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Once a Saddlelite, always a Saddlelite.

The Class of 1968 celebrating their 50th reunion.

FALL 2018

Mission Statement



Regina High School, a Catholic School sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph, Third Order of St. Francis, responds to the call of Jesus Christ to love and serve God and neighbor. Regina High School is dedicated to nurturing and upholding Christian virtue and academic excellence and aspires to a mission of promoting the moral-spiritual, intellectual-physical, and personal-social growth of young women who face the challenges of the 21st Century.

ADMINISTRATION Sr. Mary Leanne, SSJ-TOSF President

Upcoming Events

Ann Diamond ‘94 Principal

November 16-17

Regina Player’s Production of The Little Mermaid Clintondale High School


Karen Forys Assistant Principal

November 18

Regina Player’s Production of The Little Mermaid Clintondale High School


Sr. Mary Hyacinth, SSJ-TOSF Administrative Assistant

December 6

Alumnae Christmas Party Regina High School


Kyle Smith Business Manager

January 23

Alumnae Meet & Greet Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. Warren, MI


March 9

Trivia Night Regina High School


April 6

Alumnae Easter Egg Hunt Regina High School

April 10

Mother’s Guild Fashion Show Palazzo Grande, Shelby TWP.

Alison Schaaf Admissions Director Cindy Corey Advancement Director Colleen Reaser ‘03 Marketing Director Emily Frikken ‘09 Director of Alumnae Relations Editor of The Reginite

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From the President Dear Friends of Regina High School, The marquee on the front lawn of our school proudly runs our motto of “Transforming Girls into Women of Faith and Vision in the Franciscan Tradition.” It also runs a reminder to our students AND all of our Graduates that “Once a Saddlelite Always a Saddlelite!” This statement is a confirmation of the fact that indeed Regina High School is stronger together! Life today is running at an extremely fast pace. Technology is at our fingertips and it sometimes governs our capacity to the point where we lose our God-given talents needed to succeed in the world. At Regina High School, we continue to provide a first-class Catholic collegepreparatory education while at the same time teaching our students how to think critically, act responsibly, decide ethically, and become women leaders for a world in need. At the same time, we are preparing them to service in the Church today by promoting the gospel message of peace and justice. I ask for your prayers and your support of our Mission and Vision for our present and all past and future “Saddlelites”! With my prayers and gratitude to all,

Sister Mary Leanne, SSJ-TOSF President

Leave Your Mark on Regina High School! Become a permanent part of the history of Regina High School by purchasing a brick paver to be installed in one of the four courtyards! These pavers will create a “pathway” to each of the four beautiful statues, which will serve as focal points for courtyard visitors. Each paver offers the perfect opportunity to acknowledge a group, such as a Class, Club or Organization; be a memorial for a parent, alumna, grandparent, friend or other relative; or to commemorate a special occasion. Just as the building blocks of education leave a lasting impression on our students, you are invited to leave a personalized lasting impression on Regina High School. Please go to our website, under the Advancement Tab, for the order form and more information.

From the Alumnae Office To my fellow Saddlelites, Before I graduated from Regina in 2009, I had told my guidance counselor, friends, and family that I would be back to work at Regina. I had always hoped that one day my career would lead me back to the place where I had found my voice—where I had felt empowered. I do not have the words to now describe my excitement as I am back here at Regina—at home. That is what this building has always been to me—more than four walls, but my home. And that is what this community has always been to me—more than my teachers, coaches, or classmates, but my family. What has always separated Regina from other schools, in my opinion, is our Sisterhood. From the moment we are officially inducted into the Regina community at Freshmen Induction to the moment we walk across the stage with our dozen roses at Commencement, and with so many more moments in between, we are a Sisterhood. So I have to ask, what is to say that Sisterhood should end once we leave this building? For me personally, it has never ended. In September, I attended a wedding of a Regina 2003 alumna and I was speaking to another alumna’s mother. She was happy that I had just started at Regina and was asking what my new responsibilities would be. I explained that I was to create events that would engage alumnae and invite them to “come back home”. Her response, which has motivated me in this position since the second the conversation ended, “You shouldn’t have to invite them ‘back home’ because they should have never left.” This school year the Alumnae Office is adding events to the calendar and increasing communication between Regina and its alumnae community. I hope that these changes will make you feel like you never left. Loyally,

