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MARCH 2020


IN THIS ISSUE:  Manchester Cleaning Show 2020 SHOW GUIDE Your official guide to this year’s Manchester Cleaning Show – 25 and 26 March, Event City.

 Washroom Hygiene

Machines and products specifically designed to clean tight spaces in washrooms plus the role of the washroom in the modern world – at work and at play - are all in focus.

 CSSA Innovation Showcase 2020

A look ahead to this year’s Innovation Showcase hosted by the CSSA. Nine of the cleaning industry’s most exciting innovations have been selected from 31 submissions to go forward to the big event.

Simplification and recognisability are the two keywords at the root of this rebranding. A font with simple lines was used together with a yellow element – a lightning bolt – symbolising strength and speed, two qualities that reflect Lavorwash’s current objective: to become stronger and more innovative in the world of domestic and professional cleaning. The launch of this rebranding represents a further milestone in our growth and business development.

Discover the full range at www.lavorpro.co.uk


Lavor GB, Unit 18, Park Court, Sullivans Way, St.Helens WA9 5GZ Tel: 01744 738 079 Email: sales@lavorpro.co.uk Website: www.lavorpro.co.uk


WOMENS GROUP NETWORKING EVENT Supporting people in the cleaning sector.

26TH MARCH 2020 12-2PM ALL BAR ONE, THE TRAFFORD CENTRE. Come along to find out more about the organisation, our upcoming events, meet the committee members, and network with likeminded individuals.

Find out more by contacting Cecelia

Hubert at c.hubert@jangrohq.net


The Official Partner of the Cleaning Show

M A RC H 2 0 2 0

PLUS: • Industry news • People • Contracts • Products

Manchester Cleaning Show 2020 SHOW GUIDE Your official guide to this year’s Manchester Cleaning Show – 25 and 26 March, Event City. >>> page 31

Washroom Hygiene Machines and products specifically designed to clean tight spaces in washrooms plus the role of the washroom in the modern world – at work and at play - are all in focus. >>> page 20

CSSA Innovation Showcase 2020 A look ahead to this year’s Innovation Showcase hosted by the CSSA. Nine of the cleaning industry’s most exciting innovations have been selected from 31 submissions to go forward to the big event. >>> page 30



It’s Show Time

As I write this introduction the final touches are being put to what will no doubt be an outstanding Manchester Cleaning Show. Building on the success of the previous two events since its launch in 2016, this year’s show takes place at Event City, Manchester on 25 and 26 March. The full list of exhibitors is available on page 32 of this issue, with a description of what they will be showing commencing on page 38. Exhibiting companies have new products and real innovation on show – including many products and systems that have not been shown previously to the UK market. This event offers visitors a real opportunity to see new solutions, network with industry peers, and learn about the latest trends and challenges impacting the cleaning sector. The conference programme – which runs across both days of the show – builds on the success of previous programmes in both London and Manchester. The seminar is free to attend and will provide visitors with an invaluable insight into current challenges, opportunities and trends. A research report into attitudes towards cleanliness at work is on the agenda, as are topics including: single use plastics in the cleaning industry; advice on how to grow a business in a completive market; a look at emerging cyber threats and exposures; how salt and

water is creating a cleaning revolution; a cleaning contractor’s guide to workforce tech; the case for sustainable cleaning; advice on occupational skin disorders; the benefits of hiring your industrial cleaning equipment; how a good marketing strategy can help grow your business; and the importance of practical training and assessment. A full list of presentations and speakers can be found on page 34. Having missed the 2018 Manchester Cleaning Show owing to a clash with another event in the USA I am excited to see how the show has grown and developed. I have very high expectations and, from speaking with exhibitors and conference speakers alike, I know I won’t be disappointed. I look forward to seeing many of you there. Wishing you a happy, clean, tidy and healthy month ahead.

Neil Nixon, Editor Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine




MARCH 2020 5

Clean without chemicals using our microfibre systems Guaranteed performance, unrivalled hygiene standards and total spend savings. Reduce your total costs, how? • Speed up the cleaning process, increase productivity • Reducing water spend and usage • Reducing chemical spend and usage • Using quality durable and single use mopping and wiping systems • Clean hygienically - 99.99% bacteria removal achievable using only water Tel: 01706 759597 Email: vileda.professional.uk@fhp-ww.com www.vileda-professional.com/en-GB


20 Feature: Washroom Hygiene. Machines and products specifically designed to clean tight spaces in washrooms plus the role of the washroom in the modern world – at work and at play - are all in focus.

MARCH 2020

08 14

Industry News In the news this month… BCC ‘worried and concerned’ by proposed post-Brexit immigration rules, CHSA’s new advert spotlights accredited members, BCC works to reduce injuries in the cleaning sector, Development plans build on 45 year history, Ezitracker agrees strategic partnership with Broadstone, BICSc and BBS launch Clean2020.

People Personnel news and new appointments from across the cleaning and FM sectors.

17 28 30

Contracts We take a look at all the latest contracts awarded across the industry.


New Products An overview of some of the new products available on the market this month.


Face to Face Neil Nixon speaks with Jim Melvin, CEO at Exclusive Contract Services.

MANCHESTER CLEANING SHOW 2020 SHOW GUIDE. Your official guide to this year’s Manchester Cleaning Show – 25 and 26 March, Event City.

CSSA Innovation Showcase 2020 A look ahead to this year’s Innovation Showcase hosted by the CSSA. Nine of the cleaning industry’s most exciting innovations have been selected from 31 submissions to go forward to the big event.

05 Editor’s Comment

16 BICSc Comment

Looking back at the past month in the cleaning sector.

The invention of the vacuum cleaner.


18 BCC Comment How council cleaning services have coped with austerity. Pat Wherton, executive general secretary, ABCD, reports.

19 A job worth doing – a contractor’s blog. Lee Andrews reports.

MARCH 2020 7


BCC ‘worried and concerned’ by proposed post-Brexit immigration rules THE British Cleaning Council has said it is

will hit the environment, because of the role

‘very worried and concerned’ about the ‘huge’

of our colleagues in street-cleaning, waste and

possible impact of Government proposals to

recycling. Cleaning is also important to the

introduce an ‘Australian-style points-based’

success of many enterprises such as hotels

immigration system from 2021. The BCC fears

and restaurants. Cleaning businesses could

plans to restrict visas for lower-skilled, lower-

shrink or close because of this labour shortage.

paid overseas workers will cause serious labour

Because of the sheer size and the number of

shortages in the cleaning sector, which is one

people the sector employs, this in turn, will also

of the largest industries in the UK, worth £49.9

affect the UK economy and damage growth. We

billion and employing 914,000 people.

are calling on the Government to rethink their proposals and ensure the rules are loosened for

BCC research released last year showed

the cleaning sector, to let in the less qualified

that cleaning sector workers tend to have

workers we rely on.”

lower levels of qualifications, with migrants

If the new immigration system is approved by

making up 19% of the workforce and average

our industry by cutting off easy access to the

pay at £8.42 per hour. The research, which was

lower skilled, lower paid, overseas workers we

Parliament, after Brexit, overseas citizens would

conducted well before the immigration rule

rely on. With the lowest UK unemployment for

have to reach 70 points to be able to work in

changes were proposed, predicted that 93,000

years, there is no chance of UK-born workers

the UK. Speaking English and having the offer

new cleaning jobs would be created by 2024.

being able to take up the slack and fill the

of a skilled job with an ‘approved sponsor’

vacancies. This has serious implications across

would give them 50 points. More points would

the economy.

be awarded for qualifications and working in

Paul Thrupp, chairman of the BCC, (pictured) said: “We are very worried and concerned by the huge impact these proposals will have

“Health and safety will suffer through lower

a sector with shortages. Skilled workers would

on the cleaning sector, if they are introduced.

hygiene standards, because cleaners have a

generally need to be earning £25,600, though

The cleaning sector was expected to thrive

vital role in all sectors, including healthcare

this could be lowered for ‘specific shortage

over the next few years, creating thousands of

and all industries such as chemicals and


jobs. Instead, these proposals would strangle

manufacturing,” continued Paul Thrupp. “It


How does your company compare? THE cleanliness, maintenance and

independent assessment and recognition of the

management of washrooms is essential

standards achieved based on ‘the washroom

to enable customers and staff to satisfy a

standard’ for the UK.

basic human need. Customers will use the

Mike Bone, Loo of the Year Awards managing

facilities that they know meet their needs, and

director, said: “Companies and institutions of

importantly not visit places that don’t.

all sizes and in all market sectors throughout

CHSA’s new advert spotlights accredited members

the UK use their entries in the annual Loo of

FOCUSING attention on its work to maintain

and well maintained your washrooms are? How

the Year Awards as a proven, cost effective

standards in the industry, the Cleaning &

do you benchmark your achievements against

and independent annual assessment of

Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) new

your competitors? Does your company and its

their standards. We provide the assessment,

advert spotlights accreditation members.

cleaning staff receive recognition for a job well

recognition and promotion of their success in

Proving the strength and depth in the

done? Entering washrooms into the annual

washroom provision, cleaning and this vital

membership, the names of members of the

Loo of the Year Awards is a way of receiving an

element of facilities management. Leading

Accreditation Schemes for distributors and

cleaning and FM companies compete for a range

manufacturers of soft tissue, plastic refuse sacks

of national awards and UK/Ireland trophies

and industrial cotton mops form the Scheme

including the ultimate accolade - winning the

logo. The CHSA’s Accreditation Schemes ensure

overall Loo of the Year Awards Trophy.”

standards in the industry are maintained,

How does your company assess how clean

Entries are now being received for the 2020 Loo of the Year Awards. There are a range of national and overall awards and trophies for the

in the box’. Gaining accreditation is a challenging.

very best entries which will be presented at the

Applicants must successfully pass an inspection

awards presentation event to be held on Friday

carried out by the schemes’ independent

4 December.

auditor. He assesses the relevant products,


guaranteeing that ‘what’s on the box is what’s

Continued on Page 10. WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

dosing accuracy at your finger tips

With the EvoOne, Hydro Systems has developed an innovative and versatile push pump system for consistent accurate chemical dosing. Compact and adjustable with no requirement for a water line, EvoOne removes the risk of double dosing and allows for chemical exclusivity. The EvoOne has been specifically configured to allow for minimal maintenance and eliminate downtime. Lightweight, with a simplified design, the EvoOne is a subtle yet substantial addition to any environment.

for more details call +44 (0)1344 488880 or visit our website www.hydrosystemseurope.com

C&M INDUSTRY NEWS Continued from Page 8.

responsible approach to business, and more

confirming whether or not they conform to the

importantly, that product labelling provides full

standards set out for the relevant Accreditation

and accurate dimensions and quantities. “The CHSA stands up for standards,” said

Scheme. In the case of distributors, they must either supply CHSA accredited products or

Lorcan Mekitarian, chairman of the CHSA.

products proven to meet the same stipulated

“Our Accreditation Schemes provide the

standards that apply to product from the

guarantee buyers of cleaning and hygiene

relevant manufacturing scheme standard.

products need - you get what you pay for. Naming every scheme member in the

As of 1 January 2020, all distributor members

advert is the perfect way to highlight the

of the CHSA are now Accredited Distributors. Any that did not apply to join and successfully

CHSA logo. All members of the CHSA must also

members and spotlight their contribution to

pass the auditing process in 2019 are no longer

conform to the association’s rigorous code

maintaining standards.”

members of the CHSA and cannot use the

of practice, which demands an ethical and


BCC works to reduce injuries in the cleaning sector THE British Cleaning Council (BCC) is calling

advisor at the HSE and also chair of the Cleaning

for its members to share information on

Industry Liaison Forum, said: “Musculoskeletal

musculoskeletal disorders and injuries suffered

disorders are associated with many different

by cleaning sector colleagues in the workplace.

physical activities such as manual handling,

The BCC is working with the Health and

repetitive tasks, muscular fatigue, load lifting,

Safety Executive Cleaning Industry Liaison

neck extension, and awkward fixed postures.

Forum (CILF) to identify areas identified as

These are the kind of activities undertaken

problematic, with the aim of developing tailor-

by many in the cleaning sector, hence why

made solutions for cleaning sector businesses.

there is a slightly higher prevalence rate in

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is raising

the industry. The solutions will be different

awareness of the issue with employers as part

for different businesses. It is important that

of its ‘Go home healthy’ campaign.

employers understand what their particular workforce is doing so they can adopt the most

The HSE defines musculoskeletal disorders

effective approach. Introducing off-the-shelf

(MSDs) as ‘any injury, damage or disorder of the

manual handling training is well-intentioned

joints or other tissues in the upper and lower limbs or the back’. Data suggests three-quarters of all ill-health within the cleaning sector is MSD-related and the sector has a slightly

• Back injuries were the most common, closely followed by injuries to upper limbs. • Injuries were most likely to occur while moving

but might not be the right answer for that business. That’s why we are working across the industry, including with the BCC, to collect more

higher MSD prevalence rate compared to the

waste bags or emptying bins, making beds,

information so we can understand the problem.

all-industry average. Over a three-year period

carrying heavy items, moving linen cages, and

We want to spread the word that these injuries

between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2018, there

picking up cleaning materials.

are not inevitable but can be prevented.”

were 269 lifting and handling injuries reported affecting workers in the cleaning sector. The injury figures for the cleaning industry show that: • The majority of injuries sustained were

• The injured person was usually either pushing/ pulling or lifting something. • Most of the injuries were sustained simply through the act of moving something. Making a real difference begins with gleaning

Paul Thrupp, chairman of the BCC, said: “The BCC wants to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of colleagues working in the industry. It is in the interests of both employees and employers to reduce the number of these industries.”

musculoskeletal - ie sprains and dislocations

a deeper understanding of the wide variety of


- which account for more than two-thirds of

tasks completed by cleaners and any subsequent


all injuries.

issues. Tracy Hamilton, operational policy


Development plans build on 45 year history 45 years since it started supplying carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions and equipment,

new labelling and filling technology. Alan Tilley, managing director of Prochem

Scroll back to 1974 and the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry as we know

Prochem Europe remains one of the UK

Europe, said: “The extra lab space means

it was just getting off the ground. Prochem

market’s principal innovators. 2019 saw that

we can work on a growing number of new

founder, and Alan’s father, Ron Tilley spotted an

ethos manifest itself in the company’s new

formulations and increase our work on

opportunity and started providing courses on

research and development laboratory facilities

environmental and sustainable product

carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning in London.

at Chessington along with recent investment in


10 MARCH 2020

Continued on Page 12. WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

Gain vital insight into your supply chain with Alcumus SafeContractor

For companies that need to demonstrate compliance with increasingly stringent legislation, Alcumus SafeContractor, the UK’s leading health and safety accreditation, acts as a strategic technology partner to verify the compliance of your contractors and makes them available through an easy-to-use online portal.

REDUCE ADMIN Your contractors are verified for you, with SafeContractor requesting, checking and storing the information online for you to access via a dashboard.

SOURCE NEW SUPPLIERS Quickly find an approved contractor for a specific task from our 33,000 members.

DEMONSTRATE COMPLIANCE You can easily check and demonstrate all contractors have adequate insurance, health & safety and ethical backing.


by more than 400 leading organisations to help them become safer, healthier and stronger

0371 705 3187 Marketing@alcumusgroup.com safecontractor.com

C&M INDUSTRY NEWS Continued from Page 10. This swiftly led to sales of hot water extraction

fabric maintenance products and training. In 1978, Prochem introduced a new

being one of the largest commercial providers of training to the cleaning industry. In 2012,

equipment from the USA where the innovation

generation of engine-driven truck mounted

the company was granted a Royal Warrant

had started. The Steemeasy machine was one

carpet cleaning machines to the UK market and,

of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen

of the first to appear on the UK market and

by 1980, was manufacturing cleaning solutions

for the supply of carpet cleaning products. In

later that year the ‘Prochem’ brand name was

at premises in Kingston upon Thames.

2015, the company was accredited to British

trademarked by the company.

In 1994, the fast-expanding business

Standard EN ISO 14001: important to the

relocated to much larger premises in

business as well as reassuring for customers

and cleaning systems to suit the UK carpet

Chessington with capacity for expanding

to know they are procuring cleaning solutions

cleaning market, including the now widely-

manufacture, storage, laboratory, product

from a manufacturer with certified levels of

used concept of pre-spraying and acidic

development, and equipment sales and

environmental awareness.

rinsing. At the same time, the company

service. The new building also provided space

developed specialised training courses for the

for a dedicated two-storey training facility

continued focus on the values that resulted

new extraction process while advising cleaners

- thousands of trainees have subsequently

in the EN ISO 14001 award measure why we

how to improve on the traditional ‘shampoo’

attended Prochem courses there.

are successful: developing safe and effective

Prochem started to develop formulations

methods still being used. Ron’s enterprise

Today, Prochem Europe has grown into one

Alan Tilley concluded: “I do feel our

products for cleaning and maintenance for now

went from strength to strength to become one

of Britain’s foremost providers of specialist

and the future.”

of the most recognised names for carpet and

cleaning technology and solutions as well as


Ezitracker agrees strategic partnership with Broadstone WORKFORCE management technology

management sector!” Tom Pickersgill, co-founder and CEO,

solutions provider Ezitracker (part of HAS Technology Group) has partnered with

Broadstone said: “Our ‘labour-as-a-service’

Broadstone, a tech company that has built a

staffing platform allows job seekers to find

temporary staffing marketplace to deliver a

fair and flexible temporary work opportunities

contingent workforce into the FM sector.

with large corporates working in traditional,

Broadstone provides a flexible solution

regulated industries such as security, cleaning

through an app-based temporary ‘labour as

and catering. How companies find and engage their workforce is changing fast, with temporary

a service’ staffing solution within the security, FM and cleaning sectors. It allows workers to

shifts that cannot be filled by permanent staff

workers forming 20-30% of most large

find flexible temporary work opportunities

through to the Broadstone community. A pool

companies’ workforces within the next three

with large corporates operating in traditional,

of screened workers will be matched and then

to five years. We’re challenging the traditional

regulated industries.

scheduled into the Ezitracker platform, for the

method of temporary staffing much like fintech

first time providing transparency and control

companies are challenging traditional banking.

over a company’s temporary staff.

