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Swiss Historic Hotels | 3000 Bern | Tel. +41 31 302 32 26 | Vom Grandhotel in den Bergen, über das einfache historische Gasthaus, bis zum ehemaligen Kloster am See – jedes Swiss Historic Hotel hat seine eigenen Geschichten zu erzählen. Where the story begins From the grand hotel in the mountains, to the simple historic inn and a former monastery on the lake - every Swiss Historic Hotel has its own story to tell.




It’s not a secret that Berlin is one of Europe’s top destinations. While the city is leading in many areas, including the music and fashion industry, the German capital also knows how to reconcile sustainability and tourism in a clever way.



For some lifestyle and design inspiration that is fresh for this year, read this special theme and meet some inspiring companies and their products.


Paintings, architecture, literature, music or design – Germany’s art scene combines different backgrounds and cultural influences. Find out more in this special theme.



Discover Germany, Austria & Switzerland met up with actor Langston Uibel to talk about politics, his future goals and more.


Holidays are that precious time in the year when you want absolutely everything to be perfect. Looking for some perfect inspiration, too? With its wide selection of hotels and resorts, the Maistra Select brand offers everything you’ll need.


A true hideaway for connoisseurs and individualists, the four-star superior lake hotel DAS TRAUNSEE is located on a peninsula in Traunkirchen in the Salzkammergut, an idyllic location throughout, where indulgent pampering awaits both the palate and the soul.


Join travel writer Matt Johanson on his ascent up one of Germany’s highest peaks.



Whether you are searching for trendy interior items or unique fashion pieces, be sure to take a look at our Design section.


Stunning hotels, top getaways and innovative attractions – check out the Travel section.


Our Business section is filled with innovative companies and much more.


Iris Ellmann is the managing director of The WineBarn, a multi-award-winning wine merchant. This month, she talks about first-class Franconian wines.


Discover Germany, Austria & Switzerland’s Culture Calendar is your perfect guide to what not to miss in April.


This month, Barbara Geier talks about money and Germany’s billionairesses.

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 3 40 33 Contents APRIL 2023
© visitberlin, Photo: Philip Koschel © Bernd Borchardt

Dear Reader,

April is here so we can finally say that spring has well and truly arrived!

To embrace the outdoors to the fullest, we have many inspiring travel tips for you in our latest issue. In our cover story, for example, we travel to Berlin to explore how the German capital reconciles sustainability and tourism in a clever way. Here, you can find simple tips on how to travel more sustainably this year.

Further to that, we take a look at a great distillery to get you inspired for that first outdoor drink of the year. Or, if you prefer a glass of wine, check out our monthly wine column where we introduce some firstclass Franconian wines this month. If you’re a fan of active outdoor adventures, read our feature on adventure holidays in Bavaria in

which travel writer Matt Johanson takes us on an exciting trek to one of Germany’s highest peaks.

Other topics covered in our April issue are an interview with actor Langston Uibel, art, culture and museum highlights, design and lifestyle trends, top businesses in the DACH region, great distilleries, exclusive destinations, top hotels, retreats and rehabilitation centres, top beauty experts, medical centres, great architects, innovative coaches, and much, much more.

And now, sit back, relax and thanks for reading.

4 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Discover Germany | Editor’s Note
Photo: Fritz Heimhuber junior


Eine Gerade mit 138 perfekt angeordneten Schriftzeichen, beleuchtet von 276 LEDs. Auf einem Meter Länge lässt sich die aktuelle Zeit als Satz ablesen.

Industriedesigner Cristoffel Bonorand entwickelte in enger Zusammen arbeit mit Adrian Hauser das unverkennbare Design der Textuhr. Jedes Stück wird in präziser Handarbeit in Mettlen, Thurgau, gefertigt. ZEITMETER ist Schweizer Konzept, Design und Manufaktur. Ein Designerstück aus dem Land der Uhren.


Fashion Finds

Did you know that the traditional ‘dirndl’ is a staple that is worn far beyond Oktoberfest? Especially in southern Germany, the traditional dress is often seen at more formal events like company parties and weddings. Lena Hoschek’s new collection showcases some modern takes on the famous dress that will make you want to try one out immediately.

8 | Issue 104 | April 2023
| Design | Fashion
A romantic take on the traditional dress – the ‘Josepha’ dress is combined with the ‘Wally’ shawl here. Whether for your next Oktoberfest outing or a more formal event, this outfit is sure to make you the centre of attention. £PoA.

A blouse to die for that is perfect for the warmer months. Combine with relaxed jeans for a romantic summer outfit. Blouse ‘Alma’. £PoA.

Here’s a fresh spring twist on the traditional dirndl. With its fun pattern, the ‘Ellie’ dress has a modern notion, while the cropped ‘Anna’ vest is embroidered with intricate flowers. £PoA.

A traditional dirndl is often combined with a so-called ‘walkjanker’. The traditional jacket comes with a special cut that perfectly adapts to the dirndl’s unique shape. This white ‘Fritzi’ jacket could be a great addition to a more formal outfit. £PoA.

For a more modern take on the dirndl, opt for the ‘Annemarie’ dress. Sporting a gorgeous green hue and intricate flower embroideries, it’s a surefire summer staple for years to come. £PoA.

Dedicated to Design

Easter is just around the corner, so we’ve curated a collection of products to help you hop into the festivities this year! Characterised by traditional bunny, egg and chick motifs, along with a gorgeous pastel colour palette, these products will create a cosy, inviting atmosphere for the entire family.

1. These large paper plates are in the shape of wideopen blossoms and come in four different, delicate pastel colours to brighten up every party and add a touch of romance. Each pack contains eight plates in four designs. £11,30.

2. Featuring an adorable bunny face and cute ears, this beautiful lined pouch is the perfect accessory for all little ones at Easter. It comes with wicker handle and lined interior. £41.

3. You can never have too many decorative Easter eggs. These hanging eggs are perfect for Easter, and springtime in general. £14,99.

4. This charming Easter wreath makes an excellent decoration for your home and can be hung on a door. It also makes a fantastic Easter table decoration. Filled with green faux stems and dotted with speckled eggs, it's sure to add a spring touch to any home. £39,99.

5. The rabbits made of felt are a real eye-catcher on your window sill, dining table or chest of drawers. Thanks to the natural wooden base and the neutral colour scheme, the bunnies fit particularly well into natural living styles. £9,70.

10 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Discover Germany | Design | Dedicated to Design
5 3


Design trends of 2023

For some more lifestyle and design inspiration for the new year, read the following special theme and meet some inspiring companies and their products.

Photo: Photo: Unplash, Balazs Ketyi



Timeless designs with a touch of the avant-garde? That's precisely what you will find at the Pfullingen cushion label, another mondaen. Perfect for lovers of design who have discovered their very own style and are looking to introduce fresh designer elements into their home.

It was the shared passion for design and interior that brought Viola Zecher and Dennis Dean Fischer, the founders of another mondaen, together. "We quickly realised that we are on the same page, personally and professionally," says Dennis. "Since 2017, we spent nights on end working to develop our vision and express our passion for interior, fabrics and shapes. This is how the story of another mondaen was created, consistently and harmoniously."

The fabrics are designed in the studio and produced in Paris, Belgium and Spain. The production of single cushions is also carried out in the studio. Accordingly, a lot of heart and soul goes into every design and every collection. The designer duo is inspired by traditional craftsmanship, which it skilfully transfers to modern times. By combining tradition, history and passion, the two tell unexpected stories in their collections. Viola adds: "We mainly get inspired through the exchange with our production partners. There is so much know-how regarding textile craftsmanship that is often not applied. All of this is given a place in the modern world by another mondaen." Hence, the unique collections are created in close cooperation with traditional businesses in Germany and Europe.

Another important aspect at another mondaen is the choice of materials. Viola and Dennis attach great value to the materials being produced as close as possible to the place of production, and that the traditional textile craftsmanship is maintained as much as possible. "It is also important to us that the materials fulfil maximum quality requirements so that they last for a long period of time," says Dennis.

For Viola and Dennis, the most beautiful aspect of their work is that they can experience the entire process from start to finish. Together, they develop and polish ideas for months and are in constant communication with their suppliers. "Seeing the finished product at the end – that fulfils us a lot," says the designer with a smile.

One thing is clear: another mondaen demonstrates that cushion design can be approached in a very different way than we are all used to.

The creators Dennis Dean Fischer (CEO & Co-Founder) and Viola Zecher (Co-Founder & Head of Design)



Zeitlose Designs mit einem Hauch Avantgarde? Das findet man beim Pfullinger Kissen-Label another mondaen. Perfekt für Design-Interessierte, die ihren ganz eigenen Wohnstil gefunden haben und nach neuen, frischen Akzenten suchen.

Es war die gemeinsame Leidenschaft für Design und Interior, welche Viola Zecher und Dennis Dean Fischer, die Gründer von another mondaen, zusammengebracht hat. „Wir haben schnell gemerkt, dass wir persönlich und beruflich auf derselben Wellenlänge sind“, erzählt Dennis. „Seit 2017 haben wir nächtelang unsere Vision entwickelt, um der Passion zu Interior, Stoffen und Formen Ausdruck zu verleihen. So entstand konsequent und harmonisch die Geschichte von another mondaen.“

Die Stoffe-Kreationen und die Konfektion der einzelnen Kissen werden in der hauseigenen Manufaktur umgesetzt. Die Stoffherstellung findet, in Paris, Belgien, Italien und Spanien statt. Dementsprechend steckt in jedem Design und jeder Linie ganz viel Herzblut. Inspirieren lässt sich das Designer-Duo durch traditionelle Handwerkskünste, die es gekonnt auf die moderne Zeit überträgt. Wie in Ihrer ersten Kollektion: Monochrom. Durch die Verknüpfung von Tradition, Geschichte und Leidenschaft erzählen die beiden unerwartete Geschichten in ihren Kollektionen. Viola fügt hinzu: „Die Inspiration sammeln wir hauptsächlich im Austausch mit unseren Produktionspartnern. Im textilen Handwerk gibt es so viel ungenutztes Know-How. Und all dem gibt another mondaen einen Platz in der modernen Welt.“ So entstehen in enger Zusammenarbeit mit traditionellen Handwerksbetrieben in Deutschland und Europa einzigartige Kollektionen.

Ein wichtiger Aspekt für Viola und Dennis ist auch die Wahl der Materialien. Die beiden legen großen Wert darauf, dass die Materialien möglichst nah am Produktionsstandort Pfullingen hergestellt werden und, dass das traditionelle Textilhandwerk möglichst beibehalten wird. „Außerdem ist es wichtig, dass die Materialien einen maximalen Anspruch an Qualität haben, sodass sie für einen langen Zeitraum erhalten bleiben“, so Dennis.

Für Viola und Dennis ist der schönste Aspekt der Arbeit, dass sie den kompletten Entwicklungsprozess miterleben können. Gemeinsam entwickeln und tüfteln sie monatelang an ihren Ideen und stehen in ständigem Austausch mit den Lieferanten. „Am Ende das fertige Produkt zu sehen - das erfüllt uns sehr“, sagt die Designerin mit einem Lächeln.

Eins ist klar: another mondaen zeigt, dass man Kissen-Design auch anders denken kann.

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 13
Design and Lifestyle | Special Theme | Discover Germany


The elegant ZEITMETER makes it possible to display the time in words, in various languages and on one metre in length. Completely made in Switzerland, this stylish invention is a tribute to both language and design. It is a wonderful piece of daily-life poetry, empowered by a reduction to the essential.

We carry the time with us constantly, on our wrist, in our mobile, on our laptop – but how do we actually perceive it? After years of tinkering and refining, the ZEITMETER was born: a watch that is utterly different and yet places the focus on the essentials.

Instead of using hands, like an analogue watch, or numbers, like the digital counterpart, the time is displayed in spoken language. The idea came to Adrian Hauser when his fatherin-law, the ‘Oertlipreis award’-winning Romanic language expert and linguist Chasper Pult, suggested creating a ‘Romanic clock’. Thus began the passion project.

In 2019, the first three prototypes in the Romanic dialects Vallader, Puter and Sursilvan were presented to the world. As the first

Romanic language/text clock on the market, this innovative design statement is a contribution to the preservation of the Romanic language, which is an important cultural asset of Switzerland.

The unmistakable, simple yet beautiful design comes from Cristoffel Bonorand, who developed it further to its current form with Adrian Hauser. Today, the elegant clock is also available in 12 languages – the typical phrases of each language are combined with silent precision displayed in a five-minute rhythm. Regardless of the language, the time is displayed without line breaks.

The ZEITMETER was not only developed in Switzerland but is also handmade there. This encapsulates 276 LED lights, 138 characters,

an analogue-digital interior made with a 3D printer, and much more for each watch. This handcraft pays off – the result is an elegant and high-quality eye-catcher, now with cult status.


• Rumantsch Vallader – LANSEL

• Rumauntsch Puter – CARATSCH

• Romontsch Sursilvan – MUOTH

• Rumantsch Surmiran – LOZZA

• Deutsch (West-/Ost-) – RILKE

• Züritüütsch – EGLI

• Bärndütsch – GFELLER

• Baseldytsch – BLASIUS

• Italiano – LEOPARDI

• Français – APOLLINAIRE

• English (British-/American-) – BROWNING

• Espagñol – EL MANCO

• Suomi – CANTH

14 | Issue 104 | April 2023


Die Zeit in Worten, in verschiedenen Sprachen, auf einem Meter Länge? Genau das macht der elegante ZEITMETER möglich. Komplett Made in Switzerland, ist die stilvolle Erfindung eine Hommage an Sprache und Design. Es ist ein kleines Stück praktische Poesie, angetrieben durch die Reduktion auf das Wesentliche.

Wir tragen sie ständig mit uns herum, am Arm, auf dem Handy, im Laptop: Die Zeit ist immer bei uns, aber wie nehmen wir sie eigentlich wahr? Mit dem ZEITMETER ist, nach jahrelangem Tüfteln und Verfeinern, eine Uhr entstanden, die so ganz anders ist und sich trotzdem auf das Wesentliche konzentriert.

Statt mithilfe von Zeigern, wie bei einer analogen Uhr, oder Zahlen, wie bei einem digitalen Pendant, wird die Zeit in gesprochener Sprache angezeigt. Die Idee dazu kam Adrian Hauser als sein Schwiegervater, der mit dem Oertlipreis ausgezeichnete Romanist und Sprachwissenschaftler Chasper Pult, vorschlug „doch eine romanische Uhr“ zu kreieren. So begann das Herzensprojekt.

2019 war es dann endlich soweit: die ersten drei Prototypen in den romanischen Dialekten Vallader, Puter und Sursilvan wurden

der Welt vorgestellt. Als erste romanische Sprach- / Text-Uhr auf dem Markt ist das innovative Design-Statement ein Beitrag zum Erhalt der romanischen Sprache, einem wichtigen Kulturgut der Schweiz.

Das unverkennbare, schlicht-schöne Design stammt von Cristoffel Bonorand, der es zusammen mit Adrian Hauser zur heutigen Form weiterentwickelt hat. Mittlerweile gibt es den edlen Zeitmeter auch in 13 Sprachen – die typischen Redewendungen der jeweiligen Sprache werden so mit lautloser Präzision im Fünfminuten-Takt kombiniert. Egal in welcher Sprache, die Zeitangabe wird ohne Zeilenumbruch dargestellt.

Der ZEITMETER wurde allerdings nicht nur in der Schweiz entwickelt, sondern wird auch dort hergestellt, und zwar von Hand. Das bedeutet pro Uhr 276 LED-Lämpchen, 138

Schriftzeichen, ein analog digitales Innenleben aus dem 3D-Drucker und vieles mehr. Diese Handarbeit zahlt sich aus – das Resultat ist ein eleganter und hochwertiger Blickfang mit Kultstatus.


• Rumantsch Vallader – LANSEL

• Rumauntsch Puter – CARATSCH

• Romontsch Sursilvan – MUOTH

• Rumantsch Surmiran – LOZZA

• Deutsch (West-/Ost-) – RILKE

• Züritüütsch – EGLI

• Bärndütsch – GFELLER

• Baseldytsch – BLASIUS

• Italiano – LEOPARDI

• Français – APOLLINAIRE

• English (British-/American-) – BROWNING

• Espagñol – EL MANCO

• Suomi – CANTH

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 15
Design and Lifestyle | Special Theme | Discover Germany
Cristoffel Bonorand.


The city of Thun and the Thunersee region are almost like a giant playground, with magnificent mountains, gently streaming rivers and wonderful lakes right on your doorstep. It's an absolute gem in the heart of Switzerland, not just for nature enthusiasts and families, but also for culture buffs.

"The Thun-Thunersee region is known as the prime region for adventures and relaxation in the heart of Switzerland. 'Small and exquisite’ is the region's motto," says Soner Avci enthusiastically. Born in Germany, he has made Thun his beloved home. As the managing director of the Culture and Congress Centre KKThun, board member of Thun- Thunersee Tourism and co-president of KULTURTHUN, he knows exactly what treasures the region has to offer: "The range, including the lake, mountains, nature, cultural opportunities and boutique feeling, is probably unique in Switzerland. You can even surf in the middle of the city."

Versatility and accessibility are the hallmarks of the Thun-Thunersee region. For example, Thun can be easily reached in a sustainable way thanks to the direct ICE connections from Hamburg and Berlin run by Deutsche Bahn.

Whether you prefer strolling through the historic old town of Thun (the gateway to the Bernese Oberland), trying fantastic cocktails in the old vaults of the Atelier Bar, or taking a leisurely steamboat ride to admire the many sights along the lake shore, there's something for everyone. The surrounding castles with their beautiful parklands and 1,000-yearold churches will make the hearts of history buffs beat faster. For sports enthusiasts, the IRONMAN (July 9, 2023), with over 2,000 international athletes, is a real highlight.

Of course, there are also plenty of mountains. "The local Niesen mountain with its pyramid shape offers a magnificent view far beyond the Thunersee region," says Avci. "An added element of interest is that the longest staircase in the world, with 11,600 steps, leads to the summit."

In addition to various festivals such as the Thunerseespiele, the Culture and Congress Centre KKThun also offers a wide range of cultural events. However, it's not just tourists who visit, but also MICE guests (Meetings, Incentives, Congresses & Events). "As a whole, the KKThun offers an ideal platform for multi-day congresses with an extraordinary supporting programme in the region," says Avci, adding with a smile: "Thun, only staying is better."

