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Bishop of the Diocese of Trenton: Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, C. M.

THE PARISH OF SAINT MARY A Catholic Community Proclaiming the Greatness of God in our Time

One Phalanx Road, Colts Neck, NJ 07722 Phone: 732-780-2666 Fax: 732-780-0394

Pastor: Reverend Fr. Jeffrey E. Lee Pastor Emeritus: Reverend Fr. William J. Bausch Deacon: John Wedemeyer

Trustees: Bill LaMorte Irene Weller

Parish Office hours Mon. - Thurs. 8:30 am - 7:30 pm Open Sunday 9 am - 12 noon. Parish Membership: New Parishioners are welcome to register at the office at any time. New Parishioner Orientation (quarterly) - will be held May 19, 11 am Contact Parish Office at Registration is required. Sacraments: Eucharist Detailed Mass times listed on page 2 Penance & Reconciliation Saturday 3 pm or by appointment. Marriage Contact the Parish Office one year in advance for information & guidelines. Baptism Contact the Parish Office for information & required paperwork three months in advance. There are no Baptisms during Advent or Lent, please plan accordingly. In 2 weeks the Saturday, April 27, 2019 Mass will move to 5:00 pm with Penance & Reconciliation at 4 pm.

Grades 1 - 8 Fall Religious Education Registration Dates Abbreviated Started April 1 ends May 30 noon

Solemn Vigil of the Lord’s Resurrection Saturday, April 20, 8:00 pm Vigil * no 4:00 pm Mass or Confessions

Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection Sunday, April 21, 2019  7:30 am Mass  8:45 am Mass  10:15 am Mass More information page 9  12:00 pm Mass Visit our Website:

April 14, 2019

Mass Intentions for the Week April 13 - April 21 For * Requested by Saturday, April 13 – 4 PM Church St. Martin I Intentions of Leonidas Mavrookas * Suzanne Schlesinger Edwin Eastman * Marge Eastman Maureen Sprague * Dering Sprague

Sunday, April 14 – Church Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

8 AM Robert Arcoleo * Ed Brock Arthur Thomas * Colleen Velba Mary and Michael Stivala Sr. * Eileen and Michael Stivala

10 AM Pro Populo Salvatore Castro * Nancy and Harry Bauer Helen A. Ryan * Ryan Family

12 PM Cory Aufiero * DeGaetano Family Stephen Caruso * Friends at Jumptuit & Leka Family- Don, Clare, Dylan & Owen John Beckley * Carol and Frank Donahue


Please pray for the following members of our parish family who are ill: Irene Baron Fr. Bill Bausch Eileen Beckley Susan Condon Ted Damen Logan Dayton John DeStefano Lynette Colaco-Desouza Kaitlin Donahue Nagle Susan Endlicher James Liam Engel James Fiedler Emily Gioacchini Edward Habrack Tom Hudak

Theresia Kopp Bridget Korn Lori Lettieri Donna Lodi Vincent Loretta Pauline Madzin Leonidas Mavrookas Gerri McCarthy Mary Joan McNamara Stellanne Scalia Owen Shoemaker Christine Shrewsbury Angelo Stanco Lauren Vinci

Monday, April 15 – 9 AM Lenten Chapel Monday of Holy Week; Income Tax Day Rev. Neal Lambert * John and Molly Aiello Maria Incremona * Suzanne Schlesinger

Tuesday, April 16 – 9 AM Lenten Chapel Tuesday of Holy Week Mae Valenziano * Bill and Gail Cargiulo Special Intention * Suzanne Schlesinger

To add a family member to the sick list for 8 weeks, please call or e-mail the Parish Office. Thank you!

