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Green Wright Chalton Annis SOLICITORS See page 10 XX advert

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Attic Solutions Hove Ltd

The Specialists in Domestic Loft Conversions

We guarantee to beat any like for like quote

Gemini House, 136-140 Old Shoreham Road, Brighton, BN3 7BD

Telephone 01273 282383 Mobile 07915 415007 2

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Local Person... Jonathan Bradshaw

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Old Photo

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Unforgettable Childhood Summer Memories

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Councillors In West Hove

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Patrick Burke Retrospective

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Where In West Hove?

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Advice For Business

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Brighton Lions Summer Fayre

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Local Exercise...CXWORX

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HMOs Planning Consultation

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Stoneham Park Midsummer Fair

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What’s On In West Hove‌

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Seed Cycling For Hormonal Balance And Fertility

The West Hove Directory Team

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Safety On Portland Road

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Join Martlets Pooches On The Prom

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Friends Of Hove Lagoon AGM

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Hove Lagoon Model Yacht Club

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Plant Your Postcode

Now that the local elections are done and dusted, we have contact details for all your new ward councillors. Congratulations to all those who were re-elected or newly elected. The May festivals might be over but there are still plenty of events to keep you busy in June, including the Stoneham Park Midsummer Fair and a Great Get-Together at Hove Methodist Church, both on 22nd June, Pooches on the Prom on 23rd June, Brighton Lions Summer Fayre on 30th June, and two new displays at Hove Museum. We also have news of a project to plant more trees around the city. 3 Enjoy the beginning of summer!

Cover picture: Cricket in Wish Park by Jane Galvin

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For a FREE No Obligation Quotation e-mail or call:

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Op Ne at enin w! Ho ve g So Lib on rar y

Visit our new nursery environments 01273 358 589

hovevillage Hove’s Creative Day Nursery

We are Brighton & Hove’s oldest independent family Funeral Directors Dedicated caring service from Richard Whittle & Ben Day Richard Whittle is the great, great grandson of the founder and Managing Director of Bungard Funeral Directors.

Ben Day is the Principal Funeral Director of Bungard Funeral Directors.

If you’re thinking about your Funeral Plans call Richard or Ben on 01273 820018

90 Sackville Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3HE 01273 820018 (24 hour number) @BungardandSons

Ask us today about Funeral Plans from Golden Charter 4

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Meet a West Hove resident who is a professional speaker...

LOCAL PERSON... JONATHAN BRADSHAW Jonathan Bradshaw lives in Lawrence Road. He is a professional speaker who presents talks all over the world on Meetology, the psychology behind superb social skills. How long have you lived in West Hove? It’s been almost 30 years now. Like many Hove residents, I moved here to study and attended the old Brighton Polytechnic at Falmer. What do you like about the area? In short, the fact that everything is accessible. I spend half the year in the US and doing so makes me 5 appreciate the fact that it is just a short walk to get a coffee, do some shopping or go to the gym here. (Although this hasn’t always been possible – the way the area has evolved is incredible.) How did you become a professional speaker? The honest answer is by being very poor at it until I gradually improved! Initially I started to speak in public as part of my first job in 1993 but it actually wasn’t until 2007 that I felt ready to leave full-time employment and make speaking my career.


Doors and Conservatories

People often ask for tips on how they can become better at speaking in front of large groups and my usual answer relates to acceptance. Accept (and embrace) the nerves that can occur when starting out as, in my experience, these feelings diminish the more you expose yourself to them. I’ve spoken on Meetology in over 30 countries and I still get nervous – I just call it ‘excitement’ and know that it is an essential part of me performing at my best. What is your top tip for connecting with other people? Am I allowed three? Highlight similarities: Psychological research doesn’t generally support the idea that opposites attract. We like people who are like us - highlight similarities to others where possible. Show vulnerability: In a world that seems obsessed with being ‘perfect’, research suggests that actually accepting and admitting weakness can improve levels of empathy.

FREEPHONE 0800 0961696

Factory & Showroom: Units 4, 5 and 6, Southern Cross Industrial Estate, Freemans Road, Portslade. BN41 1GS

Take another perspective: We can only interpret the world through our own experience. Other people’s experiences may differ – try to be flexible and take alternative perspectives into consideration. What do you like to do to relax? Football has been a big part of my life. As well as a season ticket holder at the AMEX for many years, I’m lucky enough to have played for many of Sussex’s senior sides. I enjoy road cycling and hiking too – climbs on Mt Everest and Kilimanjaro are two highlights. For more information, visit

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Martina Bisping Martina Bisping Chartered Physiotherapist Chartered Physiotherapist Specialised in Treating: Specialised inback Treating: n Neck and pain

n Neck and back pain n Sports and other injuries n Sports and other injuries n Post-surgery conditions

n Post-surgery conditions n Headaches and jaw pain n Headaches and jaw pain n Vertigo and balance disorders n Vertigo and balance disorders n Arthritis n Arthritis Also, fall prevention classes Also, fallelderly prevention for the at theclasses Hive for the elderly at theabove Hive Community Rooms, Community Rooms, Stoneham Park Cafeabove Stoneham Park Cafe

Now in NEW clinic in Poets’ Corner Tel 01273 958478 Tel01273 07768020146 Tel 958478 Tel 07768020146

Looking for a care home and need some friendly expert advice? Put your trust in us to help you. We understand that choosing the right care home can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. But rest assured we are here to help. Come and take a look around and get some guidance on those things that are concerning you. It’s the best way to feel more confident about your next steps. To find out more visit Bon Accord Care Home – 01273 769093

Suite 9, Mason Shadi Danin Yard Medi Spa 177 Street 70Westbourne New Church Road Shadi Danin Medi Spa| Hove | BN3 4FL Hove, BN3 5FB 70 New Church Road | Hove | BN3 4FL

Registered with the Health Professions Council Member of thethe British Medical Acupuncture Society Registered Care Professions Registeredwith with theHealth Health&Professions CouncilCouncil Member Society Society Memberof ofthe theBritish BritishAcupuncture Medical Acupuncture

6845FD_FSHC_Jan Ads_Bon Accord Care Home_v1.indd 1

21/01/2019 10:38

Attree & Kent Funeral Directors

Why not come to the Ralli Hall Lunch and Social Club a venue for the discerning, elegant older folk of Brighton and Hove, conveniently located by Hove Station at Ralli Hall, Denmark Villas, where you can meet your friends and make new friendships in a relaxed and congenial atmosphere. We meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.00 - 4.00 and while the three-course hot lunch is the focus of our day, we also have exercise classes in the morning along with a discussion group and crossword sessions. After lunch we have a variety of entertaining activities which include bridge, kalooki, rummikub, guest speakers, art and musical entertainment. Tea and biscuits are served both mornings and afternoons. At minimum cost we can offer safe, assisted transport from your home to and from our venue. We welcome the young at heart, who can bring us their lifetime of experience to our group. We would love to hear from you, so please contact Jacquie on 01273 739999 or for further details.


