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Another great idea was to have a front cover photo competition…see below and send in your best shots of Brighton! Another very encouraging aspect of our first edition has been the response advertisers have been getting to their adverts. This is great news for them and encouraging news for the wider economy. Thank you for supporting your local businesses! We are on the road to recovery.

Never before has the Brighton and Hove Council motto been more applicable and relevant: ‘INTER UNDAS ET COLLES FLOREMUS’ Between downs and sea we flourish Have a flourishing August!

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Cover Shot: Simon Dack FIVEWAYS

A lot of you asked about a ‘What’s On’ page and whether one could be published. The simple answer is ‘yes’ one can be published once things settle down a bit and we can confidently say whether certain classes and events are definitely happening.


Firstly a massive thank you to you all for the great feedback we received from you concerning our first edition of The Brightonian in July!


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Cover photo Competition...


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Offering a range of fresh fish, shellfish and seafood products from our Fish Shack on Hove Beach, or free local delivery daily to your door Self-isolation and social distancing are now the new norm, and the rapid and indiscriminate spread of the coronavirus means doing our best to stay healthy throughout this continued uncertain period. Incorporating fish and shellfish into our daily diet is an excellent way of boosting our immune systems and ensuring our bodies are maximising their daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals. Easy to digest, versatile and tasty, make fish and shellfish one of your top 5 food choices on your shopping list. We offer a wide range of fresh and frozen fish, shellfish, and seafood products, in your choice of quantity, size and weight. We source as much as we can locally, supporting our local fishermen, and our produce is packaged in paper or plant based compostable pots to minimise environmental impact. To help make this safer and easier for our customers, we are now offering daily free local delivery of your fish and seafood orders. Contact us to request a product/pricelist. Orders placed before 9am will be delivered to your doorstep that same day from Monday through to Saturday.

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Hanover person…Alexia Lazou


Meet one of the trustees of the Hanover Community Association…

Alexia Lazou works as Collections Assistant at the Royal Pavilion & Museums and is a trustee of the Hanover Community Association which runs the Hanover Centre. She also gives tours and talks on Brighton-born artist Aubrey Beardsley. Have you been able to continue your museum work through lockdown?


Yes, with variations. Some cataloguing work can be done at home, and I’ve contributed pieces to the museum blog. Recently I’ve helped the conservation team with deep cleaning the Royal Pavilion, armed with a kebab stick and vacuum cleaner. A bit like being a dental hygienist for the building! How do you think the Hanover Centre will be able to adapt post-lockdown to social Beardsley is popular currently thanks to the distancing? amazing Tate Britain exhibition, and he is a It’s a difficult situation to deal with, as significant Brightonian. So I hope it will be many classes and events involve fairly close interaction with others. The trustees possible with some adaptations and safety measures. With the huge focus on digital are looking at how existing hirers could output, I am concerned that people will still use the space safely, and how new groups might take advantage of the large become screen zombies. You may reach more people online but I’m all for the live halls. We’re having to think creatively about use of the centre, and we welcome experience, be it a talk, a band or theatre. ideas from the community, as people’s needs have changed. How did you become interested in the work of Aubrey Beardsley? As a goth teenager I first encountered one of his pictures in a book on ‘horror’, but didn’t research him properly until my twenties. I came to Brighton to ‘find’ Aubrey and never left. I’ve been doing Beardsley tours since 2003. I’m not an art historian, I interpret his life and work through anything from tours and talks to costumes and biscuits… Do you plan on doing any of your tours this autumn?

What do you like to do to relax? Dancing! I attend belly dance classes (currently online!), but am desperately missing Brighton’s fantastic live music/DJ scene, making do with my lounge and a Hallowe’en disco light. When I occasionally sit still, I enjoy reading, making things, and watching films at the wonderful Duke of York’s cinema. For more information on the Aubrey Beardsley tours, contact… or 01273 698278 https://aubrey-beardsleys-brighton-tour.

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Declutter/organise your life!

You are at home all day and there is all that stuff… This is the perfect time to organise your home and make you feel better! Even during lockdown, I can help you using video calls and remote assistance. You’ll be guided every step of the way by a professional organiser.

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Councillor news from David Gibson, Green councillor for Hanover & Elm Grove…

Hanover Councillor News In lockdown my focus as a councillor has been working with the Communities Forum, Mutual Aid groups, Acorn and council staff to ensure there was enough food and neighbour support for those affected. Thankfully there has been a heartening upsurge in community spirit with neighbours pulling together. We must hang onto this “new neighbourliness”. In Hanover and Elm Grove we managed to set up two additional food distribution points. Much of the support for these food hubs runs dry in September. We hope to set up a community food co-op which will be able to sustain discounted and cost price food distribution from local hubs in Hanover for the long term. To this end I have helped the Communities Forum obtain a grant. Fellow councillor Elaine Hills and I spent our exercise time in lockdown doing a sponsored running challenge raising £2,400 towards the set-up. This exciting project is aiming to launch by September; it is expected it will be able to provide food at cheap prices for members and cost price goods for all from local community venues.

and unsustainable consumption? I think we should, as a country, be prioritising growth in wellbeing instead of (often very unequal and unsustainable) economic growth?

Remember the Hanover-led petition to council on improving and expanding recycling? Following this, last December Greens successfully proposed that predicted windfall in reserves be used to improve recycling including plastics. Imagine my dismay when Labour proposed at July’s Policy and Resources committee to cancel most of this spending to balance last year’s accounts! Thankfully my proposal to plug the accounting hole with temporary use of other reserves and keep the money for improving the poor With the virus life has changed for good. We recycling rates including plastics was have had a chance to look at what is imporpassed, thanks to support from the Tories. tant in life. We have appreciated essential If we are serious about climate change we public services, noticed the health benefits must prioritise green actions. of quiet roads and clean air. We have appreciated neighbours and perhaps realised that David Gibson we can get by without so much shopping Lovingly made every stitch of the way

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This is the first report written since the world as we knew it was turned upside down by the lockdown. My heart goes out to all those losing loved ones, unable to properly say goodbye, and also to those now facing the worry of unemployment and hugely reduced incomes.