16 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Steamboat ride. Photo: Thun-Thunersee Tourismus KKThun Schadausaal hall. Photo: KKThun


Sie ist fast wie ein großer Spielplatz, die Stadt Thun und die Thunersee Region: Herrliche Berge, plätschernde Flüsse und wunderbare Seen direkt vor der Haustür. Ein absolutes Paradies im Herzen der Schweiz - allerdings nicht nur für OutdoorFans und Familien, sondern auch für Kulturliebhaber.

„Die Region Thun-Thunersee gilt als die Region für Erlebnisse und Erholung im Herzen der Schweiz. ‚Klein und Fein‘ lautet das Credo der Region“, erzählt Soner Avci begeistert. Geboren in Deutschland, hat er Thun zu seiner geliebten Wahlheimat gemacht. Als Geschäftsführer des Kultur- und Kongresszentrum KKThun, Vorstandsmitglied ThunThunersee Tourismus und Co-Präsident von KULTURTHUN, weiß Avci ganz genau was die Region alles zu bieten: „Die Angebotsvielfalt ist mit dem See, den Bergen, der Natur und den kulturellen Möglichkeiten und dem Boutique-Feeling wohl einzigartig in der Schweiz. Mitten in der Stadt wird sogar gesurft.“

Vielseitigkeit und gute Erreichbarkeit zeichnet die Region Thun-Thunersee aus. So kann man Thun auch auf nachhaltige Weise per Direktverbindungen mit dem ICE der Deutschen Bahn von Hamburg und Berlin wunderbar erreichen.

Egal, ob man lieber durch die historische Altstadt von Thun, dem Tor zum Berner Oberland, flaniert, fantastische Cocktails in den alten Gewölben der Atelier Bar probiert, oder eine gemütliche Dampfschifffahrt macht, um die vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten entlang des Seeufers zu bewundern – es ist für jeden etwas dabei. Die umliegenden Schlößer mit ihren wunderschönen Parkanlagen und die 1.000-Jahre alten Kirchen lassen HistorikerHerzen höherschlagen. Für Sportsfreunde ist der IRONMAN (am 09.07.2023) mit über 2.000 internationalen Athleten ein echtes Highlight.

Natürlich gibt es aber auch jede Menge Berge. „Der Hausberg Niesen mit seiner pyramidenförmigen Form bietet eine grandiose Aussicht weit über die Thunersee Region hinaus“, so Avci. „Zum Gipfel führt übrigens die längste Treppe der Welt mit 11.600 Stufen.“

Neben verschiedenen Festivals wie den Thunerseespielen, bietet auch das Kultur- und Kongresszentrum KKThun ein breites Spektrum an kulturellen Veranstaltungen. Es kommen aber

nicht nur Genussreisende, sondern auch MICEGäste (Meeting, Incentive, Congress & Events).

„Als Ganzes Haus bietet das KKThun eine ideale Plattform für mehrtägige Kongresse mit einem außergewöhnlichen Rahmenprogramm in der Region“, sagt Avci und fügt lächelnd hinzu: „Thun, nur bleiben ist schöner.“

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 17
Design and Lifestyle | Special Theme | Discover Germany
KKThun bei Nacht. Photo: KKThun Niderhorn Aussicht. Photo: Thun-Thunersee Tourismus


With a short production chain and 300 years of expertise, the Hardenberg-Wilthen AG stands for innovative tradition.

Based in Nörten-Hardenberg and with a branch in Wilthen, the family enterprise implements the authentic art of distilling, which Hardenberg has been known for since 1700. As of 2019, the HARDENBERG DISTILLERY now marks the dawn of a new era. With a focus on intensive points of contact between consumer and production, the innovative concept makes the end product both personal and tangible.


A shortened chain from raw material to product is key to this process as much as traditional procedures and an all-encompassing transparency. Beverbach Whiskey, the new Hardenberg Korn Portfolio and Kinetic Vodka are among the flagship products of the ‘from field to glass’ approach – a guiding principle taking growing consumer consciousness into account.


With much love and devotion, the old recipes are constantly being refined, resulting in premium quality beyond the mainstream market, thus appealing to the younger generation. The Private Cask concept caters to this new approach; since 2022, customers have been able to make the dream of creating their own whiskey come true. Step by step, all raw materials can be chosen individually, until the cask is stored for maturation for a minimum of three years. The end product is presented to the customer in individually branded bottles.

Already a visitors’ magnet, the unique HARDENBERG event distillery is quickly developing into a popular contact point for liquor enthusiasts from all over the world.


Kurze Wege, individualisierte Produkte und 300 Jahre alte Geheimrezepturen: Die Hardenberg-Wilthen AG steht für innovative Tradition.

Das Familienunternehmen aus Nörten-Hardenberg mit einer Zweigniederlassung in Wilthen verwendet die authentische Kunst der Destillation, für die der Hardenberg seit 1700 bekannt ist. Seit 2019 ist nun mit der neuen HARDENBERG DISTILLERY eine neue Ära für das Traditionshaus angebrochen. Diese setzt den Fokus auf starke Berührungspunkte mit dem Kunden und damit auf greif- und erlebbare Endprodukte.


Kurze Wege vom Rohmaterial zur Spirituose sind hierbei ebenso der Schlüssel wie traditionelle Verfahren und umfassende Transparenz. Produkte wie der Beverbach Whiskey, das neue Hardenberg Korn Portfolio und der Kinetic Vodka spiegeln das Motto ‚Vom Feld ins Glas‘ – ein Leitmotiv, das die Bedürfnisse einer bewussteren Generation von Konsumenten in Einklang bringt.


Mit viel Liebe und Hingabe werden die alten, streng gehüteten Rezepte ständig verfeinert. Das Ergebnis ist eine Premiumqualität abseits des Mainstreams. Besonders das Private Cask Konzept spricht hier die neue Generation an: Seit 2022 können Kunden ihren Traum vom eigenen Whiskey wahr werden lassen, indem sie Schritt für Schritt mitentscheiden, welche Rohmaterialien für Getränk und Lagerung zum Tragen kommen. Danach reift der Whisky auf dem Hardenberg für mindestens drei Jahre, bevor er fertig abgefüllt in Flaschen mit personalisiertem Branding überreicht wird.


Hinterhaus 10 37176 NörtenHardenberg Germany

Die einzigartige HARDENBERG DISTILLERY Erlebnisbrennerei ist schnell zum Besuchermagnet geworden und entwickelt sich derzeit zum unverzichtbaren Anlaufpunkt für Spirituosenliebhaber aus aller Welt.

18 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Casket storage at Hardenberg Distillery. From field to glass - Graf von Hardenberg in the field at Nörten-Hardenberg. Enter and be amazed – imposing copper kettles make authentic craftmanship tangible.
Where modern design harmonises with history Modernes Design steht im Einklang mit Geschichte Six luxurious rooms, a beautiful spa with steam bath and an interior that combines historic roots with modern hotel comfort. Biguna GmbH | Bierjodlgasse 6 5020 Salzburg +43 662 265872
luxuriöse Zimmer, ein feines Spa mit Dampfbad
eine Innenarchitektur,
Wurzeln mit
Hotelkomfort verbindet.
die historische
20 | Issue 104 | April 2023


Discover Germany, Austria & Switzerland met up with actor Langston Uibel to talk about his role in Afire (Roter Himmel), his love for Berlin, his future goals and more.

DISCOVER GERMANY: You were born in London and now live in Berlin. What does the word ‘home’ mean to you?

LANGSTON UIBEL: I've actually been living in London again for the last six months and I've realised that both cities are a part of me. But my home is Berlin because I have my roots there. All my friends live in Berlin and this is where I grew up. I love travelling, but I love coming back to Berlin. That is home for me, that feeling you only get when you come back there.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What do you love about Berlin? Why is it one of your chosen homes?

LANGSTON UIBEL: Of course, there are many things I appreciate about Berlin: the greenery, the nightlife and the art scene. Berlin just isn't as expensive as London or New York. This makes the city accessible to more people which creates a certain atmosphere. It's nice when more people can afford to go out and participate in city life.

DISCOVER GERMANY: You recently finished filming the movie Afire (Roter Himmel). What can viewers look forward to?

LANGSTON UIBEL: Afire (Roter Himmel) tells the story of four people who happen to meet in a holiday home. It's summer and there are forest fires. The four fall in love, envy each other and discover each other in the process. The whole production was wonderful. I felt like

everyone was always very much in agreement on how we envision scenes. So, we didn't have to discuss everything. Above all, we had a very good director in Christian Petzold who guided us wonderfully as an ensemble. Can’t wait for it to come out!

DISCOVER GERMANY: What do you love most about acting?

LANGSTON UIBEL: The variety. No day is like another. And to be perfectly honest, I love falling asleep knowing that anything can happen tomorrow. One call from my team can change my life. At the same time, nothing can happen.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Has acting always been your dream profession?

LANGSTON UIBEL: It wasn't always my dream job. At some point I just decided that I wanted to become an actor. I got into film by accident. A friend of my mother's knew a puppet maker who made a puppet for a short film. They were looking for an actor for this film and the puppet maker suggested me. He had seen a photo of me. That's how I found out that you can be an actor in the first place. I then found an agent and stuck with it.

DISCOVER GERMANY: How did the emergence of Netflix change both your career and the German TV landscape?

LANGSTON UIBEL: The streaming services are influencing the industry a lot. Especially in

terms of content. Conventional broadcasters now have to follow suit. I hope that they will now dare to develop exciting, young and fresh formats. The first trends are emerging! Young and fresh formats are being developed.

DISCOVER GERMANY: You have been involved in many projects. What roles and formats are you most attracted to?

LANGSTON UIBEL: There are no specific roles that attract me. It's much more the stories and maybe even more the people with whom you implement them. I'm still young and I still want to study. So, there are always a few criteria I use to make my selections. Sometimes it's a small role, but I get the chance to work with someone whose work I appreciate.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What else is planned for 2023? Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline?

LANGSTON UIBEL: The nice thing about the job is the ups and downs. Now that a film of mine comes out, there is a lot of attention and that then ebbs away again. Then it's back to work. I think this year will definitely be exciting. I'm looking forward to it.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Last but not least, what are dreams and wishes for the future?

LANGSTON UIBEL: I still have a few bigger dreams, but I don't dare to say them. They stay with me. A few of my dreams have already come true which is really cool. And if there would be a few more that follow suit, that would be nice, of course.

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Originating in Geneva in the 16th century, the Reformation was a religious revolution that changed the relationship to organised beliefs by handing over responsibility to the individual.

The International Museum of the Reformation is the only secular institution devoted to this part of history. Paintings, objects, books, engravings and audiovisual devices are combined in 12 rooms in a new scenography rich in colour and accessible in nine languages.

Among the 350 testimonies to be discovered is a painting of Martin Luther by Lukas Cranach, a letter from John Calvin, a personal note by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a watch made by Jean-Jacques Rousseau's grandfather, the voice of Martin Luther-King, 11 pieces of music inspired by Protestantism, plus many more fascinating items. It is a

unique museum experience to be discovered in an 18th century mansion in the heart of Geneva's Old Town, from 27 April 2023.

Also not to be missed, from 27 April to 27 August 2023, is Deflagrations, an exhibition of 140 drawings of children in war, covering a century of conflicts, including the current crisis in Ukraine.


Entstanden im 16. Jahrhundert in Genf, war die Reformationsbewegung eine religiöse Revolution, die das Verhältnis zur Realität veränderte, indem sie das Individuum stärker in die Verantwortung nahm.

Das Internationale Museum der Reformation ist die einzige weltliche Institution, die sich diesem Teil der Geschichte widmet. Gemälde, Objekte, Bücher, Stiche und audiovisuelle Elemente vereinen sich in 12 Räumen zu einer farbenfrohen Inszenierung, die in neun Sprachen zugänglich ist.

Unter den insgesamt 350 Zeugen, die es zu entdecken gilt, befindet sich ein Gemälde Martin Luthers von Lukas Cranach, ein Brief von Johannes Calvin, ein persönliches Schreiben von Dietrich Bonhoeffer, eine von Jean-Jacque Rousseaus Großvaters gefertigte Uhr, eine Aufnahme der Stimme Martin Luther-Kings, elf vom Protestantismus inspirierte Musikstücke, und vieles mehr. Ein einzigartiger Museumsmoment, den Besucher:innen ab dem 27. April 2023 in einem Stadtpalais aus dem 18. Jahrhundert mitten in der Genfer Altstadt erleben können.

Ebenfalls nicht verpassen sollte man die Ausstellung Erschütterungen, die vom 27. April bis zum 27. August 2023 stattfindet. Sie umfasst 140 Zeichnungen von Kindern in Kriegssituationen, die ein ganzes Jahrhundert von Kriegskonflikten inkl. dem aktuellen Konflikt in der Ukraine abdeckt.

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The International Museum of the Reformation. Photo: Lightmotif-Blatt Portrait of John Calvin (1509-1564) by Hugo Allard. Photo: Coll. MHR, BGE Theological exam, painted by Johann Peter Hasenclever. Photo: International Museum of the Reformation, Geneva Portrait of Martin Luther (1483-1546) by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Photo: Collection privée Drawing of a 14-year old girl from Syria, 2013. Photo: Solinfo Sabah 11 years, Lebanon, years 1980. Photo: Seta Manoukian Zürich bible from 1536. Photo: International Museum of the Reformation, Geneva


Discovering the arts in Germany

Germany has much more to offer than just beer, pretzels and famous football teams. It is a paradise for artists as well as art lovers. Paintings, architecture, literature, music or design – the country’s art scene combines different backgrounds and cultural influences. The cities of Germany are home to numerous museums, galleries and theatres showcasing fine art and culture.

TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF Photo: Unplash, Norbert Braun Photo: Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin

The country represents so many different cultures and influences that typical German art does not really exist. Germany is characterised by German, Swiss, Austrian and Italian influences and by the people coming from all over the world who found a home here. This makes it a paradise for art lovers because various personalities and customs come together here, interact and create something new.

German cities are birthplaces and places of activity to numerous artists whose works can still be found here such as Richter, Klee and Dürer. Furthermore, the literature and film scene has become more and more international and Ger-

man documentaries are regular contributions at festivals like Cannes and Berlin.

German artists have always been important for the story and history of European art, especially in the Expressionism and Modern Art movements. One of the most famous art collectives was the Blaue Reiter, or ‘blue rider’ – an Expressionist group of artists that was founded in Munich in 1911 by Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc as an abstract counterpart to Die Brücke’s figurative art style.

Today, the art history keeps on getting written with talented artists and modern artworks popping up all over Germany. Furthermore,

that Germany is a country of collectors can be seen in the vast amount of museums, galleries, auctions and fairs. If you’re interested in art, you should definitely not miss Berlin’s Museum Island, where five museums can be found, as well as Munich’s Pinakothek, where you can see Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna of the Carnation, amongst many other impressive works. Or, if you are a fan of pop art and Picasso, you can head to Museum Ludwig in Cologne.

In the following special theme, we take a look at some of the country’s finest art and culture institutions.

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 25 Art, Culture & Museum Highlights | Special Theme | Discover Germany
Photo: Unplash, Tanja Cotoaga


London’s Daily Express calls it the “most spectacular show in Europe”: The ARISE Grand Show is getting both media and its guests very excited.

ARISE is a rollercoaster ride of emotions full of radiant highlights – emotional moments alternate with acrobatic masterpieces at dizzying heights and dances that are choreographed to perfection.

At the heart of ARISE is the photographer Cameron. He travels around the world with his muse. When he loses her, his happiness is

shattered. Light magically draws him into the most emotional and beautiful memories of their time together. Love is stronger than time, and Cameron experiences this first-hand in ARISE 'Arise' means to stand up, not to give up, and to maintain faith in the immortal power of love.

Here, you can experience a stunning show on the largest theatre stage in the world.

Over 650,000 guests have already seen the show and have given rave reviews: "Breathtaking, unique and varied! Highly recommended" (Pia on Google). You can see the show, which features over 100 artists, at the Palast in Berlin until 5 July 2023.

The programme of Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin is unique. The shows play exclusively at the Palast, are highly modern in their aesthetics and feature the latest high-tech effects. It is the special blend of dance, extravagant costumes, stunning stage designs and daring acrobatics that thrills the audience time and time again.

As the stage of the state of Berlin, the Palast gives its guests a triple feel-safe promise consisting of a TÜV-tested hygiene concept, a free rebooking option and a 100 per cent money-back guarantee in the event of a show cancellation. This way, guests are always covered and protected.

Tickets +49 30 2326 2327

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Over 100 artists on the world’s largest theatre stage. Photo: Friedrichstadt-Palast The famous pool from 1984 has been completely renovated and technically upgraded. Photo: Ralph Larmann


Der Daily Express, London, nennt sie die „spektakulärste Show in Europa“: Die ARISE Grand Show begeistert Medien und Gäste gleichermaßen.

ARISE ist eine Achterbahnfahrt der Gefühle voller strahlender Akzente – gefühlvolle Momente wechseln sich ab mit artistischen Meisterleistungen in schwindelerregenden Höhen und Choreografien voller tänzerischer Perfektion.

Im Mittelpunkt von ARISE steht der Fotograf Cameron. Mit seiner Muse reist er um die ganze Welt. Als er sie verliert, reißt sein Glück in Stücke. Licht zieht ihn magisch hinein in die emotionalsten und schönsten Erinnerungen der gemeinsamen Zeit. Liebe ist stärker als die Zeit, das erlebt Cameron hautnah in ARISE. ‚Arise‘ bedeutet aufzustehen, nicht aufzugeben, sich den Glauben an die unsterbliche Kraft der Liebe zu bewahren.

Erlebe eine atemberaubende Show auf der größten Theaterbühne der Welt. Schon über

650.000 Gäste haben die Show besucht und waren begeistert: „Atemberaubend, einzigartig und abwechslungsreich! Nur zu empfehlen.“ (Pia auf Google). Verliebe auch Du dich in über 100 Künstler:innen. Noch bis 05. Juli 2023 kannst Du die Show im Palast in Berlin erleben.

Der Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin ist einzigartig in seinem Programm. Die Shows spielen exklusiv im Palast, sind hochmodern in ihrer Ästhetik und mit den allerneuesten Hightech-Effekten ausgestattet. Es ist die besondere Mischung aus Tanz, extravaganten Kostümen, atemberaubenden Bühnenbildern und waghalsiger Akrobatik, die das Publikum begeistern.

