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The unknown of what lies under the hood when the ‘check engine’ light comes on is a fear unlike any other.

On the cover


iterra Australia – formerly NGK Spark Plugs Australia – is well known for its awesome spark plug offerings. But in this issue of Australian Car Mechanic, we review Niterra Australia’s Power Perks program. The program aims to empower mechanics with tonnes of benefits from certain purchases. Whether it’s awesome merch, exclusive competitions or even tools, the Power Perks program is Niterra Australia’s way of delivering mechanics massive value.

r e v o l l u P

The silly season is here.


here are two types of car owners in Australia: those who ignore repairs until the 11th hour, and those who don’t. For myself, erring on the side of caution only comes after a busted radiator left me fanning my car on the side of a freeway before gingerly rolling it home at 20km/h. Since that regrettable incident, any abnormal behaviour in my car is met with a swift call to get it checked. When my check engine light came on recently, it was met with flashbacks to that fateful radiator mishap. Without being too dramatic, I felt like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now… the horror. Thankfully, it was just the sensor on the air intake valve that had gone kaput. This would’ve been something the old Harry had put off repairing, and waiting for an actual ‘check engine’ issue before getting the sensor fixed. But I had learnt my lesson, and can now (hopefully) count myself among the mechanic clientele who properly address an issue before it’s too late. Summer is on the horizon, yet many people who need repairs will put it off

until the peak of holidays, which makes mechanics’ lives a nightmare. Like many things in spring, busy folk will put car servicing to the back of the priority list for the December/January, which isn’t great. My local mechanic was able to have my sensor fixed within two days, and that was fitting in around my schedule; it could’ve been even earlier I imagine. Perish the thought of trying my luck around Christmas time. To handle the oncoming wave of summer slackers and their car issues, we’ve got a pleasant mix of light reading and mechanical know-how for you to dig into during your next morning tea break. Bathurst may have come and gone once again, but we’ve got a fair bit to scratch your Supercars itch in the meantime. If Porsches are more your speed, this edition of Australian Car Mechanic is filled with ‘em. And if you check out contributing writer Iain Curry’s feature on Page 37, it’s a very special Porsche indeed…

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Sandown comes

A look at Aussie 04














Harry Murtough – Editor | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC


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IAIN CURRY has been a specialist motoring writer and photographer for 15 years, working for a variety of magazines in Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Germany and Sweden. He is former editor of Performance BMW magazine and features writer for GT Porsche magazine, and has been fortunate enough to photograph Formula 1, the Le Mans 24 Hours, World Touring Cars, V8 Supercars and a range of adventure sports.




r o f r e w o P mechanics Niterra Australia revs up benefits for local mechanic workshops.

High-octane Power Perks program to help grow customers’ businesses while sparking daily joy through exceptional perks.

Niterra Australia’s new Power Perks loyalty program unlocks tonnes of extras for mechanics to take advantage of.




he newly rebranded Niterra Australia – formerly NGK Spark Plugs Australia – is revving up the benefits for mechanic workshop owners across Australia with the launch of its Power Perks loyalty program. The leading supplier of automotive and technical ceramics launched the Power Perks loyalty program in June, with this Australian developed program designed to be the leading automotive loyalty program for Australian automotive workshops, as well as a showcase for other regions with its simplicity and ease of use. The new program will instantly reward customers for every NGK, NTK or KYB product they purchase. Points earned for purchases can be redeemed for digital gift cards and a wide range of exceptional rewards, from tools, cool merchandise, travel vouchers and experiential programs. The Power Perks Program also provides a channel to offer exclusive competitions where winners can take home valuable prizes from Niterra, there will be prizes like gardening/outdoor tools, electronic and white goods, as well as various vouchers.

Powerful benefits Always-on benefits, including discounts for a range of rewards and experiences, which will also be inclyded as part of the program. “The program will provide our valued customers with a reliable workshop mate that helps them grow their business, while also positively impacting their daily life with some great perks,” Niterra Australia Executive General Manager of Sales and Marketing Paris Mouratidis said. “Power Perks is about ensuring all | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC


ON THE COVER our customers feel part of the Niterra Australia family, no matter who they are, where they are located or even how much they purchase – there’s no hierarchy in this program. It rewards everyone who participates.” Mouratidis said plans are already underway for Power Perks to be extended with exciting new features and functionalities, including gamification elements and competitions with regular prize draws. Leader boards will enable friendly competition between mechanic workshops around Australia.