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Hanover Community Association


An update from the Hanover Community Association…

Hanover Community Association (HCA) is the small charity that manages the Hanover Centre on Southover Street. The charity is run by a committee of voluntary trustees who live locally.

A special mention and big thank you to two long-term hirers of the Hanover Community Centre: Jane from FunkyYoga and Brighton Morris, who have continued to support our charity during the centre’s closure, despite being unable to hold their classes. We look forward to welcoming you both back as soon as we are ready. Our largest annual fundraiser - The Hanover Beer Festival - will also not go ahead as usual in October. However, we are very much hoping to bring you a beer-related event in the spring. Watch this space! If you have any thoughts, ideas or questions about the reopening, or if you are looking for a hall or a meeting room in the middle of Hanover from September, do please contact us via the office. We have three rooms available and are happy to discuss your requirements to see how they can be best accommodated. For example, it may be possible to hold essential ‘in person’ meetings for a few people in one of the halls, which would allow for adequate social distancing. For pictures


Despite the recent changes in government guidelines, the trustees of the Hanover Community Association have decided that we’re unfortunately not in a position to safely open the Hanover Community Centre at the moment. We are working towards opening in September and look forward to welcoming old and new hirers and members of our Hanover community to enjoy our great facilities then. Information on classes and events will be posted on our website and the noticeboard outside the centre.

and information, visit the ‘Hire a Room’ page on our website, although some details may be subject to change due to the current circumstances. Talk to Us! If you would like to join in with our projects, run a course, volunteer or enquire about a booking or a class, then please leave a message or email with a daytime phone number and we’ll call you: Hanover Centre, 33 Southover Street, BN2 9UD Email: Website: Phone: 01273 694 873 (24 hours) Facebook: “The Hanover Centre” The office is open Monday– Friday, 10am-12pm.

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10 One Hanover youngster has found a new hobby during lockdown…

Young Hanover Photographer… Zara MacGillivray These great photos were taken in Queen’s Park by young Hanover photographer Zara MacGillivray, aged 14, who’s been enjoying photography during lockdown. She has even held her first mini public display of her photos outside her house at the Hanover yard sale. We asked Zara to tell us more about her new hobby…

Photos by Zara MacGillivray

When did you first start taking photos? I started taking photos around a year ago, but I mainly got into photography when I got my own camera in February. Where do you like to take them? I like to take photos in Queens Park because there are lots of amazing animals and places! What is your favourite picture that you’ve taken yourself? It’s so hard to decide! One of my favourites is a swan looking at its reflection in Queens Park pond, but I also like my photo of a squirrel peeping at me from a tree and my heron photos … I could go on! How did your photo sale go? I think that it went really well for my first time selling photos. I displayed them as

A4 prints at the Hanover Yard Sale last Saturday. People selected the ones they wanted, which I ordered online as postcard prints. I sold two swan pictures, one squirrel picture and one dappled light picture. A neighbour also asked for the swan picture bigger so they could display it on their wall. Do you think you might take up a photography course at school? Unfortunately, my school doesn’t do photography courses. However, I do workshops with the amazing Moose (who runs Seasee photography classes) every week which has really improved how I think as a photographer. You can find her on Instagram on @seaseephoto_brighton_ Thank you Zara

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Stay-at-home swans are a headache for mum and dad... But there’s a downside. According to the Friends of Queen’s Park’s committee member Chris Lowe, who has dedicated years to the conservation of the pond’s eco-system and the park generally, the breeding pair have become so assertive that other water fowl are being kept largely at bay. Not only that, last year’s six cygnets, which should have departed, haven’t. This stay-at-home attitude is despite being harried by their parents to find alternative digs. Life could just be too cushy for them. After all, some folk cannot resist sharing spare slices of sour dough with them. Or maybe it’s that there’s insufficient aquatic runway space for them to make a successful takeoff to leave. Lowe has been consulting the Swan Sanctuary and the Sussex Wildlife Trust for an explanation and a solution to the problems that an expanding swan population creates – especially as three new cygnets hatched this year. Despite the regular treats from Real Patisserie (Ed: other bakers are available), the swan family have voracious appetites. Hornwort, one of those unsung aquatic plants vital for oxygenating the water, is a round-the-clock swan snack favourite. Removing the cages from the irises would soon see them gobbled up too. Mallards with two broods were seen off by the dominant swans in just two days, while a wigeon and a graylag gosling fell prey to them too. Moorhens have proved to be


The graceful and beautiful swans living on the Queen’s Park pond are an undoubted attraction loved alike by locals and visitors from further afield.


News from the Friends of Queen’s Park…

Photo by Roger Salter

more resilient and the graylag geese are far too large to tolerate any swan bullying. Sadly, a couple of unwanted koi carp, abandoned by their owners and tipped into the pond, are churning up the mud and this is not helping water quality. Meanwhile, the saga of the viewing platform continues to perplex visitors, many of whom ask why the crush barriers (often to be seen on their sides) are still lingering nearby. It is all down to the dreaded ‘Elf and Safety’. Despite the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) pronouncing that there’s barely a fag paper between the safety risk of the unprotected pond edge and the kick-rail perimeter of the viewing platform (which is to have a non-slip surface installed too), risk-averse officials have insisted that fencing and a gate must be installed. COVID-19 has delayed that happening, but expect to see that soon. Geoffrey Bowden Friends of Queen’s Park

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01273 558488 558488 01273

01273 558488 01273 558488 07894 317807 07894 07894 317807 317807


07894 317807

LAUNDRETTE LAUNDRETTE ortland Road, BN3 5LP Road, 312 Portland BN3 5LP 312 Road,BN3 BN35LP 5LP 312Portland Portland Road,




07913869339 Please Contact



Please Contact CHEAP PRICES CHEAP PRICES Find on Instagram OPEN 7usDAYS A WEEK


& S

N3 5LP


15 News from Nick Childs and Amanda Evans, Labour councillors for Queen’s Park ward…

A Carbon Neutral Ward: We are very excited about progress toward being a carbon neutral city by 2030. We have successfully lobbied for the installation of many new electric car charging points that residents may have seen popping up across the ward. In June, we made the important decision to install solar panels on 100s of our ward council-owned homes and buildings.

