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Back Pain? In-Clinic X-Ray On Site Parking Ground Floor

best practice chiropractic

01273 560 888 Green Wright Chalton Annis SOLICITORS See page XX 18 advert

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WELCOME TO HOVE PARK LIVING! We have details of plenty of events for you this October, including the Ageing Well Fes val, where anyone over 50 can try new ac vi es, many of them free. Other events this month include a Halloween Night at Hangleton Manor, the Brighton Early Music Fes val and Sussex Art Fairs at Brighton Racecourse. Hospice Care Week takes place from 7-13 October, which is a great opportunity to find out more about the services offered by Martlets; and if you love a walk in the countryside, there’s a new bridleway in Hove to open up a missing link in the footpath network, which should enable be er countryside access. Have a great month!

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The Ageing Well Fes val Mushroom Season Health TIP Old Photo Sussex Art Fairs (East) Free Concert New Bridleway In Hove Hospice Care Week Autumn Ac vi es In The Park Local Firework Displays Unwanted Fruit A Prince’s Treasure Glow! Choir Brighton Early Music Fes val 2019 Ac ng Classes Sussex Poetry Compe on & Fes val Halloween Night

Publisher: Sussex Magazines 10 Hollingbury Road, Brighton BN1 7JA Printer: Gemini Press Distributors: Hove Leaflet Distribu on The views expressed by individuals in any le er or ar cle included at the discre on of the publishers are not necessarily the views of the Editor. Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this magazine and the statements contained herein are believed to be correct, the publishers of this publica on will not hold themselves responsible for any inaccuracies. Inclusion of adver sers in this magazine is not necessarily a recommenda on but we do hope they give a good quality service. No part of the publica on may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the publishers and contributors We take complaints you make about our adver sers seriously. We have the following policy on this: First complaint about an adver ser is logged here in our offices, if we receive another complaint we write to the adver ser concerned and no fy them we have had two complaints and if we receive another complaint we will no longer accept their adverts. If and when a third complaint arrives we will verify that all complaints received were genuine and inform the adver ser that we will no longer be promo ng their business and inform them why.

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We offer incredible new versions of food and drink that you might find familiar. We have sodas made in house with some help from our centrifuge machine. They have around one tenth of the sugar of regular sodas. Our cocktails are crafted with loving care using house made essences, bitters and artisanal spirits. Some of our cakes have no added sugar. Some are completely dairy free. We are really proud of our velvety, house made, organic cashew and tiger nut milk blend.

Our coffee has to be tasted to be believed. We only use the best butter, virgin coconut oil (for our many non dairy/vegan creations) and extra virgin olive oil for dressing. Our tea is brewed in clean glass, to the perfect temperature.

Everything we have is completely free of gluten. That's right, everything. Even our house made sourdough, sweet bakes Xe[fliYlkk\id`cbgXeZXb\j% FliX`d`j\oZ\cc\eZ\XjjkXe[Xi[%N\ dXb\jlg\i]ff[]fijlg\ig\fgc\%





K_\ 9Xb\ip

90 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN1 4ER 01273 620 036


 :fd`e^jffe%%% )+Jp[e\pjki\\k, Brighton, BN1 4EE

Jk>\fi^\gc JkG\k\i:_liZ_

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H HO HOVE OVE PARK PA ARK R This fes val is now up and running...

TRY NEW ACTIVITIES AT THE AGEING WELL FESTIVAL The Ageing Well Fes val for anyone aged 50+ runs from 30th September un l 13th October and there are over 100 events to choose from - here are just a few of the events in Hove... Ac ve Forever 2019 Wed 2 October, 10am-2pm (reg from 9.15) Free, drop-in - King Alfred Leisure Centre Informa on stalls and 15+ taster events including walking cricket and Bollymoves. Five Ways to Wellbeing at Plot 22 Wed 2 October, 2-4pm - Free, booking required Plot 22, Weald Allotments, Weald Avenue Come along to the community allotment PLOT 22 to explore the “Five Ways to Wellbeing” and how they relate to nature and the outdoors. Explore Your Local and Family History Thurs 3 October, 12-2pm, Free, drop-in Vallance Centre, Conway Court, Sackville Road Get help with star ng your research, using a range of online and other tools.


