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WEST WEST HOVE October 2019 ISSUE 98


Green Wright Chalton Annis SOLICITORS

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We offer incredible new versions of food and drink that you might find familiar. We have sodas made in house with some help from our centrifuge machine. They have around one tenth of the sugar of regular sodas. Our cocktails are crafted with loving care using house made essences, bitters and artisanal spirits. Some of our cakes have no added sugar. Some are completely dairy free. We are really proud of our velvety, house made, organic cashew and tiger nut milk blend.

Our coffee has to be tasted to be believed. We only use the best butter, virgin coconut oil (for our many non dairy/vegan creations) and extra virgin olive oil for dressing. Our tea is brewed in clean glass, to the perfect temperature.

Everything we have is completely free of gluten. That's right, everything. Even our house made sourdough, sweet bakes Xe[fliYlkk\id`cbgXeZXb\j% FliX`d`j\oZ\cc\eZ\XjjkXe[Xi[%N\ dXb\jlg\i]ff[]fijlg\ig\fgc\%





K_\ 9Xb\ip

90 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN1 4ER 01273 620 036


 :fd`e^jffe%%% )+Jp[e\pjki\\k, Brighton, BN1 4EE

Jk>\fi^\gc JkG\k\i:_liZ_ 2

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WELCOME TO THE WEST HOVE DIRECTORY! This year’s LagoonFest was a great success – thank you to all the organisers who have worked so hard for many months behind the scenes, as well as the wonderful Norman Cook who always turns out to support the community with a smile on his face. Events in October include the Ageing Well Fes val, where anyone over 50 can try new ac vi es. We have news of local film director Ellio Hasler’s latest project (we’ve heard he’s been filming scenes during the night at Hove Lagoon), Rachel Bridgeman remembers “the Forgo en Men” from Hove who died in World War One and the Westbourne councillors tell us 3 in the job. what they’ve been up to during their first six months Have a great month! The West Hove Directory Team info@westhovedirectory.co.uk www.westhovedirectory.co.uk Cover photo: Jane Galvin


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Local Director Films “Vindica on Swim” Old Photo “The Forgo en Men” Sussex Art Fairs (East) Ageing Well Fes val News From The West Hove Forum Where In West Hove? Councillors For Wish And Westbourne Councillor News Local Exercise...Bodya ack Ma Goddard Photography What’s On In West Hove… The Art Of Doing Nothing! Monthly Play Street In Derek Avenue Fireworks Halloween In Stoneham Park New Bridleway In Hove Halloween Plans For Knoll House

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New Nursery at Hove Library


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hovevillage Hove’s Creative Day Nursery

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West Hove film director EllioƩ Hasler tells us about his latest project...


LOCAL DIRECTOR FILMS “VINDICATION SWIM” The UK’s youngest feature film director, Ellio Hasler, is 19 years old and comes from Berriedale Avenue, West Hove. We spoke to Ellio in 2017, a er the premiere of his first feature film, Charlie’s Le ers, at the Brighton Fringe Fes val. His latest film in produc on is Vindica on Swim, about Mercedes Gleitze, the first English woman to swim the Channel, who was born in Brighton. Ellio told us more... Why did you decide to make a film on Mercedes Gleitze? I decided to make ‘Vindica on Swim’, a film based on the life of Mercedes Gleitze, because it’s just an incredible story about an equally incredible and inspiring woman. There’s a whole lot more to it than just swimming the English 5 Channel, but to go into that would be to spoil the film! What stage is the film at currently? I am two-thirds through the ‘on water’ filming, most of which I hope to have done by the end of September, before returning to university. The one major water scene for next year I am star ng to plan is to collate a number of old wooden boats just off shore at Shoreham. If any readers can help with this I’d be very interested in talking to them. We have two old wooden Oyster Cu ers already booked in.


Doors and Conservatories

Kirsten Callaghan and EllioƩ Hasler filming VindicaƟon Swim

Are you using Brighton & Hove loca ons and actors? We are absolutely using Brighton & Hove actors and loca ons! Our lead Kirsten Callaghan is from Brighton, as are the majority of the other cast members including John Locke of ‘Darkest Hour’ and ‘The Favourite’, who plays Mercedes’ coach in the film. The idea is for this film to be the next ‘Quadrophenia’, an iconic Brightonbased film that the whole city was able to come behind and fully embrace; we’re looking to emulate that with ‘Vindica on Swim’. Have you got any more films planned? I think I’ll concentrate on the task at hand first, which will take some me due to the huge challenge of filming out at sea. Although having said that there are certainly ideas running through my mind.

FREEPHONE 0800 0961696 Factory & Showroom: Units 4, 5 and 6, Southern Cross Industrial Estate, Freemans Road, Portslade. BN41 1GS www.premier4windows.co.uk

You are also studying history at the University of Exeter. Is it difficult combining your film-making with your university studies? Not par cularly, I did it before with ‘Charlie’s Le ers’, so I’m not concerned about doing it again with ‘Vindica on Swim’. For more informaƟon on EllioƩ’s work, visit www.relsahproducƟons.co.uk.

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Historical Hove...

6$6+ :,1'2: WEST HOVE

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IN WARTIME A photograph taken near Hove Lagoon, towards the end of World War Two, showing the desola on on the seafront occasioned by the need to seal off and mine the beach and promenade in 1940, when Britain faced the threat of invasion.

'RPHVWLF &RPPHUFLDO Domestic Commercial 3XUSRVH & 0DGH -RLQHU\ 'RRUV :LQGRZV Purpose Made Joinery %R[ )UDPH 6DVK 'RRUV :LQGRZV   


Probably taken in 1944/45 when the wire and obstacles were being dismantled. Thanks to the Regency Society for this image from their photographic archives, The James Gray CollecÆ&#x;on. You can see thousands more historic pictures of Brighton and Hove at: www.regencysociety-jamesgray. com

ȇ Å—Å&#x;Şś

Since 1985 M.Davies Joinery has established an outstanding reputation for timber window and doors that combine durability with the aesthetic beauty of natural materials. We aim to provide cost-effective joinery products to commercial and domestic clients covering Sussex and the South Coast. With Double, Single or Slimline Glazing, all our products are hand crafted using mortise and tenon construction, in hardwood/soft wood or choice of DQ\RWKHUVSHFL¿FWLPEHU

Call us for an informal discussion, or no-obligation quote, alternatively call for DQDSSRLQWPHQWDWRXU+HQ¿HOG:RUNVKRS Tel: 07966 903828 :HE www.mdaviesjoinery.com Email: contact@mdaviesjoinery.com 8QLW+HQ¿HOG%XVLQHVV3DUN 6KRUHKDP5RDG:6XVVH[%16/ 6

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Awning servicing, repairs, cleaning and replacement parts.

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Local history from Rachel Bridgeman...

“THE FORGOTTEN MEN� “Listen to the wraiths of morning in Flanders fields of grey, Can you hear The Royal Sussex who came and went away And linger s ll in graves unknown amidst the furrow and the thorn. But never flinched, duty done, these sons of Sussex bred and born.� (anon) Barely a family or community across Great Britain escaped the First World War untouched by terrible loss. The Hove Roll of Honour lists 631 names. Hove was far smaller at that me, just the parishes of Hove and Aldrington - West Hove fell within both parishes.