Ezitracker’s enviable client base in facilities

The Broadstone platform uses data and automation to solve complex tasks that large

Christian Berenger, managing director,

management allows us to provide a service to

day-to-day basis. Key tasks such as payroll

workforce management, at Ezitracker said:

those that potentially need it most, and forms

management, background checking and

“Broadstone’s app connects workers and

a key part of our strategy to deliver temporary

license checking, company-worker matching

employers, bringing them together to deliver

staffing in a better way.”

and performance management are automated

a truly agile workforce, based upon customer

for both companies and employees seeking

demand and available shifts. Jobs can be

workers to instantly draw-down on their pay to

permanent and temporary contracts. The

broadcast to a large community of available

provide increased control and flexibility to the

solution will integrate with Ezitracker’s

workers who can then apply for open

employee. Branded ‘EziAdvance’, this functionality

workforce management technology solution

positions that match their needs, availability

neatly feeds into the EziHub platform.

portfolio to allow customers to simply push

and skillsets - it’s the Uber for the facilities


traditional labour providers handle on a

Broadstone also offers a solution to enable

BICSc and BBS launch Clean2020 ON 23 April, BICSc and BBS will host a oneday conference to inspire cleaning industry

are affecting the cleaning industry and its people. This all-day event will take place at the

area of research is testing for bio burden, long term disinfection and decontamination. He is

professionals. Whether you are working at the

National Conference Centre in Birmingham,

regarded as a global expert in his specialist area

entry level, managing a cleaning operation

just off the M42. The conference speaker line-up

of work, undertaking research at the University

or you are a company director, BICSc offers

includes Dr Andrew Kemp PhD, head of the

of Lincoln and the University of Baltimore.

insightful knowledge around topical items that

BICSc Scientific Advisory Group. His specialist

12 MARCH 2020

Continues on next page. WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM




In addition to a programme

Alongside the conference,

of keynotes, there will be a Q&A

members of the BICSc technical

session with a panel of experts

team will bring the Cleaning

including Dr Sally Messenger,

Professional’s Skills Suite (CPSS) to

Dr Andrew Kemp and Denise

life through live demonstrations,

Hanson, head of technical

and get a first look at the new

services at BICSc. Delegates

CPSS app.

have the opportunity to submit

Tickets for Clean2020 are

topical questions in advance of

available online:

the event.


ABM UK bolsters support of Armed Forces community ABM UK has pledged its support of

and the Middle East, said: “The

the Armed Forces community by

Armed Forces community and its

becoming a signatory of the Armed

families are not only an important

Forces Covenant. The signature

part of our national and local

was witnessed at an event hosted

communities, whom we should

recently by the Commandant

be treating with fairness and

General Royal Auxiliary Air Force,

respect, but also a great asset to

Air Vice-Marshall Ranald Munro,

our national workforce. By signing

at the Tower of London. The

the Armed Forces Covenant we are

Covenant was signed by ABM

not only looking to acknowledge

UK’s directors on behalf of their

what they and their families have

respective divisions.

done in service to this country

There are more than two

but also to proactively support

million former members of the

these individuals who have key

Armed Services in the UK, which

transferable skills, experience and

equates to approximately 5% of

knowledge into roles at ABM UK

adult households. The Covenant

where they can be of huge value to

recognises that the nation has

our business and customers.”

a moral obligation to members

said: “We are delighted that ABM

families, and establishes how they

UK has pledged its commitment

should expect to be treated.

to supporting the Armed Forces of companies like ABM makes a

on the Career Transition Partnership

significant positive difference to

(CTP) website, the official provider of

the daily lives of those who have

Armed Forces resettlement.

served and those that continue to

director for ABM UK, Europe WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

Time saving

No buckets required

and their families. The support

will be advertising all job vacancies

Chris Townsend, senior HR


Air Vice-Marshall Ranald Munro

of the Armed Forces, and their

As part of its commitment, ABM UK


serve as Reserves.” WWW.ABM.CO.UK MARCH 2020 13



Numatic expands FM support team

ICMMA appoints new secretariat

facilities management Team.

side of the fence. He said:

Headed by general manager,

“I am extremely excited to

Simon Jones, the facilities

be working for such a great

THE ISSA has announced that additional expertise

management team provides

company and brand. The

has been sourced for the UK’s Industrial Cleaning

extensive, industry-specific

culture and enthusiasm I

Machine Manufacturers Association (ICMMA) in

support, expertise and advice

have experienced in such

order to progress objectives and create further

to the FM sector.

short space of time has

value. The ISSA will be working with Andrew

Bringing with him a wealth

been fantastic, there is a

Dunning, who will provide secretariat support from now on, succeeding Rob Shaw and Rachel Eastop.

of experience gained in the FM

real sense of excitement

ANDREW Baird has joined

world over 20 years, Baird has

with the direction Numatic is

Numatic International as

previously worked on both

moving in.”

International and has more than 20 years of

a central manager in the

the BSC and manufacturing


experience in the British cleaning industry. From

Dunning is a long-time employee of Numatic

the very beginning, Dunning has been a great

Facilicom confirms senior appointment

supporter of ICMMA, most recently serving as the ICMMA representative for the British Cleaning Council (BCC). Through his expertise, commitment

FACILICOM UK has appointed

Lucy to Facilicom. With

and integrity, Dunning has helped to build a solid

Lucy Lott as its new director

experience in both the FM and

foundation for ICMMA.

of sales and marketing. She

security markets, and a shared

joined the team in January,

passion for driving innovation

new responsibility with the same passion and

bringing with her over 20

and investing in people, she

dedication he has displayed in the past,” said

years in the cleaning and FM

is a perfect addition to our

Regina Henrich, ISSA´s European manager. “ISSA

industry, having previously

team. It is an exciting time for

is truly happy that Andrew has decided to join

held roles with ISS, Carlisle

Facilicom, as we gear up to

our team.”

and Carillion. She will be

grow into further sectors and

responsible for growing the

Lucy will play a key role in this

dynamics of Brexit, I am very much looking forward

next stage, developing key

to taking over the position of the ICMMA secretariat,

relationships with our existing

working with familiar and loyal members and

contract cleaning business in new sectors, as well as

Facilicom UK brand nationally. Jan-Hein Hemke, managing

“We are convinced that Andrew will tackle this

Andrew Dunning said: “Especially within the

overseeing marketing strategy,

director of Facilicom UK, said:

and new clients.”

inviting new ones to represent and integrate

raising the profile of the

“We are delighted to welcome


ICMMA’s members’ interests in collaboration with the wider cleaning industry.”

Airdri bolsters team with series of new appointments AIRDRI has added two new


ABM names new HR director

senior hires to bolster its

ABM UK has appointed Chris Townsend as senior

team. The firm, which last

director of HR for the UK, Europe, and the Middle

year marked 45-years in the

East. For the past 10 months he has worked in a

hand dryer industry, has

contractor role to support the UK HR team. In his

appointed Simon Green as

new role, he’ll refine the company’s HR strategy

head of value engineering,

for business units in the UK, Europe, and the

sourcing and quality, and

Middle East. Initial priorities are set to include

Luis Orozco as senior

driving greater alignment in the UK with a new

electronics engineer.

HR operating model in areas such as talent,

Airdri’s CEO, Tony Wall,

rewards and HR shared services, while leading

said: “I am thrilled to welcome

the company’s HR business partners.

Simon and Luis to the Airdri team. They are joining us at a very exciting time as

Chris Townsend said: “Having spent time Left to right: Tony Wall, Airdri CEO, Luis Orozco and Simon Green.

immersing myself in the ABM business this last year, I’m ready to develop and drive forward

we look to expand into new

for strong growth in 2020

deliver our vision for the next

plans which place the business at the very

markets and stay ahead of

and their appointments will

generation of cutting-edge

cutting edge of the industry in terms of talent,

the curve with new product

significantly bolster our team

washroom solutions.”

development and world class processes.”

development. We are poised

of experts, helping us to



14 MARCH 2020


The perfect answer Our huge range of cleaning solutions and equipment for carpets, upholstery and floors means there is a perfect answer to all your cleaning requirements. Choose from a range of small, easy-to-use yet powerful machines such as the Galaxy and Fivestar – ideal for hotel, leisure and institutional cleaning. Coupled with our effective solutions and industry recognised training we have the perfect answer – so get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

See us on

Stand B20

020 8974 1515







The invention of the vacuum cleaner THE vacuum cleaner invention is credited

pushed over the carpet, and the inventor trusted

to British engineer Hubert Cecil Booth.

to the reflection from the surface underneath

prone to allergies, and he was sure that his cough and asthma attacks were caused by the carpet sweeper he used

In 1901 he invented the powered

the carpet to drive the dust and air up into

at work. To alleviate this problem, he created a very basic

vacuum cleaner. It was powered

the box. I remarked that I could not see

suction sweeper. His device was just a box fan, a broom

by a combustion engine and had

how one could get the dust out effectively

handle, a tin soap box and pillowcase to collect dust. Despite

to be horse-drawn. The vacuum

in this way as much must be blown out

being primitive and hard to use, the device did actually work.

cleaner relied upon suction with the

sideways. Further, a cushion or seat

Spangler’s cough and asthma attacks lessened. Spangler

air pumped through a cloth filter.

where there was no back to reflect the

continued to refine his ‘suction sweeper’ and eventually

Booth’s machine took the form of a

air could not be cleaned.”

applied for a patent. On 2 June 1908, he received US Patent

large, petrol-driven unit, which was

After this, Booth set out to develop

Number 289,823 for a Carpet Sweeper and Cleaner.

parked outside the building to be cleaned with long hoses

a machine that worked by suction. To see how much dust

Spangler formed the Electric Suction Sweeper Company

being fed through the windows. Booth first demonstrated

he could remove by suction, the British engineer put his

and began producing his machine. Production time was

his vacuuming device in a restaurant that same year and

handkerchief to his mouth and sucked the air through

very slow though. With the help of his son and daughter, he

showed how well it could suck dirt. He nicknamed his

it - inspired by the results he set to work on his first design,

was able to produce just 2-3 suction sweepers a week. His

invention ‘Puffing Billy’.

the Puffing Billy.

cousin, Susan Hoover, owned one of these suction sweepers.

The vacuum was developed after Booth took note of a

Hubert Cecil Booth was one of the many brains that

demonstration of dust removal from carpets in 1901. Booth

contributed towards the vacuum cleaner’s invention. Many

is quoted as saying: “My attention was first directed to the

had valuable contributions in the years that led up to the

mechanical removal of dust from carpets in 1901 through a

invention, such as Daniel Hess who in 1860 patented a

continuing on improvements to the machine. In 1926,

demonstration of the American machine by its inventor at

vacuum sweeper which had a rotating brush and suction

Hoover produced the beater bar. Aided by strong suction,

the Empire Music Hall, where I attended by invitation of a

mechanism. Another notable contribution was Ives

the metal bar gently tapped the carpet to remove deeply

friend. The machine consisted of a box about a foot square

McGaffey, who invented the first hand-pumped vacuum. It

embedded dirt, as a bristle brush rapidly swept dirt up and

having a bag on the top and to which compressed air at

created suction with a hand-cranked, belt-driven fan.

out of the carpet. Hoover introduced many other firsts to

90lb pressure was supplied. The air was blown down into the carpet from two opposing directions while the box was

The first upright vacuum cleaner was invented by a janitor in Canton, Ohio. James Spangler was extremely

She was extremely impressed by the product and told her husband, WH ‘Boss’ Hoover, about the product. Hoover’s research and development team was

the vacuum, including the disposable bag. WWW.BICS.ORG.UK


CLEANING SHOW 25-26.03.20

16 MARCH 2020



Contract win at the Royal College of Anaesthetists CHURCHILL has recently secured

work with a company that has a

a two-year contract with the

demonstrated commitment to

Royal College of Anaesthetists

sustainability and environmental

(RCoA). The RCoA is the third

sensitivity. We are confident that

largest Medical Royal College by

the partnership with Churchill will

UK membership with a combined

help us achieve and even exceed

following of over 23,000 members.

our sustainability goals.”

The contract will comprise

Joe Saisi, operations director for

general and specialist cleaning

Churchill London and South East,

services, as well as washroom

added: “Churchill Cleaning is looking

and window cleaning across

forward to working in partnership

the college site, coincidentally

with the RCoA to support the

named Churchill House. It is

cleaning efforts on this iconic site. We

named so because Winston

are delighted that our sustainability

Churchill laid the foundation

and environmental efforts shone

stone for the building in 1956.

through at tender level, and we

Natasha Marshall, head of

are excited to implement these

facilities at the Royal College

strategies throughout the duration of

of Anaesthetists, said: “The

the contract.”

RCoA was particularly keen to



Keeping One Canada Square gleaming FOLLOWING a competitive tender Incentive QAS, the specialist cleaning arm of Incentive FM Group, has been awarded a landmark contract at One Canada Square by Canary Wharf Management. The three-year contract is worth around £4 million and joins Incentive QAS’s fast

Citra Clean Concentrate & Citra Clean Ready-to Use (Orange Squirt), created from the natural solvents present in the peel of citrus fruits.

growing portfolio of prestigious clients based in key cities around the UK. Under the terms of the deal Incentive QAS will be responsible

ensure that the 10,000 people who

for the cleaning of all common

work in the building, along with

areas, washrooms and lift

members of the general public

lobbies across all 50 floors of the

that have access to the ground

770 ft multi-tenanted building.

floor, foyer area and basement

This includes responsibility

levels can enjoy a clean and safe

for the lobby which is 36 feet

environment. This will include a

(11m) high and clad in 90,000

dedicated periodic team which

square feet (8000m2) of marble

will provide ongoing specialist

and has a restaurant and bar.

cleaning to specific areas. A highly

Other services include all waste

experienced manager will be onsite

segregation for the building

daily with regular support from

tenants plus secure shredding.

senior management and directors

A team of 40+ full time employees will operate 24/7 to

pH neutral cleaner & degreaser. Water based, biodegradable & quick splitting natural technology, for all your janitorial and industrial applications. Go Green... Go Orange T: +44 (0) 1444 244 000

E: sales@bio-productions.com W: www.bio-productions.com


WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM bio productions (ad 2_orange ad)_half page vertical.indd 1

02/01/2019 15:43


How council cleaning services have coped with austerity Pat Wherton, executive general secretary of the Association of Building Cleaning Direct Service Providers (ABCD), reports. IT’S well known that council budgets have been squeezed over the past decade, following the 2007/8 financial crash. What’s not so well known are the steps cleaning services have had to take to continue providing a service in an already aggressive market. The years of austerity forced council services - including council cleaning and waste teams to seek efficiencies and make savings while maintaining or improving standards, and the ABCD, as the member association for local authority cleaning managers and their suppliers, has been supporting them in these difficult times. One of the ways we’ve done this is to promote good practice by working with partners to sponsor high profile awards for individuals, teams and management systems. We then share these experiences with other members and encourage peer support through our network meetings and our website. Read on to learn about the steps taken by our most recent award winners at Telford and Wrekin Council. Telford and Wrekin Council’s Cleaning Services team has done more with less and, through creativity and innovation, successfully won new clients and boosted their revenues in the face of budget cuts and increased competition. The team has a turnover of £2.6 million and employs nearly 400 people. It is responsible for cleaning 140 sites including schools, leisure centers, civic buildings, football pavilions,

a theatre, libraries, nurseries, and office accommodation. It also runs a service assisting independent living for the elderly, called Help at Hand. Over 2018 and 2019, Telford and Wrekin Cleaning Services embraced new challenges, introducing new branding and new marketing to compete with the private sector and developing new services for customers. It increased the customer base for cleaning contracts and Help at Hand and provided internal savings on cleaning. Innovative measures included a new brand, Let’s Clean, accompanied by a new website and brochure. This enabled Telford and Wrekin to promote and market its cleaning services to new external customers, which resulted in the service securing eight new contracts, generating in £94,607 in additional income. Good environmental practice and sustainability are important parts of the brand. For example, employees are encouraged to save energy by switching lights and equipment off when not in use, which has helped the service win Green Achiever status. The service also reviewed its role cleaning the council’s buildings, making general office tidiness the responsibility of employee teams in order to make savings. The management structure was reviewed and mobile supervisors were introduced to replace supervisors on smaller sites. The service also took over responsibility

for school caretaking. It provides added value to schools by promoting good handwashing practice. Window cleaning was brought in house and is now on offer to outside customers, bringing in additional income and providing an internal saving. The service invested in two vans to improve efficiency and service to customers. Help at Hand has also been transformed and rebranded, to enable it to be promoted to increase client numbers. Altogether, the service has made over £120,000 in savings and the new business won has helped it provide a service that is recovering its cost. This impressive performance won Telford and Wrekin Cleaning Services our Award for Innovations in Dealing with Austerity Measures last year. Rotherham and Shropshire Councils were Highly Commended. The award recognises and promotes the innovative ways in which local authority cleaning departments have faced the challenges of austerity, rewarding the hard work and dedication involved in delivering much needed quality services to communities. Promoting and encouraging the sharing of best practice and enhancing the profile of public sector cleaning and associated services are key aims of the ABCD. For 2020, the ABCD is delighted to have sponsorship from the British Cleaning Council for our Initiatives Award, which we’ll give out in May. WWW.BRITISHCLEANINGCOUNCIL.ORG The ABCD is a member of the British Cleaning Council. The views of council members are their own.

