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IN THIS ISSUE:  Vacuum Cleaners

With industry sectors facing unique challenges, it is important that vacuum cleaner manufacturers offer informed solutions to meet requirements. This feature explores the changing landscape.

 Manual Cleaning

A look at manual cleaning systems that provide tangible benefits for both users and customers.

 Air Quality & Odour Control

We spend 90% of our time indoors, yet indoor environmental quality and its impact on health and productivity are often an afterthought. This feature examines air quality and benefits of odour control.

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Designed by Professionals for Professionals

Designed to deliver superior cleaning even on the toughest stains that Professionals encounter frequently, such as wine, make-up, blood, coffee, grease and food stains. It’s unique technology helps keep your whites looking white for longer. Save on labour and utility costs as there is no need to pre-soak, pre-wash or hot wash, as Ariel Professional delivers outstanding results in the 1st wash at low temperatures. For more information call Freephone (UK) 0800 716 854, (ROI) 1800 535 119 *Stain removal tested among professional detergents. **Results on chocolate, tomato and coffee stains; white mixed polyester and cotton washed at 40°C.

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Vacuum Cleaners

Manual Cleaning

With industry sectors facing unique challenges, it is important that vacuum cleaner manufacturers offer informed solutions to meet requirements. This feature explores the changing landscape.

A look at manual cleaning systems that provide tangible benefits for both users and customers.

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Air Quality & Odour Control We spend 90% of our time indoors, yet indoor environmental quality and its impact on health and productivity are often an afterthought. This feature examines air quality and benefits of odour control. >>> page 28


Industrial & Belt Sanitation Solutions

Effortless cleaning and sanitation of flat, modular & mesh belts with belt sanitation solutions from OspreyDeepclean. Powered by the SteamForce range of 3 phase mobile dry steamers; reduce your cleaning costs and speed up cleaning tasks. Dry steam safely & efficiently removes allergens & most pathogens and can be used in dry environments too!

Complete sanitation with powerful dry steam from from


T: 01242 513123

E: info@ospreydc.com


The plastic pledge This issue features an article on the cleaning industry’s plastics

As part of this initiative, members of the CHSA have been

pledge - to reduce, reuse and recycle (see page 30). Members

surveyed to get an insight into the use of plastics in the

of the CHSA, the CSSA and WAMITAB have produced a joint

manufacture and distribution of cleaning and hygiene

statement of intent: ‘Plastic is embedded in every part of the

products. The initial results are encouraging. Furthermore,

cleaning and hygiene supply chain, from the manufacture of

the CSSA’s recent survey into green issues in the cleaning

plastic sacks and the bottles containing cleaning chemicals to

industry highlighted strategies employed by members to

the packaging of individual products. This is why we have come

reduce plastics. The next step in the development of the

together to address the challenge - an effective solution is only

Cleaning Industry Plastics Pledge is to understand better

possible through cross sector collaboration.’

the way in which plastics are used so the industry can develop a route map for evolving all in the cleaning and

The result of this collaboration will, I hope, be a sensible and

hygiene sector toward the most sustainable plastics and

pragmatic approach to the use and disposal of plastics, or the

their re-use and recycling.

use of alternatives where appropriate. It would be unrealistic to suggest that the industry can switch from plastic to another

This is a really encouraging start, and evidence of the cleaning

material in all circumstances - in many cases other materials

sector’s concern for the environment, and for those people

will not be as effective or will introduce new, potentially

employed within the industry. I look forward to following the

unforeseen, environmental challenges of their own.

initiative as it unfolds, and reporting on the positive results it is achieving.

The CHSA, the CSSA and WAMITAB have come together to tackle this issue head on. They are developing a cleaning industry

Wishing you a happy, clean, tidy and healthy month ahead.

standard on plastics around the mantra ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ and have called it the Cleaning Industry’s Plastics Pledge. The pledge will contain information on how to reduce plastic use and waste; advice on the best practice for plastic use, including information on the most appropriate plastic type for the task or job in question; and best practice for recycling, including advice

Neil Nixon, Editor

on which labels to use.

Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine




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Simplification and recognisability are the two keywords at the root of this rebranding. A font with simple lines was used together with a yellow element – a lightning bolt – symbolising strength and speed, two qualities that reflect Lavorwash’s current objective: to become stronger and more innovative in the world of domestic and professional cleaning. The launch of this rebranding represents a further milestone in our growth and business development.

Cal Crutchlow Lavor major sponsor - LCR Honda Team

Lavor GB, Unit 18, Park Court, Sullivans Way, St.Helens WA9 5GZ Tel: 01744 738 079 Email: sales@lavorpro.co.uk Website: www.lavorpro.co.uk

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22 Feature: Vacuum Cleaners With industry sectors facing unique challenges, it is important that vacuum cleaner manufacturers offer informed solutions to meet requirements. This feature explores the changing landscape.


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Industry News In the news this month… Design for recycling and an integrated approach: messages from CHSA’s plastics conference, FM workers display higher levels of hygiene, MP opens engineering facility in Bradford. People Personnel news and new appointments from across the cleaning and FM sectors. Contracts We take a look at all the latest contracts awarded across the industry. Clear Impressions Sponsored feature from Grundon Waste Management. Feature: Air Quality & Odour Control We spend 90% of our time indoors, yet indoor environmental quality and its impact on health and productivity are often an afterthought. This feature examines air quality and benefits of odour control.

27 Feature: Manual Cleaning A look at manual cleaning systems that provide tangible benefits for both users and customers.

Special Report: The cleaning industry’s plastics pledge: reduce, reuse, recycle. Special Report: ‘Licenced to clean’ - BICSc opens new training suite. Special Report: Ensuring your premises are a hygiene haven this summer. Paul Casson, technical field manager at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, and Jamie Woodhall, UK technical and innovation manager, Initial Washroom Hygiene, report. New Products An overview of some of the new products available on the market this month.

05 Editor’s Comment

16 BICSc Comment

Looking back at the past month in the cleaning sector.

In plain English please


20 BCC Comment Saying hello then waving goodbye

21 A job worth doing – a contractor’s blog. Lee Andrews reports.

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Design for recycling and an integrated approach: messages from CHSA’s plastics conference TWO dominant messages emerged from the

is capturing it efficiently from the waste flow.

Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association

The infra-red scanners, for example, cannot

(CHSA) conference on plastics. First, products

identify the type of plastic if it is black. Products

packaging and processes need to be designed

designed with this in mind will radically change

with recycling in mind, and second, an

our rates of recycling.” Anthony Holley explained the imperative

integrated approach, from the start to the finish

of collecting and sorting waste quickly and

of the supply chain, is crucial if recycling is to

easily into individual waste streams if recycling

be increased. CHSA members, who are working hard to build environmental sustainability into

can be almost endlessly recycled with a carbon

rates are to increase. He said: “There needs to

the heart of their businesses, were addressed by

footprint lower than current alternatives. A

be simpler and more consistent packaging at

a panel of experts.

predominantly circular plastic economy is

source, designed for recyclability and using

possible, but product and packaging design can

more recycled content, together with clear and

executive director of the Foodservice Packaging

make it difficult to extract and recycle each type

consistent labelling for consumers. This will feed

Association (FPA); Mark Roberts, managing

of plastic from the waste stream. In addition,

into consistency at the collection end, reducing

director of Plasgran, a leading recycler of plastic

consumers are confused about what is possible

confusion about what can and can’t be recycled

waste in the UK and part of RPC bpi Group;

and what they need to do to facilitate recycling,

across the board. Personal responsibility is as

Anthony Holley, development director of waste

often throwing plastic into general waste as a

important as producer responsibility.”

management company, Biffa; and Richard

result. Educating people and businesses on the

Finally, Richard Lainchbury explained how

Lainchbury, operations director at Bunzl

best practice for collecting, sorting and cleaning

the company is segregating waste streams and

Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies, responsible for

waste at source will boost recycling of plastic.

adopting a plethora of small but impactful

the company’s waste management strategy.

An integrated supply chain, each element

changes: “We have set a minimum standard for

structured to facilitate recycling, will also make

all our sites. Each one has to have segregated

a significant positive impact.

waste streams in order to maximise recycling

The panel comprised: Martin Kersh,

“Our members want to do the right thing in terms of environmental sustainability,” said CHSA chairman, Stephen Harrison. “Our expert

Martin Kersh began by providing an update

opportunities in the office and warehouses.

speakers provided valuable information. As an

on legislation affecting business, urging

All branches are reusing packaging and

association we are taking it forward to develop

delegates to engage actively in relevant

equipment to reduce reliance on plastics we

a practical roadmap our members can follow to

consultations. He said: “Your voices need to be

are introducing water tape dispenser machines

improve their processes and procedures as we

heard if we are to reach a position where this

to remove polypropylene tape across our

work towards an efficient and environmentally-

valuable material is used in an environmentally

branches and trailing alternatives to pallet

friendly circular economy.”

sustainable way. In particular, ‘producer

wrap. By adopting the mantra of reduce, reuse

responsibility’ means the manufacturer is

and recycle, small changes like these are having

the planet triggered a backlash, yet it is an

responsible for what ultimately happens to the

a big impact in our business.”

incredibly versatile material, all types of which

plastic. If this is the case, a responsibility must


The perception plastic is suffocating

also be placed on the consumer to dispose of the product correctly. Littering, for example, or a failure to provide access to appropriate recycling facilities must be properly addressed.” Mark Roberts made clear the real challenge for recyclers is extracting plastic from the waste stream: “We have the technical expertise to recycle every type of plastic. The challenge

LOYA 2019: sponsorship opportunities THE Loo of the Year Awards is inviting

Friday 6 December at the Soco St Johns

entertainment, a supplier’s exhibition, plus

companies providing products and services

Hotel, Solihull.

networking opportunities.

to washroom providers to become sponsors

The event presents puts sponsors in front of

Sponsorship packages are affordable and

of the 2019 Loo of the Year Awards. The

an audience of up to 400 guests, all connected

can be created to meet an individual sponsor’s

awards scheme promotes its sponsors

with the provision of washrooms. In addition

needs and budget. For more information

throughout the current year which culminates

to the presentation of a range of national and

contact Mike Bone on 01403 258779 or via

in the awards event - the ‘washroom Oscars’

UK/Ireland awards and trophies, there is first

email: mike@loo.co.uk.

