyone can develop them. By doing so, we could all live more magical lives! 

Russell Targ shared an interesting story in his now banned Ted Talk about psychic abilities, sharing how he got into physics and how magic played a part. Russell is a physicist who dedicated 23 years of his career to studies conducted at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) investigating psychic abilities for the CIA, Defence intelligence agency, NASA and many other intelligence agencies. Russell was a childhood magician doing mental magic on the streets of NY where he had the experience from time to time of having a direct reception of something in the life stream of the person who’s mind he was pretending to read or who’s fortune he was pretending to tell. I find this interesting because some psychic development teachers encourage students to begin practicing psychic readings in the class with their fellow students by just pretendingjust make it up and use your imagination. This is a valuable exercise because it takes any pressure off and calms the mind from double guessing unexpected information that pops into your head. It gets the brain to start to

accept information from the non-local broader mind that doesn’t correspond or relate to the immediate 5 sensory input of information from the current environment. This is an important part of ESP. Russell says he was not a real psychic he was just a kid doing magic. He told Kreskin (“The Amazing Kreskin” a famous mentalist) about these occasional unexplained insights and Kreskin basically said ‘Oh yes, every professional magician knows that from time to time you are given some information or material and you can then supplement your magic trick with whatever ESP comes to you.’

Russell then jokes, “But I was not doing magic for the CIA – as we know, the CIA is not easily amused, and we were trying to do the real thing for them.” With these studies and stories it is safe to say the lines between magic and our assumed reality can become blurred. What was thought impossible yesterday, is reality today so with the help of belief in a little bit of magic, we can all enjoy more magic in our lives. After all, life was meant to be fun. And magic is fun. Therefore, life was meant to be magic!

Meagan has 17 years’ experience as an energetic healing & meditation facilitator and holistic skincare therapist. Her passion, purpose and mission is to help others along their path of healing, transformation and deep relaxation on every level. Website: Facebook:

Magic of Creating BY HIDALGO VILLAMIL ESCORCIA Hidalgo is International Relations & Marketing Manager & Coach as well as a Cultural Guide for Cosmo Dorado (Cultural & Spiritual Tours & Retreats in Colombia, South America)  Website: 

Many people every day put in their lives obstacles that only they imagine, just as they let themselves be carried away by what other people think about them and their environment. The power to create is magical, it is only to believe to create.  If every day you wake up ready to create a magical world around you, you will surely attract all the good things to your life, however, if you let yourself be influenced by the negative things that surround you and by what other people think about you, it is a sign that of your own weakness and lack of assertiveness. Thinking negatively is also another way to let yourself be carried away by darkness when you can be in the Universal Light, where your dreams can become reality.   Above all when you are in the light, you live with the desire to wake up every day to move forward with motivation and proposed goals. In addition, this magic of creating can be exercised in all areas of life, in Love, Business, Study, in everything you want to achieve within a family environment or in your interpersonal relationships.

Sometimes I have talked with people who only talk about how bad their lives have been, since the moment of their birth, but they do not stop for a moment to see what wonderful and great things the universe has given them. Surely if they think a little about the good things that life has given them, they would create wonderful things, even when there is poverty, war and other things that make this world an Incomprehensible place for some people.  Perhaps for some time now, man has been tied to the darkness and not used the magic of the universe correctly, so it becomes black or dark magic that only good and loving thoughts can free you from.  Take care of what is good for you, take care of your family, your loved ones and your friends, give love, tolerance and understanding.  Surely the magic that God and the universe gives you is demonstrated in your life, enjoy it, create it, develop it and strengthen it with good acts so that you contribute to humanity in a positive way.

Magic in the Everyday BY LAUREN SIETZEMA

Do you believe in magic? If so what is it and what does it look like?

Our very existence and all of the beautiful things that abound our environment are Is it an illusionist on stage trying to convince something to be marvelled at and indeed are you that they have made the lady disappear? In a form of magic.   this sense we know that the magic is not real but simultaneously we are fascinated with the It can be incredibly transformative when we possibility it is. Our obsession with magic is a notice the magic that exists within all things form of hope; we are enchanted with the idea including other people and ourselves. By that something more magnificent is viewing the every day as a magical and happening than what we can see in front of us. beautiful thing, we find a special gratitude Why is it so many of us want dragons and that allows more magical things to manifest mermaids to be real? Because they give us within our lives. hope that the world is more exciting and mysterious than it seems therefore making What if I told you that you could make things ourselves more exciting and meaningful in the happen, as if by magic. That you could ask for process. something to enter your life, money, a partner, It can be difficult to believe in magic when we get caught up in the humdrum of life. I think that we can all agree now more than ever we are distracted; by our jobs, technology, money and stress to name a few. With all of this noise we may not take the time to marvel at the magic that makes up our entire universe. The key is being open to believing and seeing it.   It is also important to remember that just because something can be explained through science doesn’t make it any less magical in nature. We know that a sunset radiates beautiful 

more joy, health and happiness. We are all energetic beings (animate and inanimate) we are literally made of the exact same thing; we just vibrate at different frequencies. If you vibrate at the same frequency as love, joy, health, happiness and yes even magic you have indeed created these things within your life. In order to vibrate at these frequencies you need to recognise that these things already exist within you and you life and your thoughts and actions need to mirror that. So if you are already appreciating joy therefore joy has been magically created for you. Now that you are vibrating like joy you attract more joy.   

