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2015 PETERBILT 389

Pacc MX-13 engine, 662,321 kms, Stock #280736. Call for price! CERVUS PETERBILT ONTARIO BOBBY BATES 1-855-998-0905

2013 CAT M322D

D3X00391, Hydraulic Cab, Cab Protection. See more on page 13.

LIEBHERR CANADA · 1-844-964-2002

2014 STEINER 440D

2006 JOHN DEERE 650J

Compact Articulated Tractor, Kubota Engine, 25 HP, 700 Hrs., $15,000. See ad on page 13.

Stock #: 0U105964, Hours: 9644, Price: $53,000 CDN / Price: $41,100 US. Located in Bathurst, NB. See more on page 13.

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Mining The Future

Adoption of Autonomous Haulage Systems in mining operations gains momentum. Read more on Page 15

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Supply Post Central/Eastern Canada Edition ·

July 2018

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Supply Post Central/Eastern Canada Edition · Our Readers Are Your Buyers

Top 10 Issues Shaping Mining In 2018 As commodity prices enjoy another bull run, how is the mining industry reacting to change? Professional services firm Deloitte Global identified 10 key trends facing the industry in their recent Tracking the Trends report. Here Deloitte’s Global Leader of Mining Phil Hopwood explains more. The last decade has been a rollercoaster of historic highs and historic lows in the mining sector. While the industry currently enjoys strong commodity prices, the next decade is likely to see more vigorous change. But have mining companies learned the lessons of the past – and how do they need to react to succeed in this new environment? 1. Bringing Digital To Life Once measured by how well a company extracted resources, the industry’s value proposition may be

shifting to how well a company acts on information to optimize production, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve safety. In short, data – and the ability to organize, manage, and process it – is becoming a competitive differentiator. To succeed in this effort, miners need a clear vision of how the future digital mine might transform core mining processes, the flow of information, and supporting back office processes. Once the information is captured, the use of data-driven analytics will help optimize their systems, from pit to customer. 2. Overcoming Innovation Barriers To some extent, innovation barriers exist because the design of mines and processing plants hasn’t changed in decades. Although commodity prices have begun recovering,

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Have mining companies learned the lessons of the past – and how do they need to react to succeed in this new environment?

mining executives are still feeling the sting of the downturn. As a result, they are cautious, meaning that innovation efforts are constrained by the need to demonstrate short term returns. The catch is that, unless you are trying new things, you are not learning, and if you are not learning then you will fall behind. Mining companies can only achieve true innovation maturity if they go beyond the basics of operational improvements to embrace innovation in a broader sense. 3. The Future Of Work As the digital mine becomes a reality, the nature of work is set to change dramatically. Repetitive human activities will be replaced by automation and autonomous equipment that reduces labor intensity and improve safety. AI will help knowledge workers and integrated commu-


July 2018

nications support mobile workers, while digital work scheduling and robust cybersecurity will keep operations efficient and protected. These changes will support a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 4. The Image Of Mining Despite the significant contribution of the mining sector to the world’s economy, the industry’s reputation remains tarnished in many countries due to perceptions that mining contributes to environmental damage, causes a negative impact to the community and engages in dubious practices abroad. In a world influenced by round-the-clock news

cycles and opinions aired in the court of social media, this type of backlash is only bound to increase. This will force mining companies to take proactive steps to address, and change, their reputations. This is more than a PR exercise. To rebuild trust with employees, investors, communities, governments and the public, mining companies must back up their messages with action. 5. Transforming Stakeholder Relationships To expand local employment opportunities, increase tax revenues and meet demands for improved infrastructure and

greater environmental protection, many governments of resource-rich countries continue to put pressure on the mining industry. As a result, mining companies still face considerable obstacles to investment, ranging from high royalty taxes, permitting challenges and uncertain tax rules, to demands for local processing. An underlying cause of this friction can be traced to miners’ own actions. Some of the social initiatives mining companies have undertaken in the past have failed to deliver their intended results. Increasingly, the industry is realizing that its apContinued on page 4

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FINANCING AVAILABLE 1-844-460-9954 | Maple Ridge, BC

2016 PETE 367, 550 ISX, 18 Spd Auto Shift, 20 X 69 Axles, 134K Miles, Loaded. $154,500.

2015 PETE 367, 550 ISX, 18 Spd, 20 X 69 Axles, 254K Miles, Loaded. $134,500.

2014 KW T800, 550 ISX, 18 Spd, 20 X 69 Axles, Double Frame, 235K Miles, Loaded. $124,500.

2014 KW T800, 550 ISX, 18 Spd, 20 X 69 Axles, Ext Day Cab, 338K Miles, Loaded. $122,500.

2013 KW T800, 550 ISX, 18 Spd, 20 X 69 Axles, Double Frame, 258K Miles, Extended Daycab, Loaded. $119,500.

2013 PETE 367, 550 ISX, 18 Spd, 20 X 69 Axles, 36" Bunk, 280K Miles, Loaded. $114,500.

proach to community and government relations must change. As mines move towards more digital and automated operations, the effect on local employment – the basis of mines’ relations with communities – will change. To prevent a backlash, companies will need to leverage the digital infrastructure on behalf of communities, to improve communications, create new education models (elearning) or deliver other digitally-enabled services. This will require companies to be more creative in understanding the real needs of communities. 6. Water Management As ore grades decline, more water is needed to extract the same quantity, pushing up water requirements in the industry. Critically, this growing demand is not offset by available supply, with one-in-four people predicted to live in countries affected by chronic freshwater shortages by 2050. As concerns about water availability grow, communities and environment groups are turning their spotlight on water intensive industries. In light of