Because every life is unique 108 Church Road, Hove BN3 2EB 01273 821 985

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THE BANDSTAND The Bandstand, Western Lawns, from a 1937 postcard. The Bandstand was located opposite Walsingham Road from 1911 until 1965. © Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove


Nosce Te Ipsum

Nursery • Prep Est.1948

A small school with

big ideas


For more information contact 01273 418984 e-mail Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to



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Local history from Rachel Bridgeman…

UNFORGETTABLE CHILDHOOD SUMMER MEMORIES With the arrival of the first month of summer, we are looking forward to warm days, long evenings and all that makes living here so special - children will be heading for the beach after school; teenagers migrating to Hove Lawns after dusk; and families queuing for ice-creams. © The Regency Society’s James Gray Collection

79 years ago, just as local children were anticipating summery days, their plans would be dramatically changed - for 11-year old Bernard Lynn and his chums this would mean not stepping onto the beach again for the rest of their childhood: in June 1940, within a matter of days of the Dunkirk evacuation and Churchill’s 9 promise to fight “on the beaches …the landing grounds …and in the streets..”, Hove seafront was designated a restricted area. 90-year-old Bernard has kindly shared some of his memories with us: “The esplanade was covered in barbed wire and there were warning signs about the mines on the beaches. Of course, there were the tank traps – great big concrete blocks – to prevent tanks coming onto the promenade. There were gun emplacements all along there, sandbag enclosures with 40mm Bofor guns, presumably manned by the Canadians - because The seafront near Hove Lagoon c1944/45 when the wire and obstacles were being dismantled

they were all over the place. We couldn’t get on the lawns or the esplanade. We just accepted it: it was how it was in war-time. “When the big guns in West Blatchington fired, you certainly knew all about it - the sound was earsplitting! I used to hear it quite often when I was in bed. As kids we were worried that there might be an invasion and could imagine boats surging in from the horizon. I do recall one night a lot of guns firing from out at sea and I am pretty certain that it was a convoy being attacked by U-boats, although it was never mentioned, for security reasons.” To find out more about the local history of Hove, come on a guided walking tour led by a local historian and tour guide. To join the mailing list to receive the programme of walks, email Will include NEW tours: Hidden Hove - the ancient village through the ages; Cliftonville - a Victorian Gem; and A Country of Two Nations - service, struggle and salvation in Poets’ Corner. The popular “Poets Corner 1914-18: The War is Over” and “Soldiers, Saints, Celebrities and Saxons“ tours will be repeated. Rachel Bridgeman - local historian and tour guide (Facebook Hove Actually Walking Tours) Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to


1 hour fixed fee advice on any Family Law matter from a senior solicitor at the Hove office for ÂŁ125 + VAT during JUNE

Please contact 01273 253500 to arrange your initial fixed fee appointment with Mr Simon Rowe


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Your local representatives...

COUNCILLORS IN WEST HOVE An election of city councillors was held on 2nd May. The results for Westbourne ward were: APPICH Carmen

The results for Wish ward were:

Labour and Co-operative Party


BRAITHWAITE Alex Labour Party


COBB Denise

Conservative Party


COLEMAN Andrew Green Party first choice candidate

DATE Geoff

Liberal Democrats



Liberal Democrats


Green Party second



UK Independence Party (UKIP) 121

choice candidate

HOWIE Alasdair

Green Party second choice candidate

ELLIS Hilary

Liberal Democrats


Labour Party



Conservative Party


PELTZER DUNN Garry Conservative Party


11 275

HARDING Robert UK Independence Party (UKIP)



Green Party first choice





Labour and Co-operative Party 1,314

NICHOLLS Charlie Conservative Party


The elected councillors for Westbourne were Carmen Appich and Chris Henry. You can contact them at: Carmen Appich Email: Tel: 07562 437632 Chris Henry Email: Tel: 07395 282745 They will also hold a monthly advice surgery at Hove Museum, details to be confirmed. Contact the councillors direct for casework help.


973 262 521

Robert Nemeth and Garry Peltzer Dunn were re-elected as councillors for Wish ward. You can contact them at: Robert Nemeth Email: Tel: 01273 291819 Garry Peltzer Dunn Email: Tel: 01273 291186

They also hold an advice surgery on the second Saturday in the month as follows: 9am-10am: 234 New Church Road 10am-11am: Sanders House, Ingram Crescent 11am-12 noon: The Snug café, Stoneham Park



Painting and Decorating in Brighton, Hove and Beyond

Soos Donaldson 07717 750 719

WHEELIE BIN CLEANING FROM JUST £3.00 Call Bright n Shine Bin Company on Tel 01273 245924 Mobile 07543708015

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We believe great care is best when it’s at home. It's there when you need reassurance and to help you stay independent. Our quality care is provided by our trained and compassionate carers. Whether it’s one visit a day or several, we're here for you.

Call today: 01903 323222 Email:


Annual Membership Fee £50 includes all nine Lectures. The Arts Society Magazine. By prior arrangement , guests may attend no more than two lectures at £8 per lecture. Contact our Membership Secretary for full details at jessica.rosenthal958@gmail. com or phone 01273 206456 Mobile 07919578968

Join us for our illustrated Lectures from 6.45pm for 7.45pm on the last Wednesday in the month, at OUR NEW VENUE….

The Hove Club. 28 Fourth Avenue, Hove, BN3 2PJ 12

ILLUSTRATED LECTURES... Wednesday 26th June

In Search of Leokadiya Kashperova: Musical adventures in Russia. By Graham Griffiths DPhil (Oxon), PGCE (Cantab) BMus Hons (Edin) Wednesday 25th September Stripped Naked: The Nude in Art History By Stella Grace Lyons Wednesday 30th October Oscar; A Life: The Rise and Fall of Oscar Wilde

The Arts Society East Sussex…

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Two new displays at Hove Museum in New Church Road...

PATRICK BURKE RETROSPECTIVE 11 May to 4 September 2019, Hove Museum Free admission Patrick Burke (1932-2010) was a Shoreham-born painter and writer who gained success in London, Rome and New York. His mother was a single woman working as a domestic servant in Hove. He attended Varndean School and studied at Brighton College of Art (which became part of Brighton Polytechnic), where he later taught for many years. The works from the height of his career are alive with colour, inspired by the time he spent in Italy. After retirement, he lived in a flat in Brunswick Square and regularly painted local scenes including a series of promenade paintings, packed with bizarre 13 characters dancing on the prom with a ship on the sea in the distance. This display shows the range of his work including early etchings and sketches of Brighton life, paintings, sketchbooks, notebooks and diaries.

