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Strategic Vision vol. 6, no. 34 (August, 2017)

Conduct Unbecoming Hopes, concerns raised over South China Sea code-of-conduct discussions Editorial Staff

photo: Conor Minto Four F/A-18C fighters fly in formation over the USS Theodore Roosevelt during operations in the Pacific Area of Responsibility.


s ASEAN celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, it is moving closer to achieving a code of conduct on maritime activity in the South China Sea between its member states and China. A draft framework of the code of conduct was made final in May at a meeting of senior officials

the South China Sea. First, ROC Army colonel Lipin Tien examines the legal dimensions of a code of conduct. Next, South China Sea Think Tank Director Jonathan Spangler examines the implications of this development for the United States.

from ASEAN and China that was held in China’s southwestern province of Guizhou. Although not yet publicly released, plans for the code of conduct have produced speculation and raised questions regarding the details of the agreement. Members of Strategic Vision’s editorial board offer their perspectives on how a future code of conduct may affect disputes in

Lipin Tien Vexed territorial claims, suspicion among regional and non-regional states due to interest entanglement, perceived threats from China’s military expansion, and continuing allegations of unfriendly acts continue to undermine the status of the South

Strategic Vision, Issue 34  
Strategic Vision, Issue 34  

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