Als Bühne des Landes Berlin gibt der Palast seinen Gästen ein dreifaches Fühl-Dich-

sicher-Versprechen bestehend aus einem TÜV-geprüften Hygienekonzept, einer kostenlosen Umbuchungsoption und einer 100 Prozent Geld-zurück-Garantie bei Showausfall. Damit sind die Gäste in jedem Fall auf der sicheren Seite.

Tickets +49 30 2326 2326

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Die längste Girlreihe der Welt. Foto: Brinkhoff-Mögenburg Strahlende Momente voller Glamour und Extravaganz. Foto: Brinkhoff-Moegenburg


The medieval city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber provides the inspiring and colourful backdrop to the contemporary, thematic art shows at Künstlerhaus Kochana.

The picturesque city has served as home and inspiration to many an artist in the past and present. Its architectural pattern and warm colours have been depicted by old masters through to renowned names of the classic modern era, such as Wassily Kandinsky. Contemporary artists also feel drawn to the earthbound culture and atmosphere that both city and landscape provide.

Artist Monika Hanselmann has presented her work at numerous galleries and exhibitions in the past, from Germany through to South Korea. As of last summer, she now invites the public directly into her creative home. The goal at Künstlerhaus Kochana is to find access to the artist’s world right at the source, and to soak up the inspiring atmosphere of Franconia.

The visitor list consists of both art lovers and open-minded tourists; both domestic and international guests. Monika Hanselmann has al-

ways enjoyed meeting people from around the world, and intends on continuing this well-received exchange at the Künstlerhaus.

As of this year, Künstlerhaus Kochana is open to visitors each Saturday afternoon on a weekly basis.

To prearrange a visit, you can call 0049 9861 6564, or 0049 172 6977415

Google map search: ‘Künstlerhaus Kochana Rothenburg ob der Tauber‘


Für das Künstlerhaus Kochana bildet die mittelalterliche Stadt Rothenburg ob der Tauber mit ihrem musealen Charakter einen idealen, inspirierenden sowie kontrastreichen Hintergrund zur Präsentation von Modern Art und thematischer Kunst.

Die pittoreske Stadt und ihre Umgebung hat Künstlern schon immer als Heimat und Inspiration gedient, sowohl in der Vergangenheit als auch in der Gegenwart. Ihre architektonischen Muster und warmen Farben wurden bereits vielfach von alten Meistern wiedergegeben, bis hin zu solchen der klassischen Moderne, wie etwa Wassily Kandinsky. Doch auch zeitgenössische Künstler fühlen sich von der erdenden, kreativen Atmosphäre der fränkischen Region angezogen.

Künstlerin Monika Hanselmann hat ihre Arbeit über viele Jahre sowohl auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene in Galerien und Ausstellungen präsentiert, bis hin zu Südkorea. Seit dem letzten Sommer lädt sie das Publikum nun direkt nach Hause in ihr Künstlerhaus ein, um somit die Wurzel ihrer künstlerischen Gedankenwelt nachvollziehbar zu machen.

Die Besucherliste des Künstlerhaus Kochana reicht von ortsansässigen Kunstliebhabern über Touristen der Region bis zu Besuchern aus Über-

see. Monika Hanselmann hat schon immer genossen, internationale Kontakte zu pflegen und wird diesen globalen Austausch nun im Künstlerhaus weiterführen.

In diesem Jahr ist das Künstlerhaus Kochana auf wöchentlicher Basis jeden Samstag zwischen 15:00 und 19:00 für vorangemeldete Besucher zugänglich.

Telefonische Anmeldung unter: 09861-6564 oder 0172-6977415

Wegbeschreibung über Google-Map: ‚Künstlerhaus Kochana Rothenburg ob der Tauber‘

28 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Discover Germany | Special Theme | Art, Culture & Museum Highlights TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, market square. Photo: Claudia Weisbrod © Kulturamt Rothenburg Domi (home) – Kochana painting by Monika Hanselmann. Photo: Dr. Siegfried Hanselmann Powerfrau (superwoman) – Kochana painting by Monika Hanselmann. Photo: Dr. Siegfried Hanselmann Bedrohte Schöpfung (creation, endangered) – Kochana painting by Monika Hanselmann. Photo: Dr. Siegfried Hanselmann


The exhibition BETWEEN RIVERS, by the Iraqi artist Maurice Haddad, is currently being showcased in Forum StadtLandKunst in Hamburg’s HafenCity.

Between 24 March and 28 May, Hamburg’s Gallery Hafenliebe will showcase BETWEEN RIVERS by Maurice Haddad. Founded in 2011 in Hamburg’s HafenCity, the gallery is renowned for presenting internationally well-respected and expressive visual art of the 20th century and of the present.

In 2017, gallery owner Bernd Lahmann, who is a stone sculptor himself, discovered some works by the Iraqi artist Maurice Haddad (1939-2016) at a friend’s place in Hamburg. Since then, contact has been made with the artist's daughter in Bangkok in Thailand. Through this collaboration, BETWEEN RIVERS came bursting to life.

In his paintings, Maurice Haddad tells myriad stories. They are about anything from his rural home region between Euphrates and Tigris, to the Myth of Gilgamesh, women in Sumerian culture and abstract signs and

letters. Born in 1937 in Iraq, he studied art in Baghdad and also in France’s Limoges. His deep commitment to the topic of peace could already be seen in his earlier paintings.

The artist’s work is presented and collected in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, UK,

Russia, Japan, China and USA. One special painting can even be found in a room at the UN headquarters.

BETWEEN RIVERS is presented by Gallery Hafenliebe in Forum StadtLandKunst, near Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Am Sandtorpark 12. Open Friday to Sunday 12-6 pm and by appointment.

Instagram: @cosytimesceramics.kerteminde

Art, Culture & Museum Highlights | Special Theme | Discover Germany
TEXT: GALLERY HAFENLIEBE Talking with Bird. Photo: Courtesy of Maurice Haddad Gilgamesh II. Photo: Courtesy of Maurice Haddad BETWEEN RIVERS exhibition. Photo: Gallery Hafenliebe


Fotohaus Heimhuber has one of the largest historical mountain photography archives worldwide and is run by the fifth generation of the Heimhuber family. The pictures, as well as textile prints and other home and living products, are shipped across the globe from the Allgäu region – to mountain lovers and photography enthusiasts who want to bring a piece of Alpine photography art home.

The history of Fotohaus Heimhuber began in 1877, when the photography assistant Joseph Heimhuber set up his studio in Sonthofen and later became specialised in mountain and landscape photography. For almost 140 years, the Heimhuber photographers captured the Allgäu and the entire German-speaking Alpine region (from South Tyrol to Switzerland and Austria) on various materials. Today, the Heimhuber archive comprises approximately one million historical mountain

photographs and is almost unique in its abundance and continuity.

The family business is led by Lena Heimhuber and her mother Claudia, who want to make their ancestors’ unique photographs accessible worldwide. Tradition is translated into the modern era, and the motifs are printed on modern high-quality products.

Lena's favourite image is the best-selling mountain view from 1932 (image number: 100269): "I love this picture because you can look at it forever. You can get lost in it and imagine standing next to the mountaineer, gazing into the endless mountain world."


Fotohaus Heimhuber ist eines der größten historischen Bergbildarchive weltweit und wird mittlerweile in fünfter Generation geführt. Verschickt werden die Bilder, sowie Textildrucke und andere Home & Living Produkte vom Allgäu in die ganze Welt – eben überall dahin, wo sich Bergfans und Fotografieliebhaber ein Stück Alpine Fotografie-Kunst nach Hause holen möchten.

Die Geschichte von Fotohaus Heimhuber begann bereits 1877, als sich der Fotografengeselle Joseph Heimhuber in Sonthofen ein Atelier einrichtete und sich später auf Hochgebirgs- und Landschaftsfotografie spezialisierte. Über fast 140 Jahre hinweg hielten die Fotografen Heimhuber das Allgäu und den gesamten deutschsprachigen Alpenraum (von Südtirol über die Schweiz bis Österreich) auf verschiedenen Materialien fest. Heute umfasst das Heimhuber Fotoarchiv un-

gefähr eine Million historische Aufnahmen und ist in dieser Fülle und Kontinuität nahezu einzigartig.

Geführt wird der Familienbetrieb von Lena Heimhuber und Mutter Claudia, die die atemberaubenden Fotografien ihrer Ahnen weltweit bekannt machen wollen. Dabei wird die Tradition in die Moderne umgesetzt und die Motive kommen auf moderne, hochwertige Produkte.

Lenas Lieblingsbild ist der Bestseller-Bergblick aus dem Jahr 1932 (Bildnummer: 100269): „Ich liebe dieses Bild, weil man es einfach ewig anschauen kann. Man kann sich darin verlieren und steht gedanklich gleich neben dem Bergsteiger und schaut in die endlose Bergwelt.“

30 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Discover Germany | Special Theme | Art, Culture & Museum Highlights TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE | PHOTOS: FRITZ HEIMHUBER JUNIOR, EUGEN HEIMHUBER JUNIOR
Photo: Julian Mueller Lena and Claudia Heimhuber. Photo: Fotohaus Heimhuber



Buyers are invited individually and thus able to meet the artist in her own creative sphere. “My art is who I am,” she explains: “Many people find the process as interesting as the finished piece.”

Michaela Kubitta-Willms has been perfecting her painting and sculpting skills for more than 30 years now. Today, her pieces are showcased everywhere from Germany and Switzerland through to the US and China. Kubitta-Willms mostly uses impressions from her journeys as inspiration: “My enthusiasm for travelling through Europe, New Zealand, the US and Arabic countries, and the resulting experiences with different cultures and their positive energies, have influenced my work strongly.”

The community-orientated artist further loves to see her space as a meeting hub for artists and art enthusiasts: “At events like the Leverkusen art night, for example, my doors are open and the space in- and outside of the gallery becomes a thematic creative unit, prompting people to stay and explore.”

Already planned for this year are readings from the book LADIESFIRST, by female artists of the region, as well as a mutual art installation around the motto ‘art against depression’.

Building on her current and upcoming participation in international shows such as the 3rd Chongqing International Modern Art and Contemporary Art Exhibition, Michaela Kubitta-Willms furthermore aims to expand her own representation, both on a national and international level.

Ihr Atelier ist somit gleichzeitig ihr Ausstellungsort, wo sie ihre Werke teils im Entstehungsprozess als auch im Rahmen von Events präsentiert: „Meine Kunst ist mein Wesen”, erklärt sie, “Viele Menschen finden es gerade interessant, nicht nur mein ‚Endwerk‘ zu sehen, sondern auch den Entstehungsprozess verfolgen zu können.”

Die Autodidaktin blickt auf mittlerweile 30 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich Malerei und Skulptur zurück und stellt heute von der Schweiz über die USA bis China auch auf internationaler Ebene aus.

Kreative Einflüsse stammen vielfach von ihren eigenen Reisen: „Meine Begeisterung für das Reisen durch z.B. Neuseeland, Europa, die USA oder auch die arabischen Länder und die Erfahrungen mit anderen Kulturen und ihrer positiven Energie haben meine Kunst stark beeinflusst.“

Michaela Kubitta-Willms genießt es, ihre Räume zu einem kreativen ‚Meeting Hub‘ für Künstler und Kunstenthusiasten werden zu lassen: „Wenn meine Türen für Events wie z.B. die Leverkusener Kunstnacht geöffnet sind, dann verwandeln sich die Galerie und der Platz davor zu einer thematischen, kreativen Einheit und laden zum Verweilen ein.“ Für dieses Jahr sind vor Ort zudem Lesungen aus dem Buch LADIESFIRST von Künstlerinnen der Region geplant, sowie eine gemeinschaftliche Installation zum Thema ‚Kunst gegen Depression‘.

Die Teilnahme an nationalen und internationalen Shows, wie zum Beispiel der 3rd Chongqing International Modern Art and Contemporary Art Exhibition, wird Michaela Kubitta-Willms derweil weiter ausbauen, um ihre Kunst in Zukunft einem noch breiteren kunstinteressierten Publikum zugänglich machen zu können.

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 31
In der Galerie der Künstlerin Michaela Kubitta-Willms werden Prozess und Präsentation zur Einheit. At artist Michaela Kubitta-Willms’ gallery, work and presentation often blend into one.
TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI I PHOTOS: MKW Art, Culture & Museum Highlights | Special Theme | Discover Germany
Emotions room. Studio-Gallery Michaela Kubitta-Willms. Color Dynamics: Eyes 2


Whether in exhibitions or as oversized murals in Tokyo, Miami, Frankfurt or Palma de Mallorca, the works by artist Christian Awe captivate with their radiance and vibrancy. His paintings evoke a synesthetic atmosphere by means of an emotionally charged application of colour that allows for any kind of sensory experience and creates a moment of freedom, inspiration and ‘joie de vivre’ for the viewer.

His current murals HORIZONTE (HORIZONS), displayed next to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, exert an almost emotional attraction that often causes passers-by to stop and admire the works. Raised in East Berlin, socialised by the fall of the Wall and exposure to graffiti, Awe’s path led from the Universität der Künste Berlin and his professors Georg Baselitz and Daniel Richter, to Princeton. There, as an ‘artist in residence’, he also taught courses.

Christian Awe’s filigree handling of light, space and perspective attest a pronounced investigative mind that constantly probes the boundaries of painting. In doing so, Awe does not allow himself to be confined by predefined norms, but acts as a stimulus and transformer of entire cities, such as Wynwood/Miami or Perm in Russia. For him, his gigantic painting Begegnung (encounter) in the centre of Berlin, directly next to the Holocaust Memorial, also serves as an invitation to break up rigid urban structures.

With his works in public space, Awe frequently addresses social political issues like freedom, tolerance and cosmopolitanism. However, never accusingly but always as an invitation to dialogue. In doing so, he wants to ‘democratise’ art as a component of everyday life and make it accessible for everyone. For him, art is a universal language and the cement that binds societies together.

Christian Awe’s works are an invitation to embark on an inspiring journey of the senses, to always discover and feel something new. With his works, he blurs the boundaries between imagination and reality in a play of light and shadow. The seemingly three-dimensional colour landscapes of his ‘water paintings’ appear photo-realistic, almost as though they were printed. They captivate via their artistic ingenuity, as each drop of water is painted by hand. The paintings glow from within and welcome the viewer into a cosmos of colour and light.

Energetic streams of colour and powerful splashes give the works an incomparable, passionate intensity. Paired with airy, floating gestures, they merge into an intense dialogue of spontaneity, experiment and artistic calculation, and thus create a sensuality one can barely escape.

Christian Awe lives and works in Berlin and Palma de Mallorca and, as well as his artistry, the creator also engages in numerous social projects.

32 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Discover Germany | Special Theme | Art, Culture & Museum Highlights
Malerei, 110x200cm. HORIZONTE (HORIZONS), ImmoMa.
storytellerII, 160x140cm.


Ob in Ausstellungen oder als überdimensionale Wandbilder in Tokio, Miami, Frankfurt oder Palma de Mallorca – die Werke des Künstlers Christian Awe faszinieren durch ihre Strahlkraft und Lebendigkeit. Mit einem emotional aufgeladenen Einsatz von Farbe erschafft er in seinen Bildern eine synästhetische Atmosphäre, in der jedwede Sinneserfahrung möglich ist und kreiert für den Betrachter einen Moment von Freiheit, Inspiration und Lebensfreude.

Seine aktuellen Wandbilder HORIZONTE neben der Deutschen Börse Frankfurt üben eine fast berauschende Anziehungskraft aus, die Autofahrer nicht selten dazu bringt anzuhalten, um die Werke zu bestaunen. Aufgewachsen in Ostberlin, sozialisiert durch den Mauerfall und Umgang mit Graffiti, führte Awes Weg von der Universität der Künste Berlin und seinen Professoren Georg Baselitz und Daniel Richter bis nach Princeton, wo er als ‚artist in residence’ auch unterrichtete.

Christian Awes filigraner Umgang mit Licht, Raum und Perspektive zeugen von einem ausgeprägten Forschergeist, der die Grenzen der Malerei immer wieder auf's Neue auslotet. Dabei lässt sich Awe nicht von vorbestimmten Normen einengen, sondern fungiert als Impulsgeber und Umgestalter ganzer Städte wie Wynwood/Miami oder Perm in Russland. Auch sein riesiges Bild Begegnung im Zentrum Berlins direkt neben dem HolocaustMahnmal dient ihm als Ansporn, starre städtebauliche Strukturen aufzubrechen.

Mit seinen Arbeiten im öffentlichen Raum greift Awe immer wieder auch gesellschaftspolitische Themen auf wie Freiheit, Toleranz und Weltoffenheit. Jedoch nie mit erhobenem Zeigefinger, sondern als Einladung zum Dialog. Dabei möchte er die Kunst als Bestandteil des täglichen Lebens ‚demokratisieren’ und für jedermann erlebbar machen. Für ihn ist Kunst eine universelle Sprache und der Kitt, der die Gesellschaft zusammenhält.

Christian Awes Werke laden dazu ein, sich auf eine inspirierende Reise der Sinne zu begeben und immer wieder Neues zu erblicken und zu erspüren. In seinen Werken lässt er die Grenzen zwischen Imagination und Realität in einem Spiel aus Licht und Schatten verschwimmen. Die dreidimensional anmutenden Farblandschaften seiner ‚Wasserbilder’ wirken fotorealistisch, fast so, als wären sie gedruckt. Sie fesseln durch ihre künstlerische Genialität, denn jeder Wassertropfen ist gemalt. Die Bilder leuchten von innen heraus und entführen den Betrachter in einen Kosmos aus Farbe und Licht.

Energetische Farbströme und kraftvolle Splashes verleihen den Werken eine unvergleichlich leidenschaftliche Intensität. Gepaart mit luftig schwebenden Gesten vereinen sie sich zu einem spannungsreichen Dialog aus Spontanität, Experiment und künstlerischem Kalkül. Sie erzeugen eine Sinnlichkeit, der man sich nur schwer entziehen kann.

Christian Awe lebt und arbeitet in Berlin und Palma de Mallorca und engagiert sich für eine Vielzahl von Sozialprojekten.

34 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Discover Germany | Special Theme | Art, Culture & Museum Highlights
Begegnung, 12x27m.
Christian Awe.

Christian Awe new beginnings, 2023, Acryl auf Leinwand, 120x100cm


Galerie Noah and the Kunstmuseum Walter, both situated in the imposing former industrial complex of the ‘glass palace’ in Augsburg, house some of the most influential names of Germany’s art scene since 1945.

Named after founder and art collector Ignaz Walter, the privately owned Kunstmuseum Walter features roughly 2,000 works on two floors, steadily rising in numbers. Both gallery and museum show an impressive and comprehensive range of modern art from (former) East and West Germany, including international influences as well as national successors.