Patrick Burke, Grand Promenade, 2001/7, private collection; photo ©Nick Lukey

FRIEDRICH NAGLER...A PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY 13 June to 17 September 2019, Hove Museum Free admission

Friedrich Nagler, assemblage of metal sculptures; photo by Oana Damir

Friedrich Nagler (1920-2009) was a Jewish émigré and selftaught artist born in Vienna, Austria. He fled to England to escape Nazi occupation in 1938 but was interned and sent to Canada as an ‘enemy alien’, where he worked as a lumberjack. In 1943 he returned to England, married an English girl and settled in Hampshire. He had a variety of low-paid labouring jobs to earn a living while he developed his passion for making art. This display shows some of the many thousands of pieces he created, some of which were inspired by his flight from Nazioccupied Austria to England. It forms part of the year-long nationwide Insiders/Outsiders arts festival which celebrates the contribution of Jewish refugees to British culture. For more information visit

KINGSWAY TRAVEL Chauffeur Driven Private Hire Service


AIRPORT TRANSFERS Gatwick Call Simon or Neil on 01273 640480 Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to


Your local electrician and plumber Rating 9.85 No job too big or too small, providing our customers with a friendly, reliable and cost-effective service. Electrical

Heating & Plumbing

Air Conditioning

Contact us now on: Tel: 01273 933550 Email: Web: 14

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Where in West Hove were these photos taken?


Answers will from now on appear in that month’s publication...see page 23 for this month’s answers. In the meantime the answers for last month’s pictures: 1. Playday Café in Portland Road 2. Entrance to Hove Manor flats in Hove Street 3. Brighton & Hove Albion captain Bruno on Hove Lagoon mural

Modern, bespoke care and support so you can be independent and live life as you choose. We support disabled people, older people, people having trouble with their health. From personal care to help at home or even support going out socially, we deliver bespoke services to suit you. Regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Contact us today to find out more. Phone: 01273 894070 or 07795 904198 Email: Registered Charity No1114435 Company No 05706441. Registered in England and Wales

A talk at St Leonard’s Church...

STAYING SAFE In response to various comments we’ve had, St Leonard’s Church has invited PCSO Jodie Sullivan to give a talk on Thursday 13th June at 3pm about ‘Staying Safe’. Amongst other topics her talk will include dealing with nuisance calls, people selling things at the door, noises at night, safe shopping, workmen who say they won’t take cheques and then offer to drive people to the bank for the cash, and scams. We’ll be offering simple refreshments for a small donation to our funds. All are welcome to join us. The churchwardens at St Leonard’s

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This article is by local financial adviser David Lewis...

ADVICE FOR BUSINESS... People in business can often get very caught up in day to day operations and forget to plan for the future but there are some measures you can take to help make your hard work pay off. By planning for your future prosperity, finding the most appropriate company pension scheme and putting protections in place you can help secure your, and your business’s, future. Most employers know they need to offer a workplace pension to their staff but it isn’t always obvious which pension scheme will suit the business, employees and the owners so it is worth shopping around and establishing which scheme would work best for you. Tax is always a concern for business owners. By performing business liability audits, advice can be given to minimise your tax liability while you’re in business, after you retire and when your estate is passed on to your family. It’s something we don’t like to think about but if your business would struggle if a key member of staff were to die or go off sick long term, it is a good idea to have protections and plans in place. Similarly, if a shareholder passing away would create a difficult situation for the remaining shareholders, it is worth having a way to deal with it ready.

When the time comes for you to leave your business, it’s a good idea to have an exit strategy planned out to minimise tax and make it simple for the business to continue in the hands of shareholders or family members if required. To speak to us at David Lewis Wealth Management about any of these matters to support your and your business’s future, call 01273 933743 for a no-obligation consultation.

COUNTRYMAN Energy Efficient Windows, Doors and Conservatories uPVC, Hardwood and Aluminium

Serving Hove since 1988

01273 324474

142 Sackville Road, Hove, BN3 7AG YOUR LOCAL TRUSTED COMPANY NATIONAL FEDERATION OF GLAZIERS See local reviews of this business at

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For over 13 years we have been sourcing and beautiful, hand-selected gifts, homewares, and clothes. Teacher led pre-school education Open 7.30am – 6.30pmbags also flexible hours Home Cooked Food – Prepared on Site Large Garden – Open Plan Rooms Term time childcare available Competitive rates


The Garden Nursery and Pre-School, 201 New Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 4Ed.

Roofing Contractors Covering all parts of Brighton and Hove

20 year backed guarantee from the manufacturer 20 year guarantee on workmanship No seams or joints Life expectancy of 50+ years Can be used on balconies and walkways Non slip surface if required

Telephone: 01444 214584 / 07709 650994 18

Tiling, Slating, uPVC Fascias & Soffits, Flat -roofing, Lead Work


• • • • • •

Plus we carry out other work:


GRP fibreglass roofing systems

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A great event to raise money for good causes...

BRIGHTON LIONS SUMMER FAYRE Brighton Lions Club is a charitable organisation that is part of Lions Clubs International, which has 1.7 million members in 190 countries.

We have been serving the local, national and international communities for nearly 70 years. Following the closure of Hove Lions Club, we now cover the whole of the city with the exception of Rottingdean, Saltdean and Woodingdean. This year, we are holding a Summer Fayre at Victoria Road Recreation Ground in Portslade on Sunday 30th June, running from 1.00 to 5.00pm. It’s the first time we have held a major event in the west of the city and we hope that people in the local communities will come and join us for a fun-filled afternoon and find out more about Lions. Opening the Fayre will be TV celebrities Stephen and

Gilmour Decorating Complete professional decorating service

Interiors &Exteriors Sensible Quotes

Call Mr Gilmour

01273 679350 / 07748023392

Host Families needed for a local language school Great rates of pay for half board and self catering students, no packed lunches necessary. All students are adults over 18 We need rooms all year round and not just for the summer Please apply online or contact us at:

94 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2EB 01273 202081

Daniel from Gogglebox. Coastway Vets are sponsoring and organising a dog show which will run in one arena throughout the afternoon. In the other arena, there will be dancing and sports displays and family races. Attractions include children’s rides and amusements, games, over 30 stalls ranging from perfumes to crafts to fruit and veg, music with the Maestro Big Band, a beer tent, hot and cold food, tombola and raffle. Brighton is the second oldest Lions Club in Great Britain and Ireland, having been chartered in January 1951, and our running costs, like those of all other Lions Clubs, are met by subscriptions paid by the members, so all monies raised from the public and events like the Summer Fayre and our Fireworks Display at Brighton Racecourse in November are used for charitable purposes. As members of a community service club, we are dedicated to the idea that the men and women who live in a community are in the best position to know who needs help and why. We are proud to be more than a “cheque-writing” organisation. Whether that means raising money or rolling up our sleeves, we do it all in our own time and we like to have fun doing it. Lions are ordinary people who do extraordinary things to help others and support good causes. New members are always welcome. If you feel you have the time to help organise activities to support those in need in the community, then why not contact us on 0845 833 5765, email or on Facebook @ LionsClubBrighton.  WHD June 2019