Power Perks explained The points breakdown is simple, for every product you purchase you receive a certain amount of points, see below the breakdown of each product and points allocated: • 1 point for every NGK Spark Plug purchased • 2 points for every NGK Glow Plug purchased • 5 points for every NGK Ignition Coil purchased • 5 points for every KYB Suspension product purchased • 5 points for every NTK Sensor purchased

businesses with the the Australian aftermarket industry. The relationships we have built with Trade Repairers is the cornerstone of our aftermarket business. In the medical industry, Niterra Australia distribute the brand Caire which specialises in Oxygen Concentrators, you can find out about the range here: Niterra Australia’s commitment to quality, strong heritage and providing innovative solutions is reflected in their products and services. With a team of experts in both medical and automotive fields, Niterra Australia is uniquely positioned to develop crossindustry innovations that revolutionise the way people live and work.

Be instantly rewarded for each product you use. Scan here.

Additionally, the program offers the following benefits for members when signing up: • Earn 50 points on joining • Earn 50 points on your birthday • Earn 30 points for completing profile information • Points can be redeemed for a digital Mastercard, with every 1,000 points earning $20

About NGK/Niterra Australia Launched in Australia in 1980, Niterra Australia – which rebranded from NGK Spark Plug Australia in April 2023 – specialises in providing innovative solutions to the automotive and medical industries. In the automotive industry, Niterra Australia offers a range of automotive components and technical ceramics, you can fi nd out about the range here: As a leader in product design and manufacturing, our team strives to bring the best technology to market. In addition to an extensive catalogue of spark and glow plugs, Niterra also offers OE-quality technical sensors. We partner with OEMs to develop the latest innovations, making NGK/NTK the supplier of choice for nearly every manufacturer. With world-class quality and engineering, our expertise goes beyond the aftermarket to drive the automotive industry forward. Niterra is proud to be considered a key partner to trade, reseller and distribution 8

Niterra Australia (formerly NGK Spark Plug Australia) has been providing the highest quality spark plugs since 1980.


Not just experts in spark plugs, Niterra Australia also builds the best in crankshafts, camshafts and sensors among other components. | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



Family tinkering time

Mechanic apprentice Koichi Sasaki shares his experience with MTA NSW.

Koichi Sasaki (centre) has learned a lot from his uncles by working at their workshop.


oichi Sasaki doesn’t remember a time where he hasn’t been around a workshop. The 21-year-old mechanic apprentice can thank his uncles for that, who routinely showed him the ins and outs of the mechanics industry as a kid. That passion grew even more when Koichi’s uncles opened their own workshop in 2015 – Andre Automotive based in Mt Druitt, Sydney. “They were always taking me around businesses to play with cars, that was their hobby when they were young too,” he said. “Basically, I just started helping them here and there at their workshop during holidays and after school. “They taught me a lot, and naturally I just wanted to become one.” 10

The right tools Time flies when you’re having fun, and for Koichi that applies wholeheartedly. “I can’t believe I’m already in my third year already,” he said. “I thought it was gonna take a long as time, but honestly it’s gone by like a flash.” Koichi has been able to glide through his apprenticeship thanks to help from MTA NSW. He’s been receiving training support from one of MTA’s program co-ordinators – Thai Bui. “Thai has been really supportive, especially whenever I’ve come across hard questions or units generally, he would always be there to help,” Koichi said. “He’d often send me helpful videos to learn from, he’s probably one of the best mentors.” MTA NSW is all about a tailored approach


to its training offerings, with a plethora of specialist trainers at its disposal who are on-site and ready to support individual mechanics and businesses.

Not slowing down When he’s not studying in the classroom, you can find Koichi working away in his uncles’ workshop. He has one year left on his four-year apprenticeship, but Koichi’s journey doesn’t end there. He plans to specialise in electrical mechanics, get his pink slip, and eventually open up his own shop. “At the end of the day, I wanna have my own business too like my uncles,” he said. “I’d really like to focus on doing modifications and working on performance cars.”


We know every part of a hybrid Introducing HYSPEC* – Castrol’s new hybrid performance standard.