Men from the Southdowns BaĆŠalions of the Royal Sussex, nicknamed “Lowther’s Lambsâ€?, at Cooden Camp, Bexhill; photo from royalsussex-southdowns.co.uk, courtesy of David Lester

9 West Hove was unique in some ways; it was bordered by two military hospitals for injured soldiers (with a third just a stone’s throw away) giving witness to the horrific consequences of war; what the poet W. H. Auden called “the greatest book about the first world war� was wri en here by one of the 16 war poets commemorated in Westminster Abbey; and, with a prisoner-of-war camp within its boundaries, German soldiers marching at bayonet point to work were a familiar sight. But, in other ways, it provided a microcosm of the tragedy that was happening all over Sussex and the rest of the country. Its soldiers fought in all the branches of the armed forces; are buried in the fields of Flanders and as far away as Chile, Pales ne, Mesopotamia, Egypt and the North Atlan c. They were the sons, brothers and husbands of our local community.

Reading the words of a veteran, “When we are gone, no-one will remember us or what we did,� moved me to write a historic guided walking tour to honour these men and the communi es they le behind. The “Poets Corner & The Great War� historical guided walking tour conveys the pride, bravery and enthusiasm as well as the horror and sadness; includes poetry and art; and has lighter aspects such as Jelly Babies! The “Soldiers, Saints, Celebri es & Saxons� tour includes the First World War poet who wrote his epic poetry in West

Hove and is commemorated in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey. To receive the Hove Actually Walking Tours programme of walks, email hoveactuallywalks@ gmail.com Informa on also available on Facebook (Hove Actually Walking Tours).

(Footnote: “The ForgoĆŠen Menâ€? is how the survivors of the Great War oĹŒen referred to themselves)

Offering a range of fresh fish, shellfish and seafood products. Committed to being plastic free so only use 100% compostable pots made of veg/plant based matter, waxed paper and paper bags. Open Thurs through to Sun 10am - 4.30pm.

FTbcTa]4b_[P]PST7^eTBTPUa^]c~&# ! ' $~W^eTUXbWbWPRZ/XR[^dSR^\ Please send local ar cles about local events and items of interest to info@westhovedirectory.co.uk



BRIGHTON RACECOURSE Freshfield Road, Brighton BN2 9XZ

Artwork: Jody Craddock

PREVIEW EVENING 11th October 2019 (6pm - 9pm) OPEN ALL WEEKEND 12th & 13th October 2019 (10am - 6pm)

HALF PRICE WEEKEND TICKETS AVAILABLE! REGISTER AT EVENTBRITE.CO.UK WITH THE CODE: BHM50 Preview Evening Tickets also available for purchase online.


sussexartfairs.co.uk | #sussexartfairs | @sussexartfairs 10

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A great event for art lovers this October...

SUSSEX ART FAIRS Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Road, Brighton BN2 9XZ

Picture by MaƩ Goddard

Following the success of our first event in May, our second event Sussex Art Fairs (East) takes place at Brighton Racecourse overlooking the coastline of Brighton, where 125 ar sts, galleries and collec ves will come together to exhibit and sell 1000s of affordable artworks star ng from £50 for prints and smaller works to over £5,000 for an 11 outstanding masterpiece.

Taking place over three days, the event starts from 6pm on the Friday ‘Preview Evening’. Visitors will be able to chat with the ar sts and gallery owners whilst browsing their favourite artworks with drinks from our full bar and be the first to view exhibitors’ beau ful collec ons. The fair will then be open all weekend for visitors to find something to suit every budget and every type of art buyer. Fair facili es include a full café serving teas, coffees and snacks and a bar serving refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the weekend. The venue is wheelchair accessible and has dy toilet facili es. All purchases will be wrapped by our specialist wrapping team ‘artPAKK’ located near the exit. In order to give back to the local community, Sussex Art Fairs will be collabora ng with Sussex Wildlife Trust who will be offering original artworks for sale donated by our exhibitors with all profits going to the Trust. Be sure to visit their stand for an original bargain! Sussex Art Fairs is the perfect place to begin or add to your art collec on, so come visit us this October for this special event. Friday 11th The Preview Viewing (6pm to 9pm) - £12 entry per person Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th Open To The Public (10am to 6pm) £6 entry per person each day (free entry for children under 12) For more informaƟon and for Ɵckets, visit: www.sussexarƞairs.co.uk

AGEING WELL FESTIVAL The Ageing Well Fes val for anyone aged 50+ runs from 30th September un l 13th October and there are over 100 events to choose from - here are just a few of the events in Hove... Ac ve Forever 2019 Wed 2 October, 10am-2pm (reg from 9.15) Free, drop-in King Alfred Leisure Centre Informa on stalls and 15+ taster events including walking cricket. Keeping Safer at Home Fri 4 October, 11.30am-12.30pm Hove Community Fire StaƟon, English Close Free, booking required Visit the fire sta on and learn about fire safety. Have a Go Morning Thurs 10 October, 10am-12pm Free, drop-in King Alfred Leisure Centre Ac vi es include walking netball and table tennis. Summery Cream Tea Sat 12 October, 2-4pm £2.50, drop-in Hove Methodist Church Beat the autumn blues with a summery cream tea and musical entertainment. Summer hats op onal. To get a programme call 01273 322940 or book online at ageingwellfesƟval.org/events

Please send local ar cles about local events and items of interest to info@westhovedirectory.co.uk




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IJ|ć®y¸p ĪϧÏĶŽīxğŽņx“’ĸŽ÷xßvŽ®©x‚xxľ

ĴČ·õ‹Ĵŀ®ʼnõ鳖™u™Ø§šŊĭ£ĥĀØą * Prices exclude VAT and are available to those suffering from a long term condition or illness upon completion of a declaration


|»ĕĸħʼnđ›³ÓÔĕħ³› ĠħõčćĕĸœœĕyĜę


ŐvĹÏĹøŽÏľv§ ĢĴňõāõå®ċĕ åČňĕ À®ň©õæĴʼnº”®’ěĕ

¸³Ĺĕ¥ĕāåĹ ™«ħďč› ™«ħďč›


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An update from your Local AcƟon Team...

NEWS FROM THE WEST HOVE FORUM... Electric charging points At September’s mee ng of the West Hove Forum, the issue was raised of the council’s installa on of electric vehicle chargers. 200 lamp-post charge points are due to be installed across the city this year and ini al loca ons have been revealed (see electricbrighton.com/planned) but are s ll subject to change. Charging points have already been installed in Saxon Road and Wish Road, although there are no road markings to say that they are for vehicle charging, so currently anyone can park there. Some forum members were concerned that this will reduce the number of parking spaces for non-electric cars and that there seems to be no public consulta on on sites and how these will be regulated. Our ward councillors agreed to find out more about this.


Police recruitment and 101 calls Sussex Police are recrui ng 800 more officers over three years, including civilian staff. Resources will be concentrated on high crime areas.