Here, both established names such as Anselm Kiefer, Georg Baselitz, Jörg Immendorff and Markus Lüpertz, as well as blossoming newcomers, can find a place and

an audience. While renowned artists of the ‘New Leipzig School’ and West Germany’s contemporary art scene fill the 2,000 square metres of the museum, the light-filled gallery also features their latest ‘offspring’ – such as Berlin based artists Christian Awe and Christopher Lehmpfuhl (April and May exhibitions respectively), as well as Marion Eichmann in the autumn.

The gallery will further be rounding up the year with a show of Georg Baselitz graphics and drawings in winter.

Art historian Wilma Sedelmeier has been running both the museum and gallery for eight years now. “Lively and passionate – that is our motto,” she explains. With much energy and regular new acquisitions, the combined cultural magnet serves art enthusiasts and buyers, as well as educators: “Now that the pandemic is over, the museum offers onsite educational programmes again, with both a theoretic and a practice part taking place in the studios.”

Both museum and gallery focus mostly on painters: For 2024, a comprehensive Karin Kneffel show is planned. A former Gerhard Richter student, Kneffel is known for her ‘hyper realist’ paintings of fruit, textiles and texture, often portrayed in an expressive chiaroscuro with a nod to the renaissance period.

The listed glass-palace building by industrial architect Philipp Jakob Manz provides a magnificent, light-infused backdrop for one of the biggest collections of Germany’s modern and contemporary art. If in Bavaria –make sure to plan your visit.

36 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Glass palace Augsburg by night. Photo: Galerie Noah / Kunstmuseum Walter Kunstmuseum Walter, interior. Photo: RomanTarasenko


Im Augsburger ‚Glaspalast‘, einem Industriedenkmal von 1909 mit lokaler Geschichte geben die Galerie Noah und das Kunstmuseum Walter einer Vielzahl der einflussreichsten Namen der Nachkriegsmoderne und Gegenwartskunst ein imposantes Zuhause.

Benannt nach seinem Gründer Prof. Ignaz Walter birgt das privat finanzierte Kunstmuseum um die 2000 Werke auf zwei Stockwerken – eine umfassende, stetig wachsende Sammlung. Gemeinsam mit der Galerie werden große Namen aus dem ehemaligen Ost- und Westdeutschland, deren Einflüsse auf internationaler Ebene sowie die neueste Generation von deutschen Nachwuchskünstlern präsentiert.

Anselm Kiefer, Georg Baselitz, Jörg Immendorff und Markus Lüpertz finden hier ebenso ihren Platz wie die neue Generation: Neben Vertretern der Neuen Leipziger Schule und etablierten Namen der westdeutschen Zeitgenössischen Kunst auf 2000 Quadratmetern Museumsfläche bietet die lichtdurchflutete Galerie derweil auch Raum für deren ehemalige Meisterschüler – wie die Berliner Künstler Christian Awe und Christopher Lehmpfuhl in den April- und Maiausstellungen, oder Marion Eichmann im Herbst.

Zudem wird die Galerie das Kunstjahr mit einer umfassenden Ausstellung von Zeichnungen und Grafiken von Georg Baselitz beschließen.

Kunsthistorikerin Wilma Sedelmeier leitet beide Institutionen seit nunmehr acht Jahren. „Lebendig und leidenschaftlich ist unser Motto”, erklärt sie. Mit viel Energie und einer stetig wachsenden Sammlung dient der Kulturmagnet sowohl Kunstliebhabern und -Sammlern als auch der Bildung: „Nun, da die Pandemiejahre vorbei sind, bieten wir wieder regelmäßig Inhouse-Workshops an, mit theoretischer Einführung und einem praktischen Teil in den museumseigenen Ateliers.”

Sowohl das Kunstmuseum als auch die Galerie Noah widmen sich vornehmlich der Malerei, mit wenigen Ausnahmen an Druckgrafiken und Skulpturen. Für 2024 ist im Kunstmuseum eine umfassende Sonderausstellung der Künstlerin Karin Kneffel geplant. Die ehemalige Gerhard Richter-Meis-

terschülerin wird mit ihren detaillierten, oft in kontrastreichem Chiaroscuro portraitierten Obst-, Textil- und Texturstudien dem Hyperrealismus zugeordnet.

Das historische Gebäude des Glaspalastes, ehemals von Industriearchitekt Philipp Jakob Manz für die Augsburger Textilindustrie entworfen, agiert als würdiger Hintergrund für eine der größten Sammlungen moderner und zeitgenössischer Kunst aus ganz Deutschland. Ein Muss für jeden Bayern-Trip.

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 37
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Wilma Sedelmeier, Leiterin Galerie Noah und Kunstmuseum Walter. Foto: RomanTarasenko Galerie Noah, Innenansicht mit Werken von Jonathan Meese. Foto: Jan Bauer imagine, aus der aktuellen Galerie-Ausstellung CHRISTIAN AWE – love language, die bis 21. Mai 2023 läuft. Foto: Galerie Noah


Watches measure time, and often they serve also a status symbol. When they fuse with art, they can become a truly extraordinary design object.

Joachim Weber, a successful film juror and filmmaker in Hollywood and Los Angeles, knows a thing or two about beautiful things. His own creation, ‘Flâneur’, is a classic for fans of aesthetic and rare design watches.

Weber’s label Cosmoszeit has now launched a watch that will catch people’s attention even further. The strictly limited Thitz watch, by the artist of the same name, makes collectors’ hearts beat that little faster and, as a result, has already been listed among the most sought-after rare collectors’ watches, by those in the know.

“Thitz is an exceptional artist. Anyone who has seen his art in its original form knows about its rich variety and expressiveness. This is why we are incredibly happy about this exclusive collaboration,” says Weber.

The Thitz watch is adorned with a Thitz-typical woman’s portrait and is delivered with a numbered and hand-signed DIN-A5 print of the clock face; with an edition of only 50 pieces a rarity in itself, which will result in an increase in value. “The Thitz watch is not merely a portable investment, but a beautiful design for your wrist that you can enjoy every day,” underlines the CEO.

Equipped with a high-quality Swiss automatic movement, the stainless-steel case, with sapphire crystal, completes the qualitatively and visually exceptional experience of owning the Thitz watch.


Uhren messen die Zeit, sind oft aber auch Statussymbol. Verschmelzen sie mit Kunst, werden sie zu einem außergewöhnlichen Designobjekt.

Joachim Weber, erfolgreicher Filmjuror und Filmemacher in Hollywood und Los Angeles, kennt sich aus, wenn es um schöne Dinge geht. Seine Eigenkreation ‚Flâneur' ist für Fans ästhetischer und seltener Designuhren ein Klassiker.

Webers Label Cosmoszeit hat nun eine Uhr auf den Markt gebracht, die aufhorchen lässt. Die streng limitierte Thitz-Uhr des gleichnamigen Künstlers lässt Sammlerherzen höher schlagen und listet schon jetzt unter einer der begehrtesten seltenen Sammleruhren.

„Thitz ist ein Ausnahmekünstler. Wer seine Werke schon einmal im Original gesehen hat, der weiß um deren Vielfalt und Ausdruckskraft. Deswegen sind wir unglaublich froh, ihn für eine exklusive Kooperation gewonnen zu haben”, so Weber.

Die Thitz-Uhr ziert ein Thitz-typisches Frauenporträt und wird zusammen mit einem nummerierten und handsignierten DIN-A5 Druck mit dem Motiv des Ziffernblatts ausgeliefert - mit einer Auflage von nur 50 Stück an sich schon eine Rarität, die eine Wertsteigerung erfahren wird. „Die Thitz-Uhr ist nicht nur eine tragbare Geldanlage, sondern Design fürs Handgelenk, an dem man sich jeden Tag freuen kann”, unterstreicht der CEO.

Ausgestattet mit einem hochwertigen Schweizer Automatikuhrwerk, rundet das Edelstahlgehäuse mit Saphirglas und Saphirglasboden die qualitativ und optisch außergewöhnliche Thitz-Uhr ab.

38 | Issue 104 | April 2023
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An aesthetic classic: Flâneur. Joachim Weber, CEO Cosmoszeit GmbH. Artist Thitz at the art KARLSRUHE.



It’s not a secret that Berlin is one of Europe’s top destinations. While the city is leading in many areas, including the music and fashion industry, the German capital also knows how to reconcile sustainability and tourism in a clever way.

40 | Issue 104 | April 2023
© visitberlin, Photo: Philip Koschel
Green Berlin – the Future of Tourism | Cover Feature | Discover Germany April 2023 | Issue 104 | 41

In a time when more and more tourists are travelling the globe, making destinations more prominent and ultimately busier, having a sustainable tourism strategy has become increasingly important for cities. Since the ‘90s, the development of Berlin’s tourism sector has been a major success story. The German capital has become one of the top travel destinations in international city tourism. With tourism spending contributing €11.6 billion to the capital and providing 235,000 full-time jobs, tourism has long been one of the main pillars of the city’s economy. Today, tourism in Berlin is a major influence on the cityscape and urban culture, so much so that this sector is also strategically important for the entire city’s development and the quality of life of its residents.

According to the Global Destination Sustainability Index, in 2022, Berlin was one of the 30 most sustainable destinations in the world and ranked fifth among the world's metropolises. The Index’s aim is to promote the sustainable development of internation-

al metropolises and to promote responsible tourism by evaluating four areas: urban environmental strategy and infrastructure, social sustainability performance of the city, support for suppliers such as restaurants, hotels or convention centres, as well as destination management strategies and initiatives.

Burkhard Kieker, CEO of visitBerlin, said: "Sustainability is a core concern for Berlin. This year's fifth place in the international sustainability ranking – after metropolises such as Glasgow and Melbourne and almost on a par with Montreal, Paris and Sydney –bears testimony to this. It is well deserved – the ranking shows that Berlin is on the right track and is developing into a climate-friendly, innovative destination worth living in. We are doing everything we can to ensure that Berlin's visitor economy continues to set its course fit for the future."

Overall, 30 top destinations were listed on the Index – and Berlin was again counted among these sustainable destinations, rank-

ing 26th out of all participating cities worldwide and achieving an overall performance of 74 per cent. This is an increase of eight percentage points and thus two places in the overall ranking compared to the 2021 ranking. In a year-on-year comparison, the proportion of sustainably certified suppliers in Berlin has improved this year most notably: it is now 34 per cent of Berlin hotels (in 2021 it was 23), 22 per cent of Berlin venues (in 2021 it was 18) and 19 per cent of agencies in the German capital (in 2021 it was 9).


Since 2020, visitBerlin has been a member of the Global Destination Sustainability Movement (GDSM). The GDSM is a collaborative platform that various destination management organisations have joined. The common goal is to drive the change towards a sustainable tourism and events industry. Berlin also wants to be fit for the future and become one of the most sustainable and city-friendly tourism and MICE destinations

42 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Discover Germany | Cover Feature | Green Berlin – the Future of Tourism
© visitberlin, Photo: Dagmar Schwelle
Green Berlin – the Future of Tourism | Cover Feature | Discover Germany
© visitberlin, Photo: Wolfgang Scholvien
Discover Germany | Cover Feature | Green Berlin – the Future of Tourism 44 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Charlottenburg Castle. © visitberlin, Photo: Dagmar Schwelle

in Europe. The sustainability strategy of visitBerlin, the Berlin tourism concept with a more sustainable focus and the promotion of quality tourism, among other things, play a key role in achieving this goal.

The central question of quality tourism: What contribution can tourism make to the people who live in Berlin? The goal is to increase the quality of life: tourism should increase the social and economic benefits from tourism and minimise the ecological footprint of tourism. Social and ecological benefits arise from good coexistence and enriching encounters between Berliners and guests and from a fair distribution of costs and benefits from tourism. Quality tourism will continue to provide the framework for the targeted destination marketing of Berlin. The so-called ‘Berlin Tourism Plan 2018+’ aims to lay out a roadmap for long-term moderate growth in tourism. In doing so, it is committed both to continuity and change: continuity in brand positioning and marketing for Berlin’s core target groups, and change in the sense of sustainability and city-compatible policies as basic principles in ensuring long-term acceptance and preserving resources.

As part of the plan, the city seeks to preserve the diversity in city districts and neighbourhoods, while taking measures to ensure the interests of residents, businesses and visitors are suitably balanced. Interestingly, four main goals have been communicated. First of all, Berlin needs to become a more attractive and enjoyable experience for visitors. However, this needs to go hand in hand with increasing the quality of life for residents as well. Secondly, Berlin tourism has to be further developed, with the aim of achieving moderate and stable qualitative growth.

Green Berlin – the Future of Tourism | Cover Feature | Discover Germany April 2023 | Issue 104 | 45

Thirdly, a differentiated view of tourism is needed for different urban areas; the special attractions, features and requirements in the individual boroughs need to be clearly elaborated, and then taken as the basis for deriving the requisite measures for developing tourism. Last but not least, sustainability needs to become a maxim for action to ensure Berlin tourism continues to develop in a way that is compatible for the city – economically, ecologically and socially.

The plan puts special emphasis on redefining quality tourism, for example. For Berlin, sustainable growth in tourism stands, first and foremost, for two things: more quality and more value added. To achieve these objectives, the previous emphasis on efforts primarily directed at quantitative growth (more visitors) has to be replaced with goals formulated to foster quality and value added. By implication, this also means that tourism’s influence on sales and incomes will, in future, have to be secured more through enhanced quality and less through quantitative increases.

Another important pillar of the plan is to shape the city’s compatibility together directly with the participation of Berlin’s residents.

They, after all, are the ones creating that Berlin life so much in demand with tourists. The Berliners also use their city’s own tourist services in their leisure time, are directly affected by tourism and know where services and infrastructures can be improved to increase the quality of life and experience. The aim is

to permanently integrate this valuable local expertise in developing Berlin’s tourism – and do so, on the one hand, as a source of inspiration for opening up new potential (Berliners as pioneers for new urban tourism) and, on the other, as an early warning system for the first signs of tourist overload.

46 | Issue 104 | April 2023 Discover Germany | Cover Feature | Green Berlin – the Future of Tourism
Berlin’s first vegan lifestyle market. © visitberlin, Photo: Mo Wüstenhagen © visitberlin, Photo: Mo Wüstenhagen


Berlin has also shown how meetings, congresses and events can be planned and implemented in a sustainable manner. And it certainly holds true with the online platform ‘Sustainable Meetings Berlin’, an initiative of the Berlin Convention Office and the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Operations. All MICE partners in the city are welcome to become part of this community. They stand to benefit from free workshops, events and consultations. The Sustainable Partner audit is also free of charge. With these support services, the initiative is sure to move Berlin even further up the ‘Global Destination Sustainability Index’.


Sustainability is not only trend in Berlin, it has long been part of the Berlin way of life in all its facets. Here you can dine vegetarian and vegan almost everywhere, shop fairly and sustainably and stay in certified organic and eco hotels.

In addition to extensive parks and gardens, open and green spaces, forests and urban

gardening projects, you will also find numerous projects in the capital that actively implement climate protection in urban spaces: solar-powered ferry connections, restaurants that send their composted food scraps back to the organic farmer or events like the Greentech Festival. Berlin also demonstrates commitment in the social sphere and has been designated a Fair Trade City. By the way: With the Bahnhit Deal you can travel to Berlin comfortably, cheaply and with a low carbon footprint from every German city. Or if you’d rather, you can also explore Berlin by bike or on foot without leaving a carbon footprint. You can also get around the city sustainably and with low emissions on the public transport network – and with the WelcomeCard you have free travel. In addition, the practical tourist ticket gives you discounts on over 180 attractions. In addition, the practical tourist ticket gives you discounts on over 180 attractions.

With a raft, kayak, SUP board or a solar-powered ferry, you can also discover Berlin sustainably from the water. Get insider

tips for Berlin directly on your smartphone with visitBerlin’s digital city guides, the apps ‘Going Local’ and ‘ABOUT Berlin’. They are completely paperless and environmentally friendly, and include directions and maps, as well as audio offers such as the ‘Berlin Unboxed’ podcast.

In the German capital, travellers can find eco hotels with sustainability standards, parks and gardens, gastronomy- and shopping offers, sustainable places or bicycle tours. And the concept of the 15-minute city also opens up exciting new perspectives for sustainable tourism in Berlin: Gastronomic, cultural and shopping highlights are located within a 15-minute walk of a hotel joining in the initiative. This way, Berlin's guests can travel in an environmentally friendly way and at the same time experience the life of the city up close.

Find out more about a sustainable city trip to Berlin:

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 47 Green Berlin – the Future of Tourism | Cover Feature | Discover Germany
© visitberlin, Photo: Dirk Mathesius


In the heart of Bavaria lies the charming and picturesque Castle Dennenlohe. First mentioned in 1167, this breathtaking castle, with its equally magnificent garden, has a rich history and is a real hidden gem just waiting to be explored.

Castle Dennenlohe has a colourful history that spans over 800 years. Since 1825, the castle has been owned by the von Süsskind family, who have looked after it with great passion and dedication ever since. In particular, the castle gardens of the ‘Green Baron’, as Robert Freiherr von Süsskind is also known in Middle Franconia, is an award-winning botanical highlight across 26 hectares. Almost all the plants have been personally planted by him, and last year Castle Dennenlohe was awarded the ‘State Medal for Environmental Protection’ (Bavaria's most prestigious award).

In the photo book Chaos, Idylle und Leidenschaft - Dennenlohe!, Sabine Freifrau von Süsskind showcases the most beautiful photos of the castle park and describes the botanic passion of the 'green baron'. It is a perfect gift for all garden lovers – and makes you want to visit the garden right away.

"Our guests can look forward to a romantic landscape park – based on famous English gardens like Stourhead, but still quite different, with many plant collections and unusual buildings; like a temple from Bhutan, a Japanese tea house or the life-sized Chinese elephants from the Ming tombs," says Sabine Freifrau von Süsskind, who is also a garden therapist. "Wild, enchanted paths lead over many bridges and walkways along the water

and allow the visitors to discover something new behind every corner they turn."

It should come as no surprise that visitors come from across the globe. From families with children, couples in love, elderly garden enthusiasts, garden groups, fruit-tree associations and tourists – Castle Dennenlohe is highly popular.

The castle is also perfect for events. Beautiful Baroque buildings with stucco and open fireplaces, as well as atmospheric half-timbered rooms featuring old stones like in the ‘Marstall’, provide a unique setting. For outdoor events, the legendary pleasure garden, with a view of the lake and the castle terrace, as well as an amphitheatre in the park or the sunken garden, offer a magnificent backdrop.