*Across critical areas of contaminants, engine intermittency and system efficiency.

Discover more scan here.


Trust the process

ACM Parts veteran opens up on recycled parts industry.


ohn Lawson is no stranger to dismantling cars. The ACM Parts National Account Manager got stuck into the industry at an early age when he became a trained panel beater. A lack of Mazda parts in his neck of the woods led John to starting his own parts yard. “Every time we needed parts, we had to go to the other side of town,” he said. “So I started my own yard, with the help of my family, and built that up and sold it.”

Around we go A few years down the road, and John came across ACM Parts. The company – currently about 10 years old – had just entered the market. “I heard of ACM Parts back when it first started – I wanted to see how it rolled out for about 12 months,” John said. “I liked the challenge of a new company doing something completely different – something that’s never been

done in Australia. “There’s no one else in Australia you can really use as an example because we’re the only ones that are processing this many vehicles and operate on a national basis.” ACM Parts meticulously dismantles hundreds of deregistered vehicles per month, cataloguing a vast array of different parts and pieces. The company serves as the top choice for recycled parts nationwide, and also offer OEM-equivalent, aftermarket and consumables products. A lot of John’s work involves venturing out to meet with mechanics and customers who rely heavily on ACM Parts and its wares. He said there’s still a lot of people in the automotive industry that don’t realise how much goes into recycling car parts, and the inherent advantages utilising it has. “It’s my job to go out and educate people,” John added.

“Some people have been hesitant when they’ve first jumped on board, but after a few times using our services they go ‘this is really easy’. “They see the opportunity; we help mechanics lower their costs to repair by using recycled parts. “If we can cut their repair costs, they’ll get more business and the whole system goes around.”

Part of the puzzle John’s been with ACM Parts now for about eight years. He said he thrived in a challenging environment that brings great opportunity. “I love a good challenge, from where we’ve come to where we are, it’s fantastic,” he said. “As I mentioned, there’s really no comparisons we can lean on, so seeing how the people here have evolved has been amazing. “It’s an exciting place to be.”

As well as owning his own dismantling yard, John also worked in sales with Mazda before joining up with ACM Parts.




PRESS YOURSELF ceptional performance.

tra personalisation.

press installation.

Driving Lights 4” | 6” | 7” | 9” Light Bars (Single or Double Row) 10” | 20” | 30” | Plus a 3” Pod Light

Narva's new EX2 range offers unrivalled expression with over 20 models, interchangeable colour trims and RGB enabled position lights (EX2R) so you can tailor them to your vehicle or your mood with our phone app. EX2’s hybrid beam provides outstanding width and distance, ensuring exceptional clarity in the dark and Narva’s revolutionary patent-pending harness-free technology makes installation easy. Plus get added confidence with Narva’s ‘no-fault’ 7-year warranty.^

@ @ 1 LUX 1 LUX >




^We reserve the right to assess and review any warranty claim and make a determination based on the assessment. Misuse or abuse of the no-fault warranty will not be covered. *An EX2 12V RGB Controller allows users to change their front position lights from ADR approved white to any one of 48 colours. > Based on two 9” lamps.


Getting ahead

Five ways to deal with the impact of short-staffing.


hat can you do if you’re struggling to find the people you need?

Is your business in need of an extra pair of hands (or more) on the tools? Then you’re not alone. Capricorn’s State of the Nation Special Report: The Skills Shortage has highlighted that this is an issue that’s affecting a lot of its Members. In fact, its research uncovered that only 44 per cent of Capricorn Members reported they were adequately staffed. So, what do you do if you’re one of the many, many businesses that can’t find the people they need? Capricorn asked automotive business coach - Workshop Whisperer Rachael Evans for her advice.

1. Explore ways you can do more with less “I have a client who this time last year had a team of 10,” Rachael said. “Now he’s got a team of six and they’re outselling and outproducing what they did with 10. “He was forced into that situation because of skill shortage, but this is the result.” Rachael said: • Workshop owners often don’t realise they’re actually overstaffed. • Operating with fewer staff means you’re saving on your wages bill. • Business owners often accept a lower level of individual productivity than they should. • It’s not about working harder or longer, but about being more efficient. Rachael’s benchmark: Two technicians and two apprentices should be able to generate $1.2 million in revenue themselves if they work at an efficient and productive capacity.