732-780-2666 or

Wednesday, April 17 – 9 AM Lenten Chapel Wednesday of Holy Week Special Intention * Suzanne Schlesinger

Thursday, April 18- Holy Thursday Holy Thursday; The Sacred Paschal Triduum Offered for the People of the Parish

Friday, April 19- Good Friday Friday of the Passion of the Lord (Good Friday); Fast & Abstinence Offered for the People of the Parish

Saturday, April 20 – Holy Saturday 8 PM The Easter Vigil in the Holy Night; Holy Saturday Offered for the People of the Parish

Sunday, April 21 – Easter Easter Sunday: Resurrection of the Lord All Masses: Offered for the People of the Parish 7:30 AM, 8:45 AM, 10:15 AM & 12:00 PM Mass

Parking head-in on the grass: It is so wonderful that we are blessed with many parishioner families and visitors to our parish during Easter, as well as big turnouts for many parish events. Please be reminded that all staff, ministry volunteers & choir members should park headin on the grass around the parish campus. Visitors are invited to do the same for additional parking especially at the: Easter Vigil: 8:00 pm Mass Easter Day Masses: 7:30 am, 8:45 am, 10:15

am & 12:00 pm Mass

April 14, 2019

Parish Office: 732-780-2666 Bulletin Deadline: Electronic format by 12 noon Thursday of the prior week (10 days before). Bulletin Editor: Catherine Love Liturgical, Music & Worship Ministries Contact: Andrew J. Macirowski Principal Cantor Contact: David Maliakel Adult Faith Formation & Religious Education Contact: Jim Bridges Temporal Administration, Stewardship & Outreach Contact: Edwin A. Sevillano

Sanctuary Lamps Consider donating the sanctuary lamp that burns in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the Church or Christ Chapel. These intentions are on a weekly basis starting with the Sunday. The suggested donation for Sanctuary Lamp is $25. Upcoming availability Church: 5/5 - 5/11


God of all goodness, Look with love on those who wait for the safe return of their loved ones who serve in the armed forces of their country. In faith and hope, we turn to you for comfort. Grant that we may trust in your mercy and send an angel to sustain us as we await their safe return.

PRAY for Military & First Responders SN Colton Boag, USCG Pvt Devon Francis Chrzan, USMC Lt. Col. John Anthony Coppola, US Army Major Douglas Coppola, US Army SN Christian Houlihan, USN Pvt Michael John Mento, US Army 1st Lt. Adam Sjoholm, US Army 1st Lt. Ryan Tanguay, US Army Staff Sergeant Stephen Witherow, USAF If there is a family member you wish to be placed on the list, please contact the Parish Bulletin at 732-780-2666 or Please include rank and branch of service.

Church & Christ Chapel 5/19 - 5/25 & 5/26 - 6/1 Christ Chapel: 5/12 - 5/18

The Parish Office will be closed Sunday, April 21, for Easter.

Christ Chapel Nana & Grandpa, & our son Kevin Mom & Dad

Church Stephen Caruso Resavage Family

Even though it is Daylight Saving Time the Saturday Mass remains at 4 pm through Palm Sunday. The weekend of April 27 & 28 will start the Saturday Mass at 5:00 pm and Penance & Reconciliation at 4 pm. This Saturday schedule will continue until Oct. 2019.

April 14, 2019


THE CROSS We should glory in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom is our salvation, life and resurrection; through whom we are saved and delivered. --Entrance Antiphon, Evening Mass of the Lord's

Supper, Roman Missal

HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE Monday, April 15- 9:00 am Mass - Lenten Chapel Chrism Mass - Co-Cathedral of St. Robert Bellarmine in Freehold, NJ on Monday, April 15, 2019 at 7:30 pm Tuesday, April 16- 9:00 am Mass - Lenten Chapel Wednesday, April 17- 9:00 am Mass - Lenten Chapel Holy Thursday April 18- NO 9:00 AM Mass - 7:00 pm Mass in the Church Good Friday April 19— 9 am Prayer Service Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion - 12:00 pm in the Church Outdoor Stations of the Cross— 3:00 pm Holy Saturday April 20 - 9:00 am Prayer Service, - Lenten Chapel Blessing of the Food, decorating of the Church NO Penance & Rec on Holy Saturday

