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sPec’ing dumP trucks: suggestions By Brian Lindgren

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COVER STORY Dump Bodies Round-Up

ANNOUNCEMENTS Dillon Gage Metals Becomes An Associate Member Of The London Bullion Market Association Crysteel Manufacturing Offers Select Custom Dump Bodies Rugby Expands Aluminium Dump Body Line


EXPO PREVIEW California Construction Expo



This month, we take a look at Dump Bodies Round-Up


SAFETY ROUNDUP Personal Protective Equipment PRODUCT NEWS SPECIAL REPORT Spec’ing Dump Trucks: Suggestions by Brian Lindgren c


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CONTRACTOR’S PROFILE Thirty Seven Years Into The Business And Still Going Strong Crysteel Truck Equipment Inc. CONSTRUCTION MARKETPLACE

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Office Matters

Contact Forms That Deliver For many small and medium enterprises, the business website is structured to funnel people towards the contact form. Ideally, potential customers should be directed towards this page so that the entrepreneur can take the business relationship to the next level.


t goes without saying that contact forms continue to remain the preferred means of obtaining client information for both small and medium business ventures. More often than not, they are the first contact point between an entrepreneur and a potential/actual customer. While an optimized contact form increases your odds of conversion, an inappropriate form is likely to result in miscommunication, dissatisfaction and even confusion. If you have not optimized your contact form page, you may be turning away motivated customers without even realizing it. Lisa Barone - the Co-Founder and Chief Branding Officer at Outspoken Media, Inc. - specializes in providing clients with online reputation management, social media services and other Internet services. In an article titled “6 Questions to Ask Yourself for a Better Converting Contact Form” on the Outspoken Media Blog, Barone lists some simple measures to maximize the potential of the ubiquitous “Contact Form”. Her advice is structured in the form of six questions which business-owners should ask themselves. These are reproduced below for reference. PAGE 6

1. Is your contact form easy to find? Just because directing people to your contact form is one of your listed conversion goals, it does not mean that you have done a good job at making the page accessible to the average user. Is it in your main navigation? Can users access it from all of your main service or product pages? You should ensure that anyone who is looking for your contact form will easily be able to locate it on your site. Otherwise you are giving them a reason to hit the back button and go somewhere else. 2. How versatile is your contact form? An optimized contact form allows users to complete a number of different tasks. For example, your contact form should allow users to: • Get in touch with you about services • Contact you about complaints/issues • Talk to you about media/press opportunities • Suggest new features/products/ideas etc. • Offer feedback Users will land on your contact form for a number of different reasons. To serve them equipmentmagazine

better, ensure that you are giving them the opportunity to share why they are there. 3. Do you only ask for what you really need? Most people tend to get intimidated when they land on a contact form page – especially when they are asked to fill in information about themselves including name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc. A good rule of thumb for contact forms is to only ask for what you absolutely need to carry the conversation to the next level. If the person is interested, you can get the rest of the data further along in the process. Gradually build a meaningful and mutually productive relationship with your customer before asking for certain kinds of information. A hasty approach is likely to scare them away or put them off. 4. Does your contact form give clues about how you prefer to be contacted? When someone contacts you about an issue, do you want them to explain exactly what is happening in detail, citing specific occurrences, names and dates or do you just want AUGUST 2011

their phone number so you can call them and get the story directly? If they have a question about a product or service you may or may not provide, should they fill out the contact form or should they just ask your company on Twitter? You undoubtedly have a preferred way to handle situations. Tell your customers what that is. Tell them how you prefer to be contacted and what the best outlets are for resolution based on the type of question they have. This will streamline your communication channels and prevent any untoward overlaps. 5. Are you giving them multiple ways to contact you? Along the same lines, your contact form should list all the ways that a customer can use to get in touch with you or your brand. Give them your Twitter username, the URL for your Facebook brand page, your company LinkedIn account etc. Let them know how you prefer to be contacted but also show them where else the brand is so that they can follow along and get to know your company better. 6. Do you provide an email address? If someone is hoping to contact you for a media opportunity or with a quick customer support question, they may not feel comfortable filling out the contact form on your site. Perhaps it seems too impersonal or the information the form is asking is not connected to what they want to talk about. For such cases, consider listing an email address on your website which can be used by customers when they are not enquiring about services and simply need to get in touch. All small businesses owners should ask themselves these six questions to help ensure that their contact form is addressing their customers’ needs in the best possible manner. ☐


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A Quick Snapshot On Upcoming Expo, New Decal And Equipment technical expertise of manufacturers with the communication and administrative expertise of OSHA. Other AEM-OSHA alliance materials include “best practices” bulletins and safety-message key fobs. AEM also produces machinery operator safety manuals and offers an online database of “industry-recognized” pictorial illustrations for use in safety and training materials. “AEM and its member manufacturers are committed to fostering safe equipment operation and we have worked closely with OSHA for many years towards this end. This alliance is an example of our industry's pro-active education and training efforts,” stated AEM President Dennis Slater.

The Patented Spyder 512T Portable Screening Plant Released Fleet Now Offers 3 of World’s Largest Rough Terrain Cranes

The ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. Family of Companies purchased its second and third 150-ton (USt) capacity Grove RT9150E rough terrain cranes at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011 in March. The RT9150E is the world’s largest capacity RT, and its 197-ft (60 m) main boom is the longest on any current-production RT crane. Only 7 of these big RTs are in circulation to date. ALL’s purchase of these 2 units means that ALL has available for rent 3 of the 7 in the market. All Grove RTs feature excellent on-rubber operation to enhance productivity. In addition to the 6-section and full power boom, the RT9150E features a 36 – 59-ft (11 –18 m) offsettable bi-fold swingaway extension. Michael Liptak, president of the ALL Family of Companies, says, “This crane offers an impressive maximum tip height of 312 ft., features a hydraulic extension, and picks like a beast. The demand is already strong, so much so we have decided to be all in for this product offering.

Featuring a 5' x 12' (1.5m x 3.7m) double deck two bearing screen, Grade 80 high strength steel construction and patented three sided loading capability, the 512T is built heavy enough to withstand the demands of a high production environment. With designs based on the model Spyder 516T Portable Screening Plant the 512T is built to have the engineered features of its predecessors while opening up a new size class of machine. Screening rock, soils, sand & gravel, coal and construction & demolition materials to three different sizes in windrows all with easy remote operation is the name of the game. This plant was designed purely with the user in mind. The 512T Spyder is another Screen Machine product proudly manufactured in the USA. ☐

ICUEE, The Demo Expo In October 2011

ICUEE is the largest demo show in North America for the construction / utility industries. The show is scheduled for October 4-6, 2011 at Louisville, KY, USA and features live, job-like outdoor demonstrations and indoor exhibits featuring the latest products and services available. Audience: Persons involved in the following sectors: electric, phone/cable, sewer/water, gas, general construction, landscaping and public works.