Community Improvements: Cllr Evans was pleased to issue her ward grant to the Albion Hill Community Garden and I (Cllr Childs) issued the remainder of mine to the Tarner Children’s Centre Toy Library. We were also pleased that following intervention, an alleyway behind the Tarner Centre was gated and a fence installed to stop the area being used for anti-social purposes.

Assistance during the pandemic: Covid-19 has placed residents under enormous financial and emotional pressure. Food poverty has mushroomed. I (Cllr Nick Childs) have used some of my councillor grant to support ward food banks who have been feeding residents as well as delivering medicines and checking up on the vulnerable. The Council have issued £100,000 of grants to small businesses in the ward during lockdown and we have both been working hard to let businesses know that support is available.

New Homes: We were pleased that 30 council homes have been built or purchased in the ward in recent months providing affordable, good homes for residents including single people and young families. More are planned and we are both lobbying to increase decent, affordable council homes in the ward.

Exciting New Development of Madeira Terraces and Black Rock: We have both been working on the ambitious projects to finally regenerate Black Rock (Cllr Nick Childs) and Madeira Terraces (Cllr Amanda Evans). Plans include restoration of the iconic arches, former reading room, a new bike lane, children’s play area and cafés at Black Rock. We are also delighted that a disabled access ramp will be installed in Queens Park and with proposals to introduce stronger planning regulations to the Queens Park area to protect its historic architecture. New lights/sockets Darren Clarke to full re-wires Home Electrical Guaranteed low rates Services Call Darren


Free quotations

Qualified/Part P

Going forward… As councillors we are trying to secure funding to improve the play areas in our parks, working to introduce traffic calming measures on Freshfield Road and lobbying for new crossings outside St Luke’s and Carlton Hill Schools. We always love hearing from our residents and advocating for our lovely ward, so please get in touch and let us all know about what you think our priorities should be and how we can try and help. There will be news next month from Councillor Clare Rainey.



381716 MOB: (0778) 9827281

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It has been a busy year for Cllr Amanda Evans and I in Queens Park Ward…


Queen’s Park Councillor News

16 m. 07803605374 t.01273 471559 c_p_carpentry

fitted kitchens custom wardrobes bookcases decking shopfitting property maintenance doors/locks ...fully qualified & insured

FLAT PACK MAN For all your Flat Pack Problems Any Carpentry & Other Small Jobs Welcome Reliable & Reasonable Rates. Discounts for OAPs NO JOB TOO SMALL

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D.J. Plumbing & Heating

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& rs rs rio io Inte xter E


A family run business, who specialise in Plumbing, heating, boiler conversions and repair work. All work is guaranteed and fully insured.

Please call Daniel on 07789963969

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17 Old photo of Queen’s Park Lake


This colour-tinted postcard of Queen’s Park is from August 1905.


Queen’s Park...

The lake originally had two islands but the southern island was removed in 1900 to increase the area of water, benefiting the pastime of model boating, which was very popular at the time. © Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove


Chauffeur Driven Private Hire Service

Heathrow from £100


Gatwick from £40

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NOW OPEN offering a daily-changing menu of traditional asian cuisine including authentic curries and noodle dishes, delicious soups, a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options, fresh sandwiches, gluten-free ice creams and sorbets, homemade asian desserts, speciality hot and cold drinks, a full range of asian beers and cold Cobra beer on tap incorporating GROUND COFFEE BAR for speciality coffee 8am–6pm Monday to Thursday 8am–10pm Friday and Saturday 36 S T. GEO RGE ’S ROAD, KE M P TOWN , B N2 1ED

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19 A new local business…

Nanima Asian Kitchen & Café Nanima Asian Kitchen & Café, at 36 St George’s Road, opened in mid-February and was soon forced to close due to the Covid-19 lockdown, but is now open again. Lonnie Allon of Nanima tells us more…


Were you able to offer take-aways during lockdown? No, that just wasn’t logistically possible. All our food is made fresh every morning and primarily caters for the immediate neighbourhood and local traders for breakfast and lunch; if no one was around we couldn’t provide our food in the way intended, presented on bains marie for perusal and selection. We’re also the Anti-Deliveroo – we really want people to come in person to Nanima and directly experience what a wide selection of fresh delicious food looks, smells and tastes like. And sit a while in a friendly relaxed place. What sort of food do you offer? Authentic, traditional Asian cuisine, all prepared by my wife Nicky. She is of Punjabi Malaysian origin and is always experimenting with great recipes so for years we’ve been dreaming of opening a local neighbourhood place where we can spread the love! What is your speciality? I guess that would have to be the Singapore Laksa, offered on Fridays and Saturdays only. It’s a wonderful coconut-based spicy soup with vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts and tofu that can be added to with chicken or seafood. It’s the best laksa this side of Kuala Lumpur! Do you cater for vegetarians and vegans? Yes, we have a wide range of suitable items, from rice and noodle dishes to Indonesian sambal grilled aubergine, spinach dishes, all kinds of lentil curries and vegetarian spring rolls, samosas and

dumplings. We also have gluten-free ice creams and gluten-free beer! How are you coping since reopening with the new social distancing restrictions? We were fortunate that we only had to remove two of our ten internal tables to be able to accommodate to the necessary distancing protocols, but added four new tables outside so we can host as many, if not more, customers now. We were always extremely conscious of matters of hygiene (in one of many previous lives, Nicky was a professional hygienist) and we know that the most important thing is to build trust and credibility within the community so Nanima is always clean and safe and the food always fresh and delicious. For more information, visit or follow Nanima Asian Kitchen & Café at nanima_kemptown.

