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JULY 2016 Strictly Business



Strictly Business JULY 2016

JULY 2016 Strictly Business


Brand Engagement: Occupying Precious Space in Limited Circles

PAIGE ZUTAVERN Lincoln/Omaha - President 402-730-0096 |

Welcome to our July issue! Recently we’ve been discussing key content marketing principles that when properly applied will serve to elevate your brand. As a brief overview, the emphasis has been on the power of the customer experience, and harnessing that by providing valuable content that establishes your credibility and sets the stage for further engagement. Now more than ever, particularly with social media being the darling in the modern group of “Platform Power Players” utilized for marketing purposes, it’s important to actually connect with your audience, especially on an emotional level, and to do so in a way that allows for discourse between the two of you that will help to build a strong relationship over an extended period of time. This is ultimately what will set you apart from your competitors in what’s become an all-around competitive marketplace for most businesses. As nationally-renown marketing mind Jillian Falconi put it in one of her recent webinars, “If you’re not an experience, you’re not a brand.” To fully grasp the potential impact of sharing unique content as a part of your promotional efforts (and the relationships you’ll be building in the process), there’s an interesting concept related to anthropology that’s quite eye-opening: The Dunbar Number (also known as the Monkey Sphere). In an article sourced from Target Marketing, Thorin McGee explains the relevance of this principle to marketing. “Robin Dunbar was an anthropologist who studied primates. He found that social group size corresponded to the species’ brain size. Each species could only handle so many social connections. Beyond that number, the rest of the primates ceased to be seen as discrete individuals. Everyone who didn’t fit inside that limited social sphere was just a monkey. Using the same ratios, Dunbar figured that the average human’s personal social sphere — the people who you know by name, know how they connect with the other people in your sphere, and that you have ongoing social relationship with — is limited to about 150 people. The thing is, brands are monkeys too. There are the ones you identify with and talk about inside your sphere, and the rest are just monkeys.

The problem with being just a monkey today is when people build their online communities and media bubbles, the monkeys don’t get in. And you can’t buy your way in with more ads. The only way to be more than a monkey is to create experiences that make personal connections with the people in your audience.” Indeed, we’re all being overwhelmed with so many messages that most of them pass in front of us unnoticed (or are blocked altogether), or if we do briefly acknowledge them, they are either intentionally avoided as an annoyance or simply aren’t retained for recall at the perfect moment when they would have an impact on our behavior. It’s all-too-easy with people’s attention diffused across more touchpoints and devices to float right by without a passing glance if you’re not attracting awareness to the defining qualities that set you apart from the pack in a way that’s not intrusive or off-putting. Thus, in order to maximize your investment of time and effort along with what you’re actually spending on your campaign, it’s far more beneficial to set your sights on how you’ll accomplish the task of creating and distributing unique content with substance and value that positions you as the expert in your field--and as such, a key resource that is deserving of a coveted spot in the circle. Scaling your approach to connect on a personal level with such a large population can indeed be challenging, but many platforms have evolved to take this into account, and the print world is no exception; in fact, it’s long been the rule and there are a wealth of statistics readily available that prove it remains just as influential today (if not more so as online competition continues to intensify). And finally, as lasting relationships are those that are mutually beneficial, you’ll not only want to consider the best ways to get inside each person’s circle, but conversely, how to keep them all from becoming just monkeys to you. Earning your status as a trusted insider isn’t just about driving business and increasing profits; as many of us in the business world can attest, it’s the relationships that are oftentimes the most rewarding of all.



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Star City Six Client Spotlight: Nebraska Outdoor Living Center, Inc. Client Spotlight: SP Group, P.C. Travel Series: The Black Hills

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Planned Life Changes Trade Show Preparation Men’s Health Residential Remodeling Supporting Non-Profits

Strictly Business JULY 2016

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About the Cover

SERIOUS WEIGHT LOSS Located at 5733 S. 34th Street, Suite 200, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers is focused on much more than helping clients reach the right number on the scale. Their ultimate goal is to not only ensure that clients succeed in losing weight in a healthy way by providing the tools, guidance and support necessary, but that they are in the best position possible to maintain those amazing results that they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers utilizes a unique approach that takes all critical factors that influence success into account; programs are proven to be safe and effective while also being affordable. Their programs are closely monitored by a physician, beginning with a thorough physical exam and supported by the expert guidance of a registered nurse and the friendly, professional counselors on staff who not only want to get you to your desired weight, but want you to do it in a healthy way. The three key offerings provided by Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers are Weight Loss Programs, LipoGenics, and Genetic Testing.

Weight Loss Programs: Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers offers clients six weight loss programs that are designed with different goals in mind and can also be further tailored to fit any lifestyle. All have nutrition systems as a key component, which have been put together by a licensed dietician. Each diet is planned to provide the proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals that your body need specific to each diet system. You can conveniently pick up meals, snacks and shakes at the Lincoln Center, shop with a grocery list that’s already compiled for you, or mix it up as you like within the guidelines of your program. From specialized nutritional protein supplements designed to protect important lean muscle mass while you lose weight to the exclusive, highly specialized food menus that maximize weight loss and ensure that all essential nutrition needs are being met, you’ll have exactly what you need to help get you the healthiest, best looking body ever. LipoGenics: Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers offers a revolutionary new method for eliminating unwanted fat stores from the body, which can be a stand-alone service or paired with any of the PWLC programs for optimal results. Unlike traditional liposuction techniques, which require the use of small incisions and invasive suction procedures, laser liposuction stimulates the body’s natural fat burning mechanisms to eliminate unwanted adipose tissue via the lymphatic system. As such, there have been no negative side effects associated with LipoGenics procedures. There’s no recovery time needed, no pain involved, no scarring, and the entire process only takes 30 minutes per treatment while providing both instant and long-term results. Genetic Testing: Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers offers the option of Pathway Fit Genetic Testing. This report provides personalized information and recommendations based on your genetics to assist you in achieving your goals. It allows you to understand your metabolism and dietary trains, optimize the effects of physical activity and exercise, and enhance the nutritional balance of your diet. By analyzing your genetic code, along with answers to a lifestyle questionnaire, the Pathway Fit report gives you the power to understand your metabolism, eating behaviors, and your response to exercise, as well as the best ways to reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Over 32 years of development have gone into perfecting the programs offered by Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers across the country, so you can be sure that if you follow the program, you’ll get the results. In fact, it’s even guaranteed! If you follow the plan and all recommendations made by the physician-supervised team of professional counselors, you’ll lose 2lbs a week until you reach your ultimate goal. Let the expert counselors at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in Lincoln match you up with the program that will work best for you! Hours are: Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m., Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Saturday 7:30 a.m. – noon and closed on Sunday. For more information, please call (402) 483-7952, email, visit the website at or find PWLC Lincoln on Facebook. @sbmaglincoln

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JULY 2016 Strictly Business


Business News Evol Empire Creative Relocates to Lincoln, Launches Services Founded with the mission to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project, Evol Empire Creative is excited to announce that their ser vices are now available to those in Lincoln and surrounding areas. Evol Empire Creative’s founder, Andrew Tuzson, recently relocated to Lincoln from Denver.  Over the last three years, he founded, grew, and sold one of the most successful web agencies in the Colorado market.  The marketing principles, design methodologies, and social strategies employed by Andrew over the past several years are a must for any business looking to grow. Launched in May of 2016, Evol Empire Creative is an end-to-end digital agency.  Their teams specialize in branding development, logo design, web design and development, web marketing, search engine optimization, AdWords, social media management, social media marketing, and videography. Technology is a powerful tool for local businesses to utilize as part of their growth strategies, and it’s the main competency of Evol Empire Creative. For more information about Evol Empire Creative, please visit or contact Andrew Tuzson at (402) 3185741 or

Nesco Resource Opens New Branch Office in Lincoln Nesco Resource is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Lincoln, NE. The office is located at 620 N. 48th Street, Suite 104 and will assist local companies and those seeking employment in a wide range of fields including call center staffing, warehouse & distribution, pharmaceuticals, and many other administrative, labor, and professional fields. This is the latest expansion for Nesco, which has seen significant growth recently nationwide. The employment agency is one of the country’s oldest, celebrating 60 years of doing business this year. The Lincoln office is building off the success of Nesco’s presence in the Omaha market. The Lincoln, NE branch will join the 100+ branch offices that exist across the Nesco Resource nationwide network. The company supports branches in this network from a strong corporate core, but also allows their growth to occur based on the strong local knowledge and expertise. The company also has a strong heritage of culture with high Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in talent and client relationships. “Nesco Resource sees tremendous opportunity in this market,” says Sue Ellen Stutzman, who will oversee the new branch office. “We are looking forward to working with the companies operating in and around Lincoln as well as with the pool of talent that exists in the area.”


Strictly Business JULY 2016

For more information, please contact Paul Herman, Business Development Manager, at (531) 289-1116, email, or visit the company’s website at

Business News Eat Fit Go’s Lincoln Location Now Open Eat Fit Go is excited to announce the opening of its Lincoln location at 2901 S. 84th Street in a shared space with Scooter’s Coffee House. The grand opening on June 27th marked the third Eat Fit Go store opening and the first in Lincoln. The space was specifically designed to offer guests a clean and inviting ambiance – a reflection of a healthy lifestyle. With fresh ingredients and all meals made daily, the new restaurant concept features an innovative, chef-driven menu that allows people to eat healthy, delicious food — which can be a challenge to us all in today’s busy world! Eat Fit Go’s helpful staff caters to those who are “on the go” by offering quick, healthy meals that are perfect for the health conscious, those making a lifestyle change, busy parents who want to provide nutritious meals for their children, and really…everyone! All meals are pre-packaged in microwave-safe containers that are ready to grab and go or enjoy at Eat Fit Go. In addition to its menu offerings, Eat Fit Go will also offer a 30 day challenge program for customers as well as the option to open a house account, which includes discounts for those who are committed to healthy eating or reaching a health-related goal. Feel free to visit Eat Fit Go online at or call (402) 3128198 to find out more!

Home Inspections

Now Enrolling For Fall! Studio Open House Saturday, July 23rd 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Enroll Today! Call for more info! 402-405-6470 27th & O Street

Randy King | 402.450.0978




Precision Skateboards Celebrates 30th Anniversary Precision Skateboards recently celebrated 30 years of being Lincoln’s core skateboard shop, supporting skateboarding in our community since 1986. In honor of this milestone, a 30th anniversary party was held on June 1st at their shop. The event took place all day, with the public and their loyal customers invited to join in the celebration. Storewide discounts were offered along with branded skateboard wheels to commemorate Precision Skateboard’s 30th anniversary. Precision Skateboards carries a wide variety of high quality skate products, including clothing, shoes, backpacks, boards and parts, and safety gear in addition to providing excellent customer service and professional advice you can trust. Precision Skateboards is located inside The Bay, Lincoln’s non-profit skate park at 2005 Y Street, or seven blocks west of 27th and Y. Make sure to Save The Date for their big 30th anniversary party to be held on September 10th. The event, hosted by The Bourbon Theatre, is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. Come down to celebrate with the present team at Precision Skateboards along with many past generations of employees. Guests will enjoy drinks, music, and trivia, and a special tribute to the rich 30 year history of Precision Skate will be on display.  Stay tuned for details on how to get your tickets, which will be available soon! For more information about Precision Skateboards, please call (402) 476-3044, email, visit or find them on Instagram.

Blue Blood Brewing Company Opens New Brewery, Taproom at Robber’s Cave Site Blue Blood B r e w i n g Company has officially opened the doors to a new brewery and taproom constructed at Robber’s Cave and surrounding land at S. 10th Street and Robbers Cave Road. To formally mark the occasion, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce on June 8th. In February 2015, the brewing company announced it was investing $1.5 million to purchase Robber’s Cave and nearby land to build the new facility. Twelve thousand square feet, including 9,000 square feet for the brewery, sits on this locally-known property with 500 feet of sandstone tunnels. Robber’s Cave was home to Pioneer Brewing in the 1870s, and has endless folklore surrounding its nearly 150-year history. Access to Robber’s Cave will be located on a lower level of the building. Only minimal improvements have been made to the cave, where patrons will be able to tour. Beer tastings, beer dinners and special events are planned. Blue Blood Brewing Co. was founded in 2011. Inspired by its founders’ roots in law enforcement and the home brewing scene, Blue Blood brews are meant to bring people together. It’s crafted using the finest ingredients. It’s scrutinized for strict adherence to standards. It’s brewed to be savored among the best of friends. For more information about Blue Blood Brewing Company, visit JULY 2016 Strictly Business 7




• The Tree Trunk Injection process delivers faster results. • Our treatment process provides a 2 year control for Emerald Ash Borer. • The trunk injection method does not require drilling, preventing drilling damage, long-term wounding and wasted tree energy. No Chemical Spraying | No Drilling | Fast & Effective

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Business News

“Generations Training” Program at Legacy Retirement Communities Recognized as Best of the Best The Legacy Retirement Communities’ “Generations Training” program has been chosen as an Argentum Best of the Best Program to Spotlight for its innovation within the senior living industry. “Innovative initiatives like this create the optimum environment in senior living that our residents and families expect and deserve,” stated Kayla McAlindin, Program Coordinator for Argentum. She added, “Congratulations to the Legacy Retirement Communities on such a forward-thinking approach.” Legacy Retirement Communities is a leader in Senior Living in Lincoln, providing Independent Living and Assisted Living and also memory care at The Arbors.  This is the third winning acknowledgment they have received from Argentum for their work in the Senior Living Industry. Join Legacy Retirement Communities at “Chef Showdown” on Wednesday, August 3rd at the Legacy Estates, 7200 Van Dorn from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. for a taste of Legacy Living. For more information about “Chef Showdown” or senior living, visit www. or call (402) 436-3000.

Hampton Inn Lincoln Airport Celebrates Grand Opening The Hampton Inn Lincoln Airport hotel recently celebrated its official grand opening, kicking off the festivities with a ribbon-cutting ceremony held with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce on April 13th. Located at 1055 W. Bond Street, which is less than two miles from the Lincoln Municipal Airport (LNK), the Hampton Inn Lincoln Airport hotel offers guests fantastic connectivity throughout the area via nearby major highways, including I-80. Situated in a dynamic commercial area, the property is within easy reach of many area businesses while also close to prominent attractions in downtown Lincoln, including Memorial Stadium, Pinnacle Bank Arena, and the popular Historic Haymarket and Railyard entertainment districts. Bright, comfortable and inviting, Hampton Inn’s guest rooms are equipped with everything needed to feel at home, including free WiFi, a flatscreen TV and an ergonomic workspace. Hotel amenities include a hot breakfast buffet or Hampton’s On the Run Breakfast Bag™, both of which are complimentary, a 24-hour Suite Shop, access to fitness center and heated indoor swimming pool, small meeting room that seats up to 20 people open for reservation and free 24-hour business center, and laundry facilities on-site. As the first Hilton Honors property in the airport area, frequent travelers are now able to take advantage of this popular nationwide rewards program when staying in Lincoln.


Strictly Business JULY 2016

For more information about the Hampton Inn Lincoln Airport, please call (402) 474-6465 or visit

Business News

Buffalo Wings & Rings to Open at 70th & O Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. ( and NAI FMA Realty ( recently announced that a lease was signed with Barton Development, Inc. to open a new Buffalo Wings & Rings restaurant. Buffalo Wings & Rings, a rapidly growing club-level sports restaurant, will expand its Lincoln market presence with a standalone restaurant at the Meridian Park Centre located at 70th & O Streets. The 5,900-square-foot restaurant will be a new construction project scheduled for completion this winter and will accommodate over 200 people with additional outside seating. The Lincoln expansion is led by franchisees Michael Barton, Steve Barton and Amy Snyder, who are looking forward to opening their second Buffalo Wings & Rings restaurant in Lincoln after experiencing success with their first venture downtown. The first Lincoln location opened in August 2013 at The Railyard in the Haymarket area. The Cincinnati-based restaurant was founded in 1984 and has always been committed to giving customers the absolute finest wings. Over the years, the company has pioneered and perfected the art of homemade sauces, customizable heat profiles and fresh wings, as well as grown to offer specialty burgers, gyros and salads to cater to its customers and provide a club-level atmosphere for the entire family to enjoy. With the construction of the new restaurant, only one retail bay remains available for lease. For more information, contact Sally DeLair, NAI FMA Realty at (402) 441-5800.

Eakes Office Solutions Donates Printers to Southeast Community College

A true Wine Bar Experience! Boutique Wines & Knowledgeable Staff

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Looking for a fun team building activity that isn't a trust fall or an ice breaker? Escape rooms are a unique chance for team members to use their collaboration skills outside of the normal workspace in a real-life adventure game.



Eakes Office Solutions (www. recently made a donation of printers in support of printer service and connectivity labs that began this spring at Southeast Community College and The Career Academy. D a n N i c k e l , Pictured L to R: Mike Nierman, Eakes Office Solutions the Computer and Dan Nickel, Southeast Community College. Information Technology Instructor at SCC, contacted Eakes about the idea of expanding their course offering and had the company’s full support. Eakes has long provided a representative to serve on the Electronics Department Advisory Board at Southeast Community College. “We’ve had a longstanding relationship with Southeast Community College,” said Mike Nierman, Administrative Service Manager at Eakes. “Consulting with the college on courses fits in with our company’s drive to support education. Eakes also looks at SCC graduates for the next generation of employees to join our technical team of Service Engineers and other positions with our company. Both TCA and Southeast Community College are dedicated to preparing students for the next step into a career.” The Career Academy is a joint venture between Lincoln Public Schools and Southeast Community College. The goal of TCA is to provide academic and real-world experiences to high school juniors and seniors through high school and dual credit courses in 16 different career pathways. For more information, please contact Dr. Dan Hohensee, Director of The Career Academy, at (402) 436-1316, via email at, or visit

JULY 2016 Strictly Business


Business News DISH Announces New Ownership

JOE COURTNEY Your One Stop Resource For Home Buying & Selling 402-304-1583 • 808 P St. Haymarket Square Suite 460 Lincoln, NE 68508

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DISH Restaurant ( is excited to announce a new chapter of growth and development for the restaurant and the Lincoln community. Marypat Heineman and Rachel McGill are purchasing the restaurant from Travis Green effective August 1st. Green, who has owned and operated DISH for the past 11 years, feels the pair are the right choice to carry on the legacy of the long-time downtown staple. Heineman’s industry experience includes more than 10 years as a server, bartender, and manager in the Lincoln market. For the past two years, she has served as the front of house manager of DISH. Her work ethic, understanding of restaurant operations, and dedication to service and guest satisfaction will be tremendous assets as she steps into her role as owner and general manager. McGill has also been a part of the Lincoln dining scene for nearly a decade. She has served as a prep and line cook at a number of highend Lincoln restaurants.  McGill has operated as Green’s sous chef for two years and has been an invaluable part of the restaurant’s culinary team since day one. Along with her daily task of developing nightly features, McGill has been the driving force behind eight seasonal menus. Green says McGill is one of the best and most creative chefs he has worked with and is confident her vision and passion for the culinary arts will allow DISH to grow and improve through the years. Green is extremely grateful for all of the staff he has worked with and for the guests who have become friends over the years. He looks forward to seeing the continued success of DISH as he pursues other ventures in his personal and professional life.

Cornhusker Bank Announces Formation of Financial Services Department To b e t t e r s e r ve the needs of many customers, Cor nhusker Bank has formed a new department within the bank, Cornhusker Insurance and Financial Services Group. The Financial Services component Pictured are the associates of Cornhusker Insurance of this group is and Financial Services Group: Ginger Woodring, new to the bank, Tom Janecek, Terry Stull, Jason Schluckebier, Ashley Burson, Rockne Sorensen, and Sharon Samek. and by combining Cornhusker Insurance with Financial Services will be able to offer a complete array of services and products in helping customers determine their short and long term financial goals.  After meeting with clients to assess their needs associates in this group will be able to offer them Insurance products, investment services, retirement and college savings depository products, annuities, 401(k)s, and other financial services.

WE SERVICE ALL MAKES, ALL MODELS! Diagnosis & Repairs • Fluid Services Maintenance Services • Tires • & More

This group will be led by Jason Schluckebier, FSS, RFC, who has been hired as VP/Financial Services Advisor and holds Securities, Insurance and Real Estate licenses. Cornhusker Insurance and Financial Services Group is currently located in the bank’s Apple’s Way location at 6100 Apple’s Way.  Also new to the group is Terry Stull, Insurance Agent.

STOP IN TODAY! 131 Russwood Parkway 402.486.9880 •

Cornhusker Bank remains Lincoln’s oldest locally owned bank, demonstrating hometown heart, stability, soundness, and continued commitment to the success of its valued customers and associates. For more information, visit

Strictly Business JULY 2016

Business News Three Pillars Media Hosts Ribbon Cutting at New Office Awa r d - w i n n i n g Three Pillars Media celebrated growth and a new office with a ribbon cutting ceremony on May 18. Three Pillars Media outgrew its previous office and relocated to the second floor of the Apothecary Building in downtown Lincoln. Three Pillars Media has built a strong client base and reputation with its work in marketing & advertising creative services and production.  With increased demand for web & graphic design, Three Pillars Media recently hired Rebecca Sharkey as a designer/developer. The Three Pillars Media team believes there’s nothing more important than telling your story and the best way to do that is through media. Whether that’s video, photography, a logo, a website or anything in between, they’ve got you covered. Their goal for every project is to know you and your business inside and out, as well as provide high quality media solutions tailored to individual needs. All are welcome to stop by Three Pillars Media’s new office at 140 N. 8th Street, Suite 220 or visit to check out all that the locally owned and operated company has to offer. For more information, call Matt Sherman at (402) 937-0984.

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Online Pet Supply Retailer SitStay Opens First Store in Lincoln SitStay recently hosted a ribboncutting event with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce on May 4th to celebrate the grand opening of its very first location in Lincoln at 48th & Pioneers Blvd. Guests were able to meet the owners and staff while enjoying tours, giveaways, and as dogs were also welcome to attend, the Doggie Photo Booth was a big hit! Founded in 1995 as an e-commerce pet supply company, SitStay is a locally owned and operated company that provides pet supplies and service/therapy dog necessities that are unique, high-end and quality assured. In fact, every product is individually tested and vetted by SitStay staff members and their fur kids. With operations based in Lincoln for the past 20 years, the success of online business allowed the company to expand into a brick and mortar location as an additional option for those in our community. SitStay’s staff is dedicated to do their part in improving pet lifestyles and focused on developing relationships with customers who expect only the very best for their pets. To find out more about SitStay, stop by and check out the new location at 4747 Pioneers Blvd., Suite 100 or call the store at (402) 467-3426. You are also welcome to contact owner Jill Liliedahl directly via email at or visit the website at


Memory Care • 8939 Keystone Drive Call for a Personal Visit 402.421.8105| COLLEGE VIEW ASSISTED LIVING 4800 S 48th Street 402.434.2680

WILLIAMSBURG ASSISTED LIVING 3940 Pine Lake Road 402.423.0000

The Waterford Communities are locally owned and operated.

JULY 2016 Strictly Business


Business News

Roper & Sons Announces July Events Eac h month, Roper & Sons Funeral Care provides educational events which are free and open to the public. This month’s Topic Breakfast, being held at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 21st, will feature Grief Counselor Jennifer Clark. Grief doesn’t fit neatly into little boxes.  Join the group for a frank discussion on grief and ways to help loved ones who are grieving. Topic Breakfast is held on the third Thursday of each month and all are welcome to attend. For more information or to reserve your seat for an upcoming Topic Breakfast, please call (402) 476-1225 or email The Grief Program will take a summer break in July. Roper & Sons looks forward to starting again in August with the guided groups, Art with Anna, and some new and different programs. To learn more about the educational opportunities and special events offered by Roper & Sons, please visit

Raising Cane’s Celebrates 10 Years in Lincoln This month marks the 10-year anniversary of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers in Lincoln, NE. The first restaurant opened on July 14, 2006 and since that day Jennifer and Justin Jones—owners of the Lincoln and Grand Island Raising Cane’s restaurants—set out to make a change in their restaurants’ communities. Throughout the years, they’ve helped thousands and have given back over $1 million to the Lincoln community. This year, as Raising Cane’s celebrates their 10-year anniversary in Lincoln, the Joneses are giving back to the community that has given so much to them, but not in their typical fashion. Customers will have a chance to win a trip to three of Jennifer and Justin’s favorite places—it’s their way of sharing a part of who they are and what they love with a handful of lucky winners in the community that means so much to them. To kick things off, the first trip will pay homage to their Louisiana roots and take two people to New Orleans, a city where they both lived, worked, loved and survived hurricane Katrina. Over the next two weeks they’ll be giving away trips to New York City and rounding the celebration out with a family vacation for four on a Disney Cruise. All trips include round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, allowance for unique entertainment experiences and additional spending money. Each week a different trip will be given away and customers can register-to-win weekly in all Lincoln restaurants. Additionally, on the day of their 10-year anniversary—July 14— the first 100 dine-in customers at each Lincoln and Grand Island restaurant will receive a commemorative 10-year t-shirt and all dine-in customers will be able to register to win Free Cane’s for a Year—one winner will be drawn from each Lincoln and Grand Island restaurant.


Strictly Business JULY 2016

Stay tuned to social media— or—for additional coverage of their 10th anniversary celebration!

Business News

Grand Re-Opening and Ribbon Cutting Held for Continental Western Group’s Lincoln Office Continental Western Group, a W. R. Berkley C o m p a n y ®, celebrated the completion of its Lincoln office renovations on June 2nd with a ribbon cutting and open house. W. Robert Berkley, Jr., Chief Executive Officer and President of W. R. Berkley Corporation, was in attendance along with Continental Western Group leaders.