AEM Develops New Decal For Cranes

A new decal for cranes – “Designated/Certified Operators ONLY” – has been developed by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and approved by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The decal signifies that the machine should be operated only by personnel who have received employer certification of training and evaluation according to relevant OSHA standards. It can be found online at the AEM Store. Equipment manufacturers working through AEM’s Crane Technical Committee reviewed the decal and provided guidance. The decal is an example of the importance and commitment that AEM manufacturers place on properly trained operators in control of their products. It is also the latest project resulting from an AEM/OSHA alliance promoting jobsite safety. The alliance was formed in October 2007 and brings together the


equipmentmagazine AUGUST 2011


Dillon Gage Metals Becomes An Associate Member Of The London Bullion Market Association addison, tx -- Jun 16, 2011: In May, Dillon Gage Metals was named an associate member of The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), a wholesale, over-the-counter market for trading gold and silver. Members are mostly international banks, bullion dealers and refiners. Terry Hanlon, president of Dillon Gage Metals, the Dallas-based, precious-metals trading firm, said, "We are very pleased about our associate membership and believe it will bolster our long-standing, professional relationships with dealers around the globe." He added, "We have the highest regard for the good-trading and standard-documentation practices promoted by the association." The LBMA's current membership stands at over 120 companies in 20 countries -all admitted as either members or associates. Over half of the membership is made up of associates from the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa,


the Middle East and Asia. Members and associate members are engaged in activities closely related to the London gold or silver bullion markets, including trading, brokering, shipping and storage, mining and refining, inspection, assaying and research. Dillon Gage Metals is involved in most of those functions, with the exception of mining. Generally speaking, UK-based trading companies and banks with a branch located in the UK are full members. Associate status is for companies-especially those outside the UK-with strong ties to the London bullion market. Dealers, producers and refiners located outside the UK apply to become LBMA associates. Associates may be firms active in inspection, assaying or consulting. Other membership types include "marketmaking" and "ordinary." Market-maker members must quote one other in their product

equipment magazine

categories-spot, options or forwards in gold and silver during the London business day. An ordinary member is similar to a full member, but doesn't make markets. The LBMA is the main point of contact between the London bullion market and its regulators. The LBMA promotes refining standards and good trading practices, and develops standardized documentation. Additionally, the group coordinates market clearing and vaulting. Through its staff and committees, the LBMA works to ensure that London continues to meet the evolving needs of the global bullion market. "The gold and silver markets are a worldwide business, and London has long been at the heart of price determination," Hanlon stated. "We will greatly benefit from our associate membership in the LBMA and our contacts and dialogue with other members." �


eXPO PreView

California Construction Expo scheduled to take place on august 11, 2011, caliFornia construction expo 2011 will be held at the pasadena convention center, 300 e. green st. pasadena, ca 91101-2399. by eQ cOnference and weBinar teaM

attendee infOrMatiOn FULL ACCESS PASS ($55) Full Access Pass includes entry to all Expo events including exhibits, workshops, & lunch program. LIMITED ACCESS PASS ($15) Limited access pass includes access to Exhibits, & Workshops. EXHIBITOR INFORMATION: Single Exhibit Booth 10 x 10 $700 Single Corner Booth 10 x 10 $1,000 Double Exhibit Booth - $1,200 Double Corner Booth - $1,500 SPONSOR INFORMATION: Presenting Sponsor - $50,000 Luncheon Sponsor - $35,000 Platinum Sponsor - $25,000 Gold Sponsor - $10,000 Silver Sponsor - $7,500 Bronze Sponsor - $5,000 Corporate Access - $2,500 TO REGISTER: ration&formtype=forms&registrati onType=attendee&EventToken=c alconexpo


n expo which positions a company for success in the government sector, provides tips on managing cash flow during the economic slowdown, creates an opportunity to tap into construction projects valued from $5,000 to over $100 million, the California Construction Expo 2011, is designed for people in the construction field who intend to stay on top of industry innovation and best practices at alI times. California Construction Expo 2011 is the premier gathering for contractors, designers, construction professionals, suppliers, and construction workers. General contractors PAGE 10

and specialty trade contractors will have firstof-its-kind access to upcoming contract information while the Expo exhibitors will have an opportunity to expose their product and/ or services to interested clients. For sponsors, this is an opportunity to demonstrate their corporate stature alongside the Expo’s hosts, i.e. The Associated General Contractors-California, Los Angeles World Airports, the Los Angeles Unified School District, the Metropolitan Water District, the Department of General Services, and the Port of Long Beach in addition to a state-wide consortium of public agencies. scheduLed tO taKe PLace at the Pasade-


na cOnVentiOn center, 300 e. green st. Pasadena, ca 91101-2399, CalConExpo 2011

provides a full-day of activity geared to generate new business relationships, workshops to explore innovation and best practices, and a venue to experience new tools and equipment. • QuicK start tO PuBLic wOrKs: This workshop will provide an overview of government agency requirements applicable to public contracting, contracting best practices, bonding and labor compliance. • Pasadena creates OPPOrtunity thrOugh LOcaL Preference: An AUGUST 2011

nity to learn how to tap into the $150 million Rose Bowl Renovation Project, $350 million Measure TT School Bond Program, and the City’s Pasadena First Buy Local contracting program. • Measure R - Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project: The $1.7 Billion Crenshaw/ LAX Transit Corridor Project is an 8.5-mile light rail line that will extend from the intersection of Exposition and Crenshaw Boulevards to the Metro Green Line’s Aviation/LAX Station. It provides visibility into upcoming opportunities for this significant transit project that will link the Expo Line through South Los Angeles to LAX. • Measure R\'s I-5 Widening and HOV Lane Project: The I-5 is one of the most congested freeways in the Los Angeles basin, providing 178,000 daily motorists direct connection between Southern California’s two largest counties, Los Angeles and Orange. An opportunity to understand the bidding opportunities for this $1.6 Billion project… • Aviation - LAWA, San Diego Regional Airport, FAA: An exciting chance to learn how the Los Angeles International Airport and the San Diego Regional Airport is executing projects and how a company can bid on these lucrative contracts. • Department of General Services (DGS) and the High Speed Rail (HSR) Project:

