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A prime destination • From Dania Beach to North Miami Beach, no other region offers more to residents and visitors alike By Larry Blustein Today, we start a new year. 2014. It has that certain ring to it. One that signals that we are starting to turn the corner in this economy. No matter where you travel within the coverage area of the South Florida Sun Times Newspaper, you see progress. Change that we believe will help us all turn the corner and become that destination. Whether you live in Dania Beach, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, Aventura, North Miami Beach or any of the other communities

Cities such as Hollywood continue to drive traffic into their many businesses.

that we continue to help shape and serve, there is change. Things pointed in the right direction. In Hollywood, growth has been the objective since Mayor Peter Bober was elected, and with so many projects in the works, this has the chance to be a centerpiece community. “There is no disputing what they have done in ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– DESTINATION, Page 6A

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The Village at GulfJust in time for New Year’s stream Park is South Florida's premier outdoor weight loss resolutions, BRIO shopping and entertainment destination, featur- Tuscan Grille is introducing its ing a sizzling collection of fashion boutiques, home Lighter Side of Tuscany Menu accessory shops, signaat all of its South Florida locature restaurants, outdoor cafes and nightclubs De- tions starting January 15. light in unique fashions from clothing retailers such as Charming Charlie and Gabriel & Ko.; indulge in home furnishings from favorites like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Z Gallerie and West Elm; enjoy an eclectic assortment of unique dining and entertainment experiences including, Texas de Brazil, Yardhouse, Martini Bar, and joining year, Strike X and Cool de Sac. There are some great discounts offered for the month of January at the ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– VILLAGE, Page 6A

KODNER GALLERIES - DANIA Kodner Galleries has become a 4th generation auction business with over 90 years of experience in buying, selling, appraising and consigning for sale antiques, fine household contents, works of art and diamonds. For more on this quality business, 2A.

A JOB FOR PROFESSIONALS Detecting and removing toxic mold is not a simple process, and it should be done by a professional. Using the best technology and tools available, 1st Priority Restoration can get rid of the mold in your home or business before it becomes a serious problem. Mold can grow anywhere that moisture exists. Air conditioning ducts are the most common place, but it can also form behind drywall, under carpets, and on furniture and fabrics. And mold may already be growing on

HOLLYWOOD Concerts and Movies under the Stars will be the theme at the Boulevard Heights Amphitheater with the all new in the new year, free movies, which will be shown at the amphitheater beginning at 8:00 p.m. on select Saturdays. For more on this exciting series. 3B.

a surface that is not yet releasing enough spores so it is visible. A small area of mold and moisture –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 1ST PRIORITY Page 3A,

HALLANDALE BEACH The 2013 Holiday Lights winners will be announced at the City Commission meeting, Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 6 p.m., in the City Commission Chambers in City Hall. Members of the City’s Beautification Advisory Board toured the City the week of December 16. Page 1D.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014 • • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Wednesday, January 1, 2014 Page 3A

1st Priority From Pge 1A ––––––––––––––––––––– can spread to big damage, it's 1st Priority's job to eliminate it. The first step in eliminating mold is to do a professional inspection. Just as they do to find water leaks, 1st Priority technicians will use non-invasive thermal imaging to find areas of moisture that are hospitable to spores. To make sure they identify the existence of mold at the earliest stage possible, they will do three types of testing: air quality, wall cavity, and tape samplings. The samples are sent to an outside lab, and results are usually returned within 48 hours. IT'S BETTER TO HIRE 1ST PRIORITY It doesn’t take much time for a water leak to do extensive damage to your home or business. In fact, it can happen just hours after the leak occurs. 1st Priority a licensed building contractor for mold remediation and mold assessment has 10 years experience in the industry. They can use that experience to find the leak and fix it quickly, using the latest. state-of-the-art technology. Its noninvasive, infrared thermal imaging equipment can detect the precise location of the leak within a wall or up to 12 feet underground, greatly minimizing the area of wall or floor that needs to be removed. When the leak is fixed, technicians will fully restore the area to its original condition using all new materials. To save the home and business owner time and money, 1st Priority will work directly with your insurance company. Its professional staff will identify and assess both visible and hidden damage, submit all bills, and take care of any negotiations. There is no outof-pocket cost for the home or business owner. This helps you to avoid headaches now as well as in the future. The insurance company adjuster wants the best outcome for the insurance company, and may not actively seek out unseen damage that is behind walls or under floors. 1st Priority, however, advocates for

the homeowner, and its technicians will use their skills and experience to identify even the hidden damage that may cause problems in the future if it is not fixed. HOW DO LEAKS HAPPEN? Some leaks happen when water gets in from the outside, such as after a heavy rain or flood. Others can occur within your plumbing system and will unnecessarily increase your water bill. Determining whether you have this kind of leak is easy. Simply read your water meter just before leaving the house for several hours or going to sleep for the night. When you return, or wake in the morning, read the meter again. If no leak exists, the readings should be about the same. If the second reading is higher, you probably have a leak that is driving up your costs and may be causing unseen damage. If you suspect you have a leak, don’t wait. Call 1st Priority Restoration immediately to fix the problem. IS MOLD MAKING YOUR HOME TOXIC? 1st Priority specializes in ridding your home or business of mold that may be making the air you breathe toxic. When mold exists, it can exacerbate symptoms of asthma and other respiratory ailments, as well as cause coughing, sneezing, and headaches. And some people are highly allergic to it. WHAT IS MOLD? Mold is a living organism that can grow very rapidly under certain conditions. It reproduces by emitting microscopic spores that float through the air and land on damp surfaces, where they begin to feed on the material on which they are resting. Thousands of different kinds of molds exist, and some are known allergens. A few produce harmful chemicals called mycotoxins that can seriously affect many parts of the body. But all molds, in the right conditions and in high enough concentrations, can adversely affect human health. Getting rid of mold is

vital to keeping the environment in your home or business a healthy one. GOODBYE, MOLD Once technicians determine that mold exists, they remove it completely. It is not enough to kill it, because injurious chemicals and proteins can remain even in dead mold. Permeable material such as drywall must be treated or replaced. Because spores are released during the removal process, 1st Priority Restoration uses an air scrubber to keep the spores from settling. Then, a special filtering system effectively traps the spores to clean furniture and other surfaces. After the removal is finished, 1st Priority technicians restore the area to its original condition with new materials. OZONE TREATMENT If your home or business has an unpleasant odor due to smoke damage or biohazards, 1st Priority Restoration can help. Technicians will use a highly effective ozone treatment to eliminate the odor and restore the air quality. 1st PRIORITY RESTORATION: They Will Take care of The Problem From A to Z 1st Priority Restoration does it all. Whatever the source of damage or contamination to your home or business might be, 1st Priority can identify it, repair it, sanitize it and restore the area to its original condition, all while working directly with your insurance company. The company provides start-to-finish, 24-hour service 365 days a year for repairing water, fire and smoke or wind damage, leak detection and repair, and ozone treatment. Technicians follow through with debris clean-up, manipulation and packing, storage, cleaning and sanitizing, using the latest technology to restore your property and belongings to its pre-loss condition. To save you time, 1st Priority can work directly with your insurance company. 1st Priority Restoration provides the fast action and thorough service that are the most important factors

in reducing or eliminating structural damage. Disaster does not knock at the door—it

occurs unexpectedly. 1st Priority’s goal is to respond quickly and restore your home or

business with the least amount of inconvenience to you.

GOT FLOOD? MOLD TESTING & LABORATORIES 24 HOUR FLOOD CLEAN-UP Specializing In The Removal Of Mold & Other Hazardous Materials • State Licensed and Insured • Newest Infrared Technology In Leak Detection & Repair • 24 Hour Water Damage Restoration • Direct Insurance Billing • Residential & Commercial • A/C UV Light For Mold Prevention

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2500 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Suite W (954) 458-4656 | (954) 381-8440 | Follow Us On Facebook:

Page 4A • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Great things ahead for Hallandale Beach in 2014! By Mayor Joy Cooper HALLANDALE BEACH - Happy New Year! May your year be filled with Good Health, Love and Peace. It is always a great time of year to look back and then look forward to all the possibilities. Hallandale Beach is positioned well for the upcoming year. We have many great projects underway to improve our infrastructure and parks. The major projects; A1A, NE drainage and our capital improvement to address costly I/I; are in place. We have continue to address Infiltration issues within our system on the main pipes. The next step is to replace lateral pipes. Infiltration means we are paying more money for our sewage treatment. We will be aggressively addressing this issue to reduce costs of over 2 million a year in unnecessary treatment. A1A will restart in the spring for a total facelift. Drainage in the NE will be completed with a target date of March. This project has been a mess for the residents living with the construction. The silver lining is residents that have been living with flooding will not have to hold their breath every time it rains. Residents that have to access our east side will also not have to worry about getting home or traversing a flood HBB. Four of our parks are being reconstructed; BF James, Joe Scavo, City South Beach and North Beach. These parks are only the first phase of our Master Parks Plan. Scavo and BF James will be completed this year and the beach facilities will be worked on over the summer with the goal of being completed by season. Our financial outlook is stable as well. With the recovery moving forward and increased interest in development picking up it is a good sign. We look forward to balanced redevelopment so we can increase our tax

base remaining sensitive to all possible impacts. We have addressed negotiations with all our unions. With a compromise between all parties we have been able to address unfunded labiates by over 2 million plus annually. This was done by still ensuring our employees are compensated fairly and Police and Fire Personnel will still have a Defined Benefit when they retire. LOOKING FORWARD This coming year we will be embarking three major projects. The first is the goal of “Complete Streets”. Our city was built block by block and not master planned. This adds to the unique diverse character of every neighborhood. The down side is not every neighborhood in our city has the benefit of sidewalks, lighting, sufficient bus stops or bike lanes. The commission has embraced the goal to upgrade very corner of our city. It will add to the safety and quality of life for our citizens and visitors. It will also add to the desirability to live in our community, in turn increasing values. The next major goal will be to finalize and put on the ballot a referendum for a bond to finish our Parks Master Plan. In order to complete our park system and make it world class we will be asking our voters to approve borrowing money. The amount of borrowing would be based on the final cost of all our parks. To date it has been estimated around 4550 million dollars. The debt service would be added to the tax bill. Current we do not have a debt service. Many cities and government agencies pay for infrastructure through the method. It is call a GEO Bond. Our goal will be to have a plan that includes all parks; Golden Isles Park and Tennis Center, Sunrise Park, Bluesten Park/ City Park and Ingalls. OB Johnson and Chaves Lake Park are also slated to be completed. I had asked

• This coming year, the City will be embracing three major projects, which will set progress in motion that they be included in the CRA improvements in case the GEO bond did not pass. We have asked that the Master Plan projected cost be reevaluated to ensure we are proposing a clear plan that cover all improvements. We are also working with a bond financial consultant to ensure the best deal. In my opinion this would be a win-win for our city. Our parks are older and have not been upgraded. Rather than taking years to complete them this comprehensive plan would finish them within 5 years at minimal cost annually to our property owners. Parks definitely add to the quality of life and are proven to increase values. I look at our Parks as a gift to current residents and future generations to come. With current interest rate low it is time to plan for our future.