Learn to Charleston


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Seymours+solicitors Specialist family & matrimonial lawyers Expert resolution by experienced solicitors & barristers • Financial remedy on divorce • Cohabiting couples on separation • Child arrangements and financial issues • Asset freezing injunctions • Non molestation and home exclusion injunctions • Domestic violence • Prenuptial & Separation Agreements Consultations:

79 Goldstone Crescent Hove BN3 6LS Also at Horsham & Central London

01273 628 808 077 88 555 262 We have close working relationship with forensic accountants, expert surveyors, property & business valuers, tax & pension consultants, specialist barristers together with lawyers in North America and the Middle East  WHD June 2019


“Local “Local Service Service atat Great Great Prices” Prices”

• • • • • • • •

Leading Sussex Based Garden Machinery Dealer Since 1975 Free Delivery Within Sussex For All Orders Over £100 Leading Sussex Based Garden Machinery Dealer Since 1975 All Machines Supplied Fully Assembled and Ready to Use Free Delivery Within Sussex For All Orders Over £100 Free Disposal of Your Old Machine All Machines Supplied Fully Assembled and Ready to Use Free Disposal of Your Old Machine Battery Hedgetrimmers and

Hayter Harrier Mowers

Hayter Harrier Mowers

from from

£465 £465

Strimmers Battery Hedgetrimmers and Strimmers

from from

£99 £99

from from

63 Hallyburton Road BN3 7GP 63Hove Hallyburton Road Hove BN3 7GP 01273 418918 Wheelbarrows 01273 418918 Wheelbarrows

£25 £25


PAUL YEATES PLUMBING & HEATING FAMILY RUN LOCAL BUSINESS WITH 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE ALL All aspects of plumbing undertaken GAS WORK Heating installations and repairs UNDERTAKEN Boiler maintenance and upgrades NO CALL OUT Boiler servicing from £35 + VAT FEE Gas Safety Checks from £45 + VAT Bathrooms and kitchens design and installation Power flushing Disabled bathrooms and wet rooms Underfloor heating All new boilers with 7 or 10 year guarantee 1 7 9 7 4 7

ALL WORKS INSURED & FULLY GUARANTEED Call Paul on 01273 541791 or 07710 854421 twistof Read reviews of this business by local residents at 22

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Regular article about local exercise opportunity by West Hove resident Isobel Muir...


LOCAL EXERCISE...CXWORX The core is the most important part of your body. It keeps you stable and upright and without it everyday life would be impossible yet often it is missed out. I am definitely someone who has been neglecting my core. Other than throwing in the odd plank or sit-up now and again or doing the few minutes’ worth that is included in BODYPUMP and vibe classes, I don’t do any. Then I discovered CXWORX! This is another Les Mills class from the same school as BODYPUMP so I had an idea of how it would work before I set off to The Circle (North Street, Portslade) for my first class. CXWORX is based on functionality: mimicking natural movements rather than focusing on one muscle group and solely working on it as you might in other classes. Of course there were the usual things like sit-ups and the plank but also lots of movements using resistance bands. I was utterly useless at most of the moves. The changeovers were very fast and I found it difficult to even get the resistance band round my foot before it was time to move on to the next exercise. There was also a lot of shoulder involved and my shoulders are my greatest weakness so this added a further dimension of work to the process. I found the class very hard, not least

Grooming your dog is all about caring and should be a happy experience. The Dog’s Corner is soothing, calming, and stress free. Looking after your dog’s well-being is our top priority.

Now offering dog walking service Other Services: Retail shop / small dog daycare self service dog wash/ dog walking service

Tel: 01273 739018

70-72 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5DL

because of the quickness of the changeovers and the complexity of some of the moves. However, I feel that the harder the class the more it proves that I need to do that sort of exercise, which means I REALLY need to do more core work. The class is only 30 minutes long but that’s plenty as you’re focusing solely on the core. Also, at The Circle, there is a Pure Abs class straight afterwards (if you do the Friday CXWORX) that is also half an hour, which focuses on the more traditional exercises like sit-ups and planking and dispenses with the resistance band so you could get in a full hour of core if the fancy took you (it didn’t me). I could already feel the difference after only one CXWORX class so I’ll have a core of steel after a month or so. This class is definitely one to persevere with as to start with it is hard to follow the moves and quick changes, but it’s worth it to know that you’re saving your posture, making everyday life easier and more comfortable and avoiding a bad back and other injuries stemming from a weak core and bad posture.

For more details about my life in exercise please visit my blog “IMFitHove”. Thanks, “WHERE IN WEST HOVE?” ANSWERS FROM p15 Picture 1: Corner of Pembroke Crescent and Pembroke Avenue Picture 2: Hove Methodist Church, Portland Road Picture 3: Hove Lagoon Pitch and Putt

Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to


Emma Taylor Chartered Legal Executive

Divorce and Financial Arrangements

Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

Arrangements for Children and Parental Alienation

Civil Partnerships/Same Sex Marriage & Modern Families

International Divorce and Children Matters

Cohabitation Agreements and Dispute Resolution

Care Proceedings, Social Services & Child Protection

Amy Trevellick Associate Solicitor


£50 off First Bill

£750 + VAT petitioner £350 + VAT respondent

Quote: FAMILY50

FREE 30 minute consultation*

*In qualifying circumstances Goodlaw Solicitors LLP are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

01273 303842

01273 956270

Offices in Brighton & Hove

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News from Brighton & Hove City Council...

HMOs PLANNING CONSULTATION Residents’ concerns about high concentrations of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) have led to a proposal to extend the current planning rules across the city. In most of Brighton & Hove, property owners wishing to convert a family house into a shared house or HMO for up to six people do not currently have to get planning permission. Larger HMOs of seven or more occupants already need planning permission. Give us your views on the proposal by visiting ‘open consultations’ at: consultation. The consultation runs from Monday 3rd June to Monday 15th July. Currently five wards have controls through an ‘Article 4 Direction’ which means that in the following areas small HMO conversions need planning permission: • Hanover & Elm Grove • Hollingdean & Stanmer • Moulsecoomb & Bevendean • Queen’s Park • St Peters & North Laine If agreed it will mean that planning permission will be required for a change of use from a family home to a small HMO anywhere in the city. A citywide approach aims to make the rules consistent for everyone, provide

long-term certainty for developers and residents and prevent concentrations getting too high before action is taken. It would also bring the planning regulations in line with HMO licensing which is already in force citywide.

A big event in Stoneham Park...

STONEHAM PARK MIDSUMMER FAIR The Friends of Stoneham Park committee are busy planning for another successful Midsummer Fair this month bringing the community together on the 22nd June, 11am-4pm.

We all need someone who is on our side

Become a Befriender and make a difference to a disadvantaged child’s life

“I like my friend very much, she is nice and says good things, and when I swim, she helps me” Mark (aged 9)

Could you be that someone?