6400 Cornhusker Highway Suite 225 402-466-4669 NPSC #M-14225

Located at 3641 Village Drive, the Lincoln office is home to the Great Plains Region of Continental Western Group. The renovation project brings significant facility upgrades and workspace enhancements for the 74 regional employees in this location. Since 1886, Continental Western Group, based in Des Moines, IA, has offered insurance solutions to a wide range of businesses throughout the Midwest. Committed to its Strong, Local and Trusted reputation, Continental Western Group’s people live and work in the communities it serves. For further information about the products and services available from Continental Western Group, please visit

Conklin Company Hosts 2016 Pro Grower Event Twenty-four-time NCGA (National Corn Grower Association) Champion Jerry Cox and three-time World Champion soybean grower Kip Cullers (160.6 Bu/A) spoke about new technologies and ways to boost yields through foliar feeding at an event sponsored by the Conklin Company on May 17th in Hastings, NE at the Adams Jerry Cox, Kip Cullers and Charles C o u n t y F a i r g ro u n d s . W. Herbster headlined the speakers at the 2016 Pro Grower Event. Hosting the event were owners of the Conklin Company Charles W. & Judy Herbster and District Sales Managers from Hastings, Todd & Lisa Hoffman. Also addressing the farmers in attendance on the importance of increasing world food production was former governor David Heineman, currently a member of the Conklin Company Board of Directors. Jerry Cox farms 2000 acres in southeast Missouri and has more national wins in the NCGA competition than any other farmer in America.  Recognized as an authority in agriculture, Kip Cullers farms 23,000 acres in southwest Missouri and has devoted his life to the cultivation of vegetables, corn, soybeans and small grains. His newest contribution to American farmers is the introduction of KIP CULLERS’ NUTRIENT COMPASS FOLIAR FERTILIZER, which is exclusively available through the Conklin Company. The Conklin Company was founded more than 40 years ago and produces a wide range of products for agriculture.  For more information, contact regional distributors Heartland International, Inc. in Lincoln by calling: Stan Smith at (402) 318-1743 or Dennis Nun at (402) 430-7727 and request a FREE Jerry Cox DVD.

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Business News DE Guns Expands Retail Offerings

Beauty Brands Opens First Store in Lincoln

DE Guns is excited to announce that a selection of Homak safes and workbenc hes are now available for purchase on DEGuns. net or can be ordered in-store. All offered at a discounted price, the selection of inventory includes steel gun cabinets in varying sizes with the option of an ammunition storage locker or lockable box, electronic gun safes in varying sizes, and an industrial steel workbench with cabinet storage. All Homak products carried by DE Guns are covered by a 5 year limited warranty through the manufacturer. These items are available to be shipped directly to your doorstep, and some may also picked up at the East Lincoln warehouse. To find out if any additional rebates, promotions or coupon codes are available or for a freight quote, contact the DE Guns Sales Team at (402) 875-6500. Locally owned and operated, Discount Enterprises Firearms Sales & Service ( was started in 2010 to bring its customers the best products at the lowest price. The store, now located at 3101 O Street in Lincoln, NE with construction underway for its new, expanded headquarters at 134th & O Street set to open late summer/early fall of this year, offers an extensive selection of firearms, ammunition, optics, and related products, supplies and training programs. For more information, please call (402) 875-6500 or visit the mobile-friendly website at

Beauty Brands, an up-andcoming modern retail, salon and spa concept, recently opened its first Lincoln location in the Centro Plaza at 400 N. 48th Street. To celebrate, a ribbon cutting with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce was held on April 29th, followed by the official Grand Opening festivities. Along with giving the first 100 customers who walked through the doors a complimentary brow wax, all guests in attendance enjoyed special offers and received a gift with purchase.

Six Sigma Green Belt

Beauty Brands is your one-stop beauty destination, offering the extensive selection of quality products and services that you’d find at big stores but with the intimacy of a boutique. Shop the best of the best – Beauty Brands carries over 200 premium brands of hair care, cosmetics, skincare and fragrance. Combined with the expert service of professionals who can show you how, what and where, Beauty Brands is a fun place to experiment with the way you look and to discover new products that you’ll absolutely fall in love with. Or stop in to share the experience of a luxurious treatment with friends, as Beauty Brands offers everything from quick-fix facials to total hair design—all tailored by the beauty experts to your features, mood and lifestyle. You’ll leave looking and feeling even more gorgeous, guaranteed! For more information about Beauty Brands, visit www. or call the local store at (402) 480-6805.

Need more information? Call 402-437-2700

Three-Day Sessions Sept. 13-15, Oct. 4-6 and Oct. 25-27 Registration Deadline: Aug. 19 Informational Breakfast from 8-10 a.m. Tuesday, July 26 - Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center Breakfast will feature a panel of business and industry professionals who have utilized Six Sigma Green Belt to improve results, as well as an overview of the course. Contact Connie at

New Continuing Education Opportunities for CPAs & Accountants or Insurance & Financial Planning Professionals Business Ethics is NOT an Oxymoron

Wed., Aug. 10, 8 a.m.-Noon for CPAs and Accountants Wed., Aug. 17, 8:30-11:30 a.m. for Insurance and Financial Planning Professionals Learn why ethics matters, the importance of meeting ethical criteria and what their profession expects of them with respect to ethics. (Both classes will be held at the Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center).

Building a Website Level 1

Tues., July 12, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center You will be introduced to the basic concepts needed to create a website. In-class exercises will focus on basic Web page layout, HTML5 syntax, text formatting, graphics, hyperlinks, and tables. To register, go to, click on REGISTER NOW and enter a keyword from the title. 14

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Business News

N E W ! Half-Day

Husker ATM Integrates EMV Technology

Preschool Options

H u s k e r AT M now offers ATM machines equipped with a new for m of technology significantly impacting payment processing. Recently, 1.1 billion magnetic stripe credit cards have been converted to more secure EMV or chip and PIN cards that were designed to reduce theft.  As ATMs are an important component of the move to EMV payment technology, Husker ATM offers machines that are set up to receive EMV transactions.  It is not required for businesses to conform to these updates; however, it is in a business owner’s best interest to make these updates to protect themselves and their customers.  A lot of local businesses are still not aware of the transfer in liability.

for kids 3 - 5 yrs old 9 am - 12:30 pm |Follows LPS Calendar

Participating in Step up to Quality Nebraska, Creative Curriculum, and ASQ – 3 assessments. Call us today!

8310 Wendell Way (402) 483-4769 Hrs: Mon. - Fri., 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

Husker ATM has been Nebraska’s premier ATM provider for over 15 years, providing mobile and fixed machines to fit any need. At Husker ATM, you get a complete package.  Free ATM installation and support from factory trained and certified technicians is integrated in the services currently offered. Whether you need a permanent ATM at your business or one for special events, Husker ATM has the perfect solution for you. For more information about Husker ATM, please visit or call (402) 671-0404.

Valentino’s Ristorante Opens at SouthPointe Valentino’s Ristorante at SouthPointe Pavilions in Lincoln will remind diners of the original Valentino’s restaurants, with some added amenities to enhance the experience. Most notably, this is the first Valentino’s location with a bar. Local craft beers will be featured along with a more extensive wine list and recommended wine pairings for each dish. The menu features pizza and pasta dishes, plus salads and other Val’s favorites. The SouthPointe Valentino’s also offers an Express Lunch, carry-out and delivery location next door to the dining room. SouthPointe Pavilions is undergoing major renovations, including an expanded Scheels store and a new parking garage. President Tony Messineo says the site is a perfect fit for the new Valentino’s Ristorante, which opened June 14. “It’s a great location in a growing part of our city. For nearly 60 years, Valentino’s has been a Lincoln tradition, and we want to continue to grow with our hometown.”

Burlington Antiques Celebrates 30 Years in the Haymarket Burlington Antiques is celebrating its 30th year in business with an Anniversary Sale, which kicked off on June 16th with a special preview night and will continue through July 3rd. Burlington Antiques started business in 1986 in The Historic Haymarket District on 7th Street between P & Q Streets in the building that is now Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill. In 1995, the building and antique business was sold to Telesis Inc. and was managed by Jeff & Diane Cunningham. In 2000, with the expansion of Lazlo’s & Empyrean Brewing Co., the Cunninghams purchased the business and moved it across 7th Street to The Lincoln Station Building. Jeff and Diane have a love for the Haymarket and can’t imagine having their business any place else. Jeff is more recently the Executive Director of the Lincoln Haymarket Development Corp. and has been the business manager for the Haymarket Farmers’ Market for over 15 years.  Diane is the events chair for the LHDC Board and organizes Chocolate Lover’s Fantasy and Haymarket in White Dinner & Dance. Burlington Antiques has 23 Antiques Dealers with everything from glassware, china and pottery to furniture, paper and textiles.  The store is especially noted for its amazing selection of antique & vintage jewelry. For more information, please call (402) 475-7502, email or find them on Facebook.

A Butler Builder® can bring your vision to life. While Butler® building systems are pre-engineered, their final design is not predetermined. Using Butler’s advanced engineering capabilities, we can help you design a building from the ground up. Even special design elements like skylights, fascias, and entrance systems can be incorporated to produce not just any building, but your building. For systems that meet your building needs, choose Butler. For the experience and expertise to get the job done, choose us, your local Butler Builder®.

Contact us at 402-475-5030 or visit us on the web

2013 BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc. All rights reserved. Butler Manufacturing is a division of BlueScope Buildings North America.


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Business News Sandler Sales Training to Host Prospecting Seminar Registration is still open for Sandler Sales Tr a i n i n g ’s upcoming seminar on July 7th, which will focus on Prospecting.

Check Out What’s Hot This Summer!

The seminar will be held at the Sandler Training Center, located at 3828 Dodge Street in Omaha, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cost to attend is $500 or $250 for President’s Club members, which includes lunch and all materials. Those interested in signing up for this seminar may do so via Sandler Sales Training is a global training organization with over three decades of experience and proven results. Sandler provides sales and management training and consulting services for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as corporate training. For more information, contact Michelle Halpenny at

PLANTRONICS BackBeat Fit Bluetooth

Firespring Named a 2016 “Best Workplace” by Inc. Magazine


GET YOURS TODAY! Contact Suzy 402.951.9115 16

Are you anxious about making cold calls? Tired of not getting past the gatekeeper? Struggling to hit your numbers?  Most sales professionals hate making cold calls for one of two reasons: They don’t have a system, or the system they have doesn’t work.  If this sounds like you or your team this seminar may be for you.  At this event, you’ll learn how to overcome call reluctance, get past the gate-keeper, get out of voicemail jail, make your first 30 seconds on the phone count, engage prospects in a real conversation, and get invited in as opposed to begging for time.

Strictly Business JULY 2016

Firespring, one of the largest communications firms in the Midwest, has been named to Inc.’s inaugural 50 Best Workplaces list. The list includes American companies with up to 500 employees that deploy state-of-the-art techniques to keep their staffs happy and productive. According to Inc., selection criteria include valuing company culture, offering standout worker benefits and prioritizing employee wellbeing. The full list of award winners and feature coverage of the Best Workplaces program are included in the June issue of Inc. Magazine and at Inc. worked with employee engagement and culture experts Quantum Workplace of Omaha, NE to measure criteria related to the employee experience. The resulting list shows how innovative companies can truly raise the bar in hiring and keeping the best talent. Some of the unconventional benefits at Firespring include unlimited vacation, flexible work hours and catered lunches. The workspace includes an open-area “firepit” with games including pool, ping pong and shuffleboard. Team members give back eight hours per month volunteering (on the clock) for non-profit organizations of their choice. And the Firespring “Culture Club” organizes social and volunteer events to bring team members together throughout the year. Firespring appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastestgrowing companies for the fifth time in 2015. Based in Lincoln, the company is in the process of consolidating its Omaha printing and creative agency teams in a newly renovated facility near Aksarben Village. Firespring has grown significantly over the last 18 months through mergers and acquisitions, employing more than 250 team members in Lincoln, Omaha and Council Bluffs, IA. Find out more about the company at

Business News PureCare Carpet Hosts Ribbon Cutting Cory Schlisner, the owner of PureCare Dry Carpet Cleaning and S e r v i c e, i s delighted to announce his company’s ribbon cutting, which was held on June 1st at the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. PureCare is a comprehensive carpet care company that offers a full suite of services including: cleaning, repair, re-stretch, and installation. Although PureCare LLC was formed in 2011, Schlisner believes this was the perfect time for a ribbon cutting as it coincides with an exciting new direction for the company. Schilsner has rolled out new pricing options and also took the opportunity to introduce his reliable team of employees to those in the Lincoln community who were in attendance.

Lincoln’s Only

Schlisner has been installing and repairing carpet for over 26 years, however his family has been in this industry since the mid-60s. Word of mouth has spread throughout Lincoln of PureCare’s exemplary service and amazing results. The continued success from one generation to the next can be attributed to the Schlisner family tradition of providing the highest quality of carpet care.

Located with “The Bay”,

For more information about PureCare Dry Carpet Cleaning and Service, please call (402) 580-4850 or visit

decks • trucks • wheels • clothes • shoes • longboards & more!

Skate Shop since 1986

Lincoln’s only indoor skatepark!

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Governor’s Summit on Economic Development Set for July 12th Governor Pete Ricketts will host a first-of-its-kind “Governor’s Summit on Economic Development” in Lincoln, July 12, at The Cornhusker - A Marriott Hotel, 333 S. 13th St. The summit is open to the public. The Summit will focus on results generated by SRI International, a nonprofit, independent research center that was hired earlier this year to update and expand upon the Battelle Report, written for the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) in October 2010. “We felt it important to take an in-depth look at all factors that truly drive our economy moving forward so we hired SRI International to do a comprehensive review of our current economic development programs,” said Gov. Ricketts. SRI will conduct several sessions during the summit, focusing on findings as these relate to the state’s target industries, housing and community development, and workforce and talent. SRI also will offer an analysis of the state’s innovation ecosystem. Lunch and keynote speaker Julie Curtin, executive vice president and partner at Development Counsellors International, will talk about her approach to building integrated marketing campaigns as it encompasses marketing communities for investment, talent attraction, branding, and harnessing the power of social and digital media for communities. Learn more about the summit and register at

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Business News

barVino Hosts Ribbon Cutting, Grape Stomping barVino recently opened its doors i n M ar c h , h o s t i n g a grand opening celebration and inviting guests to experience Lincoln’s first true-to-concept wine bar, along with an initial ribbon cutting with Strictly Business when the doors opened for the first time.





Continuing the festivities, a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce was held on June 3rd to officially commemorate barVino’s opening, followed by a fun take on a traditional grape stomping the next day. It was a memorable weekend, and barVino is thankful for all of the support of those who have come out to enjoy a glass of wine and great atmosphere. Cheers Lincoln! With an impressive selection of eight wines on tap and over 100 boutique wines that can be paired with its house appetizer menu, in addition to a smaller selection of specialty craft beers and top shelf liquor, barVino is a must-try experience for both wine connoisseurs and those who just simply want to have a few drinks with good company. For more information about barVino, please contact owner Jennifer Amen Tomka at (402) 525-1572, via email at jtomka@, or check out barVino’s Facebook page.

Herbs & More to Host Customer Appreciation Day for 20th Anniversary You are invited to join Herbs & More for Customer Appreciation Day on July 12th! A ribbon cutting with the Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) to commemorate the 20th anniversary milestone will kick off the event, which will begin at 10:30 a.m. The celebration will include food, drinks and door prizes, along with free chair massages and complimentary consultations with the in-house esthetician.  To show appreciation for the continued support from the Lincoln community, customers will also receive 15% off their entire purchase during store hours from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Serving Lincoln for 20 years, Herbs & More carries a wealth of products that support health and happiness. The locally owned and operated store’s offerings include natural vitamins and supplements, homeopathic remedies, massage therapy supplies, aromatherapy (essential oils) and accessories, natural beauty care products, herbal teas, natural household and cleaning products, a seasonal selection of plants including a wide variety of herbs… and More! Herbs & More also offers services from its in-house massage therapist and esthetician, which can be booked online or by calling the store.  Make sure to check out their Facebook page for additional details about upcoming events, including their monthly classes! For more infor mation about Herbs & More, visit www., call (402) 423-7733, or stop by the store at 5740 Old Cheney Road, Suite 8. 18

Strictly Business JULY 2016

Business News

Strictly Business Turns 23 This month Strictly Business is proud to be celebrating 23 years in business! Throughout the years we’ve been honored to work with what we consider to be the best businesses and community organizations in the area and have seen many changes as our company’s grown. From expanding our reach with our sister publication in Omaha almost nine years ago to launching our websites and establishing our social media presence, there has always been something new and exciting on the horizon. Likewise, our team is fortunate to have been a part of so many great events, milestones, and organizations in the Lincoln community. We owe much of our success to our clients and readers who have supported our efforts over the years, and as a locally owned and operated small business we remain dedicated to the growth and success of our local businesses and organizations that make Lincoln such a great place to work and live. Thank you for reading Strictly Business magazine, being a part of our journey, and last but certainly not least, to our clients, because without their hard work and successes we wouldn’t be where we are today!

All batteries & light bulbs for home & business Over 50,000 batteries, light bulbs, & related products · FREE Installations & Battery Tests on Car Batteries* · Smartphone & Tablet Screen Repairs · Battery & Light Bulbs Recycling 2825 S. 70th St, Lincoln · 402-423-0244

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For more information about Strictly Business magazine or current opportunities that are available in the Lincoln and Omaha markets, please contact us at (402) 466-3330 or visit our websites at www. or

MoMo Pizzeria & Ristorante Debuts New Seasonal Summer Menu MōMō Pizzeria & Ristorante announces the recent rollout of their new seasonal summer menu! Making its debut in June, the seasonal menu offers items like the Hot Pastrami Sandwic h, Heir loom Caprese, Mussels, Steak & Gorgonzola Pizza, Blueberry Panna Cotta, Lobster Mac & Cheese, Trout Saltimbocca, and the Blueberry, Spinach & Almond Salad. In addition, new wines, signature cocktails and beers are now available along with specials offered daily. Located in the Preserve Development at Pioneers Boulevard and Lucille Drive in south Lincoln, MōMō is a must-try experience for lunch, dinner, or drinks. All items offered on the menu are made in-house from scratch by MōMō’s talented chefs with locally sourced, quality ingredients. For more information, contact Anthony Bonelli at (402) 261-5966 or visit

Capital Business Systems, Inc. Honored as PROs Elite 100 Capital Business Systems, Inc. has been awarded a 2016 PROs Elite 100 certification - a national symbol of recognition and distinction in the office imaging industry. PROs Elite 100 certification is awarded annually to a very limited number of office imaging organizations that display world-class service delivery. Only the top 100 office imaging dealers in the United States and selected international markets earn PROs Elite 100 status. Capital Business Systems is the only independent dealer in the Wyoming and Nebraska markets to be awarded this distinction in 2016. Cliff Davis, Capital Business System’s Director of Service, has also been named as a PROs Elite 100 Service Executive of the Year. Industrywide, only five service executives are honored with this award each year. Capital Business Systems, Inc. is one of the largest independent office technology, managed document and network service dealers in the Midwest and Mountain states. Capital Business Systems is dedicated to helping clients manage costs and improve productivity and profitability by providing solutions for better document and IT/Network management. Founded in 1982, Capital Business Systems, Inc. currently serves clients in NE, WY, CO, NM and IA. For a complete range of the company’s products and services, please visit

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Thank You For Voting Us Best Caterer 3 Years In A Row! Weddings • Banquets Tailgates • Corporate Events Private Parties

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Business News

VentureTech Applies Pre-Validation Process to Launch New Venture: The Poultry Exchange VentureTech is pleased to announce the launch of The Poultry Exchange, a new online trading platform facilitating fresh and frozen spot market transactions for commercial chicken buyers and sellers. In collaboration, VentureTech partnered with Janette Barnard, CEO and founder of The Poultry Exchange to bring this innovative new solution to the marketplace. The Poultry Exchange allows commercial chicken buyers and sellers to efficiently buy or sell chicken while driving operational efficiencies and financial results. Learn more about The Poultry Exchange at

402.420.MEAT (6328) •

Introducing the All-New

VentureTech works with non-technical entrepreneurs who’ve identified a technical solution to their industry challenges. The VentureTech model leverages a precise mix of proven technology and market validation techniques to help entrepreneurs launch their software products with expertise and success. Learn more about the ventures made possible at

Executive Travel Takes “Pepsi Challenge” on Myth of Expedia Hotel Savings Executive Travel has just completed a comprehensive study comparing the hotel rates offered by Expedia to hotel rates negotiated by Executive Travel on behalf of their corporate customers and found that the Executive Travel negotiated hotel rates saved $20.65 a night compared to the Expedia hotel rates for the same properties and dates of stay.

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The hotel study was performed the week of May 23, 2016 and compared ETI negotiated corporate hotel rates in 51 random cities to those offered at the same hotel properties by Expedia. In the 51 cities, the Executive Travel negotiated hotel rates were lower than Expedia in 44 (86%) of the 51 cities. The average ETI hotel rate for all 51 cities studied was $93.76 a night compared to Expedia’s rate of $114.41, a savings of $20.65 a night or 18%. Executive Travel, founded in 1986, is one of the largest and fastest growing travel management companies in the U.S. The company has been a pioneer in online travel reservations and implementing the virtual workplace. Executive Travel specializes in helping companies implement comprehensive travel management programs that lower the total cost of corporate travel. Using state of the art technology combined with aggressive management systems Executive Travel has been able to enjoy strong growth throughout its 30 year history. For more information, please call (402) 435-8888 or visit

Chesterman Company and Coca-Cola Close on Acquisition of Midwest Territories Chesterman Company ( has closed on its agreement to acquire additional territory in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota from The Coca-Cola Company. This includes the Nebraska distribution facilities located in Lincoln, Omaha, Grand Island, North Platte, Norfolk, and Lone Pine. Chesterman Company, a fifth-generation beverage company founded in 1872, began distributing Coca-Cola in 1904. This agreement is part of Coca-Cola North America’s ongoing and accelerated implementation of a 21st Century Beverage Partnership Model, a broad initiative aimed at building on system capabilities to sustain success. Financial terms are not being disclosed.

Ask the Expert: ComPro


by Chris McPike, Vice President ComPro Insurance

Traveling This Summer?

Do you know how your health insurance works when you are away from home? Here are some tips. For travel within the US: It is very important to know the network of doctors and providers that your insurance plan uses. If you have an HMO Network, you will not have access to in-network providers when you travel outside of the service area.  You will have insurance coverage only for an emergency. If you have a PPO or POS Network, you generally will have access to an in-network provider.  Some insurance companies have a national network of doctors and hospitals.  An example is BlueCross BlueShield.  You can see a BCBS doctor anywhere within the continental US and it will be considered an in-network expense.  Companies that don’t have their own national network will partner with a different network to provide access to in-network doctors and hospitals when you are away from home.   For travel outside of the US: Most insurance companies provide benefits for “emergency services only” when you are out of the country.  Check your policy for international benefits. If you need medical care, you will have to pay for the services in full.  Then you can obtain a receipt and submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.  However, the receipt generally needs to be translated to English. Consider purchasing Travel Medical coverage before you leave the country.  This is a very inexpensive way to provide extra protection in the event of a medical event while you are traveling.  In addition to providing benefits for the cost of medical services, these policies provide additional benefits for things such as the cost for a family member to come assist you, or the extra cost for rescheduling your flight home, or providing for an emergency evacuation to your home country. I’ve had two experiences while traveling that made me a believer in the necessity of Travel Medical coverage.  A lady in a group that we were traveling with to Israel had a stroke during the flight to Tel Aviv.  She spent the entire trip in the hospital.  It was necessary for her daughter to make an unplanned and very expensive trip to Israel to assist with her mother’s care.  In another situation, we were a part of a group on a mission trip to Mexico.  Two of the young men that were in our group were involved in a very serious car accident.  One of them was so seriously injured that he had to be airlifted to the United States for treatment.  So, don’t leave the country without Travel Medical coverage.  The staff at ComPro can provide you with more information and a quote for your next trip.