– which, in 2019, will be in the daytime on

class hospitality throughout the day, excellent


8 AUGUST 2019




NEW Improved Formula


Designed by Professionals for Professionals

Designed to deliver superior cleaning even on the toughest stains that Professionals encounter frequently, such as wine, make-up, blood, coffee, grease and food stains. It’s unique technology helps keep your whites looking white for longer. Save on labour and utility costs as there is no need to pre-soak, pre-wash or hot wash, as Ariel Professional delivers outstanding results in the 1st wash at low temperatures. For more information call Freephone (UK) 0800 716 854, (ROI) 1800 535 119 *Stain removal tested among professional detergents. **Results on chocolate, tomato and coffee stains; white mixed polyester and cotton washed at 40°C.


FM workers display higher levels of hygiene NEW research suggests that FM workers are

Dominic Ponniah, CEO at Cleanology,

more likely than others to blame colleagues

said the research showed an interesting

for spreading illness, and also tend to take

perspective on cleanliness and ways in

cleaning into their own hands to maintain

which pressure to attend, even when under

hygiene levels.

the weather, has an impact on effective working. He said: “Our findings raise

The report, commissioned by Londonbased cleaning firm Cleanology, looked

important questions about standard work

into behaviour around illness and work,

practices and whether businesses would

and attitudes towards workplace hygiene.

benefit from encouraging people to work

Interestingly, it found that 80% of FM workers

from home. More than half of those surveyed

believe sick colleagues are responsible for

had caught a cold from a colleague, while

passing on germs, compared to just 66% of

62% agreed that they are not able to work

employees in other sectors.

to the best of their abilities when they are sick. Respondents felt guilty for coming to

FM staff also appear to be more hygieneconscious than their counterparts in other

work coughing and sneezing, and 57% of FMs

industries, with just over half being likely

felt that they were likely to make mistakes.

to carry sanitising spray at work – 16%

While only a quarter of people blamed a dirty workplace for catching an illness, two out of

more than across wider industry. The survey also found that almost two-thirds of workers

when they are ill, even though it impedes

five carry cleaning wipes. For us, as cleaners,

feel under more pressure to go to work

their productivity.

this is a telling insight into the standard of cleaning in many workplaces. For employers and FMs, it must also raise questions about the link between cleanliness in the workplace and productivity.” The survey was conducted by Sapio Research, which questioned 1056 respondents. Of these, 51 were facilities managers. Gender differences were highlighted, with one third of men taking sick days, compared with just under a quarter of women. Men are also more likely to work from home when they are sick. 25% of male workers reported having to take matters into their own hands by cleaning the workplace toilet, compared with just 17% of women. WWW.CLEANOLOGY.COM

Miwest Services launches to service Host customers FOLLOWING the recent closure of Host UK Ltd

know will be appreciated by our customers

t/a Host von Schrader, managing director Mike

following a somewhat disturbing month or

Egerton has announced that he and his team

so of trading this year. We all look forward to

will be opening a brand new and independent

getting started as Miwest’s doors opened on

business to provide a nationwide repair and

Monday 1 July. We have already received a

servicing operation.

huge amount of support from our customers who are delighted that their machines can be

Miwest Services Ltd will be based at 6 Windle Court, Clayfield Industrial Estate,

the Host dry extraction cleaning system

kept in the best possible condition and that,

Neston, CH64 3UH and will offer all existing

within the UK marketplace and a close

importantly, they can continue to provide

and new Host users a dedicated repair and

and fruitful relationship has been built up

their customers with the levels of service and

servicing operation run on a day to day basis

by Wendy and Steve with all UK users and

carpet cleaning capabilities that only the

by Steve Parker and Wendy Mangan, who have

distributors. They will continue to supply

Host system can deliver.”

both joined Mike Egerton in this new venture.

the level of service and commitment to

Mike Egerton said: “Over the years this

their customer base in the same reliable

on mikee@miwest.co.uk.

and friendly manner - something which we


is the team that has successfully grown 10 AUGUST 2019

For further information contact Mike Egerton


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MP opens engineering facility in Bradford A brand new engineering facility at Cutler Heights, Bradford, was officially opened recently by Judith Cummins, MP for Bradford South, on behalf of chemicals specialist Christeyns. A further significant investment in facilities for Christeyns in Bradford, this new Cutler Heights location will provide an important hub for its commercial laundry engineering division, currently handling multi-million pound contracts for laundries nationwide. “As the largest player in the UK commercial laundry sector with around 75% market share, high-tech engineering systems have become a critical part of our customer offering,” said operations director, Dave Aveyard. “This new facility will mean we can better serve our growing customer base and be future ready.” Judith Cummins MP cut the ribbon with

Apprentice Jordan Jeffery in the new workshop.

the help of Christeyns apprentices Hena Arif and Jordon Jeffrey and declared the

other companies from the area who are not

purpose-built space was required. This new

facility officially open. “It was an honour to

already doing so to offer apprenticeship

5600 sq ft facility at Cutler Heights provides

open Christeyns’ new engineering facility

opportunities. There are some great young

double the amount of space, a spare parts

with some of the apprentices from its

people out there who are our future.”

warehouse, maintenance workshop with

workforce. Christeyns is a great example

Previously the engineering facility was

tool stations for equipment testing and

of a company that is taking the lead on

housed at Rutland Street but due to its

refurbishments, modern meeting room and

offering apprenticeship schemes to the next

increasing importance in the Christeyns

training facility, as well as offices.

generation of our local workforce. I urge

product and service offering, a larger,


Wates FM – a new name in facilities management THE Wates Group is set to expand its

deal of synergy between Wates Living

market. Our success to date has been

facilities management offering with the

Space and Wates FM and aligning the two

founded on our determination to understand

launch of Wates Facilities Management

businesses will enable us to significantly

and respond to our customers’ individual

(Wates FM) - a new business with expanded

enhance our service to clients. Operational

needs, something that has made us a trusted

nationwide capabilities.

efficiency is essential when working with

facilities management partner. I very much

the public sector and this is something that

look forward to the next steps in this journey

FM, Wates FM will build on its existing

underpins Wates Living Space’s position as

and to working alongside our colleagues in

nationwide portfolio of total facilities

a leading UK provider of housing repairs

Wates Living Space. Our financial stability,

management services across a range of

and maintenance. Wates FM will be able to

our shared expertise and commitment to

environments, including banking, retail and

benefit from this emphasis to expand our FM

impeccable standards of service delivery, and

healthcare, and will seek opportunities to

services into the public sector, building on

our continuous drive to innovate, will cement

provide facilities management support to both

the expert front-line services that our two

Wates FM’s position as a leading provider of

private and public sector customers.

businesses provide.”

facilities management services to both public

Formerly operating as Wates Smartspace

Wates FM will become part of Wates’

James Gregg, managing director of Wates

and private sector customers.” Wates FM currently manages over 350

Property Services division alongside the

FM, added: “The launch of Wates FM is a

group’s Living Space business which provides

positive step that will support the adaption

commercial properties, delivering services

planned and responsive repairs for over

of our FM services to the needs of an evolving

including statutory compliance, cleaning,

500,000 social housing properties. David Morgan, managing director of

security, catering, porterage, front-ofhouse, help desks, and computer-aided

Wates Living Space, said: “Wates’ continued

facilities management (CAFM), as well as

success is built on the breadth of our

mechanical and electrical and building fabric

in-house capabilities and our agility in

maintenance through a mix of site based and

identifying and maximising complementary

mobile teams.

areas of our business. There is a great


12 AUGUST 2019




DCA celebrates its fifth birthday BRITISH Cleaning Council member - the

We also had highly professional, responsible

Domestic Cleaning Alliance (DCA) - is this year

service providers competing with unreliable

celebrating its fifth anniversary. Founded in 2014

and uninsured cash-in-hand operators. After

by Stephen Munton (pictured with Stan Atkins),

more than a decade working in the industry

the DCA’s mission is to support the needs of the

and several years of research, I founded the

people and businesses that provide cleaning

DCA as I wanted to create a level playing field

services within other peoples’ homes.

and set some industry benchmarks which were previously non-existent. For example, there is

which was previously working in the shadows.

include domestic cleaning training, advice

currently no law which says a cleaning business

Stephen’s commitment to ongoing professional

on running a cleaning business, discounts on

has to have any sort of insurance, but we insist

development and raising standards within

supplies, equipment and insurance, plus peer-

all members prove to us upon application

domestic cleaning should also be applauded

to-peer networking opportunities - was inspired

that they have a public liability policy in place.

in what is a rapidly growing and economically

by Munton’s experience within the domestic

Further, once accepted as a member, their full

significant sector of the cleaning industry.”

cleaning sector.

company details are listed on our website for all

The DCA’s services and benefits - which

Last year the BCC awarded the DCA a grant

to see - including the taxman. No matter what

to host a special industry workshop which was

business back in 2003 and found the UK

the size of a cleaning business or how long it’s

aimed at supporting new domestic cleaning

domestic cleaning industry to be fragmented,

been trading, so long as it’s legal and insured,

business owners who were looking to grow their

unregulated and with a ‘wild west’ culture

the owner can apply for membership. Five years

businesses and improve their processes when it

that didn’t really benefit professional service

on, we’re growing all the time, and I would like

came to recruiting and retaining staff.

providers or their customers. There were no

to thank the British Cleaning Council for its

shared standards regarding what a domestic

support since we joined them in 2015.”

Stephen Munton said: “I started my cleaning

cleaning service should actually be offering,

Stan Atkins, outgoing chair of the BCC,

Stephen celebrated the DCA’s fifth birthday with a special BCC branded cake which was presented to Stan Atkins at a recent BCC

what service levels to work to, or what the

said: “Stephen has done an incredible job

members’ meeting.

client could expect if anything went wrong.

to shine a spotlight on an industry sector


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Open for entries: the 2020 Golden Service Awards THE 2020 Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden

and stakeholders, and play a part in driving

Service Awards are now open, closing on 27

industry standards.

September this year. This is an opportunity

The 2020 Golden Service Awards will be

for cleaning companies, facilities companies

presented on Wednesday 4 March 2020 at the

and in-house cleaning teams to showcase the

London Hilton on Park Lane. Sponsorship opportunities remain available

highest standards of cleaning excellence.