2. Consider skilled migration “100 per cent of our clients who have recruited offshore in the last 18 months cannot speak highly enough of the result,” Rachael said. “The process is lengthy, but they’ve achieved the return on investment they were after. They’ve got workers who want to work and who come highly qualified. “Come to the conversation with an open mind,” she said. “Generally, they’re hard-working, grateful and they’re loyal.” Rachael’s secret to success: Support your sponsored workers to connect with the local community, so they can start to put down roots. 14

Capricorn’s annual State of the Nation Special Report provides keen insight into issues facing Australian mechanics.

3. Be smarter in your recruitment “If you’re recruiting, you’ve got to completely re-imagine the opportunity that you are providing by giving someone a job,” Rachael said. “To win someone over to your business these days, you have to offer them the best job they’ve ever had.” That might mean doing things you’re uncomfortable with, like: • Offering a relocation bonus. • Offering your Facebook followers/ customers a spotter’s fee to tag a friend in the trade who might be looking for a better opportunity. • Offering a four-day working week. Rachael’s pro-tip: “I highly recommend considering a move to some version of our four-day work week and using that as a recruitment tool because it works amazingly well,” she said.

4. Focus on retention strategies It’s easier to keep the staff you have than it is to recruit new team members, so Rachael recommends paying close attention to retention. “That starts with their leadership,” she said. “It’s the owner’s job to set the culture.” Ask yourself: • What’s my assessment of my own leadership?


• What are the values that I hold dear? • What values do I want the team to work by? • How do we start the culture that we want?

5. Make sure you’re charging customers to reflect your costs “When you’ve got a three-week waiting list (if it’s not through inefficiency), you are technically what we’d call oversubscribed,” Rachael said. • Be really picky and choosy with the work that you do. • Only accept the work that you know makes you the profit that you want to make. • Stop doing those jobs where you always write off 10 hours and you don’t get to sell your labour time. Rachael recommends: If you’re oversubscribed, re-assess and recalculate your pricing to reflect your costs and ensure you’re getting the return you deserve. Consider the economic supply and demand equation in your calculations. Want to learn more about the skills shortage and benefit from Capricorn’s indepth information, analysis and articles? You can read the State of the Nation Special Report: The Skills Shortage at

The Tite-Reach Extension Clamp is a great tool for every toolbox. We’ve all been in those frustrating spots where your hand can’t quite reach or having to wait for a hot muffler or radiator to cool before you can reinstall a bolt. The Extension Clamp will also save you time by not having to remove other parts on your equipment to get into a tight spot. TITE-REACH EXTENSION CLAMP Part no: 385105 The clamp’s jaws open 3mm (1/8”) to 28mm (1.125”) wide giving you the ability to hold a ¾” nut or bolt. It’s vice-like design also ensures you won’t drop the part it’s holding until you loosen the tension nut. This means unlike a pliers you do not need to maintain tension to keep what you’re holding in place, this is very valuable when you’re in a difficult spot where if you drop what is clamped it will be gone. The extension clamp has been used in everything from auto body to airline maintenance and is a great option for anyone’s toolbox.

See it in action 

USE CODE “ACM” FOR 10% DISCOUNT FOR FULL PRODUCT DETAILS VISIT Coupon valid until January 31st, 2024 (online orders only)



Golden lads

Penrite Racing celebrates the Great Race in style.


enrite Oil continues an annual tradition as the official oil of Bathurst with the reveal of a new livery for the Penrite Racing team for this year’s Bathurst 1000. This internationally renowned race has long been celebrated as a quintessential Australian motorsport event characterized by its intense racing, challenging terrain and the roar of V8 engines echoing across The Mountain. For Penrite Oil - a company with a burning passion for motorsport - the event holds a special place in its heart as one of the greatest places in the world to put vehicles of all kinds to the ultimate test of performance and reliability.