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Soccer & Tennis Complex

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Bring The Balance Back To Your


The Body Shoppe

with Licensed therapeutic massage, customized to fit your needs. ° ° ° °

Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Hot Stone Aroma Therapy

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Paul Dr. Paul Kampfe

Nebraska Surgical Specialists Nebraska Surgical Specialists is an independent, comprehensive general surgery practice dedicated to treating patients with a variety of medical conditions with the highest quality surgical care. Dr. Paul Kampfe recently took over ownership of Nebraska Surgical Specialists. Tell us a little about your business. - We perform a wide range of surgical procedures, including Colon & Rectal Surgery, Thyroid/ Parathyroid Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery (Endoscopic and Laparoscopic), Hernia Surgery (Open and Laparoscopic), Breast Surgery, Cancer Surgery, and Pediatric Surgery. Nebraska Surgical Specialists was founded 13 years ago by Dr. Miles Tommerhaasen, and I had the privilege of joining the practice in 2012. Now I’m honored to continue Nebraska Surgical Specialists’ legacy of providing compassionate, personalized health care. How did you get started in the business? - I always loved science, and working as an orderly in the OR clinched my future in medicine. Thirty years ago, I completed my general surgery residency at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and began my practice of general surgery. I have been Board Certified in general surgery for the past 28 years. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? Challenges in health care are always present, but the biggest challenge is dealing with the death of a patient. I’m a professional and I’m human; I have to work through it. Keeping up with advanced healthcare practices and technology is an exciting kind of challenge. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - It occurs each time I make a diagnosis, operate on a patient, and see him/ her through the recovery process and back to the best possible health. Tell me a little about your family. - I am married to Jennifer, who is an ADHD coach here in Lincoln, and have five children and one grandchild. Of my five children, Sarah, Nathan, and Laura are grown and Carlton and Madelyn still live at home and are in 9th and 8th grade at Lincoln Christian School. We also have two “attack Yorkies” as we like to call them since they let us know of any noise inside or outside our home. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? - Returning home to the Midwest has definitely been a turning point in my life and career. Having been raised in Omaha and graduating from medical school through the University of Nebraska Medical Center, it is an honor to be in private practice here and serve Lincoln and its surrounding communities. Owning my own general surgery practice and launching the new brand for Nebraska Surgical Specialists has been the biggest turning point in my career thus far. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Besides spending time with the family, my favorite thing to do on my day off is singing with the Lincoln Continentals Barbershop Chorus. I like to wear a button that says “I Sing” on my doctor’s coat; it’s a great conversation piece. I also enjoy trying my hand at various woodworking projects, and tackling my “honey-do list.” What are you the most proud of? - After my family and my faith, I am most proud of pushing and challenging myself in this new venture of owning my own surgery practice. What is the most important thing you’d like to let patients know about surgery? - That they always have the right to request their surgeon of choice. A patient isn’t required to use an ER doctor or one recommended by the physician. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? Readers can learn more about Nebraska Surgical Specialists by visiting our website at They may also contact our office at (402) 475-9090 or

lucy Lucy Sokolowski

Raising cane’s Raising Cane’s is a quick-service restaurant that prides itself on serving ALWAYS FRESH, NEVER EVER FROZEN® premium chicken finger meals in a fun environment. Lucy Sokolowski is the Crew Resources Manager at Raising Cane’s. Tell us a little about your business. - Our concept is simple and unique: we only have ONE LOVE ® and it’s our quality chicken finger meals! At Raising Cane’s you get an exceptionally high quality product served quickly and conveniently. How did you get started in the business? - I have worked in the Human Resources field for the past twelve years. I started out as an administrative assistant within an HR office and quickly learned that it fit with my passions and personality. Each day I have the chance to help others grow within their careers. Throughout my career I’ve have held many other roles such as HR Assistant, HR Generalist, HR Manager and Director of HR. Tell us a little about your family. - I have been married to my husband Jake for ten years this coming September. We have two boys, Kade (7) and Kasyn (2). Kade will be a 2nd grader at Waverly Hamlow Elementary and is active in soccer, baseball, football and basketball. Kasyn is following in his older brother’s footsteps and enjoys spending time kicking or throwing a ball and riding his bike. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? My first administrative assistant role that I mentioned was at an on-site location for a local staffing company. Within a month the HR coordinator I was working for left the company unexpectedly, which left me as the only person that had been on-site and had an understanding of what needed to happen to continue providing staffing support to clients from that location. I stepped into the HR Coordinator role at 19 years old and was determined to succeed. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Spend time with my family. It’s such a joy to watch my boys grow and learn new things for the first time.

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What are you the most proud of? - Besides my boys, as they are my pride and joy, I am proud of my career and the knowledge I have gained in twelve years. Within that time I’ve obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with emphasis in Human Resources and a Master’s degree in Management. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - I worked with a VP of Human Resources early in my career who told me to always work the plan you’ve built and the plan you’ve built will work. Along the way in my career that advice has never let me down. If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Genuine. If you could have a super power, what would it be? - With the busy world we all live in, it’s important to enjoy each moment we have to its fullest, so I’d want to be able to slow down time. Which talent would you most like to have? - The ability to dance well. If you could choose any other profession to be successful in, what would it be? - Event Planning and Photography. What is your favorite movie? - Pitch Perfect. What is your favorite TV show? - General Hospital. What is your favorite local restaurant? - La Paz Mexican Restaurant. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Call me at our office, (402) 875-5754 Ext. 587, email me at lucysokolowski@, or visit our website at

Exit Realty Professionals Providing tools to SUCCEED Terry Lindstrom Broker/Owner (402) 466-8181 (402) 730-6005

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donde Donde Plowman University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Donde Plowman is the Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Keep Your Interior Cool Protect From Harmful UV Rays CALL FOR AN ESTIMATE Auto • Residential • Commercial 402.421.0888 1501 Cushman Dr. |

Tell us a little about your business. - The College of Business Administration at UNL is home to over 4,000 students who are pursuing business degrees and over 1,000 students from other colleges who are pursuing the Minor in Business. CBA is second only to Arts & Sciences in the number of undergraduate enrollments. We offer undergraduate, masters and PhD degrees in business. Our College has experienced a 22% increase in enrollments in the last five years and a 63% growth in first-time freshmen in the last five years. We seem to be the place to be at UNL. How did you get started in the business? - After receiving my PhD in Management at UT Austin, I began as an Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Texas at San Antonio and was promoted to Professor and then Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research. After 19 years at UTSA, I moved to the University of Tennessee where I had an endowed professorship and became Department Head of the Department of Management. From there I was recruited to apply for the position of Dean at UNL.

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Strictly Business JULY 2016

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - To succeed as an academic at major universities requires conducting high level research that is reviewed blindly by your peers from around the world, and which is accepted for publication into high visibility journals. I have published over 60 articles and each one of them is a process that often takes 2-3 years to be published. There are many rejections along the way; the recognition comes in bits and pieces and it can be hard on one’s soul. I have always collaborated with others – so that it is not such a lonely process – and I have lived a rich personal life, raising children, being active in church and the community, which counterbalances the long stretches of discouragement that often accompany the research aspect of being a professor. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - Since becoming Dean at UNL, I have had the great fortune to work with incredible faculty, staff and alums, who have helped us achieve the goal of raising over $80 million dollars in private funds for the construction of our new CBA building, scheduled to open in June of 2017. We also received a $30 million gift from Gallup and the Clifton family to establish the Clifton Strengths Institute in CBA. I am really proud of these accomplishments. Tell us a little about your family. - My dad is a retired Methodist minister living in Tulsa, OK. We lost my mom to Alzheimer’s over a year ago. My husband is Dennis Duchon, who is the Department Chair of Management in our college and to whom I have been married for 13+ years. I am mother to 3 sons: Kevin (28), Chijioke Onuoha (27), and Christopher, who was killed in a car wreck at the age of 20. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - I have recently taken up golf and I love playing with my husband and our son Kevin. I love being outside with the two most important men in my life, trying to do something challenging, and just being in the experience (which is often frustrating). What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - Mourning Hope. I’m passionate about helping others who have experienced the death of a family member. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Via email at  or visit

joseph Joseph Easley UNICO Group

UNICO Group is the area’s largest independently owned insurance and financial services agency. Joseph Easley is a Benefits Advisor at UNICO Group’s Lincoln office. Tell us a little about your business. - We’re an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company, so our growth has come from the exceptional people who work here and their commitment to success – and that’s made us one of the fast growing agencies in the nation. We’re a one-stop shop agency for employers and individuals, but specifically I’m a broker on our employee benefits team helping employers manage all aspects of their group benefit programs. How did you get started in the business? - I started as soon as I graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University. I worked for Ameritas selling dental and vision insurance, first in Chicago then in Omaha. Being a broker was something I always wanted, so after moving the family home to Lincoln I was excited to join the UNICO team. Tell us a little about your family. - My wife, Sally, and I have been married for 7 years. We have two young boys, Henry (4) and Johnny (1), and a third child on the way. There’s also a dog and cat running around our house. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? - Having children. They are the greatest things to ever happen, but as all parents know it’s a big change. Until that point it was my wife and I, and I could spend as much time as needed to achieve all my professional goals. But then the kids came in and took over our whole world…it’s a wonderful thing, but definitely changed everything. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - I’ve still got that kid inside me, so playing with my boys. I also like getting the handyman things done around the house and outside. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - I’m the youngest of 12 kids, with the best parents possible. My siblings aren’t too shabby either, and all of us have families of our own…36 children between us all. Holidays typically resemble an unorganized circus more than a family gathering. What are you the most proud of? - My parents. I could write a novel about all of the things I’m thankful for and proud of, but I wouldn’t get much else done for a few years. My mother, Joanne, passed away a few years back but raising 12 children, everyone graduating college and having families of their own is a small example of her guidance as a mother. My father, George, is actually still working as a financial advisor in town at the young age of 78, and he’s the person I try to imitate most. I owe everything to them both. What is your greatest talent that you don’t utilize in your daily work life? - I play the piano…and harmonica. Neither very good, but my kids think I’m a celebrity.

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salon spa

What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach is one. The philosophy is simple: feed the hungry. Most take it for granted, but many people right here in Lincoln don’t have the luxury of getting regular meals. It’s one of the most impactful and logical ways to make a difference in our community. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Give me a call at (402) 434-7280 or email me at jeasley@ Or you can learn more about our services at

2920 Copper Ridge Rd. | Wilderness Hills Shopping Center 402.328.0777 | JULY 2016 Strictly Business


LET’S DO LUNCH! Friends4Lunch is one of our continued monthly networking events held at one of our favorite local restaurants. This month we want to share our experience with our readers and encourage others to join in! Our June Friends4Lunch event was hosted at Texas T-Bone Steakhouse, located at 200 N. 70th St. Texas T-Bone Steakhouse is now open for lunch, offering guests Texas-sized sandwiches and favorites. With an emphasis on value, and with the motto, “Everything is Big Except Our Prices!” we enjoyed our roadhouse-style dining experience. Friends4Lunch was established in the hopes of offering a casual way to make valuable connections with friends and strangers alike in the area over lunch while supporting our clients and enjoying their amazing cuisine. Leave inspired... and full!  If you missed our last Friends4Lunch, we challenge you to get your friends together to check out Texas T-Bone Steakhouse and plan your own similar activity or event, or we encourage you to come to ours next month! Treat yourself to a change of scenery and a chance to connect together outside of the office while enjoying amazing company and cuisine!

On behalf of our entire Strictly Business team, we would like to invite you to our next Friends4Lunch event we are holding at Eat Fit Go Lincoln in celebration of their new location! (Prices range $5.00 - $11.00)

July 12th - 11:30 a.m. - 2901 S. 84th St.

Please RSVP to attend! Email or call (402) 466-3330. Let’s Do Lunch! #Friends4Lunch #SBMagLincoln 26

Strictly Business JULY 2016

mike Mike Eldridge

Sunflower MArketing Sunflower Marketing provides branded merchandise and apparel to deliver superior marketing results in the corporate, non-profit, and school markets in addition to experience with the development and operation of online company stores for select local and national businesses. The company recently launched its new online store,, which is a one-stop shop for designing and ordering custom screen print apparel items for those who need 12 or more pieces. Mike Eldridge is the President/CEO of Sunflower Marketing. Tell us a little about your business. - Our production facility is based in Geneva, NE where we specialize in screen printing, embroidery and promotional products (pens, mugs, executive gifts, etc.). We also have fulfillment capabilities and have administered nationwide programs like Jump Rope for Heart for the American Heart Association. How did you get started in the business? - I got the t-shirt bug when I was in high school. The local blood bank made its way through town and was passing out t-shirts for people who were able to donate blood. I donated and got a t-shirt that was part of my casual wardrobe attire for the next 10 years. I was a walking billboard for that blood bank in places like Hawaii and the Philippines. Because of that one experience I’ve always kept an eye out for free t-shirts and eventually found my way to a company that prints awesome t-shirts. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - Running a business is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Making sure all of the pieces of a company are working in harmony together takes determination, guts, humility, and a lot of hard work. What has been your most important achievement professionally? Putting together a leadership team of diverse people (and personalities) who really care about improving life for our employees and our customers. Tell us a little about your family. - I’ve been married to my wife for 13 years and have 3 daughters ages 4, 7, and 10. My male companion in our house is a French bulldog named Tank. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? Making the transition from employee to owner/leader of a company. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - I enjoy all the family time, and even some of the chores that come with a day off. But what I really look forward to is a good, long nap after lunch. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - I speak Tagalog. What are you the most proud of? - My daughters. Watching them learn and grow is truly fascinating and rewarding. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning. If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Generous. What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - I have volunteered in the classroom for Junior Achievement for the past 5 years. I find the material to be extremely relevant to the kids and I have a lot of fun teaching them. What is your favorite movie? - The Toy Story movies. What is your favorite local restaurant? - Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q. If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be? - George Washington. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Call (800) 337-1097 Ext. 104, email me at meldridge@sunflowermarketing. com, or visit our website at

rudy Rudy Habertzettl

proactive solutions, inc. Proactive Solutions, Inc. specializes in designing, implementing and supporting workplace health, safety, and wellness programs. The company has served clients nationwide since 2005 and recently opened its newest office in Lincoln, NE. Rudy Haberzettl, MSPT, CEES is the CEO of Proactive Solutions, Inc. Tell us a little about your business. - Our focus is, and always will be, a “proactive” preventive health care approach rather than the “reactive” approach of the current healthcare system. We work with small to large companies across the United States to help them develop sensible wellness and injury prevention programs that enhance their benefits packages, attract and retain talent, increase productivity, reduce stress and injury for an overall healthy and satisfied employees.  Who doesn’t want that? And, the best part is, our programs always pay for themselves and on average result in an overall return on investment of 5 to 1 for the employer. We use a reverse engineering approach when developing these unique programs for companies, and we do not believe in a “one size fits all” model. Proactive Solutions, Inc. can provide anything from basic consulting and training, to comprehensive, virtual and/or on-site professionally staffed and managed wellness and injury prevention programs. We recently expanded into Nebraska because my professional colleague and friend Katie Tiedeman wanted to help those in her community, so it’s been an exciting time for our company. How did you get started in the business? - I’ve been in the corporate health and wellness industry for 17 years and have seen the inside of so many companies, evaluating the patterns that lead to success or failure. My first independent success was a performing a pilot study for a large insurance company that proved extremely successful; the rest just built on this initial success. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - The fear of change many individuals embrace, mostly not to make waves in an attempt to maintain their cushy position at a company. However, the millennial generation has greatly helped with that by disrupting every industry and rocking the status quo. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - Creating a career environment that I want to be a part of rather than trying to fit myself into whatever’s out there. I get to do something purposeful that I enjoy, and any financial benefit that comes from that is a bonus. Tell us a little about your family. - My wife is a physical therapist and we have two boys who are 6 and 8 years old along with two dogs. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? Having kids, as any parent can relate. I thought my career in the Marines was challenging; then I had kids and those challenges pale in comparison. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Getting outside with my family to experience the outdoors along with coaching football. Both of these activities are the purest form of happiness to me and keep me grounded in what truly is great in life. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - As a Marine, I flew as aircrew door gunner on CH53E helicopters and served in combat. What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - Angel Eyes ( because we lost our oldest son to SIDS, and also local pet rescue organizations. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Feel free to email me at or contact Katie Tiedeman at our local office, (402) 480-4266 or k.tiedeman@pashaw. com. Or, check out our websites at or www.

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Strictly Business JULY 2016

Personnel News

Oak Electric, Inc. Hires Kyle Moody Oak Electric, Inc. is thrilled to welcome Kyle Moody to the team as the newest Foreman who will have a key role in the growth of the company. Kyle is from St. Libory, NE and his family has strong ties to the construction industry.  Though Kyle had interest in the construction field, early on he was drawn to the challenges of the electrical trade.  Kyle brings 5 years of experience to the team as well as his exceptional problem solving abilities and superior customer service skills.  Kyle’s “small town values” are on par with Oak Electric’s reputation of providing honest, high-quality service.

Ample Food & Sturdy Drink! • 35 Irish Whiskeys • 20 Beers on Tap • Open Daily at 11am Check out our menu! From Shepherd’s Pie to Bangers & Mash, we have a variety of Irish cuisine.

Kitchen open daily until 9pm

151 N. 8th St. Ste 140 (In the Haymarket)

402-477-0021 •

Oak Electric, Inc. is a locally owned, full service electrical contractor that has experience with residential, commercial, and industrial projects. For more information, please visit www.oakelectriccompany. com or call (402) 440-5969.

Serving Lincoln for over 60 years!

Union Bank & Trust Promotes Matt Clare Union Bank & Trust ( recently added Matt Clare to its Commercial Loan Team as a Commercial Loan Officer. Clare joined Union Bank in 2009 and has experience in the Customer Service, Private Banking, and Credit Administration areas. In his new role, Clare will be responsible for working with existing and prospective commercial clients and will help them reach their short and long-term financial goals by assisting with their credit and depository banking needs. Clare holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and is currently enrolled in its MBA program, expecting to graduate in December of 2016. He is a graduate of Union Bank’s Leadership Development Program, sits on the Young Professionals Group Leadership Council and is a member of the Risk Management Association and the Lincoln Independent Business Association. Clare is a supporter of United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County and is a Junior Achievement classroom volunteer.

Attorney Stephen A. Sael Joins Friedman Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O. Friedman Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O. announces the arrival of a new attorney to its office in Lincoln, NE. Stephen A. Sael joins the firm, moving from Savannah, GA. Prior to joining Friedman Law Offices, Mr. Sael practiced personal injury and environmental litigation as well as appellate advocacy. In 2010, he was a member of a trial team that was named a Finalist for the Public Justice Foundation’s Trial Lawyer of the Year award. That recognition was for work performed in representing neighbors of an environmental nuisance created by an industrial swine producer in northern Missouri. While working as part of that trial team, Mr. Sael participated in multi-week trials in California, Georgia, Illinois, and Missouri. Mr. Sael joined the firm as an attorney this May. His practice focuses on representing individuals injured in motor vehicle collisions, catastrophic injuries, civil rights litigation, and workers’ compensation. The Lincoln office is located at 3800 Normal Blvd. and can be reached at (866) 458-5468 or online at

• collision & frame repair • full paint service • free estimates • affordable & reliable

CALL TODAY! 402.474.4818 • 332 South Antelope Valley Parkway

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4221 S. 48th 402.488.4700

5535 Arbor Rd 402.464.3500

615 N Chestnut 402.443.3309 30

Strictly Business JULY 2016

Personnel News Dan Mlnarik Named Assistant Manager at HOME Real Estate

Find Your 4th of July Outfit!

HOME Real Estate announces the appointment of Dan Mlnarik to assistant managing broker. Mlnarik has been a Realtor with the HOME Real Estate Pine Lake office for 20 years. He will first assist with the transition and integration to the new Midtown office, and then work to coach and support HOME agents.


Stop in and see us today!

HOME Real Estate (www.HomeRealEstate. com) is a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and a wholly owned subsidiary of HomeServices of America. HOME is the area’s leading real estate company serving the Lincoln, Seward, and surrounding areas. The company’s agents are committed to providing clients with exceptional service in all stages of the building, buying, and selling process, including real estate, mortgage, title, and insurance.

New Roles Announced at Strictly Business Strictly Business is excited to formally announce a recent transition within the company and introduce our readers to the new key members of our Art Department. We recently said goodbye to our longtime Art Director Mercedes Meza. She was central to the quality and growth of the Strictly Business brand, beginning her time with us as an intern and in her eight years with the company, playing a major role in milestones such as the launch of the Omaha publication and our social media presence along with her dedication to many of our signature events such as our Best Dressed Gala and annual shopping trips. As many of our clients will agree, she will be missed and we wish her well in all of her future endeavors!

575 Fallbrook Blvd. Ste 106 (402) 904-5257 Like us, follow us!

You Deser ve The Best! Our Neapolitan Style Pizza is made from Farina “00” Italian wheat flour, hand-tossed and baked in a stone hearth wood fired oven.


S top In Today

for lunch or dinner! Mon. - Sat. 11 am - 11 pm Sunday Closed

NO pizza by the slice. NO buffet. NO delivery.

7701 Pioneers Blvd | 402-261-5966

Tingleska Hallum

Tingleska Hallum, who joined the production team as a graphic designer for our Lincoln and Omaha publications in April of 2015, was promoted to the position of Art Director and we’ve officially welcomed Holly Ryan as our newest graphic designer. In her time with Holly Ryan the company, Tingleska has already been involved with many projects, from ad design and creative to print, video, web posting, and social media campaigns. She has taken on the additional responsibilities of layout for both publications and management of the advertisement component of all client accounts. Tingleska has definitely hit the ground running, taking on the additional responsibilities of such an integral role with passion and dedication, which has made for an impressively seamless transition. Holly Ryan, who was hired on as graphic designer on May 1st, is a Friend, NE native. She attended Doane College in Crete, NE with a Women’s Golf Scholarship, graduating with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Graphic Design. Prior to her new role at Strictly Business, she worked at The Printer as a graphic artist and also part-time as a guest service representative for Nothing Bundt Cakes, where she is still currently employed. In addition to assisting with ad design and promotional materials, Holly will also be posting content to our websites and social media accounts. Tingleska and Holly can be reached at our office, (402) 466-3330, or via email at or creative@ respectively. Please feel free to join us in welcoming them to their new positions! JULY 2016 Strictly Business


Personnel News Woods Bros Realty Welcomes Associates Woods Bros Realty would like to welcome Ron Stelling to the Wilderness Hills office; Martin Cerny and Jason Rasmussen to the Country Club Plaza office; and Julia Gale, Cody Schaaf, Marcy Hollenbeck and Colleen Potratz to the Lincolnshire Square office. These professionals have undergone extensive training and are wellqualified to help their clients in every aspect of real estate, including the latest in electronic document management and the finest technology tools in the area.

Ron Stelling

Martin Cerny

Jason Rasmussen

Julia Gale

Cody Schaaf

Marcy Hollenbeck

Colleen Potratz

Woods Bros Realty is a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and a wholly-owned subsidiary of HomeServices of America, Inc. The full-service company offers 127 years of expertise in real estate as well as experience in mortgage, title, closing, and insurance services. Providing an easier way to buy and sell, over 200 sales associates work with clients in Lincoln, Seward, Beatrice, York, Wahoo, Grand Island, and southeast Nebraska. For more information about Woods Bros Realty, visit www.


Strictly Business JULY 2016

Personnel News West Gate Bank Promotes Three, Shiers Elected to Mortgage Division ®

The West Gate B a n k ® ( w w w. Board of Directors has elected Dustin Bauer to Commercial Loan Officer-Vice President, Shawn Schreiner to Business Banking Officer, Jeremey Shiers to Vice President and CFO of West Gate Bank® Mortgage, and HolliAnn Zinnecker to Retail Service Manager.

Doing Your Own Payroll Can Be a Real Trap • Payroll & Payroll Tax Administration • Detailed, Easy-to-Understand Reports • Online & Mobile Payroll Solutions • Employee Direct Deposit

Call Joan for a custom solution! 402.850.5384 Dustin Bauer

Shawn Schreiner

Dustin Bauer began hi s West Gate Bank® career in 2010 as a Commercial Lender. He was promoted Jeremy Shiers HolliAnn Zinnecker to Assistant Vice President in 2015. As Vice President, Bauer will continue working with West Gate Bank® customers to fulfill their Commercial and Consumer lending needs and goals. He can be reached at (402) 323-8971 or Shawn Schreiner began his career at West Gate Bank® in April of 2015 as a teller at the Center before being promoted to Teller Supervisor at the West O branch. Schreiner customizes a variety of products to enhance business banking portfolios and creates additional benefits for businesses, as well as developing and maintaining account relationships. He can be reached at (402) 434-7810 or sschreiner@ Jeremey Shiers brings 12 years of financial experience to his new role at West Gate Bank®. His responsibilities will consist of financial management and oversight of the growing Mortgage Division at West Gate Bank®. This will include Secondary Market Interest Rate management, Portfolio Lending solutions, and other strategic initiatives undertaken by West Gate Bank® Mortgage. He can be reached at (402) 434-4089 or

Joan Kurtenbach

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HolliAnn Zinnecker began her West Gate Bank® career in March 2012 as a part-time teller and has held various positions within the Retail Banking Group. In November of 2013, Zinnecker moved to the Retail Service Group and was promoted to Manager in April 2016. She can be reached at (402) 434-4094 or All are located at the West Gate Bank® Center at 6003 Old Cheney Road.

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know & Who Knows You! At Strictly Business Magazine, we strive to recognize local businessmen and women for their significant awards, promotions, achievements, and/or efforts in partnership with other organizations and the Lincoln community. If you know of someone who meets these criteria and wish to include their news in our publication, please call (402) 466-3330 or submit your news via our website at

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Personnel News Dayle Wickizer Joins Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage, LLC is proud to announce the recent signing of Realtor Dayle Wickizer. Dayle brings 15 years of customer service leadership to the real estate business.  Prior to joining REA: The Brokerage, she led multiple customer service teams in the technology industry with a focus on financial institutions.  Her experience in finding optimal solutions based on differing needs has allowed her to excel in delivering service to a wide array of clients.  Dayle believes in listening to her clients to understand their needs in order to ensure she provides the best possible outcomes for them. Dayle is a Nebraska native who grew up on a farm in central Nebraska.  She moved to Lincoln to attend the University of Nebraska where she majored in Consumer Science and Advertising.  She later received a Master’s Degree in Management from Doane College.  Her career path has afforded her the opportunity to meet amazing people across the country, but she always returns to Lincoln where she believes the most amazing people live, including her family and friends! To speak with Dayle, please call her directly at (402) 450-6527, or Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage, LLC at (402) HOMES-4-U or (402) 466-3748.

Jason Schluckebier Joins Cornhusker Bank Cornhusker Bank is pleased to announce the addition of Jason Schluckebier, VP/Financial Services Advisor. Jason will oversee the Cornhusker Insurance and Financial Services Group.  He is currently working out of 6100 Apple’s Way, in the bank’s Apple’s Way location. He is a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC), a Financial Services Specialist (FSS), and is a SEC Registered Representative and Insurance Agent.  Jason has served in the financial services industry for over fifteen years.  He graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Jason is involved in Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Independent Business-owners Association, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, Realtors Association of Lincoln, and Kingdom Advisors, a professional association offering training and a tight-knit community to Christian financial professionals who want to integrate their faith and business life. Cornhusker Bank remains Lincoln’s oldest locally owned bank, demonstrating hometown heart, stability, soundness and continued commitment to the success of its valued customers and associates.  For more information please visit   Jason Schluckebier may be reached at (402) 323-3868.





