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TM VEGETABLE SHOP 102 Portland Road




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r – see ‘B r details fo leaflets

5085 Devil’s Dyke, Ditchling Beacon and Stanmer Park by bus. For times, fares, leaflets and walk ideas: Visit Phone (01273) 292480 Or visit to plan any bus or train journey – anywhere!

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Welcome to OUr May edition of the west hove directory... Welcome to the May edition of your local publication! So once more the Brighton Festival is here. We hope you enjoy it and find lots of interesting things to do. There is almost too much to choose from, so the best policy is don’t try too hard…just decide on something and go – otherwise the whole month can pass you by in a flash. I have found it is usually the event that you aren’t too bothered about attending that turns out to be the best one, and waiting for the one that sounds amazing can often be disappointing! So there you go, whether you wanted it or not, there is my festival advice! We do have other things in the magazine this month, so stick the kettle on and have a read! Have a great festival and good luck to any residents either performing or exhibiting! The West Hove Directory Team Cover shot: by Brighton and Hove Photography

Publisher: Sussex Magazines Ltd.Ltd. 10 Hollingbury Road, BN1 7JA Cover Photo: Brighton and Hove Photography Printer: Gemini Distributors: Kempster The views expressed by individuals in any letter or article included at the discretion of the publishers are not necessarily the views of the Editor. Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this magazine and the statements contained herein are believed to be correct, the publishers of this publication will not hold themselves responsible for any inaccuracies. Inclusion of advertisers in this magazine is not necessarily a recommendation but we do hope they give a good quality service. No part of the publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the publishers and contributors. We take complaints you make about our advertisers seriously. We have the following policy on this: First complaint about an advertiser is logged here in our offices, if we receive another complaint we write to the advertiser concerned and notify them we have had two complaints and if we receive another complaint we will no longer accept their adverts. If and when a third complaint arrives we will verify that all complaints received were genuine and inform the advertiser that we will no longer be promoting their business and inform them why.

FEMALE TILER Floor & Wall tiling Kitchen, bathrooms, fireplaces, repairs etc. Project Management Services for all home improvements also available

Do you need legal advice from only very highly qualified & experienced legal professionals? Do you value personal service, speaking to your solicitor face to face, having easy access to your solicitor by phone and email, receiving advice in plain English? If yes, then please do contact us for expert legal advice on a wide range of legal matters including: • Wills, Probate & Powers of Attorney • Family Law (Divorce, Civil Partnership Dissolution, Financial Disputes, Children Matters) • Residential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyancing • Personal Injury – all forms of accident claims • Civil Litigation/Debt Recovery We offer a free and no obligation first interview to discuss your matter so you know where you stand from the very beginning.

Call Jane on 07711 309893

We also offer Fixed Fees, No Win No Fee Agreements and Privately Paying Agreements.


“Fixed Fee Divorce & Family advice available”

A Recommended Law Firm

Fixed Fee Will of £100+VAT (Discount of £75 from our usual rate for any reader mentioning this advert)

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LOCAL business...


Class of their own AT HOME Are you in desperate need of a night out but not got anyone to look after your children? Let Class Of Their Own at Home help! They provide a babysitting service which prides itself on the quality of the babysitters they supply. The babysitters are professional and friendly and are experienced childcare professionals. Whether your child is awake or asleep, you know they are in a great pair of hands! Sam Thomson, Director, says, ‘My litmus test is always: would I be happy with this babysitter looking after my daughter? And the resounding answer is yes. I would not hesitate to recommend any of our sitters. Parents ask for the same sitters again and again, and the children really look forward to seeing them.’ What is unique about the service is that it is guaranteed for members, so you know you will never be let down at the last minute. Sam adds, ‘We don’t just rely on our robust recruitment processes to ensure the babysitters are good. We contact parents after every booking to ensure that they were happy with their babysitter - this gives everyone confidence that our sitters are of the highest quality. It was only when I had my own child that I realised

n Class Of Their Owe At Hom

how useful it might be for the family to be offered the chance to meet the babysitter in advance, and, especially for young children, it has worked really well.’ For more information or to book a babysitter, visit www. or call 01273 732868 or email