We have also set in motion to build a brand new main Fire Station. At the writing of this article old city hall will be demolished, cleaned up and graded finally after years of legal battles. The one change is that we no longer will be building the station there. We have land banked property in the Palms area that is suited and fit the response time modeling for the new station. These are just a few of the projects that are underway. We are also looking forward to the roll out of our new Computer System this month. It will increase efficiency, accessibility and productivity. Last but not least we need to continue to focus on the needs of all our residents. We have a wonderfully diverse population. We have homes from the multimillion dollar level to rental property starting at 800 per

month. Regretfully 25% of our population makes under the average of 36,000 per year. Some are living on 15,000 per year. This is equates to a 40 hour work week at minimum wage. We need to make sure we help those that need assistance and a hand up. We can continue to address these needs thru job creation and affordable housing. We also need to work with our local schools to ensure all students have a well round quality education and are ready for college or the workforce. I am happy our commission continues to see the long lasting value of supporting the many great nonprofits, education and train institutions in our city. These investments will continue to make our city strong. I look forward to a great 2014. We need to continue to work together on the path that we have adopted

through everyone’s input to improve our city. Quite often residents do not know how to get involved. I tell them the best way is to pick up the phone and call. There is not a concern to small, an issues that is not important and an idea that should not be proposed and vetted. Your elected officials including me are here to serve you. It is never too late as we start a new budget cycle. Just remember we are blessed to live in a Democracy so while the outcome may not be what your choice was we do listen. Wishing you a healthy prosperous New Year! Mayor Joy Cooper As always feel free to reach out to me at office number 954-457-1318, cell/text 954-632-5700 or visit my website at m

Minimum 21 years of age to play slots, consume alcohol and 18 years of age for poker & simulcast. The State of Florida assumes no liability for these promotions (according to Rule 61 D-14.084). Not responsible for typographical errors. is it player’s club for complete details. Whn Gambling is no longer a game…call 1-888-ADMIT- IT. • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Jewelry, Artwork, Porcelain, Art Glass, Silver, Bronze, Ivory, Jade & more AS SEEN ON TV “Elite” Sets Record Breaking Auction Results

Call us First! Highest Prices Paid Immediately! A FEW OF OUR SATISFIED CLIENTS: Binder and Binder, the largest disability law firm in the country; former owner of the NBA Indiana Pacers; the family of a 2007 PGA Champion; Retired Surgeon Dr. Metrick.


BROWARD: 954-205-3446 MIAMI-DADE: 305-835-6200 License AB #2984

Page 6A • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Fom Page 1A –––––––––––––––––––––– Hollywood to make this a better place to live and work in,” said longtime resident and business owner Carla Wilson. “I have been here long enough to know what needs to be done to make this a destination city.” Hollywood’s ability to create that positive future with many projects currently going on is what it’s all about. More visitors are lured with new businesses that attract to the beach, downtown and soon with a 441 Corridor that has certainly started to make some positive headway. “With a Walmart store planned for Hollywood Blvd. and 441, things are really starting to look up,” Ricky Castro said. “I have lived here for nine years and haven’t totally been satisfied

with the direction. Too many promises, but now, it’s really going to be a thriving place where people want to come to.”

HALLANDALE BEACH CONTINUES TO GROW As the new year is upon us, the City of Hallandale Beach remains a destination that still has two of the biggest headliners in the region – with Mardi Gras Racing & Gaming as well as Gulfstream Park – which has really elevated the city’s nightlife scene with a number of restaurants and clubs. In addition to what Hallandale Beach has to offer in the way of entertainment, there is still the promise of quality beach-front living and 1 mile of the best the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. Brett Hoffer recently moved to Hallandale

Village From Page 1A ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Village at Gulfstream Park. AVENTURA’S FINEST HAND CAR WASH All Month Long MONDAYS Wax Special $10 off, TUESDAYS Senior Citizens Day $2 off, WEDNESDAYS Ladies Day $2 off. Rock:50: FREE CLASSES FOR NEW CUSTOMERS - 3 free classes (for new customers) plus 20% off 12 or 18-class packages. Barker Animation & Art Gallery: Hot Wheels ALL MONTH LONG entire stock of Hot Wheels cars over 2000 to pick from brand new in pks $2.00 each values to $8.00 limit 12 to a customer. Just in time for New Year’s weight loss resolutions, BRIO Tuscan Grille is introducing its Lighter Side of Tuscany Menu at all of its South Florida locations starting January 15. Right now at The Container Store, you can save 30% on elfa and 30% on installation, too! There’s simply no better time to create your dream closet! Between the endless options, gorgeous finishes and free design service, organizing everything in your wardrobe (including your collection of shoes, jewelry and accessories) is easy. Plus, stop by Saturdays and Sundays at 2 pm and 4 pm for expert demonstrations on organizing with elfa. They’ll give away one $20 Store More Card at each demonstration! Sher Gallery, established in 1970, is a South Florida icon featuring glass and metal sculpture, photography, and original paintings by international artists including David Gerstein, Romero Britto, Esther Wertheimer, Vigliaturo, David Bloodworth, Lena Luckey, Tadeo, Schirmer, Tamburro, Hessam Abrishami, and more. Join them for a Wine and Cheese Party on Friday, January 10 from 6:30-8:30PM welcoming Sher Gallery to their new home at the Village of Gulfstream Park. 954.456.0380 These are just some of the great savings the Village in January. For additional information visit or call (954) 454-7000. The Village is part of the legendary Gulfstream Park Racetrack and Casino on South Federal Highway in Hallandale Beach, Florida, less than two miles east of I-95.

Beach from Weston because of the location and the many quality destinations that this city provides to visitors and residents alike. “I just think this city has a certain lure to it,” Hoffer said. “Any beachside community has to have that appeal – and this city is very underrated.”

THE NORTH DADE EXPERIENCE If you’ve lived here for any length of time, you already know why people head to the Sunny Isles Beach, Aventura and North Miami Beach area. There are way too many positives that these communities provide. From living to work-

special,” Andrea Berger said. “Having lived in Aventura for a number of years, I think the fact that you have so many diverse residents and business owners making a difference is why this is the place to be.”

ing and playing, the location has been such a tremendous place for everyone to be. “The Aventura Mall gets people here, but the charm of all these North Miami-Dade Communities is what makes this all so very

While every city in the country has a reason to believe that their area is the spot to be, there is no disputing what Northern Miami-Dade and southern Broward County have to offer – in many, many ways!

Motorized Devices Prohibited on Beach Broadwalk HOLLYWOOD - Due to safety concerns and the increasing use of a variety of recreational devices on the popular Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, the City Commission unanimously approved a change in the municipal beach ordinances. After listening to public input and staff recommendations, the Commission approved the change at the December 18, 2013 Regular City Commission Meeting. To ensure the safety of all visitors to Hollywood Beach, the use of any device which is not operated exclusively by human power on the Broadwalk is now strictly prohibited. The change impacts the use of motorized vehicles, such as motorized Trikkes and motorized bikes, it does not impact the use of motorized wheelchairs or scooters allowed by federal ADA regulations and used by individuals with limited mobility. New signage will be installed along the Broadwalk and literature will be passed out by park rangers and police officers along the Broadwalk to educate residents and visitors about the change. The City is allowing a short grace period of a few weeks to ensure users of motorized trikkes and bikes are informed of the change. After this period, tickets will begin to be issued to those who violate the ordinance. Violations of Chapter 99 of the City’s Code of Ordinances, can face civil penalties ranging from $50 to $500.



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1468 E. Hallandale Bch. Blvd. Hallandale (In the Publix Plaza) 352 E. Dania Beach Blvd. Dania (In the Winn Dixie Plaza) • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Wednesday, January 1, 2014 Page 1B


Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the twenty five year old Martino has already earned two music degrees from Karlsruhe University in Germany. Since 2009 Martino is touring with the soloists of the Keyboard Charitable Trust, a European organization that promotes concerts in Europe and North America for especially talented young pianists.

Brazilian Fabio Martino performs at the Aventura Arts and Culture Center, Jan. 12 at 5 p.m. AVENTURA - “A magician on the piano” exclaimed a German classical music critic. Accolades are frequent for Fabio Martino, the brilliant young Brazilian piano virtuoso. The Miami International Piano Festival welcomes Martino back on January 12, 5:00 PM at the Aventura Arts and Cultural Center (www.aventuracenter.o rg) for his second South Florida performance. After his May, 2012 concert at The Colony Theater in South Beach, the South Florida Classical Review wrote: “ Martino displays remarkable artistry….every element is in place in Martino’s pianism: technique, awareness of style, dynamic control, shades of pianistic color, and deep formal understanding. More importantly, he uses this considerable arsenal to portray, not just play the music.” Giselle Brodsky, Artistic Director of the Miami International Piano Festival, described his performance as “spell-binding, dazzling”. After a concert in Munich, Neue Musik Zeitung wrote “After a moment of concentration it was as if Martino had inserted himself into another sphere and entered completely into the piece…” Born in Sao Paulo,

Martino’s recital is the second of four Classical Sundays at Five at the Aventura venue. As part of the Aventura Cultural Series, the audience engages in an intimate experience. A convivial reception follows. Brazil, the twenty five year old Martino has already earned two music degrees from Karlsruhe University in Germany. Since 2009 Martino is touring with the soloists of the Keyboard Charitable Trust, a European organization that promotes concerts in Europe and North America for especially talented young pianists. His Aventura, Florida performance is part of the U.S. tour and includes works by Liszt, Schumann, Haydn and Prokofiev. Martino has also been racking up prizes at international music competitions for his extraordinary piano artistry. He had double successes at The Second International Music Competition in Rio de Janeiro, taking both first place and an award for the best interpretation of Brazilian music. As a performer, he injects emotion and verve into every piece. He is in demand at concert halls across Europe,