The Professional Independent Registered Trade Association for

Window Cleaning Membership offers numerous quality benefits IOSH Accredited Safety Training Safety Accredited Member (SAM) Procurement Scheme Secure online store at: https://www.windowcleaning.org.uk/ Federation of Window Cleaners Tel: 0161 432 8754 - Email: info@f-w-c.co.uk – Web: www.f-w-c.co.uk

18 MARCH 2020



Is cleaning’s voice being heard in the immigration debate? Lee Andrews, CEO of DOC Cleaning, reports. HR magazines have been buzzing with the debate on the future of immigration controls post-Brexit. Their focus is on the salary threshold for middle-tohigher paid workers - the so-called skilled workers - and how companies in the UK will cope with recruiting foreign staff if the threshold is too high. Yet in cleaning, as in hospitality, social care, construction, and food production, the issue is about how we will recruit front line operatives from January 2021 onwards - only nine months

fee and be subject to criminal record checks’. Doesn’t sound too bad so far. As January unfolded, however, the media reported that the PM was under pressure to do away with this option from colleagues worried that the Government would not deliver on election promises of curbing immigration. In other quarters, the Mayor of London, the CBI and the British Chambers of Commerce seemed to understand the situation better and were calling for the salary threshold for migrants

away. As contractors in London and the South East know, cleaning is almost exclusively the preserve of foreign nationals, with fewer and fewer UK-born nationals viewing cleaning as a way to support themselves or their families. As a result, one of the main reasons for introducing a migrant salary threshold - that it stops employers depriving UK-nationals of jobs by ‘importing’ cheap labour - doesn’t really apply to our industry. In many parts of the country ‘home-grown’ Brits do not want to clean. So what do we know about the Government’s plans? In December 2018, a Government White Paper promised that, for a period potentially lasting until 2025, low-skilled staff would be able to come to the UK on a 12-month temporary work visa without a firm job offer and look for work. They would not be entitled to welfare benefits, but the Government’s idea was to ease employers in the low-skilled industries through the pain of losing their natural labour supply, whilst denying migrants the option of permanent residence. The Government was ‘committed to working with key sectors to help facilitate the change needed to reduce demand for low skilled migrant labour. The route would only be open to nationals of specified countries, for example low risk countries with which the UK negotiates migration commitments and mobility proposals. All applicants would pay a

to be reduced to c£20,100 which roughly equates to a full-time role paid at the Living Wage Foundation’s London rate of £10.75 and is well below the Migration Advisory Committee’s January proposal of £25,600. However, the irony of even this improved offer is that on the one hand there are limited full-time cleaning operative roles available in our industry, and on the other that no-one in their country of origin is going to be applying for a full-time cleaning role, go through a selection process and accept the role, then be able to wait a few weeks or months before their long-term visa comes through. The marketplace for cleaning staff doesn’t work like that. On the more positive side, it has been reported that 80% of EU workers in the UK have already applied for settled status - the deadline is June next year - raising the prospect that the existing labour pool may remain substantially intact, although it is not known whether the figure applies equally to skilled and low-skilled workers. Either way, it is an uncertain time for our industry. The Government is expected to issue further guidance on low-skilled migration later this month and, depending on what that is, employers will then have a short period to prepare for the new status quo. I know that our industry is trying to influence Government on the issue and it is to be hoped that our voice is listened to and not ignored. WWW.DOCCLEANING.CO.UK


Biological Stain & Odour Eradicator

for life’s little accidents

Micro Clean Biological Stain & Odour Eradicator Suitable for carpets, upholstery, fabrics & artificial grass Degrades all organic soiling including urine stains & odour Prevents odours & blockages in sinks, baths & showers Effective in drains & kitchen waste units Eradication of mould from flood damaged properties



Suitable for carpets, upholstery, fabrics & artificial grass Degrades all organic soiling including urine stains & odour Prevents odours & blockages in sinks, baths & showers Effective in drains & kitchen waste units Eradication of mould from flood damaged properties T: +44 (0) 1444 244 000 E: sales@bio-productions.com W: www.bio-productions.com

MARCH 2020 19



A vision to change the way the world cleans Paul Twiss, marketing director at InnuScience, reports. ALBERT Einstein once said: ‘We cannot solve a problem by using the same approach

amount of cleaning ingredients used. Today, more than ever before, we need to

that we used to create it.’ Driven by our

accelerate the application of truly sustainable

vision to change the way the world cleans,

cleaning products to all countries of the world

by harnessing the power that nature offers

and across all sectors of industry. InnuScience

us to replace harmful chemicals, eliminate

has made an important contribution, but many

waste and deliver truly sustainable cleaning

environmental and health challenges remain.

solutions we have, over a sustained period

We are all familiar with the concept of green

outstanding cleaning performance. These

of nearly 30 years, carefully applied the core

cleaning products that may have a lower and

high dilution rates lead to high-performance

principles of sustainability, innovation and

less harmful environmental impact than that

cleaning solutions that have a very low cost per

scientific robustness in the development of a

of traditional cleaning products. Our vision for

litre in their applicative usage.

range of world-class products with worldwide

eco-responsible cleaning products uses a much

applications across many industries.

broader concept integrating environmental,

with additional resources and renewed focus

From our now well established base and

In 2000 InnuScience patented the first

societal and economic parameters. Our view is

on the scale of our mission across the world,

biotechnological neutral pH degreaser for

that a truly sustainable solution must integrate

InnuScience is now ready to make a step

kitchen floors. This diluted degreasing solution

these three main elements that define the

change impact across the world in our aim to

contained less than 0.05% active ingredient

concept of sustainable development. Thus,

become the leading advocate in the global

and degreased a kitchen floor more efficiently

beyond the environmental impact, the health

recognition of biotechnology and sustainable

than any traditional alkaline degreaser that

and well-being of cleaning staff as well as

green solutions across the cleaning industry.

would have contained 25 times the amount of

the cost of use must be considered when

This can be achieved by making biotechnology

active ingredients. The effective concentration

developing new cleaning technologies.

a part of everybody’s daily life through

of the product, and many others like it, is the

InnuScience’s bacterial cultures and

superior, sustainable products - delivered in environmentally responsible ways.

first and most effective eco-friendly cleaning

enzymatic extracts are highly effective even

approach. These high concentration rates make

at very low concentrations and considering

it possible, among other things, to reduce the

their residual and prolonged cleansing action,

biotechnology and associated green cleaning

transport and use of plastic. Its high efficiency

biotechnological cleaning products can be

products ‘from niche to norm’.

allows for very high dilution rates – reducing the

diluted at very high rates while providing


Put simply, our aim is to move the market for

The role of the workplace washroom Should the washrooms at work be a functional space for a quick comfort break, or a welcoming haven where staff can take time out during a difficult day? Stuart Hands from Tork manufacturer Essity examines the role of the workplace washroom. A new toilet with an ‘inconveniently sloping’

carried out in 2018 revealed that the average

an increase in staff numbers. And this was one

seat was announced in December as a

employee spends nearly 14 minutes a day in

of the reasons given for the need to ‘escape’.

potential deterrent for people inclined to

the washroom. It also uncovered the fact that a

It is clear that the working environment is

linger in the washrooms at work. Developed

third of employees regard the toilets as a haven

undergoing a dramatic shift. More than 60% of

by start-up StandardToilet, it increases the

away from their desk. But why do they need

respondents questioned in a recent Essity study

strain on the legs and makes washroom

such a refuge? And is making the washrooms

said their own offices had been redesigned at

usage less comfortable.

less comfortable a logical response?

least once during the previous three years either to

Curtailing employee bathroom breaks

The 2018 study of 2000 office workers

accommodate changing needs or to cut costs. But

could dramatically improve productivity in

revealed that 40% of respondents claimed to be

a workspace should not only maximise profits - it

the workplace according to StandardToilet.

experiencing cramped working conditions and

should also create an inviting environment for staff.

And the company might be right: a study

minimal privacy following an office redesign or

Continued on next page.

20 MARCH 2020



An attractive workplace will

or never used the office toilets,

attract top talent and encourage

with this figure rising to 56% when

teamwork, which is particularly

the facilities were perceived to be

important in today’s digital world

unclean. Avoiding the washrooms

where an increasing number of

can have a number of bad

employees opt to work from home.

outcomes including discomfort, a

Remote working is both convenient

lack of concentration and health

and flexible, but when carried

issues. And employees who shun

out too regularly it could make

the office washrooms are also more

operatives feel isolated and make

likely to elect to work from home.

it harder for them to work with colleagues as a team. This was one of the issues

In fact, six out of 10 of our respondents said they believed working remotely to be good for their

highlighted in the recent Tork Office

health, with more than 50% adding

Trends Report which polled the

that they often worried about being

opinions of 8000 office workers

infected by an unwell colleague.

worldwide. Many companies are

An office washroom is not simply

striving to encourage staff back into

a toilet - it is a place where staff

the office by providing operatives

can freshen up before that all-

with enhanced facilities. 45% of

important meeting and a tranquil

employees questioned for the Tork

space where they can recover

Office Trends Report said their

from a difficult interaction with

workplace was now equipped with

the boss. And it is also a showcase

a café while almost a quarter had

for visitors and customers who

a gym. And more than a third said

will judge the entire organisation

their office was a good place for

by the level of care demonstrated

socialising with co-workers after

in every part of the building. So

hours. So if employers are striving

the workplace washroom should

to create an attractive environment

create an impression of cleanliness

for staff, it makes no sense for them

and hygiene, while also being an

to provide washrooms that are

attractive place for a comfort break.

uncomfortable or unacceptable in

and some form of seating will

fact that workplace washrooms

impress the visitor and provide a

are often found to be wanting,

welcoming space for staff members.

according to our research.

The provision of extras such as

40% of employees in the Tork

tissues, fresh flowers and hand

study said the washrooms at work

creams will also be appreciated.

were often inadequately cleaned

Smart, attractive dispensers will

or frequently ran out of soap and

demonstrate a high level of care




Highly absorbent

Use wet or damp


Colour coded

A pleasant décor with soft lighting

any other way. However, it is a sad

paper. And 12% said they rarely


Continued on Page 22. MARCH 2020 21



Increase your washroom cleaning coverage WASHROOMS are notoriously tricky to clean.

blades. There are a wide range of pads and

The demand on the facility itself combined

brushes available to suit any floor type. The

with the confined areas they are usually built in

scrubbing width of the Force is 7.5 inch or 19 cm

add more pressure to the cleaner’s role. There

and the brush produces 400rpm. Another benefit

is always that part of the floor, no matter how

of the Force is that it is lightweight at just 3.2kg

hard you try, that is difficult to reach…

and comes with an eight-meter hose length. This allows the user to leave the scrubber dryer

The MotorScrubber Force can be attached to any of Astley Hire’s range of Nilfisk scrubber

outside of the cubical while operating the Force

dryers and is proving to be a popular solution for

in and around the toilet area.

cleaning washroom floors. Astley Hire customers

The Motorscrubber Force doesn’t stop at

are consistently reporting positive feedback after

the floor. It also makes easy work of cleaning

using the MotorScrubber Force combined with a

any wall area required up to a meter above the

scrubber dryer to clean 100% of their washroom

cleaner’s own height.

floors. The scrubber dryer is used to clean the

Ian Betts, cleaning division manager at

main areas of the washroom floor whilst the

Astley Hire, said: “Our clients simply love the

Force attachment is then used for the hard to

Motorscrubber Force. We have been able

reach, smaller areas as and when needed.

to fit this across a selection of our scrubber dryers with both pedestrian models and ride

The Force uses the solution tank from the

on models available. It is very rare now that

scrubber dryer to provide both water and chemical to its jets. The floor is simply sprayed

taken into the recovery tank. The head of the

a scrubber dryer goes out on contract hire

and then scrubbed with any excess water

MotorScrubber Force houses the scrubbing pad/

without the Motorscrubber Force attached.”

being sucked up by the scrubber dryer and

brush which is surrounded by two squeegee


dispensers might be missed for several hours at a time. High-capacity dispensers that control consumption will minimise the risk of paper or soap running out. The Tork Foam Soap Dispenser cartridge contains 2500 shots of soap to ensure a long-lasting supply, while the Tork PeakServe unit holds a sufficient number of towels to cater for more than 1000 washroom visitors - 600 more than most other dispensers. The Tork SmartOne toilet paper system Continued from Page 21.

also reduces the risk of run-outs between

smartphone or tablet. The software allows

maintenance checks because the dispenser is

them to target those toilets where their services

on the part of the employer. The Tork Image

designed to give out only one sheet of paper at

are needed most so that they can ensure the

Design Line of dispensers, for example,

a time, cutting consumption by up to 40%.

washrooms are kept clean and well stocked at

combines brushed stainless steel with a

All Tork dispensers have a smart

all times. In an age where companies are doing

black trim to create an upmarket effect and a

appearance, are easy to clean and give out

cohesive and co-ordinated look.

only one paper towel or shot of soap at a time.

their utmost to attract high-calibre staff and

This helps to control cross-contamination

build teams that enjoy working together at

staff concerning office washrooms include bad

and avoid the spread of illness at work, while

a communal site, it is more important than

smells and a shortage of toilet paper or soap.

also providing a reassuring impression of

ever to provide facilities that will ensure the

A good air freshening system will alleviate the

cleanliness and hygiene.

wellbeing of employees. The office washroom

According to our study, pet hates among

issue of bad smells while the cleaning staff

In a large, busy office block where the

should mirror the rest of the facilities and

will aim to keep the soap and paper supply

cleaning staff need to cover a high number of

provide an inviting and pleasant environment

replenished. However, many workplace

washrooms, a system such as Tork EasyCube

where staff will feel comfortable, valued and

washrooms are serviced infrequently - often

works well because it enables cleaners to

safe from infections and viruses.

only once a day - which means that empty

monitor the washrooms remotely via a


22 MARCH 2020




Reducing plastic in the washroom WHILE facilities managers need to focus

really is no planet B! And that’s why, despite

a reduction in hygiene standards,” continued

on cleaning, maintenance and hygiene,

being the most fragrant on the market, the

Wintle. “That’s why P-Wave has delivered

there is an increasing emphasis on

Slant6 has the lowest plastic content of any

a new angle on splash prevention coupled

improving the washroom’s environmental

premium competing urinal mat. And while

with a major step forward in terms of urinal

sustainability footprint.

the product is designed with waste recycling

deodorising technology with the launch of its

in mind, it also includes an additive that

new Slant6 urinal screen. As innovators in the

the Slant6 urinal screen can make a

ensures faster biodegradation, should it find

air freshening industry, P-Wave has continually

valuable contribution,” said P-Wave’s sales

its way to landfill.”

raised the bar in terms of urinal screen

“When it comes to waste management,

and marketing manager, Mark Wintle.