In need of a night out and not got a babysitte

Book a babysitter with Class Of Their Own At Home


Every night from 6.30pm

Guaranteed babysitter for members when you need it Our babysitting service operates every evening from 6.30pm and at any time over the Meet your babysitter in advance weekend. Our babysitters are all experienced childcare workers who are (DBS) police checked Easy to book, give us a call or drop us an email with One off booking fee - £10 dates and times and we will do the rest Membership is £100/year or £300 for a lifetime How do we know our babysitters are great? We ask Standard hourly rate to the babysitter £7.00 you, the people they are working for, for feedback Quote ‘May Local’ and get your first booking First booking fee is free! fee free! Offer available until 31 May 2014 01273 732868

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Hove Bandstand, k

The Bandstand and Walsingham Terrace. Period unknown

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n but probably 1925 – 1930.

Thanks to the Regency Society for this image from their photographic archives, The James Gray Collection. You can see thousands of more historic pictures of Brighton and Hove at


We can Clear, Clean, Repair or Replace

0790 002 0039


Helen Fisher



A friendly, efficient and professional service to local small businesses

07909 836845

29 Sunninghill Avenue, Hove BN3 8JB

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01273 303842 The


Teacher led pre-school education Open 7.30am – 6.30pm also flexible hours Home Cooked Food – Prepared on Site Large Garden – Open Plan Rooms Term time childcare available Competitive rates 01273 418089

The Garden Nursery and Pre-School, 201 New Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 4Ed.

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Brought to you each month by Fiveways gardening expert Lisa Attwell...


Welcome to the February edition of Fiveways Gardens

Hove Civic Society is pushing for a renewable infrastructure Hove Civic Society aims to encourage high standards of architecture and town planning, not just for buildings and structures, but also transport, public places, our street environment (such as trees), and the infrastructure of our energy supplies.

We have a working group on infrastructure planning, and in particular on how the city should deal with the climate change challenge and the targets to reduce carbon emissions. We are pleased to see solar panels With increasing interest inhomes, growing our own food, on the many of the buildings and and support the and maybe not so much money to go round, why not give it a go this year? But what if you have no spare ground Rampion offshore wind farm (although we submitted to plant into? Well, how about some carefully chosen nice bigevidence containers in your frontbegarden. Or, more even cheaply better, get on how it could connected to rid of some of that tired looking concrete or paving slabs andthe plant the ground. grid).straight We alsointo campaign to make use of the waste heat from Shoreham Power Station. I’mThis often askedproduces what’s easy andand suitable for growing in them. In about late June/July, you’ll find a lovely crop station 420MW 2 bn kWh of electriclimited space. and Topdischarges of my list about are onion, beetroot, carrot of salad potatoes that you can just dig up as and when ity annually, the same amount andinto a lovely waxy potato, such as Charlottes. Nip you want them. Easy, huh? If the whole crop’s dug the sea. If itsalad was converted to Combined Heat and outPower/ to yourDistrict local garden centre or chat up friends that up by the end of July, why not use the space to grow a Heating (CHP/DH), it could heat 100,000 have an allotment, who’llasbe able to get you a dozen range of gorgeous late summer flowers – Rudbeckias, homes and businesses well. or so seed potatoes from continental the allotment shop. Growing verbenas, asters, grasses etc, that will keep you smiling Many cities in northern Europe already do there is zero environmental impact, and some schemes potatoes simplicity itself. of over 90% (compared to through the rest of summer and well into autumn. this, at is energy efficiencies are already a century old. This is the most environmenShoreham’s 50%). Once the pipes are laid in the streets, tally friendly way of cutting carbon emissions, is 1. buy seed potatoes ASAP. 2. put them in a dark cold I was at a meeting recently with the counciland Parks cheaper than nuclear and offshore wind. It would also place (the loft works well for me) for a few weeks to department in Preston Park and I’m chuffed to report create local jobs. “chit” or sprout. 3. push these potatoes into the ground that there’s a strong commitment to planting some As a result of our efforts,inthe now has where you want them to grow and cover with about banks of wild flowers thedraft parkCity andPlan some native ashrubs requirement for heat networks the eight develop3-4 inches or 10cm of your garden soil. 4. relax and go and trees. Both of theseinmeasures are great ment in aswildlife. policy. We have made the same and do some other things for a month or two. 5. when newsareas for uswritten and local request for this inclusion in the new Shoreham Harbour there’s lots of green leafy growth to about 8-12 inches, Happy plan, anddays for the designation of areas for onshore wind put another few inches of garden soil (or the bought turbines, such as the scheme proposed in 1995 along stuff) onto the growing potato plants. You don’t want the harbour seafront. to completely cover them up, but this “earthing up” If you are interested in working with us in pushing for a process means you won’t get green bits on your spuds more sustainable Hove (and Brighton) then let us know, and you’ll get a bigger crop. Do this several times over join the society and participate in one of our working the early summer months. Keep the plants well watered groups. You can follow what we are doing by checking once there’s plenty of foliage. You don’t need to feed on our website, or contact John Kapp (secretary) on 417997,