Emily Frikken ‘09 Alumnae Coordinator


Regina Legacies We are proud to recognize these Saddlelites as Regina Legacies — a current student whose mother also attended Regina High School. We are grateful that these alumnae felt so strongly about their experience at Regina that they decided to send their daughters here too! Allison Allen ‘20 Alexis Nowicki ‘19 Riley Bobowski ‘19 Kristyn Olechowski ‘19 Monica Pitlock ‘19 Riley Brengman ‘20 Olivia Ploucha ‘20 Megan Erskine ‘19 Olivia Pozsgay ‘19 Alexandria Goclik ‘19 Riley Reese ‘19 Lillian Groth ‘21 Lillian Harrington ‘19 Noelle Robinson ‘21 Marissa Romund ‘19 Cara Hogan ‘20 Mia Simon ‘22 Amaiya Holt ‘22 Reagan Stempin ‘22 Jessica Jarski ‘22 Calista Summers ‘20 Anne Komoroski ‘22 Isabella Tamulevich ‘21 Lillian Kozak ‘19 Hannah Taras ‘19 Julia Kravitz ‘20 Claire Niedermaier ‘20 Kendall VanLacken ‘21 Lila Yousif ‘22

Why was it important to you to send your daughter to Regina? “My experience at Regina was wonderful. My high school experience left me with lifelong memories, values and friendships. I hope my daughter can say the same thing when she looks back on her years at Regina.” - Karen Shelide Yousif ‘87 & Lila Yousif ‘22 “I felt it was important to send Anne to Regina because of the positive experience that I had. Anne is 3rd generation. My mother Barbara Rochefort Wagner ‘69 always knew she was sending me & I knew the same with Anne. Regina encourages a strong set of religious morals/values along with teaching the skills necessary to succeed in today’s world. The expectations of their students are HIGH & I felt Regina always went above (both my teachers/ classmates) & beyond to make sure that I was working to my potential in a safe environment.”

- Lauren Wagner Komoroski ‘93 & Anne Komoroski ‘22

“Regina is a place of sisterhood, higher education, traditions, and empowerment. It is a place that has helped me to grow into the person I am today and I am so proud that my daughter is a part of the Regina family.” - Angela Randazzo Tamulevich ‘94 & Bella Tamulevich ‘21

Teachers Hang Up Their Saddles

At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, three of our dedicated teachers were honored at the 43rd Annual Archdiocese of Detroit Recognition Dinner as they moved into retirement. Ms. Frances Berger, Mrs. Vivian Sawicki, and Mrs. Carolyn Tarpley (pictured below respectively) have served Regina High School and its students for a combined total of 80 years! The Regina family is extremely grateful to each one of them for their dedication throughout the years, and may God continue to watch over them.


Traditions that will never get old REGINA

Regina always offered students the chance to be involved. Whether it was showcasing our talents on the stage during musicals and productions, being a part of the Powderpuff team, being a Big Sister to a Little, participatRenee working on The Scepter in 1983. ing in band class at Notre Dame, peer ministry, or shining in academics, Regina High School offered something for every girl.

- Renee Keller ‘85

JUNIOR RING CEREMONY I remember the excitement leading up to receiving our rings, learning the meaning behind the lovely crest, & the specialness of not receiving them until they were blessed & given to us during a beautiful Mass shared with our families. A wonderful tradition cementing our Jennifer Robson-Grizzell ’91 looks upon Roberta McGlone Robson & sisterhood! Once Cheryl Collins as they admire their new rings. Cheryl & I had our rings we would often fist bump them together & proclaim "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!"

- Roberta McGlone Robson ‘90

First Day Stickers: There’s nothing that says welcome to Regina like being greeted on your first day by Student Council stickering you!


Freshmen & New Student Induction: The entire school body and faculty formally welcome all new freshmen and transfer students to the Regina family. The history and traditions are explained, as well as learning “Regina Mundi”!


There’s one experience that I remember almost every detail of; every ounce of excitement & anticipation, the feeling of unity throughout the entire school, the outward support of hundreds of people leading up to the event. It’s the event most looked forward to as a Regina student, the one you wait 4 years for: Powderpuff. To be able to learn & play the game with your classmates was a special experience. Putting in hours of hard work & commitment for one game, THE game, every single day made you realize the significance of it. Cheering on your teammates when they made a big play in practice, learning the plays & executing them as a team, doing up-downs & reciting the words of Vince Lombardi with your class on the field created a bond that we’ll carry with us forever. The rally was

of people in the stands, ready to play your rival, it was surreal. I dreamt of that moment after years of watching upperclassman get to do it & it meant more to me than I ever could’ve imagined. Unfortunately we lost & that still stings to think about. But every moment spent preparing, the practices in the summer, the team-bonding experiences, the days leading up to it in school & the time spent battling on the field with my sisters was something I’ll cherish forever. I still have dreams about it. I wake up wishing I could go back & do it again. But I can’t. So to every girl who is still waiting to pick up that football & wear that jersey, soak in every moment. It’ll be the experience of a lifetime. & as always, BEAT MARIAN!

- Katy Jakubek ‘11


I fondly remember being in the 200-wing on a rainy day watching people wipe out in their saddle shoes. They weren’t the best Jackie & Maggie Gilsenan, all weather footwear. during their freshmen year.