July 2018

this, mining companies must enhance their approach to water management. 7. Changing Shareholder Expectations As shareholder expectations grow, mining companies have begun focusing on reestablishing their credibility in the investor community and with analysts. Rather than pursuing the mega-mergers of the past or building new mines, many are exercising higher degrees of financial discipline. 8. Worries About Reserves Intense cost cutting may have improved the short-term fortunes of many miners, but it comes at a cost, with reserves of many commodities sharply down. Gold, copper, silver, nickel and zinc, to name a few, have all experienced reserve depletion in recent years. Despite the pickup in commodity prices, many miners are struggling to free up the exploration and development budgets needed to exploit new resources. 9. Realigning Mining Boards To transition to the mine of the future, com-

panies must embrace new talent. To do this, miners need to make a substantial cultural shift. Some companies have already taken steps in this direction by engaging in cross-functional collaboration, seeking out best practices from other industries, strengthening their executive teams and setting targets to achieve greater diversity and inclusion. 10. Commodities Of The Future To decide which commodities to invest in, and which to get out of, miners need to keep their fingers on the pulse of changing consumer demands and economics, demographics and environmental change. More recently, they have also had to follow the rapidly developing emergence of new technologies. Battery demand is set to soar in anticipation of the exponential growth of electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Demand for lithium is also expected to soar, as is graphite, nickel and copper. The impact of these trends on the mining industry could be transformative. b Source: Volvo




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2013 WS 4900, 560 DD15, 7 Spd Allison Auto, 226K Miles, Loaded. $119,500.

1995 PETE 357, M11 Cummins, 9LL Trans, 10.5 Yard Boost A Load, Clean Unit. $39,500.

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July 2018

Supply Post Central/Eastern Canada Edition · Our Readers Are Your Buyers

Brokk’s Smartconcept Technology On Next Gen Demolition Machines Brokk, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, launches Brokk SmartConcept, a set of technological features that offer improvements in power management, reliability, maintainability and ergonomics. Included with the four new next generation Brokk remotecontrolled demolition machines, the technology greatly enhances the capabilities of these innovative machines. SmartConcept consists of three features — SmartPower, SmartDesign and SmartRemote. “We designed SmartConcept to maximize machine capabilities, improving overall reliability, versatility and efficiency,” said Martin Krupicka, Brokk Group president and CEO. “The new models pack a punch. They easily handle a hammer one class size larger, while maintaining a compact build, further permitting ease of work in confined spaces.” One of the key compo-

eration. The line features several elements to ease maintenance, including strategic, easy-to-access grease points and hydraulic hoses; LED headlights with built-in protections; and steel machine covers. Through the technology, operators not only get 360-degree rotation abilities, but they can operate ‘over the back,’ which offers heightened flexibility in confined spaces. Brokk’s innovative SmartRemote consists of an ergonomic remote-control box. To avoid unintentional operator strain, a wide adjustable belt holds the control box comfortably around the operator’s waist, away from the upper back. In addition, intuitive controls allow the operator to work the machine without having to look down at the display. The system uses professional-grade radio technology, with frequency-hopping capability, and has a working range as far as 984-feet (300 meters). This allows the operator to stand at the best viewing position to complete the work, ensuring efficiency and safety. b

nents to SmartConcept is SmartPower. Brokk designed the revolutionary system to withstand extremely tough day-to-day demolition forces. In addition, SmartPower helps the operator start the machine on a poor power supply while at the same time protecting the Brokk machine from harmful faulty power. For example, the next generation B280 with SmartPower, features an increased output over its predecessor — the B260¬ — with nearly 30,000 watts (30-kilowatts). This enables the robot to handle a larger class of hammer on essentially the same size carrier. The company’s SmartDesign extends machine life and provides unprecedented ease of maintenance. With 70 percent fewer cables and the addition of hardened components, the models are better equipped to withstand the rigors of machine vibrations and heat generated during op- Source: Ironclad

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EVERYTHING MUST GO! River Valley Contractors Complete Disbursement WHEEL LOADERS 2012 Komatsu WA500-6 - 7,535 hrs $250,000 2012 Caterpillar 950K – 812 hrs ......$255,000 2008 Komatsu WA380 – 8,125 hrs ..$110,000 2010 Komatsu WA380 – 12,480 hrs .. $90,000 2011 Caterpillar 950H – 8,319 hrs ...$150,000 Volvo L120B – 2,535 hrs since rebuild ..................................................... $45,000

TRUCKS & DUMP TRAILERS (4) 2014-2015 Kenworth T800 Tractor ....................................... $140,000-150,000 (4) 2011-2015 Doepker Impact End Dump complete with liners ........... $60,000-70,000 2011 Castleton Crossclam ............... $48,000 (2) 2007-2012 Loadline Tri Axle Belly Dump .......................................... $35,000-38,000 (4) 2014-2015 Kenworth T800 Dump Box ....................................... $140,000-150,000 (4) 2014 Loadline Pups ............$35,000 each

EXCAVATORS 2013 Caterpillar 336EL 3,739 hrs ....$295,000 2012 Caterpillar 324EL 3,918 hrs ....$235,000 2014 Caterpillar 324 EL 2,783 hrs ....$260,000

DOZERS 2013 Caterpillar D6N LGP 3,752 hrs $270,000 2013 Caterpillar D5K2 LGP 1,817 hrs ...................................................$160,000 ................................................... 2008 Caterpillar D5K LGP 5,443 hrs .. $85,000

