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About The Temple The Temple is a free monthly Magazine published electronically by Leanne, The Barefoot Medium for subscribers containing articles, affirmations, tips, tools, guidance & interviews with experts, conscious practitioners, advocates & leaders in their field to support you in your journey of connection, transformation and growth through Love, Soul and Spirit.  All articles in this publication remain the property of the original Author & may not be reproduced, in part or full, without written permission.  All images used have been purchased & licenced through Adobe Stock or in the case of Tarot permissions have been obtained from the original artists. 

The Golden Thread BY LEANNE, THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM As I sit here with Spirit to bring through wisdom and insights for you around the word connection, I am drawn to share with you guidance about what is known as “The Golden Thread”, it’s significance to fate, manifesting, twin flames and the spiritual beliefs and traditions of the indigenous Kogi people who live deep in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. Let’s start with the Kogi (KOH-gee), which means Jaguar in their traditional language, are an ethnic community that has lived in the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia (known as the Heart of the World) since the PreColumbian era – before Christopher Columbus’s voyages in 1492 and the appearance of European influences in the Americas. To this day, the indigenous Kogi people still practice and remain true to the ancient traditions, laws, spiritual beliefs of their ancestors of the past as the ‘Guardians of the Earth’.  In following these traditions, the Kogi have an empathic relationship and connection to  Pachamama (Mother Earth) – which they fear we (humans) are destroying believe that it is their role and responsibility to care for and 

protect her as she is the spiritual core of all existence and the force of all creation, Aluna, thought, soul and imagination. The Mamos (Kogi priests or Shaman) in particular, believe that it is their responsibility to maintain the equilibrium (balance) of life for their sacred mountain, which is a living entity in the shape of a pyramid, energetically is the crown chakra of the Andes and the entire world.   The indigenous people believe that what is important, what is of ultimate value, is not what is measured and seen in the physical world but what exists in the many realms of meaning and connection that lie beneath the tangible realities of this world, linking and connecting all things as one.  For this purpose, they carry out deep meditation, conduct rituals, give offerings and prayers as well as sing songs to Aluna (The Mirror World) which are then carried along a network of inter-connected sacred sites throughout  the world and linked by a golden thread.  So essentially, the Kogi believe in what we today would refer to as the Law of Attraction or manifesting, as what happens in Aluna happens to Pachamama and in the physical world sooner or later, therefore it is important to go to the spiritual realms any perform

healing, transformation, shifts and create as when these things happen above the are mirrored back and manifest here on the Earth. I love that this belief in a magical dimension that you can connect into and visualise and begin creating and manifesting has existed and has been actively practiced by our ancestors for centuries. When talking about creation and manifesting, there is certainly a link to these ancient traditions through what is also referred to as The Golden Thread which brings with it the vibration of truth, inspiration, intuition and grace.  It is through this magical thread that fate is said to eventually weave throughout your life to create the opportunities, experiences and connections to people and places that you need to fulfill your soul’s purpose and walk your highest most loving path in this lifetime.  As you walk your spiritual path (you all have one whether you are conscious of it or not), the golden colour brings with it a reminder to remain flexible, to see the perfection in all things, to allow the Sun to illuminate and energise the Soul with it’s radiance and that allows you to embrace your inner truth and wisdom with clarity throughout eternity.  You can essentially see the golden threads like a spider’s web with yourself at the

as the creator of your own reality, weaving threads of inspiration and connecting you to all people, situations and experiences through your thoughts, emotions and actions. So, the question really is about whether you are consciously aware of what you are weaving and whether your threads are being cast from a space of truth, love and inspiration that allows you to walk your path and to stay focused on your purpose so you are connected with the most loving, truthful and joyful relationships, experiences and opportunities along the way through your Golden Thread. Finally, when it comes to what is referred to as Twin Flames, that is your ultimate soul mate and mirror who’s reflects back to you all that you like about yourself as well as all that is within that needs healing, shifting, transforming and/or changing so that you learn, grow and expand into more of your authentic loving self.  The Twin Flame connection is very powerful, with each person experiencing a strong magnetic pull towards the other that can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually intense.  Twin Flames are always connected spiritually, even if they are not together in the physical, through The Golden Thread of Light which is anchored into their hearts to support them in being drawn together, re-uniting in the physical and coming helping each other in their spiritual growth and development so they can both help others on a larger scale, Universally, in whatever way feels right for them.  This golden thread allows each Twin to be able to connect with each other through meditation or to call and communicate telepathically. 