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SUSSEX FUNERAL SERVICES INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS ‘For caring, compassion and choice’ Proprietors: Phil and Sallie



• Independent & family owned • Passionate & committed • 24 hour service

• ‘Bespoke’ funerals • ‘No Fuss’ funerals • Prepaid funeral plans

Please contact Philip or Sallie on:

01273 736 469 07789 174 453 or visit our office at: 185 Portland Road Hove BN3 5QJ

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94 3 ÿ 43ÿ =>?@AÿBCD?@?

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21 Meet a local illustrator (written before the lockdown!)…

Kemptown Person… Ella Morris Illustrator Ella Morris lives in Kemptown. She designed a public artwork to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community for last year’s Pride celebrations, commissioned by Brighton Dome as a temporary mural on their New Road hoardings. I’ve lived in Kemptown for two and a half years with my partner and our two cats. But been in Brighton overall for 10, as I moved here for university and never wanted to leave. What do you like about the area? I love living in Kemptown as it’s far enough out of the city centre that it feels calmer and has a less frantic energy, but still has lots going on and a good community feel. I really appreciate living close to local independent businesses such as Seed and Sprout and Kemptown Bookshop. You can often find me having a vegan breakfast at Necot or a pie and a pint in the Barley Mow! Tell us about your art... My style resembles children’s illustration but for an adult audience. I love bold clean lines, bright colours and creating interesting characters and beguiling scenes. Drawing has always been therapeutic for me, a way of finding empowerment in the parts of my identity which have always felt uncomfortable, which is why I often use my art to communicate ideas on identity politics, female empowerment and queerness. Who are your own favourite artists? I’m not a fan of subtlety so I’ve always loved really maximalist artwork. I’m very drawn to art which is jam packed full of symbolism and stories - hence why I love classical Renaissance art, but also more illustrative artists like Beryl Cook! I’m also very influenced by artwork that’s fantastical and horrifying like Hieronymous Bosch and Francis Bacon. Locally Mike Levy is a Brighton artist whose style I really love, and never fails to put a smile on my face. Where can we see your work? Follow me on Instagram! @hardfemmeriot and on my website: Have a local editorial item? Email


How long have you lived in Kemptown?



CP Carpentry & CPJoinery Carpentry Ltd & Joinery Ltd “We’re good with wood”

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23 Kemptown news…

Brighton Table Tennis Club (BTTC) will be the first beneficiary of The Brighton & Hove Soirée Rotary Club’s new lottery fundraiser, receiving half of the total monthly funds.

The Soirée Rotary Club strongly endorses the imaginative work the table tennis club is doing, especially in these difficult times, supporting the community with a food hub as well as online and outdoor activity for fitness and fun. Soirée Club President Simon Alldis says: “We’re delighted that BTTC will be our first recipients and we all hope that it won’t be long before we can join the club for a game of table tennis in real life!” Anybody over 18 years of age is welcome to join the Soirée lottery. For more information and to sign up, please go to

The Badgers are back Badgers Tennis Club in the heart of Kemptown is up and running following the easing of lockdown measures which means an action-packed programme is now back. Latest research has highlighted tennis as one of the safest activities to enjoy and with new guidelines in place Badgers members are now able to enjoy club sessions, coaching, drop-in groups and of course tea and cake from the clubhouse! The Kemptown club combines playing table tennis with a massive social outreach across Brighton and Hove and the city’s Soirée Rotary Club found it a natural choice to support the expanding programme that BTTC offers. The Soirée’s newly launched lottery will be selling tickets at £5 each and, as well as the donation to BTTC, the remaining monthly funds will be divided between two lucky winners, with the draw taking place on the third week of every month with the first draw in August 2020.

The club, in Church Place, has a thriving junior membership and thanks to the new advice summer camps for children are running along with squads for younger players. Saturday morning adult coaching has also re-started with beginners 9-10am and intermediates from 10-11am and 11-noon. New members are welcome to pop along to any club sessions which run on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm. Please contact the club’s membership secretary Carol Wickens on 07798 734637 or email: for full details.

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Table tennis club benefits from new lottery


Seymours+solicitors Specialist family & matrimonial lawyers Expert resolution by experienced solicitors & barristers Consultations at: 79 Goldstone Crescent, Hove, BN3 6LS 20 Keymer Road, Hassocks, BN6 8AW 30 Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL Also at Central London by appointment only

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Fiveways business… Fiveways Fruits Danny Parsons runs Fiveways Fruits in Ditchling Road. He tells us how they’ve been doing over the past few months…


This month we feature local greengrocer’s and Fiveways institution Fiveways Fruits…

How long has Fiveways Fruits been running? I started Fiveways Fruits in December 2003. Initially the address was a residential address but then opened as a tailor’s before becoming a greengrocer’s which it has now been for well over 100 years!

On a business level it has actually been very good for us. With people being in lockdown at home, we, along with other local independent traders, have noticed a significant uplift in local trade. As a greengrocer I think we have further benefitted from the lack of supermarket slots available which has resulted in people turning to a more local source for their fruit and vegetables. We hope that shopping more locally is a habit that sticks now that things are returning to a little bit more like normal!! On a practical level to keep everyone safe we only have one person at a time in the shop with a strict queuing system in place. Do you sell anything else besides fruit and vegetables? Yes, we do. Maybe the name Fiveways Fruits makes people think that is all we do, but we actually sell loads of different things: organic products, free range eggs, an Infinity Foods selection, preserves, chutneys and pickles, flowers and plants, bio-degradable products and refills, logs, kindling and firelighters – the list goes on!!


How have you been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?