COMPACTORS 2012 Caterpillar CP56 1,860 hrs ......$120,000 SOLD 2007 Caterpillar CP-563E 3,357 hrs .. $90,000 Heavy Duty Sheepsfoot Packer ........ $20,000


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Supply Post Central/Eastern Canada Edition ·

Teamwork Is Everything To The Cannington Group From The Types Of Equipment Used To The Partnership With Strongco And Volvo, The Ontario Remediation Contractor Is All About Working Together … And Smartly. When equipment manufacturers started promoting the use of excavators and articulated haulers together as earthmoving teams, they found a firm believer in David McCrossan. President of The Cannington Group, a familyowned contracting firm in the Greater Toronto Area, McCrossan says the combination of Volvo crawler excavators and articulated “rock” trucks sourced from Strongco is the only way to do it here. Here, is a 75-acre parcel of prime land on the shore of Lake Ontario in the resurgent Port Credit area of Mississauga. The long-time former home of a bulk oil storage facility, the property will eventually be developed as one of the region’s prime residential communities. As a specialist in soil

remediation and other environmental applications, The Cannington Group is currently on site for 14 months in what McCrossan describes as “a surgical excavation” project. “We’re excavating, stockpiling, segregating and hauling off soils that exceed the site criteria. In some areas, we are taking 2 ft. of dirt off; in some areas, we are taking 3, 4, even 10 ft. off. The depth is all over the place,” he says. “Scrapers just wouldn’t work here with the select areas we have to excavate and the varying corresponding depths.” Says McCrossan: “This is not a bulk excavation job.” Equipment research pays off Having worked in various sectors and in varying

company configurations over the years, The Cannington Group is today in the business of working equipment, not fixing equipment, explains McCrossan. That, he says, is what makes the relationship with Strongco and key account manager Daniel Hili so important to the success of the specialized contracting company. “We do a lot of research on the equipment,” says McCrossan. “It’s my job in the company to a) get the work, and b) provide the guys with the right tools to get that work done. With the support of Daniel, Strongco, Volvo and Volvo Finance, I have done that. They have collectively stepped up and provided us some fantastic equipment and really, really reasonable rates. It’s a very

good package.” The Volvo excavators and articulated haulers have not only earned a collective thumbs-up from his operators for their ergonomics and ease of operation, but also McCrossan’s own top grade for meeting their fuel efficiency and cost of operation claims. Some pieces in The Cannington Group’s Volvo fleet were procured specifically for the Mississauga job, “but we’ve also had longterm and multiple leases,” says McCrossan. “It’s a long-term relationship that we’re in with Strongco, and it’s going to continue.” TLC with TMR Through the relationship with Strongco, The Cannington Group was an early adopter of Volvo’s Total Maintenance & Repair (TMR) program. This, says Hili, has provided “a 3-way win” particularly when teamed with the contractor’s equipment leasing package. With the confidence of knowing his fixed costs, the customer is highly productive. He has new equipment that is fully supported by the dealership in combination with a modern service team keeps that

July 2018

equipment running in top shape. This, in turn, keeps the equipment’s residual values high for the manufacturer and, thus, allows the dealership to give the customer a better deal on new replacement machines down the road. For McCrossan, a construction lifer, it’s all good. “I’m not going anywhere,” he says. “Like I often say, I’m on the Freedom 85 program, so that gives me another 35 years to go. I don’t think this equipment, as good as it is, will last 35 years. So, we’ll definitely be trading and getting new equipment. For sure.” Staying lean means being flexible Along with a 38-metricton class Volvo EC380E and two 22-metric-ton class Volvo EC220E excavators on the Mississauga soil remediation job, The Cannington Group added one of its two new 48-metric-ton class Volvo EC480E excavators specifically for the project. “We wanted to have the biggest excavators that are going to be usable on other jobsites as well,” explains McCrossan. As one of the larger excavators you’ll

find in a relatively urban construction setting, “the EC480E is pretty well the biggest one you can float in without having to take it apart.” It is expected the Mississauga work will wind down around Christmas of this year. “Most of the work we do will be smaller jobs after this, until we get that next big project,” says McCrossan. As such, the equipment “needs to be flexible and available” to be dropped off, put right to work and picked back up again every few weeks. The choice of teammates for the various Volvo excavators on the MisContinued on page 7

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sissauga site was likewise strategic, albeit for different reasons. All four of the Volvo articulated haulers are 25-ton A25G models. “We did the numbers on 30-ton rock trucks, even 40-ton rock trucks, and we found the 25s with the low ground pressure are just the ones to go here,” explains McCrossan. “It’s a smallish site, there’s close dumping, so there just wasn’t any advantage in using bigger, costlier trucks that also cost more to run.” Having owned and managed a fleet of articulated haulers during one of The Cannington Group`s earlier eras as a larger sewer and watermain contractor, “we’re very familiar with how to use them, and the best uses for them,” he says, “and this is the perfect application.” Not a bulk excavation job Unlike the mass excavation of virgin or agricultural land for future development, a remediation jobsite almost becomes dozens if not hundreds of small excavations of varying widths and depths. “There are other contractors who have priced this as a bulk excavation

