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Protect and prepare for life’s challenges.

Looking for the right insurance at the right price from agents you trust? Cornhusker Insurance offers a full range of insurance products provided by experienced agents who understand how to help you find what you need. Personal and business insurance products include: • Homeowners • Renters • Condo • Auto • Motorcycle

• Boat • Personal Liability • Business • Farm • Life


6100 Apples Way, Lincoln, NE 68516

Visit us at our mobile-enhanced website to request a free insurance quote, or for more information about products offered.

Insurance products are not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not insured by any federal government agency, not guaranteed by the bank and may go down in value.


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Get A Better Return On Investment

Convert To Solar Energy Today! "Put It Where The Sun Shines "

What are the benefits of Solar Energy? • LES Rebates

- Cold, Hard Cash For The Extra Energy You Produce

• Federal Tax Incentives

- Reap The Benefits of Tax Credits, Rebates & More

• Increase Your Property Value • Installation At Any Location • Environmentally Friendly • Financing

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Built To Last. Call for a FREE Consultation! 6030 Havelock Ave. Lincoln, NE 68507 | (402) 261-3682 | JUNE 2017 Strictly Business



Great Brands That Compete On Value: Contribute To Collective Wellness For the last couple of months, much of what I’ve been sharing with our readers has been related to news and why it’s important to keep those in our community educated about what’s going on within your organization. To briefly recap, the benefits to both parties in this symbiotic relationship – those responsible for generating newsworthy buzz and the consumers of that information - are abundant.

The successful promotion of any business relies on keeping those in the community where you do business, and especially your target market, informed and aware of why your existence matters to them. News has the ability to capture the attention of a much wider audience than other commonly utilized marketing tools. It’s human nature to want to know more about the world around us. Even though once we’ve learned something new we may not necessarily know how we’ll use it later on down the line, we have it at our disposal nonetheless. So, when given the opportunity, most will at minimum give just about anything a quick once-over or a moment of their attention, if only to determine its relevance in their lives. That being said, if news doesn’t land directly in their laps so to speak, it remains something that many will actively seek out, and you’ll want to be positioned as the first source they come across. This is true with anything that News has the ability to has to do with our health and capture the attention of wellness, where the more you know, the better. It’s a much wider audience universally important topic than other commonly because it impacts us all, so utilized marketing tools. we have equal standing as stakeholders. And it’s a hot-button issue with the contentious nature of what the future holds for insurance and healthcare in America, and for us here locally.

get in front of them with your messaging, there are certain instances where reaching a wider, less specific audience is fitting and this is one. In generating that widespread awareness, people are armed with the knowledge to help themselves and help others too. Take cancer for example. Today, sadly it’s something that has touched us all in some way or another. For the types of cancer that are gender-specific or more prevalent in one gender than the other, reaching those at risk is critical. At the same time, those people still have family and friends of the opposite sex who care deeply and want to know as much as possible so that they can offer support wherever needed. So it makes sense to share important information with the general public regardless of who is more apt to act on it. As so many talented professionals work towards ultimately finding a cure, the work of so many others in different areas has resulted in advances made and new things being introduced all the time. That translates into so much potential for sharing the news of all of these breakthroughs that could improve outcomes and quality of life with the general public. While obviously there are budget constraints to consider with any campaign, and tough decisions to make about how to maximize the funds you have available, news is often something that delivers excellent reach with a minimal investment. The main takeaway here is that those who are well-informed will recognize the value of what you have to offer, and are also in a better position to spread the word on to others. Sharing your news, whether it’s health-related or falls in the business, non-profit, or personnel categories of our publication, is an easy yet effective way to deliver useful information that contributes positively to the lives of others.

To learn more about how Strictly Business can help you, contact me directly at (402) 466-3330 or visit (You can also click on our Staff Letter tab online to view past articles)

While we often talk about the importance of figuring out exactly who your target audience is, where they are at, and the best ways to

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I’ll go the extra mile to make your Real Estate experience


- Ben Bleicher, Realtor®



Buying real estate can be tedious and stressful if you don’t have a top-notch realtor by your side. I’m available all hours (7 days a week), ready to show at the drop of a hat, and able to give a critical opinion on any houses we may look at to protect my buyers from ending up with a lemon. I also offer many resources that allow us to find listings before the general public is aware of them, alleviating competition and overpaying. House shopping should be fun and exciting, and that’s the experience that I strive to ensure my clients get to fully enjoy. Selling shouldn’t be a stressful process either if done correctly, and I aim to make moving your property as painless as possible. Pricing houses correctly, adequately marketing listings, and offering impeccable customer service to potential buyers are three things that set me apart from my competition. The market remains extremely competitive and it takes tact to ensure the process of selling isn’t messy and overbearing. Allow me to lend a hand so that the process can be a great one. I have a long history working in different aspects of new construction and am a great negotiator when it comes down to making sure things are bought or sold at a price that works for my clients. I also have a wealth of knowledge to offer within the realm of commercial real estate and investment properties. While there tends to be far less emotion involved (compared to residential), it still requires someone who’s willing to invest the time and energy into getting these deals done. I have the experience, patience, and negotiating skills to manage any commercial transaction whether on the selling or buying side. My goal is simple; to get my buyers the best properties that fit their specifications at the lowest price possible. Sellers, I will always negotiate to get you the highest dollar amount possible and do everything necessary to adequately price and market properties to sell within expectations. Providing excellent customer service is very important to me, and I find great satisfaction in not only successfully buying and selling property, but doing so with the highest level of attentiveness to my clients that I can possibly give. Building a successful career based on business principles I believe in has been extremely rewarding both personally and professionally, as my last year in the business was my best yet. Thanks to the support of the fantastic clients I’ve been honored to serve thus far, I earned a top Woods Bros Realty honor as a 2016 Office Outstanding Achievement Award recipient among other recognition from my peers and mentors in the industry. I’ve been able to continue that momentum, which is easy because I get to use my talents and do what I love every day, and plan to obtain further real estate designations and continue my education so that I may best serve my clientele. Prospective buyers and sellers, please feel free to reach out anytime with questions regarding the value of homes, property, or how the market is doing. All are welcome to visit my website at or my Facebook page to view current listings and reviews, or contact me directly at (402) 419-6309. I look forward to working with you! - Ben Bleicher, Realtor®

Access Family Medicine

Dr. Todd Johnson

Rita’s of Lincoln

Mike Malone

Keith McRoberts

Shawn Schreiner

Walker Dimon

Dr. Jessie Hart

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The Normandy

Star City Heating & Cooling

Nebraska Hearing Center

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As a Realtor, my job is to not only help clients sell real estate but to serve as a buyer’s agent as well.

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Talent Plus Executives Release Book: “Managing to Make a Difference”

Fine Wine. Scenic Views. Capitol View Winery & Vineyards is just 15 short minutes south of downtown Lincoln, and is a perfect destination for you to relax and unwind.

Our winery and tasting room, 2 ½ acre vineyard and historic barn provides a perfect backdrop for parties, graduation receptions, reunions, outdoor weddings and more! Our winery experience will have you coming back time and time again! | 402.328.3494

Talent Plus, Inc.® (www.talentplus. com) would like to announce the official launch of Managing to Make a Difference: How to Engage, Retain, and Develop Talent for Maximum Performance, written by Larry Sternberg, J.D. and Kim Turnage, Ph.D., and published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Now available in stores and online, it offers a practical, realworld training manual for mid-level management. The C-suite has a wealth of resources for leadership guidance, but middle managers face a quandary: often given little guidance on how to excel, they are also under enormous pressure to do a variety of things other than “lead.” This book provides much-needed tools and techniques for building a high-performing team – without letting your other duties suffer. Organized around a coherent philosophy and based on solid research, the discussion offers a roadmap to engagement, talent development and excellence in management. From difficult situations and organizational challenges to everyday motivation and inspiration, these techniques help middle managers achieve the goals of their organization while empowering their workers to achieve their own. Based upon their management experience, as well as Sternberg’s catalog of blogs posted to the Talent Plus Viewpoint® Blog over the last several years, the book identifies key tenets of management along with actionable illustrations, lessons and experiments for anyone in management to consider. Books are available to purchase at www.

Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs Announces Three 2017 Nebraska Folk & Roots Festival Set New Nebraska Locations for June 16-17 Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs recently announced a franc hise expansion agreement including three new locations that will open in the Lincoln, Neb. area this year. The first new location will open at the corner of 27th and Randolph this summer. The second location will open at 84th and Northern Lights Drive this fall. And the third location is in the process of being identified. These new restaurants will feature the ‘Goodcents of the Future’ experience, including digital menu boards, drive-thru digital ordering kiosks, and new modern interior design. A Coca-Cola Freestyle touch screen soda fountain will offer 165 different Coca-Cola products and custom flavors. And as part of a new local menu twist, Goodcents will also begin serving gourmet coffee from The Mill Coffee & Tea based in Lincoln. The new stores will be run by local franchise owners Jeff Barclay and Scott Ritter, who currently own three other Goodcents locations across Nebraska and have been part of the Goodcents franchise system since 1999. Barclay recently received the 2017 Enterprising Gambler Award from the Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA). Barclay and Ritter were also presented the Nebraska Restaurateur of the Year Award in 2016. For more information about Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs, visit www. 6 Strictly Business JUNE 2017

The Nebraska Folk & Roots Festival, to be held on June 16th & 17th, offers a weekend of unforgettable music under the Nebraska sky and stars, with two days of entertainment handpicked by Lincoln’s finest promoters. For the 3rd year in a row, local organizers will take advantage of Nebraska’s beautiful geographical layout once again and set this year’s Nebraska Folk & Roots Festival on 240 acres of beautiful land on Branched Oak Farm (17015 NW 70th St, Raymond, NE). This year’s event will feature a diverse blend of extremely talented artists, including Lydia Loveless, Aaron Lee Tasjan, The Cactus Blossoms, The Railsplitters, Joshua Powell and the Great Train Robbery, Handmade Moments, Jack Hotel, The Bottle Tops, The Hangin’ Cowboys, Emily Bass and the Near Miracle, CJ Mills, and more. There will also be musical hayrack rides, on-site music workshops by Nebraska’s best teachers, craft vendors, yard game tournaments, family engagement and much, much more. Single day and weekend passes, and a limited number of camping spots, are available for purchase online at www.nebraskafolkandroots. com. Admission is free for kids 12 and under. Unfortunately there will be no pets allowed. For more details, contact Michael Semrad at (402) 435-5335 or via email at This will be without a doubt a truly unique experience for all music lovers, capturing the truth and pure magic of Nebraska’s prairie.


First National of Nebraska Again Named One of “America’s Best Banks” by Forbes First National of Nebraska, the largest privately owned banking company in the United States, has been named to Forbes’ “America’s Best Banks” list for 2017, marking its sixth straight year on the list. First National moved up seven spots this year to 16th on the magazine’s list, which ranked the country’s 100 largest banks. First National of Nebraska is the parent company of First National Bank, which has five locations in Lincoln. Forbes ranked the banks according to 10 metrics related to growth, profitability, capital adequacy and asset quality. First National has more than $19 billion in total assets. “We are proud to have been recognized by Forbes for six years in a row as one of the Best Banks in America,” said Rich Herink, Lincoln market president. “It’s a testament to our company’s efforts to provide an exceptional customer experience and the hard work of our employees to deliver on that experience.” First National Bank ( is a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska. First National of Nebraska is the largest privately owned banking company in the United States. First National and its affiliates have more than $21 billion in assets and 5,000 employee associates. Primary banking offices are located in Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas.

Larger Planes Mean More Seats on Flights From Lincoln Airport Pa s s e n ge r s o n United Airlines flights between Lincoln and Denver may have noticed a few more seats on those planes. United began flying an Embraer ERJ-175 with a total of 76 seats, including first class seating, on some of the flights earlier this month. United is also planning to add an additional flight to Denver with the larger plane beginning in July. The flight will leave Lincoln at 1:00 p.m. and another flight will depart Denver at 10:00 p.m. Delta Air Lines plans to continue flying the 76-passenger CRJ-900 between Lincoln and Atlanta throughout the summer. In the past Delta has substituted smaller planes during the summer months. David Haring, executive director of the Lincoln Airport, says the move to larger planes is part of a trend in the airline industry. He says passenger traffic from Lincoln remains steady, with flights averaging 80-to-85 percent full. “We’ve been operating near capacity in recent years, so it’s good to have more seats available. It’s also an opportunity to show the airlines that Lincoln will support improved air service,” said Haring. “It’s important that area travelers check LNK every time they fly.” Haring says recent efforts to add flights and additional destinations to the Lincoln Airport schedule are encouraging. Travelers can find the latest updates on flight schedules, information on parking and airport services, and the LNK vs. OMA cost comparison tool at

Discover The Distinct Difference of Transitional Care

Old Cheney Rehabilitation offers... Rehabilitation | 24-Hour Nurse Care | Nutrition Counseling Rehabilitation Education | Appointment Transportation

Contact us today! | | (531) 739-3200

Get great-tasting, clean, clear water from your kitchen faucet at the touch of a button.


Store.It.All Celebrates Grand Opening S t o r e. I t . A l l , a brand new selfstorage facility locally owned and operated by K i n ge r y Construction (`), b e ga n t a k i n g reservations at the beginning of the year and recently celebrated the official opening of the facility to the public. To commemorate the occasion, a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce was held on May 16th. Extending the grand opening festivities through the month of June, Store.It.All is offering one month of free rent and a free lock with each unit. Store.It.All is located at 3321 Ox Bow Circle, just east of North Star High School on 33rd Street. It was built by experienced professionals to be safe, secure, and offers customers the convenience of easy access off of 33rd Street just north of Superior Street. The state-of-the-art facility is completely fenced in and well-protected from entry by unauthorized intruders as well as the elements, with video surveillance throughout the property and gate code access. It is well-lit throughout, including lighting inside each unit. Along with storage units available in various sizes, services available on-site include U-Haul truck rental and packing supplies are also conveniently available for purchase. Customers have the option to complete a very easy online rental process or visit the office for assistance with rental of a unit. Visit or contact the staff at (402) 975-2244/ for more information. JUNE 2017 Strictly Business



GET THE BEST SEATS FOR THE BEST SHOWS LIEDCENTER.ORG | 402.472.4747 Kensington Center is your perfect, new location!

Establish your business in Lincoln’s newest UPSCALE MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT Building, leasing and managing retail, office, medical and restaurant spaces for upscale clientele in Lincoln’s SW entrance to the city!

High traffic intersection 35,000+ vehicles per day! 14th and Old Cheney Road | Lincoln, NE Kensington Center is adjacent to the Rock Island Bicycle Trail and current retail establishments include: Joyride Bicycles (Lincoln’s Specialized Bicycle Dealer), Powercycle (Lincoln’s first exclusive spinning studio), Culvers, Mr. Goodcents, Dairy Queen, & Scooters Coffee and Yogurt. Opening in 2017: a brand new 11,000 sq. ft. retail space and Old Cheney Rehabilitation! Find out more at today! 8 Strictly Business JUNE 2017


Guardian Angels Joins The Senior’s Choice Champions Club Guardian Angels is honored to have joined the Champions Club of The Senior’s Choice, a nationwide network of elder care providers. Director Kris Beckenbach was invited to the Weekend of Champions in Phoenix in April, where she exchanged best practices with other high achieving agencies. “I gained insights into how other companies are handling the challenges of serving the growing elder population across the US and Canada. Getting to meet and talk with the developer of a new dementia screening tool was a highlight for me. I look forward to bringing this tool to Lincoln to better assist our clients and families.” Guardian Angels is a provider of non-medical assistance to elders in Lancaster County and southeast Nebraska. It is their belief that every person has a sacred dignity that time does not take away. Services are available from 1 hour to 24 hours per day. Caregiver applications are being taken online at or at the office, which is located 5600 S. 48th St. Guardian Angels can be reached by calling (402) 474-4000.

Lincoln Tech Companies Unify, Launch Proteus Planning for dynamic growth, VentureTech and Vipa Solutions have merged to become Proteus. Leveraging its 3Ps - Cloud Platform, technology- and business-minded People, and agile-based Process - Proteus helps businesses digitally transform and create efficiency in: services, business process/workflows, disparate systems, and enhancement of internal and external customer experiences. Proteus specializes in working with an array of industries: human resources and financial services, healthcare and manufacturing, associations and nonprofit organizations, hospitality and tourism, advertising and marketing communications, and more. To learn more about Proteus, visit

ABC: Nebraska Maintains Lowest NSA Construction Unemployment Rates March not seasonally adjusted (NSA) construction unemployment rates were down in nationally and in 27 states and unchanged in two on a year-over-year basis, according to analysis released by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). The national NSA construction unemployment rate of 8.4 percent was down 0.3 percent from March 2016, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). “This was the lowest national NSA March construction unemployment rate on record, matching the 8.4 percent rate in March 2001,” said Bernard M. Markstein, Ph.D., president and chief economist of Markstein Advisors, who conducted the analysis for ABC. “BLS data also showed that the industry employed 184,000 more workers than in March 2016. In sum, the construction sector remains healthy even as employers cope with shortages of skilled construction workers.” The states with the lowest estimated NSA construction unemployment rates in order from lowest rate to highest were: Nebraska and Colorado (tie), Utah, Kansas, and Iowa. Three states—Nebraska, Colorado and Utah—were also among the top five in February. Nebraska and Colorado, both with a 4.3 percent estimated NSA construction unemployment rate, had the lowest rate among the states.For Nebraska, this was an improvement from tying with Idaho for the third lowest rate in February and the state’s second lowest March rate (behind last year’s 4.2 percent rate) since 2008.


GenR8 Marketing Moves to New Location, Celebrates 7 Years in Business Lincoln, NE based digital marketing company GenR8 M a r ke t i n g celebrated seven years in business with a Lincoln Chamber Ribbon Cutting and recent office relocation to Hampton Place at 2120 S. 56th Street, Suite 204. GenR8 Marketing was formerly known as Turbine Digital until January and added educational services to their offerings with Workshops focused on Digital Marketing for businesses and brands. The new location at Hampton Place provides additional parking for clients and a centralized location in Lincoln for added convenience. GenR8 Marketing has been servicing businesses and organizations locally and nationally for over seven years with a focus on websites, social media, video, lead generation, strategy and workshop training. To learn more about GenR8, visit their website at www.genr8marketing. com or call (402) 817-1224.

New Workshop at Lincoln School of Music Lincoln School of Music announced the Build Your Own Guitar Workshop, a beginner’s class that allows those with no previous experience to develop the ability to build an electric guitar within one day, will be held on July 23rd. This workshop course includes one 8-hour class session designed to take someone with ZERO experience and turn them into a guitar-building hobbyist by the end of the class. Students leave with a completed electric guitar, gig bag, shirt, and certificate of completion. The class is designed to give students a fun, memorable learning experience along with an unforgettable souvenir to show to their family and friends. Cost is $497 with lunch included. Workshop begins at 9:00am. For more information, please contact Tim Woosley at (402) 476-5691/

Keep Your System Running Efficiently Residential septic pumping • Septic maintenance programs Grease trap pumping • Commercial liquid waste removal • Soil percolation tests

Serving the Lincoln Area for over

30 years

Call Jason or Jaime Kubik today!


Ironhide Construction Launches New Website Ironhide Construction is excited to announce the recent launch of its new and improved website: www.! The website was completely redesigned by UNANIMOUS, with the most notable highlights including the addition of a wealth of new information and images that better reflect the company’s offerings and portfolio of work. By also incorporating more user-friendly features into the overall design that help to structure the layout and all of the new content, it’s easier to navigate and anything you want to know about Ironhide Construction is now available online for your convenience. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Lincoln, NE, Ironhide Construction specializes in commercial and industrial construction and offers an array of general contracting services. With a reputation throughout the Midwest for providing quality buildings and genuine service at a reasonable price, the locally owned and operated company prides itself on providing expert advice, skilled craftsmanship and top-notch construction management. Ironhide Construction is an Authorized Builder for Chief Buildings, a division of Chief Industries, Inc., and has since grown one of the top producing companies nationwide. For more information about Ironhide Construction, please call (402) 420-4961 and make sure to check out the new website at

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BUSINESS NEWS LHRMA Announces June Meeting The Lincoln Human Resource Management Association (LHRMA) will hold their monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 13th at the Nebraska Innovation Campus Conference Center. Join LHRMA for an engaging afternoon with the luncheon program beginning at 11:30 a.m. with a presentation on Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts: Employee Performance Management and the High Engagement Paradigm, presented by David Weisser, Product Director, ReviewCloud. A workshop with roundtable discussion covering Best Practices in Performance Management follows from 1:15 – 3:15 p.m. All members of the community are invited to attend this event. Register online at with a deadline of June 9th.

HIP OffiCenters Now Providing Drop-In Tours

Why? I gain an hour. Both directions. Yep. Less time on the road. I love our hometown airport.


Check LNK every time you fly.



Strictly Business JUNE 2017

HIP OffiCenters is excited to announce they have added the option of dropin tours for those who are interested in viewing the office space available for lease and learning more about the services and amenities provided. To better cater to the busy professionals on the go, visitors can stop by anytime between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday, or are still welcome to schedule an appointment. Located at 5000 Central Park Drive, Suite 204, HIP OffiCenters is a full-service company offering the tools needed to help a business grow and be successful, beginning with an ideal office environment that’s a productive, inviting and professional space to conduct business. For more information about HIP OffiCenters, please visit office, call Kylee Dart at (402) 466-3932 or email office@hiprealty. com. Call or stop in for a tour today!

Capitol View Winery & Vineyards Now Open Capitol View Winery & Vineyards, located just 15 minutes from downtown Lincoln near Roca, NE, is now officially open to the public under new ownership! Formerly WunderRosa Winery, Les & Trish Meyer have taken over operations and are excited to welcome guests out to the 22-acre property to enjoy the beauty of nature and taste the fruits of their labor. It was renamed Capitol View Winery & Vineyards because of its unique location that allows for a combination of amazing views of Lincoln’s skyline and the scenic countryside of Nebraska. Along with the incredible view, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best wines you’ll find anywhere and an experience that will have you coming back time and time again. Capitol View Winery & Vineyards features a tasting room, winery, vineyard, and historic barn which is perfect for an intimate outing, group visits, or special events such as parties, weddings, receptions, reunions and more. A 3rd of July Celebration has already been announced, as it’s the perfect location to watch Lincoln’s annual fireworks display and live music will be provided by the Salt Creek Pirates. There will be many other events to come throughout the summer, so make sure to watch for upcoming announcements on the website, and on Facebook!


N E W ! Half-Day

IABC Lincoln to Host Professional Development Event IABC Lincoln has announced their June event will feature Colin McGinnis, who will speak on the importance of online presence and how social media analytics can be used to make data-driven decisions. It will be held on Thursday, June 15th from 11:30 am to 1 pm at Olsson Associates in the Haymarket Conference Room (601 P Street, Suite 200). McGinnis is pursuing a doctorate in educational psychology with a concentration in statistics and measurement. Specializing in social cognition, Colin’s interests are focused on how people process, store, and apply information about others and social situations, particularly in education settings. Those who wish to attend are able to register at EventBrite through 5:00 p.m. CDT, Friday, June 9. International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a great way to meet communication, marketing and public relations professionals! IABC Lincoln is comprised of members who work as consultants, independent business owners and corporate staff in diverse fields such as marketing, corporate communications, government relations and human resource communications. Their monthly professional development networking events are opportunities to learn about the latest industry trends and best practices. For more information about IABC Lincoln please visit Interested in joining the board or volunteering? Contact Christina Krivolavek at

Preschool Options

for kids 3 - 5 yrs old 9 am - 12:30 pm |Follows LPS Calendar

Participating in Step up to Quality Nebraska, Creative Curriculum, and ASQ – 3 assessments. Call us today!

8310 Wendell Way (402) 483-4769 Hrs: Mon. - Fri., 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

Make Your Vehicle Match Your Style with Window Tinting & Custom “Black Packages”

Delete The Chrome Protect From Harmful UV Rays CALL FOR AN ESTIMATE Auto • Residential • Commercial 402.421.0888 | 1501 Cushman Dr. |

Keller Williams Officially Enters Lincoln Market Keller Williams, the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world, has expanded its networ k to the Lincoln, NE area with the opening of Keller Williams Lincoln. The newest Keller Williams market center is led by John P. Broesch, Operating Principal, and Tamera Toof, CEO / Team Leader of Keller Willaims Lincoln. With the local market center, agents are able to provide exceptional service to Lincoln area buyers and sellers. Keller Williams offers careers worth having and keeps its agents performing at the highest level by offering them leading-edge training and technology. In 2015 and again in 2017, Training Magazine named Keller Williams the No. 1 training organization across all industries in the world. The company’s models, systems, and culture attract and retain the best agents in the business. “We are proud of the way we do business and we hope Lincoln residents will soon think of us when they think of real estate,” said John P. Broesch, Operating Principal. Keller Williams Lincoln’s affiliation with Keller Williams is effective immediately. The Lincoln office is located at 5539 S. 27th Street, Suite 206 (68512). To inquire about a career in real estate or other general inquiries, please contact Tamera Toof at (402) 450-8882 or by email at


When you choose to join Keller Williams, you join forces with the most dynamic real estate company in the world. Contact Tamera Toof today to change the course of YOUR career!

402-450-8882 ∙ JUNE 2017 Strictly Business


Ease Your Aches & Pains! Services Include:

• Prenatal • Hot Stone • Heated Bamboo • Deep Tissue • Swedish • Sports • Sugar/Salt Scrubs • Aromatherapy • Reflexology • Chocolate Wrap

Visit our website to find the perfect massage for you!

Invest in your health today! Call Erin to book your massage!

402-617-7992 Or book online at


Start your story with .


Lulu’s, Serendipities Cupcakes Comes to Foundation Gardens Lulu’s Comfort Food, a restaurant featuring Serendipities Cupcakes, opened for business May 3 in the Lincoln Community Foundation Gardens on N Street between Centennial Mall and 14th Street. Owned by Terrie Urtel and Karen Lamb, Lulu’s features on-the-go breakfast options as well as hot and cold sandwiches, homemade soups, pasta bowls and wraps for lunch. There is no seating inside Lulu’s but customers can take their items to-go or eat in the adjacent Foundation Gardens. “We were sad to see The Original Korn Popper close in December,” said Barbara Bartle, President of the Lincoln Community Foundation. “We have been searching for just the right tenant to provide a quick lunch and snacks to our downtown neighbors and the crowd that gathers each Wednesday to enjoy the Summer Concert Series in our Garden. We think LuLu’s and their famous cupcakes will be a big hit!”

WISB to Host Monthly Luncheon on June 14th The Women in Sales and Business (WISB) monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 14th at The Venue in the NE/Lancaster Room at 4111 P i o n e e r Wo o d s Drive, Lincoln, NE. Women in Sales & Business began meeting in 1987 to offer business women the opportunity to network within an intimate group. Today, WISB’s goal is to encourage and develop creative leadership in women. Members are dedicated to promoting the growth of one another through the accumulation and sharing of knowledge. The meeting this month will be a panel of WISB members discussing marketing strategies. Topics covered will include utilizing social media, promotional materials, and business networking for marketing. All are welcome to join for this great learning opportunity!

