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Friday, June 14th, 2013 Vol. 17, No. 37


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Friday, June 14th, 2013

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Grand Opening of Spring Travels in Abbotsford on Sunday June 9th, 2013

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 


Fraser valley cricket club members standing with abbotsford mayor Bruce banman before starting a match at the Newest cricket pitch built on Marshall road in Abbotsford.



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NAV 604.557.9294 We need workers for decorations and tent work. PAGE 3


Punjabi Patrika 

Friday, June 14th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013

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ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

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TUNE-UPLTD.CENTER 604 854-5500

Karamjit Certified Technician


OIL CHANGE $34.95 AirCare


Repair Centre







Unit #24 - 3275 McCallum Road Abbotsford B.C. V2S 3M7 (Across from Air Care)

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Punjabi Patrika


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Friday, June 14th, 2013



rime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement today after learning Chris Hadfield had decided to retire from the Canadian Space Agency: “On behalf of all citizens, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Canadian space pioneer Chris Hadfield for his dedication to the Canadian Space Agency and for his many remarkable contributions over the course of his 35 year career. “Canadians are extremely proud of all his accomplishments. From being a top pilot with the Canadian Armed Forces and U.S. Navy, to becoming a premier international space explorer, his career has been nothing short of exceptional. “He achieved many notable firsts for Canada throughout his career: He is the only Canadian to have boarded Mir, the Russian Space Station; the first Canadian to operate the Canadarm in orbit; the first Canadian to perform a spacewalk—when he attached Canadarm2 to the International Space Station (ISS); and most recently, the first Canadian to Command the ISS.

“For his service, Mr. Hadfield has received a number of special honours, including the U.S. Navy’s Test Pilot of the Year award in 1991, being named a member of the Order of Ontario in 1996, and receiving the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2003. Mr. Hadfield was also inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame in 2005 and was commemorated on Royal Canadian Mint silver and gold coins in 2006.

Knees: aching? Stiff? Swollen? Pain that builds with use but (usually) eases with rest? It could be tendonitis. Tendons are the fibrous bands that attach muscle to bone and are more susceptible to damage with age (they get less flexible), being overweight, repetitive use and “weekend warrior� syndrome. Rest, ice, meds & supports can help them heal; then ease your way back to exercise, including good, “On his most recent journey aboard the gentle stretching. International Space Station, his spectacular photographs, musical renditions and Ignoring the signals from your knees tweets about life in space, delivered in can lead to irreversible damage and his humble and warm manner, captured necessitate joint replacement surgery. the hearts and the attention of Canadians Thus, taking steps to care for your and people around the world. He brought knees at the first sign of problems the excitement of being an astronaut, can help keep you active and prevent and the excitement of space travel to the potential complications. Achieve and forefront once again, and has inspired a maintain a healthy weight. Be kind generation of young people to follow in to your knees: use good posture and good form when moving about. And, his footsteps. talk to your doctor about treatments, “I join all Canadians in wishing Chris both medications and physiotherapy. Hadfield the very best in his well-deAnother common repetitive use injury served retirement, and in all of his future is carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal endeavours. He will be missed.� tunnel is in the wrist and is the passageway through which many nerves

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Donny Sahota Mortgage Development Manager



 Â Â? Â 



5 Year Variable

Â?   ˆ ÂŽ

(604) 807-4116 BAYFIELD MORTGAGE PROFESSIONALS Serving Your Community For Over 30 Years Broker/Lender Fees May Apply. Rates Subject to Change Without Notice.


and tendons pass. Inflammation here can lead to pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the hand. As with the knee, rest (for at least 2 weeks), medications and special braces can help, but, for some, surgery may be necessary to regain proper hand use. Your hands are active, complex and contain a lot of joints – leaving them particularly susceptible to arthritis and other joint problems. Exercising the hand to increase flexibility and improve the strength of muscles supporting these joints will keep your hands working and reduce any pain. Talk to your doctor or physiotherapist about stretching exercises to lengthen muscles & tendons and isometrics to increase strength. It can be a fine line between good activity and injurious activity – especially when it comes to tendons and joints. Take the time to learn to exercise safely to avoid damage and reap benefits. Article Provided by Blueridge Pharmacy, See advertisement below.

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Abbotsford students capture gold medals at Skills Canada


t was a golden result for three Abbotsford students competing in the national Skills Canada competitions at BC Place in Vancouver this past week (June 6-8). Alongside hundreds of students from across the country, seven Abbotsford students participated, carrying the flag for BC as winners of the provincial Skills BC competitions in April. In the Culinary competition in the giant kitchen and food prep area set up on floor of BC Place, Abbotsford Senior Secondary’s Amie Peters withstood the heat of competition and impressed the judges, who awarded her first place. Her chef-instructors were Andreas Fopp (Abbotsford Sr. Secondary) and Phillip Lie (Cascade School of Culinary Arts).

Other Abbotsford School District students competing were: • Elijah Balujan and Karmyn Chretien, in 2D Animation; instructor: Byron Kask of Robert Bateman Secondary • Davejot Sidhu, in Architectural CAD; instructor: Tricia Thomson of UFV • Casey Lenning, in Electrical Wiring; instructor: David Riel of UFV.

ROADWAYS • Air Conditioning • Transmission Service • Automotive Electrical Work • Front End Work • Computerized Diagnostics • Computerized Alignment • Custom Made Exhausts (Single or Dual exhaust)

Save $750 on Legal Fees for New Purchase * No Legal Fee for Existing Mortgage *

Ask for 30 Year Amortization



Quote: Abbotsford Board of Education Chair Cindy Schafer:

“We congratulate these students from our District for this outstanding result, and for demonstrating their passion and skill to the rest of the country! We also want to thank their teacher-coaches, In the 3D animation competition, Ab- our Careers Program personnel and the botsford Virtual School’s Conor Nolan families of these students for supporting and Patty Chomseng – who also attends them throughout their school careers.� Rick Hansen Secondary – created the gold medal winning animated project. “In Abbotsford, we are proud to provide Nolan, who had flown in from Japan for students with access to a wide array of the competition, returned immediately programs. Our career and technical proafter completing their project, and so was grams engage and encourage students not on hand for the winning announce- in their areas of interest, which is a key ment. Their instructor is Bill Hendersen. aspect of our district strategic plan.�

• Tune-up • Brakes • Shocks • Engine Work • Water Pump • Heater Core • Radiator • Timing Belt


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

EsIN eyEr kyEr dI irpyEr vI krdy h~ k`r~, vYn~ Eqy tr@k El`ienmYNt vI krdy h~| quh`fI psMd Enus`r isMgl j~ fbl EYgj`st

Call: Kulwinder Singh Grewal

AUTO REPAIR Designated Vehicle Inspection Facility S-6712





Five Years Variable Prime * 2.60% -0.35% LIMITED TIME OFFER!!

OPEN Sunday - Friday (Closed Saturday)



Fax: 604-859-4686 Unit B1 - 33733 King Road, Abbotsford BC V2S 7M9


  *Ask for Details! Some Conditions Apply

Rates Subject to Change.


Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 14th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

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ĂƒĂŒĂ† Ă—ÂšĂ°Ăˆ ĂŠĂ…ĂŠĂ• à ðËòù Sri Guru Nanak Travel Inc. dljIq kOr    

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604-756-3700 Emerg. Cell:


FAX: 604-854-3182

hux EsIN nvIN lokySn - sIfr p`rk ivKy mUv ho gey h~| #110 - 2580 Cedar Park Place, Abbotsford BC V2T 3S5


dunIE~ dy iksy vI q~ Brosywog qy qs ssqIE~ itkt~ lYx

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika


ihMdU imiQhfs hnUMmfn nUM bhuq hI sLkqIsLflI aqy svfmI Bgq vjoN icqiraf igaf hY. iesdI pUjf leI QF-QF qoN mMdr bxfey gey hn. mMglvfr nUM hnUMmfn df idn mMinaf jFdf hY. iesnUM bjrMg blI, pvn puwqr vrgy ivsLlysLxF nfl vI sLusoiBq kIqf jFdf hY. rfm dI pqnI sIqf nUM imlky sMdysL dyx igaf rfvx dI sony dI lMkf Bsm krn df vI iesnUM mfx bKLisLaf jFdf hY. kihMdy ny ik ivdvfn rfsLtrpqI sRI sMLkridafl sLrmf vI hnUMmfn dy Bgq sn aqy AuhnF df ivsLvfs ik rfsLtrpqI dy srb AuWc pd qy puwjx ivwc AunHF dI imhnq nhIN sgoN hnUMmfn dI ikRpf idRsLtI shfiek rhI . keI sfDU hnUMmfn Bgq dIaF BfvnfvF Auqyijq krky AuhnF nUM kwc dy

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ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Poto pYdf ho jFdI hY. irsLqydfr KusL ho ky mhfqmf dI mihmf qF krdy hI hn aqy nfl nfl cMgI rkm df mwQf vI tykdy hn. ies ivc gwl qF aYnI hI hY ik iksy qrHF mry hoey ivakqI dI Poto pihlF pRfpq kr leI jFdI hY. ies Poto nUM potfsLIam PorosfieafnfeIz df Gol ivwc ml idwqf jFdf hY. ies nfl Poto alop ho jFdI hY. ieh pihlF hI kr ilaf jFdf hY. Pyr dUjI trya ivc sozIam slPyt dy Gol ivc suwt idwqf jFdf hY. ieMJ krn nfl Poto muV pRgt ho jFdI hY. sLrDflU ies nUM bfby dI sLkqI mMndy hn.


13 Years Experience!

Furnace and Duct Cleaning


klyr k`ript

klyr k`ript klIinMg v`ly hux Prns vI klIn krdy hn| vDIE` srivs Eqy v`ijb ryt leI E@j hI Pon kro

Gurdip Kaler

Certified Technician 604-859-8123 or Cell: 604-864-7125 34079 CLAYBURN RD., ABBOTSFORD, B.C.


SERVICE Throughout the Lower Mainland



Punjabi Patrika 

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Empire Studio 12 Guildford: 15051 101st Ave., Surrey, BC V3R 7Z1 Tel: 604-581-4218, Cineplex Odeon Strawberry Hill: 12161 72nd Ave., Surrey, BC V3W 2M1 Tel: 604-501-9420, Silvercity 12 Mission: The Junction Plaza, 32555 London Ave., Mission, BC V2V 6M7 Tel: 604-820-2733, PAGE 10

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013



Proud Sponsor of

d r o F S T o b b a

Free Family Fun! Abbotsford Exhibition Park

Monday, July 1



MaIN STaGe 1pm - 10pm

FuN For everyoNe

Prospera Credit Union Canada Day Parade 11am

Talented Local Performers

Food Corral

MEI Drum Line Band

Community Displays

Calvin Dyck and the Abbotsford Youth Orchestra

12 Play Zones

South Fraser Way/Ware Street to Trethewey Street/MaClure. Parade grandstand on South Fraser Way between Bourquin and Gladwin.

Fireworks Celebration 10pm Rotary Stadium

Abbotsford Exhibition Park

Kat & Tony Original and old-time blues, jazz, roots and swing.

One More Girl Two sisters hailing from Vancouver who have received numerous music awards and accolades. They write and perform passionate songs that straddle the fence between country, pop and rock.

Fireworks Celebrations brought to you in part by the Calgary Flames

Hayrides & Mini Golf NEW! LUXOR Western Town Check out our western town store fronts designed and built by Luxor Wood Products. Brings you back to the good ole days! Pony Rides & Eco-Dairy Petty Zoo Pony up with our party animals. Kids love the pony ride experience. The perfect chance to make some lasting memories. Fierce Flyers Flyball Dog Club 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm

SponSored in parT by: • Cactus Club Cafe • Vedder Transport • Heritage Canada • Wendy’s • McDonald’s • The Abbotsford Heat

• Abbotsford BMX • Eco-Dairy • Michael’s • Boston Pizza • Avenue Machinery

• The Reach • Twisters • Fraser Regional Library • Abbotsford/Mission Recycling • Star 98.3, Country 107.1 & SONiC 92.5 PAGE 11

Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 14th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

bIqy hPqy bI[sI[ dI muwK mMqrI ikRstI klfrk ny afpxI kYbIint df aYlfn kIqf sI. ijs ivwc AunHF qoN bgYr 19

ÎÅÂÆÕ-âÆ-ĂœÂ˝ÂşĂ— ÇÍð Ïäœ þáÅÊÅ ΧüðÆ

ijwqy hn. purfxy mMqrI irckol mYn mhwqvpUrn kudrqI gYs zIvYlpmYNt pihlF dI qrH F izptI mu w K mM q rI aqy hfAUisMg dy ivBfg idwqy hn. bxfAux qoN ielfvf AunHF nUM bhuq hI kolmYn hrPnmOlf mnuwK hn. Auh hr iksy ivBfg dy Xog hn. so ikRstI ny AusnUM bI[sI[dI afriQkqf dI rIV Once again, emergency use dI hwzI mMinaf jFdf ivBfg pRo ivMstf kudrqI gYs rIsrysjL dI ijLMmyvfrI registration for Spotted Wing sONpI hY. Drosophila has been granted to

mMqrI sLfml hn. bI[sI[ ilbirl pfrtI dy do drjn purfxy aYm[aYl[ey aqy do drjn hI nvyN aYm[aYl[eyjL

PyGanic. • Emergency Use tration is g e R

kudrqI gYs dy ivkfs nUM sUby dI afriQkqf rIkvrI plfn mM i naf jFdf hY. kOlmYn nUM bI[sI dI KusLhflI leI PMz sQfipq krn dI ijMLmyvfrI vI sONpI geI hY. kOlmYn Port lYNglI aYlzgryv rfeIizMg qoN ijwqy hn.

Registration Period: June 1, 2013 to November 30, 2013 PyGanic is a pyrethrumbased organic-compliant insecticide. PyGanic has no pre-harvest interval and no residual activity.



bI[sI[ dI ikRstI klfrk dy bhuq hI mhw q vpU r n ny q f jo Cy v IN vfr aYm[aYl[ey cuxy gey hn. mfeIk-zIjONg jo ipClI vjLfrq ivwc KjLfnf mMqrI sn aqy ijMnf dy pihlI vfr bI[sI ilbirl vjLfrq dy cfr Gfty dy bjtF qoN bfad pMjvF bYlMs bjt pysL kIqf sI nUM dubfrf nvIN vjLfrq ivc vI KjLfnf mMqrI bxfieaf igaf hY. mfeIk 1994 ivc pihlI vfr ijmnI cox ivc sLosLl krYizt dy AuWGy AumIdvfr grys mYkfrQI nUM hrf ky ijwqy sn. Aus qoN ipwCoN Auh kdy vI hfry hI nhIN. hr cox ivwc ijwq AunHF dy pYr cuMmdI

Contact us today at 1-800-6614559 for more info, or visit our website at! Š2012 MGKŽ. MGKŽ - Registered trademark of McLaughlin Gormley King Company. Punjabi Patrika June 2013 PyGanic Emergency Reg.indd 1

ÕùÆà ðÏð¾°Õ ð¯â çœ À°êð

rhI hY. ies vfr BfvyN AunHF dy gUVHy imwqr moaigwl vI AunHF ivruwD afjLfd AumIdvfr vjoN mYdfn ivwc sI. iPr vI mfeIk-zI-jONg pMj kony mukfbly ivwc sfZy iqMn hjLfr qoN vwD votF pRfpq krky sPl hoey. kYbl mMqrI mMzl aqy ikRstI klfrk kYbint dy mYNbr huMidaF hoieaf mfeIk ny hYlQ, lybr, PfrYst EbirjLnl rIlysLnjL dy msilaF bfry mihkmy aqy atfrnI jnrl vrgy mhwqvpUrn mihkmf dy mMqrI dy qOr `qy rfj dI syvf kIqI hY. afs hY kIqI jFdI hY ik awgoN qoN vI Auh hmysLf bYlMs bjt pysL krn df Xqn krdy rihxgy.

6/10/2013 8:36:29 AM

aYbtsPorz dI sB qoN purfxI ipCly 17 sfl qoN cwl rhI

Ă§ÂśĂƒĂ† ÎÆà ÎÆà

• murgf • lYm • qMdUrI ickn • bwkrf • pork • aqy hr iksm df afcfr


Õ¾°Õ Õð՜ Çç§çœ Ôź • • • • • • • •

iPsL aqy ickn pkOVy qMdUrI ickn qMdUrI iPsL btr ickn ickn itwkf ickn ivMg bWkry df mIt KroiVaF df sUp

hux qusIN ieQoN ieMzIaf vflI mWCI aqy ickn pkOVy df suafd lY skdy ho iek vfr jrUr Kfky dyKo

604-556-7708 #104-2451 klIarbrWuk roz, aYbtsPorz (pfpUlr vYjI pIjyL dy ipWCy) PAGE 12

Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

 SAVE 15% on Pride Mobility Lift Chairs and Scooters

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 





Punjabi Patrika 

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Hot BC-Born Country Artist Headlining Saturday Night at Abbotsford Agrifair to success in the music business. Formerly the lead vocalist of alternative rock band, “Default�, Smith released four albums, selling over a million copies. Success has stuck with Smith as he ‘jumped right in’ to the country music scene. The natural twang in his voice made his transition from alternative rock to country easy.


bbotsford will be rockin’ country style at the Agrifair on the evening of Saturday, August 3rd with Langley-born rocker-turnedcountry, Dallas Smith. Expected to draw between 2,000 – 3,000 fans, Agrifair grounds will be brimming with onlookers as this Juno-nominated country singer-songwriter takes the stage at 9:30 pm.

“I am having the time of my life to be honest,� says Dallas as he describes how blessed he feels having made the transition. “The support from the country community has been mind-blowing. Also I’m in the driver’s seat with this project and that helps me create a good balance in my life.� Dallas adds. When asked how Smith feels about performing locally at Agrifair, he says, “It’s great to be able to see so many familiar faces. It’s not very often I can get all my friends and family together in one place.�

Dallas has teamed up with Dallas Smith is new to the Rodney Clawson, a Grammy country scene, but no stranger nominated songwriter, and Chris

Tompkins (Carrie Underwood) to create a new album which is expected to be released in early 2014. “With this record I tried to put together a collection of the best songs I could get my hands on. There are some outside songs from writers I am a huge fan of and also co-writes I had with them. The ‘Nashville’ style of writing was very foreign to me compared to my past. With Default it would just be the guys and I hanging out and hopefully we’d have ideas. With this record I was sitting down with guys who do this as a nine-tofive job. It is quite different from what I was used to.� says Dallas as he describes the process of creating his new album.

Fresh Canvas Spa is Please to announce their Sister Spa in Surrey

EsIN E`pxy sp` ivc Skin Care leI kyvl Éminence v@loN E`rgYink (kudrqI) qrIky n`l iqE`r kIqy gey pRofkts hI vrqdy h~ Please visit our websites for monthly specials! WWW.FRESHCANVASSPA.COM & WWW.SPASURREYBC.COM

Full Face . . . . . $40 Under Arms . . . $20 Full Arms . . . . . $100 Half Arms . . . . . $50 Full Legs. . . . . . $150

Lower Legs . . . $75 Upper Legs . . . $100 Full Back . . . . . $100 Chest . . . . . . . . $50 Abdominal . . . . $50



33341 South Fraser Way

Opening for Dallas Smith Saturday night will be the winner of Friday’s Valley Voices competition. The new-found star will perform three or four songs starting at approximately 8:30 pm.

ing them in advance. Four-day weekend passes are also available for $36. Pre-sale locations have not yet been announced. Rodeo and event seating, thanks to the generosity of Phantom Screens and Playtime Chances Abbotsford Casino, is included in the price of gate admission. Visit and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay current on all the up-to-theminute announcements. Become Part of the Tradition! There’s something for everyone at Abbotsford Agrifair! Don’t miss the excitement of the Mighty Fraser Rodeo. Explore the KidZone with endless kids’ activities. Learn about agriculture and livestock at Agriland. Experience the unstoppable thrill of the Midway with games and rides for all ages. Enjoy live shows and entertainment for the whole family.

Be sure to stay tuned to Country 107 for priority seating ticket give-aways and your chance to win a meet-and-greet with Eager fans may have an oppor- Dallas. tunity to hear material from the Along with rodeo, midway, aninew album Saturday evening! mals and musical entertainment, Dallas discloses, “We actually there is so much to see all weekmight be trying out one or two end long at a daily price of $12 new songs. I am excited for for adults, $10 for students and that as well. I love watching the seniors and FREE for children reaction of fans to new material. 10-years-old and under! Save $2 Join in on the experience at “the on individual tickets by purchas- best little country fair!� Crowds don’t lie.�

Every body is a work of art.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Prices

His latest single, “Nothing But Summer�, released just in time for a promising summer, is all about enjoying carefree summer days and evenings. Come out to Abbotsford Agrifair to do just that! Enjoy a full carefree summer day, snag your spot in the beer gardens early and kick back for a rockin’ country style summer evening with Dallas Smith.


Chin . . . . . . . . . $30 Upper Lip . . . . . $20 Full Body . . . . . $250



108-8077 King George Blvd




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Punjabi Patrika




• Walk-in and Family Practice • Accepting New Patients & Walk-Ins • No Appointment Necessary • Punjabi Speaking Staff Available

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High Street Mall The Clinic at Walmart 3122 Mt. Lehman Road Abbotsford, B.C. V4X 0B3

604.318.4102 w w w. v i v a c a r e . c a


Friday, June 14th, 2013

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Friday, June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

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Creative Hair & Beauty Salon PEARDONVILLE







Please call Dimpal for more information



Excellent Service and Reasonable Prices


We do Mens, Kids and Ladies hair cuts, colour, streaking and much more!


