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Celebrate with us in many messy, unique forms with crafts, games, music and family worship families in every form are warmly welcome but kids you must bring a grown up with you! We will kick off with sandwiches, snacks and drinks - we know how hungry you can be right after school! TIME: 3.15 to 4.30 PLACE: Annunciation Church, Washington Street Dates 8th January 12th February 11th March

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hanover Happy New Year to all Hanover residents! We hope you had a relaxing Christmas.

Our January edition of The Hanover Directory has all the regular articles. We also have some tips from Ravi Patel of O’Flinn Pharmacy on keeping healthy through the winter and Francis Field of Brighton & Hove City Libraries tells us how their Music Club is supporting Brighton bands and music labels.

We love to hear from you about what’s going on in Hanover and if you have any ideas for articles, do get in touch – we’d be particularly interested in anything Brighton & Hove Albion-related. We wish you a very happy new year!

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Music Club

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BOILER & GAS CENTRAL HEATING REPAIRS Local Family Run Business Est. 29 years 503452

• Servicing & Repairs • Boiler change specialists • Unvented hot water specialist




CALL IAN SHEPPARD ON BOILER CALL FREE: 0800 1182234 OFFICE: 01273 803234 BOILER SERVICE TECHNICAL HELPLINE: 07525 434007 (24 hours) SERVICE £50 £50 A B B A H E AT Belgrave Street, Hanover, Brighton

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Garden of Nutrition Rachel Robertson Nutritional Therapist You may be struggling with: Skin problems Low energy Digestive issues Losing weight Bad hangovers Allergies Many common complaints are caused by a build up of toxicity in the body. Give your body the gift of a

6 WEEK DETOX PROGRAMME An intensive cleanse supporting the gut, liver and kidneys, allowing your body to safely and effectively release toxins. Regain your health and feel like you again. Location: 119/120 Edward Street, Brighton. BN2 0JL

Local Landlords ENJOY 5% + VAT Full Management


Call Talitha now on 01273 253000 quoting “Hanover" for free appraisal

For more information contact: rachel@gardenofnutrition.com

Tel: 01273 253000 | talitha@clarity-pm.co.uk | www.clarity-pm.co.uk

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Lewes Road

Lewes Road circa the 1930s, showing the entrance to Melbourne Street. On the left are the premises of A&H Motors and on the other corner of Melbourne Street is a petrol station. Š Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove

01273 272 752 07554 750 499 www.lewisbyardplastering.co.uk to advertise, please call

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hanover hanover We’re talking to Mark Dalton of lookafteryourdog.co.uk.

New business comes to Brighton If you love dogs read on... Mark, I hear you’re bringing a new business to Brighton that will interest pet owners and particularly dog lovers. Tell us more.

Yes, my brother has been running a successful dog boarding business in the Midlands for some years. Living locally, I know there are so many dog owners around Brighton & Hove who want to lead a more flexible life and need a trusted home for their precious pet while they’re away. Does that mean you will be looking for people to host these dogs in their own homes? Yes, we are keen to hear from people who have a secure home with space, and most importantly, love dogs. What sort of person would fit the bill?

You may be retired or working from home, and you may already have a sociable or good natured dog who would enjoy the company. Pet lovers who’ve had a dog in the past often, in our experience, enjoy the chance to host a dog on a flexible basis. What would potential home boarders need to do? Firstly, get in touch with us and we can answer your questions. Depending on how many dogs you look after, you may need a licence. We are experienced in working with the Councils and will guide all dog boarders through the regulatory process. The website and contact details are below and you are free to call any time with questions


And finally, a bit about you and the team?

Well, my brother Steve is a retired police dog handler, hugely experienced in all dog management. Me and my partner Suzy live in Brighton and are dedicating ourselves to building up the business in Sussex. We also plan to add dog walking and home visits for cat feeding in the future. Thanks and good luck with the venture. www.lookafteryourdog.co.uk Steve: 07814 245595 or Steve@lookafteryourdog.co.uk Mark: 07985 087771 or


Baths restored to new without removal




Chip repair Service also available Phone: 01342 324 577

Web: thebathbusiness.co.uk to advertise, please call 01273 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk

8 Best Care of The Deceased 2017 Funeral Director of the Year 2014

01273 621444 Traditional and Green Cremations & Burials At ARKA Original Funerals we make sure that you feel comfortable and unpressured about making decisions for the funeral of a loved one. Our team has a wealth of experience arranging unique ceremonies with sound environmental practices and sustainably sourced coffins. 136 Islingword Road BN2 9SH • 01273 621444 or 39-41 Surrey Street BN1 3PB • 01273 766620 www.arkafunerals.co.uk • info@arkafunerals.co.uk

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hanover hanover Contact details for your MPs...

Members of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion and Brighton Kemptown Brighton Pavilion

Caroline Lucas was re-elected on 12th December as the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion.

You can email Caroline at brightonoffice@greenparty.org.uk

15-17 Middle Street, Brighton, BN1 1AL Telephone: 01273 201130



Green Party

Caroline Lucas


Emma Hogan


Labour Party

Adam Imanpour 13,211

Brexit Party

Richard Milton

Loony Party

Citizen Squwith



Nigel Furness


Bob Dobbs

Call Mr Gilmour

01273 679350 / 07748023392

qpd1@live.com www.queensparkdecorator.co.uk


Joe Miller

Liberal Democrat Ben Thomas Green

Alexandra Phillips

Brexit Party

Graham Cushway

Votes 25,033

16,972 2,964




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Lloyd Russell-Moyle

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jack bond ELECTRICAL


Complete professional decorating service


Party Labour

T !! H

Queens Park Decorating

Telephone: 01273 550121




Or write to: Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP, 11 Dorset Street, Brighton BN2 0AE Website: russell-moyle.co.uk

Website: www.carolinelucas.com

Monster Raving

Lloyd Russell-Moyle has been re-elected as the Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown.

You can email Lloyd Russell-Moyle at: lloyd@russell-moyle.co.uk or lloyd.russellmoyle.mp@parliament.uk

Or write to: Caroline Lucas MP, Constituency Office, Werks Central,


Brighton Kemptown


24 Lynton Street Hanover Brighton t: 01273 692860/ m: 07789553617 e: jackbondelectrical@gmail.com

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hanover Some advice from local pharmacist Ravi Patel on staying healthy in the cold weather…

Staying well this Winter!