Home is where traditions begin and memories are made. From a place to retreat to a place to gather, your home is the setting for much of your story. No matter what chapter you’re at in your life, HOME Real Estate can help. HOME agents get to know your unique story and listen to your needs. Then they use their expertise and connections to get the results you want, so you can focus on other things in your life—like making memories. Visit us online or call HOME today to start your next chapter. 402-436-HOME 5322 O Street


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The meeting starts with lunch at 11:30am with meeting following from 11:55am until 1pm. Cost is $18 which includes lunch (cost is $10 if you only attend the meeting). Please register online at www. on the Events page to RSVP. More information can also be found on the website or by contacting WISB via email at

Hurrdat, Hail Varsity Form Partnership As of April 1, 2017, Hurrdat and Hail Varsity are working together in a strategic partnership. Founded in 2012, Hail Varsity is a Lincoln-based media company that caters specifically to Husker fans, providing a premium magazine, the state’s largest drive-time sports talk radio show, and a website that reaches thousands of Husker fans every day. Founded in 2010 and acquired by B² Interactive in 2015, Hurrdat holds the title of Nebraska’s first social media agency and has served hundreds of businesses with specialized social media strategies. The new partnership aims to amplify Hail Varsity’s existing multimedia efforts and expand digital marketing services. Highlights will include continued website upgrades, more content and forum interaction, and even more social media coverage of the Huskers. Digital film and video production company Hurrdat Films will also play a role in Hail Varsity’s coverage by expanding the film and video component that is a part of Hail Varsity’s digital offerings. Hurrdat and Hail Varsity will share office space in the Haymarket District, with renovations expected to be completed early this summer. Aaron Babcock will continue his role as CEO of Hail Varsity, overseeing day-to-day operations, while his team will continue to work on magazine, radio, and online Husker content.


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LNK Food Plaza Celebrates Grand Opening There’s a new eatery in town! LNK Food Plaza officially opened its doors for business at the Grand Opening held May 4-6. The event kicked off on Thursday, May 4th with an open invitation to come check out the venue and sample the fare. A ribbon cutting ceremony with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce was held on May 5, with city dignitaries in attendance. The following day, an Open House featured a performance from the “Thai Lion Dancers.” Located at 3111 NW 12th Street, LNK Food Plaza is a completely renovated and upscaled building housing five tempting restaurants with a great variety of foods to choose from. There is a “state of the art” FLY BY CAFÉ with a vast selection of specialty coffees as well as smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, and an array of delicious pastries and donuts. Big Ten Subs offers a variety of subs on gourmet buns named after Big Ten teams! TC’s Chicken features its award-winning battered chicken strips, combined with great tasting wings and complimented with homemade specialty sauces. SAMUI Thai and Chinese offers many delicious Asian favorites. And of course, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream is the great way to finish any meal! “Party Packages” are now available for special family gatherings or sports events. LNK Food Plaza is very proud to present this concept to the city of Lincoln. Whatever you’re looking for, it will surely be the place to gather!

Cocktails & Learn Event to Feature Presentation by Bulu Box Cofounders Come hear from the 2017 Startup of the Year at Cocktails and Learn on June 6! Bulu Box cofounders Paul and Stephanie will tell their company’s origin story, take questions, and we’ll enjoy mojitos—Stephanie’s favorite drink. • Who: Growth-oriented business owners, senior business leaders, and entrepreneurs • Where: FUSE Coworking, Fifth Floor, 151 N. 8th St., Lincoln, NE • When: Tuesday, June 6, 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. • Cost: Free (mojitos, beer, wine, and light snacks are included) • How: Register at and/or search “Cocktails and Learn” on Facebook About Cocktails and Learn: Lincoln’s entrepreneurs don’t get together regularly across industries. We’re siloed. We’re missing out on the creative collisions, the chance encounters, that connect entrepreneurs with new growth ideas, talent, and solutions to problems. Cocktails and Learn aims to solve that. Cocktails and Learn is a service of gear80, which provides Professional EOS® Implementation based on the book Traction by Gino Wickman. For more information, visit About Bulu Box: Awarded Startup of the Year in 2017 at the Silicon Prairie Awards, Bulu Box ( is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help subscribers feel their best. Each month, they get a box curated with a new mix of 4-5 premium samples from top brands to try. Every sample is sufficient enough to decide if the product is right for them.

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Executive Travel Sponsoring Two Global Entry Registration Events in Lincoln

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Executive Travel is pleased to announce that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers will be presenting two special enrollment events to conduct in-person interviews for Global Entry program applicants. They will be held July 18-20 and August 22-24 from 8 am-5 pm at the Executive Travel office located at 1212 O Street in Lincoln, NE. The Global Entry Pass provides an expedited entry back into the United States when returning from an international flight. Though intended for frequent international travelers, there is no minimum number of trips necessary to qualify for the program. Those who wish to participate will need to apply through the Global Entry website (www.globalentry. gov), which takes approximately 7-10 days to receive your approval to then sign up for an interview time. When you apply, be sure to only select the Global Entry option. A $100 non-refundable application fee is paid online at the time of application.

SouthPointe Pavilions Kicks Off 17th Annual Friday Nights Live Concert Series Presented by Baxter Toyota Lincoln, SouthPointe’s 17th Annual Friday Nights Live series will take place June 2 through August 25 with live music every Friday from 6:30-8:30pm in SouthPointe’s Center Courtyard. The series features Friday Nights Live favorites like D*Funk, Jarana and the Wheezetones; this season includes fresh-from-The Voice Josh Hoyer and his band Soul Colossal and the rock/blues/country-style Hector Anchando Band, a 2016 finalist in the International Blues Challenge. The kickoff concert is hosted by the 1011 Cares evening news team as the culmination of a month-long public service campaign raising awareness of child abuse and the mission of the Child Advocacy Center (CAC). A donation is requested at each concert to benefit the CAC (through June), Voices of Hope (July), and CenterPointe (August). More than $140,000 has been raised to date. For additional information and a performance schedule go to or call (402) 421-2114.

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Greenleaf Properties Moves Headquarters, Hosts Ribbon Cutting PLANTRONICS CS540

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G r e e n l e af P ro p e r t i e s h a s c o m p l e t e d t h e p ro c e s s o f relocating to its new office at 300 N 44th St., Ste. 112. To celebrate, a ribbon cutting was held with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce on May 4th. The team at Greenleaf Properties was joined by City and Chamber dignitaries, clients, tenants, and friends to formally mark the occasion. Special thanks were extended to all in attendance and to the Lincoln community for their support over the years. The locally owned and operated company continues to grow and maintains its strong commitment to serving each client based on their individual needs and goals. Established in 1970, Greenleaf Properties is a full-service commercial real estate firm. Professional services are offered in the areas of brokerage sales and leasing, asset and property management, facility maintenance, and land development. For more information, please call the office at (402) 467-2525 or visit


Omnipointment Collaborates With Panology Tech Solutions Panology Tec h Solutions recently launc hed their startup assistance program, and wo u l d l i ke t o recognize Omnipointment as the first company to successfully complete Phase 1. Omnipointment ( is the maker of an innovative online scheduling tool for students and teams. Cofounder Brendan Batliner met with Panology weekly, over the course of 8 weeks, to create a new serverless architecture for their application. This new architecture will reduce management overhead and costs, while offering nearly infinite scalability. Brendan provided the following feedback on his experience: “Working with Panology was fun because it felt like we were learning alongside each other. Darren and Jay’s AWS expertise is invaluable, and both Omnipointment and Panology came out smarter for having worked together.” Anyone interested in this opportunity is welcome to contact the team at Panology Tech Solutions at (402) 937-9137 / to learn more. Panology Tech Solutions provides the assistance you need to improve how your business utilizes and incorporates technology. The locally owned and operated technology solutions firm provides comprehensive offerings that are customized to fit the client’s needs and budget, with emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality of service. For more information about Panology Tech Solutions, visit

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Union Bank Donating Trees to Celebrate 100th Anniversary Union Bank (UBT) was founded one hundred years ago and one way it is celebrating this milestone anniversary is to donate trees to the communities it serves. 200 nicely-sized trees are being planted in eight Lincoln parks as well as additional trees planted in fourteen communities in Nebraska and Kansas. “Planting trees is one way we can give a gift to the community that will be enjoyed for decades to come,” stated Kevin Keller, First Vice President. “It is especially important with the impact on our ash trees by the Emerald Ash Borer.” In coordination with the Lincoln Parks & Recreation Department and the Lincoln Parks Foundation, city crews are planting the trees with the help of over 100 Union Bank employee volunteers. The bank volunteers will assist in mulching and watering the new trees, as well as general clean up in the parks. Union Bank invites individuals, families and businesses to join them in planting trees in our city parks. The bank is accepting donations in all of their Lincoln branch locations or online at It is a tax-deductible donation to the Lincoln Parks Foundation. All proceeds will be used to plant additional trees in 2017. Union Bank is celebrating its 100th anniversary throughout 2017 with special events, special product opportunities and community support. The tree planting project is one of several signature community gifts in 2017. The bank is also providing significant financial support to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo expansion, Tabitha’s Meals on Wheels, and an additional gift to be announced this fall.

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MITA’s Summer Networking Event Set for June 15th

BBB Offers FREE Workshops for Integrity Award Applicants

Come cruise with MITA on Thursday, June 15, on the River City Star Cruise. This 2-hour dinner cruise will travel along the Missouri River while soaking up the scenery at a relaxing, rhythmic pace. A delicious 2-entree dinner buffet with dessert will be served (cash bar provided) plus we will get to dine and dance to live entertainment as we soak in the unique sights of the Missouri River.

To stamp the seal of integrity on your business, apply for the 2017 BBB Integrity Awards at! Application deadline is June 30, 2017. Application materials and instructions can be found at (click on the “Integrity Awards” image). The Better Business Bureau has also announced that there will be free workshops held for Integrity Award applicants in both Lincoln and Omaha. Show your customers and vendors how ethics and integrity are at the core principles of your business. Apply today! LINCOLN Date: Wednesday, June 7th Time: 2 pm - 4 pm Where: BBB Office (300 N 44th St, Suite 100 Lincoln, NE) Contact: Teresa Stitcher Fritz at (402) 436- It’s time to be recognized 2345 x8600 or to for your commitment to TRUST • HONESTY • ETHICS reserve your spot at a workshop. OMAHA Date: Friday, June 9th - Time: 8 am - 9:30 am Where: BBB Office (11811 P St Omaha, NE 68137) Contact: Jeff Niebaum at (402) 898-8550 or to reserve your spot at a workshop.

The Midwest International Trade Association (MITA), established in 1968, is an organization that encourages the expansion of trade between the Midwest and foreign markets by sponsoring meetings and networking events, international trade conferences and educational seminars. These events are designed to offer ideas and present current information to help businesses succeed in importing and exporting. MITA also provides numerous networking events throughout the year that are designed to maximize the value to both newcomers and seasoned veterans of international business. So don’t miss this opportunity to relax and socialize with other MITA members and representatives from local organizations involved in International trade on June 15 from 5:30-8:30 pm on the River City Star Cruise! Details about the event and how to register can be found at www., or call the office at (402) 596-1210 or email mita@

INNOVATORS You’ve built a thriving business and the future is bright. What’s your next move? Whatever it is, the Business Banking experts at UBT can help you make it happen, just like we’ve done for the last 100 years, and like we’ll keep doing for the next 100. 16

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Rita’s of Lincoln Introduces New Summer Treats June officially kicks off the hot summer months and Rita’s has more exciting news to share! Rita’s of Lincoln recently introduced new Twizzlers Italian Ice. Now you can get your favorite treat with a classic twist – or try it with a Gelati, Misto or Blendini! FUN FACT: Every year, there are one million miles of Twizzlers candy twists produced. If you lined up all those Twizzlers, there would be enough to travel from the Earth to the moon, and back again, FIVE TIMES!!! Aren’t you glad you don’t need to travel that far to get Twizzlers Italian Ice – just visit Rita’s at 84th and Holdrege! Also perfect for treating yourself this summer, Rita’s has taken their wide variety of unique offerings to new heights with Ice Flights. This provides the opportunity to get four of your favorite Italian Ice flavors in one treat! Located at 8222 Holdrege Street, Rita’s of Lincoln’s specialty is Italian Ice and frozen custard. Their signature treats are surprisingly smooth and made with real fruit, served daily within 36 hours of mixing. That’s pretty darn fresh, plus it’s Trans-Fat Free too! With 80+ refreshing flavors you can have an Ice Day, every day. Want to make sure they have your favorite flavor? Call ahead and they’ll make sure to have it prepared for you! For more information, please visit or contact Zack Hauder at (402) 975-8171/

Heartland International: Program Announced for Mechanics, Truck Owners, Fleet Operators Heartland International, Inc. a nationwide distributor of Conklin High Performance Lubricants invites Lincoln and Omaha area mechanics, truck owners and fleet operators to learn how to implement oil testing, preventative maintenance and improved lubrication programs for dramatic extension of vehicle life. The Conklin Company is a Minnesota based research, development, manufacturing and distribution company who pioneered para-synthetic lubricants like CONVOYTM oils in 1978. Dennis Nun, President of Heartland says, “Ben Welch of Lincoln drives a 1994 Chevy Suburban with over 910,000 miles on it without a major overhaul. His is just one example of hundreds of our customers, including over-the-road truckers who have proven the ability of Conklin HighPerformance Lubricants to dramatically extend engine life, improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs of operation. We market direct to the mechanics, fleet shops and owner-operators, that’s why you’ll rarely see our products on a retail shelf.” Heartland International, Inc. is based in Lincoln, Nebraska and has distributed Conklin High Performance Lubricants since 1974. For more information on their products and programs, go to www.BetterLubrication. com, e-mail or call (402) 430-7727.

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Fourth Resident of The Waterford at Williamsburg Turns 100 The Waterford at Williamsburg recently celebrated the 100th birthday of resident Evelyn Tubbs. Although a momentous occasion in its own right, what makes it even more exceptional is that she’s in good company. Tubbs joined three of her fellow residents – Dorothy Sterns, Marie Green, and Doraline Churchill - in reaching the “Centenarian” milestone. She was surrounded by family, friends, and staff who attended the celebration held in honor of her 100th birthday, and it was a very special day for all. The Waterford Communities have three assisted living locations in Lincoln. The Waterford at Williamsburg, located on the corner of 40th and Pine Lake, provides assisted living care, as does The Waterford at College View, located at 4848 S. 48th Street. The Waterford at Wilderness Hills, located at 27th and Yankee Hill, provides memory care in a home-like setting. Each community specializes in providing a variety of housing and care needs for mature adults and a welcoming atmosphere for their families. For more information about The Waterford Communities, visit www. or contact Christy Merritt at (402) 423-0000 or christy.

Roper & Sons Announces June Events Each month, Roper & Sons provides educational seminars/events which are free and open to the public, as well as ongoing support through grief program events. At this month’s Topic Breakfast, being held at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, June 15th, the presenter will be Beth Friesen with Oasis Senior Advisors. If you are beginning to discover that you just can’t provide the level of support and care that your loved one needs, or know someone who is, please join for trusted, high-quality information and assistance on local senior care options, equipping you with the information you need to make decisions. Topic Breakfast is held on the third Thursday each month. To reserve your seat, please call (402) 476-1225 or email info@ The Grief Program meets weekly from 2 – 3:30 p.m. in the Reception Facility. Roper & Sons Grief Programs are open to the public, regardless of whether services were facilitated by Roper & Sons. 1st and 3rd Sundays: Guided Group with Facilitator Melissa Thorne, designed for those whose loss took place more than 18 months ago. 2nd and 4th Sundays: Structured Group with Facilitator Tiffany Eisenbraun, designed for those whose loss is more recent than 18 months, who may be addressing some more pressing first-time needs. 2nd Sunday: Art with Anna – a guided art program, considered “creative therapy,” allowing participants to address their grief through more creative outlets such as painting, ink designs, crafts and other artistic mediums. Great for all ages, regardless of artistic abilities.

HELLO, JETSPLASH MY OLD FRIEND... I’VE COME TO WASH MY TRUCK AGAIN. Unlimited washes every month. Starting at $25/mo.


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EventLNK Announces June Event EventLNK brings t o ge t h e r L i n c o l n’s event professionals by providing education and resources to enhance and support professional growth. This month’s event will feature a tour of Lincoln’s newest boutique hotel, The Graduate, located in the Haymarket. This unique hotel offers 15,000 sq. ft. of event space to host a variety of meetings and events. The Graduate is part of a well-curated, well-crafted collection of hotels that reside in the most dynamic University towns across the country. Every site and property celebrates and commemorates the youthful optimism of school days and cultivates the spirit of each community in a bright new way. Join EventLNK on Wednesday, June 28 from 3:30 – 5:00pm at The Graduate Hotel, 141 N 9th St. To register, visit meetings. To find out more information about EventLNK, visit www. or email Jill Smith at

Nebraska Restaurant Association Honors Hospitality Industry Leaders at 28th Annual Taste of Nebraska World Eats, Co., dba The Eatery, and Cash-Wa Distributing Co. received the Nebraska Restaurant Association hospitality awards at the association’s annual banquet, Taste of Nebraska. This year’s event was held Monday, April 9th at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel, Lincoln.

Pictured L-R: Dr. Tom Osborne, Doug & Michelle Daize, Nicole Jesse, Jim Partington.

Winners of the award are selected for the contributions they make to both the hospitality industry and the communities in which they do business. Doug and Michelle Daize accepted the 2016 Restaurateur of the Year Award for The Eatery. Allied Member of Pictured L-R: Dr. Tom Osborne, Dale the Year was presented Bean, Nicole Jesse, Jim Partington. to the Henning Family of Cash-Wa Distributing Company and Dale Bean. Al Gomez, The Core Group, was acknowledged as Volunteer of the Year for his significant time commitment and dedication to the Board of the Hospitality Education Foundation. Dr. Tom Osborne gave the keynote address, and Hillis & Co. added the finishing touches by providing parting gifts with a “Celebration of Nebraska” theme. Money raised at Taste of Nebraska supports the mission of the Nebraska Restaurant Association to represent, educate and promote the hospitality industry across the state. Additionally, money is used to support Nebraska ProStart – a two-year high school curriculum to get students interested in the hospitality industry. The Nebraska Restaurant Association would like to thank special guest, Dr. Tom Osborne, and the many sponsors and guests that made the 28th annual Taste of Nebraska another success.


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Commercial Single Stream Recycling! Mid America Recycling recently installed a state-of-the-art automated recyclable sorting system—the first of its kind in Lincoln. Now we can serve our community even better—making recycling easier for everyone be it from work or home! | 402-476-8502 JUNE 2017 Strictly Business


BUSINESS NEWS Hunt Irrigation Offers Hydrawise Controller Living in the Yellow Announces Next Basic Hunt Irrigation, Inc., The Pistol Class for Women Water Smart Company, has partnered with Hunter Industries to introduce their new web-based irrigation controller. Hydrawise is the latest in Wi-Fi web-based irrigation controllers that can reduce your irrigation systems water usage by 5 0 % . T h e H yd r a w i s e controller allows for real time monitoring of your underground sprinkler system. This information can then be monitored by either your irrigation contractor or through your smart phone, tablet or web browser. The Hydrawise controller will also send in app notifications to both you and your irrigation contractor when issues arise. This full time monitoring allows for thousands of gallons of water per year to be saved by monitoring broken pipes, sprinkler heads, and malfunctioning valves.

The staff at Hunt Irrigation, Inc. has attended Hunter training on the EPA Watersense certified Hydrawise controller and is ready to help you move your irrigation system into the 22nd century. Hunt Irrigation, Inc., The Water Smart Company has made a commitment to help conserve 100k gallons of water this year in Lincoln and surrounding communities with the use of this tested and proven technology. For more information about the Hydrawise controller and all of the benefits, please contact the office at (402) 438-815/info@ or visit

Patty Nun, an NRA Trained Pistol Instructor, has announced the next Basic Pistol Course for Women being offered Saturday, October 21, 2017, is rapidly filling up. This full day class is for women who have little or no previous experience handling a pistol. Registration is limited to twelve participants. “More than ever, women are concerned for their safety. We all know there is no substitute for being prepared and aware of our surroundings to insure the safety of ourselves and our family members. That is the common theme of the training we do at Living in the Yellow,” says Nun. “This is a course for someone who has never held or fired a pistol and does not currently know the difference between a single-action or doubleaction revolver, or even between a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol. We provide a relaxed setting where women can learn in a safe environment with a trained, professional team that always have safety as the priority.” She adds, “This does not qualify as a conceal carry course for women, but we plan to offer that in the future.” To find out more information or to register, go to www.LivingInTheYellow. org or call Patty Nun at (402) 432-6470.

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Nuclear Networking’s expert solutions are engineered to push your Google search ranking to the top, increasing your credibility, and revenue! Working with Nuclear Networking has been really great. The reporting they provide has been so helpful. Our gross sales are the highest ever. We sold boats all the way to Wisconsin and had leads across the country. - Traci W., CEO of Valley Marine |

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summer time

by Brian McPike, President ComPro Insurance


Nebraska’s Individual Health Insurance Market In Trouble

A May 12th article by the Washington Post* pointed out that Nebraska and Iowa are leading the nation in the demise of the individual market. “The insurance markets in two states [Nebraska & Iowa] are now hanging by a thread, held together at this moment by a small, Midwestern plan [Medica] that most people had never heard of before,” said Larry Levitt, a vice president at Kaiser Family Foundation. “The big national insurers have essentially abandoned the marketplaces, and they were very skeptical to begin with.” In 2017, Nebraskans could select from Medica or Aetna if their health insurance was purchased through the Marketplace ( BlueCross BlueShield was also available to those who did not use the Marketplace because the company decided to withdraw from offering Marketplace plans. United Healthcare withdrew at the end of 2016. Now Aetna has announced their withdrawal from Nebraska for 2018 and will not offer any individual insurance products. That leaves only Medica remaining on the Marketplace for 2018 with BlueCross BlueShield as a second option for off-Marketplace coverage. Neither of these companies have announced their intentions for 2018. Insurance companies must file their preliminary rates for 2018 with the Department of Insurance by June 15th. Final rates and a decision to participate will be determined in September 2017. indicates that 84,371 Nebraskans enrolled in a plan through for 2017. Their options for next year are very unclear. The issue for the insurance companies is financial. They are losing money on individual health insurance policies. Part of the reason is that the federal government has not paid all the CSR subsidies. Another issue is the number of high-dollar claims that are being paid. If Medica stays, the company will essentially be assuming all the risk for the medical expenses of those 84,000+ people. In traditional insurance risk management, that burden is shared by all the companies that are participating in a market. That change in the assumed risk will likely translate into higher premiums - again! We need help from our elected officials. The American Health Care Act passed by the House of Representatives and legislation being considered by the Senate focus on longer-term solutions that would not be implemented until 2020 and beyond. Until then, other measures are needed to stabilize the individual health insurance market for 2018 and 2019. If you are concerned about your access to health insurance and the cost of your monthly premium, let your state and federal legislators know.

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STAR CITY SIX Licensed and Insured Mowing Fertilizing Aerating Over Seeding Yard Clean-up Snow Removal -

$25.00 per mowing* $39.00 per application* $75.00 per aeration* $3.00 per pound* $75.00 per labor hour* Commercial & Residential*


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Looking Your Best Event Saturday, July 8 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Summer is here – let’s celebrate! • Appetizers and tips on looking your best • A chance to try our new Eminence organic skin care products • Details on how to reduce unwanted hair, wrinkles, age spots and spider veins with our new laser treatment • Great discounts on products and services at The Spa and MedSpa

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Access Family Medicine is the first Direct Primary Care clinic to be established in Lincoln, NE. With a model that allows for personalized care tailored to each patient’s preferences and comfort, members have unlimited access to their physician at a low monthly rate. This includes office visits, with same-day or next-day appointments available, along with full access to virtual medicine, via phone, email, text, webcam and more. Diagnostic and in-house procedures are provided at wholesale cost, as well as labs, imaging and medications. At Access Family Medicine, the number one priority is helping prevent, diagnose and treat your health issues with affordable solutions that work best for your life. Dr. Todd Johnson is the primary care physician and owner of Access Family Medicine. Tell us a little about your business. - Direct Primary Care is membership based, free market healthcare. We have eliminated insurance from the equation in Primary Care, and by doing so we can save substantially on health care costs. This has also allowed me to give my patients more time and tailor their care specifically for them. How did you get started in the business? - As a physician, I was striving to provide exceptional health care and continuously looking for a model that would allow me to do so. My goal was high quality care, high patient satisfaction, low cost and high provider satisfaction. Clearly, the current Health Care System is fractured and something truly different is going to need to be done in order to see progress. Tell us a little about your family. - I have a beautiful family. - My wife Tiffany and I have been married for 17 years and have three wonderful children; Eddie is 13, Charlie is 12 and Sophie is 10. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? - Most definitely without a doubt it’s been starting my own practice. I left a very comfortable position of working for a large health system with a lucrative salary, great benefits, and a decent call schedule. I jumped right into the unknown of entrepreneurship. Although the learning curve has been steep, I know I am making a difference in the lives of the patients who trust me with their care, the Lincoln community, and health care in general.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - There are two: 1. Do what you love and do it well; and 2. If you have never failed, you haven’t taken enough risks, which ultimately means you fail by default.

Rubab Husain, MD, and Carrie Kleinschmidt, PA-C, with Bryan LifePointe MedSpa, will answer all your questions and share information on fillers, Botox, laser services and more!

Learn more at:


What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Spending time with my family. A perfect day would begin with a morning run with the dog and a round of golf, followed by an afternoon at the pool, cooking out with family/friends, and an outdoor movie by the campfire to cap the night off.

Stop by for:

The Spa at Bryan LifePointe 7501 S. 27th St. • 402-481-6321


Dr. Todd Johnson

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If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Compassionate. If you could choose any other profession to be successful in, what would it be? - Coaching, hands down! What is your favorite local restaurant? - One of the greatest things about living in Lincoln is the food; there are so many great places to please the palate. Some of my favorites include Venue Restaurant & Lounge and MōMō Pizzeria & Ristorante. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - I’m always available by phone at (402) 858-1510. I would also encourage them to visit our website,, or our Facebook page.


MIKE Mike Malone


Year-Round Towing For Your Convenience Damage free towing, light to heavy duty • Fully insured • Load shifts & transfers WreckMaster certified operators • Full accident recovery services D.O.T. inspections & repairs in shop

Rita’s Italian Ice & Custard of Lincoln serves up its signature selection of fresh frozen treats year-round. With dozens of flavors to choose from, you can have an ice day every day! Mike Malone is the owner of the Rita’s Italian Ice & Custard of Lincoln. Tell us a little about your business. - Rita’s is a Philadelphia-based dessert concept. It was started in 1984 by a retired firefighter who decided to sell Italian Ice, aka ‘water ice,’ from his back porch. That really took off, so he turned the operation into a business, naming it after his wife. The flavor and consistency of the frozen treat were quickly perfected, including chunks of real fruit and various add-ins. Rich, creamy, delicious custard and other Italian Ice variations and custard-based treats have been added to the menu over the years. Today, there are over 600 Rita’s locations in the U.S. However, Rita’s have only existed outside of the core East Coast market for a few years now.

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How did you get started in the business? - My daughter, who attends Wichita State University, introduced my wife and I to Rita’s. We thought it was a delicious and unique product unlike any other frozen treat we’d ever tried. We visited the Wichita Rita’s so often her freshman year that we decided to investigate bringing a franchise to Nebraska. We purchased the area development rights for Nebraska and the rest, as they say, is history! What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? Starting a new franchise in a new market selling a product that many Midwesterners are not terribly familiar with has presented quite the challenge. As an engineer who has spent most of his lifelong career in a consulting role, I’ve been involved with the marketing of engineering services, but that was extent of my experience and it had little to do with promoting unique frozen desserts. During training they say ‘The product sells itself – you just have to get it into customer’s mouths!’ and I truly believe that because it’s amazing and I’ve rarely met someone who has tried it and doesn’t love it. What we offer at Rita’s are truly unique and superior products in the frozen treat market. Come try it out and see why for yourself! Tell us a little about your family. - I’ve been married to my wife Elynn for 31 years. We have three children – two daughters, Michaela (28) and Kaitlyn (21), and a son, Trevor (15). We also have one grandchild and another on the way. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? - Dr. Pat McCoy, a former UNL Civil Engineering Professor, took an interest in me and helped shape the direction I would go professionally. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Watch my kids play sports or work around my acreage. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - I shook President Jimmy Carter’s hand when he visited Doane College in 1976. If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Relentless. If you had a theme song, what would it be? - You’ve Got to Stand for Something by Aaron Tippin. If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be? - Bob Seger. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Phone (Mobile): (402) 826-7131; Email: vv; Website: www.