This workshop will benefit those who wish to understand the requirements necessary to be a part of this history-breaking project! • BIM (Building Information Modeling) and its Importance in the Design and Construction Industry: Building Informa-

tion Modeling (BIM), used by almost 50% of the industry, is an intelligent model-–based process that provides insight for creating and managing building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically, and with less environmental impact. An opportunity to find out how any firm can benefit from using BIM for better decision making and better business. • Construction Jobs to Modernize Cali-

increased their use of the Design-Build delivery method to control costs, improve project delivery schedules, and maximize private sector innovation in public contracting. It explains the basics about the designbuild project delivery method, public agency procurement processes, teaming strategies, and lessons learned. • Achieve Project Success through a Project Labor Agreement: Southern California public agencies have incorporated Project Labor Agreements (PLA) into their procurement strategies to ensure skilled labor capacity for multi-billion dollar capital improvement programs. It shows the strategies that contractors, small and large, execute to maximize success on projects with a PLA. ☐

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? • Institutional Building Contractors • All Specialty Trade Contractors • Commercial Contractors • Heavy and Civil Engineering Contractors • Residential Contractors • Materials & Equipment Suppliers • Manufacturers • Wholesalers & Retailers • Surety & Insurance Companies • Building Trade Unions • Apprenticeship Programs • Trade Associations • Architects & Engineers • Construction Management Firms • Lending Institutions • Information Technology Companies • Individuals who want a career in construction • Planners • Government Agencies.

fornia’s Green Ports- The Lifeline to Commerce:

Ports construction boom with new infrastructure improvements add jobs to employ thousands. Vibrant Port activities provide a major economic boost throughout Southern California. Major planning & environmental project reviews are moving forward into design of large Port construction projects despite the building industry downturn. These projects will stimulate jobs while supporting long term trade & commerce development. • Design-Build 101: Creating Teams that Work: In recent years, public agencies have AUGUST 2011

equipment magazine

Speakers would include • Valerie Martinez, Regional Communications Manager, VMA Communications • Wiggs Mendoza, Principal Analyst, Metropolitan Water District (MWD) • Gary J. Cardamone, Director of Construction Management (POLB) • William Glauz, Manager of Resource Planning and Development (LADWP) • William B. Kumer, Deputy Chief Harbor Engineer • Eric Mandell Chief, Office of Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Services • Bruce R. Neuffer, Vice‐President, URS Corporation • Henry Peters, Manager of Technical Services (San Diego Regional Airport Authority) • Jim B. Clarke, Director of Federal Relations, Legislature and Intergovernmental Relations (City of LA) • Kirk Cessna, Chief, Office of Local Assistance and Alameda Corridors (Caltrans) • Mahmood Karimzadeh, AIA Principal Architect, Sustainable Design Program Manager (City of LA) • Osama Younan, Chief, Mechanical Engineering and Green Building Section (City of LA) • Otis L. Jackson, MPA Chief, Office of Government and Legislative Affairs (CA Dept of Transportation) • Paul Liu, Water Recycling Planning & Project Manager (LADWP) • Paulette Williams, Senior Vice President/ Regional Manager) • Robert Freeman, Airport Environmental Manager (LAWA) • Roger L. Martin, Transportation Planning Manager, Westside Planning (MTA) • Sherman Gay, M.C.A., Small Business Outreach Officer (MTA) • Dan Leiner, Area Manager, Cal/OSHA Consultation Service • David Livingston, Los Angeles Unified School District • James Reed, Executive Director (Center for Contract Compliance) • Mark Hovatter, Director of Procurement (LAUSD) • Patricia Zenizo, President of Preferred Bonding & Insurance Services (PBIS) • Ying Wang, Architect AIA, LEED • Robert Zardeneta, Executive Director LA CAUSA Youth Build • Anabel Barragan, Program Manager for the Los Angeles Unified School District • Christine E. Marez, President and CEO of Policy Masters • Randy Britt, Director of Sustainability Parsons Corporation


safety rOunduP


wHat Is personal protectIve eQuIpment (ppe)? PPE is defined in the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations as: ‘All equipment (including clothing affording protection against the weather) which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work which protects them against one or more risks to their health and safety’. PPE includes equipment such as safety footwear, hard hats, high visibility waistcoats, goggles, life jackets, respirators and safety harnesses. Waterproof, weatherproof, or insulated clothing is subject to the Regulations only if its use is necessary to protect employees against adverse climatic conditions that could otherwise affect their health and safety.

legal dutIes and oblIgatIons around ppe The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 These regulations seek to ensure that where the risks cannot be controlled by other means, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is correctly selected and used. The Regulations do not apply where requirements are detailed in other regulations e.g. respirators in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). In addition, a number of other regulations have specific requirements for the provision, maintenance and use of PPE including:

1. varsIty Gateway Safety's new Varsity eye-protection features a unique "V-shaped" temple design and wraparound lens. The soft, adjustable nosepiece provides a custom fit and helps prevent the glasses from slipping. The glasses meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards while blocking more than 99.9% of UV-A, B and C light. Varsity glasses are available with either gray or clear temples and clear, gray, clear or gray anti-fog, amber, orange, vermilion lens colors or mirror lenses in clear, silver or blue. 216/889-2000;

optional. 877/795-2410;

2. HIvIs Ironclad boot The HiVis IronClad work boot utilizes a leather treatment that makes the boots sensitive to light while providing safety for those in low light or dark conditions. The heel and vamp appear to be standard leather during the day but when the retroreflective leather is illuminated the boots appear to be glowing. Reflective outsole and laces are incorporated for maximum safety. The boots are also waterproof, feature a slip and oil resistant seven-layer outsole and a steel protective toe is PAGE 12

* Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 * Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999

3. dp4 multI-purpose facesHIelds The new DP4 faceshield combines a clear anti-fog window with a flip-down shade 5 IR window, providing uninterrupted protection for grinding, cutting, and brazing operations. The shield curves naturally to fit facial contours—ensuring reliable protection from splash, particles, and flying debris. Ratchet headgear suspension allows user to adjust size and tighten at the turn of a knob. Rugged, polycarbonate shield is impact and splash resistant. Other available models include a full-face clear anti-fog window for grinding operations, shade 3 IR window for cutting operations, and shade 5 IR window for cutting and brazing operations. 800/323-7402; 4. radIo HI-vIsIbIlIty earmuff It provides workers with a total solution for hearing protection, worker motivation and visibility. Eye-catching bright green ear cups provide a noticeable contrast against dark equipmentmagazine

* Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 * Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 * Construction (Head Protection) Regulations 1989 * The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. types of ppe  Hearing protection  Head protection  Eye protection  Foot protection  Hand and arm protection  Body protection  Respiratory protection

settings while its exclusive reflective headband adds to worker visibility. It features superior stereo AM/FM reception and includes and input jack and cable for connection to MP3 players and other portable audio devices. 800/343-3411; 5. steelevest coolIng system The SteeleVest Body Core Cooling System is designed to provide safe and efficient cooling to prevent worker heat stress. Non-toxic, non-flammable Thermo-strips can be frozen for up to 4 hours of cooling. Minimal expansion rate and unique, it has self-insulating ability. It offers over 30% more cooling than "phase change" cooling packs. 888/783-3538; 6. mInIrae lIte RAE Systems' new MiniRAE Lite photo ionization detector for volatile organic compounds uses standard alkaline AA size batteries or optional rechargeable batteries. It is for outdoor environmental and construction site use where hydrocarbon-based volatile AUGUST 2011

organic compounds and chemicals pose a threat. Measurement responses time less than three seconds. It is waterproof for easy decontamination and suited for use in humid conditions. Measurement ranges of zero to 5,000 ppm. It has large back-lit graphical display for easy viewing in any light condition and built-in flashlight. The user interface is configurable in 12 languages. 408/952-8200; 7. Journeyman gloves Journeyman line now includes Utility, Framer (which have a fingerless design on the thumb, index and middle finger) Heavy-Duty Protection (which have a streamlined high-density accordion knuckle panel) and Leather Work gloves. They are available in medium, large and extra-large. Its synthetic leather palm gives users a firm grip. Two-way stretch spandex-padded top features formfitting elasticity and a wide-opening elastic cuff that allows for an easy fit. Reinforced thumb, index finger and fingertips add protection while contact points on the index finger and thumb have a smooth surface for improved handling of objects. 847/821-5500; 8. pro Harness The PRO harness features a redesigned

chassis, lightweight hardware and built-in padding that make it lighter and more comfortable, reducing user fatigue. The standard impact indicators let workers know if the harness has arrested a fall. The label covers completely encase harness labels and increase harness life. It is designed for a variety of applications such as fall arrest, climbing, positioning and retrieval. It meets ANSI and OSHA standards. 612/388-8282; 9. peakfIt respIrator Gateway Safety's PeakFit Respirators are NIOSH-approved N95 air-purifying respirators specifically engineered for personal comfort as well as safety. PeakFit has a contoured design and ample size to make breathing easier, and the molded nose bridge helps the respirator fit most faces with no need to pinch a metal nosepiece to achieve fit. These respirators are available in three versions: PeakFit, PeakFit OV; and PeakFit AG. 216/889-2000; 10. knee blades Gel kneepad and lightweight wheel assembly engineered to reduce back and leg strain and increase productivity. Kneepad fits the contour of the knee. Air pockets evenly displace weight and lessen direct pressure. Three-

wheeled roller base allows for 360° turning capability. Users can go from blade to kneepad in the click of a button. 717/393-3012; 11. Howard leIgHt clarIty earplugs The Multiple-use earplugs block hazardous noise while allowing voice and signal frequencies to be heard more naturally. It utilizes Bilsom Technology's patented Sound Management Technology. The multi-material design and translucent stem have an SMT membrane. It is available in sizes regular and small. Corded version is also available. 800/343-3411; 12. ergodyne cold weatHer clotHIng Ergodyne introduces four new cold-weather items. The ProFlex 816 Thermal Flip-Top Gloves keep the warmth in and the wind and water out. The ProFlex 876WP Hi-Vis Thermal Waterproof Gloves include 3M Scotchlite tape zones for increased worker visibility. For your head, Ergodyne offers the "Be Tenacious" knit cap and the GlowWEAR Hi-Vis Knit Hat, designed with SM Scothclite reflective tape for night and early morning workers. 651/642-9889; �














equipment magazine


cOVer stOry

Dump Bodies W




equipmentmagazine AUGUST 2011

However, despite all the promise of increased productivity, if either the chassis or dump body is not properly equipped to handle the load, cost savings will vanish due to premature maintenance issues and greater risks to employee safety. IdentIfyIng dump body purpose Will the fleet use the dump body truck for a specific purpose, such as hauling asphalt or does it need a more flexible dump that serves multiple purposes? Here are four common dump body types built for Class 3-7 trucks. Flatbed/platform dumps are primarily flatbed bodies that provide the option for use as a dump body when needed. Conventional dumps are built with solid stationary sides, welded to the body, and primarily used to haul and dump loose granular materials such as dirt, sand, gravel, etc. Contractor dumps are similar to flatbeds with short (12-24 inch) solid sides that fold down to create unfettered access to load the body. The sides come with a groove that allows users to add a board to make the sides a few inches higher when an application requires extra height. The fleet can use a contractor dump to haul a broad range of materials, such as loose dirt and sand, or large chunks of concrete debris. Landscape dumps can be configured in several different AUGUST 2011

ways. Some landscape dumps have solid sides up to 12-24 inches, with metal mesh adding several inches in height. This "hybrid" solid-mesh side configuration enables hauling loose materials (such as topsoil and mulch) at the bottom of the body and larger branches and brush above that. Options for swing-open rear and side gates are also available. selectIng tHe truck cHassIs This answer determines on what the size of the truck chassis is needed for the job. For example, to haul five cubic yards of sand, weighing 2,700 lbs. per cubic yard, the total payload inside the body is 13,500 lbs. This would require at least a Class 6-7 truck chassis, depending on the weight of the body and other equipment installed on the truck. Once the maximum payload is estimated, factor a buffer into the calculations to cover any surprises. Then select a chassis that will handle the load. evaluatIng dump body sIZe When evaluating contractor, landscape, or flatbed dumps, think in terms of length, width, and height of sides (if applicable). For example, the spec may be a 12-ft. flatbed dump, 96 inches wide with 24-inch stake rack sides. equipment magazine

electrIc or pto HoIst Positioned between the rear axle and back of the cab, the hoist is powered either by the truck battery (electric hoist) or the engine (PTO hoist) to lift the dump body off the truck frame. For lighter duty (Class 3-5 truck) applications or for occasional use, most body manufacturers recommend an electric hoist. Since the electric hoist is powered by the truck battery, it allows users to turn off the engine when operating the dump, offering fuel economy and environmental benefits. For heavier-duty applications, which require a bigger Class 6-7 truck chassis, the power-takeoff (PTO) hoist is more common. Since the PTO hoist is driven by the truck engine, it gains greater power and durability in handling heavy loads. The downside, however, is that the driver must keep the engine running to operate the dump body, which eats into the unit's fuel economy. Most dumps use a single direction hoist that lifts the top end of the body to dump toward the rear. However, some body companies offer a multi-directional hoist that offers the option to dump toward both the rear and the side. This side dump capability enables use of the dump function without having to unhook and re-hook a trailer, which saves significant time and hassle. The Reading Group's new Drop-Side PAGE 15