Information Session Concordia’s Lincoln Campus 12 to 1 p.m. 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, NEBRASKA 570 Fallbrook Blvd., Suite 203 Lincoln, NE 68521 Refreshments will be provided. 34

Strictly Business JULY 2016

Personnel News Madonna Builds Out Omaha Campus Leadership Team Marilyn Viehl, RN, BSN, MHA, has been named administrator of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital’s Omaha Campus, part of the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals system. She began her duties June 6, 2016, and joins Jason Doll, who was recently promoted to administrator for the Omaha Campus’ Rehabilitation Specialty Hospital. In Viehl’s new role, she will oversee the daily operations of the acute rehabilitation taking place for both children and adults at the Omaha hospital. Prior to Madonna, Marilyn Viehl Viehl has spent the past 19 years at Bryan Medical Center, most recently as the nursing director for the Medical and Surgical Services and Nursing Administration. While there, she was responsible for a number of areas including the transitional care unit (TCU) and rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient therapy, pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) therapy teams and pastoral care. Viehl received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI, and a Master of Health Care Administration degree from the University of Jason Doll Minneapolis. Likewise, Doll will be responsible for the daily operations of the Omaha Campus’ Rehabilitation Specialty Hospital. Prior to Doll’s new role, he has been the director of Ancillary Services and Physician Practices for the Lincoln and Omaha campuses since 2015. Doll earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He spent the past nine years leading healthcare operations and the ten years prior to that working in finance. Rachel Thompson Rachel Thompson, MSN, RN, is the director of nursing for Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals’ Omaha Campus. She began her duties in late February and will work closely with Viehl on daily operations for acute rehabilitation. Prior to Madonna, Thompson was the chief nursing officer for Select Specialty Hospital in Omaha. She attended Clarkson College where she received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and a Master of Science in Nursing degree with an emphasis on nursing education. She has also been working toward a doctorate in Health Care Leadership at Jackie Anderson Clarkson College. Rounding out the Omaha Campus leadership team is Jackie Anderson, RN, BSN, CRRN, director of nursing for Madonna Rehabilitation Specialty Hospital Bellevue Campus since it opened in February of 2014. Anderson received a Bachelor of Health Science degree from the University of Minnesota and has 30 years of experience in healthcare management, including 12 years with Madonna. She works closely with Doll on the hospital’s daily operations and will transition to the Omaha Campus once open. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals’ Omaha Campus, located at 175th Plaza and Burke Street, is a full continuum of inpatient rehabilitation care for both adults and children. The 260,000-square-foot facility includes 110 beds and is scheduled to open in the fall. Visit careers to find out about the opportunities that are available.

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LUXX Welcomes New Stylists LUXX Salon, conveniently located at 2300 Winthrop Rd., is excited to announce the additions of Elizabeth Peck and Kiah McCarville to their team of professionals. Elizabeth joins the salon as a hair stylist with a passion for fashion, hair and makeup.  She is proud to have styled Nebraska’s own Hannah Huston of The Voice for over a year and half now and she’s just as humble and loving as she is on TV!  Elizabeth specializes in everything from cuts to color, utilizing techniques from balayage to straight razor shaves.  She also offers hot towel treatments and makeup application on her menu.  Elizabeth’s current availability is Tuesdays and Fridays 10-5, Wednesdays and Thursdays Noon-8, and Saturdays 9- 3. To contact Elizabeth directly, please call or text (402) 649-2456.

Elizabeth Peck

Kiah also joins the salon as a hair stylist. She’s always expressed an interest in the fashion and creative endeavors. A family friend convinced her to get into the industry, so she decided to pursue a career as a stylist and it’s been love ever since her first day Kiah McCarville of school. Kiah specializes in everything from men’s and women’s cuts, styles and colors of all kind.  Also available on her menu is brow waxing and deep treatments.  Kiah’s current availability is Tuesday Noon-8, Wednesday 10-6, Thursday Noon-8, Friday 9-4, and Saturday 9-3. To contact Kiah directly, please call or text (402) 560-4033. Call LUXX Salon today at (402) 488-2228 or find them on Facebook! JULY 2016 Strictly Business 35


Strictly Business JULY 2016

Non-Profit News American Heart Association Casting for BetterU Makeover Challenge To help women across Lincoln commit to a heart-healthy lifestyle, the American Heart Association with Madonna ProActive Health and Fitness is holding an open casting call this month for the free Lincoln Go Red for Women BetterU Makeover Challenge. The casting call, which is open to all women who want to make a change regardless of their current health and fitness, is July 14 from 4-7 p.m. at Madonna ProActive at 56th and Pine Lake (7111 Stephanie Lane). At the open casting call, women are invited to tape a 1-2 minute on-camera interview sharing their personal story and explaining why they are in need of BetterU. BetterU is a 12-week challenge that provides participants with individual and group health and fitness guidance from dietitians, personal trainers and wellness coaches from Madonna ProActive, the local sponsor of the Lincoln Go Red for Women BetterU Makeover Challenge. Four women from the casting call will be selected to participate in BetterU alongside representatives from 10/11 News and 106.3 KFRX, the media sponsors of Lincoln Go Red For Women. The women will be recognized on Nov. 10 at Lincoln Go Red for Women at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel. Tables and individual tickets for Go Red for Women are on sale now. To purchase, call (402) 875-7382 or visit

TeamMates Partnerships Equal Possibilities Plus Achieving Potential TeamMates wishes to recognize the Ethel S. Abbott Charitable Foundation, and the Imperial Foundation, which funded mentees’ sc holarships to the Abbott Summer Camp. The camp provides activities that engage approximately 60 children per week in athletic and academic enrichment activities designed to mitigate “summer learning loss,” and support children’s development of the social and interpersonal relationships essential to school and personal success. TeamMates also thanks the Dolezal Family Foundation for providing the funds for campers to go to the Children’s Zoo and the Children’s Museum as part of the camp’s afternoon field trips to various community locations. The TeamMates goal is to affirm the strengths of the student mentees matched with their caring adult mentor with the overall objective of seeing TeamMates students graduate from high school and go on to pursue a post-secondary education. This quest closely aligns with those of the donors. The Abbott Foundation was established to generously benefit community organizations in Lincoln, Omaha and communities in western Nebraska. The Imperial Foundation wishes to provide children with the kinds of experiences that foster physical well-being and continued academic success. The Dolezal Family Foundation encourages appreciation of the arts and education. TeamMates appreciates these gifts which became a gift many times over for Lincoln’s youth. To learn more about the TeamMates Mentoring Program of Lincoln Public Schools, visit or call (402) 436-1990.

JULY 2016 Strictly Business


Non-Profit News Art Benefit for Fresh Start Features Lincoln, Fallbrook YMCA Opens New Outdoor Pool National Artists The Fallbrook Fresh Start is hosting an art show at Iron Tail Gallery (near 30 & South) to benefit the essential services provided by Fresh Start. This will be a unique show, with both Lincoln-based and nationally-recognized artists showcasing work! All of the art is being donated and will be available for purchase. Proceeds will benefit Fresh Start’s efforts to help women who are homeless change their lives and get back on their feet. Opening night reception will be on Friday, July 22 from 7-10 p.m. and will feature the artwork, live music, and light refreshments. The art will be available for purchase during the reception and for the following week at Iron Tail Gallery.

YMCA opened its new outdoor pool with a dedication ceremony on May 20. The new option for fun, active family time Lincoln YMCA Board members and executives in Northwest get ready to cut the ribbon at the dedication Lincoln also ceremony. Photo courtesy of the Lincoln YMCA. features a large shallow play area, waterslide, and an outside entrance accessible from the parking lot. The $1.7 million pool was made possible largely by donations, grants and community support.

Fresh Start is a transitional shelter that empowers homeless women to change their lives by recognizing and utilizing their strengths to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency.

At the dedication, several community members spoke about how the pool will benefit families in an underserved area of our city: Lincoln City Council Member Carl Eskridge, who represents the 4th District; Lincoln YMCA President and CEO Barbara Bettin; YMCA lead volunteer Tracy Edgerton; and two students from Schoo Middle School, which is attached to the Fallbrook YMCA. Afterward, 7-year-old Logan Ostergard took the inaugural waterslide ride after she donated her birthday money toward the pool’s construction. The first to try out the new splash pad’s fountains were Calvin, 8, and Teddy, 3, the sons of Fallbrook YMCA Executive Director Aaron Farber.

For more information about the event and Fresh Start services, contact or visit

For more information about the pool, go to or call the Fallbrook YMCA front desk at (402) 323-6430.

Participating artists include David Alles, Isadora Cryer, Glenda Dietrich Moore, Travis Lawrence, Jason McHenry and the One Thousand Thousand project, Katherine Ogg, and Kim Richardson.


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Non-Profit News Get Hooked on Saving Lives With Nebraska Community Blood Bank When you step up to donate blood with Nebraska Community Blood Bank this July, you’ll help save lives and have several opportunities to win great prizes! Since blood donations are often low this time of year, the Nebraska Community Blood Bank is offering all presenting donors a chance to win a fishing adventure for two! The trip includes a threenight Hyatt stay, airfare, and a freshwater fishing excursion! There will also be weekly drawings for $50 Scheels gift cards! And, while supplies last, receive a special Fishing for Donors T-shirt when you present to donate through July 9th. Step up to give and help ensure blood is available for patients in local hospitals who depend on Nebraska Community Blood Bank to be there with the right type they need to survive. All types are needed— especially O negative (O-) and O positive (O+). Only volunteer blood donors can make a life-saving difference to someone in need. Visit NCBB.ORG to schedule your blood donation appointment today at one of our three donor centers or at a community blood drive. To learn more about the July 2016 promotion visit NCBB.ORG/FISHING.

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Gateway Sertoma Supports Tabitha Meals on Wheels Lincoln’s Gateway Sertoma Club and Tabitha, your answer for Elder Care, joined forces on June 3, welcoming nearly 200 golfers to play for a cause. Proceeds from the 14th annual golf event, brought in almost $60,000 in support of Tabitha Meals on Wheels. In true tournament-style, the event featured a four-person scramble, hole games, prizes and the media c hallenge, where the Channel 8 KLKN-TV team re-claimed the coveted media trophy.

Property Solutions At NAI FMA Realty, we’re focused on delivering customized solutions for you.

Longtime supporters of Tabitha Meals on Wheels are generations of the Lyman family and friends: Chip Romjue, Matt Lyman, Marv Lyman, and Cale Hamer (pictured from L to R).

The proceeds donated from the event will help provide meals for 550+ individuals each day through Tabitha Meals on Wheels. Seventy percent of Taking a break on the tee box at HiMark recipients are unable to afford is Team Venue / Goodcents and Tabitha the $5.75 cost of the meal. As representatives: Kim Brown, Christie Tabitha has made a point to Hinrichs, President/CEO Tabitha, Jeff turn no one in need away from Barclay, Mark Haas, Scott Ritter, and Heath Stukenholtz, Vice President, a warm meal, contributions like those from Gateway Sertoma Tabitha Foundation (pictured from L to R). are instrumental in keeping this program in operation. To learn more about Gateway Sertoma, visit their website at For more information about Tabitha, visit

From leasing and selling to managing your asset, we have the knowledge, resources and relationships to help you succeed.



402 441 5800

JULY 2016 Strictly Business


Non-Profit News

June Golf Tournaments Raise Funds for Friendship Home

Lincoln South Rotary Club Awards $1,000 Grant to Windsong

Every summer, families in crisis at Friendship Home are supported by two successful golf scrambles.

The Lincoln South Rotary Club Foundation recently a wa r d e d $ 1 0 0 0 t o Windsong.

On June 10th, patients and friends of the Lincoln Orthopaedic Center (LOC) came together for the 10th Annual Ortho Open. An incredible $13,200 was raised during this year’s event. Over the course of ten years, LOC has donated over $91,000 to assist victims who are leaving abusive situations.

Windsong Equitherapy is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high quality equineassisted activities to individuals of all ages with varying abilities in a safe and supportive environment.

An additional $5,070 was raised at the Driving to Putt an End to Domestic Violence golf tournament on June 12th. This tournament is in its 9th year and is entirely organized by a small group of dedicated volunteers with full-time jobs. Golfers also donated around $800 in summer toys and school supplies for the children in Friendship Home shelters.

Grants from the Lincoln President Lance Odom presenting the $1000 to Christine Gottschall of Windsong. South Rotary Club Foundation are selected for programs that focus on children and education. Windsong provides fun, education and physical therapy using horses.

Many thanks to all golfers, volunteers and sponsors who participated in the two golf outings and whose generosity helped make them such a success.

Lincoln South Rotary Club is a service organization that supports a variety of activities. Recently the Club and its members provided support to Clinic with a Heart, Madonna’s Angel Dog Program, and Dictionary Program (for all 4th grade students). The organization is also proud to partner with the Rotaract Club at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Friendship Home ( is Lincoln’s only safe, confidential emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children. Services include emergency and transitional shelter, as well as supportive services, through safety planning, crisis intervention, support groups and mental health counseling. To access safe shelter and services, call (402) 437-9302.


Pictured is Lincoln South Rotary Foundation

Want to be a part of this type of service to our community? Visit and contact the Lincoln South Rotary Club for more information.

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Non-Profit News

Registration Deadline Approaching for 4th Annual Mustache Ride There’s still time to register for the 2016 M u s t a c h e R i d e, a n annual bicycle ride, bar crawl, and fundraiser to support the Food Bank of Lincoln’s BackPack Program. This year’s event is set for Saturday, July 30th and registration will remain open until July 9th. Join in the fun along with over 150 other participants riding bicycles (and even unicycles!); groups will also board a trolley and conference bike courtesy of Group Therapy Bike Tours. The pub crawl will end at the Railyard, where an after-party will include entertainment provided by DJ Romeo and a special video presentation on the Cube.

Look Great in Any Season

To register, Like the Mustache Riders Facebook page to be added to the official event invitation list with directions to follow. For more information about the event, registration, or sponsorship opportunities that are still available, please contact Leslie Lipert at (402) 4160488 or

lor SoCo Aquag

Summer Needs Increase at Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach Many people reac h out to Lincoln’s homeless and working poor during the winter holidays, but summer is actually the busiest season at Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach. Donations of water, bug spray, and sunscreen protect the homeless from the summer heat. Donations to the emergency food pantry, which distributes approximately 400 pounds of nonperishable food weekly, are also very much appreciated. Pictured are Rob Predmore and John Janovy III from Keller Williams Realty with one of the truckloads of food they collected at Super Saver as part of RED DAY, their company’s national day of community service. Those interested can learn more about Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach at




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Merrymakers to Host Annual Songs and Suds Fundraiser Songs and Suds, Merrymakers 4th annual fun-, fund- and friendraising karaoke event, will be held at the Old Mattress Factory on July 28th at 6:00 p.m. Highlights of the event will include live entertainment featuring DJ Howie along with a raffle to win a Borsheims necklace valued at $2,500! You will also be able to meet some of the professional performers in person and of course, hear them sing! Event chairmen are Kasey Harrison and Stacey Quandahl. Honorary chairs are Mary and Tom Kerr. Funds raised at this event, now in its 4th year, will go towards providing professional entertainment at 136 senior homes across Nebraska and Iowa, improving the quality of life for an exponentially higher number of senior residents. Tickets are $75 or $30 for those under 30. Sponsorships are available for host couples ($250) and companies ($500). See the Merrymakers website for tickets: or call (402) 697-0205 for more information.



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Non-Profit News Tickets Available for 4th Annual Garden Party Christian Record Services Announces New to Benefit the Alzheimer’s Association Development Director Andrea Ahrens It’s time to buy your tickets for the 4th annual Garden Party! This fun and enchanting event 4th Annual is set for September 15th, from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. at a private residence. Starting to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association at 5:30 p.m. there will be a Garden Education and demonstration, followed by the opportunity to build your very own Fairy Garden! (Please note: there’s an additional fee of $10 for the Fairy Garden plants and we ask that you bring your own flower pot.) Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails will be served from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., along with live music, a silent and live auction and rustic outdoor furnishings for sale!   Tickets are only $25; reserved/corporate tables for 8 are $225.  Please contact Alyssa for tickets or to discuss sponsorship opportunities at (402) 328-2350.  Proceeds from this event will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. In the United States, more than 5 million people are living with Alzheimer’s and that number is growing, every 66 seconds someone develops this disease.  Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States, killing more people than breast and prostate cancer combined! Please plan to join Hospice Community Care of Nebraska, Strictly Business Magazine and Earl May Garden Center and Nursery, along with other local businesses and organizations as we envision and work towards a world without Alzheimer’s!

Garden Party


Strictly Business JULY 2016

Christian Record Ser vices, Inc. (dba Christian Record Services for the Blind) is pleased to welcome Andrea Ahrens as the organization’s development director. A Lincoln native, Ahrens received an MBA from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. Career highlights include working in the Washington, DC offices of Congressman Jeff Fortenberry and former Congresswoman Mary Bono. Upon moving back to Lincoln in 2010, Ahrens was major gifts development director at Union College. She is active with LIBA and the Home Builders Association of Lincoln. Ahrens is married to Mike Ahrens and is the mother of three children. The couple owns A & G Concrete, a concrete flatwork company in Lincoln. “Andrea brings valuable skills and experience to increase donor engagement and help advance the organization’s goals,” said Diane Thurber, president of Christian Record Services, Inc. “Her enthusiasm for the organization’s mission to reach people who are blind is welcomed,” she added. For more than 116 years Christian Record Services, Inc. has offered free programs and services to individuals who are blind. Funding for services is provided by generous donations from private individuals and businesses.  To discover more about Christian Record’s free services, visit or call (402) 488-0981.

Non-Profit News Raffle for Nebraska Football Season Tickets to Benefit Heartland Cancer Foundation in Memory of Dianne Sizemore Interested in club-level Nebraska football season tickets? The Heartland Cancer Foundation is so excited to announce its Nebraska Football Season Tickets Raffle. The local organization has west balcony club level season tickets for two that could be yours. The tickets were donated to the Heartland Cancer Foundation by the Sizemore family in loving memory of Dianne Sizemore. The drawing will be held on August 4, 2016 and you do not need to be present to win. Tickets are $100 each. Only a limited number of tickets are available so don’t miss your chance to win. All proceeds benefit cancer patients in our community. A big thank you to the Sizemore family for their generosity! Purchase tickets via the website at or by phone at (402) 261-9974.

Child Guidance Center Announces Retirement of Dr. Carol Crumpacker Dr. Carol Crumpacker, a licensed psychologist who has been the executive director of the Child Guidance Center since 1997, will be retiring effective August 5, 2016. She began her career with the Child Guidance Center in 1978 and has been committed to serving children, adolescents and families who have experienced trauma and adversity. Carol has prioritized the fiscal and clinical integrity of the organization and has been dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and longevity of the agency. She is retiring after 38 years of service. During her tenure as Executive Director, Child Guidance Center successfully completed a $1.5 million dollar Moving Forward for Children Capital Campaign to purchase and renovate the current offices along with expanding programs across the agency.

Are You Ready for Summer?

NOW Enrolling Youth Summer Camps & Activities!

On April 29, 2016 Carol was recognized with the agency’s “2016 Leader in Children’s Mental Health” Award for the impact that she has had on thousands of children and families and the practice of children’s mental health during her tenure with Child Guidance Center. Deb Kerrey, Child Guidance Center Board President, shared, “In honor of Carol’s exemplary service to children’s mental health treatment, we are inviting the Lincoln community to send cards thanking her for her commitment to children and families. Cards and gifts, in honor of Carol’s service, may be sent to Child Guidance Center at 2444 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68510. Gifts and messages of thanks may also be given online at” Thank you for your support of Dr. Crumpacker and Child Guidance Center.  All gifts will be used to further the agency’s mission and to provide treatment for children and families who are not able to pay for services.  For questions, please contact Jenny Cardwell, Development Director, at or Whitney Kuhn, Development/Marketing Coordinator, at or call (402) 475-7666.

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Non-Profit News Make A Splash With Therapy Dogs to Assist USA Your Style This Summer! Domesti-PUPS Swimmers

2701 N 48th Street (48th and St. Paul)

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Strictly Business JULY 2016

As USA Swimming athletes get ready for their races with the highest stakes on the line, local pet therapy group DomestiPUPS will provide nearly 2,000 competitors with a relaxing environment to help them prepare for their events. From June 26-July 3 in Omaha, NE swimmers will compete for a coveted position on the national swim team that will represent America in August in Rio de Janeiro. For eight days, swimmers will battle to be among the top two finishers in their race to qualify for the world’s largest sporting event. This is the only selection meet to determine the final team. The pressure, disappointment, and judgment that professional athletes can face is often very trying, and pet therapy dogs can provide the athletes with some sort of release. Therapy dogs are commonly found visiting hospitals, classrooms, university campuses, courtrooms, and a number of other events and venues, where stress levels can be elevated. Scientific studies show that canine interaction increases a human’s level of oxytocin, a hormone that reduces anxiety and blood pressure. Petting a dog helps people become less frightened, more secure and diverts their attention away from their own fears or anxieties. There will be 30 Domesti-PUPS pet therapy teams from Lincoln, Omaha and St. Joseph, MO, available to the athletes throughout the competition. For more information about this event visit For more information about Domesti-PUPS, visit

Lincoln SCORE Celebrates Small Business Owners On June 8th Lincoln S C ORE h o s t e d a Lunc h & Learn meeting honoring SCORE volunteers by providing mentor continuing education with a real life business success example. The luncheon featured guest speaker Nick Cusik, founder, owner and CEO of IMSCORP, a Lincoln-based manufacturing company, and an individual who truly lives the volunteerism spirit and supports the mission of SCORE. Nick spoke about the  3 best business tips he received in starting his business, mentors he consulted and how they assisted him, and what he see as Lincoln SCORE’s role in the business community. Lincoln SCORE offers free one-to-one mentoring services to individuals who are either interested in starting their own small business or improving the small business they currently run. In doing so, the organization provides opportunities for those with business experience (accounting, marketing, technology, planning, etc.) to help promote small business by giving back to the community and sharing their business knowledge & experience as a volunteer SCORE mentor. Would you be willing to assist Lincoln SCORE to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and help others become successful in their small business? Small business entrepreneurs are eager to learn from you as you help make their dreams come true! Any business person wanting to discover the benefits of being a volunteer may contact the Lincoln SCORE office via e-mail to infolincoln@ and /or (402) 437-2409. Please visit lincoln.score. org or for additional information.

Non-Profit News

Register Today to Hear Norm Miller Speak at CBMC Lincoln Dinner Norm Miller, CEO of Interstate Batteries, is an industry leader with a story to tell. Norm’s success was obvious to everyone who watched him, first as both a rising star in the sales world then as an owner of what would become a nationally known and highly regarded brand. Some things about Norm stayed the same from his earliest years. His creative energy never flagged, and his willingness to dream up and try new ideas remained his hallmark. As a result, Interstate Batteries is now one of corporate America’s stunning success stories, a robust company that enjoys an unparalleled reputation for excellence and honesty.

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But Norm is also candid about his failures, overflowing with a wealth of practical advice, and always colorful, Norm shares what he’s learned along the way in three exciting and successful decades at Interstate. Norm will share his story at a Lincoln CBMC dinner, Thursday, September 15 at 6:30 p.m. in the Embassy Suites ballroom. To hear Norm’s story, register today at

The STAR Project Announces New Partnership The STAR Project, a nonprofit animal rescue organization, is pleased to announce their recent partnership with Best Friends Animal Society. The partnership as a Best Friends Network Partner will allow The STAR Project to utilize additional resources that will aid in assisting more animals and in helping them find their forever homes. With this new partnership, The STAR Project will be more active in the community and is seeking volunteers to assist in upcoming events, marketing and fundraising initiatives, and finding new foster homes. If interested, please contact The STAR Project via email at

HIP OffiCenters Executive Office Suite a Donation Site for Summer Food Drive HIP OffiCenters will be par ticipating in the Corporate Campaign Against Hunger Food Drive, hosted by the Food Bank of Lincoln.  Their entire team is excited to be a part of this amazing opportunity to help the families in our community!  Donations can be dropped off at the HIP OffiCenters Executive Office Suite located at 5000 Central Park Drive, Suite 204 in Lincoln through July 15th. The food collected will go towards helping feed families in need during the remainder of the summer.  Those who have questions about this community outreach initiative may contact Lacey Torske at (402) 466-3932. To find out more about HIP OffiCenters Executive Office Suites in Lincoln, including space available, amenities included for tenants, and additional services offered, please call (402) 466-3932, email, or visit

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Non-Profit News

WISB to Host Monthly Luncheon on July 14th The Women in Sales and Business (WISB) monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 14th at The Hillcrest Country Club at 9401 O Street. Women in Sales & Business began meeting in 1987 to offer business women the opportunity to network within an intimate group. Today, the goal is to encourage and develop creative leadership in women. WISB is dedicated to promoting its growth through the accumulation and sharing of knowledge. The meeting this month will be focused on networking and give members and guests an opportunity to develop deeper relationships. Please take this opportunity to join this month and get to know those in the organization’s membership. The meeting starts with lunch at 11:30 a.m. with networking following from 11:55 a.m. until 1 p.m. Cost is $18 which includes lunch (cost is $10 if you only attend the meeting). Please register online at www. or email to RSVP.

LHRMA Announces July Meeting Let us know how we can help you.

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The Lincoln Human Resource Management Association ( L HR M A ) w i l l hold their monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 12th at The Space at 5900 S 58th St. The luncheon topic is The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Building Cultural Competence in 21st Century Leaders at 11:30 presented by Helen Fagan, Ph.D., followed by a workshop at 1:15 titled Leadership for the Tomorrow: Strategic Workforce Development Solutions, Part 2 of the Strategic HR Leadership Forum presented by Danielle Crough, PhD, SPHR, SilverStone Group.  Register online at by Friday July 8th. Be sure to mark your calendars to attend the remaining LHRMA’s Strategic HR Leadership Forums being held August 9th and October 11th!