- Jackie Labut Stephenson ‘08

QB Katy Jakubek looks to hand off the ball to her running back.

something we prepared diligently for & to see the excitement of everyone donning your colors & mascot (black & gold Wolves) added to the fun. Now it’s game time. To walk out onto the field hand in hand with your sisters & see thousands

Big/Little Sister Program: Sophomore Day: Our incoming freshmen Sophomores expand (little sisters) are paired their class identity by with seniors (big sisters) choosing their class to mentor them as they colors, mascot, flower, embark upon their high motto, patron and song. school years. This relaThese identifiers betionship begins at the Big come significant parts of Sister/Little Sister Break- their senior year experifast and carried on in ence through Powderyears to follow. puff and graduation.

Junior Ring Ceremony: Juniors are honored as upperclasswomen by celebrating Holy Mass and the blessing and presentation of their class rings.

I remember trying to get away with gray & white Nike saddleshoes (why? I have no idea). Sr. Hyacinth wouldn’t have I colored them in with black marker. I just Kathi Gudenau, Jodie Kulchyski, Jennifer Ries, & kept touching them up! Chris LoPortoare

- Kathi Gudenau Olechowski ‘90

Powderpuff: Seniors cement their unity by coming together as a team to play our rival, Marian High School, in one game of flag football. The tradition is a whole weekend of celebration from the rally that the entire school participates in to the big game and then Regina’s Homecoming.

Graduation: Seniors celebrate their accomplishments and class symbols at the Baccalaureate Mass. At Commencement, graduates receive a dozen red roses and join the other 8,000+ Saddlelites as Regina Alumnae.


Being able to say that I am a part of Regina’s alumnae is something I’m very proud of. I graduated almost 10 years ago & I still hold many moments from RHS, friends & even teachers very close, especially Mrs. Biondo. Certain people just remain in your heart forever. To this day, I still describe Mrs. Biondo as the single most influential teacher I’ve ever had. Her compassion, motivation, kindness Ashley at her Nursing School Graduation! & faith helped me through my most stressful high school days. I just graduated from nursing school last fall & owe a lot of my success, like passing my boards, to Mrs. Biondo’s unforgettable test prayer she taught me when I was just a freshman. I recited the prayer before every nursing exam & even taught it to the peers in my study groups. Regina helped shape me into the woman I am today. I wish I could go back & relive those 4 years over again, but since I can’t, I’ll just continue thanking God for His blessing me with quality, faith-filled education & memories that I know will last a lifetime.


I was in choral class & one of the nuns heard me sing & encouraged me to perform in Showboat in sophomore year. A student named Carol accompanied me on guitar as I sang "To Sir With Love". One of the seniors asked me to sing at her wedding a few years later, & Christine singing “There’s a Place for Us.” I've been singing ever since. We "Group K" gals often sang commercials we made up for Regina events over the PA in the office!

- Christine McCabe Kole ‘70

REGINA PLAYERS We did "Murder by Membership Only" as the play that year. It was put on entirely by Regina girls, no men (except for the director) needed. All parts from technical to sets to acting were girls. That was the first time I remember the point being so explicitly made, Janet Simmons ‘85 working on the set! we really can do it all (if given the chance).

- Karen Sullivan Wollenhaupt ‘83

- Ashley Peters ‘09

Feast of Saddle Shoes: St. Nicholas: An iconic part of the Every year students Regina uniform is the tie their saddle shoes saddle shoes. Saddlelites dress them up to the lockers on the eve of the Feast of with unique laces and St. Nicholas, the even write messages on patron saint of them, (but shhh, bechildren. They return cause that’s against to school with their dress code)! shoes full of treats.


I’ve been a part of Regina Athletics for 32 years, first a player & now as a coach. I think the legacy of our athletic program can be described in two words COMMITMENT & LOYALTY. I first learned about commitment as a player. I was coached by Ms. Laffey & Ms. Lekki & both were instrumental in my upbringing as a young woman & as an athlete. These two women have given commitment not only to Regina athletics but to Regina High school as a whole by showing what it means to be "all in" & committed to the upbringing & formation of generations of young girls. All these years they’ve been here teaching & coaching is a testament to their loyalty to Regina. Now as a coach, I’m able to relate to the commitment & loyalty I learned from them all those years ago. It was a great honor to be an athlete & represent Regina in athletic events but it’s a double honor now to coach young girls & teach them about the 100% COMMITMENT mentality I learned when I was an athlete here. I’m able to coach alongside two of the best women I know & can teach our new generations what I learned from them long ago. I truly believe the legacy of our athletic program is commitment & loyalty of those who run the program as well as our coaches who have been here numerous years through good times & rough ones, but because of the commitment & loyalty we have to our young women, we stay.

- Christie Burley-Lietzow ‘90

Eucharistic/Peer MinisTest Prayer: ters: Students take on this Anyone who has taken a important role as young, class with Mrs. Biondo Christian women who knows what to expect guide and mentor others in the day of an exam, and the Franciscan tradition. it starts with, “Now I lay Eucharistic Ministers me down to study, I distribute Communion pray the Lord I won’t go during school masses, and nutty…” Peer Ministers assist with retreats.