Have you had your flu jab this year? If you’re in a high-risk category, eligible for a free NHS flu vaccine and haven’t yet had yours yet, there’s still time! If you get complications caused by flu, it can make you seriously ill and have to go to hospital. Please make an appointment with your GP or pop in anytime to a local pharmacy. For those of you who may have asthma, please ensure you have your ‘reliever inhaler’ to hand. The cold air is a known trigger for wheezing and shortness of breath. If you have to go out, holding a handkerchief or a loosely fitted scarf over the nose and mouth may help.

Those with arthritis and joint pain may feel it’s worse during the winter months. Light exercising not only helps increase core temperature but can improve your state of mind. We tend to have lower moods in winter, especially after the festive period is over, so this is quite important to consider. Moderate-paced walking or swimming are quite good options. If you do feel low, please speak to someone – often talking about things can really help. Finally, with us now in 2020 have you made a New Year’s resolution to be healthier? With January being

the busiest month for new gym memberships, even small changes can lead to a healthier you! Walking instead of driving, upping the pace if you already do so, cutting down on fatty and sugary foods, increasing fruit and vegetables in your diet (diabetics be mindful that excessive fruits can increase blood sugar) can all help improve cardiac health and general fitness levels. If you wish to get advice on stopping smoking, please discuss this with your GP or pharmacist. We know the huge benefits for people stopping smoking, so if you’re ready to give up, please don’t delay – it really could save your life. If you would like to discuss anything mentioned in the above article, please feel free to pop in and see us. Ravi Patel MRPharmS Pharmacist

O’Flinn Pharmacy

77-78 Islingword Road Brighton BN2 9SL

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NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY while you wait service Monday to Saturday

“Amazing results, saved me £300, thank you!” Mrs B. Hove.

Open Monday - Friday 8am Established - 6pm 1990 Established 1990 1990 Established 1990 Open Monday Friday 8am -Established 6pm Open Monday Friday 8am --6pm 6pm 1990 Established Open Monday - Friday 8am 6pm 1990 Open Monday Fridayto8am -Established Children 6 months 5 years Children 66 to 55 years Children months to years Children months to years Children 6 months months to 5 5to years Full or part-time - hours suit Full or part-time hours to suit Full or part-time hours to suit Full or part-time hours to suit Full or part-time tostaff suit Mature, experienced &hours qualified


Estab Esta Esta

Esta Establis

Mature, experienced staff Mature, experienced & qualified staff Mature, experienced & qualified staff Mature, experienced &qualified qualified staff Extra nursery activities & including Spanish, Open Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm Extra nursery activities including Spanish, Open Monday Friday 8am 6pm Extra nursery activities including Spanish, Extra nursery activities including Spanish, Music &activities Dance, Forest School Extra nursery including Spanish, Children 6 months to years-----Friday full or part-time - hours to suit Children 6Open months to 5 years -Friday full or part-time -Open hoursMonday to 5suit Open Open Monday Friday 8am 8am- -6pm 6pm Open Monday Monday Friday Friday 8am 8am 6pm 6pm Open Monday 8am Monday Friday 8am ---6pm 6pm Open Monday 8am Open Monday Friday 8am 6pm Open Monday - Friday Friday 8am 6pm Music & Forest School Open Monday -Well-equipped Friday 8am -Dance, 6pm Music &Dance, Forest School Music & Dance, Forest School outdoor space plus regular Music & Dance, Forest School Children Children 66 months months to years years-----full full fullor or orpart-time part-time part-time ----hours hours to suit suit Children months years - hours toto suit Children Children 66 months to toto 55 years years full or part-time part-time ----hours hoursto to to5suit suit suit Children 6 months years----full -full fullor or part-time hours Children months to 5 years full or part-time hours to suit Children months to years or part-time hours suit Children 66qualifi months to 55 years full or part-time hours to suit Children 66&months months to 555 full or part-time hours to suit •Extra Mature, experienced &including ed staff •plus Extra nursery activities including French, Music &D e, experienced qualified staff •years nursery activities French, Music & Dance, trips outdoor to enjoy the park Well-equipped space regular Well-equipped space regular Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular Forest School • Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular trips to enjoy the park • Early t School • Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular trips to enjoy the park • Early Years •Mature, Mature, experienced ed staff •••Education Extra nursery activities including French, Music &Y D •Extra Mature, Mature, experienced experienced & & qualifi qualifi ed staff staff Extra nursery nursery activities activities including including French, French, Music Music e, experienced & qualifi staff Extra nursery activities including French, Music &&& experienced xperienced && &qualifi qualifi ed eded staff staff •••••Extra nursery nursery activities activities including including French, French, Music Music &Dance, Dance, Dance, trips to enjoyed the ••Extra experienced & qualifi ed staff Extra nursery activities including French, Music trips to enjoy the park experienced qualifi ed staff nursery activities including French, Music Dance, trips to enjoy the park Early Years Foundation Stage Mature, experienced & qualifi ed staff • Extra Extra nursery activities including French, Music experienced & qualifi staff Extra nursery activities including French, Music & Dance, trips to enjoy the park Foundation Stage Education • Registered by Ofsted • regular After-school Club including school colY ion Stage• Education •ed Registered by Ofsted • regular After-school Club including school collections Forest School • Well-equipped outdoor space plus trips to enjoy the park • Early t School Well-equipped outdoor space plus trips to enjoy the park • Early Years Forest Forest School School • • Well-equipped Well-equipped outdoor outdoor space space plus plus regular regular trips trips to to enjoy enjoy the the park park • • Earl Ear chool chool • • Well-equipped Well-equipped outdoor outdoor space space plus plus regular regular trips to to enjoy enjoy the the park • • Early Early Years Years Forest School • Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular trips to enjoy the park • Ear chool • Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular trips to enjoy the park • Early Years Forest School • Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular trips to enjoy the park • Ear chool • Well-equipped outdoorFoundation space plusStage regular trips to enjoy the park • Early Years Early Years Foundation Stage Education Early Foundation Stage Education Registered by Ofsted Early Years Foundation Stage Education Education • Registered by Ofsted • After-school Club including school col ion Stage Education • Registered by Ofsted •Years After-school Club including school collections