AuprMq ihm ilMg dy drsLn qy pUjf arcnf kr prq afANudy hn. dUsrf rsqf sonmrg bfltfn rfhIN hY. sonmrg sRIngr qoN 90 iklomItr, 2730 mItr dI AucfeI `qy siQq sYlfnI kyNdr hY. iewQoN bfltfl 12 iklomItr hY. bfltfl rfq kwtx leI tYNt aqy guPLf qwk dI 6 iklomItr dUrI leI GoVy vI iml jFdy hn. Xfqrf dOrfn sfry rsiqaF `c Dfrimk sMsQfvF vwloN lMgr aqy mYzIkl kYNp lgfey jFdy hn. XfqrUaF nUM CVI, grm kwpVy, brP `qy cwlx vfly bUt, tfrc, dvfeI, ibskut lY ky cwlxf cfhIdf hY. sfry rfh sLrDflU (XfqrU) jY bfbf brPLfnI BuwKy nUM aMn ipafsy nUM pfxI, bMm-bMm boly, jY bfbf Boly nfQ’ dy jYkfry guMjfAuNdy jFdy hn. bjLurgF aqy bwicaF nUM Xfqrf dI afigaf nhIN dyxI cfhIdI. sRIngr sonmrg qoN guPLf qwk hYlIkfptr syvf vI AuplwbD hY.


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Abbotsford 2160 Lynden Street



Punjabi Patrika 

Friday, June 14th, 2013

JASBIR SANDHU, MP FOR SURREY NORTH, RAISES THE ISSUE OF FEDERAL FUNDING FOR THE PATTULLO BRIDGE UPGRADES IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS In the House of Commons Jasbir Sandhu, NDP MP for Surrey North, demanded that the Minister of Transportation and the Conservative government take steps to ensure that there are no tolls for the proposed upgrades to the Pattullo Bridge. “Residents in Surrey North agree that the upgrade is long overdue, however they are also rightly concerned about the proposed toll to pay for the upgrade”, said Sandhu. “With a toll already in place on the new Port Mann Bridge, residents of Surrey are being unfairly targeted and are running out of options to commute without being charged at every pass. The upgrade is more than what municipalities and Translink can afford. Stephen Harper and the Conservative government need to


step up to the plate on infra- will disproportionally afstructure funding, and the fect the growing areas of federal government needs British Columbia. to pay their fair share”. Sandhu will be paying close This is not the first time attention to the outcome of that Sandhu has addressed the joint Pattullo Bridge the issue of lack of infra- Review taking place over structure funding for Brit- the month of June in Surrey ish Columbians. In April, and New Westminster, and in a question posed to the will be pushing hard for House of Commons about an outcome where Surrey the Conservative Budget taxpayers do not have the 2013, Sandhu mentioned added burden of paying for that cuts to infrastructure another toll bridge.

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Metro Rethinking Incinerator, according to Tweet




Õz˺÷ Á˺â ÔËâîËé ñÅÁ ÁÅÇøà pirvfrk vkIl

n an apparent reversal of previously stated positions, Greg Moore, Mayor of Port Coquitlam and Chair of the Metro Vancouver Board, conceded that burning garbage is not zero waste.

Through his Twitter account, on May 30th, Moore emphasized the importance of reducing waste and pointed to his efforts to start a National Zero Waste Council. When Sharon Gaetz, Mayor of Chilliwack and Chair of the Fraser Valley Regional District, pointed out that “Zero Waste” cannot include burning garbage, Moore replied “totally agree”. This comes as a welcome surprise to Gaetz and residents of the Fraser Valley who have strenuously opposed Metro Vancouver’s plan to build a half billion dollar garbage burner that will pollute the air and put the region into massive debt. The FVRD would like to help Moore shed his “Mr. Incinerator” image, which he earned for his support for an incinerator for Metro garbage disposal. Mr. Moore must now show his sincerity and green credentials by urging his Board to dismiss garbage-burning plans and look for true Zero Waste solutions such as Advanced Materials Recovery that would propel recycling to the next level, drastically decrease our waste and do it without air pollution. The FVRD will continue to advocate for the health of its residents in an effort to prevent a garbage burner from being built in this region. “Like that old expression ‘You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.’ Burning garbage is dirty – plain and simple. No matter what fancy title you give it” said Gaetz. Sharon Gaetz Chair, FVRD Board Fraser Valley Regional District


ÕËÇðé ö֯º bYirstr & soilstr Ô¶á ÇñÖÆÁź öòÅòź êzçÅé Õðç¶ Ôé: • qlfk • spurdgI, srpRwsqI aqy phuMc • bWicaF aqy pqI/pqnIL leI pflx-posLx Krc (sport) • ivafh aqy alihdgI iekrfrnfmf • vsIaq • jLmInF dy ieMqkfl

KERIN K. SEIKHON Barrister & Solicitor Providing services in: • Divorce • Parenting Arrangements & Guardianship • Child & Spousal Support • Marriage & Separation Agreements • Wills • Conveyancing

Telephone: 604.850.5036 Email: #202-2975 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford

Mortgage Rates Are Down 5 Yrs Fixed




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5 Yrs Variable


IN CMP 2011

(prime minus .40%)

Sharnjit S Gill, AMP Ex-MANAGER (BMO) Bank of Montreal

Proud to be one of Canada’s Top Mortgage Brokers in 2009, 2010 & 2011


Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 14th, 2013


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Friday, June 14th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika


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Friday, June 14th, 2013


Canada continues leadership in nutrition and food security efforts any development progress we hope to achieve,” said Minister Fantino. “Investments in nutrition and food security are the gateway to healthier families, more stable communities, and economies that can flourish.”


mproving nutrition and ensuring access to nutritious food are key to Canada’s strategy to help lift millions of people out of poverty around the world. The Honourable Julian Fantino, Minister of International Cooperation, reaffirmed Canada’s global leadership in nutrition and food security by announcing nine new initiatives that will strengthen the capacity of countries


to address undernutrition, particularly among mothers and children. The Honourable Julian Fantino, Minister of International Cooperation, delivers remarks at the Nutrition for Growth: Beating Hunger through Business and Science meeting in London, England. “Our Government considers nutrition to be a critical building block for

Minister Fantino made the announcement during a meeting of business, science, government, and civil society organizations to tackle the challenge of hunger and undernutrition. The meeting was held in London as part of the lead-up to this month’s G-8 Leaders Summit. The investments announced today will not only help to improve nutrition, they will promote innovation in agriculture, food security, and nutrition. For example, Canada is supporting the International Fund for Agricultural De-

velopment (IFAD) in their work directly with smallholder farmers and the private sector to improve the production of nutritious food and promote agricultural innovations. Kanayo F. Nwanze, President of IFAD, in welcoming Canada’s initiatives stated that the country, a key IFAD partner, is a leader on nutrition improvement. The $5 million Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture and Rural Development will help smallholder farmers to improve the production of nutritious food and promote innovations in nutrition-sensitive agriculture, particularly in Africa. “Nutrition is a smart development investment, and integral to eradicating poverty and hunger,” said Nwanze. “IFAD invests in agricultural development

with the aim to improve the nutritional level of the poorest populations. We work to enable poor people out of poverty through sustainable agriculture, focusing on smallholders. Women are key to improving the living conditions of their families, nutrition, maternal health, and combating disease—goals that are moral imperatives. Canada also announced its support for efforts to improve the well-being and survival of children under the age of five in more than 20 African nations. The Scaling Up Nutrition initiatives will deliver cost-effective, lifesaving nutrition and health services to young children to ensure they have the best possible start to life.

independent organization, recognized Canada as the world leader in the effort to improve nutrition,” said Minister Fantino. “Canadians can be proud of our ongoing leadership in nutrition and food security. Improving nutrition is a key element of the Muskoka Initiative to improve maternal, newborn, and child health.”

Economic Action Plan 2013 reaffirms Canada’s commitment to nutrition and increasing food security. The new Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development will continue to implement the mandate of poverty alleviation by helping to ensure families have access to the nutrition they need to live healthy lives, contribute to their com“A recent report by De- munities, and grow their velopment Initiatives, an economies.

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013



Minister Moore Announces New Programs to Support Canada’s History


he Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, today introduced a series of new measures to help promote Canadian history, including the first ever Government of Canada History Awards.

“Canadians want to know more about our history, and these new measures will make our history more accessible to all Canadians, particularly our youth,” said Minister Moore. “This is especially important as we approach Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, which provides an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate our history and the achievements that contributed to the united, strong, and free Canada we know today.” New measures being announced today include the following: a.. A Canada History Fund will connect youth to their history through the first everGovernment of Canada History Awards, which will honour outstanding students and teachers who show an interest in celebrating Canadian history. The awards will be administered by Canada’s History, an independent national organization with a mandate to make our nation’s past relevant and accessible to all Canadians.

to createtwo new Heritage Minutes per Deborah Morrison, CEO and President of history, but more importantly the stories year between now and Canada’s 150th Canada’s History. “The Canada History of Canada, pleasant and unpleasant as birthday in 2017. Fund will provide us with the resources they are, of everyday Canadians, whether we need to seize that opportunity—to it is found in our art, artifacts, or docuc.. Existing programs at Canadian create new content and actively engage ments.” Heritage will be strengthened to improve young Canadians in the telling of our access to funding for local organizations stories.” A description of all of the measures anthat wish to promote Canadian history nounced today is included in the attached in their communities, including local “Canadian history is all around us. How- backgrounder. The total investment, museums and youth groups. ever it is rarely taught in schools; it is funded from existing resources, is $12 not seen, not heard, and is forgotten by million annually. To learn more about d.. Starting in 2013, July 1 to 7 will most Canadians. These new measures what the Government of Canada is doing become Canada History Week, an oppor- will greatly help bring our history alive,” to enhance Canadians’ access to their histunity for Canadians from coast to coast to said John G. McAvity, Executive Director tory, visit coast to get actively involved in learning of the Canadian Museums Association. about our country’s history. “This includes not just formal or academic “History teaches us how we got to where we are as a country, along with a sense aYlzrgRov vfilaf leI KusLKbrI! aYlzrgRov ivWc stysLn pWb dy nfl KuWl cWukf hY of where we are headed. These new measures give Canadians important new tools to discuss and debate those lessons from our past. We at the Historica–Dominion Institute fully support these important initiatives,” said Anthony Wilson-Smith, President of the Historica–Dominion Institute.

Studio H&A

“With so many significant anniversaries in the coming years, the historical community has a unique opportunity to change a whole generation of Canadians’ attitudes toward their past in much b.. The Harper Government will partner the same way Expo 67 transformed our with the Historica-Dominion Institute view of Canadian arts and culture,” said

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Punjabi Patrika


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Friday, June 14th, 2013


rotI KFidaF kridaF nUM awT vwj gey. pRDfn afpxf QYlf cwuk ky crn dy nfl qur ipaf. DrmsLflf ivwc myjL `qy rwKI lfltYx jg rhI sI. pwtIaF `qy bYTy kuJ vrkr PLsl AujfV jFdIaF avfrf iZwTIaF dIaF gwlF kr rhy sn. bfby ny afAuNidaF hI puwiCaf,

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Punjabi Patrika

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Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 14th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


    Providing Services for: • Work Permits • Student/Visitor Visa • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) • Family - Parents & Spousal Application

• Federal Skilled Workers • Canada Experience Class • Live-in-Caregiver (Nanny) • Adoption Cases • Refugee Claims • All types of Immigration Appeals


(B Sc, B. Ed, UBC) Cert. Immigration Consultant Member of ICCRC

Cell: 778-245-4600

MANMEET THATHAR (M.Com., DFA, CPB) Cert. Prof. Bookkeeper INTUIT Certified ProAdvisor

Cell: 778-552-2515


3045 Townline Road Abbotsford BC V2T 5K2

778•552•2515 WE ACCEPT:

Fax: 604•758•2010

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Tahir Malik PAGE 26

604.909.2277 ABBOTSFORD: #200A 2451 CLEARBROOK ROAD SURREY: #208 9200 SCOTT ROAD

Eihmd milk

Ahmad Malik


Friday, June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 




Punjabi Patrika 

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APNA TRUCK SHOW - Tradex June 15th & 16th In addition, there will be a Job Fair – if you are looking for a new job as a driver or owner/operator, this is the place to be. Major trucking companies will be present to give you all the information needed in securing a job with them.



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Improving the Citizenship Application Process


itizenship applicants who fail their first citizenship test will now have the opportunity to rewrite the test rather than wait for an appointment with a citizenship judge, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today.

in as many ways as possible.

“The Government of Canada remains committed to maintaining Canada’s tradition of high numbers of permanent residents taking up full citizenship, and this is one of many recent improvements that have been made to the citizenship process to ensure the timely welcoming of new citizens,” said Minister Kenney. “Since 2006, Canada has welcomed the highest sustained levels of immigration in Canadian history. Accordingly, the demand for citizenship has increased by 30 percent, with Canada averaging approximately 200,000 new citizens each year.”

Come and be part of the most anticipated truck show in Western Canada. For more information, call 604-5969287 or visit

In the past, individuals who failed their knowledge test would be required to wait a number of months for an appointment with a citizenship judge, who would make a

Come and see modified and one-of-a-kind trucks at the Show & Shine. There will be prizes given to the winners in various categories. Vote for fathers. Bring the whole fam- your favourite trucks, motorily and have the chance to cycles, or vintage vehicles. win a prize for your fathers. Remember that this show is Partial proceeds will be goalso a family event. Not only ing to the Children’s Wish Foundation and to the Guru will there be famous singers, Nanak Free Kitchen. Just like but entertainment will also in previous years, one of the include bands, performances, aims of the truck show is to and activities for children. give back to the community

nce again, the APNA Truck Show will be taking place at the Tradex in beautiful Abbotsford, BC on June 15-16, 2013. This truck show will feature over 100 exhibitors, entertainment, job fair, the famous Show & Shine, and activities for people of all There is no admission ages. charge, so bring the whole The APNA Truck Show will family, relatives, and friends. run for two days and be- This show will feature new cause it will be taking place trucks, parts, technology, and on Father’s Day, there will valuable information about be special door prizes for trucking in North America.

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Friday, June 14th, 2013

final decision on their case. However, as of today, applicants will be informed of their results immediately following their test. Individuals who fail but have met all other criteria will be provided with a date to rewrite the test a few weeks later. Those who pass their test will be scheduled for a citizenship ceremony.

ceed directly to being granted citizenship. These changes means shorter wait times for some citizenship applicants.

In addition, with the increase in citizenship judges, there will be more decisions on citizenship applications and more citizenship ceremonies. Eight additional citizenship judges Moreover, individuals who have been appointed since the are currently waiting to see a beginning of this year. citizenship judge because they had previously failed the test Under Economic Action Plan will also be invited to rewrite 2013, the Government of the test. Canada announced an investment of $44 million over two Minister Kenney also anyears to put toward improving nounced that all family memcitizenship processing. These bers listed on one application funds will enable CIC to better no longer need to be approved tackle the growing demand for at the same time. Previously, citizenship grants and proofs, there were cases where all and assist in processing the family members who had existing inventory. applied together were held up in obtaining citizenship “We know that newcomers when only one family mem- look forward to acquiring ber had failed a knowledge or their Canadian citizenship and language test. Successful ap- we are committed to helping plicants will now be informed qualified applicants acquire that they may have their appli- this privilege in a timely mancations processed independent ner,” said Minister Kenney. of other family members. As “Together, these measures such, fewer people will need combined will result in faster to wait for their applications processing of citizenship apto be processed and can pro- plications.”

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

ÇÂÕòÅâ¯ð Öµì¶-êµÖÆ ðÅôàðêåÆ ðëÅÇÂñ Õ¯ðÆÁÅ

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013


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ÁËìàÃë¯ðâ ÇòÚ ÇÕ§é¶ ñ¯Õ ì¶Øð¶ Ôé?

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ÕËñ¯éŠ寺 ÇÕzÃàÆ ÕñÅðÕ çÅ î°ÕÅìñÅ Õð¶×Æ ÕËð¯ñ ×½ðâé

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013

WSO Reacts to Suspension of Quebec Soccer Federation The World Sikh Organization of Canada reacts with sadness to the decision of the Canadian Soccer Association to suspend the Quebec Soccer Federation for their refusal to allow the wearing of Sikh turbans for soccer players. According to the CSA, the suspension will be lifted once the QSF ends its ban on the turban. WSO President Prem Singh Vinning said, “whereas Sikh children were initially the victims of the QSF’s decision to uphold the ban on the turban, it is now doubly unfortunate that so many other soccer players in Quebec will also have to suffer the consequences. This entire episode has been completely unnecessary and senseless. Let all players play. It’s as simple as that. Our repeated attempts to reach out have been unsuccessful, but we call on the QSF to immediately lift their ban on the turban for



the sake of all soccer play- sion and dialogue. We are ers in Quebec.” at a loss as to why the QSF has refused to simply talk On June 6th, Mr. Vinning to us. In the absence of a had sent a letter to the QSF dialogue, we will have to requesting for a review look at every alternative opof the decision to uphold tion, including legal action the ban on the turban and against the QSF.” for a dialogue to address any concerns the QSF may WSO Vice President for have with respect to safety. Quebec Mukhbir Singh [Original French and Eng- added, “we want to see this lish version of Mr. Vin- situation resolve immedining’s letter follows below ately. We hope that better this statement] sense will prevail so that all Quebec children can play No response has been rewith their friends. In the ceived from the QSF. interest of all players, the WSO’s first letter to the QSF should reconsider its QSF addressing the issue earlier decision to ban the of the accommodation of turban.” religious headdress on the The World Sikh Organizasoccer pitch was sent on tion of Canada (WSO) is June 21, 2011 which has been followed up on several a non-profit organization occasions by phone calls with a mandate to promote and a registered letter. No and protect the interests of response was ever received Canadian Sikhs as well as to promote and advocate from the QSF. for the protection of human WSO legal counsel Balpreet rights for all individuals, irSingh said, “this situation respective of race, religion, could easily have been re- gender, ethnicity, and social solved through open discus- and economic status.

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KusLKbrI! KusLKbrI!! KusLKbrI!!! vYnkUvr eyrIey dy msLhUr bYyNkut hflF dy mfstr qjLrbykfr aqy kfmXfb nF qoN hr koeI jfxUM hY, Auh hn “jsivMdr isMG gryvfl”, ijMnF ny hux KoHl idwqf hY.

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jsivMdr isMG gryvfl nfl sMprk kr skdy ho jI. 604-825-8131 604-856-9005 3227 264 strIt, aYYlzrgrov, bI[sI[ PAGE 31


Punjabi Patrika 

ÇôðñÆ ìźâ

ÕÆ ÇÕzÃàÆ çÆ ÕËìÇéà òµâÆ ÔË? afE jrf bI[sI dy ieiqhfs dIaF bIqy dIaF kuJ kYbIintF dI igxqI df ijLkr kr ky dyKIey. 1996 ivwc aYn[zI[pI dy muwK mMqrI giln klfrk dI 15 mYNbrI kYbint sI. ijs ivwc 5 iesqrI mYNbr sn. kyvl 4 mMqrI mYtro vYnkUvr qoN aqy 11 mMqrI vYnkUvr qoN bfhrly ielfikaF qoN sn. gorzn kYNbl dI 2001 vflI vjLfrq ivwc 27 mMqrI sn ijMnf ivwc swq rfj mMqrI sn aqy 79 mYNbrI asMblI ivwc aYn[ zI[ pI[ kyvl do aOrq mYNbr hI aYm[aYl[ey ijwqIaF sn. kNYbl mMqrI mMzl ivwc 8 iesqrI mMqrI sn aqy 14 mYtro vYnkUvr nfl sbMDq sn aqy 13 bfhrlIaF rfeIizMgF qoN sn. muwK mMqrI ikRstI klfrk dI 2011 vflI kYbIint ivwc 17 mMqrI sn, kYNbl asqIPf dy gey sn. ikRstI klfrk ivc Aus qoN ibnF 6 aOrq mMqrI sn. swq mMqrI mItro vYnkUvr qoN sn aqy ds mMqrI vYnkUvr qoN bfhrly sn. vrqmfn 2013 dI ikRstI dI kYbint ivwc AunHF qoN ibnF 19 mMqrI hn ijMnF ivwc 7 aOrq mMqrI hn aqy 9 mMqrI mYtro vYnkUvr qoN aqy 10 vYnkUvr qoN bfhrly hn.

àËðÆñ¶Õ ÔËñæ îÇéÃàð

éÅÀ°îÆ ïÅîÅ î¯à¯ - ÃËð ÃêÅàÅ Áå¶ ÃîÅñ Çì÷Çéà î§åðÆ

à¯â Ãà¯é-àðźÃê¯ðà, ÇÂéëðÅÃàðÕÚð Áå¶ ÇâêàÆ ÔÅÀ±Ã ñÆâð

àð¶ÃÅ òÅà- ¶ôÆÁÅ êËÃÆÇëÕ ñÂÆ Õ½îźåðÆ òêÅð î§åðÆ

ÁîðÆÕ ÇÃ§Ø ÇòðÕ é±§ ÇîÇñÁÅ À°µÚ ÇòµÇçÁÅ çÅ ÇòíÅ×

Õ¯×ñÆ úÕÃ- ÕÇîÀ°ÇéàÆ, Ãê¯ðà å¶ ÃµÇíÁÅÚÅðÕ ÇòÕÅà î§åðÆ

êÆàð ëÅÃë˺âð - ÇòµÇçÁÅ î§åðÆ

ÁËâðÆú ÇòéÇÕéÃé- àËÕéÅñ¯ÜÆ Áå¶ ÇÃàÆ÷é î§åðÆ

òÅåÅòðé î§åðÆ- î¶ðÆ ê¯ÇñÕ

ÃðÆ Õñ¯òðâ¶ñ ðÅÂÆÇâ§×

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ÃàÆò æÅîÃé - ëÅðËÃà, ñ˺â÷ Áå¶ Õ°çðåÆ ÃÅèéź ìÅð¶ î§åðÆ

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Çìñ ìËÇéà- À±ðÜÅ å¶ ÖÅä î§åðÆ

Friday, June 14th, 2013

ÁË×ðÆÕñÚð î§åðÆ êËàÇêî pIs irvr nfrQ qoN ijwqy pYtipm jo kudrqI gYs dy pfrlImYNtrI sYktrI sn nUM hux ikRstI klfrk vjLfrq ivwc KyqIbfVI mihkmf imilaf hY AunHF qoN afs hY ik Auh rfj dI KyqIbfVI nUM AuWnq krky KyqI pRozkts vfsqy eysLIaf ivwc nvIaF mMzIaF lwBxgy.