South America and the United States. Martino has played concertos by Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, Bach, Schumann, Mozart and many others with orchestras such as The Brazilian Symphony, The Des Moines Symphony Orchestra, The Bavarian Radio Symphony, and The Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra. He has demonstrated great versatility in recitals ranging from the Baroque to contemporary. Martino’s recital is the second of four Classical Sundays at Five at the Aventura venue. As part of the Aventura Cultural Series, the audience engages in an intimate experience. A convivial reception follows. The Miami International Piano Festival’s Lecturer in Residence, Dr. Frank Cooper, proffers illuminating commentary for all of the recitals. The third recital in the series is February 23 and fea-

tures Claudio Martinez-Mehner (Spain), another widely respected pianist, conductor and professor. The Sunday series concludes April 27 with Pavel Nersessian (Russia), one of the most remarkable Russian pianists of his generation and also a professor at Boston University. The 2014 season continues with The Master Series at The Broward Center for The Performing Arts, ”The Romantic Spec-

trum”, March 23-25, with recitals by Pietro de Maria (Italy), Amir Katz (Israel) and Balazs Szokolay (Hungary). The 2014 season culminates with The Discovery Series, May 15-18 at The Colony Theater in Miami Beach with performances by, Kotaro Fukuma (Japan), Nick Van Bloss (Great Britain), Zlata Chochieva (Russia), Kemal Gekic (Croatia), Misha Dacic (Serbia) and a special recital by the Californian piano

prodigy, Llewellyn Sanchez-Werner, in The Prodigies and Masters of Tomorrow series. This piano festival is indeed international! user/miamipianofestival FABIO MARTINO, PIANO January 12, 2014 5:00 PM Aventura Arts and Cultural Center, 3385 NE 188th Street Aventura, FL 33180 Tickets By Phone: 954462-0222 | 877-311-7469 visit online:

Page 2B South • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Wednesday, January 1, 2014 Page 4C Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, April 22, 2010

Broward Center presents the enchanting Wizard of Oz By Eleanor Hannan Follow the yellow brick road to the Broward Center as the Wizard of Oz opens the 2014 season with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new production of “The Wizard of Oz,” an adaptation of the all time classic, totally reconceived for the stage, by the awardwinning team that recently delighted London and Toronto audiences with the revival of “The Sound of Music.” This new production of “The Wizard,” developed from the ever popular MGM screenplay, contains all of the beloved songs by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg as: “We're Off to See the Wizard,” “Over the Rainbow,” “If I Only Had a Brain” and more from the Oscar -

January 7 through 19, 2014. Performances vary from evenings at 8 p.m. and Matinees on different days at 1, 2 or 6:30 p.m. Tickets range from $34.50 to $89.50. Club Level seats are$119.50, available at the box office located at 201 Southwest Fifth Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. For more information, call: (954) 462-0222.

Winning movie score, along with the favorite characters and iconic moments, plus a few surprises along the way, including new songs by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. In this new production of L. Frank Baum’s all-time classic tale, join Dorothy and Toto as they journey to the Emerald City with Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion to see the famed wizard of the Land of Oz and obtain their hearts’ desires. Find out what lies over the rainbow while they must watch out for the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys as you discover the real story of Oz in this fantastic musical treat for the entire family. Playing in the AuRene Theatre, from

A DOO-WOP EVENING WITH DISTINGUISHED TOP SINGING STARS FEATURING KENNY VANCE, THE MYSTICS & MORE: Sounds of Kenny Vance and the Planotones need no introduction to his expansive musical career as a singer, director, actor and songwriter. Kenny’s credits are too numer-

ous to mention. Among todays great vocal pop musicians, Kenny Vance and the Planotones do great justice to the oldie but goldie songs of the past and have been an important part of Rock N’ Roll. In 1999, Vance served as musical director for the film,“Looking for An Echo,” which promoted Kenny’s song of the same name. They were chosen to be the opening act for the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In 2002, Kenny was inducted into the Vocal Hall of Fame. Looking back to that glorious era of the 1950's and 1960's when Doo-Wop was all the rage and it is still as popular today, George Galfo and his uncle Phil Cracolici, original members of

The Mystics, along with Joe Neary, Rocky Marsicano and Ralph Roberts were singing all of their wonderful renditions including their number one top of the chart hits, “Hushabye” and “Don’t Take the Stars,” in addition to many more of their numerous fan's favorites, who just can’t get enough of their beautiful harmonies and always draw a large crowd. On January 11, 2014, at 7 p.m. the

Parker Playhouse they will be Rockin’ and Rollin’ all night long. The show will also include: Terry Johnson’s Flamingos and Jimmy Clanton. Tickets are $37.50 to $61.50 at the box office Tuesday Through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. located at 707 Northeast 8th Street, Fort Lauderdale. For other information call 954462-0222. “See You at the Theatre” Contact Eleanor at

Salsabor, from Paris to Florida! Dance classes, Private lessons, Shows 15 years experience teaching Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Kompa... Have fun and dance well!

(305) 510-9860 3363 NE 163 street #101 North Miami Beach, FL 33160 Thursday: 7pm-10pm Saturday: 2pm-6pm

1960 South Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009 • 954-251-2658 A N DR E EL MICHAca n

Ameri “Great o o k” Song B atra in S k n Fra is Jr. v a D y S a mm g Cole Nat Kin 3RD Fri. Jan . 7-10 P.M


Neil Dia m Starring ond Tribute Ne Sat. Jan ilthZirconia 11 8 Pm


Tuesday Night Sunset Dinner Will Be Served 5-9 Pm

Sunset Dinners Served 4:00 - 7:00 pm Daily Except 4:00 - 6:00 pm Saturdays Starters Soup of the Day, Garden House Salad or Cole Slaw and choice of potato & vegetable Entrees Caprese Pasta roasted tomato, garlic & olive oil....................$12 Chopped Sirloin 12oz. Grilled w/mushroom gravy....................$13 Roast Chicken..............................................$14 Chicken Parmigiana served with linguini. . . . .$14 Chicken Brochette served over rice with tzatziki sauce...............$15 Rainbow Trout Almondine...........................$15 Linguini with Clam Sauce - reda or white....$15 Atlantic Salmon grilled, broiled or poached.............................$16 Grouper - baked, broiled or Francaise...........$16 New York Steak 10oz...................................$16 Fillet Mignon Brochette served over a bed of rice...............................$16 Grilled Rack of Lamb...................................$18 Desserts Key Lime Pie, Apple Pie, or New York Cheese Cake Beverages Coffee, Tea, or Soda Happy Hour Beverage Service Well Drink - Beer - Wine: Half Price 4-6 pm Please note: After 8pm 2 drink minimum with entertainment - No Sharing

Maine Lobster 1 1/4 Lb Maine Lobster Soup or Salad Choice of Potato


Delmonico Steak 16oz


Incl Soup or Salad Potato or Veg


Stone Crabs 1 Lb. Medium

Served With Mustard Sauce





With WithAd, Ad,Exp. Exp.12/28/13 01/31/14--Code CodeST ST

1960 South Ocean Drive, Hallandale Fl South of Hallandale Beach Blvd. in the Hemispheres on A-1-A Ocean Side Closed Mondays


FREE Valet Parking

Sun Times Service Directory Office (954) 458-0635 • Fax (954) 458-0765 • SERVICE DIRECTORY

Chickee Huts

75% OFF

VERTICALS! Carpet From $6.99/sq. yard Window Coverings & Flooring Of All Kinds!



954.497.1122 State Certified Thatching Contractor CYC000002 by Advanced Construction Corp. 337385

GRAB BARS Bathroom & Shower Installation CALL DAVID (954) 966-7593

Advertise For $20 (954)



Kitchen & Baths DOME Complete Interior CEILINGS Remodeling



JOHN’S PLUMBING Service Today!

(954) 923-4184

CAR WASH Exterior Wash Only $10.00 Wash Int., Ext. & Vacuum $15.00 Ext., Int. Wash, Wax & Polish $40.00 Prices Valid MON-SAT 9-5 (954) 394-2335 thru 01/31/14 205 N.W. 2nd Ave., Hallandale Beach



Monthly APPLIANCE Special! REPAIRS $1995

Service Fee FREE w/Repair!



Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, Disposals & Much More ...

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Concerts and Movies under the Stars • For music lovers, make a plan to attend the Hollywood West Concerts held on the 2nd Saturday of the month HOLLYWOOD - Looking for an entertaining and inexpensive family night out? Check out the events at the Boulevard Heights Amphitheater located adjacent to the Boulevard Heights Community Center at 6770 Garfield Street in the west section of Hollywood. All new in the new year, free movies will be shown at the amphitheater beginning at 8:00 p.m. on select Saturdays. The first movie is “The Muppets” slated for January 18 at 8:00 p.m. Then on January 25, grab your popcorn and blanket, for a showing of “We Bought a Zoo.” Both movies are

rated PG for the whole family to enjoy. For a complete schedule of the Boulevard Heights Free Movies, go to and check out the calendar of events. For music lovers, make a plan to attend the Hollywood West Concerts held on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair and enjoy a free concert under the oak hammock. In January, it’s a country music show featuring Rough Shot. The music gets started at 7:30 p.m. and continues until 9:00 p.m. An added feature for concert-goers is the

new “Cardio Concert Club.” The Cardio Concert Club meets a half hour before the Hollywood West Concerts at 7:00 p.m. for a brisk walk prior the enjoying the music. It’s a chance to get in a little exercise before relaxing and enjoying the live music. Just check in at the Boulevard Heights Community Center to get started. Free TShirts are available for Cardio Concert Club The City of Hollywood’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts works hard to make sure there’s always something to do in Hollywood. Sign up for a

Renovate your body with Tai Chi

Calm and focus your mind with the Taoist Tai Chi Society® Internal Arts

Join a Beginner Class!

All new in the new year, free movies will be shown at the amphitheater beginning at 8:00 p.m. on select Saturdays. The first movie is “The Muppets” slated for January 18 at 8:00 p.m. Then on January 25, grab your popcorn and blanket, for a showing of “We Bought a Zoo.” Both movies are rated PG for the whole family to enjoy.

weekly e-mail featuring all of the City’s special

events by going to and click-

ing on the NotifyMe sign up button. Enjoy!

Special Offer To New Patients!

Your Smile is a Phone Call Away!

Exam & Full Mouth X-rays

$59 Regular Value $225

Tuesday, Jan. 7th & Thursday, Jan. 9th - 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Monday, January 13th - 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Open House Saturday, January 4th - 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. Health Recovery Class Parkinson’s • Alzheimer’s • Stroke Thursdays 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

FREE 1st Introductory Class! A charitable non-profit organization - Visitors welcome!

Taoist Tai Chi Society® of the USA


Sage Plaza 800 E. Hallandale Beach Bvd. #27 Hallandale Beach, Florida (954) 455-2474 - (305) 458-9518 Email: •

“Thank You For Your Loyal Patronage. Your Faithful Support Inspires Us To Be The Best!”

Broward Dental Implants & Cosmetic Center Patricia M. Bobadilla, D.D.S. All Phases of Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Dentistry Call: 954.456.1939 For Your Appointment Today!

2500 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard #601 Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009 Complimentary Second Opinion

Always Accepting Quality Vendors

m p 0 0 : 3 m a 0 0 : 8 y a d n u S & y da r u t a S , y a d i r F Free Parking • s r o o td u Open O • t r u o

ce • Food C u d ro P h s re F • s m rage Sale Ite a G • e is d n a h rc e For More Info, Please Call: (954) 454-8666 • New Quality M

Flea Market

Pembroke Road and US-1 in Hallandale Beach 1 Mile East of I-95 at the Pembroke Road Exit.