Showboat: Regina Players: Athletics: Whether it is a solo, The Drama Club historically While offering 16 varsity duet, piano piece, or produces a musical and a sports, our Saddlelites dance, it can be straight play every year. continue to be competitive seen in our annual Members have the opporin the Catholic League and talent show. Howtunity to learn about set MHSAA, especially our ever, the best act is design and construction, softball team. The Legendusually saved for props, costumes, make-up, ary Laffey has recorded over last… the teacher and of course, acting. 1,000 wins and 6 softball skit! state championships.

Alumnae stopped by our Alumnae Meet & Greet Tent before heading into the game for some cookies, pom poms and a photo opp!

Powderpuff & Homecoming Weekend

Our Annual Powderpuff Game vs. Marian resulted in a 7-0 victory! The game remained scoreless until the last three minutes of the game when Micah Carey ‘19 ran in for a touchdown. Riley Bobowski ‘19 added the extra point. We had a great turnout for alumnae who came onto the field at halftime for a photo and tunnel for our Grizzlies. While getting ready for the picture, the Class of 2018 led the group in singing “Regina Mundi.”

Alumnae Mass & Brunch

Reunions! Some reunions were also planned for the weekend, including the Class of ‘88 who celebrated their 30th reunion in Ferndale. Thank you to Heather DeWinter Snyder ‘88 for submitting the photos!

The Class of ‘68 celebrated their 50th reunion at Louis Chophouse on September 23rd. Over 60 classmates attended the event, including some who live abroad!

The weekend concluded on Sunday with the 12th Annual Alumnae Mass & Brunch at Regina. Fr. Marko Djonovic from Our Lady of the Rosary in Detroit celebrated mass with us. Our Kitchen Staff prepared a wonderful brunch following in the cafeteria. Alumnae and friends of Regina donated door prizes that 5 lucky winners took home as well. Mark your calendars for Powderpuff Weekend next year so you can join us!

THE SUCCESSFUL SADDLELITE Cassie DiLaura ‘11 In most cases, senior mock elections do not come true. You do not hear about one of your classmates actually winning the lottery or actually freeing the animals from the zoo. However, Cassie DiLaura ‘11 seems to be really living up to her classmates’ suggestion. After being voted as “Most Likely to Become Famous,” Cassie graduated from Regina & headed to Syracuse University to pursue a career in broadcast & digital journalism. And within just seven years of leaving Regina, she shared with us her already impressive resume & how Regina helped her get there. Q: WHEN DID YOU FIRST KNOW YOU WANTED TO GO INTO BROADCAST JOURNALISM? A: In 2008, I won a sweepstakes fr om MTV & they flew me out to LA to attend a party with the Kardashians (before they were "the Kardashians"). It was during that party on a rooftop over looking Hollywood that I knew I had to be a part of the magic somehow. At first, I wanted to go into Event Planning, which then turned into Public Relations. It wasn't until my Journalism class at Regina that I decided to pursue a career in news instead. Q: WHAT HAS SURPRISED YOU MOST ABOUT WORKING IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY? A: How small the enter tainment industr y is! Ever yone knows everyone. Whether in NYC, LA or anywhere in between, it's a pretty small business, which I why I am very adamant that maintaining a good relationship is key to succeeding in the industry. Networking is also crucial. You never know who you will meet & how that person could hold the key to your dream job! 10

Cassie at CelebTV where she worked as a host and producer in 2015.

Cassie during her internship at E! in June 2014.

Q: WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT POSITION? A: Right now, I am a co-host & producer for Entertainment Tonight's brand new livestream launching this fall called "ET Live". This is everything I have worked for since college & it's definitely a "pinch me" moment. It's pretty awesome to be a part of the team launching this stream, which is a historic moment “It wasn’t until for Entertainment Tonight as a my journalism whole. We are the first of any of the entertainment news outlets that class at Regina will have a 24/7 live show providthat I decided ing breaking news, exclusive interviews & much more in the digital to pursue a space. The company is looking at career in news our show to be the future of Entertainment Tonight. Again, "pinch instead.” me" moment. The goal is to eventually transition onto Entertainment Tonight's broadcast show, but who knows - in 5 years, our ratings for digital could be higher than broadcast! With the ever-changing landscape of how people consume news, you never know. After that? One of my long-term goals would be to have my own show similar to Kathie Lee & Hoda.