Danny (left) and his team of friendly staff

wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. It makes sense really; it means you don’t have to queue, which won’t be so pleasant once the weather starts to change, and also it is safer to stay at home and have your supplies delivered. Also if you spend over £20 delivery is free. We have added a couple of new vans to the fleet and now even have a 4x4 van, so when it is icy and snowy we can still get your supplies delivered! We can deliver all over Brighton and Hove; all you have to do is email in your order with two days’ notice and we will deliver to you. Our produce is fresh daily from London and Brighton markets. What are your plans for the future?

Can you do home deliveries?

We will very soon be opening another greengrocer’s in Southwick Square and will be offering the same services that Fiveways Fruits offers to the residents west of Brighton and Hove.

Yes, we do home deliveries and this is an area we have really ramped up in the

For more information, phone 01273 565598 or email

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Your local builders specialising in renovations and refurbishments

TERRY SHARPE Approved Electrician 07976 587131

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27 Councillor news from Martin Osborne, Green councillor for Hollingdean & Stanmer…

Councillor News... Hollingdean and Stanmer ward While the golf course is publicly owned, the leaseholders have been contracted to run a private golf course and so control access to the site. The Circle have informed me they are keen for walkers to ‘stick to the paths’, – which they have tried to make more visible, including through use of signposts. I have sought reassurances that the hill fort is accessible – and I’m pleased to feed back that people can still walk round the well-loved hill fort site. One common path, where walkers emerge straight onto the fairway of the 18th hole, has been blocked because it is deemed too dangerous. There is now an alternative path that runs alongside this. However, I’m keen to work with the leaseholder on further improvements, and especially on the creation of new paths. As with any change, better communication with the public, users of the course, and communities that live around Hollingbury is needed. The leaseholders have now agreed to work with the council on enhanced communication. With plans to make the clubhouse a centre for health and wellbeing, I am eager to ensure local newsletters such as the Hollingdean News can share any new developments with residents. City council officials are also currently pulling together a list of stakeholder



A reliable local service

Heating installation • Boiler servicing • Power flushing • Bathroom installation Landlord Safety Certificates • Small jobs • Boiler repairs

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One of the biggest issues that has concerned many of the residents in my ward of Hollingdean and Stanmer over the last months is the lease of Hollingbury Park Golf Course to the new leaseholders, The Circle.

groups and a meeting should happen in the near future. A wider public meeting is a possibility – but will depend on when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Finally, it’s been amazing to see that glow worms have been found around the hill fort and there are many rare species that thrive in the unique setting of the chalk grassland. There have been concerns that the new leaseholder may not appreciate this, but they have stated that they aren’t against the idea of working with others to establish management plans for the ecology. I’ll be working with others to make sure this happens, so that the management of the course works in harmony with golfers, wildlife and walkers alike. Tel: 07510 500383

s BARBERS J L 253b Ditchling Road, Fiveways, Brighton

01273 551270

find us on facebook at LJ’s Barbers

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29 An update from the Stanford and Cleveland Community Garden…

Community gardening in the time of lockdown Like everyone else, when the UK went into lockdown on the 23rd March, the community gardeners at the Stanford and Cleveland Community Garden had to quickly change all their plans for this year and adapt to the ‘new normal’.


So while a few of us had to self isolate, a small core were able to plan a rota to work at the garden individually. This has been well coordinated and has helped to ensure that the garden has continued to thrive. Quite surprisingly, many local people did not know that the garden was there and their response has been very positive. In the early days, we saw a big increase in footfall, particularly during the week, as people took their daily walks in the neighbourhood. Quite surprisingly, many local people did not know that the garden was there and their response has been very positive. Many families have returned regularly and it has been rewarding to see young children so obviously taking an interest in watching things grow. We decided early on to concentrate on vegetables, with a view to contributing some produce to the Brighton and Hove Food Project which we have successfully achieved. Traditionally the garden has held an annual plant sale to raise money for ongoing running costs. This year we had also committed to participate in the Macmillan Coastal Garden Trail. As this was cancelled, we decided to adapt our sale to accommodate social distancing etc and donate the proceeds to Macmillan. The response from the community was fantastic and the money raised on the day, together with ongoing sales of plants that we have put out at the garden on weekends since, has

raised over £1000. On July 25th, the day that the garden would have been open for the trail, we plan to have a final plant sale. Instead of our garden opening for the garden trail, a video of the garden has been made by a local resident which can be seen on the Macmillan website: But, we have been very pleased to come together again as a group, albeit while still maintaining social distancing. We have missed the informal contact, sharing of tasks and ideas and camaraderie. A woman with two young children said today: ‘We love coming here’, a sentiment echoed many times over the past few months especially. This type of comment confirms that the garden is a valuable asset to the community and one worth all the effort.

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The Acorns Nursery and Forest School PITCHED ROOFS FLAT ROOFS Westmeston nr Ditchling & Lindfield ‘OUTSTANDING’ Ofsted


Loads of fun: leaps in learning For children from 2 - 8 years Nursery school + forest school adventures Forest school sessions for home-ed children Stay & Play sessions for toddlers + carers Private tuition


Tel: 01444 455081 SUMMER HOLIDAY PLAYSCHEME 27th July -21st August 2020 for 2-11 year olds



Free advice & estimates All new work guaranteed

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31 Fiveways news…

Veolia plans for sprinkler system Veolia have applied for planning permission to install a pipe for a fire suppression sprinkler system at their Materials Recovery Facility in Hollingdean Lane. This is following a major fire there in 2019. Further details can be found on the council’s planning register at (application number BH2020/01594).

Since the lockdown started back in March, we at the church were advised by the Government that all worship and prayer was to be suspended immediately and any activities that use the premises were also to be suspended. This has been a very difficult time for all, not just church members, but everyone who has been using the premises and also our local community around the church. The Government did advise that churches could open for individual prayer where it was possible to maintain the social distancing rules. We at Stanford Avenue have tried to arrange, where practically possible, to open up the church for this important function. Sadly, as you may appreciate, with an elderly congregation, we have been unable to arrange this without compromising those that would be able to use the premises and keep our doors open. As soon as this changes, we will advise you all of what will be happening. However, on a positive note, we have been able to carry on our Sunday Morning Worship using an on-line streaming service.

at https://www.stanfordavenuemeth. and then go to the On-Line Services section. These services will be continuing for the foreseeable future every Sunday Morning at 10.30am. If you are interested in joining us, please email our Minister, Rev Dan Woodhouse, at stating your name and email address and he will email you a link to join every Sunday.