Start to marvel at the magic that already exists within you and your surroundings and just you watch how the universe reveStart to marvel at the magic that already exists within you and your surroundings and just you watch how the universe reveals to you just how magical it can be.als to you just how magical it can be.Basically this is the law of attraction. By telling the universe this is what I want in order to feel real abundance, & your intention comes from a place of love for yourself and for others… your perspective will change. You will make decisions based on what your real version of abundance is. You will say no to the things that go against it and yes to what reflects it. Soon you will surround yourself with people & things that reflect your inner abundance. The possibilities are endless!

Lauren is a psychic medium living in Brisbane who brings through messages from spirit, guides and loved ones. Website: Facebook: @etherictidewithlaurenpsychicandmedium

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Magic is All Around

BY JULYE-AMBER RZOSKA  There is magic all around us and it helps to be still for a moment to see, hear, feel and experience it ... it’s important to be present.  From the moment we wake up, the world is showering us with magical occurrences.  The gorgeous sunrise, the sound of your family, the sound of the birds and animals outside, or your furbaby/ies greeting you, the aroma of breakfast, music, outside noises, the quietness or whatever presents itself in that moment ... it is the awareness of all there is from a loving heart space that will allow the magic to show itself to you. Being busy and rushing through the day stops us from appreciating the little things in life, like when a beautiful butterfly flutters past or the smile from of a stranger.  The magic in the words written and the colours of a painting can invoke feelings and emotions, and that in itself is magical.   Nature is a kaleidoscope of magic, a never ending parade of magical moments, creating life, sunsets, the breeze across your skin, patterns, colours and sounds of the world. There is more to what we see and feel.  Here are some ways to bring the magic into your awareness: Be present with what is around you and how you feel inside Be open to what you see and pause to appreciate it

Go out and explore, go to new places Connect with your inner child and see the wonder that life is Take time out/pause and just be in the moment with all your senses open to what is there Create magic in other peoples’ lives – do something wonderful/help a friend, neighbour or a stranger Be aware of the simple things in life and the synchronicities Listen to your intuition Magic is always around us and within waiting to be embraced. Don’t let the day go by without witnessing and acknowledging the magic that is there.

Psychic Medium, Channel Tarot Reader, Psych Intuitive Coach, Reiki Master, Chakra Clearing and Balancing.  Your Spiritual Plumber - I help you remove blockages and get you back in the flow.  Website:

Twin Flame Journey

Love, Connection & Intimacy Reading

DIVINE FEMININE BY LEANNE, THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM This month may bring about endings, completion of the old in preparation for and to make room for new beginnings whether in your close intimate relationship, friendships, family, business or with your finances. You may be asked to tie up loose ends, make changes as a result of insights, learnings and information you become aware of about who or what has been interfering and blocking your progress and no simply longer serves you moving forward.   You have a beautiful opportunity to look at what is good and right about the people, experiences and opportunities in your life as well as to reflect on your goals and accomplishments individually, with your partner, friends, family and in your business.  The World reminds you to stay focused on your intentions and the magic you are creating, regardless of other people’s opinions, actions or thoughts… Remember you create your world from witin….so make it magical!!


Being the magician will give you the opportunity to create new things in your magical world, but you must not neglect the important spaces of your life, because others will come who will want to take advantage and distract you, so you must strengthen yourself with magic! Create love in your environment and you will surely achieve all the things that you propose in your work environment, in your business and in your relationship with your partner. In short, you can create everything you have available. IN APRIL you just have to be open to the world and accept with humility all that God and the Universe offer you! Because if you believe you create and likewise all the benefits that the magician gives you will come to you!

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Book: Shifting your Sh*t To Achieve Your Dreams Do you feel like you are stuck, struggling, fighting or working hard and not progressing towards your goals or experiencing what you want in life?, Then this Shifting your Sh*t Workbook will empower & support you to discover, shift & transform your life!


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The Temple Magazine (18) April 2018  

The Temple magazine is a free electronic Magazine published monthly which was created by Leanne, The Barefoot for subscribers containing art...

The Temple Magazine (18) April 2018  

The Temple magazine is a free electronic Magazine published monthly which was created by Leanne, The Barefoot for subscribers containing art...


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