Q: WHAT ARE SOME OF THE LESSONS YOU HAVE LEARNED FROM YOUR DIFFERENT POSITIONS? A: To be well-rounded! In this industry, you need to be willing & capable of doing everything & anything. The more skills you have under your belt, the better chance you have to get the job & ultimately, to succeed. Most importantly, always be kind & treat everyone with respect. Q: DESCRIBE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE EXPERIENCES WHILE COVERING THE OLYMPICS, WORKING WITH ANN CURRY, AND INTERNING WITH E! NEWS. A: At the Olympics, I wor ked as a Pr oduction Associate with the NBCSN crew in Sochi, Russia. I was a Script PA, which meant I made sure the directors, producers, & talent had the rundowns & scripts prior to the beginning of our live broadcasts. If there were any changes during the broadcast, I re-printed scripts & ran them into the studio to talent & the control room to the directors & the rest of Cassie in Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Olympics where she served as a the crew. During my internship with NBC production associate for NBC. News, I was Ann Curry's sole intern, which is one of the highlights of my career. I did everything from get her coffee to sit in the edit bays with her to choose final shots for her projects. She is one of the most well-respected journalists in the business & to have been able to work for & with her was truly an honor. At E! News, I was a Production Intern who worked with the Producers to make sure they had all assets needed for the show. I searched the archives for celebrity interviews, transcribed interviews & helped organize new footage that came in on a daily basis. I also worked closely with Anchor & Managing Editor Giuliana Rancic as a Personal Assistant. More on that later... Q: WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FAVORITE RED CARPET EVENT TO COVER, AND WHY? A: I love to cover r ed car pet events with a cause! WE Day is one of those events. Some of the biggest & most influential celebrities gather to inspire young leaders to change the world & celebrate the ones already doing so. I also love covering any of the carpets that celebrate the country music industry such as the ACM Awards, CMT Awards, etc. I've interviewed many of the country artists at the beginning of their careers such as RaeLynn & Kelsea Ballerini so it's cool to be able to see them grow & be able to celebrate those successes with them. Cassie and Giuliana Rancic during her internship at E! News in 2013.


An interview with Kaley Cuoco in November 2015.

Cassie and Miley Cyrus after an interview in 2017.


(cont.) I actually ended up taking Giuliana upstair s to go say hello to Ann & us 3 ended up chit-chatting for a few minutes. Ann Curry, Giuliana Rancic & myself...just chitchatting. Pinch me. Giuliana & I kept in touch after that day & when I ended up interning at E! News in Los Angeles a later, she really took me un“Ann Curry, year der her wing. Growing up, I used Giuliana Rancic to watch Giuliana Rancic every on E! News. I admired her & myself...just night both professionally & personally. chit-chatting. After all, she is one of the most & well-known entertainPinch me.” respected ment journalists in the business who has held the same position at a major network for over a decade. If you would have told me 5 years ago that she would be my mentor & one of my friends, I would have laughed out loud. What you see with Giuliana on TV is what you get with her. She is down to earth, caring, funny & kind. Any time I have ever needed advice or someone to critique my reel for me or anything like that, she has always been there for me. When I got my job at ET, Giuliana was one of the first people I texted. She immediately called me to congratulate me & get all the details.

A: Kaley Cuoco & J ames Fr anco were my ver y fir st celebrity interviews at the Austin Film Festival. I will never forget the nerves I had leading into the interview & then the crazy amount of adrenaline after! One of my all time favorite interviews so far has been with Miley Cyrus. I was the first person to interview her when her single "Malibu" was released & it was a pretty cool moment to share with her. Q: THINKING ON THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE WORKED WITH OR INTERVIEWED, WHAT PERSON(S) WOULD YOU SAY YOU RESPECT THE MOST, AND WHY? A: A nn Curry, hands down. Her talent & passion for storytelling is incomparable. The way she covers humaninterest stories & world-changing events is captivating. She has also dealt with a lot of bad cards thrown her way in the industry & she has handled them with nothing but poise & grace. She is humble, kind-hearted & someone who I wish was my aunt! She spent a lot of one-on-one time with me during my internship teaching me & really pushing me to chase my dream of entertainment journalism. Secondly, Giuliana Rancic. I met Giuliana while I was Ann’s intern. Ann had actually recommended that I reach out to "her friend Giuliana" to chat about entertainment, but I thought she was crazy! How would I just "reach out" to Giuliana?! Well, as fate would have it, I met Giuliana one day at 30 Rock & the rest was history! An E! News producer introduced me & referred to me as Ann's intern. Giuliana loves Ann so she had a bit of a fan girl 12 moment. Meanwhile, I was fan-girling over her.

Q: WHAT POSITION WOULD YOU CONSIDER TO BE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT IN YOUR CAREER THUS FAR? A: Oh wow - that's a tough one to answer because each experience I've had so far has been a blessing & has helped get me to where I am. If I had to choose, I would say interning at the Olympics is one of my proudest achievements. I was 1 of 23 interns chosen from Syracuse University to be a part of NBC Olympics’ internship program & I was the only one out

Cassie interviewing John Stamos at an event in 2018.

Cassie and Giuliana Rancic at red carpet event in 2018.

(cont.) of the 23 who got to wor k dir ectly within the production. I worked alongside some of the best directors, producers & talent in the industry, which was such an incredible learning experience for me. Plus, it was the best opportunity for networking & developing lifelong friendships.