Darren Hallett, Middleton Avenue, Hove dhcarpentry@yahoo.co.uk 07766 977 181 01273 710 097

The Blooming Boundary planƟng team; photo by Sean Larkin

The police 101 service has been improved – if they can’t answer the call they will ring you back. You should dial 101, not 999, to report less-urgent crime, eg a stolen car, which doesn’t require an immediate response. 999 should only be used when there is a crime in progress or a threat to life. You can also report non-urgent crimes online at sussex.police.uk/ro/report/ Blooming Boundary Wish ward councillors and 45 people from the Blooming Boundary group have filled five new planters in Boundary Road/Sta on Road, with the help of Kate Bradbury from Gardeners’ World. They have repaired the exis ng planters and are now looking for people to adopt a planter each. King Alfred Leisure Centre Following the withdrawal of developer Crest Nicholson from the King Alfred development, the West Hove Forum are concerned that improvements to the Western Esplanade are being linked to the development of the leisure centre. It looks as if the project will have to go back to the drawing board. The Crest Nicholson scheme wasn’t popular with the public and forum members agreed that there was a need for a wide public consulta on, looking at all op ons. West Hove Forum meeƟngs are aƩended by ward councillors and a wide range of community representaƟves. The next West Hove Forum meeƟng will be at 2pm on Wednesday 23rd October at Hove Methodist Church Hall. If you would like to aƩend on behalf of a group or business, please email westhoveforum@gmail.com.

Please send local ar cles about local events and items of interest to info@westhovedirectory.co.uk



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Where in West Hove were these photos taken?

WHERE IN WEST HOVE? See page 38 for this month’s answers.


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Your local representaƟves...



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The Conserva ve councillors for Wish ward, Garry Peltzer Dunn and Robert Nemeth, hold an advice surgery on Saturday 12th October (the second Saturday in the month) as follows: 9am-10am : 234 New Church Road 10am-11am : Sanders House, Ingram Crescent 11am-12 noon : The Snug café, Stoneham Park No appointments are required and if anyone is unable to get to the surgery venues the councillors are very happy to visit your home. You can also contact them at: Robert.Nemeth@brighton-hove.gov.uk / 01273 291819 Garry.Peltzerdunn@brighton-hove.gov.uk / 01273 291186 You can contact the Labour councillors for Westbourne, Carmen Appich and Chris Henry, at: Carmen.Appich@brighton-hove.gov.uk / 07562 437632 Christopher.Henry@brighton-hove.gov.uk / 07395 282745

Please send local ar cles about local events and items of interest to info@westhovedirectory.co.uk


Delivering a first class finish to every project with the very highest attention to detail

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Nosce Te Ipsum

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An independent nursery and school situated in Hove 6 months - 11 years

Open Day 27th September 2019 9.00-midday Opportunity to meet our new Head of School and Principal • Come and see our lovely school in action

Please phone Alison on 01273 418984 to arrange an appointment or email secretary @deepdenschool.com www.deepdeneschool.com 16

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News from Westbourne councillors Carmen Appich and Chris Henry…


COUNCILLOR NEWS... We have now been councillors for almost six months and have been able to get stuck into the priori es we campaigned on during the elec on. There are many distrac ons (mee ngs, mee ngs and more mee ngs) but we are determined not to have our focus on our residents shi ed. We toured the West Hove seafront with the Chair of the West Hove Forum to assess the state of the promenade and facili es. We want to channel some money into a spruce-up and give it some a en on so that it remains a beau ful, historic area. The two renovated shelters will be unveiled soon, forming part of this plan. Our discussions have also begun in earnest regarding play facili es on the West Hove Lawns. We’re determined to bring some family ac vi es here as there is the space and it seems crazy to expect the whole of West Hove to pile into the Lagoon or travel to Brighton paddling pool. And talking of the beach, we’re excited to be involved in improved beach accessibility for disabled people. Many local residents cannot equally access the beach and the sea as current beach access is not adequate for people with a wide range of needs. Exci ng plans include working with the Beach Access Team and approaching the universi es to see whether design students might be able to come up with solu ons.

Our local Westbourne community deserves safe and well-policed streets, so when it felt like there was a spike in crime and break-ins we joined with Peter Kyle MP so that our united voices could get the police to sit up and listen. Hopefully that worked and mee ngs with the Chief Superintendent will con nue over the rest of the year. We have been assured that you will get to see more community police around your neighbourhood. Finally, whilst it hasn’t been great summer weather for children, it’s been very lovely for pavement weeds! A ban on weedkiller in the city has meant council gardeners clearing weeds by hand and whilst some residents have commented on the charm of “living streets”, it’s not good if pavements become obstructed or drains become blocked. We’ve therefore been in constant contact with the council team and tried to direct resources to the worst areas. Moving forward we will ask the Environment Commi ee to source a nontoxic weedkiller for next summer! Cllr Carmen Appich and Cllr Chris Henry, Westbourne Ward Please send local ar cles about local events and items of interest to info@westhovedirectory.co.uk


PAUL VINCENT KITCHENS - BATHROOMS - BEDROOMS Fully planned & supplied, colour co-ordinated kitchen furniture to match doors Full fitting service to include: Electrics Plumbing Tiling Associated building works We are happy to visit you at home to discuss and plan the right kitchen or bathroom for you.

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ClarkesofBrighton BUILDING



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Regular arƟcle about local exercise opportunity by West Hove resident Isobel Muir...

LOCAL EXERCISE...BODYATTACK I decided to take some me off running when it suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t had a break from it for around 11 years. Of course this meant, instead of having a nice rest from over a decade of running and other exercises, I’d try some new things to fill the void. (I forgot that things other than exercise exist - do they?) Naturally I looked on The Circle’s extensive metable to find something new to try. I wanted something cardio, without too much coordina on required. BODYATTACK seemed just the thing. This is another from the Les Mills stable. 45 minutes of running, jumping, lunging, ski-ing, press ups, sit ups, mountain climbers, you name it it’s there. I chose Lucie’s class having enjoyed her BODYPUMP classes. We began with some running on the spot, side to side lunges and backwards and forwards ski-ing. Eek! The thing I like least about classes: when coordina on is required. I just about managed not to crash into the perfectly choreographed people all around me. A er this promising (?) start we proceeded on to much more flinging about of the selves. We split into pairs and, whilst one person did tuck jumps, ran on the spot, did star jumps etc for 20 seconds, the other rested. Tabata at its finest. Not even halfway into the 45 minute class and I was already well aware of why it’s called BODYATTACK.

A er this on-the-spot onslaught we moved on to...well... moving. Running around the room to be precise. This was interspersed with stopping and moving our circle in and out Hokey Cokey style whilst doing star jumps and a bit of clapping and whooping (I did not whoop, or indeed clap, due to my ingrained Bri sh s ff upper lippedness). We then ran up and down the room jump-turning at each end and sprin ng across. It is probable we did yet more stuff a er this but by now I’ve completely forgo en the precise details. Let it be said though that my body was definitely a acked and so will yours be if you should go to this class. It is perfect for overall func onal fitness with an emphasis on cardio and giving every part of you a thorough workout. Including your brain if you’re as bad at coordina on and choreography as I am. There are plenty of BODYATTACK classes at The Circle at all mes throughout the day and with various instructors so you’ll be able to find the perfect class for you. For more details about my life in exercise please visit my blog “IMFitHove”. Thanks, isobelmuir@hotmail.com

HOLISTIC CLEANING COMPANY www.littlemissdoitall.org emissdoitall.org

9 643105 07949

hello@littlemiss hello@littlemissdoitall.org

282017 01273 2



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WHD October 2019



This arƟcle is by local photographer MaƩ Goddard...