Foundation Foundation Stage Stage Education Education ••••Registered Registered by byOfsted Ofsted ••••After-school After-schoolClub Clubincluding includingschool schoolc Early Years Foundation Stage Education Stage StageEducation Education ••••Registered Registered by byOfsted Ofsted •Stage After-school Club Club including including school school collections collections Foundation Education Registered by Ofsted After-school Club including school Stage Education Registered by Ofsted After-school Club including school collections Foundation Stage Education Registered by Ofsted After-school Club including school Stage Education Registered by Ofsted •••After-school After-school Club including school collections Orchard Nursery, Queens Park Road (adjacent to Queen's Park), Br rsery, Queens Park Day Road (adjacent to Queen's Park), Brighton BN2 0GL Registered by Ofsted Registered Registered by by Ofsted Ofsted Registered by Ofsted Orchard Day Nursery, Queens Park Road, Brighton BN2 0GL Telephone (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@ Orchard Day Nursery, Queens Park Road (adjacent to Queen's Park), BrB 1273)Queens 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk rsery, Queens Park Road (adjacent to Queen's Queen's Park), Brighton BN2 0GL Limited spaces available from October 2019 Orchard Orchard Day Day Nursery, Nursery, Queens Queens Park Park Road Road (adjacent (adjacent to to Queen's Queen's Park), Park), ery, Park Road (adjacent to Park), Brighton BN2 0GL ery, Park Road (adjacent to Park), Brighton BN2 0GL Orchard Day Nursery, Queens Park Road (adjacent to Queen's Park), ery, Queens Queens Park Road (adjacent to Queen's Queen's Park), Brighton BN2 0GL Orchard Day Nursery, Queens Park Road, Brighton BN2 0GL Telephone (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@ 1273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk Orchard Orchard Day Day Nursery, Nursery, Queens Queens Park Park Road, Road, Brighton Brighton BN2 BN2 0GL 0GL (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk Telephone 273) 73) www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk Telephone (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday 73) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk Day (01273) Nursery, Queenswww.orchard-daynursery.co.uk Park Road,orchardday@yahoo.co.uk Brighton BN2 0GL orchardday Telephone (01273) 622883 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday 73) 622883 622883 Orchard www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk


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hanover hanover An update on the council’s policy on the use of glyphosate...

Council to continue with manual weeding Brighton & Hove City Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee agreed at its meeting on 26th November to end the use of glyphosate by its Environmental Management services with immediate effect, other than in exceptional cases to kill invasive plant species such as Japanese knotweed or to kill tree stumps. Glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup, is the world’s most widely sold weed killer, but many experts believe it causes cancer in humans while destroying the environment and wildlife. The removal of weeds in parks and on hard surfaces will instead be undertaken manually and the committee will review this approach in autumn 2020. Cityclean have responsibility for removing weeds on hard surfaces. They have explored different options but the only effective and affordable method was manual removal. This will involve employing an additional six staff for six months during the growing season which will cost £70,000 a year, which is £33,000 more than it would cost with the use of glyphosate.

Course at The Hanover Community Centre starting January 18th - February 29th, Saturday 10 am

A report to the council said that ending the use of pesticides on hard surfaces would be likely to mean that there will be more visible weeds for longer periods of time. However, weeds contribute to biodiversity by providing a habitat and source of food for insects. Cllr Pete West said that the Green Party had been calling for this policy for a number of years. However, he thought it was important that pavements remained weed-free to avoid trip hazards, so it was sensible to keep the new technique under review. Rachel Chasseaud of City Environmental Management reported that the council had only carried out about six weeks of manual weed removal in 2019 as a test and in the winter the weeds would start to die off naturally. In 2020 the weed removal will be much better planned, using information from this year. Conservative councillor Lee Wares was concerned about the maintenance of the pavements and the number of weeds growing in the gutter, which are tearing up the road surface outside his house. He said the new policy could create an exponential risk in the cost of maintaining the pavements and roads. However, Labour councillor Theresa Fowler commented: “I am really pleased that we’ve all agreed to reduce pesticides. I’ve heard of complaints from people that have been worried because their dogs have been poisoned from sniffing the weeds that have been sprayed and I’ve actually enjoyed walking up my road now, looking at all the weeds and the flowers that pop up from nowhere.”

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Jan Davies

BSc, MSc, MBA (War wick), MBCPA , MREPS, cert ECBS, MBTPA

Suffering back pain? Want a leaner, fitter, flexible and toned body?

then try... BODY


A posturally based body conditioning method which builds strength from within by targeting deep stabilising muscles

Beginner courses in January 2018 Classes in Brighton

10 weekand beginner courses starting w/cRottingdean 8th January Hanover Kemptown and

Mondays 3pm Rottingdean Village Hall Thursdays 6pm Hanover Mondays 7.15pm St Marys Church HallKemptown, Kemptown Fridays 10am Rottingdean and 6pm Thursdays 4.45pm Fridays 6pm in Hanover Community Centre Saturdays 9 andand 10.15am Kemptown, 11.45am Hanover Saturdays 9am Kemptown Crypt Community Centre

Next 10 week beginner courses start from January 16th Prebeginner course special offer 1:1 1hr sessions £35 vs £45

“Make that New Year resolution now! Book your place with Jan and commit to a longer, leaner, more supple, flexible and mobile body and banish those aches and pains”

Contact Jan for details to go on waiting list Contact Jan now and to reserve a place Jan has taught on the Brighter Outlook Programme supported by MacMillan for people living with, and recovering from cancer

Teaching Pilates since 2001

07904 187257

jan@movementandhealth.co.uk w w w.movementandhealth.co.uk

February 17th – 21st 2020

hanover Your monthly update from the Hanover Community Association...