The Diocese of Trenton has issued an alert regarding reports of email and text scams that will use the name of a pastor to solicit funds in the form of gift cards or cash donations. Please note: Official electronic communications from the parish will always come from the domain

OUTSIDE STATIONS 3 pm Good Friday starting in the Church

April 14, 2019


Andrew J. Macirowski Pastoral Coordinator for Worship & Music / Principal Organist

The Sacred Paschal Triduum is the 3-day period of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday that ends the season of Lent and begins the season of Easter. The principal liturgies of these three days are, in essence, one continuous observance, in which the faithful participate in the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, hear the proclamation of the Passion, and experience the story of salvation through the old testament. On Holy Thursday, there is no Holy Water in the fonts. At the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, the Holy Oils to be used in sacraments and sacramentals throughout the next year, which were blessed and consecrated at the Chrism Mass by the Bishop, are presented to the parish. After the singing of the Gloria, the church bells are silenced and the organ is not used. Following the Gospel, the washing of the feet takes place, followed by the sacrifice of the Mass. After Holy Communion, the Blessed Sacrament is carried in procession to an altar of repose, where a period of adoration takes place. On Good Friday, the church gathers for the Passion of the Lord. The altar is bare, the fonts are dry. The holy cross is venerated, and a somber tone permeates the liturgy. We pray for our church, its people, our Christian brethren, and those who do not believe. On Saturday, the Paschal Vigil in the Holy Night begins with the blessing of fire after sundown. The paschal candle is lit, bringing the light of Christ into the church; there is only the light of candles. We hear readings from the Old Testament that tell the story of our salvation, followed by the singing of the Gloria, when the bells are rung, the organ is used again, and the church is lit again. Following the liturgy of the word, the water is made holy, blessed by the priest, with the immersion of the paschal candle into the font. We renew our baptismal promises, and those who are to be initiated into the church are welcomed. Easter Sunday of the Resurrection follows. On this day we celebrate Christ’s triumph over sin and death, renew our baptismal promises, and go out into the world filled with Easter joy.

The 20th Annual Mass Celebrating Law Enforcement, also known as the Blue Mass, sponsored by the Diocese of Trenton for law enforcement personnel of all faiths who live or serve in Burlington, Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties will be held on April 30, 10:30 a.m. in St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral, Trenton. The event is offered to build support, and show visible appreciation for the efforts of law enforcement in keeping the public safe, and to ask God to protect them in this critical work. The Mass also offers an opportunity for the law enforcement community to honor and pray for fallen officers and their families. A luncheon donation of $20 per person is requested. Immediate families of law enforcement personnel are included at no cost. For further information, call Anna at 609-403-7199 or visit

April 14, 2019


Holy Week & Easter Sunday Altar Server

Thursday, 7:00 PM Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord's Supper Friday, 12:00 PM Good Friday of the Lord's Passion

Saturday, 8:00 PM Holy Saturday

Sunday, 7:30 AM Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord Sunday, 8:45 AM Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Sunday, 10:15 AM Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Sunday, 12:00 PM Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Patrick Dickinson Jonathan Stubbs NOT FILLED NOT FILLED

EMs of Holy Communion

Linda Dickinson-Pancila - Center Cup Suzanne Schlesinger - Organ Host Jane Slattery - Center Host Rosemarie Estephan - Tabernacle Host Maria Gerbino - Organ Cup Susan Murphy - Tabernacle Cup

Patrick Dickinson Jonathan Stubbs NOT FILLED NOT FILLED

Reader 1

Reader 2


Richard Gerbino

Julia Cullen

Magnificat Choir

Dering Sprague

Stanley Drusdow

Magnificat Choir


NOT FILLED - Center Cup Suzanne Schlesinger - Organ Host NOT FILLED - Center Host Maria Gerbino - Tabernacle Host NOT FILLED - Organ Cup Rosemarie Estephan - Tabernacle Cup NOT FILLED - Pres Cup

Dering Sprague

Richard Gerbino

Magnificat Choir


NOT FILLED - Organ Host NOT FILLED - Center Host NOT FILLED - Tabernacle Host NOT FILLED - Pres Cup