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ÜÃÇàà Áå¶ ÁàÅðéÆ Üéðñ ð÷Åé¶ Á§àé vYnkUvr- PryjLrivAU rfeIizMg qoN aYm[aYl[ey bxI sujLfny ikRstI klfrk kYbIint ivc jsits minstr aqy atfrnI jnrl hovygI. Auh istI kONsl bx geI sI jdoN ik vYnkUvr dy myar dI cox hfr geI sI. Auh sfbkf krfAun pRfsI ikAutr vI sI. ies leI AusnUM jsits aqy atfrnI jnrl dI aihm ijLMmyvfrI idwqI geI hY.

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013





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Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 14th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Ă Ă‹ĂŹĂ ĂƒĂŤÂŻĂ°Ă˘ ÇòžÚ à Åêäœ ĂŞÂżĂœĂ…ĂŹĂ† íÅÂÆà  çÅ êÇÔùÅ ÏԚü ÔÆ òèÆà Å ĂƒĂ ÂŻĂ° Ă‡ĂœĂŚÂŻÂş ĂĽÂšĂƒĂ†Âş ÏԚü ÔÆ òèÆà Å ùžÕó çÅ ÎáϹü ÍðÊÆÚð ÖðÆç ĂƒĂ•Ă§Âś Ô¯Ă? SALE $




WAS $749 Queen/Full Size (King Size $499) Made of Solid Wood. Choice of Stains. Made in BC, Canada.


8 Pieces Queen Size HB, FB, Rails, Dresser, Mirror, Chest and 2 bed side tables

WAS $4999






stor ivWc ipaf sfrf smfn vycxf hI vycxf hY.

mUivMg syl bhuq hI GWt kImqF,


Made of Solid Wood. Proudly made in BC. Choice of 16 Stains. 8 Pieces Queen/Double/Single Size HB, FB, Rails, Dresser, Mirror, Chest and 2 bed side tables

WAS $3325



ç¯ ù¯Õœôʝ ĂƒĂ°Ă‡Ă˛Ăƒ Çç§çÆà  ÔÊĂ? ĂƒĂ°Ă† Ă ĂĽÂś Ă Ă‹ĂŹĂ ĂƒĂŤÂŻĂ°Ă˘ 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Alder Bedroom Shoppe 2785 Bourquin Cr. W. Abbotsford 604.746.3639

Modern Home Furnishings 13479 76 Ave, Surrey 604.501.0144

ÏÅÕÆ Ă Ă… Ă•Âś çœÖ¯, Ă ĂƒĂ†Âş à Åêäœ Õ§Î Ă ĂĽÂś ÕÆÎü çÆ ×ð§à Æ Õðçœ ԝĂ? PAGE 34

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

(pMnf 26 dI bfkI) svfl: sfnUM dwisaf igaf hY ik jy asIN afpxf krjLf muafP krvfAuNdy hF qF iPr asIN iksy nUM spFsr nhIN kr skdy | kI ieh gwl TIk hY? jvfb: quhfzI ieh jfxkfrI iblkul glq hY ikAuNik ieAuN krn nfl spFsrisLp dI koeI smwisaf nhIN huMdI| jdoN qusIN iksy nUM spFsr krn leI pypr Brogy qF quhfnUM ieh svfl kdI nhIN puwiCaf jfvygf ik kI qusIN afpxf krjLf muafP qF nhIN krvfieaf| svfl: bhuq sfry lokF ny afpxy dosqF jF irsLqydfrF leI ko-sfeIn jF gRMtI idwqI huMdI hY | jy AunHF dy dosq jF irsLqydfr krjLf dI adfiegI nf kr skx qF kI dUjy ivakqI dy kRYizt Auwqy koeI smwisaf KVHI ho skdI hY? jvfb: sfnUM sfiraF nUM ies gwl bfry pqf hoxf cfhIdf hY ik jdoN asIN iksy vfsqy ko-sfeIn krdy hF jF gRMtI idMdy hF qF ies dy arQ kI huMdy hn| bYNk hmysLf ko-sfeIn jF grMtr AudoN mMgdf hY jdoN krjLf mMg rhy ivakqI dy kRYizt ivc koeI KrfbI hovy| jy kr qusIN afpxy dosq jF irsLqydfr dI mdd ko-sfeIn krky jF grMtI dy ky krdy ho qF qusIN Aus krjLy bfry AunHy hI ijLmyvfr ho ijMnf quhfzf dosq jF irsLqydfr| jy iksy kfrn quhfzf dosq jF irsLqydfr krjLy dI adfiegI nhIN kr skdf qF bYNk quhfQoN pYsf lYx jLrUr afvygf| svfl: jy asIN kRYizt kfrz jF lfeIn aOP kRYizt df krjLf dyxf hY aqy Aus dI pymYNt nhIN krdy qF kI bYNk sfzy Gr jF jOb ‘qy koeI aYksLn lY skdf hY? jvfb: bysLwk qusIN ansIikAUrz krjLy dy dyxdfr ho ( arQfq kRYizt kfrz, lfeIn aOP


More than four million visitors helped by new CIC online Help Centre

kRYizt, stUzYNt lon,afeI sI bI sI, rYivinAU knyzf jF koeI inwjI lon jF vpfrk lon) aqy qusIN pymYNt nhIN kr rhy qF bYNk jF quhfzy sLfhUkfr nUM hwk hY ik Auh krjLf vsUl krn leI kfnUMnI kfrvfeI kr skdf hY ijs ivc kulYksLn kflF, quhfzI qnKfh ivcoN ktOqI jF More than four million people have been helped by Citizenship and Immigration quhfzy Gr ‘qy lIan pYxf vI sLfml hn| Canada’s (CIC) new online Help Centre svfl: ieh qF bYNkF jF sLfhUkfrF dy aiDkfr since it was launched just six months ago, ho gey | afm afdmI dy kI aiDkfr hn? Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced jvfb: ijs qrHF bYNk kol quhfzy kolNoN pYsy today. vsUl krn leI kfnUMnI kfrvfeI krn dy aiDkfr hn, Ausy qrHF quhfzy kol vI aiDkfr “The government is committed to improvhn ik qusIN afpxf krjLf 75% qwk muafP ing service and the new online Help Centre krvf skdy ho| afpxI rihMdI rkm dIaF ibnf is part of that plan,� said Minister Kenney. ivafj qoN iksLqF bxvf skdy ho; afpxy asfsy “People have questions about how to come ( Gr, vpfr, jOb) nUM kfnUMnI kfrvfeI qoN bcf to Canada and this new user-friendly and skdy ho aqy muV qoN afpxf kRYizt bhfl krvf convenient Web tool provides the practical information that they need in a quick and skdy ho| effective manner.� svfl: afpxIaf lokysLnF aqy tYlIPon dy The Help Centre is a one-stop Web portal nMbr dwsx dI ikrpf kro? with an advanced search function where jvfb: rwb dI imhr aqy BYx BrfvF dy visitors can find quick and direct answers, ivsLvfsL sdkf asIN 10 vwK vwK lokysLnF qoN including how to complete application syvfvF prdfn krdy hF | sfzy dPqr aOntfrIE forms, extend visas as well as other perivc imsIsfgf,trFto qy skfrbro ivKy; ikAUbYk mits, and replace lost documents, such ivc sfzf dPqr mFtrIafl, mYnItobf ivc as permanent resident cards. The portal ivnIpYg; albrtf ivc kYlgrI aqy aYzimMtn; contains more than 600 commonly asked ibRitsL kolMbIaf ivc srHI, aqy aYbtsPorz questions and answers as well as more ivKy KulHy hn| qusIN sfnUM hPqy dy swqy idn iml than 200 glossary terms, which may be skdy ho| sMprk leI 604-909-2277 jF found easily by searching by keyword or 1-866-210-9262 qy awj hI muPq aqy gupq simply by browsing. The Help Centre also slfh msLvry leI kfl kr skdy ho; afpxy afp enables people to easily access help tools, nUM krjLy qoN mukq krvf ky nvF jIvn afrMB kr how-to-videos as well as application forms skdy ho| and guides.

The Help Centre registers more than 150,000 visits every week and the clear success of the tool is reflected in visitor feedback. One person comments that it is “a very useful site with lots of helpful answers� and another notes that the “easiest way to get quick answers to your questions is to use CIC’s Help Centre.� The new online Help Centre is part of a growing suite of online Web tools available on the CIC website. This includes the Come to Canada site, which helps potential immigrants to Canada determine the immigration programs they may be eligible for. Also, the new interactive Living in Canada tool for newcomers helps them adjust to life in Canada and find services, including an interactive map that allows people to find settlement organizations in their area. In addition, there are several CIC videos to guide applicants through the process, explain recent reforms and highlight immigrant success stories. All these new tools are part of the government’s efforts to create a more responsive, user-friendly and efficient immigration process that benefits applicants, immigrants and Canadians alike.

ÏÇùÀ¹ ϜðÆ ÇêÕð çÆ ù¯ó Ăž                     Â? Â?  Â?Â?   ­­ 

�           €‚ƒ „ ƒ   …‚ ­††   

 ƒ‚   ƒ    ‡† Ă´Ă…ĂŽ çœ E Ă˛ĂœÂś ĂĽÂŻÂş ÏÅà ç ĂƒÂ§ĂŞĂ°Ă• Ă•Ă°ÂŻ :   



Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 14th, 2013


ë°µñź òð׶ ÃÅÔ

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î¶ð¶ ÇܧéÅ ð¯ÇÂÁÅ éÔƺ Ô¯äÅ

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eyky dI mwtI BMn ky koeI TIkr qwk cbf igaf kI kI isPLq suxfvF bfpU myry dI

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cfnx vrgI idwK sI sfAU ichry dI

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afpxy KyqF dy ivwc krdf vfhI sI

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Cy puwq, iqMn DIaF twbr Bfrf sI

mYQoN vDIaf ilKfrI vI bQyry hoxgy.

kyvl isMG ‘inrdosL’

koeI roVH husn nUM lY igaf

dId jIhdy dI iewk Guwt sfnUM

koeI awg akl nUM lf igaf

bKsLy ajb njLfry.

cFdI dIaF zlIaF pI igaf

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kOx ‘kwly-kwly’ awKr qy hMJU kyrdf.

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idhuM cVdy dI lflI.

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sjry Puwl gulfbI.

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ibsiml ho jfey aflm sfrf

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kwlf phIaf aqy gwzI BfrI sI

bsqf cuwk skUly jd mYN jFdf sI

nO sfl inBfeI ijLMmyvfrI sI

dUr qIk Auh myry ipwCy aFdf sI

iewk rfq iPr ieh vI phIaf KVH igaf

afnf mMigaf Auh duafnI dy dyNdf

DrqI df ieh qfrf aMbrI cVH igaf

smJ soc ky KrcIN nfly kih dyNdf

nykI dy vxjfry kdy nf mrdy ny

vwzy nyrHy AuWT Auh cfh bxfAuNdf sI

‘cMd PrvfhI’ lok bih gwlF krdy ny.

î½ÃîÆ ìÅìÅ!

qrlocn isMG

lUa vgdI ey dys ivwc bVI qwqI,

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qpdy qn nUM Tfrny hfr bfbf.

Auh qF krngy KUb pRcfr bfbf.

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Puwl ikrn jd mwuK QIN boly bol sLihd qoN imwTy. koielF df mUMh awizaf rih jfey jy imwT bol Aucfry. sLflf suwcf husn Esdf Zly nf hsLrF qIkr rihmq dI iewk kxI EsdI qpdI ihkVI Tfry. dosLIaF nUM ‘inrdosL’ bxfey AusdI swcI qwkxI. Ausdy hoNT Cuhfieaf imwTy

awj afsF hoeIaF bOxIaF awj iPLkrF hoeIaF vwzIaF ikAuN vkq nUM KwlI cVH geI ikAuN JwlF hoeIaF luMjIaF ikAuN kxk dy iswty zuskdy ikAuN DfhF mfrn muMjIaF awj awK Drq dI nuwcVI qy Juls geIaF iqRvYxIaF awj sBo KuMZy ho gey kI ‘QOVy-qysy-CyxIaF sony dI icVIaf lut geI jd bfjL qurk df pY igaf koeI sfzy kohynUr nUM cIcI `qy jV ky lY igaf iksy mUMgy hIry Pwk ley

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dId jIhdy dI iewk Guwt sfnUM

koeI iJVI `c zoly luwt ky

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PuwlF vrgy sfh asIN Ausdy

ikAuN ilsLk lwg dI Gs geI

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qIr drd ivCoVy vfly Jwlxy nhIN sOKy. hVH hMJUaF dy nYxF ivwc TwlHxy nhIN sOKy. ieMj lokF koloN pIVF nUM lukoieaf nhINE hoxf. gIq ilKdf koeI myry ijMnf roieaf nhINE hoxf.

jdoN ikMgrf ckr koeI gIq ilKdf. ikMny puVF dy ivcfly Ehdf idl ipsdf. afpf Ehdy vFgUM iksy ny vI koihaf nhINE hoxf. gIq ilKdf koeI myry ijMnf roieaf nhINE hoxf.

iewk pIV hI mGdI rih geI iewk drd ltkdf rih igaf ikAuN icVIaF dI awK Puwt geI ikAuN kfvF df sMG bih igaf koeI gorf qUqI awKIaF sfnUM hI PrybI kih igaf ikAuN CMB isdk df suwikaf ieiqhfs dy dMd ny vwjdy ikAuN pI pI isrkf KLUn df iPr vI nf vYrI rwjdy koeI sfzI nyk-qbIaq `qy DOsF df pIVHf zfh igaf gwl suxIN mulk dy rihbrf ieh ikhf jLljLlf af igaf? eyky dI mwtI BMn ky koeI TIkr qk cbf igaf

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013

òåéź çÆ ÇÚµáÆ gurmyl isMG ‘rozy’

vy-PVIN swjxf vy icwTI, vqnF qoN afeI ey, nI-pVIHN sohxIey nI, kIhny ilKI kIhny pfeI ey vy-byby kihMdI pwuq ipwCoN nINdrF nf afAuNdIaF,



ëÅçð â¶Á îéÅÀ°, ÁÃÆÃź êÅÀ° mulK rfj ‘bjfj’f


mohn isMG srI

ÚðÖ¶ çÆ Ø±Õ

gursyvk ‘iZwlo’N

mdr zy mnfAuNdy sfry, Pfdr zy mnfvy koeI,

BwTI cfV ibrhf dI, hY dfxy vFgUM BMinaf

crKy dI GUk nI mfey,

jfiedfd vMzIaF pfAux nuM awgy, sFBy bfpU koeI,

dy ky pIVF drd dIaF, afvy vFgUM muMinaf

sInf rhI PUk nI mfey,

ivwc nisLaF keI pey pwuqr, rovx jFdy mfpy,

mjLbUrIaF dy kfg “mohn” noc sfnUM Kf gey

ipCly pihry ruldy dyKy, sFBy kuVIaF mfpy,

hux neIAuN soNhdf, iehdf sLor

ckorF vFg ajy qy afeI nf sfzI puMinaf

nI kwiqaf nf jfvy,qMd asF qoN mfey hor nI[[[[[[

puwq pRdysI mFvF rwj ky nf sONdIaF,

jfiedfd nfl mfipaF vMz, keIaF puwqF pfeI,

sfrf idn rihx kfg koiTAuN AuzfAuNdIaF,

mF Bfrq, ipqf ivdysL, suxI nf iksy duhfeI,

bYT kdI ipafr dI muMJl qy sjxF KohlIey

bfhvF nUM pYNdIaF KwlIaF, jobn bx cwilaf zlIaF,

inwq jfx lwgy dy BulyKy awKF pfAuNdIaF,

mrdy dm qwk bfpU df keIaF lfihaf cMm,

idl df Bfr hoey hOlf, mUMhoN kuJ qy bolIey

Puwl bx cwlIaF, qyry ivhVy dIaF klIaF,

puwq joiVaf , poqy gvfieaf, iksy nf afieaf kMm,

drd nfl idl myrf, nhIEN kdI pqIjdf

qYnUM smJfvF kI mYN hor,

KusLIaF df BMzfr bfpU, sUrj df pRkfsL bfpU,

ipMj sutI jfn pIVF, lyp koeI GolIey

nI kwiqaf nf jfvy, qMd asF qoN mfey hor nI[[[[[[

mFvF ibnF ikhVf jfxy pwuq dI judfeI vy vy PVI[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[. nI-mfey myrIey kI qYnUM dwsF mjLbUrIaF

Gxy ibRC dI CF bfpU, eIsLvr df rUp bfpU, ipqf nfl ibqfey pl, GVIaF cyqy afAuNdIaF ny,

swjxF dy muwKVy qy awj hfsf vyiKaf mjLbUrIaF df asF ny rwj ky qmfsLf vyiKaf

iehdy PuwlF dy rMg ijhf, myrI swsI df jfieaf,

hsdy-hsdy vfadf iewk ny kr gey

ijhdy bfry soc cVy lor,

Kot ivwc awj asF, sony df mfsf vyiKaf

nI kwiqaf nf jfvy, qMd asF qoN mfey hor nI[[[[[[

pfeIaF qkdIrF ny hjLfrF kohF dUrIaF

jo iswKy hunr ipqf qoN, XfdF qVPfAuNdIaF ny,

afAuNdIaF ny cyqy jo KvfeIaF kuwt cUrIaF,

iewk bjLurg puiCaf mYN, qusI Pfdr zy mnfAuNdy,

suwK rwKy rwb sBo krU, rIJF pUrIaF,

dovyN jI asIN rihMdy aF, bwcy kol nf afAuNdy

sMsf iewko hI ijhVI BYx nF ivafhI ey,

sfrI jfiedfd pwuqF sFBI, bysimMt Dwky KFdy,

lfry qyry ajy vI mukdy nhIN swjxf

ipCly pihry rulx PfrmF, awKIaF nIr vhfAuNdy,

idny rfq hux qy hUMJU, sukdy nhIN sjxF

nI pVHIN[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[. vy- bfpU kihMdf pwuq qyrI icwTI df shfrf ey, qyry ibnF kMm DMdf ruk igaf sfrf ey, dwsdI skImF pYlI mMgdf jvfhrf ey, ingHf rwKIN rihMdf Cotf vIr vI kuafrf ey,

sulJy isafxy pwuqr, ‘pRymI’ syvf mfipaf krdy, mfVf klcr nsLf nf vrqx, rwb koloN ny zrdy, aYsy pwuqr rwb sB nUM dyvy, mfVy dI loV nhIN,

mrUey df bUtf lfieaf, ijsny ivhVf mihkfieaf

socF dI mfhl mYN vwtdI, crKy qy supny kwqdI, “iZwloN” df idsdf ichrf,jd vI mYN sLIsLf qwkdI,

sfrI rfq ibVkF sfnUM sOx nhIEN dyNdIaF

qor nI, “mihl klF” qor,

bnyiraF qy kfg “mohn” hux nhIN Zukdy sjxF

nI kwiqaf nf jfvy, qMd asF qoN mfey hor nI[[[[[[[

Pfdr zy mnfAu asIsF pfE, afAuNdI kdy QoV nhIN,


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Punjabi Patrika


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Dangers of Leaving Your Pet in a Parked Car


ith the summer months upon us, pet travel is at it’s height and it’s time for a reminder about the dangers of leaving your pet in a parked car. Whether you’re parking in the shade, just running into the store, or leaving the windows cracked, it is still NOT ok to leave your pet in a parked car. The temperature inside a car can skyrocket after just a few minutes. Parking in the shade or leaving the windows cracked does very little to alleviate this pressure cooker. On a warm, sunny day try turning your car off, cracking your windows and sitting there. It will only be a few short minutes before it becomes unbearable. Imagine how your helpless pet will feel. On an 85-degree day, for example, the temperature inside a car with the windows cracked can reach 102 degrees

within only ten minutes. After 30 minutes, the temperature will reach 120 degrees. At 110 degrees, pets are in danger of heatstroke. On hot and humid days, the temperature in a car parked in direct sunlight can rise more than 30 degrees per minute, and quickly become lethal.

days. Panting and drinking water helps cool them, but if they only have hot air to breathe, dogs can suffer brain and organ damage after just 15 minutes. Short-nosed breeds, young pets, seniors or pets with weight, respiratory, cardiovascular or other health problems are especially “If more people knew the susceptible to heat-related danger of leaving their pets stress. in their parked car, they Signs of heat stress inwouldn’t do it,� states Kim clude: heavy panting, Salerno, TripsWithPets. glazed eyes, a rapid pulse, com President & Founder. unsteadiness, a staggering “Pets are very susceptible gait, vomiting or a deep to overheating as they are red or purple tongue. If a much less efficient at cool- pet becomes overheated, ing themselves than people immediately lowering are� adds Salerno. The their body temperature is solution is simple - leave a must. your pets at home if the place you are going does a.. Move the pet into the shade and apply cool (not not allow pets. cold) water all over their Dogs are designed to con- body to gradually lower serve heat. Their sweat their temperature. glands, which exist on their nose and the pads of b.. Apply ice packs or cool their feet, are inadequate towels to the pet’s head, for cooling during hot neck and chest only.