When asked about her personal favourite place, von Süsskind replies with a smile: "Actually, always the one where work, construction or planting is currently underway."

48 | Issue 104 | April 2023


Im Herzen Bayerns liegt das charmante und malerische Schloss Dennenlohe. Erstmals erwähnt im Jahr 1167, hat dieses atemberaubende Schloss mit seinem herrlichen Garten eine reiche Geschichte und ist ein wahrhaft verstecktes Juwel, das nur darauf wartet, entdeckt zu werden.

Schloss Dennenlohe hat eine bewegte Geschichte, die sich mittlerweile über 800 Jahre erstreckt. Seit 1825 befindet sich das Schloss im Besitz der Familie von Süsskind, die es mit viel Herzblut pflegt und hegt. Vor allem der Schlosspark des ‚grünen Barons‘ wie Robert Freiherr von Süsskind in Mittelfranken auch genannt wird, ist ein botanisches und preisgekröntes Highlight auf 26 Hektar. Fast alle Pflanzen sind von ihm selbst gepflanzt, und im vergangenen Jahr ging die Staatsmedaille für Umweltschutz (die höchste Auszeichnung Bayerns) nach Schloss Dennenlohe.

Der Bildband Chaos, Idylle und Leidenschaft – Dennenlohe!, in welchem Sabine Freifrau von Süsskind, die schönsten Fotos des Schlossparks zusammengestellt hat und

die Leidenschaften des ‚grünen Barons‘ beschrieben wird, ist ein perfektes Geschenk für alle Gartenliebhaber – und macht unheimlich Lust auf einen Besuch.

„Unsere Gäste dürfen sich auf einen romantischen Landschaftspark freuen - nach dem Vorbild der berühmten englischen Gärten wie Stourhead, aber doch ganz anders mit vielen Pflanzensammlungen und ausgefallenen Bauwerken wie einem Tempel aus Bhutan, einem japanischen Teehaus oder lebensgroßen, chinesischen Elefanten aus den Ming Gräbern“, erzählt Sabine Freifrau von Süsskind, die zudem auch Gartentherapeutin ist. „Wild verschlungene Wege und Pfade führen über viele Brücken und Stege am Wasser entlang, und lassen den Besucher immer wieder hinter jeder Ecke etwas Neues entdecken.“

Kein Wunder, dass die Besucher aus allen Ecken der Welt kommen. Von Familien mit Kindern, verliebten Paaren, gartenbegeisterten Senioren, Gartengruppen, Obstbaumvereine und Touristen – Schloss Dennenlohe erfreut sich höchster Beliebtheit.

Auch für Events ist das Schloss perfekt. Wunderschöne Barockgebäude mit Stuck und offenen Kaminen und atmosphärische Räume mit Fachwerk und alten Steinen wie im Marstall sorgen für einen einzigartigen Rahmen. Für outdoor Events bietet der sagenhafte Lustgarten mit Blick auf den See und die Schlossterrasse, sowie ein Amphitheater im Park oder der versunkene Garten einen herrlichen Background.

Auf die Frage, was denn ihr persönlicher Lieblingsplatz ist, antwortet von Süsskind mit einem Lächeln: „Eigentlich immer der, wo gerade weitergearbeitet, gebaut oder gepflanzt wird.“

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 49
Castle Dennenlohe | Travel | Discover Germany


Trade fairs, conferences, business meetings…. These working days are often packed with appointments and talks. Under these circumstances, an accommodation should most certainly be an oasis of relaxation.

Quietly located in Munich Weißenfels, the family-run four-star Arcus Hotel is just what one needs to unwind in a casual, friendly atmosphere after a busy day at the trade fair. The hotel is conveniently located close to the autobahn and only a few kilometres from Munich. “Ideal conditions to relax in nature, while still enjoying Munich’s urban feel,” says managing director Katja Faltermeier.

Arcus Hotel’s rooms are modern and comfortably furnished, the bathrooms bright and modernly designed. All rooms offer free Wi-Fi, a minibar, telephone and a flat-screen TV with SkyTV. A high-quality bed system guarantees quiet and restful nights. All contributing to a real oasis of comfort after a challenging day!

Those who want even more relaxation can enjoy the warming sun on the hotel’s beautiful sun terrace or visit the modern spa area with a Finnish sauna, bio sauna, a crackling fire-

place and quiet room with chill-out loungers. Guests can also get their vitamin kick at the hotel’s own vitamin bar. “Many of our guests leisurely end their day at our bar. Our menu offers a wide selection of spirits, delicious gin & tonics available in unconventional variations, cocktails, many types of beer and, of course, a large variety of coffee and tea specialties.”

While the bar is the perfect spot to reflect on the day, the gourmet breakfast from the buffet is perfect for a successful start to the day. “The breakfast is one of our highlights,” stresses Faltermeier. “The best products, preferably from the region, fresh fruit, freshly prepared egg dishes, muesli, delicious spreads and much more ensure that our guests can start their next meeting well energised.”

In addition to its personal and cordial attention to its guests, Arcus Hotel offers a modern and superbly equipped seminar

room with more than 100 square metres for workshops, meetings or other events to be held in a familiar yet professional setting. “On request,” stresses chef de réception Melanie Wieser, “we also organise on-site guest and culinary services. We want our guests to feel entirely comfortable.”

The hotel is equipped with three charging stations for electric cars. Motorcyclists who often choose Arcus Hotel as a base for their tours to the breathtaking Bavarian landscape, have access to the drying room and tools and will also find a dry place for their bike.

50 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Photo: Michael Malfer


Messen, mehrtägige Tagungen, Businessmeetings… Der Arbeitsalltag ist oft vollgepackt mit Terminen und Gesprächen. Unter diesen Bedingungen sollte gerade die Unterkunft eine Erholungsoase sein.

Ruhig gelegen in München-Weißenfeld, ist das familiengeführte Vier-Sterne Arcus Hotel genau der richtige Tipp, um nach einem anstrengenden Tag auf der Messe in zwangloser, freundlicher Atmosphäre abzuschalten. Das Hotel liegt in unmittelbarer Nähe zur Autobahn und nur wenige Kilometer von München entfernt. „Ideale Voraussetzungen also, um in der Natur zu entspannen, aber gleichzeitig das urbane Großstadtgefühl Münchens zu genießen”, so Geschäftsführerin Katja Faltermeier.

Die Zimmer im Arcus Hotel sind modern und gemütlich ausgestattet, die Badezimmer hell und modern designt. Alle Zimmer bieten gratis WLAN, eine Minibar, Telefon und einen Flachbildschirm inkl. SkyTV. Das hochwertige Bettensystem ist ein Garant für ruhige und erholsame Nächte. Ein wirklicher Wohlfühlort nach einem herausfordernden Tag!

Wer ein wenig mehr Erholung möchte, der genießt die wärmende Sonne auf der schönen Sonnenterrasse des Hotels oder besucht den modernen Wellnessbereich mit Finnischer

Sauna, Bio-Sauna, knisterndem Kaminfeuer, Ruheraum mit Entspannungsliegen und holt sich an der hauseigenen Vitaminbar den nötigen Vitaminkick. „Viele unserer Gäste lassen den Abend dann in Ruhe an unserer Bar ausklingen. Auf der Karte steht eine riesige Auswahl an Spirituosen, leckere Gin Tonics auch in ausgefallenen Variationen, Cocktails, viele Biersorten und natürlich auch eine reichhaltige Auswahl an Kaffee- und Teespezialitäten.”

Kann man an der Bar den Tag in Ruhe Revue passieren lassen, sorgt das Gourmetfrühstück vom Buffet für einen gelungenen Start in den Tag. „Das Frühstück ist eines unserer Highlights”, betont Faltermeier. „Beste Produkte, bevorzugt aus der Region, frische Früchte, frisch zubereitete Eiergerichte, Müsli, leckere Aufstriche und vieles mehr sorgen dafür, dass unsere Gäste gut gestärkt in das nächste Meeting starten können.”

Zusätzlich zur persönlichen und herzlichen Betreuung seiner Gäste bietet das Arcus Hotel einen modern und top ausgestatteten

Seminarraum an, der mit mehr als 100m2 ausreichend Platz bietet für Workshops, Businessmeetings oder andere Events, die in einem familiären und doch professionellen Rahmen durchgeführt werden sollen. „Auf Wunsch”, so Melanie Wieser (Chef de Réception), „organisieren wir auch die Gästebetreuung vor Ort und die Kulinarik. Unsere Gäste sollen sich rundum wohlfühlen.”

Ausgestattet ist das Hotel übrigens mit drei Ladestationen für E-Autos. Motorradfahrer, die für ihre Touren in die atemberaubende bayerische Landschaft gerne das Arcus Hotel als Basis wählen, steht ein Trockenraum inkl. Werkzeug sowie ein trockenes Plätzchen für’s Bike zur Verfügung.

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Beautifully surrounded by large Sycamore trees, the luxurious boutique hotel ESPLANADE is located in Saarbrücken's cultural hotspot, the trendy Nauwieser district. It brings both design aficionados and foodies to the Saarland's vibrant capital – and there’s plenty to explore.

Even before entering the listed building of the boutique hotel ESPLANADE, guests are enchanted by the very special charm of the house dating back to the Wilhelmina era. The unique vibe is continued inside: the high-quality interior features the mid-century style, and from the 3D artisan tiles to the original signed aquatint prints by design icon Le Corbusier, everything is perfectly designed down to the smallest detail.

Beauty in its simplicity is celebrated across the board and this motto is similarly followed by the two-star gourmet restaurant, where French-influenced haute cuisine delights its guests.

The ESPLANADE is also the perfect starting point for exploring Saarbrücken and its region. In just a few minutes' walk, you can reach the lively old town, with its typical Stengel Baroque style, where small cafes, bistros and boutiques await. The ‘Moderne Galerie’, Saarbrücken Castle, the Saarland State Theatre and the Saar promenade are also within walking distance.

If you are looking for a charming get-away, you have found your spot.


Herrlich umsäumt von großen Platanen liegt das Luxus Boutique Hotel ESPLANADE in Saarbrückens kulturellem Zentrum, dem trendigen Nauwieser Viertel. Es lockt Designliebhaber und Feinschmecker gleichermaßen in die pulsierende saarländische Hauptstadt – die einfach unglaublich viel zu bieten hat.

Noch bevor man das denkmalgeschützte Gebäude des Boutique Hotels ESPLANADE betritt, ist man verzaubert, denn das Haus aus der Gründerzeit hat einen ganz besonderen Charme. Dieser wird innen weitergeführt: das hochwertige Interieur folgt dem MidCentury-Stil und von den dreidimensionalen Manufakturkacheln bis zu den handsignierten Aquatinta-Radierungen der Design-Ikone Le Corbusier stimmt hier jedes Detail.

Das Motto der Nobeladresse lautet: ‚Besinnung auf das Wesentliche‘ und dem folgt auch das zwei-Sterne Gourmetrestaurant, in der französisch geprägte Haute Cuisine die Gäste begeistert.

Die ESPLANADE ist zudem der ideale Ausgangspunkt, um Saarbrücken und die Region zu erkunden. In nur wenigen Gehminuten gelangt man in die quirlige Altstadt im typischen Stengel-Barock, wo kleine Cafés, Bistros und Boutiquen warten. Die Moderne Galerie, das Saarbrücker Schloss, das Saarländische Staatstheater sowie die Saarpromenade sind ebenfalls fußläufig zu erreichen.

Wer Lust auf eine kleine Genussreise hat, ist hier goldrichtig.

52 | Issue 104 | April 2023


Holidays are that precious time in the year when you want absolutely everything to be perfect. Looking for some equally perfect inspiration, too?

Treating yourself to a relaxing spa treatment on an island is always a good shout. While there, you can have an afternoon cocktail in the warm glow of the setting sun. You can also go for an inspiring morning walk along trails, where the smell of lavender, pine trees, rosemary and sage engulfs you.

With its wide selection of hotels and resorts, the Maistra Select brand offers all that and much more. Located in top holiday destinations in Croatia, namely in Rovinj and Vrsar on the Istrian peninsula, as well as in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed city of Dubrovnik, the brand always keeps its promise of offering once in a lifetime experiences.

With an authentic feel for the destination in mind, Maistra Select’s idea of hospitality is to provide to their guests unforgettable memories and meaningful experiences in the most breathtaking seafront locations.

Maistra Select offers the full spectrum of peace, relaxation, entertainment and active holidays. Its overall concept is inspired by the Croatian coast and its azure water, inspiring guests to unwind and re-energise.


Urlaub - die besondere Zeit im Jahr, in der alles perfekt sein soll. Inspirationen gefällig?

Bei einer wohltuenden Spa-Behandlung auf einer Insel entspannen? Den Nachmittagscocktail im warmen Schein der untergehenden Sonne genießen? Oder beim Morgenspaziergang den Duft von Lavendel, Pinienbäumen, Rosmarin und Salbei einatmen?

Mit ihrer großen Auswahl an Hotels und Resorts bietet die Marke Maistra Select all dies und vieles mehr. Gelegen in den schönsten Ferienorten Kroatiens, nämlich in Rovinj und Vrsar auf der Istrischen Halbinsel und in der zum UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe zählenden Stadt Dubrovnik, hält die Marke ihr Versprechen einmaliger Erlebnisse.

Mit einem Gefühl für die Authentizität des Urlaubsort, möchte Maistra Select seinen Gästen unvergessliche Erinnerungen und eindrucksvolle Erlebnisse an den atemberaubendsten Küstenorten bieten.

Die Marke verspricht Ruhe, Entspannung, Unterhaltung und aktive Ferien. Das Gesamtkonzept ist inspiriert von der Kroatischen Küste und dem azurblauen Meer, und ist für Gäste eine Einladung, die Seele baumeln zu lassen und neue Energien zu tanken.

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 53
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A true hideaway for connoisseurs and individualists, the four-star superior lake hotel DAS TRAUNSEE is located on a peninsula in Traunkirchen in the Salzkammergut – an idyllic location throughout where indulgent pampering awaits both the palate and the soul.

Start your day with a dip into Lake Traunsee, forget all your worries during a four-toque gourmet meal on the lake terrace, or indulge in a treatment at the Sea-Spa – whatever you fancy, Das Traunsee is the perfect place for a wonderful break. Nestled in the idyllic landscape of the Salzkammergut, the four-star hotel is run by the third generation of the Gröller family. It is located on a peninsula in the crystal-clear Traunsee in Traunkirchen, and all 40 modern rooms and suites feature marvellous lake views and a balcony. If you want to hop into the water straight from your room, just book the mini suite with direct lake access.

"The location of the historic town of Traunkirchen on the lake Traunsee is unique," enthuses host Wolfgang Gröller. "Guests of the Seehotel not only have a view of Austria's deepest lake, but also of the legendary Traunstein mountain. In summer and winter, the Salzkammergut offers not only culture, art and tradition, but also wonderful nature."

Crisp mountain air and picturesque views await. In the Salzkammergut region, nature speaks for itself and makes you want to climb the surrounding peaks. Whether you prefer challenging mountain hikes up Traunstein or Feuerkogel, or relaxed walks through Traunkirchen, there is something for everyone. You can also enjoy fabulous views of the impressive Traunstein mountain during a relaxing break from the hotel's own SeeSpa, with its bathing jetty and panoramic lake sauna.

The culinary heart of Das Traunsee is the Bootshaus restaurant, which has become a

real gourmet hotspot since four-toque executive chef Lukas Nagl took the reins. Here, the tradition of Austrian cuisine is skilfully enriched with influences from different cultures. For Nagl, beauty is found in simplicity. "Do everything with heart, mind and hand", is his motto. His ‘Integration Kitchen’ concept is a great success: Nagl was recently awarded ‘Chef of the Year 2023’ by Gault Millau

The connection to the region is the backbone for both the cuisine and the ambiance of the hotel. Sophistication meets elegant simplicity – a true pilgrimage site for connoisseurs.



54 | Issue 104 | April 2023
TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE I PHOTOS: CHRISTOF WAGNER, © DASTRAUNSEE.AT Seehotel Das Traunsee 4*S in in idyllic location at Lake Traunsee, Salzkammergut, Upper Austria. Salzkammergut suite with balcony and lake view. Terrace Restaurant Bootshaus.


Ein echtes Hide-Away für Genießer und Individualisten, das ist das Vier-Sterne Superior Seehotel DAS TRAUNSEE in idyllischer Lage auf einer Halbinsel in Traunkirchen im Salzkammergut. Hier steht Genuss im absoluten Mittelpunkt - für die Seele und den Gaumen.

Mit einem Sprung in den Traunsee in den Tag starten, beim gemeinsamen Vier-HaubenGourmetmenü auf der Seeterrasse die Zeit vergessen oder sich mit einem Treatment im See-Spa verwöhnen lassen – egal, wonach einem der Sinn steht, Das Traunsee ist der perfekte Ort für eine herrliche Auszeit. Eingebettet in die idyllische Landschaft des Salzkammerguts liegt das von Familie Gröller in dritter Generation geführte Vier-Sterne Hotel in Traunkirchen auf einer Halbinsel inmitten des glasklaren Traunsees. Alle 40 modernen Zimmer und Suiten verfügen über Balkon und wunderschönen Seeblick. Wer vom Zimmer direkt ins Wasser hüpfen möchte, bucht am besten die Minisuite mit direktem Seezugang.

„Die Lage vom geschichtsträchtigen Ort Traunkirchen am Traunsee ist einzigartig“, erzählt Gastgeber Wolfgang Gröller begeistert. „Gäste des Seehotels blicken nicht nur auf den tiefsten See Österreichs, sondern auch auf den Sagen umwobenen Traunstein. Das Salzkammergut

hält Sommer wie Winter neben Kultur, Kunst und Tradition eine wunderbare Natur bereit.“

Frische Bergluft und malerische Ausblicke locken. Im Salzkammergut spricht die Natur für sich selbst und macht einfach Lust darauf, die umliegenden Gipfel zu erklimmen. Dabei ist von anspruchsvollen Bergtouren auf den Traunstein oder den Feuerkogel bis hin zu entspannten Spaziergängen durch Traunkirchen für jeden etwas dabei. Den Blick auf den imposanten Traunstein kann man allerdings auch bei einer entspannten Auszeit vom hoteleigenen See-Spa mit Badesteg und Panorama See Sauna genießen.