Doors and Conservatories

FREEPHONE 0800 0961696 Factory & Showroom: Units 4, 5 and 6, Southern Cross Industrial Estate, Freemans Road, Portslade. BN41 1GS

Dave Lynn will be at the Infamous Fes val Cabaret Evening

Keeping Safer at Home Fri 4 October, 11.30am-12.30pm Hove Community Fire Sta on, English Close Free, booking required Visit the fire sta on and learn about fire safety. The Infamous Fes val Cabaret Evening Sat 5 October, 6-9pm Hop 50+, Palmeira Square. £10, booking required Step back in me to the 1960s. You are invited to spend an evening with the club DJ, sassy singers, vivacious variety acts and Brighton’s favourite drag ar st, Dave Lynn. Dance Workshop Sun 6 October, 3-4pm Hop 50+, Palmeira Square. £3, drop-in A crea ve, energising dance workshop for all abili es led by Rosaria Gracia. Have a Go Morning Thurs 10 October, 10am-12pm. Free, drop-in King Alfred Leisure Centre Ac vi es include walking netball and table tennis. Fes val in a Day Sat 12 October, 12-5pm. Free, drop-in Hop 50+, Palmeira Square Live music from local musicians. Summery Cream Tea Sat 12 October, 2-4pm. £2.50, drop-in Hove Methodist Church, Portland Road Beat the autumn blues with a summery cream tea and musical entertainment. Summer hats op onal. Other events elsewhere in the city include Electric Cycling and a Boat Trip to the Offshore Wind Farm. To get a programme or ckets call 01273 322940 or book online at ageingwellfes

Please send your local ar cles to or call 01273 551021






ŀ“¢ŋ“Ôľ Ĝĭ«Ô

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IJ|ć®y¸p ĪϧÏĶŽīxğŽņx“’ĸŽ÷xßvŽ®©x‚xxľ

ĴČ·õ‹Ĵŀ®ʼnõ鳖™u™Ø§šŊĭ£ĥĀØą * Prices exclude VAT and are available to those suffering from a long term condition or illness upon completion of a declaration

|»ĕĸħʼnđ›³ÓÔĕħ³› ĠħõčćĕĸœœĕyĜę


ŐvĹÏĹøŽÏľv§ ĢĴňõāõå®ċĕ åČňĕ À®ň©õæĴʼnº”®’ěĕ

¸³Ĺĕ¥ĕāåĹ ™«ħďč› ™«ħďč›


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HOVE PARK News from the Friends of Three Cornered Copse...

MUSHROOM SEASON... The season of mists and mellow frui ulness is upon us, but this is also the season of mushrooms, and Three Cornered Copse has several species proudly on display. The leaves are only just star ng to fall in the woodland, so the fungus has to begin sporing before the forest floor is covered with the leaf li er in deepest autumn. There are over 14,000 species of mushroom in the UK; most are edible, but even experts have no real way of telling which are poisonous, unless they can make a defini ve iden fica on. A general rule is to avoid the ones with a red cap (among others). The one pictured may well be a Meadow Pu all, but there are no guarantees... Unless you’re a real expert, don’t forage for mushrooms in Three Cornered Copse. Our new informa on board is ready for installa on, and wai ng for our next work day, with a willing Park Ranger, to supervise its erec on. It’s taken a few years to get there, but now the work on the house at the bo om end of the path has completed, at the junc on with Goldstone Crescent, we can go ahead. The board was removed from the twi en between Woodland Avenue and Woodland Drive, cleaned and treated for redeployment. One corner of the copse s ll remains under threat from the traffic plans for the widening of Dyke Road Avenue. Mixed and uncommi ed answers from the council’s planners add to the uncertainty. A recent ques on on the viability of the proposal to shave off the top of the copse land to provide tarmac for a council-specified pedestrian and cycle lane was answered as “The requirement for/suitability of this proposed change will be determined by an assessment of its impacts and the designa on/status of the land involved.“ Clearly, the decision has not been formed, and it’s worth wri ng to our councillors to let them know the strength of feeling on this, before it is decided. Some support for the copse from Campaign For Rural England (Sussex) is listed as a comment on the planning website. “This [Three Cornered Copse] is a fantas c area of woodland which should be protected, without sec ons being sliced off for tarmac.” It’s encouraging, but may not be enough. But our work days persist, and as usual, all are invited. The next few dates are 12 October, 9 November and 7 December. All permi ed by decent weather of course. Simon Baxendale Please men on Hove Park Living when responding to adverts



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A RANGE OF VERANDAS, AWNINGS AND CARPORTS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO PROVIDE EXTRA COVER. SBI Ltd est. 1998 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Most installations completed in a day!

Awning servicing, repairs, cleaning and replacement parts.

CALL NOW 0800 0742 See this logo on adverts and find local reviews of that business at Se

HOVE PARK Our regular healthy living ar cle from Mary Henderson, a doctoral researcher in gut health...