Friday, June 14th, 2013

c.. Allow the pet to drink small amounts of cool water or lick ice cubes. d.. Then take the pet to the nearest vet. Animal Services Officers or other law enforcement officers are authorized to remove any animal left in an unattended vehicle that is exhibiting signs of heat stress by using the amount of force necessary to remove the animal, and shall not be liable for any damages reasonably related to the removal. The pet owner may be charged with animal cruelty. a.. Creating greater awareness is the key to preventing pets from this unnecessary suffering. offers some tips to help spread the word:

pets at home on warm sunny days if they’ll be going anywhere pets are not allowed.

go to the nearest store and have the owner paged. Enlist the help of a local police officer or security guard or call the local poc.. The Humane Society of lice department or animal the United States has postcontrol office. ers available for a nominal fee that store managers About the Author can post inside their winKim Salerno is the President & dows to remind shoppers Founder of that “Leaving Your Pet She founded the pet travel site in in a Parked Car Can Be a 2003 and is an expert in the field Deadly Mistake.� They of pet travel. Her popular web features pet friendly hotels & also have similar hot car site accommodations across the US flyers. and Canada, along with other

b.. A good start is to let friends know about the dangers of leaving their d.. Get involved. If you pets in a parked car and see a pet in a parked car remind them to keep their during a warm sunny day,

helpful pet travel resources. Her mission is to ensure that pets are welcome, happy, and safe in their travels.










VERY AFFORDABLE PREMIUM Coverage Available from $100,000 to $300,000

Sandeep Ahuja


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Ensuring Your Life...Ensuring Your Trust


Gurpreet S. Brar

Insurance Advisor


Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Filling Every Moment Versus Savouring It Boredom is good for the soul and children should be allowed to spend long spells that do not have anything to do with mind development. Observing and listening are great for learning about life. by Ira Pande


NDIA was always such a land of wonders and contradictions that the great scholar-President Radhakrishnan, when writing the preface of his famous treatise on Hinduism, declared that every truth about this land is offset by an opposite fact that is equally true. On Saturday morning, I read with pride that a boy of Indian origin had won the prestigious Spelling Bee award in the US. For the sixth year running, this prize has been bagged by an Indian student and it is now sometimes said in jest that no other community can ever hope to win this prize because Indians are the best spellers in the world.

The irony is that the same newspaper where I read this was accompanied by the usual clutch of flyers that come each morning with our papers. The one that caught my eye was from a fix-it man who was a ‘speecailist’ in ‘lickages’. Another flyer advertised ‘luxuary’ cars, still another ‘chikan tikka’. And it goes on and on. I remember a small school in Samrala (where my husband was once posted as an SDM), which proudly declared itself Holy Child Pubic School and a club that called itself the Loins Club. Forget those purists who bemoan the lack of knowledge about apostrophes and split infinitives, what we have to tackle today is the ubiquitous disease of twitterspell. ‘CU’ for ‘see you’, ‘mite’ for ‘might’, ‘wid’ for ‘with’ and so on. I know that English is a tough language where spellings are concerned and that, unlike Hindi, it is not phonetically logical but if one is going

to teach it, perhaps we need with a small keyboard is to pay some attention to the impressive but if you ask way it is rendered in print. them to write with a pen, their hands get paralysed. Several mandatory language Coping with silence and inexercises we were made to go through as schoolchil- activity is another vanished dren are now considered accomplishment. With the a waste of time. Among summer holidays comes those were transcription (to the problem of dealing with encourage writing neatly); energetic children. I see dictation (for perfecting young mothers driving them spellings) and elocution from one activity to another (for memory and pronuncia- all day: clay-modelling, tion). One teacher punished painting, origami, cooking us by making us learn two without fire and God alone pages of ‘The Acts of the knows what. I do not reApostles’ or a passage from member the mothers of our Shakespeare by heart. Since generation doing any such I was often punished for thing: we left the kids to find talking in class, I benefited their own entertainment and hugely from this ‘punish- mostly it was books or inment’. Another favourite door games. I wish to tell all was making sentences with anxious mothers boredom is words that sound alike but good for the soul and that have different meanings: children should be allowed key and quay; lightning and to spend long spells that do lightening. not have anything to do with As compared to that Ju- mind-developing activities. rassic Age, we now have Minds develop even when children attached to their not productively engaged. hand-held devices, busy Observing and listening are playing games. Their skill great for learning about life.

The truth is that whether old or young, we have all forgotten the art of relaxation. While children are being dragged from one activity to another, retired folk – who should know better – are busy chasing jobs and assignments when they should be enjoying the fruits of their toils. When I quit working about a year ago, the most common question I was asked was, ‘What will you do now?’ As if all that made life worthwhile was the rat race that kept you chained to a routine from morning to evening. In this last year, I have read, written, translated, travelled, cooked for friends, seen more movies than in the past 30 years, and felt younger than ever. The joy of drinking your morning cup of tea with a crisp newspaper, having a leisurely breakfast and not rushing through a bath before driving through rush-hour traffic — all these have given me a vision of heaven on earth. I pity those who could have all this but

choose not to avail of it because they dread dealing with leisure or losing control over other lives. If only the seniors would choose to hand over while the young are young, we would not see the spectacle of political parties presided over by a mummy or daddy, sometimes even a grand-daddy. To face the ignominy of a disgraceful exit (such as Arjun Singh) is far worse than retiring when you know that there is an impatient world waiting for you to make place for a new generation. Those dreaming of leading this country when they are in their eighties must realise their days are over. The ‘luxuary’ of choice is not theirs any more: move on before being turfed out. The young are tweeting their thoughts but you lack the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Sip that morning cup of tea with birdsong in your ears rather than curses muttered behind your back.

ÍÅðÎ à üœ ÕËÊðÆ òðÕð çÆ ù¯ó


            Â?Â?  Â? Â?    ­Gladwin Rd. €  ‚  Â? ƒ„Â?  „† Â…‚ Â?

Farm and Cannery workers Wanted Raspberry, Blueberry Pickers needed. Hourly work is also available. Please apply in Person at our Plant Address 82 Gladwin Rd. Good wages paid on time.

Daytime Evenings Only Office: (6-9pm): 604-850-7609 604-807-2771

Positions Available

Plant Address 82 Gladwin Rd., Abbotsford, B.C.












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Line Sorters Flat washers/Stackers Fillers Stackers Box Makers Check Weighers

3 Experienced Forklift Operators Needed. Wages $15.00 per hour. PAGE 39

ŕ¨ŞŕŠ ŕ¨°ŕ¨žŕ¨ŁŕŠ€ŕ¨†ŕ¨‚ ŕ¨ŤŕŠˆŕ¨‚ŕ¨¸ ŕ¨ľŕŠ€ ŕ¨šŕŠ ŕŠąŕ¨•ŕ¨ŚŕŠ‡ ਚਞਂ༤


Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  



• Cedar Fencing • Chain Link Fencing • Retaining Walls • Driveway Frame • Side Walks

• Block Retaining Walls • Window Wells • New Lawn • Junk Removal • Tree Trimming


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604 825 7183 604 744 8296

à ¹äœ òÅùÆà ź ò§×ź jdoN vihmF-BrmF aqy krm-kFzF `c Psy lokF dIaF gwlF suxIdIaF jF aKLbfrF `c pVHIdIaF hn qF mn Audfs ho jFdf hY. aijhy qrk-ivhUxy lok afpxI ijLMdgI vihmF-BrmF `c Ps ky brbfd kr bYTdy hn. aijhy lok kdy vI afpxI aOlfd nUM ivigafnk soc dy hfx df nhIN bxf skdy. iewk idn myrf dosq kuldIp sLihr qoN ipMz vfly pfsy jf irhf sI ik sLihr qoN cfr ku iklomItr dUr pYNdy cOrfhy ivwc Aus ny kuJ vMgf, lfl kwpVf, surKLI, ibMdIaF df pwqf aqy iewk sLrfb dI boql peI vyKI. aksr iksy qrksLIl bMdy df ieho ijhf smfn koloN lMGxf musLkl ho jFdf hY. kuldIp vI qrksLIl soc df DfrnI sI. Aus ny mn hI mn ies smfn nfl iewk pMQ do kfj krn df mn bxf ilaf. Aus ny sfrI gwl myry nfl kIqI aqy mYnUM ies bfry iksy kol ijLkr nf krn dI qfkId kIqI. Aus ny Auh sfrf smfn cuwikaf aqy Gr lY igaf. sLrfb dI boql Aus ny ipafkVf nUM dy CwzI aqy lfl kwpVf motrsfeIkl sfPL krn leI rwK ilaf pr vMgF, surKI aqy ibMdIaf dy pwqy Aus ny afpxI pqnI nUM dy idwqy. drasl kuldIp ny afpxI GrvflI nUM ikhf sI ik awj jgqfr ny afpxI pqnI leI bfjLfroN kuJ smfn KLrIidaF sI. mYN soicaf ik ikAuN nf mYN vI qyry leI lY cwlF kuldIp dI pqnI krm-kFzf ivc ivsLvfsL rwKdI sI aqy vihm vI bhuq krdI sI. sfzf mksd Aus nUM vihmF-Brmf `coN kwZxf sI. BfbI ny myry koloN ies bfry puwiCaf qF kuldIp dy khy anusfr mYN vI BfbI nUM AuhI sB kuJ kih idwqf . Aus nUM hux pUrf ivsLvfs ho cuwkf sI ik ieh smfn bfjLfroN hI KLrIidaf igaf hY. Aus ny pUry cfa nfl afpxIaF bfhF ivc vMgF pf leIaF aqy surKI qy ibMdIaF


• Çò¿â¯ ò˾ùá • Ă˜Ă…Ă” ùÅÀ°äÅ • ÏùÅÕ ðà œÇʧ× òÅù • ĂœÂ§Ă• Ú°¾ÕäÅ • çð¾Öü Ûźàäœ

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Friday, June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika



√Ø È Ó Á∂ ÁØ√ ‘ج∂ È≈≈˜ ¡º‹’Ò √ØÈÓ ’Í» Á∂ ÁØ√ ¿∞√ ÂØ∫ È≈˜ ‘ÈÕ ¡√Ò ”⁄ √ØÈÓ ¡≈͉∆ «ÎÒÓ Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ ”⁄ «¬≥È∆ «˜¡≈Á≈ «Ï˜∆ ‘À «’ ¿∞√ ’ØÒ ¡≈͉∂ ÁØ√ª È≈Ò √Óª «ÏÂ≈¿∞‰ Á∆ Ú∆ «Ú‘Ò È‘∆∫ ‘ÀÕ ‘≈Ò ‘∆ ”⁄ ¿∞√ È∂ ≈’∂Ù ˙Ó Íz’≈Ù ÙÓ≈ Á∆ «ÎÒÓ “Ì≈◊ «ÓÒ÷≈ Ì≈◊” Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ Í»∆ ’∆Â∆ ‘À ¡Â∂ ‘∞‰ ¡≈ÈßÁ ¡ÀµÒ. ≈¬∂ Á∆ «ÎÒÓ “ªfi‰≈” Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ ”⁄ «Ï˜∆ ‘À, «‹√ ”⁄ ¿∞‘ √≈¿±Ê Á∂ √πÍ √‡≈ Ë≈È∞Ù Á∂ ¡≈ÍØ«˜‡ ‘ÀÕ «¬≥È≈ ‘∆ È‘∆∫, ¿∞‘ ÔÙ≈‹ ÏÀÈ Á∆ «¬’ ¡‰¡ÀÒ≈È∆ «ÎÒÓ Ú∆ ’ ‘∆ ‘À, «‹√ ”⁄ ¿∞‘ ¡≈Ô∞ÙÓ≈È ÷π≈‰≈ Á∂ ¡≈ÍØ«˜‡ ‘ÀÕ «¬È∑ª «ÎÒÓª ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á Ú∆ ¿∞√ ˘ ¡≈Ó Ò¬∆ √Óª «ÓÒ‰≈ ÓπÙ«’Ò Òº◊ «‘≈ ‘À «’¿∞∫«’ ¿∞√ ˘ ¤∂Â∆ ‘∆ «ÎÒÓ “÷»Ï√»” Á∆ ∆Ó∂’ Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ Ù∞» ’È∆ ͬ∂◊∆Õ ¡«‹‘∂ ”⁄ Òº◊Á≈ ‘À «’ ¿∞√ Á∂ ÁØ√ª Á∆ È≈˜◊∆ Ú∆ ¤∂Â∆ Á» È‘∆∫ ‘؉ Ú≈Ò∆Õ ¡≈͉∂ ÁØ√ª Á∆ È≈˜◊∆ ”Â∂ √ØÈÓ È∂ «’‘≈, ““Ó∂∂ ÁØ√ª ’ØÒ ÓÀ˘ ÒÀ ’∂ «Ù’≈«¬Âª Á∆ «¬’ Í»∆ √»⁄∆ «Â¡≈ ‘Ø ◊¬∆ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ √≈Ò Á∆ Ù∞»¡≈ ÂØ∫ ‘∆ ÓÀ∫ «ÁºÒ∆ ”⁄ ‘∆ «’¿∞∫«’ «¬Ê∂ “ªfi‰≈” Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ ⁄ºÒ ‘∆ √∆Õ ¡º‹’Ò ÓÀ∫ «¬’Ø √Ó∂∫ ’¬∆ «ÎÒÓª Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ ’ ‘∆ ‘ª, «‹√ Ò¬∆ ÓÀ˘ ؘ≈È≈ AB ÂØ∫ AD ÿ≥‡∂ ’≥Ó ’È≈ ÍÀ «‘≈ ‘À Í ÓÀ˘ ’≥Ó ”⁄ «Ï˜∆ «‘‰≈ Í√≥Á ‘À ¡Â∂ «¬√ Á≈ Í»≈ ¡≈ÈßÁ ÒÀ ‘∆ ‘ªÕ””

«ÍzÔ≥’≈-Ù≈«‘Á Á∆ “ÏØÒÂ∆ Ï≥Á” B@@I ”⁄ «ÎÒÓ “’Ó∆È∂” ”⁄ ¡Á≈’≈∆ ’È ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ‘∆ «ÍzÔ≥’≈ ⁄ØÍÛ≈ ¡Â∂ Ù≈«‘Á ’Í» Á∂ ØÓª√ Á∆¡ª ÷Ïª ¿∞‚Á∆¡ª ‘∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ¿∞Ê∂ ‘∆ ÁØÚ∂∫ «¬√ Á≈ ÷≥‚È ’«Á¡ª ÷πÁ ˘ «¬’-Á»‹∂ Á≈ ⁄≥◊≈ ÁØ√ Áº√ ‘∂ ‘ÈÕ Í ‘≈Ò ‘∆ ”⁄ ÒØ’ª ˘ ¿∞ÁØ∫ ’≈Î∆ ‘À≈È∆ ‘ج∆, ‹ÁØ∫ «ÎÒÓ “ϪÏ∂ ‡≈’∆˜” Ò¬∆ «¬’ ◊∆ Á∆ «’≈«‚≥◊ ”Â∂ ¿∞È∑ª ÁØ‘ª ˘ «¬’-Á»‹∂ ˘ Ș¡≥Á≈˜ ’«Á¡ª Á∂«÷¡≈ «◊¡≈Õ Óπ≥Ϭ∆ Á∂ Ó«‘Â≈Ï √‡»‚∆˙ ”⁄ ¿∞√ Ú∂Ò∂ ÁØÚ∂∫ ÓΩ‹»Á √È Í ÁØÚ∂∫ «¬’-Á»‹∂ ÂØ∫ ’≥È∆∫ ’Â≈ ‘∂ √È ¡Â∂ ¡≈Í√ ”⁄ ◊ºÒª ’È≈ ª Á», ÁØ‘ª ”⁄Ø∫ «’√∂ È∂ «¬’-Á»‹∂ Á∆ ÓΩ‹»Á◊∆ ”Â∂ «Ë¡≈È Á∂‰≈ º’ Ú∆ ÓπÈ≈«√Ï È‘∆∫ √Ó«fi¡≈Õ √Àµ‡ ”Â∂ ÓΩ‹»Á «¬’ √»Â ¡È∞√≈ «¬√ ◊∆ ”⁄ «ÍzÔ≥’≈ ¡Â∂ Ù≈«‘Á ÁØÚ∂∫ ÓΩ‹»Á √È ¡Â∂ ÁØÚ∂∫ «¬’Ø √Ó∂∫ ”Â∂ «¬√ Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ ’ ‘∂ √È, «Î Ú∆ ÁØ‘ª È∂ «¬’ Ú≈ Ú∆ «¬’-Á»‹∂ È≈Ò ◊ºÒ È‘∆∫ ’∆Â∆Õ

ACAH È≈Ò «¬Ó≈È Á≈ ÷≈√ ÓØ‘ «ÍzÔ≥’≈ Á∆ «¬’ ‘Ø ÌÀ‰ Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ ”⁄ Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ Á∂ ’¬∆ «√Â≈«¡ª Úª◊ ‘∆ «¬Ó≈È ÷≈È ’ØÒ Ú∆ ’≈ª Á≈ Í»≈ ’≈Úª ‘ÀÕ ÷≈√ ◊ºÒ ‘À «’ ¿∞√ Á∆¡ª √≈∆¡ª ’≈ª Á≈ ÈßÏ ACAH ‘ÀÕ «¬√ ¡≥’ È≈Ò ¿∞√ Á∂ ÷≈√ Ò◊≈¡ Á≈ ’≈È ‘À «’ «¬Ó≈È Á≈ ‹ÈÓ «ÁÈ AC ‹ÈÚ∆ ˘ ‘∞≥Á≈ ‘À, ‹ÁØ∫«’ ¿∞√ Á∆ ÍÂÈ∆ Á∂ ‹ÈÓ «ÁÈ Á∆ Â∆’ AH ‹∞Ò≈¬∆ ‘ÀÕ «¬È∑ª ÁØ‘ª ‘∆ ¡≥’ª ˘ ¿∞‘ ¡≈͉∂ ¡Â∂ Í«Ú≈ Ò¬∆ «’√Ó Ú≈Ò≈ Ó≥ÈÁ≈ ‘À «¬√ Ò¬∆ ¡≈͉∂ √≈∂ Ú≈‘Ȫ Ò¬∆ ¿∞‘ ACAH ÈßÏ ‘∆ ⁄π‰Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «Í¤Ò∂ √≈Ò ‘∆ «¬Ó≈È È∂ «¬’ ÈÚ∆∫ √ÍØ‡√ ’≈ ÷∆Á∆Õ ¡º‹’Ò ¿∞‘ “ÚÈ√ ¡ÍØÈ ¬∂ ‡≈¬∆Ó «¬È Óπ≥Ϭ∆” Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ Á∂ «√Ò«√Ò∂ ”⁄ Óπ≥Ϭ∆ ”⁄ ‘∆ ‘À, ‹Ø ≈ Ú∂Ò∂ ‘Ø ‘∆ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ Ò¬∆ «¬Ó≈È ˘ ¡≈͉∆ «¬√ ’≈ Á∆ √À ’È Á≈ ÷»Ï ÓΩ’≈ «ÓÒ «‘≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬≥È≈ ‘∆ È‘∆∫, «ÎÒÓ ”⁄ ‘∆Ø«¬È Á∆ ̱«Ó’≈ «ÈÌ≈¡ ‘∆ √ØÈ≈’Ù∆ «√È∑≈ ˘ Ú∆ ¿∞√ È∂ «¬’ «ÁÈ ¡≈͉∆ «¬√ ’≈ Á∆ √À ’Ú≈¬∆Õ √»Â ¡È∞√≈ √ØÈ≈’Ù∆ ˘ Ú∆ ’≈ª È≈Ò ÷≈√ Ò◊≈¡ ‘À, ‹Ø «¬Ó≈È Á∆ √ÍØ‡√ ’≈ Á∆ √Ú≈∆ ’È ˘ ÒÀ ’∂ ’≈Î∆ ØÓª«⁄ √∆Õ «¬√ ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª «¬Ó≈È È∂ «¬√∂ ’≈ ”⁄ ’∆È≈ ’Í» ˘ √À ’Ú≈¬∆ √∆, «‹√ È≈Ò ¿∞ÁØ∫ ¿∞‘ «ÎÒÓ “¬∂’ ÓÀ∫ ¡Ω ¬∂’ ±” ’ «‘≈ √∆Õ √ØÈ≈’Ù∆ Ú∆ ÈÚ∆∫ ’≈ ÷∆Á‰ Á∆ ÔØ‹È≈ ω≈ ‘∆ ‘ÀÕ «¬Ó≈È È∂ √ØÈ≈’Ù∆ ÂØ∫ ‹≈«‰¡≈ «’ ¿∞‘ ¡≈͉∆ ’≈ ”⁄ «’‘Û∂ Î∆⁄ ⁄≈‘∞≥Á∆ ‘À ¡Â∂ Ú≈¡Á≈ ’∆Â≈ «’ ¿∞‘ ¿∞√ Á∆ Í√≥Á Á∆ ’≈ Һ̉ ”⁄ ¿∞√ Á∆ ÓÁÁ ’∂◊≈Õ