Das kulinarische Herz des Hotels ist das Restaurant Bootshaus, welches sich mit Vier-Hauben-Koch Lukas Nagl zu einem Gourmet-Hotspot entwickelt hat. Hier wird die Tradition der österreichischen Küche gekonnt durch Einflüsse von unterschiedlichen Kulturen bereichert. In der Einfachheit liegt

für Nagl das Schöne. „Mach alles mit Herz, Hirn und Hand“, lautet seine Devise und sein ‚Integrationsküchen‘-Konzept geht auf: Nagl wurde vom Gault Millau kürzlich als ‚Koch des Jahres 2023‘ ausgezeichnet.

Die Verbundenheit zur Region zieht sich wie ein roter Faden sowohl durch die Kulinarik als auch durch das Ambiente des Hotels. Raffinesse trifft elegante Einfachheit - eine echte Pilgerstätte für Genießer.



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Restaurant Bootshaus mit Seeblick. Radtouren entlang des Traunsees. See-Spa mit Panorama Saunen und direktem Seezugang.


When planning their holidays, families often ask themselves: Where do we want to go? What do we want to see? To reconcile everyone’s ideas can become a great challenge.

“We do know about this dilemma and have therefore also targeted our offer to families,” assures Daniela Wüthrich, marketing manager of Apartment and Design Hotel rocksresort in Laax, one of the largest and most sustainable skiing and holiday resorts in Swiss Graubünden. A wide range of offers ensures that families don’t get bored on their holidays and everyone will get their money’s worth.

In summer, in addition to countless biking and hiking trails, there is the turquoise Caumasee, the Freestyle Academy and much more. There is also the rocksresortPARK, located at Laax valley station, offering a wide choice of activities for guests of all ages. It boasts an enormous slide, which marks the end of the world’s longest treetop walkway, providing for a huge dose of adrenaline.

“From the Urban Surfwave and the Snakerun to the Mini Ramp where kids can surf the asphalt waves with skateboards, scooters or BMX bikes, guests will find a myriad of leisure activities at rocksresortPARK. A

playground, a large play area, a trampoline and equipment such as badminton rackets, ping pong and slack lines, round off the lineup of options and ensure endless fun,” enthuses Wüthrich.

Arguably the best thing about it all, is that parents can relax in one of the nearby cafés or lounges, but still have their children in sight at all times. The kids can also go to daycare, where they are expertly looked after until nine in the evening, while their parents enjoy their own time together.

In winter, it’s not only the perfectly groomed ski slopes ranging from easy to expert that impress the guests, but also the winter wonderland of LAAX School, as well as rocksresort’s exclusive guest programme. “Children can take a ride on a snow groomer or meet avalanche dogs Lio and Yari, and learn about their work.”

In Flims Laax Falera and at rocksresort, all this comes under the umbrella of sustainabil-

ity, as this is a topic to which particular attention is paid. “Future generations should also be able to enjoy winter sports for a long time to come,” explains Wüthrich. “That is why rocksresort has long been a formative member of ‘Responsible Hotels of Switzerland’. The region Flims Laax Falera has become known for its ‘Greenstyle Initiative’. Flims Laax Falera aims to become the world’s first self-sustaining Alpine destination; meaning the destination’s entire demand for energy will be met by regionally produced, 100 per cent renewable energy.”

Lifestyle, Freestyle, Greenstyle: Laax vibes for perfect relaxation!

56 | Issue 104 | April 2023


Bei der Urlaubsplanung stellt sich Familien oft die Frage: Wohin wollen wir fahren? Was wollen wir erleben? Alle Wünsche unter einen Hut zu bringen, wird da oft zu einer großen Herausforderung.

„Wir kennen dieses Dilemma nur allzu gut und haben daher unser Angebot auch auf Familien zugeschnitten”, betont Daniela Wüthrich, Marketing Managerin des Appartement und Design Hotels rocksresort in Laax, einem der grössten und nachhaltigsten Ski- und Urlaubsgebiete im schweizerischen Graubünden. Unzählige Angebote garantieren, dass es Familien im Urlaub nicht langweilig wird und jeder voll auf seine Kosten kommt.

Im Sommer gibt es neben zahlreichen Bike- und Wanderwegen, dem türkisblauen Caumasee, der Freestyle Academy und vielem mehr auch den rocksresortPARK an der Talstation in Laax, und somit ein großes Angebot für Gäste jeden Alters: Eine riesige Rutschbahn, die den Abschluss des weltweit längsten Baumwipfelpfades bildet, sorgt für eine ordentliche Portion Adrenalin.

„Von der Urban Surfwave, dem Snakerun, bis zur Mini Ramp, wo die Kids mit Skateboards,

Scooters oder BMX-Bikes über die asphaltierten Wellen surfen können, finden Sie im rocksresortPARK alles. Ein Spielplatz, eine grosse Spielwiese, ein Trampolin sowie verschiedene Geräte wie Badmintonschläger, Ping Pong und Slacklines runden das Angebot ab und sorgen für endlosen Spass!“, so Wüthrich.

Das Beste daran: Die Eltern können guten Gewissens einmal in einem der umliegenden Cafés oder in einer der Lounges abschalten, haben ihre Kinder aber jederzeit im Blick. Oder die Kids gehen in den Kinderhort, wo sie bis 21 Uhr fachkundig und liebevoll betreut werden, während die Eltern Zeit zu zweit geniessen.

Im Winter überzeugen nicht nur perfekt präparierte Pisten von leicht bis anspruchsvoll die großen und kleinen Gäste, sondern auch das Winterwunderland der LAAX School oder das exklusive Gästeprogramm des rocksresort:

„Kinder dürfen dann auch schon einmal auf einem Pistenbully mitfahren oder sie lernen die beiden Lawinenhunde Lio und Yari kennen, und erfahren so einiges über die Arbeit der Tiere.”

Über all dem steht in Flims Laax Falera und im rocksresort das Siegel der Nachhaltigkeit, denn auf dieses Thema wird hier besonders geachtet. „Auch kommende Generationen sollen noch lange Spass am Wintersport haben”, erklärt Wüthrich. „Deshalb ist das rocksresort seit Langem prägendes Mitglied der ‚Responsible Hotels of Switzerland‛ und die Region Flims Laax Falera bekannt für Ihre ‚GreenstyleInitiative‘. Flims Laax Falera möchte die weltweit erste selbstversorgende alpine Destination werden. Dies bedeutet nichts weniger als, dass der gesamte Energiebedarf der Destination durch regional produzierte, 100 Prozent erneuerbare Energie abgedeckt werden kann.

Lifestyle, Freestyle, Greenstyle: Laax-Vibes für perfekte Erholung!

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Gabriela Ackermann is an entrepreneur, therapist, opera singer and book author. She named the biological intelligence quotient BIQ© and developed the Bio Intelligence Method© that is based on scientific findings and Balinese natural spirituality.

What is behind it? “30 years ago, I fell in love with the culture, philosophy of life and the people of Bali. With my partner I founded the first BALI-HAUS in Hochwald, followed by the foundation of two jungle luxury oases for inner quality of life, spirituality and healing in Bali,” recounts the therapist. ”My vocation is to open up the fascinating dimension of biologic intelligence to people. The BALI-HAUS villas in Bali provide the perfect setting.”

Ackermann’s Bio Intelligence Method© focuses on topics such as anxiety, stress, burnout, crises, trauma, panic and spiritual development. “Here, we offer a 24-hour on-call service of the highest precision in coordination with any issue,” stresses Ackermann. ”Bio Intelligence, with its natural language inherent in human beings, opens sustainable solutions, thereby touching a divine dimension.”

Next to personalised 1:1 care, guests in Bali can expect a carefully chosen team, utmost discretion and meaningful encounters with the spirit of Bali in an exclusive surrounding, not to be found in any catalogue or on Google.

BALI-HAUS promotes new mind, body and spirit thanks to the BioIntelligence-Method©

Enquiries welcome on recommendation.



Gabriela Ackermann ist Unternehmerin, Therapeutin, Opernsängerin und Buchautorin. Sie benannte den biologischen Intelligenzquotienten BIQ© und entwickelte die Bio-IntelligenzMethode©, die auf wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen und balinesischer Naturspiritualität basiert.

Was steckt dahinter? „Ich verliebte mich vor 30 Jahren in Kultur, Lebensphilosophie und Menschen von Bali. Mit meinem Partner gründete ich in Hochwald das erste BALI-HAUS, um auch auf Bali zwei DschungelLuxus-Oasen für innere Lebensqualität, Spiritualität und Heilung zu erschaffen”, erzählt die Therapeutin. „Meine Berufung ist es, Menschen die faszinierende Dimension einer biologischen Intelligenz zu eröffnen. Die BALI-HAUS Villen in Bali sind dafür der perfekte Ort.“

Ackermanns Bio-Intelligenz-Methode© fokussiert auf Themen wie Angst, Stress, Burnout, Krisen, Trauma, Panik und spirituelle Weiterentwicklung. „Hierfür bieten wir mit einer 24-Stunden Bereitschaft höchste Präzision in der Abstimmung mit einem Anliegen,“ so Ackermann. „Die Bio-Intelligenz eröffnet mit der funktionalen Sprache der Natur nachhaltige Lösungen und berührt damit gleichzeitig eine göttliche Dimension.”

Neben einer individuell abgestimmten 1:1-Betreuung erwartet die Gäste in Bali ein auserlesenes Team, höchste Diskretion und tiefe Begegnungen mit dem Spirit von Bali in einer exklusiven Umgebung, die weder in Katalogen noch bei Google zu finden ist.

BALI-HAUS: New mind, body and spirit dank der Bio-IntelligenzMethode©

Anfragen gerne auf Empfehlung.

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Discover Germany | Travel | Retreat and Rehabilitation Centre 2023 TEXT: SILKE HENKELE I
Villa Heaven. Villa Heaven. Villa Paradise.

Welcome to the jungle of Bali

Höchster Luxus für innere Lebensqualität und spirituelle Weiterentwicklung.

Highest luxury for inner quality of life and spiritual development. 1:1 Retreat | Reha | Therapie
Gabriela Ackermann. Photo: Unplash, Philip Jahn


Even before the party started, our Bavarian trek was proving worthwhile. Few mountain ascents feature hot sausages and cold beer in a comfortable cabin, but my brother and I ordered just that on one of Germany’s highest peaks.

Gray clouds, cold rain and even early autumn snow tested our resolve, though Dan and I hiked two hours to reach the beautiful and rustic Watzmannhaus at 6,330 feet anyway, hoping conditions the following morning would permit us to reach the 8,695-foot summit of Watzmann in Berchtesgaden National Park.

While I’ve visited Germany many times and climbed in America for decades, I had never fulfilled my dream to climb in the German Alps. As we settled in for the evening, we could see that others shared that same ambition. While darkness fell, the lodge filled with about 20 Germans. That’s when things got interesting. Into the dining hall marched three portly German musicians in Bavarian hats, plaid shirts, vests and lederhosen, playing a harpsichord, a trombone and a clarinet. Songs, games and laughter filled the next hours.

“Although the hike was just a few miles, the weather was wet and cold. When it started to snow, we had to wonder if this was going to be worth it, but really all of that changed when we were in the hut,” Dan said. “We were rewarded with great food and beer, and the icing on the cake was experiencing a German birthday party complete with live music, good fun and singing.”

To get swept away in the revelry was tempting, but we knew better than to challenge Germans to their own drinking games. Be-

sides, we had a mountain to climb, so we retired at a reasonable hour to our small room in anticipation of the summit push.

An interesting legend explains the creation of Watzmann and other Berchtesgaden peaks. An evil King Watzmann ruled the region once upon a time, according to the fable. He and his cruel wife and children tortured and killed both animals and people, but they went too far when they turned their vicious dogs on an innocent farmer’s family. A dying grandmother cursed them, turning Watzmann and his rela-

tives into mountains. So today, locals encourage hikers to kick the wicked royalty with their shoes while walking on their bodies.

Not that Watzmann is the only attraction of Berchtesgaden. Hikers can trek to their heart’s content on thousands of miles of scenic trails, and the experience is quite different than backpacking in America. Camping is ‘verboten’, but 26 ‘Alpenhütte’ (mountain huts) offer food and shelter at reasonable prices. So overnighters not only carry less weight on their backs, they are also more likely to eat wiener schnitzel and potato salad than dehydrated fare.

Königsee is the park’s other can’t-miss attraction. This spectacular emerald lake, five miles long, resembles a fjord in the way it

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 61
Adventure Beckons in Bavaria | Travel Feature | Discover Germany
Photo: Unplash, Roman Kraft

meanders through a mountain canyon. On a boat tour, visitors will see such sights as the St. Bartholomä palace and chapel, once the vacation home of Bavarian kings. Those who get off the boat and walk are rewarded with waterfalls, the Eiskapelle ice domes, and the chance to buy fresh milk from dairy farmers.

When we reached Watzmann’s summit, perfect visibility permitted us to see hundreds of snow-capped Alpen peaks. A dozen smiling climbers shared their chocolate, salami and brandy. “Vielen Dank!” I said, thanking them. While we enjoyed the moment, a horn echoing through the thin air amazed us. A trumpet-playing hutmeister from the Watzmannhaus was offering us a musical salute, a Bavarian tradition. What a combination of German mountaineering and culture.

Elsewhere in Bavaria, Zugspitze attracts not just climbers, but anyone who wants to reach the summit of Germany’s highest peak. Dan and I didn’t even break a sweat in the hour it took to gain an eagle-eye view of four coun-

tries. Our trick was using the Zugspitzbahn train which carried us from a green and wooded valley into a long tunnel through solid rock before we emerged on a high glacier. From there, only a short gondola ride separated us from the resort-like summit station.

After treading a short path to the 9,718-foot peak, we took in an awesome view of more than 400 snow-capped peaks extending farther than the eye could see into Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Then from the nearby viewing deck, we took in an awesome amount of sausage and beer.

“I’m not used to having the option of riding to the tops of mountains, perhaps because such things are unheard of in the Sierras,” said Dan. “But I have to say that in this instance, when time was too short to spend a full day of hiking, the train and tram looked rather appealing.”

More challenging adventures also await hikers and climbers here. Trekkers push to

the mountaintops from the nearby towns of Garmisch in Germany and Ehrwald in Austria. Some climb the mountain with crampons and ice axes, and several huts feed and shelter visitors on the way. Zugspitze in winter becomes a prime skiing destination for both downhill and cross country enthusiasts.

For another excellent experience near Garmisch, take a walk through the breathtaking Partnachklamm, a rock gorge half a mile long and hundreds of feet deep. Over thousands of years, the Partnach River carved the chasm through limestone. German loggers long used the waterway for easy transport of felled logs. Now an easy path leads visitors by its crashing waterfalls and deep bubbling pools. This is another attraction that shows a different face in winter, with spectacular snow and ice formations.

A final adventure awaited us on the Wetterstein Range, where we arranged to meet a pair of paragliders beneath the Osterfelderkopf mountain. Together, we rode another

62 | Issue 104 | April 2023 Discover Germany | Travel Feature | Adventure Beckons in Bavaria
Photo: Unplash, Lennart Borstelmann

cable car to its upper station near the summit. There, the two master flyers laid out their gliders on a steep hillside while Dan and I put on harnesses. We divided into pairs and fastened ourselves securely together.

“Run, run, run, run, run,” instructed my guide. And so we did, tearing down the mountain a dozen steps until our feet treaded air. A halfhour of airborne ecstasy followed. For those who enjoy the mountains, flying gently over them is a rare privilege.

“That was the highlight by far,” Dan said. “What was unique about the paragliding was the sensation of flying leisurely in the majestic Alps. On a whim, we turned to the left and the right depending on which valley we wanted to go down. It was such a welcome change from the knee-pounding descents we usually do.”

Between the Berchtesgaden and Zugspitze areas, Bavaria offers something for anyone with the slightest taste for outdoor adventure.


Getting there:

Berchtesgaden is about three hours away from Munich by train. Passengers must transfer at the Freilassing station. Garmisch is about 90 minutes from Munich by rail; trains leave hourly.

Climbing Watzmann:

There are several ways to approach the park’s highest mountain. The simplest and fastest starts by taking a bus to the Wimbackbrücke stop in the village of Ramsau. The trek to the summit of Watzmann and back is about eight miles from here, but most hikers will take two days to complete it. From the bus station, follow the signs to a dirt road that leads to the Watzmannhaus. Many hikers take three hours to reach the lodge; when you reach the cow pasture, you’re halfway there. Read more about the Watzmannhaus at

Visiting Zugspitze:

For more information about Zugspitze, its train and gondola, visit

Matt Johanson has authored six books and writes about travel and outdoor adventure for various newspapers and magazines. You can find more of his work at

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Photo: Unplash, Tomas Sobek Photo: Matt Johanson


Specialised in plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Christian Schrank is an expert in facelifts and eyelid corrections with nearly 30 years of experience. At the renowned Schindlbeck clinic in Herrsching at Lake Ammersee, he looks after his patients with great empathy and places particular emphasis on natural and long-lasting results. A surgeon with heart and soul, as well as great skill!

Many of us dream of obtaining a younger appearance, but the fear of an unnatural-looking result often prevents us from undergoing surgery. Dr. Christian Schrank is here to help with precisely those fears. He has been passionate about his work since the beginning of his medical career: "I am extremely fascinated by the broad spectrum that plastic surgery offers and the opportunity to be creative in aesthetic surgery. At the same time, the special challenge is that results should look natural and non-operated, and achieve an overall aesthetically harmonious appearance."

For the leading expert in facelifts, a trusting relationship between patient and surgeon is equally important: "Of course, we try to find out which changes – that ageing inevitably entails – bother and affect our patients’ vitality and quality of life. Empathy for the individual and their ‘issues’ is crucial in finding the suitable treatment concept, along with its possibilities, limitations and also complications. Naturalness and ‘non-operated’ looks have to be the foundation. Ultimately, the medical layperson needs to know where ‘the journey is going’ before embarking on a common path

towards a clearly defined goal. When this has been achieved, in most cases it doesn’t only make the patient happy, but also myself.”


Dr. Schrank's expertise is based not only on his many years of training in plastic surgery, but also on his experience with treating severe burns and reconstructive and microsurgery, as well as in the field of aesthetic surgery. He adds: "The reconstruction of faces of severely burned patients places the highest demands on the creativity, the surgical manual skills and finally the aesthetic sense and understanding of the surgeon."