Doors and Conservatories

CB PLASTERING & BUILDING • Skimming • Rendering • General Building

• Firewalls in chimneys • Damp Proofing • Free Estimates


FREEPHONE 0800 0961696

Factory & Showroom: Call Chris on... Units 4, 5 and 6, Southern Cross Industrial Estate, Freemans Road, Portslade. BN41 1GS

07825 068923 01273 233786

PC driving you crazy? I can remove viruses, spyware, adware etc. and sort out wireless networks, broadband, repairs, installations & upgrades in your home or office. Fast and friendly service. References available No solution, no charge.

deltec solutions Call Derek Richards on 01273 556311 or 07970 657874

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dd 1


Designed and handmade:


• Curtains with lining and interlining • Roman and Austrian Blinds

For all your hair & beauty needs!

• Cushions, Bolsters and bedspreads


• Loose covers • Free estimation and advice

PLUS ...WE PAY YOUR PARKING!! EMAIL: TEL: 01273 731634 206 Portland Road, Hove Free

Call Lora 07728 509 409

Swedish Massage Stressed? Feeling a bit creaky? Need an energy boost?


18/07/2012 14:18:33

‘The right holistic massage can leave you with a relaxed body and an invigorated mind improving your whole outlook’

Experienced Poets Corner based practitioner. Women Only Contact Bella on 07900336246

312 Portland Road, BN3 5LP



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LOCAL group...



COMMUNITY SPEED WATCH Are you fed up with cars speeding down your road? If so, you might be interested in setting up or joining a Community Speed Watch (CSW) group. Hove Neighbourhood Policing Team are looking for volunteers to set up and operate Community Speed Watch groups in Hove, to help communities address the problem of speeding effectively. Community Speed Watch is “a locally driven initiative where active members of the community join together with the support of the police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices”.  The aim is to educate drivers to reduce their speeds. New groups can be created on a website called . Training is a requirement for the volunteers and can be booked on the website along with equipment, all provided by the police. Speed Watch sessions can be initiated, and data from each Speed Watch session can be entered into the site and warning letters sent out to speeders from there by the police. There is even talk of an iPad app that will allow data to be input live. The information provided by the volunteers will go onto a database but will not be used for enforcement, although the police will be able to use it to target persistent speeders. Registration numbers, speeds and times will be stored, but only certain users will be able to access this information. Schemes are already successfully up and running in other areas of Sussex and the current police thinking is that groups in Hove

would be ward-specific, so there could be a Wish group and a Westbourne group. These groups could be deployed anywhere in Hove where concerns have been raised. Each group needs a co-ordinator and a minimum of four volunteers to get started. Residents of St Leonard’s Road and St Keyna Avenue have already expressed an interest in setting up a group. St Leonard’s Road is used as a rat-run by speeding vehicles avoiding the traffic lights on Boundary Road. If you know of any areas in West Hove which need monitoring, or if you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch. If you live in the KAWHRA area, you can contact us at kawhra@, or phone 01273 419404 if you’re not on email. (KAWHRA’s boundaries are Boundary Road, New Church Road, Roman Road and Kingsway.) If you live in St Leonard’s Road, you can contact other interested residents through the St Leonard’s Road Facebook page. Residents of other parts of Hove can register through the Community Speed Watch website or contact PC Jez Holgate directly. His email is: . Kingsway And West Hove Residents’ Association

Pets, Portraits and Profile pics.