«ÍzÔ≥’≈ ⁄ØÍÛ≈ Á∆ ⁄⁄∂∆ ÌÀ‰ Í«‰∆Â∆ ¿∞√ Á∂ È’Ù∂ ’ÁÓª ”Â∂ ⁄ºÒ ’∂ Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ ”⁄ ÷πÁ ˘ √Ê≈«Í ’ ‘∆ ⁄πº’∆ ‘À ¡Â∂ ‘∞‰ «ÍzÔ≥’≈ Á∆ «¬’ ‘Ø ⁄⁄∂∆ ÌÀ‰ Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ ”⁄ ¡À∫‡∆ ’È Ò¬∆ «Â¡≈ ‘ÀÕ «ÍzÔ≥’≈ Á∆ «¬√ ÌÀ‰ Á≈ Ȫ ‘À Ó∆≈ ⁄ØÍÛ≈, ‹Ø «Ú’Ó Ìº ‡ Á∆ √ÎÒ ‘Ω   «ÎÒÓ “AIB@” Á∂ Â∆‹∂ √∆’Ú∂Ò È≈Ò Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ ”⁄ ‚À«Ï¿± ’È Ú≈Ò∆ ‘ÀÕ «ÎÒÓ Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ ¡◊Ò∂ Ó‘∆È∂ Ù∞» ‘Ø ‹≈Ú∂◊∆Õ Ï∂Ùº’ Ó∆≈ Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ Ò¬∆ ÈÚ∆∫ ‘ØÚ∂ Í ’∞fi √≈Òª ÂØ∫ ¿∞‘ √≈¿±Ê ”⁄ ’≈Î∆

√◊Ó ¡Â∂ «‘º‡ ‘À, «‹Ê∂ ¿∞√ ˘ «¬’ Ï∂‘ºÁ ‘Ω‡ ¡Á≈’≈≈ Ó≥«È¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ «‹Ê∂ ¿∞√ Á∂ ‘≈Ú-Ì≈Ú ¡Â∂ «Îº◊ ’≈Î∆ √À’√∆ ¡Â∂ ‘Ω‡ ‘À, «¬‘∆ ̺‡ ’À∫Í ¡≈͉∆¡ª ¡«ÌÈ∂Â∆¡ª ˘ ¡≈͉∆¡ª «ÎÒÓª ”⁄ ’≈Î∆ ‘Ω‡ «Á÷≈¿∞‰ Ò¬∆ «ÚÙÚ Íz«√ºË «‘≈ ‘ÀÕ Í«‘Òª «¬√ «ÎÒÓ ”⁄ Ò∆‚ ØÒ Íz≈⁄∆ Á∂√≈¬∆ È∂ «ÈÌ≈¿∞‰≈ √∆ Í ‘∞‰ ¿∞√ Á∆ «¬‘ ̱«Ó’≈ Ó∆≈ ˘ Á∂ «ÁºÂ∆ ◊¬∆ ‘ÀÕ Íz≈⁄∆ Á∆¡ª ‚∂‡√ Á∆ √Óº«√¡≈ ’≈È ¿∞√ ˘ «¬√ «ÎÒÓ ÂØ∫ ‘ºÊ Ë؉≈ «Í¡≈Õ

Ï≈Ò∆Úº‚ ¡«ÌÈ∂Â≈ √ÀÎ ¡Ò∆ ÷≈È Á≈ ’«‘‰≈ ‘À «’ Ì≈Â∆ «√È∂Ó≈ Á∆ ¡≈͉∆ Úº÷∆ ͤ≈‰ ‘À ¡Â∂ Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ ˘ Óπ’≈ÏÒ∂Ï≈˜ Á∂ »Í «Ú⁄ ‘≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ È≈Ò Óπ’≈ÏÒ∂Ï≈˜∆ º÷‰∆ ⁄≈‘∆Á∆ ‘ÀÕ Ì≈Â∆ «√È∂Ó≈ ¡≈͉∂ ÙÂ≈ÏÁ∆ √≈Ò «Ú⁄ Á≈÷Ò ‘Ø ⁄π’ º ≈ ‘ÀÕ ¡«ÌÈ∂Â≈ √ÀÎ ¡Ò∆ ÷≈È È∂ Áº«√¡≈ «’ Í»Ï Á∂ Á∂Ùª «Ú⁄ √≈‚∆ ͤ≈‰ Ó»Ò »Í È≈Ò ‘≈Ò∆Ú∞‚ º ÂØ∫ ¡Òº◊ ‘ÀÕ √≈˘ Ì≈ ÂØ∫ «¬Ò≈Ú≈ ÓºË Í»Ï Á∂ Á∂Ùª «Ú⁄ Ú∆ ¡≈͉∆¡ª «ÎÒÓª Á≈ ÍzÁÙÈ ’È ÚºÒ «Ë¡≈È Á∂‰≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈ ‘ÀÕ ÓÀ˘ Ò◊Á≈ ‘À «’ ¿∞Ê∂ Á∂ ÒØ’ª ˘ √≈‚∆¡ª «ÎÒÓª «˜¡≈Á≈ Í√≥Á ¡≈¿∞∫Á∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ‹∂’ ‘≈Ò∆Ú∞‚ º ÷πÁ ˘ “ͺ¤Ó” Á≈ ÍzÂ∆«ÈË Ó≥ÈÁ≈ ‘À ª √≈˘ “Í»Ï” Á∂ ÍzÂ∆«ÈË Ï‰ ’∂ ‡º’ Á∂‰∆ ⁄≈‘∆Á∆ ‘ÀÕ

Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ ˘ Á∂‰∆ ‘ØÚ∂◊∆ ‘≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ ˘ ‡º’ √ÀÎ


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Friday, June 14th, 2013


The Dhoom Drama Aamir Khan is a perfectionist and perfection doesn’t happen by accident. It takes enthusiasm, energy, effort... and time. A source from the production team of Dhoom 3 says that Aamir’s attention to detail has become a problem for his co-stars Katrina Kaif and Abhishek Bachchan. He adds, “The film is taking longer than expected, courtesy the Talaash actor. Kat and Abhi are fed-up because unlike him, they don’t do one film in a year and their other commitments are suffering because of the delay in D3. Also, Aamir has become late lateef lately, which is complicating matters. Not that his co-stars will complain openly. Because they understand that his inputs are for the betterment of the film, but they can’t help feeling frustrated.” The source further says, “Katrina and Abhishek have been on the verge of tearing their hair out. In fact, things have come to such a point that Katrina has told people around her that she will think hard before working with Aamir again. Her Bang Bang sched-

Mallika Sherawat’s statements in an interview to Variety magazine while in Cannes recently, is likely to make your jaw drop. She spoke about her new film Dirty Politics and about women’s rights in India and how that relates to the biopic. She claimed, “India is such a hypocritical society where women are really at the bottom of society compared to men...” She continued in her ridiculous fake accent, “I was the first actress in India to kiss onscreen and wear a bikini.Imagine this in the 21st century. And instantly, I became a fallen women and a superstar at the same time. There is a moral code that this is what a leading lady can do. I did everything I was not supposed to do. I made a conscious decision to divide my time between LA and India. Now when I experience the social freedom in America, and go back to India, which is so regres- sive, it is depressing. There are many new young directors, filmmakers who are very inspired by American and European cinema. But that is a very small section. I want to make cinema that is meaningful. I was one of those actresses who said, ‘In the 21st century how are you going to show passion on screen? It cannot be symbolic anymore. We got to kiss onscreen.’ Dear Ms Sherawat, you are NOT the first actress in India PAGE 42 to kiss and neither are you the first actress to wear a bikini. The first Indian

ule had to be postoponed twice because of D3. Earlier, Aamir would always come for a 9am shot sharp on time or maybe even earlier. But now he strolls in at 1pm and sometimes even 2pm. He refuses to shoot beyond eight hours as he says he can’t focus beyond that. Often due to lighting or other technical conditions, shots get delayed but he is adamant about sticking to his eight-hour shift.” Fair enough. It is better not to shoot than to shoot half-heartedly and everyone knows AK doesn’t do things in half measures.One particular schedule cancellation really upset Aamir’s costars. The source continues, “Aamir recently cancelled a shoot because he felt he had put on weight while shooting for PK. He spoke to Aditya Chopra and told him he needed some time to regain his lean look for D3. But later the cast and crew found that Aamir just needed a break in between PK and D3. He wanted some time for himself as he didn’t want to rush from one film to the next.”


Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturing Ltd.

gfhHkF dI purjor mMg qy asIN huJACKIE x NOT PART OFPhone: SAJID’S NEXT WITH SAIF? PrnIcr bnfAuxf iPr sLurU kr idwqf hY 604-557-0266 Sajid Khan’s next film with Saif Ali Khan will start sometime in September. Saif will romance three girls in the project say sources. Tamannah Bhatia, who worked with Sajid in Himmatwala and Sonal Chauhan are two of the names being ban-

died about. Saif apparently, has given his nod to both girls. Earlier there was talk that Jacqueline Fernandez, Sajid’s good friend would be in the film. Now that the friendship between Sajid and Jackie has gone kaput, the gorgeous Jackie may not feature in this film.

h t Cell: u o m r o t o M Ms 604-825-5341 vDIaf kuafltI df PrnIcr KRIdx leI quhfnMU QoVI 306 - 30990 Wheel Ave., RahYn i pbargaining raiseplease) ijafdf kImq dyxI pY skdI . (no s VidyUnit aAbbotsford, B.C. V2T 6G7 Due to overwhelming customer demand we are now back to manufacturing custom furniture!

They haven’t worked together since No One Killed Jessica, but we are told that Rani Mukerji continues to have a soft spot for her co-star Vidya Balan. While Vids has been criticised for her dowdy dressing at Cannes, Rani is busy defending her choice of clothes. Perhaps it has something to do with Rani being the muse of designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, who dressed Vidya for her French Riveria outing. We hear Ms Mukerji called the designer and praised Vidya for not aping the West

asI iksy vI qrF df PrnIcr bxf skdy hF


We make all types of Custom Kitchen Cabinets!

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Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration 2013 took place from May 30th to June 8th, 2013


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Friday, June 14th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


aYbtsPorz kYnrI ivwc kfimaf dI loV Abbotsford


1. Cannery Workers  2. Forklift Operators  3. Computer Operator  4. Truck Driver     5. Farm Worker     6. Quality Control Supervisor

Now Hiring Experienced and New Drivers for team and single work. Long haul US and Canada.

aYbtsPorz leI byrI ipkrF dI vI loV hY.

amrIkF aqy kynYzf dy lMby rUtF leI nvyN aqy qjrbykfr zrfeIvrF dI loV hY jo iewkly aqy tIm ivWc kMm kr skdy hox.


If you looking for work call today: Ofce 778-878-2206 or 604-855-0036 Fax 604-855-0086 Email:

• spMrk kro 778-878-2206, 604-855-0036 PYks 604-855-0086 jF eImyl kro •


zYltf ivwc kfimaF dI loV-Delta 1. Scale/Computer Operator   2. Forklift Operators 

hor jfxkfrI leI Pon kro:

Hardev: 778-241-1914 Sukhdev: 604-751-0200 Office: 604-850-0377 34488 Bateman Rd., Abbotsford, British Columbia Hours: 9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday) PAGE 44


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Friday, June 14th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


Furniture Mfg. Ltd.

sfnUM PrnIcr PYktrI ivwc kMm krn vfilaF dI loV hY.

• • • • •

Wages negotiabl Helpers Full Extended Pre-Sanders vision car Finish Assemblers Call Machine Operators 6 or a Lacquer/Stain Sprayers


ijvyN: • msLIn Eprytr,pRI-sYNzr,pyNtr (styn qy lYkur spryar ) • PrnIcr jVn dy mfhr hox • qnKfh Xogqf qy qjLrby anusfr aqy sfry Bwqy aqy kvryjL imlygI.

hor jfxkfrI leI pfl jF prl nUM PLon kr skdy ho jF afp afky imlo.

PLon nMbr: 604-855-0309 aYzrYs hyTF iliKaf hY. Canadian Furniture Mfg. Ltd. 30552 Progressive Way, Abbotsford

A Star Landscaping Co. All kind of excavation           

 Fully insured

Mini excavating Service Bobcat Service Snow Removal Tree Removal big or small Ditch digging and cleaning Retaining wall kMkrIt zrfeIavya qy sfeIzvfk jF pyivMg Farm Drain tiles qurMq krvfAux leI gurjIq nUM Pon kro. Lot dig and back fill For excellent services call Gurjit Free old car removal Any kind of Fencing 16 Years Experience Top soil, Sand, Gravel, Mushroom manure

604-832-1675 604-850-8624


Vinay Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Ltd. (Abbotsford)   &   

 SONY 778.878.0025 Residential & Commercial


Vinay Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Ltd.




Car & Truck Shampoo      PAGE 45

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Services cont’d

Employment ibaUtISIEn dI loV hyEr EYn kyEr v`ilE~ nUM hyEr frYsr Eqy ibaUtISIEn dI loV hY| hor j`xk`rI leI EMjU nUM Pon kro: 604-850-6558

k`imE~ dI loV EY b tsPo r f dI lo k l fr`eIv`l kMpnI nUM k`imE~ dI qurMq loV hY| nvyN k`imE~ nUM $12.00 pRqI GMt` Eqy qzrbyk`r nUM qzrby Enus`r | hor j`xk`rI leI Pon kro: 778-5521000 j~ 778-552-6269

k`imE~ dI loV P`rm iv@c kMm krn v`ly k`imE~ dI loV hY| kMm GMitE~ d` hovyg`| EYbtsPorf, imSn, EYlfrgRov Eqy srHI qoN r`eIf d` pRbMD hY| kl`s 4 v`ly fr`ievr dI vI loV hY| Pon: 604-309-8705

Services bUr` mSIn Sawdust Machine for Rent bilaUbyrI iv@c bUr` p`aux` leI nvIN mSIn ikr`ey qy lY skdy ho| ikr`ieE` $150 hovyg`, hor j`xk`rI leI Pon kro: 604-832-9373

L.S. Pressure Wash Service W e w a s h Tr u c k s , H o u s e s , Driveways. Reasonable Price and Free Estimate pRYSrv`ď “ď€ ď€­ď€ ď€ Gď ˛ď€Ź fr`ď ĽIvď šď …ď€Ź gtď ˛ď€Ź t ď ˛ @ ď Ťď€ E ` i ď ¤ v ` i j ď ˘ ď Ť I m ď ąď€ E q ď š muPď ąď€ EYsď ´Imyď ´

Poď Žď€şď€ ď€ˇď€ˇď€¸ď€­ď€ľ541 ď …ď ™ď ˘ď ´ď łď ?ď Żď ˛ď Śď€ ď ¤ď  ď€ ď Źď Żď Ťď Ź isvlď€ ď ˛ď šď Śď ‰ď ď łď ľď ¸ď ¤ď šď€ ď ˛ď ¨ď Żď€Ąď€ ď ­ď Šď ¨ď Ťď€ ď °ď ?ď Şď  ď ˘ď€ ď ¤ď ‰ 101.7 FM ď ¨ď ˛ď šď Ťď€ ď …ď ™ď ąď śď  ď ˛ď€ ď …ď ąď šď€ ď łď Żď ­ď śď  ď ˛ď€ ď Žď •ď ? ď “ď  ď ­Iď€ ď€śď€ ď śď Şď š ď ąď Żď Žď€ ď€ˇď€ ď śď Şď šď€ ď ąď €ď Ťď€ ď °ď śď Žď€  ď Šď §ď €ď Źď žď€ ď śď  ď Źď šď€ ď ¤ď šď€ ď Žď  ď Ź Eqy somv`r nUM 4-5 vjy S`m q@k E`pxI E`v`j surjIq klsI n`l| ď ¨ď Żď ˛ď€ ď Şď  ď ¸ď Ťď  ď ˛ď ‰ď€ ď Źď Ľď ‰ď€ ď ?ď Żď Žď€şď€  

Noor Appliances Repair / Tent Rental $25 Service Charge ď …ď łď ‰ď Žď€ Epl`ieMs irpyErď€ ď śď ‰ď€ ď Ťď ˛ď ¤ď šď€  ď ¨ď žď€ ď ąď šď€ ď …ď łď ‰ď Žď€ Epl`ieMsď€ ď śď šď Łď ¤ď šď€ ď śď ‰ď€  ď ¨ď žď źď€ ď …ď  ď °ď€ ď Şď ‰ď€ ď Žď ?ď •ď€ ď Šď Ťď łď šď€ ď śď ‰ď€ ď ąď ˛ď ˆď žď€ ď ¤ď ‰ď€ ď ˛ď ‰ď °ď š ď …ď ˛ď€ ď ¤ď ‰ď€ ď şď ˛ď •ď ˛ď ąď€ ď ¨ď Żď śď šď€ ď ąď žď€ ď ?ď Żď Žď€ ď Ťď ˛ď Žď  ď€ 

ď€śď€°ď€´ď€­ď€ľď€ľď€śď€­ď€šď€ľď€łď€ľď€ ď Şď žď€ ď€śď€°ď€´ď€­ď€¸ď€ľď€°ď€­ď€°ď€łď€˛ď€¸ď źď€ 

ď Šď śď …ď ď ¨ď€ ď “ď  ď ¤ď ‰ď …ď žď€ ď Źď Ľď ‰ď€ ď ´ď ™ď Žď ´ď€ ď ¤ď  ď€ ď °ď •ď ˛ď  ď€  ď °ď ’ď ˘ď ?ď „ď€ ď ¨ď ™ď ź


kyvl iewk tYNt qwk sIimq

604-850-1118 778-552-3395 778-552-3396

1990 kOrvYNn  byr I ipWkr awpgryz  afrborytr Chair hYWz ipWk bilAubyrI, Cover rsbyrI $35000 spMrk kro 360“Œ”‹ 318-4995, 604-866-9558

  Matrimonial Sashes & Table Runners

Xog vr ••¢ dI loV  26 sflf, 5’5� jWt iswK, CInf,  „

­   knyzIan istIjn aimRSqDfrI  jF lVkI leI knyzIan  istIjn iemIgRFt „

aimRSqDfrI dI ‚lo V ­ Â?lVky 

hY. lVky kol afpxf Gr hovy. isrP aYbtsPorz jF imsLn vfly hI sMprk krn.afpxf Poto qy bfieAuzftf eImyl kro jF Pon kro 604-853-4695. E-Mail – cjaswinder044@

          Â Â? 



DISCOUNT PARTY RENTALS Ph: 604.556.0867 • Cell: 778.908.6655 • TENTS • TENTS • TENTS • TENTS • TENTS • TENTS •


20x20Â?  ­ Â? ‰– •Š‹   •ÂŒÂ?— •ÂŒÂ?—Â?‡



 ivE`h leI j`go Eqy hor sm`n        „Â?­ ­  Â?Â?Â?Â? Â? ‚  ­   Â? Â?€‚ƒ ­Š‹xŠ‹ - $ÂŒ‹



ivE`h v`ly Pu@l Eqy nvyN b@cy v`ly P@ul lYx leI sMprk kro|

For Sale 1990 korvan upgraded arbitrator heads. Can Pick blueberry and raspberry $35000 contact 360-3184995, 604-866-9558

Floral Designs

Flowers for weddings and babies

For Sale


Friday, June 14th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

 HELP WANTED ­Š‹xŠ‹ -   $ÂŒ‹

We are looking for an employee for

 „ ­ ­ ­Â?ÂŽ‘  ƒ a Travel Agency in Abbotsford. Â?  ­ nrsrI Eqy nUM c@l    rhy sIjn leI P`rm Knowledge of Amadeus and Sabre Phone Â…† Â?Â? Â? Â? ­ iv@c kM v`ly‡ vrkr~ dI lo V hY | Software is essential. Knowledge of m Â… krn †  ƒ 604-850-1118  Â? ˆ  Punjabi and English will be an asset. 778-552-3395 ‡ ƒ €  Â?      

Please send your resume to 778-552-3396 † ‰



Workers Wanted

Hydra Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is seeking fulltime employees to join our growing team. Experience is an asset.

hfeIzrf plWimMg aYNz hIitMg kMpnI nMU PWul tfeIm vrkrF dI jrUrq hY. qjrbykfrF nMU pihl idwqI jfvygI.   778-240-3061

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

A-1 Party Rentals Inc Top quality products for high end weddings. • 10x10 to 50x100' brand new clear span frame tents and marquee tents. • Tent liners, decoraons, and backdrops. • Elegant gold and silver chiavari chairs. • Beauful classic wooden chairs.

20x20k Tent a

e High P




Special 20x20 pagoda tents with liners Tent, tables, chairs, carpets, bbq, bars, dance floor, and much more for any kind of occasion.

iksy vI qrH~ dy myz, kursIE~, k`ript, b`rbikaU, b`r, f~s Plor, Eqy hor bhuq kuJ For more info call Jagjit, 604-825-0455 Or Raja, 778-240-4437





Call Jaswant 778.552.7559

Brar Pressure Washing Ltd. Pressure wash service for • • • • •

• • • • •

Trucks Houses Driveways Gutters Excavating

sfnUM vrkrF dI vI loV hY| ĂŞzĂ‹Ă´Ă° òÅô ÕðòÅÀšä ùÂÆ ĂƒÂ§ĂŞĂ°Ă• Ă•Ă°ÂŻĂ?

Gurlabh Brar


Abby Plumbing Heating and Gas Fitting Ltd. nvyN Gr~ dI pliM mMg, hIitMg Eqy gYs iPitMg dy v`ijb ryt

Paul 604-832-3771 Manpreet 604-751-3536 • Boiler and Furnace Replacement • New Construction and Renovations • Hot Water Tank (Same Day Replacement) • Leaking Faucets • Hot Water Heating Repairs

Flat and Reasonable Rates Work is Guaranteed

Insured, Licensed and Certified Plumbers

p`l D`lIv`l

quh`fIE~ plMimMg, hIitMg Eqy gYs iPitMg dIE~ zrUrq~ leI s`Ă“ pihl~ Pon kro |


For all your plumbing, heating or gas fitting needs call us first!


mnpRIq br`V PAGE 47

Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 14th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

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Super power wash

HOUSE Contact: Kally


Gutters Siding Roofs Sidewalks Sundecks Driveways Windows •

NEW SUPER STAR SATELLITE DISH SERVICE • Satellite Dish Repair • Complete Installation • Wiring Repair • Signal Adjustment

We Rent Satellite Receivers

We fix all FTA receivers Professional dish pointing Get Asian & Punjabi Channels

Contact Kally

778-552-1291 for FREE Estimate

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 14th, 2013


ê§ÜÅìÆ ÃµÇíÁÅÚÅð ÇòµÚ éÅéÇÕÁź çÆ í±ÇîÕÅ


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Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 14th, 2013


MANOHAR s`r` sm`n E~ifE~ qoN ibn~ bx`auNdy h~FISH PAKORA India Style Potato and Paneer Patties ieMfIE` v`lIE~ E`lU Eqy pnIr pYtIz Make your Father’s Day Special with our Specialty Cakes!