The charismatic surgeon heads the FaceNeck-Lift sector of the German Society for Aesthetic Surgery, gives surgical courses,

64 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Schindlbeck-Klinik in Herrsching at Lake Ammersee. Photo: Dr. Christian Schrank


Als Spezialist für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie ist Dr. Christian Schrank ein Experte für Facelifts und Lidkorrekturen mit bald 30 Jahren Erfahrung. In der renommierten Schindlbeck-Klinik in Herrsching am Ammersee kümmert er sich einfühlsam um seine Patienten und legt besonderen Wert auf natürliche und langanhaltende Ergebnisse. Ein Chirurg mit Leib und Seele!

Viele von uns wünschen sich ein jüngeres Aussehen, aber die Angst vor einem unnatürlichen Resultat hält oft von einem chirurgischen Eingriff ab. Hier schafft Dr. Christian Schrank Abhilfe. Seit seinen Assistenzarztjahren ist er mit viel Leidenschaft bei der Sache: „Mich begeistern das ungeheuer breite Spektrum, das die Plastische Chirurgie bietet, und die Möglichkeit, in der Ästhetischen Chirurgie kreativ sein zu können. Gleichzeitig besteht die besondere Herausforderung darin, dass unsere Ergebnisse natürlich und unoperiert aussehen sollen und eine ästhetische Harmonie des Erscheinungsbildes ergeben.“

Für den führenden Experten für Facelifting ist eine vertrauensvolle Beziehung zwischen Patient und Chirurg dabei ebenso wichtig: „Natürlich versuche ich, im Gespräch mit dem Patienten herauszufinden, welche Veränderungen, die das Altern ja unweigerlich mit sich bringt, ihn stören und seine Lebensfreude und -qualität beeinträchtigen. Die Einfühlsamkeit in den einzelnen Menschen und seine ‚Problematik‘ ist ganz entscheidend dafür verantwortlich, das für ihn passende Behandlungskonzept mit seinen Möglichkeiten, Grenzen und auch Komplikationen zu finden. Natürlichkeit und unoperiertes Aussehen müssen die Grundlage sein. Schlussendlich muss der medizinische Laie eine klare Vorstellung haben, wo ‚die Reise hingeht‘ und ein gemeinsamer Weg zu einem klar definierten Ziel eingeschlagen werden. Wenn dieses dann erreicht wird, macht es in den meisten Fällen nicht nur den Patienten glücklich, sondern auch mich.“


Die Expertise von Dr. Schrank basiert nicht nur auf der langjährigen Ausbildung in der

Plastischen Chirurgie, sondern auch auf seinen Erfahrungen mit Schwerbrandverletzten und der Wiederherstellungs- und Mikrochirurgie, sowie der Ästhetischen Chirurgie. Er fügt hinzu: „Die Rekonstruktion von Ge-

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 65
Germany’s Top Beauty Expert | Travel | Discover Germany
Dr. Christian Schrank. Photo: Markus Gmeiner

and enables continuing education for medical specialists in his own department. He also gives lectures at national and international conferences. "The constant development and refinement of established surgical methods, which are performed by leading colleagues worldwide, are very important to me," Dr. Schrank explains. "I try to constantly improve myself and refine the smallest details."


"We live in a time where each individual is under incredibly high pressure. He or she is supposed to function perfectly in their professional world, have a toned body, look fresh and happy, and have a harmonious family. Quick procedures, minimally invasive methods, so-called 'new' techniques, are supposed to advertise short recovery times to the patient," says Dr. Schrank, and warns against these very procedures that are marketed as 'minimally invasive'. They are meant to exploit patients who hope for maximum results with minimal effort. Disappointment is inevitable. "A 'weekend lift' doesn’t work," Dr. Schrank says. "On the contrary! More often it leads to

distortions, tightened, mask-like appearance, and unnatural facial expressions."

Patients who turn to Dr. Schrank receive comprehensive information and learn that the best result can only be achieved through an individually adapted procedure – which requires a higher effort. "I believe that we not only owe our patients attention and empathy, but that we also need to meet them on eye level as advisors," he adds.


Together with Dr. Yoram Levy, Dr. Schrank has further refined and perfected the highly advanced technique of face-neck-lift with the dynamic SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System). According to scientific studies, it is the most successful method for restoring a natural and youthful appearance.

"Skin-tightening facial surgeries ought to be a definite thing of the past, since the operational method that seeks to reduce and elevate the droopy muscle tissue that can be found under the skin (called SMAS) has been developed,"

Dr. Schrank explains. "You can imagine the SMAS muscle tissue as a trampoline on which you jump around for 50 years. Afterwards, the springs are worn-out and the outer tarp sags. We can shorten or raise these springs (muscular layer) to bring in tension and dynamics once again. The surplus skin can be removed without having to pull it, and therefore caters for ‘coverage’, without being tightened and taking its remaining elasticity. With this, a natural, non-tightened and non-operated outcome develops, which maintains and refreshes one’s individual radiance."

Talent, striving for perfection, passion and skill: for decades, that's exactly what Dr. Schrank has been widely known for.

66 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Ästhetik am Ammersee Seestrasse 43 82211 Herrsching am Ammersee Phone: +49 (0) 8152 29150
Dr. Christian Schrank. Photo: Dr. Christian Schrank

sichtern schwerbrandverletzter Patienten stellt höchste Ansprüche an die Kreativität, die chirurgisch-manuellen Fähigkeiten und schließlich den ästhetischen Sinn und das Verständnis des behandelnden Chirurgen.“

Der charismatische Chirurg leitet die Sektion Face-Neck-Lift der Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Chirurgie Deutschlands, gibt Operationskurse und ermöglicht in der eigenen Abteilung die Weiterbildung für Fachärzte. Außerdem hält er Vorträge auf nationalen und internationalen Kongressen. „Die ständige Weiterentwicklung und Verfeinerung von etablierten Operationsmethoden, die von den führenden Fachkollegen weltweit durchgeführt werden, liegt mir sehr am Herzen“, erklärt Dr. Schrank. „Ich versuche, mich ständig zu verbessern, und feile an kleinsten Feinheiten.“



„Wir leben in einer Zeit, in der ein unglaublich hoher Druck auf jeden Einzelnen entsteht. Er soll in seiner Berufswelt perfekt funktionieren, einen trainierten Körper haben, frisch und glücklich aussehen und ein harmonisches Familienleben gestalten. Schnelle Eingriffe, minimalinvasive Behandlungen, sogenannte ‚neue‘ Techniken, sollen dem Patienten eine kurze Rekonvaleszenzzeit vermitteln“, sagt Dr. Schrank und warnt vor diesen als ‚minimalinvasiven ‘verkauften Eingriffen, denn hier geht es nur darum die Patienten zu ködern. Man hofft auf ein maximales Ergebnis bei minimalem Aufwand. Da ist Enttäuschung vorprogrammiert. „Ein ‚Weekend Lift‘ funktioniert nicht,“ warnt Dr. Schrank. „Im Gegenteil! Es kommt öfter zu Verziehungen, gestrafftem, maskenhaftem Aussehen und unnatürlich ‚fratzenhafter‘ Mimik.“

Wer sich an Dr. Schrank wendet, merkt sofort, dass hier wirklich umfassend aufgeklärt wird und ein optimales Ergebnis nur durch einen individuell angepassten Eingriff gewährleistet werden kann – und das erfordert einen höheren Aufwand. „Ich glaube, wir schulden den Patienten nicht nur Aufmerksamkeit, und Einfühlungsvermögen in ihre Lebenssituation, sondern auch die Verpflichtung, ihnen als Ratgeber auf Augenhöhe entgegenzutreten“, fügt er hinzu.


Zusammen mit Dr. Yoram Levy hat Dr. Schrank die hoch entwickelte Technik des Face-NeckLifts mit dynamischem SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) immer weiter verfeinert und zur Vollendung geführt. Sie ist laut Wissenschaft die erfolgreichste Methode für die Wiederherstellung eines natürlichen und jugendlichen Aussehens.

„Die Zeiten der hautstraffenden Gesichtsoperationen sollten eigentlich seit der Entwicklung der Operationsmethode mit der Kürzung beziehungsweise Hebung der erschlafften Muskelbindegewebsplatte, die sich unter der Haut befindet und SMAS genannt wird, endgültig vorbei sein,“ erklärt Dr. Schrank. „Man kann sich die SMAS-Muskelschicht gut wie ein Trampolin vorstellen, auf welchem man

50 Jahre lang herumspringt. Dann sind die Federn ausgeleiert und die Plane hängt durch. Diese Federn (Muskelschicht) können wir kürzen oder anheben und so wieder Spannung und Dynamik reinbringen. Die überschüssige Haut kann - ohne an ihr ziehen zu müssen - entfernt werden und dient somit zur

‚Bedeckung‘ ohne gestrafft zu werden und ihr die übrig gebliebene Elastizität zu nehmen. Auf diese Weise entsteht ein natürliches, nicht gestrafftes und unoperiert aussehendes Ergebnis, das die individuelle Ausstrahlung beibehält und wieder auffrischt.“

Talent, Streben nach Perfektion, Leidenschaft, Können: Genau dafür steht Dr. Schrank bereits seit Jahrzehnten.

Ästhetik am Ammersee

Seestrasse 43

82211 Herrsching am Ammersee

Phone: +49 (0) 8152 29150

Patient nach einer Behandlung.

Patientin nach einer Behandlung.

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 67 Germany’s Top Beauty Expert | Travel | Discover Germany
Foto: Markus Gmeiner Foto: Dr. Christian Schrank


From high blood pressure to stress, those who suffer from chronic lifestyle diseases are in the right place at the INUS Medical Center AG. The INUS concept includes assessing a patient's medical history, conducting appropriate laboratory tests and, if necessary, the INUSpheresis® procedure, followed by further treatments to stabilise the patient's condition.

"To find the way out of an illness, one must understand the patient and analyse what leads to the illness," says Dr. Richard Straube, head of the INUS Medical Center AG. Since 2002, the day clinic in Cham has been working to analyse the individual factors that cause illness in patients, eliminate them where possible, and help patients become healthier through regulatory and regenerative medicine.

INUSpheresis®, a blood-cleansing technique developed by INUS, also plays a significant role and has been in use since 2008. Over the last 14 years, thanks to continuous analysis, research and scientific evaluations, new treatment approaches for chronic time-related

diseases have been validated and verified.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the INUS Medical Center AG has become known worldwide for its successes in the fight against chronic diseases.


Von Bluthochdruck bis Stress: Wer an chronischen Lifestyleerkrankungen leidet, ist beim INUS Medical Center genau richtig. Das INUS-Konzept beinhaltet die Anamnese der Patienten, entsprechende Laborabklärung, bei Bedarf die INUSpherese®, sowie die Therapie danach zur Stabilisierung.

„Man muss den Patienten erfassen, den Weg in die Erkrankung analysieren, wenn man den Weg heraus finden will“, so Richard Straube, Leiter der INUS Medical Center AG. Seit 2002 arbeitet die Tagesklinik in Cham daran, die individuellen, krankmachenden Faktoren eines Patienten zu analysieren, wenn möglich zu beseitigen und dem Patienten mit einer regulativen und regenerativen Medizin zu mehr Gesundheit zu verhelfen.

Hierbei spielt auch die von INUS entwickelte Blutwäsche namens INUSpherese® eine große Rolle, die seit 2008 zum Einsatz kommt. Dank kontinuierlicher Analyse, Forschung und wissenschaftlichen Auswer-

tungen konnten so in den letzten 14 Jahren neue Behandlungsansätze für chronische Zeiterkrankungen validiert und verifiziert werden.

Kein Wunder also, dass die INUS Medical Center AG für ihre Erfolge im Kampf gegen chronische Leiden in der ganzen Welt bekannt ist.

68 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Discover Germany | Travel | Top Medical Centre TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE I PHOTOS: INUS MEDICAL CENTER AG
INUS Medical Center AG: Dr. med. Richard Straube. The treatment centre. INUS Medical Center AG room for INUSpheresis®. Reception.

Seit über 20 Jahren, Ihr Schwerpunktzentrum für Chronische Erkrankungen

Wir analysieren den Weg in die Erkrankung und suchen mit Ihnen zusammen den Weg heraus!


• Entzündungsdiagnostik

• Diagnostik Umweltmedizin

• Genetik | Epigenetik

• Schnelltest | Sofortdiagnostik

• Funktionsanalyse Immunsystem

• Analyse Sto wechsel

• Messung Oxidativer Stress

• Post-long-vacc.-Covid Analysen

• INUSpherese® als sanfte Blutwäsche

• Orthomolekulare Therapie

• Hyperthermie

• Darmsanierung

• Anti-Entzündungs-Therapie

• Immunstimmulierende Therapien

• Ausleitungs/Entgiftungstherapien

• Zielgerichtete Infusionstherapien

• Post-long-vacc.-Covid Behandlung


INUS Präzisionsmedizin Präzisionsmedizin aus einer Hand:


Picked up your coffee from the bakery next door? Had breakfast at the airport? Enjoyed a delicious meal in a trendy two-star restaurant at a business meeting? And had a great evening at a barbecue event?

It is almost impossible to imagine everyday life without the EDEKA Foodservice Group, as it is highly likely that the abovementioned restaurateurs or major customers have been supplied by EDEKA Foodservice, Handelshof or EDEKA Convenience; a group of companies that has been assisting major customers as wholesaler, service provider or advisory partner all across Germany for many years. The subsidiaries Medsorg, a full-service provider in the medical field, and Franz Willick, a major coffee roasting company, also belong to this group.

The comprehensive food and non-food assortment includes highquality branded products, the selection of which is perfectly tailored to the needs of a large variety of customers. With over 65 years of experience in the food sector, the EDEKA Foodservice Group combines many years of food competence with efficient logistics and with more than 90 cash and carry markets, guaranteeing the optimal supply of all major customers.

The assortment is comprehensive and of an undisputed premium quality. It includes well-known brands, but also own and exclusive brands for extra-special culinary delights. Its structured logistics network and modern warehouse technology allows the EDEKA Foodservice Group to tailor individual supply concepts. In other words, there is extensive know-how and consolidated competence that benefits major customers throughout Germany.


Auf dem Weg zum Flughafen einen leckeren Kaffee vom Bäcker nebenan geholt? Am Flughafen gefrühstückt? Beim Businessmeeting im angesagten Zwei-Sterne-Restaurant lecker gegessen? Und abends beim Grillevent einen tollen Abend gehabt?

Aus dem Alltag ist die EDEKA Foodservice Unternehmensgruppe praktisch nicht mehr wegzudenken, denn mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit werden die oben angesprochenen Gastronomen bzw. Großkunden von EDEKA Foodservice, Handelshof oder EDEKA Convenience beliefert - einer Unternehmensgruppe also, die seit vielen Jahren deutschlandweit als Großhändler, Dienstleister oder beratender Partner Großverbrauchern zur Seite steht. Ergänzend gehören auch die Tochterunternehmen Medsorg, ein Komplettanbieter für Produkte im medizinischen Bereich und die Kaffeegroßrösterei Franz Willick zum Portfolio der Unternehmensgruppe.

Das reichhaltige Food- und Non-Food-Sortiment umfasst hochwertige Markenartikel, deren Auswahl perfekt auf die Bedürfnisse der unterschiedlichsten Kunden zugeschnitten ist. Bei der EDEKA Foodservice Unternehmensgruppe trifft mit über 65-jähriger Erfahrung im Foodbereich langjährige Lebensmittelkompetenz auf leistungsfähige Logistik. Mit über 90 Cash & Carry Märkten garantiert die EDEKA Foodservice Unternehmensgruppe die optimale Versorgung aller Großkunden.

Das Sortiment ist umfangreich und von unumstrittener Spitzenqualität. Darunter befinden sich bekannte Markenartikel, aber auch Eigen- und Exklusivmarken für den besonderen Genuss. Mit mit einem strukturierten Logistiknetz und mit moderner Lagertechnik kann die EDEKA Foodservice Unternehmensgruppe individuelle Versorgungskonzepte erstellen. Geballtes Können und gebündelte Kompetenz also, von der Großkunden im gesamten Bundesgebiet profitieren.

70 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Discover Germany | Business | Top Cash & Carry Company in the DACH Region TEXT: SILKE HENKELE | PHOTOS: EDEKA FOODSERVICE HANDELSHOF MANAGEMENT GMBH

9 von 10 CIO´s machen immer wieder den gleichen teuren Fehler…

Als CIO müssen Sie sich und Ihre IT-Organisation immer mehr an die Bedürfnisse der Kunden und der Unternehmensstrategie ausrichten. Es bedarf einer kunden- bzw. servicezentrierten Vorgehensweise, die nur intrinsisch erfolgen kann.

Oftmals (oder In der Regel) werden dazu klassische und namhafte IT-Beratungsfirmen beauftragt, die Ihre vorhandene Organisation umstrukturieren und sie dadurch auf direktem Wege in eine teure Abhängigkeit führen. Um das Problem jedoch im Kern zu lösen, müssen Sie selbst in der Lage sein, eine moderne IT-Organisation selbstständig zu etablieren.

Das - und nur DAS ist der einzige Weg, um langfristig unabhängig von Dritten zu werden.

Wir von GreenSocks befähigen Sie in allen Phasen, in denen Sie Ihre IT-Organisation so ausrichten, dass sie endlich die aktuellen Anforderungen des Unternehmens erfüllt, und das mit “klarer Kante”! Wir machen uns selbst überflüssig, in dem wir unser Wissen an Sie weitergeben!

Lassen Sie uns kennenlernen und über diese und andere Themen sprechen.

Mehr dazu unter



Gabriela Mueller Mendoza is not your traditional corporate coach! Far from it, in fact. Energetic Gabriela has helped her clients find practical solutions in order to thrive in disruptive times. She combines a diverse cross-cultural perspective with a solid technology background and a thought-provoking style. If you are looking for an innovative approach to executive coaching and a unique keynote speaker – you have found your match.

Gabriela Mueller Mendoza’s journey to becoming a coach was as unconventional as her teaching style is today. “I come from a working family in small-town Mexico City, where education was valued as the key to empowerment,” the coach who has a background in computer engineering explains. “I’ve been in Switzerland for two decades. After years of corporate work in technology, I took a leap of faith to pursue executive coaching and professional speaking. Today, after working in over 80 countries as a coach/keynote speaker, with two decades of experience in the field, I have realised that I'm my ancestors' wildest dreams.”