Hanover Community

HCA is the small charity that manages the Hanover Cen voluntary trustees who live locally. We always welcome attended an event or activity at the centre and have com Happy New Year! We hope you all had a refreshing break and are now raring to go! We had a request for more information on the types of regular activities you can do at the Hanover Centre, so if you’re looking for something new to do, then read on… For the adults we have weekly classes in Bollywood Dance, Zumba, Hula Hooping, Tai Chi, Wutan Kung Fu, Pilates, Boxing and Circuit classes. There is a variety of yoga styles taught at different times, six days a week to suit your schedule. Sing with a child-friendly adult choir, or join the Morris Men for some lively exercise! The younger crowd have toddler groups and art clubs; exercise with teen yoga, kids’ tennis and Kung Fu; performing arts such as music and singing classes, drama and ballet; and social play with Woodcraft Folk and Lego sessions. And for those somewhere in between, there’s pregnancy classes, baby sensory classes, and breast feed drop in.....so all ages covered! Recent workshops include ASC arts club for school age children, women’s drumming and chanting, Alexander technique, Salsa, and film nights. If you want to know what activities are on, or more about the sessions and tutors, please visit the Hanover Centre website https://hanovercommunity. org.uk/activities/ To check our weekly listings click What’s On, near the top of the page. The listings can also be seen on the noticeboard outside the centre.

est. est.30 30years. years

January Offer

4 weeks FREE trial

Pre School Dance Movement (ages 3 – 4) Wed. 2.00 – 2.30pm (ages 4-5) Pre Primary Ballet (Year 1) Wed. 4.30 – 5.15pm OR Sat. 10.30 – 11.15am

in Reception Ballet

Wednesday 4:00 – 4:30


01273 565881 info@alexandradance.co.uk www.alexandradance.co.uk See this logo on adverts and find local reviews of that business at www.trustedandlocal.co.uk

15 1515

y Association News

ntre on Southover Street. The charity is run by a committee of e your feedback and suggestions, so please get in touch if you’ve mments, compliments or complaints. The Enjoyment of Dance Wendy is a well-established dance teacher at the Hanover Centre and has been running the Bertram School of Dance for many years. If you or your child would like to learn ballet, Wendy holds various classes on Thursdays and Fridays to suit all ages and levels. You can find out more about them at https://www.bertramschoolofdance.co.uk/

Breathe In and DreamSpin! Some of you may be familiar with Clare, the hula hoop lady. If you’ve ever wanted to try hooping, now’s your chance! Clare will be holding a Saturday workshop, 11 January, 1-3pm, £30. While keeping all her hoops spinning, she has added an extra dimension to her teaching with a new yoga class. Hatha Yoga Flow is a morning session incorporating the Abhaya Yoga method. Wednesdays, 9.15-10.15am. For more information visit her website: https://dreamspin. wixsite.com/abhaya-yoga or contact Clare: 07842 044248 to book the hoop workshop. The Piano Princess returns… Piano Princess will be holding her keyboard classes again. Saturdays, 1pm from 18 January, and Thursdays, 4.30pm from 27 February. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/thepianoprincess/ for full details and booking information.

Mid-Week Community Café Sadly we are unable to continue this session due to lack of visitors, but our enormous thanks go to volunteer Mo for giving up her time and enthusiastically providing chat, chai and chow these past months. Talk to Us! If you would like to join in with our projects, run a course, volunteer or enquire about a booking or a class, then please leave a message or email with a daytime phone number and we’ll call you: Hanover Centre, 33 Southover Street, BN2 9UD Email: office@hanovercommunity.org.uk Website: www.hanovercommunity.org.uk Phone: 01273 694 873 (24 hours) Join our Facebook group: “The Hanover Centre” The office is open Monday – Friday, 10am-12pm.

to advertise, please call 01273 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk


01273 303842

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hanover Some useful information from the council...

Set a New Year goal to help change lives...

Christmas Recycling...

Run a marathon for Martlets

Christmas Trees: Real Christmas trees can be taken to Christmas tree recycling sites across the city, which will be open from Friday 27 December until Friday 10 January.

There are sites near Hanover at Queen’s Park – south by South Avenue near the pond – and at The Level, Union Road, behind the recycling point. Every real tree is turned into soil improver or compost, which can then be bought from council recycling centres. Artificial and real trees can also be recycled at council recycling centres. Please remove all decorations and the pot before leaving your tree.

Wrapping paper and cardboard: Please only recycle wrapping paper and plain Christmas cards - foil or paper covered in glitter can’t be recycled. Flatten any cardboard boxes and paper bags to make space in your recycling bins and boxes. For more information on recycling, see the Recycling A to Z on the council’s website, brighton-hove.gov.uk.

FLAT PACK MAN For all your Flat Pack Problems Any Carpentry & Other Small Jobs Welcome Reliable & Reasonable Rates. Discounts for OAPs NO JOB TOO SMALL

Call Rob on... Mob: 07910091846 01273 677261

Martlets has London and Brighton Marathons and Brighton Half Marathon places available for runners keen to set a New Year goal for themselves and help raise funds to change lives for local people living with terminal illness and their families. Now is the time to step up training and join #TeamMartlets by taking a place to run one of three high profile spring marathons. Running a marathon is a huge accomplishment and signing up to fundraise for a charity can help runners to stay motivated. Martlets will be there to support its runners every step of the way including providing fundraising help and a branded sports vest to wear. Martlets places are available for the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday 23rd February and the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 19th April. Limited places for the London Marathon on 26th April are available and runners will need to apply to enter the Martlets ballot. If you’ve already got your place and would like to be a part of #TeamMartlets, email clem.hunnisett@martlets.org.uk or ring 01273 747455. There’s no better time to set yourself a goal that is truly lifechanging. www.themartlets.org.uk/events

D.J. Plumbing & Heating A family run business, who specialise in Plumbing, heating, boiler conversions and repair work. All work is guaranteed and fully insured.

Please call Daniel on 07789963969 www.danjohnstonplumbing.co.uk See local reviews of this business at

to advertise, please call 01273 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk


Waldorf School

SCHOOL SHOWCASE Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th January, 1pm - 4pm The Brighton Waldorf School – a two-day Showcase celebrating pupil performance and academic achievements. Come along and visit live classroom lessons, see pupil performances and meet the Brighton Waldorf School Team.

For more information, please visit:


For any enquiries please call 01273 386300 Limited Company No. 2395378 • Registered Charity No. 802036

All work guaranteed Roof repairs, renewal and replacement Guttering installation - UPVC fascia boards Flat roofs - Supply and fit Velux windows Chimneys lead work - firewalls No job too large or too small Day evening and weekend service Free estimates Mike Bishop Ltd.