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Sending Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year from Dolly’s Florist Since 1948, Dolly’s florist has delivered thousands of arrangements for all occasions. We are large enough to serve your Worldwide and small enough to know you for generations. Weddings and Special Events • Corporate Gift Giving • Green and Blooming Plants • Fruit and Gourmet Baskets

14700 NW 7 Ave Miami, Fl 33168 | 305-769-3843 | 954-981-4600 | • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Wednesday, January 1, 2014 Page 1C

Sue Ward Homes continues to stand above the competition

• To remain competitive and continue to attract clients, being up front, honest and reliable are easily the best rules to follow It is certainly no huge secret that the real estate market has been through some tough times over the past five years. To be successful in the competitive world of property buying, renting and selling in this economy, there are many things to follow, and that is why Sue Ward Homes has stood above the competition. South Florida real estate has always been a roller coaster ride unlike anywhere in the country. “We have been in the business of aiding clients through the ups and downs for more than two decades and have many lifelong clients as a result," said Broker Sue Ward of Sue Ward Homes. "Staying on top of the latest market trends enables us to advise our clients when it is the right time to buy, sell or hold onto a property." To remain competitive and continue to attract clients, being up front, honest and reliable are easily the best rules to follow. Also, when it comes to running a successful business – of any kind - an organization is nothing but the sum total of its parts, and Sue Ward homes provides the most knowledgeable parts around. “As the broker I am blessed with having an unbeatable group of very talented, dedicated and diverse realtors working under my license,” said Ward. “Collectively, we are pleased to say that we provide unsurpassed customer service to our clients – whether it be the buyer, seller, renter or landlord.” Ward’s experience in real estate – especially in south Florida – comes from being a resident for nearly 50 years. Having lived in North Miami Beach when her family moved from the cold north in 1962, she was on the ground floor in a real estate market that went through

Sue Ward

many changes. Not only were affordable single family homes a popular choice back in the late 60s and 70s, but condos and rentals became fashionable as well. Experienced in dealing with short sales, foreclosure and rental properties - and the myriad of paperwork those entail - has been instrumental in successful transactions. "This past year has seen an upswing on sales and in many cases a shortage of available properties," Ward explained. "Knowing how to price a property properly for sale is critical when trying to sell. If you are thinking of putting a property on the market allow us to prepare a true evaluation and marketing strategy for you. There is no charge to you for this service and we all know that knowledge is power." The market is still healing from the bubble days and while we still have a way to go it is certain that the future is bright. "There are good investment properties out there and opportunities for buyers - be they first time buyers, downsizing, relocating from out of the area or looking for a vacation home." Ward explains. "We hope that you will trust one of our seasoned agents to help

you find the perfect property for you. Our promise to all is a great experience from start to finish." Until moving to South Carolina five years ago, Ward lived in Hallandale Beach and set the table for a business and reputation that is unmatched in this industry. She learned by being totally up front and honest, which is rare in this business. Because of family circumstances, Ward, her husband and African Grey, Bogy, moved to Myrtle Beach - where she continued making dreams come true for buyers, renters and sellers. While her name had become one that everyone knew about and counted on through the decades, the decision to not only start her new South Carolina office, but maintain that heavily-rooted reputation in south Florida turned out to be an easy decision. “My wonderful agents in Hallandale Beach and Hollywood asked that we keep the company alive, and so today we have our office here in South Florida,” Ward recalled. “That gave us a presence in South Carolina, south Florida and England, thanks to my Florida office manager Norman Raven who also handles recruiting, training and support for agents as need be.” While change is also positive, and nobody can ever predict what will happen in the future, the contacts made through the years gives Sue Ward Homes an opportunity to reach out to former agents who have relo-

Norman Raven and Debbie Finke

Rick Noel

U. Sam El-Abaidy

Gail Schneider cated across the country. That is a huge plus in a company that offers a diverse group who can help clients who are relocating from the area as well as into this region of the country. Change brings knowledge and greater ability to help their customers and long term clients. In Raven’s case, you have someone who has been in the business for over 40 years – and has built up contacts around the world. That is the kind of reputation and service that this company has earned. “We have the opportunity, through the many clients we have served through the years, to help people all over the world,” said Raven. “Being honest and up front has given us repeat business and customers who can rely on this company to come up with the best deals.” While the economy eases, and making that purchase of a lifetime has become more of a reality, it’s always reassuring to know that whatever your needs may be, Sue Ward Homes has the agents under the company’s umbrella who can fulfill those needs for you. “We have such an outstanding legion of agents who can help you with this most important purchase,” Ward explains. “It’s a group that we are very proud to have on board with us.”

DeAnna Kramer

Nicole Matos-Ramirez

“As the broker I am blessed with having an unbeatable group of very talented, dedicated and diverse realtors working under my license. Collectively, we are pleased to say that we provide unsurpassed customer service to our clients – whether it be the buyer, seller, renter or landlord.” SUE WARD, BROKER SUE WARD HOMES

SUE WARD HOMES AGENTS U. Sam El-Abaidy Service and satisfaction beyond your expectations in buying selling or leasing. 954-205-7500 Direct 954-456-9533 Fax. Speaks Arabic. Olympus resident. Michael Bustillo 305-776-4901 Debbie Finke and Norman Raven 954-815-3333 Pessie Finn 954-599-8477 Gary Korkhin 954-558-4475 Speaks Russian DeAnna Kramer 954-444-7249 Born and raised in Hollywood, over 15 years listing and selling real estate in Hollywood and Dania Beach. I take you from contract to closing with the personal attention you need in today’s real estate market. INTEGRITY, HONESTY, KNOWLEDGE– Rick Noel 954-290-1174 Bienvenue a Nos Amis Canadiens Oui, Je parle Francais Nicole Matos-Ramirez, TRC Cell: 954-261-0466 Fax: 954-381-1105 Over ten years experience dedicated to excellent customer service from start to beyond closing investors, buyers, sellers, foreclosures and short sales in Broward County. Speaks Spanish. Rahman Saleh 954-464-7744 Gail Schneider Specializing in Boynton Beach, FL 954-224-2693 Fax 561-364-9631 Richard Verrault 954-347-8210

MAIN NUMBER: 954-455-0093 If you are an agent, looking for a new home in 2014 you may wish to join our family and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you…. Sue Ward Homes Inc. may be just what you are looking for. Come chat with Norman (954-609-8477) in strictness of confidence.

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Dear Nurse: Thanks for Listening! (BPT) - Nurses wear many hats when it comes to talking to patients – providing education, advice and emotional support about even the most personal issues. For the 400,000 people in the U.S. who are living with multiple sclerosis (MS), that kind of personal attention can make all the difference. Diane Terry-Strelow has been a nurse for more than 30 years and says that all questions, big or small, are important to address when it comes to helping support those living with MS. “MS is experienced differently by each and every patient I speak to,” says Terry-Strelow, a nurse with Genzyme’s MS One to OneTM program, which provides personalized support to program members living with MS, as well as their care partners. MS One to OneTM connects each member

with his/her own nurse who has significant MS knowledge and is available by phone or online 24/7. “Patients enter the conversation at various points in their disease progression and with varying levels of knowledge about MS. For some, it is not easy to talk with friends and family about the disease. So it’s important that through MS One to OneTM, we provide support and encouragement to help them feel comfortable asking questions.” MS is a progressive, chronic disease that impacts a person’s central nervous system, which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and the optic nerves. MS prevents the nerves from transmitting messages between the brain and other parts of the body. This results in different and unpredictable physical and cognitive problems that can be mild, such

as numbness in the limbs, or more severe, such as loss of vision or diminished mobility of the arms and legs. Some patients with MS experience attacks or flare-ups followed by remissions, while others experience a gradual worsening of symptoms. This unpredictability can be one of the most frustrating and stressful characteristics of the disease, says Terry-Strelow. This is why it is important that MS patients have a strong support network to help them reduce some of the physical and emotional burdens that they experience. Patients need to make the most of what they can control. “We can provide suggestions to help patients and their care partners overcome daily challenges of living with MS,” says Terry-Strelow. “For us nurses on call, there is no question too

Accomplish your weight management goals this year (BPT) - The new year gives everyone the perfect opportunity to start fresh. For some, it may be a time to explore a new hobby or take on a new professional challenge. For others, starting fresh means moving into a new home or a new city. And the new year for many people is a time to begin managing their weight. Finding success in weight management does not mean giving up your favorite dishes and going hungry all the time. Instead, consider eating the foods you love in moderation to help keep you moving toward your goal, while also enjoying everything else happening in the new year. Try these tips to help you achieve your weight management goals, and feel good about yourself while doing so: * Keep track of your portions - Paying attention to the portions recommended for different foods will help you moderate how much you eat. To stay on track during chilly months, Weight Watchers(R) Smart Ones(R) offers new portion-controlled soups that provide 3-8 grams of fiber in each serving and will warm you up. These soups come in four flavors - Spicy Black Bean, Loaded Potato, Fire Roasted Vegetable and Southwest Style Vegetable - and are perfect for taking to work or heating up at home. * Get moving - For some, "working out" has some negative connotations. But there are ways to get your body moving while having fun and multitasking. Dancing, cleaning the house, shoveling the driveway, or even playing video games while standing up are all good ways to get moving more often. And if you're already moving, consider adding new physical activities like yoga, taking a daily walk or trying a new class at the gym - anything to increase your heart rate and the movement of blood through your body. * Check the labels - Look for options that contain a good or excellent source of protein to carry you through your afternoon or evening. New Weight Watchers Smart Ones Chicken Strips and Fries have 14 grams of protein and only 310 calories, satisfying your craving for this favorite without the guilt. And this year, Weight Watchers Smart Ones is also updating its packaging with new, easy-to-read labels to help you adhere to various dietary preferences, like gluten-free or vegetarian. * Set the foundation - Achieving goals of any kind is easier to accomplish if you're healthy and well rested. In addition to eating better-foryou food and moving regularly, you should also be sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night and to protect yourself from germs by frequently washing your hands with soap. These practices will give you a strong, healthy foundation as you manage your weight. If you've put weight management on your list of resolutions for the new year, these tips can help you achieve your goals, leaving you ready to tackle a new challenge in your life. (SOURCE: Weight Watchers(R) Smart Ones(R)

your highs and lows, questions and concerns, and offer advice when possible. Our door is always open.” To learn more about MS One to OneTM, visit, or call 1-855-MSOne2One (1855-676-6326). The program is available online and through telephone support, and provides participants with information about MS as a disease, treatment and access to other helpful online and local resources.

Nurses wear many hats when it comes to talking to patients – providing education, advice and emotional support about even the most personal issues.