Applications Open July 8 for Nonprofit Executive Institute Nonprofit leaders in Nebraska and We s t e r n I o w a can apply for the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM) Nonprofit Executive Institute starting this month. Applications for next year’s Nonprofit Executive Institute open July 8. NAM offers the 11-month program for nonprofit leaders to build upon their skills and strategies, enhance their organization’s sustainability, and transform their community. The Nonprofit Executive Institute (NEI) focuses on capacity-building seminars in the following areas: • Visionary Leadership • Prosperous Leadership • Strategic Leadership • Innovative Leadership • Public Leadership • Ethical Leadership Each class is limited to 16 participants. Classes begin in January and are taught by NEI Leadership Team members. More information on the Nonprofit Executive Institute is available at Next year’s Institute attendees will be announced at the Nonprofit Summit of the Midlands on November 3. 46

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Health News

Nebraska Hearing Center Offering Free Earplugs

Nebraska Hearing Center is giving away free foam earplugs! With summer’s arrival, we enjoy a lot of outdoor activities.  Some activities like lawn mowing, race tracks, fireworks and concerts are very noisy and can damage your hearing. “I see a lot of clients who went to a concert and afterwards the ringing in their ears never stopped.  Prevention is the key,” states Leslie Frank, Audiologist and owner of Nebraska Hearing Center.  “I cannot emphasize how important it is to protect your hearing.  This includes kids’ hearing as well.” Nebraska Hearing Center is centrally located at 5625 O Street, Suite 104 in Lincoln.  Stop in to pick up your free foam earplugs today! For more information about Nebraska Hearing Center, please call (402) 486-3737 or visit them online at

Simple Path Health and Wellness Opens New Location

The Omaha metro area is 4x the size of Lincoln.

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The Alzheimer’s Association is inviting Lincoln residents to unite in a movement to reclaim the future for millions by participating in the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s®. Walk to End Alzheimer’s will take place on September 18, 2016 at Holmes Lake Park in Lincoln. Walk to End Alzheimer’s is more than a walk. It is an experience for more than 2,000 participants in Lincoln who will learn about Alzheimer’s disease and how to get involved with this critical cause, from advocacy opportunities and clinical studies enrollment to support programs and services. Walk participants also honor those affected by Alzheimer’s disease with the poignant Promise Garden ceremony.In addition to the 2 mile walk, participants will enjoy entertainment, a kid zone, food and vendor booths from local sponsors, and a special tribute to those who have experienced or are experiencing Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is a growing epidemic and the nation’s sixth-leading cause of death.  As baby boomers age, the number of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease will rapidly escalate, increasing well beyond today’s more than 5 million Americans to as many as 16 million by 2050. To start or join a team today, visit the Alzheimer’s Association walk. To learn more about disease and available resources, call the toll-free Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline at (800) 272-3900.

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Walk to End Alzheimer’s® Helps Reclaim the Future for Millions

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Paul “Prem” Nathenson has recently earned licensure as an advanced practice registered nurse. Nathenson, also a certified traditional naturopath and his wife, Nancy Nathenson, a certified lymphatic enhancement technologist and holistic life coach are pleased to announce the new location of their business, Simple Path Health and Wellness, at 2123 Winthrop Drive, Suite B in Lincoln. Their natural approach practice specializes in complementary cancer care, nonpharmacologic pain management associated with fibromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), carpal tunnel and musculoskeletal injuries. Other services include management of lymphatic conditions such as lymphedema. Visit www.simplepathlincoln. com or email for more information.

MATT SVOBODA Care Consultan ts for the Aging

LEAH DICKERSO Platteview Golf N Club

ROBERT MEJIAS Liberty Tax Service/ M&M Insurance Associates

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Health News

Sumner Place Recognizes Newest Board Certified Gerontological Nurses Sumner Place is pleased to announce that Mindy Zuhairi, director of nursing, Trista Roque, quality assurance and infection control, and Emily Sample, MDS coordinator, are recognized as board certified gerontological nurses. Their driving passions to elevate geriatric nursing at Sumner Place and Long Term Care in general has motivated them to seek advanced knowledge and skill, competence in understanding the health needs of our aging population and achieve this milestone of personal and professional growth. Mindy Zuhairi has been in health care since 2001. For the past 15 years she has been a nursing assistant, medication aide, floor nurse, charge nurse, and has served the residents of Sumner Place for the past four years as their director of nursing. Zuhairi is known for her adaptability and ability to see the potential in other people to learn, grow, and overcome life’s obstacles.

Mindy Zuhairi

Trista Roque

Emily Sample

Trista Roque has been in health care since 2008 performing the duties of nursing assistant, medication administration, registered nurse and MDS assessment nurse before becoming quality assurance nurse and infection control for Sumner Place. Roque enjoys rising to the challenge of analyzing the symptoms of each resident, identifying what is wrong medically, and finding healthy solutions. Emily Sample has been in health care since 1994 and at Sumner Place/Milder Manor beginning in 1996 as a CNA, then LPN and RN. Sample is currently an MDS nurse assessment coordinator. She develops a blueprint for each resident from their past to their present care needs. With her strong empathy, Sample understands people and learns quickly about the individual qualities of each resident. Sumner Place ( is one of over 30 communities owned or managed by the Vetter Health Services (VHS) group of Omaha, NE. The Sumner Place administrator and staff develop plans to continually improve their care and services with support from the VHS network. Operating decisions are made locally to ensure that Sumner Place remains responsive to the needs of its residents and community.

Advanced Medical Imaging is the only physician office in the region offering the new SphenoCath procedure that provides most patients with immediate relief of headache pain with a simple, gentle, comfortable in-office procedure. • 10-15 minute in-office procedure • Majority of patients experience immediate relief • Safe for adults and children as well as pregnant women • Reimbursed by most insurance companies and Medicare • SphenoCath treats migraines, cluster headaches and trigeminal neuralgia

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Health News

The Body Shoppe Celebrates 1st Anniversary Under New Ownership The Body Shoppe has reached an exciting company milestone, celebrating its 1st anniversary under the ownership of Dennis Varley. The purchase of the business was finalized on July 10, 2015. From the launch of the new website, featuring online scheduling capabilities, to the addition of massage therapists to the staff with varying specialties and certifications, and most recently, the lease of additional space adjoining the original salon in the Calvert Office Park, expansion over the past year has allowed The Body Shoppe to better serve existing clients while also welcoming many new ones. To celebrate and thank the Lincoln community for their support over the past year, Dennis and his staff at The Body Shoppe will be offering 10% off of a 60- or 90-minute massage to anyone who mentions that they saw the anniversary announcement in Strictly Business! With balance of the mind, body and spirit as the ultimate goal, The Body Shoppe offers relaxation and healing with its line-up of massage services including the following techniques: Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Seated Chair, Hand & Foot, Facial, Prenatal and Couples massages. The Body Shoppe is located at 3601 Calvert Street, Suite 20 in Lincoln and open seven days a week by appointment only. For more information, please contact owner Dennis Varley at (402) 440-5852, via email at, or visit

Kidwise, P.C. Celebrates Grand Opening K i d w i s e , P. C . opened its doors to serve children and families in our community on April 18th, 2016. A ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce was held on June 8th to formally mark the occasion and celebrate it with those in attendance. At Kidwise, P.C. Geralee Olson-Triplett, LIMHP, LPC is dedicated to provide therapeutic services to children and families to build and maintain a positive support system for each client. Mrs. Olson-Triplett, LIMHP, LPC is a Nebraska Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and Nebraska Licensed Professional Counselor who is Trauma Certified. A graduate of University of Nebraska – Lincoln and Doane College – Lincoln, Olson-Triplett has a background in childhood mental health, severe and chronic behavioral problems, and trauma. Mrs. Olson-Triplett, LIMHP, LPC has worked with many individuals who experience anxiety, anger management issues, mutism, impulsivity, depression, trauma, inattentiveness, conduct concerns, hyperactivity, phase of life challenges, fears, abuse, aggression, sexual behaviors, oppositional defiance, social deficits, self-regulation, communication deficits, and out of home placement. As a therapist and supervising practitioner, Olson-Triplett has experience working in a treatmentbased facility helping children and families become successful at home, in the community, and at school. Kidwise, P.C. is located at 8101 O Street, Suite 214 in Lincoln. Services provided, which are covered by most insurance plans, include: Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Trauma Therapy, and Group Therapy. For more information, please call (402) 488-1032, email geralee@, or visit

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Health News Two From HoriSun Hospice Receive Hospice Caregiver Recognition Award On June 2nd, two HoriSun Hospice staff members were honored as recipients of Colonial Chapel Funeral Home’s Hospice Caregiver Recognition Award. Mandy Miller, RN, BSN, CHPN, Director of Clinical Services and Molly Turek, RN, CHPN, Clinical Manager were nominated by Leah Carrera for the extraordinary care and comfort they gave to her little girl Gigi and their entire family. Mandy and Molly received a staycation from the Marriott Residence Inn -- Lincoln South, Phat Jack’s BBQ gift cards, small engraved silver jewelry boxes from Colonial Chapel and donuts for their team from Krispy Kreme. Providing help, hope and comfort to those facing a life-limiting illness, the mission of HoriSun Hospice, Inc. is to deliver the highest level of holistic hospice care with honor and respect for patients and their families. HoriSun Hospice’s qualified interdisciplinary team of health care professionals and trained volunteers ensure that each individual receives the unique quality of care that they deserve. Eligibility and admissions available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (402) 484-6444 or visit for more information.

Grand Re-Opening Celebration Marks Transition From Wagey Drug to Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare celebrated the grand re-opening of the former Wa g ey D r u g pharmacy on June 1st, kicking off the event with a Lincoln Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony. Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare, family owned and operated in Omaha since 1948, purchased Wagey Drug in 2015. Located at 800 N. 27th St., Wagey Drug was established in 1924 and has remained a trusted community pharmacy in Lincoln for over 90 years. Since the purchase of Wagey Drug, physical improvements are evident from the corner of 27th and Vine Streets. New, bright blue awnings have replaced the previous faded maroon ones and a large new electronic LED sign showcases the store’s specials and important health reminders. Inside, a larger selection of medical equipment is displayed in the newly remodeled facility to include many displays and a showroom for people to touch, feel and try items to keep them independent and in their homes longer and safer. Displays include in-store demos of stair lifts, wheelchairs, scooters and more. New rooms have been built for compression and mastectomy garment fittings. Additionally, Kohll’s created on a new custom compounding lab as well as a pre- and postnatal section in the store. A past recipient of the Governor’s Wellness Award, Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare has nine locations in Omaha, Papillion and SW Iowa. For more information, please call (402) 895-6812 or visit 50

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Since 2002, Nebraska Outdoor Living Center, Inc. has had the honor of providing quality outdoor living products to customers throughout southeast Nebraska. Nebraska Outdoor Living Center is a family-owned business that began with a pickup truck and a dream. It has since grown to become the leading source for exterior shade products in the area, representing dozens of the finest manufacturers in the market. The company’s offerings have expanded over time to include: wild bird feeding supplies, patio furniture, wind chimes, and an amazing assortment of outdoor gas firepits and fireplaces. With the rising popularity of outdoor mixed-use community spaces in business settings, Nebraska Outdoor Living Center has enjoyed working with both commercial and residential clients.

“The quality of the materials is matched with the quality of workmanship, and is backed by a local business.”

Client Spotlight

Customize Your Outdoor Living Space!

With two locations in Lincoln, NE—the original headquarters at 48th & Holdrege and the newest storefront at 48th & Old Cheney that opened in September of 2015—Nebraska Outdoor Living Center provides guests the opportunity to experience many products firsthand ... before they invest.

Shade products have been focal point of the business from the time it was founded and continues to be a key area of expertise. So much so that in 2014, Nebraska Shade, a subdivision of Nebraska Outdoor Living Center, Inc., was launched in order to offer the very best product at a fair price point while maintaining excellent workmanship. “When we decided that we wanted more local control of our products, we spent months researching and analyzing the best features of dozens of shade manufacturers. Our many years of hands-on experience and professional relationships within the industry gave us great insight into the best and the not-so-great products on the market today. Based on our experience and expertise, we designed all of our Nebraska Shade products with three primary objectives: 1. Maintain local control of the assembly and production process.   2. Design every product with our specific climate in mind. 3. Provide the best quality product at a reasonable price point. The results have been fabulous! The Nebraska Awning, our flagship product, features a full fabric protective cassette. The fabric on an awning accounts for approximately 60% of the cost. It also is the part that is most susceptible to damage and wear and tear. Our purpose in choosing a full cassette was to extend the life of the fabric by protecting it from the elements when not in use. We also use state-of-the-art electronics and offer this awning with the convenience of motorization. Little things like our weatherproof wireless remote control add value and protect your investment should you happen to leave it out in the rain. A second model, the Lancaster Awning, offers many of the same benefits at a lower price point. We have extended these same philosophies to our exterior and interior solar shades. Every product is fabricated with the best components available. The quality of the materials is matched with the quality of workmanship, and is backed by a local business.” -Bill Budler, owner of Nebraska Outdoor Living Center, Inc. When it comes to outdoor living spaces, it’s all about the right accents that will create the desired ambiance. With a great selection of quality, versatile products that serve to enhance the beauty and comfort of outdoor living areas, Nebraska Outdoor Living Center will help you maximize the use and enjoyment of your unique space, whether it’s for relaxation or entertaining. Check out our website and click on the Gallery and Before & After tabs to view photos of past projects, or the Products and Nebraska Shade tabs to see all of the different color and style options that are available!

Stop by either Lincoln location today! 1742 North 48th St. | 402.474.7011 5632 South 48th St. | 402.904.9769 Mon. – Fri. 9 am – 6 pm | Sat. 9 am – 5 pm JULY 2016 Strictly Business



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402-403-4334 SANDLER TRAINING • by Karl Schaphorst, President

The Issue the Prospect Brings You is Never the Real Issue A patient visits the psychiatrist because he is having trouble sleeping at night. Each session, the trained psychiatrist asks a series of questions that slowly uncover the reason for the insomnia. After a half-dozen meetings, the real issue surfaces from the depths of the subconscious, a plan is put in place to address the issue, and the patient is enjoying restful nights again. Now, if the patient knew up front what the real issue was that caused the sleepless nights then there would be no need for the psychiatrist. But the issue that the patient brought to the psychiatrist in the beginning was not the real issue and it took a trained professional to find it. It is no different in the profession of selling. Oftentimes the professional salesperson must act like a psychiatrist if he/she is to reach a level of high performance. Just as a doctor uses a scalpel to cut away healthy tissue in order to get at the disease, so does the sales professional use questions to knife through surface issues to uncover what is really important to the prospect. Below are two example dialogues. The first shows what typically happens when questions are not used effectively: Sales: “Tell me about the service you have received.” Prospect: “Well, it’s okay, but it has been annoyingly slow and the timing has been off.” Sales: “Service is our strength and we have dozens of examples of how we have exceeded the expectations of our customers. Some of the initiatives implemented were...” In the example above, the issue brought forth above by the prospect is service. Immediately the salesperson, who can proficiently address the service issue, begins to sell how service can be improved. However, is service really the prospect’s issue? In the second example, we will see what happens when questions are used effectively: Sales: “Tell me about the service you have received.” Prospect: “Well, it’s okay, but it has been annoyingly slow and the timing has been off.” Sales: “Tell me more about what you mean when you say “annoyingly slow.” Prospect: “I mean that we couldn’t get our system back up fast enough.” Sales: “What did you do?” Prospect: “We tried to fix it. Sales: “And were you able to?” Prospect: “No. In fact we damaged it even more in our attempt.” Sales: “So how much has this cost you?” Prospect: “The repairs, the cost to fix it are nothing. It cost me one of our biggest orders for the quarter since we were unable to deliver and it has put me on notice with our investors. Sales: “Wow. This is a big deal. Suppose I could provide a solution that would prevent this issue from happening again, what would that mean to you?” Prospect: “If you could do that for me, you would have my business!” The issue that the prospect offered up to the sales professional at the beginning was slow and untimely service. But that was not the real issue. In the second example, after patient and professional questioning, the real issue of lost business and dissatisfied owners surfaced and now the sales professional can present a solution that addresses what really is important to the prospect. So, which salesperson gets the order? Always remember, the issues your prospects bring to you at first are generally never the real issues. Sandler Training is a global training organization with over three decades of experience and proven results. Sandler provides sales and management training and consulting services for small- to mediumsized businesses (SMBs) as well as corporate training for Fortune 1000 companies. For more information, please contact Karl Schaphorst at (402) 403-4334 or by email at You can also follow his blog at

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Tandem Axle (up to 14 ton) $7.00/ton Side Dump (27 ton & under) $5.00/ton (within Lincoln city limits) TCW Materials Yard 301 “P” St.

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Lincoln Independent Business Association 402-466-3419 by Coby Mach, President & CEO

City Planning – Millions More in Bonding I recently testified before the Lincoln Planning Commission to talk about the proposed Lincoln Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP includes millions of dollars in new bonding that would be paid for by increasing your property taxes. LIBA posed a number of questions and concerns to city staff. Among the projects drawing concern include the StarTran Multi Modal Center, the city’s investment in construction of a brine production facility, and the proper appropriation of the funds identified for various aspects of different projects. LIBA intends to continue to work with city staff and city council members about these concerns, but we focused on the broad and very real impact of the inclusion of a $42 million general obligation bond for construction of a new downtown library on the Pershing Center site.  $42 million is twice the bonding amount the library had been seeking. In 2012, an RFP process undertaken by Mayor Beutler, with the help of a 12-member selection committee, considered three proposals for reuse of the Pershing Center location. Two of the proposals were from private developers looking to inject this area of downtown with a mix of retail development, residential living, and office space. The third was an iteration of the library proposal included in the new CIP draft. Mayor Beutler rejected all three proposals, including the construction of the library on the Pershing Center site, concluding that he didn’t “sense community support for that kind of public expenditure” at the time.

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LIBA has repeatedly made clear its position that the Pershing Center site should be made available for private development, recently calling on city officials to renew the effort to redevelop Pershing and issue a new RFP. LIBA wholeheartedly agrees with Mayor Beutler’s belief that “the site in a prominent spot along the [recently] renovated Centennial Mall is a good place for private development.” Lincoln cannot afford to miss this opportunity to transform a full city block of prime downtown real estate into a thriving hub of economic activity in central downtown. To be responsible in planning for a bright future in Lincoln, the CIP and Comprehensive Plan must be responsive to our core needs, and must not foreclose opportunities for growth and development. Including this bond issue and identifying the Pershing Center site in the CIP as the intended location of a new downtown library could have the effect of discouraging private developers from giving serious consideration to possibilities for the site’s reuse. It may even go so far as to provide city staff a basis for denying proposals from private developers because the CIP reserves the space for a library or may allow staff to require private proposals to include space for the library. LIBA believes this possibility should raise serious concerns for members of the Planning Commission who are charged with overseeing the responsible growth and development of our city. LIBA urged the city to reflect upon the true impact inclusion of this item will have on the long-term development of Lincoln and the restriction it will place on downtown development. Contact your city council if you agree. LIBA studies and promotes these types of issues that are important to businesses and our community. If you have an interest in joining LIBA, please call me at (402) 466-3419. LIBA membership is not restricted to just businesses.  We also have “individual” memberships for those who want to help influence our local government decisions.

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Downtown Lincoln Association by Terry Uland, President

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The Right Hook In the front room of StoryHook’s bright space, a sentence fragment hangs on the wall: “Because people need good stories.” StoryHook, a nontraditional marketing and advertising firm, believes everyone has a story to tell. They use this philosophy to create stories and branding for their clients and people in the community. Erik Miller launched StoryHook last September in the Haymarket’s Burkholder Project with Asha Timperley joining him as a writer. Prior to opening StoryHook, both Miller and Timperley worked at a local media production company together. “It became really clear to me that you could approach advertising and marketing from a storyteller perspective,” Miller said. “Keep it really simple, honest and authentic. You can help people be themselves in marketing.” When a client hires StoryHook, the duo has a sit-down “discovery session” to learn about the client and a company’s personality. Miller noted the Lutheran Center at University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a recent client StoryHook has worked with. “Our goal is to take on their personality, take on their story and show that through—in this case it was a website and several video vignettes,” Miller said. “So knowing their goal and their audience, and what they wanted from that, and just helping them tell their story which was really simple.” In addition to creating stories for clients, StoryHook also created “Stories Matter,” a series of profiles on local business owners and community members with words and photos by Timperley. None of the “Stories Matter” subjects are clients, though some have hired StoryHook after their story was published. Miller said the goal of the “Stories Matter” series is to keep things honest and centered on the community, rather than StoryHook itself. There are over 35 installments of the series with subjects such as Kendall Warnock of A1 Automotive, Hurrdat and opendorse co-founder, Blake Lawrence and Ann Ringlein, owner of the Lincoln Running Company. “We did a story on Ann Ringlein and there are so many people who’ve had Ann sell them shoes and watched them walk in them, and done that whole thing,” Miller said. “They know her, they recognize her face but they didn’t know her whole backstory. So I think that’s what people really enjoy, being able to engage with people in the community on that level and hearing stories about people they may not have heard before.” In both their client work and through the “Stories Matter” series, Miller said StoryHook has received positive attention from the public. For StoryHook, engaging the community is an important part to their success. To achieve this, Miller said it was necessary for them to be located Downtown. “The biggest thing is visibility, I mean, this is where things are happening,” Miller said. “There’s a lot of different brands that we love down here, that we love being around. It’s fun to be a part of the Downtown, Haymarket community. Not to downplay any other part of Lincoln, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to start a business like ours, where we want to engage the community, in another part of the city.” Founded in 1967, the Downtown Lincoln Association provides services and champions initiatives for maintaining and enhancing our vibrant downtown. Our vision is to create an energetic downtown environment where we live, learn, work, invest and play. DLA has evolved into a multi-faceted organization supporting a wide range of programs and activities including maintenance, economic development and advocacy. For a complete listing of downtown businesses, events and residences visit ‘Like’ us on Facebook at

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by Wendy Birdsall, President

a Dove Shannon Salon

“Be a Tourist” Program Offers a Chance to Connect with Lincoln’s Great Attractions

The Memorial Day holiday marks the traditional start to the summer travel season and as we roll past the 4th of July and head toward the start of school, many families may be in search of something to do a little closer to home. I’ve got good news for you - look no further than our “Be a Tourist” program. The official start to the travel season actually began in early spring as the first week in May is celebrated as National Travel and Tourism Week. This tradition began in 1984 to recognize the impact of tourism on the economy of the United States.  According to the U.S. Travel Association, travel is America’s number one services export generating a total of $2.1 trillion for the U.S. economy.



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For the 13th year now, the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau is partnering with 25 Lincoln area attractions and events in its annual “Be a Tourist” Campaign. The program officially launched the last week in May and will continue through the end of August. The program is simple.  Participants can pick up a passport at participating locations, the Lincoln Visitors Center (7th and P Streets), and the passport can also be downloaded from the CVB website. Each location has a designated spot on the passport which will be stamped when a person visits the location.  Participants are asked to visit at least 11 of the locations and turn in completed passports for a chance of winning one of the many great prizes. Vacationing in your own community has never been easier! The passport program and Lincoln’s many great attractions, when partnered with a stop at one of our local dining establishments and hotel overnight stay, make for the perfect getaway as families take a break from their very hectic schedules. The “Be a Tourist” program has been such a success, it’s been honored in the past by the Nebraska Division of Travel & Tourism as one of the state’s best tourism campaigns. You will also want to check out a few new features this year.  For the first time ever, we will hold a second-chance drawing. While getting the passport stamped, participants can ask for a second-chance drawing ticket where they will simply write their name and phone number on the back and place it in the designated container. Participants will receive one ticket per person, per passport stamp. The more places visited, the more chances to win a wonderful surprise prize package.  One winner will be chosen at random and will be notified via phone. Visit for a complete list of prizes or call (402) 434-5335 for more information on the program. Try it out and get reacquainted with Lincoln.  If you are anything like me, you haven’t been to the top of the State Capitol since your days in elementary school.  I know you will enjoy the experience. The Chamber’s mission is to improve the lives of Lincoln residents by providing increased economic opportunity and can only be accomplished together. For more information, please contact Jaime Henning at

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Life Changes

Life’s many defining events fall into two categories: things you’ve planned for…and those that you haven’t. While both may turn out to be blessings in the end, generally the planned life events are the most exciting and rewarding ones that we look forward to over the years. This includes things like getting married, having a baby, and retirement, to name a few of the most prominent. However, there are also those that although not pleasant for most, are beneficial to address in order to have a plan of action in place, such as end of life arrangements or your wishes in the event of an emergency situation. Having a baby is something that is best planned for in advance, particularly because it’s such a huge commitment and requires a significant amount of preparation prior to welcoming a new life into the world. This not only includes all of the things related to your home, car, etc. to be ready for a baby to arrive, as well as lifestyle adjustments that will need to be made, but also understanding what should to be done at each stage of development as far as the necessary doctor’s appointments and related items of importance that will need to happen in order to ensure that both mom and baby are healthy. “Planning a pregnancy is a very exciting time,” says Jenna Van Pelt, MD, OB/GYN with Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. “We at Women’s Clinic of Lincoln feel very honored to be a part of this special time in people’s lives. We like to meet with people who want to become pregnant for pre-conception counseling.  This allows us the opportunity to discuss things that help maximize a woman’s health prior to becoming pregnant, such as suggestions on improving her diet and exercise regimen, as well as helping her get any medical condition optimized prior to Dr. Jenna Van Pelt conception.  We highly recommend starting Women’s Clinic of Lincoln prenatal vitamins with folic acid, as this helps to decrease the risk of neural tube defects in the fetus.  We also recommend against consuming alcohol and using tobacco if a woman wants to become pregnant. The conversation and treatment plan are individualized to fit each woman’s needs.  By doing this, we hope to help the couple achieve a healthy pregnancy that results in a healthy baby.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our office at (402) 434-3370.” From the beginning of a life to the end, there are certainly plenty of things to plan for throughout. Christine Vanderford of Vanderford Law, P.C., L.L.O. offers insight for her years of experience as to the importance of planning, including critical things to consider: “No matter how much you may desire and plot out a certain path for your life, there’s an element of that which remains out of your control. Therefore, when planning for major life events, you need to expect the unexpected. Events such as marriage, the birth of a child, the purchase of a home, graduation from college or the establishment of a career are all wonderful occurrences. However, they are occurrences requiring some forethought. Should you become incapacitated, do you have power of attorney in place, allowing your spouse or family to make important decisions, and keep things moving forward when you cannot? What about an unexpected injury or illness that brings you to end-of-life decisions? 58

Strictly Business JULY 2016

Have you and your spouse put in place a Living Will, expressing your preferences for treatment? Doing so frees your husband, wife or children from having to make such difficult decisions during an already difficult time. Think: ‘Terry Schiavo.’ With that new career established and producing a sustainable source of income, do you have in place a Last Will and Testament to direct the allocation and distribution of your estate, to your surviving spouse or children? Does your spouse also have a Will in place? Christine Vanderford Regarding your estate, is that new home titled Vanderford Law to you only or does the property deed list both you and your spouse as joint tenants? What happens to the house and your spouse after your death? Have you agreed upon guardianship for your children, in the event both you and your spouse pass away? And do you have alternate guardians selected if your appointed guardians cannot fulfill these duties? What if you are a single parent? What if you are divorced and there’s a concern with the other parent? Without a plan, you leave this decision to the state. Under that same thought process, who will serve as Trustee for your estate while your children remain under the age of majority, and do you have an alternate Trustee in mind? Without an estate plan, you risk the funds being held in conservatorship, and released in a lump sum once your children turn eighteen years of age. These are the same funds that could provide for your children’s health, education, support and maintenance as they grow. When those children move out of state for college or as a result of graduating from college, will they have medical power of attorney documents in place to award decision making authority to a trusted friend or family member, until you can arrive? The comprehensive key to keep in mind when planning major life events is to be prepared by anticipating the unanticipated.” Vanderford also addresses some common misconceptions related to planning for the future: “I am young. People do not need an estate plan until retirement age, right?” Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to live to a ripe, old age. A determined percentage of folks aged 25-45 years will pass away and inevitably leave behind an estate of some kind. They may leave behind children. They may leave behind pets. Without instruction, would your surviving family members know who should take care of your children? Will they know where you want your pets to go? As an example of what to consider, will they know of all your online accounts (including passwords)? Would they know where you store other digital assets such as photos, videos, etc.? “I am not wealthy and therefore do not require a Last Will and Testament, correct?” A common misunderstanding is that an estate plan is reserved for those with tons of land interests, millions of dollars in stock, residing in mansions and jetting away to vacation homes. On the contrary, your estate consists of all your personal belongings and financial interests, regardless if it’s millions of dollars or one hundred dollars. Leaving instructions (a Will) on what to do with your assets, serves your surviving family members well. “Why do I need a Last Will and Testament? Won’t everything automatically go to my spouse?” Without a Will, the state decides where your assets go. Do your family members or spouse understand what it will take to settle your affairs? What if you wanted certain charities to receive a share of your estate? What would assure these organizations receive these shares? “I do not need a medical power of attorney. I am young and healthy. Isn’t that good enough?”