Q: WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? A: Well, I just finished a 3-month binge of the entire Grey’s Anatomy series, which took up a lot of my free time. Other than that, I love to travel, go to concerts, attend Sunday mass & relax at the beach here in sunny Los Angeles!

A: To always be r ooted in faith. After a year living in LA, a town that you can easily get 'lost' in, I was craving more in my life. I was missing something. I reconnected with God & ever since, my life has been more meaningful than ever & the blessings keep on flowing. Everything I have prayed for, God has given me, including my dream job! I attend mass every Sunday, no exceptions. Even when I am traveling, I build my schedule around Sunday mass.

Q: WHAT ARE YOUR FONDEST MEMORIES OF REGINA? A: The fr iendships I made over those 4 year s! I'm ver y lucky to have a core group of friends that I still communicate with on a daily basis. We have a group chat for texting & Snapchat, & whenever I am in town, we always get together. The friends I made at Regina are more than that those girls are my family. They have been with me through it all. They sent me off after grad“The friends I uation to go to school in New made at Regina York where they visited me & always embraced me with open are more than arms when I would come home to that — those visit. They have always sent words of encouragement & praygirls are my ers for every job audition & every big moment in my career. For family.” that, I am eternally grateful. After all, they voted me “Most Likely to be Famous” in high school, so I have to make them proud!

Q: WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO A CURRENT SADDLELITE INTERESTED IN GOING INTO BROADCAST JOURNALISM? A: If you have a dr eam, chase it. Don't let anyone (especially boys) or anything get in your way. If you have a passion for something & you really want to achieve it, you will do whatever it takes to make sure it happens. Even if you don't know how to get to where you need to be, trust the process. The puzzle pieces will all fall into place. Find a mentor. Trust God. Work hard... I mean really hard. Always wear a smile on your face. Stay in your own lane & don't be involved in drama. The truth will always prevail anyway. Be dedicated to always honing your skills. There's always something new to learn. Challenge yourself. Stay humble - no one is better than anyone. BE KIND. You CAN live your dreams - just look at me! I was in your (Saddle) shoes once... I've been there. 13 If you can dream it, you can do it!

Alumnae Updates


Jenell Nadolski Gaddie ‘09 participated in the 5k fundraiser back in January for our track & cross country coach, Gregg Golden, who is battling cancer. Students, faculty, staff, alumnae, family & friends of Regina gathered for the event & raised just over $20,000. The 5k’s route included stopping by Coach Gregg’s home where all participants were able to greet him.

The Class of ‘67 returned to Regina to celebrate their 50th reunion in the fall of 2017.


Senior Megan Erskine was joined by he mother, Maggie Mason Erskine ‘88, at her junior ring ceremony last October. The ring around Maggie’s neck belongs to her mom, Carol Santoni Mason ‘60, who was in the first graduating class at Regina! 1 Our music teacher, Eleonore Ellero-Groth ‘87, sang a duet with her daughter, Lillian Groth ‘21, at the Annual Freshmen Mother/ Daughter Mass and Breakfast in the fall.

Members of the Class of ‘74 gathered in September 2017 for a night of painting at Villa Restaurant, owned by Alumna, Loretta Palleschi Cognetto ‘74.

It was a family gathering at Lillian Kozak’s ‘19, junior ring ceremony. Jennifer Landry Kozak '88, Julie Landry Tanner '90, Mary Katherine Kozak '18, and Joanna Landry Collins '92, all showing off their class rings.



Regina Alumnae at the Alumnae Christmas Party at Leon & Lulu. (L to R) Michelle Ludeke Buckman ‘01, Emily Radatz Berschback ‘01, Colleen Freund Reaser ‘03, Molly Daudlin Manor ‘03, Melissa Ludeke ‘05, and Katie Daudlin Shubnell ‘01. 2 Alumna Jessica Beltran ‘06 came to visit our Independent Living class in February. She is a senior engineer at Fanuc America Corporation and spoke about the different projects she has worked on. She even visited our Robotics Team during a building session. 3

Alumnae Updates


Regina alumna, teacher and coach Rosie Wagner Michels ‘04 and her husband, Spencer, welcomed their first child, Julian Alfred Michels on January 28, 2018.


Regina runs in the family! Pictured at our Alumnae Mass and Brunch: Linda Sowell McInerney ‘72, Erin McInerney Page ‘02 and freshman Kaitlyn McInerney! 5 Samantha Asman ‘11 married Jakob Hunter, DLS ‘11, on March 10, 2018, at St. Thecla.

Barbara Makowski Kowalski ‘60 attended the NHS Induction in March to watch her granddaughter, Junior Olivia Ploucha, be inducted into the society.