01273 819808 • 07956 998965 mbroofing@hotmail.co.uk www.mbroofing.co.uk

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hanover A two-day showcase at the Brighton Waldorf School in Roedean Road...

Brighton Waldorf School Showcase

Helping to create and nurture inspiring futures is the message from the Brighton Waldorf School as it opens its doors to prospective parents and pupils at its inaugural two-day Showcase of Pupil Performance and Academic Achievements on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th January between 1pm and 4pm. Following the success of this year’s great GCSE results and recognition for the positive Ofsted improvements, the school is hosting the interactive Showcase to give pupils and staff a platform to demonstrate, exhibit and celebrate the strong improvements, new classes, initiatives and creative channels that have grown and excelled over the last year. School Director Damian Mooncie said: “The Showcase will be a mix of original pupil performances of poems, songs and drama, plus Curriculum Exhibitions alongside bookable ‘live’ Classroom Tours. We believe the event will be the perfect way for the school - its teachers and pupils - to share their Waldorf education experiences and give visitors an opportunity to see the flow of intellectual and creative stimulation and enrichment within our school and its curriculum.”

Sarah Bradley

Life Coach EMCC/EQA Qualified Coach Practitioner My coaching sessions are solution-focussed, goal driven and bespoke. I practise from my home in Hanover Brighton and offer sessions for both adults and young people (14 to 21-year olds), helping with many issues such as… Young People: Time management skills Goal setting Building resilience Study skills

Adults: Work-life balance Managing work-related or personal change Mid-life pressures

For a free, no obligation, consultation…

Contact me on 07765370715 or Email sarahnbradley60@yahoo.co.uk www.sarahbradley.net

Each day Damian will be delivering a ‘Discover Waldorf Education’ Talk and Q&A session. There will also be two special performances at the end of each day - The Crucible (Thursday) and A Christmas Carol (Friday). Damian added: “Through the Showcase, we hope visitors, prospective parents and pupils see how happy, enthusiastic and animated our pupils are at sharing their school experiences and educational journeys - and at showing their school and talents at their absolute best.” To find out more about The Brighton Waldorf School, get more details on the Showcase and its activities, to book on to a ‘live’ Classroom Tour during the Showcase or to arrange a general visit, please contact: The Reception Team on tel: 01273 386300, visit www.brightonwaldorfschool.org/contact-us or email: enquiries@brightonwaldorfschool.org

Councillor Details

The Green Party councillors for Hanover & Elm Grove, David Gibson, Elaine Hills and Steph Powell, hold an advice surgery every second Saturday in the month, from 10.15 to 11.15am at Elm Grove School. You can also email them at:

David.Gibson@brighton-hove.gov.uk (tel: 01273 291424 / 07810 150833) Elaine.Hills@brighton-hove.gov.uk (tel: 07704 314867)

Steph.Powell@brighton-hove.gov.uk (tel: 07795 335967)

to advertise, please call 01273 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk


hanover Our regular article from Hanover Action... HEATING & PLUMBING











Please can we have cov

More and more of us are cycling around Brighton – it ma slow, parking is expensive and we are concerned about a terrain and mean cycling can be almost effortless and m

The council have been great in supporting the very successful Brighton BikeShare and in the provision of cycle lanes. In Hanover additional cycle parking and access to one-way streets for cyclists as part of the CPZ is very welcome. But further support is needed in the form of covered cycle storage.

The terraced housing in Hanover does not allow easy access to back gardens to store cycles; in family housing and multi-occupied property, storing bikes securely indoors is difficult without taking up valuable living space. People do not feel happy leaving expensive bikes locked to hoops outside, vulnerable to weather and theft. There is therefore a need for secure, weatherproof external cycle storage. All of the current secure parking (for example the store on Cobden Road) is very heavily



• Digital Aerials

• Extra TV Points

• FREEVIEW Aerials

• Satellite Points

• FREEVIEW Satellite

• Telephone Points

• European Satellite

• Servicing For Satellite & TV Systems

• Sky TV • Wifi / Internet Points • LCD - Plasma Wall Mounted TV’s Fitted

• CCTV • New Systems Fitted For Domestic & Commercial Premises


07845 497315

mail@alpineaerialsandsatellites.co.uk www.alpineaerialsandsatellites.co.uk

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21 21 21


vered cycle storage in Hanover?

akes perfect sense in a city where many residents do not have cars, getting around by car is air quality and environmental issues. Electric bikes are really taking off and are ideal for our hilly more inclusive. oversubscribed – one resident only achieving a space after nine years on the waiting list! Hanover Action and local councillors have raised this with the council a number of times and recently met with council officers to see how this could work. A couple of years ago Hanover Action carried out an online survey via their website which asked residents whether they would like covered cycle storage in their street and whether they would be prepared to pay for it. This had 73 respondents across Hanover and 85% of those who replied supported the idea of covered storage. Local councillors are constantly being approached by local residents asking whether storage is planned and how they can access it. The model we have in mind is the ‘Bikehangar’ store produced by cycle storage company Cyclehoop:

https://www.cyclehoop.com/. This is widely used in London and other major cities. A pilot unit in Shaftesbury Road has been successfully tested in Brighton.

The Bikehangar takes up the space and width of less than a car parking space and can store six bikes. We do not suggest that any designated parking spaces are lost but that Bikehangars are installed either on wide areas of pavement, or to take up part of the cycle parking already allocated.

We are hoping to have plans for at least a pilot bike hangar in the New Year and eventually it would be great to see one on every street! Please email contactHASL@gmail.com with your views.