Slant6 is fully recyclable but also includes

technology. Our new 5th generation Slant6

“At P-Wave we’re passionate about the

EcoPure, an organic additive that accelerates

screen is another massive step forward, and

environment and recognise that we have

the biodegradation of traditional plastic

its unique angled bristle design keeps walls,

a social responsibility to introduce eco-

products when placed in a biologically active

floors and trousers dry.”

friendly products to the marketplace. There

landfill environment. EcoPure manufacturer,


US-based Bio-Tec Environmental LLC, claims that according to D5511 test results, EcoPure significantly accelerates the biodegradation process, resulting in safely degraded plastics in a fraction of the time. Slant6 also reduces the amount of water, chemicals and time taken to clean in and around urinals by significantly eliminating ‘splash’. “Randomly splashed urine causes a headache for cleaners plus a bad smell and





MARCH 2020 23



Improving hand hygiene compliance MOST people understand the link between

One reason people might not wash their

hand hygiene and the spread of infections. We

hands is that the washroom’s dispensers are

all learn from an early age to wash our hands

not working. The IntelliCare system reduces this

at specific times, especially before eating and

risk by switching from its automatic touchless

after going to the toilet. For many, this is not

mode to manual operation when the batteries

just about their own personal hygiene but

lose their power. That means dispensers can

respecting and protecting other people. It can

still be used until washroom staff have a chance

be a surprise, then, when we learn from surveys

to replace the batteries.

that many people still do not wash their hands

Another reason that people cannot

when they should. Apparently, fewer than

wash their hands is if the product runs out.

four in 10 of us wash our hands before eating

IntelliCare reduces this risk by utilising larger

and only around half of men and two thirds of

pouches sizes, each containing more standard

as healthcare where the correct amount of

women wash their hands after using the toilet.

doses than comparable industry-standard

product is important, while the lower dose can

Washroom operators should try to maximise

sized packs. That means each pouch lasts

be used in public washrooms where, regardless

product availability and make hand hygiene

longer before it must be replaced. With fewer

of the dose size, people tend to over-use

simple and convenient, removing two of the

replacements needed in any given period there

soap. This helps optimise hand hygiene while

main excuses not to do it. These are key aims of

is less risk of an empty pack being missed by

managing budgets better, reducing waste and

Diversey’s IntelliCare hand hygiene system.

washroom staff. IntelliCare reduces this risk

being more sustainable.

even further by making it easy for staff to carry

The IntelliCare system incorporates

out visual checks of product levels. The design

globally-trusted hand care formulations in

ensures users can see product levels without

Diversey’s Soft Care and SURE ranges. These

opening the dispenser. The dispensers have

comprise a complete set of colour-coded soaps,

built-in alerts for when levels are getting low.

sanitisers and creams meeting a wide range of

All these features help staff to replace pouches

international infection prevention standards.

just before they are empty, ensuring product

Standardised pouches for all products enable

availability is maintained.

total flexibility to choose the right formulation.

The IntelliCare dispenser supports versatility

The tamper-proof design utilises less plastics

and flexibility by allowing the operator to

per millilitre of product than alternatives. All

choose between two measured doses. The

materials are fully-recyclable.

higher dose is important in settings such


Minimising health risks in washrooms WITH recent outbreaks of norovirus causing

of infection prevention. For example, the NHS

the UK economy lost £4.2 billion in 2013 due to

countless closures of hospital beds and schools

reports that norovirus can survive outside the

poor hygiene-related sick leave. The WHO states

across the country, the spotlight is on hand

body for several days. Washing hands with soap

that 80% of germs are spread through personal

hygiene and its role in minimising the spread of

and water is one of the simplest and easiest

contact or by touching contaminated surfaces,

infection. The risk of illness is heightened during

ways for users to protect themselves and others

and in office environments, for example, if hand

the winter months meaning facility managers and

from a range of illnesses.

hygiene is not promoted infection can quickly

cleaning professionals have an important role to

The importance of good hand hygiene and

manifest in wider absenteeism and associated loss of productivity.

play in encouraging hand hygiene compliance

thorough handwashing practice cannot be

and minimising outbreaks amongst users.

underestimated when it comes to infection

A recent survey by the Royal Society for

prevention across the general population in

Public Health also found that although the

and virus transfer, either via person-to-person

places such as offices and schools in particular,

importance of hand hygiene is generally well

contact or by touching everyday surfaces, and

as well as public spaces. According to the

understood by the public, there is some

thus hand hygiene is one of the best methods

Centre for Economic and Business Research,

Hands are the main vehicle for bacteria

24 MARCH 2020

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confusion over the relationship between germs


Sealed cartridge soap dispensers will bring

It is within facilities themselves however

and hygiene, and the times and situations

where hand hygiene compliance can be

maximum hygiene, with a measured dose

where hand washing is most vital.

most effectively targeted. Clean, easy-to-use

of fresh product dispensed each time. The

dispensers encourage hand hygiene compliance.

maintenance of washrooms has a significant

contribute to low hand hygiene compliance

Facility managers should also look at the types

impact on hand hygiene, and with a more

levels in general washrooms. An understanding

of dispensers installed; hygiene compliance can

readily replaceable cartridge, this is made

of the difference between washroom types

soon become irrelevant if the washroom itself is

easier and simpler for cleaning professionals.

is vital, as is awareness amongst users. In

unhygienic as this discourages use of the hand

With cleaner and pleasant-to-use soap

offices, for example, it is critical to bring

washing facilities. Bulk-filled, open soap systems

dispensers, users are far more likely to wash

a raised awareness of hand hygiene and

are most commonly seen in washrooms, but

hands thoroughly.

the potential associated risks to truly drive

in reality, they can present a serious hygiene

compliance. Resources such as posters and

problem. Airborne germs and bacteria can enter

two-pronged approach should be adopted in

signs can help encourage this, as can training

the soap reservoir, risking contamination - these

facilities when it comes to encouraging hand

and tailored skin care plans. One of the most

dispensers are also often inadequately cleaned

hygiene compliance. With better education

important factors is quality product provision

or refilled. According to a study by Chattman,

around compliance and the risks, along with

and its presentation. Products which are easy

Maxwell and Gerba, a huge 25% of refillable bulk

the provision of well presented, hygienic,

and pleasant to use and care for the skin

soap dispensers are contaminated with unsafe

effective facilities and products, handwashing

communicate freshness and cleanliness to the

levels of bacteria and can actually leave the

and thus infection prevention can be more

user, thus encouraging higher levels of hand

hands with a shocking 25 times more bacteria

easily and successfully implemented.

hygiene compliance.

after washing.


There are a wide range of factors that

Especially vital during the winter months, a

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MARCH 2020 25



Keeping employees happy and customers coming back REGARDLESS of the industry you operate

benefit from. Favoured by those operating

within, maintaining the cleanliness and

within hospitality, healthcare, fitness, and

hygiene of your washroom is imperative.

restaurants, the employment of a steam

With 86% of customers stating that

cleaner not only leaves surfaces looking

they would not return to a business if the

cleaner, but also ensure that areas prone

washrooms were not of a high cleaning

to higher levels of germs - including taps,

standard and 16.5% of employees unhappy

mirrors, sinks and even windows - are

at work as a result of washroom hygiene

sanitised and disinfected. Furthermore,

levels, now is the time to improve your

steam cleaners can tackle hard-to-reach

washroom cleaning efforts. With a fleet of

areas and remove stubborn limescale

industrial cleaning equipment available on

without the need to use cleaning agents. Clean Sweep Hire understands that

various hire contracts, Clean Sweep Hire’s

purchasing industrial cleaning equipment

equipment can cater for a wealth of surfaces.

may seem daunting due to the costs often

Most commonly used in washrooms, steam cleaners and scrubber dryers are

associated with machinery. As a result, a

Clean Sweep Hire’s recommended machines.

range of hire contracts have been developed,

Easy to use and move from one location

making it less costly and easier to ensure

to another due to their compact build,

that your washroom stays in tip top

each of the machines offers a variety of

condition and exceeds hygiene standards.

benefits that businesses in all industries can


Washroom innovation at Manchester Cleaning Show Clarity and Co’s Andy Zneimer reports. SOCIAL enterprise Clarity & Co and global

products will carry joint branding, consolidating

biotechnology leader, InnuScience, have

and building on brand recognition and the

growth at Clarity & Co said: “We are very

announced their new range of co-branded,

unique propositions of both businesses.

excited to bring our new range of products

Camilla Marcus-Dew, head of sustainable

anti-bacterial hand wash and hand sanitiser

to market via our relationship with industry

products for 2020. The new range comprises:

experts, InnuScience. InnuScience has been

an anti-bacterial foaming hand wash and

innovative in the use of advanced biotech

an anti-bacterial foaming hand sanitiser in

cleaning products for over 20 years and

500ml bottle, five litre refill, plus a one litre

has built a great reputation across diverse

cartridge wall dispenser and an 800ml pouch.

industry sectors. For our social enterprise,

The eight SKU range will be on display at

this means reaching a new client base with

the InnuScience stand at The Manchester

both our new back-of-house kitchen range

Cleaning Show (stand B15).

and exceptional front-of-house, eco-ethical

The joint venture will help boost the social

washroom brands - The Soap Co. and

enterprise’s mission to create employment for

Beco. Soap is our vehicle for change and

people with disabilities as InnuScience assists

every five litre container sold will create at

Clarity & Co secure a strong foothold in key

least half an hour of employment for people

industry sectors, with all profits going to this

with disabilities.”

great cause. The back-of-house hand care


26 MARCH 2020




All-in-one washroom product saves money and the environment CARDIFF based BioHygiene continues to

BioHygiene Washroom and

body fats and scale, cutting

develop a range of environmentally friendly

Floor Cleaner is available in

though greasy and soiled

products that use microbes and enzymes at

a five litre jerry can or one

surfaces rapidly. Additionally,

the core of their cleaning power. The latest

litre dosing bottle - both

a unique microbial blend

product, Biohygiene Washroom and Floor

of which are made using

gives the product the ability

Cleaner, utilises advanced biotechnology to

post-consumer resin (PCR).

to penetrate tiny pores

tackle all washroom areas, offering superior

PCR is an environmentally

and establish effective,

cleaning and odour control, using renewable

friendly packaging option

self-renewing biofilms

and sustainable ingredients. The Washroom

used in support of recycling

that conventional cleaning

and Floor Cleaner reduces costs, single use

programmes which reduces

products cannot reach.�

plastic - the equivalent of 20kg in single use

the impact on landfills.

bottles - and CO2 emissions. The microbes

James Patterson, managing

Interestingly, the blend secretes enzymes that

in the product have the ability to penetrate

director of BioHygiene,

actually target the breakdown

porous surfaces, which eradicates bad odours

said: “When in action, an

of insoluble and unsightly

as opposed to just masking them. And, an

eco-surfactant and plant

uric scale, protein-based

invisible biofilm offers residual protection,

derived system provides wetting, penetrating

deposits, volatile fatty acids and ammonia -

whilst a neutral pH level means it is safe for use

and anti-redepositing action to effectively

providing odour control that is longer-lasting

on any washroom surface.

lift and clean non-organic matter from the

and more achievable than with traditional

washroom surface. The system works with

cleaning products.

a tailored enzyme pack which removes


A further highlight of the product is the choice of bottle that it comes in. The



MARCH 2020 27



Face to Face Neil Nixon speaks with Jim Melvin, CEO at The Exclusive Services Group. Exclusive Services Group historically had a

clearly a concern and a risk. It was vital that,

huge dependency on the retail sector, which

amongst other elements, we developed a

of course has had a significant downturn in

new strategy that: would encompass both

recent years. What have you done to turn

new and organic growth; enabled clarity in

the tide?

terms of infrastructure required; ensured that

We specifically had a dependency on a

the expertise required was in the hands of the

substantial, triple award- winning and

team or available to bring in; reviewed training

operationally successful contract that we held

and staff development needs and fulfilment

for 12 years. But the point you raise is true, so we

including succession planning; and reviewed

reviewed our systems and made some significant

the technology, supply chain and process

investments in technology, process and training.

investments required to succeed.

We effectively beefed up the business and our

The consequent `14-18’ strategy plan

expertise base across a number of disciplines

resulted in significant growth across the

and broached new markets. So, we’re very much

business and reduced sector dependency

in a positive place with good levels of retention in

by 40%. And that came through investment

the commercial, media and logistics sectors. To

in: HR, H&S and training infrastructure;

quote an old sports phrase, ‘form is temporary -

operational expertise; tactical acquisitions, such as Brayborne Facilities and Brayborne

class is permanent’. acquisition. By 2016, we had removed the

Specialist Services; training and development,

How have you changed the spread of

over-dependency I referred to and had begun

which included the opening of our own

business within Exclusive, ensuring that

to grow into other target market sectors.

Exclusive Training and Development Academy

you aren’t reliant on one customer or one

That year we acquired Brayborne Facilities

near Swindon and the introduction of a new

market sector?

Services and Brayborne Specialist Services, a

approach to training called the Exclusive Way;

Well, you’re right that we needed to spread the

highly successful business that I had known

and a review of supply chain, and up-scaled

risk and that’s been a focal point in strategy

for some time.

client engagement via technologies such as

terms for the board and management teams

It’s been a superb acquisition and given that

portals and apps.

for both our companies which equally field

it had always been extremely well-managed

We subsequently enjoyed an increase in

significant amounts of experience, market

with the same service ethos as Exclusive, it

new sector growth throughout 2019, retaining

intelligence and relationships introducing us to

was a perfect fit. That’s also demonstrated by

a significant number of contracts and closing

prospect clients that we knew we could assist.

the fact that, three years later, the retained

the year renewing further major accounts

In that regard, we can now evidence service

Brayborne team has virtually doubled the

that we’ve held for up to 20 years in some

relevance to a broad range of sectors. These

annual turnover.

cases. All of that comes through commitment to flexibility, consistently high service levels,

include retail, leisure, commercial, education,

The next change was infrastructure in a bid

industrial, pharmaceutical, managing agents,

to better reflect the status of the over-arching

understanding and caring about client culture,

local authority, and theatre groups with client

Exclusive Group. Therefore we became The

and motivating and rewarding staff (as we do

retention rates up to 15 years in duration. I’m

Exclusive Services Group Ltd taking in Exclusive

via our STAR Scheme).

particularly proud of our team’s versatility and

Contract Services, Brayborne Facilities and

breadth of experience because they are the

Brayborne Specialist Services brands. The

work and so I am also very conscious that if

enablers: our spread is now very healthy and it

approach and strategy was well received and

you have held contracts and retained them for

will continue to be so.

has been successful. I’m fortunate in that I work

a great number of years, it is more than just

Ultimately, our people make this business

with a small board of like-minded directors

the elements listed above. I firmly believe that

Since you joined the business in 2013, the

who have been fully involved and agreed with

it says a great deal about our team as they will

company has updated all elements of its

and supported the strategy both in terms of

have dealt with a number of changing clients

operation. Can you give examples of how

investment and a shared passion to succeed.

across that time and have therefore had the ability, desire and passion to firstly recognise,

technology and new systems have made Exclusive more efficient and effective?

You operate a 5-year development plan for

reflect, adapt, and succeed in continuing to

Back in early 2013 I put together a strategy

the business. What are the aims of working

build strong relationships. Desire and passion is

to adapt and change whilst retaining the

under this structure and what has been

often understated and you either have it or you

business relationships that we were proud of

achieved so far?

don’t - it’s that simple! The credit therefore goes

and pleased to continue. It initially involved

When I joined in 2013, almost 80% of the

to our teams who demonstrate that daily and

new growth, internal organic growth and

business sat with one major client. That was

we simply will not forget it.

28 MARCH 2020




You have an impressive staff retention record. How has your ‘Exclusive Way’ training programme helped to ensure that your staff are committed to your business and offer your customers a first-class service? We had the Apprenticeship Levy, in which cleaning did not, and still has not, got a recognised qualification. The Government process in relation to training and the Levy was essentially ‘use it or lose it’. We had interviewed a number of accredited training providers and concluded they couldn’t take us where we wanted to be plus the cost was prohibitive. So we made the decision to invest in our own team development and in the process: refurbished

Customers are increasingly looking for

to hear’ and driven by a private company

our Shrivenham office to become The Exclusive

‘green’ or carbon-neutral solutions across

that not only retains a very strong desire and

Learning and Development Centre; invested in a

their businesses. How can you help them

passion to succeed but a real and genuine

group training manager, tasked with a complete

realise that aim as a cleaning and support

enthusiasm to demonstrate it daily. I think it’s

overhaul and strategic review of requirements;

service business?

fair to say we’ve never been more confident

invested in a number of tools to increase

This is a primary function within the solutions

about the future.

both our delivery of practical and e-training

and continuous improvement roles. We have

across our contracts, arriving at the Exclusive

our 10 sustainability and environmental targets

Beyond the process of cleaning itself, how

Way training package with a sector-driven

in place which ensure new solutions bring

active a role does Exclusive play in the

video library which we produce ourselves;

efficiency in addition to being carbon neutral.

cleaning sector?

and reviewing our succession planning and

As I see it, there has to be an operational benefit

I do think if you’re part of an industry you

involving the assistance of an external coach.

which sits within added value benefits and/

should be ‘seen’ to be a part of it and do so

or cost. Our new processes will ensure that

with a bit of enthusiasm and desire. We’re

uncertainty of the effect on resource, we had

elements such as this are introduced via the

active members of The Worshipful Company

to ensure that we were planning for as many

SD process, trialled, reviewed, and there is a

of Environmental Cleaners and we sit on the

eventualities as possible and our approach

constant record of cost versus benefit across

boards of both the CSSA and represent the

to training was crucial. We wanted our area

the life of a contract.

industry association at the BCC.

better, quicker and more efficiently. Investment

Acknowledging that you are currently part

senior team take a full part in working groups,

in technology, training, external mentoring,

way through your 5-year plan, what will

notably in health and safety and training and

other significant development courses, and

Exclusive Services Group look like in 2023

with notable work completed recently by our

specialist elements such as Six Sigma training

and beyond?

HR director Lisa who’s been participating

has played a role in achieving this.