Alumnae gathered in the Regina Chapel for the 11th Annual Alumnae Mass & Brunch in March of 2018. (top border and below) 4

Alumnae joined us in April to put on a career day for our students. Some of the alumnae who were present are pictured with Sr. Leanne: Rachel Malta ‘08, Amanda Priemer Minaudo ‘07, Julia Chateau ‘07, Sandy Saifyrd Ling ‘07, Lauren Berndt ‘08, Antonia Navarro ‘90, Sarah Hopkins Jones ‘03, Dina Zalewski Cammarata ‘03, and Danielle Fritz Curtis ‘08. 6


Becca Sabol ‘13 Inducted to the CHSL Hall of Fame

Becca Sabol ’13 was inducted to the Catholic League Hall of Fame in June 2018 honoring her for her athletic accolades at Madonna University. As a member of the women’s basketball team, Sabol finished her career leading Madonna in all-time defensive rebounds and a member of the 1,000-point club, finishing with 1,473. Sabol is also an AllConference pick and a 3-time All -American. Sabol will join 16 other Saddlelites in the Hall of Fame, including her sister, Hannah Sabol ‘09, who was inducted in 2013. To view a full list of Hall of Fame members, see the CHSL’s website:

Alumnae Updates


Night at the Emmys!


Maria Ruth’s ‘11 boyfriend of over four years, Dean Ritter, proposed on May 6th, 2018, in front of Joe Louis Arena. They are set to be married in August 2019. 7 Members of the Class of 1968 were invited to the Class of 2018’s Commencement Ceremony where they were honored for celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Fun Fact: Sr. Hyacinth was their class moderator! 8

Nicole Lagore ‘10 currently lives in Los Angeles. She works as a Comedy Development Assistant for ABC and an Entertainment Coordinator for NBC. She attended the Emmy Awards in September.



Jourdan Heythaler ‘09 and her longtime boyfriend, Patrick, got engaged in July 2018 at a weekend getaway in Grand Haven. 10 Caitlin Nahirniak '11 earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Doctor of Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University in May 2018. She is now a CVS pharmacist and has also been working at Comerica Park since 2012 as a crowd manager supervisor.

Leslie Lim Sobredilla ‘09 married her high school sweetheart, Caesar, in May 2018 (left), and a month later, Taylor McGillis Huggan ‘09 married Vince (right)! Leslie and Taylor were in each other’s weddings! Maria Corona ‘14 graduated from Michigan Tech this year earning a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. She was one of 40 graduates who earned their bachelor’s.

Melissa Raffoul Wensman ‘09, Teresa Smith Guastella ‘09, and Maria Raffoul ‘09 were in attendance for Taylor McGillis Huggan’s ‘09 wedding in July of 2018. 9

Alumnae Updates



A group from the Class of ‘78 celebrated their 40th reunion in East Tawas in August!

Get Involved!

Jackie Labut Stephenson ‘08 and husband Joe welcomed Frederick Joel on 8/8/2018!

2013 graduate Becca Sabol and her fiancé, Josh Fugate, got engaged in late August (above). After the proposal, the couple celebrated with her family, including her sisters, Rachel Sabol Tindall ‘04 and Hannah Sabol ‘09 (below).

All 2008 alums, Ashley Tu, Meghan Gregorich Elliot, Charlotte Helminiak Spicuzzi, and Karolina Biernacka Braun were bridesmaids in Sarah Vizachero’s (middle) wedding in August 2018. The photo was taken at the couple’s welcome night they had for guests the night before. 11 Sarah Gulino’s ‘08 boyfriend, Frank Sorise DLS ‘09, proposed at the DIA on August 10th, the same day they found out their offer on a house was accepted! 12


Please consider becoming a more active alumna and get involved with the Alumnae Association. All Regina graduates are considered members of the Alumnae Association and are encouraged to serve their fellow alumnae and school community by sharing their talents, ideas, and love for Regina High School! All are welcome to attend meetings to help plan future alumnae activities. For more information about serving on the board and meeting dates, contact Emily Frikken ‘09 at

2009 graduates, Elizabeth Pace, Megan Hurley Block, and Renee Cholyway, gathered to celebrate Linda Pio’s marriage to Maan Anayee Labor Day Weekend 2018. 13


Alumnae Updates




Taylor Houlihan ‘09 married Aaron Barr in early September 2018. Her maid of honor was alumna Maddie Wedyke Meirow ‘09 (pictured at the top of the page). 14

Save the Dates! Alumnae Night out at Kuhnhenn Brewing Co! 1/23/19


Alumnae Family Easter Egg Hunt 4/6/19


2009 graduates (left to right) Michelle Cody Cullings, Andrea Nash, Elizabeth LaRiviere, Annalisa Palazzolo, and Amanda Doyle, all MSU graduates, travelled to Arizona for the MSU vs. ASU football game. While there for the weekend, surrounded by friends, Andrea Nash’s boyfriend, Dominic Hense, proposed!