MINDFULNESS PHOTOGRAPHY FOR RELAXATION, HEALTH & HAPPINESS It's that me of year where seasons change and the beauty of autumn arrives, although the move towards winter isn't always all that easy, or enjoyable! Short days and long periods between holidays can lead many to feel a li le blue. take your photo up a notch. Could your ming be be er or perhaps there's a li er bin just poking into the photo?! Recompose and click. Before you know it you've le your daily worries behind. Embracing a mindful approach to photography has been so important in my life. Being diagnosed with Crohn’s – an incurable life-long illness - brought many challenges, including a change of career from office work to become a landscape photographer. The peace it brings me is something I hope viewers can also enjoy from my photographic art. To unlock your crea vity and learn how your camera really works – contact me for 1:1 and group lessons on 07920 038501. Or visit www.mgoddard.co.uk to view and purchase photos from Hove, Brighton and Sussex. Use code WESTHOVE20 at Checkout for 20% off all prints. Well, here's a way to beat those blues, get outdoors and use a mindfulness approach to photography, for happiness and improved mental health. Read on for how to get started. If you're not familiar with mindfulness - it's a form of everyday medita on where you remove distrac ons and become fully present in the moment. Call it a micro holiday for body and brain! 1. Equipment The most important thing is to have a camera with you! Plan a me to head out with a camera, or use your phone camera to make it a daily rou ne. 2. Relax and be in the moment Pop your phone on silent and take a deep calming breath. Look around. What catches your eye? Colours reflec ng off the clouds, interes ng shadows, the sway of a tree in the breeze? Tip: Nature's proven to improve mental and overall health, but mindfulness photography works equally well in and around town. Truly stop and look around - you'll be surprised how much more you see! 3. Take the photo Walk around the subject that caught your eye, look for different angles and perspec ves, and carefully observe how the elements interact. No ce what you previously had not. Now, click, take the photo. Doesn’t that feel good? 4. Review and recompose Check the photo and look for small changes that could 20

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Consultations at

79 Goldstone Crescent Hove BN3 6LS Also at Horsham, Hassocks & Central London



Your local electrician and plumber Rating 9.85 No job too big or too small, providing our customers with a friendly, reliable and cost-effective service. Electrical

Heating & Plumbing

Air Conditioning

Contact us now on: Tel: 01273 933550 Email: info@pes-electrics.co.uk Web: www.pes-electrics.co.uk Best Care of The Deceased 2017 Funeral Director of the Year 2014

01273 621444 Traditional and Green Cremations & Burials At ARKA Original Funerals we make sure that you feel comfortable and unpressured about making decisions for the funeral of a loved one. Our team has a wealth of experience arranging unique ceremonies with sound environmental practices and sustainably sourced coffins. 136 Islingword Road BN2 9SH • 01273 621444 or 39-41 Surrey Street BN1 3PB • 01273 766620 www.arkafunerals.co.uk • info@arkafunerals.co.uk


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01273 324474 Ď­Ď°ĎŽ^Ä‚Ä?ĹŹÇ€Ĺ?ĹŻĹŻÄžZŽĂĚ͕,ŽǀĞ͕EĎŻĎł' zKhZ>K>dZh^dKDWEz Ç Ç Ç Í˜Ä?Ĺ˝ĆľĹśĆšĆŒÇ‡ĹľÄ‚ĹśĹ?ĹľĆ‰ĆŒĹ˝Ç€ÄžĹľÄžĹśĆšĆ?͘Ä?Ĺ˝Í˜ĆľĹŹ NATI TIONA ONAL F DE FE DERATION OF F GLAZIERS See local reviews of this business at

EMERGENCY DRAIN CLEARANCE Drains Internal/External High Pressure Jetting Manual Rodding Pipe Laying Non Excavation Relining

CCTV Surveys Insurance Work Undertaken All Work Guaranteed     




0800 046 6094


Please send local ar cles about local events and items of interest to info@westhovedirectory.co.uk



NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY while you wait service Monday to Saturday

“Amazing results, saved me £300, thank you!” Mrs B. Hove.

1 hour fixed fee advice on any Family Law matter from a senior solicitor at the Hove office for £125 + VAT during JUNE Oct

Please contact 01273 253500 to arrange your initial fixed fee appointment with Mr Simon Rowe


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Funeral Celebrant

WHD October 2019



WHAT’S ON… Mondays


Hove Earlybird Beach Walkers Meet in front of King Alfred car park, Free; 7.15am-8.05am www.meetup.com/HoveWeekly-Beach-Walks

Badaboum! French music playgroup Drop-in; £5; term- me only, 9.30-10.30am, The Snug, Stoneham Park, 07917 282679 badaboum@talktalk.net

Hove Museum Minis Fun with cra and storytelling, Age 2-5; £2.50 per child; drop-in 10am-12 noon (term- me only) Hove Museum

Get Ac ve for Older Adults (age 50+), 10.30-11.30am; £5, St Barnabas Church Contact suzy.hawker@ ntlworld.com, 01273 726507 to reserve a place

Holis c Yoga 6-7.15pm; The Snug, Stoneham Park, info@ yogashanta.com

Pilates Mat Classes Gentle Beginners: 9.4510.40am Beginners: 10.45-11.40am Beginners: 6-6.55pm Beginners Plus: 11.45am12.40pm - Masons Yard, Westbourne Street 07973 719363, claire@hovepilates.com

Pilates Mat Classes Beginners Plus: 6.30pm7.25pm, Int/Adv: 7.30pm8.25pm, Masons Yard, Westbourne Street 07973 719363 claire@hovepilates.com Beginners Flamenco Dance 7.30-8.30pm, The Dance Sta on, 57 North Street, Portslade Ana: 07939 938565 www.flamencodance.co.uk Brighton Theatre of the Air Radio Drama Meetup group, 8pm; Goldstone Ex Service Club, 20 Shirley Street, btota.co.uk / 07818 118062 Quiz Actually Hugely popular weekly quiz, 8-10.30pm, The Railway Inn, 2 Sta on Road Call 01273 271220 or email railwayinnquiz@ gmail.com to book Warrior Mind Medita on and Study Learn the mindset of Japan’s, Samurai warriors (not Zen); Six-week course, 7pm, 07719 510749, Shinobl1957@gmail.com 7th October Portslade & West Hove Carers A ernoon Tea 2-3.30pm, The Railway Inn For more informa on, contact Pam on 01273 746222


Food & Friendship Lunch Club 12.30pm; £4, Hove Methodist Church 01273 324600 (HMC Office) Singing for Pleasure 2pm; (Taster £3.50) Hove Methodist Church Corinne 01273 565130 Singingforpleasure@ hotmail.co.uk Antenatal classes 6.45pm, Holy Cross Church, Tamworth Road To pre-book call 07494 002577, or visit www. babies.uk.com Beginners Yoga 7-8pm, The Snug, Stoneham Park - Contact Charlie Nash info@yogafrogs.com Ninjutsu and Jujutsu Tradi onal Japanese mar al arts, 8-9.30pm; 16+ 07719 510749 shinobi1957@gmail.com 1st October Life Drawing Supervised class by local ar st Dan Palmer, £7, pay on the day, all materials provided; 7pm – 9pm, The Railway Inn, 2 Sta on Road, Call 01273 271 220 or email: info@ therailwayinnportslade. co.uk - to book your place