Fresh fried spicy sh fritters comes with a home-made dip, side salad, onion and wedges of lemon.

India Style Cake & Pasteries ieMfIE` st`eIl kyk Eqy pystrI FISH TIKKA


Oven baked salmon comes with a home-made dip, side salad, onion and wedges of lemon.

Muffins, Cream Rolls, Fresh Baked Breads and Buns PRAWN PAKORA Over 30 kinds ofprawn Cookies. Fresh fried spicy fritters comes

Lunch Box Special

Veg. $5.99 & Non-Veg. $6.99

Channa Bhatura ONLY $2.99 (Before 5pm)

with a home-made dip,side salad, onion and wedges of lemon


Fresh fried battered boneless chicken comes with a home-made dip, side salad, onion and wedges of lemon.

(100% egg free) in 8 flavours

Fresh Baked Suji Rusks

We make Gluten FreeCHICKEN Bread and Cookies CHILLI Fresh fried boneless chicken, sauteed

in oriental sauces, with onions and ABBOTSFORD pepper

604-746-0805 Naan with every Curry Dish 604-558-3233 604-593-5399FREE VANCOUVER


6414 Fraser Street

Unit #167 8120 128th Street

Unit #2 2630 Cedar Park Place


OPEN FOR LUNCH! Hours: 11am - 10pm CLOSED: Tuesdays

Palak Paneer Karahi Paneer Mixed Veg Alloo Gobi Bhindi Masala Malai Kofta Daal Turka Daal Makhni Chilli Paneer Rice

SPECIALS New Dishes Everyday!

Lunch Box Special Veg. $5.99 & Non-Veg. $6.99

2 for $20.00 Fish Pakora • Chicken Pakora Chicken Tikka Chicken Seek Kebab (Only Sunday to Thursday) Valid Till July 31st

Channa Bhatura $4.99


Before 5:00pm Only

One Naan FREE with Every Dish

31205 MacLure Rd., Abbotsford 604.744.0099 8050 King George Blvd., Surrey 604.599.4427

9631 128th St., Surrey 604.583.9958 PAGE 50

Add Taste to Fresh


Butter Chicken Karahi Chicken Chicken Korma Chilli Chicken Goat/Lamb Curry Saag Chicken Chicken Curry Masala Chicken Chicken Seekh Kebab

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Are You At Risk For Having a Heart Attack or Stroke? Everyday younger and younger people are having heart attacks and suddenly their health is taken away from them. Often the only time you nd out that you have heart disease is when you have a heart attack, and by that time it can be too late. We have State of the Art testing that leaders, CEOs, doctors, athletes and other professionals are utilizing every day, in many other countries, to maintain their health. These tests have been proven to detect heart disease before your blood vessels get completely plugged with cholesterol, and natural treatments are available to keep your heart and blood vessels healthy. We can help predict your future risk with advanced cardiovascular testing available to you now: Advanced Cholesterol Testing Carotid Intima Media Thickness Ultrasound Endothelial Dysfunction Testing Heart Rate Variability and 24 hour BP monitoring Bio-impedance Analysis Telomere Testing Hormone and micro-nutrient Testing, and many more Convenient and affordable. Investing in your health now is cheaper than the money, time and stress you will pay later.

Punjabi Patrika



kI quhfnUM idl df dOrf pYx jF aDrMg (stRok) hox df Kqrf hY? hr rojL CutyrI Aumr dy lokF nUM idl dy dOry pY rhy hn ijs nfl AuMnHF dI ishq iek dm Krfb ho jFdI hY| afm qOr 'qy quhfnUM idl dI bImfrI df AudoN hI pqf lgdf hY jdoN idl df dOrf pY jfvy aqy AudoN qwk bhuq dyr ho cuwkI huMdI hY| sfzy kol idl dI bImfrI df pqf krn df bhuq hI vDIaf qrIkf hY ijs dI vrqoN hor keI dysLF ivc sI eI EjL, zfktr, aqy hor ikwqf mfhr afpxI ishq nUM TIk rwKx leI hr rojL kr rhy hn| sfbq ho cuwkf hY ik prK dy ieMnHF qrIikaF nfl quhfzIaF lhU nfVIaF dy kolYstrOl nfl pUrI qrHF bMd ho jfx qoN pihlF idl dI bImfrI df pqf lgfieaf jf skdf hY| quhfzy idl aqy lhU nfVIaF nUM ishqmMd rwKx leI kudrqI ielfj AuplbD hn| asIN awj kl AuplbD kfrzIEvYskUlr tYsitMg dy ivkisq qrIikaF nfl quhfzy BivwK dy Kqry df pqf lgfAux ivc shfieqf kr skdy hF| aYzvFsz kolYstrOl tYsitMg kfrtfiez initmf mIzIaf iQknYs altrf sfAuNz aYNzoQIlIal izsPMksLn tYsitMg hfrt ryt vyrIaibiltI aqy 24 GNty bI pI mfnIitRMg bfieE-ieMpIzYNs anYilisjL tYloimar tYsitMg hfrmon aYNz mfeIkro-inAUtrIaYNt tYsitMg aqy keI kuJ hor sOKI aqy srl ishq quhfzI vDIaf ienvYstmYNt hY| sfzy PMksLnl mYzIsn mfhr qoN slfh lYx leI jF tYsitMg leI huxy buikMg krfE|

To book for testing, or to consult with our Functional Medicine Specialist please contact: Phone: 604 300 0787 Website: Address: #300 – 2845 Cruickshank Street, Abbotsford, BC

Building the Foundation of Health


Punjabi Patrika



30150 Automall Dr., Abbotsford 604.857.1430

Devendra 778 982 3999 PAGE 52

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Create pet-safe spaces inside and out

(NC)—Responsible pet ownership means making smart choices for your cat or dog. Whether looking to update your garden or renovate your home, making environmentally conscious decisions helps to reduce a pet’s paw print and enriches the lives of our furry friends and the people who love them. Purina has partnered with Evergreen, a national organization committed to building sustainable green cities, to offer a few easy updates that will help Canadian pet owners do their part for the environment. Reduce the impact of your canine or feline:

Nice and natural: From collars to leashes, look for pet accessories made from recycled boots that come in a rainbow of colours and 100% biodegradable. Do you need helparefinding “The Right House” to purchase or help selling your current home? or natural materials. Responsible pet ownHarjupToday! With over 7 years of proven results and over 200 homes sold, I’m only a phone call away! ership also includes Call cleaning after your Sleep easy: Make sure your pet has an ecodog on a walk. Choose biodegradable bags friendly bed. Regular foam beds can contain to keep the process clean. I HAVE PRE-QUALIFIED fire retardants and otherBUYERS petroleum-basedLOOKING TO BUY ACERAGE Shoes for your schnauzer: When outfitting your pup choose reusable, waterproof dog


cont’d on page R15

New foreclosure homes on the market! If you would like to get into a home, now is the time! Little Oak Realty Independently Owned and Operated

O ff i c e : 6 0 4 . 8 5 9 . 2 3 4 1 • COURT ORDERED SALE/CONDO


2 BDRM CONDO, UNDER $170,000

Hardip Brar Licenced Assistant


2537 SPRINGHILL ST #401-33328 Bourquin Cres. E.

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 5 year old gated community Top floor, high ceilings, etc. HARRISON MILLS

5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms 2906 sq.ft. home 6142 sq.ft. lot Fully renovated/ open to offers!

#213-2350 Westerly St.

2 bdrms, 2 baths, 13 years old 895 sq.ft., Includes in suite laundry, rentals allowed.




#1 - 1911 Woodside Blvd.

• 4 Bedroom Recreation home • Close to Harrison Hotsprings • 3929 sf home, 7800 sf lot • Club house and spa MISSION/NEW HOME


8787 Hutton Place

• 2973 sq.ft. home • 4140 sq.ft. lot • 5 bedrooms

SOLD 34297 Lukiv Terr.

East Abby/ Brand New Home 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

• 5 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms • 7698 sq.ft. Lot • Corner Lot • 2 separate parking entrances • Setup for Salon Downstairs/ basement suite MUST SELL THIS MONTH OPEN TO OFFERS!

• $15,000 Worth of Upgrades • 2 Bedrooms • Air Conditioning • Much More!! Call Today!!

34911 Townshipline Road

• • • •

5 Acres with Shop & House 50 x 120 sq.ft. shop Level Acreage Open to Trades Call Today!!


30684 Blueridge Drive

• • • • • •

2 BDRM LEGAL SUITE 6 year old home 6 bdrms • 4 baths 2805 sq.ft. home 6243 sq.ft. Lot Recently renovated


REDUCED TO $949,000

28535 McTavish Rd.

318 - 30525 Cardinal Ave.

Call Today!

D L O S Asking $94,700

310 - 2277 McCallum Rd.


• Third Floor Condo • Private Area across from mall • 2 Bdrms • 1 Bath • 740sq.ft. • 2 years new • Open to Offers!



16301 80A Ave, Surrey

• • • •

8 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 12 years old 6027 sq.ft. lot

• 10 Acre Parcel • 3 Bedrooms, 3 baths • Private Area • Well Built

Open to Trades!!



• 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • 1720 sq.ft. home • Another home, shop & barns

#106 – 32119 Old Yale Road

• Great Location • Renovated, 2 Bedroom • Age RES: 45+ • and much more Call Today!!

#24 - 3270 Bluejay Street

• • • •

3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 1530 sq.ft. home 13 years old

Buy & Sell with us & move for FREE!!! *Certain restrictions apply



Punjabi Patrika 

Friday June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 14th, 2013


 ®

iksy vI qrH~ dI pR`prtI KrIdx j~ vycx leI s`fy n`l sMprk kro:

MLS Top 1% 2011 Fraser Valley Real Estate Board MLS System

Baldev Singh Gill 604-825-8886 bldyv isMG ig@l




Kirandeep Singh Gill

#260 - 2655 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, BC V2T 2Y6 604-855-7393 •

ikrndIp isMG ig@l













REDUCED $419,900 $413,000


TOWNLINE AREA 11 bedrooms, 3 storey, 5100 sq.ft. incl. garage, Grand View of Mountains, 5 bedrooms (incl 2 master) upstairs, 3 baths on upper floor, Close to schools and Gurudwara, Legal Suite




Clean house. Sold As Is - Where Is. Convenient location, close to all levels of schools, park, transit and easy access to downtown and Cedar Valley connector.



Unit #185 TOWNHOUSE IN CLEARBROOK VILLAGE Very nice and clean unit. Walk to all level of schools and Rotary Stadium, lots of visitor parking. Whole complex renovated with new vinyl siding, new windows, new attic insulation etc. Rented for $1000. Very good investment property. Priced to sell. Worth seeing!


• 3 year old mega house • Central Abbotsford, Close to shopping and stores • 2 basement suites plus theatre room • Top floor has 4 bdrms incl 2 masters + 3 baths


31133 Deertrail Av.


2464 SUNNYSIDE PLACE Nicely renovated, quiet location, cul-de-sac in desirable Sunnyside area, spent thousands on renovations. New low-e glass windows, newly built-in china cabinet, new maple kitchen cabinets, new granite countertops, new washrooms, new 5" rustic hardwood flooring, new tiles, new paint, new appliances, new crown molding, new railing, new light fixtures & much more. Close to school. Separate 26' x 14' shop with 10' ceiling. Lots of room for parking.


First time Buyer or Investor opportunity. Very nice 3 bedroom rancher on quiet Street.

1430 TRACEY STREET Close to airport. Level land. Future Potential.

Nice Rancher, Good Investment. Rented for $1050 per month. No through street. Close to Elementary School. Good opportunity to build new house on this 6000 sq.ft. lot.



27748 LANTERN AV Beautiful 2 storey custom home (over 4000 sq.ft), new neighbourhood, 9300 sq.ft. lot, hardwood flooring, high ceilings, crown moulding, granite countertops and cozy stone fireplace. 5 bdrms upstairs with 4 full baths and multiple walkins. Elegant new kitchen and spice kitchen in the back, large media room w/den and open lvgrm on main. Big backyard with an extra garage and covered patio.

TOWNLINE AREA 2800 sq.ft. house, living room, family room, plus 2 bsmt suites.


Never Occupied. Brand new

• • • • •

Large bsmt entry house 9 years old 3 bedroom 2 full baths on main plus 3 bdrm legal suite and recroom with full bath • Large flat 6781 sq.ft. lot • Close to all level of schools

45 ACRE FARM NEAR KAMLOOPS AIRPORT • 2 bdrms up & 2 down plus 1 bath on each floor • Property borders airport and popular golf course • Property has city water, septic system and well • New sprinkler system was installed in last 2 years • 10 minutes drive to grocery store & Tim Hortons • Currently growing variety of vegetables for sale at the local farmer's market.

Asking $1.2 Million

10.58 Acre Blueberry Farm

Nice Big House. Lots of Outbuildings. Duke, Bluecrop and Elliot Variety Close to Full Production.

Large Basement Entry House with family room, living room, recroom and 2 bdrm legal suite Close to schools. $465,000



Unit 423 - 1909 Salton Rd.


2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. Updated unit.

7830 sq.ft. Large level lot with 85 ft frontage. Nice Rancher Rent it or Build a new house $339,000


31950 Oak Avenue • Invest, Live or Build New • Over 9000 sq.ft. Flat Corner Lot • Nice Rancher Rented for $1100/mth • Area of New Houses



3300 SQFT COMMERCIAL LOT Downtown Abbotsford Excellent location good for restaurant, pizza shop or any other commercial activities Top two floors can be used for Office or Residential.


LOT FOR SALE • 5800+ sq.ft. lot in West Abbotsford • Near Aldergrove • Can build 2 or 3 storey house • No Legal Suite allowed

CALL BALDEV GILL 604.825.8886







Vinewood St.

4 Bedrooms up and 2 bedroom legal suite plus living room and family room. Recroom with full washroom, real hardwood floors, insulated shop, flat lot, close to school.

NEW LISTING $164,900



Ridgeview Area • 3 bdrm family & living room on main • 2 Basement Suites • Nice & Clean 6 bdrm house • Tile Roof and View • Near Schools & Transportation

Very Very Clean. 5 bdrm & 3 baths, condition. 6 appl. with a $5000 floor Very Clean Townhouse in Clearbrook livingroom and family room. 2 bdrm upgrade to laminate throughout. Village. 1 bdrm down, 2 bdrms up, suite, vaulted ceiling in living room. Pets & rentals are OK. Close to new cul-de-sac locaton, corner unit. Close to schools and big storage shed.






• 3 bdrm, 2 full baths • Very clean • 7600 sq.ft. lot

• Nice Clean House • Family, Living, Dining & Kitchen • 3 bedroom on top floor • Recroom & 2 bdrm suite in bsmt • Close to schools.


17.5 Acre Blueberry Farm with House in Mission

Close to Full Production Blueberries. Duke Variety. 10 minutes from Mission.


20 Acre Duke Blueberry Farm With House on Farms Road in Mission

Asking $1,249,000


REDUCED $1,099,000




5 ACRES with nice well kept house and Full Production Duke Blueberries

Nice well kept house Close to town

$1,079,000 PAGE R3

Punjabi Patrika


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

ÎÆà ź ÊòÅá ôðÆø ĂœĂ† ĂœĂ°Ă… ĂƒÂ§Ă­Ăą Ă•Âś!

pfsf plt cwuikaf hY. mIaF muhMmd nvfjL sLrIPL ny pRDfn mMqrI vjoN ahudf sMBfl ilaf hY aqy jnrl prvyjL musLwrPL iKLlfPL mukwdmy clfey jf rhy hn. mIaF nvfjL sLrIPL pfiksqfn ivwc qIjI vfr pRDfn mMqrI cuxy jfx vfly pihly sLKLsL hn. pfiksqfn srkfr dy muwKI vjoN Auh byimsfl hn ijnHF nUM PLOj vwloN kIqy rfj plty dOrfn swqf qoN lFBy kr idwqf igaf sI aqy hux AunHF nUM muV lokF vwloN swqf sONpI geI hY. ies mOky jsLn mnfAux dy keI mOky ho skdy hn ikAuNik ies smyN kuJ rsmI vfady vI kIqy jfxy hn.





     32740 PANDORA



Big home on a large lot near the new hospital. Renovated in 2005 with new cabinets, flooring, bathrooms, vinyl siding, etc. 13x21 detached workshop. Basement has separate entrance, also has own laundry. Good for investment, also for living.

• • • • •


4,500 sqft house on 10 acres Blueberry farm. 5 year old panting 5.5 acres duke, 2.5 acres in Bluecrop & 1 acre Reka in very desirable location in Matsqui. Price to sell. $1650 Rental income per month.



5 Bedrooms 3 Full Baths 2288 sq.ft. home 7150 sq.ft. lot Near School



I Have buyers looking for 5 acre and 10 acre farm, with berries or without in Aldergrove area. Trades welcome for both farms with houses.

Farms in USA 10, 20, 40, 50 and 100 acres.

10 Acre Blueberry (Duke) Farm in Mission (no house) 11185 Farm Rd. $839,900 2 storey w/basement

• • • • •

6 Bedrooms 5 Full Baths 3212 sq.ft. home 2 bdrm legal suite Big Lot


• • • • •

7 Bedrooms 4 Full Baths 3000 sf home 2 bsmt suites Near Sikh Temple


First time home buyer? Investor? Your search stops here. Well kept 2 bedroom rancher with a basement on a HUGE lot. Over 9000 sqft lot with rear lane access. This place is priced to sell!


• • • • •

8 Bedrooms 5 Full Baths 4770 sf home 2 bsmt suites Corner Lot

$569,900 32195 PINEVIEW AREA



Friday June 14th, 2013

2 STOREY WITH BASEMENT: Hot Deal in Aldergrove area, 12,819 sq.ft. lot, 5300 sq.ft. house, 9 bdrms, 4 mbdrms, 7 baths, 2 living rooms, family room, fireplace, 2 kitchens, 3 sundecks, fully air conditioned, basement suite with separate laundry, cul-de-sec, close to school, transit, private backyard, shopping cente, fully land scaped, two BBQ plugs, call for details.

Mega House in Mission. 5 years old. Call for info.

15000 sq.ft. Commercial Land Commercial & Residential. Rezoned, ready to build. Central location. Call for more information.

5 Acres on Fraser Highway Charming Rancher on private corner lot with lane access. Private back yard with deck for entertaining, 2 bedrooms plus an office and rec-room. original hardwood in living room. New roof and deck, perfect for First time buyers looking to skip/townhouse stage.


Warehouse on Mt. Lehman


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Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 14th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


To Buy, Sell or Build a House call:


Buying or Selling any type of Property? Call Today!

Surinder (Sam) Toor FREE

Cell: 604-857-2427


Toll Free: 604-857-1098



604.996.2017 NEW LISTING

Pizza and Meat 2 1 Lots For Sale NEW LISTIN Shop for Sale 1 SOLD Surrey


2 MASTER BDRMS - Maclure Rd.


• Contract with 17 Schools • Busy Location • Good Income


$33 4,600 sq.ft. each Very Reasonable Price Ready in April 2013

Elegant 3 storey home in heart of Abbotsford with all the fine finishings, perfect for an extended family. This home features 10 bed, 6 full baths, bar with big home theater 5 BEDROOM HO Only $509,900 for party, spice$519,900 kitchen, 2 bedroom CLOSE TO NEW HO legal suite rented $700/month, corner lot and much more! Plenty of Close sq.ft. to new hospital, • Beautiful House on dead-end street on 12,000 lots. free side parking with a triple garage msa arena and shopping • large 4 bdrms up incl.+2 mbdrms gated open parking. Come to look, Basement entry 5 bdrm hou you will love it. • 2 bedroom legal suite up, fully finished bas • Total 5-6 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms bathrooms. Dead end stre • View of Mt. Baker from sundeck Updated Thermal Windows and good tenants. Need offe • RV Parking

2 Side X Side 3 Storey Home

Brand new quality built home. Two storey with fully finished bsmt. Spacious Maple kitchen with granite countertops. Main has family & living room, 2 kitchens, a balcony, an office, laundry room, 2 gas fireplaces, and one full bath with 9 foot ceilings. Upstairs has 4 large bdrms, including 2 master bdrms. Basement features Home theatre, a spacious living room, 2 full baths, 3 bdrms, laundry room, separate brightly lit entrance. In total, 6 bathrooms.

Beautiful house, great location. 3 storey with separate entrance to basement. Family room, kitchen, living room and laundry on the main floor. 4 large bedrooms upstairs, close to Fruiticana, new mall, all level of schools and park. Easy freeway access. Total 4 bathrooms. Very good condition.




S Property 16.5

in North Acres Surrey Abbotsford

REDUCED $459,000

PLA Done for 10 Lots 2 BDRM LEGAL SUITE ON BIGGER LOT Old Yale Rd Close to Delair Park, Easy Freeway access, 3 bdrms up, 2 bdrm legal suite, 9200 sq.ft. lot, double garage, 10' high ceilings, RV Parking, new Roof, Fresh Paint, Crown Mouldings, Spacious Kitchen, 2.5 baths

DUPLEX PROPERTY Prime development investment property close to Shoppers Drug Mart & Safeway. In the heart of Abbotsford. Both sides of duplex have Living room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms upstairs. 2 bedrooms & family room in the basement. Currently rented for $2100/month.