Cover Story Dump Body is getting rave reviews from landscapers and others who appreciate the quick, one-handed release lever that drops either side of the body for quick loading and unloading. Available in steel, the new Reading Drop-Side Dump Bodies come in sizes from 8' to 11'. In addition to the popular drop sides, the Dump Body design includes a heavy duty interlaced understructure; tough, double-walled sides with radius designed side and rear tailgate bolster; a double-acting Reading hoist; and Reading's Exclusive Triple Protection against rust and corrosion - Galvanneal steel, E-Coat Primer, Powder Coat Paint in black, charcoal or red and L.E.D. Lighting. Rugby Manufacturing says, it now offers a complete line of aluminum dump bodies in the most utilized sizes and capacities in the industry. The bodies feature rigid or lightweight fold-down sides that provide versatile access. Aluminum bodies are said to weigh up to 50% less than traditional carbon steel, increasing payload while decreasing fuel, tire and brake expenses, Rugby says. The hardened aluminum alloy material is said to provide durability and eliminate the need for paint. These bodies also feature a stainlesssteel 'EZ-Latch' upper tailgate mechanism. Rugby dump bodies come with a three-year warranty. Amerideck’s ChoreMaster quickly transforms any full size pick-up truck into a versatile multi-purpose 3-in-1 utility vehicle. The ChoreMaster is a cargo loading system that loads up to 2,500 lbs. from ground level into the truck cargo box with the touch of a button. A dump body with over 40 cubic feet of capacity, the ChoreMaster is ideal for hauling loose material such as mulch, soil, and stone, etc. The ChoreMaster container is easily detached from the truck mounted lifting arm, for use as a "drop and leave refuse container" The DuraClass Bedrock dump body’s contemporary design features high strength materials for dent resistance and durability, rugged good looks and oversized box bracing for added strength, according to the manufacturer. The elliptical floor radius eases impact from large objects and provides smooth dumping action. A rigid tailgate provides performance in the field and Hardox 450 steel is used throughout the floor, sides and rear to offer durability, while maintaining a low weight to maximize payload. The I-Beam Understructure gives maximum floor support. Bri-Mar adapted its field-proven dump trailer to create the DI-100 and DI-100-6 PAGE 16


f you are in the market for a dump body, it is important to do your homework. Unlike some other vocations, dump body specifications are much regionalized. What works in one area of the country will not work in another. First find out what is the length and weight regulations are in your state. Try to take maximum advantage of the weight laws to maximize payload. Some states require compliance with the Federal Bridge Formula; others do not. This is going to have a big influence on how the axles are set up and spaced. There are different rules on how much load you can add with lift axles and some states do not allow lift axles. Choosing right specifications for the dump body is important to get the best value for money. You can choose a steel, stainless steel or aluminium dump body. Factors influencing the decisions are cost, corrosion resistance, and weight. Steel is usually the lower cost material and is well-suited for daily heavy-duty usage. For corrosion resistance, it is stainless steel and aluminium. Aluminium is the lightest of the three materials, enhancing fuel economy and payload capacity, but is usually not recommended for harsh, heavy-duty use.

Dump Inserts that turn a pickup truck into a dump truck. Available for 8-foot and 6-foot beds, the 64-inch-wide dump inserts use heavy-duty hydraulic scissors lifts powered by a Monarch electric/hydraulic system. Rated lift capacity is 6,000 pounds. The DI-100-6 holds 1.5 cubic yards, and DI-100 transports up to 2 cubic yards. Stake pockets allow addition of side boards to increase capacity for lighter materials. Full-height cab protector, tarp kit, and a convenient wireless remote are all options. Two-year warranty is standard. A dump insert is now available from Standard Hamilton for light-duty pickup truck models such as Ford Rangers and Dodge Dakotas. As with the full-size Dump-Pro model, the new Compact Dump-Pro transequipmentmagazine

forms a standard hauling vehicle into a dump truck. With rated capacities of 3,000 pounds for hauling and 2,700 pounds for dumping, the Compact Dump-Pro handles 1.1 cubic yards of material in the basic version and up to 3 cubic yards with the Hi-Sides option. The dumping mechanism is driven by a powered winch system requiring no hydraulics, and can tilt up to 60 degrees. When the dump job is done, the truck can be simply converted back by releasing the Dump-Pro’s clamping system, disconnecting the power with the removable connector, removing a single bolt and sliding the unit out. Compiled from WorkTruckOnline, ConstructionEquipment AUGUST 2011

PrOduct news camera Id from lIbra system corp.

aIr-tow ground-level loadIng traIler from rock lIne products

Libra System Corporation introduces Camera ID, which eliminates the delays/costs of paper signatures and provides proof-of-purchase for quick, fullproof resolution of billing disputes. It is able to eliminate the need for driver’s signatures – reducing in-yard times and processing cost. It requires absolutely no action by the driver. The billing clerk can easily retrieve transaction images and email them to the customer. It supports multiple cameras/images for each transaction or process. It allows management to view live video to serve as a logistics tool or theft deterrent. It is able to handle automatically variable truck positions. 215/256-1700;

tItan oIwrlIner 850 from tItan The PowrLiner 850 is designed for entry level contractors, athletic field organizations, construction companies, retail locations, and any other location that has a need for line striping, stenciling, and general painting needs. It is great for turf, grass, and pavement applications. The gun can be removed for stenciling purposes and general painting needs. Direct Link Pressure Control: (adjustable pressure from 200 to 3,000 psi). Simple compact design (weighs 70 lbs.) .Straight lock or free wheel front caster. One person can operate, load and unload. It fits into the trunk of an automobile. The reversible gun mount to stripe off either front or rear tire. It is specially formulated two-part poly filled tires allow for a smooth ride 800/526-5362; PAGE 18