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A REGISTERED NUTRITIONIST AND A ‘NUTRITIONIST’? At the moment, anyone can call themselves a ‘nutri onist’ but not everyone can call themselves a registered nutri onist. Only those on the Associa on for Nutri on’s (AfN) UK Voluntary Register of Nutri onists can. To be listed here, you must be a competent, qualified nutri on professional who meets the AfN’s rigorously applied standards for scien fically sound evidencebased nutri on and its use in prac ce. A registered nutri onist will have a BSc degree or equivalent plus typically at least three years’ experience of evidence-based applica on of nutri on science in professional prac ce. This is the only register of qualified nutri onists recognised by bodies such as Public Health England and the NHS. The AfN is a registered charity and its role is to protect and benefit the public. Like other professions, our knowledge relies on peer review to provide insight, accountability and change and we must be careful that we avoid claims based on poor or

misrepresented evidence such as pseudoscience. For example, we are not allowed to make claims unsubstan ated by peer-reviewed and published scien fic evidence to directly endorse or validate a specific food or supplement. If issues fall outside of our competence, we refer a client or group on to the appropriate professional such as a GP or a die an. We can only contribute to the management of people with medical condi ons if we are part of a team under the supervision of a suitably qualified doctor. Next me you seek nutri on advice, check to see if they’re on the register. Mary Henderson



01273 324474 ϭϰϮ^ĂĐŬǀŝůůĞZŽĂĚ͕,ŽǀĞ͕Eϯϳ' zKhZ>K>dZh^dKDWEz ǁǁǁ͘ĐŽƵŶƚƌLJŵĂŶŝŵƉƌŽǀĞŵĞŶƚƐ͘ĐŽ͘ƵŬ NATIONAL FEDERATION OF GLAZIERS See local reviews of this business at

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PAUL YEATES PLUMBING & HEATING FAMILY RUN LOCAL BUSINESS WITH 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE ALL All aspects of plumbing undertaken GAS WORK Heating installations and repairs UNDERTAKEN Boiler maintenance and upgrades NO CALL OUT Boiler servicing from £35 + VAT FEE Gas Safety Checks from £45 + VAT Bathrooms and kitchens design and installation 3RZHUÀXVKLQJ Disabled bathrooms and wet rooms 8QGHUÀRRUKHDWLQJ All new boilers with 7 or 10 year guarantee 1 7 9 7 4 7

ALL WORKS INSURED & FULLY GUARANTEED Call Paul on 01273 541791 or 07710 854421 twistof Read reviews of this business by local residents at See this logo on adverts and find local reviews of that business at Se


HOVE GREYHOUND STADIUM When the first mee ng was held here on 2 June 1928, the stadium stood in open country, the nearest houses being a few in Old Shoreham Road, near Leighton Road. Speedway, or dirt track racing as it was called, was tried out in 1929/1930, but was not a success. This view shows the east side of the stadium, in an unfinished state. The square structure at the far end may have shown the be ng odds in lights for the greyhound races and the dirt track race could have been a warm-up event. Date of photo: 1929. Thanks to the Regency Society for this image from their photographic archives, The James Gray Collec on. You can see thousands more historic pictures of Brighton and Hove at:

Please send your local ar cles to or call 01273 551021

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BRIGHTON RACECOURSE Freshfield Road, Brighton BN2 9XZ

Artwork: Jody Craddock

PREVIEW EVENING 11th October 2019 (6pm - 9pm) OPEN ALL WEEKEND 12th & 13th October 2019 (10am - 6pm)

HALF PRICE WEEKEND TICKETS AVAILABLE! REGISTER AT EVENTBRITE.CO.UK WITH THE CODE: BHM50 Preview Evening Tickets also available for purchase online.

AFFORDABLE ART TO BUY FROM OVER 120 ARTISTS,¢ GALLERIES & COLLECTIVES | #sussexartfairs | @sussexartfairs See this logo on adverts and find local reviews of that business at Se


13 13

A great event for art lovers this October...

SUSSEX ART FAIRS (EAST) Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Road, Brighton BN2 9XZ Following the success of our first event in May, our second event Sussex Art Fairs (East) takes place at Brighton Racecourse overlooking the coastline of Brighton, where 125 ar sts, galleries and collec ves will come together to exhibit and sell 1000s of affordable artworks star ng from £50 for prints and smaller works to over £5,000 for an outstanding masterpiece. Taking place over three days, the event starts from 6pm on the Friday ‘Preview Evening’. Visitors will be able to chat with the ar sts and gallery owners whilst browsing their favourite artworks with drinks from our full bar and be the first to view exhibitors’ beau ful collec ons. The fair will then be open all weekend for visitors to find something to suit every budget and every type of art buyer. Fair facili es include a full café serving teas, coffees and snacks and a bar serving refreshing alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks throughout the weekend. The venue is wheelchair accessible and has dy toilet facili es. All purchases will be wrapped by our specialist wrapping team ‘artPAKK’ located near the exit. In order to give back to the local community, Sussex Art Fairs will be collabora ng with Sussex Wildlife Trust who will be offering original artworks for sale donated by our exhibitors with all profits going to the Trust. Be sure to visit their stand for an original bargain! Sussex Art Fairs is the perfect place to begin or add to your art collec on, so come visit us this October for this special event. Friday 11th - The Preview Viewing (6pm to 9pm) - £12 entry per person Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th - Open To The Public (10am to 6pm) - £6 entry per person each day (free entry for children under 12)