- for more information please contact Suzanne

The Golden Service Awards offer businesses the opportunity showcase their good work,

Howe on 0203 468 0923 or

recognise teams and individuals, win new


contracts, strengthen relationships with clients


Genesis Biosciences scoops ‘green champion’ award PIONEERING natural microbial and anti-

be named ‘green business of the year’ by the

the use of harsh chemicals which are known

microbial solutions manufacturer, Genesis

Cardiff Business Awards. Our Eco-Benign

to harm the environment. Ensuring companies

Biosciences, has been recognised for its

foundation delivers biological products that

are environmentally responsible is so important

commitment to the environment at this year’s

out-perform the alternative solutions without

and we are happy to be leading the way in

Cardiff Business Awards. Genesis Biosciences won the ‘Green Business

Cardiff. In a market which is dominated by harsh and sometimes dangerous chemical cleaners,

of the Year’ trophy in the awards that celebrate

Genesis is developing products that are putting

the entrepreneurial and innovative ventures

end-user safety, social responsibility and

leading the way within the Welsh capital city.

environmental considerations first, and that

Genesis Biosciences managing director, Emma Saunders, said: “We are so proud to

14 AUGUST 2019

belief is at the heart of the company’s culture.” WWW.GENESISBIOSCIENCES.CO.UK




New MD at phs Direct WASHROOM and

Hygiene, delivering double digit growth year

are motivated to becoming the supplier that

hygiene services

on year. Following its merger with Diversey, he

customers choose to trust to manage their

provider phs Group

became its global head of CRM and business

hygiene needs and I hope to empower the

has appointed a new

development director for the UK and Ireland,

team so we can go on this journey together and

managing director

rolling out its new global sales, service and

achieve more every step of the way.”

of its consumables

marketing processes. He said: “I have always

business. Warren

known of phs and, now that I’m here, I’m proud

said: “phs is a long-established and well-

Edmondson has taken the helm as MD at phs

to be associated with one of the most recognised

known business in the industry and over the

Direct which provides a range of specialist

brands in the hygiene industry. With a new CEO,

past year, we’re building new foundations to

consumables from toilet tissues and dispensers

phs is on a new mission to enhance the business

deliver growth and stand ourselves apart in

to cleaning supplies and vending services. He

and I wanted to be part of this exciting new

our offering to customers. Warren brings with

will also be responsible for the phs product

chapter. Our vision is for phs Direct to become

him valuable knowledge and experience in

team based in Tamworth as well as phs-owned

a complete hygiene solution provider where

managing and growing cleaning and hygiene

hand dryer supplier, Warner Howard.

customers feel all their hygiene, chemicals and

businesses and we are confident that he will

consumables needs can be serviced in one place

lead phs Direct through this exciting new

director, Edmondson spent nearly six years at

and can consolidate their supplies through

transition with great success.”

chemicals and ancillary product supplier Zenith

one experienced and trusted source. Our staff


As an experienced sales and marketing

David Taylor-Smith, CEO at phs Group,

Sodexo to create network for ex-military and reservist employees SODEXO has worked with the British military for

The network will initially launch within

with 203 employed. Sodexo is proud to support

over 30 years delivering services to support the

Sodexo’s Government and Agencies business

and provide employment opportunities at every

entire armed forces community from serving

which currently hold a number of key military

level to those leaving the military.

personnel, their families, veterans, reservists,

contracts, but once established will extend to

and cadets. Sodexo was an early signatory

relevant employees from across its business.

Oliver Smith, centre manager, defence, Sodexo UK and Ireland, who was a Royal Navy chef

The aim of the network will be to create a

serving on multiple ships, said: “After spending

commitment is the continual support in the

forum for employees to share their experiences

five years with the Royal Navy taking up a role in

employment of ex-armed forces personnel and

as well as provide advice and support for new

the FM industry has been an easy transition. The

their families as well as those employees which

recruits so that Sodexo becomes known as an

industry offers similar structured processes and a

are members of the reserves.

employer of choice for those leaving military

clear leadership vison much like the armed forces,

life or are part of, or interested in joining, the

and working on an MOD site feels like coming

intention to develop and launch an employee

reserves. As part of Sodexo’s ‘public service

home after working in various restaurants on the

network specifically aimed at employees with

pledge’, a target has been set to employ 200

high street before joining Sodexo.”

a military background, and/or are reservists.

ex-service personnel, which Sodexo achieved


of the Armed Forces Covenant. Part of its

To build on this Sodexo has announced its

Manufacturer adds colour to its charity credentials BIO-Productions’ MD Angela Gill, HR manager

coloured powdered runs thrown in. Contestants

stations and 20 music zones. When it all got too

Sara Gibb and sales administrator Morwenna

negotiated 20 obstacles with eight colour

much, they were able to recover in a special

Bunt took part in the Colour Obstacle Rush event in Brighton recently. The fundraising

chill out area. Morwenna Bunt said: “The Colour Rush

trio participated in support of their

on Saturday was so much fun. It was great

designated charity, St Peter and St James

to be part of such a huge crowd who were

Hospice. While the event is not marketed as

all there for their own personal reasons. As a

a fundraising platform, the Bio-Productions

team we wanted to raise money for a charity

team paid an entrance fee and in addition

that was both local and close to our hearts. I

pledged to raise £200 each for their chosen

personally ran this for St Peter and St James’

charity. So far the threesome has raised over

as they provided so much help and support

£700 and is hoping to add to this. Earlier this

throughout the final stages of my nan’s life

month Sara Gibb staged her own mini bake

in 2010. The Colour Rush was a thoroughly

off where she traded sweet treats with staff at

enjoyable way to raise awareness and it was a

HQ in return for donations.

fantastic feeling to be part of such a motivating

The Colour Obstacle Rush combines the

and supportive team, I’m looking forward to our

thrill of an obstacle course over 5km with the

next challenge!”

atmosphere of a music festival and the fun of



AUGUST 2019 15


In plain English please THE use of technical language

heard someone say AI, I’m sure your first thought would be

and business jargon is

so that they are expressed more clearly. The organisation campaigns against so-called ‘gobbledygook’ and misleading public

commonplace these days,

artificial intelligence, not

but why? Do managers and

active ingredient as it is

information, so headlines like ‘The scale of

employees feel like these

sometimes used for in

unknowable consequences that the United

fancy terms and acronyms

cleaning. Sometimes it’s

Kingdom has brought upon itself – and

sound savvy? Do they give

better to keep it simple

the rest of the world – with the vote in the

the people that use them

and communicate in plain

referendum to leave the European Union

English, especially if there’s

was best gauged by the relative sobriety

comfort? Jargon certainly has its purpose

a chance that you will have to explain what

with which one of the leave camp’s most

when used in the right way but, more often

you have said.

voluble campaigners reacted’…are a thing of

a sense of community and

than not, I find it is used to impress rather

Communication is particularly important in the cleaning industry, where almost a

than inform.

the past! If you’re not sure whether your message

Jargon is defined as ‘special words or

quarter of workers are born outside of the

is clear enough, ask yourself the following

expressions used by a profession or group

UK, and English is not their first language.

questions: Is there a simpler way to say

that are difficult for others to understand’.

During my years working in contract

what you want to say? Does the word

Simply put, it refers to any word or phrase

cleaning, language barriers were one of the

have multiple meanings? Will others

that loses or changes meaning when you use

biggest challenges I faced, so it makes sense

know what the acronym means? If your

it with people who aren’t in your field.

to not overcomplicate things further by

neighbour, friend or family member wouldn’t

adding in unnecessary words and acronyms

understand the message, then change it.

that some individuals won’t understand.

Jargon is great if you want to exclude people

To outsiders, these terms can sound obscure and even pretentious. For example, how would you feel if your doctor told you

There is an organisation that supports

and make yourself feel special. My advice,

that you just had a myocardial infarction

my views called ‘Plain English’ that helps

stick with plain English.

rather than a heart attack? Also, if you

companies edit and rewrite their documents


NEW BACKPACK VACUUM 36v (Twin 18v) Brushless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner DVC261ZX11

Fully Adjustable Harness HEPA Filter

Max Sealed Suction Max Air Volume Suction Power Paper Dust Bag Cloth Dust Bag Net Weight Run Time 2x 6.0Ah

11kPa 2.3 m³/min 105 Max 2.0L 1.5L 3.8 - 4.5kg 140 Mins (Low)

Memory Function Starts-up in the same suction power as when you finished

Controller On/Off switching and max/high/low settings Twin 18v Batteries Power the 36v motor for maximum suction


16 AUGUST 2019



Cordant extends relationship with Eurotunnel terminal - otherwise known as the Victor Hugo

to excellence at every opportunity whilst

Building - and additional office space, including

working at the Victor Hugo Building. We are

general and high-level cleaning, washroom

now excited to further extend this partnership

services and window cleaning, plus emergency

and we are sure that this latest agreement

cleans as required.

will benefit the 10 million passengers that use

Since 2015, Cordant Services has also taken responsibility for scanning passenger passports

Eurotunnel each year.” Guy Pakenham, managing director at

CORDANT Services, part of Cordant Group,

before sending the information to the Home

Cordant Cleaning, said: “We are extremely

has secured a three-year extension to continue

Office for analysis. The team works to strict

proud to extend this successful relationship

providing a full portfolio of cleaning solutions

scanning targets with a key objective of not

for at least another three years and I want to

to Eurotunnel. This new contract further

causing any delays to passenger journeys.

thank my team members for their continuing

strengthens the long-standing relationship

The contract will continue to be fulfilled by a

hard work and dedication. A clean and safe

between the two organisations, who have

dedicated team of 35 operatives supported by

environment is a crucial part of delivering an

worked together since 2008.

an on-site management team.

exceptional customer experience and this new

Under the terms of the new agreement,

Reena Moseley, property services at

contract illustrates our ability to work closely

Cordant Services will continue to deliver a wide

Eurotunnel, said: “Since 2008 Cordant

with our clients to ensure they meet their goals.”

range of solutions at the Folkestone passenger

Services has demonstrated its commitment


JPC appointed to King’s Cross Estate SAMSIC-owned JPC Cleaning has been

all public areas and buildings managed and

a respect for the environment and its heritage

appointed to provide cleaning and

maintained by King’s Cross Estate Services.

are core to this development and we are very

environmental services to London’s fast-

Branded as the Environmental Services Team,

proud to play our part in ensuring that it is

expanding 67-acre King’s Cross estate. One

JPC’s team is providing vertical and horizontal

always clean and safe.”

of the city’s largest ever redevelopments,

cleaning as well as environmental waste


King’s Cross is being transformed from an

services to the site.

underused industrial wasteland into a new zone

JPC managing director, John Conry Jnr,

comprising homes, shops, offices, galleries,

said: “Our expertise in providing innovative,

bars, restaurants, schools, and a university

progressive solutions in a socially-responsible

across 26 acres of streets, parks and squares,

way to large scale mixed-use developments

with its own brand new postcode: N1C.