If you feel you need to talk to someone, please drop him a message and he will You can see these services on our website respond accordingly. J.H. BRICKWORK Our Services include


All Brickwork Patios • Garden Designs Block Paving Re-Pointing • Driveways Please call Joseph for a free quotation on



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Stanford Avenue Methodist Church

32 VICTOR CHIROPRACTIC WORKS Excellence in Musculoskeletal Bodywork


Backs • Necks • Shoulders Muscular Aches and Pains Using Manipulation, Acupuncture, Soft Tissue Techniques Functional & rehabilitation exercises used Long appointment times & caring service

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33 News from the council…

The council is calling on residents to help tackle a higher than normal outbreak of elm disease.

One of the Preston Park Twins succumbed to elm disease last year

The infection has already started killing off previously healthy trees throughout the city and has been brought on by the recent hot weather. Early infection signs are a wilting and browning / yellowing of parts of the foliage, or greenery, anywhere on the tree; and an elm tree losing its leaves in early summer while other elms around it are still full and healthy looking. If you suspect an elm tree is diseased, please email ElmDisease@brighton-hove., ideally with a photograph of the tree, a close-up of the symptoms and a location.

Covid Statistics Local Covid-19 data for Brighton & Hove can now be found on the council’s website at: https://new. This includes the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths, which will be regularly updated.

Have your say on changes to transport network Residents are being given the chance to have their say on changes to the city’s public spaces and transport network, introduced to support the city’s recovery from Covid-19. Brighton & Hove City Council have worked quickly to reallocate road space and bring in measures to help with safer movement around the city. These have included: a temporary cycle lane in both directions on Old Shoreham Road; closing Madeira Drive to motor vehicles; widening of footways in London Road, St James’s Street, Church Road and streets in The Lanes area. Residents can now comment on these changes through a survey at:

Fly-tipping hotline A new hotline for reporting fly-tippers has been launched by the council. Residents can call 01273 295063 and give details, allowing council staff to respond immediately. Common examples of fly-tipping include: leaving household items, appliances and furniture on the street or beside communal bins; leaving items on the pavement in the hope others will take them away; dumping rubbish or building materials in the countryside or green spaces such as parks. The new phone line will be staffed from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Callers outside these hours will be able to leave a message.

Have a local editorial item? Email


Outbreak of elm disease


A different perspective Some furniture is made for the here and now. Some is built to stand the test of time. At Neptune, we believe that the best can do both. Because good design never gets old.

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West Hove Mag_Hove_SUFFOLK_CHAWTON_KITCHEN_PROMO_210x297_AUG20.indd 1

07/07/2020 10:26

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35 Lindsey Tydeman from The Keep archive centre on a wartime campaign…

Local history…Dig for Victory As if people in Brighton didn’t have enough to do during the early years of the Second World War - what with volunteering for fire-watching, ARP (Air Raid Precaution) duties, soup kitchens, the Home Guard, the Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance Brigade - in 1939 the Government launched the Dig for Victory Campaign.

This photograph, part of the Argus newspaper archive held at The Keep (ARG/3/2487), was taken in 1941. It’s testament to the seriousness of the wartime situation that Brighton Council has allowed an allotment to be dug on the hallowed ground in front of the town’s iconic Royal Pavilion. There has been a smattering of snow but it’s obviously not too cold to be outside and the ground is still soft enough to dig. The men (possibly council employees) have carefully sliced off the turf and it lies folded in a pile by the allotment. They may be following the advice from the Ministry of Agriculture leaflet, issued in September 1941, of making a ‘bastard trench’ on ground previously covered with turf, working the ground in two-feet-wide strips, digging down to the depth of a spade and then turning the soil back. They must know what they are doing, as they have dispensed with the advice for string and wooden stakes! In the background of the photograph is an entrance sign to an ARP underground shelter. By 1941, these were common sights every few hundred yards in central Brighton, a refuge from expected gas attacks or enemy bombing.


This was something that everyone could get involved with, as local councils gave permission for parks, school playing fields and recreation grounds to be turned into allotments. Here residents could grow fruit and vegetables and become more self-sufficient in the face of rationing and possible food shortages.

The Keep’s collection of images show how the Dig for Victory campaign drew everyone in to the wider purpose. Whole families could work on individual smallholdings, and, for schools and children’s clubs, it seemed to operate as an excellent reason to get children outside. One photograph shows a class being directed by their teacher as they dig up the ground in front of their school, with boys and girls working in separate groups. Others show boys marching to dig with their gas mask boxes strapped around them and forks and spades slung over their shoulders like rifles, or holding them upright as they stand to attention for inspection. Faces are invariably determined, and most of them look very happy. www.thekeep/info

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37 City news…

Virtual Pride Pride has sadly been cancelled this year, but you can still take part in a virtual Pride.

United We Stream Brighton United We Stream has been set up across the world in response to the closure of live venues due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brighton & Hove Pride are planning an extensive schedule of events centred around the original Pride weekend of 1st-2nd August, to mark 30 years of campaigning and celebration and to help raise funds for LGBTQ+ community groups. The events will be tied together by live presenters Stephen Bailey and Zoe Lyons from a purpose-built studio in Brighton and will feature performers that were already planned for Pride in the Park. The show will be live-streamed on the Brighton Pride website ( and other platforms. All the entertainment will be free to view but viewers are encouraged to make a donation.