Picture by James Fox

For more informa on and for ckets, visit: www.sussexar

A local event...

FREE CONCERT 1.10pm, Friday 18th October St Peter’s Church West Blatchington (by the windmill) invite you to a free concert by Airs and Graces wind quartet. Refreshments are provided, with dona ons gratefully received towards choir funds. For further informa on ring 01273 567399 or email

KINGSWAY TRAVEL Chauffeur Driven Private Hire Service


AIRPORT TRANSFERS Gatwick Call Simon or Neil on 01273 640480 Please send your local ar cles to or call 01273 551021


Delivering a ďŹ rst class ďŹ nish to every project with the very highest attention to detail

Extensions Loft Conversions Basement Construction Refurbishment Grade 1 and 2 Listed Building Works

Respectful, polite, highly professional, efficient and always meeting deadlines. GET IN TOUCH TODAY for a FREE no obligation estimate 07885248 325954 Office: 01273 939

Your local electrician and plumber Rating 9.85 No job too big or too small, providing our customers with a friendly, reliable and cost-effective service. Electrical

Heating & Plumbing

Air Conditioning

Contact us now on: Tel: 01273 933550 Email: Web: See this logo on adverts and find local reviews of that business at Se

H HO HOVE OVE PARK PA ARK R Great news if you fancy a walk in the countryside...

News from Martlets hospice...



A new bridleway in Hove has opened up a “missing link” in the city’s footpath network, giving countryside access for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Hospice Care Week takes place on 7-13 October and Martlets is encouraging people to find out more about hospice care and the different services it can offer.

The new path links rights of way on Benfield Hill and the New Barn Farm area with the Dyke Railway trail and beyond. The opportunity to open the path arose a er West Hove Golf Club approached the South Downs Na onal Park Authority for planning permission for an acous c bund, buffering the course from the A27. Crea ng the new bridleway and opening up the surrounding access land was one of the planning condi ons. Cllr Anne Pissaridou, chair of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Commi ee, said: “I am delighted that by working in partnership with the Na onal Park Authority and West Hove Golf Club we have been able to open this missing link and create an a rac ve and high quality east-west route, north of the A27, for cyclists, horse riders and walkers.”

Martlets want everyone affected by terminal illness to know they can s ll feel hope, purpose and possibility. It is working towards changing percep ons of hospice care. Pa ent Geoff Geoff Farmer Farmer who has been an outpa ent at Martlets for over two years commented: “Martlets has done prac cal things for me like ge ng me a blue disabled badge. I’ve also talked to a counsellor. Martlets has so much to offer that people just don’t know about.” Most people now receive hospice care in their own homes and visit the hospice for pain relief, physiotherapy, counselling, welfare advice and social ac vi es. Others choose to spend their final days at the hospice or a end as inpa ents for respite care or symptom management. Martlets care is free to local people with life-limi ng illnesses, who can be referred through their GP, consultant, pallia ve care team or district nurse. Visit for more informa on or call 01273 273400.

Please send your local ar cles to or call 01273 551021

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EMERGENCY DRAIN CLEARANCE Drains Internal/External High Pressure Jetting Manual Rodding Pipe Laying Non Excavation Relining

CCTV Surveys Insurance Work Undertaken All Work Guaranteed     




0800 046 6094


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Local Service at Great Pricesâ&#x20AC;? ~ ~ ~ ~

;TPSX]VBdbbTg1PbTS6PaST]<PRWX]Tah3TP[TaBX]RT (&$ 5aTT3T[XeTahFXcWX]BdbbTg5^a0[[>aSTab>eTaÂ&#x2030;  0[[<PRWX]TbBd__[XTS5d[[h0bbT\Q[TSP]SATPShc^DbT 5aTT3Xb_^bP[^UH^da>[S<PRWX]T


from ÂŁ99

Husqvarna Chainsaws

from ÂŁ150

63 Hallyburton Road Hove BN3 7GP 01273 418918

Stihl Blowers

from ÂŁ99

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Consultations at

79 Goldstone Crescent Hove BN3 6LS Also at Horsham, Hassocks & Central London




NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY while you wait service Monday to Saturday

“Amazing results, saved me £300, thank you!” Mrs B. Hove.