As we would do at the end of a strategic plan,

with colleagues in the NHS sector to get an

we’ve undergone a root-and-branch review

Apprenticeship Levy qualification agreed.

across the group with new processes and


In the face of Brexit and the constant

However, we also have members of our

managers to be able to complete their jobs

Succession planning has also been addressed with senior managers.

uniformity of approach making life easier and more efficient for operational staff. We’re gaining new clients within a number of different targeted markets and we’re looking across the markets in terms of acquisition. We will not lose the core principles of our founder and we will continue to have a clear service ethos that remains primary within our offering in terms of our culture and meets or exceeds the expectations of our client colleagues. We will continue to seek to retain our client base as we have done across the history of the company with blue chip clients having been with us for 12, 15 and even 20 years. However it will also be a business with an offering that the clients will know is flexible, reviewed through the processes within our business which are stated policy approaches and not simply ‘good WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

MARCH 2020 29



CSSA Innovation Showcase: finalists selected NINE of the cleaning industry’s most exciting innovations have been selected from 31 submissions to go forward to the Cleaning Support Services Association’s (CSSA) Innovation Showcase 2020 by a panel of industry experts. Each entrant had the opportunity to pitch its innovation to the panel. Taking place at the London Stadium on Thursday 19 March, the Innovation Showcase is the perfect opportunity to explore the ideas, initiatives and products likely to shape the future of the cleaning industry. A biennial event, it is backed by the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA), which is sponsoring the event. To book your ticket to the event, email CSSA chief executive, John Findlater: john@cssa-uk.co.uk.

The judges listen to presentations during the CSSA Innovation Showcase selection.

The industry experts on the panel were given the difficult task of evaluating the submissions. They examined the products, services and initiatives submitted by companies throughout the cleaning and hygiene supply chain and interviewed the teams behind them. The criteria for selection were simple: the product, service or initiative must have innovation at its heart; it must have been launched since the 1 January 2018 (ie, since the inaugural Innovation Showcase); and it must add value to the cleaning and hygiene industry. The innovations going forward to the Innovation Showcase are: • Cheeky Panda: Bamboo Tissue Range.

judged in terms of their impact and, in our

schemes guarantee that ‘what’s on the box is

• Essity: Tork EasyCube.

experience, even something small can have a

what’s in the box’.

• Infraspeak: NFC Technology.

very big impact.”

• iRecycle: Waste Management.

With a history of innovation, sponsoring the

Lorcan Mekitarian, chairman of the CHSA, said: “Our industry faces some tough and

• Jangro: Virtual Room Experience.

Innovation Showcase was a natural step for

complex challenges - from the urgent need for

• One Spray: Zoono Products Range.

the CHSA. Over 20 years ago the association

environmental sustainability to responding to

• Spotta: Smart Pest Control Systems.

transformed standards in the sector by creating

disrupters entering the market and the never-

• uComply: Employment Challenge.

the first of its Accreditation Schemes - the

ending pressure on margins. Being able to

• WhiffAway: Smart Washrooms.

Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme

adapt and evolve is necessary if we’re going to

for Soft Tissue. Underpinned by a rigorous

address these big issues facing the sector, so it’s

is the lifeblood of the cleaning and hygiene

auditing process conducted by the scheme’s

no surprise our members have a track record

industry. Determined to champion it, we

independent inspector, it was launched in

of introducing new products and approaches.

established an Innovations Executive, which

1997 and followed by Accreditation Schemes

It’s a natural step for us to support the CSSA’s

is responsible for the Innovation Showcase.

for Plastic Refuse Sacks in 2000 and Industrial

2020 Innovation Showcase. We are both

The Inaugural Showcase in 2018 was a huge

Cotton Mops in 2007. In January 2017, the

supporting our members and amplifying the

success, celebrating innovation in the widest

association innovated again, launching the

existing culture that says continual innovation

sense, whether it was a new method, idea,

Accreditation Scheme for Distributors. As of 1

is essential.”

approach, or product. The same is true for the

January 2020, every distributor member of the


2020 Innovation Showcase. Entries have been

CHSA was audited and formally accredited. The


CSSA’s CEO, John Findlater, said: “Innovation

30 MARCH 2020




SHOW GUIDE The region’s premier cleaning and support services event The Manchester Cleaning Show takes to the stage at Event City, Manchester on 25 and 26 March, returning to the north of England for the third time since its successful launch in 2016. The event follows the same exhibition and free conference format as its parent Cleaning Show, held in London every two years. The event is organised by the British Cleaning Council and Quartz Business Media, publisher of C&M. In addition to a busy exhibition, which includes stands featuring major brands such as Nilfisk, Sebo, Prochem, and Jangro, the event also features a two-day conference programme – more details can be found on page 34. The programme has been fine-tuned to meet the needs of visitors, based on an exit survey conducted following the 2018 event. A research report into attitudes towards cleanliness at work is on the agenda, as are topics including: single use plastics in the cleaning industry; advice on how to grow a business in a completive market; a look at emerging cyber threats and exposures; how salt and water is creating a cleaning revolution; a cleaning contractor’s guide to workforce tech; the case for sustainable cleaning; advice on occupational skin disorders; the benefits of hiring your industrial cleaning equipment; how a good marketing strategy can help grow your business; and the importance of practical training and assessment. A full list of exhibitors, together with an overview of what they do and what they will be showing at the event, starts on page 38 of this guide. There will be a huge range of products on display and many discounts for those looking to purchase products and equipment for their cleaning and hygiene needs. Enjoy the show! www.cleaningshow.co.uk/manchester

32 32 33 34 38

Welcome to the Manchester Cleaning Show 2020 Exhibitor List



09:00 - 17:00

Seminar Programme

Wednesday 25 March 2020 Thursday 26 March 2020 09:00 - 15:00

A-Z Exhibitor Listing



MARCH 2018 31



WELCOME Welcome to the Manchester Cleaning Show

Welcome to the Manchester Cleaning Show 2020

From Paul Thrupp, chairman, British Cleaning Council.

From Tony Crinion, managing director, Quartz Business Media.

The Manchester Cleaning Show 2020 has got to be one of the highlights

On behalf of Quartz Business Media, I am delighted to

of the year for anyone connected with the cleaning industry in the North - I

welcome you to the Manchester Cleaning Show, the sister

know I always look forward to it and enjoy it.

event to the highly successful Cleaning Show staged every two

Exhibitors range from the giants of the sector to smaller but still wellknown businesses, along with a fair mix of newer organisations. Wherever

years in London. Following a very successful launch in 2016 and vibrant second

you look, you will see fantastic examples of innovation, with new products

event in 2018, I am delighted that this year’s show has received

and new ideas on display. Another thing I like about the show is the chance

such strong support from the industry, ensuring that it will once

to see so many colleagues from our industry. This is a great opportunity to

again be a valuable showcase for the most important cleaning

network or strike business deals.

industry innovations impacting the UK market this year. On

Another highlight of the Manchester Cleaning Show is the conference

all stands, our exhibitors will be showing the latest products,

programme, which has talks and debates from respected industry experts

systems and services, providing visitors with a forum to discuss

on topics that have been specially chosen to be relevant and informative

requirements and challenges with suppliers and manufacturers

for cleaning sector professionals. Visitors are guaranteed to leave feeling

from all sectors of the industry.

inspired and enthused about the cleaning and hygiene industry.

The facilities of Event City - and representatives from Quartz

The British Cleaning Council (BCC) is proud to be the co-producer of this

Business Media - are here to make your visit both enjoyable

fantastic event, which this year promises to be bigger and better than ever.

and rewarding. Again, a very warm welcome to the show - I

It is hard to believe that this is only the third-ever Manchester Cleaning

encourage you to make the most of the exhibition and our free-

Show. In the four years since this biennial event was founded in 2016, it

to-attend, first-class seminar programme.

has gone from strength to strength. Not only is the Manchester Cleaning Show hugely important for our industry, it is also now significant for the North’s economy as a whole. I hope you enjoy your visit, and my colleagues and I will be at the BCC stand if you want to drop by. It would be great to see you.


* Details correct at time of press







































































32 MARCH 2020




































































G12 C10
























MARCH 2020 33



CONFERENCE PROGRAMME *Free to attend. Details correct at time of print

WEDNESDAY 25 MARCH 2020 11.15 Welcome to the Manchester Cleaning Show By Paul Thrupp, chairman of the British Cleaning Council.

11.30 Research report: cleanliness at work. By Dominic Ponniah, co-founder, Cleanology. 80% of FM workers believe sick colleagues are responsible for passing on germs, compared to just 66% of employees in other sectors. Research commissioned by London-based Cleanology found FM workers also appear to be more hygiene-conscious than their counterparts in other industries, with just over half being likely to carry sanitising spray at work – 16% more than across wider industry. Dominic Ponniah explores attitudes to workplace illness, the rise of ‘presenteeism’, and cleanliness at work, including techniques for containing the spread of infection in the workplace.

Biography: Dominic Ponniah graduated from the London School of Economics and founded a number of businesses, including the high-profile TucTuc in Brighton, Europe’s first motorised rickshaw service. He co-founded Cleanology with his mother in 1999 and today employs around 600 people across London and Manchester.

12.00 Single use plastics - what it means to the cleaning industry. By Lorcan Mekitarian, general manager, Berry bpi recycled products, and chairman of the CHSA. Current environmental concerns mean that customers are driving the agenda for more sustainable products. Customers no longer want virgin single use plastic but are looking for products with green credentials - such as those made from a percentage of recycled plastic, easily recyclable after use, refillable, or lighter weight to reduce transport costs. All of these things are doable, some at a cost and some with consequences. Customers will have some tough choices to make going forward. For example, do you purchase containers/bottles made from a proportion of recycled plastic or thinner virgin containers for lightweight and reduced transport costs? Currently you can’t have both. There is also the need for single use activity in many areas of the cleaning industry, due to factors such as infection control, time and cost. Another area that needs addressing, especially within the NHS, is end of 34 MARCH 2020

life disposal. If there is no recycling collection scheme set up then the plastic containers/bottles are put in the general waste stream. This presentation will discuss the challenges.

Biography: Lorcan Kekitarian joined Berry bpi recycled products in 1990 and has held a variety of positions over the years including technical and commercial. For the past two years he has been general manager of the Stroud and Heanor recycling, wash, extrusion, and manufacturing sites. In July 2019 he was appointed chairman of the CHSA.

12.30 How to grow a business in a completive market. By Nik Wyers, joint managing director, The Floorbrite Group. The Floorbrite Group has doubled in size from £10 million to £20 million in five years – how, and what’s the secret to its success? During his presentation Nik Wyers will discuss the exponential growth of what is now one of the North West’s largest cleaning and FM companies and how to create a successful business development function to accelerate growth. From marketing, technology, operations, organic and geographic growth, and the introduction of additional service lines, there are many different elements to a successful cleaning company and multiple ways to grow in what is an incredibly crowded market place. Nik will touch on all of these elements, but will focus on his core passion - developing a sales function that works, looking at different methods of leadership, and how to drive growth through consistency.

Biography: Nik Wyers is joint managing director at Sale-based cleaning and facilities service provider, The Floorbrite Group. He’s worked at the family-run business for 16 years in warehouse, operations, accounts, and sales.

14.00 Emerging cyber threats and exposures – top tips to keep your business safe online. By Adam Marks, cyber underwriter, Hiscox. Are you aware of the emerging cyber threats facing UK businesses? This presentation will highlight: why all companies have a cyber-exposure and the importance to assess and protect your business; what cyber-attacks Hiscox has seen against UK businesses over the last few years and how this has affected their ability to trade; and how your business can benefit from transferring cyber risk to the insurance market. WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM





Adam Marks is a cyber underwriter at Hiscox acting as a national cyber expert. In this role Adam works with brokers to help them understand clients’ cyber risks and the benefits of insurance. Previously, Adam worked at a global broking firm for six years managing cyber insurance programmes for global businesses.

14.30 How salt and water are creating a cleaning revolution. By Steve Courtney, business development manager, Toucan Eco. More and more organisations are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment by cutting carbon emissions, implementing recycling schemes and reducing single-use plastic waste. When it comes to cleaning, Toucan Eco is a product that’s helping businesses transform janitorial regimes with a sustainable, effective and safe disinfecting cleaning solution that uses only two ingredients - salt and water - and the process of electrochemical activation. The Toucan Eco bio-cleaning system removes the need for chemicals as well as the single-use plastic bottles they are supplied in. Steve Courtney will demo Toucan Eco, explain the technology behind it, and share examples of where its being used here in the UK, as well as in developing countries to turn polluted water in to safe drinking water.

Steve Courtney is Robert Scott’s product specialist for Toucan Eco, helping businesses adopt this sustainable and innovative technology to transform their cleaning routines, as well as advising national partners on wider cleaning hardware. Steve has worked in the cleaning industry for over 20 years in various roles with distributors, manufacturers, independents, and PLCs.

15.00 A cleaning contractor’s guide to workforce tech - the employee lifecycle from onboarding to payroll. By Christian Berenger, MD, Ezitracker Workforce Management Technology. Your workforce is your greatest business cost and managing a large, dispersed workforce can be a huge challenge. With customers requiring more robust service level agreements, evidencing service delivery and knowing staff are on-site as planned is critical. Discover how this technology can impact your cleaning business for the better from onboarding to payroll and everything in between. Evolving from a facilities management and contract cleaning heritage, Ezitracker understands the complex issues that arise when managing the time and attendance of remote teams. Ezitracker provides real-time information from a powerful platform allowing you to effectively manage your workforce all from one single digital Hub.

Business Software for Janitorial Distributors Industry Features + Supplier Support/Rebates + Safety Data Sheets + Telesales + Contracts + Ecommerce Stand B18



0800 082 0403


MARCH 2020 35



Biography: Christian Berenger is managing director, workforce management division, UK, Australia and New Zealand, at Ezitracker. Christian has a wealth of experience in the time and attendance sector and the facilities management market. He is responsible for the popular workforce management software platform in the UK, Australia and New Zealand including its 80,000+ global users.

THURSDAY 26 MARCH 2020 10.30 From niche to norm – the case for sustainable cleaning. By Paul Twiss, marketing director, InnuScience. The cleaning industry has forever been allied to chemistry and the application of such to deliver clean and hygienic surfaces, often at the cost of introducing toxic materials into the environment and putting operators at risk of short- and long-term health risks. InnuScience believes there is an alternative. ‘Niche to norm’ is a review of how InnuScience’s unique biotech offers a long term solution to sustainable cleaning and looks at why sustainable cleaning doesn’t necessarily result in a downgrade in cleaning performance.

11.30 A change in philosophy - the benefits of hiring your industrial cleaning equipment. By Martin Doran, general manager at Astley Hire Ltd, and Leigh Mason, business development director, Briggs Equipment. Briggs Equipment and Astley Hire will be exploring the benefits of hiring your industrial cleaning equipment and challenging the industry status-quo of outright purchasing. Briggs and Astley are two separate businesses with significant expertise and experience in the specialist equipment hire industry, and they’ve joined together for the 2020 Manchester Cleaning Show to provide a fresh perspective on why the time for hiring is now! From expert hints and tips, compelling customer testimonials and decades of shared industry experience, don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how you can deliver efficiency to your cleaning equipment processes.

Biographies: Martin Doran, general manager at Astley Hire Ltd, has 15 years’ experience of working in the hire industry, across many different sectors. Martin originally started life as a commercial management accountant before progressing to the general manager role at Astley Hire. Martin is passionate about hire and the commercial benefits it can bring to any business model.

Biography: Paul Twiss has spent the last 30 years in and around the cleaning products industry having worked for SC Johnson, JohnsonDiversey and Diversey across sales and marketing roles in EMEA and latterly globally. At Seko, a global developer of dispensing and dilution systems, he led the company’s brand image and message refresh and helped position it as the leader in its field. Now at InnuScience, Paul is helping the company to bring a truly natural and sustainable solution to the cleaning industry.

Leigh Mason is business development director at Briggs Equipment. He has over 20 years of experience within the cleaning industry, working alongside leading manufacturers and has successfully supported the cleaning and FM sectors. He is passionate about promoting the alternative options to using core capital/finance and asking: why would you purchase your ‘depreciating’ asset?

11.00 Occupational skin disorders: are you aware of the risks? By Nick Foort, technical sales specialist – skincare, Arco. Health and safety expert, Arco, will be raising awareness of occupational skin disease at this year’s show. Its expert, Nick Foort, will provide an opportunity to learn about the risks of common workplace contaminants and hazards, including UV sun rays. The session will provide guidance on how to help safeguard from health issues such as dermatitis and skin cancer, and it will also feature a live UV face scanning demonstration, highlighting areas most at risk. With five workers a day, on average, getting skin cancer in Britain, it’s crucial that they are protected from the dangers of UV.

Biography: With over 30 years skincare experience within all Industries, Nick Foort is a dedicated technical sales specialist equipped with a dermascope and a UV scanner providing bespoke skincare education to customers whilst also highlighting the dangers of occupational skin disease. 36 MARCH 2020




12.00 How a good marketing strategy can help grow your business. By Suzanne Howe, managing director, SHC, and Neil Nixon, conference director, Manchester Cleaning Show. Neil Nixon quizzes Suzanne Howe about different marketing techniques that can be employed to have a positive impact on winning and retaining customers. Topics to be discussed include: marketing to establish your brand; understanding your customer and how to reach them; retaining customers through engagement; the power of social media, including detail on the how, when and why of each social media platform; the power of photographs; reinforcing your brand through good CSR; and using a successful mix of marketing techniques and platforms.