bring to King’s Cross an ethos in harmony with

London-based JPC has been appointed to

the site owners’ own values. Sustainability and

Cloud innovation transforms Community Clean COMMUNITY Clean has transformed its

Community Clean services a diversity of

and paperwork systems to be incorporated into

business by equipping field operatives with

sectors such as construction, rail, highways,

a single, integrated process. Using their tablets,

tablets connected in real-time to the office

facilities, and housing. Clients include Network

field operatives can now instantly see all the

to replace paperwork. As a provider of

Rail, Skanska, Balfour Beatty and BAM and,

relevant project paperwork, health and safety

regeneration, protection and maintenance

working with Costain, the company recently

documentation, maps, and photos. Worksheets

services, Community Clean is using the mobile

helped restore over 40,000sqm of Victorian

are now on the tablets and with mandatory

workforce system from BigChange to manage

brickwork during the refurbishment of London

health and safety reports, management can

operations nationwide. The system, called

Bridge station.

ensure that all the right paperwork is complete,

JobWatch, also automates all back-office

“Our main focus is to do our best to help

first time. “Getting paperwork back and forth to

functions as part of a complete 5 in 1 solution

regenerate and maintain the environment

delivered via the cloud.

in which we live,” said Andy Izzard, director,

operational teams was onerous and very time

Community Clean. “We see evolution and

consuming with inevitable delays to invoicing,”

innovation as things that make us stand out

said Clare Branch, HSEQ manager. “BigChange

and the IT solution provided by BigChange

has made it much easier to manage projects

really has put us ahead of the pack.”

and we no longer need to chase paperwork. We

Community Clean’s work is very diverse which

are now dealing with more projects, with less

adds complexity to managing the business

staff, in a far more efficient manner. And with

and the company was previously using three

the data being available instantly, invoicing is

separate systems and various spreadsheets.

done on the same day, improving cashflow.”

BigChange has allowed the previous workflow



AUGUST 2019 17


How green is your office? From energy efficient lighting to reducing food waste, from increasing recycling to employee engagement – the ways to turn your office green are many and varied. The challenge is knowing where to start, which is why Grundon Waste Management has put together a simple guide packed full of advice and ideas. In part one, Steve Hill sets the scene and provides top tips to put your organisation on the path to improving its environmental credentials. The government’s 25-year environment plan sets out goals for improving the environment within a generation. Targets include maximising the value and benefits we get from our resources, cutting greenhouse emissions and eliminating avoidable plastic waste by the end of 2042. And while it might appear as if we all have a virtual mountain to climb, there are plenty of things we can do now which will all help make a difference in the longer term. Take for instance resource efficiency: understanding how much you consume can help you understand opportunities for change; improving your environmental performance can save you money and may even win you awards; and when it comes to appealing to new employees, one recent survey found that nearly 40% of millennials had chosen a job because of a company’s reputation for sustainability. 18 AUGUST 2019

Here’s how you can make a difference: Getting started Being able to quantify the different resources you either use or generate is your number one priority. Undertaking audits will cover everything from energy, water, carbon emissions, and office consumables, to identifying where your waste comes from and what you do with it. For energy and carbon emissions, organisations such as Natural Capital Partners will provide valuable advice, or free online carbon benchmarking tools are available try Compare Your Footprint. For waste, speak to a reputable waste management company or go online to the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) for guidance and support. Benchmarking and measuring your data Good data provides a baseline for

tracking future performance in months and years to come. Interrogate existing data sources, such as: utility meter readings; energy and water bills; waste transfer notes and waste bills; and measure the cost and usage of office consumables (eg paper, ink/toner cartridges, paper cups, paper towels, etc). Apply relevant measurements (eg KWh for energy consumption, litres for water usage and tonnes of waste arising) and set regular monitoring periods. This will help establish ongoing usage and identify peaks and troughs, enabling you to see where progress is being made, identify successes and highlight areas for improvement. Know your targets and set clear goals It’s essential to identify company priorities and set specific targets, for example: • r educing energy consumption and carbon emissions. WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM


• cutting water usage. • improving recycling rates. • diverting waste from landfill. Don’t try to tackle everything at once, work out which areas are likely to have the biggest impact and may be easier to achieve. Prioritise your goals, set key performance indicators (KPIs), action points and a realistic timeline with regular reviews to keep you on track. Waste hierarchy This is also a good time to consider how you can adopt the waste hierarchy - ways in which you can prevent and reduce waste, as opposed to simply finding ways to reuse or recycle it. Selecting the right supplier to work with you So far, so good, but to get the maximum benefit and knowledge to help deliver against these goals, it pays to seek expert help. Here are some useful questions to ask: • Does your energy supplier provide you with 100% green energy from renewable sources? • Will your waste management provider conduct a site audit and make practical recommendations? Have they provided you with the right containers and a bespoke collection service? Do they offer accurate waste reporting? Do they work with you to engage and educate your employees? • Does your office supplies

Conducting a waste audit.

provider offer a range of ‘green’ products with reduced or 100% recyclable packaging? Developing policies and procedures Keeping on track needs clear policies and procedures and your suppliers should work with you to help develop these. Create strategic action plans for improving performance in key areas, including energy management, carbon emissions, waste management and recycling, and procurement. In the case of waste management, these policies and procedures can be applicable to each and every waste stream you produce. Look for ideas that deliver maximum efficiency - segregating different waste streams can earn rebates, installing a compactor will reduce collection journeys and therefore your carbon footprint.

Installing a compactor helps to reduce collection journeys and therefore your carbon footprint.


Understanding your legal obligations Staying on top of the latest legislation can be challenging and time-consuming but ignoring it can risk fines and damage to your organisation’s reputation. Seek out experts who will guide you - when it comes to waste, it is the responsibility of the waste management provider to keep customers up-to-date. Find a good supplier and they will do the hard work for you. Leadership buy-in and employee engagement Sustainability has to be driven from the top down, so make a business case for board-level engagement and investment - for example, having a director as part of your ‘green team’ demonstrates real commitment - and ensure all employees know and understand what you are trying to achieve. Present an all-round picture, don’t just focus on the cost savings, draw attention to other valuable benefits, such as resource efficiencies, CSR benefits (along with the positive PR this can bring), employee engagement and wellbeing, and the supply chain. Look out for part two next month, with more ideas and advice, including sustainable procurement and how technology is boosting recycling. In the meantime, for information and advice on waste management, please contact: info@grundon.com or call 01753 686 777. AUGUST 2019 19


Saying hello then waving goodbye Paul Thrupp, the new chair of the British Cleaning Council, reports. IF any of you read Stan Atkins piece on this

facing the cleaning industry which I intend to

page in the previous edition of Cleaning &

pursue in my chairman’s role. This doesn’t

more innovative projects can now be supported without the need for match-funding.

Maintenance, you will know that it

just include important issues like skills

talked about his time as BCC chair

and training, improving working

itself, in both London and Manchester, is another

conditions, promoting the

target, again building on the fantastic job the BCC

drawing to a close. He also

Boosting the reputation of The Cleaning Show

said that the practise of this

Living Wage, better operative

has done over recent years (alongside Quartz who

page being given over to BCC

health and wellbeing, fairer

publish this magazine) to boost footfall and grow

members - and occasionally our

procurement, raising standards

the exhibitor base.

industry partners - to talk about

- it also includes things like how

their work or specific initiatives

do we innovate more, maximise

would not be down to him, but

new technologies, address our

down to the new chair. I am pleased

environmental impact, and present a

But of course, any BCC chair, no matter how ambitious or driven, can’t do all of this on their own, and I am looking forward to working closely with the newly elected BCC deputy

to say that this column will again very shortly

more positive image of the commercial cleaning

chair, Jim Melvin from the CSSA, as well as the

revert to being authored by others from within the

sector to the outside world.

whole of the council membership, to take the

council’s membership, but I did want to use it to

To help do that I want to work closely with

this month to outline some of my thoughts as the

the existing BCC membership - which has now

newly elected chair.

grown to over 20 organisations - and other

future Cleaning & Maintenance columns so you

industry partners, influencers and policy

can get a sense of what’s important to him and

work as BCC chair over the last two years and it

makers. That could see the BCC reaching out

what his perspective is on key BCC matters. But to

has been a pleasure to be his deputy during that

to other trade associations where we have

reiterate what I said at the beginning of this piece,

time. His vast industry experience - combined

similar goals, and engaging more directly with

the plan is for this space to be given over to the BCC

with a pragmatic approach and a disarming sense

government on specific issues which have a

membership each month to talk in more detail about

of humour - helped the council to overcome a

significant impact on cleaning.

their specific sector and what matters to them.

First off, I would like to thank Stan for all of his

number of challenges with a minimum of drama,

organisation forward. You’ll hopefully also be hearing from Jim in

I also want to see how the money we make from

Finally, as someone who has worked in the

which is just the kind of quality you look for in a

The Cleaning Show, which is the BCC’s sole source

sector for over 40 years, I am proud to be the new

chair of an organisation as complex as the BCC.

of revenue, can be made to work even harder to

chair of the BCC and I look forward to working

support the efforts of the council. This will look to

with BCC members and our partners to make the

effective way is yet to be seen, but both myself

build on Stan’s work to help streamline the BCC’s

industry better for everyone.

and Stan did agree on a number of priorities

grant giving programme meaning that smaller and


Whether I can fill such large shoes in such an

The Professional Independent Registered Trade Association for

Window Cleaning Membership offers numerous quality benefits IOSH Accredited Safety Training Safety Accredited Member (SAM) Procurement Scheme Secure online store at: https://www.windowcleaning.org.uk/ Federation of Window Cleaners Tel: 0161 432 8754 / 0161 432 9280 Email: info@f-w-c.co.uk – Web: www.f-w-c.co.uk fwc_third horiz.indd 1

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08/10/2018 09:45



Why not have just one minimum pay rate? Lee Andrews, CEO of DOC Cleaning, reports. PRESSURE continues to rise on pay

that employs the majority of the lowest

rates, particularly here in London and

paid workers to work the hardest to do

the South East. It is becoming virtually

something about it. I’m not sure if, as

impossible to recruit on the National

an industry, we have ever worked well

Living Wage of £8.21. And yet, whilst

enough in unison to do that.

on the one hand the Living Wage

Maybe part of the answer is to

Foundation (LWF) wage of £10.45

factor in an element of realism. If, for

(£9.00 outside London) adds more

argument’s sake, the government

employers to its numbers, there is

set a new, single living wage that

still a reluctance on behalf of many cleaning clients to even entertain the idea

everyone acknowledged was fair, wouldn’t it then be reasonable to manage

of their contractors

its growth realistically,

paying above the

with increases limited

legal minimum. This is

purely to inflation? As

particularly noticeable

contractors, we could

amongst foreign-owned companies in London, who

price and plan contract costs more confidently, which

don’t grasp the idea of voluntarily

clients would surely appreciate. We

paying above the legal minimum,

could also manage the differentials with

rather like the way they don’t always

higher paid staff within our companies

understand the concept of TUPE!