Supply Post Central/Eastern Canada Edition · Our Readers Are Your Buyers job, and they were actually cheaper than us,” says McCrossan, “but the client went with us because of our experience with remediation and what is basically a surgical excavation. It’s slow, it’s methodical, and there is a lot of direction in field from the consultants. “You can’t just haul away clean materials as impacted. It’s just too expensive.” The remediation contractor is continually dealing with different contaminants, different depths of contamination and different types of soil, along with the seasonal factors of rain, snow and frost that left the Mississauga site almost bog-like in the spring. Despite the muddy and even flooded conditions, the Volvo A25E articulated haulers were able to bear down and work their way around the site, and keep the project moving. “The job changes by the day, sometimes by the minute, and if we’re waiting for samples and we’re waiting for results and the consultant hasn’t gotten back to us, we need to be able to go from one area to the next and keep

working,” says McCrossan. “There needs to be a lot of coordination, a lot of flexibility on site, for us to be able to continue to keep moving.” When the environmental consultants need to do their testing at key excavation spots, the operators can move their machines elsewhere on site and continue being productive with stockpiling or other maintenance duties. When lining up a job such as this, the remediation contractor is provided the scope of work, including depths of excavation, known locations of contamination and estimated quantities of material, says McCrossan. “Then it’s up to us as the contractor to look at the resources we need to be able to perform the work,” he explains. “With this one, we basically took their 24-month schedule and said, ‘Not a chance. We can do it in 14.’ “It’s 75 acres in total, but we’re working our way out of space,” he was saying about 5 months in. “The more we excavate, the bigger the piles of clean material get and the less real estate we have to drive

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2014 John Deere 50G excavator with 445 hrs. $76,000.

2004 Komatsu PC75UU excavator with 3,394 hrs. $30,000.

2012 Cat D6T XL dozer with 10,380 hrs, major rebuild by Cat. $245,000. 2017 Cat 323FL excavator with 423 hrs. $277,000.

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2012 Cat 924K loader 2012 with 901 hrs, snow plus tires. $155,000.

1996 John Deere 624G loader with 8,195 hrs. $44,000.

2014 Mauldin 1550D paver with 600 hrs. $105,000.

2012 Cat 950K loader with 7,727 hrs. $160,000.

1987 International water truck. $13,000.

2014 John Deere 3046R tractor with 500 hrs, ready for snow removal. $62,500.

2007 New Holland TS115A tractor with 2,528 hrs, ready for snow. $55,000.

2008 JohnDeere 244J loader with 4,350 hrs. $52,000.

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on and to stockpile on. “It’s going to continuously get tighter.” Right at home with remediation With the support of Strongco and Volvo Construction Equipment, McCrossan is right at home doing environmental contracting. “We’re back to what we do, and what we do well,” he says of The Cannington Group. “It’s a good market, it’s an invited market, so we very rarely need to get into public work. With this

Supply Post Central/Eastern Canada Edition · field, we’re invited to site meetings, we’re invited to bid jobs, and we work on sole-source jobs. “We’re pretty good at what we do, and the industry knows that.” Maximizing the technologies available for its niche work, the company has most recently launched a vibrant UAV or drone program that provides services both on projects in-house and available for outside contract work. Speaking of being right at home, the site being remediated in Mississauga is actually one of three con-

joined properties and the Cannington Group actually worked on preparing the other two properties for their respective next lives. “It turns out, I knew more about this site than the current owners did,” he says. “I used to come in here on the knee of my dad in his dump truck.” As the land itself passes from one generation to the next, it seems only fitting The Cannington Group is the one doing the careful nurturing. b Source: MS&S

July 2018

Protect Against Cyber Attacks: Tips Any Company Can Use As companies introduce connected technologies into the workplace and on the jobsite, they increase the risk of cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are affecting companies of all sizes. Smaller companies may actually be at higher risk if they don’t think it can happen to them and don’t take precautions. Don’t be complacent, says the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). Cybersecurity has become more complex, as malware attacks have continued to skyrocket, with ransomware leading the charge. Routine data backup is the most effective counter to any ransomware demand, says Scott Schober, president and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems. “User behavior has not changed fast enough to keep pace with the onslaught of attacks.” Effective cybersecurity also requires everyone to participate.

and strong password or PIN required for access. • Verify the Wi-Fi network within the company and at the job site is secure, encrypted and has a long and strong password. Set up MAC filtering to accept only pre-approved employee devices. Reinforce these controls and protocols through regular training sessions to help all employees so that ‘thinking cyber’ becomes part of everyone’s daily job requirements. While cybersecurity concerns are complex today, they will continue to grow as technology continues to evolve and impact organizations at every level. Every company that is connected to the Internet is a potential target for hackers. Taking the time now to invest in cybersecurity training and prevention methods can help ensure your company and jobsites remain safe and secure in the future. Learn more about cybersecurity and other industry trending topics through AEM’s CONEXPO-CON/ AGG 365 initiative. b

Key steps include: • Cyber awareness training for all employees • Teaching good cyberhygiene throughout all levels and departments, in the office and at the jobsite • Enlisting a qualified third party to help train and test staff Be proactive and diligent, putting basic controls and protocols in place. These include: • Create a regular backup plan for all data stored offsite. • Use only name brand security software that automatically updates on every computer, tablet and laptop to combat the latest threats. • Update all operating systems regularly and never use unsupported outdated software. • Verify all firewalls have the latest security patches installed. • Ensure all network mobile devices have both hardware and software encryption with a long Source: AEM



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Supply Post Central/Eastern Canada Edition ·

Women In Trucking Foundation Awards Thirteen Scholarships The Women In Trucking (WIT) Foundation is proud to announce the selection of thirteen recipients of its scholarship program, providing $1,000 each to winners to further their careers in the trucking industry. The awardees come from across the U.S. and are enrolled in schools or training programs in categories of driving, leadership, safety or technical fields of study. Four of the thirteen are

using the money to earn a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), which will help address a critical shortage of drivers facing the industry. “The Foundation is incredibly proud of the thirteen recipients selected by the judging committee,” said Miranda Barrett, Executive Director. “They all demonstrate a strong commitment to growing themselves within the trucking industry and

it’s an honor to help them with this funding.” Founded in 2010, the Foundation has provided approximately $70,000 in scholarships over the past eight years. It is supported by the Women In Trucking Association, whose mission is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by