‘unique’ or too ‘tough.’ From questions about learning how to be an engaged parent while battling fatigue, to managing personal hygiene issues, we have worked with patients to address all kinds of concerns.” TerryStrelow also notes “We are not a replacement for important conversations that patients should have with their health care provider. We direct patients to talk with their health care provider regarding condition and treatment choices.” Aside from inquiries about treatment, one of the most common questions MS One to OneTM Nurses are asked is how those with MS can better manage feelings of exhaustion that are a common symptom of MS. “Often I find that patients have a hard time not only physically dealing with the fatigue, but in learning to explain this ‘invisible’ ailment to loved ones. How do you tell a friend, family member or coworker that simply standing for a few minutes or running a quick errand can cause you to need to rest?” explains Terry-

Strelow. She says patients with these types of questions often request a direct call from an MS One to OneTM Nurse to their loved ones to explain the issue at hand and describe MS in terms that those who are not living with the disease can better understand. “The job of an MS One to OneTM Nurse is to provide support to those enrolled in the program,” says TerryStrelow. “Don’t hold back with your questions – we’re just a phone call away. We are here to listen to all


Dr. Steven Brotsky

Podiatrist -Foot Specialist 2500 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard CONVENIENT GROUND FLOOR LOCATION

(954) 457-7400


WE ARE NOW SUPPLIERS FOR MEDICARE’S “THERAPEUTIC DIABETIC SHOE PROGRAM” Medicare and most insurance accepted where applicable

HELP WANTED • Classified Section • Wednesday, January 1, 2014 Page 3C




$9.97 P/H 7:00 am to 1:00 pm, 35 HRS. P/W. Split bees seed, put out bee boxes, medicate feed hives, manipulate hives, extract harvest honey, raise bees, locate catch queen honey bee in hive in a rapid manner, evaluate queen & egg laying patterns. Work is done in all kinds of weather. Maint. on farm vehicles & equip. Farm field & shed sanitation duty. Must not be allergic to bee or insect stings. Climb ladder, walk, lift up to 50 lbs., bend, reach, kneel, 3 months. Commercial bee keeping experience. May be required to take a random drug test at no cost to worker. Shared housing is available if outside the commuting area at no cost to worker, tools, supplies & equip. will be provided at no cost to worker. Transp. & subsist. expense to the work site will be provided or paid upon completion of 50% of work contract or earlier, if appropriate and 3/4 guarantee specified in USDOL regulation 20 CFR 655.122(i) job contract. Contact: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Gloria Robinson (850) 245-7105, REF: Job order #FL98413-85 Job offered by: Cantu Apiaries, Inc., Zolfo Springs, FL 33890

1009 N. 13th Terr., Hlwd 33019 - 2/1 with Bonus Room For Office in Beautiful Country Club Homes East of US-1. Convenient to Shopping, Major Roadways. Nestled in-between 2 Golf Courses, minutes to Public Marina and a walk to one of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World! Walk to the Arts Park & Lively Downtown Hlwd. Home Features 2 Screened in Patios, Separate Laundry Room, 1-Car Garage, Newer Appliances, including Water Heater & Updated Electrical. All Mature Landscaping. Fenced In Yard • No Brokers, Please!

OFFERED AT $269,000 • Owner’s Cell: (508) 376-5048 APARTMENT FOR SALE

A BROKER BUYS HOUSES! I Need To Buy A Home In 30 Days. Any Area, Any Condition, Any Situation! GUARANTEED CASH OFFER!!

Place your ad in The South Florida Sun Times Classified

Many Others Available, Call For Infomation!


Advertise (954) 458-0635




COMPANION Light duty, prepare meals, light cleaning, doctor appointments, shopping, 10+ years experience, own car. Call: (954) 549-4160

2 CEMETARY PLOTS Separate locations, below listing price, Southern Memorial Park. Bill: (954) 589-3269

LICENSED HAIRSTYLIST/ BARBER Needed for assistant or to work on commission, or booth rental. (954) 987-6258




Advertise (954) 458-0635

NEW MERITS LIGHT TUBULAR Folding Power Chair Price Valued at: $3,000+ Sale price: $1,000. (954) 457-7255

LOOKING FOR HELP Must be skilled in granite countertop fabrication. CALL MITCH: (954) 560-7380


CHECK THIS OUT! AVENTURA / MYSTIC POINTE TOWER 500 CALL MIKE ROSEN NEW LISTING! 2/2, hi flr, great view. Wood fls, carpet, tile. Any size pet. Cell: (954) 854-7828 INTERNATIONAL Can rent immediately. Best price in TURNBERRYREALTY building for $369,900 OBO NEW LISTING! 2/2 +Den wraparound, super water view, all tiled, 1365 sq. ft. NEW LISTING! 3/3 wrap, high floor, great views of Ocean, Bay & Golf. 1676 SOLD sf, wood floors. A MUST SEE! WILL SELL FAST! ONLY $594,000 OBO AVENTURA / MYSTIC POINTE TOWER 300 NEW! 2/2 Corner, Super View, Low floor. Like Living in a Boat! Remodeled D Kitchen with Island for easier LD OL SO cooking, newer Bathrooms. REDUCED TO $499K !! OBO 2/2 Cor Wrap, Super Vu! Remod Kit, Low fl. Easy to Show! HOLLYWOOD ACROSS THE BEACH - TRAFALGAR TOWERS Super View! 1/1.5 Great condition. Furnished. Only $199,900! Renter in Unit Until November 2014. HALLANDALE FAIRWAYS ROYALE CONDO NEW! 1/1.5 tile, golf & pool vus, 4th fl, new AC, $115,900 HALLANDALE RENTAL - NEW! Duo Condo 2/2, $1895 mo. MEADOWBROOK - HALLANDALE NEW! 1/1.5 All Furnished. New Carpeting, All Ages And Can Rent Also. Only $112,900 OBO 2/2 No Age Restricts. Can Rent in a Year. Great Shape! ING D PEND Was $137,000 - REDUCED TO $129,000 OBO P D LD OL 1/1.5, 7th Floor, 55+, $109,000 Great Price! S O

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY 12 Unit Bldg. Nice Money Maker. Miramar Area. All Units 100% Rented, $895K. For More Info, Call Mike Rosen! LOW INVENTORY, NEED MORE LISTINGS, CALL ME!! YOUR HOME MAY BE WORTH MORE THAN YOU THINK!

(954) 458-0635




Happy, Healthy New Year!

(954) 271-0054



DE SOTO PARK Updated 1/1.5 LA MER ESTATES Convenient to OCEAN DIRECT VUS beaches, shopping, HOLLYWOOD LAKES Upgraded 1800 sf unit Gulfstream Race Track Single Family, Lake with direct ocean views. & Casino. $135,000 Great oceanfront Views, 5,000 sf, LAKE POINT TOWERS 5 Bd./5 full ba. w/2 secured bldg. Convenient to airport, half baths, pool, Great Building With Aventura Mall, shops & Guard Gate, Convencircular driveway, restaurants, $499K 2-car garage, ient to Beaches, $1,175,000 Shopping, Race Track PARKER PLAZA & Casino. Boat Marina FAIRWAYS RIVIERA ESTATES 1 & 2 Bedroom with Dock Space, Very Ocean direct views Units In Desirable Reasonable To Rent. from this completely Area Convenient To upgraded 1/1.5 full Beaches, Shopping, WOODLAKE APTS service oceanfront Gulfstream Race 1/1, convenient to building, $365,000 Track & Casino, beaches, shops, 15 Mins. Ft. Laud. Gulfstream Race Track AVANT GARDE Airport. & Casino. Low COMPLEX Maintenance, Boat DANIA BEACH Opposite Ocn, views of Dock Avail. For Rent DUPLEX Intra & Ocean. Spacious 2/1’s very well maintained. Desirable 1 & 2 Br. units available. RENTAL Convenient to Ft. Laud. PARKER PLAZA location. Ample Airport, Aventura Mall. 1/1.5, direct ocean parking, $190K view, $1,750 mo.




Florida Living as it Should Be ...

1 TEMP. WORKER START DATE 02/10/2014 ENDS 10/31/2014





Jalmark Jalmark Realty Realty Presents... Presents... THE THE SUMMIT SUMMIT



A Few Rentals Still Available!

Call TED or MARY ANN Brok 954.925.6500 e Brokers W elco rs me!







, INC.

Commercial & Residential

2978 Aventura Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180 - (305) 931-5550 “Between Publix And CVS Pharmacy”

A Happy, Healthy New Year To All! “List With Us & View Your Property on You Tube & Facebook” CONDOS & HOMES FOR SALE 100 Hidden Bay Condo 3/2.5...........$749,000 100 Hidden Bay Condo 3/2.5...........$555,000 Arlen House East Condo 2/2............$295,000 Anchor Bay Condo 2/2......................$355,000 Atlantic 1 At The Point 5/5.5.........$2,599,000 Aventura Marina Condo 2/3.............$645,000 Berkeley Diplomat Condo 1/1............$97,500 Biscaya IV Condo 1/2.........................$179,000 Bravura 1 Condo 2/2........................$169,000 Commodore Plaza Tower 2 Condo 2/2..$299,000 Coronado Tower 2 1/1.5...................$117,900 Coronado Tower 3 2/2......................$279,900 County Squire Estates S/F Home 4/3.$487,000 Delvista Towers Condo 2/2..............$325,000 Delvista Towers Condo 2/2..............$249,900 Flamenco Condo 2/2.........................$218,500 Hidden Hammocks Estates S/F 5/3.5..$499,000 Lakeview Townhomes TH 3/2.............$299,000 Mar-Len Gardens 1 Br. 1 Ba................$49,000 Modelo Park S/F Home 3/1..............$145,000



Ext.: 24 or 23

Mystic Pointe Condo 2/2..................$384,900 Oak Lakes 4/2....................................$239,900 Progresso S/F Home 3/2..................$119,000 Radius Condo 2/2..............................$224,900 The Residences At The Bath Club Condo 2/3.5..................$1,575,000 Roosevelt Park S/F Home 4/3............$55,000 South Tower At The Point Condo 3/2. $800,000 Sunrise Golf Village S/F Home 3/1.. $264,900 Turberry Isle Condo 2/2....................$650,000 Turberry Isle South Condo 2/2.........$394,500 Turnberry Tower Condo 3/2..............$390,000 Uptown Marina Lofts Condo 3/3.. . . .$525,000 Unique Aventura, Waterfront Mansion 6/7.5...............................$4,500,000 Village By The Bay Condo 2/2..........$365,000 Waterview Penthouse Condo 2/3.. . .$279,000 Whitehall Regency Condo 2/1...........$50,000

OUR RENTALS Beach Club Condo 3 Br. 3.5 Ba.................$6,500 The Waverly At Surfside 2 Br. 2 Ba...........$2,500 Coronado Condo 1/1.5..........................$1,350 The Yachtclub At Aventura Condo 2/2....$2,200 Mystic Pointe Tower 600 Condo 3/3.5. . .$1,900 Turnberry Towers 3/2............................$2,700 We Don’t Just Sell Here...We Live Here! Visit Our Website: www.Aventurarealestate.Net


SELL SELL SELL SELL English or French - It’s Time To Sell Call For More Details!