Jennifer Stubbs


David Maliakel


NOT FILLED - Organ Host Jane Slattery - Center Host NOT FILLED - Tabernacle Host NOT FILLED - Pres Cup

Annette Raynor


David Maliakel


NOT FILLED - Center Cup Louise Habrack - Organ Host Barbara Schaflin - Center Host Susan Murphy - Tabernacle Host NOT FILLED - Host Pew Tabernacle NOT FILLED - Host Pew Tabernacle NOT FILLED - Host Pew Organ NOT FILLED - Host Pew Organ NOT FILLED - Gathering Space 1 NOT FILLED - Gathering Space 2 NOT FILLED - Pres Cup

Barbara Schaflin


David Maliakel


NOT FILLED - Organ Host NOT FILLED - Center Host NOT FILLED - Tabernacle Host NOT FILLED - Host Pew Tabernacle NOT FILLED - Host Pew Tabernacle NOT FILLED - Host Pew Organ NOT FILLED - Host Pew Organ NOT FILLED - Gathering Space 1 NOT FILLED - Gathering Space 2 NOT FILLED - Pres Cup

Stanley Drusdow


Magnificat Choir

HOLY THURSDAY COLLECTION The Holy Thursday collection is a one-time major collection allocated in support of the Poor & Needy. Holy Thursday Collection envelopes can be found in the quarterly mailing packets. Extra envelopes will be available on the credenza in the church. Online givers - please make your donation in support of this cause by selecting the “Poor & Needy” fund in your online giving accounts.


Lifelong Catechesis Week April 15 - April 21 Readings for the Week Monday: Is 42:1-7; Jn 12:1-11 Tuesday: Is 49:1-6; Jn 13:21-33, 36-38 Wednesday: Is 50:4-9a; Mt 26:14-25 Thursday: Lord’s Supper: Ex 12:1-8, 11-14; 1 Cor 11:23-26; Jn 13:1-15 Friday: Is 52:13 -- 53:12; Heb 4:14-16; 5:7-9; Jn 18:1 -- 19:42 Sunday, April 21 - Easter Sunday Acts 10:34a, 37-43; Col 3:1-4 or 1 Cor 5:6b-8; Jn 20:1-9 Questions for Deeper Reflections: Question for Children: What is good and new in your life? Question for Youth: Resurrection reminds us that what looks bad can lead to something good. What has resurrected, or gone from bad to good, in your life over the past year? Question for Adults: In what way have you risen from "deadness" -Lifelong Catechesis in your life?

April 14, 2019


Quo vadis… My Dear Parishioners: Today we celebrate Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion and Death. For most of us Holy Week unfolds like many other weeks; we still contend with work, school, preparing meals, doing laundry, cranky folks, the usual triumphs and set backs. These readings for Palm Sunday invite us to make this an extraordinary week—a week that concentrates in a few days the ultimate meaning of our whole lives. We must slow ourselves down and make choices so that this week doesn’t go by without our taking the time to enter into its meaning. We celebrate in the liturgies what we live every day—all the dying to self that characterizes truly faithful disciples of Jesus. We are invited to move beyond Simon Peter’s empty “Lord, I am prepared…to die with you” to making this dying the very heart of our living. As the Season of Lent 2019 draws to a close, let us keep the momentum by continuing our personal prayer, encountering Christ in the rich sacramental life of the Church, and by supporting one another in preparing our community to welcome new members in our gathering for communal prayer. There is room enough for everyone to get involved and share in the responsibility for providing opportunities for each of us to encounter the sacred. Make your participation in these Sacred Rites a priority this week. Plan your baking, cooking, cleaning, shopping in advance so that you might join with us in prayer as we meditate on these central mysteries of our faith. The Chrism Mass will be celebrated at Saint Robert Bellarmine Parish, Monday, 15 April at 7:30 pm. During this Mass the priests of the diocese renew their commitment of service and His Excellency, the Most Reverend Bishop Blesses the Oils of Catechumens and the Sick; Consecrates the Sacred Chrism. All are welcome to come and be part of this ancient tradition of our Church. Preparation for the upcoming services have required our staff and volunteers to prepare countless worship aids to encourage our full, conscious and active