PLUMBING SERVICES A reliable local service

Heating installation Boiler servicing Power Flushing Bathroom installation

Landlord Safety Certificates Small jobs Boiler repairs

Approved by Trading Standards

Graham Tomkins

01273 383876 07886 034120 please send your local news to


LOCAL business...

ARKA Original Funerals in Brighton & Hove We asked Cara, who leads the team at ARKA, a few questions about this local funeral company based in the heart of Brighton & Hove. ARKA Original Funerals - what exactly does that mean? We support all types of funeral - traditional and more bespoke. The main difference is that the people who come to us determine how the funeral will be. With our insight into the funeral world we gently guide people into making decisions to create a funeral that is absolutely right for them. What about the ‘eco’ side of the company? We endeavour to do our best to support more eco awareness in the funeral world. Every member of the team is trained to prioritise ecological ways. We research the coffins that we offer and we work in a very natural way. What is a personal ceremony?

valuable experience in supporting a very person-centred ceremony. They really are the best. How has this non-traditional take on funerals been? I am delighted to say I was right in thinking people needed a new way of funeral arranging. Families put great trust in us to do our job in a sensitive, transparent way and we feel very rewarded and humbled by the constantly wonderful feedback from people we have supported. Thanks Cara, anything else you’d like to tell us? Do give us a call or come and meet us at ARKA, we’ll be happy to advise or just answer any questions you may have.

Every life is so unique and a funeral ceremony should reflect this. The celebrants that we work with have in-

TraditionalÊandÊGreenÊCremationsÊandÊBurials Caring,ÊUniqueÊandÊPersonalisedÊService Our team has a wealth of experience arranging unique ceremonies incorporating sound environmental practices and sustainably sourced coffins. We work with families and friends to ensure a fitting ceremony and tribute, supporting you and giving you control at this important stage of transition.

136 Islingword Road Brighton BN2 9SH Telephone 01273 621 444 (24-hour answering service) 39-41 Surrey Street Brighton BN1 3PB Telephone 01273 766 620

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1-2pm & 3-4pm

DEATH CAFÉ ask questions, get answers, get involved - hosted by End of Life Doulas*


ASK A CELEBRANT chat to a celebrant to find out all about ceremonies and what is possible


END OF LIFE PANEL DISCUSSION put your questions to our panel: Cara Mair from ARKA Original Funerals, Charles Cowling from The Good Funeral Guide, Hermione Elliott from Living Well Dying Well and Jane Stokes and Peter Wells from Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

*individuals who help those who are dying, and their families, to feel safe and supported, as they make the transition from this life to the next


5 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO LIVE WELL AND DIE WELL Record your funeral wishes

Register as an organ donor

Plan your future care and support

Tell your loved ones your wishes

Write your will



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Local business...


Featuring local nursery My First Word...Grows up. Read on...

my first word grows Up...Hove (PART OF THE MY FIRST WORD GROUP NOW COMPRISING TWO PRE SCHOOLS, ONE BABY UNIT AND A NEW PRE SCHOOL DUE TO OPEN IN MARCH.) MY FIRST WORD GROWS UP.....HOVE has been open now for 15 months, and was rated GOOD in all areas from OFSTED at their first inspection, and has just been awarded the QUILT Quality assurance badge for their 2 year old module and introductory work with 2 year olds. Manager Dena James said, “We are thrilled with the way the setting has grown and progressed and are very excited to be adding an acting/imaginative play class led by DEBUTOTS from March this year. We already offer Yoga on a weekly basis led by TATTY BUMPKIN. Yoga and Acting are a great way to help children build self esteem and have fun. We are also lucky enough to have a qualified level 3 Spanish teacher on our staff so are able to provide Spanish conversation and singing on a daily basis and the children performed in Spanish for the parents at our Christmas show.”” “We have just added an Astroturf garden area, which the children love and is perfect for our football skills training, twice weekly provided by one of our staff who holds a level 2 football training qualification. All of these activities link to the Early Years Foundation Stage and promote our ethos of “learning through play”.