more easily - another issue caused by

In defence of clients, it doesn’t help that between the NLW and LWF there

the wide variety of rates now being paid. But if harmonisation of ‘living’ wages

are so many ‘living wages’ - currently

still looks a long way off, like everyone

five if you include staff who are aged

else I’m at least hoping for greater

18 or over. And this variation can also

clarity and certainty when Brexit is

present challenges for contractors

resolved one way or the other. As any

who employ staff working in the same

London contractor knows, 90+% of

building, but on different contracts.

cleaning operatives are now foreign

A cleaning operative in a communal

nationals, fuelled by the continued

area can be paid £8.21, whereas

shunning of cleaning jobs by UK-born

their colleague in a building tenant’s

citizens in the capital. Uncertainty

area can be on £10.45 - a massive

around longer-term immigration rules

27% difference. Interestingly, I am

is already restricting the supply of

hearing about contractors who will

staff for our industry and may do so

categorically not take on new work at

further if any new skills or salary-based

less than LWF rates, which is a brave

selection rules are applied to citizens

and laudable stance to take, although

of all countries and not just the EU. So I

it raises the question of whether you

wait with interest to see if the final Brexit

have the discussion with the client

outcome pushes up the ‘going rate’

before the tender to establish their

for cleaning. If that happens, then like

commitment, or whether you submit

everyone else I will not be disappointed.

the tender ‘blind’, making your case

It may initially prove difficult for industry

within your proposal document.

clients to accept, and result in some

The problem is that our industry is

difficult conversations, but ironically it

so fragmented on the supply side.

may solve a problem that otherwise

Wouldn’t it be encouraging if some of

has no obvious solution. Cleaning

our industry’s very large players took

could yet become a sustainable means

a firm stance on this? At the end of the

of employment.

day, it is incumbent on the industry


To enable businesses to maximise the usability and efficiency of their batteries and chargers, ECOBAT Industrial has developed the ECOBAT charger app and WiFi charger, which allows the user to connect the charger to any mobile device – android or iPhone – and, through its WiFi capability, remotely adjust voltage, amperage and profile settings to ensure the charging procedure is optimised to its full potential. This innovation provides a genuine addedvalue service to the customer. As the UK’s largest independent battery sales and service supplier, the success of ECOBAT Industrial has come as a result of listening to the needs of its customers and offering them effective and efficient solutions that provide the answers they require. Through this process, which is applied across all aspects of its business, ECOBAT Industrial is able deliver on its sales, support and innovation ethos.

WWW.ECOBATINDUSTRIAL.TECH Worlds largest producer of lead (840,000 tonnes/p.a.) Over 3,500 skilled employees QM system certified to quality standard ISO9001 ISO18001

AUGUST 2019 21

WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM  20190212_C&M-265x87_SSI.indd 1

26/06/2019 16:40:50



Vacuum cleaners – the present and the future Environmental factors and legislative guidelines continue to have a strong influence on the floorcare vacuum sector. Cost pressures, labour shortages and reduced cleaning windows all continue to drive the efficiency of both cleaning solutions and operations. With each industry sector facing unique and changing challenges, it is important that a manufacturer offers informed solutions to all requirements. John Brill of Nilfisk UK takes us through the changing landscape. Commercial vacuums

construction. In fact, the Nilfisk Group still

From dry canister vacuums to uprights, from

has one of its oldest stainless-steel vacuums

portable backpacks to battery operated and

in production - the VP930 - which remains a

heavy industrial vacuums, the current market

very popular choice in the hotel sector. Its low

has driven product development to what it

noise level of 42 dB(A) really makes daytime

is today. With so many different applications

cleaning a reality. This is critical in some sectors

I believe it is essential to have a full range

where building owners like to show cleaning in

available for the customer and to back that

progress at peak times. Nilfisk’s product development teams are good

up with advice and support that is second to none. Understanding what machines are

at identifying gaps in the market, developing

available and selecting the best fit is not always

products that meet a specific need, often at

easy, so we encourage customers to consider

an acceptable price point. Our VU500 upright

the features and benefits across the range,

vacuum is a good example of this, providing an inexpensive quality alternative in a sector

particularly when it comes to productivity, ease of use and the total cost of ownership.

time of only 40 minutes. An additional boost

dominated by multiple brands. Upright vacuums

button provides for extra suction power where it

do have the edge on productivity, cleaning faster

and mobile GD5 backpacks that are perfect for

is needed. Whilst sales of ergonomic backpacks

with on board accessories for edges and hard

cleaning where space is limited such as cinemas

are low there is undoubtedly a need for them

to reach areas. The beater bar facility within the

and trains. The GD5 battery unit eliminates the

within a specific application.

base of the unit is particularly effective for high

A classic example of this is our compact

traffic entrances and walkways.

need for power cords and outlets, providing

There will always be a place for a low-

maximum freedom to clean. 2 x 36V lithium

cost tub vacuum, but a decent share of the

As 43% of lower level occupations are

batteries provide continuous cleaning with a

market still goes to high end machines with

currently filled by EU nationals, we could be

run time of one hour and a best in class charge

HEPA filtration, low noise and stronger build

facing a recruitment gap in hospitality alone of 1 million workers by 2029. As vacuums are so critical productivity increases will have a significant effect on labour requirements and will therefore assist in the predicted recruitment gap. It is important that manufacturers stay as close to the market as possible in these changing times. Industrial vacuums The industrial vacuum sector is more complicated and really calls for specialist advice. This is an area where Nilfisk excels with its ‘industrial vacuum specialists’ - there is simply no substitute for experienced, technical knowledge specific to an individual application. The full industrial vacuum range includes wet and dry, single phase and 3 phase, classified into health and safety, explosion proof and food and Continued on Page 24.

22 AUGUST 2019



The award winning original Biological Urinal Blocks and Blu-Away Biological Washroom Cleaner. A complete washroom solution for your • • • • • •

Clear Drains Water Saving Biodegradable Eradicates Odours Prevents Blockages Green Apple Award Winner T: +44 (0) 1444 244 000

E: sales@bio-productions.com W: www.bio-productions.com



Time saving

No buckets required



Handy solution to vacuuming tasks COMPACT, durable and cordless, Kärcher’s HV 1/1 Bp handheld vacuum cleaner is a useful tool for portable cleaning. Whether valeting a vehicle, cleaning an office or tidying up after building maintenance, Kärcher’s HV 1/1 Bp cordless, handheld vacuum cleaner offers flexibility and freedom to move around. This newest addition to the Kärcher family combines portable high cleaning performance with a saving of up to 25% work time with no need to plug or unplug

the device. It features powerful suction,

eco!efficiency mode, which also reduces

interchangeable battery and easy-to-empty

operating noise.

container. With a nominal power of 115W, an air

The HV 1/1 Bp can be quickly changed from handheld cleaner to upright floor

flow rate of 33 litres/second and lightweight

tool to thoroughly remove dirt and dust

design at only 1.8kg, the HV 1/1 Bp enables

from all areas of the building. Thanks to

users to reach even the tightest of spaces

the wide variety of accessories, the HV 1/1

in lifts and stairwells to get cleaning tasks

Bp is versatile for a range of cleaning tasks.

completed quickly and effortlessly. The

Available accessories include: crevice nozzle,

cordless design eradicates any chance of a

suction tubes, floor nozzle, upholstery nozzle,

trip hazard while the 18V lithium-ion battery

flexible suction hose, and a carrying strap.

delivers a run time of over 30 minutes in


Continued from Page 22.

the evaporation of organic solvents such as

Automation and the future

pharma vacuums (white line). Everything

alcohol, hydrocarbons and lubricating oils.

Autonomous cleaning equipment can

from mobile units to centralised vacuum

The list is extensive and if standard vacuum

effectively become ‘extra members of the

systems, whether it’s eliminating dust in a

cleaners are used around these materials

cleaning crew’ and are perfect for repetitive

pharmaceutical manufacturing environment

they may provide an effective ignition source

cleaning tasks. This is undoubtedly the future

or collecting oil and swarf elsewhere, the

to fuel an explosion. ATEX certified industrial

and will allow resources to be redistributed

process starts off the same way. A detailed

vacuum cleaners eliminate the ignition trigger,

so operatives can address higher level

site survey is essential for us to understand

making vacuum cleaning operations safe in

cleaning tasks that may be more public facing.

the needs and consider the risk assessments

production areas.

Perception of a clean facility is known to

specific to the area.

Areas where there is a risk of explosion

improve if visibility of cleaning tasks is increased

are divided into zones based on the

- autonomous equipment will deliver that

is present together with oxygen and an

frequency and duration of the presence of

benefit whilst improving quality and reducing

ignition source is critical. Dust particle size

explosive atmospheres. The responsibility

stress on the cleaning team.

is particularly relevant as smaller particles

for classifying the work area where a vacuum

disperse easier in the air and increase risk

cleaner will be used lies with the facility,

will remain high but the winners are likely to

significantly. Combustible dusts include

so it is critical to seek informed advice.

be those that continue to push the boundaries,

cereals, flour, starch, sugar, animal feed,

Once a zone is decided it is the machine

really researching changing needs and investing

light metals, coal, plastics, and textiles.

manufacturer who is responsible for

in development. The future, as always, is closer

Combustible gases include propane, ethylene

supplying and labelling the correct machine

than we think!

and hydrogen in addition to gases created by

to meet the requirement.