Full Production

Subdividable into two big lots Panorama Ridge - Surrey


4 1/2 Acres in South Surrey Good for 90 Townhouse site. No Creek. Very Reasonable Price!! Open to Offers Seller Very Motivated

2.89 Acres

29,000 sq.ft. Lot

#201 - 2580 Cedar Park Place, Abbotsford BC V2T 3S5

In White Rock Plans Ready to Build 8600 sq.ft. home

40 Acres for Sale Full Production Blueberry Farm 2 Houses and Barns. Can be rented for $5000/month

Hotel Unit for Sale


In Squamish Good Rental Income

In Panorama Ridge - Surrey Asking $2.4 Million

Plus you can stay 70 nights per year free of cost.

­ € ‚ ƒÂ?ƒ„Â… †  Â?‡Â…­  † Â


We have qualified buyers for basement entry West Abbotsford


        Â? Â?Â? Â?Â


Rancher on 10,000 sq.ft Lot

Ph: 604-864-0666 Fax: 604-864-0668 Toll Free: 1-866-967-0666

Selling Out...We need new listings!! Call Gurcharan or Jag for your FREE no obligation Market Evaluation. PRICE REDUCED - MUST SELL FAST! EXCLUSIVE LISTING!!




PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP 40.58 acre Blueberry farm $349,000

Corner Lot Almost 6200 sq.ft., Rented to good tenants.


3 bedroom home in a very central location near chief Dan George School, close to schools, shopping, nicely renovated including new roof.

Priced at only $379,900


33137 CAPRI COURT Renovated, New Roof, Double Garage, 3 storey, 5 bdrm home. 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths Near University

Laser leveled land, 3400 sq.ft. shop built in (2010). All blueberries are Duke Variety, 35 acres planted in (2010), 3 acres planted in (2012). Total: 38 acres of blueberries. Top quality certified plants (2000 per acre). Expected yield is 150,000 lbs. this year. Double drip irrigation system, spray injection system and A must see!! West Abbotsford, only 4 drainage pipes every 30 ft. installed. Corner property yeas young. 4 bdrms. 2 mbdrms up. with 2 driveway access. One of the best maintained Family room, recroom and full bath blueberry farms in Sumas Prairie. Call today for your for owners use. 3 bdrm bsmt suite. own detailed personal showing.



Only 12 yrs. old, 3 bedrooms and family room up, plus 2 bedroom legal suite and a good size rec room and full washroom for up stairs use.

ALMOST 16 ACRES Full Production Blueberry


31392 WINDSOR CRT 3 level split. Quiet cul-de-sac!!! Large Lot. 3 bdrms up, 1 den and rec room down, 2 baths. Many updated features. Private backyard, covered patio. Perfect to raise your family in a safe and quiet area. Walking distance to middle and high school, easy freeway access.

Blueridge Country!! Only 10 years new. Great clean home with 4 bdrms up, 2 full baths up, 2 bedroom basement. Den and laundry on main floor. Family room off nice maple kitchen w/island and pantry. Rock gas F/P. Beautiful fenced backyard. Easy freeway access. Walk to schools, shopping. Only 5 minutes to freeway at Mount Lehman Road.


5949 125TH ST, SURREY

NEAR STADIUM 1 1/2 bath, 3 bdrms legal suite. Call for Details


3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, double tandem garage.

3 Bedrooms upstairs plus family room. 2 bedroom basement suite plus recroom for upstairs use. The backyard is flat and contains a deck with a heated workshop beneath it. The hotwater tank is new.


in Sumas Prarie With House 4 bdrm house rented @1400/mth

Panorama Ridge Area 3 story home

A Must See Farm!

5 ACRES ON FRASER HIGHWAY Great Holding Property

Backs Greenspace! 4 bdrm 3 bath, New Roof! 3' crawl storage space. Family room leading to Quiet and Private fully fenced backyard! Kids play house and patio big enough to shoot some hoops! Storage shed. Great West Abbotsford location with walking, running, biking trails across the street at Ellwood Park and Discovery Trail. Easy Freeway access!


3 Story Home with Legal Suite 3 bdrms up, master bdrm has huge walk-in closet, jetted tub. Main floor has Den and a huge bdrm with 3pc bath close by. Living and dining rooms have vaulted ceilings. Very spacey in the basement and double garage. Trades welcome for townhouse or smaller home.

3 Bedrooms up, family room & rec room 2 bdrm legal suite





Producing Berries Fairfield Estates 1/3 acre lot!!! 4 bedrooms plus den, 2 story home, family, living, dining, three washrooms (2 pcs on main floor) huge brand new kitchen and a good size spice kitchen. If you are looking for a beautiful home but don't care for the basement this is for you.

On Gladwin. 3 bdrm + recroom mobile home.

Almost 10 Acres. Producing Berries. Brand New House and a 2nd House. Call for Details.

Reduced $669,000 Willing to trade for House in West Abby.


UNITS 104 & 105 30791 SIMPSON S!RD U 2400+ BY sf each



Punjabi Patrika


Friday June 14th, 2013


For All Your Real Estate Needs PARAM BRAR PARM JUDGE

Lighthouse 604-825-3954 604-864-7656 R E A L T Y L T D RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES CLOSE TO MOUAT SCHOOL


Very clean 3 bedroom rancher. New flooring in kitchen, laundry room & entry. New paint & roof. Fenced backyard. Good for investor or builder to build a new house. Central location.

S I L K W O O D E S TAT E S . Q u i e t a n d convenient location, very close to all school levels. Matsqui rec centre and other amenities. Nicely updated 3 bdrm townhouse has newer flooring, blinds, some appliances, windows and roof. Balcony off master bdrm, patio and backyard privacy.



Investment property. 1.85 acres, zoned I-2. Zoning allows mechanic shop, autobody repair, crematorium, sheet metal products, landscaping services, courier, delivery and express facilities. House rented @ $900 per month. Good solid tenants.








Beautiful former showhome located in the desirable Blue Jay Hills complex. This 3 bedroom 3 bathroom unit has loads of extras, laminate flooring throughout the main floor, upgraded kitchen with lighting under the cabinets and crown mouldings, 3 ft crawl space under house,pot lights, updated fixtures. This beautiful home also offers a big private fenced backyard that backs onto a greenbelt (protected by DFO).

FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS OR INVESTORS - 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, renovated rancher with separate entrance, covered patio, RV or truck parking in the backyard, lane access. Walking distance to Elementary schools, shopping and transportation.

Total 6 bedrooms-3 bedrooms up with rec room and 3 bedrooms in basement with separate entry. Quiet & central location close to schools, shopping, Matsqui rec centre and public transit. Live or rent while increasing your equity. Priced to sell. 12'x 24' WORKSHOP









Spacious basement entry home on quiet street, 3 bdrms up with 2 full baths. 2 bdrm legal suite plus recroom down. Nice private backyard with a big deck. Close to all levels of schools & shopping.

Total 4040 sqft rancher with unfinished basement situated on 1/3 AC in premium neighbourhood. Awesome potential for developing basement. Secure and private yard, perfect for outdoor entertaining and watch the kids play while on your huge and beautiful patio. Immediate possession.

Spacious 2380 sq ft home, 3 bathrooms, 3 bedroom up plus Legal 3 bedroom suite down. Totally updated, built for large faimly. Fully fenced backyard with a garden. Near schools, new hospital, mill lake park and quick freeway access.

Cul-de-sac! Very Clean. Updated a few years back. 1 BDRM LEGAL SUITE. 4 Bdrm, 3 Baths, fully fenced yard. Excellent neighbourhood. Walk to UFV, Cinema & Rec centre. Just a short drive to all other amenities including Hospital. Easy FreewayAccess.













Very clean basement entry home. 3 bedrooms up, 2 bedroom unauthorized suite down, Double french doors to den with quality built-in shelving, oak hardwood flooring, bright main floor, backs onto greenbelt, double garage, extra parking available, close to schools and shopping.



Big, brand new basement entry home featuring 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths spread over 2949+ square feet overlooking greenbelt. Built by a seasoned builder in a new subdivision near Fraser Hwy and Lefeuvre Road. 3 bedrooms up and 2 down. Lots of room to accommodate a large family. Call today for your showing. Not many like this one around.

3 storey home with 10 Bdrms 4050 sq ft with Legal suite. 4 bdrms up with family room and living/dining room. Main floor has 3 bdrms, 2 full baths and large rec-room. Lower level has a 2 bdrm legal suite + games room. 5 full baths, air cond., built in vacuum, double garage & 2 sundecks. Quiet cul-de-sac. walk to recreation, shopping & all level of schools.

Spacious basement entry home on quiet street. 3 bdrms up with 2 full baths. 2 bdrm legal suite plus recroom down. Nice private backyard with a big deck. Close to all level of schools & shopping.

WALKING DISTANCE TO UVF. Custom built 3 storey home with open concept. Features huge bright kitchen with granite counter tops, pantry, stainless steel appliances. 2 gas fireplaces, 4 bdrms up with 2 master suites. 1 den on main, 1 bdrm legal suite plus 1 extra bdrm in bsmt.





7 bdrms. West Abbotsford. Near New Super Mall. 3 Storey Home. Approx. 3750 sq.ft. 4 bdrms + large game room up. Master bdrm has jacuzzi & shower. Main floor offers living room and family room both with fireplace. Spacious 3 bdrm legal suite. Fenced backyard backing onto private greenbelt.


$539,000 $518,000

1 ACRE FLAT CORNER LOT. Total 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. On city water. Just off the 232nd Exit from Highway #1. $628,000

OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY 1-4PM 2051 RIESLING DR Pepin Brook Vineyard Estate. This 2 Story home comes with a great room plan with 4 bedrooms up plus a fully finished basement that features a huge recroom and 2 bedrooms.



18.68 ACRES MISSION 18.68 Acre Blueberry Farm - Excellent building site. City water on the road. Corner of Farms Rd. & Dale Rd. Mostly Bluecrop variety. Only 15 minutes away from Mission. Trade Welcome.

39 acre blueberry farm. Great revenue. Automatic drip irrigation, fertilizer injection, set up for machine picking. Over 3600 sq.ft. renovated house. 5 bdrms, 4 baths. Unfinished bsmt. Expansive barns for cold storage, packing, sorting, machinery, parking etc... Excellent hwy #1 exposure. Seeing is believing. BEST PRICE



Approx 3000 sq ft home. Main floor renovated with laminate floor, carpet, kitchen doors, windows and 3 yrs old roof. Perfect for planting Blueberry or could be great set up for horses. Huge barn over 1100 sq ft. Excellent peaceful place to raise your family.

8430 128TH ST. $229,000 EACH




Commercial freestanding buidling. 3 separate retail units. Each unit has front and back access. High exposure on Clearbrook corner.

15 acre Farm near 264 St. in Langley. 1255' frontage on 16 Ave. 2 residences, main home over 5000 sq.ft. Both homes rented $2700 per month. Bluecrop & Duke blueberry variety. Lots of water for irrigation. All farm equipment 4 wheel Kubota tractor with loader, 2 spray tanks, cultivators, rotovators, 2 berry transporting vehicles included. 2 barns (2700 sq.ft. & 600 sq.ft.) Plenty of room for parking (trucks, RV, etc.). House in Trade welcome.

884 SQ.FT. Retail / Office Space Across from Khalsa Bank. High Exposure






Commercial units side by side in Khalsa Mall, Surrey. Combined 2188 sq.ft. very desirable location. High ceiling. Must be sold together. 2 pc washroom. Perfect for medical office, pharmacy, clothing business etc... Vacant and ready to move in. Easy to show. Best deal in this mall.

COMMERCIAL BUILDING CHILLIWACK Concrete Block Building. 3 Retail & 3 Residential units. 3 year roof. Great exposure. Near Safeway. All units separately metered. Gross income approx $43,000 per year.


CLOSE TO APOLLO FITNESS CENTRE 5 ACRES WITH SHOP IN THE HEART OF TOWN Walk to Rick Hansen & Fitness Centre. 3 storey home. 5 bdrms, 3.5 baths, 2 gas f/p’s, detached shop, approx 550 sq.ft. parklike setting with peace and serenity. Very rare to find property as such. Will trade house inAbbotsford.



Backs to Newly Developed Pepin Brook Sub Division. Sill in ALR. Explore your Potential EXLCUSIVE ASKING $1.6M

Development Site Next to the High Rise. 314 feet of frontage on the Marshall Rd. Total Land 42,168 sq.ft. 33476, 33490, 33500 & 33506 Marshall Rd.

Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 14th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

For All Your Real Estate Needs PARAM BRAR PARM JUDGE

Lighthouse 604-825-3954 604-864-7656 R E A L T Y L T D

CEDAR PARK PLAZA - ABBOTSFORD COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX - RIGHT BESIDE CEDAR PARK PLACE POTENTIAL USES: Professional Offices, Medical Offices, Sweet Shop, Grocery Store, Clothing Stores, Jewellery Store, Video/Music Stores, Restaurants, Bring your ideas.



OLD 11 S10

3 12

4LD SO 5LD SO 13










NOW SELLING Gary Tiwana 





Zein Sangha 





HomeLife Glenayre Realty Co. Ltd.

604.556.8890 Mission: 604.826.2699 Fax: 604.826.2621

Buying or Selling? Call Jag Today! MISSION • HOMES FOR SALE • MISSION Beautiful brand new 3 storey home. Daylight w/o basement. Total 8 bedrooms, 6 baths, 2 master bedrooms, 2 gas f/p. Dream maple kitchen w/island. High ceiling. Green belt in front and back. 2-5-10 year warranty. Best priced house. Call before its sold.


Beautiful home. Total 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, Good family home for 1st time buyers or investors. 3 bedrooms up, 2 pc ens. 2 family room, gas f/p, granite counters, maple kitchen with island, recroom & bath for owner bdrm legal suite. Big fenced yard. Near + 2 bdrm accommodation. 2-5-10 warranty. Bakerview Elementary school. Must sell!!

ONLY $499,900


Great bsmt home for 1st time buyers or Good size bsmt entry home. Great Investors!! Totally renovated up and down. Location. F/P. Recrm Down + 2 bdrm 3 bdrms up, 2 down, 2 kitchens, 2 baths, legal suite. Needs updating but priced 2 laundries, huge 50x190 fenced lot with back very well to sell fast. Call me for Price!! lane access. Future Potential. Vacant.


Great family home at a great price of $369,900. Spacious 3 bdrms up. 3pc ensuite in mbdrm. Extra recroom for owner down + 1 bdrm legal suite. Big covered sundeck & big fenced yard. Walk to schools, shopping & mill lake.


Call Gary to view!!


Bring Offers!

3 bedrooms up, 2 pc ensuite, 2 bedroom suite down. Totally renovated with 2 new kitchens, 2.5 baths, flooring and paint. Near Fairfield area. Walk to Stadium and schools. Call Gary Now!



NOW PAY ONLY 5% GST Build your dream home. 2 lots 7620 sq ft and 5 lots Âą 5800 sq ft. Suitable for 2 or 3 storey homes. Pay only 10% down & get 90 days completion, no interest. Call Gary Now.

Professional Building on Clearbrook Road. Space available from 1000 - 5000 sq.ft. Very reasonable rates and terms. Street level exposure. Lots of parking. Call Gary to View.

Custom Built 2 storey with full basement in desirable College Heights. Basement includes a large 2 bedroom suite + ofce with Seperate entry + Rec Room and seperate laundry. Almost 4000 sf on a 6500 sf corner lot. Near all Levels of school and a new shopping centre.

1.31 acres in phase 3 of the Cedar Valley plan. OCP shows compact residential lots for future development. Old timer rancher rented to long term tenants at $1200 per month or tear down and build your dream house here and wait for development. New detached shop & lean to. Call for more information.

8228 Kudo Drive - Well Maintained Home in a Fantastic Neighbourhood. Elementary school is around the corner. 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms upstairs. 2 Bedroom Suite, den, Laundry and 2 Bathrooms downstairs. Great family home in a convenient Location.

Big home with quality nishing. Spotless condition. Hot tub with gazebo adjoining deck. Fully nished basement with massive Rec room and a mortgage helper suite. 4 full bathrooms. Family oriented cul-de-sac location close to all amenities. Fully fenced private yard with a shed. Call today to view.

Located in the desirable "College Heights" area. This 2 storey with fully finished basement has a lot to offer. 7 bedrooms, 6 baths, 2 laundries and 3 kitchens! 2 separate suites. Huge master bedroom with an amazing view. This house is a must see. Central air conditioning, high efficiency furnace. Way too many features to list, call for more info.




Punjabi Patrika 

Friday June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 14th, 2013




Veer Malhi




3129 Goldfinch St.


Near all 3 school levels New Wagner Drive

2665 Janzen St. • • • •

8 Bdrms and 7 Bath Desirable location in Abby Quality Built home Near Elementry school and Sikh Temple • $1050/month for Legal suite

TED P E R! ACC bathEhome • 5 bdrm, 4 F F • 2 bedroom O legal bsmt.

32640 HAIDA DR. • Fully renovated • Legal suite and rec room • Living & Family room • Near Stadium & Schools

• Rec room with full bath • Near Sikh Temple • New Paint, Floor & roof


D L O S • • • • •

5 Bedroom House Family Room, Living room 2 bedroom legal suite Rec room with washroom Super clean • Good location

D C & 2 Baths • 3C bdrms R! E2009 •A Renovated in F F • Near Oall School levels

E 3343 Jervis EPTCrst. • Near Sikh Temple • 5 to 6 Bedrooms • 3 to Bathrooms • Legal Suite

• On quite street

Price $450,000 to $500,000



APPROX. 10 ACRES • • • •

• Duke and Elliot • 5 Bedroom House • $1600/month rental income • Full production berries

Blueberry Farm Full Production 3400 sq.ft. House Duke, Elliot, Reka


8.23 ACRES

• Located close to No. 3 Rd exit • Beautiful 3 bdrm rancher • Land is ready to plant




• Planted in Duke & Reka • House and mobile home • Priced to sell • Mostly 6 year old plants




• Duke and Blue crop • Planted in 2008 • Rectangular parcel

26.2 ACRES in


• Duke and Blucrop • 2600 sqft House • Mostly Duke some Bluecrop • 17 Acres in full production • 5 to 6 yr Young plants • Some planted last year







• 5 mins from Abbotsford • Ready for machine picking

• 3 year young plants • Duke and bluecrop • 5 mins from highway exit


• • • • •


Asking $1.5 Million


Blueberry Farm Professionally Planted Machine Pick Good Income, Full Production 5 Mins to Town

QUIZNOS FOR SALE (Business Only)

REMOVAL • • • •

5 year old blueberries 3000 sq.ft. house 2 large storage buildings Seller will take trades

20 acres with 2 homes Chilliwack

• 2 renovated homes • 20 flat acres • good soil for berries • 5 mins from Downtown Chilliwack

• 3 Homes on 35 acres • Cleared and ready for plantation • good rental income • close to 16 ave


5 Acre Farm near Town • • • •

Good site to build house older home rented out big shop for truckers levelled for planting berries





• 4 Bedroom House • Planed in Elliot & Duke • Dairy Barns for rental Potential


D SOL3029

• 20 Bare land • Mobile Home • 30x40 Shop

Tolmie Rd

LD O S 4435 Boundary Rd.

• • • •

Own a Franchise Good Income Busy Mt. Lehman Plaza Financials Available




APPROX 33 ACRES 25 2435 Bradner Rd ACRES



• BC's Best Blueberry

• 4 year old Blueberries • Good Location • Duke and Bluecrop



• 8 year old Duke plants • Expected yield 450lbs


• 10 acres minutes from Hwy. • Beautiful house built in 2008 • Levelled and well drained parcel

(Business Only) • Be your own Boss • 4 High Tech Machines • Hair removal and Skin Care

• 5 Mins from new Mall • Records available


• 5000sqft beautiful home • Flat usable bare land • Shop and Barn $1,200,000


100-32555 Simon Ave, Abbotsford BC V2T 4Y2

604.855.0800 PAGE R9

Punjabi Patrika



Banwait Group


Friday June 14th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 14th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

jy qusI pR`prtI vycx` j` KrIdx` c`hMUdy ho q~ kMvljIq kOr ig@l n`l sMprk kro| For all your Real Estate needs Call: REAL ESTATE

SRS Panorama Realty #106 - 12830 80th Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 3A8. Tel: 604-572-3088, Fax: 606-572-3077

Kanwaljit K. Gill

kMvljIq kOr ig@l

Cell: 604.825.0215


6 BEDROOM HOUSE Upstairs: 3 bdrms, 1.5 baths, laminate flooring, new bathtub. Downstairs: 3 large bedrooms, 1 bath, New kitchen, separate entry, laminate flooring • 70x100 (7000sf) Lot, • West Abbotsford • Close to all amenities • Rented for $1800/month

         x   Â? Â?   Â? Â? Â?  Â?  ­€  ‚ ƒ


32188 Peardonville Rd. $242,300 5253 sq.ft. (52ft x 100ft) Can build to suit or choose a readymade oorplan for a 3 storey home.

lft ivkfAU

pqf 32188 Peardonville Rd.

Custom 8 bedroom house, 2 bedroom legal suite, 5 bathrooms, living and family room plus recroom, close to shopping, bus stop and park. Very nice house, must see!!


$614,000 Custom built. 2 storey plus full bsmt. Quality and excellent workmanship throughout. Over 4500 sqft. Cul-desac. 3 yr old beautiful home. Engineered hardwood flooring, high ceilings, granite counters, huge island in gourmet kitchen, 4 bedrooms up with 5pc ensuite in Master, jetted tub and 2 more ensuites. Main floor comes with family room off kitchen and has cozy gas fireplace, Laundry, nook, formal dining room and living room. The spacious basement with sound proof theater, media room, wet bar, full bath and more. Perfect location near UFV, rec.

TOWNLINE ARE 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom 3 bedrooms up and 2 be suite down + recroom family room. Very n Basement Home. Ste Ceilings in the Living an room. Daylight basemen ceilings and big windo frontage. Access and ro any size RV.