Under that thought process, why carry health insurance? Because of inherent risk, that’s why. With statistics pointing to accidents as the leading cause of death in that 25-45 age category, what would happen if you survived an accident but were disabled as a result? Who would be your “voice” when it comes to health care decisions necessary for your long-term care? “I do not need a power of attorney for my assets. My spouse is on our joint checking account and knows what we have. Doesn’t that cover it?” Upon determination of your incapacitation, without a power of attorney in place, the court could freeze your assets until it appoints someone to handle your financial affairs. That would prove quite inconvenient for your spouse and children. “I have DNR (do not resuscitate) order in place. Why do I need a Living Will?” A DNR is a medical order that must be signed by both the doctor and patient (or guardian, or POA), indicating the patient should not be resuscitated. A DNR cannot be prepared by an attorney for a client’s signature without the involvement of the client’s physician. A Living Will is a legal document that outlines life-prolonging treatments you may, or may not want when facing end-of-life decisions. In the event you are unable to communicate, you are still making these decisions via your Living Will. The benefit for your physician and family is they will know what to do. She concludes, “The cost benefit of an estate plan is peace of mind for you and your family. Without an estate plan in place, your family faces a potentially lengthy and costly process with the courts (far exceeding the cost of an estate plan). Without a plan, someone from your family will have to step up, serve as Personal Representative of your estate, close your accounts, pay your bills, inventory your belongings and distribute them according to state law. Completing such tasks are the responsibility of your appointed Personal Representative, however they are made more difficult for that individual to complete, without a plan in place that offers direction. Save your loved ones the headache (and money) by planning ahead for life’s inevitable changes.” And finally, as a critical part of planning for any major life event has to do with finances, most notably budgeting accordingly but also investing wisely and so on, you’ll want to develop a relationship with your accountant to ensure that you’ve confirmed with a professional that all of the bases are covered. Remember, planning for what’s to come will allow both you and your loved ones to be prepared no matter what life brings. The best and worst things in life can often be anticipated to some extent, and the more prepared you are, the easier it will be to navigate through the changes as well as empowering yourself with the ability to influence the resulting outcome. As said best by Alexander Graham Bell, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” JULY 2016 Strictly Business 59

Trade Show Preparation

Showcasing your business or organization at a trade show is something that requires thoughtful planning, involving more than meets the eye in terms of going from the vision and goals for your presence to the final execution of your booth components. As a guest, there is a lot to take in; the venue, the guests, the participants, among many other things (of course, the swag!). Yet, as a featured vendor at the event, there are many things that must be taken into consideration and thoughtfully planned in advance in order to yield the intended final product, which will ultimately be your amazing trade show booth that’s the talk of the town!

THE PERFECT VENUE TO HOST YOUR NEXT EVENT! FROM MEETINGS, BANQUETS AND WEDDINGS TO TRADESHOWS AND CONFERENCES, WE CAN HELP YOU PLAN AN EVENT TO REMEMBER. » Conveniently located just north of the I-80 Interchange in York, Nebraska » Grand Ballroom can accommodate banquets up to 800 or 1100 theater style » Eleven flexible meeting and event spaces » Outdoor event spaces available » State-of-the-Art Audiovisual System and facility wide free Wi-Fi L EA R N M O R E AT: H O LT H U S C O N V E N T I O N C E N T E R . C O M Call 402.363.2675 or email 3130 Holen Avenue, York, NE 68467


Strictly Business JULY 2016

“Trade shows have exclusive benefits for both attendees and businesses,” advises Jaime Henning of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. “People visiting a trade show have opportunities to talk face-toface with business owners, gain insight to an unfamiliar industry or get a first look at upcoming trends. As a business owner or marketer, trade shows are an invaluable time to generate business leads, network with other retailers or demonstrate a new product.

Jaime Henning

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce will hold Lincoln Chamber the 2016 Lincoln Business Expo on October of Commerce 18th. When preparing for the Expo, make a progress calendar to keep you organized and on track. Draft every detail of your display four months in advance so you know how you want your booth to look inside the venue. This means considering what our 10’x10’ booths will allow or if you would need to purchase a double booth. The Lincoln Business Expo is held at the Pinnacle Bank Arena and the space is large. Make use of the height of the venue and consider how to make yourself stand out from eye-level. Interactive displays are extremely beneficial and will capture the attendee’s attention to your product or service. The hands-on experience will keep the guest at your booth for a longer period of time, giving you ample opportunity to present your message in a fun and disarming way. Marketing pieces require a longer deadline, so waste no time ordering your print and other materials about three months out from the big show. Since the Lincoln Business Expo allows sales on-site, it is easy to incorporate merchandise into your display. Above all, determine an objective for your booth based on what your business needs. Whether you need to network and interact with attendees, demonstrate a product or let customers interact with your brand, careful and strategic planning will make your place at the Lincoln Business Expo and other trade shows a pivotal point in your marketing mix.”

As you can already tell, there are a lot of key details that participants must be aware of in order to make a trade show a productive use of their time and for the best possible representation of their business. Because of the many different business types and industries that trade shows focus on, each with a different audience being catered towards, the goals and benefits of each trade show may vary. Nevertheless, the central considerations and messages remain mostly consistent show to show, so you will quickly learn what to expect. The main thing to be aware of going into a trade show is how pivotal booth design will be to attracting attendees—if people aren’t interested in approaching your booth, the opportunity for interaction is lost and none of your other goals can be met as a result. If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you know there are many different ways to accomplish this task. However, it can present just as much of a challenge for someone who is putting together a booth for the first time as for a seasoned trade show vendor looking for something new. That being the case, in the trade show industry there are many trends geared towards maximizing your presence to be aware of if you’re new to the scene, and keep up with even if you are an avid trade show participant. As a trade show planning must, businesses need to make sure to have product samples available if applicable, or if not, find the most impactful way to clearly deliver details about exactly what they do and the services they have to offer. Having enough business cards to hand out is critical as well as providing promotional items for guests to take with them that are branded with your business information. Not having enough could mean a potential client may not be able to get a hold of you to follow up after the initial point of contact at the trade show. Since the goals of these events are visibility and obtaining leads, everything you plan to do should contribute to either of those objectives. It is important for businesses to build relationships with attendees while still being able to display their key offerings and demonstrate the processes and/or benefits. These interactions are truly critical to your success; therefore, everything about your booth should be inviting with elements that attract attention and encourage conversation. Again, the main benefit of trade shows for participating businesses remains the ability to gain new clients or referrals by spreading information about the company to many new names and faces. The great thing about these events is that they are also beneficial for the attendees, with plenty of businesses readily available to ask questions along with all of the free goodies. Make sure to greet as many people as possible and have your presentation nailed down ahead of time! Carol Oliver of Sunflower Marketing emphasizes that enhancing your trade show presence is a key part of the event for businesses. “The best way to enhance your presence at a trade show is to have an attractive and engaging display or booth. This can be done by bringing samples of your products along with various promotional items to hand out for your attendees to remember you by. You also need to make sure that there are enough people to run the booth for those rushes of Carol Oliver people who want to interact with you! And, Sunflower Marketing for those who have the resources to do so, presentations that incorporate a multimedia element such as a slideshow are a pretty cool way of showing your product offerings while still keeping the attendees interested.” Having had trade show events hosted at the venue, the staff at Holthus Convention Center in nearby York, NE has firsthand experience when it comes to the variety of ways that businesses have chosen to present themselves and what has proved to be the most successful and wellreceived. Terri Carlson of Holthus Convention Center recommends knowing the details about the space you’re working as the first step to designing the best booth possible. “Make sure that you have accurate


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measurements and dimensions of the space you will be utilizing to ensure that your setup can be executed as planned upon arrival. By requesting a floor plan, you will be able to view where outlets are positioned, along with any columns that may be in the space to block visibility or impede the flow of foot traffic, in addition to other items that are unique to the specific venue that’s hosting the trade show. Many times the venue sends out the information to all participants ahead of time or has it available online too. Also, Terri Carlson be sure and check with the facility so that you are aware of any requirements with Holthus Convention Center spacing around entrances and exits in the room or aisles. If anything, simply being aware of your orientation can prevent mishaps and allow you to plan accordingly.” At a very minimum, keeping your booth space as open and inviting as possible will allow attendees to come in and interact with you, even without all of the bells and whistles that promote further engagement. However, it does help a great deal to have something neat (and unique) that stands out and keeps people talking, at the event and even well after the day is done. As an event where creativity is embraced and the sky is the limit, playing it safe is okay but won’t necessarily get you the optimal results as would taking your concept to the next level with something exciting that hasn’t been seen a million times before. If you’re able to choose your booth when registering for a trade show, pay attention to the neighboring businesses to avoid direct competitors. Also keep in mind that the end booths or as previously mentioned, the ones closest to the main points of entry/exit are prime real estate. To recap, the key points of trade show preparation are knowing your space, ensuring that you have enough of your promotional products and business cards on-hand (which will likely require placing your orders by a specific date), showcasing your offerings in a way that attracts visitors to your booth, ensuring that you’re presentation is effective and best represents who you are as a business, and most importantly, putting your best foot forward when interacting with attendees (and making an even better use of your time there by networking with the other participating businesses too!). If you’re looking for help or ideas, not to worry; there are many local resources to utilize with the goal of taking your trade show presentation to the next level, so make sure to give yourself enough time to explore the possibilities! Finally, as this commonly gets overlooked, make sure to promote that you’ll be at a trade show both in advance and the day-of through social media and other promotional outlets—the more people who know and where to find you, the better your results! JULY 2016 Strictly Business


Client Spotlight 62

Strictly Business JULY 2016

Men’s Health While many things about our health are essentially the same for men and women alike, there are also differences between the two genders that are important to take into account. As the saying goes, health is wealth, and just as much for men as for women, maintaining good health requires being proactive and staying educated, establishing good habits, making the necessary lifestyle adjustments to correct or eliminate any existing issues, and for all of the aforementioned, utilizing the expertise of the experts who have dedicated themselves to their specific areas of expertise for guidance and support. Living in this day and age, we know a whole lot more about health and wellness than ever before, so it only makes sense to take full advantage of the wealth of resulting benefits.

Nutrition and regular activity are basic factors that have an impact on all of our body’s central functions. With an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food and drink options often the most easily accessible, many adults struggle with weight issues that can ultimately have a serious health consequences. This being the case for men of all ages, a healthy diet and exercise are a great place to start for those who are committed to making lifestyle changes that are in their best interests. In fact, according to recent statistics provided by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), almost 3 in 4 men in the U.S., or 74% to be exact, are considered to be overweight or obese. In addition to physical health, body image factors into our wellness, affecting our mental and emotional health as well. A science based on intake and output, balance is only achieved when a person’s lifestyle—their daily actions and choices—is in harmony with their goals. When it comes to successfully losing weight and keeping it off, the only solutions that are both effective and health-conscious are the ones that are focused on achieving long-term results. There are so many different products on the market that making a decision as to what will work best for an individual is overwhelming and confusing to say the least. As many of us can identify with the struggles of losing weight, mainly when it comes to finding something that really works, it only makes sense to enlist the guidance and support of the professionals who are dedicated to the health of their clients and are there to help every step of the way.

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As the name indicates, being physiciansupervised, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers ensures that you are losing weight in a healthy way, as their programs are tailored to each individual with that at the forefront. They also provide a 100% money-back guarantee that if you follow the program, you’ll get the results. “Our diet-specific programs are offered to men to help them lose weight, which in

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turn helps them to achieve a healthier lifestyle in the process,” says Nancy Hopkins, General Manager of the Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Lincoln location in Williamsburg Village.  “With weight loss comes the benefits of lower blood pressure, lower risk of diabetes, and reduced risk of heart disease. Our diets help to build muscle while losing weight, which is a very important step in dieting. In addition to our six core programs, our male clients are also commonly utilizing LipoGenics, a non-invasive treatment that we offer at PWLC, for toning and skin tightening of problem areas such as the abdomen, muffin tops and love handles. Much like spa services, clients enjoy the half hour of rest and relaxation they get during a treatment session in addition to the impressive results, which are evident with as little as one treatment in some cases. Everything we offer is customizable, and is working towards helping our clients achieve a healthier lifestyle that not only benefits them in a number of ways, but everyone around them as well. We all have family and friends that depend on us, and it’s also important for men to be good role models for the younger generation in terms of adopting a healthy way of life. This starts with achieving a balance of proper diet, regular exercise that takes into account muscle development, and last but not least, making better choices in life to stay healthy in a world that’s increasingly more toxic.”

Julie Boyd Herbs & More


Indeed, exposure to toxins--even the ones that we put into our own bodies--is at an all-time high. Natural supplements and holistic remedies are becoming much more commonplace, and moreover, are proven to be an effective alternative in most cases. “At Herbs & More we carry many dietary supplements that support

Strictly Business JULY 2016

men’s health and wellness,” says Julie Boyd, owner of Herbs & More. “For example, ‘Equolibrium’ is a daily supplement from Nature’s Sunshine that helps support healthy prostate function and urinary flow without side effects, and also helps improve sleep duration. Or there’s the Nature’s Plus energy supplements known as ‘T Male,’ which is a natural testosterone booster. These are just a few of the many products we offer in the store that utilize natural ingredients to support continued health and wellness. We find it to be the most rewarding when we can help our clients discover solutions derived from Mother Nature that will improve their quality of life.” As most men spend a significant amount of time devoted to their careers, it’s important to understand how that factors into overall health and wellness, specifically as it relates to the workplace environment and demands of the job. Many workplaces are implementing wellness programs that are designed and implemented by healthcare professionals, and that trend is only gaining steam as due to popular demand from the workforce, it’s become central part of recruiting and retention of the top talent in the market. Specifically related to men’s health in the workplace, Katie Tiedeman, Midwest Regional Manager of Proactive Solutions, Inc. advises, “We provide a personalized approach in working with men to be able to maintain or build up their physical stability based on the characteristics and requirements of their work environment. Whether you are working in a sedentary environment and needing to balance that with increased Katie Tiedeman activity for maintaining a healthy lifestyle vs. working in a high paced manual labor Proactive Solutions, Inc.

environment and needing to strengthen and protect your body from wear and tear, we can design a program that meets your needs. Repetitive situations can lead to physical breakdown of our bodies long before we expect and having the expertise of an on-site Physical or Occupational Therapist can provide you with the tools to do your job to the best of your potential while protecting your body to be able to thrive for years to come. Ultimately we would all like to avoid any type of health situation that requires medical attention. By having an on-site specialist to consult when you have a health question, you are much more likely to address the issue when it is small and easy to fix. Proactive Solutions provides this opportunity to clients representing a broad range of industries. However, sometimes avoiding a surgery to address a health concern is unavoidable. When you are left with no choice but to proceed with a surgery, it can affect your ability to perform your required job duties or return to work in a timely manner. Proactive Solutions provides on-site physical, occupational, and massage therapy that can allow people to return to work at a much faster rate while they are recovering.” She adds, “Men still tend to overlook or underestimate the importance of regular health screenings and reducing the physical strain on their bodies. The old mentality of ‘tough it out’ or ‘no pain, no gain’ can lead to health conditions that become very challenging and costly to reverse or repair. Many health conditions can be managed and minimized if we are aware of the early warning signs. Rather than put off seeking medical consultation, it is far better to have a problem or question addressed early for the least amount of negative impact to your health. Keeping your body safe and in shape in our younger years will lead to a much more enjoyable retirement!”

Dr. Steven G. Dunder Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center

Men’s Health Month just came to a close at the end of June, and each year it brings critical awareness to health issues that men are facing. With cancer being an epidemic that affects us all in some way, Steven G. Dunder, MD, Medical Oncologist at the Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center, provides some eyeopening information that men should be aware of regarding cancer statistics, screening and the importance of a healthy lifestyle:

“Men’s Health Month was created to raise awareness in men to help prevent health problems, encourage early detection and enable better possible treatments of disease. The number of men getting cancer is rising. This is partly because men are living longer than ever before. The good news is that the number of men surviving is also increasing. Overall, men are 14% more likely to get cancer than women. (http://www.cancerresearchuk. org/about-cancer/type/mens-cancer/) There are a number of reasons for this. Diagnosing cancer early is an important factor in successful treatment. Being aware of possible symptoms, knowing what is normal for you, and knowing what should prompt a visit to the doctor helps in earlier diagnosis. Cancers that just affect men are prostate, testicular, and penile cancers. Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men. The American Cancer Society’s estimates for prostate cancer in the United States for 2016 are: • About 180,890 new cases of prostate cancer • About 26,120 deaths from prostate cancer

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WWW.PASHEALTHANDWELLNESS.COM (402)480-4266 staying at a healthy weight, following a healthy diet that limits high-fat dairy products and processed meats and being physically active. The American Cancer Society recommends that men make an informed decision with their doctor about whether to be tested for prostate cancer. Starting at age 50, talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of testing so you can decide if getting tested is the right choice for you. If you are African American or have a father or brother who had prostate cancer before age 65, you should have this talk with your doctor starting at age 45. As a medical oncologist, I cannot stress enough the importance of screening and taking care of yourself. Knowing about these cancers and how they can be prevented or found early can possibly save your life.”

For men of all ages, there are numerous things that can be done in an effort to stay as healthy as possible, now and well into the future. Health is something that shouldn’t ever be taken for granted, and we are lucky today that many of the health conditions and diseases that men are facing can be prevented or treated—if found or addressed early. It’s well worth the investment in yourself and those you love to be proactive about your health, which will allow you to live life to the fullest.

One in seven men will receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer in their lifetime. African-American men are at highest risk for this type of cancer. Steps to help prevent it include not smoking, JULY 2016 Strictly Business


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Remodeling When a home is first bought, there’s generally a feeling of great excitement in the air! Typically if a home isn’t being built specifically to the new homeowner’s specifications, there are areas where a homeowner envisions making improvements at some point down the road. Or, rather than being move-in ready with a few improvements that can be done whenever the opportunity is right, the home may be intended as a fixerupper in the first place. For any significant home remodeling projects that are going to be enjoyed for years to come, it’s important that you utilize the vast expertise of the capable professionals here in Lincoln to help you convert your vision for your home into a finished product that’s exactly what you had in mind. There is great potential in any home, from adding living space or modern decorative touches to repurposing existing space to better fit your needs and so much more—the sky is truly the limit! The appearance of a home is often a main priority to individuals, both for personal satisfaction and as the first thing that is noticed by visitors, neighbors and passersby. However, as many are fully aware after going through the home buying process, looks are not everything. Structure in a home, often referred to as its “bones,” and everything functioning as it should is also important. Thus, making sure that elements that have been remodeled both work and look nice can be seen as the “golden rule” in residential remodeling. Upgrades to the kitchen and living room areas are enjoyed by all because they get the most regular use and can have multiple purposes. Many are advised to allocate a majority of their remodeling budget into these areas, and with good reason, because they are high-traffic, focal points of the home that double as both living and entertaining areas. Next on the list of most popular areas for remodeling is the master suite. According to Chad Lyon of Keystone Homes, “With the goal of a ‘peaceful oasis’ in mind, master suites now include spacious walk-in showers with rain heads, possibly a ‘bubble tub’ or ‘soaker tub’, and spacious walk-in closet with organizing racks and built-ins.” A popular trend is expanding into an adjoining bedroom to make the master suite larger, with more space allocated to the bedroom, bathroom, adding a walk-in closet, or a combination of all three.

Chad Lyon Keystone Homes

Keystone Homes is a family business serving the greater Lincoln community for more than 20 years. The firm provides a seamless project delivery system for design through construction, which is definitely nice for renovation projects. Based on that experience, Lyon provides a word of caution regarding interior planning and design, as it is a critical part of the process that tends to get neglected, especially if the project seems fairly straightforward. Particularly now with the popularity of open floor plans, it’s important to put thought into the design because there are many different ways that older homes can be altered depending on your preferences and intended use of the 66

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resulting space. Open floor plans provides a lot more flexibility along with a nice look and flow if designed properly, so it’s certainly something where the outcome is well worth the investment. Alternatively, design features that are a little less labor intense might include incorporating different finishes such as quartz countertops or ceramic and glass tile wall splashes with under cabinet LED accent lighting, and even cabinet interior lighting. The most important part is ensuring that all of the design elements are cohesive, which is why a well thought out design is a much better approach than throwing everything together and hoping for the best. Even for the do-it-yourselfers out there, looking for inspiration and then simply asking for advice or opinions from a professional first is better than shooting from the hip. A lot of times, older houses are broken up into different rooms, whereas newer homes have been moving away from that, specifically designed to be more open. The possibilities for the outcome really depend on the unique features of your home and the space you have available. The location of the rooms and walls will determine most of what you’ll be able to do in terms of creativity. If you have a room you can give up and it’s in ideal proximity, you’re good to go.