The setting which is conveniently located close to Boundary Road, within easy walk of Portslade station, and Hove’s main Church Road, is open Monday to Friday 8 – 6. We offer funded hours for two, three and four year old children with no restriction on when these hours can be taken. Director, Lisa Southon, who started as a childminder over ten years ago, said “We know how hard it is to find good childcare, and we believe in offering our parents the flexibility they need to meet their individual needs. As working parents ourselves, we are aware of how hard it is to juggle family life and work. “ MY FIRST WORD ....BABIES is now also located at GLEBE VILLAS with a beautifully renovated room and which leads directly onto the Astroturf garden, this unit also offers the flexibility of hours, baby yoga weekly and trips out for walks to local parks, and places of interest in the community. MONDAY TO FRIDAY 8 – 6. TELEPHONE 01273 933161


We are a nursery providing flexible high quality early years care in

Caring Qualified Staff Organic Homecooked meals Educational Daily Outings

the Hove area from 7am-6pm, Monday to Friday

01273 933161 please send your local news to

Stimulating Environment Messy Play 0-2 Years


Jefferies Funeral Service Comprehensive Funeral Option

£1990.00 (Price held until 2015)

What is included in £1990.00?

Brighton Crematorium Fees & Doctor’s Fees Hearse & One Limousine A simple coffin complete with gold effect furnishings with engraved name plaque. Funeral service performed by the Funeral Director

Why Pay More? Portslade Hove Brighton and Surrounding Area

01273 411662

15 Carlton Terrace, Portslade. BN41 1XF to advertise in the west hove directory please call 01273 551021


local sports... Regular article about local exercise opportunity by locla west Hove resident Isobel Muir...

doing as you’re told 2014 is to be the year when I am sensible with my running and tendency to over-train, and so far I have been doing well. I’ve cut down massively on my gym-going, mainly because I have a job now which means I can’t spend all my time in the gym. As running is my main sport, I like to do this on my days off instead. Step 1 on the road to sensibility conquered, I knew the next thing was to try and get this “bumjury” sorted out. I have been struggling on and off for about three years with a pain at the top of my left hamstring/buttock, which was originally caused by tearing something during a freezing winter seafront run, that now gets worse with faster running and long stuff which is basically the mainstay of my training. I finally decided to do what I have been told by everyone (osteos/physios/chiropractors/sports masseuses etc etc) I have seen about it: stretch. I went to yet another osteo - James Pickard at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic on New Church Road - in the vain hope he could fix it miraculously, but he told me many horror stories about snapping muscles and so on which finally penetrated my stubborn “I never stretch” brain. I got through to myself by comparing myself to fat people who don’t take responsibility for themselves and opt for the “easy”

fix of a gastric band. This is what I had been doing, my “gastric band” being the services of the aforementioned physios etc. I would HAVE to start stretching. I am now a month or so down the line and have been stretching almost daily and always after running as instructed. Due to my history of stretching indiscipline, James gave me two simple stretches to do: one for the hamstring and one for the calf, as these are exceptionally tight (they always have been, even when I was a child) and the cause of the continuation of my hamstring/bum pain. I must hold each stretch for two minutes for maximum benefit. Since having been doing this, I can already feel the benefit. Although the pain is still there after particularly hard or long runs, it is greatly reduced and it doesn’t make me leap off the sofa every few minutes for days afterwards as it did in the past. So I think what I’m saying is seek advice for any injury you may have and actually DO what you are advised. I must have wasted so much money over the years to be told the same thing and only now am I actually taking note. Step 2 on the road to sensibility complete!