Rock Line Products offer the AIR-TOW trailers which address many loading and safety concerns. The extra wide 75-inch deck remains level as it raises and lowers hydraulically in less then 30 seconds. Loading becomes a one man job. All AIR-TOW trailers have a fully self-contained air suspension system that automatically adjusts for the load weight. This super smooth ride not only protects the equipment you are hauling but the tow vehicle as well. Other AIR-TOW features include: Enclosed self-contained 12V deep cycle battery and hydraulic system; Full air suspension with solid state electronic control system specifically designed and packaged for vehicle use; Fenderless chassis; Low angle ramp; Lockable storage compartment; Automatic self adjusting electric brakes. 909/392-2170;

caulk warmer from reasor products, Inc. The Caulk Warmer is made of a Nylon shell CPAI 84 - 2,000 psi and a middle that features a heat retaining flexible barrier. Caulk Warmer is a patented heavy duty canvas bag with an enclosed heating element that keeps caulk and other items warm in colder temperatures. This allows the caulk to flow more freely, speeding up application time, relieving strain on user’s arms and hands and providing better sealing and appearance. Internal temperature is thermostatically controlled and requires only 50 watts of power due to its flexible heat reflecting shield. Plugs into 120VAC or 12VDC Inverter. 218/723-1156;

equipmentmagazine AUGUST 2011

nlb 325 serIes from nlb corporatIon

etnyre buIlds crude oIl tanks With a strong demand and a short supply the E. D. Etnyre & Co. has found itself building Crude oil transport tanks. The tanks built for the U.S. market range from 8400 to 9400 gallons while B-trains headed for Canada carry up to 16,000 gallons. The Crude oil tanks are double conical, aluminum construction, 407 codes, many are equipped with pumps and are lined with a protective interior barrier. Etnyre has built Crude tanks in the past but has primarily stayed focused on the Asphalt transports. With the increase in drilling in North America the demand for these tanks has been very strong out stripping supply. 815/732-2116;

absolute e-Z up rocker attacHement from absolute e-Z up Absolute E-Z Up introduces the Rocker. Utilizing the Rocker greatly simplifies the positioning of materials, eliminates the need for manual drywall lifts and makes the job safer and easier. With the Rocker, what once was a twoperson project is now safely a one-person task, saving manpower and reducing costs. Comprised of a lightweight, electric-powered track and a detachable, adjustable cradle that holds and lifts materials, this simple yet ingenious attachment allows one man to lift materials without assistance. Activated directly from the platform by a simple push of a button, materials travel up the track and are held in the proper overhead location, which leaves the worker free to secure them to the joist(s). 843/388-2556; AUGUST 2011

NLB's newest line of water jetting units is built around the innovative model 325 convertible pump. This quintuplex pump, with its quick-change, in-line fluid end design, has fewer parts for increased operating efficiency and simpler maintenance. And, it requires only a simple conversion kit to operate at pressures between 8,000 and 40,000 psi. The NLB 325 Series units are built using the same rugged, reliable designs that have been fled proven for over 35 years. The trailer mounted unit comes standard with features like four wheel electronic brakes, full D.O.T. lighting package, and heavy-duty axles. All operating controls, including the pressure compensating by-pass valve and pressure gauge with snubber, are mounted on a separate accessory manifold, which provides additional protection for these important components. 248/624-5555;

c1.5 and c2.2 tIer 4 fInal engInes from caterpIllar The C1.5 and C2.2 threeand four-cylinder diesel engines meet EPA Tier 4 Final/ EU Stage IIIA/Stage IIIB emissions requirements. The two engines, the C1.5 and the C2.2 models, provide ratings from 33 to 61 hp (24 to 46 kW). The after-treatment module on the C1.5 and C2.2 models will use active regeneration to burn periodically away the particulate matter that collects in the diesel particulate filter. The regeneration process, which maintains the DPF at peak efficiency, is transparent to the equipment operator and has no adverse affect on the machine's duty cycle, Caterpillar said. Periodic cleaning of ash residue from the DPF is required, but typically only at 3000-hour intervals, which equates to several years of machine operation. 309/675-1000; equipment magazine



Spec’ing Dump Trucks: Suggestions by Brian Lindgren If you’re in the market for a dump truck, it's important to do your homework. Unlike some other vocations, dump truck specifications are much regionalized. What works in one area of the country will not work in another.


s with most commodities, the market is flooded with a dizzying array of dump trucks of all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right truck can become a cumbersome task even for the most seasoned clients. Therefore, it is best to consider the myriad options available in your area before narrowing down your choice to a specific dump truck. In this regard, Brian Lindgren (vocational market sales director for Kenworth Truck Company in Kirkland, Wash.) offered some practical advice in an interview with the staff of Construction Equipment. The information from the same article is reproduced below for reference. According to Lindgren, the first piece of homework which a potential buyer must undertake is to figure out the length and weight regulations in their state. Try to take maximum advantage of the weight laws to maximize payload. Some states (mostly in the West) require compliance with the Federal Bridge Formula while others do not. This will have a big influence on how the axles are set up and spaced and therefore must be taken PAGE 20

into account at the very outset. "A Bridge Formula truck tends to be longer to spread the weight" said Brian Lindgren. "You may need to have lift axles, but there are different rules on how much load you can add with lift axles. And some states do not allow pusher axles. Your dealer should know the rules and regulations”. In states where you do not need to comply with the Bridge Formula, you can make spec trucks shorter and heavier thereby giving them an additional advantage of being more maneuverable on job sites. The latter can be a serious concern for some clients. Load and Hauling Questions Some key questions that need to be answered revolve around the type and magnitude of the loads that you expect to haul. For example, you will need a different chassis spec when hauling bulk loads such as asphalt, sand or gravel than the one used for hauling mostly demolition debris. If you are planning on visiting a lot of demolition sites then you will need to have the body and susequipmentmagazine

pension beefed up to handle the pounding it will take from the large pieces going in the dump body. Your body supplier should be consulted for the same – they will be able to supply relevant inputs on this. The hauling question is related to the environment or roads that you are operating in. Are you going to spend a lot of time on very rough job sites or will most of the hauling be long distances on smooth gravel and sealed roads? "If you will be going off-road a lot into rough terrain, you will need a suspension that is heavier duty and has more articulation" Kenworth's Lindgren advises" But if you will be hauling longer distances, you will need to consider the trade-off between the ease of dumping and the ability to haul more loads per trip. For example, a transfer dump allows you to haul more with one driver but it will also take longer to unload. Double bottomtrailers carry a lot of payloads, too, but with those you are limited on where you can drop the load — it is a lot harder to dump gravel into a hole for a swimming pool, for instance, with bottom dumps". AUGUST 2011

The typical dump truck uses rear axles rated at 46,000 pounds. This covers most trucks, from 14/16-yard solo dumps through combinations up to 110,000 GCW. Lindgren says that the rear axle ratios should be matched with the transmission so that the engine speed is around 1,600 rpm at highway speed.