Come along to Jubilee Library, Brighton, 12-3pm on Saturday 13th July to find out more! Call us on 01273 559794 or email for information Safety First

OUR POLICIES PROTECT CHILDREN References, DBS checks and full training provided Registered Charity No. 1077594 Company Limited by Guarantee, Reg in England & Wales, No. 3839376 Volunteers of the Year 2017

We are filling the park with lots to enjoy for children and adults alike. A fairground ride, bouncy castle, artisan stalls, street food, live music, licensed bar for summer Pimm’s and local craft beer and a prize draw are all confirmed again. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a lovely sunny warm day. Next Stoneham Park Gardening Group sessions are Sunday 9th, Tuesday 11th and Tuesday 25th June. If you’d like to get involved please get in touch by email:  WHD June 2019


WHAT’S ON IN WEST HOVE… Until 4 September Patrick Burke Retrospective From 13 June until 17 September Friedrich Nagler: A Personal Mythology Free displays; 10am-5pm (Sundays 2-5pm) Daily, except Wednesdays Hove Museum 19 New Church Road


Hove Earlybird Beach Walkers Meet in front of King Alfred car park, Free; 7.15am-8.05am Hove Museum Minis Fun with craft and story-telling Age 2-5; £2.50 per child; drop-in 10am-12 noon - Hove Museum Holistic Yoga 6-7.15pm; The Snug, Stoneham Park, Pilates Mat Classes Beginners Plus: 6.30pm-7.25pm Int/Adv: 7.30pm-8.25pm Masons Yard, Westbourne Street, 07973 719363

Beginners Flamenco Dance 7.30-8.30pm The Dance Station, 57 North Street, Portslade Ana: 07939 938565 Brighton Theatre of the Air Radio Drama Meetup group 8pm; Goldstone Ex Service Club, 20 Shirley Street / 07818 118062 3rd June Portslade & West Hove Carers Afternoon Tea 2-3.30pm, The Railway Inn For more information, contact Pam on 01273 746222


Badaboum! French music playgroup Drop-in; £5; term-time only 9.30-10.30am The Snug, Stoneham Park 07917 282679 Music for Aardvarks 6 months to 5 years 10am; Glebe Villas Hall

Get Active for Older Adults (age 50+) 10.30-11.30am; £5 St Barnabas Church Contact suzy.hawker@ntlworld. com, 01273 726507 to reserve a place Pilates Mat Classes Gentle Beginners: 9.45-10.40am Beginners: 10.45-11.40am Beginners: 6-6.55pm Beginners Plus: 11.45am12.40pm Masons Yard, Westbourne Street 07973 719363 Food & Friendship Lunch Club 12.30pm; £4 Hove Methodist Church 01273 324600 (HMC Office) Singing for Pleasure 2pm; (Taster £3.50) Hove Methodist Church Corinne 01273 565130 Singingforpleasure@hotmail. Hatha Yoga with Isabelle 5.30-6.30pm The Snug, Stoneham Park Contact Isabelle 07492 448044

Antenatal classes 6.45pm Holy Cross Church, Tamworth Road To pre-book call 07494 002577 or visit Beginners Yoga 7-8pm The Snug, Stoneham Park Contact Charlie Nash Tuesdays until August 20th Tai Chi in Wish Park Beginners welcome Traditional Daoquan & Tuishou 6.45-7.45pm, Wish Park 07914 388290


Hove Earlybird Beach Walkers Meet in front of King Alfred car park Free; 7.15am-8.05am Hove-Weekly-Beach-Walks Ladies’ Exercise Class Drop in for a 30 min session between 9.30-10.30am (please arrive by 10am) United Reformed Church Hall Eire: 07928 463279


For all your waste removal needs!!

BreakfastsBreakfasts light lunches, soup, Breakfasts pasta hot special lightand lunches, soup,of light lunches, soup, the day. Ideal meeting pasta and pasta and place and also available for hot hot special special of of the the day day private functions Ideal meeting meeting Ideal 9am - 5pm Mon to Sat place place and and also also available available for for private private functions functions

-- 5pm to 9am 5pm Mon to Sat Sat THEMED9am POP UPMon RESTAURANT

THEMED UP RESTAURANT Pre booking THEMED POP POP UPrequired RESTAURANT Pre booking required

House Clearance Rubbish Clearance Loft, Office and Garden Clearance DIY & Builders Waste Waste Collection Wheelie Bins Supplied to Businesses T: 01273 386615 • 07824 633241 E: 26

Pre booking required Sunday 2nd June Sunday Roast Lunch Saturday 4th August August Sunday 16th June Fathers Day Roast Lunch Saturday 4th Pizza/Pasta evening £6 one £8.50 Sunday 30th June Sunday Roastor Pizza/Pasta evening £6 for for one course course orLunch £8.50 two two courses free ice for 10’s courses Plus freeTraditional ice cream cream Shabbat for under under Dinner 10’s Friday 5thPlus July Sunday 5th August Sunday14th July5th Bastille Day Roast Sunday August Sunday £10.95 for course, Sunday roast roast for one one B.Y.O. course, £14.50 £14.50 £20£10.95 for 3 courses two courses courses or or £18 £18 three three courses courses two Every 1st Wednesday of the month Friday 10th August Friday 10th Senior Citizens Lunch £6 August Hot Meal and Drink Traditional Traditional Shabbat Shabbat dinner. dinner.


RECORD STORE More than 10,000 vinyl records, CDs, books, DVDs RECORD STORE More More than than 10,000 10,000 vinyl vinyl records, records, CDs, CDs, books, books, DVDs DVDs 63 63 Queen Queen Victoria Victoria Avenue, Avenue, Hove Hove BN3 BN3 6XA 6XA

07786 332 332 975 975 07786

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Little Pickles Music for parents & toddlers 10-11am, Hove Methodist Church David Taggart: 07758 008625 Music with Mike 1.15-1.45pm & 2-2.30pm The Snug, Stoneham Park General Level Pilates 6-7pm Tree of Life Centre, Portland Road Emily: 07709 357622 Holistic Yoga 7.30-8.45pm The Snug, Stoneham Park Pilates Mat Classes Beginners: 9.45-10.40am and 6.45-7.40pm Masons Yard, Westbourne Street 07973 719363


Hola! Pre-school Spanish class 9.30-10.15am The Snug, Stoneham Park Little Pickles Music for parents & toddlers 10-11am, Hove Methodist Church David Taggart: 07758 008625 Body Control Pilates 11am-12 noon The Snug, Stoneham Park Pilates Mat Classes Beginners: 11-11.55am Intermediate: 10-10.55am Masons Yard, Westbourne Street 07973 719363 Beginners Pilates 11am-12 noon Tree of Life Centre Portland Road Contact Emily: 07709 357622 Mum & Baby Physio-Led Pilates 12-12.55pm and 1-1.55pm The Snug, Stoneham Park Emma: 07545 445656