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Keith McRoberts

Three words our clients love to see. Isn’t it time you start seeing them? CALL TODAY. 402-817-3929 • ARSOLUTIONSINC.COM

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Strictly Business JUNE 2017

STAR CITY HEATING & COOLING Star City Heating & Cooling offers a full range of quality products and services performed by a team of industry professionals who are experts in their trade. Keith McRoberts is the co-owner of Star City Heating & Cooling. Tell us a little about your business. - We serve both residential and commercial customers. For commercial properties, we provide fullservice maintenance plans for HVAC and refrigeration equipment and also do a lot of design-build remodel work for heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. On the residential side, we perform installation of equipment and have a great VIP maintenance plan. Of course, we repair all makes and models of equipment also. We focus on going above and beyond to deliver solutions for every problem and concern. How did you get started in the business? - Over 20 years ago in high school, a friend of mine, Steve Schwaller, got me a job as a shop hand and learned as I went. Along with field training, I took classes at SCC and attended an endless number of seminars and educational programs. I tested for and received a North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification when I was 20, and got my contractor’s license shortly afterward. Ten years later I became business partners with one of the original owners and one of the best technicians I have ever met, Don Richardson. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? Consistently implementing my plans and ideas. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - Building great relationships with admirable business owners and managers. Tell us a little about your family. - I have three kids. My oldest son Wyatt is working on his Eagle Scout designation, my step-daughter Maya has a passion for singing and is working hard to land a spot on the East High School show choir for her freshman year, and my youngest Essek is having fun with Cub Scouts and YMCA football. My wife Angela helps with various support roles on the Star City team, as well as holding our family together. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Escape reality and fly away…literally. I have a Class A skydiving license and recently earned my private pilot certificate. What are you the most proud of? - My family first, but also the team of professionals I’m surrounded by every day. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - Be willing to help people who are trying to help themselves. What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - Christian Heritage, because we believe in the work they are doing in our community and the impact it has on the lives of youth in foster care. Star City organized and sponsored a community books and bikes drive a couple years ago and have been consistently supporting the organization ever since. I highly suggest that you take a 101 tour if you haven’t already. What is your favorite book or the last good book you read? - Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. I even passed it along to all of my team members. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - We’d love to meet you and talk about how Star City can help you improve your company’s indoor air quality or create more efficient systems. Give us a call anytime between 7:30-4 Monday through Friday at (402) 464-7827 (STAR) or shoot us an email at office@ You can also check out our website at to find lots of useful information about our products and services.


SHAWN Shawn Schreiner

WEST GATE BANK West Gate Bank® is a full-service community bank headquartered in and focused on Lincoln, NE. Shawn Schreiner is a Business Banking Officer at West Gate Bank. Tell us a little about your business. Established in 1968, West Gate Bank remains a locally-owned bank with seven Lincoln locations. We offer Completely Free Checking for Personal and Business, Commercial Lending, Mortgage and Business Banking Solutions. How did you get started in the business? - I was introduced to West Gate Bank when they were the Employer of the Week at UNL. I started as a part-time teller, was promoted to Teller Supervisor and in May of 2016, promoted to my current position on our Business Banking team. What has been your most important achievement professionally? I’d say so far it’s been my promotions within West Gate Bank over the past two years. I’m very proud of where I’m at with my career at this point in my life. Tell us a little about your family. - I grew up in a family of boys. I am the second youngest of four brothers and my parents live in Omaha. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? - There have been two turning points in my career path. The first was when I became a sales rep for a time share company in Texas. Through that experience, I realized I had a passion for sales and an ability to connect with people. The second was when I was introduced to West Gate Bank. The culture and atmosphere here is everything I’ve wanted in an employer. They’ve helped me develop into the business professional I am today. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Play sand volleyball, travel to new places, or boating and jet skiing during the summer. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - I graduated from a small private school called Omaha Baptist Academy. There were two in my graduating class. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - Stay true to who you are and don’t be the person someone else wants you to be. If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Honest. If you had a theme song, what would it be? - Eye of the Tiger. If you could have a super power, what would it be? – Unlimited energy. There never seems to be enough time in one day to do all of the things I want to do. Which talent would you most like to have? - The ability to dunk a basketball. If you could choose any other profession to be successful in, what would it be? - Definitely something in the sports industry. I’d love to be the Director of Operations for an NFL or college team. What is your favorite movie? - I’m a big sports nut, so I’d have to say Remember the Titans. What is your favorite TV show? - The Office! I’ve watched it so many times and still get a laugh. What is your favorite local restaurant? - The Watering Hole. Wings are one of my favorite foods and their grilled wings are the best in town. If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be? - Warren Buffett. He’s a local guy who has had a tremendous amount of success. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Phone: (402) 434-7810; Email:; Website:

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Gain Business Exposure at Plaza Court Office Park



High Visibility & High Traffic on the Corner of

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We are looking for the following types of businesses who want to gain exposure: Medical, Office, Coffee Shop, Child Care Facility, Hotel, Personal Services, Acadamies and Post Secondary Education Facilities, and Others

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AUTO | HOME | LIFE You go to extremes to protect what matters most and I go to extremes to make insurance simple. Contact me today.

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Securities & services offered through FBL Marketing Services, LLC, + 5400 University Ave., West Des Moines, IA 50266, 877/860-2904, Member SIPC. Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company, +* Western Agricultural Insurance Company,+* /West Des Moines, IA. +Affiliates *Company providers of Farm Bureau Financial Services M109-NErr-1 (2-14)

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Walker Dimon


The Normandy, located at 17th & Van Dorn in Lincoln’s charming Indian Village neighborhood, is a local fine dining concept featuring an authentic French menu, staple wine list, and iconic atmosphere. Walker Dimon is the General Manager of The Normandy. How did you get started in the business? - I met our owner Lawrence De Villiers through a University of Nebraska couples cooking class that I attended as a freshman in college. He was the instructor and we learned how to make crepes and handful of other pastries. Later when I came across an opportunity he was advertising for a sous chef in his restaurant, I immediately responded and he hired me on the spot. We immediately clicked very well together. When we relocated to Indian Village I started waiting tables and he offered me the General Manager position shortly after. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - I’ve really had to step up my game since assuming a management role. For my age, it’s quite a big responsibility, but I’ve had so much support and guidance as I continue to learn the ropes. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - Earning this title and the trust and confidence that Lawrence has in my capabilities. It means a lot coming from an experienced industry professional such as himself. I know him well; he didn’t just pass out that title, I earned it, and for that I’m extremely proud. Tell us a little about your family. - I’m born and raised here in Lincoln, and both of my parents are LPS educators. My dad is chair of the English department at East and my mom is a French teacher at Southeast. I have a younger sister Franni who is a freshmen at University of Omaha and hopes to become a social worker. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? Traveling to Europe by myself for the first time this past summer. I served as a researcher at an engineering lab in Rouen, France. I figured out a lot about myself during that time. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Mechanical engineering. I’m currently a full-time student and have three semesters left, so that occupies most of my free time. Otherwise, I like to run and read actual books. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - I have what most people would consider an unhealthy addiction to Coca-Cola. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - The advice I received from my grandfather when I going off to college. “It’s important to continually seek to broaden your knowledge base by learning new things. Never assume you know all you need to know to be successful in life.” If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Dedicated. What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - The Cooper Foundation, which supports education in the arts and humanities. I am very passionate about the work they do. What is your favorite book or the last good book you read? - My favorite book, hands down, is The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It examines the relationship between a man and a son and is really thought-provoking. What is your favorite local restaurant? - Besides The Normandy (of course!), it’s Ali Baba Gyros. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Contact the restaurant at (402) 476-0606 or visit us on Facebook!



Dr. Jessie Hart


Nebraska Hearing Center is a locally owned business that has been serving the Lincoln, Seward, and Beatrice areas for over 40 years. Dr. Jessie Hart is an Audiologist at Nebraska Hearing Center. Tell us a little about your business. - We assist clients with their unique hearing needs. At Nebraska Hearing Center our expertise goes beyond just fitting hearing aids. Audiology focuses on diagnosing hearing disorders and implementing appropriate treatments for the individual’s needs. Owner Leslie Frank and I are both clinically-certified audiologists and are knowledgeable in all aspects of hearing. How did you get started in the business? - I always knew I wanted to be in a health profession that would allow me to serve those in my community. I fell in love with the field of audiology during my undergraduate career and went on to enroll in a Doctor of Audiology program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Tell us a little about your family. - I was born and raised here in Lincoln. My father owns his own chiropractic practice in town, Green Chiropractic, and my mother works as an accountant in Lincoln as well. I married my husband Justin last February, who works as a territory sales representative for ASI Signs. He handles anything signage related for major corporate, educational, and healthcare facilities. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? - Over the 4 years of my audiology program I grew a lot as an individual. I learned how to prioritize and efficiently accomplish work, clinic, and school tasks while still balancing personal priorities as well. Graduate school showed me that I could handle large stresses and still enjoy life, which I have found to be an invaluable lesson as well as an incredible asset gained from those years. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going out to eat, watching movies, being outside, and taking our golden retriever Ollie on walks around our neighborhood. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - Growing up my dad always told me to do what I love and to do it well. This advice has served me well through college, graduate school, and as I entered into my professional role as an audiologist. The ability to hear is so important in our everyday lives, and I love that my profession allows me the opportunity to help people improve their ability to hear. If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Kind. What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - I have been involved with the Heartland Cancer Foundation. The work that this organization does in our community is incredible, as it aims to reduce the financial stress that often accompanies cancer treatments. What is your favorite TV show? - Currently my favorite shows are any of the Chicago series: Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD. What is your favorite local restaurant? - I really enjoy Dino’s Eastside Grille. It has a great atmosphere, Sunday brunch, and the best brick oven pizzas in town! If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - By phone at (402) 484-3737, via email at jessica.hart@, or by stop by our Lincoln office located at 5625 O Street, Suite 104.

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Need A Vacation? Get A Scorecard

Business owner, want to take a vacation this summer? You need a Scorecard. Imagine you’re on a tropical island. Blue skies, crystal-clear water. White sand soft as talcum powder. You’re relaxing in a lounge chair with a drink in your hand. The kind with an umbrella in it. A server comes out with another frosty drink and a sheet of paper. Cell phone reception’s terrible, the Internet’s down, and the hotel’s all out of carrier pigeons. You can’t reach the office. But the numbers on that sheet of paper free you up to stay on that island, in that chair, drinking that frosty drink, another day. Or another week. That’s Scorecard: Five to 15 activity-based numbers giving you an absolute pulse on your business. They’re leading indicators that predict your quarterly results, so you can feel confident packing your bag. (One bag—all you’re packing is flip flops, shorts and a swimsuit, after all.) Actually, what’s in your head for the sheet of paper is your rough-draft Scorecard. Finalize it with your leadership team’s help. Here’s how: One: Write on a whiteboard the five results every company wants: • Get new customers • Get orders from existing customers • Ensure customers are happy • Serve those customers profitably • Have cash Two: Let the team tweak the results list with items critical to them that are missing. Three: For each business result ask, “What are the two to three most important things you do every day and every week to make that happen?” Those most important things are your numbers. Now assign single-point accountability for each number, and a weekly goal the accountable person needs to hit. Track the numbers weekly with your leadership team, and you’ll have that absolute pulse on your business. Take a break this summer! Come back refreshed and energized to grow your business and create more jobs here in Lincoln. Scorecard is a vacation machine. Use one, and take one. Scorecard is part of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®: A complete, proven system with simple tools to help you do three things we call vision, traction, and healthy. • Vision, from the standpoint of first getting your leaders 100% on the same page with where your organization is going and how it is going to get there. • Traction, from the standpoint of helping your leaders to become more disciplined and accountable, executing really well to achieve every part of your vision. • Healthy, meaning helping your leaders to become a healthy, functional, cohesive leadership team because unfortunately, leaders often don’t play very well as a team. From there, as goes your leadership team, so goes the rest of your organization. We get to the point where your entire organization is crystal clear on your vision, all much more disciplined and accountable in executing your vision, gaining consistent traction, and advancing as a healthy, functional, cohesive team. Call (402) 608-1608 if any of this resonates with you. I’d love to show you and your leadership team how to get vision, traction, and healthy right away. John Fulwider is a professional EOS Implementer. gear80 provides a proven system with a complete set of practical tools to help you get three things; vision, traction, healthy.


Strictly Business JUNE 2017


Legacy Retirement Communities Employee Kelly Bahr Receives NHCF Scholarship On April 26, Kelly Bahr, CNA at The Legacy in Lincoln received the 2017 LPN Scholarship from the Nebraska Health Care Foundation (NHCF). The scholarship was presented to Bahr at the Foundation’s Spring Convention in Kearney, Neb. “It is so nice to see Kelly get acknowledged by NHCF for her compassion and great work ethic. Everyone enjoys being around her, residents and staff alike,” said Nichole Hardy, Director of Nursing at The Legacy. “Nebraska is filled with people like Kelly who are providing quality care to assisted living community residents every day. It is our pleasure to reward Kelly in this way,” said Heath Boddy, President and CEO of NHCF. Each year, NHCF awards more than 40 scholarships. Legacy Retirement Communities has three independent and assisted living communities (The Legacy, Legacy Terrace and Legacy Estates) and one memory care community, the Legacy Arbors. They are local, and family-owned with numerous floor plans to choose from. For more information, please visit, call (402) 4363000, or find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Cornhusker Bank Welcomes Three Cornhusker Bank is pleased to announce the addition of Thomas Fischer, Karen Hooper and Judy Vitosh-Wallman to its staff. All three individuals are located at 8310 O Street in the Cornhusker Bank Center building. Barry Lockard, President/CEO noted, “All three individuals bring with them the skills, work ethic, integrity and fundamental values which align with Cornhusker Bank’s standards for excellence. We are delighted to have all three individuals representing Cornhusker Bank, as we continue to grow as a community bank.” Thomas Fischer Thomas Fischer was hired as Vice President/ Relationship Manager. Mr. Fischer is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Kearney State College. Tom brings over 24 years of banking experience with him. Mr. Fischer is actively involved with Boy Scouts, serving in multiple capacities. Karen Hooper, Junior Mortgage Officer, attended UNL and has been working in the financial industry since 1990. Karen is involved in the community, serving as a Heartland Cancer Foundation Guild Member and Karen Hooper Volunteer, and is a volunteer for multiple Pius X High School committees. Judy Vitosh-Wallman, Vice President, Lending Operations Manager, noted she is “excited to be a part of the Cornhusker Bank loan team, and I look forward to continuing the extraordinary service which Cornhusker Bank customers deserve.” Judy brings 37 years of banking experience with her. She is an active member of the Pickrell, Nebraska Historical and Betterment Association. Cornhusker Bank remains Lincoln’s oldest Judy Vitosh-Wallman locally owned bank, demonstrating stability, soundness, and investing in the future growth of the community, valued customers, and associates. For more information please visit

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Tom Graf of NAI FMA Realty Earns Prestigious CCIM Designation Tom Graf, CCIM, NAI FMA Realty, Lincoln, NE, has been awarded the Certified Commercial Investment Member designation by CCIM Institute. The designation was awarded during a pinning ceremony on April 4 during CCIM Institute’s Midyear Governance Meetings at the Fairmont Chicago in Chicago. Graf was among 164 designees honored by CCIM Institute and their local chapter members. The new CCIMs have varying years of experience and work in all aspects of the commercial real estate profession. They hail from 36 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, as well as five new CCIM designees from Canada and one from Germany. To earn the CCIM designation, commercial real estate professionals must complete more than 160 hours of case-study driven education covering topics such as interest-based negotiation, financial analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis, investment analysis, and ethics in commercial investment real estate. Candidates must also compile a portfolio demonstrating the depth of their commercial real estate experience and pass a comprehensive examination. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, CCIM Institute is a global community of 13,000 members, more than 50 chapters, and 30 countries that educates and connects the world’s leading experts in investment strategy, financial analysis, and market analysis. Learn more about CCIM Institute’s education and designation program at


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Rory Berry Joins Berry Law Firm as COO Berry Law Firm is proud to announce the addition of Rory Berry, who will serve as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). Tasked with overseeing the daily operations of the firm, Rory Berry will act as a source of both guidance and support for staff and attorneys. Rory was raised in Lincoln and has returned home to take the COO position following work as a Management Consultant and a Vice President of Product Development. He originally left Lincoln, Nebraska to attend Stanford University in California, where he earned B.S. in Symbolic Systems with a focus in Neuroscience. Mr. Berry would later commission into the United States Navy through the University of California Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) program. He earned his Surface Warfare Officer pin while on deployment to the Middle East aboard the USS Germantown and later served as an Operations Officer and Detachment Officer-in-Charge for the Navy’s Expeditionary Logistics Support Group in Kuwait, with additional duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lieutenant Commander Berry remains in the US Navy Selected Reserves where he has served on the Reserve Headquarter staffs of the Commander of U.S. Pacific Fleet, the Commander of U.S. Naval Forces in Korea, and the Commander of U.S. Third Fleet. Mr. Berry also earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from UCLA, and served in several business roles in Southern California at both small startups and large firms including Toyota and Kashi. For more information about Berry Law Firm and its new Chief Operating Officer, Rory Berry, inquiring parties can visit the firm’s website (www.


Darren Lichty Signs On as Newest SCORE Mentor Darren Lichty, founder of Panology Tech Solutions, is the newest addition to the network of mentors at SCORE! He officially began mentoring with the Lincoln chapter on April 1st and will play an instrumental role in helping local entrepreneurs like himself, particularly with their technology challenges and the learning curve that exists in that ever-evolving space. SCORE mentors are seasoned business owners and professionals who volunteer their time, talents, and insight to those who are starting their own businesses. Sharing their valuable expertise makes a big impact, as statistics from SCORE on the national level show that small business owners who receive three or more hours of mentoring report higher revenues and increased growth. Services are provided free of charge, and Darren is proud to be a part of an organization that supports entrepreneurship in his community. To find out more about Lincoln SCORE, visit, email or call (402) 437-2409. Those who would like to learn more about Panology Tech Solutions are welcome to visit or contact Darren directly at (402) 525-0921/

Union Bank & Trust Promotes Mariana Garcia and Crystal Henke Union Bank & Trust ( recently promoted Mariana Garcia to Mortgage Loan Officer/Branch Manager and Crystal Henke to Assistant Vice President of Compliance and Risk. Garcia joined Union Bank in 2009 and has experience as a Teller, Customer Service Representative and Assistant Branch Manager. She accepted the role of Branch Manager in Crete in December 2012. In her new role, as Mortgage Loan Officer and Branch Manager, she originates and markets mortgage loans Mariana Garcia in Crete and surrounding areas. Garcia’s ability to speak Spanish fluently enables her to serve both English and Spanish speaking customers. She will continue to oversee all branch functions including staff management, customer relations and business development. Garcia holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Business Management with an emphasis in Leadership both from Doane University. She is a member of Union Bank’s 2017-2018 Leadership Development Program and is also Crystal Henke active in the community as a Crete Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Crete Rotary Club member and Crete Teammates Mentor. Henke joined Union Bank in 2006 in the Mortgage department and has held numerous positions, most recently as a Loan Compliance Officer. In her new role as Assistant Vice President of Compliance and Risk, she is responsible for regulatory compliance and operational risk for the bank’s loan departments. Henke works with loan teams on identifying and mitigating risk while creating better customer experience and improving efficiencies. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Master of Arts in Management with an emphasis in Leadership from Doane University. Henke has earned Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager and Certified Community Bank Compliance Officer designations.

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PERSONNEL NEWS Tabitha Welcomes Richard Becker as Planned Giving Officer

Colten Zamrzla Awarded CPCU by The Institutes

Tabitha (, your answer for Elder Care, is pleased to welcome Richard Becker as planned giving officer of Tabitha Foundation.

Colten Zamrzla has been awarded the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCUÒ) designation and diploma by The Institutes for successfully completing courses and examinations on risk management principles, insurance policy contracts and coverage analysis. The Institutes, a leading educational organization for the risk management and propertycasualty insurance industry, confer the CPCU designation, which is internationally recognized as the premier credential in the industry. CPCU designees are dedicated to serving their clients and the insurance business by maintaining their professional knowledge, skills and competence.

In this role, Becker works with donors by assisting them through the process of estate giving and helping them accomplish their wishes of leaving a legacy of compassion to the Elders at Tabitha. Becker comes to Tabitha with over 11 years of experience and knowledge in fostering growth in organizations through collaboration with donors, clients and community members. He currently serves on the board of directors for The Mediation Center and is a mentor for the Nebraska TeamMates Mentoring Program. Throughout his career, Becker has been instrumental in contributing to the Nebraska school district system and served in various positions as a teacher, counselor, coach and administrator. As a nonprofit, mission-centered organization, Tabitha relies on the friendship and generosity of our donors to help us deliver the highest quality Elder Care in southeast Nebraska. At Tabitha there are a multitude of ways to give back, including sponsoring special events, nominating caregivers through Tabitha’s Hearts of Gold program, providing planned contributions, gift annuities and so much more. Gifts to Tabitha’s general fund ensure Elders continue to get the care they need and deserve.

Colten has been with Copple Insurance Agency, a Lincoln-based independent agency, since 2012 and has been in the industry since 2010. Colten graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in the spring of 2016. Colten belongs to many groups and associations, such as Gateway Sertoma, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, the Lincoln Independent Business Association, CASA for Lancaster County, and the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild. Colten can be reached at colten@coppleinsurance. com, calling the office at (402) 475-3213, or by going to www. The designation will be formally conferred at a ceremony in Orlando, Florida on September 18th, 2017.

Looking to HIT A HOMERUN with your employees when it comes to your benefits?

From L-R: Lori Fischer, Candace Chapman, Wendi Peterson-Stott, and Lisa Daniels (seated)

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The link between your company and the insurance carrier. 8204 South 109th Street • La Vista, NE 68128 32 Strictly Business JUNE 2017

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Look Great in Any Season

Woods Bros Realty Welcomes Sales Professionals Wo o d s B r o s Realty would like to welcome the following sales professionals to the company: Charlie Calhoun and Megan Lehman to the Country Club office; Kaleb Andersen and Kent Andersen of “Team Andersen,” Anne Kerkman, and Mike Loizzo to the Wilderness Hills office; and Ja n e E p l ey t o the Lincolnshire office. Kristen Lehl and Rhonda Leffler are also joining the Wilderness Hills office. In addition to L i n c o l n , t h ey serve the Omaha area under CBSHOME Real Estate. These licensed professionals have undergone ex t e n s i ve training and are well-qualified to help their clients in every aspect of real estate, including the latest in electronic d o c u m e n t management and the finest technology tools in the area.

lor SoCo Aquag e



s r e n t Par‘N HAIR

Haircuts • Color • Facial Waxing • And More

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6940 Van Dorn St. Ste. 108 | 402.483.7376 Charlie Calhoun

Megan Lehman

Kaleb Andersen

Kent Andersen

Anne Kerkman

Mike Loizzo

Bold. Authentic. Fresh. Jane Epley

Kristen Lehl

Experience the authentic flavors of Sichuan, China for a

Woods Bros Realty, an affiliate of HomeServices of America, is a full-service company offering 128 years of expertise in real estate as well as experience in mortgage, title, closing, and insurance services. Providing an easier way to buy and sell, 200 sales associates work with clients in Lincoln, Seward, Beatrice, York, Wahoo, Grand Island, and southeast Nebraska. For more information about Woods Bros Realty, visit

truly memorable meal. Rhonda Leffler

GET 10% OFF WHEN YOU ORDER THROUGH OUR WEBSITE! • 402-904-4190 • 151 N. 8th St #100 JUNE 2017 Strictly Business 33

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830 M St. 402.476.3388

4221 S. 48th 402.488.4700

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Katie Miller of West Gate Bank Completes School of Banking Fundamentals Katie Miller, Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager at West Gate Bank®’s 84th & Eagle Crest location, recently completed the 2017 School of Banking Fundamentals. The School was held April 3-7 in Grand Island, NE. The School of Banking Fundamentals is sponsored by the Kansas and Nebraska Bankers Associations and is in partnership with the Colorado, Louisiana and Wyoming Bankers Associations. It is designed to instruct students in core banking concepts as they relate to the overall functioning of a bank. Completion of this course assists students in developing skills which allow them to better serve their banking community. The Schools of Banking, located in Lincoln, NE, is a jointly-owned subsidiary of the Kansas and Nebraska Bankers Associations. Katie Miller is located at West Gate Bank® Eagle Crest at 8400 Eagle Crest Road, and can be reached at (402) 323-8901 or kmiller@ West Gate Bank® is a full-service community bank focused on Lincoln. Stop by any of the seven branches to experience the local community bank difference and see how Lincoln’s Bank can serve you. Free Checking, Free Gifts and a Buy Back program for your unused checks and debit cards. Visit for more information.

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HOME Real Estate Welcomes Associates HOME Real Estate would like to welcome the following REALTORS to the company: Adam Cain, Andrew Keller, Tu Nguyen, Eva Prettyman, and Rac hel Roberts-Spring join the Midtown office at 5322 O Street.

402.420.MEAT (6328) •

Prices (per ton, does not include delivery)

Adam Cain

These agents c a n n ow o f f e r their clients the service, strength and stability that HOME Real Estate is known for. All HOME agents have undergone licensing through the Nebraska Real Tu Nguyen Estate Commission, as well as completing additional and ongoing training offered by HOME Real Estate. HOME Real Estate, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and subsidiary of HomeServices of America, has been voted Best of Lincoln 18 years running. The company’s agents are committed to providing clients with exceptional service in all stages of the building, buying, and selling process, including real estate, mortgage, title, and insurance. For more information about HOME Real Estate, visit

Andrew Keller


Crushed Concrete (fines) Crushed Concrete (3/4” minus w/fines) Crushed Concrete (1.5” minus w/fines) Crushed Asphalt (1.5”minus w/fines) Crushed Oversized Concrete (3”-8”) Crushed Concrete (3/4” clean) Screened Crushed Concrete (1.5” P219)

Delivery Prices

Tandem Axle (up to 14 ton) $7.00/ton Side Dump (27 ton & under) $5.00/ton (within Lincoln city limits) Eva Prettyman

TCW Materials Yard 301 “P” St.

$ 9.00 $12.00 $12.00 $11.00 $11.50 $13.50 $13.50

Hours of Service 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. M-F

Saturday Service Available, Call by Noon Thursday to Schedule.

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(402) 475-5030 TCW Construction is a State and Federal Certified DBE We Also Offer Contractors a Convenient Disposal Site Concrete Only, No Charge. Rachel Roberts-Spring

Prices Subject to Availability.

TCW Construction, Inc. 141 “M” Street

(402) 416-3269 Crusher Yard

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Capriotti’s has been doing it their way since 1976, preparing award-winning sub sandwiches made in-house, to order, with homemade ingredients. They take the time to roast whole, allnatural turkeys and roast beef in-house. Their cold, grilled and vegetarian subs, cheesesteaks, and salads are available at more than 104 company-owned and franchise locations in fifteen states across the U.S. A huge thank you is extended to everyone who joined us last month!