Identifying if a combustible substance

24 AUGUST 2019

Competition levels between manufacturers



Citra Clean Concentrate & Citra Clean Ready-to Use (Orange Squirt), created from the natural solvents present in the peel of citrus fruits. pH neutral cleaner & degreaser. Water based, biodegradable & quick splitting natural technology, for all your janitorial and industrial applications. Go Green... Go Orange T: +44 (0) 1444 244 000

E: sales@bio-productions.com W: www.bio-productions.com

60ď ”


Highly absorbent

Use wet or damp


Colour coded



Intelligent vacuum cleaning THE matte

brush. The XP range uses this powerful and

finish Sebo XP

efficient brush action to lift hair, dirt and

professional range

fibre from areas where a tub vacuum might

mastered the art of white noise, muting any

offers durable

struggle. The result is carpet pile that’s clean

harsh frequencies so that the XP range boasts

design, new

and noticeably well-groomed.

very low noise levels. This makes them ideal for

technology and

The other crucial key to the XP’s

the motor if there is a blockage or brush jam. Sebo’s sound engineers have successfully

use in public areas. For above the floor cleaning, the XP comes

high performance

performance is the on-board computer,

whilst being quiet,

which automatically sets the brush to the

with an integrated cleaning wand. Strong and

light and easy to

optimum height depending on the floor

durable, it can reach underneath furniture


surface, without requiring input from the

and lift dirt from hard-to-reach corners and

operator. In the same way an automatic

crevices. Other Sebo XP features include easy


camera focuses, the XP does all the fine

unblocking design, quick-release brush rollers

comes from the

tuning for you, consistently delivering

and superior ‘A’ rated filtration to help safely

powerful Sebo

the best cleaning result for the specific

stow away everyday allergens. The XP is

suction motor and

conditions, even compensating for brush

available in three sizes, designed to clean any

the toothed belt

wear. The XP computer also protects your

size floor space with ease.

driven rotating

machine and will automatically switch off



Battery management and charging…via Wifi CONVENIENCE and control are two key words

the voltage or settings, it can all be done

for any business, but for the cleaning industry

through a smart phone.

and the time pressures inherent with having

“Alongside this advantage sits another

to undertake work either on an immediate

major benefit which is the ability to record and

response basis or during a limited timeframe,

download the charge cycle information for

they take on an even greater importance.

each battery,” continued McCartney. “This is a

“When it comes to cleaning machinery

vital tool to ensure that they are being correctly

and ensuring it is ready for use whenever

charged and therefore their use fully optimised.

it is needed, convenience and control are

Taking a gel battery that is 60% discharged as

vital factors,” said Colin McCartney, national

an example, the normal recharge period would

accounts manager for Ecobat Battery

be 10-12 hours, any less and the battery will

Technologies (Ecobat Industrial). “The ability to

not be fully charged. With a normal charger,

take greater control over the charge regime that

the charge cycle information isn’t available,

“Although the WiFi charger does require a

can be applied to each and every machine will

whereas with the Ecobat WiFi charger/app

dongle to enable it to connect with the smart

have a direct effect on its operational efficiency,

combination, the operator can access the

phone, one dongle will work across multiple

as well as its length of service. The Ecobat

details and verify whether a battery that is

chargers, which again simplifies the process and

charger app, which we introduced in May,

under performing is actually only doing so

also minimises the costs for operators,” said

provided a step forward in the process, but the

because it is not benefiting from a full charging

McCartney. “We are delighted to be able to offer

addition of our new WiFi charger range takes

cycle or is really reaching the end of its life.”

our customers this useful battery management

To fully understand how to get the most out of

tool which, in addition to its adjustment

the batteries they use and subsequently reap the

options, also allows users to view safety

operate between 12 and 48-volts, can be

greatest return on their investment, operators

guidelines, operational guides and trouble-

changed via the app, as opposed to having

in the cleaning sector need to grasp what each

shooting for common battery/charger issues.

to manually change the dip switches to make

battery is undergoing - its charging history - as

It is a genuinely added-value option for the

alterations, which makes them a convenient

this allows them to identify the issues and make

ongoing maintenance and general upkeep of

option. This means that when swapping

the necessary changes to solve the problems.

cleaning equipment and very much in keeping

between wet and gel batteries, for example,

With this system, the information is instantly

with our ‘sales, support and innovation’ ethos.”

there is no need to touch the charger to change

available in order for them to act proactively.


things to a new level.” These multi-voltage chargers, which can

26 AUGUST 2019




Make your manual cleaning systems count More and more we’re seeing technology-driven, automated cleaning tools and processes gain momentum across the janitorial sector. While these products claim to save time and reduce overheads, are they really as user- and environmentally-friendly as they claim to be? Kelly Brierley, key account manager at Robert Scott, discusses the benefits of manual cleaning systems and offers her recommendations for go-to products that provide tangible benefits for both the user and the business. TO make a manual cleaning system as efficient

any manual cleaning system, we encourage

as possible, a versatile tool that can be used

customers to explore our range of sustainably

on multiple surfaces is ideal, not only to reduce

produced equipment to reduce their overall

costs but also to reduce the number of tools

impact on the environment.

needed, making it easier for janitorial staff to move between locations. Duop Reach is a multi-functional, extendable

Robert Scott’s cotton mops, manufactured in the UK at our mills in the north west of England, are made using sustainably-sourced materials.

cleaning tool which features a unique, ergonomic

The cotton used in the mop heads is sourced

ball and socket joint making manual cleaning

from waste produced during the spinning

strain-free for users. The handle helps to clean

process, giving a use for a material that would

hard to reach surfaces and users can also remove

otherwise be disposed of.

the head for targeted handheld cleaning - ideal

We also designed, patented and

for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas with

manufactured the Refill socket mop. This

multiple surface heights and materials.

means users only need to dispose of the mop

It also makes manual cleaning safer and

yarn while re-using the plastic socket, which is

more effective as the ball and socket is

also made here in the UK. The Refill socket can

ergonomically designed to reduce repetitive

be cleaned and reused hundreds of times and is

injuries caused by bending, kneeling, wrist

colour coded to prevent cross-contamination,

flexion, twisting, and stretching.

making manual cleaning more hygienic, costeffective and eco-friendly.

Manual meets sustainable It’s an undeniable fact that our industry is a

Keep it chemical free

contributor to issues that threaten the future

As evidence is emerging that indoor use of

of our planet. When choosing products for

cleaning products can contribute to serious

illnesses, choosing materials that reduces the need for chemical cleaning agents is crucial. One of our preferred products is the Exel microfibre cloth that possesses natural cleaning properties due to its ultra-fine fibres and naturally-occurring static. Independent tests commissioned by Robert Scott show that our microfibre range has been proven to remove over 99.9% of dirt and bacteria, without any chemical cleaning agent, while traditional systems often only remove 60%. Microfibre also removes dust leaving no cleaning film behind, therefore ensuring surfaces stay cleaner for longer. As well as reducing the need for chemicals, most microfibre products can be washed and re-used many times over, also reducing the volume of disposable waste. WWW.ROBERT-SCOTT.CO.UK


AUGUST 2019 27



A healthy working environment We spend 90% of our time indoors, yet indoor environmental quality and its impact on health and productivity are often an afterthought. Mark Taylor of Camfil examines the significance of indoor air quality in offices. IT is a curious irony that the very system

Syracuse Universities simulated environments

designed to keep building occupants

with different levels of ventilation, carbon

comfortable can, in some circumstances, have a

dioxide and emissions from common office

negative impact on health and productivity. The

products. Employees were tested under two

ventilation systems that make indoor air more

different conditions. One involved workers

pleasant to breathe can also bring in pollutants

undertaking their regular duties in typical

from outside, or - if the ductwork is not clean - be

office building conditions. On other days,

a conduit for microbes and airborne particles.

employees undertook their regular task in a simulated ‘green’ condition where ventilation

The health problems resulting from exposure to air pollution have a high cost to society and

affects more people than any other pollutant. It

was improved, and levels of carbon dioxide and

business, the National Health Service, and

comprises a complex mixture of solid and liquid

emissions were reduced.

people who suffer from illness and premature

particles of organic and inorganic substances

death. In the UK, these costs add up to more

suspended in the air. Its major components are

that employees in the ‘green’ environment

than £20 billion each year.

sulphates, nitrates, ammonia, sodium chloride,

performed 61% better on cognitive tasks than in

black carbon, mineral dust, and water. The

the standard office conditions. Furthermore, by

where you live or work needs to be about 20-24

three main particle sizes we are concerned with

doubling the ventilation in the green condition

degrees C with a relative humidity of about

in the filtration sector are PM1, PM2.5 and PM10

environment, cognitive performance increased

40 to 60%. But it also needs to be free from

where the figure is the number of microns (μm).

by more than 100%.

pollutants. Achieving this can reduce sick leave

The smallest particles that can be seen with the

by 39% and costs by 44%, according to a study

naked eye are around 10–50 µm in size.

For good health and productivity, the air

in Australia. Better indoor air quality can also

The human body has natural defences

The results were startling - they showed

Another study conducted on 10 green-certified buildings found that employees had 30% fewer headaches and respiratory complaints in the

against ‘larger’ airborne particles, those more

green office environment and performed almost

than 10μm in diameter. However, it has no

27% better on cognitive tasks. Workers in this

sealed building envelope and effective filtration

such barriers against the most dangerous PM1

study also slept better at night.

of incoming supply air can reduce particle

particles. These can reach the alveoli (tiny air

penetration by 78%. Particulate matter (PM)

sacs of the lungs) where the small particles

clearly intrinsically linked. That’s why it pays to

below 1μm (ie PM1 range) can pass into the

boost job performance by improving the quality

Common indoor air contaminants

bloodstream and reach the critical organs

of the air that employees breathe.

Apart from bringing polluted air in from

such as the heart, brain, liver, and endocrine


outside, offices also generate their own

system. Indeed, these magnetite particles have

pollutants. Here are six examples of

also been found in the human brain. In 2016,

common office contaminants:

researchers in the UK reported a possible link

increase productivity in offices by 10%. Measurements have shown that a well-

So cognitive function and air quality are

Standards for filters • I SO 16890 is the new global air filtration

between magnetite particles that have been

standard that has replaced EN 779:2012 in

nitrogen dioxide (NO2), formaldehyde

found in the brain to the onset of Alzheimer’s

Europe and ASHRAE 52.2 in the USA. ISO

from carpets, fabric and foam chair

disease. These metallic particles appear to have

16890 allows filters to be categorised based

cushions, and radon made naturally as

been exposed to high temperatures (fused) and

on how efficiently they perform against PM1,

the uranium in the Earth breaks down.

the suspected source of the particles is diesel

PM2.5 and PM10 particle sizes.

• Gases such as sulphur dioxide (SO2),

• Pollutants from people such as body odours and perfume. • Building materials including dust, glass fibre, lead particles, and asbestos. • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from workplace cleaners, solvents, pesticides, disinfectants, and glue. • Biological contaminants including fungi, mould, pollen, and bacteria. • Ozone from photocopiers and printers.

engine emissions. One way to prevent outdoor contaminants

• I SO 10121-2 is the molecular filter test standard. It aims to provide an objective

entering an office building is to fit the

test method to estimate the performance of

ventilation system with appropriate filters (see

any full-size gas filtration device for general

Box 1). Companies like my own are in an ideal

filtration. ISO 10121 prescribes methods,

position to offer advice on this.

test equipment, data interpretation,

Quite apart from the health implications of

and reporting for gas-phase air cleaning

poor office air quality, it also impacts on key

devices intended for the removal of gas-

business indicators such as productivity, as

phase contamination from air in general

revealed by recent research from the United

ventilation applications.