1 hour fixed fee advice on any Family Law matter from a OCT senior solicitor at the Hove office for £125 + VAT during JUNE

Please contact 01273 253500 to arrange your initial fixed fee appointment with Mr Simon Rowe

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19 News from the Friends of Hove Park...

AUTUMN ACTIVITIES IN THE PARK The busy summer holiday season is over and the nights are drawing in but there is s ll plenty going on in the park. The tennis courts are a hive of ac vity, and play con nues into the evening on the 3G football pitch with the assistance of floodligh ng. Outdoor gym users have some smart new wooden apparatus replacing the broken metal equipment. The parkrun con nues to be well supported and the year old junior parkrun has become as popular as the adult version. On Sunday 6th October the Friends are holding a new event ‘Hove Park Fun Palace’ at Hove Park Café from 11.30am to 1.30pm. Join us at this free event and learn new skills from your neighbours, share hobbies with friends old and new, immerse yourself in cra s, try a sport, or create some nature inspired art. Fun Palaces are


; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Commercial or Domestic (uPVC)

Flat Roofs & Pitched Roofs Chimney Re-pointing, Lead work Fully Insured, insured, Peace for piece of mind of Mind Insurance Work Undertaken Free Quotation & Advice

All work comes with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee

01273 808219 / 07745 728540 backed guarantee


We guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quote

an ongoing na onwide campaign promo ng community at the heart of culture and culture at the heart of community, with a weekend of ac vi es created by, for and with local people on the first weekend of October every year. In 1961 theatre director Joan Li lewood (co-creator with the Theatre Workshop of Oh! What a Lovely War which was later filmed by Sir Richard A enborough on the iconic West Pier) and architect Cedric Price designed a Fun Palace building - a ‘laboratory of fun’ dynamically changeable for the needs and wishes of the community. Although the idea was an inspira on to many the visionary space was never created due to bureaucra c and prac cal problems. In 2014 (the centenary of Joan Li lewood’s birth) Fun Palaces were re-imagined as spaces that could be created anywhere in under-used buildings and other already available spaces. This led to the idea taking off and there has been an increasing number of Fun Palaces each year since. For more informa on about fun palaces see

Please send your local ar cles to or call 01273 551021


ClarkesofBrighton BUILDING



6SHFLDOLVW5RRÂżQJ6HUYLFHV Â&#x2021; 5RRÂżQJ5HSDLUV Â&#x2021; Roof Tile Replacement Â&#x2021; 5H5RRÂżQJ Â&#x2021; Scaffolding Â&#x2021; 6ODWH5RRÂżQJ

Â&#x2021; Leak Repairs Â&#x2021; )ODW5RRÂżQJ Â&#x2021; Complete Roof Replacement Â&#x2021; Fascias and Guttering

For a free building quote or estimate of repairs call us on 01273 380914 or 07786 101912

01273 027657

LOCAL, RELIABLE & TRUSTED Full Public Liability Insurance Company No 09982598

01273 027657 See local reviews of this business at


CP Carpentry & Joinery Ltd â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re good with woodâ&#x20AC;?

For free quotations and competitive Â&#x2019;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;ÇĄÂ&#x2026;Â&#x192;Â&#x17D;Â&#x17D;Â&#x160;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2022;ÇĄÂ&#x2018;Â&#x201D;ƤÂ?Â&#x2020;Â&#x160;Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2018;Â?

For all your waste removal needs!!

Overr 3300 yyear Ove earsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; s exp experi erienc encee Â&#x2014;Â&#x192;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2039;ƤÂ&#x2021;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2026;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2013;Â&#x203A;ĆŹ Â&#x2014;Â&#x2039;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2022;

Sash restoration Fitted wardrobes All aspects of fencing Bespoke kitchens Flooring Landscaping Property maintenance

Decking Bespoke gates Garden structures and furniture Bespoke furniture Doors and windows

Telephone: 01273 243946 Mobile: 07505 489070 See local reviews of this business at

House Clearance Rubbish Clearance /RIW2Ď&#x2019;FHDQG*DUGHQ&OHDUDQFH ',< %XLOGHUV:DVWH :DVWH&ROOHFWLRQ :KHHOLH%LQV6XSSOLHGWR%XVLQHVVHV T: 01273 386615 Â&#x2021; 07824 633241 E:

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HOVE PARK Where to find a fireworks display this year...

Any apples or pears you can’t use?