These alumnae get together to have dinner a couple times a year! In September, Betty Latter Paredes ‘85, Mary Hensler Keyte ‘85, Christine Kotek ‘85, Kim McLean Jacob ‘85, and Colleen McLean ’88 met in Sterling Heights to catch up. Diane Laffey even joined them! 15 Erin Giannotta ‘08 (left) at Lindsay Toman’s ‘05 (right) rehearsal dinner in September 2018. Both Erin and Lindsay played softball on the state championship teams at Regina and continued their careers at Albion College. 16

Alumnae Updates


Ashley Ratusznik Sarnowski ‘09 and her husband Troy, DLS ‘09, met in 8th grade. They started dating in October 2004, were married in October 2015, and are now expecting their first child in October 2018!


Chelsea Mills ‘09 married Nick Schesnuk, DLS ’09, in early October. Bridesmaids included Jenell Nadolski Gaddie ‘09 (left), Tina Runyan ‘09 (right), and not pictured: Katie Vought ‘09 and Sarah Abdilla ‘09.

Trisha Butz ‘11 and her fiancé Chad Ballard got engaged in the Spring of 2017 and are scheduled to be married in November 2018. Bridesmaids will include Regina Alumnae Chelsea DeLamielleure ‘11 and Trisha’s sister, Danielle Butz ‘07. At our Regina Rush event, we invited alumnae to talk about their Regina experiences! Lisa Znoy Beernaert ‘99, Shelby Bobowski ‘15, Rachel Berishaj Kassin ‘03, Maranda Ireland-Smith Sandoval ‘09, and our Alumnae Coordinator, Emily Frikken ‘09.


Share your news with us! Do you have exciting news to share for our next issue? Maybe a graduation, job change, engagement, marriage, or birth—we love staying connected and we want to share your news here! Email your updates and digital pictures for future publications to: Emily Frikken ‘09 Alumnae Coordinator

Eva Stephens ‘11 was proposed to by Gary Kent, U of D Alum, while vacationing in Ireland. Gary scheduled an engagement shoot on the Cliffs of Moher. Their wedding will take place on November 24th, 2018. 18 Andrea Shock Shain ‘09 and her husband Josh are expecting their first child in November. Andrea’s sister, Stephanie Shock Kwarcinski ‘06 threw them a baby shower on October 7th! 17

Ashley Mattei ‘10 and her fiancé Jared Edgerton are engaged to be married on August 3, 2019, in Gaylord, MI. 19


Back in the Saddles, 2017-2018



Principal Ann Diamond ‘94 celebrates with the 2018 Gators after a 21-14 victory over Marian.


Under the direction of Ms. Ellero ‘87, the Regina Players put on a production of Hairspray as their fall musical.

The Choral Ensemble travels throughout the Christmas season. Above is when they performed for members at the Detroit Athletic Club.


Student Council attended the “Leaders Light the Way” Michigan Student Leadership Conference in Grand Rapids. Kaitlyn Mack ‘20 was given the "Unsung Hero Award”, while the entire Student Council received the “Star School Award”.


A group of students travelled to Washington, D.C. this past January to participate in the pro-life March for Life.

INDEPENDENT LIVING One of the many things learned in Ms. Moon’s independent living class is how to change a tire.


At the end of the season, the team was ranked in the top third of all Michigan FIRST Robotics Competition teams, and among all Michigan rookie teams.


Eucharistic Ministers with Fr. Joseph Mallia after our Ash Wednesday mass.



In Mrs. Cody’s Intro to Clinical Medicine class, students had a tutorial on cast tool mark impressions.

Members of Regina’s graduating Class of 2018 celebrated their Commencement Ceremony at St. Isidore Parish in Macomb, MI.


A group including Regina staff, students, and parents visited France and Spain over Easter Break.

Athletic Updates


The Sideline Cheer Team had the chance to cheer on DLS at Ford Field for the Prep Bowl. The Pilots beat CC for the CHSL title!


Our Ice Hockey Team finished the season as D2 Runner-ups. The team beat BloomfieldBirmingham in the semi-finals, 4-2, but lost a close game to the Liggett for the title, 0-2.


Our Varsity Softball Team beat Mercy in the bottom of the 7th to win the CHSL Championship. The team made it all the way to the MHSAA State Semi-finals.


Our Bowling Team captured their fourth consecutive CHSL-East Division Championship.


Our Varsity Soccer Team had a great run this spring! They upset No. 3 Country Day to win Regionals and advanced to the MHSAA State Semi-finals.

Saddlelites Signing Day

Meghan Berlin—Softball Indiana Tech University

Melina Livingston—Softball Penn State University

Samantha Tiseo—Swim Alma College

Betsy Lueck—Soccer University of Toledo

Elizabeth Cavataio—Swim Albion College

Cecelia Muskovac—Soccer University of Detroit Mercy

Regina High School 13900 Masonic Blvd. Warren, MI 48088


8,000 ALUMNAE,













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The Reginite, Fall 2018  

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