States. The study by researchers at Harvard and 28 AUGUST 2019




Keeping it simple Paul Wonnacott, managing director of Vectair Systems, reports. but also ones that they can actually use. Over the past 10 years, eliminating ‘friction’

vinyl acetate) material which needs solely

(the name big tech companies like to give to

airflow to work. Recyclable products are high

anything that makes a product more difficult

on the wish list of consumers and we can all

or time-consuming to use) has been central to

benefit by doing our bit for the environment.

many tech businesses. Apple is, of course, the

The latter method uses essential oils in its refills

most famous example, with every slick new

that can be topped up by a central refill.

iPhone released even more minimalistic than

LET’S face it, with ever increasing workloads,

first method uses a recyclable EVA (ethylene-

This is particularly useful for end users in

the last. So how do we, as a manufacturer,

locations like hotels and offices. We have seen

keep coming up with the latest technological

a huge increase in demand for ‘lifestyle’ scents

advancements in the aircare sector whilst also

which conjure up memories and emotions, as

keeping products simple to use?

customers are realising the ability to connect

One of the ways we can achieve simple but

with their audiences through scent. It’s not

time is precious to us all, so when it comes

effective products lies in the materials we use.

just toilets that people want to fragrance,

to products, any promise of time saving is

Simplicity can be achieved in an air freshener,

but lobbies, meeting rooms and spas. And if

welcomed with open arms. The aircare sector

for example, through a passive system whereby

people can’t easily work and refill a product

is no different. Customers are looking for the

little human interaction is required and the

themselves, they will ultimately end up finding

latest high tech solutions that can deliver on

system can be left to run by itself. Another way

another solution. This happened with Jeff

consistency, reliability and fragrance delivery,

is through advanced atomiser technology. The

Continued on Page 36.

CSSA Women’s Group hosts inaugural networking event in support of charity THE CSSA women’s Group

networked with likeminded

“Safer Places is the perfect fit for the Group; we,

had the pleasure to host their

people in support of the group.

the CSSA women’s Group offer people within the

inaugural event at Brigit’s

As a reminder, the Women’s

industry the confidence to achieve more. Safer

Bakery for Afternoon Tea on

Group was put together two

Places provides support to people who suffer

the 9th July 2019. The event

years ago by the CSSA, the

from domestic abuse” Cecelia added of the event

which announced its chosen

Cleaning and Support Services

“we are delighted with the number of people

charity Safer Places and was

Association who recognised

that came together too; this is the first of many

supported by 14 companies.

the lack of woman at seniority

events and look forward to more people joining,

The likes of Vectair, Jangro,

levels within the Cleaning &

and to help people within the industry to higher

The Cleaning Show, Birkin

Support Services Sector

Cleaning, Safety Solutions,

Its deserving chosen

positions”. The next event will be held on the 3rd October

Bunzl, and LWC to name a

charity, Safer Places, is an

2019, if you would like to join or sponsor please

few, along with a number

independent charity which

contact vanessavss@quartzltd.com or C.Hubert@

of senior members from

provides a comprehensive

jangrohq.net . For further information to join

contract cleaning companies,

range of services to adults

the CSSA or get involved, please contact John

discussed challenges in

and children affected

the Cleaning Industry and

by all forms of Domestic Abuse. Cecelia Hubert,

Findlater by email on john@cssa-uk.co.uk For further information for Safer Places please visit www.saferplaces.co.uk • www.cssa-uk.co.uk

from Jangro, and the Deputy Chairwoman of the CSSA Women’s Group said


AUGUST 2019 29



The cleaning industry’s plastics pledge: reduce, reuse, recycle “Plastic is embedded in every part of the cleaning and hygiene supply chain, from the manufacture of plastic sacks and the bottles containing cleaning chemicals to the packaging of individual products. This is why we have come together to address the challenge - an effective solution is only possible through cross sector collaboration.” Stephen Harrison, chairman of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA). Doug Cooke, chairman of the Cleaning Support Services Association (CSSA). Chris James, CEO of Waste Management Industry Training & Advisory Board (WAMITAB).

THE broadcast of the BBC’s Blue Planet

qualifications for those working in waste

the most appropriate plastic type for the

triggered a powerful emotional response

management and recycling, cleaning and

task or job in question; and best practice for

to plastic - the general public almost

street cleansing, facilities management and

recycling, including advice on which labels

immediately adopting the binary position

parking - have come together to tackle this

to use.

that plastic is bad and anything that avoids

issue head on. They are developing a cleaning

the use of plastic is good. Politicians had

industry standard on plastics around the

is mirroring the way in which it developed its

to act. Michael Gove, Secretary of State for

mantra ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’: the Cleaning

four Accreditation Schemes for manufacturers

Environment, was vocal, saying he will ban

Industry’s Plastics Pledge. The pledge will

of soft tissue, plastic refuse sacks and

plastic straws and stirrers and wants to

contain information on how to reduce plastic

industrial cotton mops, and for distributors.

introduce a deposit return scheme for plastic

use and waste; advice on the best practice

It is evaluating the challenge, will then define

bottles. His commitment and energy are to

for plastic use, including information on

the pledge and finally assess its members to

be welcomed but those of us working in the cleaning and hygiene industry understand the issue is complex.

The CHSA’s approach to the Plastics Pledge

verify they are holding true to the pledge. Today, there is no clear, agreed understanding of the amount or type of

CHSA member companies are run by and

plastic in the supply chain. There is no clear

employ members of the general public. From

understanding of what happens to plastics

a personal perspective, they genuinely want

through the supply chain and there is no

to do the right thing for the planet but, when

knowledge about whether or not there is

faced with hard commercial reality, it’s not

consistency in approach. There is also no

easy to know what that is. We can’t simply

common understanding of best practice.

say we will switch from plastic to another

In response, members of the CHSA have

material for chemical containers or bin liners.

been surveyed to get an insight into the

In many circumstances other materials

use of plastics in the manufacture and

will not work or introduce new, potentially

distribution of cleaning and hygiene. The

unforeseen, environmental challenges.

CHSA researched the types of plastic used

The CHSA, representing manufacturers

in the supply chain, why they are used and

and distributors of cleaning and hygiene

what is done with them after use. The initial

products, the CSSA, representing the UK’s

results are encouraging. By far the majority

contract cleaners, and WAMITAB, developing

of plastics used in the manufacture and

30 AUGUST 2019



packaging of the CHSA’s manufacturing

and better information on what they should

members’ products are re-useable and

be demanding of their suppliers in terms of

recyclable and there is no reported use of the

plastic use and the best methods for re-sue

most damaging type. The survey also found

and recycling.


milk bottles, etc. 3. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene): commonly used as a protective film around drink cans and food packaging.

The next step in the development of

4. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride): can be flexible or

the recycling of plastic waste - 88% reported

the Cleaning Industry Plastics Pledge is to

rigid and used for window frames, bottles

they recycle plastic. There is also an ambition

understand better the way in which plastics

to do more - 88% also asked for more

are used so the industry can develop a route

information on recycling schemes.

map for evolving all in the cleaning and

commonly used for water bottles. Its

distributor members are already active in

and blister packaging, etc. 5. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate): is

hygiene sector toward the most sustainable

decontamination requires harmful

into green issues in the cleaning industry

plastics and their re-use and recycling.

chemicals and if repeatedly reused can

highlighted strategies employed by

Once developed and widely adopted, the

leach carcinogens. It can be reprocessed

members to reduce plastics. These include

Cleaning Industry Plastics Pledge will enable

into new PET bottles or polyester fibre.

innovations including the use of hyper-

the cleaning sector to bring together and

concentrates, measured dosing systems

accelerate the good work already being done

of plant pots and coffee cup lids. It also

and single dose capsules. CSSA members

to make sure its use of plastic is sustainable.

comes in the form of expanded polystyrene

Furthermore, the CSSA’s recent survey

6. PS (Polystyrene): used in the manufacture

for the protection of electrical components.

also clearly recognise products that shed

7. Other (Polycarbonate PFC, Nylon PA, Acetal

plastic fibres or use microplastic beads

Types of plastic: ranking according to ease

have had a detrimental effect on the

of re-use and recyclability

POM, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ABS,

environment and that products based on

1. P  P (Polypropylene): used in the

Polybutylene terephthalate PBT, Styrene

materials such as bamboo are likely to be

manufacture of car bumpers, crates and


bottle tops.

increasingly common. At the other end of the supply chain, users of cleaning and hygiene products want more

Acrylonitrile SNA).

2. H  DPE (High Density Polyethylene): commonly used for cleaning chemicals,



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‘Licenced to clean’ - BICSc opens new training suite THE British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) is playing a leading role in addressing the cleaning industry’s skills shortage with the opening of its brand-new ‘BBS Training Suite’ in Northampton. The opening ceremony took place on Friday 5 July at Moulton Park in Northampton, and the premises was officially opened by BBS managing director, Mike Fletcher FBICSc, while national chairman, Sue Robinson FBICSc, cut the ribbon. The suite offers training in enhanced cleaning skills including the Institute’s most popular qualification - ‘Licence to Practice’ - which, upon completion, gives cleaning professionals a

From left: Monika Johnson, James Marston, Rebecca Logan, Carlos Alves, Nigel Howe, and Denise Hanson - The BBS training team.

three-year licence signifying their understanding

learning experience by bringing together like-

of professional standards in cleaning.

minded professionals and equipping cleaning

Stan Atkins, chief executive officer at

operatives in all types of work to clean, safely

BICSc, said: “The popularity of cleaning

and effectively, while gaining recognition for the

has never been so high thanks to the rise in

level of skill involved in professional cleaning.”

‘cleanfluencers’ such as Mrs Hinch and Marie

Mike Fletcher said: “A big thank you to all of

Kondo. It’s a trend we are seeing carry over

our sponsors who kindly donated discounted

to the professional cleaning sector with job

equipment, machinery, chemicals, and

applications more than doubling for cleaning

surfaces, as well as all the BBS and BICSc staff

positions in the last year alone. Although this

for their tireless work and support in turning our

is much-needed awareness for the industry,

idea into a reality.”

as a knock-on effect we are seeing a greater

The new BBS Training Suite consists of

skills shortage in people applying for positions

six dedicated training areas, including three

they aren’t properly qualified for. There’s a lot

cleaning labs and a floor lab where candidates

more to cleaning than many people are aware,

can complete practical skills training. There

for example understanding how different

are also two classroom areas reserved for

chemicals interact and how to dilute them

Cleanlogic courses and workshops - enhanced

correctly. Without adequate training in this area

qualifications for current or aspiring cleaning

cleaning operatives are putting the safety of

managers and supervisors.

others and their own lives at risk. Our practical,

To learn more about BICSc and the courses it

hands-on training courses enhance the

offers, visit: WWW.BICS.ORG.UK.