GWt lfAu vWD pfAu myrIaF syvfvF smyq 1. MLS Exposure 2. Paid Adversements 3. Social Media Markeng 4. Open Houses 5. Professional Photos, Videos & Virtual Tours 6. A ended Showings & Much More

1[ aYm aYl aYs aYkspojLr 2[ pyz aYzvrtfeIjLmYNts 3[ sosLl mIzIaf mfrikMitMg 4[ Epn hfAUs 5[ poRPYsLnl Poto, vIzIEjL aqy vrcUl tUrj 6[ afE dyKo aqy hor bhuq kWuC

kImq $242,300

afkfr 5253 sq.ft. (52 ft x 100 ft) quhfzI ieWCf aunsfr jF ryzImyz 3 storI leI, qusI Plor plYn vI lY skdy ho hor jfxkfrI leI Pon kro For more information call 604-599-1601 or 778-882-1601 PAGE R11

Punjabi Patrika


Friday June 14th, 2013


pRwprtI KRIdx jW vycx l`gy ho? vwjb ryt – Swndwr syvwvW


SIDHU 604.614.4002




S. GREWAL 604.807.8060

DHALIWAL 604.614.9294

SHARMA 604.825.4715

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GILL-CHAUDHARY 604.832.0207



4000 SQ.FT. 3 STOREY HOUSE • 9 years old • Quality Built • 8 bdrms, 6 full baths • two bsmts (2+1 bdrm) rented • Cul-de-sac location


5 BDRMS AND 4 FULL BATHS • • • • • •

2800 sq.ft. home Living room and family room Recroom + bath for owner Two bdrm legal suite Cul-de-Sac Close to Kalgidhar Gurdwara


3102 ENGINEER COURT • • • • • •

5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms 2 bedroom basement suite 3014 sq.ft. home 5384 sq.ft. lot 1 year new house Homeowner built



3900 BRIGHTON PLACE • • • • • •

5200 sq.ft. mega home 9 bedrooms and 6 full baths 2 - two bedroom suites rented 9300 sq.ft. lot daylight basement spice kitchen

• • • • •

5 bdrms and 3 full baths Legal basement suite 6000 sq.ft. lot 2000 sq.ft. clean house Close to Fruiticana and Townline Road.











LOT FOR SALE WEST ABBOTSFORD LOT • 4500 sq.ft. lot in West Abby • Build your 3 storey dream home • Flat land • Close to Baba Bandha Singh Gurdwara Sahib

16057 77th AVE • • • • •

16000 sq.ft. lot 2 storey 2700 sq.ft. Very clean house 4 bedrooms & 3 baths Close to all schools and recreation

7000 sq.ft. quality built house 4.52 acres flat and fertile land Dream home for two families kitchen on both floors Close to town and USA border

2447 SUGARPINE ST • • • •

10600 sq.ft. lot (102 & 104) 3300 sq.ft. quality home 5 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms Living room and family room









35717 ZANATTA PLACE • • • • •

0 AVE & BRANDER ROAD • • • • •

2800 sq.ft. bsmt entry home 5 bdrms, 4 baths and office 2 bedroom legal suite 6091 sq.ft. lot 3 year old quality built home



4500 sq.ft. quality built home 8 bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms Two (2+1 bdrm) suites rented Built in 2009 Close to Kalgidhar Gurudwara



7200 sq.ft. lot 1400 sq.ft. floor area Rented for $1100/month Hold on or Build your new home

• • • • •




MULTI-USE INDUSTRIAL STRATA • 2000 sq.ft. Warehouse • Close to Aircare Centre • 220V Power • Better than leasing • Seller Motivated WAREHOUSE FOR SALE

• High exposure • 15,880 sq.ft. • Desirable South Fraser location • 2 titles (zoned C4 & C3) in process of rezoning to C5. • 4 storey retail and office • Plans Available. DEVELOPERS/INVESTORS




















4805 Humphrey Rd.

1000 sq.ft. for Lease Call for Details


8 Acres Planted Rest is clear and flat, ready to plant




11 Years Old 2 Homes Good Location Close to Town and US Border


• 85000 sq.ft. Glass Greenhouse • 3 bedroom Rancher • Beautiful Property • Close to Town

• Beautiful House • Close to Town






18 ACRES in Agassiz BLUEBERRY CALL FOR DETAILS! • In Town - Abbotsford • 4 bdrm, 2 bath House 20 ACRES RASPBERRY • Full Production Abbotsford







60 Acres Planted in Blueberries Duke, Elliot and Bluecrop Varieties.




• 3 Years Old Blueberries • Mission BC




• Nice House and Rental Cabins • Really close to town • Beautiful Location

• Full Production • Matsqui area




• 3 bedroom updated rancher • New roof, paint, kitchen, hot water tank and much more • Excellent alternative to buy a house at a townhouse price • Close to school & stadium


#103 - 30519 BLUERIDGE DRIVE



20.7 Acres


4000 sqft floor area 7 bedrooms, 5 washrooms 4 spacious bedrooms upstairs Basement offers Rec room and 2pc bath for upstairs use • 2 bedroom LEGAL SUITE with separate laundry hookups.

Living room and family room 8000 sqft lot 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms fully renovated new kitchen, siding, windows and much more.


Ideal for Retail or Offices



• No Home • Producing Blueberries CALL FOR DETAILS!

100 ACRES BARE LAND ABBOTSFORD Nice and flat All Usable

Global Force Realty #2 2838 Garden Street, Abbotsford BC V2T 4W7

Gr byrI Pwrm, KwlI jmIn, lwt, jW vpwrk jwiedwd KRIdx jW vycx vyLy vwjb ryt Aqy Swndwr syvwvW leI hmySw Xwd r`Ko[


Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 14th, 2013

Çò§×œ Ô¯ ל Õ§Êź çœ òÅùœ

aOrq BfvyN kudrqI qOr `qy ikMnI vI sohxIN ikAuN nf hou, Auh gihixaF ibnF swKxI njLr afAuNdI hY. ies leI aOrqF, mrdF nfloN vwD afpxy rUp nUM isLMgfrn Kfqr keI pRkfr dy gihixaF dI vrqoN krdIaF hn jo srIr dy vwK-vwK aMgF (isr, nwk, kMn, grdn, bfhF, hwQF aqy pYrF afid) Aupr pihny jFdy hn. sfzy smfj aMdr kMnF nUM isLMgfrn df iewk vwKrf hI irvfj hY. pMjfb dy mrd aqy aOrq dovoN hI kMnF ivwc gihxy pfAux dy sLOkIn hn. BfvyN ik afid kfl qoN hI mnuwK srIr dy vwKvwK aMgF nUM isLMgfrdf af irhf hY pr hux dI muitafr nOjvfnF nfloN ijLafdf afpxy-afp nUM isLMgfrn vwl lwgI hoeI hY. hux dI aOrq kMnF ivwc iewk qoN vwD QfvF `qy isLMgfr vjoN gihxy pihndI hY. pihlF qF isrP kMn dI hyTlI pypVI df iewk Cyk krky gihxf pihinaf jFdf sI qy awj-kwlH BfvyN aOrq pwCmI swiBafcfr dy pRBfv hyT pihrfvy `c qbdIlI kr rhI hY pr afpxy aMgF `qy gihixaF nUM isLMgfrnf nhIN BuwlI. iewk muitafr afpxy kMnF ivwc kFty, buMdy, lotx, quMgl, ipwpl-pwqIaF, son-icVIaF, vflIaF, Jumky, bujlIaF, kokrU aqy tops afid gihixaF nUM isLMgfr vjoN pihndI hY. kMnF ivwc pihny jFdy gihixaF bfry lok kfiv ivclf rs vI afnMddfiek hY jdoN iewk muitafr afKdI hYlY dy jVfAU sfnUM buMdy, vy asIN qyry qd vsxf. jdoN afvfjfeI df koeI sfDn ivksq nhIN sI hoieaf, AudoN lok AUT(boqy) dI svfrI kiraf krdy sn. kMnF dy gihixaF sbMDI gwl krdI hoeI muitafr AUT(boqy) bfry afKdI hY-

prmpRIq kOr srfE sohxy rMg-rUp `qy gihxy muitafr nUM hor vI ilsLkx lf idMdy hn. hr koeI Aus dy rMg rUp aqy isLMgfr dI isPLq krdf hY. kudrqI suhwpx `qy gihixaF ny ijhVI cmk ilaFdI, Aus bfry muitafr df mfhIaf afKdf hYqyrf rUp Jwilaf nf jfvy, kMnoN lfh dy son icVIaF. sfzy swiBafcfr CVy jyT df vI iewk invyklf sQfn hY. lokF aqy Aus dIaF irsLqy `coN lwgdIaF BrjfeIaF vwloN Aus nUM bVf iTwT kIqf jFdf hY. iksy iqwQ-iqAuhfr aqy ivafh vyly iekwTIaF hoeIaF aOrqF idAur/jyT nUM iksy nf iksy bhfny iTwT krdIaF hnnfnkI BYx dy vwzy-vwzy vfly, ivwc dI ZwTf bVHkF mfry. ijs Gr aMdr BYx df vIr kuafrf hovy aqy afriQkqf dI mfr hyT Gr df kMm kfj clfAuNdf hovy, AuhdI BYx cfhuMdI hY ik Aus df Brf Aus leI sohxI ijhI BfbI lY afvy qy Aus dy inafxy mfmI vfly ho jfx. ivafh leI afriQk qOr `qy mdd leI Aus dI BYx afKdI hYqYnUM nwqIaF Bfbo nUUM ipwpl-pwqIaF, ivafh krvf lY vIrnf. nnfx-BrjfeI df irsLqf vI keI rsF nfl lbryjL hY. jy iksy Gr nnfx dI gwl nUM pihl dy idwqI jFdI hY qF Aus dI BrjfeI ihrK krdI hY ik myrI qF koeI iewk nhIN mMndf ies dI hr gwl mMnI jFdI hY. iPr Auh Aus nUM rsqy `coN htfAux leI afKdI hYBfvyN lYjf nI kMnF dy vfly,

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hfxIaF lY dy vy,


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

LUNA HOMES PHASE 3 NOW SELLING hux qusIN nv~ Gr isrP $299,900 qoN lY skdy ho|

ùË çœ ĂƒÂśĂą ĂĽÂŻÂş ĂƒĂ…ĂłĂ†

FROM $299,900

ieMzIaf ivwc kI rMg sI lfAuNdf.

syl qoN mYnUM sfVHI.

KflHI hwQIN sI sLihroN afAuNdf.


jd dI ivwc kYnyzf afeI,

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qyry ijMnI krF kmfeI.

af jfx dy hfVI.

nfl qyry mYN kMm `qy jfvF,

hfxIaF lY dy vy, syl [[[.

Or call me directly at:

ryzIE Auqy aYz peI afvy.

Cell: 778-908-3358 MANDEEP BHALLA

BMnI nf iewk idhfVI hfxIaF lY dy vy, syl [[[.

gurdyv isMG ‘buwtr’

sfVHI nhIN jy sUt svfdy. “dyv� hONslf krky qur pY.

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sux sux GUrF qyrIaF cMnF.

hfxIaF lY dy vy, syl [[[.

hfxIaF lY dy vy, syl [[[.

incl. GST

30748 Cardinal Ave., Abbotsford DAILY 12-5PM EXCLUDING FRIDAYS.


Punjabi Patrika



Friday June 14th, 2013

h`V 40635073 joiqS, Eqy  Eqy 604-832-7859 kro





myK- srkfrI kfrjF ivwc sPlqf imly, ishq TIk rhy. BfeI-bMDU-swuK, sMqfn-pwK vfsqy ivsLysL Krc hovy. pqnI-pwK sLuwB rhy. kfrobfr ivwc ivsLysL vfDy dy Xog hn. jUn 14, 21, 22, 29, 30: julfeI 1, 9, 10, 11 asLuwB hn.

Put your thinking cap on because you can come up with some inventive ideas, as well as solutions. Enter into discussion rather than simply stating facts. This way you can engage others in such a way where they can be prepared to assist. It will be wise to have the patience to allow something to reach the end in its own way.

Someone else can be stronger than you about their ideas and what they want to fulfil. Don’t make the mistake of being distracted from your own priorities because of this. Any uncertainties may not be entirely connected to somebody else. Keep questioning these things and eventually the right answers will emerge with clarity.

You can be extremely restless and very likely to change things on impulse. This may not necessarily be bad but there will be endings attached and this is what you should consider. Someone else may seem to be with you or very influenced by you but they are hiding something. This could become exposed late in the week.

Remain focussed on your own situation or how any matter that involves you can affect you. What the future holds is uncertain but that has nothing to do with being able to keep things well balanced right now. You may not be wrong if you are sensing an ending. This should result in you feeling your power has returned.

It may seem you are wasting valuable time but generating the motivation to get out of the restive, relaxing or contemplative mode will be difficult. You need to consider what you want to make concrete but exactly how that can be accomplished will not surface yet. Meanwhile take up any opportunities to catch up with friends.

There is no reason for you not to be happy about your view of what you consider priorities or the things you want. However, someone else can have the effect of casting doubt or making you feel guilty about wanting such things. Do not allow yourself to be subject to this influence as your focus is well balanced and secure.

Someone can be more interested in your future plans than your realise but it is mainly for their own benefit. Exactly what you think is best kept secret for now. You need to weigh up the obligations or responsibilities you already have and how this impacts on your general well being before you take on any more commitments.

Maintain a balanced perspective on your future goals. Do not base this on what others have to say because they are unlikely to be open and can end up confusing you. This is because they can say one thing but mean another and the more you listen, the more you can get drawn in. Your main commitment is yourself.

You can feel overwhelmed by somebody else and completely unable to see where they are coming from or what they are expecting from you. It will pass by the end of the week though their motivations could still remain a mystery. There will be another or others who are open and transparent and this will be more enjoyable.

The Full Moon this week will occur in your sign, providing you with the opportunity to reassess matters you want to fulfil on a personal level. Dealings with others should have a pleasant tone but gaining a clear impression of whether connected situations can become concrete could be a different matter. Don’t be distracted.

There are matters coming to a head that will not be seen just yet and will test you to maintain your resolve about obligations you are prepared to accept. To be well prepared you should spend some time contemplating situations that tangled you up in the past that you do not want to revisit. Do not agree to anything instantly.

The only way to have success is to put effort into establishing a good foundation from now to mid July. You could strongly sense that luck can come into it and this can be so but it will not happen unless you put some constructive steps in place. It will be this process that will uncover aspects that are hidden from view right now.

  ibRK- afriQk icMqf rhy. ishq TIk inwjI jnF nfl ax-bx rhy. pqnI-pwK qoN icMqf rhy. kfrobfr ivwc rukfvt afey, afmdn nfloN KLrc ijLafdf hovy. sPLr dOrfn ksLt Xog hY, sfvDfn rho. jUn 14, 15, 16, 23, 24: julfeI 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13 asLuwB hn.



imQun- kwP-vfXU- ivkfr rhy. afriQkqf ivwc suDfr hovy. acwl sMpdf sMbMDI JgVy rhy. pqnI ksLt, mhIny dy aMq ivwc lfhyvMd mfhOl bxygf. jUn 16, 17, 18, 25, 26: julfeI 4, 5, 6, 14, 15 asLuwB hn.



krk:- sLnI-rfhU df cMdr dy nfl myl mfnisk pRysLfnI df kfrn bxygf. imwqr-bMDU nfl myl hovy aqy mdd imly. ividafrQI prysLfn rihx. ssurfl vfilaF nfl ax-bx rhy. kfrobfr ivwc suDfr hovy. jUn 19, 20, 27, 28, 29: julfeI 6, 7, 8 asLuwB hn.



isMG- rkq-ipwq-ivkfr rhy. afriQk AulJxF kfrn prysLfnI rhy. iksy sq purK dI shfieqf nfl lfB hovy. rfjsI kfrjF ivwc prysLfnI rhy. kfrobfr ivwc kuJ qbdIlI lfhyvMd hY. jUn 14, 21, 22, 29, 30, julfeI 1, 9, 10, 11 asLuwB hn.



kMinaf- bRihspq, buwD, mMgl dI pujLIsn smwisafvF dy sulJx df sMkyq dyNdI hY. KLrc qF hovygf, pr imwqr-bMDU df sihXog rhygf. kfrobfr TIk. jUn 14, 15, 16, 23, 24, julfeI 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13 asLuwB hn.

  qulf- kfrobfr ivwc rukfvt afAux dy bfvjUd vfDy dy cFs bxn. pqnI nfl ax-bx, PjLUl-KrcI kfr JgVy hox. ivroDI-pwK kmjLor hovy. sMqfn vfsqy ivsLysL Krc hovy. jUn 16, 17, 18, 25, 26; julfeI 4, 5, 6, 14 15 asLuwB hn.



ibRsLick- pyt Krfb rhy. afriQk lfB hox nfl hflfq suDrn. sMqfn pwK qoN prysLfnI hovy. AulJnF iksy dI ivcolgI nfl sulJx. kfrobfr ivwc nvyN pRogrfm AulIky jfx. jUn 19, 20, 27, 28, 29: julfeI 6, 7, 8 asLuwB hn.



Dn- rkq-ipwq aqy cmVI-rogF kfrx prysLfnI rhy. pqnI-pwK qoN lfB. sMqfn vwloN sLuwB smfcfr imly. kfrobfr TIk aqy nvIaf XojnfvF lfgU hox. mhIny df aKLIr sLuwB rhy. jUn 14, 21, 22, 29, 30: julfeI 1, 9, 10, 11 asLuwB hn.

  mkr- Dn lfB ho ky hfnI hovy. imwqr-bMDU-ksLt, mfnisk asLFqI rhy. nvIaF Xojnfvf bxn. jLmInjfiedfd afidk sMpdf df lfB hovy. kfrobfr ivwc vfDf hovy. jUn 14, 15, 16, 23, 24: julfeI 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13 asLwuB hn.

  kuMB- vfq-rog hovy. nyqr-ksLt rhy. gupq dusLmn qoN BY. Drm-krm ivc mn lwgy. imwqr-bMDU nfl myl hovy. pqnI-ksLt: afmdn nfloN Krc ijLafdf rhy. jUn 16, 17, 18, 25, 26: julfeI 4, 5, 6, 14, 15 asLuwB hn.



mIn- rfj-BY, srIrk pIVf, afriQk lfB hovy. pirvfrk –suwK TIk rhy. kfrobfr ivwc kiTnfeIaF dy bfvjUd vfDf hovy. mhIny dy aKIr ivwc sq-purKF nfl myl hovy. jUn 19, 20, 27, 28, 29 julfeI 6, 7, 8 asLuwB hn.


Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 14th, 2013 cont’d from page R1

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One of the top in this new subdivision. NO HST, 5/10/20 HOME WARRANTY, 7 bedrooms (2 Master Bedrooms), 6 baths, near 5100 s/f, 3 storey, on approx. 7200 s/f Lot. Home theatre, Bar, Bunker, fully finished Basement with 2 Bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and Game room. Lots of Woodwork and mouldings, Beautiful huge Kitchen, 2 fire places, Forced Heat, Air Conditioning. All Stainless steel Appliances. Granite counter tops all over and much more.

mflk mkfn vwloN iswDf ivkfAU hY - aYbtsPorz iqMn mMjlf, 7 bYwzrUm, (do mfstr bYwzrUm) 6 bfQrUm, KuwlIH ikcn,sLfndfr lwkV df kMm kIqf hoieaf hy, kMplIt bysmYNt do bYwzrUm do bfQrUm, do Pfier plys, sfry grYint kfAUNtr sfry nvyN aplfieMs, bMkr, bfr, gym rUm, vrijsL rUm, stUzIE Qytr rUm, pRfeIvysI, bhuq vDIaf bYk Xfrz, sLfndfr Puwl bUty (lYNzskyipMg) KuwlI pfrikMg, 5/10/20 sfl dI gRMtI nfl, koeI tYks nhIN lwgygf . hor jfxkfrI leI jF dyKx leI PLon kr skdy ho.

2055 Zinfandel Drive (Pepin Brook at Ross Rd. & Simpson Rd.) Must See!! MUST SELL!! (Can be sold furnished) Don’t Miss!

Please call to view: 604-825-0566 or 604-625-7751


7000 sq.ft. (70x100) level lot. 1150 sq.ft. up and 1150 sq.ft. down, Total 2300 sq.ft.. 3 bathrooms. New laminate ooring, new paint and new bathroom. Separate basement entry, with a double garage. Near all shopping centre’s, school, etc. Quiet street. Don’t miss this! COMING SOON!!

mflk vWlo mkfn ivkfAU 7000 sq.ft (70*100) lYvl lft 1150 sq.ft. AWuqy aqy 1150 sq.ft QWly ,totl 2300 sq.ft, 3 bfQrUm.nvF Plor, nvF pyNt aqy nvyN bfQrUm. vWKrI bysmYNt aYNtrI, zWbl grfj. soipMg sYNtr aqy skUl vI nyVy hn. mOkf nf gvfAu.

Cell 604-807-2571 or you can text me your name and phone number PAGE R15

Punjabi Patrika


Friday June 14th, 2013




Gurmat Camp



SINCE 1993

REGISTER TODAY! Spaces are limited


SUMMER FUN FOR KIDS For children ages 5-10 (KG to grade 5) Sports, Gatka, games, reading & math, treats & videos Registration happens every Sunday at Gurdwara Kalgidhar Darbar from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

July 2nd to July 12th July 15th to July 26th July 29th to August 9th August 12th to August 23rd

10 days per session (Monday to Friday) 9:00 am - 3:00 pm (Daily) Cost: $100 for 2 weeks

For more information, call

604-855-0020 PAGE R16

June 14th, 2013  
June 14th, 2013  

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