99 Hooper Rd., Unit 3 Barrie, ON

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women working in the industry. The Foundation provides scholarships twice a year, with the next round of applications opening in August. One recipient of an award is Collen Hardy, who is attending the Universal Technical Institute in Arizona. “I am definitely committed to a long career in the trucking industry because I love what I do!” said Hardy. “I was a local CDL driver for ten years but wanted to do something different. I love trucks and decided to learn how to repair them. Trucking has been good to me and my family, and I’m doing something I love every day.” “There is such a need for more skilled talent in the trucking industry, and the WIT Foundation provides financial support to help motivated individuals grow their skills,” said Debora Babin Katz, WIT Foundation chair and VP of TrucBrush Corporation. “We hope to keep growing the number of recipients we support, and we are actively seeking partners to make that happen.” Significant contributors to the WIT Foundation include the Ryder Charitable Foundation, UPS and the J.J. Keller Foundation, which gave

This machine ain’t big enough for the both of us!

Return order to your work site with a Darby seat!

a grant in the name of a longstanding employee, Jan Hamblin. The recipient of the Jan Hamblin scholarship is Perla Acuña, who is studying for a Masters in Integrated Supply Chain Management at the University of WisconsinPlatteville. The next round of applications for schol-

July 2018 arships will open in August. Individuals or organizations interested in supporting the WIT Foundation can visit www.womenintruckingfoundation. org, or contact miranda@womenintruck b Source: Women in Trucking

5 Tech Trends Poised To Disrupt Manufacturing Here are five key tech trends that will change manufacturing for good. Some of these trends are already affecting how business is done, while others are expected to become more prominent in the years ahead. The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) explores emerging trends and technologies through several thoughtleadership initiatives, including CONEXPO-CON/ AGG 365 online. What are the five trends? AEM provides a snapshot. 1. Industry 4.0: Taking technology to the next level It’s the consensus opinion of both economists and technology experts that the world is entering a fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), with the growing digitization of processes and the interconnectivity of the goods they produce. When Industry 4.0 solutions are properly implemented, manufacturers can offer new value, including: • Improved resource productivity and efficiency • Increased speed to market • Agility and customization to meet changing and individual customer needs • Value opportunities through the development of new services Companies that best position themselves to capture the value of Industry 4.0 can expect to see growing success. 2. Internet of Things (IoT): Welcome to the data-driven world The Internet of Things (IoT) is ever evolving and more manufacturers are incorporating smart devices or embedded intelligence into their production (and

non-production) processes as well as equipment. Manufacturers are realizing the value in taking advantage of the numerous benefits of IoT to develop smarter and more innovative products, increase workplace safety, improve operational efficiencies, and tackle organizational waste. One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face is determining how best to invest in and leverage IoT longer term and strategically to achieve their business goals. 3. Augmented reality: More than a game gimmick Augmented reality (AR), which allows virtual reality graphics to interact with the physical environment, from a user’s perspective, shouldn’t be dismissed as a futuristic technological gimmick. It’s simply the next step in the ongoing evolution of how people interact with computers. Wearable-technology devices to improve safety and performance are just one aspect. Within the next three to five years, experts predict mixed reality technology will become more common in business settings. Possible manufacturing applications for AR include Continued on page 12

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July 2018

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1-844-807-5800 Western Canada’s Largest Etnyre & Trail King Dealer

1585 Niakwa Rd., Winnipeg, MB R2J 3T3


(1) 2018 TRAIL KING TK110 available in 9’ wide, 25’ clear deck length, hyd, detach, Hendrickson air ride, 60” spread, Honda power pack, 4th axle ready. & booster ready.


NEW 2018 ETNYRE BLACKHAWK 55 TON TRIAXLE LOWBED 53’x102”, 25’ clear deck length, hyd detach, Hendrickson air ride, 60” spread, outriggers, 22.5 tires, steel wheels, wide load & strobe lights, Honda power pack, set up for single axle jeep & booster. 1 AVAILABLE

2017 ETNYRE BLACKHAWK LIMITED EDITION, 50 Ton, 9’ wide. 50 Tons in an 16’ of deck, or 55 Tons evenly distributed. 84 swing radius, 25.5 70R or 22.5 Tires, 8.25 x 22.5 steel unimount rims, air ride suspension with 60 axle spread. Too much more to list, call for pricing and more info. NEW 2018 TRAIL KING AACS ALL ALUMINUM TANDEM STEP DECKS, 51’ x 102”, alum. wheels, 255/70R or 245/70R 17.5 tires, 10 rear axle slide, as shown. California legal, call for more details.