For more details about my life in exercise please visit my blog “IMFitHove”. Thanks. Happy exercising!


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Vinyl Flooring Lino & Carpet Specialists Wood & Wood Laminates Domestic & Commercial

01273 677229 22 Coombe Road Brighton BN2 4EA

Are you thinking of buying a flat to let out but not sure where to start or whether it’s the right investment for your future? Call us at Sussex Property Partners because that’s where we come in. From finding, fixing, managing to maintaining, we are your perfect partners. Already have a flat you want to let out? Call us, we find tenants quickly and manage the letting for a low 6% per month plus £150 finding fee (includes credit checks, references, contracts etc). No hidden extras for you or the tenant. We are not just another letting agent. 07766 747857 to advertise in the west hove directory please call 01273 551021


FESTIVAL... The West Hove Artists Open House Trail The Artists’ Open Houses (AOH), unique to Brighton and Hove, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011. The idea was inspired by Fiveways artist Ned Hoskins, who first opened his home to the public in 1982. The trend continued with other artists in the area who formed the Fiveways Artists Group.

The twice-yearly AOH festival runs during the Brighton Festival in May and in the run-up to Christmas in December. We spoke to Judy Stevens, the festival director, who told us: “The ethos of the Artists’ Open Houses festival is inclusivity, encouraging participation from artists and makers of all ages, at all stages of their careers, and from all parts of the community, including school and college students. To give opportunities to marginalised artists, those facing barriers to the art world for any reason, including economically and geographically as well as those with physical and learning disabilities, is very important to us.”

Hove - it encourages inclusivity and celebrates all manner of quirky.

West Hove, being the furthest along the trail, can sometimes be overlooked during the AOH festival. However, the Best Open House award went to ‘Encounter’ at 12 Langdale Road and the 2012-2013 Artist of the Year, Vanessa Conyers, had some of her intricate ceramics in an open house on Carlisle Road, which runs between New Church Road and the beach. Conyers’ ceramics take a giddy trip through Alice’s Wonderland into Louis XVI’s boudoir. Beautiful, lavish with intricate design, they are so perfectly Brighton, despite being made in her studio in rural Dorset. In fact the very essence of the festival speaks to what is important to Brighton and

This year more people are taking part in the West Hove trail than ever, with newcomers to Langdale Gardens, amongst other places. There will be 14 houses in the trail this year, covering the area from Sackville Road in the east to Boundary Road in the west and from the seafront up to the railway line. These houses will be supporting a range of artists including painters, bunting makers, print and bag designers, weavers, box makers and many more. Since the trail was set up in 2011, the West Hove Open Houses have worked together to ensure that each year is more diverse and exciting than the last.

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20 The Royal Pavilion is our City’s greatest treasure. But did you know that you could become a member and visit for FREE all year round! Membership offers great benefits:  FREE entry to the Royal Pavilion & Preston Manor  FREE entry to exhibitions at Brighton Museum  Invitations to Private Views, Exclusive Events  20% discount in our shops throughout November & December  Discounts on events & the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink  Accompanying children and grandchildren go free!

Prices start at £23 (concessions available) Call Abigail on 01273 292789 for more information. Membership is a great way to support the Royal Pavilion, helping to conserve and protect our City’s unique cultural heritage. Registered charity No. 275242

Give a young person a chance Fostering can be challenging, rewarding and fun. We will help you every step of the way. To apply, you must have a spare room and time to care for a child. We will provide you with 24 hour support and regular training. Our allowances range from £353 to £661 per week, for each child you may foster. Contact us on Tel: 01273 421 991 website:


local carers.


local support. to advertise in the west hove directory please call 01273 551021


LOCAL business... We are delighted to feature this month an article from a new business that is based in Richardson Road...