8th October Po ery & Pints Po ery workshop for beginners, 7-9pm, The Railway Inn, Visit www. po eryandpints.co.uk to book your place or call 01424 252468 for more informa on 22nd October Paint Club A highly sociable and accessible pain ng class, all materials are provided, no experience required 7pm – 9pm, The Railway Inn, Visit www. thepaintclub.co.uk/book, or call 07821 059464 for more informa on 29th October CHOMP Lunch and ac vity session for families relying on free school meals; Hove Methodist Church Register at chompbrighton.co.uk

Wednesdays Hove Earlybird Beach Walkers Meet in front of King Alfred car park, Free; 7.15am-8.05am www.meetup.com/HoveWeekly-Beach-Walks Ladies’ Exercise Class Drop in for a 30 min session, between 9.3010.30am (please arrive by 10am) United Reformed Church Hall, Eire: 07928 463279 Li le Pickles Music for parents & toddlers, 10-11am, Hove Methodist Church, David Taggart: 07758 008625 www.li lepicklemusic.co.uk Music with Mike 1.15-1.45pm & 2-2.30pm The Snug, Stoneham Park musicwithmike.co.uk General Level Pilates 6-7pm, Tree of Life Centre, Portland Road Emily: 07709 357622 www.pilateswithemily.co.uk Holis c Yoga 7.30-8.45pm, The Snug, Stoneham Park info@yogashanta.com Mar al Arts An introduc on into the mar al arts, of the samurai and ninja of old Japan, tradi onal arts for the beginner, 16+, 7.30pm, 07719 510749 Shinobi1957@gmail.com

Pilates Mat Classes Beginners: 9.45-10.40am and 6.45-7.40pm Intermediate: 7.458.40pm, Masons Yard, Westbourne Street, 07973 719363 claire@hovepilates.com

Pilates Improvers 6.15pm Intermediate 7.30pm Hove Methodist Church Contact Emily to book: 07709 357622 www.pilateswithemily. co.uk

9th October Crea on Sta on Crea ve Cra ers, Adult cra ing supervised by the talented Jen Elfverson 7.30–9.30pm, The Railway Inn Visit www. thecrea onsta on.co.uk/ kids-art-classes-andpar es/hove-east-sussex to book or call 07902 967709

Tai Chi Beginners Course Starts Thursday 10th October, 8-9pm King Alfred Leisure Centre 6 weeks @ £10pw To book contact m@ wishwudangtaichi.org.uk or 07914 388290

Thursdays Li le Pickles Music for parents & toddlers, 10-11am, Hove Methodist Church David Taggart: 07758 008625 www.li lepicklemusic. co.uk Body Control Pilates 10.45-11.45am The Snug, Stoneham Park mypilatesbrighton@ gmail.com Pilates Mat Classes Beginners: 11-11.55am Intermediate: 10-10.55am Masons Yard, Westbourne Street, 07973 719363 claire@hovepilates.com Beginners Pilates 11am-12 noon, Tree of Life Centre, Portland Road Contact Emily: 07709 357622 www.pilateswithemily. co.uk Mum & Baby Physio-Led Pilates 12-12.55pm and -1.55pm The Snug, Stoneham Park Emma: 07545 445656 physiotone@gmail.com Food & Friendship Lunch Club For people with learning disabili es and over50s (term- me only), 12.30pm; Hove Methodist Church, cookingcaroline@ outlook.com Speech & Drama Class with LAMDA Prepara on 5-8 years; 4-5pm (term- me), The Snug, Stoneham Park jude@speakingworks. co.uk, 07900 301375

Wind-down Hatha Yoga 7.15-8.15pm & 8.15-9.15pm, The Snug Contact Anya Pa erson on 07725 162831 or email anyalily@ hotmail.com Ninjutsu and Jujutsu Tradi onal Japanese mar al arts 8-9.30pm; 16+ 07719 510749 shinobi1957@gmail.com Thursdays in October Posh Club Ritzy tea and classy cabaret for elegant elders 12 noon – 3pm, £5; age 60+; The Ballroom, King Alfred Leisure Centre; Bookings: 07848 827 806 theposhclub.co.uk 1st Thursday of the month Social Club for over-50s 2.30-4.30pm Vestry, St Philip’s Church 3rd October Roots Night Music from Joe Solo £7; pay on the door 8-10.30pm; The Railway Inn, Call 01273 271220 or email info@ irregularrecords.co.uk for more informa on 24th October Gaming Retro-bu on 7pm – 10pm, The Railway Inn Call 01273 271 220 or email info@ therailwayinnportslade. co.uk, to book a table 31st October Cra y Halloween Workshops Make Halloween masks and decora ons £2.50 per child; age 5+ 10am-12pm or 1-3pm Hove Museum


31 October Whizz Bang Pop Halloween Kids Disco 2pm, The Railway Inn 31st October Halloween in The Secret Garden 4-6pm Behind St Leonard’s Church 31st October Halloween Party 5-8pm Log Cabin, Ingram Crescent estate

Fridays Hove Earlybird Beach Walkers Meet in front of King Alfred car park Free; 7.15am-8.05am www.meetup.com/ Hove-Weekly-BeachWalks Ladies’ Exercise Class Drop in for a 30 min session Between 8.30-10.30am (please arrive by 10am) United Reformed Church Hall Eire: 07928 463279 Mindful Body Yoga 10.30-11.30am Drop in; pay by dona on The Snug, Stoneham Park info@mindfulbodyyoga. co.uk General Level Pilates 12.15pm Tree of Life Centre Portland Road Emily: 07709 357622 www.pilateswithemily. co.uk Friday Fun and Toy Swap Term me 3.45–5.30pm; £3 Shoreham Port Soul Kitchen Bal c Wharf, Wellington Road Enquiries 07814 736486 Vital Danza 8.15-9.45pm; £10 The Float Spa, Third Avenue www.helenthatcher.com 4th October Howling Crow Comedy Professional stand-up comedy 7.30-10pm The Railway Inn, 2 Sta on Road


4 October Mid-Life Niceness An amazing evening of funk, soul and disco 8pm – midnight The Railway Inn Call 01273 271220 or email info@ therailwayinnportslade. co.uk, to book a table 11th October Tex le Group: Re-fashion, Re-use, Relove, Prac se upcycling – some equipment is available Free; drop-in; 1.303.30pm, Hove Museum 11th October DJ Daddy Marcus Soul, funk, rare groove and disco tunes 8pm – 11pm, The Railway Inn Call 01273 271 220 or email info@ therailwayinnportslade. co.uk, to book a table 18th October DJ Dumani Disco, funk and soul classics 8pm – 11pm, The Railway Inn Call 01273 271220 or email info@ therailwayinnportslade. co.uk, to book a table 25th October Club Tropicana 8pm – 11pm, The Railway Inn Call 01273 271 220 or email info@ therailwayinnportslade. co.uk, to book a table

