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Taller Psicopedagógico de los Andes

tapsandes in 100 words

"The art of writing consists in saying a lot with few words"

Antón Chéjov

Taller Psicopedagógico de Los Andes

Taller Psicopedagógico de Los Andes

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We present our second issue of the literary strategy “TAPSANDES IN 100 WORDS”

In this year 2023 we celebrate our 2nd edition, loaded with our student's imagination of their best moments lived in their school . We celebrate their writing skills and their ability to create stories from everyday moments enriched with the magic of creativity. Let's keep up the good work


The girl who rescued me

On any given day I was with a girl who taught me to be disciplined. Since that day, I fell in love with her; and since then, I struggled to improve my discipline and I intended to improve my calligraphy. I am very grateful to her because I started to make an effort and I achieved a goal. Thanks to her, I got inspired to move forward with my mom. I came out of a void in indiscipline for her. I managed to win an honorable mention thanks to my love.

Author: Juan Diego Zabala Rodríguez.

Grade: 303

To my teacher

When I arrived at my school, the teachers told us their names. One of them, my English teacher, made me very curious. One day this magnificent teacher arrived.

We knew that she was very good in English, she was 25 years old, she was very young, she was very kind, loving, and also very creative. She was the one who seemed very beautiful, she taught us many things, she worked a lot for us, you are the best teacher I have known in the world. Thank you, I love you.

Grade: 303 TEACHER’S


My school places

In my school there are many spaces to enjoy, such as the coliseum, patio or auditorium and the playroom. I can run and play because the coordinator allows us to use these spaces. My teachers are also kind enough to tell me where the coordination was. My teacher Alexandra, told me she taught English and with her I have visited fantastic places where we go to do many activities. However the stairs are a bit dangerous when going down , if we are not careful someone can get hurt.

Author: Unknown

Grade: 303

My Little spider

When I was in transition I met a spider that didn't bite because it didn't even have teeth, in the break we played with it and in the classes it was in a jar, it could climb and it taught me the whole school while I chased it, it taught me to take care of the school environment, he also helped me when I drop things, he accompanied me on recreational vacations and also made me be more courageous, adventurous, creative and restless. That's why I called him Pablito Zamora. Pablito must be very happy.

Author: Unknown

Grade: 303

A new year

Last year I was trying to enjoy it more than ever since I didn't know if I would stay with my friends or people I know. I tried to have a good time with my friends, without fighting. On the last day of classes, I wanted to be with all my friends and some of us said goodbye. Some others will see each other on vacations. After this, we came back to school in the new year, everything changed in the classroom, the teachers , the breaks ,etc. I saw some colleagues and friends, I approached them and talked to them about the new year

Author: Isabela Soscue Pinza

Grade: 303


I am part of the cheerleading team at my school. I chose this club because I really like the choreographies that the cheerleaders perform, because of my age I am in the Tiny group. We train with effort, dedication and discipline to be able to represent our school. It is very exciting to compete against other groups because we see that our effort is recognized and rewarded. We have already participated in two competitions, the first was in Melgar and we were in second place and the second was here in Bogotá and we were in third place. For the next competition we will do our best to win first place.

Grade: 303

Going back to school

I started my studies in 2020 in second grade at TAPSANDES school, with the teacher Mariana who is not at school in the present. That same year the pandemic began on March 16, the school suspended classes, due to health reason to the pandemic caused by covid-19 for this reason we started watching online classes, for me was something hard to adapt at this method of communication, send homework, make new friends, there were two years without living the house not communication with other persons. In 2022 we returned to the school with face to face classes. Thanks.

Grade: 402

My friends

My friends can be cool, crazy, dramatic and loving. I don't judge them, because at any moment our personality can change, my little friends cannot be compared with other people because they are unique and incomparable.I love them very much as friends, but sometimes they get very energetic and end up in some little problem because at school they cheer me up if I'm sad or they make me happier than I can already be. Well, I know that they have the power to accompany us because they are passengers who come and go in our great life.

Grade: 402

School activities

In this opportunity, I am going to talk about some activities carried out in my school such as: when we celebrated the day of the child we painted t-shirts and we made Sara in plasticine, Sara is a character in a story that symbolizes diversity. I learned that no matter our skin color, or our race, we must respect each other equally. In other activity, we visited different countries with a passport. Countries were presented in each room of the school, for example Greece, India and Russia. In this activity I learned about their cultures, their food, and it increased my knowledge, I loved it. Finally, in other activity they took us to a circus and we had a lot of fun.