Food & Friendship Lunch Club For people with learning disabilities and over-50s (term-time only) 12.30pm; Hove Methodist Church Speech & Drama Class with LAMDA Preparation 5-8 years; 4-5pm (term-time) The Snug, Stoneham Park 07900 301375 Pilates Improvers 6.15pm Intermediate 7.30pm Hove Methodist Church Contact Emily to book: 07709 357622 27 Wish Wudang Tai Chi Club 8-9pm; King Alfred Leisure Centre Contact Tim on 07914 388290 Wind-down Hatha Yoga 8-9pm, The Snug Contact Anya Patterson on 07725 162831 or email 1 Thursday of the month Social Club for over-50s 2.30-4.30pm Vestry, St Philip’s Church st

6th June Roots Night Music from BatsFeet, John Diment and Kristina Stazaker 8-11pm; The Railway Inn 13th June Staying Safe Talk from PCSO Jodie Sullivan 3pm, St Leonard’s Church


Hove Earlybird Beach Walkers Meet in front of King Alfred car park Free; 7.15am-8.05am Ladies’ Exercise Class Drop in for a 30 min session Between 8.30-10.30am (please arrive by 10am) United Reformed Church Hall Eire: 07928 463279 Mindful Body Yoga 10.30-11.30am Drop in; pay by donation The Snug, Stoneham Park

General Level Pilates 12.15pm, Tree of Life Centre Portland Road Emily: 07709 357622 Friday Fun and Toy Swap Term time 3.45–5.30pm; £3 Shoreham Port Soul Kitchen Baltic Wharf, Wellington Road Enquiries 07814 736486


HIP (High Intensity Power) Pilates, 8.15-9.05am Tree of Life Centre, Portland Road, Contact Rachel on 07941 092612 or Pilates Mat Classes Beginners: 9-9.55am High Intensity Power Pilates: 10-10.50am, Masons Yard, Westbourne Street 07973 719363 Fitbods Fit Camp Outdoor circuits/HIIT class 10-11am Wish Park Tel Sara: 07812 093378 YogaFrogs Age 5-11; 10am-11am; £7 The Snug, Stoneham Park Booking essential: info@ or 07920 403657 Gentle Exercise Class for older or unfit people 4.30-6.30pm Hove Methodist Church Arty Crafty Club £6.50 per child; drop-in; 8-12 years; 2-4pm; Hove Museum 1ST Saturday of the month Vestry Café 10.30am-12.30pm Vestry, St Philip’s Church 15th June Summer Craft Day Activities are free except for the artist workshops (advance booking possible) Age 5+; 10am-4pm Hove Museum 03000 290902 15th June Writing with Humour A talk by Gerry Maguire Thompson, £3 non-members; 2-4pm, Vallance Centre, 2 Conway Court thehatcherywritersgroup. 07818 118062 or hatchery.


22nd June Make at the Museum: Friedrich Nagler Make fantastical animals from recycled bits and pieces like Friedrich Nagler; 2-3pm; £3.50; age 5+ Advance booking advisable Hove Museum 03000 290902

22nd June The Life and Work of Friedrich Nagler: A Conversation Join Friedrich Nagler’s sons as they discuss his life and work; 3-4pm; free Hove Museum 22nd June Midsummer Fair 11am-4pm Stoneham Park 22nd June Great Get-Together Live music, table top sale, games, BBQ, drinks & more 1pm-4pm Hove Methodist Church


Hove Lagoon Model Yacht Club New members welcome; 10am--1.30pm Hove Lagoon 16th June Diving into Story Monthly Writing Workshops 1.30-4.30pm; £25 Tree of Life Centre Portland Road Contact Sandra 07551 772129 30th June Brighton Lions Summer Fayre 1pm-5pm, Victoria Road Recreation Ground, Portslade 30th June Choo Choo Ch’Boogie Vintage tea dance with DJ Jivin’ Jim Dandy 4-7pm; free entry; The Platform - The Railway Inn, 2 Station Road This is not a definitive list of events. If you would like to add your event, please email us at: . We try to ensure the listings are correct, but please check with the organisers of activities when attending for the first time. Some events may be term-time only.

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KITCHENS - BATHROOMS - BEDROOMS Fully planned & supplied, colour co-ordinated kitchen furniture to match doors Full fitting service to include: Electrics Plumbing Tiling Associated building works We are happy to visit you at home to discuss and plan the right kitchen or bathroom for you.

The BCCC is an award winning business based just on the edge of the City We make our own High Quality garden and horticultural products including Organic Compost, high grade Top Soil, Mulches, Bark Chip and Woodchip We also provide Brighton & Hove residents with a reasonably priced and efficient Garden Waste and old soil collection and clearance service




Established 1988

01273 308588 07779 237924

01273 620489 Or

07795 821916


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• Digital Aerials

• Extra TV Points

• FREEVIEW Aerials

• Satellite Points

• FREEVIEW Satellite

• Telephone Points

• European Satellite

• Servicing For Satellite & TV Systems

• Sky TV • Wifi / Internet Points • LCD - Plasma Wall Mounted TV’s Fitted

• CCTV • New Systems Fitted For Domestic & Commercial Premises


07845 497315

ClarkesofBrighton BUILDING



Specialist Roofing Services • Roofing Repairs • Roof Tile Replacement • Re-Roofing • Scaffolding • Slate Roofing

• Leak Repairs • Flat Roofing • Complete Roof Replacement • Fascias and Guttering

For a free building quote or estimate of repairs call us on 01273 380914 or 07786 101912 LOCAL, RELIABLE & TRUSTED Full Public Liability Insurance Company No 09982598 See local reviews of this business at 28

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Nathalie’s health tip this month is for women...

SEED CYCLING FOR HORMONAL BALANCE AND FERTILITY Seed cycling is a gentle way to help reduce symptoms associated with high oestrogen and low progesterone levels such as PMT, ovarian cysts, clotting, endometriosis, breast sensitivity, irregular cycles and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). It focuses on increasing levels of oestrogen in the first phase of your cycle where oestrogen is required and boosts levels of progesterone in phase two of your cycle.

The principles are as follows: Phase 1: Day 1 of period to day 15 of cycle (ovulation):Eat daily: 1 tbsp of ground flax seeds + 1 tbsp pumpkin 29 to seeds – with additional fish/krill oil during this phase provide additional omega 3. Phase 2: Day 15 (ovulation) to day 28:- Oestrogen needs to be kept in balance in phase 2 by increasing levels of progesterone. Eat daily: 1 tbsp ground sesame seeds + 1 tbsp ground (or whole) sunflower seeds. Evening primrose oil is recommended in this phase (to reduce inflammation and increase progesterone).

Additional points: •

Ideally buy whole seeds then grind just before consuming.