Biography: Suzanne Howe, managing director of Suzanne Howe Communications (SHC) established her business 22 years ago as a specialist B2B PR and marketing agency. Suzanne works across a number of clients including Kimberly-Clark Professional and the Golden Service Awards as well as Berry bpi recycled products, InnuScience, P-Wave, Clarity, and Cleanology, providing PR and marketing campaigns, event management and social media consultancy.

12.30 The importance of practical training and assessment.





foam amy d cre nd wash ance Fragr terial ha ac antib


ain de


AZURE FOAM Lightly perfumed gentle foam hand wash

Crisp fruit

By Neil Spencer-Cook, chief operating officer, BICSc, and Michelle Iland, marketing and events executive, BICSc. The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) has been delivering practical training since the 1960s. This keynote will take a deep dive into the importance of practical training and assessment, and look at how it can benefit your organisation and, more importantly, your people. This presentation will also cover how training motivates and promotes experiential learning within your organisation. ‘What happens if I train them and they leave?’ Well, think about what happens if you don’t train them and they stay. BICSc will share a ‘train and retain’ ethos, and how training will have a positive effect on your company’s bottom line.

Biographies: From a financial director role, Neil Spencer-Cook joined the BICSc senior management team in 2015. He has a wealth of management expertise and has experience in hospitality and FM. Neil’s passion is technology, especially when it can be used for efficiency purposes. He was the project lead on the creation of the soon to be released BICSc CPSS app. Michelle Iland joined BICSc in 2014 and has a professional background in hospitality and senior executive support. Michelle’s passion for creativity, engagement and the BICSc Annual Awards has helped to create a clearer message of what BICSc is really all about. Michelle also works with the education sector delivering career advice and motivational sessions to local school children. WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

MARCH 2020 37




Stand by Stand Exhibitor Profiles A3 Machines





consumables throughout the UK. In a market

also discussing the unique bespoke on-site

sector crowded with companies with identical

service that Arco can offer.

offerings, Apex Supplies focuses is on being a


to the leading brands, it offers specialised

Arco - Bonasystems Don’t Slip Up

Alliance is a leading non-food distributor in the

machines chosen for their innovation, plus a


UK with over 10 years’ experience of servicing

huge range of spares and consumables.

Slips, trips and falls are the most common

the UK’s hospitality industry - offering value,

continuous improvement supplier. In addition

workplace accidents, accounting for 31%

great service and expertise to its customers. Its

Arco Ltd

wide UK distribution infrastructure efficiently

PO Box 21 Waverley Street

experts Arco and Bonasystems, the leading

services its national and regional customers


cleaning chemical supplier, have joined

with 12 branches throughout the UK. It


forces to present a complete holistic slip

provides local customers with a portfolio of


reduction solution which goes above and

over 18,000 leading products from over 150

Arco has a comprehensive range of high

beyond the issue of PPE in the hierarchy of

trusted supplier partners.

quality cleaning and hygiene products

control for risk management.

Apex Supplies




and prices to suit every budget, including

of all reported incidents. Workplace safety

14 Radford Crescent

accredited products which drive up quality

Arrow County Supplies


standards. Arco offers an extensive range of

Arrow House

CM12 0DG

expert support to customers – the company

Longden Road


will have a technical skincare specialist


Since 1962 Apex Supplies has been a leading

on its stand who will use a UV scanner and


supplier of cleaning equipment, spares and

dermascope to assess your skin health whilst


environmentally friendly, FSC and CHSA


Arrow County Supplies was established in 1976 as a family business and is now one of the largest independent distributors of cleaning and janitorial products in the UK. Innovation is a core company focus, driven by a designated team experienced in product development. Through the ‘Arrow Way’, the company listens to the needs of its customers and reacts positively in finding cost-effective, compliant solutions which add value to their operations, and optimise regulatory compliance and sustainability objectives.



www.arvinatec.co.uk Arvinatec develops efficient solutions in technical industrial cleaning and industrial hood cleaning equipment and is also a duct cleaning specialist.

38 MARCH 2020


Come to see us on Stand F20

We are proud to be an independent, family-run business, committed to supply products for the capture and containment of waste and recyclables.

t: 01977 686868

e: info@cromwellpolythene.co.uk



Claim online: www.makitauk.com/redemption.html


5.0Ah 18V Battery BL1850B

18V Blower DUB182Z

If you purchase a 18v RT or RTX suffix machine you will be eligible to claim a free BL1850B 5.0Ah 18v Li-ion Battery or a DUB182Z 18v Blower. Terms and conditions apply, see website for details.


2x 5.0Ah 18V Battery 2x BL1850B


18V Blower DUB184Z

Job Site Radio DMR107

If you purchase a Twin 18v PG2 suffix machine you will be eligible to claim two free BL1850B 5.0Ah 18v Li-ion Batteries, a single DUB184Z Twin 18v LXT Blower or a single DMR107 Site Radio. Terms and conditions apply, see website for details.

For more information visit www.makitauk.com Cleaning & Maintenance.indd 1

06/02/2020 09:37



Astley Hire Ltd


distributors and end users. BSH is one of the

ecokleen use natural bacteria making them

Unit 1- 7 Lloyds Court

largest suppliers of Sonnenschein batteries in

safe for people, pets and the environment.

Jury Street

the UK and also offers its Pegasus range of AGM


and flooded flat plate and Tubular blocs. Other

Blue Rock Systems


products include flooded and Gel 2 volt cells

Blue Rock House


for industrial applications with state of the art

Shamrock Quay


charging solutions. BSH will launch the new


Astley Hire is a well-established hire company

Sonnenschien GF12076 H gel bloc and the new


in the North West of England, which supplies

Pegasus lithium 60ah bloc featuring can bus

SO14 5QL

a wide range of industrial machinery and

communication at the show.


equipment including powered access and

Blue Rock Systems is an ERP software house

cleaning equipment. Its equipment is used in a

Bio-Pro Research, LLC

wide range of environments, including within

Unit B8 Dolphin Enterprise Centre

established since 2004. It supplies and

the food industry. It currently holds an HACCP

Evershed Way

supports modern, fully-integrated business

accreditation which means both its powered


management software for small and medium-

access and industrial cleaning equipment

West Sussex

sized organisations throughout the UK. Services

can be used on live food production lines. Its

BN43 6QB

include supply and installation of ERP software,

business is built on three core values: quality,


hardware, e-commerce, cloud hosting facilities,

reliability and service. It underpins these with

Urine Off, awarded USDA BioPreferred

and support. It offers solutions focused

its own guarantee to give customers complete

certification, is a world leader in urine

towards distribution, wholesale, merchant, and

peace of mind.

odour and stain cleaning and remediation.

e-commerce businesses.

Banner Group Ltd




Distributed in over 90 countries, Urine Off and

with offices in Southampton and Nottingham,

its sister ‘ecokleen’ products meet demanding

Briggs Equipment UK Ltd F12

K House

standards for hospitals, eldercare facilities,

Orbital 7

Sheffield Business Park

public venues, and transportation, including

Orbital Way

Europa Link

certification for use in Boeing and Airbus



airliners. The advanced biotechnology in


S9 1XU

Urine Off eradicates all major components

WS11 8XW


of urine and other bodily fluids without the


Banner Group comprises a team of FM experts

use of chlorine, peroxide or other bleaching

Briggs Equipment is a leading engineering

who take a refreshing approach to sourcing

agents, making it safe for virtually any surface

services and asset management specialist that

the right cleaning supplies for your business.

including carpets, hard flooring, upholstery,

has transformed the contract hire of industrial

Through its unique customer-led programme,

bedding, and bathrooms. Urine Off and

cleaning equipment and other machinery.

it delivers a typical 20% business saving for its customers. Instead of just price-matching and selling product, the company invests time in your business. First it understands your needs and objectives and then it spends time with your associates who use the product. This enables it to recommend the right product for your organisation that will save you money, time and maximise your resources.

Battery Service Hub Ltd


Pegasus House Riverside End Market Harborough Leicester LE16 7PU www.batteryservicehub.com Battery Service Hub (BSH) operates as an independent company providing battery and charger solutions based on what it considers to be the ‘best in class’ of products available with over 50 years of experience in supplying innovative solutions to manufacturers,

40 MARCH 2020




British Cleaning Council


www.britishcleaningcouncil.org The British Cleaning Council is the voice of the UK cleaning industry. It is made up of associations which represent all aspects of the cleaning industry. The BCC is very proud to be co-owner of the Cleaning Show and Manchester Cleaning Show, which enables it to plough any profits it makes back into the industry in the form of grants to help grass roots projects get off the ground. There will be representatives from the BCC and other member associations on the stand throughout the show.

British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) F03 9 Premier Court Boarden Close Moulton Park Northampton NN3 6LF As part of its partnership with Hako, Briggs

cleaning, with over 600 expert engineers


customers have access to a wide range of

nationwide providing a guaranteed maximum

With 59 years of experience and a global

industrial cleaning solutions with flexible

3-hour response time to customers. Customers

remit, the British Institute of Cleaning Science

purchase options including short term hire and

also have the benefit of using the company’s

(BICSc) delivers practical, hands-on training

long term rental. Its comprehensive engineering

in-house financing system, BE Finance, and fleet

courses, technical support and professional

support service covers sectors including

management software, BE Portal.

membership for the cleaning industry

Professional External Cleaning Equipment • Roofs • Paving • Gutters • Windows See us at



25-26 MARCH


Tel: +44 (0)1604 968700 . www.spinaclean.com spinaclean_half page.indd 1


19/02/2020 10:14

MARCH 2020 41



and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control that improve worker and equipment productivity, minimise energy use, and benefit human health and the environment. Its range or portable Hepa air cleaners features flexible plug and play units, perfect for reducing the levels of particulate, dust and odours to reduce cleaning time and costs.

Candor Services


Unit I Coney Green Network Centre Wingfield View Clay Cross Derbyshire S45 9HX www.candorservices.co.uk Candor Services is a leading independent supplier of commercial and industrial floorcare machinery, spare parts and accessories, as well as an authorised service and repair agent for many manufacturers of commercial floorcare

40,000 individual and corporate members

Byotrol/ Medimark Scientific

making it one of the largest and most diverse


accessories, and is a main servicing agent for

communities of cleaning professionals.

Byotrol understands the significant need for

Nilfisk, Alto , Viper , Truvox, Numatic, Sebo,

worldwide. Its network includes more than

Its mission is to raise the status and


equipment. It also supplies and stocks a range of domestic appliance spare parts and

high-performance antimicrobial technologies

and Karcher. The company holds an impressive

standards of the cleaning industry through

in modern lives. Byotrol’s first antimicrobial

amount of stock with up to 500,000 separate

education and accredited training thereby

technology was invented and patented

lines held at any one time.

protecting the operative, providing a clean and

in the 1990s, with the goal of creating an

safe environment, preserving assets, promoting

antimicrobial coating to prevent mould in a

Cedo Ltd

sustainability, and producing best practice.

bakery. That first product proved to be highly

Halesfield 11

effective, fast-acting and broad-spectrum, but


in addition had unique long-lasting germ kill


2700 Wagner Place

properties, continuing to work long after it had


Maryland Heights

dried. Since being floated on the UK AIM stock


MO 63043

market in 2005, the original Byotrol technology

For 50 years Cedo has been manufacturing


has been used in millions of businesses and

and supplying customers across Europe with


homes around the world, helping to prevent

janitorial products including refuse sacks and bin

Founded in 1844, Buckeye International has

infection in hospitals, controlling listeria in

liners. With recycling a central core of its business

earned its reputation as a leader in the cleaning

food factories and cleaning and protecting our

it has, for over 35 years, operated Europe’s

and maintenance products industry. Because

homes and families from harmful pathogens.

largest plastic film recycling centre, supporting

of a continued commitment to developing

The company’s portfolio of technologies and

its vision to create a more sustainable business

products that are safer for workers and the

products has grown extensively since 2005 and

that contributes towards a more circular

environment, Buckeye established itself as

is being commercialised under its own brands

economy. Cedo is a member of the CHSA Plastic

‘green’ long before it became a marketing

and with carefully selected partners in a variety

Refuse Sacks Accreditation Scheme.

strategy. While manufacturing safer products

of applications and markets.

Buckeye International Inc A05

for the worker and environment are important



CGA Consulting

goals, equally important is a commitment to

Camfil Ltd

uncompromised product performance.

Knowsley Road



80a Marlow Bottom

One of Buckeye’s biggest breakthroughs



was the development of patented Liquescent



technology. This water-based technology



strengthens the cleaning power of Buckeye


SmartClean is a cost effective cleaning

products, and replaces potentially hazardous


management system, with demonstrated

ingredients including butyl, ammonia, solvents,

As a leading manufacturer of premium clean

improvement in cleaning performance. It has

and alcohol bases.

air solutions, Camfil provides commercial

been extensively piloted for one year in flagship

42 MARCH 2020




international HQ client sites in London and is

an essential event for anyone responsible

throughout the UK. Originally established to

currently monitoring thousands of building

for cleaning, maintenance and hygiene from

provide scrubber dryers and sweepers to clients

occupants. SmartClean dynamically routes

healthcare establishments to hotel kitchens.

on an ad-hoc basis, it quickly adapted to an

your cleaning staff to the washrooms that

Cleanlink Software Ltd

footfall data through a user-friendly app. This

8 Abbots Close

to anywhere in the UK – now both on a contract

enables optimal use of cleaning operatives and


basis as well as ad-hoc/spot hire. In 2011 the

a reduction in washroom waste, with no limit to


company joined forces with Kärcher, operating

building portfolio size or number of floor levels

GU51 3RF

as its specialist hire arm.

or zones. By providing measurable insights,


SmartClean supports a continuous feedback

CleanLink Software Ltd was established in 2006

Clearchoice Ltd

loop of improvement in operational efficiency.

and has steadily grown to become one of the

20 Brown Lane West

The company will be launching specific territory

UK’s leading suppliers of site management

Brown Lane Trading Estate

franchises for the SmartClean International

software. Its award-winning software helps


system, with a specially priced full franchise on-

companies efficiently manage and grow

LS11 0DN

boarding package being announced at the show

their business on a site-by-site basis. The


for the first 10 new partners.

comprehensive functionality covers site, staff

As a fully integrated cleaning company,

and stock management; work scheduling;

Clear Choice Ltd provide a ‘one stop shop’

quality control; and site risk assessments.

for business owners, facilities managers

There are optional modules including an

and landlords alike. Based in Leeds,


HMRC-approved payroll system, plus a

West Yorkshire, the team comprises


full invoicing module that Interfaces with

experienced, fully-trained staff managed by

Cleaning & Maintenance remains the essential

popular accounting systems. There are also

knowledgeable, customer driven supervisors.

read for everyone involved in the cleaning

interfaces into time and attendance systems.

The range of services can be tailored entirely

and support services sector. Published by

The company’s award-winning mobile app is

to your needs, with a bespoke package

Quartz Business Media – the company that

also a very cost-effective means to improve

available at a competitive price, whether

brings you the Cleaning Show and Manchester

manager productivity on site without requiring

you require commercial or industrial

Cleaning Show – it is published 12 times per

a constant Internet connection, and the web

cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning

year in both printed and electronic variants.

portal service provides a white-labelled hosted

or specialist cleaning for schools, student

The publication’s website – www.cleaningmag.

website with secure, shared web access to all

accommodation, the food industry, or IT.

com - and the fortnightly news e-cast ensure

customer files and documents.

Cleaning & Maintenance/ Cleaning Show 2021 H05

that readers are kept up to date with industry


industry-wide need to supply the very latest

need it most by connecting them to real-time


and well-maintained machines at short notice


Cromwell Polythene Ltd

developments on a daily basis. The Cleaning

Clean Sweep Hire

Show 2021 returns to London on 16-18 March


Sherburn in Elmet

next year. Staged at ExCeL London, it is the

Clean Sweep Hire, part of the Kärcher group, is

North Yorkshire

UK’s main event designed specifically for the

dedicated to providing specialist hire of a wide

LS25 6RE

cleaning and support services sectors. It is

range of Kärcher industrial cleaning equipment



1 Glentrool Avenue

Cromwell Polythene is an independent, family-run business, specialising in the responsible supply of products for the capture/ containment of materials for recycling. Its extensive portfolio includes sacks, bags and liners for recycling, or storage and collection of waste for treatment and/or disposal. It offers sacks for dry recyclables, compostable sacks and liners for food and organic waste, kerbside recycling bags, reusable recycling bags, personal protective equipment, and made-toorder products. Its LowCO²t products are engineered to provide maximum performance using minimal resources. It is a founding member of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) Accreditation Scheme for Plastic Refuse Sacks, assuring buyers that products are fit for purpose.


MARCH 2020 43





www.cssa-uk.co.uk The CSSA has been supporting the cleaning industry for 50 years, and is passionate about making a real difference over the next 50. Since 1966, it has provided a national voice for contract cleaning companies all over the country, talking to the government on their behalf, giving members valuable content and advice to make their businesses better and stronger, and bringing the industry together to socialise and share best practice.