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This same idea goes for build outs, which are usually the kitchen or master suite area. However, the size of your lot and ability to obtain a building permit from the city based on their guidelines are the limiting factors here. “Remember that some things are easily changed while some things are there forever,” Lyon emphasizes. “Approach your planning with that in mind. We advise our clients to choose interior finish materials that are not ‘trendy’, but selections that will be timeless. In contrast, painting is the place where you can be adventurous and as your furniture and accessories change, the paint can change with it. Repainting your interior spaces every few years is a good thing and probably the least expensive phase of any renovation. Sometimes an interior ‘transformation’ may be no more than new paint, new furniture, and coordinating accent pieces.” In addition to the color palette for the walls, the flooring can really transform the look of the room(s) you are remodeling. With faux finishes all the rage right now, just about any look can be achieved with the quality to back it up. Regarding the average renovation request of replacing the floors, Greg Lee of EMO Flooring Company says that the big industry trend is engineered wood flooring. “I believe wood flooring is the most popular trend right now, but LVT and LVP (luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank) are becoming very popular too. This flooring can look like wood Greg Lee or tile and can be installed with or without EMO Flooring grout lines. The floor is very durable and not cool to the touch like tile. In fact, residential and commercial clients are both using these products.” Also, when faced with replacing worn carpet, many homeowners are moving towards other types of flooring that offer greater durability, meaning less visible appearance of wear and tear that’s common with carpet, particularly in high-traffic areas so you won’t have to shell out the cash for replacement as often. It’s also beneficial for those with pets, suffering with allergies, and so on. However, carpet has made its own advances over the years in order to improve its strength and stainresistant properties for greater longevity, so it’s still a great option if that’s the look and feel you’re going for. With any flooring, quality is critical to making a good investment, so make sure you aren’t evaluating your options on price alone. As previously mentioned, design will help you literally see into the future as a good indicator of what the end result will look like when all is said and done. Technology in the residential remodeling industry is evergrowing, just ask Nate’s Custom Renovations. With 3D rendering design services, they have the ability to come in and show the homeowners exactly what any desired modifications would look like. As you might suspect, adding a “real-life” visual component during the planning JULY 2016 Strictly Business


process makes decisions so much easier. A lot of people are thrilled to take advantage of this technology, not only because it is hard to visualize what the product will look like, but because it is such a major change. Investing in the design is always a worthy place to put your money. “By investing in design, you will ensure that the project goes that much smoother once you get to production,” emphasizes Nate Bahm of Nate’s Custom Renovations. “With a great design in place, when it comes time to start both the homeowner and the contractor are on the same page; all parties will know scope of work, cost, and timeline. These three are critical--- flying by the seat of your pants is not the way to go these days, it is 2016. Instead of being shortsighted, think about the finished Nate Bahm product and focus on what you can do to get Nate’s Custom exactly what you want. By doing this, it will Renovations return dividends in the end with a stress-free, exciting and enjoyable experience and the home of your dreams that you’ll be able to enjoy well into the future.” Going back to finishes and what’s currently trending in the interior design world, Bahm advises that he’s been incorporating ceramic and porcelain tiles that looks like wood a lot lately. It is installed mostly in bathrooms and kitchens and gives you the best of both worlds. As far as countertops, most are going away from granite and more towards quartz material, which offers durability over time and is maintenance friendly. He also addresses the costs of materials, and advises to take into consideration not just the price tag but the quality. “Many people are going away from shopping solely based on price, which is great to see. While the lower up-front cost can be really attractive, when you sacrifice quality, you’ll end up paying much more in the long run when you consider the actual monetary value and all of the headaches that will come along with it. You get what you pay for has never been truer in any other industry. Along with ensuring that you’re not cutting corners with the quality of the materials, it’s important to partner with an experienced, reputable professional who will make sure everything is in place so that the job gets done right. Make sure to do your research and check reviews. Many contractors will also provide references of past clients so that you can call and ask them for yourself. While a commodity mindset largely prevails to this day, with many operating on the assumption that not much differs from one contractor to another, I can assure you that is not the case. There are many great ones and unfortunately there are the not-so-great ones that give our industry a bad name altogether. So, my biggest piece of advice is to do your due diligence to ensure that you are working with someone who is just as invested in the outcome of your remodeling endeavor as you are.” As already touched upon, bathroom remodels are quite popular as they are functional areas that are used often. Modern features are commonly requested as luxury and relaxation are at the forefront here. Similar to the requirements of opening up a floor plan or a build-out, there are some rules of thumb and limitations with bathrooms too. Todd Jones of Nebraska ReBath explains, “Many times our clients request a complete bathroom remodel with the exception of leaving something that’s been with the house since it was built, such as a toilet or sink, that’s seen as a ‘timeless’ piece that has aesthetic value. However, as these are functional items too, certain upgrades need to be added to the pre-existing pieces at specific intervals, and many times replacement is a much better option. Water can be extremely damaging to homes, so anything that has to do with water Todd Jones should be monitored and replaced as needed. It is really important to remember that some Nebraska ReBath upgrades to your home might be costly, but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind, and you’ll benefit from a new, 68

Strictly Business JULY 2016

fresh look while also achieving better function overall. You will generally get back what you put into your home.” A trend for older homeowners who plan to age in place or those with limited mobility is remodeling the bathroom with components that are more easily accessible and incorporate safety features, such as a walk-in shower and bathtub with raised seating. As far as features with electrical components, one of the best upgrades one can add to their homes to enhance the atmosphere is lighting, particularly with accent lighting being very much on-trend right now. “Lighting is one of the best upgrades to consider with any home remodel project,” advises Matt Collins of Oak Electric, Inc. “For example, if you are investing thousands of dollars into updating your kitchen, why not invest a little more to install under cabinet lights to showcase your new kitchen? The same goes with bathrooms; Matt Collins you can install new lighting over the shower or bath area. Furthermore, one should consider Oak Electric, Inc. directional lighting to enhance art work or photography hanging on their walls. The most popular trend in lighting that we’re seeing currently is replacing old overhead light fixtures with strategically placed can lights. It’s also important to keep in mind that lighting is equally important on the exterior of your home. Outside lighting provides safety after dark, greater functionality by allowing you to utilize your outdoor living and entertaining space at any time, and more curb appeal.” He also adds a word of caution, “Before you start any remodel project, have a licensed electrician come out and evaluate your home’s electrical panel to ensure it can safely handle any and all upgrades.” Indeed, first and foremost, as new features are added to the home when it comes time for a residential remodel, it is important that the home’s existing infrastructure will be able to support them. Otherwise you’ll be looking at an investment in that area as well to get the desired results. Your electrician will be a great source to utilize for anything that is related to your electrical system, whether that’s updating some old lighting fixtures or installing new control devices for your home’s systems in place of the outdated ones. We are also living in a time where homeowners are able to take advantage of impressive technology specifically designed with applications for the home. Not every form of technology, system work, or in-home accessory is as glamorous as the next, but they all generally add something in terms of function, aesthetic value, or both. “Smart homes” are definitely on-trend; in fact, accordingly to wireless industry group GSMA, the smart home market is projected to grow to $44 billion dollars in annual revenue by 2017, which signals that there is major interest and demand from homeowners. Pat Killeen of Engineered Controls offers some ideas to consider in the area of smart home technology:

Pat Killeen Engineered Controls

“How cool would it be if you had a house you could control from wherever you are? Or if you never had to remember to turn the lights off again, or worry about losing your house keys, or worry if the kids are home alone? For this reason, every home remodel project is the perfect opportunity for homeowners to upgrade their home’s technology to an environmentally friendly Connected or Smart Home.

By partnering with professional security companies like Engineered Controls, we have proved products from industry manufacturers such as Honeywell and others that provide connected homes technology of the future: a connected home where heating, security and entertainment are fully automated and all of the JULY 2016 Strictly Business


latest gadgets enable creature comforts with the press of a button or a spoken command. These companies have been providing the desired features of smart home systems for years. From award-winning wireless thermostats and zoning systems to control your home heating and cooling comfort system, to security and monitoring technology like wireless occupancy sensors and IP cameras to give homeowners the peace of mind they are looking for. And the beauty of it is Engineered Controls already has integrated smartphone apps for the end-user interface from both Androids and iPhones. And the best part is that even if you’re not a technology wizard, you can purchase a household’s worth of sensors, cameras and devices for far less than it would have cost just a few years ago.” Based on all of the ground that we’ve already covered in residential remodeling, when it comes to interior features of your home that could potentially be upgraded, there are so many possibilities it’s all about what’s a priority to those who are living in the home. As such, when deciding that a remodel project is in order for your home, the exterior features may get passed over in favor of improving the indoor space where the homeowners spend the majority of their time. Yet, most of the perception of a home is generally shaped quickly after just scanning the outside of a home. Past presentation and curb appeal, there’s often additional space that’s not being utilized and has a wealth of untapped potential. In fact, HGTV recently stated that outdoor living upgrades very commonly have a very high return on investment. Not only will you get most, if not all of your investment back when you sell your home, but you also get a really nice outdoor living area that makes your home nicer, more enjoyable, and more desirable. Outdoor shade products are very popular recently. “The convenience of motorized retractable awnings makes Nebraska Awning the leading choice for many,” says Bill Budler of Nebraska Outdoor Living Center, Inc. “However, pergolas with optional retractable shade features are the most sought after product in our showrooms.” The best way to determine what type of outdoor living renovation you want is to spend time with a professional and work with them to help narrow down exactly what you are Bill Budler looking for. “We always spend time with our Nebraska Outdoor clients to determine how they plan to use their Living Center outdoor living areas,” reveals Budler. “More shade is typically their primary goal so that they can use their patio or deck more often. Extending the inside outside seems to be the hottest trend right now. We help make that outdoor living room the coolest place in their home.” Your home’s roof is something that will eventually need to be replaced, and when the time comes, it will also enhance the look of your home in addition to its significant functional value in protecting everything (and everyone) that’s inside. Neil Falk of Roof Tech notes that switching from asphalt roofs to stone cut steel has become a very common upgrade as far as residential roofing systems go. “Many people decide to make this change because it has a longer warranty, provides hail protection, is fireproof, and often reduces your homeowner’s insurance.” When it comes to the design aesthetic, Falk says that the major trend remains to be matching your roof to the rest of your home. This will really elevate the look of the home as a whole and is a feature that can easily be coordinated no matter the chosen material or system. An easy way to spruce up a home inside and out, with benefits for both the look and function of a home, are the windows and doors. As such, this makes The Window & Door Store a popular one-stop shop for homeowners. New windows can make your home quieter, more attractive, and less drafty... and they do not ever need to be painted! 70

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New windows are also easier to clean than old windows with the use of Marvin’s patented exclusive wash mode. “This wash mode enables you to wash your windows from the inside,” advises Bryce Bornemeier of The Window & Door Store. “Replacing windows involves many decisions. If you are in the market for new windows, we will help you choose the best ones for your home. As just one example, the Marvin Ultimate Casement Window is an innovative, high-performing casement window, offering expert craftsmanship, a variety of Bryce Bornemeier customization options, and superior value. The Window & Door Store Designed to suit virtually any application, these state-of-the-art windows feature concealed, multi-point locks that are patented with exclusive wash mode, and durable hardware that ensures easy opening and smooth operation, even on larger-sized windows. The Marvin Ultimate Casement features a recessed sash for a traditional look, plus a full jamb that makes it perfectly suited for your window replacement.” When it comes to the full suite of Marvin products carried by The Window & Door Store, Bornemeier notes that Marvin Contemporary Casement Windows and Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door are a great combination and are currently trending in the industry. Marvin Contemporary Casement Windows offer expansive glass and flush frames to combine for massive views. These can be installed solo or grouped together. Minimal hardware streamlines sightlines and perfectly complements the minimalist and angular design. Contemporary Casements are available at The Window & Door Store in sizes up to 36” x 96”. Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door is another product that allows for a great view. With an unmatched 0.28 U-Factor and narrow stiles and rails, the Ultimate Multi-Slide Door invites fresh air and an abundance of warm and natural light into your home. They are available in pocket and stacked configurations, and up to six panels not directional and ten panels biparting in sizes up to 50” x 12”. Bornemeier also mentions that contemporary windows and doors are very much “in style” for residential remodels, which typically entails big glass, narrow frames, clean lines, and modern complementary hardware that are combined to create open, light-filled spaces that seamlessly connect interior spaces to the beautiful landscapes that surround them. With all of the options at The Window & Door Store, you can pick the look you prefer without compromising top-notch performance. The Integrity by Marvin product line is durable, strong, stable, low-maintenance, and energy efficient. Bornemeier specifies, “Integrity windows and doors are made with Ultrex fiberglass that outperforms vinyl. While other windows might break down over time, Integrity Windows hold strong and perform in the face of environmental factors and time. Our windows offer design flexibility, easy installation, performance, durability, and smooth operation, with special sizes that can match or complement existing architecture. Select a casement to pair with a round top for an extra splash of sunlight or use them with a picture window for a great view and a cool breeze. Or, choose our more traditional double hung windows to combine with picture windows, polygons, and more to create breathtaking windowscapes. Here at The Window & Door Store, remodeling options are endless, allowing you to be offered the best fit for the future of your home.” Along the same lines of visual appeal and proper function being of equal importance, a door that often gets used the most yet is commonly overlooked in terms of home remodeling is the garage door. Upgrading your garage door can have many benefits to your home’s exterior and interior value. Many do not realize that the garage door can be a part of a house that stands out a lot more than other items that people typically spend a lot more time and money on. Jacob Hiatt of Raynor Doors of Nebraska explains, “As garage doors are the largest moving object and a prominent feature in a majority of houses, it can add a very aesthetically pleasing view when it comes to upgrading or remodeling. When a homeowner has invested in upgrading other major exterior features, such as siding or windows, but yet they still have an old, worn garage door that does not match, it really does stick

out and detract from the curb appeal of the home. Instead of realizing that you’ve fallen short on your home’s final appearance when everything is said and done, make sure to consider how everything works together as a whole in addition to what would provide the best return on your investment. According to the 2016 Cost vs. Value report in remodeling magazine that includes all major garage door retailers, the value of your home as a result of a remodel that incorporates a new garage door goes up on an average of 5.3 percent.”

Jacob Hiatt

Since there are also a wide variety of options Raynor Doors of Nebraska for garage door replacement, many people can be unsure of how they ultimately would want their garage doors to look. Raynor Doors of Nebraska uses a software program that will show you how each garage door you’re interested in would look on your home, which gives you an idea of what it would look like before you’ve pulled the trigger with purchase and installation. By taking the guesswork out of the equation, you can feel a lot more confident in your selections—which is a really nice in an area where you traditionally have to envision what it will look like and then hope for the best with the final result. Visiting Raynor Doors of Nebraska’s showroom is yet another way to get a great look at some different models as they have eight full garage doors to look at, as well as numerous samples. For garage doors, as with many other trends in residential remodeling, there are numerous upgraded designs, models, and a wider range of colors that have been introduced in the last five years. Hiatt further specifies, “A garage door does not just come in a simple raised panel design anymore. Having a different design than neighboring homes or finding a design that incorporates the details featured throughout the rest of the exterior of the house can really make it stand out. Not to mention you’ll benefit from the higher insulation values that all of these newer models offer as well.” JULY 2016 Strictly Business


Speaking of the garage, in terms of the space it occupies, you can also make upgrades that will allow you to utilize it for more than its original intended use, which is obviously parking your car. For many, it can double for entertaining as an extension of the yard and driveway where guests can get out of the elements. So, if entertaining outside is your goal, Great Plains Epoxy is a great source for helping you to transform what’s generally a boring and barren place into a fun and usable space. Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that is applied as a coating that’s used for areas that require a safe, clean, and barefoot friendly, non-slip surface. It is also an aesthetically appealing flooring solution that can easily incorporate design elements (Husker fans: think a Big Red “N” in the center of your garage for when you’re having friends over for the game). Epoxy is low maintenance and easy to clean with no resealing or grout. It is more affordable than vinyl or tile and increases your home’s re-sale value too, even if you’re not using your garage for anything other than to shelter your vehicle. However, many homeowners are opting for turning their garage into a space to accommodate overflow for larger gatherings. These events might include: graduations, football games, family get-togethers, and entertainment. Marcus Hellwege of Great Plains Epoxy notes, “Homeowners are installing televisions, Marcus Hellwege sound systems, heaters, and dressing up their Great Plains Epoxy garage in general now more than ever before. Our new thing is installing decals into the floor, which has really taken off. We also do lava flow for interior rooms, such as basements, kitchens, bathrooms, bar areas, and mud rooms.” As the average cost of a home remodel ranges from $18,000 to over $100,000, it is no wonder professionals and those who have already remodeled their home recommend hiring experienced professionals for the job. Many times it seems simple enough to translate a Pinterest idea or something you’ve seen on TV into a do-it-yourself job, and then you get started and realize you’re out of your depth. However, that’s not always the case; some people are just much more inclined to carry out these projects successfully than others. If you are thinking that a job is easy enough for you to do and all that is missing are the machines or equipment needed in order to carry it out, Sunbelt Rentals would be a great source to utilize as opposed to investing in items you’ll only likely use that one time. After all, this is money that you can put into your remodeling project! Furthermore, a “handyman” company like Handy Mark that has taken on all sorts of different projects, thus offering experience in many different areas, is certainly an option to consider depending on the scope of your project. Whether the indoors or the outdoors are more important to you as the homeowner and whether you want to remodel your whole home or focus more on a certain area, residential remodeling can be the answer to many of your problems and complaints regarding the place that you spend most of your time; your home. As everyone has different design concept related to their taste and desired functionality, the main ideas of residential remodeling remain very similar and consistent. As we’ve covered, the home’s structure and appearance are two of the most important factors when it comes to design, seeking out help for the remodel job will save you a lot of time and money, incorporating home accessories is an exciting way to keep things fresh and new as the homeowner, and don’t forget about your home’s exterior features. If each of those are considered, the road to your remodel will be taken with much more ease and executed productively. 72

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Supporting the growth and prosperity of local businesses has always been the focus of our work at Strictly Business, but we are also strong supporters of our local non-profit organizations whose work and outreach impacts so many individuals and families in our community. With so many non-profit organizations here in Lincoln making unique contributions yet all serving as agents of change where it’s most important, if there’s a need, you can be sure that there are people who are working tirelessly to ensure that it’s met. With the primary role of connecting people with resources, by principal and design, non-profits are dedicated to the common good of the community and measure their success according to quality of life and not quantity of profit. In the business world, we are always working hard towards our goals but also to make our community a better place. We are invested in a thriving community because it allows us to build our businesses as well as our families, friendships, fellowship in the community and to contribute to ensuring that our city is the best place possible to live and work. Non-profit organizations are the glue that holds our community together; they are the source of initiatives that are focused solely on helping to make an impact on the lives of those who live in our community—to make our tiny part of the world a better place for all, and for many, their work reaches out to affect more than just the Lincoln community. These organizations also create jobs in our community, allowing many people to fulfill their greater purpose by doing what they love while touching lives and truly making a difference.

One thing’s for sure, we can all contribute in some way to the valuable work that our non-profits are doing every day. As individuals, whether you offer your time, talents, or prefer to donate money or items to the cause, there’s always a need that can be met with whatever you have to give. Businesses also have the opportunity to encourage their employees to get involved, which unites everyone together for a worthy cause. Many companies participate in fundraising and awareness events or volunteer together as a group; there are plenty of ways to get involved that can be tailored to fit the needs and goals of your organization. Likewise, as we always encourage consumers to be conscious of their purchasing decisions, staying informed and supporting the businesses that make an effort to support non-profits in the community is paramount. With the ever-growing number of non-profit organizations it can be hard to decide where to focus your efforts. With continued emphasis on the importance of understanding that all non-profits are not created equal, make sure to do your research before making the commitment to support a particular organization. It’s important that the organizations you choose to support align with your beliefs and are working towards something you are passionate about, but a practical understanding how resources are put to work will ensure your efforts are maximized. Transparency is highly regarded in the non-profit sector, so even spending just a few minutes doing your due diligence to ensure that a majority of the funds they are generating will be used specifically for the cause they are promoting will suffice.

In closing, we ask that everyone reflect upon how they are currently giving back to the Lincoln community, and consider supporting the wonderful non-profit organizations we’ve featured that are invested in creating positive and lasting change for the betterment of all. 74

Strictly Business JULY 2016

Aiding Angels is a local, 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing FREE, professional housecleaning to the cancer heroes in our community during one of the most stressful times of their lives. A clean home and environment contributes to the welfare and recovery of patients. Brenda Schwery, local business owner of Maid To Please, has provided free home cleanings for years through another foundation where, unfortunately, women with cancer are the only recipients. In response to an overwhelming number of requests from not only women, but also men and children, Brenda founded Aiding Angels. Now, the void is filled and the much needed help is extended to everyone going through cancer treatment or hospice due to cancer. For more information on Aiding Angels, please visit or contact Brenda at (402) 434-2472.

Not all children are lucky enough to have lives free of abuse or neglect. Some become involved in the juvenile court system through no fault of their own. Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASA for Lancaster County, a local not-for-profit organization, recruits, trains and supports community volunteers who advocate on behalf of abused, neglected, truant, or ungovernable children in Juvenile Court. CASA volunteers do their own investigation and report their findings directly to the judge. CASA volunteers provide a voice for children in court, expedite permanency, and ensure that children have safe, permanent homes.

Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties is a non-profit organization that has been ser ving individuals and families living in poverty in southeast Nebraska since 1965. Through 15 distinct poverty-fighting programs and services, Community Action serves over 15,500 low-income individuals in our community each year. Its mission is to empower people living in poverty to reach economic stability. For more information, visit www.communityactionatwork. org or call (402) 471-4515.

To donate, volunteer or for more information, please contact CASA for Lancaster County at (402) 4745161 or

Better Business Bureau® (BBB®) serving Nebraska, South Dakota, The Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa is a private, non-profit organization established in 1912 and under the current leadership of President and CEO Jim Hegarty.

For nearly 70 years, CEDARS has passionately served the children and youth of Southeast Nebraska. When a child is in need of a safe place to stay because home is no longer safe; when a young mom finds herself without the needed resources or supports to care for her young child; when crisis hits and families struggle and relationships are strained; or when a family simply needs a trusted place to bring their child each day for early childcare – CEDARS is there. With the help of this community CEDARS grew from a small grassroots organization in the 1940s into a robust agency that cares for as many as 1,200 children and youth in its various programs in a single day. If you share our passion for making a difference in the lives of children, please visit CEDARS at to find out how you can make a difference.

At the Center for People in Need our mission is to provide comprehensive services and opportunities to support low-income, high needs families and individuals as they strive to lift themselves out of poverty and achieve economic self-sufficiency. Poverty takes different forms; a fact that informs our diversity of services. For newly arrived immigrants and refugees, we teach English and cultural adjustment classes, and assist them in becoming US citizens. Our Tackling Recidivism and Developing Employability (TRADE) program provides job-training and certification for those being released from prison. Those seeking to break the cycle of poverty through higher education utilize our Access to Computer Technology (ACT). Hundreds are fed each week by our food distribution program. And these are just a few of the services we provide. Our clients are our neighbors, friends, and family. We seek to strengthen our community and create a welcoming, sustainable, and thriving home for all in Lincoln and Lancaster County. For more information about the Center for People in Need, visit

Its vision is an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other. Its mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. BBB accomplishes this by: • Setting standards for marketplace trust. • Encouraging and supporting best practices by engaging with and education consumers and businesses. • Celebrating marketplace role models. • Calling out and addressing substandard marketplace behavior. • Creating a community of trustworthy businesses and charities. BBB Accredited Businesses must meet BBB Standards for Trust. They have pledged to support the objectives and standards of fair advertising and ethical business practices. Not all businesses qualify for BBB accreditation, so make sure to look for BBB’s seal, which is identified with honesty, trust and excellence. BBB’s branch office in Lincoln is located at 300 N. 44th St. #100 and can be contacted directly at (402) 436-2345. For more information about the Better Business Bureau, please visit JULY 2016 Strictly Business


The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association is devoted to saving people from two of our nation’s top killers heart disease (No. 1) and stroke (No. 5). Powered by millions of volunteers nationwide, the Association’s goal is to improve the cardiovascular health of Americans by 20 percent by 2020, while reducing deaths from heart disease and stroke by 20 percent. Currently, one person dies every 40 seconds from heart disease and stroke. Through events right here in Lincoln like the Heart Walk, Go Red for Women Expo and Heart Ball, that startling statistic can change. For more information American Heart Association and American Stroke Association visit

For over 15 years, Domesti-PUPS has been supporting people in our local, regional and national communities through the assistance of animals. From therapy dogs in the classroom motivating children to excel in their learning environment, to pet therapy visitations in nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living centers, our pet therapy teams bring a bit of brightness through their furry encounters. The Adoptables program provides rescue dogs with obedience training and placement in their forever homes. Our service dog teams provide increased independence when paired with a disabled partner. These highly skilled canines can turn on lights, provide balance and mobility, retrieve dropped items, bring a bottle of water from a refrigerator, respond to medical emergencies and open doors both literally and figuratively. Some even provide life-saving measures for their disabled partner. For more information about DomestiPUPS, visit

Child Guidance Center is dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of children and their families in the Lincoln area and surrounding communities through effective and flexible therapeutic partnerships and a commitment to advocacy and positive social change. Child Guidance Center provides hope and healing to children who have suffered trauma from abuse or neglect, or those experiencing anger, depression, anxiety, and more. During the last fiscal year, Child Guidance Center provided crucial mental health services to 1800 children and families. Child Guidance Center provides a wide range of treatment options that include Outpatient Services for children and families, Outpatient Services-Schools where therapists work with children and youth in 13 Lincoln schools, Extended Day Treatment and a Therapeutic Group Home as well as additional services. For more information about Child Guidance Center’s mental health treatment services available for your child and family; please go to or call (402) 475-7666. Our offices are located at 2444 O Street. 76

Strictly Business JULY 2016

Christian Record Services, Inc. (DBA Christian Record Services for the Blind) is an international outreach to people who are blind or legally blind. Since 1899, Christian Record has worked to improve the quality of life for children, teens, and adults who are legally blind by providing them with free programs and services focused on their needs. All who are blind, legally blind (20/200 with corrective lenses), or have physical impairments that prevent them from holding reading material are eligible for the following free services: • Subscription Magazines in braille, large print, and audio formats. • Full-Vision Books combine braille, print, and audio, enabling blind parents to read to their sighted children and sighted parents help their blind children learn to read braille. • Lending Library offers more than 1,600 volumes in braille and NLS (National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped) digital cartridge. • Gift Bibles and Study Guides are available in braille, large print, and audio formats. • National Camps for Blind Children are operated throughout the United States. • inSight4Vets Player for United States military veterans who are legally blind. • Wildlife STORYTELLERS offer cuddly plush animals with family-friendly stories for children ages three through nine. These free services are funded through the generosity of civic-minded business owners and individuals. Learn more by visiting Christian Record Services, Inc. at www.ChristianRecord. org, calling (402) 488-0981, or connecting on Facebook or Twitter.

May 2016 marks the 13th year Clinic with a Heart has offered free healthcare to people in need in our community. We thank our volunteers, donors and supporters who give their time, expertise, energy and resources which makes free healthcare in Lincoln available. Services provided include medical, dental, physical therapy, c hiropractic, mental health, hearing screenings, vision exams and spiritual care. Funding for Clinic with a Heart comes from mission team sponsors, corporate sponsors, individual donors, grants and fundraising events. Today more than 600 people volunteer to serve at the clinic.

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a life-threatening autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone people need to get energy from food. T1D strikes both children and adults suddenly and is unrelated to diet or exercise. JDRF is the only global organization with a strategic plan to end T1D. Our plan ensures that there will be an ongoing stream of life-changing therapies that lessen the disease’s impact. We want to keep people with T1D healthy and safe today until we reach our ultimate goal of a cure and universal prevention of T1D, and turn Type One into Type None.

For more information about Clinic with a Heart, our services, to volunteer or donate, please contact Teresa Harms at (402) 421-2924 or teresa@ THANK YOU for supporting Clinic with a Heart!