All the money raised will go to support bars, clubs, pubs, venues, restaurants, performers, freelancers and cultural organisations across the city, as well as to support the fight against homelessness in Brighton and to support local mental health charity Grassroots. Participating venues include the Big Beach Café at Hove Lagoon, the i360 pod and the Brighton Centre. Visit

Brighton Open Air Theatre The Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT) in Dyke Road Park, along with other open-air theatres, has finally been able to open its gates for live performances from 25th July. There is a full programme of theatre, comedy, music and family shows on sale on their website for August and September, including Shakespeare plays, The Magic Flute, Jekyll and Hyde, Abigail’s Party, the Brighton Beach Boys and much more. All performers will be socially distanced on stage, unless they have formed a “cast bubble”. BOAT are expecting tickets to sell quickly and there is reduced capacity to help maintain social distancing, so book early at Have a local editorial item? Email


A virtual Pride show will be live-streamed on the Brighton Pride website

DJ performances and concerts are streamed live from different venues. United We Stream Brighton streams live bands, DJs, singers and performers every weekend. You can watch for free, but you need to buy a virtual ticket at whatever price you want.



ROOFING all roofwork undertaken • • • • •

Fully insured Free estimates Fascia & soffits Gutter clearance Slating & tiling

• • •

The BCCC is an award winning business based just on the edge of the City We make our own High Quality garden and horticultural products including Organic Compost, high grade Top Soil, Mulches, Bark Chip and Woodchip We also provide Brighton & Hove residents with a reasonably priced and efficient Garden Waste and old soil collection and clearance service

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Bardens Gas Services Local family run business Specialising in the service and repair of all gas appliances (including gas fires) Plumbing jobs and boiler installations also undertaken. With 25 years experience in the industry Members of checkatrade Fully GAS SAFE qualified

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39 An update from a local homelessness charity…

News from Off The Fence Homelessness doesn’t always start with a first night on the streets, or even with a night on a friend’s sofa or a hostel. It can start with a difficult time in school, mental health problems, a difficult relationship or family breakdown. And it doesn’t end with four walls, a roof and a bed. It ends with stability, community and hope about the future.

So, like the pebbles on Brighton beach, we deal with the ever progressing and receding tides of everyday life for our clients. However, sometimes tsunamis hit the beach and we have to review every element of our service. In the last year we have had to weather three storms: Brexit, which created economic uncertainty; a General Election where the plight of the disadvantaged hardly merited a by-line; and largest of all, Covid-19, which since early 2020 has called for a complete overhaul of the way the charity works. On the surface, it is possible to argue that the virus has created an environment where rough sleepers can no longer be allowed to live outside. The vast majority of them have been temporarily accommodated in hotels and B&Bs. In August they will move again into unused student facilities. So far, so good. However, as these are short term arrangements, it is very likely that the numbers of homeless will rise dramatically once lockdown is fully over. 36% of rough sleepers are not native to Brighton & Hove and the migration south will continue. The end of the Government’s furlough scheme will see thousands of the poor turn into the homeless overnight as redundancies, the

porous nature of Universal Credit and the impact of global recession hit home. Another outworking of Covid-19 has been the increased demand for the services available to vulnerable women via our Gateway Centre. Social distancing has removed the comfort of meeting adversity together. Staff have been furloughed and virtual communication doorstep-confined one-to-ones have become crucial tools in our armoury. However, we have been able to harness new technologies like remote working in a way that has virtually eliminated any interruptions to our core team and services. We have recently seen the best three months financially in our history. Not because we are good at raising money but because what we are doing is wholly aligned with our mission to help the poor and the vulnerable. We have again been chosen as one of five Mayor’s charities to do just that.

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We work on the premise that homelessness isn’t solved by a sleeping bag and hot food, though these are an excellent place to start. Off The Fence has always been about offering the practical tools and emotional support needed for a transformed life.

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25 years experience 25 years experience Professional craftsmanship – painting Professional craftsmanship – painting and decorating, beautifully executed and decorating, beautifully executed with a quality that lasts. with a quality that lasts.

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25 years experience 25 years experience Professional craftsmanship – painting Professional craftsmanship – painting and decorating, beautifully executed and decorating, beautifully executed with a quality that lasts. with a quality that lasts.


Fully insured )UHH HVWLPDWHV


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/decorativeinteriors /decorativeinteriors

Madeira Drive Disappointed crowds around the Aquarium in the rain on August Bank Holiday, 7 August 1922. From 1871 to 1971 the summer bank holiday was set to the first Monday of August. It was changed in 1971 to the last Monday, as it clashed with the traditional two-week summer shut-down. Note the long line of motor coaches stretching far into the distance. These then shared with the railway the task of bringing down to Brighton the hordes of day-trippers for which the town was then famous. Thanks to the Regency Society for this image from their photographic archives, The James Gray Collection. You can see thousands more historic pictures of Brighton and Hove at:

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School leavers

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Travel to

PERU & SOUTH AMERICA Tailor made itineraries Personalised groups Tour leader if required 25 years experience Disabled friendly

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ClarkesofBrighton BUILDING



Specialist Building Services Specialist Roofing Services Specialist Roofing Services Extensions Roofing Repairs Loft conversions

Slate Roofing

• LeakFlat Repairs • Roofing Repairs Patios/ Walls Roofing Complete Refurbishments Complete Roof replacement • Flat Roofing • Roof Tile For a free building quote or an estimate on repairs call us on Replacement • Complete Roof 01273 380914 or 07786 101912 Replacement • Re-Roofing • Fascias and • Scaffolding LOCAL, RELIABLE & TRUSTED Guttering • Slate Roofing Public Liability Insurance Company No 09982598 For aFullfree building quote or estimate of repairs call us on 01273 380914 or 07786 101912 Have you ever thought that

Hallifax Care

your caring nature could start

LOCAL,earning RELIABLE & TRUSTED you money? Full Public Liability Insurance

Hallifax Care, the locally run, award winning company is now recruiting Company No 09982598 home care workers to work in the Hollingdean to London Road, Hollingbury and Patcham areas. We provide all training, we just need people who communicate well, and would be willing to go the extra mile to help someone else. Although a car is not essential, to take advantage of our great rates of pay, it would be an advantage. We work from 7am – 10pm in three shifts, carers can work morning, lunch or evening shifts or a combination of all three. We are very flexible with hours and can fit round your commitments.