Every day across our community, families are making difficult decisions. Do they pay their rent, medical bills, or buy food and diapers? It’s when these types of decisions must be made that school supplies quickly fall in priority. Every day, CEDARS supports over 1,000 children and youth in similar situations. That’s why CEDARS is committed to providing a backpack for each child in our care filled with age-appropriate school supplies to properly equip them for learning. Community support is vital to making this a reality.

Last Month: Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

CEDARS Seeks School Supplies

Just as it was 70 years ago when the child-caring organization was founded, CEDARS relies heavily on the support of the community to provide for the children and youth in crisis. Any individuals, businesses or organizations with a desire to help provide school supplies are encouraged to contact Tracy at (402) 437-8820 or tchristensen@ For more information about CEDARS, call (402) 434-KIDS (5437) or visit

11th Annual Mud Run Set for Aug. 26 This Month: Texas T-Bone Steakhouse W i t h t h e l a r ge s t selection of USDA Choice premium steaks in Lincoln, Texas T-Bone Steakhouse also places a major emphasis on value, with the motto “Everything is Big Except Our Prices!” Along with its signature fare, USDA Choice premium steaks and create-your-own salads, Texas T-Bone has a special lunch menu, offering guests Texas Size Sandwiches and Favorites. Among the selection available for lunch are the Monte Cristo, Club, BBBLT, Crispy Pork Loin, and Pork-tastic sandwiches. All Texas Size Sandwiches are served with choice of one side item. Add a light size “Create Your Own Salad” for $2.95 extra or instead of your side item, you can substitute the light size “CYOS” for $1 more. On behalf of our entire Strictly Business team, we would like to invite you to our next Friends4Lunch event we are holding on Friday, June 9th at Texas T-Bone Steakhouse at 11:30 a.m. (Lunch prices range approx. $10-$30) Space is limited and RSVP is requested. Please email office@ or call (402) 466-3330 to attend.

Friends4Lunch is one of our continued monthly networking events held at one of our favorite local restaurants. The tradition was established in the hopes of offering a casual way to make valuable connections with friends and strangers alike in the area over lunch while supporting our clients and enjoying their amazing cuisine.


Strictly Business JUNE 2017

Nebraska Sports Council officials announced that Nebraska’s longestrunning mud/ obstacle race, the Mud Run, sponsored by Nebraska Lottery and Scheels, will take place Saturday, Aug. 26 at Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln. The fun begins at 9 a.m. with the mini-Mud Run, followed by the 3-mile events, including 3-person tethered teams, at 10 a.m. Those interested can register or find information at Deadlines are Aug. 25 for the 1-mile Mini-Mud Run and Aug. 22 for the 3-mile. However, runners can save money if registered by July 1.

HBAL’s Annual Golf Tournament Benefits Habitat’s Build#150 The Home Builders Association of Lincoln (hbal. org) and the Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation will hold their annual golf tournament on Friday, June 2, 2017 at Highlands Golf Course. Approximately 250 golfers play in this event every year. This year’s tournament will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln’s Build#150 which is currently under construction. Once complete, a single mom will move into her new home with her daughter and younger sister. The Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation was established in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to the future of the home building industry in Lancaster County. The Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation’s mission is to support the educational and charitable activities of the Home Builders Association of Lincoln. The Foundation strives to support the community by contributing to community service projects focused on housing, as well as providing scholarships for students pursuing a career related to the building industry, and providing funding for other industry related educational programs.


Nebraska Community Foundation Invited to Ottawa Nebraska Community Foundation continues to ser ve as an international model for its innovative work in community development p h i l a n t h ro py fo r community foundations around the world. NCF President and CEO Jeff Yost was recently invited to speak to foundation CEOs at the Community Foundations of Canada Conference in Ottawa, Canada about NCF’s “Theory of Change” which is empowering hometowns large and small across the state of Nebraska to redistribute authority and build stronger, more prosperous communities. Eleven members of the Nebraska Community Foundation staff, board of directors, and network of peer mentors also traveled to Ottawa May 11-13. The gathering drew philanthropic and foundation leaders from around the world to hear inspiring speakers and build upon their knowledge and skills with the goal of furthering community development initiatives in their respective communities. Nebraska Community Foundation is a statewide organization using charitable giving to mobilize communities across the state. NCF works with volunteer leaders to serve 250 communities by providing training, strategic development, gift planning assistance and financial management for its affiliated funds located throughout the state. In the last five years, more than 37,000 contributions have been made to NCF affiliated funds, and more than $125 million has been reinvested to benefit Nebraska communities. For more information visit

You Drive It. We Fix It.

• Interior Repair • Dent Repair • Paint Repair • Headlight Restoration • Rust Proof Undercoating • Pin Stripes • Windshield Repair Call Nate or Eric today for an estimate! Nate: 402-601-5179| Eric: 402-202-6915

402.483.7575 402.483.7575 31333133 S. 7th • Suite D D S. Street 7th Street • Suite Color Copies Multi Color Color Copies MultiPrinting Color PrintingDigital Digital Digital Digital Black &Black White& White Full Color FullEnvelopes Color Envelopes CopiesCopies GraphicGraphic DesignDesign Engineering Engineering Service Wide Format Color ColorCrazy Fast Crazy Fast Service Wide Format

TeamMates Volunteers and Supporters Making a Big Difference The lives of 88 Te a m M a t e s m e n t e e s graduating from Lincoln sc hools this year reflect the powerful changes made possible through weekly, one-hour meetings with their mentors. Mentors build relationships with their students one week at a time, year after year, teaching them how to set goals and consistently strive to meet them. They need no special skills or educational background to have such an impact. They are community members, like you, who only need an hour a week, a listening ear, and an encouraging voice. Community members and organizations also invested in the future of these young people and our community by donating 34 postsecondary scholarships. Students experience a powerful boost in confidence about the future when they receive even a relatively small contribution toward college. Young people who go to college make improvements not only to themselves, but to their communities as well. “My goal is to pursue a career that makes a positive impact on the world, Pediatric Nursing.” said one senior. “Being in TeamMates has allowed me to grow and learn more about how to be a responsible person. I have learned about post-high school opportunities, and my mentor has been a positive role model, continuing to encourage me to do good things in life.” Visit and learn how easy it is for you to become part of this vibrant group of caring adults.

JUNE 2017 Strictly Business



Concordia Breaks Ground on New Facility for Center of Liturgical Art

Radio Talking Book Service Honors Volunteers at Annual Event

Concordia University, Nebraska, broke ground on a new facility for the Center of Liturgical Art on May 1with members of the Marxhausen family in attendance. The new facility is being built at 540 North Columbia Avenue in Seward, NE where the former Marxhausen family home stood. It is also the site of Reinhold Marxhausen’s studio, where the art professor completed his two mosaic murals for the Nebraska State Capitol. The Center for Liturgical Art is the realization of Marxhausen’s wish to promote the use of exceptional visual art in worship and ministry. Since its establishment in 2002, the Center has become a recognized leader in liturgical art, providing meaningful, reflective and powerful pieces for ministries around the world. Construction began immediately with a proposed dedication of the new facility to take place in late September. Concordia University, Nebraska, founded in 1894, is a fully accredited, coeducational university that currently serves more than 2,600 students. Concordia offers more than 100 undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in an excellent academic and Christ-centered community that equips men and women for lives of learning, service and leadership in the church and world. For more information, visit

On June 11th, Radio Talking Book Service (RTBS) will recognize volunteers at its annual Volunteer Appreciation Event held at the SAC Federal Credit Union’s corporate headquarters in Papillion. Volunteer readers, and those that assist with mailings and administrative tasks, will be honored with an afternoon of music, door prizes and refreshments. Volunteers will also be given Certificates of Appreciation for their passion and dedication to RTBS. Sybil Mahan, long-time Volunteer Coordinator, said this about her volunteers, “We would not be able to bring local news and information to our listeners without our dedicated and loyal volunteers. They are welcome guests in the lives of the visually impaired who miss reading the local newspapers and magazines.” Radio Talking Book Service, Nebraska’s Audio Companion, was founded in 1974 and brings the printed word to life for individuals who are blind, visually impaired, or have physical disabilities that prevent them from reading printed material. Radio Talking Book Network’s 24/7 programming includes 11 newspapers, 70+ magazines and books read by over 90 volunteers and is delivered to listeners via preprogramed radios, which are provided at no cost. Please call (402) 572-3003 or visit to listen live, volunteer, donate, or to apply for a radio from Radio Talking Book Service.

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WE WANT TO WELCOME YOU TO OUR NEW LOCATION! Enroll at either location during June 2017 & your 16 week full-service program is ONLY $417!* Plus, bring a friend & you each ONLY PAY $298!* PLUS Receive 1 free LipoGenics treatment with your purchase when you mention STRICTLY BUSINESS MAGAZINE! * Based on a full service program of at least 16 weeks. Required nutritional supplements, at regular low prices. †Individual results may vary. An independent physician is in the Center a minimum of one evening per week. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. Available at participating locations. Void where prohibited. ©2016 Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers of America, Inc.® Akron, OH 44333. A Health Management Group™ company. All Rights Reserved.


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GRAND OPEN ING EXCLUSIVE! NEW North Location 2601 Champlain Dr. Lincoln, NE 68521

South Location

5733 S. 34th St. #200 Lincoln, NE 68516

402-483-7952 | www.PWLC


10th Annual Golfing For A Reason Tournament to Benefit Aiding Angels Aiding Angels Foundation has announced that the 10th Annual Golfing For a Reason benefit tournament will be held on Saturday, August 26th. It will take place at Highlands Golf Course, with a shotgun start at 1 p.m. The format is a four-person scramble, and golfers of all skill levels are welcome to participate. Tickets are $100/ person or $400/team and include green fees, cart, gift, dinner and prizes! All proceeds will go to the Aiding Angels Foundation, which provides FREE professional housecleaning to men, women, and children receiving cancer treatment. You can find out more about the organization at, with further event details located in the “Get Involved” tab. There, you can download the entry form to get registered, and there are also options for volunteering, sponsorship, and to make a donation if you’re unable to attend but would like to support. For more information please visit or contact Brenda Schwery at (402) 434-2472 or by email at

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A Gift He Will Never Forget! Imagine his surprise when he opens the gift of gorgeous, classy boudoir images of the woman he loves.

Give To Lincoln Day Raises Record $3.7M Give To Lincoln Day on May 18th raised a record $3,693,306.55, almost $430,000 more than the previous record set in 2015. The funds were designated to help support 365 local nonprofits that serve Lincoln and Lancaster County. All participating nonprofits will receive a proportional share of a $350,000 match fund provided by Lincoln Community Foundation and other sponsors, based upon the organization’s percentage of the total dollars raised. More than 17,000 individual donations were received for the 2017 Give To Lincoln Day, an increase of more than 2,000 from the previous year. For more information and to see gifts received for each nonprofit, visit

Book your session today! 402.770.7576 |

Electric Motor Service

CBMC Lincoln’s Annual Golf Classic Set for July 25th It’s almost here! CBMC Lincoln’s Annual Golf Classic is will be held on Tuesday, July 25th at Wilderness Ridge Golf Course. Check-In begins at 10:00 a.m., with golfing starting at 12:30 and expected to wrap up around 6 p.m. The cost to participate is $125 per person, $500 per team of four. This year’s speaker is the “KC Wolf” - Dan Meers, Mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs. Come for a fun day of food, fellowship, and festivities! Please register yourself or your team at: Sponsorships are still available! For more information, please visit or contact Ed Nix, Area Director, at (402) 730-8797 or CBMC Lincoln is a local organization of Christian business leaders and professionals that seek to encourage each other to conduct business in a way that glorifies God and serves the community. The Lincoln chapter offers peer advisory groups, team meetings, small-group studies, and a variety of training, networking, and relationshipbuilding opportunities. When businesses operate according to Godly principles, everybody wins!

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NON-PROFIT NEWS Heartland Cancer Foundation to Host Mick Zangari Memorial Golf Tournament The Heartland Cancer Foundation is thrilled to announce the date of their upcoming charity golf outing has been set for Thursday, September 21st at Hillcrest Country Club in Lincoln. It will be a men’s golf tournament in memory and honor of Dominic (Mick) Zangari. The event will include an 18-hole scramble with a sack lunch before tee off and an Italian buffet after the competition. There will be prizes and lots of other fun activities. All proceeds from this event will benefit the Heartland Cancer Foundation. The mission of the Heartland Cancer Foundation is to connect local patients to care and reduce the financial stress that often accompanies cancer treatment. The Heartland Cancer Foundation provides transportation and oral medication assistance for low income cancer patients in a 23 county areas in southeastern Nebraska and northeastern Kansas. For more information about the Heartland Cancer Foundation or to find out more about this event, visit www.heartlandcancerfoundation. o r g o r c o n t a c t S u s a n H owe l l a t ( 4 0 2 ) 2 6 1 - 9 9 7 4 /


Strictly Business JUNE 2017

Copple Family YMCA Now Open The YMCA of Lincoln, NE recently hosted a Ribbon Cutting and Community Open House with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the Grand Opening of their newest location, the Copple Family YMCA (8700 Yankee Woods Dr., Ste. B). At the Ribbon Cutting held on April 28, invitees were welcomed by Y staff from across the association and provided the opportunity to see the new facility. Barb Bettin, President/CEO of the Lincoln YMCA, welcomed lifelong Y-supporter and donor Ed Copple to floor to share his Y story and soon the crowd was cheering in standing ovation. Also presenting was Leirion Gaylor Baird, City Council Representative; Don Mayhew, Lincoln Public Schools Board President; Don Hutchens, Lincoln YMCA Board Chair; Nick Cusick, Copple Family YMCA Campaign Co-Chair; Joey Hausmann, Hausmann Construction; and Wendy Birdsall, President of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. It was a momentous weekend for the Copple Family YMCA, culminating in a Community Open House event on April 30. With close to 2,000 guests in attendance on Sunday, the Y’s newest amenities were available to wellness seekers of all ages. The 56,000-square-foot YMCA is adjacent to Marilyn Moore Middle School which opens this fall.

NON-PROFIT NEWS Friendship Home Celebrates an Anniversary With Lincoln Housing Authority Friendship Home (www. is celebrating a 25th Anniversary with the Lincoln Housing Authority (LHA), a leader in the Lincoln community’s efforts to lift families out of poverty and expand their horizons. Twenty-five years ago Friendship Home entered into a partnership with LHA to provide transitional housing for victims of domestic violence leaving Friendship Home’s emergency shelter. Prior to this partnership, Friendship Home had a persistent concern for those leaving emergency shelter with nowhere to go. As important as safe, emergency shelter is for victims fleeing an abusive situation, something else needed to be in place for those needing more time to build a future for themselves and their children. The Lincoln Housing Authority validated this need by providing two safe, decent and affordable housing units (12 beds) for victims exiting Friendship Home’s emergency shelter. Their support has never wavered. Friendship Home’s Transitional Housing Program has now grown to seven units (36 beds). The most sincere thanks to the Lincoln Housing Authority on behalf of those Friendship Home has been able to better support and serve well.

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Junior Achievement Recognizes JA Young Professionals Board In 2015, Junior Achievement of Lincoln formed the JA Young Professionals Board of Directors. The Young Professionals Board of Junior Achievement of Lincoln is a group committed to advancing JA’s mission through promoting interest and generating support among Lincoln’s young professionals. This happened primarily through volunteer outreach and special event participation. The JA Young Professionals Board recruited over 100 classroom volunteers this year and assisted in the JA Bowl-A-Thon and the JA Stock Market Challenge event in November. Junior Achievement is grateful for their dedication and commitment, which is to be applauded. Pictured L-R: (Top Row) Suzann Butler, Continental ContiTech; Leidy Anderson, Cabelas; Jim Greco, Schneider Electric; Kyle Lingenfelter, First Nebraska Bank; Molly Coke, Firespring; Scott Earnest, Legacy Retirement Communities; Adam Schlegelmilch, Farm Bureau Financial Services; Jeff Nienhueser, Alfred Benesch & Co.; Dustin Lottman (Chair), Farm Bureau Financial Services; Brandon Smith, Raymond James & Associates; Dan Senft, Fiserv. (Bottom Row) Jenny Sundberg, Bryan Health; Janell Folkerts; Matt Horak, Horak Chiropractic; Liz Svoboda, UNICO Group; Jake McMullin, Union Bank & Trust; Adam Kroft, Red Thread Creative. Not pictured: Jon Thober, B&R Stores, Inc.; Justin Barnett, Nelnet; Jena Kerner, Schneider Electric; Eric Cruise, KPMG. Junior Achievement is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 Young Professionals Board. Applications can be found on the JA website at If you have any questions regarding the JA YP Board, please contact Jessica States at or (402) 467-4479.

JUNE 2017 Strictly Business



Willard Community Center Hosts Groundbreaking, Looks Towards Future

Last Chance to Register for Youth for Christ Campus Life Summer Camps

The Willard Community Center held a groundbreaking ceremony for their renovation project at 1245 Folsom St. on May 17. The renovation by BVH Arc hitecture and Cheever Construction will include a new three-story addition, allowing for expansion of Willard’s programs and services. This project is made possible by the capital campaign led by Kathryn LeBaron, which has raised more than $1.8 million. With the new facility, the Center will continue to provide its neighborhoodbased programs including year-round child care for preschool through 8th grade which includes full and part-time preschool and Pre-K, before and after school programs for area schools, non-school day care, and summer and evening programs. It will allow the Center to add capacity for all of its programs and will feature handicapped accessibility, energy efficiencies, security upgrades, larger multipurpose rooms, and technology upgrades. With a mission to grow, connect and contribute to the community, Willard Community Center is committed to being where neighbors become friends, children achieve success and the community is strengthened. To learn more about the project, or to donate, please visit www.

The air is warm; the sun is out; it’s summer camp time! Both the Youth for Christ middle school Campus Life group and high school Campus Life group are trekking to grand adventures. The middle school Campus Life group is traveling to Prairie River Camp in Albert Lea, MN. Fun activities like miniature golf, wagon rides, paintball, and river tubing alongside the learning and growth that can only happen in an environment like camp will fill the week of June 21-25. Any last minute takers can get more information at The high school Campus Life group will take on YFCamp at Quaker Ridge in Woodland Park, CO the week of July 23-29. Students can tackle a high ropes course, hiking, horseback riding, rappelling, white water rafting, and all the adventure of camping in the woods. The week is also full of impactful messages and life lessons that make a great camp experience for students and their parents. You can get more information and register online at Youth for Christ Lincoln Area is a non-denominational, non-judgemental, non-profit organization serving youth in the Lincoln community and surrounding areas. Through regular programming and special events, YFC Lincoln Area works with over 2,400 local youth with the goal of engaging them in a healthy relationship with God and others.


Our Construction HELP + program builds in peace of mind. Building a home can be stressful, especially when mortgage rates are unpredictable. With the Construction HELP+ program from West Gate Bank®, you control your mortgage rate—not the market.


Applies to 15, 20 and 30-year mortgages Rate lock available for 3-9 months Available for Conventional Conforming Loans

Wayne Kreikemeier 402-323-6520 NMLS#644161

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Relock your rate if interest rates improve* Avoid rate hikes that impact your budget

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*Relock period is 60 days before closing. Program requirements may apply. See lender for details. This program is only available to qualified borrowers and underwriting terms and conditions apply. This program is subject to change without notice. Some restrictions may apply. | 402-434-3456 | member FDIC EQUAL HOUSING



Strictly Business JUNE 2017


New Partnership Allows SCC Energy Generation Students to Continue Online Graduates of Southeast Community College’s Energy Generation Operations p ro g ra m c a n continue their education online through a college in New York without ever leaving Nebraska. The program has secured an academic partnership with Excelsior College in Albany, NY to make it easier for Energy Generation Operation students to complete their bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology. The classes are all available online. “Excelsior is essentially taking all of our energy credits, as well as some general education courses so that our alumni will start this online Bachelor of Science degree program as juniors,” said John Pierce, chair of the Energy Generation Operations program at SCC. SCC has similar partnerships with Bismarck State College in Bismarck, North Dakota and Thomas Edison State University in Trenton, New Jersey. “These three partnerships are a direct result of our partnership with Cooper Nuclear Station and our joint involvement with the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program, a project of the Nuclear Energy Institute,” Pierce said. Energy generation operators typically work in power plants. SCC’s program offers focus areas in Industrial Process Operations, Nuclear and Military Operations.

Local Businesses Participate in Matt Talbot Groundbreaking On April 18, Executive Director Susanne Blue, members of the Matt Talbot Board of Directors, and representatives from Sinclair Hille Architects and Hampton Enterprises, Inc. donned hard hats and safety vests for the official ground-breaking of Matt Talbot’s building expansion project.

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Work has already started on the expanded parking Prem Bansal (Board Member), Susanne Blue lot, garage for the outreach (Executive Director), Rick Costello (Board van, and on the building Member), Greg Ernst (Board President), Sara expansion itself. Once the Sunderman (Outreach Coordinator), Lincoln Zehr (Board Member and with Hampton 2,500 square foot addition Enterprises), Dan Grasso (with Sincliar Hille) is completed, there will be office, meeting and storage space to support Matt Talbot’s expanded substance abuse and housing services. Special thanks to Hampton Enterprises, Inc. and Sinclair Hille Architects for their work on the building expansion project. “This growth of our physical space correlates with the growing BOLD HOPE we have for the impact our substance use, housing, and outreach services have on the homeless and near homeless in Lincoln,” said Susanne Blue, Executive Director. “We are striving to achieve our vision to defeat hunger and homelessness and restore hope. With the support of the community, we can do this.” The fundraising goal for the building expansion is $750,000. An anonymous donor has pledged a generous challenge gift where every dollar donated will be matched up to $250,000. Learn more and donate at

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SUMMER SALE Summer is here and the market is HOT! Properties are going fast and I'm here to help you buy the property you want before it is gone! I offer only the best customer service, and will use my expertise to assist in getting top dollar when selling, as well as making sure you're getting a great home when buying. I look forward to helping you with residential or commercial properties.

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Christian Record Services: Shine Bright at Summer Camp National Camps for Blind Children (NCBC), a program of Christian Record Services, Inc., is excited to announce open registration for its 51st summer season. The theme for 2017 is “Shine Bright!” Children and adults ages 9 to 65, who are legally blind, are invited to attend camp sponsored by NCBC at 10 locations across the United States. Each camp provides a variety of modified traditional activities such as horseback riding, waterskiing, archery, crafts, climbing wall, swimming, canoeing, bowling, talent night, and more. Started in 1967, National Camps for Blind Children has offered safe, fun adventures in nature for more than 50,000 blind children and adults. The confidence-building experiences at these camps enable attendees to view life in new and exciting ways. Generous individuals and business owners provide these camping adventures. If you know someone who is blind who would like more information, contact Christian Record Services at (402) 488-0981. A full list of camp locations is available at

Cornhusker Bank Shares One Day Without Shoes Collection Totals Cornhusker Bank recently presented a check to the People’s City Mission at the Homeless Prevention Center for $8,750. It was also announced that nearly 29,000 pairs of shoes were collected in the period from April 3 through 14. Cornhusker Bank Mission clientele picking out shoes. partnered with business a n d o r ga n i z a t i o n s throughout the area to answer the important need of providing footwear to the Mission’s clients who depend on good shoes to get them where they need to go. 2017 marked the seventh year of the event, which runs annually in April. The People’s City Mission uses the cash donations received to purchase Pastor Tom Barber of the Mission accepting the check for monetary donations from shoes in sizes that are Cornhusker Bank Chairman, John F. Dittman, typically not donated. and President/CEO, Barry Lockard. Pastor Tom Barber noted that if the shoes the Mission has purchased over the seven year period were included, Cornhusker Bank has been responsible for donations of well over 100,000 pairs of shoes in the history of the event. Chairman John F. Dittman reported the event, with a marked rise in shoe count each year, “is a tribute to our community’s generosity and the partnerships Cornhusker Bank has developed with area organizations that make it convenient for people to stop by and donate their footwear.” Barry Lockard, President/CEO, added, “Cornhusker Bank’s staff has embraced the magnitude of this event on an annual basis, committing themselves, as is the bank’s culture, to the success of the project and the community.”



Working with the same service provider has its advantages – namely that you are able to develop a relationship, which allows them to better anticipate your needs and offer solutions that are more proactive in nature. Familiarity greatly helps in understanding the customer’s needs and vice versa. Another benefit to sticking with a trusted provider is the extra value they are able to bring to the table for their established, loyal Constantine Syiny, President customer base. With the rise in the number of businesses offering loyalty and membership programs, it’s evident that forming this type of partnership is mutually beneficial and popular among consumers across all industries. At All Pro Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide a Club Membership program option for our customers that has many advantages. Here are just a few: COST MANAGEMENT: With the use of a structured program, clients are able to incorporate their comfort in their home or business into their budget as opposed to incurring unexpected costs when issues arise. Oftentimes, since it’s not as glamorous as a vacation or a new toy, or seen as a necessity like rent or utility bills, budgeting for future repairs or upgrades isn’t something that the majority of people consider. Instead of being hit with a huge repair bill at the wrong time, a club membership allows for clients to invest a manageable amount so they are covered when the need arises. SCHEDULED UPKEEP: With regularly scheduled tune-ups and safety inspections on the books, you’re able to proactively head off disruptions and failures in the functioning of major equipment. There’s nothing to worry about because you’ve put everything in the hands of the professionals. The regular maintenance that club memberships offer will keep your system in good working order year-round, and it will remain near factory-fresh condition for longer. This also means it will run more efficiently, thus saving you money on your monthly expenses from decreased utility bills. Just as regular oil changes will extend the life of your car, regular maintenance will effectively extend the life of your HVAC system, protecting the significant investment you’ve already made. NO STRINGS ATTACHED: With club memberships, there is no sticky renewal process or obligation to continue. We’ve specifically designed it to be worry- and stress-free. There’s no hassle with correspondence to renew. With a club membership, we also have an up-front, transparent agreement with set expectations, so there’s no surprise with hidden costs or fine print examination necessary, and you can opt out at any time if you’re dissatisfied. We make it a point to provide the caliber of service and quality of care that a club member should receive, so the value is there and it’s apparent. Membership dues are automatically deducted from your account, so you’ll get accustomed to seeing the same charge each month and you’ll never have to worry about billing again. This collection process and method of monthly scheduled billing has been working in other industries for years, and we’ve had great feedback on doing this with our club memberships too.

Homeowner or property managers alike stand to benefit from utilizing our club membership program. If you’re interested in learning more, I encourage you to contact me and I’ll be happy to provide further details.

All Pro Heating & Air Conditioning – serving Lincoln and surrounding areas with all of their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs since 2008. Have questions or need assistance? Contact Constantine and his team of professionals at (402) 405-2959 or visit the company’s website at

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Save The Date: JDRF Lincoln One Walk Set for September 24th

6th Annual Autumn House Foundation Golf Tournament a Success

Mark your calendars for the 2017 JDRF Lincoln One Walk on Sunday, September 24th at Haymarket Park! When you participate in the JDRF One Walk, the money you raise supports life–changing breakthroughs that give hope to everyone impacted by type 1 diabetes (T1D). And, you’ll have a great time doing it! That’s because you’ll walk with a committed community that’s passionate about doing whatever it takes to turn Type One into Type None. Last year, over 4,000 dedicated participants raised over $290,000 in support of T1D research!