The Nevill Fireworks 2019 7pm on Saturday 2nd November (gates open 5pm) Nevill Sports Ground, Nevill Road opposite the Greyhound Stadium A firework display produced by the award-winning team from Brigh ire Pyrotechnics will be choreographed to a fantas c musical soundtrack, with some very familiar tunes and a few surprises too. There will be stalls inside the grounds selling food, glow s cks and flashing toys. You can buy your ckets in advance to save queueing on the night.

Brighton Permaculture Trust are collec ng spare garden fruit to make into local products.

Sussex Cricket Fireworks Night 7.30pm on Tuesday 5th November (gates open 6pm) Please take any unwanted fruit to the Fruit Factory in Stanmer Park, BN1 9PZ, on Saturdays or Sundays from 11am to 2pm, in return for some fruit juice. If you can’t bring it yourself, text/phone 07905 671453 and they will collect it.

1st Central County Ground, Eaton Road Tickets will be available at www.sussexcricket.

SUSSEX FUNERAL SERVICES INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS ‘Forr caring, compassion andd choice’ Proprietors: Phil and Sallie



U ˜`i«i˜`i˜ÌÊEÊv>“ˆÞʜܘi` U *> * ÃȜ˜>>ÌiÊEÊVœ““ˆÌÌi` U Ó{ʅœÕ …œÕÀÀÊÃi ÃiÀÛ ÀۈV ˆVii

U ¼ i뜎i½Êv՘iÀ>Ã U ¼ œÊÕÃà œ ÕÃýÊv՘iÀ>Ã v՘iÀ>Ã U *Ài«>ˆ`Êv՘iÀ>Ê«>˜Ã

Please conta Pl on nta tact acctt Ph P illip orr Sa Sallie on::

01273 736 469 07789 174 453 or vis isitt our off ffic ice at: 185 Po Port rtland Roa oadd Hove BN3 5QJJ

Please send your local ar cles to or call 01273 551021

21 21


01273 303842

See local reviews of this business at

We are Brighton & Hoveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oldest independent family Funeral Directors

Dedicated caring service from Richard Whittle & Ben Day Richard Whittle is the great, great grandson of the founder and Managing Director of Bungard Funeral Directors.

Ben Day is the Principal Funeral Director of Bungard Funeral Directors.

If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re thinking about your Funeral Plans call Richard or Ben on 01273 820018

90 Sackville Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3HE 01273 820018 (24 hour number) @BungardandSons

Ask us today about Funeral Plans from Golden Charter

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The Royal Collec on returns to Brighton...

A PRINCEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TREASURE... 21 September 2019 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Autumn 2021, The Royal Pavilion

The Kylin Clock from the Royal Collec on Trust Š Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2019

Exquisite items of art and furniture owned by George IV have returned to the Royal Pavilion for the first me in 170 years. Items lent by Her Majesty The Queen from the Royal Collec on include majes c 15-foot high porcelain pagodas and the Kylin Clock, an extraordinary golden extravaganza featuring turquoise Chinese lions. The Royal Collec on loan of more than 124 unique decora ve items will return to the Royal Pavilion while extensive building work is being carried out in the East Wing at Buckingham Palace. All the items were originally commissioned or bought by the visionary Prince Regent, who later became George IV, who transformed a former lodging house into an extravagant, exo c palace inspired by a roman c vision of Chinese and Indian design. For the first me ever visitors will be able to see how these stunning items would have looked in their former home. This unique project will show the Royal Pavilion as it looked before the items were moved to Buckingham Palace by Queen Victoria in 1847 when it was thought the Royal Pavilion might be demolished. Keeper of the Royal Pavilion David Beevers said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are thrilled to have so many pieces which were commissioned by George IV for the Royal Pavilion to be on display here. They are beau ful items with a wonderful history linking them to the Pavilion.â&#x20AC;? The Royal Pavilion is considered George IVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most exo c extravagance. He first visited Brighton when he was the Prince of Wales and was thrilled to be able to enjoy the delights of the town away from the formality of the royal court in London. He soon commissioned Henry Holland and later the architect John Nash to transform

his original humble lodging house into a palace fit for a prince, adding domes and minarets and furnishing the interior in the most lavish and opulent style. The Prince loved Asian and Chinese design and employed the most talented cra smen to make items designed in the Chinoiserie style which later became the height of fashion. He especially loved Chinese ceramics mounted in France and England with gilt-bronze mounts, Chinese export porcelain and furniture, and English and European furniture in exo c styles. For further informa on, visit

Offering a range of fresh fish, shellfish and seafood products. Committed to being plastic free so only use 100% compostable pots made of veg/plant based matter, waxed paper and paper bags. Open Thurs through to Sun 10am - 4.30pm.