The Drivetrain One of the biggest mistakes that many people make with dump truck engine is that they spec too much power, says Lindgren. "You should get just enough horsepower to do the job. Generally, 350 to 400 horsepower is plenty for most applications. Extra horsepower just uses more fuel, puts more strain on the rest of the drivetrain, and adds cost up front. "If you go with a smaller 12-liter block, you save around 700 pounds over a 14- or 15-liter block" Lindgren added. The transmission put behind the engine needs a lot of ratio range. You need a low enough gear to get out of a hilly job site and high enough top gear to attain decent highway speeds. The Eaton Fuller 8LL transmission is a common truck spec, but he suggested an 18-speed transmission for larger and heavier trucks. "The 8LL gives you two low gears for start ability off-road and enough top-end range for the highway" said Kenworth's Lindgren to the staff of Construction Equipment. "But if you are hauling AUGUST 2011

over 90,000 pounds, you should consider an 18-speed because you get much closer splits from bottom to top" The typical dump truck uses rear axles rated at 46,000 pounds. This covers most trucks, from 14/16-yard solo dumps through combinations up to 110,000 GCW. Lindgren says that the rear axle ratios should be matched with the transmission so that the engine speed is around 1,600 rpm at highway speed. He recommends side-to-side differential locks for traction. Another thing to take into account for operating off-road is air filtration. Lots of drivers love the look of dual polished external air cleaners, and these provide excellent filtration with low air restriction. But they are quite expensive compared with under-hood air cleaners. If you are purchase-price conscious, then opt for an underhood filter with a pre-cleaner to remove large particles and much of the dust before it ever reaches a filter. "A little money spent up front on a better air cleaner is cheap compared to a dusted engine". And better filtration will usually equipment magazine

mean longer life for the filter elements. For example, dual 15-inch air cleaners will last over seven times as long as a single 11-inch underhood air cleaner before needing replacement. Weight Watching If you are hauling a lot of loads per day, cutting vehicle weight can be profitable. You can slim down by spec'ing components — such as wheels, air tanks and clutch housings — in aluminum rather than steel. "Use the smallest fuel tank you can get away with". Lindgren added. "Some operators can get away with a 56-gallon tank, but most will need at least 75 to 90 gallons to get through a day". You can also save valuable pounds by choosing the right suspension. "The difference can be as high as 400 pounds". Lindgren says of the different suspension options currently doing the rounds of the market. To avoid hauling around extra steel in the vehicle frame, have the dealer work with a Kenworth application engineer so that you only get enough frames just where you need it. You will typically need an extra strong cross member at the back of the cab to strengthen the hoist-mounting area. If you are planning to add lift axles later then make sure that the dealer adds that information to the order so that the frame can be prepared for them. Remember that many of these weight savers will cost more up front. You will need to balance that against the gains which you expect to make from hauling more payloads. Driver Performance Item Finally, you should keep in mind a few driver performance-related items. To get the best turn performance and road feel from steering, Lindgren recommends dual small gears rather than a large single steering gear. The dual system will also last longer than a single system. Try to spec as much glass area as possible. Lindgren also suggests picking low-replacement cost windshields when they are available. "Most vocational fleets replace at least one windshield side per truck per year. Two-piece flat-glass windshields with roped-in seals can be replaced in half an hour for a total cost of under a hundred dollars. This can save thousands of dollars over the life of the truck." With lift axles, it's smart to get a six-channel ABS system. "Lift axles, especially steerable ones, are normally over-braked for the load," Lindgren says. "By including them in the ABS system, they are less likely to lock up and you reduce tire flat spotting." ☐ PAGE 21

cOntractOr’s PrOfiLe

Thirty Seven Years Into The Business And Still Going Strong

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Crysteel Truck



crysTeel Truck equipmenT has many employees WiTh over 20 years of experience and several WiTh over 30 years of dedicaTed service. says mr. Wiens “our Technicians are Well Trained and ase cerTified, buT more imporTanTly, They are Trained To TreaT our cusTomers WiTh digniTy and respecT. WiThouT our cusTomers’ supporT We could noT be Where We are aT Today.”


ake Crystal is a small city in Blue Earth County Minnesota with a population of 2500 people. At one point in time, Lake Crystal, nestled among three lakes was a railway junction with a depot in the middle of town, an area which is now a city park. In this little town, in the year 1974 Eldon Jones, Helen Jones, and Glen Wiens founded Crysteel Truck Equipment primarily to service the agricultural industry. More than three decades later, this company has grown to become one of the largest names in the truck equipment business in the upper Midwest. The company has done much diversification over the years and exPAGE 22

panded to two locations, the Lake Crystal location is spread over 40,000 square feet of buildings on an 11 acre fenced yard. Their other location, which is located in Fridley, MN has 15,000 square foot of buildings for service, sales and parts and two acres of fenced yard space. The Lake Crystal facility has one building dedicated to painting, blasting, frame and suspension repairs, as well as complete truck wreck rebuilding with a 40’ Bee Line Frame straightening rack, 70’ downdraft paint booth with traveling man lifts and baking capabilities, as well as a 60’ shot blasting booth with media recycling equipment. The company has over 50 employees equipmentmagazine

including, ASE certified installation and repair, Bee-Line alignment, and paint and body technicians, as well as parts and inventory control personnel, administrative along with a well trained sales staff. Glen Wiens and Larry Brandenburg current owners of Crysteel Truck Equipment believes in the power of entrepreneurship and have pioneered many new concepts in the field of truck equipment, such as equipment show rooms, frame and alignment shop, truck and trailer wreck repairs, spray and pour on truck body liner systems, marketing of used and refurbished equipment, a huge Minnesota State Fair exhibit, and truck weight AUGUST 2011

tribution and legal bridge law consultation services. These innovative principles and services along with a large and diverse inventory of truck equipment make Crysteel Truck Equipment standout as a professional one stop vocational truck headquarters. Crysteel Truck Equipment has many employees with over 20 years of experience and several with over 30 years of dedicated service. Says Mr. Wiens “Our technicians are well trained and ASE certified, but more importantly, they are trained to treat our customers with dignity and respect. Without our customers’ support we could not be where we are at today.” Snow and Ice control products are at the AUGUST 2011

forefront of CTE’s offerings. Crysteel Truck Equipment has the most exhaustive line of Snow and Ice control equipment in Minnesota. It installs and services everything which it offers and has a complete line of repair parts as well as accessories. Crysteel Truck Equipment is also a Master Distributor for Boss Snowplows, Monroe Snow and Ice Control Equipment, Buyers Snow Dogg Snow and Ice Control equipment, ProTech snow pushers and Snow Ex ice control spreaders in Minnesota. Fisher Tripedge snow plows and spreaders as well as warning lights by Whelen, Ecco, and Buyers, Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems, Snow Wolf Skid equipment magazine

steer plow systems and Wolf Paws traction tires for skid steers are also distributed by CTE. Boss Snowplows is truly a leader of snowplows in Minnesota and Northern Iowa. The Boss plows are easily attached and detached with the use of their patented Rapid Tach III systems. Their new headlight system gives the plow user the best night visibility. Boss has also introduced a line of plows for the UTV user with straight and power V-Plows available for JD Gators, Polaris, Kubota, Kawasaki, Honda, and Cub Cadet. Snow Dogg Plows and Salt Dogg Spreaders by Buyers offer stainless steel construcPAGE 23

Contractor’s Profile

Crysteel Truck Equipment has the most exhaustive line of Snow and Ice control equipment in Minnesota. It installs and services everything which it offers and has a complete line of repair parts as well as accessories.