Sheridan East - 1/1, 2nd Fl Corner, All Ages, Ok to Rent, Furnished, Ceramic, Built in ‘98, $129,900 Dorsey Arms - 3/2, 4 to 13 Fl, 1600 sf corner units, Ocean & Intra Vus, Impact Windows & Doors, $260K to $299K Moffett Place - 1/1.5, 3rd floor,100% upgraded, ceramic, cabinets, granite, exquisitely garnished, all ages, small dogs and rentals Ok, even the first year. $126,000 Paradise By The Sea - 2/2, 2nd floor, all ages, pool view, updated, move-in. Ok to rent 1st year, $124,900 SOLD Summit - 2/2 corner unit, 20th floor, southSOLD ocean & canal views, 100% remodeled, porcelain tile, crown molding, new gourmet kitchen, S.S. appliances, granite, exquisite baths. Turnkey $449,000 Summit - 2/2, North Tower, ceramic, original kitchen & bathrooms, $349,000 SOLD FOR $342K 1818 Rodman - 1/1.5, 2nd floor, Rentals OK, super clean, ceramic, $84,900 Fairways Co-Op - Hallandale - Large balcony/Diplomat Golf Course View/ 55+/NE 14th Ave. 1) 1/1 Bldg 200 - 3rd floor, Everything new, turnkey, awesome decor, ceramic, $135,900 2) 1/1.5 Bldg. 700 - 5th flr. totally redone, great view, ceramic, turnkey, $139,000 SOLD FOR $135K 3) 1/1.5 Bldg. 400 - 2nd flr, enclosed balcony, ceramic, totally renovated, Turnkey, $124,900 4) 3/3.5 Bldg. 500 - 2nd floor, new kitchen, 2 new bathrooms, can be converted to a 4 Bedroom, 2 parking spaces, upgraded, 1700 square feet. Very unique unit, $179,000 5) 2/1.5 Bldg. 300 - 2nd floor, converted into a 2 Bedroom, ceramic, furnished, only $89,900 6) 2/2 Bldg. 200 - 3rd floor, totally renovated in style, furnished, really nice, new A/C $139,900 7) 2/2 Bldg. 400 - 2nd floor, corner, ceramic, 100% renovated, open kitchen. Must Sell. WOW $135,900 8) 2/2 Bldg. 600 - 2nd floor, totally new, ceramic, open kitchen, recessed lighting, WOW $164,900 9) 2/2 Bldg. 300 - 2nd flr., open kitchen, ceramic, furnished, 100% renovated, $150,000 decor, furn, cov park, $180,000 10) 2/2 Bldg 700 - Top flr cor, JEWEL 100 REMODELED! Designer SOLD 11) 2/2 Bldg 600 - 4th fl corner, Pergo, totally renov. Awesome view! SOLD IN 10 DAYS $134,000 Meadowbrook - 2/2, 2nd floor, totally remodeled, Stainless Steel appliances. Asking $139,000 SOLD Casa Paradiso - 2/2, 3rd floor, Layne Boulevard, total rehab, needs cabinets, floors, etc, only $79,000 Parker Dorado - 2/2, 7th flr, great oceanfront view, ceramic, $325,000 SOLD FOR $300,000 Single Family, 2449 Funston, Hollywood - 3/1.5, can park a 50 foot motor home, hook-up in place, very clean, move-in condition, very cozy & well equipped, Central A/C, corner lot, $139,900 %

Page 4C Wednesday, January 1, 2014 • Classified Section • APARTMENT TO RENT


HALLANDALE APARTMENT 1/1 full kitchen & bath. $750/mo. Avail ASAP. Also: Effic. avail. Call George (561) 307-1664

HALLANDALE Lorraine Condo - 1/1 2nd floor, corner, covered parking. Across from Gulfstream Casino, as is $50K. (786) 565-9757

WINSTON TOWERS On-Site Re-Sale Office TOWER 600 Full 3/3, “19” line, once in a lifetime opportunity, $749K. TOWER 500 20th floor, corner wrap, amazing view, asking $399K. TOWER 400 Lovely 2/2 split, tiled throughout, right across from Ocean, only $329K. TOWER 200 Full 2/2, split, North Exposure, $349K. TOWER 100 Corner wrap, remodeled, right on the water, $369,000. Winston Towers Realty (305) 935-1500


79TH STREET CAUSEWAY Furnished Studio Private Entrance $650 per month, includes all utilities and cable, working person preferred. (786) 275-6450 HALLANDALE Large 1 Br garden apt, unfurn,cable included. A/C, $675 mo. 1st & last month+security. No pets or children. (954) 456-8043





Florida Realty

Daniel Meloche Patrice Rezende

(954) 298-9787 (954) 295-0101

Aspen International Realty





Beachfront Realty, INC.

y Ha p p HALLANDALE INVESTOR CONDO 1/1 already leased. $85,000 TAMARAC 55+ ADULT COMMUNITY 2/2 $70,000 Remodeled, tile floor, wood, or Rent for $800 month. 1/1.5 $37,000 Tile flr, remodeled, pets OK.

Se habla españ ol • Many More In Any Area, Call Me For Info! Sunrise • Plantation • Davie • Ft. Lauderdale Hallandale • Hollywood • Aventura • The Beaches

SOLD in 2013 Malaga Towers Apt. 18C, Bldg. #1 La Mer Apt. 304 South Aquarius Apt.1204 N. & Many Others

A Berger Realty Inc.

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POINT EAST R212 - 1/1 55+, gated complex in Aventura. Beautifully decorated spacious apt., tile fls. Gorgeous view of lake. Exercise rm. $117,900 POINT EAST C607 - 1/1 Top floor spacious apt. in 55+ gated waterfront complex in Aventura, gorgeous water view from screened in terr. , $119,000 POINT EAST S414 - 2/2 Corner wrap. Spacious. 55+ gated. Split bedroom plan. Beautifully deco, all tile fls. Right on Lake. Near major rests. Courtesy Bus, $174,900



Advertise For $20 (954) 458-0635

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JUST LISTED: Hard 2 Find SE Cor. 2/2, Direct Ocean Vus, 2 Balconies! STRATFORD TWRS: $341,996 $329,989 ALSO: OXFORD TOWERS: Huge Corner 2/2 $319,888


P Bldg. - 1/1 Ground Flr., Water View, Low Price $85K R Bldg. - 1/1 Water View, Upgraded, Nice Unit $118,9K H Bldg. - 1/1 Tile Fl, Upgraded Bath & Kitchen $109,9K H Bldg. - 1/1 Water View, Upgraded $109,9K G Bldg. - 1/1 Canal & Pool Views, Priced Low to Sell! $113K J Bldg. - 1/1 Water View, Fresh Paint, Upgraded $109,9K S Bldg. - 1/1 Water View, Pergo Flr., Upgraded $139K For Rent: S Bldg. - 1/1 Furn. Water View, 55+ $900 M

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2,495 SQ. FT. WITH GORGEOUS LAKE VIEW! 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, 3rd Bedroom More Suited For Nursery or Small Office. Master is Huge With “His And Hers” Closets. Large Living Area With Formal Dining. Seeing Is Believing! $199,000

. 55+ Comm its Many Unle Sa r Fo & Rent!



Just a few of the Most RECENT Sales LISTED & MARKETED BY “MJ” 3/2 Pool Home (The Lakes) - $375,000 Trafalgar Towers Unit #1405 Stratford Towers Unit #1001 Trafalgar Towers Unit #303 Stratford Towers Unit #706 Trafalgar Towers Unit #1407 Harbourwood Villas 2/2 + Den + Dock - $365,000 Since 1990 Properties I List & Market: $ E L L !!!

FOR SALE - “The Wave” Unit PH 36 2/2 Spectacular Ocean & Intracoastal views.............$479,000 Unit PH 15 1/1 Ocean & pool views, garage & furn, included. . . . .$349,000 Unit 1018 1/1 Ocean & pool views, furniture included................$330,000 Unit 514 1/1 Ocean & pool views, garage included.....................$325,000 Unit 1002 1/1.5 Ocean & Intracoastal views, garage included....$287,000 Unit 301 1/1 Ocean & pool views, garage included.....................$295,000 Unit 606 Studio facing North with Ocean view............................$185,000 Unit 1534 Studio facing SW with Intracoastal view....................$169,000 Unit 432 Studio facing West........................................................$160,000 Unit 820 1/1 Direct Ocean/pool views SOLD on 12/6/13 for.......$320,000 Unit 921 1/1 Direct Ocean/pool views SOLD on 11/8/13 for.......$320,000 Unit 510 2/2 NE Ocean view SOLD on 9/27/13 for......................$485,000 Unit 820 Studio Ocean/Intra views SOLD on 9/12/13 for............$198,000 SF Home: 12355 Clearfalls Dr., Boca Raton 4/3, pool 2-car gar. Under Contract.....................................................................$480,000

FOR RENT Unit 411 2/2 updated corner, great ocean/pool views (season). . . . . .$3,800 Unit 1623 1/1.5 direct ocean & pool views (season).......................$3,000 Unit 904 Studio w/balcony facing North, ocean view (season). . . . . . .$2,300 Unit 625 fully renovated 2/2 direct ocean/pool views (annual) . . . . . .$2,600 (The Wave condo seasonal rent minimum 90 days)

Happy Holiday! Have a Prosperous & Healthy New Year!! SUITO INTERNATIONAL REALTY 2501 South Ocean Drive C-04, Hollywood, Florida 33019 Office: (954) 925-2711 • Fax: (954) 924-4105 • E-fax: 1 (866) 761-7099

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RARE OPPORTUNITY IN MIAMI! 2-story residence with 4 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms. This masterpiece features 5,730 sq. ft. of interior & 1,742 sq. ft. of expansive balcony with unobstructed views of the Ocean, Bay & Miami skyline. Private elevator foyer, solid wood floors, soaring 20 ft. ceiling living room, electric blinds, electric shutter & large kitchen. Includes 4-car parking spaces in covered garage, 24 hr. concierge, free valet parking for resident & guest, pool & pool attendant, BBQ area, boat dock, $5,550.000