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25 Brighton & Hove’s natural voice community choir for LGBTQ+ people & their allies...

GLOW! – A NATURAL VOICE LGBTQ+ CHOIR “GLOW has made me feel more confident with my own voice and taking up space in the world - it feels like a safe space where I’m welcomed and that has had far-reaching outcomes in the rest of my life.” Nikolai

Unique amongst the many choirs in Brighton, GLOW is a Natural Voice choir for LGBTQ+ people and allies to unite in song. All voices are welcome, without excepon. There is no ‘iden ty policing’ at GLOW. The choir

Brighton Piano Warehouse The Lowest Prices in the South Largest & Finest Selection of Pianos in Sussex í í í í í í í

New & Second-hand Pianos Grand & Upright Pianos Digital Pianos Covers, Stools & Accessories Pianos Wanted - Best Prices Paid Concert Hire Piano Removals

Free Local Delivery & First Tune

We are a Traditional Family Run Business Established in 1970 With Our Experience & friendly Service, We Will Find The Right Piano For You

01273 601989 43-45 Bonchurch Road, Brighton, BN2 3PJ

community is not united by all being the same as each other – because we aren’t! What unites us is a mutual understanding of respect for each other, willingness to listen and learn, and support for everyone in being who they are, in all their glorious uniqueness. The atmosphere is one of respect, relaxa on, learning and fun. We do our best to accommodate specific needs that choir members may have. People of all levels of musical experience and ability are very welcome to join in. “What makes GLOW unique is the incredibly suppor ve, almost family, atmosphere that is created. No one feels excluded but instead greeted and welcomed into a place where there is no judgement, only harmony and an amazing range of beau ful songs in a variety of styles and subjects. There is a sense of real peace and contentment that is commented on by many at the end of a session.” Ann A GLOW choir meets on Saturdays near Seven Dials, and sings songs from across the globe in many moods and genres, all taught by ear. Once a term GLOW has a sharing/concert, from which at least 50% of the profits are donated to relevant chari es. Last term GLOW raised £95 for MindOut! Whilst many par cipants enjoy performing at the End of Term Sharing, there is no obligaon to perform if you just want to come and enjoy the sessions. The main focus of GLOW choir is par cipants’ enjoyment, suppor ve community and experiencing a group sing in an encouraging environment. Newcomers welcome!

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ͻ Digital Aerials

ͻ džƚƌĂdsWŽŝŶƚƐ

ͻ FREEVIEW Aerials

ͻ ^ĂƚĞůůŝƚĞWŽŝŶƚƐ

ͻ FREEVIEW Satellite


ͻ ƵƌŽƉĞĂŶ^ĂƚĞůůŝƚĞ ͻ Sky TV

ͻ ^ĞƌǀŝĐŝŶŐ&Žƌ^ĂƚĞůůŝƚĞ Θds^LJƐƚĞŵƐ

ͻ tŝĮͬ/ŶƚĞƌŶĞƚWŽŝŶƚƐ





07845 497315



&$)( 5(&25'6725( Breakfasts light lunches, soup, pasta and hot special of the day. Ideal meeting place and also available for private functions

32383(9(1762&72%(5 Pre booking required


Saturday 5th Moroccan Evening Friday 11th Traditional Shabbat Dinner Sunday13th Roast Lunch Saturday19th Portugese Eve Saturday 26th Brexit Dinner Sunday 3rd Roast Lunch Friday 8th Traditional Shabbat Dinner 3 courses £20 BYO (supplements may apply)



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More than 10,000 vinyl records, CDs, books, DVDs


63 Queen Victoria Avenue, Hove BN3 6XA

07786 332 975 follow us on...

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HOVE PARK An explora on of 700 years of music...

BRIGHTON EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019 25TH OCTOBER TO 10TH NOVEMBER The 2019 programme for the Brighton Early Music Fes val is all about change and changing mes. Taking ‘Metamorphosis’ as its theme, the fes val, which focuses on music wri en before 1800, presents 35 events in 11 different venues across Brighton, Hove and beyond this autumn and winter. From concerts for pre-schoolers (insect costumes op onal!), a community ceilidh and music from Handel’s oratorios to medieval music with a trance-style light show, there’s sure to be something for everyone. All venues are easily accessible by public transport. For those who prefer to a end day me events, there are several on offer in the centre of the city – St Paul’s Church, West Street, hosts lunch me concerts from up and coming ar sts Dramma per Musica (26 October) and Improviso (9 November); as well as a ernoon concerts including Bach: A Musical Offering performed by The Bach Players (3 November). This hour-long concert opens with music by Buxtehude displaying the quasiimprovisatory stylus phantas cus and explores the full emo onal spectrum of Bach’s highly rhetorical style.