A big “THANK YOU” is extended to all of the sponsors and participants in the 6th Annual Autumn House Foundation golf tournament that was held May 18, at Woodland Hills in Eagle, NE. Major sponsors included Muehling Financial, Mutual of Omaha, Frontier Bank, Integrated Life Choices, Interim Healthcare, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Jim Cada, Nicholson and Associates, Ryan Rohl/Farm Bureau, Design Associates, Baylor Evnen, and Emerald Communities. Hole sponsors included Trump Memorials/Funeral Services, Neighborhood Pharmacy, Hillcrest Firethorn, North American Flooring, ServPro, Roper & Sons, AsceraCare, Kollmorgen & Ass., Lexus of Lincoln, Schwisow Construction, and Bridges to Better Living. Business foursomes included R&B Carpentry, K-2 Real Estate Development, Hampton Enterprises, Frontier Bank, and D & R Development. The Outback Steakhouse catered the meal preceding the flag prizes and awards that were given out for best scores. The Autumn House Foundation is a 501©3 corporation. If you would still like to donate, you may do so online at www.theautumnhousefoundation. org, or call (402) 475-7755 for more information. The foundation offers financial assistance to those families who need a break from daily care of a loved one, whether for a day or for a few days.

T1D is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that enables people to get energy from food. It occurs when the body’s immune system attacks & destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, called beta cells. T1D strikes both children & adults. Its onset has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle. T1D comes on suddenly, causes dependence on injected or pumped insulin for life, & carries the constant threat of devastating complications. There is nothing you can do to prevent it, & presently - nothing you can do to get rid of it. The One Walk has one goal: To create a world without T1D. Get registered now at For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Lincoln and Greater Nebraska Chapter at (402) 484-8300 or

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What is mammography? Mammography is a simple X-ray examination of the breasts. The value of mammography lies in its ability to detect cancer in the breast when it is still small – often too small to be felt or detected in any other way.

Advanced Medical Imaging offers.... • 3D Mammograms Ideal For Dense Breast Tissue

• Caring & Skilled Staff • Fast Turnaround Results Interested in mammography services? Call today to schedule your visit! 7601 Pioneers Blvd., Lincoln, NE 68506 | 402-484-6677 |


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Old Cheney Rehabilitation Opening Soon Old Cheney Rehabilitation has announced it will officially be open to the public on July 1, and has b e g u n a c c e p t i n g n ew clients for stays after that date. T h e n ew s t a t e - o f - t h e art facility offers an experience that is secondto-none, delivering therapy services in a distinct 5-star resort-style setting with an impressive array of amenities. At Old Cheney Rehabilitation, transitional care is provided for clients who require a regimen of therapy or skilled nursing following an acute hospital stay in order to ultimately return home. Those served are adults of all ages who are recovering from surgery, illness or injury, whic h include: orthopedic surgery, stroke, cardiac or open heart surgeries, heart disease, amputations, diabetes, patient’s requiring IV or wound care, dialysis patients, post-operative observations, plastic surgery recovery, and recovery from an acute or extended illness. The team of professionals at Old Cheney Rehabilitation combine their clinical skill sets, specialty areas, and vast expertise to manage these post-acute issues, allowing clients to navigate the course home in a short period of time. The goal is to make sure each client receives all of the services needed to get back to living the life he/she wants.




651 N. 66th St., Lincoln, NE 68505

Old Cheney Rehabilitation is located at 5431 S. 16th Street in Lincoln, NE. All are welcome to call (402) 934-7500 or stop by for a tour, or take a virtual tour and find out more information online at

Nebraska Community Blood Bank Raising Awareness for World Blood Donor Day On June 14, countries from around the world will recognize World Blood Donor Day to celebrate and thank blood donors and to raise awareness of the ongoing need for blood. Every year, the lives of millions are affected by emergencies and the immediate need for blood 1 in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime. What can you do to help? Don’t wait for a tragedy to happen to donate blood. Depending on the severity of an accident, a single trauma patient may use many units of blood. During the summer months, the need for blood is greater as people donate less frequently. Blood donors are less available as schools are closed or families are on vacation. Nebraska Community Blood Bank partners with hospitals throughout Southeast Nebraska to maintain a stable supply of life-saving blood every day of the year. Each time you donate, you are making an impact in the lives of the people in our community. All blood types are needed. The rarest blood type is the one that’s not on the shelf when a patient is in need. Healthy adults at least 17 years of age are encouraged to donate. For more information, call 1-877-486-9414 or visit NCBB.ORG. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (@NCBBLincoln).

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· Access Family Medicine is Lincoln’s only membership based, insurance free, primary care clinic. · Business owners can now provide affordable primary care services to employees & employee families. · Employees will receive all of their primary care needs for one low monthly rate! Reduced, flat-rate plans available for small businesses! Dr. Todd Johnson

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Child Guidance Center Partners With LPS to Provide In-School Therapy to Immigrant and Refugee Students Child Guidance Center (CGC) is one of two agencies that Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) is partnering with to provide therapy for immigrant and refugee students. As a result of this funding from LPS, in January CGC hired a mental health therapist to work at Goodrich Middle School, Lincoln High School, Northeast High School, and North Star High School. The students are identified through a team at LPS and referred to our therapist. LPS provides mental health sensitive interpreters to assist with the services as well as training and consultation specific to working with the unique needs of those served. The CGC therapist meets with the referred students on a weekly basis and has a current caseload of 12-15 students. The areas that are being measured and showing improvement through the program are: attendance, behavior, grades, assessment, and office referrals. This is an ongoing collaboration and will continue in the fall of 2017.

Husker Rehab

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Comprehensive Eye Care. Quality Eyewear. Professional Eye Care Designer Frames & Sunglasses Contact Lens Services STEPHEN P. GILDERSLEEVE, O.D. RICHARD L. POWELL, O.D. TAYLOR N. STEGER, O.D.

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For questions, contact Wendi Anderson, MSEd, LIMHP, Director of Outpatient Services, at or call (402) 475-7666. For more information about Child Guidance Center please go to

Blood Pressure Demands the 3 C’s: Check. Change. Control. When it comes to blood pressure, what you don’t know can definitely hurt you. Many of the 80 million American adults who have it don’t know they have it. It has no symptoms. It can only be reliably diagnosed by a healthcare professional using a blood pressure monitor. Once diagnosed, it can’t be cured; but it can be controlled, which requires daily attention. Left undiagnosed, it can lead to strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure. In response, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association created the Check. Change. Control. program — helping people with high blood pressure do what they need to do to control it — eat right, be active, visit their doctor and take their medication. If you don’t know your blood pressure, you can get it checked at no cost in many pharmacies, healthcare facilities and fire stations. And checking it once is not enough because blood pressure increases with age. If your blood pressure is above 120/80 mm Hg, the American Heart Association recommends getting your blood pressure checked by a doctor at least once every two years starting at age 20. Knowing your numbers, reducing them if necessary and maintaining your program can help you avert catastrophic outcomes caused by high blood pressure. Enroll in Check. Change. Control. Use campaign code: GORED to get started. Your blood pressure is serious business, so get serious about it.



Custom Building Projects CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING BUSINESSES ON THEIR RECENT PROJECTS! ABC Termite & Pest Control has remodeled their entire office building, with additional space for their call center and a large conference room for team training and meetings. ABC offers residential and commercial pest control solutions. SuperCuts has opened another location by UNL East Campus in the building at 3535 Holdrege. SuperCuts is an industry leader in hair care products and services.

is the Midwest regional office and hosts large groups for training and seminars. Plunkett’s offers residential and commercial pest control solutions. Synergy Chiropractic has moved to their new location at 5960 Vandervoort Dr. Their new location is larger, allowing the Synergy team to offer additional services and amenities such as personal training and small group training, massage therapy, rehabilitation, pregnancy, and Birthfit classes. It’s the only location in Lincoln that offers such a wide variety of chiropractic care specialties, fitness, nutrition, and rehab under one roof.

Eat Fit Go has opened their second location in the SouthPointe Pavilions at 2820 Pine Lake Road right next to Von Maur. Eat Fit Go offers fresh and healthy meal options for people on the go. The National Willa Cather Foundation has recently completed a historical restoration and addition project H&R Block has opened a new office at 2637 O St. consisting of 5 adjoining buildings in Red Cloud, NE. The new location serves as a retail storefront as well The property is mixed-use, incorporating state-of-theas a district office with training facilities. H&R Block art archives storage, an extension of the Willa Cather offers tax preparation services for individuals and Museum, retail space, and condo units. businesses Tru-Built is proud to have been a part of these Plunkett’s Pest Control has remodeled their entire projects and we wish them the best of luck and building, interior and exterior. Their Lincoln location continued success.

Tru-Built Construction is a full-service construction company with a portfolio that includes residential and commercial projects. These projects include new homes, residential remodeling, condo units, multi-tenant buildings, mixed use projects, tenant build-outs, student housing, and commercial remodeling.

Visit our website to find out more or call to get in touch with our team! | (402) 477-4663 JUNE 2017 Strictly Business


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San Diego recently welcomed our Strictly Business team with open arms on our recent travels! With an abundance of hotels, restaurants, nightlife venues, and beautiful beaches, there’s something for everyone in San Diego. Our team was fortunate to be able to visit a lineup of fantastic venues during our stay in San Diego. As many of us here in Nebraska enjoy making the journey to the beautiful coast to get away from being landlocked and avoid the weather extremes, here are some of our recommendations based on our most recent adventures! In a city with so much to offer and only one a few short days to pack it all in, we selected what we considered to be the “must see” attractions that San Diego has to offer. Kimpton Solamar Hotel ∙ ∙ 1-800-546-7866 From beach to city, there’s no shortage of options for quality hotels to accommodate the high volume of travelers at any given time. Located in beautiful Gaslamp District, Kimpton Solamar is a standout property for luxury and hospitality! From check-in to check-out the service we received went well beyond our expectations and was definitely the highlight of our visit. The interior of the hotel was elegant and very well decorated. We arrived at the hotel well before our available check-in time and the staff was more than accommodating! We were then greeted in our room by a bottle of wine, charcuterie board, and personalized note from the staff. What a pleasant way to be welcomed after a long day of travel! The room itself was very spacious and loaded with everything one needs for luxury travel. An additional bonus of the Kimpton Solamar is their complimentary Happy Hour in the lounge hosted daily from 5-6 pm. We made sure to take advantage of this! It worked out flawlessly for our evening as we had dinner reservations at 6 pm so we were able to indulge on predrinks, with a nice selection of wine and beer available, and appetizers before we ventured onto our next activity. To sum it all up, our stay at Kimpton Solamar was brief but we enjoyed every minute! Parq Restaurant & Nightclub ∙ ∙ 619-727-6789 Situated just a few short blocks from our hotel and also in the gorgeous downtown San Diego Gaslamp District lies Parq Restaurant & Nightclub. After a full day’s travel, we were thrilled to visit Parq Restaurant for an ultra trendy and stylish place for dinner that evening. Parq Restaurant serves farm-to-table eats in a truly unique Alice in Wonderland setting. The funky and electric decor makes you feel as if you are in a fairytale garden, transporting you to another world. This unique venue offers authentic dishes, all created using the freshest ingredients and homegrown techniques. We would recommend making a reservation and dining first, then heading right over to the nightclub after dinner for the ultimate evening. Following dinner, we were ready for some dancing! We had reserved a luxury VIP table for our group situated right on the dance floor so that we had prime real estate for dancing! The sound, lighting, and design of the nightclub employ all of the latest technologies and entertainment, which gives you the feel as if you were in a Las Vegas nightclub. The decor was ultra swanky and sexy- every little detail was impressive! It was equally impressive how attentive and sociable the staff and management were throughout the evening. Parq sets the level high for VIP treatment! They checked on us numerous times throughout the evening, which is always appreciated! It doesn’t


Strictly Business JUNE 2017

come as much of a surprise considering this popular hotspot was formed by bringing together the top leaders in the restaurant and nightclub industries, which was evident based on our experience. Whiskey Girl ∙ ∙ 619-236-1616 We were ready to continue the dancing at Whiskey Girl, which was our final stop for the evening. We heard that people come for the whiskey and stay for the party at this place – so true! Located in the heart of the Gaslamp District, Whiskey Girl has become one of the hottest sports bars and nightlife spots in San Diego. Once our group arrived, we were escorted to our VIP section which was located on top of a stage with couches and tables. The VIP service was prompt and our hostess was extremely friendly and attentive to our group’s needs. Our arrangement came complete with a bottle of Belvedere Vodka and a variety of mixers. The dance floor was packed the entire evening. The crowd was lively and easygoing as it was apparent everyone was having such a great time. The DJ was spinning all of our favorite top 40 hits and music videos. We didn’t want the night to end. The entire evening was high energy and we can definitely say Whiskey Girl knows how to throw a party! JSix Restaurant ∙ ∙ 619-531-8744 After an energetic night out on the town in downtown San Diego, we were looking forward to a hearty brunch! Fortunately for us, it was just a short walk over to JSix, which is located adjacent to the Kimpton Solamar Hotel on the property. The ambiance of the restaurant was super trendy and inviting when you walk in. For brunch, we ordered the All American, Breakfast Sandwich and the Eggs Benedict. Our server suggested their specialty Brioche French Toast which came with an apricot almond sauce, mascarpone, toasted almonds, and gelato. It was mouthwatering! The presentation of the food, quality and selection of the brunch dishes, and the exceptional service provided us with an A+ brunch visit! Overall, our brunch at JSix was fabulous! Mission Sands Vacation Rentals ∙ ∙ 858-488-2550 As you might already be aware, San Diego is home to a multitude of beautiful beaches! Why rent a room when you can rent a whole house just steps from the ocean? Our team did just that and made an exquisite beach house from Mission Sands Vacation Rentals our home for our recent trip to paradise in Mission Beach. The property was everything we anticipated and more. It was full of charm and beautifully decorated! Our three-story ocean view townhouse featured 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, as well as a private rooftop patio. The house was ideal for our needs, as it was very well-equipped with all of the essentials plus some. It offered all the comforts of home with the added benefits of being on vacation. There’s the convenience of

three parking spots, a full kitchen, washer/dryer, grill, WIFI, bikes, and 3 balconies for guests to use during their stay, just to name a few! Aside from all of the amazing amenities, the location of our rental was phenomenal. The unit had plenty of indoor and outdoor space for socializing as well as private spacious bedrooms and quiet sitting areas for anyone to go off on their own and have some alone time. Perhaps our favorite spot on the property belonged to the rooftop patio, where we loved spending the day taking in the ocean breeze and the evening underneath the stars. In our experience, the rental process with Mission Sands Vacation Rentals was very streamlined, which is appreciated by those who are new to vacationing here and unfamiliar with the location. They even offer a concierge service to guests who want to walk into a fully stocked kitchen or want recommendations for activities and restaurants in the city during their stay. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or quick getaway with your friends, you’ll discover why Mission Sands definitely sets the bar high with its services, property location, and especially its level of hospitality during your stay. Great job Mission Sands! Thank you for the escape to paradise - we hope to come back and stay with you again soon! Duck Dive ∙ ∙ 858-273-3825 The Duck Dive in Pacific Beach is widely recognized as one of the best hotspots in San Diego. Beachfront and treasured by locals and tourists alike, if you are looking for a lively, fun atmosphere with an abundance of great people and brunch options, we highly recommend that you visit Duck Dive! This restaurant offers brunch, lunch and dinner menus, catering to all types of beachgoers. We quickly realized that bottomless mimosas or Bloody Mary’s, served daily, are all the rage in San Diego. We couldn’t imagine a better way to start our afternoon than by ordering a selection of Duck Dives’ savory appetizers. We ordered the Baja Oysters Rockefeller, the Steamed Baja Bowl and the Baja Calamari for appetizers. The Take Me to Mexico cocktail, made with Los Altos Plata tequila (house infused with fresh watermelon), basil and jalapeño, shaken with agave, lemon and watermelon is a must. So refreshing! PB Shore Club ∙ ∙ 858-272-7873 Just steps from the beach, this electric establishment serves grub classics, ideal for those fun-filled days at the beach. This place came highly recommended as a must stop while in Pacific Beach. PB Shore Club is known for combining the delicious tastes of the sea, prepared with classic Mexican flair, while providing guests with the perfect setting for the ultimate beach dining and drinking experience. The bar is extremely spacious and we loved the panoramic views of the ocean available no matter where we were standing or sitting. For appetizers, we ordered the Nachos Gigante, Shore Tater Tot Basket, Shore Club Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Ahi Poke Stack. So delicious! Make sure you order their signature secret recipe Red Bull Vodka Slushie served in a goblet. It’s pretty much a Pacific Beach rite of passage to get the frozen combo and is a MUST!

SeaWorld ∙ Dine With Shamu ∙ ∙ 619-222-4732 Our day at SeaWorld® San Diego was a memorable one with shows, animal interaction, rides and lunch! Dolphin Days, Pets Rule! and the Killer Whale Presentation were the shows we attended and enjoyed seeing the animals perform behaviors and interact with their trainers. We also enjoyed a few rides; one of our favorites was the fun and thrilling Journey to Atlantis® ride, a splashing fun water ride. The most unforgettable part of the day was feeding and petting all the incredible animals, especially the rays. We look forward to returning to SeaWorld® San Diego to explore the rest of the park and attractions! Our lunch was one to rememeber! Dine With Shamu® was an hour long experience that included an exclusive, up-close seat for the Killer Whale Presentation while we enjoyed a gourmet poolside buffet. The food was outstanding and the impressive staff made sure our Dine With Shamu® experience was a great one! Hornblower Cruises & Events ∙ ∙ 1-888-467-6256 What a truly memorable way to spend one of our last evenings in San Diego by hopping aboard a storied yacht also known as the Hornblower Cruises - one of San Diego’s most beloved attractions. From the minute we stepped foot on the dock, the customer service was above and beyond. The crew did an incredible job of making us feel overwhelmingly special. Once we entered the ship we were greeted by very pleasant staff members and ushered to our table. The cruise was 3 hours in length and featured a 3-course dinner, dancing and spectacular sunset views. We ordered the Chicken, Salmon and Beef. The food exceeded our expectations! Every dish tasted great and fresh. Following dinner, the dance floor filled up with people having a great time. The decks were well designed with adequate seating for guests to take in the views. The views were perhaps the best part of the cruise if we had to pick one, which is tough indeed. The romantic setting and beautiful scenery would be ideal for all types of people and groups - couples, celebrations, weddings, and company outings like us! Pueblo ∙ ∙ 858-412-3312 Pueblo brings the best of Baja flavor to San Diego! Located just 2 blocks from the ocean, Pueblo offers a taste of the Baja coast without having to cross the border! Our group was longing for local Mexican fare on our last night of the trip so we were undoubtedly excited to dine at this upscale eatery! The restaurant itself is airy and feels somewhat eclectic, yet with modern decor and contemporary details while still incorporating the more prominent architectural features you’d commonly find in the southwest and Central America that inspired the Pueblo name. The restaurant is decorated beautifully and boasts 2 bars, a rooftop deck, and an outdoor courtyard. For the main course, we ordered the Carne Asada, three Taco Plates: Fish, Spicy Shrimp & Carnitas and lastly the Lobster. The taco plates were unquestionably the table favorites, but the Lobster was a show-stopper, with extraordinary presentation and cooked to perfection. We must admit that overall, our meals were some of the best we’ve had in awhile!

As you can see, there’s a reason why San Diego is voted one of the best cities in the US and also very high up on our list of favorite vacation spots. With its gorgeous beaches, delicious Baja Mexican food, an endless variety of stunning views, and a buzzing nightlife, we’ve detailed many of the reasons why you need to put San Diego on your travel radar. JUNE 2017 Strictly Business




Does Foster Care Lead To Adoption?







04 AUG


Spend an extraordinary night at an unconventional picnic and celebrate Lincoln! Guests will dress all in white, dine on gourmet picnic fare & dance the night away to the music of high heel. CHAMPAGNE PICNIC DINNER: $50 per person CHARDONNAY PICNIC DINNER: $45 per person CHABLIS PICNIC DINNER (Gluten Free & Vegetarian): $45 per person



We put the LIVING in outdoor living!

Kids come into foster care for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, CH A M PA GN E P ICNIC DIN N E R : $ 5 CEDARS 0 per person goal is to either safely reunite Mustard children Thinly-Sliced Roast Beef w/ Smoked Provolone, Aioli, and Stone-Ground on with their families Homemade Baguette. Cauliflower & Parsnip Slaw, Cucumber or& Onion findSalad,a White permanent home for Grapes, and Chocolate-Dipped Biscotti. them. Until these goals can be foster families give CH A R DO N N AY P ICNIC DIN N E R : $ 4achieved, 5 per person Thinly-Sliced Turkey Breast w/Swiss Cheese, Aioli, and Dijonkids Mustardstability on Homemade and room to grow asPotato individuals. Baguette. White Asparagus w/Smoked Gouda, Lemon Saffron Salad, White Grapes, and Chocolate-Dipped Biscotti.

Every day, the CEDARS team is working to ensure that over 250 foster children and youth flourish in loving families. Because foster parents are an integral part of the CEDARS professional team, they have access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, monthly Tsupport I C K E T S Agroups V A I L A B Land E A T quarterly W W W. P I N N Agatherings C L E B A N K A Rfor E N Afoster . C O M families, as well OasR regular A T P I N Ntraining A C L E Bopportunities. A NK A REN A TICK E T OFFICE CH A BLIS PICNIC DINNER

(Gluten Free & Vegetarian) : $ 45 per person Marinated Eggplant Sandwich, Aioli, and Stone-Ground Mustard on Homemade Baguette. Cauliflower & Parsnip Slaw, Cucumber & Onion Salad, White Grapes, and Chocolate-Dipped Biscotti.

“These kids really just want someone who’s going to open their home to them, take time to sit down with them, get to know a little bit about them, simply be their support and give them love,” says Adrianne Poppe, with CEDARS Foster Care team. “Foster care is the situation that these kids are in, but it doesn’t define who they are. They have the same excitement, hope and pride that other children have.” Every child deserves family. Sometimes a foster care placement can lead to the permanency of adoption. More often, while the child is experiencing the love of a foster family, the child’s biological family will take steps to make their reunification successful. A child can never have too many caring adults to love them. CEDARS staff walk alongside children and families every step of the way. With encouragement, guidance and direction, the team has the honor of watching lives change. “I hear it so often from foster parents,” Poppe says, “that fostering is the best thing that happened to them.” It is important to know that there is no typical CEDARS foster family. CEDARS foster families include parents with children at home, single adults, couples hoping to adopt and empty nesters. To help, all you need is a stable home, an open heart and a willingness to reach out to a child in need. The CEDARS team is committed to providing the best experience possible to foster children and foster families. If you have ever considered fostering and would like more information, please contact Adrianne Poppe at (402) 890-1410 or

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Every kid needs family.

Would you consider becoming a foster parent? Every day, there are children in need of a loving foster home right here in our community. Will you be the one to help? Helping Kids in Crisis. Building Strong Families. 402-436-5437 | | celebrating 70 years

LINCOLN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE New Scents & New Classes! by Wendy Birdsall, President 402-436-2350 • Local Craft Beer Headlines Summer Tour

The official start of the summer travel season is celebrated the first week of May during National Travel and Tourism Week. The tradition traces its heritage all the way back to 1984, when it began as a way to recognize the impact tourism has on the overall economy of the United States. According to the U.S. Travel Association, travel is America’s number one services export generating a total of $2.1 trillion for the U.S. economy. Lincoln’s tourism season mirrors that of the United States, with a general upswing in travel numbers starting around the first week in May and continuing through the fall. For the past 12 years, we’ve encouraged stops in Lincoln with our “Passport Program.” New this year is our 2017 Craft Beer Tour. The campaign is designed to highlight the city’s burgeoning craft beer industry. The microbrew craze has been sweeping the nation for some time now and Lincoln is no exception. According to the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild and the Brewers Association, our state now has 33 craft breweries (34th nationally); with 2.5 breweries per 100,000 residents (16th nationally); producing 1,250,000 gallons of craft beer annually; with a $424 million economic impact (32nd nationally). Our goal with this new program is to encourage local residents and their visiting friends and family to stop by the nearly one dozen Lincoln breweries, learn about their unique beers, their brewing processes and most of all the taste of these great craft beers. Here’s how it works: 1. Pick up your Craft Beer Tour booklet at the Lincoln Visitors Center (located at the corner of 7th & P streets in the Haymarket). 2. Get your souvenir bottle opener with the tour booklet. 3. Participants must provide contact information including name, address, email and age (participants must be at least 21). 4. Only one booklet per person; participants must pick up their own booklet. 5. Visit all nine locations to have your beer guide validated and receive your free pint of beer, compliments of each participating brewery. 6. Complete your tour before December 31, 2017. 7. Return your booklet to the Lincoln Visitors Center. 8. Receive your free traditional “shaker pint” glass (while supplies last). The nine local Craft Beer Tour participants are: Backswing Brewing Co., Blue Blood Brewing, Boiler Brewing Company, Ploughshare Brewing Company, Schilling Bridge Cork & Tap House, Zipline Brewing, Granite City, White Elm, and Lincoln’s latest brewery, Code Beer Company. You can visit the Convention and Visitors Bureau website at www. for more information on this program and a number of others happening around the city this summer. I hope you will take a moment to be a tourist, experience the joy of craft brewing in your own home town and be sure to spread the word with any friends and family visiting Lincoln this summer. The Chamber’s mission is to improve the lives of Lincoln residents by providing increased economic opportunity and can only be accomplished together. For more information, please contact Jaime Henning at v.

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Grey Whale Makes A Splash With Affordable Sushi

Hui Guo has seen and done it all when it comes to sushi. Guo, originally from the city of Fuzhou in China, worked in over 20 restaurants across the United States as he made his way from sushi helper to sushi chef. Last month, Guo opened his first restaurant, Grey Whale Sushi, inside Lincoln’s Grand

Manse building. It was the natural next step for Guo who said he is always trying to better his position and tackle the next step in his career. Guo said mastering sushi is all about drive and passion. As prospective sushi chefs work their way up, the most intensive styles can take years to master. “When learning how to be a sushi chef, in the beginning you’re a sushi helper,” Guo said. “There’s not [a good] salary, but you learn how to make it. Then you need to find a job with a better title and a better salary. But it’s always like that, right?” Since opening Grey Whale Sushi, Guo said he’s kept in contact with his past employers and uses their resources to give his restaurant an edge. Grey Whale is one of the few restaurants in the US that uses whole tuna and black rice. Guo’s restaurant is a family affair. Both Guo and his wife work in the restaurant, while their daughter is often present inside as well. He was inspired to open Grey Whale when his younger sister began school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln two years ago. Guo said he wanted to open a downtown sushi restaurant with affordable prices and in a prime spot for students. He said he searched for two months for the right location, then spent another three to four months renovating the space in the Grand Manse. “When I was a college student in China, [my wife] was my classmate and we were dating at the time,” Guo said. “We wanted to try something new, something good but money was short. When you have money, you don’t have time. When you’re a college student, you have plenty of time but no money to try new things.” Grey Whale celebrated its grand opening on April 7 with deals on drinks and specialty rolls. In addition to sushi and sashimi, the restaurant also offers bento boxes, a variety of appetizers and cooked entrees such as fried rice. The restaurant will continue to offer a happy hour at certain hours on Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday. As the cost of fish is on the rise, Guo said Grey Whale will keep their costs low, and he doesn’t expect to see much fluctuation. “I know a college student doesn’t have a lot of money,” Guo said. “But they want to try something new, [and] they want to try [new types of] sushi. The sushi here is fresh and affordable.” Founded in 1967, the Downtown Lincoln Association provides services and champions initiatives for maintaining and enhancing our vibrant downtown. Our vision is to create an energetic downtown environment where we live, learn, work, invest and play. DLA has evolved into a multi-faceted organization supporting a wide range of programs and activities including maintenance, economic development and advocacy. For a complete listing of downtown businesses, events and residences visit ‘Like’ us on Facebook at downtownlincoln.