Darwin Clayton (UK) Ltd A07 Darwin House 20 Mount Ephraim Road Tunbridge Wells Kent TN1 1ED www.darwinclayton.co.uk

Denis Rawlins Ltd

Darwin Clayton was established in 1920

17 Maybrook Road

global supplier of pumps, fluid handling

and as it moves towards its centenary its


components, agricultural and industrial

commitment and focus to the cleaning and

Sutton Coldfield

spraying products, pressure washers, pressure

FM industries is as strong as ever. Having

B76 1AL

wash accessories, and cleaning equipment.

been involved with the sector since 1947


With stock valued in excess of £2.2 million

the company works closely with trade

Denis Rawlins Ltd is a supplier of innovative

and over 16,000 product lines, all orders are

associations and organisations to provide

cleaning solutions which provide a scientifically-

despatched directly from its modern 35,000

support and through these relationships

proven, hygienic clean, and great return on

square foot distribution centre located in rural

and experience has gained a strong

investment. With 50 years of experience in

Leicestershire. Its customer profile includes

understanding of the insurance needs

the cleaning industry, it is now redefining

leading manufacturers, distributors, hire shops,

for businesses in the industry. Specialist

ROI from ‘return on investment’ to ‘return on

and service centres.

products allow it to offer solutions for all

innovation’ - investing smarter for a better clean.

insurance requirements including liability,

The company will be showcasing its REN Clean

motor, property and the fast emerging risk of

escalator cleaning system and SpaceVac, a

Duplex Cleaning Machines (UK) Ltd

cyber. It caters for a wide range of activities

market leading high-level cleaning system.

Unit 27 Joseph Wilson Ind Estate

including office cleaners, specialist cleans



Millstrood Road

including industrial and high level cleaning,

Discover Battery

and non-cleaning FM duties.



Discover Battery is a world leader in designing


and manufacturing transportation, motive


ZAC du Moulin Lamblin

power and advanced energy storage solutions.

Duplex will be showing its unique range of

8 Rue de la Source

Discover is always searching for better solutions

floor cleaning and steam cleaning machines

59320 Hallennes-Lez-Haubourdin

to battery and energy storage challenges. What

which it has been selling, installing and


started as a battery distribution business in

training into the cleaning sector since 1986.


1949 has evolved to become a leading innovator

The Duplex range cleans all types of flooring

Decitex ‘smart textiles’ is a European

and manufacturer of high value power solutions

including carpets and hard floors without

manufacturer at the heart of textile

delivered and serviced globally through a

the need to change brushes. The Duplex

technology innovation that specialises

distribution partner network.

steam floor range does not use chemicals but



in microfibre (mops and cloths) and the


Established in 1975, Dual Pumps is a prominent

cleans and sanitises large floor areas quickly

advancement of quality improvement in

Dual Pumps

hygiene standards and ergonomics. It has

Unit 8 Hudson Road

on carpet and seconds on hard floors. Also

an extensive range of premium microfibre

Saxby Road Ind. Estate

on show will be its unique range of battery

mops and cloths and the ability to create

Melton Mowbray

operated machines that use the company’s

made-to-measure textiles. Decitex is an


twin brush scrubbing and pick-up technology

approved supplier to the NHS Supply Chain,

LE13 1BS

but also have the ability to vacuum dry the

pharmaceutical and aerospace industries.


floor being cleaned.

44 MARCH 2020



using steam with only 15-minute drying time


Cleaning Innovation for everyone

Co-located with Healthcare Cleaning Forum, a global initiative for changing the view on hospital environmental hygiene.

Inclusive Complete overview of the industry to stay ahead in your professional field International Connect with 35,000 professionals Innovative Easily accessible and applicable knowledge and innovations Interclean is a trade show created by and for the industry since 1967 Organized by:

Official media partner:






stands out with an industry-leading autonomous

products, and supply to the distributor in the

Stowe House

navigation solution. Ecobot Scrubber 75 and

fastest turnaround times from order to delivery.

St Chad’s Road

Scrubber 50 are currently available, with more


than 600 units having been deployed worldwide.

Hooper Services Ltd

West Midlands

They are recognised for robust performance,

Unit A3 Mountbatten Business Park

WS13 6TJ

extreme safety, high cleaning efficiency, smart

Jackson Close


operation system, and water-saving feature.


Ezitracker has built a reputation for being a

Ecobot Vacuum 40 and Sweeper 111 are being


trusted provider of reliable and innovative

launched later this year.


solutions for better workforce management


technology in the FM, cleaning and security

Gojo Industries

sectors. Ezitracker follows the full employee


dryers has been formed which will see new

journey from on-boarding to pay, with

Gojo Industries is a leading global producer and

cleaning equipment become available to

numerous methods for capturing data to a

marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions

the UK market. Hooper Services and Italian

multitude of ways of interpreting it, all from a

for away-from-home settings. Its broad

scrubber dryer manufacturer TSM have come

single EziHub. By providing a comprehensive

portfolio under the renowned Purell, Gojo LPK

together to form an exclusive partnership,

yet modularised solution, designed for the

and Preve’’s Paris brand names demonstrates

which will see the introduction of the Grande

proactive monitoring of your people wherever

scientific and technological expertise in skin

Brio cleaning system. TSM is a family run

they are, Ezitracker allows you to focus on

and surface hygiene and continued innovation

business that works tirelessly to ensure they

service delivery and operational excellence.

to grow the hygiene category.

are using the latest technology and creating the

Part of the HAS Technology Group, solutions



highest performing machines.

for staff scheduling, time and attendance

Greyland Ltd

monitoring, mobile audits, payroll automation,

Unit 9 Fifth Avenue

and management reporting are developed with

Tameside Park Industrial Estate

Hygiene Disposables Group

customers in mind.




Hygiene Disposables Group Ltd is a leading

SK16 4PP

UK importer of disposable hygiene products,



distributing throughout the country. It stocks

Founded in 2013, Gaussian Robotics is now

Greyland offers a comprehensive range of

a wide range of paper products, refuse sacks,

dedicated to bringing Ecobot, the innovative

products for the janitorial distributor, and

PPE, gloves, and janitorial products. Its

cleaning robot to the world. As one of the earliest

has gained a reputation for exceptional value

buying power and storage assests enable the

service robot companies, Gaussian Robotics

for money, clearly and descriptively labelled

company to pass savings on to customers.

Gaussian Robotics

46 MARCH 2020



A new international partnership in scrubber







research and unique biotech formulations.

will also be a VIP virtual reality experience

Sauber House

By combining innovation, technology and

available. Jangro’s famous barista service

Unit 3 Rushington Business Park

efficiency InnuScience is approved by Eco-

returns to offer visitors complimentary

Chapel Lane

Schools, Keep Britain Tidy, Cruelty-free

refreshments and a space to network. Any


(Leaping Bunny), conforms to the DEFRA

voluntary contributions received will be

SO40 9AH

Government Buying Standards, and is certified

donated to MacMillan Cancer Support.


by Ecologo or Ecolabel.

With 50 years of experience, ICE is the UK’s


KIC Machines


largest independent provider of industrial


cleaning machines. It prides itself on the

1st Floor South

KIC Machines offers TVX scrubber dryers to

unique service it offers customers, providing

Charringtons House

the UK market. Visitors will be able to try

everything from equipment purchase or rental

The Causeway

some of the equipment from compact walk

to asset management and maintenance.

Bishop’s Stortford

behind scrubber dryers to ride on models.

It caters for every aspect of a customer’s

CM23 2ER

TVX machines are designed to be simple and

cleaning equipment requirements in relation


reliable and aim to keep your cleaning costs to

to purchase, rental, asset management and

The IWFM is a community of 17,000

a minimum. With over 20 years’ experience in

maintenance. Service delivery and advanced

workplace and facilities management

the repair and service industry, KIC believes that

web based systems mean that the company

professionals. It shares best practice and

TVX offers superior reliability and cost savings

can manage machines and assets and provide

knowledge with the profession and support

over leading brands, and works closely with the

customers with direct access to un-editable

its member’s professional development

TVX design team offering advice with designs for

call logs, delivering valuable key management

through internationally recognised, regulated

the UK market. KIC Machines has been working

information. ICE believes that investing in

qualifications, short courses and training.

with TVX for over two years supplying reliable

leading technology is essential to maintaining the highest standards in product innovation


equipment to its clients.

and customer satisfaction, and works very

Jangro Ltd

closely with its supply partners to bring

Jangro House

6 Orgreave Road

customers a comprehensive range of future-


Dorehouse Industrial Estate

friendly cleaning solutions.










This year, Jangro is celebrating its 40th

S13 9LQ

Bridge House

anniversary and its stand is set to reflect the


The Waterfront

evolution of the company since it was founded

Family run since 1964, Killis is one of the UK’s

Brierley Hill

in 1980 in terms of technology and innovation.

largest cleaning suppliers and continually

West Midlands

The stand will incorporate a futuristic theme

strives to offer the latest in innovative


to demonstrate how Jangro is continuing to

cleaning equipment and solutions. With a


shake off the ‘old-fashioned’ perception of

keen emphasis on growth and innovation

Innovise is a long-standing technology provider

the sector, and helping its customers do so

within the cleaning industry, it always

with a vertical market focus on cleaning and FM

too. As well as showcasing its technologically

looks to bring the latest technology and

businesses within the support services sector,

advanced innovations, including its Digital

advancements to enhance the way a

working with 19 of the top 25 UK cleaning

Wall Charts and Virtual Room Experience, there

company cleans.

companies. Timegate is a workforce management system that drives down cost and increases compliance. By introducing logical automation and providing industry specific functionality, it offers users increased compliance, visibility and intelligence that less generic tools cannot.

InnuScience UK


44 Burners Lane Kiln Farm Milton Keynes MK11 3HD www.innuscience.com/gb InnuScience specialises in biological cleaning and has over 23 years of state of the art


MARCH 2020 47



Lavor GB


cleaner, DRC200Z robotic vacuum cleaner and

company is focused on continual business


the DCL180Z hand held cleaners utilising its

improvement, providing added value to

Choosing a professional product implies a

18v li-ion battery platform. These products

customers, employees and suppliers.

careful choice of efficacy, reliability, safety, and

complement its extensive range of vacuum

Customer service and loyalty has been at the

ease of use. These are the criteria followed by

cleaners and dust extraction units.

heart of this family business since the outset.

LavorPro in the conception of its professional range, resulting in highly technological

MIT Ventures Ltd

products for a perfect blend of hygiene and


Nilfisk House

cleaning power with significant savings in time

MIT Ventures pulls together a range of high

Bowerbank Way

and energy.

quality services that are valuable in their

Gilwilly Industrial Estate

own right, creating a unique employee


engagement portal that supercharges


22 Plover Close

usage. The value comes in people having

CA11 9BQ

Interchange Park

ease of access and use of the services. The


Newport Pagnell

company promotes financial, emotional and

Nilfisk is one of the world’s leading


physical wellbeing - all provided through the

manufacturers of professional cleaning


employer so the employee sees the value

equipment, with products covering almost

Legend Brands Europe will be exhibiting a wide

their employer provides. Together with an

any need of the professional cleaning

selection of products from each of the brands

engagement team providing ongoing support,

customer. Main product lines are floor

it manufactures -Dri-Eaz, Chemspec, Sapphire

MIT Ventures helps customers drive employee

cleaning equipment such as scrubber dryers

Scientific, ProRestore, and VersaClean.

engagement which will a have dramatically

and sweepers, commercial and industrial

positive effect on business.

vacuum cleaners and high pressure washers.

Legend Brands Europe

Magnum Materials – Inkjet Labelling






Nilfisk Ltd


Products are recognised for their high quality and reliability. Nilfisk has adapted to the

The Self Adhesive Centre

8 Orgreave Road

changing needs of markets and customers with

Globe Lane Industrial Estate


innovative products and solutions, a vision


S13 9LQ

succinctly delivered by the Nilfisk Liberty SC50



autonomous scrubber dryer.

SK16 4UG

Motorscrubber is a cleaning and hygiene


expert that designs and manufactures compact

Magnum Materials is a supplier of inkjet

cleaning machines developed for the cleaning

labelling technology enabling customers

of floors and surfaces where larger machines

to print on demand labels and customised

cannot reach.

information. It is a long established

All machines are built to meet end user

company with a wealth of knowledge in

needs by ensuring they deliver quality,

self-adhesive materials and labels. With its

reliability, performance, and ease of use. The

range of machines it caters for large and

range is developed and manufactured from

small business looking to add value to their

a dedicated headquarters and production

products and reduce stock inventory of

facility in Sheffield. The company has recently

pre-printed labels. As a supplier of inkjet

launched its new generation 3 machines

materials and labels, Magnum is a one stop

along with its new DMT system - Deep clean,

shop for all your printing needs.

Maintain and Transform.

Makita UK Ltd


Nexon Group


Michigan Drive

Richmond House


Deepdale Enterprise Park


Milton Keynes


North West House



119 Marylebone Road

MK15 8JD




Nexon SCM Group is an established family-


Established over 100 years and now a global

owned business specialising in distributing


brand leader, Makita continues to raise

cleaning, hygiene and janitorial products


standards regarding safety and performance

to the professional user across England,

OceanSaver was born from a love of the sea

throughout its range. At this year’s event the

Scotland and Wales. The company offers

and a concern over single use plastic. The

company will be exhibiting some new products

quality brands backed by the highest

ocean is precious but plastic is destroying

including the DVC260Z back pack vacuum

standards of customer service. The

it, fast. Did you know that there will be

48 MARCH 2020





Mirius will not be attending the show this year. Instead our team are putting all their efforts into developing new and exciting products that are kind to the environment and will save you time and money!

Contact us today to arrange a visit! www.mirius.com For sales enquiries please e-mail: sales@mirius.com or call: 02476 639 739



more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050?

elimination systems for the away from home

company regularly brings new products to

OceanSaver believes that everybody can help

markets. It is a leader in the fragrancing, odour

answer market needs and bring new competitive

stop the use of single-use plastic. It has taken

elimination and washroom hygiene systems

solutions to the ever-growing infection control

a stand by making effective, plant-based

markets and provides effective, reliable and

and PPE markets.

cleaning solutions. Cleaning refills transform in

eco-friendly products. Its unique selling point

water, creating safe and powerful products.

is its patented ‘Oxy-Gen Powered’ technology

Prochem Europe Ltd

that uses pure oxygen to deliver a controlled,

Oakcroft Road

OspreyDeepclean Ltd



accurate and fresh dose of fragrance oil. It


41 Central Way

helps remove any malodours by using an


Cheltenham Trade Park

effective odour counteractant ‘Neutra-lox’. At


GL15 8LX

the show, FDT will be exhibiting its line of odour



elimination solutions - Oxygen-Pro, Viva!e and

In addition to showcasing a comprehensive

OspreyDeepclean, an original supplier of dry


selection of cleaning technology and chemical

steam for cleaning and sanitation, remains

Polyco Healthline

industry. Stand A02 will feature a machine

South Fen Business Park

the show. Rolled out in late 2019, stain

revolutionising the industry - the GB1. This

South Fen Road

removal surgeries are being hosted by a

battery powered unit for gum removal is the


growing number of Prochem UK distributors

first of its kind in the world and already an


and being so well received that Prochem is

innovation award winner. Cordless, simple to

PE10 0DN

scaling the concept out to related businesses

use and quiet during use, the GB1 removes


such as facilities management providers

gum for up to six hours a day. Alongside the

Polyco Healthline offers a full range of disposable

during 2020. At the show the core range

new addition will be the company’s SteamCare

and reusable protective gloves, disposable

of Prochem products will be displayed.

machines. For more challenging applications,

workwear, polythene products, and infection

Established machines like the Fivestar

the SteamForce range will also be on show.

control solutions. It offers protection from head

walk-behind extractors as well as the high-

to foot, hygiene solutions for all and a single

powered Endeavor 500 and Polaris 500 are

source of supply for a variety of markets. Among

complemented by enhanced solutions in the


its well-known brands are Shield, Bodyguards,

Galaxy, now with an in-line heater, and the

Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd develops,

Handsafe, Polyco, and Trusty. As a leading

Steempro Powermax with a new 180 psi pump

manufactures and sells revolutionary odour

supplier to the UK and European markets, the

for enhanced pump life.

Oxygen Powered

50 MARCH 2020



solutions to suit, Prochem is also running

one of the true innovators within the cleaning

a special stain removal surgery throughout


You’ve got tough competition … so we provide winning back-up

We’ve been working in trusted partnerships with our clients for over thirty years, supplying “best in class” industrial battery and charger solutions across the U K, Europe and world-wide. As the industrial sector specialists for both OEM and aftermarket, our knowledge and 1st class national service means we can provide your business with the right battery and or charger to ensure maximum performance of your equipment. See us at

To talk to one of our team please contact our UK office on Stand G02 +44 (0)1858 433 008 or email enquiries@batteryservicehub.com




0800 389 3869






Rotowash Ltd


recycler of waste polythene. The company

Suite One

7 Victory Business Centre

is committed to innovation, continuously

Franklyn House

Fleming Way

investing in machinery, technology and creating

Daux Road


new products, as well as meeting the evolving



needs of customers, whether helping to save

RH14 9SJ


money or reducing the carbon footprint.