participation in the liturgy. Please, please assist us in keeping our church buildings in order by tidying up after the Masses: returning the kneelers to the upright position, collecting worship aids and returning them to the ushers, and whatever else might need to be done. I continue to notice the increased participation in our parish food collection for the poor and needy. You may bring these items at your convenience. The receptacle is located in the gathering area. Or, like myself, you may schedule your support of the poor and needy online as you wish…weekly, monthly, yearly. Our Holy Thursday Collection is completely directed for support of the poor and needy. This is the one time collection each year from our parishioners for charitable appeals. The difference between what is collected and what is needed is taken monthly from our Sunday Stewardship Offering. Thank you for your generous care of the poor and needy in our midst. A quad-fold mailer has been sent to each of our registered households for your convenience and reference. Please put it in a conspicuous location within your household and refer to it. You have received a special envelope for the Solemnity of Easter. Please use that envelope to make your gift to our parish for this Solemnity. I suspect we may have a few visitors next weekend for our celebrations of Eucharist. Please be welcoming and hospitable to all of our guests. Encourage them to participate by your example. Lead them by your own decorum about proper dress and restraining from excessive talking during the Mass. Plan to arrive at Mass EARLIER THAN USUAL in order to find a parking spot without unnecessary rushing around and interrupting those who have already gathered for prayer by arriving after the Mass has begun. All of these things help us to put our best forward. You are the Church. You are the greatest asset of our community. Continue to distinguish yourself as a community of prayer and service by your own example. Have a great week. Let us remember one another in prayer. Happy Palm Sunday. Peace! Father Jeff

April 14, 2019


Sharing Our Treasure Due to early transmittal of the bulletin, the offertory report for 6/7 April will be in next week’s bulletin. Included in this week’s offertory will be the collection for the Holy Land appeal. Included in this week’s offertory will be the collection for the Catholic Home Missions appeal. THANK YOU for the Sacrificial Stewardship Offerings as we support the ministries, programs and facilities of our parish. May God Bless you for the sacrifices that you make.

Processing fees are down! Due to the increasing volume of online transactions processed, we are glad to announce our processing fees have been reduced. Still this cost is lower than printing, mailing and processing offering envelopes. The more people signing up for online giving the lesser our cost is going to be. Want to try online giving? Visit

ST MARY PARISH GOAL: $75,000 Thank you to all parishioners who have already made a pledge. If you have not done so yet you can do it here: The following is an example of a ministry made possible through the generous support of the ACA. Clergy and Religious Administration The Ministry of Clergy Personnel assists the Bishop every day in the assignment of priests and deacons in the diocese, handles all personnel matters pertaining to active and retired priests, and works with priests from outside the diocese who seek to minister in the diocese. Ministry of Clergy Personnel keeps priests and deacons informed of events in the diocese specifically for its clergy, assists in the continuing education of clergy, the annual convocation of priests and in working throughout the diocese. Your gift supports the Bishop, priests and deacons in serving all parishioners in the Diocese of Trenton.

We welcome all your generous donations to Saint Mary Parish.

Easter Donation Easter Donation Envelopes were mailed to all Registered Families where there is a valid address on file. Extra envelopes are available on the credenzas in the church. Online givers - please make your donation by selecting the “Easter Fund” within your online giving account. Or you can access form directly with this link

As a reminder, loose cash offerings at Mass cannot be traced to any individuals and therefore not considered for end of year statement of charitable contributions.

We suggest to ALWAYS use your offering envelopes or to sign up for online giving at Alternatively there are blank envelopes available in church where you can fill in your name so your donations can be properly posted to your account. If you are not receiving envelopes or if you have any questions, please contact the parish office at 732-780-2666 x310. Thank you for taking this matter into consideration!