SUSSEX FUNERAL SERVICES INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS ‘For caring, compassion and choice’ www.sussexfunerals.com Proprietors: Phil and Sallie



• Independent & family owned • Passionate & committed • 24 hour service

• ‘Bespoke’ funerals • ‘No Fuss’ funerals • Prepaid funeral plans

Please contact Philip or Sallie on:

01273 736 469 07789 174 453 or visit our office at: 185 Portland Road Hove BN3 5QJ

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22 ClarkesofBrighton BUILDING



Specialist Roofing Services • Roofing Repairs • Roof Tile Replacement • Re-Roofing • Scaffolding • Slate Roofing

• Leak Repairs • Flat Roofing • Complete Roof Replacement • Fascias and Guttering

For a free building quote or estimate of repairs call us on 01273 380914 or 07786 101912 info@clarkesbuildersbrighton.co.uk www.clarkesbuildersbrighton.co.uk LOCAL, RELIABLE & TRUSTED Full Public Liability Insurance Company No 09982598

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Unattached? Aged 50+?

The Group offers a great opportunity to meet new friends of both sexes in a welcoming atmosphere. Walks, lunches and dinners, golf, theatre, pub evenings, sports and holidays. We have a great time. So push open that door, come in and join us. You’ll be very welcome.

Take a look at our website

www.thegroup.org.uk See this logo on adverts and find local reviews of that business at www.trustedandlocal.co.uk



One concert at St Luke’s Church this month…

Music and Wine at St Luke’s On Friday January 24th we welcome the Cello Duo: Pavlos Carvalho and Sarah Carvalho-Dubost. Both chamber musicians and soloists in their own right, Pavlos Carvalho and Sarah Carvalho-Dubost come together for this concert celebrating passion for the soulfulness of the cello.

Tonight’s concert is a celebration of the cello in all its wonderful, warm, glowing glory. From the profound solo suites of Bach, to the contemporary explorations of local composer Barry Mills, with 19th century romanticism of Kummer and the charm and virtuosity of the French school of cello playing through Jean-Baptiste Barrière’s sonata. The concert takes place at St Luke’s Church, Queen’s Park Road, Brighton BN2 9ZB at 7.30pm. Tickets £7 / £5 under-25s / under-16s free. Disabled access. Wine and refreshments served. For more information, please visit www.musicandwineatstlukes.com or contact musicandwineatstlukes@gmail.com

News from the local WI...

Hanover Queens WI Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from the Hanover Queens.

FRIDAYS (term time) Every Every Friday Friday starting starting 7th 7th February February

@ Hanover Community Centre @ Community Centre Every Friday starting 7th February @Hanover Hanover Community Centre Class 12.30 1.30pm @ Baby Hanover Community Centre 1+ class 9.30am Baby Class 12.30 - 1.30pm Mixed 1-3 years Class 1.30 -- 2.30pm Baby 12.30 - 1.30pm Mixed 1-3 years Class 1.30 2.30pm 2+Class class 10.45am FREE CLASS MixedIntroductory 1-3 years Class 1.30 - 2.30pm Introductory CLASS Baby classFREE 11.45am Contact McBride 07582 256957 Introductory FREE CLASS Contact Belinda Belinda McBride 07582 256957 or or 3+ class 1.15pm belinda.mcbride@musicalbumps.com Contact Belinda McBride 07582 256957 or belinda.mcbride@musicalbumps.com Contact Belinda McBride 07582 256957 belinda.mcbride@musicalbumps.com belinda.mcbride@musicalbumps.com


We welcome in the New Year on Thursday 9th January with our always popular Quiz with Trish. Come and join us if you’d like to – 7.30 to 9.30pm at the Church of the Annunciation, 89 Washington Street, BN2 9SR. New faces and hopefully new members always very welcome. We’ve recently had fun with Christmas events at both the Annunciation Church and Elm Grove School helping out and then raising funds for Small Acts of Friendship.

A group of us had a fascinating and informative tour of the historic Supreme Court in November. Lots learnt about the development and interpretation of the law and how decisions made help shape our society and everyday lives. More trips to come we hope this year. And our new programme is looking good! Find us on Facebook or contact us at wihanoverqueens@gmail.com.

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24 24

The Alexander Technique A gentle, self-care skill to improve balance & movement Relieve joint & muscular pain, stiffness & tension

Jeanette Philpott


www.positivepoise.co.uk positivepoisebrighton@gmail.com See local reviews of this business at

Phone 07500 750 240

It costs from just ÂŁ1 a day to get your name into every Hanover home every month ...to find out more visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk call 01273 551021 or email info@hanoverdirectory.co.uk See this logo on adverts and find local reviews of that business at www.trustedandlocal.co.uk



A writing competition for children and young people…

“If I don’t speak, who will?” Alfred Huberman Holocaust Memorial Day, 27th January 2020, marks 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Brighton & Hove resident for 65 years and Holocaust survivor Alfred Huberman dedicated his life to bearing witness to the Holocaust in the hope that his own harrowing story would help future generations learn from the lessons of the past, and to show how genocide is a process which starts with hatred, prejudice and discrimination. Hailing from a close-knit Polish-Jewish family of over 50 members, only Alfred and one sister survived the concentration camps. One of the child Holocaust survivors brought to Britain at the end of the war, by 1946 he was living in Hove. He worked as a master tailor in Brighton, married a local girl and had three children. Alfred died in 2011, but his legacy is The

Stephen Tickle Freelance Mobile Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon trained

Experienced in all aspects of ladies and gents hairstyling and colouring techniques. Specialises in all colour work

techniques, ballyage,highlighting tinting, cutting/styling, hair ups for weddings, proms, and other events. I live and work in and around the Hanover, queens park area home visits available Please feel free to call me for a consultation

M 07919925725

E stephen.tickle@hotmail.co.uk

Alfred Huberman Award to encourage young people to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and to ensure that its horrors should never be forgotten. The writing can take the form of a short essay, letter, poem or creative writing (max 500 words). Entries should demonstrate understanding of the Holocaust; how the story impacts on them; and the hopes they have for the future. There are two categories: primary school children aged 8-11 years & secondary school children aged 11-18 years. Prizes are awarded for the most striking pieces of writing. Closing date 30 June 2020. Entries accepted from schools and individuals. Further information: http://alfredhuberman. com/ or email info@ldhp.org.uk A few ideas for being more eco-friendly...

Planet-Friendly Tips Here are a few more environmentallyfriendly tips – from Nettie Heron-Middleton and from Friends of the Earth (see more at friendsoftheearth.uk).