Each partner in the Twin Flame pair can feel the others heart and hear what it is that they are thinking, no matter if they are in each other’s lives every day or on the opposite side of the world by connecting in with this thread. It is through this magical connection that love is ignited that is so huge, that as it is sparked and released from each person it heals all it touches, helping the Earth become a better more joyful place and conquering the darkness of negativity and fear-based consciousness so that it transforms back into love.  As Twin Flames connect further and begin reuniting coming into union, they become more and more conscious of their magical bond through the Golden Thread which supports them to stay open to all possibilities of creation so that they can together teach others to create something beautiful and that uplifts the consciousness of the planet and all around them.

So, as you can see, there is a significant connection between what we often refer to as fate, the power of creation, manifesting, love, consciousness, Pachamama and the laws, beliefs and practices of our ancestors who have come before us. I ask you to take the time to connect in with your Golden Thread and become more conscious of what it is that you are creating and mirroring back into the physical world so that you too can be a part of uplifting the consciousness of our planet as we are after all, all connected!

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium is an International Medium, Trance Channel, Psychic Detective, Twin Flame Connector, Spiritual Teacher

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We Are All Connected BY MEAGAN LEIGH COHN It’s been said throughout history that “we are all one”, “we are all connected”.  For many people this is an abstract concept they have no direct experience with.  So, what does it mean to say we are all one? It means that we are all one consciousness, experiencing itself through different perspectives and in different forms.

connectedness, around 2011 that was brought on during a Kahuna massage. I feel my years of meditation practice prior to this, helped provide the platform for this to occur. It is difficult to describe but the short version of the story goes like this...I was taking some deep breaths during the massage and all of a sudden I had a sensation that I was Many have experienced this not separate from my breath.  It was connection without realising it.  Have as though something was “breathing you ever been thinking about me” but that something was not someone, then the phone rings and separate from me either. I was it and it’s them!? A scientific study it was me. Then BOOM- my individual conducted by Rupert Sheldrake found sense of self dissolved and I had a that over 90% of people have had this visceral and profound experience of experience.   oneness, of being connected to absolutely everything.  I felt profound Have you ever just known beyond bliss and indescribable joy. I saw the rational thought, something was absolute divine perfection in every going wrong with a family member or person, plant, thing and experience friend?  Have you ever known you that ever was, is and will be.  Even my were being watched before you darkest challenges were seen as detected the watcher?  Have you ever blessings. walked into a room and picked up on distinct tension before anyone even The word happiness doesn’t come said a word?  These are simple close to describing the ecstasy of that examples of our interconnectedness. moment. Tears flowed down my cheeks and I was laughing and crying I had a direct experience of all at once. It was a life changing

experience. Since then, I have found many scientists, philosophers and spiritual teachers who have helped me understand what happened that day.   In Hinduism, Buddhism and yogic schools this experience is called Samadhi. The experience can arise for people spontaneously but often through pranayama, meditation or when in nature.  IONS founded by Edgar Mitchell has done many scientific studies exploring this interconnectedness.  Nassim Haramein, founder of the resonance project has dedicated his life to studying the nature of reality and was involved with the recent documentary “The Connected Universe”.  Michael Talbot wrote “The Holographic Universe” based on research of David Bohm & Karl Pribram.  Heart Math Institute has done scientifically valid studies to demonstrate this interconnectedness.   Albert Einstein said that our sense of separateness is a delusion.  Alan Watts said it is a dangerous delusion because once you see yourself as separate from others, or the earth, you can engage in actions that benefit you but harm the other. When we break free of this disconnected perception, we can no longer do that. 

If you’ve not heard of some of these people, look them up and enjoy the interesting information you find! For now, breathe, meditate, be still and enjoy your intrinsic connected nature to all things.

