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t a market that was the most highly anticipated in recent memory, Therapedic International® exceeded expectations by hosting visitors from all over the U.S. and throughout the world, in their newly renovated showroom at the World Market Center in Las Vegas. Retailers from all corners of the U.S. were in attendance as were visitors from many countries, such as Ireland, Australia, Vietnam, China, Turkey, Central and South America to name just a few.

the first two-sided pocketed line released by Therapedic®. Both lines were enthusiastically received, said Borreggine. In addition, the updated Tommy Bahama® collection featuring patent-pending i-Flex® technology, a quilt that features a micro-mini pocketed coil sewn into the quilt package, was featured at this show. “This feature is getting us additional placements of Tommy on the floors of key dealers,” said Adam Weinman, president of Therapedic Florida and Texas. The group also unveiled new point-of-sale displays and materials at this market. New lifestyle and product graphics for lines such as TheraLuxe HD featured three “hero” graphics with smaller, companion graphics, which tout product features or components of the product lines. There was also a store display unit that made its debut. This display unit featured room for three queen sets, and came equipped with product specific graphics, a monitor, and in-display lighting that highlight the Therapedic brand name and its positioning. “We intend to make good use of that display with our key dealers,” said Chris Sanders, president of Therapedic Idaho. “This will help dedicate dealers to us, with a reason to floor and stick with Therapedic products,” he said. Other products shown at this market included the Bravura® edge-to-edge coil line, which has been the most successful Therapedic line to date, according to Susan Mathes, VP of brand relations for Therapedic.

Therapedic’s showroom buzzing with activity at recent Vegas Market.

“I don’t ever remember seeing as many dealers from such a wide representation of the world as we did here at this winter market in Las Vegas,” said Gerry Borreggine, president/CEO of Therapedic International. The group launched its new TheraLuxe® HD collection, a pocketed coil, step-up version of the successful Medicoil® HD line, and a two-sided line called Therawrap®2. Therawrap2 is

“We have more factories manufacturing Bravura than we do any other product line,” said Mathes. And, this market continued that success story, she said. “It was a great market for the brand, and it was an even greater market for our licensees,” said Norman Rosenblatt, chairman of the board of Therapedic International. “There was an added bounce in everyone’s step,” said Rosenblatt, “and that’s attributed to the excitement generated by the new space and the new products we showed there.”



op 10 bedding producer Therapedic® celebrated the new year with two new and innovative product lines at the January Las Vegas Market—TheraLuxe® HD and Therawrap®2. Retailers visiting the company’s space at B946 looking for the next ‘bigger and better’ product needed to look no further than at Therapedic’s TheraLuxe HD, a four model, heavy-duty performance line designed specifically to address the needs of bigger consumers. THERALUXE® HD

This new line-up provides a step-up story to our highly successful Medicoil® HD collection by providing four more plush and luxurious models that will retail from $1,299 to $1,699. The second new line, Therawrap2, was a two-sided, pocketedcoil line designed to deliver enhanced individual conformance, flexibility and unmatched support. According to Susan Mathes, Therapedic’s VP of Brand Relations, Therawrap2 is also the result of next-generation development, offering a host of step-up features including Copper Gel memory foam and a new high-density foam that offers enhanced resiliency and plushness. Like TheraLuxe HD, Therawrap2 also features Bekaert’s Adaptive fabrics to offer consumers the driest and coolest sleeping experience possible. The four models in this line are expected to retail from $999 to $1,299, Mathes confirmed. “Therawrap2’s story is one of two-sided luxury, comfort and support,” Mathes said, adding, “and along with TheraLuxe HD, we brought two exciting new solutions to the market.” Both lines were supported by innovative and compelling new marketing concepts that visually told the story of each collection. THERAWRAP®2

According to Therapedic CEO Gerry Borreggine, while this new sleep system is ideal for any body type, the company utilized the heaviest coils, the densest foams and the strongest foundation to make this the perfect mattress for consumers with larger body types, but is a very durable mattress that can work for all body types. “We designed this line to be ultra-durable, ultra-plush and ultracomfortable,” Borreggine said. He added that the company met that goal by integrating extra coils—almost 2,000 for the queen-sized mattress—and by using high-quality premium foams, including a new high-density gel foam that is also extremely resilient and plush, a heavy foundation support and Bekaert’s “Adaptive” fabrics which are treated with a temperature sensitive polymer to provide a dryer and cooler sleeping environment.

See the article on page three for more information. Electronic spec books for both collections have gone out by email to all factories. If you have not yet received yours, please contact the corporate office.



isitors to the newly-refurbished Therapedic® Las Vegas showroom found an array of “Good, Better, Best” graphic offerings suitable for a variety of budgets.

Supporting the new TheraLuxe® HD line was an alternative display option to the more traditional banner format. This modular approach, a mixture of image and text printed on sturdy PVC and mounted with metal standoffs, was comprised

TheraLuxe HD wall graphics.

of three large “hero shot” squares and six smaller supporting “component” squares. However, that is just one of a multitude of display possibilities this approach offers. Factories can create custom-tailored display graphics for their retailers by choosing the number of squares needed and what components to highlight, as well as various arrangement possibilities for any given space.

Another, slightly more upscale offering featured a printed 48” x 60” graphic sandwiched between two acrylic panels and mounted with metal standoffs. This display option has a lifespan well beyond just one mattress line or promotion because the acrylic remains mounted to the wall and the printed graphic can simply be swapped out periodically. Lastly, a most exciting addition to Therapedic’s graphic offerings was the eye-catching branded display unit featuring a backlit Therapedic logo, a monitor looping product and asset videos, as well as two custom lifestyle images mounted with metal standoffs. The ability to frame our Therapedic beds within the unit stakes a real estate claim in a retailer’s coveted space. Factories have the opportunity to place the display unit with retailers through dealer contracts that would commit the dealer to buying a specific dollar amount of Therapedic through a calendar year(s). This strategy would lock Therapedic branded product to the display fixture and hopefully, keep it on the floor well beyond the contact’s expiration. Above right: Bravura graphics featured in mounted acrylic panels. Below: Therapedic’s new display unit.


Urban Loft bedroom setting.


n recognition of the need to increase and update their library of assets for 2018, Therapedic® commissioned a photo and video shoot in December 2017. Examples of the results of this initiative were showcased in the Therapedic showroom at the January Las Vegas Market. The photo shoot focused on the placement of both popular and new mattress collections in a variety of bedroom settings— traditional, urban loft, beach and contemporary. A host of lifestyle images including a new “Therapedic family”, images of the female model alone and a couple on Therapedic mattresses expanded the library of assets and provided fresh, updated imagery for dealers. All talent images were shot against a white backdrop, so room setting backgrounds can later be added in behind them. All talent can also be placed onto mattresses from other lines. The product assets achieved include the Bravura®, TheraLuxe® HD and Therawrap®2 mattresses taken at a variety of angles— straight on view and angled perspective. Additionally, this photo shoot allowed Therapedic to create photography standards to offer their licensees. This will enable them to utilize the room images with current and future mattresses photographed at the same vantage points. Beach bedroom setting ready for placement of new mattress.

Raw video footage of the room settings was also taken. The first of this footage was put to use in creating a short Bravura product video, which can be offered to qualified, participating dealers as an in-store loop or for use online. Product videos for TheraLuxe HD and Therawrap2 are also in the works. A small sampling of images can be seen here. Please contact the corporate office for additional information.

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Therapedic Times - Winter 2018 - Vol. 49  
Therapedic Times - Winter 2018 - Vol. 49