We’d love to hear your own tips - please email us at info@hanoverdirectory.co.uk. Washing clothes? If they’re not really dirty, wash them at 30, not 40, degrees. Cook double the amount of vegetables etc you need and save half for the next day. Wash your dishes in a dishwasher (fully loaded) – it can use less water than washing by hand. Let part (or all) of your garden grow wild to help pollinating insects thrive. Eat less meat – meat and dairy production is responsible for 14.5% of climate-changing gases (more than all forms of transport).

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hanover This article is by Hanover resident Francis Field...

Brighton & Hove City Libraries Music Club... supporting local bands It’s just a year since the Music Club started and it’s been really great with so many people coming to our 12 talks on music and one film showing. They’ve ranged from Syrian refugee musicians to Turkish psych, underground New York disco and Pink Floyd’s 1972 debut of Dark Side of the Moon, and have included live West African musicians and traditional English folk music.

Our new exciting plan for 2020 is representing and supporting Brighton bands and labels. We’ve received 50 CDs and the more old-school tape cassettes from local bands and labels. We’re putting these in Brighton Jubilee Library so they can be borrowed. There is a fantastic range of labels including Third Kind, Eyeless and Willkommen, and styles from folk and krautrock to rap and reggae which are as diverse as Brighton itself. Myself and Ian Trice, who run the Music Club, are really grateful to the Brighton music folk for their generosity and in return hope to showcase their amazing talent.

posters. If you’re really excited about this great music, we do cheap subscription cards so borrow away! Francis Field

It’s also been great to see the community spirit of so many people wanting to help their library. Ewan from Rarekind Records not only did an excellent talk for us on running a record store but also helps us to get our posters up around town. One of the last of our popular music talks was with Dave and Graham from Mr Bongo Records, a very enlightening and humorous event, especially Dave’s story of visiting Colombia to find rare records and staying in a hotel with room for your key and your gun. Luckily for him and Mr Bongo a friend got him out of there very quickly! They have been incredibly generous and given us 150 albums of rare funk, reggae, afro-funk, psychedelia and music that have bits of all of them to modern artists such as The Skints, Prince Fatty and Hollie Cook. The Mr Bongo collection launch date was Saturday 12th December and in February we’ll be setting out the CDs and tapes of Brighton bands and other labels. Please come to the library and check out some of this amazing music.

We’re hoping to have a live event in Jubilee Library featuring local bands. Both Mr Bongo and Rarekind have very kindly said they’d spin some records and we’ll let you know via our library Facebook and See this logo on adverts and find local reviews of that business at www.trustedandlocal.co.uk

2727 A group for all cardiac patients…

Cardiac Patient Involvement Group We are a group of patients who have had experience of the Cardiac Centre – either as an in-patient or an out-patient, either cardiology or cardiac surgery. New members will be very welcome.

If you would like further information, please contact:

We meet every three months in a relaxed and informal environment (alternate Mondays and Wednesdays 5-6.30pm) to:

Sarah Young

Nurse Consultant Cardiology Tel: 01273 696955 ext 7850 Email: sarah.young@bsuh. nhs.uk

Provide an opportunity for staff working in the Cardiac Centre to hear patients’ views, for example reviewing patient information and advice on feedback questionnaires and focus groups

Provide an opportunity where patients can raise issues that are important to them, for example information to patients on waiting lists, privacy and dignity issues

soapbox soapbox apbox soapbox News from the council...

What you have to say is important to us and as a result of our discussions we can make changes to benefit other patients.

Council carbon emissions fall DRY CLEANERS & LAUNDERETTE & Hove City Council saw another big DRY CLEANERS & Brighton LAUNDERETTE OPEN DAILY / 8AM - 8PM reduction in carbon emissions in 2018/19. NERS LAUNDERETTE Washing & ironing OPEN DAILY / 8AM 8PM DRY& CLEANERS & LAUNDERETTE Figures show the city council’s total carbon footprint . . . .£1.50



was 21,793 tonnes CO2e compared with 24,965 in 2017/18, a fall of 12.7%. This exceeds a council target of a 4% reduction for the year. The figures Chelectricity, look at emissions including gas and oil ea pe and housing use in corporate buildings, schools s (communal supplies) as well as emissions from street lighting electricity and fuel usage from fleet vehicles.

WA IRT Washing & ironing in



Che ap e

. . . .£1.50 / 8AM -&8PM OPEN DAILY / 8AM - 8PM . . . .£1.50 SH

Shirt . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trousers. . . . . . . . . . Blouse . . . . . . . . . . . Duvet cover (small) Sheet (medium) . . . . Towel (large) . . . . . .

ighton & Hov e

. . . £2.50


Prices may vary slightly according to material, size and bulk.


ighton & Hov e

The report highlights the ongoing work to reduce the council’s carbon emissions and meet its goal to be carbon neutral by 2030.


ighton & Hov e




ighton & Hov e






SH FREE . . . £2.50 & Rironing Washing I ON LY WASHING Che . . . £2.00 ap ON SOAP shing e Shirt . . . . . . & . . . . . ironing . . . . . .£1.50 0 with this C.h£e.1.5.£1.50 s Shirt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IRONING Trousers. . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1.50 ap advert& es H .Blouse .£1.50 . . . . . . .Service . . . .. .. . .. washes .£1.50 S and fold Trousers. .. . .. . ... . .. WASHES . Wash, . . .dry .. . .. A .£1.50 SERVICE Small(small) wash up to 12lb . . . . . . . .W . . . . . . . . £8.80 Duvet cover . . . £2.50 HIRT . .£1.50 Medium wash up. to. 20lb. . ... . .. . .. . ... . .. . & .. . . .. . N ....S . . . £13.40 Blouse . . . . . .£1.50 Sheet (medium)SELF . . . . . .SERVICE . £2.50 O WASHES Large wash up to 27lb. . . . . . . . . .H . . . .I. R . . . . . . . . . . . . . £16.60 .Towel .£1.50 Y S N. .L£14.60 (large) . . . . . . . . . £2.00 A Football kit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£2.50 . from OT Duvet cover (small) .. . ... .. .R W DUVET CLEANING from . . .£9.20 Sleeping bag / Blanket / Throw . . . . . . . . . I .Prices £2.50 may vary slightly according to H S Sheet (medium) . . . . . . . £2.50 Duvet cleaning material, size and bulk. DRY £1.50 N CLEANING . £2.50Small duvet . . .R . . . .O . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £12.60 Large duvet . I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Y . . . . . . . . £16.20 Towel (large) . . . .N . .L . . ... . .. £2.00 Pick &washes Delivery available Service Wash, dry and fold . £2.00