Is the beauty industry damaging our health? How many of us stop and think about what chemicals are in our every day beauty routine? Maybe you care maybe not but stop for a second and read on and then maybe you might rethink your answer. It takes 26 seconds for products you apply to the skin to enter the blood stream and on average 515 chemicals are absorbed into our skin a day. 90% of cosmetics available on the market contain the following most commonly used ingredients: Aluminium is a toxic metal that can be found in virtually every personal care product and is especially present in antiperspirant deodorants. There’s an increasing concern about the use of products containing aluminum, especially when applied to the skin near the breast in the form of deodorant. The reason for this is that aluminum can have oestrogen like effects in our systems that can disrupt the healthy functioning of the endocrine system. Toluenes most commonly found in nail polishes and cosmetics. Toluene is a harmful neurotoxin which can affect the functioning of the brain and central nervous system, and can pose implications for the healthy development of children; both born, and unborn.

Parabens these guys are a group of nasty, synthetic preservatives that can be found in just about your entire cosmetic cabinet. Check the ingredients list of your baby products too, as they are commonly found in shampoos and moisturizers. Parabens have been linked to the disruption of normal endocrine function, severe allergies and possible cancers. Mineral oil is derived from petroleum and may be contaminated with cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Mineral oil may be listed under different names including petrolatum or paraffinum. Recently opened 10Beauty on Richardson Road in Hove support and use products that minimize the impact of chemicals on your skin and have carefully chosen brands like Eve Taylor which are a aromatherapy based facial oils and creams. SpaRitual offer a multi-purpose system of luxury eco-conscious spa treatments for hands and feet and varnishes that are 100% DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free. Pink Boutiques organic nourishing pre & after wax alcohol free lotions.  For further information contact Sharon on 07789 544361 or also follow us on pinterest and facebook.

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at your service... Babysitting Class of their Own............................5 Beauty 10 Beauty........................................21 Blinds Sussex Blinds....................................4 Bella Vista.........................................8 Bookeeping HF Bookeeping.................................7 Charity Royal Pavillion Foundation.............20 Computers Deltec................................................9 Curtains Lora Tarbet......................................10 Electrician Cox & Taylor....................................20 Estate Agent Sinnott Green....................cover & 20 Flooring D J Flooring.....................................18 Fostering The Foster Care Agency..................20 Funeral Services Sussex Funerals...............................19 Jefferies Funeral Service.................16

ARKA Funerals........................12 & 13 Groceries TM Vegetable Shop...................cover Gutters Sussex Gutters..................................7 Hairdresser Mobile Hairdresser.........................22 Salon@206.....................................10 Laundrette West Hove Laundrette...................10 Letting Sussex Property Partners...............18 Locksmith Lee’s Locks......................................19 Loft Conversion Kingsway Lofts...............................23 Martial Arts Taekwon-Do Brighton.................back Nursery The Garden House Nursery............18 My First Word...Grows Up..............15 Deepdene School.............................4 Painting and Decorating Finishing Touch.................................6 Pet Services Toto Cat feeding..............................17

Photography Brighton & Hove Photography........11 Plumbing GT Plumbing...................................11 Public Houses The Stoneham................................14 Shutters Sussex Blinds....................................4 Bella Vista.........................................8 Solicitors Crosby and Woods...........................3 Swedish Massage Swedish Massage...........................10 Taekwon-Do. B & H Taekwon-Do School..........back Taxi City Cabs....................................cover Tiling Pentagon Tiling.................................6 Female Tiling....................................3 Transport Breeze up the Downs........................2 Tree Surgeon The Arbor Barber............................22 Windows Premier Windows.............................9


For all your hairdressing needs in the comfort of your own home Please call for an appointment with Antonella

07811 374664 to advertise in the west hove directory please call 01273 551021

Kingsway LOFTS with a passion for innovation, excellence and sustainability

Recent conversion in Portland Avenue

FTS LO M O F R 000 , £21

Each project we are commissioned to undertake is unique and customised to meet the client’s vision and aspirations • 15 years experience and client satisfaction • from concept to design • environmentally aware procedures

• add value to your property • professional and committed craftsmen • clean and tidy

01273 243941 PLease mention west hove directory when responding to adverts



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