Don’t eat the ‘wrong’ seeds out of phase, ie no flax or pumpkin in phase 2. • Sprinkle on muesli/porridge, smoothies, salads, soups etc. • Do not heat or cook the seeds • A tablespoon of ground seeds is not the same as 1 tablespoon of whole seeds. Consult your GP for potential interactions of fish/krill oil with your health condition and/or medication. As with many ‘natural’ alternatives, it can take 3-4 cycles to get the results you want, so be patient Nathalie Sansonetti. Health & Nutrition Coach. Want some clarity on your health and gut issues? Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation today! Email:


01273 202073 71 Blatchington Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3YG

Friendly. Professional. Exceptional Service. Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to


BLOCK PAVING SLABBING Fencing TARMACCADAM Jet washing Landscaping JET WASHING LANDSCAPING FENCING TURFING GRAVELLING We provide high quality new driveways, patios and landscaping at prices you can afford. We have many years experience in providing new driveways and patios giving you the peace of mind that our experienced staff will install and finish your new driveway or patio to the highest possible standards.

Office: 01273 256738 Mob: 07585 879 621

Covering all parts of Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas 30

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SUSSEX FUNERAL SERVICES INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS ‘For caring, compassion and choice’ Proprietors: Phil and Sallie



• Independent & family owned • Passionate & committed • 24 hour service

• ‘Bespoke’ funerals • ‘No Fuss’ funerals • Prepaid funeral plans

Please contact Philip or Sallie on:

01273 736 469 07789 174 453 or visit our office at: 185 Portland Road Hove BN3 5QJ

Delivering a first class finish to every project with the very highest attention to detail

Extensions Loft Conversions Basement Construction Refurbishment Grade 1 and 2 Listed Building Works

Respectful, polite, highly professional, efficient and always meeting deadlines. GET INDelivering TOUCH TODAY for a FREE no every obligation estimate a first class finish to project with the 07885248 325954 Office: 01273 939 very highest to detail Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to




This article is by Wish ward councillor Robert Nemeth...

SAFETY ON PORTLAND ROAD There is no doubt that safety on Portland Road – on the road itself, on the pavements and, in particular, around the schools – is a big concern in West Hove. Cllr Garry Peltzer Dunn and I found this out for certain when we received huge support for our proposal to ban dangerous pavement parking outside Wish Park Surgery. The successful campaign of course led to Hove’s first ever pavement parking ban which continues to work well. But it has taken several interesting twists since which is what Cllr Garry Peltzer Dunn and I are informing residents about now. Over one thousand Wish Ward residents recently responded to our detailed survey about a number of different Portland Road issues. We sent the results out to all Wish residents but also used them to lobby the Council for a series of safety-related improvements; Portland Road of course being the most unsafe road in our part of town. In our discussions with the Council’s traffic engineers, we have called for many different safety features. Funding has now been found and a draft scheme has been presented to us. The focus of the scheme is on improving safety around the junctions with side streets by building out the pavements to both stop hazardous parking taking place and to make crossing easier. It’s a win-win really for both road-users and pedestrians. We will share the plan far and wide once it is beyond the draft stage. Off the back of this work, we have been contacted by a group of parents who have concerns about air quality outside the two schools. The schools’ playgrounds are close to a busy crossing point after all. Although there is some data about air quality locally, it’s not local enough to draw any firm conclusions. The nearest sampling point is on Station Road in Portslade. Garry and I will shortly be requesting that data is collected outside the schools. If we do not receive a positive answer,


we will again be collecting petition signatures. Not wishing to pre-empt poor air quality results, we are starting to look into what other schools have done to counter fumes from nearby cars. Trees and bushes along a boundary help no end. And on that happy note, we are delighted to announce that the Council has agreed to replace the four missing trees outside Wish Park Surgery that were knocked over by motorists parking on the pavement! Cllr Robert Nemeth

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A paw-some sponsored dog walk...


FRIENDS OF HOVE LAGOON AGM The AGM of Friends of Hove Lagoon (FoHL) will be held on Wednesday 12th June at 7pm at the Big Beach Café. The pay bar will be open.


Pooches on the Prom, Martlets’ much-loved 5k or 8k sponsored dog walk, is back on Sunday 23rd June. The event will start at 10am at the dog-friendly Big Beach Café, Hove Lagoon, where celebrity vet ‘Marc the Vet’ will be judging ‘The Most Stylish Dog’ Award and meeting local four-legged friends. Every pooch taking part will receive a well-earned medal and doggy bag as a thank-you for their efforts in helping to raise money for Martlets. Registration is £5 per human and accompanying dogs take part for free as they put their best paws forward and take their owners for an enthusiastic sponsored walkies along the prom. Owners are encouraged to raise sponsorship for their dogs and the event is also an opportunity for owners and their pets to enter into the spirit and dress ‘pup’ as fancy dress is always appreciated to add to the fun! For further information or to register visit, telephone 01273 747455 or email

There will be an update on what we have been up to over the past year and an election for the 12 person FoHL Committee (9 resident and 3 business places). If you wish to be nominated for the committee, please submit your name, contact details and the name of a proposer and seconder to me by Wednesday 5th June. Liz Ward, the lead organiser of LagoonFest 2019 (7th September), will provide an update and there will be a presentation and discussion about the proposed Planting Scheme. This scheme has undergone many changes since it was discussed at the first FoHL general meeting and once again we wish to consult with FoHL Supporters to test out our latest ideas. There will be a voluntary collection at the end of the meeting to support FoHL projects, particularly the Planting Scheme. Do come along! Sue Johnson Secretary FoHL

Offering shellfishand andseafood seafoodproducts. products. Offeringaarange rangeof of fresh fresh fish, fish, shellfish Committed being plastic plasticfree freesosoonly onlyuse use100% 100% Committed to to being compostable potsmade madeofofveg/plant veg/plantbased based compostable pots matter, waxed matter, waxedpaper paperand andpaper paperbags. bags. Open Thurs through Open throughtotoSun Sun10am 10am- 4.30pm. - 4.30pm.

WesternEsplanade, Esplanade,Hove Hove Seafront Seafront •• 07412 Western 07412118115 118115• • Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to


Painters & Decorators

Competitive Reliable Professional Tel: 07514 200957


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Local group...