Grade: 402

Back to school

When I returned to school I felt very good to return, when I entered I saw everything beautiful, I entered my classroom I saw my classmates who are almost my friends after a class we had a 30 minute-break so, I went down, I saw the children eating and playing, when I looked towards the coliseum I realized that it was as I remembered it, the bell rang we went up to class after two classes we had a mini snack to take an active break we finally had the last two lessons. Pedro Ballen thanks for this beautiful school.

Author: Martin Diaz

Grade: 402

My favorite teacher

When I arrived at Tapsandes this year, teacher Alexa taught me and helped a lot at school. She is very fun. She does very cool activities. She is very friendly, responsible, helps us improve and supports us. I know that she works hard to improve, she always tries to be the best teacher. of the world, is attentive, listens to us and supports us, strives to improve more and more. she takes us to the ludoteca and we play games in which she teaches us she is very funny, everyone seems friendly to her rather this is the best teacher in the world she is too good I love you because you are very special a very nice and affectionate teacher with everyone I love you, you are the best teacher in the world.

Grade: 401


The science fair

During the science fair the school became a hospital, a bank, a casino, an amusement park, a shopping center and an eco park. The primary school children had secondary school godparents, they had to make tours around all the places and I sealed a sheet with them. The place that I liked the most was the hospital. There were many games and mathematical techniques such as the Arabic one, which is about abbreviating divisions or multiplications. One of the ones that I liked the most was also the casino, which was from a technological zone. It was with all the computers and there was a virtual reality area and holophonic music. In conclusion the fair was fun.

Grade: 401


This activity makes to thirty of September, I be in the grade 401 which one chose four students in language and English class for expose about Greece. I am between these four students. To chose four students of 402 and 403. So, we can take turns for expose, all the exhibitors distribute us some topics for example: their clothing, ways of life or cultures and traditions. When the day long awaited Alejandro, Thomas, Alejandra, and me we changed to the QUITÓN they Saied that we expose one hour, but we must expose for two hours. End

Grade: 401


Hi I am Thomas and today I am gonna tell you about my expotition about greek.Last wednesdaySamuel O. said to the teacher that he coul’nd be at school on Friday,the teacher said me that i am going to reemplase Samuel.Im like¡what!because I didn’t now anithing about about the topic,then Samuel gift me a cardboard “¡VERY BIG!” the teacher Alexa said me that I need to practice,when Samuel said me that I need to estudy and Sara puts me to copy so much.

Grade: 401


This story begins when suddenly they called us to the coliseum because there was "LA MEGA", my friends and I were very excited, the music began to play and we shouted it as if there was no tomorrow; That same day I wore unusual glasses which said "FERXXO" on their lenses and when I was screaming I decided to use them, that was something very essential since thanks to the fact that I decided to put them on the music began to drop and the voice of the DJ was present, I mention that I was wearing said glasses and he also gave me a bracelet, my friends and I got very excited.

Grade: 702

A lucky day

I have been in Tapsandes all my life, I have experienced many things here... but there is a story that I will always remember as a very special day.In fifth grade a teacher brought a stuffed animal named Tomas, for a week a random student took him along with a notebook to tell his story.After everyone participated in this activity, it was time for someone to win it... it was through a number and whoever said the correct one took it and kept it. It was my time to say it, and… I earned it, I couldn't believe it, I was really happy.

Grade: 1101

A lucky Memory

Cold mornings, dark evenings, rainy nights, the same tasteless pattern, the same routine every day but there is always that something that makes you feel the urge to continue... There is no doubt that Tapsandes gives that color to gray days, however dramatic a situation in the morning, however hard the night before could be, friends, teachers, and those people you cherish makes us feel like we want to continue and that makes us want the school never end, those permanent memories of which in the future we will say: "hey, we were happy, and we did not notice it".

Grade: 1101

My friends

This year, I met the other side of some people, who last year hadn't given me the opportunity to get to know them well and after talking with them I know the reason why I can laugh the most at school. We only see each other at school and rarely outside of it, but we know that we count on each other, we are 7 even if it's an odd number no one feels sidelined or alone. It is sad that it is our last year and that when we graduate we will probably not see each other again. At school we have our space in the classroom, and we consider that we are the most stable group of friends of all 11.Before I knew it they became my brothers.

Grade: 1101

Happy Friendship Day

An unforgettable place

When Nicol was a girl, she started her studies at TAPSANDES to in second grade, she realized that it was an incredible place and where she was going to have many unforgettable experiences, when she reached eleventh grade at the age of 16, she realized that in these years she had learned many things, both academic and personal. She met wonderful people, teachers who will remain in her soul for all the life lessons they left behind, and finally for all the moments being laughing, crying, having fun and for those people who made her life happier. Tapsandes you will always be in my heart.