Sue Robinson FBICSc, national chairman, and Mike Fletcher, BBS managing director, open the BBS Training Suite.

32 AUGUST 2019



Official media partner






Ensuring your premises are a hygiene haven this summer Paul Casson, technical field manager at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, and Jamie Woodhall, UK technical and innovation manager, Initial Washroom Hygiene, report. Establish a process and cleaning schedule Priority number one is to ensure there is a regular cleaning regime in place. This starts with identifying key areas that need frequent attention, including door handles, surface tops and any communal areas with shared contact points. A formalised cleaning plan, with a properly monitored and updated record or logbook, will ensure these planned cleans happen on a regular basis. Once this is place, it’s also important to book in a thorough deep clean, preferably managed Paul Casson

by a professional cleaning company, to tackle

Jamie Woodhall

SUMMER is here and people across the UK

those hard-to-reach or rarely seen areas. The

are leaving work to enjoy the warmer, longer

required frequency of deep cleans depends on

days. Whilst many will be looking forward

the industry in which you are operating. Food

specialist multi-purpose biocidal cleaners,

to enjoying the heat, sometimes regular

processing facilities may need to schedule

which can decontaminate surfaces by killing

cleaning regimes can suffer and as a result,

around three to four per year given how regularly

bacteria, fungi, spores, yeasts, and viruses.

hygiene levels slip - leaving room for bacteria

a kitchen area and its facilities are used - for

The deep clean should include a thorough

to manifest in the warmer conditions. In

example, ovens, ventilation units and drains,

disinfection of high frequency touch points, as

this article, we will explore how to keep up

all require regular deep cleans. Front-of-house

well as moving all furniture or equipment away

cleaning standards to make your premises a

facilities or offices should undergo a deep clean

from the walls to make sure no areas are being

hygiene haven, so employees can make the

at least twice a year. We recommend scheduling

missed from the cleaning routine. One powerful

most of the British summer.

these to avoid peak periods, so just before the

tool in the deep cleaning arsenal is ultra low

34 AUGUST 2019

summer season kicks in is the perfect time. Professional cleaners will have access to




volume (ULV) disinfectant fogging. This involves specialist technicians generating a mist of disinfectant which settles on top of, underneath and on the sides of objects. It enables the treatment of large areas in a short space of time. High level cleaning Cleaning those hard-to-reach areas can present unique challenges and safety risks, especially in areas which are high up. Specialist hygiene

part can be equally important. Our hands are

around the sink area and throughout the office

professionals have both the equipment and

a natural breeding ground for germs and one

- and explaining how regularly washing hands

expertise to clean ceilings, lights, ducts, and

of the principle carriers of harmful pathogens

will help boost the overall hygiene levels in the

other hard to reach spaces. Technicians work

- in fact, 80% of infections are spread by hand.

office - should encourage best practice.

to stringent health and safety standards and

Regular handwashing helps reduce the transfer

complete a thorough risk assessment before

of pathogens and harmful bacteria throughout

Final words

undertaking any cleaning operation.

the office, so it’s imperative employees wash

A regular cleaning regime, paired with the

their hands after using the washroom, but also

necessary deep cleans and hand hygiene

regularly throughout the day.

facilities, will keep areas presentable and help

Mobile lifts and cherry pickers allow technicians to reach elevated areas, while tools such as jet washers, backpack vacuums, water feed brushes,

A proper hand hygiene strategy means users

prevent the spread of illness or outbreaks.

and long reach poles, enable the efficient cleaning

of the premises have access to the essential

However, it’s also important that all cleaning

of these difficult places to take place.

hand washing tools - warm water, soap, drying

professionals know the limits of routine cleaning,

facilities and, ideally, hand sanitiser. There

and when a specialist treatment is required. With

Good hand hygiene amongst employees is key

should be ample supplies of these products

the right planning, processes and partners in

While cleaning plays a vital role in creating

in the washroom, kitchen and throughout the

place, every facility can become a hygiene haven.

hygienic premises, ensuring occupants play their

building. Placing hand washing reminders


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Continued from Page 29.

needs, they will experience a much higher level

Highfield, owner at Gloucester House serviced

of product satisfaction. This can be achieved

offices in Stockton-on-tees, who required an

by smart programming, giving the user options

ambient fragrance to enhance his environment

to adjust fragrance intensity and/or frequency,

but replaced the aircare systems in his building

depending on their preferences. Research

because he felt like he was constantly replacing

shows, though, that most technology users

refills that were clumsy and difficult.

learn only four or five main functions of an

The easier your products are to use, the

application, so although lots of features sound

more your customers will use them. You as a

impressive, it is important that manufacturers

company will save time and money on training

stick to the basics if they want to avoid

and support, and there will be less of a risk of

people are tinkering with them. If a user can

overcomplicating themselves.

products going wrong or being broken when

easily tailor an aircare product to their own


WHIFFAWAY Group’s technologies and products enhance the washroom experience for hundreds of thousands of people every day, and it has taken this a stage further with the launch of a new personal care product range – Avelena Clean & Care.

Adding value to the washroom experience

“Avelena has been created to clean and care for your hair and body all in one go,” said WhiffAway head of finance and marketing, Georgina McLean. “The commercial washroom space is one where expectations have become higher and the washroom experience can make or break a business. Our unique alcohol-free ‘Clean & Care’ Avelena range has been created to combine luxurious products which include sanitising properties, for use on hair and skin. The easy-to-use

Avelena range is idea for any washroom environment, and particularly suitable in high-traffic and transportation locations.” WWW.WHIFFAWAY.COM THIS summer sees the launch of Jangro’s brand new Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies 2019/20 catalogue. Available both online and as a hard-copy, it is packed full with the latest innovative and sustainable products for washroom, housekeeping, kitchen hygiene, floorcare, waste management, industrial cleaning and wiping, nursing and care, health and safety, PPE, and workwear. As part of Jangro’s ongoing commitment to ecological values, sustainability is high on the agenda. The latest catalogue offers a wide choice of products and supplies, which

A closer look inside Jangro’s new catalogue…

are designed to have a minimum impact on the environment, such as compostable waste sacks and Jangro’s popular and expanding Enviro collection. Joanne Gilliard, CEO at Jangro, said: “Our new Cleaning & Hygiene catalogue is the most comprehensive ever. It is brimming with high quality and effective products and supplies - many of which have been designed with the environment in mind, helping our customers to make more sustainable choices at consistent, competitive prices. What’s more, Jangro offers national coverage combined with a local, fast and reliable delivery service, thanks to the strategic locations of Jangro independent members across the country.” WWW.JANGRO.NET

36 AUGUST 2019




HYDRO Systems has launched the CP500, a new single pump dispenser

Single-pump warewash dispenser launched

for the automatic warewash market in commercial kitchens. The CP-500 is a versatile and easy-to-use unit designed


to deliver the full range of dishwashing products including rinse aid, detergents and sanitisers. It complements Hydro’s broad portfolio of innovative warewash dispensers.

“At Hydro we pride ourselves on being responsive to our customer’s needs,” said John Goetz, global product manager at Hydro Systems. “In researching and listening to our customers, we identified a desire for a very simple dispenser for smaller kitchens operating at lower volumes.”

Neil Nixon neilnixon@quartzltd.com 07957 713316 SALES DIRECTOR

Vanessa Van Santen-Smith Vanessavss@quartzltd.com 01737 855041 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER

two analogue adjustments for time or speed, meaning the unit can be on the wall and delivering

Michelle Andrews michelleandrews@quartzltd.com 01737 855086

product in a matter of minutes. It is a reliable unit for single tank, door-style machines or glass


Straight-forward and quick to install, the CP-500 is pre-wired and easily programmed using

washers and is the ideal choice for those who require an economic dispenser that minimises service costs at smaller accounts. WWW.HYDROSYSTEMSEUROPE.COM

Carol Baird carolbaird@quartzltd.com 01923 437619 MANAGING DIRECTOR

‘I want to put my disposable coffee cup in the bin


but what should I do with the liquid dregs?’ A

Paul Michael

problem we have all encountered - should I tip it all in the bin and hope for the best or attempt surreptitiously to water a nearby, unsuspecting potted plant? Leafield Environmental provides an efficient answer in the form of the Aquapod,

Steve Diprose

AquaPod solves the ‘dregs’ problem


Elizabeth Barford subscriptions@quartzltd.com 01737 855028

a stand-alone liquid collection reservoir with a 9.5 litre capacity - a complement to any waste receptacle sited where drinks might be consumed. Designed for internal use and standing some 664mm high, the AquaPod is a seamless moulding to ease cleaning, with no tight radii to form dirt traps. Lightweight, yet inherently strong, the base is made from up to 100% recycled material. A moulded in handle makes handling and emptying a simple proposition. WWW.LEAFIELDRECYCLE.COM


WASHROOM services provider phs Group has formed a partnership with Mitsubishi Electric to launch a new hand dryer. The phs Whisper XL is a

A ‘quiet revolution’ in hand drying

high-speed hand dryer which is claimed to be the quietest dryer in its class with eco-friendly low running costs. The air-curtain design of the Whisper XL dries hands in as little as nine seconds. With high efficient motors and air ducts, air flows from the dryer smoothly and quietly, generating a low operating sound as quiet as 56 decibels. Paul Doble, CCO at phs, said: “The new partnership between phs and Mitsubishi Electric is genuinely exciting as it is has allowed us to bring

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to market a cutting-edge new product which is billed as a quiet revolution in hand drying. Traditional high-speed hand dryers have been criticised for their noise levels which can be nearly double that of the new Whisper XL. While this is appealing for any washroom environment, it will make a particular difference to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, dementia sufferers, young children, and hearing aid users. Because of their minimal acoustics, we believe it will become the hand dryer of choice in many sound-sensitive locations from businesses, libraries and universities to hospitals and hotels. However, while it is quiet, it is still remarkably powerful. While most people are said to spend no more than 20 seconds drying their hands, the Whisper XL outperforms this benchmark by completing the task in as little as nine seconds.”

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