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There’s Only So Much You Can Charge For Tamales In Nebraska, our Legislature has had battles over increasing minimum wage. The most recent idea was to increase the minimum wage for tipped workers. First, it is important to know that the minimum wage for all tipped workers is $9 per hour. Although employees who earn a portion of their wages from gratuities may be paid $2.13 per hour, that is only the base wage. State law requires businesses to make up the difference for workers if their tips fail to meet the $9 minimum wage. In other words, by state law, all tipped workers are receiving a minimum of 9 per hour. So what’s happening in other states? Michael Saltsman with the Employment Policies Institute authored the following for the Wall Street Journal last month. Reprinted with permission: San Francisco’s ever-rising minimum wage—set to hit $15 next year—has restaurant owners asking for the check. “At Least 60 Bay Area Restaurants Have Closed Since September,” read a January headline at the website SFist, which partly blamed “the especially high cost of doing business in SF, with a mandated, rising minimum wage that does not exempt tipped employees.” Another publication, Eater, described the rash of recent closures as a “death march.” Perhaps the highest-profile closure in San Francisco this year was AQ, which in 2012 was a James Beard Award finalist for the best new restaurant in America. Rising costs chipped away at the restaurant’s profitability, according to a report by Thrillist, driving down the profit margin from 8.5% in 2012 to 1.5% by 2015. When San Francisco added its own municipal minimum wage in 2004—one of the first in the country—the operating assumption was that tourists and techies would pay the higher prices necessary to offset the cost of the city’s generosity. Last year the San Francisco Chronicle looked at 20 years’ of menus from top restaurants and reported that prices had jumped 52% since 2005, twice the rate of inflation. But increasing prices isn’t a panacea for restaurant owners. “There’s only so much you can charge for tamales,” the owner of a small eatery said in 2015 to explain one reason he was closing. For some empirical backup, consider an April study from Michael Luca at Harvard Business School and Dara Lee Luca at Mathematica Policy Research. They used Bay Area data from the review website Yelp to estimate that a $1 minimum-wage hike leads to a 14% increase in “the likelihood of exit for a 3.5-star restaurant.” If there’s a silver lining to San Francisco’s culinary struggles, it’s that other cities, even ones run by Democrats, are realizing the arguments for a $15 minimum wage don’t match reality. In March, Baltimore’s mayor, Catherine Pugh, vetoed a measure that would have raised the local mandate to $15 by 2022. “I want people to earn better wages,” she told this newspaper. “But I also want my city to survive.” California lawmakers have been less thoughtful in their approach. Under legislation passed last year, the state will raise its wage floor to $15 an hour as soon as 2022. That mandate applies not only to the prosperous coast but also to the impoverished inland. California is already a net exporter of working-class residents. From 2000-15, the state lost a net 800,000 people living close to the poverty line, according to a Sacramento Bee analysis of Census Bureau data. These families understand something that the City Council in San Francisco and the Legislature in Sacramento do not: New wage mandates and government benefits don’t mean much if you can’t find a job. LIBA studies and promotes these types of issues that are important to businesses and our community. If you have an interest in joining LIBA, please call me at (402) 466-3419. LIBA membership is not restricted to just businesses. We also have “individual” memberships for those who want to help influence our local government decisions.




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Growing Your Business While there are a select few that are content with things as they are, by nature, most business owners are forward-thinking and always working to grow their businesses. What it takes to grow a business and a business’s trajectory as it grows will vary for each, as will its needs in doing so, but there are some core pieces that are relevant to the growth of all businesses regardless of the type or industry.


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Your Location(s): There are several needs that come along with the growth of a business which seem fairly obvious, and one of those is having enough physical space to accommodate. The most likely options include a move to a bigger and/or better location or the addition of a location. With the advent and growing popularity of coworking spaces and office complexes offering private space that also comes with amenities and shared meeting spaces that are able to house multiple businesses, there are more options than ever. No matter what stage or scale of growth a business is experiencing, or the budget allotted for rent and resources, there is likely something that fits the bill available. “HIP OffiCenters is designed to help a business grow,” explains Michael Holroyd of Holroyd Investment Properties. “With the variety of packages available, we can help any company succeed. When a new company begins, the overhead costs can be overwhelming. We offer fully-furnished offices of different sizes and styles. A new business will have a full-time professional receptionist, conference room, and personalized phone service. By keeping the startup costs low, a company can focus on their product instead of hiring a staff and furnishing an office building. As a company grows, HIP OffiCenters will grow Michael Holroyd with them. We are able to add phone lines and Holroyd Investment additional office space to benefit each company Properties on a timeline that works for their budget. Every business must be diligent in planning for the future. HIP OffiCenters is constantly working to modernize our services to best fit today’s businesses. We have found that the advances in technology have allowed professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. Because of this, we have developed a virtual office option for this type of business owner. Our virtual office clients are able to have a professional address and mail forwarding. They have access to our conference room, drop in office, copier/fax/ scanner and kitchen. Our full-time professional receptionist is available to meet their clients and deliver outstanding customer service. By listening to the professionals in the community we are able to learn how to best serve them. We continue to grow our options to best fit all types of professionals and their businesses.” He also offers the following advice for those out there who are pursuing the growth of their enterprises. “I have learned that the key to growing a business really comes down to one thing: Great customer service. With technology today, our customers have unlimited access to businesses providing the same product or service. Many of those customers start by comparing price, but in the end, they choose the company with the best customer service. If you can make the process easy and efficient, you will have the advantage over other companies. HIP OffiCenters provides that for our clients. Our front office staff works for our companies to do just that. We strive to make every client and visitor have an easy and efficient visit to our office. Outstanding customer service is what allows a company to achieve long-standing success in their industry.” Side note: Along the same lines of what you’ll need to have in place to support the daily functions of your growing business, office equipment and supplies are things that you don’t necessarily notice when you have what you need at your disposal. However, you’ll find that you run into trouble quickly if what’s required isn’t available or working properly. Furthermore, as far as managing expenses goes, it’s an area to examine carefully. There’s plenty of potential to save money that you can allocate to other areas that will support

continued business growth. “At Cartridge World, we provide top quality printing products, local service, and expert advice for our business clients,” says Andy Neil of Cartridge World. “With the business class print solutions we are able to deliver, you could save up to 30% off big box store prices while you enjoy the brand selection you want, the quality products you need, and the unsurpassed value you simply can’t find anywhere else. In addition to guidance on choosing the right device for your needs, we’ll also help with related tasks such as ordering supplies and servicing equipment. Not only will our exclusive approach to office printing save you money, but it will also help you improve efficiency and print greener. We’ll help you reduce the burden and expense of your printer-related activities so you can focus more on what you do best.” Back to location, if you’re not in the position to build, or it’s not required, not the right option for the growth of your business, etc., it’s important to take a thoughtful, tactical approach to the process of finding the perfect existing space to occupy. “I believe, to successfully grow a business, it’s essential to have the right support and a smart approach,” says Tara Galaviz of Greenleaf Properties. “Another key factor in growing your business, regardless of the industry, is to know your market. At Greenleaf Properties, we are able to assist business owners by offering a complete spectrum of commercial real estate services which Tara Galaviz would include market research. We have a team Greenleaf Properties member dedicated solely to market research; therefore, we can provide numerous reports on the market to help our clients in making an informed decision.” Your Finances: The funds you have available after operating expenses are paid will determine how much you are able to invest in the growth of your business. Business finance is fairly complex in nature, with a lot of factors at play. Thus, it’s wise to assemble a team of professionals so that you can maximize what you have to work with while also ensuring accuracy and minimizing your risk of incurring losses or errors that would set you back. “An important consideration when growing your business is the impact that taxes will have on your cash flow,” advises Jason Hardy of SP Group, P.C. “Understandably, an owner of an expanding business wants to reinvest the profits to continue the growth, but it’s critical to factor in the tax liability when determining how much free cash is available to plow back into the business for growth. When someone comes to us about growing their business it usually concerns spending a large sum of money on a new piece of equipment or hiring Jason Hardy additional staff. We can help a client review their cost assumptions and the potential revenue stream SP Group, P.C. to see if it makes sense and to discuss possible tax implications of an expansion.” When it comes to growing a business in general, he also shares the following advise based on his experience. “One of the key factors in growing a business that often gets overlooked, and seems almost too obvious to mention, is simply letting people know you want to grow your business. Communicate this through your social networking accounts, your various advertising media, and through contacts with your current customers. Your existing clients can be your best advertising, and thanking them with a handwritten note or a small gift for referring new clients to your business is essential. Another key factor in successfully growing a business is to understand your strengths and your weaknesses. Business owners are generally, by nature, highly competitive people that want to excel at everything they do. Don’t be afraid to admit you have areas of weakness and seek out professional advisors to fill the gaps. At SP Group we want to be the best at what we do and team up with other individuals that are the best in their field. We want to bring our team of experts to bear on helping businesses grow.” As to the role they are able to play, Troy Stentz of SP Group, P.C. explains, “We want business owners to focus on building customer relationships and making sure they and their employees are empowered to give their full attention to customer satisfaction. Payroll processing, including remitting taxes and filing federal and state payroll tax forms, is a potentially timeconsuming task that business owners often attempt to manage on their own to the detriment of the bottom line and the wise use of their limited time.


Service. Service. Service. That’s the reason we use First American Payment Systems for our processing. It’s having a face that is always there. When we need them, Adam Roberts at First American is just a local cell phone away, rather than some 800 number that may or may not be reliable. - Sartor Hamann Jewelers

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Our climate is ideal for growing little green things. The Chamber recruits businesses, creates jobs, attracts visitors and makes Lincoln a great place to live. Cultivate your own cash crop. Join the Lincoln Chamber today. Visit LCOC.COM.

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In addition to the hours spent on this task, lack of compliance with payroll tax filing requirements can lead to costly penalties and the added work of communicating with tax authorities and fixing errors. SP Group offers technology solutions and the one-on-one support business owners value to implement a payroll program with convenient features like direct deposit, web-access for employees to paystubs and W-2s, and accurate tracking of deductions for retirement plans, insurance premiums, and health savings account contributions. Troy Stentz A piece of advice my father frequently repeated was that every business owner should have trusted SP Group, P.C. advisors in accounting, banking, and law. The professionals your specific business needs may vary based on the industry you are in, but the sentiment is the same. Surround yourself with professionals that have extensive experience helping others navigate the challenges and rewards of growing a business. Leaning on them for their expertise will almost certainly save you from learning the hard way through unnecessary missteps.” With respect to revenue, accepting payments is an important part of conducting business. This includes having systems in place for accepting payments at the time a product is purchased or service is rendered as well as billing and accounts receivable. When it comes to accepting payments at the point of sale, Adam Roberts of First American Payment Systems explains, “First of all, to grow your business you must be able to avoid the pitfalls of the payment processing industry. See our article in the January issue of Strictly Business. In short, we help a lot of companies by simply educating them on what to avoid and even more so by offering a level of service that is second to none. We help them to keep selling widgets and take care of their customers while we handle their processing. Adam Roberts Here’s a true story. We process for Roca Berry First American Farm which, during the 6 weeks they are open, Payment Systems has 25 wireless credit card machines spread out over 100 acres. Before we came along, they were spending a great deal of time on the phone with an 800 number walking around trying to resolve issues with their machines. I told the owner: ‘Ma’am with us you’ll never have to do that again! I want you to go back to selling pumpkins. It’s my job as your credit card man to take care of any issues for you so you can get back to serving your customers.’ And we did that. The last several years we’ve been down at the farm taking care of them while they serve their customers. In addition, with our promise that if we’re not in a meeting or an appointment we will literally BE THERE, on site, within an hour, we provide a level of service that the big companies simply can’t. In fact, I don’t know ANY processor that provides the level of fast and free onsite support that we do. To me, that’s the only honest way to do business and that’s the way we take care of our customers. Make sure you’re getting a level service that is second to none from all of your service providers so you can get back to running your business and serving your customers - which will ultimately drive growth.” In addition to underscoring the importance of working with someone locally, Roberts further advises, “Growth will be dependent on keeping and retaining your current customers and bringing in new ones that keep coming back. Our systems can help with this by tracking those customers, their spending trends, and whether or not they continue to keep purchasing from you and why. It’s our goal to help you serve your customers with incredible data and informative analytics about your customers’ spending habits. With our data analytics systems geared for restaurants especially, along with other business types, we can determine how often customers are coming in and why. How many new customers did you have last week/last month/last year? How many returning customers did you have last week/last month/last year? How often are they coming? What are they ordering? Who are your top customers? Which items are bringing people back? Which items do you need to get rid of? And our system can do this all through the credit cards. In addition, we are setting up a network that will potentially eliminate ALL of your merchant credit card fees, which will drastically reduce costs and strengthen your bottom line. Much like when you go to the DMV and pay for your car registration, we can give you the option to pass along the credit card fees directly to the end user and give them a positive incentive to pay cash.

These two systems are the future of payment processing and we’re at the forefront of revolutionizing the payment processing world. If you can better understand your customers you can better serve them. It’s our goal to help you do that.” Next, your accounts receivable is another area that when outsourced, will allow you to focus on doing what you do best while simultaneously bringing in more funds that will be instrumental in the growth of your business. “For businesses that utilize a billing process, the number one thing to keep in mind is that rarely will 100% of your receivables be paid upon receipt of an invoice,” says Aaron Newell of AR Solutions. “While nobody goes into business thinking that their valued clients with whom they have built a relationship won’t hold up their end of the deal and pay their bills, unfortunately it’s a reality. At some point in time you will need to use a law firm or collection agency to pursue payment on past-due accounts. By outsourcing this part to a third party that you trust to uphold your reputation as an extension of your business, Aaron Newell it takes the emotions out of it and you don’t have AR Solutions to be the bad guy. Fine-tuning your intake and billing processes so that you’re able to adhere to them as closely as possible will ensure that you’ll eventually get paid at some point. Consulting with a collection partner periodically is a good idea as they can advise you based on the specifics of your business. Gathering all of the details when the contract is implemented, and then signatures or initials to any addendums if at all possible as changes are made to the original agreement, so that it’s enforceable by law, will greatly help to protect your interests as the business owner. Recorded oral contracts and documentation of emails are also options that although not fail-safe, are strong enough to hold up most times. For most healthy businesses, past-due receivables won’t exceed 10-12% of gross revenue, so it’s important that your processes aren’t so cumbersome that it hinders the majority of your business. Aside from the processes, just make sure you have your Plan B in place as you grow and there are more accounts to maintain. If the original plan was for the client to pay the bill, what are you going to do if that doesn’t happen? It’s like playing a game of chess; there are alternate routes to pursue in order to get to the same goal.” Your Branding, Promotion & Network: Marketing is also at the top of the list of the most important factors that will influence the successful growth of a business. Having a healthy media mix is key, along with consistently getting in front of your target audience and capitalizing on the other prime opportunities and innovative methods that will allow you to be seen and get the word out. “The most important part of growing a business is visibility,” advises Jared Shald with Sign Pro of Lincoln. “If your company is not visible to potential customers it will be tough to grow. Being visible in today’s market is not as simple as it used to be. Vehicle graphics and wraps, storefront signage, advertising banners/flags, and yard signs are a few ways that Sign Pro can help you spread your message across the community. Different types of signage can help grow your business at any stage. If you are just starting out, we can help with building signage, interior Jared Shald graphics to help finish your office or retail space, and banners/flags to advertise your opening. Sign Pro of Lincoln Trade shows are another way to get your business in front of potential customers. Sign Pro offers a full line of trade show packages from roll up banners, to full booth displays. Do you have service or delivery vehicles, job site trailers or shipping containers? With a graphic wrap from Sign Pro, all of these can serve as mobile billboards for your business.” Andrew Tuzson of Evol Empire Creative further advises, “Location, location, location now means wherever your customers will see you. Hiring an expert will help you better determine those points of exposure. We have so many agency-level tools at our disposal to aid with analysis once we know the client’s goals and understand what they do, including what’s going on in their market and what their competition is doing. At Evol Empire Creative, our discovery process is very in-depth and goal-oriented. We zero in on what success looks like for that business and what the ultimate goal of the campaign would be, and then work backwards from there. Before a business can properly scale and efficiently grow, it needs to

understand itself. You get into trouble when you’re trying to be everything to everyone. Once you know what your focus points, audience, differentiating factor, and goals, it will set the stage for growth moving forward. It will also help you to target your promotional efforts and with branding your business. Particularly with your audience, once you’ve figured out who they are, it’s time to make sure you’re in front of them. With any platform you plan to utilize, a good marketing strategy will present the problem or pain point, the solution, and make sure you are present when the consumer is in the mindset of Andrew Tuzson consumption. That will look different for everyone, Evol Empire Creative so targeting is a big deal. A significant part of our job is to make sure our clients have a solid sales funnel online, and that they’re able to get prospects back if it didn’t convert the first time around. Finally, understand that advertising is a dynamic variable. There are no set steps in place to follow; it’s not an A, B, C, repeat deal. If there was a surefire way to be a millionaire, everyone would do it. It’s really about understanding who you are, the value you provide to your consumer, and then designing your messaging to influence the action you want them to take. Then, you’re only as successful as those you surround yourself with, whether you put together an internal creative team or outsource that work. There’s no more build it and they will come, you have to find ways to drive that traffic. If you’re going to hire an agency, hire the best one you can afford, and if you’re going to build a team, get the best talent out there.” In agreement, Darren Lichty of Panology Tech Solutions adds, “The most important factor in growing your business is brand recognition. If potential customers do not know that your business exists, or what it does, they cannot seek you out Darren Lichty when they have a need for your products or Panology Tech Solutions services. Getting into that coveted ‘top of mind’

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position takes time and persistence. Placing yourself wherever your potential customers are is one approach. But you can’t be everywhere, or in two places at once. This is where building a strong referral network will help you reach more potential customers. Organizations such as the Chamber, LIBA, BNI, and CenterSphere can help you build your referral network. Start early, give it plenty of time to build, and remain persistent.” As for his offerings, Lichty notes, “Our cloud-based, self-service solutions are designed to grow with your business. Traditional methods required you to spend a lot of time and money building all the capacity you were going to need for the next few years. With the cloud, you only have to pay for what you need today, and growth is almost limitless. Cloud-based solutions also allow your workforce to access your information and systems from anywhere on a large number of devices. So as your workforce grows, you get them out in front of your customers, while empowering them to remain connected to the resources they need.” In conclusion, he offers the following advice: “The pace of innovation keeps increasing. This is not only true in the technology field, but in businesses of all varieties. The key to keeping up with this pace is continuously challenging yourself to try new approaches. Continuously making small bets can add up to big wins. Just as important is continuously measuring the success and failure of these steps along the way. Likewise, prepare yourself to be uncomfortable, as it is an indication that you are moving. Don’t fear failure, as it is a very powerful tool. Thomas Edison once said ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’ He also said ‘Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’ We have a great business community here in Lincoln. There are many people and resources here waiting to help you grow your business and succeed. As just one example, SCORE, the volunteer arm of the Small Business Administration, provides mentoring and education to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Engage them at There are many other great resources out there, you just need to look (or ask).” Another one of the more prominent resources that can aid in the growth of any business is the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. With regards to the specifics on how, Jaime Henning of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce provides the following details:

“You may ask yourself if joining a Chamber is a good idea as a growth strategy for your business and we can assure you this is true. Membership can help you accomplish several things: Get your name out there, create networking opportunities and establish a sense of authority. In marketing your business it is important to think about and consider your business and target clientele. Are you looking to build local B2B relationships or grow a local business? If these are your primary goals, the local Chamber of Commerce is a good place for you. We have programs, services and opportunities for every size business and are a great partner in taking next steps toward growth.

Jaime Henning Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is Lincoln’s leading business organization, with over 1,600 businesses with one strong voice for business advocacy and growth. As a community builder, we have helped advocate for key projects and have promoted a new atmosphere that embraces talent and entrepreneurship. We want you to be part of our organization and we will go to work to help you grow your business as we advocate for a positive business climate in Lincoln. If you would like to be part of our organization, call us at (402) 436-2350.” Your People: Speaking of talent acquisition, with the growth of a business comes adding members to your team as it becomes clear which areas would benefit from the additional support. These individuals will be critical to the success of your efforts. As many business owners can relate, across all industries, hiring the right people is no easy task. For those who don’t yet have the resources to allocate to an HR professional or department in-house, a partnership with a local staffing company is advised. “As I mentioned recently pertaining to those who are starting a business, there are a lot of unseen costs when hiring your own staff,” says Sue Ellen Stutzman of Nesco Resource. “The same of course holds true with those who are working on growing their businesses. There is the time that it takes

Do you want to be a manager who changes people’s lives? Join us at Talent Plus ® for the official launch and book signing of Managing to Make a Difference, written by Lincoln local, Larry Sternberg, with co-author, Kim Turnage. Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 | Time: 4:00 p.m.

Order Your Copy Today! | 1.800.varsity | One Talent Plus Way, Lincoln, NE 68506


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to run the ads, screen resumes, and schedule the interviews, not to mention all of the new hire paperwork, insurance, payroll and payroll taxes, workers comp, and unemployment. All of these things can be very costly to a small business owner. Nesco Resource will come alongside to help you with any or all of those items. It is always best to be prepared for the future growth of your business. Don’t wait until the need is so overwhelming and you feel as though you are drowning. Instead, plan ahead have your lifeboat in the water and waiting. By doing Sue Ellen Stutzman so, you will be able to partner with those who hold your same core values and want to see Nesco Resource you succeed. Similarly, talk to others in the small business community and learn from their mistakes. Be open to new ideas and ways of doing things, as it can only enhance your business and your customer experience.” Expanding on hiring while also focusing on talent development once the right people are in place, Dr. Kim Turnage of Talent Plus further advises, “Recruiting and developing the right people is the number one factor that will drive the growth of your business. As Jim Collins said, ‘First who, then what.’ Every time you hire a new person, you’re making a bet that this person will drive the growth of your company. Talent Plus ® offers scientifically validated assessments that substantially improve your odds of getting it right, and provide the insights necessary to engage and develop that Dr. Kim Turnage person. Our new book, Managing to Make a Talent Plus Difference (Wiley), brings together decades of experience and best practices into a practical handbook for managers and leaders who want to build high-performing teams, fully engage every person on those teams, and maximize the performance of individuals and the business as a whole. All companies must embrace the accelerating rate of change. To remain competitive, companies must rapidly adapt. This requires employees at all levels to have learning agility, receptiveness to new ideas and an appetite for change. Scientific assessments can detect these traits (or the lack of them). When managers have insight into their employees’ strengths, they can empower their people to be the engine for change and growth. Currently there’s a lot of buzz now about Millennials, and that generation is the workforce of the future. Leaders and managers need to retain and build on the talent that has grown their business in the past and seamlessly integrate it with the talent that will grow their business for the future. Talent selection and talent development are the great equalizers in that process because talent transcends age and experience. Understanding talent allows you to build high-performing teams of people who bring their A-game to work every single day. When you do that, you can’t help but achieve the growth goals you have for your business. After investing in your people and optimizing their growth, earning the loyalty of your existing customers should be your next priority to optimize the growth of your business. Retaining customers and winning their continued loyalty costs less and returns more for your investment relative to finding new customers. Your people are the tip of the spear for cultivating healthy, long-term client partnerships. Visit to explore selecting, developing and retaining the right people in your organization today.” Your Strategy: After taking into consideration everything we’ve covered so far, you’ll want to incorporate those items and any other things that will play a part in the growth of your business into an actionable plan to follow moving forward. In relationship to your processes in place, John Fulwider of gear80 offers the following insight: “Six Key Components™ must be managed and strengthened to grow a great business. 1. Vision: Get everyone in the organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. 2. People: Surround yourself with great people, top to bottom, because you can’t achieve a great vision without a great team. 3. Data: Boil your organization down to a handful of objective numbers that

give you an absolute pulse on where things are. 4. Issues: Become great at solving problems throughout the organization and making them go away forever. 5. Process: ‘Systematize’ your business by identifying and documenting the core processes that define the way to run your business. This is the secret ingredient in your organization. 6. Traction: Bring discipline and accountability into the organization, taking the vision down to the ground and making it real. This model applies to big and small businesses John Fulwider alike, in any industry. The same 136 issues bug entrepreneurs in every industry, in every business gear80 climate. To the extent you can strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business, those 136 things fall into place Lincoln startups like Bluestem Fiber and Bulu Box, as well as long-established businesses like Executive Travel and Firespring, grow using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® described in the book Traction by Gino Wickman. Three of the four Lincoln firms on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies run EOS®. The power of EOS® is that it is real world, simple and practical. There’s no theory here or flavor of the month; no magic pills; just timeless, field-tested tools that really work.” He concludes, “‘Vision without traction is hallucination.’ You must manage and strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business—Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction—to achieve your dreams for your business. But you should not, and cannot, do it alone. Use the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to build a healthy, cohesive leadership team to whom you can Delegate and Elevate, freeing you up to do those things you love to do and are great at doing.” Many of us here in Lincoln would consider ourselves on the mission of growing our businesses. Being in such good company, we can all benefit from each other. Having a team of trusted professionals at your disposal when needed it invaluable, and we encourage you to get in touch with local experts to help you take your business to the next level.