Grade: 1101


One day I arrived very early in the morning to school, I felt very lost, the school was alone and with the doors wide open so I entered but as soon as I crossed the school in the air I felt a strange aura, I decided to ask why no one was there, I started by checking the administrative offices where by the time the teachers or directors should have already arrived and the classrooms but still I was alone until I heard something that shocked me was an indescribable noise so I turned suddenly and immediately awoke from a deep sleep.

Grade: 1101

A cheap backpack

My story begins in the year 2017, in that year I was a new student in Tapsandes school and I didn't know many people in the room but that was not important. One day during normal school hours, I was paying attention to the classes and teachers as usual in those years, when we were leaving to go home, at the moment of picking up my backpack I heard a strange sound and when I looked at all my notebooks were on the floor and my backpack was broken and that day I left with my notebooks in my hands and tired.

Grade: 1101

. Author: Joseph Camilo Corredor Amariles


The afternoons were spent in a little house, practicing hard. The keys of the lyre resonated throughout the place, accompanied by the percussion, and my mind was lost in it. The soft sound that it emitted calmed me down and disconnected me from the world, and in a short time, I acquired a certain skill for that art. The hours I spent playing the lyre flew by in my opinion. I was very happy to be able to do it, I always counted the hours until I could play again. Without a doubt, one of my best memories at Tapsandes school.

Grade: 1101


My galaxy

One day my parents took me to the space where I would acquire knowledge to someday build my own universe. I was very young and didn’t know that I was in a place where I was just a simple star, eventually I began to know planets that revolved around a light called Education, I also met other confused and afraid stars to shine but with the power of our friendship we were together to be stronger. Now I am a comet that will go off to face asteroids, nebulae and black holes, but I will never forget this galaxy called my school.

.Author: Maria Camila Salazar Garzon Grade: 1101

My second home

I wake up excited, euphoric and triumphant because that is what makes me feel like my second home. Learn from experiences and anecdotes told by those great teachers, accompanied by people who have got my love since I was a child, I met my second home in pre-school, I remember the events in the cheerleading team, family days, and pedagogical journeys s that always gave me something new to learn every day. At Tapsandes I feel like I was with my family, accompanied by each of the triumphs, gifts and good things that I have done over the years.

.Author: Unknown

Grade: 1101

My experiences

This year was very special for me, I worked in one of the best schools in Madelena with a wonderful group, 204. With them, we carried out several processes, not only academic but also socioemotional and related to sports. They learned about values such as respect, tolerance and friendship, they projected their dreams and some of them their business vision.

For me, it was very curious to see the way my students created business such as ice cream sales with exclusive flavors created by them, like the unicorn with its different colors and flavors, they made exclusive designs of clothes that thanks to the markers and the paper sheets came alive in their imagination, they even promoted their artistic drawings of famous people and all this occurred from their chairs with paper signs that they hung on their table. For me it was a great year of thousands, an unique and unrepeatable experiences which I could not summarize in 100 words. I would need a complete book.

Teacher: Maria Milena

The interesting Science class

In science class the kids always are interesting in some topics,for example the growing of the plants are amazing but this experiment was specially.The students gave soli,seeds and wáter, they planted bean seeds and they can observed how it changed.The children were excited and they registered on a daily basis,each day changes in the seeds,until the seed grows,the students understood the importance and take care of plants and some students to find out in this moment what are the components of the soil and what living things are under soil.

Teacher: Judy Astrid Arias

A radical change

By March 18th, 2020, a decision that would affect the Tapsandista community was made. Closing the doors of our school due to the effects of the pandemic, was a situation that led us to make changes in our educational work, adapt the spaces of our house so they could become classrooms, and learn more about each student's home through virtuality. It was a time of strong changes. However, the families´support to manage technology, as well as the teamwork at school, allowed us to achieve the objectives.

Teacher: Martha Leonor Torres Villamil

Smiley Faces

During some time, I wondered about my future, I wanted to know if the best for my professional life was to be a teacher or if maybe the best was not to be anymore and to do another thing. But some day I received a call that changed my perception. In this call I was invited to participate in a beautiful Project called Tapsandes with many expectations and fears I decided to accept and on my first day with my 201´s students I could see and feel that their smiley faces were that I needed to be a little happier.

Teacher: Janneth Beltrán

Taller Psicopedagógico de los Andes

tapsandes in 100 words

"The art of writing consists in saying a lot with few words"

Antón Chéjov

This book was published digitally on May 2023
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