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43 Kevin Wilsher tells us about his new book on the Brighton Tigers ice hockey team…

Brighton Tigers a tale of sporting passion I was born in Brighton and can trace some of my ancestors to the time of George IV, although they seem to have been mostly manual labourers or other unskilled workers so they probably didn’t mix in the same social circles. I’ve lived in Goldstone Valley for the past 26 years.


Since being fortunate enough to retire early I’ve been able to indulge a personal interest in local history and architecture. I volunteer at the Regency Town House in Brunswick Square to help with the ongoing restoration project. On behalf of the Town House I organise Brighton & Hove’s contribution to the annual national Heritage Open Days festival, which is where we try to inspire people to take an interest in their local history, built environment and culture. I’m also a trustee of the Regency Society where I look after the James Gray Collection of around 7,500 historic images of Brighton & Hove. During my immersion into the world of local history I kept noticing on social media that people regularly posted their memories of the Brighton Tigers ice hockey team and their home, the Sports Stadium, at the bottom of West Street. The more I noticed these people’s memories, the more I realised how important the team and the ice rink were to the local population. The fact that people were still excited to talk about the Tigers and express their anger over the closure of the rink some 55 years ago made me decide that these memories should be preserved and that the story of the team should be made available to future generations. Between 1935 and 1965 the Brighton Tigers were, arguably, the most successful and most passionately supported ice hockey team in the country. Hopefully, the book

reveals for the first time the remarkable love affair between ice hockey and the sports fans of Brighton, Hove and surrounding towns. Thousands packed the Sports Stadium in West Street for 30 years between 1935 and 1965 to cheer on Brighton Tigers, helping them to become one of the leading teams in Britain and Europe. The stories in this book will bring back fond memories to the many fans who still mourn the loss of the team and provide answers to younger generations wondering what all the fuss was about. The book is lavishly illustrated and is available from City Books, Hove, and Amazon.

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ills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships amily Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial sputes, Children matters) • Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships esidential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyanc• Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial ills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships disputes, Children matters) g, shop & lease sales Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships amily Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial ills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships • Residential Conveyancing and Commercial ConveyancWills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships ersonal injury - all forms of accident claims lls, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships sputes, Children matters) ills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships amily Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial amily Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships • • ing, shop & lease sales Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships ills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships efending DWP Benefit Fraud investigations, Interviews • sputes, Children matters) • Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships amily Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial esidential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyancdisputes, Children matters) amily Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial • Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial sputes, Children matters) • • Personal injury - all forms of accident claims Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships • Defending DWP Benefit Fraud investigations, Interviews disputes, Children matters) • • Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial nder caution & Prosecutions Residential Conveyancing and Commercial ConveyancFamily Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial amily Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial g, shop & lease sales disputes, Children matters) sputes, Children matters) sputes, Children matters) esidential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyancesidential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyancunder caution & Prosecutions • Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial ing, shop & lease sales disputes, Children matters) Residential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyanc• • disputes, Children matters) Residential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyancsputes, Children matters) riminal and Road Traffic Defence advice g, shop & lease sales ersonal injury - 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Call or email us today on: ail: web: email: web: tel: 734 600 Call01273 or email us today600 on: tel: Call01273 or email us734 today Call or tel: email us today on: on: 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB email: web: 01273 734 600 email: web: tel: 01273 734 600 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB tel: 01273 734 600 email: web: 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB Call or or email email us today today on: on: Call us

email: web: tel: 01273 734 600 email: web: 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB tel: 01273 01273 734 734 600 600 tel: tel: 01273 734 600 tel: 01273 734 734600 600 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB tel: 01273 ail: web: 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB


Specialist in fitted furniture Traditional and contemporary Over 30 years experience Friendly Service Free no obligation quotations and advice

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Call or email us today on: 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB ail: web: Call or email us today on: Call or email us homes todayacross on: Brighton visit or call 01273 551021 To advertise to 12,000 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB ail: web: ail: web:


Emergency support for Brighton Dome

Komedia Live

Brighton Dome has received vital support from Arts Council England in response to its closure caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

Komedia Brighton has regularly hosted shows including live comedy since 1994. At the moment the venue is closed due to Coronavirus restrictions.

The registered arts charity has received £445,000 from the Emergency Response Fund. This additional funding will help protect Brighton Dome’s short-term survival. Following its closure in March, 67% of its self-generated income was lost through ticket sales and events. The organisation has a £12.5 million annual turnover, but its 1800 capacity venue is currently unable to re-open for live concerts or performances due to social distancing regulations. Andrew Comben, Chief Executive of Brighton Dome, said: “We are enormously grateful to Arts Council England for this support which offers immediate financial security whilst our venue remains closed over the next few months. The impacts of this crisis are set to continue beyond September and we welcome further government guidance on a longer-term strategy for live venues and events and how arts organisations will receive further support through their £1.57bn fund. Our sincere thanks also go to our loyal audiences who have given to our fundraising campaign or have donated their ticket purchases to us; the love for Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival has been both overwhelming and invaluable.” To help secure Brighton Dome’s future, text DOMELOVE to 70970 to donate £5 or visit

However, Komedia are live-streaming weekly Krater Comedy Club shows to keep the laughter alive. You can tune in via Facebook Live (Komedia Brighton) or their YouTube channel, Komedia Live, and shows will remain available for replay for one week after transmission. Viewers have an option to pay what they can for each show in the form of a donation, to give Komedia and the comedians involved the best chance of financially surviving the current crisis. The Komedia Kids Sundae Club for children is also available online, thanks to an emergency grant from Arts Council England. It’s on the Komedia Kids YouTube channel from 11.30am on 2nd August, 6th September and 4th October, with just under two hours of fun for children aged 3-9 and their families.

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Brighton news…


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