April 14, 2019


Dr. Jim Bridges Pastoral Coordinator of Faith Formation and Religious Education

Catholic Childcare Center is open at The Parish of Saint Mary We serve children from 2 - 13. Once children are school age we do before and after care as well as summer camp. Jessica Pierz, Director 732-780-0135

Availability: Open Monday Friday, 6:30 am 6:30 pm, Full/Part time scheduling options

Confirmation Prep Grades 7 & 8 Next few sessions

Date 4/14/2019 4/21/2019 4/28/2019 5/5/2019 5/12/2019 5/19/2019

Group Time A

5-6:30 p.m.

No Class Easter 5-6:30 p.m. B A

5-6:30 p.m.

No Class Mother's Day 5-6:30 p.m. B

Community Service Project of the Confirmation Prep classes on March 24 and March 31

Fall Tuition remains same as last year, $250 per student. There is an Early Registration discount of $50 for those that complete the full process including payment before April 30 at 12 noon. All Registrations for Fall RE close May 30, 2019 at 12 noon.

Outline of Process for completing RE Registration Obtain a My Own Church (MOC) Login Request student(s) session & class through the MOC portal Once request is received by RE office, it will be verified and processed, then, an invoice will be created for payment, and be emailed back to family. This email/Invoice will include a web link to make payments through the Online Giving interface. Submit payment through the Online Giving link provided in invoice email. Please note, a student’s placement is not regarded as certain until payment is made. A final verification will be sent to confirm placement and that the process is complete.

April 14, 2019

Please return your rice bowl donations by April 28, 2019. Divine Mercy Sunday - 2nd Sunday of Easter A check for the total amount collected from the bowl should be made out to Saint Mary, in the memo line written ‘Rice Bowl’ Encounter Our Neighbors We encounter Jesus this week in Jerusalem, a community he knew well. We prayerfully enter our own communities too, encountering those who are hungry and thirsty, and those who need our help. How does our Lenten journey motivate us to serve those we meet in our daily lives? Go on the CRS website, to learn all about Rice Bowl and how to make simple meatless meals using Rice Bowl recipes. Put your Lenten offerings in your Rice Bowl, count them at the end of Lent, make a check to St. Mary Parish for the total amount and drop it in the collection Basket. Alternatively you can make your donation using our online giving platform. < >

Sunday, April 28 following the 12 noon Mass

Easter Egg Hunt Join us for faith-filled crafts, live bunnies, visit from the Easter Bunny, refreshments & the Easter Egg Hunt Location: Madonna Hall & Parish Grounds SIGN-UP sheets will be in the Gathering Space until Palm Sunday Sign- up or volunteer online at

10 Mass Matters: Reflections of a Parish Priest by Fr. William Bausch The book is available at the Parish Office for $12.00

Saint Mary Parish Sewing Circle will meet April 23 in room 11 at 1 pm as usual. We’ll continue to work on quilts & gowns. WHEN and WHERE: Come when you are available. The ministry meets in Meeting Room #11 twice a month (Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month 1- 3 pm. CONTACT for more information: Kathe Flanagan at

The New Day Bereavement Support Group Ministry of Consolation Invites You…to participate in a nine week program for those who are grieving the death of loved ones and want to work through the tasks of grief in a structured way using the New Day Journal, A Journey from Grief to Healing. The sessions include readings, reflection, sharing and journaling. Group meets 7:30 pm in Christ Chapel. Starting Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Ending Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2019 For information and pre-registration: Marilyn Simone at 732-462-8088.

Congratulations! Parishioner, Mario Geneve, picture right with wife Meredith, received an award for being a Founding Father of the Colts Neck Business Association during the Annual Luncheon at Trump National March 26.

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Palm Sunday Bulletin for April 14, 2019  

Saint Mary, Colts Neck, NJ Weekly Bulletin

Palm Sunday Bulletin for April 14, 2019  

Saint Mary, Colts Neck, NJ Weekly Bulletin