Meagan has 17 years experience as an energetic healing & meditation facilitator and holis-tic skincare therapist. Her passion, purpose and mission is to help others along their path of healing, transformation and deep relaxation on every level. Website: Facebook: shealingandwellness

Energetic Connection BYÂ LAUREN SIETZEMA

There are different levels and perceptions of connection, to the soul, to other people, to nature, and connection to the universe itself as well as our everlasting existence. At the very core of our being we are energy, the same energy that makes up the entirety of the universe and that within it. This is the origin of our soul and fuels our individual consciousness and ability to manifest physically. This theory is present in many cultures where they believe that everything comes from the same place known as source, God, Spirit or the collective knowing. It is where all that is, resides. Existing outside of what we perceivably call time and space where everything can be accessed. If we are indeed made from the same substance that all things derive, then what we see, feel, hear and know in

this life is a physical manifestation of that energy. This would mean that rocks, plants and animals, in fact everything living or not is energetically a facet of the original source. This is a difficult concept to wrap your head around. A big belief that humans have is that we are more important than the things around us‌ how can a rock be the same as me? You can see the ramifications of knowing this because it would mean everything we do or say to others, is in part being done to ourselves. This is aligned with a lot of spiritual beliefs about karma and the balance of energy; positivity begets positivity. Which brings me to my next point: once we understand that we are energetic beings directly connected to everything around us, we can then see the power we have energetically over everyone and everything we

interact with.

What an amazing power this is! One that can be used for incredible love or In essence we are a physical body hate. If our energetic body is capable operated by an energetic body or soul of manifesting physical things than it that is connected to all energy in would go without saying that what existence, which as I said operates you put out into the world creates outside of space and time. This means your reality. everything we feel, think, do and say has an impact upon our selves and all So ask yourself, what kind of reality that surrounds us even without direct are you creating? What thoughts, physical interaction. Everyone is aware words and actions are you sending of the phenomenon of how the into the world? Do you spend most of emotional state of another person can your time energetically dwelling on effect our own, or to receive a phone pain, anger and fear, or do you focus call from the person you were just on love, respect and growth?   thinking about. It even explains how even though a person has passed, we Whatever reality you may want for are still able to interact with them on yourself, know that you have the an energetic level. power to create it!

Lauren is a psychic medium living in Brisbane who brings through messages from spirit, guides and loved ones. Website: Facebook: @etherictidewithlaurenpsychicandmedium

The Great Connection BY JULYE-AMBER RZOSKA  Connections are about the links between people, animals or even things.  Some connections are strong and bring about a feeling of belonging, acceptance and trust ... this leads to a sense of connectedness.

schedules and working too hard can lead to worrying, to feeling overwhelmed and stressed, leading to headaches and physical pain in the neck and shoulder areas and also affecting sleep patterns. By listening to our bodies, we can Connection/being connected occurs become aware of what is within us, outside of us and all around happening.  We can allow our us.  The quality of the connection thoughts to include ‘Yes, I will take a however, depends on you.  Your 5 minute break, to pause, close my thoughts, emotions and actions are the eyes, slow my breath, listen to my quality indicators of the state of your breathing and be in the moment’. connection.  Doing this often will not only help our emotions and physical body, it Let’s start with our bodies.  All our cells, will also allow us to think clearer and organs, nervous system etc, are linked be more aware of what is happening and work together to keep us alive.  The around us. synergy that exists within us is extraordinary.  When we connect to our Our connections with other people. bodies to listen and feel to what it  These connections can include the needs for nourishment, to thrive, to whole gamut of emotions.  Let’s learn we become a better version of focus on the relationship between ourselves.   people who care and love each other whether in a friendship or There is a connection between our romantic one.  These connections thoughts, emotions and physical body are built on acceptance, trust, and when we aware of the links we can understanding, support and love, better look after ourselves.  Busy and allow each person to flourish.

Next is our connection with the natural world around us. Natural life force energy flows through all living things and when in nature we connect and feel better.  Nature is our happy pill and we have so many choices - the beach, river, lake, stream, park, bush, waterfall, mountains, valleys, forests, even a backyard; and choices of time daytime, night time, sunrise, sunset.  Go outside and connect as often as you can.