Further reductions are expected to year-on-year emissions from street lighting thanks to the ongoing Dry cleaning LED lighting upgrade work which will deliver Small wash up to 12lb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £8.80 Two-piece suit . . . . . . . £10.95 Scarf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £4.45 Prices may vary slightly reductions of up to 61% when completed. cording to Trousers. . . . 20lb. . . . . . . £6.45 Medium wash up. . .to . . . . .Blouse . . . according . (Plain) . . . . .. . .. .. . .. .. . .£5.95 .to . . . . . £13.40 School Ware . . . . from £4.50 Coat . . size . . . . . . . . and . from £8.95 material, bulk. Chair of the Environment, Transport and Large wash up to 27lb. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £16.60 . . . £3.15 Sette Covers . . . . from £12.95 Curtains Sustainability Committee, Anne Pissaridou said: “It from . . £14.60 Football kit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DRY CLEANERS & LAUNDERETTE Staff counter open from 8.00am to 8.00pm is good to see the work being done to reduce the OPEN DAILY / 8AM - 8PM Monday to/Friday - Closed Sleeping bag / Blanket Throw . . . bank . . . holidays . . . . . . . . from . . .£9.20 Wash, dry& and Washing ironing fold Wash, dry and foldsuch a positive council’s carbon footprint is having Shirt . . . . . . .(01273) . . . . . . . . . .£1.50 Tel 691297 cleaning effect. We know there’s a long go to reach our Trousers. . . . . . . . . . . .£1.50 & Montreal Road, Brighton BN2 9UY . . Small . . . . . . wash . . Blouse .43.Duvet .. . .. ... up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £8.80 . . . . . . . . . .to .£1.50 12lb SH .goal . . of. being . . . carbon . . . . neutral . . . .by.way . .to.but £8.80 Small duvet . . . . Duvet . . . cover .www.soapboxbrighton.co.uk . .(small) . . .. . .. £2.50 . . . . .W . .AN. S. H..I.R..T . .. .. . .. .. . .. . .. .. £12.60 2030 this report Sheet (medium) . . . . . . . £2.50 RO I 0lb. . duvet . . . .. .. . ..wash .. .. .(large) .. .. .. .... . ...up Towel . .. .... £2.00 Large .. . ..to .. . .. 20lb. .. O. .N. L..Y . . . .. .. .. .. ..£13.40 .. . .. . .. .. £16.20 Medium .shows . . . we’re . . . on. .the. right . . .track.” . . . . . . £13.40


£1.50 soapbox washes Service washes (unlined per sq yard)

Che ap e







ighton & Hov e

Prices may vary slightly according to material, size and bulk.

b. . . . . . . . . . . . .Service . . .towashes . advertise, . . . . . please . . . . call . . 01273 £16.60 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk Dry cleaning

Large wash up to 27lb. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £16.60 Wash, dry and fold Small wash up to 12lb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £8.80



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Al-Anon provide support for anyone affected by someone else’s drinking…

Al-Anon Family Groups Al-Anon Family Groups provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking, regardless of whether that person is still drinking or not, with currently over 700 meetings around the UK and Ireland and over 24,000 meetings worldwide. Lisa, 49, shares her story: “I met my husband when I was 20 years old. There was an instant attraction and within a month of meeting we were living together and inseparable. I knew he liked to have a drink, but I had no idea what an alcoholic was.

“On our wedding day, he was hung-over even though I had pleaded with him not to drink the night before. I worried every time he wasn’t home when he was supposed to be – “Is he dead?” I would ask myself. It got worse when I got pregnant; when our first child was born, he disappeared for almost four days. After our second child was born things got even worse; he was hardly ever home.


ROOFING all roofwork undertaken

• • • •

Fully insured Free estimates Fascia & soffits Gutter clearance

• • • •

Slating & tiling Flat roofing All leadwork Chimneys & firewalls

no job too big or small Call Shaun 07846485817 or Stuart 07894 548501 01273 298201

ridgeline_roofing@hotmail.co.uk www.ridgeline-roofing.co.uk

“When the children cried for his attention, he would put on earphones and turn the volume up. It was so awful that I began to realise I was happier when he wasn’t there, so finally I asked him to leave and he did!

“With the help of Al-Anon meetings I am improving. I have begun detaching from responsibilities that are not mine. For almost 30 years I have carried the responsibility that it was my fault the children were not raised by a decent father. My children ended up having a good life, and that was thanks to me. It’s hard to feel comfortable with that, but it is necessary for me to let go of blame, both of him, and of myself.” There are meetings at several venues in Brighton including the Friends’ Meeting House, the Brighthelm Centre, Cascade Coffee Shop in Baker Street and the Salvation Army hall in Park Crescent Terrace, near The Level. You can find your nearest meeting at www.al-anonuk.org.uk/ find-a-meeting/ or call our free and confidential helpline on 0800 0086 811 (10am-10pm).

to advertise, please call 01273 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk

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O’Flinn Pharmacy...............................10 Children’s Activities

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Church of the Annunciation..................2 Computer Repairs

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Darren Clarke

Wheelers ..............................................4 Fencing

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Flat Pack Man.....................................17 Football Clubs

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Lee’s Locks.........................................22


Call Darren 07815145556 Eve: 01273 693083 www.qualifiedelectricianbrighton.co.uk




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New lights/sockets to full re-wires Guaranteed low rates Free quotations Qualified/Part P

Tim the Gardener

T !! H


Q Sales and Lettings..........cover & back


Alpine Aerials & Satellites...................20

0780 573 0838


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ng 8

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Award Winning Award Winning Agency 2019

Agency 2018

Selling across Brighton & Hove


Hanover Estate Agents

All our clients deserve the very best, that’s why we provide our virtual reality tours, photography Estate Agents are your local, award winning team of Estate Agents. and Q floorplans For advice on selling or letting, or to arrange a valuation, please call us absolutely FREE T: 01273 622664 on 01273 622664.