2018 TRAIL KING TRIPLE AXLE 53’ TRAVELLING AXLE RECOVERY TRAILERS with 255 70R 22.5 tires, PSI tire inflation systems, 30k hyd winch, wireless remote and wide load lights. 6 ON ORDER 1 LEFT

(2) NEW 2018 TRAIL KING TK80 MG TRIAXLE LOWBED mech detach, 28.5 well, air ride, air lift center axle, 60” spread, alum. pullouts, mini boom well, alum. front & rear decks, 22.5 tires, alum. wheels, wide load lights.19,500# tare weight. ON ORDER FOR JUNE DELIVERY

2012 STARGATE TRI-AXLE STILL POLE PUP WATER TANKER, 20,000l cap, 23’ tanker with 10’ tongue, Michelin 24.5 radials, like new. $55,000 OBO

1972 ARNE’S TANDEM END DUMP, 24' x 102" spring suspension, 22.5 tires, steel wheels, new safety. $12,500.

2009 LOAD LIFTER QUAD AXLE DROP DECK CAMP EQUIPMENT TRAILER, 51'x102", ext. deck to 60', 41' main deck w/10' gooseneck, spring ride susp., 215/75R17.5 low pro tires, duals, 43 axle spread, 80,000# GVWR. $22,900

2005 ENTYRE 41' X 102" TANDEM BELT TRAILER, spring ride, 40 belt, hardox int., insulated ext., air operated rear door, new safety, operates very good..$22,900

2005 SATURN TANDEM ROLLER PAVER TRAILER, air tilt, air brakes, 10,900# GVWR. $14,900

NEW 2018 CANUCK CLOSE UNDER LOAD TRIAXLE BELLY DUMP 102” wide, Hendrickson HT300 air ride, 60” spread, 14,500 lbs. tare weight, steepest slope & most powerful linkage gate control in the industry. IN STOCK • ALSO AVAIL FOR RENT • SPRING SALE • $56,000 $54,000

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complex assembly, maintenance, expert support, quality assurance and automation. 4. 3D Printing: It’s here to stay 3D printing, also

Supply Post Central/Eastern Canada Edition · known as additive manufacturing, has slowly but surely developed into a disruptive technology that is convincing manufacturers to overhaul a number of expensive and archaic processes.

Many manufacturers are looking into using 3D printing to making a replacement part without having the inventory in place, saving them the significant overhead costs of warehouse space.

ROT 0˚







˚ T I LT



The production of molds, jigs and fixtures used in the mass production of heavy equipment presents an even greater opportunity to leverage additive manufacturing to increase operational efficiency. Using 3D printing for final production applications may become common over time. 5. Automation: Mobile robotics on the rise Groundbreaking advancements in technology are propelling manufacturing into a new age of automation. In one area, the everworsening skilled-worker shortage, manufacturers are increasingly looking to mobile robotics technology as a possible solution. Technology makes it possible to automate tasks not only on the on the shop floor, but also jobs in other areas of a business, such as maintenance, management and administration. In many cases, machines are able to match or exceed the productivity output of their human counterparts. The key for manufacturers will be to approach automation strategically with an understanding of what factors are most important to them related to investing in artificial intelligence, robotics and other technology. b


Source: AEM

416.679.8752 | 1.877.640.2862 | FAX 416.679.8753

Value Parts is your number one choice in North America for quality new, used and rebuilt industrial equipment parts. We specialize in John Deere, Timberjack and Hitachi, but also have access to parts inventories for Caterpillar, Bomag, Ditch Witch and many more makes.


PARTS AVAILABLE JOHN DEERE 450LC 350D LC 330C LC 330LC 240D LC 270D LC 270LC 230LC 200C LC 200LC

2054 892E 690E 744J 744H 724J 644G 544H 544G TC44H

TC54H 344J 848G 748G-III 748G-II 748G 648G 310SG 310SE 310D 772CH

770CH 772BH 770BH 750C-II HITACHI EX200LC-5 EX270LC-5 EX330LC-5 ZX450LC-3

Deere 724K Wheel Loader s/n 1DW724KZTCD642905+. Cab, Axles, Rims, Cylinders, Loader Frame, Bucket Linkage and Engine are all in good condition.

For more information call toll free


E-mail: Inventory: eBay Store:

July 2018

Peterbilt Showcases Commitment To Alternative Energy Solutions The drayage application tractor that will go into service at the Port of Long Beach after the show is one of twelve tractors built by Peterbilt in collaboration with Transpower, the California Air Resources Board, and the Port of Long Beach. The all electric Model 579 produces up to 490 horsepower, has up to a 200 mile range, recharges in less than five hours and has a battery storage capacity of 350-440 Kwh. “These demonstrator vehicles will be used to test the performance of an all-electric powertrain in a real-world environment,” said Scott Newhouse, Chief Engineer, Peterbilt Motors Company. “Electrification is not a new concept to our industry; however, the advances made in battery and electric technology can make this a real possibil-

ity moving forward. I am confident that when the market is ready Peterbilt will have the most effective powertrain solution.” Funding for the tractors was provided, in part, by the California Climate Investments (CCI), the state’s climate change-fighting, cap-and-trade program. The award is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment. The cap-and-trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution. b Source: Peterbilt

Safety Sets Pace For Heavy-Hauling Equipment Safety features on equipment come in many different forms—from stability, to automatic lighting, to connectivity, and so much more. Today’s vehicles are coming equipped with new advances to help make a construction jobsite a little bit safer. For instance, Volvo Trucks recently announced its VNX series, which is designed to transport heavy equipment and long combination vehicles. The new series is built with features aimed specifically at improving safety for the driver. Stability: All models come standard with Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology, which is an electronic stability control system. This continually monitors operating parameters and detects imminent loss of control, jackknife, or rollover events. It also automatically reduces engine torque and selectively applies braking to help the driver. Visibility: The vehicles are equipped with LED headlights that produce bright light to improve vis-

ibility. It also has automatic lighting and rain-sensing wipers. Dashboard: The dash displays critical information by grouping frequently used controls within easy reach. This helps reduce distraction for the driver. Also, the driver information display works with steering wheel-mounted controls. Connectivity: All models also come standard with connectivity hardware for remote diagnostics. This helps monitor engine, transmission, and after treatment trouble codes. The same hardware also allows customers to perform software and parameter updates over-the-air with remote programming, which helps improve uptime and vehicle efficiency, while reducing downtime costs. While this is one example, with features such as these, and others, construction equipment is advancing aimed at improving safety on the construction jobsite. b Source: Conexpo