MAGIN HERNANDEZ 305-803-5192 • 1643 Brickell Ave. TH2702




* MORTGAGE RATES: 15 Year 3.65 – 30 Year Under 4%* * QUADOMAIN BRITANNA * PERFECT PLACE to call your own or invest in! 2 Br. Conv, 2 Ba., eat-in kitchen and tiled throughout.OBeautifully decorated S LD for instant gratification! $299,000 FOR THE BUYER WHO WANTS EVERYTHING! Direct oceanfront best investment to rent out or live in. 1 Br. 1.5 Ba. $259,000 * QUADOMAIN CATANIA * ON THE BEACH! Direct on Ocean, G + Den, best N. & E. NDIN2/2 Oceanfront! $359,999 PE * QUADOMAIN GRENOBLE * NEW LISTING! Ocean, Ocean, Ocean from the minute you Gwalk in the door! High floor, 2/2 corner, $349,000PENDIN * QUADOMAIN VALENCIA * FLY ME TO THE MOON; It’s closer than you think from this awesome Penthouse Beauty! 2/2 Convertible with South and East views. Oversized balcony with ocean, Intracoastal & city views, $364,000 * HALLMARK * GRACIOUS LIVING! Sumptuous 2/2 spacious, gracious home in most desirable luxury bldg. Outstanding Intracoastal views. Completely & beautifully remodeled. Buy Now! $439,000

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* HEMISPHERES BAY SOUTH * WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO! HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS 3 Br. 2.5 Ba. totally remodeled with marble flooring thruout, truly one-of-a-kind! Outstanding unit, corner, $469,000

* SUMMIT * 2/2 Large, facing South, $375,000 1/1.5 High floor, facing north overlooking pool, $349,000

* HEMISPHERES OCEAN NORTH * BET YOU CAN’T WAIT TO SLIP INTO THIS! Large corner beauty 2/2, eat-in kit, A/C & H/W incl. in maint. Live like a tourist year round in this luxurious resort-like community directly on the Ocean where the fun never sets! $399,000

QUADOMAIN VALENCIA - #2508 - 2/2 Convertible, with Ocean views, $2500 month. QUADOMAIN BRITANNIA - #1201 - With direct ocean views, $2850 month. PLAZA TOWERS - 2/2. eat-in kitchen with window, $1750 month, 4 month minimum.

** PARKER DORADO #1 BUILDING ON BEACH! ** NEW! EXCLUSIVE! RING IN THE NEW YEAR! 1/1, holiday ready, G in maint., $179,000 INincl. NDwtr new pad on the beach, A/CP+Ehot



ANNUAL RENTALS PARKER DORADO - 1/1, furnished with Intracoastal view, includes all utilities, $1300 month SUMMIT #202S - 1/1, all redone. Washer & dryer. $1350 mo

forever lifetime guaranteed Ocean & Intracoastal D protected SOLviews by neighboring Golden Beach Exclusive Residences. 2 Bed 2 Bath, plus den, 1,500 sq. ft. * NORTH HOLLYWOOD * GREAT INVESTMENT! Duplex on Sheridan St. Ea. unit has 2/1, both rented, also zoned for business, $259,000

(786) 991-3482 (954) 296-5950

Check Me Out At Frankly Speaking@ • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Wednesday, January 1, 2014 Page 1D

Lighting up Hallandale Beach for the holidays

City passes savings on to water customers

The 2013 City of Hallandale Beach Holiday Lights winners will be announced at the City Commission meeting, Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 6 p.m., in the City Commission Chambers in City Hall. Members of the City’s Beautification Advisory Board toured the City the week of December 16, to select the top holiday light displays on single-family, multi-family and commercial properties. Last year’s Northeast Quadrant winner, 1107 NE 5th St., is shown in the photo. Did your property make the cut? Single-family home winners are selected in each quadrant; multi-family and commercial properties are judged Citywide. Join the City Commission and Beautification Advisory Board to see which properties were most pleasing to the eye and help promote the beauty within the City.

When the City of Hallandale Beach toppled the water tower at Peter Bluesten Park on December 12, 2013, it marked the latest step in the efficient management of the City’s water utilities service. The demolition of the tower was a visible symbol of the efficient growth of the water distribution network. With this increased capacity and efficiency in the operations of the Hallandale Beach water utilities, the City reduced base water rates on October 1, 2013. “We passed the savings on to the users,” said City Manager Renee Miller. “We improved our infrastructure, improved the distribution network and increased efficiency.” The City reduced the base rate for water $24 per year, or two dollars per month. The monthly rate decreased from $21 to $19, before taxes. The savings is the same to residential users and large buildings, such as

City to break ground at South Beach City Park on Jan. 8 Hallandale Beach will break ground at South Beach City Park at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014, marking the fourth City park to undergo reconstruction within the past seven months. Located in the 1800 block of Hallandale Beach will break ground on a modSouth Ocean Drive (A- ern, convenient, state-of-the art South Beach City Park complex, at 3:30 p.m., Wednesday, 1-A), South Beach Jan. 8. Located in the 1800 block of South City Park will have Ocean Drive (A-1-A), the park will incorporate a free parking during modern snack bar building to compliment the event. activity areas. New bocce courts, a recreational Among the planned beach volleyball court and playground will be amenities for the new located between the beach and snack bar. The park are a pavilion City will offer free parking at the park during with snack bar, new the groundbreaking ceremonies. South Beach playground equipCity Park will be the fourth City park to undergo ment, volleyball a reconstruction as part of the Citywide Parks courts and new bocce Master Plan. courts. The building will be located adjacent to the parking lot to adhere to new beachfront setback regulations. South Beach City Park will be the fourth redesigned City park in the Citywide Parks Master Plan to begin reconstruction. B. F. James Park, Joseph Scavo Park and North Beach Park are all under construction. Joseph Scavo Park is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2014; B.F. James in the third quarter of 2014; and North Beach City Park in late 2014. South Beach City Park is expected to be rededicated in the fourth quarter of 2014. North City Beach Park and South Beach City Park remain open to residents and visitors during construction. Other parks in the Citywide Parks Master Plan will be rebuilt as funds become available. All the parks are being built utilizing the City’s Community Benefit Plan. The Community Benefit Plan requires the use of City labor and subcontractors in municipal projects costing more than $1 million. If qualified workers and subcontractors are not available, the general contractor may hire non-city residents and businesses for the project. Bermello Ajamil & Partners designed the parks. Burkhardt Construction, Inc. is the general contractor.

FALLING RATES – Hallandale Beach reduced water rates this year after improvements to the utility distribution network eliminated the need for older resources such as the water tower at Peter Bluesten Park. The water tower was demolished on Dec. 12, after being retired. When built in 1951, the water tower was to supply water and water pressure for developments east of the FEC Railway lines. New, high-capacity lines were placed underneath the railroad tracks and replace the need for the water tower. Improvements were the catalyst for the City reducing water rates two dollars per month, or $24 per year for residential users, including single-family homes and large residential buildings. (Photo courtesy City of Hallandale Beach Public Relations)

condominiums and apartment complexes. The dedication to a safe, efficient water supply helped the City maintain an unblemished water record for more than eight years; daily water samples exceeded

industry-safe standards. Hallandale Beach continues to be at the pinnacle of water operations in South Florida; a standard for water quality, taste and efficient utilities management throughout the region.

Page 2D • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Wednesday, January 1, 2014

If you would like to submit an announcement for our Community Calendar in the paper – or online, where you are guaranteed placement weekly, please send it to: Larry Blustein, Community Calendar Editor, 305 N.W. 10th Terrace, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009; Fax: 954 458-0765 or via e-mail to: For a complete listing of all Community Calendar items, please check our website at: Also follow us on Twitter @sfsuntimes. • Every third Thursday of the month at VK Dance Studios (3363 N.E. 163rd St.) in North Miami Beach, there is a Latin Party at 10 p.m. Free Alcoholic Drinks will be served along with other refreshments. Call 305-9444725 for more information. MENTION YOU SAW THIS IN THE SOUTH FLORIDA SUN TMES AND RECEIVE A DISCOUNT. • Attention: Mental Health Therapists - Do you need a tool to treat PTSD and other difficult cases? This is your opportunity to train in the revolutionary, evidence based approach, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) which will teach you how to eliminate PTSD symptoms for your clients in an average of three sessions. This model is studied by The University Of South Florida (USF). You can find more information at: or call Toll-free at: (877) 675-7153 for more information on expanding your tools for difficult cases. • Do you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? There is a cure for PTSD. The University of South Florida completed a study funded by the Department of Defense. The results speak for themselves. In most cases, with an average of 3 sessions of Accelerated Resolution Therapy, the symptoms of PTSD were gone. All calls are confidential. Toll free (877) 675-7153 for more information or Google • ANNOUNCING Gulfstream American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Post 310, 225 SE 1st Ave. Hallandale Beach; has expanded their Sunday breakfast from once a month to the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month. 9:30am -12:00, Price $7.00 ea. Enjoy a delicious breakfast with a large variety of choices. Omlettes, eggs your way, sausage, bacon, home fries, pancakes, toast, biscuits & gravy. Also your choice of a Bloody Mary or Screwdriver. Open to the public. For more info Call 954.454.6444. • American Legion Unit 92, 211 North 21st Avenue, Hollywood. Ladies Auxiliary has bingo every Thurs-

day night beginning at 6 p.m. Seasonal Special "When you buy your 1st 2 cards, you receive your 3rd card free." We have the "lucky ball" and the "jackpot." Food is also available. We will begin our monthly breakfast from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and on the 3rd Sunday of each month thereafter with eggs of your choice and check out our NEW BUFFET For more information, call: (954) 923-2760. • American Legion, Post 304, 41 NE 1st Court, Dania Beach. Friday Night Dinner, every Friday from 5-8 p.m. Live entertainment 7-11 p.m. and Karaoke every Thursday and Saturday. Open to the public! For more info: (954) 921-7532. • VFW Post 2500 814 S. Dixie Hwy, Hollywood . Karaoke by Michelle from 8pm to 11pm Have FOOD, FUN, SINGING and DANCING while Supporting you Brave Men and Women of the Military for more info call 954-923-4748. • VFW Post 814 South Dixie Hwy, Hollywood, FL 33020 2500 Bingo Every Saturday @ 6:30pm 17 games, Lucky Ball, Plus special games Buy 2 cards at $1.00 ea. get one Free! Plus Food. For more info please call 954-923-4748 Have fun while Supporting your Veterans. • Free Yoga for Veterans AND their Families. Beginner's welcome. Taught by two licensed professionals. Non veterans cost: $5. Grace Art Galleries, 75 N. Federal HWY (rear entrance), Dania Beach - Tuesdays 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. Contact: Lisa Fuller, RYT, (954) 309 6987. • Women's Social Club 60 years & over. Join us for monthly luncheons & visit places of interest. No Dues No Officers. Call Eileen 305-933-6766. • Painting With Sandi - Every Thursday 9:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m. - New demo every week, fun & easy! Hollywood Beach Community & Culture Center 1301 South Ocean Drive (A1A). Just South of Hollywood Boulevard, for more information, please call: 305-978-6701. • Business Networking Event sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Hollywood - Monthly Event - Fourth Tuesday of every month: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (EDT), Orangebrook Golf and Country Club 400 Entrada Drive, Hollywood, FL 33021. • Spanish lessons every Tuesday at the Hollywood Beach Culture and Community Center, located at