Dramma per Musica; photo by Robert Piwko

There’s also a seasonal treat of Renaissance choral music, mulled wine and mince pies (7 December). Other city centre events include a family concert at Friends’ Mee ng House (12 October). Hove-based audiences can enjoy a full-scale opera produc on taking place at The Old Market (8 & 9 February 2020) following a week’s intensive coaching for a talented cast of rising star opera singers. Tickets can be booked online at the fes val website - where you can find the full programme of events, or phone Brighton Dome Ticket Office on 01273 709709. Local classes...

ACTING CLASSES The Young Actors Group have some spaces available at their weekly classes. If you want your children to try something new, make friends and help boost their confidence in a crea ve way, go to: The following classes at The Church of the Good Shepherd in Dyke Road have some slots available: • Monday Seniors – 5.45-7.45pm (12-15 years) • Tuesday Youngers – 4-5pm (5-7 years) • Saturday Juniors - 9.45-11.45am & 12-2pm (8-11 years) If you have any ques ons, email Please men on Hove Park Livingg when when respo re responding spondi nding ng to adverts advert adv ertss

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Come & talk to us about your mortgage & insurance needs

Iain Carter

Mortgage & Insurance Brokers 253c Ditchling Road | Brighton | BN1 6JD 01273 956 564 |

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 '%.    %4''''%'  '','.  4',  .  ' 5

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For all budding poets... Hollie McNish

SUSSEX POETRY COMPETITION & FESTIVAL Brighton & Hove Arts Council are holding a poetry compe on in partnership with the University of Brighton. The compe on is open un l 20th October 2019. The Open Compe on is open to anyone over 16 who is resident, working, studying or was born in Sussex. Entries cost £6 for the first poem plus £4 for all subsequent poems with no limit to the number of entries. The Young Students Compe on, with free entry, is open to all students under 30. Each poem should have a tle and not exceed 40 lines. It can be on any theme or subject. The Awards Ceremony will take place at the BHAC 2019 Poetry Fes val at The Old Market theatre at 3pm on Sunday 24th November, which will be headlined by Hollie McNish. Winners will be invited to read their poems on stage. For more informa on and to enter, visit

A Halloween event in Hove...

All work comes with Quality Assured

HALLOWEEN NIGHT AT HANGLETON MANOR Thursday 31st October, 4.30-6.30pm

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Driveways and paths Resin & patios Resen driveways or tarmac paths & driveways Block paving paths & driveways Driveway and Patio cleaning Fully insured Fencing & Gates Hard landscaping Free Free quotation Quotationand andadvice advicefor peace of mind for piece of mind

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Lawncare and treatment New lawns Tree & Shrub Work patios all types General Gardening Tarmac driveways Fencing & Gates Indianlandscaping sandstone Hard Free Quotation & Advice

All Driveways & Patios comes with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee

01273 808219 / 07933360268

We guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quote

Hundreds of children are expected to be scared silly at the annual Rotary Hallowe’en Ghost Hunt at Hove’s Hangleton Manor (Hangleton Valley Drive, BN3 8AN). This very popular annual family event – now in its 10th year – is organised by Rotary in Brighton and Hove. For just a £4 entry fee children hunt for ghoulish characters in the Manor’s ancient walled gardens, record them on a list and then collect their prizes. Professional children’s entertainers Fairy Dust Events are also booked for some scary fun, along with the Mayor, who will judge the popular costume compe on. There will also be lots of fun at other a rac ons including frightening face pain ng. Hangleton Manor will be open for business and families can enjoy having a drink in the lovely gardens whilst the kids have fun. Please remember to bring a torch! All monies raised will benefit the Rotary Club’s wonderful local projects and chari es.

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MB Landscapes Creating Outdoor Spaces


07949 9 643105

We deck, fence, pave, turf, plant and more, from your designs or ours – delivering garden projects of all sizes Call or email Matt for a free, no obligation consultation & quote 07733 187471


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Gilmour Decorating Complete professional decorating service Interiors &Exteriors Sensible Quotes



For reviews & more info


Call Mr Gilmour

01273 679350 / 07748023392

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needed now

We offer two options for landlords Direct Lets • • • • • • •

Direct payments No fees Enhanced deposit guarantee Free professional inventory Ongoing support and advice Choice of tenant Large geographical area

Leasing • • • • • •

Guaranteed rent No fees Free professional inventory Enhanced deposit guarantee Fully managed service Guaranteed vacant possession

Help us provide a home for people in housing need Call: 01273 290737 Email:

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