Saturdays HIP (High Intensity Power) Pilates £48 for 6-week course or £10 drop-in 8.15-9.05am Tree of Life Centre, Portland Road Contact Rachel on 07941 092612 or a merepilates.com Pilates Mat Classes Beginners: 9-9.55am High Intensity Power Pilates: 10-10.50am Masons Yard, Westbourne Street 07973 719363 claire@hovepilates.com Fitbods Fit Camp Outdoor circuits/HIIT class 10-11am Wish Park Tel Sara: 07812 093378

YogaFrogs Age 5-11; 10am-11am; £7 The Snug, Stoneham Park Booking essen al: info@ yogafrogs.co.uk or 07920 403657 Gentle Exercise Class for older or unfit people 4.30-6.30pm Hove Methodist Church 1st Saturday of the month Vestry Café 10.30am-12.30pm Vestry, St Philip’s Church 5th, 12th & 19th October Arty Cra y Club £6.50 per child; drop-in; 8-12 years 27 2-4pm Hove Museum 5th October Hove - Brunswick to the Burbs A walking tour through Hove – discover how a single track village with a dubious reputa on developed into the eclec c and dis nguished place we know today. Starts from the Waterloo Street Community Garden and finishes in Hove Street. 2pm; £8 (£5 concessions) For all enquiries and to reserve your place, please contact Tania on 07414 681197 or email sussextours@sky. com 5th October Soldiers, Saints, Celebri es & Saxons A Hove Actually Walking Tour of Aldrington (West Hove). This guided historical walking tour starts near Hove Lagoon and ends at St Leonard’s Church. 10.30am-12.30pm; £10 (£8) For more informa on or to book a place: Email hoveactuallywalks@ gmail.com or visit www.facebook.com/ hoveactuallywalkingtours 12th October Summery Cream Tea With musical entertainment (part of the Ageing Well Fes val), £2.50 for cream tea & cakes 2-4pm, Hove Methodist Church


12 October Hidden Hove: the ancient village through the ages A Hove Actually Walking Tour - This guided historical tour starts at Marrocco’s (BN3 2WA) & ends at St Andrew’s Church (BN3 2AD) 10.30am-12.30pm; £10 (£8) For more informa on or to book a place: Email hoveactuallywalks@ gmail.com or visit Facebook Hove Actually Walking Tours 12th October Writ in Water Masterclass with Kay Sexton on how to write about water Open to all; £3 nonmembers; 11am-1pm Wolseley Room, Hove Library thehatcherywritersgroup. wordpress.com or hatchery.writers@ gmail.com 19th October Autumn Market Bric-a-brac, books, raffle, refreshments & lots more 2pm-4pm St Leonard’s Church 19th October Poets Corner & The Great War A Hove Actually Walking Tour This guided historical tour starts on School Road (BN3 5JA) and ends at the Methodist Church on Portland Road (BN3 5DR) 10.30am-12.30pm; £10 (£8 conc) For more informa on or to book a place: email hoveactuallywalks@ gmail.com or visit Facebook Hove Actually Walking Tours 26th October Mobster, Mu ny and Military Me le A walking tour of Hove’s Old Cemetery 11am & 2pm; £8 (£5 concessions) Meet by the chapel, South Cemetery. For all enquiries and to reserve your place, please contact Tania on 07414 681197 or email sussextours@ sky.com

26th October (4th Saturday of the month) Scribblers - Hatchery Writers subgroup Share and cri que one another’s work on a regular basis. 1- 3pm, Wolseley Room Hove Library Contact Vicky: scribblers. hove@gmail.com 26th October Tudo Bem Brazilian live music trio 8.45pm The Railway Inn 2nd November The Nevill Fireworks 2019 Gates open 5pm Fireworks at 7pm Nevill Playing Fields Nevill Road

Sundays Hove Lagoon Model Yacht Club New members welcome; come along and have a try 10am--1.30pm Hove Lagoon 6th October Harvest Fes val Family-friendly service followed by a ploughman’s lunch; please bring ns and packets for the Purple People Kitchen foodbank 11.15am St Leonard’s Church 27th October Choo Choo Ch’Boogie Halloween Spooktacular Vintage tea dance with DJ Jivin’ Jim Dandy 4-6pm; The Railway Inn Call 01273 271220 or email info@ therailwayinnportslade. co.uk to book a table

This is not a definiƟve list of events. If you would like to add your event, please email us at info@ westhovedirectory.co.uk . We try to ensure the lisƟngs are correct, but please check with the organisers of acƟviƟes when aƩending for the first Ɵme. Some events may be term-Ɵme only.


&$)( 5(&25'6725( Breakfasts light lunches, soup, pasta and hot special of the day. Ideal meeting place and also available for private functions


Pre booking required Saturday 5th Moroccan Evening Friday 11th Traditional Shabbat Dinner Sunday13th Roast Lunch Saturday19th Portugese Eve Saturday 26th Brexit Dinner


Sunday 3rd Roast Lunch Friday 8th Traditional Shabbat Dinner See local reviews of this business at

3 courses £20 BYO (supplements may apply)

5(&25'6725( More than 10,000 vinyl records, CDs, books, DVDs Call or email us today on:


63 Queen Victoria Avenue, Hove BN3 6XA

07786 332 975 follow us on...

For all your waste removal needs!!


www.fullycleared.co.uk T: 01273 386615 Â&#x2021; 07824 633241 E: info@fullycleared.co.uk 28

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Nathalie’s monthly health Ɵp…

THE ART OF DOING NOTHING! Have you ever wondered why – when you are on holiday – some or all of your health issues and niggles (and lots of gut pain) seem to disappear or improve? And why should all the symptoms suddenly reappear the moment you get back home? Can this holiday glow, relaxa on and wellness really be replicated at home? For some, it might take some focus and effort, but many are successfully doing just that – or rather – being that rather than doing… And the results are worth it: a healthier, happier, more relaxed you. Here are some ideas to help you do...nothing: 29 Keep food simple: vary what you eat over a week, but keep each meal simple: keep to one protein, two or three vegetables, one carbohydrate and…no pudding? You and your wallet will feel much lighter. Go ‘offline’: switch off all phones/devices and be unreachable for a while. ‘Be’ in the moment: train yourself to be more present in your body, your immediate environment and just ‘be’ there for a minute or an hour (it gets easier with me).

Do one thing at a me. This is harder than it seems: just do one thing exclusively. If you’re reading, ea ng, or listening to music, just do that. Fully. Breathe more: to help you with all of the above, regularly breathe deeply into your lower abdomen. The headless chicken will finally stop. Nathalie Sansoneƫ Health & NutriƟon Coach Want some clarity on your health and gut issues? Book a complimentary 30-minute consulta on today! Email: nathalie@newleafnutri on.co.uk newleafnutriƟon.co.uk


Please send local ar cles about local events and items of interest to info@westhovedirectory.co.uk


Fully equipped local Pilates Studio ‡

Group Mat Classes, Gentle Beginners - Advanced Level


Individual Private Sessions


Bespoke Small Group Equipment Classes

Contact Claire W: hovepilates.com T: 01273731392 M: 07973719363 E: claire@hovepilates.com Teaching Pilates in Hove for over 15 years