2006 John Deere 650J, Cab w/AC, long track, 18” track shoes, power angle tilt, 105” blade, drawbar. Stock #0U105964, Crushers, Pulverizers, 9,644 hrs, $53,000 CDN, Shears! Own or Rent. $41,100 US. Located in Bathurst, NB PHONE: (604) 888-9020 PHONE: (877) 255-9293 Brandt Tractor PHONE: (888) 2-BRANDT Next Advertising Deadline is July 13, 2018. Call Sheryl for rates. CALL: 1-800-663-4802



2004 CAT 973C, 13,000 hrs. Clean, straight machine, U/C 90%, one owner, will rent. $98,000. Calgary, AB PHONE: (403) 244-7813

2014 Steiner 440D Compact Articulated Tractor, 4WD, Kubota Diesel Engine, 25 HP, Arm Rests, Folding ROPS, Field Trax Tires, Rear Can’t find what you are Weights, Stk#A009346, looking for? Thousands of 700 Hrs., $15,000. more machines and equip- Delta Power Equipment ment for sale on: PHONE: (888) 531-9068



EXCAVATORS Shaw Bros. Attachments for excavators, loaders, skidsteers, crusher buckets, screening buckets, thumbs, breakers, grapples, snow equipment & 2013 CAT M322D, much more at best prices. D3X00391, Hydraulic Cab, Cab protection, angled PHONE: (877) 625-9677 Stock (grapple available in extra), 13,899 hours. Dolbeau-Mistassini QC Liebherr Canada marco.couturier@lieb MARCO: (844) 964-2002

2002 Komatsu WA380-3L wheel loader, 4 yd bucket, asking $58,000. Excellent condition. PHONE: (306) 921-7583 OR PHONE: (306) 752-2873

2008 60 ton tri-axle lowbed, c/w loading ramps, double drop deck, certified. Excellent condition $48,500 PHONE: (306)921-7583 2008 Komatsu WA200-6, OR (306)752-2873 2 yard, (Q.A.), 17.5 tires, TRUCKS (Artic.) major W/O’s, $61,000. Calgary, AB. PHONE: (403) 291-1010

Advertise your machines in the classifieds! Call Sheryl Can’t find what you are for deadline and rates. looking for? Thousands of CALL: 1-800-663-4802 more machines and equipMINING 2004 Cat 735, 9927 Hrs SEVERE DUTY Excavator ment for sale on: Rakes, Manual Couplers, After 35 Years Dawson (6048 Idle Hrs), 44,000 Rippers, Buckets, Grapples, City Placer Miner Retiring. KLM’s, Been through the FELLER BUNCHERS Shears & Pulverizers. Made Lots of equipment, sluice shop, machine is ready in Canada. Fast Lead Times. 2005 Caterpillar TK722B, plants, feeder and claims for the job. Tires 60%+ for 1300 hrs. Cab and motor for sale. Possible turnkey more details please PHONE: 1-855-996-9981 burned. Bottom, hood operation also available. PHONE: (250) 470-8688 etc. not. 150 hrs on new Dawson City, BC WINCH ASSIST CONVEYORS undercarriage. 360 head. PHONE:(867) 993-4450 Telkwa, BC Evelyn Mountain SKIDDERS PHONE: (250) 847-0726


2008 Thor T150-8 36” Tele Stacker in good working condition and ready to go to work. Sn#1948. $132,000. Coldsteam, BC Okanagan Quality Control Ltd PHONE: (250) 803-2930

Hammers to fit your carrier! Own or Rent. PHONE: (604) 888-9020 PHONE: (877) 255-9293

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New Mack Mag-Grab Features Long-Life Durability At the recent ISRI conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mack Manufacturing, a leading supplier of premium grade industrial grapples and buckets, introduced a new mag-grab as the latest addition to its product line for the scrap-handling industry. The combination 4-tine grapple and lifting magnet are offered in 1-yard, 1.5-yard and 2-yard models. The 2-yard grab is fitted with a 44-inch lifting magnet, while the smaller models feature 40-inch magnets. Mag-grabs typically are used to improve load retention when lifting fine material or to let operators “sweep” the work area clear of ferrous debris during loading operations. To develop the new product, Mack worked closely with the magnet manufacturer to optimize the attachment. Like all Mack products, the maggrabs are 100% American engineered and manufactured. According to Matt Davidson of Mack Manufacturing, there was a great deal of interest in this product at the show. “We feel that this combination will prove to be a very valuable addition to many of our customers and effectively increase their productivity in certain operating situations.”

Continuous rotation Like other mag-grabs on the market, the new Mack models also allow continuous rotation of the orange-peel tines, providing extra flexibility and control for operators. The rotator on most grapples is located next to their attachment point. The Mack mag-grabs includes a brushless spindle below the attachment knuckle, so the tines can rotate independent of the attachment point. The tines can elevate above the magnet position, allowing the magnet to sweep right to ground level. Long-life performance Mack also highlights the reinforcement ribs forged into each of the orangepeel’s tines, adding extra strength and rigidity to stand up against heavy loads. The grapple itself is all T1 structural steel with AR400 plate at high wear areas in the tines. Oversized bushings are used at hinge points for longer life and all shafting is heattreated and stress-relieved 4140 material. Tines are fitted with premium replaceable points. As all Mack products, all hydraulic cylinders in the mag-grab are manufactured in Mack’s own machine shop. b Source: MS&S