Looking for air fresheners that really pack a

Rotowash, one of the pioneers in the design


punch? P-Wave has a range of simple yet highly

and production of compact floor cleaning


effective eco-friendly air care products - 100%

machines, was established in 1981 to distribute

sales-i was established back in 2008, and

recyclable, aerosol free air fresheners and

high quality industrial floor cleaning equipment,

has since grown into a worldwide company.

highly fragrant, splash-reducing urinal screens.

manufactured to BSI and similar international

It blossomed from a simple idea from two

Look out for the new biodegradable Slant6

standards by the Rotowash factory. This

salespeople who are now co-founders, Paul

urinal screen with virtually zero-splash-back.

innovative scrubber dryer, that is equally effective

Black and Kevin McGirl. A few years later, and

when deep cleaning carpets, is suited for contract

the company has achieved a dozen or so award

cleaning. The small footprint allows easy storage

wins, thousands of loyal customers and a skilled

69 Gaer Park Avenue

and the requirement to have only one machine to

team. Its customer intelligence software is


efficiently clean both hard flooring and carpeted

designed to make a customer’s job easier and


floors reduces costs to labour, downtime,

its sales team more successful.

Roma Software Systems Ltd was established

training, maintenance, and machine investment.

in 2020 with the goal of becoming a leading

In addition, all Rotowash equipment is easily


deliverer of workforce management software

portable. The Rotowash system ranges from 20cm

The Merlin Centre

to field service businesses. The systems aim to

machines, coping well with the confined areas of

Cressex Business Park

alleviate the issues companies in the cleaning

toilets and shower blocks, 30cm, 45cm and 60cm

High Wycombe

industry have when it comes to managing and

cleaning widths which can achieve a 1800m2/hour


verifying the work of their remote staff, also

cleaning productivity.

HP12 3QL

Roma Systems


providing a return on investment in terms





of time spent completing admin tasks. Its

RPC bpi refuse

solutions have been created and developed by

Heanor Gate Industrial Estate

range of professional upright vacuum cleaners.

professionals in the industry, and are intuitive


The range includes the BS360 and 460, the XP

for administrators and remote staff alike. All


Automatic which actively adjusts to the floor

data is available in various formats to improve

DE75 7RG

to ensure optimum performance at all times,

admin functions, with smart scheduling,


the Evolution, the Dart, The Dart UHS Polisher

monitoring for remote staff on smartphone and

RPC bpi refuse is the UK’s largest manufacturer

which converts the Dart into an ultra-high speed

landline, client portals, inventory management,

of refuse sacks, producing over 30 million refuse

polisher, the Professional D8 Cyliner, and the

and more.

sacks per week in the UK, and is Europe’s largest

Duo Carpet Dry Cleaning System. SEBO is keen

Made in Germany, SEBO offers an established

to show how using its experience, innovation and technology it has produced machines that fully comply with the new energy labels and yet are just as reliable and effective in the demanding world of professional cleaning.

S&J Polythene and Paper H02 Unit 1 Ghyll Way Airedale Business Centre Skipton North Yorkshire BD23 2DD www.sjpolytheneandpaper.co.uk S&J Polythene and Paper is a family run corporate owned business. Operating for over 25 years from its purpose built premises in Skipton it prides itself on offering the best products, service and prices. It has over 900 lines in stock ranging from toilet rolls, chemicals and janitorial supplies to specialising in polythene bags of all types.

52 MARCH 2020


eliminates all bad odours

Using 100% plant-based odour-neutralising molecules that bioconvert all unpleasant odours on contact and permanently – with a quick manual spray directly onto the surface. It is 100% safe and environmentally friendly. It kills all remaining odours after cleaning – instantly. AfterClean InstaClear leaves behind no artificial scent – “better to kill bad odours than mask them”.

A single spray deposits millions of microscopic biodegradable capsules on floors, soft furnishings and coverings. Any movement disturbs and ruptures some of the capsules, releasing the fragrance and confirming that the area has been freshly cleaned. The untouched capsules remain intact, until the next user of the space makes contact with them and reactivates more fragrance.

Green Scent International International 01934 244160 • info@afterclean.co.uk info@afterclean.co.uk cleanscent (Afterclean)_half page_c&m_march2020.indd 1

05/02/2020 15:50

Pumps Cleaning Equipment Pressure Washers Supplying quality products since 1975


16,000 product lines

Hose Reels Fluid Handling Fittings Connectors

Stand C20

Stock in excess of £3 million

35,000 sq. ft. distribution centre

www.dualpumps.co.uk Call 01664 567226 for more information 185x128March.indd 1

Filters Spraying & Watering Engines Motors Generators Frames UK Official Distributor Since 1983

17/02/2020 11:43:02





Grafton House Grafton Street High Wycombe Bucks HP12 3AJ www.smarttask.co.uk Skillweb is a leading UK-based software developer of cloud-based employee scheduling and remote workforce management systems, with a 20-year track record in delivering robust solutions to make businesses more efficient. With its employee scheduling and workforce management solution - SmartTask - users

Nexdynamic is the creator of the Squeegee

employee’s past reviews and rate them after the

quickly experience time savings of up to 26%

app - a scheduling solution for companies

shift is over. Syft was acquired by Indeed.com in

through innovation, digitisation and better

in the field service industry. Squeegee uses

May 2019.

ways of working, significantly enhanced service

the latest technology to sync information in

quality, and contract compliance.

real time to: manage customers, schedule


jobs, dispatch work, and manage billing and

Technology House

accounts. With Squeegee, workflow is improved

Mount Pleasant

by ensuring tasks that can be completed out in


Unit 33 Cornwell Business Park

the field have the simplest possible solution,


Salthouse Road

vastly reducing (and in some cases completely

TN11 9JG


eliminating) time spent on administrative tasks



by being entirely mobile. Businesses using

Templa is a long established provider of


Squeegee have saved 26 days each year on

integrated software solutions to the contract


average for each admin user.

cleaning and FM sector. With its contract

Spinaclean: Home of skyVac


Spinaclean: Home of skyVac helps


management system, TemplaCMS, it has a

high level cleaning simple and cost effective

Suzhou Kare Houseware Co Ltd

by providing powerful, energy efficient


the UK, Ireland, Australia, and into Europe. The

and portable products. In 2003, the skyVac

This company, headquartered in China,

sector-specific solution leverages the existing

system revolutionised professional gutter

specialises in microfibre cloth production,

data available within the company’s standard

cleaning and has been at the forefront of the

mops, non-woven cloths, towels, and brushes.

finance and payroll package software, removing

organisations and individuals make complex

cleaning industry ever since. Reaching up to


meeting the demands of SME businesses across

data duplication, eradicating multiple system

40ft from the ground and only requiring one


person to operate, the powerful system has

101 New Cavendish Street

TemplaCMS is an end-to-end solution for the

been designed to safely and quickly clear


entire business of a cleaning/FM contractor,

the most stubborn of blocked gutters in a


with absolute financial control delivered to the

matter of minutes. At the show the company


back office, but with seamless integration into

will be showcasing its extensive range of

Syft is a flexible staffing platform, connecting

field operations, mobile technology and client/

equipment, to suit everyone’s external and

tens of thousands of workers with employers

employee portals.

internal cleaning needs - from the skyVac

in the hospitality, industrial and FM sectors.

Interceptor, the first ever gutter cleaning

Founded in London in 2015, multi-award

Tennant Vaclensa

machine completely free from electricity, to

winning Syft has opened branches in the

Unit C5 Leadbeaters Lane

the compact skyVac Atom gutter and internal

Midlands, Greater Manchester and Cheshire,


high-level vacuuming system.

Yorkshire, Wales and the South West,


Merseyside and Edinburgh to support its


growing temporary workforce. Breaking from

In 2017 Tennant acquired the IPC group of

Squeegee by Nexdynamic



unique end-to-end fully integrated solution

reconciliation and mitigating data errors.


the traditional staffing agency model, Syft seeks

companies which included Vaclensa, one of

West Stables

to benefit both employers and workers through

the UK’s leading suppliers of professional

Brockhampton Offices

technological innovation. An easy to use app

cleaning machines. Tennant’s goal is to become


features thousands of workers and a range

a global leader in providing sustainable


of businesses, experienced workers who are

cleaning products and innovation and Vaclensa


verified by Syft staff and ready at short notice,

compliments that goal by sharing the same


and a feedback system where you can see an

vision. Tennant Vaclensa operates as one team

54 MARCH 2020




offering all the products from the Tennant and

hygiene and consumable supplies; waste and

equipment for professional cleaning. Each TTS

Vaclensa range.

environmental management; pest control;

product is the result of 30 years of experience

plants and grounds maintenance; security;

in the market, with a careful analysis of the

building maintenance and access solutions;

specific needs related to different sectors

Floor 7-8 Quayside Tower

and access equipment. Floorbrite has exhibited

of use. TTS offers more than 4200 items

252-260 Broad Street

each year at the Manchester Cleaning Show,

manufactured in Italy with materials of the


since the show’s inaugural event in 2016, and

highest quality. The company currently exports

B1 2HF

always provides something special to entertain

its products to more than 80 countries around


its visitors - fun and prizes guaranteed!

the world and confirms its international



AuthentiQuest is an online solution that allows

Toucan Eco

and background checks on employees and

Robert Scott

job candidates. AuthentiQuest is simple and

Oak View Mills

straightforward to use while securing quick

Manchester Road

Uhealth Medical (Beijing) Products Co. Ltd. B19

and accurate results – the company’s pay as



you go model makes it easy for users to sign


Uhealth Medical (Beijing) Products Co. Ltd.

up and start using today. AuthentiQuest offers


is a leading manufacturer producing overall,

a range of services including basic disclosure


facemask, mob cap, doctors cap, and wipes in

checks, standard and enhanced DBS checks,

At this year’s show, Robert Scott will be shining

Beijing, China. Its factory was established in

credit history checks, DVLA checks, and

its spotlight on sustainable cleaning, showcasing

2012 and now employs more than 1000 workers.

reference checking - all of which safeguard

its first non-chemical cleaning range, Toucan

a user’s business and create a safer working

Eco. Toucan Eco is a revolutionary system that

Unique IQ

environment. AuthentiQuest is accessible via

requires only three components - water, salt and

17 Chestnut Court

all web browsers 24 hours a day and takes

a low voltage electrical current (about a tenth of

Jill Lane

applicants just five minutes to complete, with a

the amount of electricity required for a kettle) - to


proven track record of speeding up the overall

make an anti-bacterial, multi-surface cleaner


recruitment process.

that is 100% safe and has undergone stringent

B96 9EW

tests by EU-accredited, independent labs and


university research departments. As well as

Unique IQ creates innovative software solutions

Cranford House

Toucan Eco Active (10 litre) and Toucan Eco III (1

for managing a remote cleaning workforce,

Cranford Avenue

litre) units, Robert Scott will also be showcasing

helping businesses to manage their people


the latest Toucan Eco Active Plus (20 litre) and

more effectively by automating and digitising


Toucan Eco Flow.

processes, increasing efficiency and saving

The Floorbrite Group Ltd F09

M33 2AU


presence with four branches abroad: Spain,

employers to simply carry out pre-employment


Brazil, England and Germany.


time and money. Its IQ:timecard time and



The Floorbrite Group is one of the UK’s largest

84a Victoria Road

monitoring of remote workers, with a mobile

cleaning and FM companies. Still family owned


app option for seamless, real time supervision

and now run by the family’s second generation,


of delivery. See the status of your entire mobile

it operates nationwide and employs over 1500


workforce in an instant, whilst field staff have

people. Services include: daily cleaning across


the important information they need to do their

all sectors of industry; industrial/specialist

TTS Cleaning is an Italian company specialised

jobs effectively.

cleaning; window cleaning; washroom,

in designing and manufacturing manual

attendance system offers electronic call

UVD Robots


www.uvd-robots.com UVD Robots was founded in 2016 by Blue Ocean Robotics with the objective of globally commercialising robotic based UV-C disinfection solutions for hospitals. The UVD Robot is used as part of the regular disinfection process and aims to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases and harmful organic microorganisms in the environment. The advantage of the UVD Robot over existing manual systems is the incorporated, fully autonomous technology, allowing the robot to move position without human interaction, drastically reducing shadow areas.


MARCH 2020 55



PROFESSIONALS and others tasked with cleaning and

Prochem launches regional stain removal surgeries

maintenance services can benefit from a newly-introduced programme of surgeries from Prochem Europe, dedicated to stain removal. Co-hosted by the company’s distributors, Prochem’s Stain Removal Surgeries enable both co-host sales staff and invited cleaner customers to find out more about stain removal techniques via hands-on presentations. Attendees get to share in the Prochem training team’s know-how and take

home a free stain removal guide. Added benefits at Surgeries include prize draw selections of Prochem stain removal products and special discounts on Prochem products and machines. For full details on forthcoming Prochem Stain Removal Surgeries: WWW.PROCHEM.CO.UK

HOOPER Services Ltd and TSM Srl have launched the willmop 50 - an ergonomically designed system to allow for maximum control with minimum effort. Personnel can easily and safely operate the machine with one hand without any loss of performance or unnecessary strain on the user. The elastic joint, designed and patented by TSM, not only allows for

Introducing the willmop 50

otherwise strenuous bending of the handle and a complete 360° turning arc, but also offers great support of its own weight which makes willmop 50 extremely light and manoeuvrable during use. WWW.HOOPERSERVICES.CO.UK

BIO-PRODUCTIONS has launched its Ultimate Gym Cleaner. According to the company, it represents a fresh era for keeping all surfaces in the gym spick and span and squeaky clean.

Clean bill of health for gyms

But more than that, its green credentials will ensure that the environment doesn’t have to suffer as a consequence. The Ultimate Gym Cleaner is a neutral multi-purpose cleaner designed to thoroughly clean floors, walls and all surfaces within gyms, leisure centres, health suites, and spas. It offers speedy soil removal, saving time and labour, has a pleasant fresh fragrance and, most importantly, doesn’t leave behind harmful

residues. The formulation is Ideal for cleaning all surfaces safely (floors, walls, paintwork) including rubber matting and equipment, and can be used by hand or machine. WWW.BIO-PRODUCTIONS.COM

56 MARCH 2020




THERE is often confusion in the medical profession about clinical waste - what is classed as hazardous offensive waste and what is

Know your clinical waste

infectious waste? Those in the medical profession are worried about infection control and lack of training can often lead to increased levels of clinical waste being produced and disposed of, which may come with a hefty price tag. Health centres and dentists and all those in the healthcare sector are being advised to work with companies such as B&M Waste Services who work with businesses across the country to

not only provide total waste management services, but also training programmes as part of waste minimisation strategies. Graeme Knight, director at B&M Waste Services, said: “With a critical lack of high temperature incineration in the UK disposal costs of hazardous


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important than ever to accurately classify your

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waste and reduce the amount sent as hazardous


wastes are increasing, therefore it is more

or offensive through correct segregation. The result can be financially rewarding for those in the health sector, at a time when we know NHS budgets are particularly tight. Not only this, our customers often also see increases in recycling levels, as trained staff place items in recycling bins as opposed to clinical waste containers. This will then be 100% recycled or have energy recovered from it, them as opposed to being incinerated or sent for deep burial, and at a much cheaper rate than clinical waste disposal. We’ve worked with numerous hospitals, foundation trusts and individual doctors and

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dentists alike to aid understanding, increase recycling and ultimately reduce cost.”

Steve Diprose



SPACE is often the most compromised commodity for smaller restaurants


Paul Michael

and food focused bars and coffee shops meaning that finding a dishwasher that fits an available gap, as well as delivering the necessary reliability and volume, can be a very real problem. Nelson’s new Urban Advantage undercounter dishwasher, with its integral water softener, has been designed to address this problem. Its small footprint makes it easy to site while its very low noise output means it can comfortably be used at front of house

Dishwasher packs a powerful punch

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without affecting the surrounding ambience. Most significantly, it delivers the results operators need because, despite its modest dimensions, the Urban Advantage features both a top AND bottom wash & rinse arm giving it the wash power of a much larger dishwasher. Its intuitive electronic controls make operating it a simple and straightforward process while its programme menu makes it easy to choose the best and quickest option for each load. Detergent and rinse aid, meanwhile, are dispensed automatically. WWW.NELSONWASH.CO.UK MORCLEAN is launching its new Binwash Auto at Interclean Amsterdam 2020 to provide safer sanitisation of clinical waste within all hospital, medical and

Lifting the lid on the new Binwash Auto

NHS environments. Requiring no manual handling, this brand-new

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system automatically cleans wheelie bins at the touch of a button. The unit has been specifically developed for use in hospitals, medical institutions and NHS facilities, where waste bins must be cleaned to the highest standards. The system automatically cleans any size of EU wheelie bin with rotating cleaning heads so that there is no manual cleaning required by the operator. Visit Morclean on Stand 01.124 at Interclean between 12-15 May at

the RAI in Amsterdam. WWW.MORCLEAN.COM



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