Julye-Amber Rzoska Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healings, Psychometry, Chakra Clearing and Balancing Website:

Temple Radio Episode 5: Labyrinth of Wisdom & Truth Join Leanne for this episode and take a journey through the sacred labyrinth and allow Spirit to reveal your highest truth and show you the wisdom for the path forward.

Love's Journey Love, Relationship & Intimacy Reading

Four of Swords


The card giving you guidance, insight and clarity for November around all matters related to love, relationships and intimacy is the "Four of Swords"! The swords suit suggests you are in a stage in your life where you are focused on the mental and spiritual aspects of your development with creative ideas, opportunities and significant growth happening around shifting old thought patterns or stories that were limiting your potential into more empowering and abundant beliefs, words and ways of thinking as well as connecting more with your inner knowing and intuition.  You are asked to learn to flow and take action when you are  inspired and to allow yourself to rest so the Universe can do the work for you.  You may be asked to spend time this month reading, learning, researching and gathering more wisdom before you step into the new doorway that has opened.  Opportunities may seem to just fall in your lap, without your having to do much at all, with new connections also coming in to help you implement strategies and choices to create all that you desire.  This links not only to your personal, professional and spiritual relationships it also links to your connection through love with yourself....the more you love you the more the Universe can show you love in return. For personal readings & help for love, relationships, intimacy as well as soul mates and twin flame partnerships!  BOOK:

Alchemy Cards Manifest, Create, Align Thoughts, Actions & Emotions BY LEANNE, THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM WWW.THEBAREFOOTMEDIUM.COM.AU

This month's Alchemy cards, support you in working with the Law of Attraction to support you in manifesting & creating the loving, joyful and successful life you need, want and deserve!  

Monthly Affirmation

Use this month's affirmation daily to support you in remembering to stay in flow with the Universe and allow the things that you want to be attracted to you in ease, grace and joy. When you are willing to believe that everything flows to you at the perfect time, you are placing your trust and faith in the Universe to shift, transform, move and bring in the right situations, experiences, opportunities at the right time so that they are aligned with your truth and your visions for your life.  If you feel that things have stopped flowing, remind yourself that is just an illusion as things maybe flowing in the background with others taking actions or steps on your behalf in order for your dreams to come into the physical reality.   For this month go with the flow and trust in the Universe’s timing for what you need and when.

Monthly Emotion This month embrace the vibration of “FUN”. Allow yourself to be all of who you are, do the things you find fun, embrace your inner child, visit places you enjoy, spend time with friends that make you laugh & connect with your own sense of fun & playfulness.  When you jump into the vibration of fun you are a manifesting magnet sending a message out to the Universe that says I am open, I am loving, I am worthy, I am passionate & doing all that brings me joy.  If you love to have fun by going to visit new places, taking a swim, going shopping, visiting a museum, watching a movie, dancing, singing, cuddling your love, playing with kids, laughing, learning something new ….then DO it!  Life is meant to be FUN!!!!

Monthly Action

The Action for the month is “ALLOW”!  As you step into  November, the Universe is asking you to allow yourself to have all of what you want, need & desire!  When you are allowing everything to flow to you, you are not resisting or in fear of how it will come about, you are just open to the possibilities & trusting that the path is clear & ease for things to just fall into place with synchronicities, opportunities, confirmations & actions that support you all being brought to you throughout the month.  This is when you are truly in flow with your inner being and aligned with your dreams and desires….things just feel right and are exciting, joyful and loving.  If you have any resistance in the form of fear presenting itself, then simply choose to let it go and step into allowing mode by focusing on something that allows you to shift into joy and love.  Book a reading or order your own Alchemy cards online & have them delivered directly to your door - ORDER:

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The Temple Magazine (13) Connection November 2017  

The Temple magazine is a free monthly Magazine published electronically by Leanne, The Barefoot for subscribers containing articles, affirma...

The Temple Magazine (13) Connection November 2017  

The Temple magazine is a free monthly Magazine published electronically by Leanne, The Barefoot for subscribers containing articles, affirma...


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