Over the years, Gabriela has built an impressive client base, helping leaders in engineering, technology, pharmaceuticals, consulting and elite sports to develop a growth mindset, unlearn outdated practices, and embrace new ways to succeed in a hybrid competitive landscape. Aside from individuals, her coaching

TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE I PHOTOS: GABRIELA MUELLER GMBH “Mixing Latin spice and Swiss precision, I help organisations and leaders achieve innovation through creativity and diversity.” – Gabriela Mueller Mendoza

services are also ideally suited for Fortune 500 companies and global sports organisations.

“Some clients describe my coaching experiences as a combination of a TED talk and a rock concert,” the charismatic Swiss Latin coach says. “I even use virtual reality to keep my coaching innovative and ahead of the game. We are in an ever-changing business landscape, and researching and incorporating the latest trends and technologies is one of my passions. Recent studies predict that five years from now, over one-third of skills that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed.”

“My pragmatic coaching/speaking style helps clients be future-ready and stay relevant in the face of disruption,” she tells us. “I specialise in strategic thinking, creativity, influence in leaders and teams, and real inclusion.” Gabriela teaches things you won’t really find in traditional management schools: “My clients realise that what got them here, will not get them where they want to go. That's where I come in – I bring fresh and diverse perspectives to help companies and leaders stay ahead of the curve. The future belongs to those who are willing to take risks, innovate and disrupt”.

Her thought-provoking style, savvy humour and great storytelling skills clearly set Gabriela apart from your average coaches. For her, it is paramount to create a safe, joyful and engaging learning environment through applying

new technologies, as well as proven methods. According to Gabriela, traditional training is like a flip phone in a smartphone world: “It's time to level up and embrace the power of immersive, interactive and innovative learning.”


Organisations, leaders or teams – regardless of who turns to Gabriela, they typically share one main goal: to thrive in the age of uncertainty and create true inclusion, as Gabriela points out: “My clients are looking to innovate, foster agility, and accelerate digital transformation, but they understand that it all starts with the right mindset.”

Aside from in-person coaching, Gabriela also offers remote and hybrid virtual training, keynotes and web-based content. “With the rise of digital technology and AI applications, I have recently incorporated 3D workspaces that resemble real offices and virtual reality meeting rooms into my coaching methods. This allows my clients to have immersive and engaging coaching experiences from anywhere in the world,” she says. As she wants to ensure that her coaching is accessible and relevant to everyone, she also engages curious younger generations that embrace new technologies faster.

“Whether in-person or virtual, my coaching methods are always focused on delivering results and enjoying the ride. No emotion, no learning.”


What continues to fascinate and inspire Gabriela is the ever-changing and evolving human factor in organisations, as well as economic and societal issues. This keeps her on her toes, as she puts it, and spurs her on to keep learning and keep exploring new ways to stay relevant.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the impact of my coaching on real people and organisations,” she explains with a smile. “Travelling and working with diverse cultures and backgrounds has helped me gain a deeper understanding of global business challenges and opportunities, making me a better coach and advisor. From the Kingdom of Bhutan to the Nordics, in Latin America and Switzerland, I've gained valuable insights that have helped me make a difference in the world.”


Executive Communications & Leadership keynote, Coach, and Strategy Advisor

Bern Switzerland * Active worldwide.

Unlocking Human Potential & Inclusive Courageous Leadership every day. Present in all social media platforms @CoachGabrielaMueller

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 73 Coaching Expert in Switzerland 2023 | Business | Discover Germany
“What got you here won't get you there - to stay ahead, you need to constantly adapt and innovate.” – Gabriela Mueller Mendoza “True innovation requires diverse perspectives, the courage to challenge the status quo, and a healthy risk appetite in business. Are you ready to innovate?” – Gabriela Mueller Mendoza


Reliable asset protection with a focus on constant returns and optimised diversification; thallos AG develops attractive investment options based on many years of market experience.

“‘thallos’ is Greek for ‘green branch’. For us, a synonym par excellence for sustainable asset development. A goal we are committed to,” stresses CEO Thomas Schmitt.

thallos AG has been successfully active on the investment market for almost 20 years and knows what optimised asset protection looks like. To them, it is diversified and yielding constant returns. “We have substantial expertise in the asset classes of finance and real estate and offer several investment models, amongst them investments in companies as shareholder or investments in project companies as shareholder or by venture capital. Determining the best model for the individual investor is the subject of detailed consultations.”

Next to professional advice and optimised support after conclusion of the contract, thallos AG places great importance on the quality of its real-estate projects, which are built sustainably with high energetic standards.

Since thallos AG itself usually acts as a co-investor in the respective projects, it has a vested interest in a project’s success and yield. This is clearly a trust-building quality feature, encountered quite rarely in invenstment.


Zuverlässige Vermögenssicherung mit Fokus auf konstanten Erträgen und optimaler Diversifizierung – die thallos AG entwickelt auf Basis langjähriger Markterfahrung attraktive Anlageoptionen.

„‚thallos’ kommt aus dem Griechischen und heißt übersetzt ‚grüner Zweig’. Für uns das Synonym schlechthin für nachhaltige Vermögensentwicklung. Einem Ziel, dem wir uns verpflichtet fühlen”, betont CEO Thomas Schmitt.

Die thallos AG ist seit knapp 20 Jahren erfolgreich auf dem Anlagemarkt tätig und weiß, wie optimale Vermögenssicherung aussieht - nämlich diversifiziert und konstant ertragsbringend. „Wir verfügen über fundierte Expertise in den Assetklassen Finanzen und Immobilien und bieten mehrere Investitionsmodelle an, darunter Unternehmensbeteiligungen als Gesellschafter:in oder Beteiligungen an Projektgesellschaften als Gesellschafter:in bzw. per Venture Capital. Welches Modell für den einzelnen Investierenden das beste ist, entscheidet sich in intensiven Beratungsgesprächen.”

Neben seriöser Beratung und der optimalen Betreuung nach Vertragsabschluss legt die thallos AG großen Wert auf die Qualität ihrer Immobilienprojekte, die mit hohen energetischen Standards nachhaltig gebaut werden.

Da die thallos AG zudem bei den jeweiligen Projekten meist selbst als Investorin auftritt, ist das eigene Interesse am Erfolg und Ertrag eines Projekts groß. Ohne Frage ein vertrauensschaffendes Qualitätsmerkmal, das man so selten antrifft.

74 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Discover Germany | Business | Top Creative and Economical Real Estate Company in the DACH Region TEXT: SILKE
Thomas Schmitt, CEO of thallos AG. Structural restoration of an office building in Fellbach. GATE 9: structural restoration of an office building in Leinfelden. FOREST-LIVING: new apartment building in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.


Interior design must always be suited to people and their needs. Finding the perfect design requires experience and visions.

These are visions that the Kitzig Design Studios realise with creativity and skill. Based at three locations across Germany, the studio, founded by Olaf Kitzig, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. At the beginning of the year, the studio moved into an extensively renovated, listed villa in Düsseldorf which, across more than 1,000 square metres, serves as office, showroom and residence.

Whether dealing with hospitality, business premises, retail or private residences, the studio’s design concepts are the fundament for more than 1,050 projects worldwide. Reason enough to take a closer look at the business.

Kitzig Design Studios think and plan in a multidisciplinary sense, hence bringing innovative perspectives to every project. “In our eyes, a perfect design is a balance between function, aesthetic and individuality. The more experience and the more vision you have, the better such a design can develop,” stresses Olaf Kitzig.

When planning private wards in hospitals, for example, synergies can result from experiences with numerous hotel projects. “Here, comfort and a hotel-like ambiance were a requirement. We were obviously able to benefit from our experiences with many hotel projects and created a perfect place of well-being.”


Interior Design muss zu den Menschen und ihren Bedürfnissen passen. Um das perfekte Design zu finden, benötigt es Erfahrung und Visionen.

Dies sind Visionen, die die Kitzig Design Studios mit Kreativität und Können gestalten. Deutschlandweit an drei Standorten ansässig, feiert das von Olaf Kitzig gegründete Büro dieses Jahr ihr 25-jähriges Firmenjubiläum, und hat zum Jahresbeginn in Düsseldorf eine umfassend sanierte, denkmalgeschützte Villa bezogen, die auf über 1.000 qm als Büro, Showroom und Wohnung dient.

Grund genug, sich einmal genauer mit dem Studio zu befassen. Ob Gastronomie, Hotellerie, Office, Retail oder Private Residences – ihre Designkonzepte sind Grundlage für mittlerweile mehr als 1.050 Projekte weltweit.

Die Kitzig Design Studios denken und planen bereichsübergreifend, und bringen damit innovative Sichtweisen in ein Projekt ein. „Ein perfektes Design ist in unseren Augen eine Balance zwischen Funktion, Ästhetik und Individualität. Je mehr Erfahrungen, je mehr Weitblick man hat, desto besser kann sich ein solches Design entwickeln”, betont Olaf Kitzig.

So ergeben sich beispielsweise bei der Planung von Privatstationen in Kliniken Synergien aus den Erfahrungen mit zahlreichen Hotelprojekten. „Hier war Komfort und Hotelcharakter gefragt. Da konnten wir gut von unseren Erfahrungen mit anderen Hotelprojekten profitieren und einen perfekten Wohlfühlort erschaffen.”

TEXT: SILKE HENKELE Top Architect in the DACH Region | Business | Discover Germany
‘The Flat’ of Kitzig Design Studios in Düsseldorf is office, showroom and residence all in one. Photo: Marvin Schwienheer La Vie by Thomas Bühner opens in Taipei in spring. The design and the cuisine are inspired by the Taiwanese landscape. Photo: Kitzig Design Studios
April 2023 | Issue 104 | 75
The design of Grand Tirolia in Kitzbühel reflects the Alpine lifestyle of the Tyrolean Alps. Photo: Ydo Sol

Wirsching Winery Produces First-Class Franconian Wines

The Wirsching estate is based in Iphofen in the Franken wine region of Germany. Huge oak forests shield the vineyard slopes from the north and east. Together with heat-retaining Gipsum Keuper soil, the perfect microclimate is created to produce wonderfully expressive wines laden with minerality and refreshing acidity. Wirsching produce exceptional Silvaner, the main wine varierty associated with the region. They also produce fantastic Riesling and Scheurebe.

Tamlyn Currin, talented and expressive wine writer for Jancis Robinson, describes this wine as: "Mango, papaya, lime. Dry, bodacious, full-bodied but well defined. Shapely exuberant fruit. Zap and zest and mouth-watering. Liquorice leaf and long, firm persistence on the finish."

She awarded this wine 16 out of 20 points.


2019 Silvaner QbA dry £15.65 per bottle

Many of Wirchsing’s wines are available in the Franken region's traditional Bocksbeutel – a type of wine bottle with the form of a flattened ellipse with a short neck.

The name of this traditional bottle originates from the word ’book' because, as a hip flask, it fitted into the pouch in which monks and pilgrims carried their prayer book. Since the beginning of the 18th century, the Bocksbeutel has been the trademark of exceptional wines from Franconia.

Wirsching say: “For us, the Bocksbeutel embodies tradition, uniqueness and home. That is why we use it for our local wines and the majority of our single-vineyard wines.” The WineBarn recommend three of Wirsching’s most mouth-watering wines…


2021 Iphöfer Kronsberg Scheurebe Alte Reben (Old Vines) Premier Cru dry £28.30 per bottle

Wirsching are considered a regional pioneer of the Scheurebe grape variety. The aroma is reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc; however, it is much fruitier despite being a dry white wine.

This Silvaner has a character that's full of vitality. Its fresh bouquet shows fine fruity notes and, in taste, its youthful lightness is remarkable. This light acidity and minerality is so typical of their wines.

The Wien Spectator awarded this wine with 88 points. The judge said: "A smooth texture with ample spice and mineral notes. The acidity provides great balance, lending just enough vivaciousness."


2020 St. Veit Cuvee dry £15.65 per bottle

This blend from Wirsching's estate wine line is a composition of their typical white grape varieties Silvaner, Scheurebe and Riesling. The juicy, Franconian style comes from the Silvaner, the finesse-rich fruit comes from the Scheurebe and the fruity, fresh style with a fine acidity from the Riesling.

Wirsching are a certified member of FAIR'N GREEN. FAIR'N GREEN is a recognised system for sustainable viticulture in Germany, covering areas of environmental protection and social responsibility.

The WineBarn is a a multi-award-winning wine merchant that specialises in exclusively German wine and have been bringing pure drinking pleasure to the UK for over 23 years. Their elegant wines have been selected to cover a range of styles - from the affordable to the luxury, from dry to sweet and from fresh to full-bodied, ensuring there’s something to suit all tastes and pair with any cuisine.

To find your new favourite German wine, contact The WineBarn for a personal recommendation.


Call: 0044 1962 761 215


76 | Issue 104 | April 2023
Iris Ellmann, The WineBarn’s Managing Director, presents their IWC Specialist German Wine Merchant of the Year 2022 award with her son Luca. Photo: Iris Ellmann
Discover Germany | Wine Column
Wirsching Wine Estate in Kronsberg im Herbst Franken. Photo: Volker Schrank

Pavillon im Park Steigstrasse 26 CH-8200 Schaffhausen

Pavillon im Park in Schaffhausen. Ihre Location für Anlässe, Tagungen, Veranstaltungen von 30 bis zu 400 Personen, flexibles Raumkonzept mit 4 Sälen, Bühne, Licht und MultimediaRegieraum, Foyer und Terrasse.

Culture Calendar

From Easter markets to music festivals and city marathons, April promises to be a fun-packed month. We’re here to help you make the most of it!

78 | Issue 104 | April 2023


Vienna’s various Easter Markets are a true seasonal highlight and well beloved by locals and tourists alike. Head to beautiful Schönbrunn Castle and enjoy treats and trinkets offered by over 70 exhibitors. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own Easter egg decorations or fancy stocking up – this is the place to be in April.


Have you ever heard of ‘the fastest sightseeing tour in sneakers’? That’s what this half marathon across the German capital is sometimes called. It is not surprising that it attracts over 30,000 passionate runners every year. Open to runners, wheelchair users and inline skaters, it promises to be great fun – even if you just come to cheer the runners on.


The classical music highlight of the Easter season is the annual festival ‘Festtage der Staatsoper Berlin‘, which is performed at two venues: the Staatsoper Unter den Linden and the Philharmonie Berlin. Founded by star conductor Daniel Barenboim, the festival

has become a firm favourite over the past 25 years. This year’s edition includes Wagner’s famous ‘Ring’ tetralogy.


– 17 APRIL)

This traditional Swiss festival is a little bit like the American ‘groundhog weather forecaster’. However, here a snowman figure called ‘Böögg’ is placed on the top of a bonfire. It is then ‘asked’ to forecast the weather for the coming summer. The fire is lit and the faster it reaches the ‘Böögg’, the warmer summer will be. Over the course of this special weekend, there are many accompanying events, parties and traditional balls.


– 16 APRIL)

We know it’s spring when cherry blossoms pop up all around us, painting our world in a shade of pastel pink. This beautiful festival celebrates the stunning Japanese cherry blossoms that fill the Gärten der Welt in Berlin’s Mahrzahn. Around 25,000 guests flock to the festival to welcome spring together. Some stunning scenery awaits.

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 79 Culture Calendar | Culture | Discover Germany
Photo: Pixabay Easter Market at Schönbrunn Castle, Vienna Photo: / Angelika Kessler
Discover Germany | Culture | Culture Calendar
Generali Berliner Halbmarathon 2019
80 | Issue 103 | March 2023
Photo: SCC EVENTS/ Sportografen


Pretzels as far as the eye can see: the traditional spring fun fair, called ‘Frühlingsfest’ in German, is the little sister of the legendary Oktoberfest, with two big beer tents. Let your hair down, have some fun and enjoy over 100 rides and attractions.


The tradition originated in the U.S., but the idea has been catching on like wildfire across independent record stores all over the world. So, on the 16th Record Store Day, Berlin's

vinyl and indie music specialists open their doors to celebrate this special occasion in style.


Got your running shoes ready? Regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner, Zurich’s marathon features the most idyllic route along Lake Zurich and across the charming city centre. It is a fantastic opportunity to kickstart marathon season and it is certainly a known highlight in the international marathon event calendar.

April 2023 | Issue 104 | 81 Culture Calendar | Culture | Discover Germany
Traditional burning of the Böögg in Zurich Photo: Pixabay Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Photo: Marcus Ebener

Let’s talk about money

On the occasion of last month’s International Women’s Day, let’s take a look at who Germany’s billionairesses are: Australian financial services provider City Index did us the favour and analysed the live billionaire tracker (no, never heard of it either) of business magazine Forbes to find out which country is home to the most female billionaires.

Well, the winner is not Germany – that would be the US with 92, followed by China with 46 –but it comes in a very respectable third with 32 super rich ladies. And I’m sure you’d like to know who they are, right? Ok, Germany’s richest woman is the BMW heiress Susanne Klatten with US$ 27.58 billion to her name. She is the only one with a two-digit amount in the bank, all the others ‘only’ have riches below US$ 10 billion, such as Francine von Finck and family (US$ 8.27 billion), Nadja Thiele (US$ 6.1 billion US dollars), Renate Reimann-Haas US$ 5.41 billion) and Alexandra Schörghuber and family (US$ 5.03 billion). They are a daughter of a banker, widow of a rich entrepreneur, co-owner of an investment firm and boss of a family investment company respectively.

More? I could give you places six to ten but it gets a bit much with all those billions.

Discover Germany

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Bottom line is, they are all very rich. Ok, one more, with a name that is more familiar in the UK than most of the above: Julia Oetker –yes, of the Great British Bake Off sponsor Dr. Oetker, who is listed at number eight in the German billionaires ranking. And it’s not just baking powder and the likes. The holding she owns with her siblings spans wine and spirits, chemicals and luxury hotels. Anyone ever had afternoon tea at London’s Lanesborough? The splendid Hyde Park Corner property is part of the Oetker Collection of very fine hotels around the world.

But I digress. Let me end with the hope that the billionaire ladies are not as tight when it comes to tipping as a lot of their – nonbillionaire – German compatriots. Because based on a recent survey by market research company Norstat 57 per cent of respondents said that they do not tip at all, or at most just five per cent of the total amount, even if they had a good time in a restaurant or bar, while 39 per cent of Germans generally only tip between three per cent and per cent instead of the usual ten per cent. And isn’t there an expression in certain countries to “pay the German way” when penny pinchers demand separate bills? I’m beginning to wonder, did

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© visitberlin, Photo: Dagmar Schwelle

some of the German billionaires, male or female, reach their dizzy monetary heights also because there’s a certain Teutonic tendency to keeping your money together… Let’s discuss next/another time!

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