Crysteel Truck Equipment is a Crysteel Manufacturing/TBEI master distributor selling and servicing their following lines: • E-Tippers American Tippers line of 2-4 small dump truck bodies • General service and Extra duty contractor bodies • Grain and Roofers bodies • Landscape tipper • Select series of 5-24 cu. yd. dump bodies • Lo-Boy, Stingray, Turbo, and Marathon truck hoist • Deuce side dump bodies • Custom application bodies Shop services are the key to the success of a truck equipment distributor and CTE shines with its offering of shop services and capabilities offering the following: • Installation and service of all products distributed • Bab Steering Hydraulics power steering replacements gears and hydraulic service • Bee Line Frame and alignment • Complete Parts and Accessory departments • Complete Truck Wreck Repair • 150 ton press for straightening axle beams and housings, and bushing replacement • Trailer straightening and repair • Custom U-Bolt manufacturing • D.O.T. inspections • Hydraulic hose making equipment • Custom painting and shot blasting • Wheel base alterations • Truck body repairs • Dump and grain body rebuilding • Truck hydraulics repair and service • Frame repairs and reinforcements. PAGE 24

Crysteel Truck Equipment carries a large inventory of Truck Equipment. Their offerings include: • Lift axles and suspension by Silent Drive • Stellar and Liftmore Cranes • Omaha Standard Service bodies, flatbeds, and stake bodies • Stellar Service bodies and compressors • Astoria Fiberglass service bodies • Stahl service bodies • Stellar hooklifts and rolloffs • Thieman, Waltco, Tommy gate and Eagle liftgates • Cadet flatbeds and gooseneck bodies • Scott aluminum and steel flatbeds and bodies • Weather guard tool boxes, ladder racks and van interiors • Betterbuilt aluminum toolboxes and fuel transfer tanks • Buyers Pickup insert dump bodies • Delta van bodies • A complete line of receiver type and pintle hitches, and towing equipment • Whelen and Ecco warning lights, backup alarms and accessories • Tekonsha trailer brake controls • Pickup accessories from Luverne and Access cover • Backrack cab guards and accessories • Truck box vibrators • Fenders from Minimizer, Fleetguard, and Lifetime • V-MAC underhood compressors • Miller Enerpac self contained combination generators, compressors, and hydraulic systems • Go Power Inverters • Armlift aerial devices • Grain, Cargo, and Debris bodies • Tarps by Mountain tarp, Roll Rite, Shurco, and Agricover • Service parts and accessory truck equipment equipmentmagazine

tion for long life resistance to corrosion. Snow Dogg plows include stainless steel mold boards, 70 degree attach angle, ½” cutting edge, heavy duty enclosed power unit and a patent pending quick mount system. Pro Tech Snow pushers is one of the leading Snow pusher manufacturers in North America and offers pushers for everything from small compact tractors, skid steer tractors, and backhoes to the largest wheel loaders used in air port snow removal. Crysteel represents the Pro Tech line in Minnesota and carries a large inventory of pushers and service parts. Snow Ex spreaders has the most complete line of 12V electric driven spreaders on the market and the same is sold and serviced by CTE in Minnesota and Northern Iowa. Trailers are also part of the CTE product line with Big Lug dump trailers, tiltbed trailers, and dump trailers , Pace enclosed Cargo and construction trailers, Clement end dump, belly dump and side dump trailers, as well as Neville hopper bottom grain and bulk commodity trailers and drop deck machinery trailers. An exclusive offering at CTE is truck box pour on and spray on liner application service. This unique offering allows a well worn dump and dented body floor or trailer to be rejuvenated by applying the durable and slippery pour on liner system from Fabick Manufacturing. CTE also has Con EX spray on liner system that can be applied to floors and sides of all kinds of truck bodies and equipment to ad slipperiness, longevity, and durability, in highly abrasive situations. Larry Brandenburg, Partner and head of sales says “Our customer satisfaction is the most important asset that we can only attain by giving the best service, products, and practical equipment application advice as possible. There is nothing else that can make our customers’ business more successful in the future than providing good customer service every day. We greatly appreciate and sincerely thank our customers for the past business and hope to continue to earn their business in the future!” ☐ Website: AUGUST 2011


CRYSTEEL MANUFACTURING OFFERS SELECT CUSTOM DUMP BODIES LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. - Crysteel Manufacturing Select custom dump bodies allow customers to essentially design their own dump body without incurring the extra cost and time normally associated with custom designed products. Select dump bodies are available in traditional square body styles or elliptical bodies, in sizes ranging from 5- through 20-cu yd capacities. Further options are available for tailgate design, side height, floor material and understructure design. A wide range of accessories complements the Select body program. ☐ Website:

RUGBY EXPANDS ALUMINUM DUMP BODY LINE RUGBY, North Dakota— Rugby Manufacturing now offers a complete line of aluminum dump bodies in the most utilized sizes and capacities in the industry. The expanded offering means contractors can get the benefits of an aluminum body in the size and capacity that best suits their particular application. Rugby aluminum bodies feature rigid or lightweight fold-down sides that provide versatile and easy access to the body. Aluminum construction provides the strength of a work truck in an attractive dump body. Aluminum bodies weigh up to 50 percent less than traditional carbon steel, decreasing fuel, tire and brake expenses and increasing payload. The hardened aluminum alloy material provides long-lasting durability and eliminates the need for paint. Rugby aluminum bodies feature a reliable stainless steel EZ-Latch upper tailgate mechanism. Rugby backs each of its dump bodies with a three-year warranty. Rugby Manufacturing is a leading designer and manufacturer of Class 3–5 dump bodies, truck and trailer hoists, landscape bodies, platforms, and related truck equipment & accessories. ☐ Website: AUGUST 2011

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