ͻ Digital Aerials

ͻ džƚƌĂdsWŽŝŶƚƐ

ͻ FREEVIEW Aerials

ͻ ^ĂƚĞůůŝƚĞWŽŝŶƚƐ

ͻ FREEVIEW Satellite


ͻ ƵƌŽƉĞĂŶ^ĂƚĞůůŝƚĞ ͻ Sky TV

ͻ ^ĞƌǀŝĐŝŶŐ&Žƌ^ĂƚĞůůŝƚĞ Θds^LJƐƚĞŵƐ

ͻ tŝĮͬ/ŶƚĞƌŶĞƚWŽŝŶƚƐ





07845 497315 mail@alpineaerialsandsatellites.co.uk www.alpineaerialsandsatellites.co.uk


All work comes with Quality Assured

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Driveways and paths Resin & patios Resen driveways or tarmac paths & driveways Block paving paths & driveways Driveway and Patio cleaning Fully insured Fencing & Gates Hard landscaping Free Free quotation Quotationand andadvice advicefor peace of mind for piece of mind

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Lawncare and treatment New lawns Tree & Shrub Work patios all types General Gardening Tarmac driveways Fencing & Gates Indianlandscaping sandstone Hard Free Quotation & Advice

All Driveways & Patios comes with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee

01273 808219 / 07933360268 affordabledrivesandlandscapes@outlook.com www.affordabledriveslandscapes.co.uk

We guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quote

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SUSSEX FUNERAL SERVICES INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS ‘For caring, compassion and choice’ www.sussexfunerals.com Proprietors: Phil and Sallie



U ˜`i«i˜`i˜ÌÊEÊv>“ˆÞʜܘi` U *>ÃȜ˜>ÌiÊEÊVœ““ˆÌÌi` U Ó{ʅœÕÀÊÃiÀۈVi

U ¼ i뜎i½Êv՘iÀ>Ã U ¼ œÊÕÃýÊv՘iÀ>Ã œÊÕÃà Êv՘iÀ>Ã U *Ài«>ˆ`Êv՘iÀ>Ê«>˜Ã

Please contact Philip or Sallie on:

01273 736 469 07789 174 453 or visit our office at: 185 Portland Road Hove BN3 5QJ

“Local Service at Great Prices” ~ ~ ~ ~

;TPSX]VBdbbTg1PbTS6PaST]<PRWX]Tah3TP[TaBX]RT (&$ 5aTT3T[XeTahFXcWX]BdbbTg5^a0[[>aSTab>eTa‰  0[[<PRWX]TbBd__[XTS5d[[h0bbT\Q[TSP]SATPShc^DbT 5aTT3Xb_^bP[^UH^da>[S<PRWX]T


from £99

Husqvarna Chainsaws



63 Hallyburton Road Hove BN3 7GP www.ampsussex.com info@ampsussex.com 01273 418918 Stihl Blowers



Please send local ar cles about local events and items of interest to info@westhovedirectory.co.uk


!Ë?.!Ë?*Ë?%* !,!* !*0Č&#x2018;Ë?"%"0$Ë?#!*!.0%+*Ë?")%(5Ë?1/%*!//Ë? ! %0! Ë?0+Ë?/!.2%*#Ë?0$!Ë?+))1*%0%!/Ë?+"Ë? .%#$0+*Ë?Č&#x2013;Ë?+2!Ë?* Ë?/1..+1* %*#Ë?.!/Ë?%*Ë?1//!4Ë?3%0$Ë?Ë?,.+"!//%+*(Č&#x2018;Ë?.!/,!0"1(Ë?* Ë? ,!./+*(Ë?"1*!.(Ë?/!.2%!Č?Ë?!Ë?$2!Ë?!!*Ë?/1,,+.0%*#Ë?0$!Ë?!.!2! Ë?%*Ë?+1.Ë?+))1*%05Ë?"+.Ë?Č&#x2020;Č&#x2020;Č&#x2C6;Ë?5!./Č?

Dedicated caring service from Richard Whittle & Ben Day

!Ë?*Ë?(/+Ë?$!(,Ë?5+1Ë?,(*Ë?$! Ë?"+.Ë?0$!Ë?"101.!Č?Ë?!Ë?.!+))!* Ë?"1*!.(Ë?,(*/Ë?".+)Ë? +( !*Ë?$.0!.Č&#x2018;Ë?0$!Ë? Č&#x17E;/Ë?(.#!/0Ë?,.+2% !.Ë?+"Ë?,(*/Ë?0+Ë?%* !,!* !*0Ë?"1*!.(Ë? %.!0+./Ë?(%'!Ë?1/Č?Ë?

%0$Ë?Ë?1*!.(Ë?(*Ë?".+)Ë?1*#. /Ë?5+1Č&#x17E;((Ë?!*!"%0Ë?".+)Č&#x2019;

Richard Whittle is the great, great grandson of the founder and Managing Director of Bungard Funeral Directors.

Ben Day is the Principal Funeral Director of Bungard Funeral Directors.

1.*0!! Ë?!,0*!Ë? Ë?.*#!Ë?+"Ë?35/Ë?0+Ë?,5

.+0!0%+*Ë?#%*/0Ë?.%/%*#Ë?+/0/Ë? %(+.! Ë?0+Ë?5+1.Ë?*!! /Ë?Ë?

((Ë?%$. Ë?+.Ë?!*Ë?0+Ë?"%* Ë?+10Ë?3$5Č&#x2018;Ë?3$!*Ë?%0Ë?+)!/Ë?0+Ë?5+1.Ë? "1*!.(Č&#x2018;Ë?%0Ë?,5/Ë?0+Ë?,(*Ë?$! Ë?3%0$Ë?1*#. Ë?1*!.(Ë?%.!0+./

Č?Č&#x2026;Ë?'2%((!Ë?+ Č&#x2018;Ë?+2!Č&#x2018;Ë?Č&#x2C6;Ë?Č&#x2C6; Call: 01273 820018 Visit: info@bungards.co.uk Email: www.bungards.co.uk


PAUL YEATES PLUMBING & HEATING FAMILY RUN LOCAL BUSINESS WITH 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE ALL All aspects of plumbing undertaken GAS WORK Heating installations and repairs UNDERTAKEN Boiler maintenance and upgrades NO CALL OUT Boiler servicing from ÂŁ35 + VAT FEE Gas Safety Checks from ÂŁ45 + VAT Bathrooms and kitchens design and installation 3RZHUĂ&#x20AC;XVKLQJ Disabled bathrooms and wet rooms 8QGHUĂ&#x20AC;RRUKHDWLQJ All new boilers with 7 or 10 year guarantee 1 7 9 7 4 7

ALL WORKS INSURED & FULLY GUARANTEED Call Paul on 01273 541791 or 07710 854421 twistof silver@gmail.com Read reviews of this business by local residents at www.trustedandlocal.co.uk 32

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Local news...



Derek Avenue is now a play street on the first Sunday of every month from 2-5pm (between Glastonbury Road and Kenton Road). This means that only vehicles belonging to residents or visitors can enter the road, and not vehicles using the street as a cut-through.

THE NEVILL FIREWORKS 2019 7pm on Saturday 2nd November (gates open 5pm) Nevill Sports Ground, Nevill Road Buy your ckets in advance to save queueing. nevillfireworks.co.uk


Where to find a fireworks display this year...