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Company retreats, when planned and executed properly, can truly do a world of good for your organization. What used to be largely considered a frivolous excursion of forced bonding during which time zero work happens has had a much-needed makeover in recent times in favor of a more balanced approach. As company retreats have evolved, they’ve become quite conducive to accomplishing forward progress without the feeling of actually doing work. Now more structured and with specific goals in mind for what should come from the experience, there’s generally time allotted for work (in the non-traditional sense) and play as a group in equal parts. Just getting out of the confines of the day-to-day work environment and into a different place altogether can set the stage for improvement in many different areas, individually and collectively. It can be the conduit for increased productivity, improved morale, and facilitate the development of meaningful relationships that extends back into the workplace when the event has concluded. It can help to encourage creativity and provides the opportunity for an open exchange of ideas where everyone is on the same level. This temporary-but-profoundly-impactful equal playing field allows you to become better acquainted with your team as a boss or for those in leadership roles, with each other as co-workers, or with others in different departments or teams, all together while doing something fun or interesting. And that’s just a quick run-down of the more prominent benefits. As far as planning a company retreat goes, you’ll want to set a budget, select the location(s), structure the agenda to include meaningful activities, and arrange for the necessities, such as a meal, downtime, transportation, etc., or even lodging accommodations if you’re venturing on a trip together. For those who are considering planning such an event in Lincoln or surrounding areas, we’ve provided a few ideas to consider. We’ve also tried them out ourselves as a team, so they are all Strictly Business approved! (And for those who are thinking about planning a trip for their company retreat, our team just ventured on one and detailed our experience, so make sure to check out our travel series feature in this month’s issue to check out what we did on ours!) Experience The Great Outdoors There is something very restorative about fresh air and getting outdoors, whether for the entire day or just a few hours. Add in your choice of enjoyable activities and you’re all set! Since it is common for coworkers to get together outside of the workplace and enjoy a few adult beverages off the clock on occasion, it’s an even better proposition when you get paid to do the same thing! We are lucky to have many great breweries and wineries in the area, and the latter provides the opportunity to get a little ways out of town and into nature for a more relaxed, leisurely feel along with the space and freedom to incorporate both indoor and outdoor activities on site. It’s pretty safe to say that very few people would be disappointed with a corporate retreat that involved a winery outing. The newest addition to the local winery scene, Capitol View Winery & Vineyards recently opened and is ready to host your group! “When you are planning a retreat or teambuilding event it is important to find a location where your group can unwind and relax,” advises Les Meyer of Capitol View Winery & Vineyards. “Most are more innovative, open to new ideas and challenges don’t seem so bad when they are in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Our quiet country setting is the perfect place to get away for a rejuvenating experience as a team. Here at Capitol View Winery & Vineyards we have a comfortable Les Meyer indoor space and with our property spanning Capitol View Winery 22 acres, there is plenty of space for outdoor & Vineyards

activities and many possibilities for configuration based on your needs and wants. Located just a short 15 minutes from downtown Lincoln, you can plan to stay for the day or include it as a part of the day’s itinerary. Our staff will work with groups on everything from the setup of meeting space anywhere on the property that’s desired to making arrangements for catering, making it possible to focus on the purpose of the retreat or corporate event. Our guests are also welcome to bring their own food or snacks, or bring in their favorite vendor for catering. For those seeking a unique experience, we are happy to do tours of the vineyard and production area and offer wine tastings.” He also offers the following suggestion: “Similar to the benefits of getting out of the office, with so many spending the majority of their time behind screens at work – computers, smartphones, mobile devices, etc. - the opportunity for personal interaction that a company retreat provides is invaluable. Consider eliminating the use of devices for all or part of your event and instead, spend the time talking with one another face-to-face. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.” You might recognize James Arthur Vineyards as a classic here in Nebraska, and it’s an excellent destination for a company retreat too. As a team, simply enjoy the natural beauty of the estate and their signature wines together, or plan team-building activities to do during your stay. The facilities on-site offer a warm and relaxed atmosphere that’s ideal for breakthrough thinking and highly effective meetings. James Arthur Vineyards is the largest winery in Nebraska and is located near Raymond about 10 miles from downtown Lincoln, which makes it a close enough trip to be James Ballard James Arthur Vineyards able to get out of the city without breaking the bank on travel expenses. “We can host any size group, and offer tours of our grounds and facilities, samples of our award-winning wines or scheduled tastings, and an opportunity to unwind with your co-workers,” says James Ballard of James Arthur Vineyards. “We have several private party spaces featuring comfortable furnishings, rich décor, spectacular views that have been popular among companies booking meetings and retreats, and we do have customized catering options as well. Every summer we host special events at James Arthur Vineyards that could easily be incorporated into a company event too.” Bryson Airboat Tours, which is situated along the banks of the Platte River near Fremont, NE, is another great option for getting your group away from the office, out of the city, and into the great outdoors. With the group packages, you’ll not only have access to unlimited airboat rides during your scheduled time, but there’s a nice entertaining area that accommodates groups of all sizes. Amenities on-site include a grilling area with plenty of tables and seating, horseshoe pits, sand volleyball, swimming in the river, bean bag toss, and you are also welcome to bring games of your own or set up various activities for your attendees to take part in while they’re not on the airboat. “In terms of finding something unique for a company retreat, truly just hopping on one of our tour boats and going for an airboat ride is going to be a completely different experience for anybody,” emphasizes Bryson of Bryson’s Airboat Tours. “Our three hours of fun package is the most popular, as it’s a good amount of time to get everyone out on the boat at least once if not more depending on the size of your group. While the airboat rides are generally the highlight of the outing for most, I’ve seen so many different ways that our guests have utilized Bryson the outdoor space for team-building activities Bryson’s Airboat Tours that have been a big hit. As a word of advice, for anyone who chooses to have an outdoor event in Nebraska, consider spending money on renting a tent just in case, whether it’s shelter from a sporadic rain shower that pops up or to have a designated place to get out of the sun for a bit, especially in July and August. We book events from Memorial Day through Labor Day and can still accommodate your retreat this season.”

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Paint. Drink. Have Fun. Sign Up For A Party And Join The Fun! JUNE 2017 Strictly Business 63

Get Creative There’s no better way to get the creative juices flowing than to engage in something artistic together. A local paint and sip studio here in Lincoln, Pinot’s Palette delivers the perfect blend of entertainment, relaxation, creativity, inspiration, fun and social interaction. Featuring a very cool purpose-built studio, fine wines (and great beers too), a treasure trove of copyrighted paintings to choose from that have been designed by its national network of artists, and of course, plenty of paint at your disposal, you’ll have an instructor who is actually J. Christopher Cook a trained artist guide your team through the Pinot’s Palette creation process. While listening to great tunes, everyone will get to do their own thing with their paintings while still being considered a group activity. At the end of the experience, everyone will take home their very own masterpiece! Or, display them all in the office or your place of business – it’s very cool to see all of the variations and people’s different interpretations of the same design side by side. “We are fortunate to have highly skilled artists in our Lincoln studio that facilitate the classes, which can be booked as private events,” says J. Christopher Cook of Pinot’s Palette. “We can also design unique paintings for groups and parties to fit with the theme or your décor. We’re happy to help you plan and will do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have.” Hit The Lanes The bowling alley is one of those iconic places that appeals to just about everyone, eliminating much of the worry about people not being able to participate or being out of their element in doing so. For those who plan to hit the lanes for their company retreat, Jennifer Davis-Korn of 48 Bowl offers the following suggestions: “A bowling center might not be the first venue you think of for a company retreat, but using one of the 48 Bowl, Inc. centers (Parkway Lanes or Hollywood Bowl) has its advantages. First of all, we’ve got meeting space, games and food, all in one place, making your planning and transition time between activities a snap. Our staff can assist you with planning a


Strictly Business JUNE 2017

teams tournament using traditional or fun, alternative scoring methods. If you provide us with names and teams in advance, we can provide you with complete scoring results at the end of your play. If you are planning to provide food for your staff, we can help connect you with Fred’s at Parkway (American Fare with numerous ‘Best Of Lincoln’ awards for their burgers) to set up buffet-style or pre-ordered meals. If your event is at Hollywood Bowl, you may arrange to bring in whatever food you like! Beverage service at both centers is easy with our full line of soft drinks, spirits, wine, and extensive draught and bottled beer menu. We have years of experience working with groups and budgets of all sizes. If you are unsure of what your budget is able to provide, give us a call and we can help you put together a package that meets your group’s needs. Call and ask to speak with a manager about a group event at Parkway Lanes at (402) 483-7763 or Hollywood Bowl at (402) 466-1911.” Catch A Game Sporting events are also a fun way to get together as a team – it’s quite fitting. Here in Husker country, there are opportunities aplenty. There’s another popular option that’s familiar to most - hockey games with our own Lincoln Stars! These events are so much fun, and it’s easy and affordable to make arrangements for groups of all sizes. There are several private spaces available, which are particularly nice for getting together because it allows for conversation amongst one another and everyone has a great view of the game all the while. And it fits nicely into the schedule for those who don’t have much spare time to allocate to a company retreat but still want to make it happen. Good Eats & Tasty Treats Keeping the team’s energy up is important for the success of company retreats, so most times arranging for a meal or snack will be in order. There are situations when you’ll want something quick, easy, and not terribly messy. For these, a sandwich tray from Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is the way to go. Or perhaps you want to cap off the day’s or afternoon’s events with a nice dinner, or start off with a good lunch. Consider making a reservation in the Haymarket, as there’s so much other great stuff for groups to do while they’re down there! Yowie’s Lodge Sports Bar is an excellent option for groups who wish to dine in and also offers event catering off-site. With summertime upon us – or any time of the year, really - you might want to consider treating your team to a refreshing delicacy from Rita’s of Lincoln! “What better way to recharge at a company retreat or outing than refreshing and delicious Rita’s Italian Ice or Frozen Custard,” says Mike Malone with Rita’s of Lincoln. “With over 80 flavors of Italian Ice and a large variety of flavors of frozen custard, there is something for everyone and every event. For any size group, consider a Rita’s treat to be part of your retreat!” Mike Malone Travel In Style Rita’s of Lincoln Arranging for group transportation is a great alternative to coordinating to meet at a specific destination as it provides more time for conversation in between events. It’s also the responsible way to go when drinking is involved, even if it’s just a few. “Our fleet includes a wide array of sedans, SUVs, several different sizes of limousines, and a 34-passenger limo bus, allowing us to accommodate both small and large groups,” says Lori Hiebner of Leisure Limousine & Sedan. “We are a premier transportation service, so you can count on us to provide a safe and professional experience Lori Hiebner no matter what you have planned for your Leisure Limousine & Sedan company retreat.” To sum things up, we encourage you to find the time to plan and execute your own company retreat, and if you’re staying local, to utilize the venues and vendors here in our community to set the stage for the magic to happen. It’s truly well worth your time, as the benefits are numerous and extend far beyond what we’ve covered thus far. The hardest part of any event is planning it, so turn to the experts for support and guidance with that and you’re well on your way to a company retreat that will yield the results you desire.

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When it comes to what is required of us in order to maintain our health and wellness as we age, much like the journey that is life, some things change while other things stay the same. One is considered a senior at the still-youthful-by-today’s-standards age of 65, and with many more fortunate enough to live to see triple digits than ever before, the diversity among this population is evident. That being said, there are commonalities, and we’ve consulted with the professionals to keep you informed.

Not all Assisted Living, Independent Living, or Alzheimers/Memory Care Communities are created equal. Some communities offer higher levels of care for your loved one’s needs. We know what communities will truly allow your loved one to stay in their new home longer, YOU don’t have to look for care on your own!

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“As the Baby Boomer generation ages we see an even more actively diverse population approaching,” says Connie Chisholm of Immanuel. “In our industry we think of health and wellness from a body, mind and spirit perspective. One of the most important things anyone can do to positively impact their health and wellness is to stay active. Of course, staying physically active with exercise is always good. Remaining mentally active can be accomplished as easily as continuing to read, participating in a lifelong learning event or perhaps taking a role in a play where line memorization is necessary. Caring for Connie Chisholm our spiritual or emotional wellness might be as Immanuel simple as joining a social group, scheduling time with friends or attending weekly worship services. Health and wellness choices are really up to the individual.” She also notes, “Like all other significant life stages, retirement or selecting senior housing take special planning. It is likely that this next generation of seniors will be more apt to pursue senior living communities offering healthyliving services and programs that will complement their more active lifestyles. It is a good idea to begin searching for the right community while the need isn’t so immediate and prior to a health crisis. Having a plan for senior living removes much of the stress of downsizing or just making such a significant life change. AgeWell by Immanuel offers programming and events designed specifically for seniors. From weight training, yoga and group fitness classes to lifelong learning programs and our Speaker Series events to music ministries, Bible study and worship groups. All created with the health and wellness of the senior in mind.” Much like all of our other health-related feature stories, nutrition and exercise are fundamental to maintaining good health for seniors, and as such, you’ll find them to be recurring themes touched on by the local professionals with whom we consulted across all specialty areas. As one ages, there are lifestyle adjustments that will need to be made in these two key areas. Kelli Reilly, PT, ATC of Husker Rehabilitation explains, “General deconditioning is common for many seniors and often will set them up for a fall or injury to happen. During the aging process, muscles thin out and progressively weaken, arthritic changes occur from years of joint stress, and flexibility diminishes, often limiting range of motion across a joint. Because these changes naturally occur with age, it is imperative that you stay active in some form of exercise activity daily and maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. Proper, balanced nutrition is vital to muscle recovery, strength building, regulating blood Kelli Reilly pressure and blood sugars (which can precede Husker Rehabilitation a fall or balance issues) and can also either contribute to or ward off inflammation in the body. Maintaining strong and healthy muscles through proper exercise and nutrition can greatly impact your preventative health and help you avoid severe injuries secondary to deconditioning. Furthermore, postural patterning occurs in our bodies often pulling us

into certain positions due to postural habits or anatomical adaptations. Repositioning our bodies to give muscles the ability to fire better and giving our joints better mobility is key to injury prevention and recovery. Avoid shifting your weight onto one leg all the time when standing or crossing the same leg over the other as a force of habit. Other examples would be to avoid carrying your purse on the same shoulder or the groceries in the same arm. Disrupting these habits and finding a more balanced state throughout your body will be helpful towards staying healthy! When injury does occur, rehabilitation is key to restoring you back to health and back to those daily events and activities that you love. Whether you have had a knee replacement, a rotator cuff injury, chronic back pain, arthritis limitations or balance impairments, a trained Physical Therapist can attempt to help you get back to your normal and desired activities without pain or limitations. At Husker Rehabilitation, we also offer a Wellness Membership at select locations that allows you to come and exercise in our gym environment to improve or maintain your health preventatively or post-injury! Seniors looking for fall prevention, balance improvements, postural improvements, general body strengthening or recovery from an injury or surgical procedure would be welcomed into Husker Rehabilitation for an impairment evaluation assessment and would work through exercises and functional tasks to improve his/her condition. She also offers helpful tips for those who hope to avoid issues or complications in the future. “It could be beneficial to put an emergency healthcare plan in place while you are healthy in the event that an accident or injury would occur. What measures do you want in place in case of an accident or fall that may result in an injury? Who will be available to stay with you or provide you with additional care for your needs? Having an action plan in place could save your loved ones a lot of questions when timely decisions would be warranted. I would also encourage learning about fall prevention and fall-proofing your home! We can provide you with great ways to accomplish this and there is also great information about this online. Another beneficial thing to do is to stay on top of your prescribed medications and consult with a pharmacist or physician about negative side effects or drug interactions that might be causing dizziness or balance issue that could lead to a fall/injury.” In agreement, Kris Beckenbach of Guardian Angels advises, “Remaining as active as possible, sustaining good nutrition and remembering to take medications properly are important to everyone’s health. Elders may find their days slipping by with little accomplished. A visit from a caring professional may be the encouragement needed to get up and move, enjoy a nicely prepared meal, and take the right medications at the right time. Guardian Angels assisting with these basic needs can help people achieve the goal of remaining independent while loved ones are assured of their wellbeing. Kris Beckenbach Guardian Angels At Guardian Angels we believe that every person has inherent dignity that age does not take away. We encourage elders to remain as independent as possible wherever they choose to live. Lincoln is blessed with many beautiful senior living communities for those who make that choice. In our 14 years of helping people, we’ve found that remaining in the home provides a quality of life that can’t really be found anywhere else. What barriers are there to staying at home? Are getting groceries and preparing nutritious meals a challenge? Has bathing become difficult or unsafe? The decision to remain at home should be coupled with open conversations with family about expectations.” She also touches on the importance of utilizing respite resources for caregivers, whose health may be negatively impacted by caring for a loved one full-time. “Adult children are the first to be impacted when elder’s needs arise. Women, who may be working and raising their own family, often become the primary caretaker. They find themselves stretched between the demands of their own life and the guilt of trying to meet their parent’s needs. Caregivers may find themselves missing work, unhappy in their relationships, and their own health and wellbeing compromised. Everyone is stressed and unhappy but it’s difficult to pinpoint why. Let’s be honest, very few of us are comfortable providing a bath or changing a brief for our parent or in-laws. Peace of mind for everyone involved is available by engaging reliable help from a trustworthy source like Guardian Angels. Let professional caregivers do the shopping, laundry, cooking, transportation, bathing and continence care. Family members should spend quality time with each other! That’s the goal of in-home assistance.”

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Going back to rehabilitation, she also notes, “Guardian Angels has recently implemented tracking of hospital stays and discharges for our clients. This is important to facilities as they work to meet federal mandates regarding readmission following a hospital stay. We are proud to be innovating to help our partners in the health care community meet their goals while serving our clients.” With respect to preserving proper function of our bodies and minds as we age, Christy Merritt of The Waterford Communities further emphasizes, “Stay active, stay active and stay active - both physically and mentally. Even seniors who have limited mobility can benefit from stretching and breathing exercises. Reading, doing puzzles and conversing with others are good ways to keep the brain active. Above all don’t let yourself be isolated; everyone needs connection. Find the activity that suits you and stay with it. She also touches on the importance of adequate Christy Merritt and consistent fluid intake. “Urinary tract infections The Waterford can wreak havoc on seniors causing memory Communities issues, confusion, and other medical issues. Many times these infections are brought on by not consuming enough fluids. Staying hydrated is not on the top of many of our resident’s checklist so we try to offer a variety of beverages and encourage our seniors to keep pushing fluids.” In general, for all aspects of daily living that contribute to good health, she advises, “The Waterford Communities provides assisted living and memory care for seniors. Assisted living allows for seniors to maintain as much independence as possible while having help with daily activities such as cooking, bathing and taking medications. It’s important to educate yourself on what options are available for different types of care. What are the differences between skilled nursing, independent living, and assisted living? Also look at your current living situation. Would your home be adaptable to in-home care if possible? Many insurance policies will cover home modifications in order to allow seniors to stay in their homes longer.” Those with hearing loss are also at risk for decline in health due to isolation. It takes approximately 7 years for someone to admit they have a hearing loss. During that time, it’s very likely that person has slowly withdrawn from social activities, “because it is easier to stay home than to deal with distorted conversations,” says Audiologist Leslie Frank MS, CCC-A of Nebraska Hearing Center. Recent studies from Johns Hopkins show that hearing loss may play a role in dementia or Alzheimer’s. Certain areas of the brain are used Leslie Frank to process sound and speech. According to the study, when those areas of the brain are not being Nebraska Hearing Center used, it may lead to dementia. “At Nebraska Hearing Center, we encourage all adults to have their hearing tested annually,” Leslie states. “Once a baseline is set, you can then monitor any changes. We take away all excuses because hearing evaluations at Nebraska Hearing Center are free. Prevention is the key. Wear earplugs when vacuuming, mowing the yard or attending concerts. After your baseline is set, it is recommended to monitor your hearing annually. At Nebraska Hearing Center, we encourage you to treat your hearing like any other annual checkup – which is why we offer the free hearing evaluations.” Technology is really changing the world of hearing. Nebraska Hearing Center offers wireless technology. Phone calls, music and TV stream directly into the hearing aid. The technology greatly improves the clarity. Clients have reported noticing a big difference when in meetings, noisy places, or while at church. Nebraska Hearing Center also offers a new tinnitus device, and clients who have had ringing in their ears for years are no longer hearing it. Common signs to look for regarding hearing loss are: • Your loved one can hear loud noises and voices, but can’t understand conversations. • They overuse the word “what.” • The TV volume is too loud for others. • They have trouble holding a conversation in a noisy environment, like a restaurant. • They have ringing in their ears.

When looking for a hearing professional, be sure to work with an audiologist. Find a professional who you are comfortable with because adjusting to hearing aids is a process. Seniors look forward to gatherings with friends and family. Why not be an active participant and enjoy those gatherings? If aids can make life more enjoyable, it is worth the investment.” Also speaking to the issues that arise with increased isolation that are more prevalent in the senior population, Jolee Urbanovsky, a new but experienced consultant at Bridge to Better Living, offers the following advice: “As we age social isolation frequently occurs and has the potential to lead to poor nutrition, improper medication regimes, and serious health concerns. Less space and fewer materialistic items are needed as we grow older, because it is more important to keep using our brains, embrace opportunities to make new friends and have increased social opportunities. Seniors who accept Jolee Urbanovsky and adapt to changes as they occur enjoy a Bridge to Better Living higher quality of life. Knowing resources for the

changes one may experience as he or she ages is a bonus. Bridge to Better Living is passionate about placing their clients where a better quality of life awaits them. At Bridge to Better Living (BBL), we assist with finding living options in Independent, Assisted, Memory Care and Long Term Care. Families and individuals contact us not only when being proactive about their retirement living, but also when faced with a new or changed diagnosis or in a time of immediate need. We always recommend families have a ‘Plan B’ and be proactive in looking at retirement living options. Choices are less stressful when there is not a crisis situation. When thinking of making a move to a senior living community, use a local company as opposed to a computer search. We take the time to understand clients and their families socially, medically, physically, and even financially. You’ll have the opportunity to work with consultants who have a broad background in each aspect of senior care (home health, administration, community resources and living options), which results in a better understanding of your own unique needs. Above all, work with someone you are comfortable with and trust. The only guarantee in life is change, so there are important questions need to be answered in order to plan accordingly. When is it no longer safe to remain home? What specific needs exist and what type of community would best meet these needs? Relying on an expert such as the consultants at Bridge to Better Living removes the stress and worry accompanying difficult situations.” As also previously mentioned, there are many things occurring later on in life that may lead to depression, particularly with isolation being such a common concern. “At CarePatrol we help and work with a lot of seniors and their families, and with that, we come across a good number of seniors who are experiencing depression,” says Theron Ahlman of CarePatrol of Nebraska. “The changes that often come later in life like retirement, the death of loved ones, increased isolation, and medical problems can lead to depression. Depression prevents seniors from enjoying life like they used to, and goes beyond Theron Ahlman mood and can impact energy, sleep, appetite CarePatrol of Nebraska and physical health. Many of the seniors who are experiencing depression are living alone, and are sitting in their house all day long doing not doing much or just watching TV. Socialization can really help with depression as it’s needed to keep their mind active like it should be, and it’s always nice to visit and talk with others during the day. Taking medication wrong and having your body thrown off by missing a dose, or taking it at different times each day can really mess up your body and once again lead to being lazy, out of it or just not feeling right to want to go out and live life. Depression may be able to be helped by a move to an Independent Living or Assisted Living community where there are many activities for the senior to take part in, and many people to visit with during the day. The assisted living community will make sure they are getting three meals a day, taking medication correctly and encourage the senior to take part in activities that are being put on by the community. CarePatrol helps the family or senior for free find the safest and best fit Independent Living or Assisted Living community and can give the family the answers as to what community is more active, offers quality food, has medication kept in the room or on a cart, and

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who offers the highest levels of care care as assisted living communities offer a > Left side: 1-24 hour > space range of care levels. >Services are Affordable, Dependable and Professional (not all in one line, do your magic Mercedes) > Right families Side: under that ElderCare Handbook change the verbage tothey “For Community Options, For the senior or their areResource worried about depression, can always contact usMagic) at (402) 785-2262 as we have CarePatrol educational > cards that we are happy to send out, and can talk with them about the different options >available them. offer a flip livethecall medication on our web siteto there shouldWe be no also caps and could we logo box and the website box? reminder program where seniors can receive calls during the day to talk to them and make sure they are doing good. At CarePatrol we don’t care where a senior wants to live, as long as they are safe and enjoying life as much as they can.” “Oftentimes, small health issues can cause seniors to feel like they are losing their independence,” adds Melissa Smith of Care Consultants for the Aging. “Declining eyesight, mobility problems, and memory issues can lead to losing the ability to drive, fall risks, and everyday tasks becoming more difficult to perform unassisted. This can affect both their mental and their physical wellbeing. It is important for seniors to address these issues early on and for families to keep aware of how they are affecting their loved ones. Making sure seniors have mental stimulation, Melissa Smith companionship, transportation for outings and Care Consultants assistance with personal care or household chores for the Aging can help keep these issues under control. This can come from family members or loved ones, outside caregivers, senior centers, adult day centers or in a facility. Staying active, both physically and mentally, can make a lasting impact on a senior’s health and wellness. Many seniors find it helpful to have a caregiver assist them in their home with tasks such as bathing, dressing, and laundry to keep them safe and healthy without taking away their independence. Having a caregiver they know in the home can make life changes less stressful. Care Consultants refers caregivers who are CNAs and can assist seniors with companionship, personal cares, light housekeeping and much more. We have caregivers available from 1 up to 24 hours a day and on an ongoing, consistent basis or for short-term assistance in an emergency. This flexibility gives families the peace of mind knowing their loved one is being cared for by a qualified and caring individual and assures the senior that they can stay safe and healthy without losing their independence. Care Consultants also produces the ElderCare Resource Handbook, a complete listing of services for seniors in the Omaha/Council Bluffs and Lincoln areas. Divided into five tabbed sections including ‘Government, Financial & Legal,’ ‘Medical Support,’ ‘Home Health Care & Support Services,’ ‘Living Options,’ and ‘Senior Services,’ the Handbook is a go-to resource for seniors and professionals in the community. The ElderCare Resource Handbook can be purchased for $8 or $12 with shipping. Call (402) 488-3771 in Lincoln or (402) 398-1848 in Omaha to get your copy or go online at www. to view the Handbook for free. It is always beneficial to decide what kind of care you may want and to communicate your wishes to your loved ones before a crisis occurs too. Get your legal matters in order and determine who will be helping you make medical and financial decisions. It is also important to research home care and facilities to decide how you would like to spend your time if you come to a point where you need assistance with your daily routine. Waiting until a crisis

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or medical event occurs can lead to rushed and less thought out decisions.” Also along the lines of maintaining independence, Riley Sessions of Old Cheney Rehabilitation notes, “We recognize that our clients are motivated to get back to living their lives, and do all that we can to help get them to that point. Seniors can experience any number of health setbacks that would require short-stay rehabilitation, and have varying goals that must be taken into account accordingly. We’re not a long-term care facility, so everyone has the goal of getting back to where they were living before. Since it’s a certainty that the stay will not be long-term, it creates an environment where Riley Sessions everyone has that peace of mind and shares a Old Cheney Rehabilitation sense of motivation to recuperate. Our mantra is to get you back to doing what you love sooner. Whether that’s getting back on the golf course after a full knee replacement or being able to rejoin your friends for dinner and events at your independent or assisted living home after a fall or illness, we work together as a team to make that happen. With a wealth of resources at our disposal and specialists in-house for physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as a full gym set up for anything you might experience with daily living in your home environment, there’s always full optimism that you’ll leave our facility within the 30 days ready to get back to living your life on your terms. Even after returning home, clients are able to return for outpatient therapy with the same professionals with whom they’ve developed a relationship during their stay. There are also a few misconceptions about rehabilitation facilities in general that I feel are very important to address. Seniors often have the fear that if they need to stay overnight in a care facility of any type, that they may be forced to stay there forever. That’s not our goal nor is that the case with any of our clients, but we do recognize that it’s a common concern. It’s our promise that we’ll do everything in our power to get you back to enjoying life. Likewise, many people see the beautiful state-of-the-art facilities and instantly equate that with being exorbitantly costly. For those with Medicare, which includes the typical hospital stay coverage, with a doctor’s order short-term rehabilitation will be covered and you’ll generally pay nothing out-of-pocket. If you’re planning for a surgery coming up, we invite you to come visit and let us show you around. We can also prepare the paperwork ahead of time to ensure an easy transition, and will provide free transportation from the hospital to our site. And if a health setback should arise unexpectedly, just know we are always here to help.” While there are many resources in town for senior that are fairly straightforward in what they have to offer, others that are incredibly helpful can be found in places you may not expect. For example, Jodi Freeman of Roper & Sons explains, “Roper Jodi Freeman & Sons Funeral Home is more than just a place for Roper & Sons funerals. We offer several community outreach seminars, many of which involve both physical and emotional health. At our monthly Topic Breakfast, held on the third Thursday of each month, there is a topic for everyone. These breakfasts are free, and everyone is welcome to attend. Some recent health-related speakers included a personal coach/ counselor and a nutrition, wellness, and fitness counselor. We also host an annual health fair that allows people to visit with a number of different health and wellness businesses. You can learn more about upcoming events on our website, or contact me if you are interested in speaking.” As for having all of the important items in place, she offers the following advice, “No matter your age or health, it is always important to have your financial and healthcare affairs in order. Name a Power of Attorney (POA) for finances and healthcare, have an asset management plan in place for finances and personal items, ensure that your loved ones know your wishes for healthcare and end of life, and pre-arrange your funeral services, including payment. There are great tools available for planning, but I always advise reviewing those plans with an attorney to ensure that they will hold up in a court should they ever be challenged. Ensure that your POAs are someone you trust implicitly to make the best decisions on your behalf, and that your loved ones know who that person is, especially if he or she is not a family member. Of course, these plans should include your final funeral arrangements. Thinking of your own death, and making final arrangements can be a little daunting, but our Family Service Counselor is here to make the process much easier. Think of pre-arranging your wishes as a final gift you can leave for your

loved ones, to ease their burdens at an emotional time. I can’t stress enough the importance of having your estate, insurance, healthcare, and end of life plans in place, regardless of your age or health. Communication with loved ones, while you are still able, is very important. All too often, major illness or death occurs unexpectedly, and loved ones are left at a complete loss emotionally and financially. Even in the closest of families, emotional turmoil can cause stress and anxiety. When plans are in place, turmoil is lessened to a great extent. There are many wonderful professionals in Lincoln who can help with all aspects of planning and communication - all you need to do is ask!” Jenny Cownie of Legacy Retirement Communities also emphasizes the fact that “It’s important to know all of your options ahead of time so you can make sound decisions based off of reason instead of waiting for a crisis.” As such, she advises, “For seniors, it is very valuable to discuss your plans and desires for the future with a designated family member or desired representative. There are several key documents needed and frankly can be very critical in emergency situations. For instance, if a family member cannot locate important documents like tax returns or bank account information, it could Jenny Cownie delay or even cause the senior to be denied Legacy Retirement benefits like Medicaid or VA benefits. Make sure Communities you have important legal documents in place like durable health power-of-attorney or advanced-health-care-directive so that if you do find yourself with declining health conditions, you have someone you trust making decisions that would be in your best interest. When it comes time to move, do so before a crisis if at all possible, allowing you to enjoy all that your retirement living choice has to offer. Everyone is different, but in most cases, we would fit at the beginning of someone’s retirement living journey with independent living. We then transition our residents into assisted living or memory care as needed. Memory care can oftentimes be a struggle for folks, especially when it comes to finding a good fit for a loved one. At Legacy Arbors, we offer enhanced support through a computer system called It’s Never 2 Late, or IN2L for short. IN2L has improved the quality of our residents through active engagement with the person-centered technology and family connections with the family portal. It allows those with Alzheimer’s or dementia to engage through the senses, engaging in activities like ‘popping’ bubbles on the touchscreen or ‘cycling through’ a redwood forest via stationary bike pedals. Residents can also Skype with family members, allowing them to stay connected. Socialization can make an incredible difference in someone’s health. Studies consistently show that staying socially active is as important to our health as eating well and exercising. As we age, it can be hard to keep social. Retirement communities offer a wide variety of social and enriching activities that promote interaction within your own community. It is a benefit that people don’t realize can be incredibly important. At Legacy Retirement Communities, we provide social events to promote the health and wellness of our residents and the community of Lincoln. We kicked off our summer events in May and these will go until September. It’s an easy and friendly way to experience our communities. You can enjoy the sights and sounds (and food!) of Legacy Retirement Communities. Our Signature Events include our Capital City Culinary Classics, offering a variety of popular classics from Lincoln’s favorite restaurants, our Chef Showcase which includes cooking live cooking demonstrations from our culinary team and our Terrace Town Carnival which is fun for all ages, offering fair-style eats along with carnival games, pony rides and more. Sprinkled in throughout the summer as well are our Patio Parties where visitors can enjoy delicious drinks and appetizers while enjoying live music in our beautiful garden patios. All of the dates are available on our website!” In conclusion, “The key is to have a healthy mind, body, and spirit,” echoes Amy Fish of Lancaster Rehabilitation Center. “The overall health care continuum continues to expand for everyone, including seniors. Services are now available for both long- and short-term needs. Asking for simple assistance early will allow you to stay Amy Fish as independent for as long as possible. Simple Lancaster Rehabilitation things like chore services, Meals on Wheels, or assistance with transportation are all beneficial Center