HOVE LAGOON MODEL YACHT CLUB... Once upon a time 90 years ago in early 1929, six good and true men of Hove - three local business men and three artisans sharing an interest in model boats - met together and decided to start a model yacht club. Hove Borough Council had decided under the “Make men useful work” scheme during the 20s depression years to construct a model boat lake on swamp land adjacent to the sea. This scheme not only provided manual work for unemployed men, but when completed encouraged an economic hobby to construct and sail model yachts on the new lagoon. The council built two high ceiling shelters at the west end of the lagoon for tall yachts to be stored and provide shelter in bad weather. One of these is still in use to this day as the clubhouse for the model yacht club. It is rented from Brighton & Hove City Council, along with a council agreement between us and


“Mr Rusty” at Hove Lagoon in 1969




Hove Lagoon Watersports. We work closely with them and enjoy the use of their small café area and toilets. We have the agreed sole use of the western half of the lagoon from 9am until 2pm every Sunday. By early 1930 the Hove and Brighton Model Yacht Club was formed. Model yachting became popular on the new lagoon and the club continues to thrive. It is now established as Hove Lagoon Model Yacht Club and runs a year-round racing programme, for mainly International One Metre Class yachts. Last year we started sailing the low cost DragonFlite 95 yachts, now sailed once a month as this is attracting interest, and it is hoped this will bring in more members. Making model yachts sail a course has always been difficult. Since the 70s when cheap Japanese radio control gear came onto the market our yachts are now radio controlled. Our races only take a few minutes depending on wind strength and direction around marker buoys setting out the course, and compared with full-size racing we get more starts, more racing and more fun. Like all good stories that start “once upon a time” there must be a happy ending, and there is. Hove Lagoon Model Yacht Club is a thriving local club always on the look-out for new members - details on our website - or just come and talk to us on a Sunday morning. Les Baker

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Glebe Villas Hall Parish of Aldrington

Church to hire Any interested parties should Glebe Villas & 2 Community Rooms should are available forhall available AnyHall interested parties make contact with the for Parties & Events make contact with the Church professional hire with effect from 01.09.2017 Hall Lettings Church Hall Lettings • Use of kitchen Time available: Mon – Fri from 07.00 am until 07.00 pmManager Manager 07808 • Wheelchair accesson and toilet154203 facilities Hourly on Rate:07808 154204 or orchairs Aldringtonparish@gmail. • Tables and available Hall: £25 per hour informing of the nature of business and number comthe informing of the of nature • Off-road parking Community room 1: £ 7.50 per hour of business, numbers of hours hours required. Community room 2: £9.50 per hour Please call the church hall lettings department on 07808 154203 required.

Glebe Villas Hall • Glebe Villas • Hove • BN3 5SN

Higgins Joinery Units 2-6 Lion Mews BN3 5RA 01273777785 Bespoke Joinery Manufacturers Replacement doors and windows to match your existing and double glazed to latest regulations Listed building and conservation joinery Period moulding. Skirtings and architraves Bifold door sets Staircases.

Email: ‘Higgins Joinery’


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Help keep our city’s trees!

PLANT YOUR POSTCODE... Look around. We’re lucky, there are trees everywhere – but now your help is needed to keep our city leafy. You may have noticed that many of our city’s beautiful trees are getting old and succumbing to disease. Add to this the challenge that our council faces in the battle to add or even replace trees in this time of austerity, and it becomes clear that residents’ help is needed. Our trees: Brighton & Hove’s trees are particularly special because we hold the National Elm Collection. Now the city is home to some of the rarest varieties of elms in the world. It’s important that the number of elms we have is at least maintained. A vast number of37 trees were planted in Victorian times when the city rapidly expanded. Now those trees are reaching the end of their lives, so action is needed to replace them.

How to take action Create a group in your area: It could be that a few trees in your street have been lost over time and you’d like to see them re-planted. Or you’d like trees where there were none before. You can help to make that happen. A local group of, say, one or more streets can decide to have new trees. Brighton & Hove City Council will arrange for the site to be checked. If it’s suitable, the group can club together to raise funds. The council can then order the trees and plant them. Trees are ordered in September for planting the following year. • Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships • Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial disputes, Children matters) • Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships Residential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyancing, shop & lease sales Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial • • Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships • Personal injury - all forms of accident claims • • disputes, Children matters) Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial • • Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships Defending DWP Benefit Fraud investigations, Interviews disputes, Children matters) • • Residential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyanc• Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial disputes, Children matters) under caution & Prosecutions • Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial ing, shop & lease sales disputes, Children matters) Residential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyanc• • disputes, Children matters) Residential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyancdisputes, Children matters) Criminal and Road Traffic Defence advice ing, shop & lease sales Personal injury - all forms of accident claims • • • Residential Conveyancing and Commercial ConveyancResidential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyancing, shop & lease sales • Residential Conveyancing and Commercial ConveyancCivil litigation / Debt recovery ing, shop & lease sales Personal injury - all forms of accident claims • • ing, shop & lease sales Defending DWP Benefit Fraud investigations, Interviews Personal injury - all forms of accident claims ing, shop & lease sales under caution & Prosecutions Personal injury - all forms of accident claims Defending DWP Benefit Fraud investigations, Interviews • • • • Personal injury - all forms of accident claims Defending DWP Benefit Fraud investigations, Interviews Personal injury - all forms of accident claims under caution & Prosecutions Criminal and Road Traffic Defence advice • Defending DWP Benefit Fraud investigations, Interviews Defending DWP Benefit Fraud investigations, Interviews • • under caution & Prosecutions • Defending DWP Benefit Fraud investigations, Interviews under caution & Prosecutions Criminal and Road Traffic Defence advice • • under caution & Prosecutions Civil litigation / Debt recovery Criminal and Road Traffic Defence advice under caution & Prosecutions • • Criminal and Road Traffic Defence advice Criminal and Road Traffic Defence advice Civil litigation / Debt recovery • • Civil litigation / Debt recovery • Criminal and Road Traffic Defence advice Civil litigation / Debt recovery • • Civil litigation / Debt recovery • Civil litigation / Debt recovery See local reviews of this business at

Call or email us today on:

tel: 01273 734 600

email: web: Call or email us today on: 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB

Become a Tree Champion: You can help identify trees in your area which look sickly or you could take on a research project. Get your local school involved: It’s important that the coming generation are aware of our city’s tree legacy. Help fund trees across the city: Make a difference with a single donation or a regular donation by standing order. Where it’s already worked: A Hove resident who has benefitted from new tree planting, funded by residents, says: ‘A new tree outside our house, to replace one long dead! Soon home to birds and insects. A pleasure to look at. We love it!’ What do I do now? For advice, ways to pay and more information go to Plant Your Postcode is a volunteer-led project initiated by CPRE Sussex in association with Hove Civic Society and supported by National Lottery.

tel: 01273 734 600 tel: 01273 01273 734 734 600 600 tel: tel: 01273 734 600 tel: 01273 734 600 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB tel: 01273 734 600 email: web: 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB

Call or or email email us us today today on: on: Call Call or email us today on: email: web: Call or email us today on: Call or email us today on: 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB email: web: email: web:

email: web: email: web: 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB

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Roofing Clarkes of Brighton..............28 M Minson............................18 Schools Deepdene..............................7 Solicitors Crosby and Woods...............37 GWCA............................ Cover GWCA..................................10 Seymour Solicitors...............21 Good Law Solicitors.............24 Therapy Centre Tree of Life.............................1 Tiling Pentagon Tiling....................34

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Funeral Celebrant

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SOLD 01273 746674

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West Hove Directory June 2019  

West Hove Directory June 2019  


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