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Schön! Switzerland

Zürich, Switzerland

Schön! Switzerland magazine is the newest member of the Schön! family.Through extraordinary imagery and interviews we have created something unique, imaginative, fantastical, and authentic to transport you outside the confines of a print magazine. This magazine is timeless, and you can re-experience a different version of the same story when you look at it again. We have taken on the challenge to connect three national languages by making this a trilingual magazine (Deutsch, Français, Italiano). Schön! Switzerland magazine comes with a supplement, METASchön!, showcasing amazing people and places in Switzerland and around the world, doing extraordinary work in the arts, beauty, travel, innovation and more. We cover the metaverse and discuss the basics, as well as present exciting advances in different fields and reflect on what is to come. We plan to continue to spotlight this beautiful country as this supplement will be heavily focused on Swiss content.