SUSSEX CRICKET FIREWORKS NIGHT 7.30pm on Tuesday 5th November (gates open 6pm) 1st Central County Ground, Eaton Road Tickets will be available at www.sussexcricket.co.uk News from the Friends of Stoneham Park…

HALLOWEEN IN STONEHAM PARK Our Halloween Fes val in Stoneham Park is on Saturday 26th October. The play street started in September and an agreement with the council is in place for one year. The success of the play street will be assessed on an on-going basis. Anyone needing to leave or access their home via car during this period is s ll able to do so. Ka e Mintram, one of the organisers said: “It’s been such a wonderful experience seeing neighbours of all ages ge ng to know each other, playing games together and having a safe space to sit out in front of their homes and enjoy the street they live in.” If you would like to organise a play street in your road, you can find advice on the council website.

Like previous years, we will be carving pumpkins in the park. What you do is pick up a pumpkin (as ever we are grateful to local supermarkets for dona ng these), get some of the tools from our carving sets, and hew your own Halloween lantern. It is always great fun and, for parents, all of the mess stays in the park and not at your lovely, clean home! David Jarvis will be pu ng on another Halloween show, an immersive haunted maze with cobwebs, dry ice mist, a scary soundtrack and other surprises. It promises to be the second scariest thing this Halloween. Richard Hearnden

KINGSWAY TRAVEL Chauffeur Driven Private Hire Service


AIRPORT TRANSFERS Gatwick Call Simon or Neil on 01273 640480 www.kingswaytravel.co.uk kingswaytravelbrighton@gmail.com

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St. Philips Church Hall Church Hall available for parties, events, wedding receptions & family parties  

Use Useofofkitchen kitchen

Wheelchair access and toilet facilities

Tables and chairs available


Wheelchair access and toilet facilities Tables and chairs available

Off-road parking

Please call the Church Hall Lettings Department on 07808 154203 St. Philips Church Hall

New Church Road, Hove

34 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021



Great news if you fancy a walk in the countryside...

NEW BRIDLEWAY IN HOVE A new bridleway in Hove has opened up a “missing link” in the city’s footpath network, giving countryside access for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. The new path links rights of way on Benfield Hill and the New Barn Farm area with the Dyke Railway trail and beyond. The opportunity to open the path arose a er West Hove Golf Club approached the South Downs Na onal Park Authority for planning permission for an acous c bund, buffering the course from the A27. Crea ng the new bridleway and opening up the 35 surrounding access land was one of the planning condi ons. Cllr Anne Pissaridou, chair of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Commi ee, said: “I am delighted that by working in partnership with the Na onal Park Authority and West Hove Golf Club we have been able to open this missing link and create an a rac ve and high quality east-west route, north of the A27, for cyclists, horse riders and walkers.”




A couple of great community events...

HALLOWEEN Trick or Treat at the Secret Garden The Secret Garden Group are happy to announce we will be hos ng a ‘Trick or Treat’ event on Thursday 31st October 2019, 4pm un l 6pm. The Secret Garden is behind St Leonard’s Church, New Church Road, and it will be free entry, although dona ons are encouraged. Bring a torch as it can get quite dark and spooky walking back through the graveyard. Please email secretgarden730@gmail.com for further details. Halloween party in the Ingram Crescent garden The Ingram Crescent Residents Associa on is having a Halloween party on October 31st, 5-8pm at the Log Cabin, Ingram Crescent estate, with games, best costume compe on and refreshments (dona ons to cover costs). All welcome. For more Halloween events, see our lisƟngs pages.

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01273 303842


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www.bellavistashutters.co.uk 36

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News from the council...

PLANS FOR KNOLL HOUSE... A proposal to change the kind of care delivered at Brighton & Hove City Council’s Knoll House adult social care centre in Ingram Crescent West was considered at a mee ng of the city’s Health and Wellbeing Board on 10 September. Knoll House is expected to become available soon for new council services. The changing needs of the city’s residents mean there is now a focus on priori sing mental health services. The plan is for Knoll House to deliver either: lower level supported accommoda on for younger adults with mental health needs to help them live more independently; or accommoda on for young people with higher37 levels of mental health needs but who do not require hospital treatment. Knoll House, along with Craven Vale in Brighton, currently delivers therapy and rehabilita on services for older people coming out of hospital with lower level needs. The nursing care at both centres was un l recently provided by the local NHS. But health and social care needs are changing, with more and more people leaving hospital with high levels of complex needs and needing nursing care 24-7; and

Looking for a care home and need some friendly expert advice? Put your trust in us to help you. We understand that choosing the right care home can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. But rest assured we are here to help. Come and take a look around and get some guidance on those things that are concerning you. It’s the best way to feel more confident about your next steps. To find out more visit www.fshc.co.uk Bon Accord Care Home – 01273 769093

a big increase in the number of younger adults with mental health needs who need residen al care. Knoll House and Craven Vale are not best placed to deliver these higher levels of care. So earlier this year the NHS told the council it was going to stop delivering nursing care at the centres, and deliver their rehabilita on services in other ways. The NHS have assured the council there will be no reduc on in the capacity or quality of their rehabilita on services. Consulta on is underway with staff on plans to merge the two services and consolidate them into a single centre, offering respite care and suppor ng people with less complex needs who no longer need hospital care but are not yet well enough to move home. Craven Vale is the preferred site for this because it is much nearer to the Royal Sussex County Hospital. It is hoped that the merger and move to Craven Vale will be completed by the beginning of October. The Health and Wellbeing Board has given the goahead for full business cases to be worked up for the two proposed op ons for Knoll House. These will be brought back to the Board in January for a decision on a preferred way forward. The Board also asked for a further report detailing the capacity of the Clinical Commissioning Group to meet the needs of people who require more intensive and specialist nursing care following hospital discharge, as well as informa on on the impact of any new facili es being based outside Brighton & Hove.

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Dance Lessons


Plumbing & Hea ng

Alpine Aerials......................30

Brighton Tango .....................6

Tree of Life .................... Cover



Domes c Appliances

Housing needed

Paul Yeates..........................32

Garrick Architects .................8

Carters ................................39

Acquisi ons Scheme...........14

Record Store


Drainage Company


Viva Vinyl ............................28

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Art Lessons with Emily

24 Hours Emergency Services ..............................23

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PES ......................................22

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Affordable Roofing .............15

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Paul Vincent........................18

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Estate Agent

Laundre e


Dough Lover .........................2

Healy & Newsom.............Back

West Hove Laundre e ........35

Deepdene ...........................16

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Bella Vista ...........................36

TedX ......................................4

Lee’s Locks ..........................30

Crosby and Woods..............28




GWCA ........................... Cover

AT Construc on Ltd ..............3

Brighton Log Centre..............7

Clearwell Mobility ..............12

GWCA .................................24

Braiden Construc on..........16

Fresh Fish


Seymour Solicitors ..............21


The Fish Shack ......................9

La Casita .............................11


Clarkes of Brighton.............18

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Hove Village ..........................4

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ARKA Funerals ....................22

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Bon Accord .........................37

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Jefferies Funerals ................25

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Alina Homecare ..................36

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Gilmour Decora ng ............38

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Andy Sweeps ................ Cover

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AMP Services ......................31

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Li le Miss Do it All .............19

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Premier Windows .................5


Sussex Gu ers ....................38



Premier Windows .................5

Halls to Hire

Hove Pilates ........................30


St. Philips Church Hall .........34

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