One of the largest inventories of used, rebuilt, and new 2013 Tigercat 630D, 5,445 hrs.Warranty on powertrain, Cummins engine / Engine, 260 HP, 35.5 x 32 tires. Machine inspected, in excellent condition $258,000. Hearst, ON Jean’s Diesel Shop Ltd. mclosier.jeans@ntl.sym PHONE: (705) 362-4478

2017 John Deere 1910E, Haas Traction winch Haas Boom tilt straw line winch extended and heavy duty blade extra fuel tank with pump system one spare rope one spare winch disc. 2050 hours, sn#2050, $690,000. Clearwater, BC Volktrans-Canada Ltd PHONE: (778) 208-7022

surplus Deere parts and components in North America. We also stock parts for Hitachi, Timberjack, Caterpillar, Ditch Witch and can locate those hard to find parts that we may not have in stock.



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Colouring Contest Winners! We are pleased to announce the Winners of our Colouring Contest from Truxpo, TruckWorld, and ILA Show! Congratulations and thank you to EVERYONE who submitted an entry! Look for this post on Supply Post’s Social Media for a shareable brag link!


From TruckWorld 2018:

From Truxpo 2018:





From the ILA Show:

b, o j d Goo e! n o y r eve JACK F. - AGE 5

July 2018

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Front Page Story

Mining The Future Adoption of Autonomous Haulage Systems in mining operations gains momentum. By Graham Chandler




he future of mining is upon us. BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto deploy driverless ore trucks; semiautonomous dozer systems operate in Wyoming; semiautonomous LHDs trundle around a Newmont mine in Nevada. Records are being set: Komatsu early this year celebrated the 10th anniversary of its first autonomous truck deployment at a Codelco copper mine in Chile; Rio Tinto’s autonomous haul trucks have moved a total of one billion tonnes of material

with zero injury accidents. More than 100 Komatsu autonomous trucks operate around the world, and that number is rapidly climbing. Now Suncor’s North Steepbank mine in Alberta will soon be the first oil sands operation to employ driverless haul trucks— and the first to pilot Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) technology in openpit mines in Canada. Komatsu pioneered commercialization of AHS in the mining industry.

Within its FrontRunner system, each autonomous dump truck is equipped with controllers, a high precision GPS system, an obstacle detection system, and a wireless network system. They work in sync, enabling the truck to operate safely though a complex load, haul and dump cycle and to integrate with the dozers, loaders and shovels that are more commonly becoming part of the system. The trucks also transmit health and status information to cen-

tral control. Operations can be truly remote, for example Rio Tinto’s trucks are controlled remotely from its operations centre in Perth—about 1,500 kilometres from the mines. Concern for safety in such systems is paramount. “Komatsu thoroughly tests and qualifies all of its FrontRunner products, including operational safety layers, at its proving grounds and test labs in Tucson, Arizona,” explains Scott Schellenberg, Senior Manager Autono-

mous Haulage Systems, at SMS Equipment Inc., the Komatsu Equipment dealer in Canada. “By the time FrontRunner was brought to the oil sands there were many years of safe operation behind it in both Chile and Australia.” Schellenberg adds that mine sites are highly controlled operating venues and so offer a good area to deploy and evaluate autonomous systems. “It ensures we can very early deliver the significant benefits in a much lower risk environment as compared to cars on our streets,” he says. Field trials in the oil sands began in 2013, when Komatsu partnered with Suncor. Initially one truck operated through spring break up, cold winter conditions, and the soft underfoot conditions of summer. Completed at Suncor’s base mine the following year, positive results supported the decision to expand to a six-truck commercial scale evaluation in the company’s North Steepbank Extension mine. That ran from 2014 to mid-2017 and verified the operational parameters needed for broader implementation of AHS technology in oil sands mining operations. The trials pointed up some conditions unique to oil sands mining not encountered with hard rock mining. “There are obvious differences with the ground conditions between hard rock mining and Suncor’s operations,” says Suncor spokesperson Erin Rees. “As an example, in the early engineering tests, in our softer ground conditions the trucks’ same precise route on every trip would create deep ruts in

Page 15 the road. An update to the system was developed to eliminate this problem by allowing the trucks’ route to precisely offset each trip, reducing the deep ruts and road maintenance required.” It was patented as ‘multi-trajectory functionality’. Upon finalization of project reviews and approvals, Suncor’s AHS technology will be phased in over a three-to-five-year period starting in its North Steepbank Extension. The company plans to first replace trucks that have reached the end of their useful life with new Komatsu trucks, which reportedly cost about $5 million each, not including detection systems and new computer gear. But the autonomous trucks operate 24/7 and stop only for fuel, so the company should need fewer trucks in the future than it employs now. As more and more mines adopt AHS technology new savings soon become apparent. In addition to the enhanced safety margins, “as operators learn to structure their production environment around the capabilities of the system, they begin to realize some substantial production gains over staffed operations,” says Schellenberg. “This means our customers can do the same amount of work with less equipment. The other is maintenance costs: Komatsu customers are reporting on average 10 per cent reduction in costs. One area of note is tires—each haul truck has six tires so reports of 40 per cent increase in tire life add up to some big savings.” AHS is very much the wave of mining’s future. “The implementation of autonomous machinery will fundamentally change mining and will have a profound impact on the industry as a whole,” says Dave Goddard, of the Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG), a facilitator of global mining collaboration on common industry issues. “Although there are a lot of mining companies currently evaluating autonomous operations, the reality is that automation will be hugely disruptive in mining and will come whether they want it or not. And it’s more likely to come in a sooner and shorter time horizon than anyone is expecting.” b

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