Popcorn butter spritzer Festive candy, dried fruit, nuts

1301 S. Ocean Dr., Hollywood. Basic Spanish 10:45 11:45 a.m., Intermediate Spanish, 11:45 - 12:45 p.m., $8.00 per class. (954) 921-3600. Thursday, Jan. 2 COMPUTER LESSIONS FOR SENIORS - Age 55 & Over. Registration for Basic Lessons or Internet will take place, 10 a.m. at the The Hollywood Beach Culture & Community Center, 1301 South Ocean Drive, Hollywood. Cost for eight two-hour sessions is $50.00 each course. Further information, call: (954) 921-3600. Saturday, Jan. 4 • CURCI HISTORICAL Tours of the 1924 RESTORED HOUSE 324 SW 2nd Ave. Hallandale Beach Fla. 954457-1452. 954-458-8474 11 AM to 4 PM. Free. • Curious about tai chi? Find out more about this slow and gentle form of exercise, suitable for people of any age and any condition. Come to an Open House for the Taoist Tai Chi Society, from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. at 800 E. Hallandale Blvd (Sage Plaza, suite 27) in Hallandale, with demonstrations, lessons, and refreshments. New daytime and evening classes, taught by nationally-certified instructors, will begin in January. For more information, call 954-455-2474 or write to Sunday, Jan. 5 • The GOLD COAST COIN CLUB of Hollywood, FL will hold its monthly: “Coin, Currency and Collectible Show” at Mardi Gras Casino 831 North Federal Highway, Hallandale Florida (at the corner of Pembroke Road and US 1). Show will be held from 9:30 am to 3:00 PM. Admission, valet parking and self parking are FREE! Children are welcome! Bourse is on second floor. Tuesday, Jan. 7 * SINGLES PARTY - HAPPY HOUR 5:30 to 8pm at The Mai Kai, 3599 N. Federal Hwy., Ft. Lauderdale. We meet in the beautiful and private Molikai Lounge. 1/2 price on food and drinks extended for our group until 8pm. Friendly crowd and nice mix of ages. $10 cover. questions/party line: 305 932 4192 Wednesday, Jan. 15 • Annual Chinese Auction Luncheon Fundraiser from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the private room of the Hometown Buffet in Hallandale Beach, 1403 East Halalndale Beach Boulevard. Donation is $14.00 per person and is tax deductible. Proceeds go to Treats For Soldiers, Inc. Please reserve, there is limited seating. Call Claire: (954) 292-8261.

After popping the popcorn and adding

your favorite season–––––––––––––––––––––– SNACK, Page 3D

Shake up snack time with a pop of flavor inspiration (BPT) - Popcorn is one of the oldest snacks known to mankind. The fluffy kernels were a favorite pastime long before the first motion picture. In fact, it is believed the oldest ear of popping corn was over 5,000 years old. Now that's staying power. Today, Americans eat around 16 billion quarts of popcorn every year making it the nation's favorite snack food by volume. Naturally rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, low calorie airpopped popcorn has more iron than eggs and more fiber than traditional salty snacks. In addition to being healthy, it's wallet-friendly. For about 25 cents, you can pop enough kernels to satisfy a family of four. If that's not enough to whet your appetite, what makes popcorn the greatest snack is its ability to adapt to consumers' everchanging palates. While kernel purists may stick to the simple pleasures of natural popcorn, many opt for the quintessential comfort of butter and salt. However, the more adventurous taste buds

Brothers Farmers Market: The best source of organic fruits and vegetables seek a bit more excitement and flavor from their popcorn. Popping outside the box, fans across the country are shaking up their popcorn with the sweet, spicy and bold flavors of all natural seasoning blends and alternative ingredients. Often available at movie theaters, popcorn seasonings such as Kernel Season's are becoming more and more popular and have made their way to household pantries. Makes sense, considering 70 percent of popcorn consumption takes place at home. Now, the entire family can customize their popcorn at home long before the trailers end with just a few simple shakes of seasoning. Jasmin Fine, food and lifestyle blogger at 1 Fine Cookie, knows

there is more than one way to eat popcorn. A long-time pop-aholic, she has been reinventing traditional popcorn and sharing her unique recipes with others. Her secret, Fine always starts off with freshly air-popped popcorn and keeps plenty of Kernel Season's jars on hand for that extra kick of guilt-free flavor. A recipe for every season, Fine's popcorn creations are sure to convert even the most traditionalists of popcorn eaters. Ring in the new year with Fine's silver and gold glitter popcorn. The perfect touch of sparkle and shine for your party. GLAMOUR POPCORN Freshly popped popcorn Popcorn seasoning Edible glitter for baking

Fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices from LOCAL farmers. The mission of the Brothers Farmers Market is to form a relationship with local growers/producers in order to provide fresh, seasonal produce and agricultural products for the community while fostering a sense of place in Broward County area of South Florida. They have more local foods than ever this year and continue to strive to bring you the best that Florida has to offer. Stop in and see the huge selection of organic foods. They follow all the strict requirements for organic certification, as defined by the USDA. At Brothers they even have Kosher products their wheatgrass, barley grass, alfalfa, and beet juice products are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. For over 80 years, the Orthodox Union has set the bar for the highest standards of kosher certification. At the Brothers Farmers Market, customers buy food directly from local farmers – that is as fresh, tasty and nutritious as it gets. Brothers Farmers Market has many locations to serve you - Hollywood 4191 N. State Rd 7 Hollywood Florida 33021 - 954-962-9250 or Green/Yellow Market - 1940 N 30th Rd Hollywood, Fl. 33021 Booth #69, or Davie 6871 Stirling Rd Davie Florida 33314 - 954-585-2225. • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Wednesday, January 1, 2014 Page 3D

Simpler cooking, bolder flavors with cooking wine (BPT) - Using cooking wine in recipes is a simple way to enhance the flavor of any dish. Found on grocery store shelves, cooking wine is just that - wine made for cooking. Use it like you would a seasoning in recipes where you want to add more flavor."Many people don't re-

• Using cooking wine in recipes is a simple way to enhance the flavor of any dish alize how easy it is to use cooking wine," says Rita Held, culinary professional. "Whether I'm making a sauce, marinade or saute, cooking wine is my go-to ingredient for creating more ro-

bust flavor." Everyone can add more flavor to a variety of dishes this season with these simple tips from Held. * Instead of sauteing vegetables, fish, shrimp,

scallops or chicken in heaps of butter or oil, saute them in a smaller amount of oil plus cooking wine for added flavor and moisture with half the calories. * Don't have the time to make a pasta sauce from scratch? Instead of adding garlic or salt, add a splash of cooking wine to jarred sauce for a bolder flavor.* Cooking wine gives seafood simple, delicious flavor. Marinate shrimp and scallops in white with lemon cooking wine for simple yet savory flavor. Marinate fish fillets in sake cooking wine for 10 to 15 minutes to reduce the fishiness flavor. * Marinate cheaper, lesstender cuts of beef in red cooking wine for 24 hours to boost flavor and tenderize. Drain and then cook as desired. Flank steak is delicious when marinated overnight in a mixture of red cooking wine, soy sauce and minced garlic. * Swirl sherry or Marsala cooking wine into creamy soups to add a delicious nutty flavor. Since cooking wine contains one teaspoon of salt per cup, add it anywhere you need more flavor and reduce the amount of salt. New to using cooking wine? Try this delicious recipe for Creamy Marsala Spaghetti Sauce for a unique twist on traditional Bolognaise.

Snack From Page 2D –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ing, lay popcorn out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Spray with butter spritzer and carefully sprinkle with edible glitter. Shake baking sheet side to side to coat all sides of popcorn. Spray again and sprinkle with more edible glitter if needed. Mix popcorn with festive candy or any delicious add-in of your choice and package in a gift box. This zesty blend of fresh ingredients and spicy jalapeno will keep your taste buds warm throughout the winter months. JALAPENO POPPED CORN Freshly popped popcorn Cheesy Jalapeno-popcorn seasoning (a little goes a long way) Dried chipotle Fresh cilantroFresh lime zest Place freshly popped popcorn in a bowl and add a few shakes of Cheesy Jalapeno popcorn seasoning. Remember, when using all natural blends, a little seasoning can go a long way so start small and add slowly to increase the spice level. After seasoning the popcorn, toss in chopped dried chipotles, fresh cilantro and fresh lime zest. Mix together and enjoy. What could be better than popcorn? Popcorn and cookies. Get the best of both worlds and mix all your favorite desserts into this one decadent snack. BLACK AND WHITE COOKIE POPCORN Freshly popped popcorn Caramel or Milk Chocolate Caramel popcorn seasoning Chocolate brownie pieces White chocolate for melting Flavor fresh popcorn with caramel or milk chocolate caramel popcorn seasoning. Using left over brownies (either homemade or store bought), break the brownie into small pieces and add to the popcorn. Top it off with drizzled white chocolate melted in the microwave or a double boiler. Enjoy with friends and family or store in an air tight container and hide for late night snacking. For more popcorn fun, additional recipes and flavor inspiration, visit or stop by the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

CREAMY MARSALA SPAGHETTI SAUCE Creamy Marsala Spaghetti Sauce 1 pound lean ground beef 1 cup Holland House Marsala Cooking Wine 2 1/2teaspoons parsley 2 carrots, shredded or finely chopped 1 cup mushrooms, diced 4 garlic cloves, minced 1/2 cup onion, chopped 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon oregano 1 can (29 ounces) tomato sauce 2 tablespoons sugar 3/4 cup half-and-half or cream

quart pot with the olive oil. Saute the veggies until soft (about 2 minutes) and then add remaining parsley and oregano. Add the remaining 3/4 cup of cooking wine to the pot and gently simmer for 5 minutes. Add tomato sauce and sugar. Stir and gently simmer over low heat for at least 20 minutes or for up to an hour. Drain the meat and add it to the pot. Finish with halfand-half or cream, stirring until combined. Prepare your favorite pasta according to packet instructions and stir the sauce into the drained noodles. Serve.

In a frying pan over low heat, gently and slowly cook hamburger with 1/4 cup of the cooking wine and 1 1/2 teaspoons of parsley. Chop the carrots, mushrooms, garlic and onion, and add to an 8-

Makes 4 to 6 servings. For additional recipes and tips on how to use cooking wine, visit Holland House on Facebook at



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01. 01. 14 Sun Times Issue  

The South Florida Sun Times covers Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Aventura, Sunny isles Beach, North Miami Beach, Dania Beach, Bal Harbor, Bay...

01. 01. 14 Sun Times Issue  

The South Florida Sun Times covers Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Aventura, Sunny isles Beach, North Miami Beach, Dania Beach, Bal Harbor, Bay...