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services that help seniors retain their independence. It’s important for seniors to take advantage of assistance they may need or intermittent respite care for a spouse or loved one. Seniors deserve to take full advantage of the benefits or programs for which they may qualify. There are many resources and checklists available on about every subject you might have a question as it relates to services for seniors. The guiding information I would share with seniors and their adult children is to identify and define their priorities when evaluating skilled care nursing settings. Beyond the checklists that Medicare or others may provide, tour the facilities in advance, and listen to your gut. Evaluate the environment, gather a better understanding of the services provided, and then decide if it fits your personal preference. I always suggest to adult children to know in advance the insurance coverage benefits their parents may be participating in, and how to access those benefits should they become incapacitated. Know and understand the limitations based on the provider’s participation with programs such as Medicaid, VA, and/or Medicare. That information will help narrow decision making. It is very important to start the conversation and planning before it is needed. Adult children should take the time to engage in conversation regarding the future care needs of their parents or elderly loved ones. Often, when something unexpected happens, we’ll find that those now making decisions on behalf of elders are unaware of things like insurance policies, care directives, or how to manage their affairs in the interim of their recovery. Research in advance the many options for care. Know and understand what is important regarding their preferences for social, spiritual, and clinical care. Also, rely on the expertise of others to help guide the decision-making process. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions in order to ensure you have all the facts. Focus on the most critical decisions first, knowing that there is plenty of help available.” Specifically regarding the services offered at Lancaster Rehabilitation, she notes, “We are proud to serve the skilled nursing needs for our community and state. As the leading provider of post-acute cardiac care, we will assist patients with the transition to home following an acute cardiac trauma or surgery. Lancaster Rehabilitation Center partners with both the CHI Saint Elizabeth and Nebraska Heart Hospital Continuum of Care Network, and the Bryan Health Cross-setting work group to ensure an exceptional patient care experience. In addition, through the services provided on our traditional

long-term care and dementia neighborhoods, we strive to help seniors and their adult children by providing a caring, compassionate home for their loved ones. We are proud of our top notch clinicians and our friendly team of caregivers who provide professional care 24 hours a day. The team at Lancaster Rehabilitation Center can serve as a resource for any long-term, memory support, or short stay rehabilitation needs. Community members are welcome to contact us anytime with questions. We’re here to help!” Beth Friesen of Oasis Senior Advisors also provides the following guidance in closing: “Form a ‘Plan B.’ If your health is good now, start to think about what or where you might like to live when the time comes. Finding the right place means everything to the senior and their family and with so many options available, it’s difficult to know where to turn. Not only can I assist when it is time to find senior living accommodations, but I can connect families with the endless resources that are available all while providing the support and care that caregivers need. Families tell me over and over again, how much time and stress I Beth Friesen saved them as well as how much confidence they Oasis Senior Advisors had that they were truly doing the right thing for their loved one. Also, bear in mind that waiting until you think you should move is often too late. If you are in an environment with social interaction, nutrition services and a safety net of medical resources available at the touch of a button, it can prevent many injuries and illnesses which decrease quality of life. Most people are surprised and delighted to learn that most of these places are fabulous! Contact me and I will arrange the tours and then you can move when the time is right!” As you can see, Lincoln is resource-rich when it comes to health and wellness partners for seniors. Supporting the various needs of seniors in our community, we encourage you to connect with them to learn more well before you may need them.

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Walker Tire & Quick Nick’s Walker Tire has been proud to serve the Lincoln area since 1951, and with the addition of a Quick Nick’s Service Center to every location in 2003, the combination offered many more benefits to customers. Here are just a few that we think you should know about! While Walker Tire and Quick Nick’s are arguably best known for their specialty areas - quality tires and convenient oil changes, Free Oil Changes for Life Program - Best deal in town! Customers respectively - their talented team of certified technicians receive free conventional oil changes from Quick Nick’s with perform many other vehicle maintenance and repair services, the purchase of four qualifying tires from Walker Tire. (The fine including: print: Offer is good at all participating Walker Tire and Quick Nick’s locations. Offer good as often as every 3,000 miles. The Air Duct Cleaning | Air Filter Replacement | Air Intake Cleaning oil change is with our standard oil and filter. Special oil or filters | Aquapel | Battery Replacement | Belts & Hoses | Brakes | are an additional charge. The offer is good for the original Cabin Filter Replacement | Check Engine Light Diagnostics| vehicle and is not transferable. The offer is good for the life of Coolant System | Differential | Engine Oil Cleaner | Engine Oil the tires down to 4/32nds tread depth remaining, as long as Treatment | Fuel Filter Replacement | Fuel Injector Cleaning | the original four tires are in service on the vehicle for a period Fuel Treatment | Headlight Restoration | Bulb Replacement | of up to five years. Free Oil Change for Life certificate must be Power Steering | Timing Belt Replacement | Transfer Case | accompanied by a copy of the original tire purchase invoice at Transmission | Tune-Up time of service.) And if you don’t see what you need listed here, just ask! The following are FREE with your tire purchase:

Free Tire Rotation – Tires will be rotated every 6,000 miles or as deemed necessary to assure maximum mileage. (The fine print: Rotation does not include mounting and dismounting. Does not include labor needed to reset tire pressure monitoring systems.)

Last but not least, there’s the newest addition to the line-up of value-added services – a customer loyalty program! Rewards Club Members enjoy discounts off of services, receive points to spend like cash on future purchases, and receive first notice about special promotions.

Free Tire Inspection – Tires will be inspected for wear, cuts, To sum it up, customers at Walker Tire & Quick Nick’s can snags, holes at any time upon request. expect consistent, quality, trustworthy service time and time Free Air Checks – Free air check and inflation at any of our again plus all of the amazing perks! locations. Proper inflation pressure is recommended at all 9th & M Street - (402) 476-3388 times! 48th & Pioneers - (402) 488-4700 Free Workmanship Guarantee – Tires are covered under 56th & I-80 - (402) 464-3500 the original Manufacturer’s Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials as spelled out by the manufacturer Hours: 7:30 – 5:30 Monday – Friday for the life of the tire up to 5 years. (Walker Tire and Quick 7:30 – 12:00 Saturday | Closed Sunday Nick’s also offer the best protection plans on the market, with options for road hazard coverage, free flat repairs for the life of the tires, lifetime warranty on your vehicle’s major systems with no expiration date or mileage limitations, and more.)

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There are many reasons why one might consider a commercial remodel – repurposing existing space you occupy, adding square footage or desired features, making a new space your own, updating critical components, repairing worn or damaged aspects, or you just feel like a fresh new look is in order, among other possibilities. As you can tell from this brief rundown, there’s much variation in the types of projects that fall under the umbrella of commercial remodeling. While there’s a lot of ground to cover, we’ve compiled some of the most important things to know going into this type of project thanks to our local industry experts! Logistics Defined as the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies, working out the logistics of a project and understanding the process is important. Planning, organization, and management will be critical to getting the results you desire. “Commercial remodeling is more challenging than new construction most of the time,” says Rod Berens of Kingery Construction. “There is a lot more coordination during the project but it is very satisfying to all involved because you get to take something that is old and worn out and make it new again. Many times the owners have the expectation that the architect will include everything in the plans. However, there are usually many decisions to be made during construction. Rod Berens This is especially true during a remodel project. Once construction begins, items Kingery Construction are discovered in the building that were not foreseen. It is my recommendation that owners have money set aside for these items so they do not go over budget. The speed of the project is often at the forefront, as many owners want the project done as quickly as possible. We meet with the owner and architect to discuss materials and how long it takes to get them so everyone is on the same page. We can help with the speed of the project by suggesting similar materials that do not take as long to get. Many times these items are less expensive because they are more readily available.” Also regarding materials and budget, he advises, “Individual tastes will vary but to save money in the future, try and stick to timeless looks and materials. This will save money by not having to upgrade


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and remodel as frequently. There are many upgrades that are smart investments, such as the balance between the return energyefficient fixtures provide and the initial cost of these fixtures. The cost of LED lighting has come down tremendously in the last few years and is much more affordable to operate.” Justin Kurtzer of Cheever Construction also notes, “One constant with commercial remodeling is that there is never an ideal Justin Kurtzer time, but don’t let that deter you from Cheever Construction upgrading your facility. While there will be some inconvenience, there are ways to minimize that and keep your operations running smoothly in the meantime. Our team of experienced professionals at Cheever Construction has a proven track record of performing renovations in many different settings, both occupied and vacant. From small jobs with a limited scope to extensive multi-million dollar projects, this has included schools, churches, office buildings, medical facilities, manufacturing and senior living. We can arrange to perform the necessary tasks or as a full-service commercial general contractor, can provide complete project coordination involving sub-contractors – obtaining competitive bids, administering contracts, and supervising all phases of construction. For each request and environment, we have a unique plan of action in place that takes into account all of the foreseen challenges we’ll encounter along the way so that all parties are on the same page.”

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Infrastructure There are many different components of a commercial building, inside and out, that contribute to daily operations. Many of these are dependent on one another to function properly, and since everything in an existing building is already in place, if you are modifying that it should be done with care and forethought. The goal is two-fold: To make the requested improvements to incorporate new things, but also to restore harmony so that everything continues functioning as it should once the project is complete. Integration of technology is a perfect example. “Acoustics, lighting, HVAC design and infrastructure planning are all too often overlooked when planning commercial spaces,” advises Michelle Brinkman of Echo Systems. “A more sensible approach is to use a design-build construction process and involve your audio-visual systems integrator as early in the design process as possible.” She also offers a few recommendations for integrating technology upgrades during a commercial remodel. “Network-based audio-visual systems provide a new way of distributing sound and video throughout a building using existing network infrastructure. This allows more flexibility and scalability. We’ve also had a lot of requests for sound masking, which creates privacy for confidential conversations. With architectural trends leading to more open office environments, there has become a greater need for more white noise. Next, projector technology that replaces lamps with lasers eliminates the need for replacing expensive bulbs and significantly extends the life of the projector itself as well. Finally, wireless collaboration devices allow anyone to come into a meeting room and give a presentation using their own laptop or tablet. We’ve got many more suggestions to offer at Echo Systems, so I’d advise calling us at (402) 334-4900 to schedule an appointment to come see our Experience Center for design and planning ideas.” Michelle Brinkman Echo Systems

Building automation is another example of technology that needs to be successfully integrated into existing infrastructure.

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A Butler Builder® can bring your vision to life. While Butler® building systems are pre-engineered, their final design is not predetermined. Using Butler’s advanced engineering capabilities, we can help you design a building from the ground up. Even special design elements like skylights, fascias, and entrance systems can be incorporated to produce not just any building, but your building. For systems that meet your building needs, choose Butler. For the experience and expertise to get the job done, choose us, your local Butler Builder®.

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Pat Killeen of Engineered Controls details the possibilities, explaining, “There are several trends that are beginning to surface in the building automation system (BAS) industry. Today buildings of any size and shape can become intelligent buildings. With open protocol technology, multiple subsystems can be connected together, on one network, rather than operating them all independently. This maximizes energy efficiency, lowers maintenance costs and provides centralized building control.

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By integrating heating and cooling, lighting and security functions all within one common BAS platform, a building’s power systems; lighting and illumination; electric power and control; security, video surveillance and magnetic card access; heating, ventilation and airconditioning systems (HVAC); outdoor controls; and elevator controls will all be monitored and controlled from one central location. Studies show that by 2018, it will be the integrated control systems that will show the greatest growth. The largest segments of expected growth are HVAC, which comprises 30% of the market, and security and access controls, which comprise between 40%-50% of the market. While building automation systems have been around since the late seventies and early eighties, the addition of wireless technologies and the integration of wired and wireless systems are driving the market forward. There is a great demand for energy efficient buildings, high#001489 tech devices, and enhanced security systems that are now a central component of the building automation system. Wireless technology will continue to revolutionize the BAS market.”



Pat Killeen

Engineered Controls Building automation systems provide efficient control of internal comfort conditions, individual room control, increased staff productivity, effective use of energy, improved building reliability and life, quick and effective responses to HVAC and security problems, and save time and money. The systems also provide information on problems in the building, allow for computerized maintenance scheduling, are easy and effective for employees to use, and swiftly detect issues when they arise.


He also notes, “By far, anything considered ‘green’ should be a prime target for commercial remodel work. Building owners and energy managers are looking assistance from contractors like Engineered Secondary Font - Arial (when Myriad is notControls available) to help in developing reliable and cost-effective solutions for their specific energy challenges and reducing their carbon footprint. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Seamless Siding ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ A building’s mechanical systems can be optimized by providing supply air and supply water reset programs, automatically adjusting 123456789 • Maintenance Free the temperature of the air or water depending on space demands and outside air temperatures. Mechanical optimization programs also include demand control ventilation programs to provide • Lifetime Warranty Myriadcould Pro right - Semibold the amount of outdoor air required in the building to improve


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the indoor air quality. Additionally, constant volume air and water systems can be converted to variable air and water flow systems, delivering just the right about of air and water based on demand.

Regarding a building’s electrical systems, there are a whole host of ways a BAS can optimize electrical energy in buildings. The simplest and most recognized way is to monitor a building’s electrical energy usage. For most buildings electricity is billed two ways: electrical energy consumption (kWh) or the peak electrical energy usage over a specific period of time (kW demand). A BAS has time-based scheduling programs that can be used to minimize the electrical Myriad Pro - Bold consumption of a building. At the same time, it can also be constantly monitoring the building’s kW demand and as it begins to approach a predetermined peak demand, begin shedding or shutting off electrical loads automatically. TM


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All of these mechanical and electrical optimization solutions are designed to maintain building comfort and maximize energy savings that result in reduced energy bills.”

Matt Collins Oak Electric, Inc.

Specifically regarding the electrical aspect, Matt Collins of Oak Electric, Inc. also offers his professional advice on integration, focusing specifically on upgrading a building’s lighting. “One of the best upgrades during a commercial remodel is lighting. A thoughtful lighting scheme can benefit your business in two separate ways. First, by simply upgrading your current lighting it can set the tone to motivate your employees. Secondly, upgraded lighting can enhance the visual appeal for your customers, making them feel welcome and comfortable.

Currently, the most popular renovation to lighting is to change standard overhead lighting to LED lights. LED lights are available in a variety of different sizes, colors, and options. LED lighting will bring your office space up to date as well as reducing energy consumption.

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For those who are curious about the specifics, LED stands for ‘light emitting diode.’ A diode is an electrical component with two terminals which conduct the electricity only in one direction. With an electrical current, the diode emits a bright light around the small bulb. Nowadays you can’t have a discussion about energy-efficient lights without mentioning LEDs. I strongly encourage anyone looking to upgrade their lighting to consider LED lighting as it offers the best return on your investment. Not only does it provide the visual appeal, but it will last significantly longer than standard fluorescent or incandescent lights.” Space Oftentimes a remodel will be in order to accommodate the growth of a business when another location isn’t being considered. There are generally two options to consider: a buildout or an additional building on the property. For those who are considering the latter, a pre-engineered metal building is a great option. Alternatively, your goal may not be to add more square footage but rather, to utilize the space you do have more effectively or to repurpose the space for a different use. As previously mentioned, many existing commercial buildings are being renovated from dated compartmentalized designs to the trendier and more modern open floor plan. “If you’re renovating a building with the goal of opening up the space, it’s critical to consider the actual structural support of the building and make the appropriate plans to transfer the load,” advises Darin Cielocha of McGill Restoration. “There are different types of strengthening systems, and many employ very innovative methods. Another example of a common improvement that is problematic for older structures is upgrading a building’s equipment to Darin Cielocha updated versions. Originally, they simply McGill Restoration weren’t built to support the weight of the larger, heavier equipment available today. This also necessitates planning to transfer the load in addition to the installation of the equipment. For those who are considering a project that involves restoration of any kind, as a rule of thumb, you’ll want to make sure to take into account how the existing structure will need to be modified to accommodate re-design. While we specialize in giving the exterior of aging buildings a complete facelift, we also consult on a lot of projects involving modifications to the interior of older buildings. You’ll also want to keep in mind that when restoration comes into play, from an architectural and engineering standpoint, the building JUNE 2017 Strictly Business



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will need to be brought up to today’s commercial codes by the time the project is completed. If your goal is to preserve the older look but to give it a more modern appeal, it’s well within our means to do so. But when you’re working with an older building, it’s not just as simple as going right into the demolition process. Structural integrity is fundamental and you’ll want to plan your project and budget with this in mind.”

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Budget With the varying scope of remodeling projects, the same variance is true with respect to cost. It’s important, as was already advised, to plan for the unexpected. Also, while the savvy business owner is always looking to get the best deal, that isn’t always synonymous with the lowest bid. Looking past the number into the specifics of what each company that you’re considering is able to offer is advised. Similarly, you’ll want to take the time to get several bids for comparison, which will help to further inform you about the possibilities for your project. There may be someone out there who is able to present an approach that others haven’t for whatever reason. It’s best to partner with subcontractors and trade professionals who can bring value to the project without sacrificing quality or cutting corners to do so. While very important, project cost is not always the best method of determining which contractor or subcontractor to partner with,” advises Jon Eicher of ABC Electric. “What may seem like a great deal or a low price up front may actually turn out to be a costly long-term decision. We believe that our experience and attention to detail will ultimately give the owner more ‘bang for their buck’ over the long term. I always recommend working with a ‘known entity.’ This is someone who a proven track record, Jon Eicher has an excellent rating with the Better ABC Electric Business Bureau, and can provide references that you are welcome to contact. ABC Electric is a family-owned local business with more than 80 years of continuous service to the community, spanning four generations. We are qualified to perform any and all electrical service you may require and we are responsive and conscientious. Our success is, and has always been, measured by that of our customers. Companies that are confident in their work and living up to the expectations of their customers will be transparent and up-front about the details during the planning stages, will follow-through with their performance on the job, and will stand by their work afterward.”

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He adds, “It is also important to have all of the professionals who will be involved in the project brought on as early as possible. This will not only allow them to contribute their expertise to the design process, but also help with the accuracy of cost estimates for each portion of the project.” Depending on your budget constraints that are present, it can often be tough to choose which upgrades should be made first and which can wait. By looking at the big picture, it will help you make those decisions based on investing in projects with the most justifiable returns. Take energy consumption for example. By making upgrades that increase energy efficiency first, you’ll have a return on that investment that you can allocate to other improvements later on down the line. The use of solar energy to power commercial buildings has become much more prevalent and accessible in recent times; the technology has come such a long way and installation has become quite the expedient process too. “Technological advances in renewable energy resources have made them much more versatile,” advises Drew Coffey of J-Tech Solar. “There are many benefits to investing in the modifications to your building so that you can utilize solar energy as a power source. Today, solar power is more advanced than ever and the installation costs continue to drop. It is an incredible way to help the environment,

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Drew Coffey J-Tech Solar

not to mention the significant cost savings it provides, among other upsides that can have a significant impact on a business’s finances and operations in general. The typical solar system will pay for itself within a 10-year period, and it’s not uncommon to save between $15,000 and $20,000 in energy costs during a 15-year period. Most companies will finance their solar panels over a 5-year period, with the majority of those reporting around a 70% reduction in energy costs. Energy expenses can be tricky to pinpoint, but with solar, you will know exactly how energy will factor into your budget.

Our team at J-Tech Solar will manage every aspect of the project from start to finish. We’ll handle all required permitting to install your system, covering all structural and electrical requirements. We’ll then work with your utility company to complete all interconnection and net metering requirements. Our experienced crews can rapidly and accurately install your system, almost always within 48 hours. Solar power is a brilliant way for businesses, regardless of their size, to go green and increase their profit margins. By reducing overhead and operating costs, companies are able to increase their budgets in other areas and help leave a legacy for our planet.” Essentials There are a few basic essentials that will make a world of difference when it comes to updating your place of business, inside and out. As far as the outside, they are the roof, windows and doors, siding, landscaping, signage, entryway and parking area. Regular upkeep and replacement should be performed on these areas as necessary to ensure that you’re making the best possible impression on visitors and passersby. “Generally with respect to commercial remodeling, I find that clients are often concerned with curb appeal and interested in exterior remodeling as it attracts attention to their business,” advises Dan Klein Jr. of Regal Building Systems. “The attention to exterior details needs tasteful consideration because perception and the impression a person has of your business when they drive by or approach your location will factor into their decision to do business with you. Your location is an extension of your Dan Klein Jr. business and can enhance or detract from Regal Building Systems your reputation, so it should be taken into account accordingly. The most aggressive approach would be completely changing your exterior façade, but as a starting point, you could change the color scheme by repainting. You’ll want to stay aligned with the impression your making with your exterior as your clientele enters the building too. It’s important to keep the front desk and lobby/reception areas updated as well so they always look nice and remain inviting. You’ll find that with the interior, there are options of changing the flooring, paint or other finishes, but one can also consider fresh new furniture. These are often high-traffic areas, so you’ll want to pay close attention to the materials with them all as it’s important they stand up to regular use. Color trends are constantly changing, whether for floor coverings, finishes, or paint. For the most part, they tend to shift in tones annually and migrate to something completely different every 2-3 years. That’s what really keeps spaces looking fresh and up-to-date, so if you haven’t switched it up in a while, it’s something to consider. We often find that just as in residential properties, there’s typically never enough storage. As it’s often neglected, different ways to add it in have evolved out of necessity, and it’s an area we commonly


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revisit as tenants change. While not the most glamorous part of a space to consider, it makes the space more functional, helping increase efficiency and eliminate clutter that detracts from the overall appearance. For those uncertain about what exactly they want to do with their space, a consultation with a contractor will help you generate ideas while also giving you a better idea of the costs that would be associated with those. Prior to meeting, making a list of priorities will help to guide the discussion so that it’s the most productive.” In agreement on the interior aspects, Jacque Lee of EMO Flooring adds, “It’s important to select materials that are durable and colors that are universally appealing. You’ll want to plan ahead and select materials well in advance of your preferred date of installation due to lead times on ordering and scheduling. Be prepared for a two week lead time on each; getting everything in place more than a month in advance is advised. Our talented interior designers on staff can help you with the selection of not only flooring materials, but also paint, countertops, and can advise on anything else so that there’s cohesiveness with the finished product.” Branding is also a strong impression-maker, and signage is critical in helping people identify the location of your business. It’s also often incorporated into the interior design to give a distinct personality to the business and cohesiveness with the exterior signage.

Tony Persons Nebraska Sign

“A company’s brand is what separates them from the competition, making them unique,” advises Tony Persons of Nebraska Sign. “If you’ve spent the money on a great logo design, then you want to be thinking about how you will be showcasing that logo to

everyone who enters your space by making sure it’s prominently displayed, and lit in a way that makes it exciting and appealing. This should be planned out before you start your renovation so that you can make certain that you have enough area and structure to support the type of display you envision, and that you have proper power access so you can light it properly. Being efficient doesn’t have to be the same as being cheap. You can have a sleek, modern space that will appeal to your audience without breaking the bank but it takes good design and planning. You want the design of your interior to strengthen your brand image, and you can certainly accomplish that efficiently without overspending by working with an experienced professional.” He also touches on what’s been on-trend recently with signage. “Many of our clients are choosing to use large, custom-printed wall wraps to create patterns or artistic murals that give their spaces a more modern feel. It’s an affordable option that stands out as opposed to just a single paint color and can create amazing accent walls. We can take a photo or a piece of art and blow it up to fill an entire room.” Commercial remodeling projects vary quite a bit in scope and intended purpose. There’s an array of major and minor improvements that can really help you set the tone and get noticed in a good way, enhance function, or both. Many of these won’t greatly impact your ability to conduct business in the meantime, and if they do, those are things that are much needed or will be well worth it when all is said and done. Sometimes it’s easy to let things such as this go by the wayside in favor of other items that you’ve deemed to take priority, but keeping up with the appearance of your premises is truly just as important as anything else with your business. If there’s something you’ve been thinking about doing to improve the property your business occupies, seeking advice from the local professionals is a great place to start.

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Strictly Business Lincoln June 2017  

Ben Bleicher, Realtor is featured on the June 2017 issue of Strictly Business! You may recognize him as one of the top Realtors in Lincoln,...

Strictly Business Lincoln June 2017  

Ben Bleicher, Realtor is featured on the June 2017 issue of Strictly Business! You may recognize him as one of the top Realtors in Lincoln,...