Find out more about our local efforts to support those in our community living with T1D as well as the research your involvement is helping make possible by contacting the JDRF Lincoln and Greater Nebraska office at

You can change a life! Fresh Start is home to 24 women striving to overcome homelessness. They need our help – and yours – because of struggles with addictions, domestic violence, physical or mental health, job loss, or a combination of these. They face overwhelming challenges to move from homeless to self-sufficient. Fresh Start is more than a shelter; it’s a goals program designed to support women who are working diligently to improve their lives. Fresh Start provides basic needs like food, clothing and housing as well as with case management, advocacy, and other services. Along with addressing the barriers they have faced, staff endeavors to help residents recognize and utilize their many strengths. This year, Fresh Start celebrates 25 years of assisting women in our community. Together we have given a Fresh Start to nearly 1,500 women that worked hard for a better life. Your assistance and generosity helps build a better life for women looking for a Fresh Start and makes our community even stronger! Donation Needs: Paper Goods, Cleaning Supplies, Bus Passes, Monetary Contributions Volunteer Needs: Event Planning, Daisy Thrift Shop Clerks Join us: | Facebook. com/FreshStartHomeLincoln | FreshStartLNK Contact Monica at (402) 4757777, monicaz@FreshStartHome. org, or visit www.FreshStartHome. org for more information.

Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters makes meaningful mentoring matches between adult volunteers (“Bigs”) and children (“Littles”). The agency is looking for Big Brother and Big Sister mentors to be paired with local youth. Matches meet weekly on evenings and weekends out in the community, doing recreational and educational activities they enjoy. They build impactful friendships that lead youth to higher aspirations, greater confidence, better relationships, avoidance of risky behaviors, and educational success. To learn more about Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters, visit www. or like the agency on Facebook at heartlandbbbs or follow on Twitter at

What is your Good Life? While each person’s version of the Good Life is different, each shares common ground in the opportunity and the freedom to try to achieve that life.

For 82 years, Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc. has been strengthening the Lincoln community by providing services for individuals who face barriers to employment and by offering residents an outlet for recycling unused household items and clothing. The sale of donated items in Goodwill’s retail stores remains the largest source of funding for its programs and services. Goodwill recognizes that services provided by peer agencies prepare people served by Goodwill to better succeed in Goodwill’s employment programs. It is with this understanding that Goodwill provides funding to colleague agencies to help with their own programs that align with Goodwill’s mission of willing workers employed and community resources maximized.

Since 2009 the Nebraska chapter of Americans for Prosperity has fought for each Nebraskan to have the opportunity to attain their version of the Good Life. AFP-NE is a 501c4, non-partisan, grassroots organization that advocates for free-market policies at the state and local level. Join the more than 40,000 Nebraskans and fight for the Good Life by talking with your neighbors on the phone or door-to-door, lobbying your elected officials, and more. Check out Nebraska chapter of Americans for Prosperity at, like us at, and follow us at Want to get involved or have a question? Email us at

For more information about Goodwill and its role in the Lincoln community, visit today.

Friendship Home is Lincoln’s only safe, confidential emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children. We save and change lives for approximately 1,600 victims each year by providing safe shelter and crisis services, through safety planning, crisis intervention, support groups and mental health counseling. Friendship Home provides a safe environment and emotional support to children, the youngest victims of domestic violence. Our shelters are full every day of the year. We have an average of 44 individuals waiting each day to come into shelter. Most entering Friendship Home’s doors have few belongings and no access to resources. We help families rebuild their lives free from violence and empower them to become survivors. Gift cards for groceries and gas, volunteers to help with special events and financial donations are ways you can help. For more information about Friendship Home, visit www.friendshiphome. org. If you or someone you know needs help, call our confidential, 24hour help line at (402) 437-9302.

The Hear tland Cancer Foundation was established to assist low income cancer patients with prescription cancer medications and gas money needed to go to and from cancer-related appointments and treatments. Our goal is to reduce the financial stress that often accompanies cancer treatment so patients can focus on their recovery, bringing energy and optimism to their journey. The Heartland Cancer Foundation is based in Lincoln, Nebraska and supports cancer patients who live in Southeast Nebraska and Northeastern Kansas. We are not affiliated with any clinics, hospitals, cancer treatment centers or organizations. There are a variety of ways you can get involved – check out the website for links to upcoming events, to donate, or to find out more about fundraising opportunities available. All are welcome to call (402) 261-9974 or visit the Heartland Cancer Foundation at www. to find out more, and those who need assistance may also apply online or download an application. JULY 2016 Strictly Business


L i n c o l n S C ORE h a s b e e n h e l p i n g entrepreneurs achieve their dream of small business success for 50 years! SCORE is a resource partner to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) that promotes small business start-ups. SCORE is America’s premier source of free and confidential small business mentoring service. More than half a million entrepreneurs count on SCORE each year for help with fulfilling their dream of starting a business, as well as helping existing enterprises grow and become more successful. SCORE mentors provide free, confidential mentoring to help people start and operate a successful small business. In addition to individual one to one mentoring, Lincoln SCORE provides educational workshops at the SCC Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center at 301 S. 68th Street Place partnering with a team of business experts in helping participants learn about simple steps in starting a new business. With an upsurge in business mentoring requests Lincoln SCORE welcomes additional working or retired business experienced folks to consider joining our volunteer mentoring team in promoting small business success in Lincoln. Would you be willing to share your business experience with others to help small business dreams come true in Lincoln? Please call (402) 437-2409 to learn more about how to get involved in Lincoln SCORE (

LUX Center for the Arts is the place where creativity and community meet. The LUX’s mission is to enhance the lives of a diverse public by providing exceptional learning opportunities in contemporary art, craft, and design. The LUX provides art classes for children, youth, and adults and hosts newly curated shows each month featuring local, regional, and national artists. Through Art Van deLUX, we provide art-making workshops and classes to at-risk-youth, cancer survivors, low-income schools, and Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. The LUX is committed to being the arts organization where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Contact us at (402) 466-8692 or visit our website at 78

Strictly Business JULY 2016

LINCOLN NORTHEAST SERTOMA CLUB celebrates its 46th year of improving the quality of life for those impacted by hearing loss and supporting those in need. Members work event concessions to annually raise and donate $47,000 to numerous worthy human service organizations. The club recently donated $15,000 to Norwood Park elementary school to purchase the Redcat hearing application system enabling teachers’ voices to be more clearly heard by students in all classrooms. The Club meets weekly from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. Thursdays at the HyVee community room, 5010 “O” Street. Program speakers are public/private sector leaders making a difference in our community. Guests are welcome. For more information call/email club president Sharon Cunning, (402) 540-1515 or sharoncunning@, or visit our website at

Lincoln TeamMates is a school-based mentoring program. Mentors meet with their student one hour, once a week during the academic year at the child’s school. Mentors serve as a positive role model and build a relationship that offers hope and a positive vision for the student’s future. The goal of the program is to see students graduate from high school and pursue a post-secondary education. More than 95% of Lincoln TeamMates graduates in the past four academic years have indicated that they had plans to attend a post-secondary institution. During 2015-2016, more than 1,200 students were served. There are still more than 700 students who would better thrive in school, if they had a mentor. TeamMates appreciates that many community businesses encourage and make it possible for their employees to volunteer which serves to enhance Lincoln’s economic future. For more information about Lincoln TeamMates, please visit

Ranking among the top 5% of all Catholic high schools in the country, Pius X High School provides an affordable, Catholic education in a positive environment. As part of the Pius X family, students deepen their faith and knowledge, and have opportunities to pursue their talents and passions. With its largest enrollment ever at 1,275 students, Pius X has served the Lincoln community for 60 years and works to instill seven core values – excellence, service, purpose, faith, integrity and charity – into the next generation of leaders. Contact us at (402) 488-1046 or email michelle. To learn more about Pius X High School and the Pius X Foundation, visit www. or follow us at RestoreAllThings or @PiusXLincoln.

Serving lunch and dinner seven days a week, Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach (MTKO) is a hunger relief and outreach center for those in need. Annually Matt Talbot provides over 100,000 nutritious meals and approximately 25,000 homeless prevention services such as transitional housing, case management, drug & alcohol evaluations, life skills classes, nutrition counseling, and help with obtaining vital identification documents. Approximately 60% of the individuals and families served are the “working poor,” where eating meals at MTKO may prevent homelessness by allowing them to save money to pay for rent, utilities, or gas. Approximately 40% of those served at Matt Talbot are homeless. Matt Talbot maintains a 4-star Charity Navigator ranking and received the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award for the nonprofit sector in 2013. Contact Information: Susanne Blue, CMSW, Executive Director, Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach – (402) 4774116 | org |

Help save lives. Donate Blood. “I’ve never been asked.” That’s the number one reason why people don’t donate blood. Today, the Nebraska Community Blood Bank is asking you to donate blood to help save lives. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood. Only volunteer blood donors can help ensure blood is available for patients in area hospitals. Nebraska Community Blood Bank has been connecting people who need life-saving blood with generous volunteer donors since 1968. We provide life-saving blood to healthcare facilities in six counties throughout southeast Nebraska, including Bryan Health, Lincoln Surgical Hospital, and Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital. Visit NCBB.ORG to learn more about hosting a blood drive or to sign up to donate blood at a donor center or blood drive near you. Make a date to help save lives.

The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM) was formed with one goal in mind: to help nonprofit organizations help their communities. NAM was incorporated in 2002, and CEO Anne Hindery has led the organization since 2008. “We serve and strengthen nonprofits of all sizes and missions in Nebraska and western Iowa. By connecting organizations with information, education, advocacy and collaboration, we help our members representing health and human services, the arts, education and other areas focus their energy to better help the communities and people they serve,” said Hindery. NAM has 332 members in Nebraska and western Iowa. It’s offering a new, six-week training series called Board Boot Camp. The training program gives new and experienced nonprofit board members the skills and tools they need to successfully implement their organizations’ missions. Other NAM programs include the Nonprofit Summit of the Midlands, NAM @ Night, and the Nonprofit Executive Institute. NAM is also recognized as the State Association for Nebraska by the National Council of Nonprofits, the nation’s largest network of nonprofits. You can learn more about NAM at

Nebraska Community Foundation is a statewide movement using philanthropy as a tool to build stronger, more prosperous communities. NCF is a partner for meeting your charitable goals no matter where you live. It’s the way to give back to your hometown. Thanks to generous donors, in just the last five years more than $120 million has been reinvested in our schools, hospitals, community centers, libraries, fire and rescue units, parks and recreation, youth programs and our natural environment. Thousands of citizens have enjoyed the arts, earned scholarships and received specialized training to grow local economies in Nebraska communities. NCF is a charitable giving resource for all Nebraskans, offering donor-advised funds, designated funds, field of interest funds and life income funds which provide many tax benefits. Gifts to your hometown can be made using cash, securities, real estate, insurance, ag commodities, retirement plans, bequests and other assets. Visit NebraskaHometown. org, call (402) 323-7330 or email info@nebcommfound. org for more information.

Established in 1986, Neighborhoods Inc. doing business as NeighborWorks Lincoln (NWL) is a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to keeping Lincoln a safe and prosperous community by revitalizing neighborhoods and promoting home ownership. NeighborWorks Lincoln aspires to make Lincoln a vibrant city with an exceptional quality of life for all. The organization fulfills their mission through an active partnership of resident leaders, private businesses, the philanthropic community, and the public sector. For 30 years, NeighborWorks Lincoln has been deeply committed to keeping Lincoln a thriving and vibrant community, and the Board of Directors and Staff are thrilled to be celebrating its Anniversary throughout 2016! Our work includes three core areas of focus. Developing desirable housing through our Real Estate Development Program, which includes the development of properties through both rehabilitation and new construction; Strengthening communities by empowering residents through our Community Building Program which works to educate and empower neighborhood residents to take action and influence change in their communities; and, Facilitating sustainable homeownership through our Homeownership Program, which includes a Down Payment Assistance Program as well as homebuyer education classes. For more information on NeighborWorks Lincoln (NWL), visit www.nwlincoln. org or call (402) 477-7181.

Our mission is simple: We’re here to help all Nebraskans live safer, healthier lives. Employee’s safety and health create a strong foundation for an organization’s success. Nebraska Safety Council and WorkWell have come together to provide comprehensive safety and wellness programs, designed to improve workplace performance and overall worker wellbeing. When they are expertly equipped, organizations can integrate effective workplace health, safety, and wellness promotion for their employees. There are no one-size-fit all options; each company’s safety and wellbeing program is customized for their needs. Choose from worker safety, wellness, or both and we provide the training, guidance, and resources. Providing leadership and resources for a safe and healthy workplace and community, Nebraska Safety Council – (402) 483-2511,

Since the early 1970’s, Lincoln Medical Education Partnership has been a model of community collaboration, ser ving many areas of community need. These include the training of Family Medicine residents through the Lincoln Family Medicine Program, cutting-edge cancer research through the Nebraska Cancer Research Center (NCRC), training schools to identify and help children with behavioral health issues through School Community Intervention & Prevention (SCIP), removing barriers for families by connecting them with resources and addressing substance use through Stepping Stones for Families, and educating individuals to become alcohol and drug counselors via Training for Addiction Professionals. To learn more about Lincoln Medical Education Partnership visit JULY 2016 Strictly Business


Prairie Gold Homes (PGH) is a vocational education program which works with individuals who are transitioning from the Nebraska Department of Corrections to our communities. During the 12-week program, we provide training and certification through the Home Builders Institute, OSHA 10 hour and First Aid/CPR certification. Currently, we have two programming sites, one based in Lincoln; our second site is in McCook. Prairie Gold Homes works with community partners in the building of homes for those communities while providing the training for the classes. We have training site builds in McCook, Lincoln and Beatrice. Class size ranges from 8-12 individuals chosen from different Nebraska Department of Corrections institutions.

WasteCap Nebraska is a statewide, memberbased non-profit organization building zero waste communities in Nebraska. We help leaders identify zero waste policies, programs and infrastructure appropriate for their community. Business assistance is a key strategy for achieving community zero waste goals. We provide business solutions for controlling waste management costs through vendor selection, service optimization, prevention and diversion.

In 2012, 140,000 adults were diagnosed with diabetes. The Foreman Foundation was started in 2013 by former Nebraska Husker and NFL linebacker, Jay Foreman. Our mission is to enhance the lives of those living with type 2 diabetes. The Foreman Foundation specifically focuses on providing opportunities to access top-notch education and resources to those in need, while inspiring prevention through education. Help us keep Nebraska healthy and join us in the fight against diabetes. Sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information about the Foreman Foundation, please contact us at or visit us online at www.facebook. com/jayforemanfoundation.

Our goal is Zero Waste. What’s yours? For more information about WasteCap Nebraska, visit www.wastecapne. org or call (402) 436-2384.

PGH works with community employers to secure entry level positions for successful graduates. This is one of the big differences with the PGH program. We provide support to our students as they transition back to their families and communities. For more information about Prairie Gold Homes, please visit

The Alzheimer’s Association® is the world’s leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research. For an estimated 33,000 Nebraskans, Alzheimer’s disease is the ultimate thief — of their identity and precious memories. Their caregivers and loved ones are left feeling alone and heartbroken. The Alzheimer’s Association provides education and support to those who face dementia every day. On a national level, the Association advances critical research toward methods of treatment, prevention and, ultimately, a cure. Together, we can end Alzheimer’s disease, the nation’s sixth-leading cause of death. Find out how you can get involved visit or call (800) 272-3900. 80

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The Merrymakers Association began providing professional entertainment to area senior homes in 1986 and will be celebrating 30 years serving our greatest generation throughout Nebraska and Iowa. Merrymakers’ program is a unique service serving 136 care facilities. This includes assisted and long-term living facilities, senior apartments, hospice and senior centers. These programs are scheduled once a month among 20 of our contracted professional musicians to provide live, onsite entertainment to all of these residents, including those with Alzheimer’s and who are in memory care. Merrymakers is 100% supported through donations, grant funding and our summer “Friend-raiser” – Songs & Suds and our signature Toast event in November of each year. Please join us for two unique evenings of fun and laughter: Songs & Suds featuring DJ Howie; Honorary Chairs: Mary & Tom Kerr - Thursday, July 28, 6-9 p.m., Old Mattress Factory, 501 N. 13th Street, Omaha, NE. Merrymakers 26th Annual Toast, Honoring Creighton’s Head Coach Men’s Basketball, Greg McDermott - Thursday, November 10, 2016, 6-9 p.m., Embassy Suites – LaVista. For tickets and additional information, visit www.merrymakers. org or call (402) 697-0205.

Existing to promote the dignity, independence and well-being of older adults, Tabitha serves clients and their families across 28 southeast Nebraska counties at every stage of the aging journey through compassionate athome support, innovative living communities, exceptional rehabilitation, and health care and hospice services. Tabitha believes everyone should receive the same quality, compassionate care—no matter their financial situation. This commitment is illustrated no better than through Tabitha Meals on Wheels, begun in 1967 as the first program of its kind in Nebraska and today the only Meals on Wheels provider in Lincoln/ Lancaster County. Feeding more than 550 clients daily, 365 days per year, Tabitha Meals on Wheels prolongs Elder independence and provides an invaluable safety check for vulnerable individuals in the Lincoln community. More than 70 percent of the program’s recipients cannot afford the $5.75 per-meal cost, yet with the help of generous donors Tabitha continues to say “yes” to all those in need. Tabitha is looking for civic-minded individuals to join us in serving our community. For more information about how you can help Tabitha support our friends and neighbors in need please call Tabitha at (402) 486-8520 or visit

The STAR Project is a 501(c)3 organization based in Nebraska. Our Mission is to bring change to the lives of animals who are at risk for unnecessary euthanasia, have suffered abuse and neglect, deemed special needs, rapidly deteriorating in the shelter, or facing breed discrimination. The STAR Project will provide a home through our network of approved foster providers, and offer medical care and treatment until they find their forever home. We rescue animals nationwide, and provide support to the humans who make it possible. Interested in learning more? Contact us at or visit our site at

Nebraska State Stroke Association’s mission is “The prevention of stroke through education for Nebraskans of all ages as well as to maximize quality of life for all Nebraska Stroke Survivors and their families.” Nebraskans of all ages are experiencing strokes. In this fast-paced world, we are often surprised by the age of individual that arrives at the emergency room with signs and symptoms of a stroke. KNOW THE STROKE WARNING SIGNS: • Sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm, leg—especially on one side of the body • Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding • Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination • Sudden severe headache with no known cause If you experience any of the above, call 911 immediately. NSSA reaches out to our Nebraska schools, offering a 5th grade education program that includes a stroke survivor, nurse and caregiver. Nebraska State Stroke Association is totally funded by donations and all money stays in Nebraska. Check out Nebraska State Stroke Association at www.nebraskastroke. org for events related to stroke awareness. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If you are interested in hosting a stroke awareness program, please contact Marcia Matthies, Outreach Coordinator, Nebraska State Stroke Association, at (402) 484-8131 or (888) 808-5678.

Theatre Arts for Kids is a challenging musical theatre program specially designed for the young and aspiring performer interested in learning about, participating in, and producing musical theatre.  Through teamwork and workshops, performers gain lifelong skills as they build selfesteem and develop leadership ability in addition to building their skill base as singers, dancers, and actors. TAFK offers a FREE Musical TheatreTroupe, voice lessons, classes for performers ages 3-6 & 7-18, and fully staged Broadway musicals are our specialty! Visit our website for more information about Theatre Arts for Kids at TAFK. ORG or call (608) 322 4549.

Bridges to Hope in Lincoln is a non-profit agency serving men and women soon to be or recently released from correctional institutions throughout Nebraska. The goal is to help prevent Reentrants from falling back into their criminal behaviors and to lower the recidivism rate. This is done by providing Reentrants with everything they need to start up a new home. Furniture, clothing, household items and hygiene products are a few of the items provided to them at no cost. Bridges to Hope survives off of financial and in-kind donations from community members. We would like people to understand that everyone deserves a second chance and to be forgiven. 95% to 98% of all inmates will be released into our communities. With no job, no money, no treatment, no clothes, no furniture and no place to live, those reentering the community often find themselves facing the same pressures and temptations that landed them in prison in the first place. Bridges to Hope provides them with the second chance needed to begin their new life, free of crime! For more information, please visit or contact Rhonda Mattingly or Nina Vejnovich by phone at (402) 420-5696 or by email at mattinglyr1@windstream. net or

Voices of Hope has provided services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, incest, stalking and related forms of abuse for over 40 years. Services include a 24-hour crisis line (402-475-7273), 24hour victim advocacy in response to calls from hospitals who are treating victims, and daily walk-in services for safety planning, crisis counseling, assistance with protection orders, etc. Voices of Hope also provides weekly support groups and educational groups, on-campus advocates at UNL and Nebraska Wesleyan University and educational/training/prevention presentations for the community. Last year, the agency answered over 7,500 crisis line calls and provided face-to-face services to nearly 2,000 adult victims and children. Our free and confidential services are available to women and men. We are in need of financial donations, as well as for donations of basic needs items such as personal hygiene items, household items, diapers and wipes, and office supplies. For more information, go to: www.

The Pregnancy Center is a non-profit, faith based organization located in the heart of Lincoln just off O Street. Every month over 400 young women in our community come to the Pregnancy Center for answers. These women desperately need our love and support. Many of them are afraid and feel like they have no options. The Pregnancy Center offers complete information about every option available to a woman facing an unintended pregnancy. The Pregnancy Center also provides confidential counsel, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, materials support, parenting classes and characterbased relationship education in schools all at no cost to our clients or taxpayers. Call the Pregnancy Center at (402) 483-4247 or visit www. support.pregnancycenterlincoln. org for more information. JULY 2016 Strictly Business


People’s City Mission (PCM) was founded in 1907 and serves as Lincoln’s primary homeless shelter. PCM provides emergency housing for nearly 350 homeless men, women, and children every night of the year. Its Homeless Prevention Center offers free food, clothing and household items to over 20,000 people with incomes below 150% of the U.S. poverty line. The PCM Free Medical Clinic offers a wide range of free health services to uninsured Lancaster County residents. Last year this clinic experienced almost 18,000 patient visits, making it the third largest free clinic in the country. PCM is helping more than 30,000 individuals each year with its various services, or about 1 in 9 Lincoln residents. PCM receives most of its funding from private donations and gets about 90% of these funds directly to the people who need them. For more information please visit People’s City Mission (PCM) at

Due to a significant need for treatment services for adolescents in our community, St. Monica’s recently opened Channels. “Channels” is a gender-specific program with a strength-based approach provided in a supportive and nurturing environment. Based on the resiliency of each young woman, the program provides each girl with the tools and therapy to help her understand and manage her substance use and mental health disorder(s). The Channels program offers girls the opportunity to build a healthy life moving forward. The key components of the residential program include a 4-6 month stay, family involvement, school participation, and approximately 20 hours of programming specific to young girls. Questions, referrals and admissions please call (402) 437-8448.

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a nonprofit organization serving 17 counties in southeastern Nebraska with satellite offices in Nebraska City and York. Established in 1998, the CAC provides help for children who are victims of serious physical and sexual abuse. Working with law enforcement and other agencies, the CAC offers a safe, child-friendly environment for forensic interviews and medical evaluations of the child victim, as well as ongoing support for the child and non-offending family members. We are the only agency in Southeast Nebraska providing these services. Our goals are to reduce trauma suffered by child victims, strengthen families to provide safe homes, and to increase the successful prosecution of their abusers. As a staff, we respect the courage it takes for a child to tell and we invite you to get involved. Visit or call (402) 476-3200 to learn how you can put more power behind small voices. 82

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Lincoln G.O.L.D (Girls Organization for Leadership and Development), is a local non-profit dedicated to scholarship and leadership. Founded in 2015, this nonprofit serves with a two-fold mission. It is a leadership development and community engagement program for high school junior and senior girls and a scholarship program for Lincoln area high school seniors attending a Nebraska college. Lincoln G.O.L.D was formed by individuals passionate about preparing young women for success and making college more attainable for students who demonstrate leadership and civic sensibilities. Lincoln G.O.L.D. mentorship program is now accepting applications for the upcoming 2016 year. The new class will start in late August and go until May of 2017. The girls participating in the program will meet with executives from around Lincoln to learn skills to prepare them for college. They will also have the opportunity to do philanthropic work around Lincoln to help them learn to give back to their community. Lincoln G.O.L.D. gave away 20 scholarships this year to nine different area Lincoln high schools with the money raised from the Gala. Visit for more information on Lincoln G.O.L.D or contact Robin Netz at

DON’T MISS OUT! This is an excellent opportunity for your nonprofit to gain exposure among our readers, as well as for our readers to familiarize themselves with the needs of these organizations and the valuable work that is going on in our community. If you are a local non-profit organization that is interested in participating in the next SUPPORTING NON-PROFITS feature in Strictly Business, please call (402) 466-3330 or email today!

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BUSINESSES FOR SALE Established Multi-Service Salon in Lincoln: Asking Price: $48,000 | Gross Income: $158,529

Cash Flow: $158,529 | EBITDA: N/A | FF&E: N/A | Inventory: N/A | Real Estate: N/A | Established: N/A | Employees: 2FT + Owner Business Description: This salon is a great pick up for someone looking to expand from renting a chair to ownership. The salon moved to all chair rentals and no employees as of June 2016. Currently two stations are filled plus the owner. Several lines of service include the salon, spray tanning, and waxing. Owner says the family needs more attention so after ten years it is time to move on. This is a golden opportunity to pick up a solid and established salon at a decent price.

Specialized Commercial Cleaning Company: Asking Price: $450,000 | Gross Income: $333,974.06

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Cash Flow: $169,019.60 | EBITDA: N/A | FF&E: $223,750 | Inventory: N/A | Real Estate: N/A | Established: N/A | Employees: 1 FT, 2 PT, plus Owner Business Description: This is a well-established business with a great reputation and an extensive client list. The company has been in business for over 30 years and is an asset to any existing commercial cleaning company or a great company for a first-time owner with knowledge of commercial cleaning and the drive to work. The current owner is getting older and has stepped into the supplier and repair side of the same industry. He is tired of being busy with both businesses so he has decided to sell the first business and offer a great deal on supplies to the new owner. All furniture fixtures and equipment are included in the asking price.

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