Premium coating Continuing the partnership which reimagined Allan Moffat’s 1979 XC Federation Falcon livery for the Penrite Oil Sandown 500, this distinctive new look was created by the highly respected and accomplished motorsport artist and designer Peter Hughes, the man responsible for some of Bathurst’s most memorable and loved liveries over the Great Race’s rich history. The Bathurst 1000 is one of the world’s most watched races, the opportunity

David Reynolds (left) had a great outing in this year’s Bathurst 1000, finishing fifth.



to race at Mount Panorama is sought after by drivers all over the globe and it is also world class celebration of the passion for motorsport which calls over 200,000 people to flock to regional NSW to be trackside for the race of endurance enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. From searing heat and gusty winds to torrential rain and cold, nothing stops the die-hard fans who travel from all around the country to camp out at the track well before the race starts. Among these incredible race fans is an army of passionate Penrite supporters and customers who were there to witness the unveiling of this new livery alongside another quintessentially Australian staple, a sausage sizzle hosted by the local Lions Club.

message to motorsport enthusiasts and competitors alike: they are here to push the limits, to innovate and to continue their history of the pursuit of excellence. They are not just a sponsor; they are an integral part of the racing community driven by a

passion for success both on the race track and on the road. The Great Race celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2023 and Penrite Oil was proud to return as the Official Oil of the Bathurst 1000.

Feel the heat With the great Aussie BBQ roaring in the background, the Penrite Racing team were represented by Team Principal David Cauchi, full time drivers David Reynolds and Matthew Payne and their incredibly accomplished co-drivers, five-time Bathurst 1000 winner Garth Tander and Bathurst 12-Hour specialist Kévin Estre. With this striking new livery, Penrite Oil sends a clear

Penrite Racing’s distinct livery was designed by noted Supercars designer Peter Hughes. | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



Fully primed Dayco Dave stars at Bathurst.


ong term Dayco Ambassador David Russell starred in the 60th Anniversary Bathurst 1000 held at the majestic Mount Panorama circuit from October 5 to 8, 2023. Co-driving with Supercars Championship leader Brodie Kostecki in the Coca-Cola powered by Erebus #99 Camaro, Russell set the fastest lap of the entire field in opening co-driver practice, being the only driver to set a lap time in the 2:05-minute bracket - more than half a second faster than the entire field. Considering that the co-driver field included former Supercars champions Jamie Whincup and Garth Tander, Russell set the benchmark for how the weekend would progress for the team. Kostecki then firmly confirmed his and Russell’s intentions for the weekend by qualifying on provisional pole position on Friday, following this up with a thrilling fastest Top Ten Shoot Out lap on Saturday. Despite losing time at turn one with a slight rear slide and some wheelspin, Kostecki blasted the team into pole position by almost half a second. This proved yet again what an outstanding young talent he is, outpacing the entire field on one of the world’s most challenging motor racing circuits. By Saturday afternoon, it was clear that the Russell-Kostecki combination would be the team to beat, fastest in all but one track session of the entire weekend by significant margins. This, along with having no accidents or mechanical issues from the moment their Camaro Supercar rolled out of the team transporter, placed them in a formidable position for the race. Starting from Pole position, Russell made 18

a strong start, slotting into formation behind Jamie Whincup to hold second position where he remained until the first driver change under yellows on lap 28.

The thick of it The second safety car of the race was called on lap 40 resulting in a double stack pit stop with Russell and Kostecki the first of the two Erebus Camaros to be serviced. Lap 64 saw the second driver change of the epic race with Russell taking the reins for his final 27 lap stint as race leader. Unfortunately, the team had pitted just six laps earlier, so the #99 charged on, but this saw the eventual winner (Kiwi Camaro duo Shane Van Gisbergen and Richie Stanaway) gain a 13-second fuel


You couldn’t miss Dayco at Bathurst on the Coca Cola Erebus #99 Camaro, on the Cooldrive Mustang and on the EBM Porsche.

advantage over Russell and Kostecki. The Erebus duo led a total of 38 laps and despite Kostecki’s fast pace in the closing stages, it wasn’t enough to beat the Kiwis at the end. This second place was also the second podium Bathurst 1000 fi nish for the incredibly fast Kostecki and Russell enduro pairing in three years. It followed yet another superb second place fi nish at the Sandown 500 in September. For Russell, while Bathurst victory was the ultimate goal, he, Kostecki and his hard-working team had done all that they could to try and win Australia’s great race. “It was a bit nerve-wracking from the start with Whincup alongside me on the grid and he has a few more Supercar

race starts than me under his belt,” Russell said. “I got off to a reasonable start and slotted in behind him and started applying pressure and this enabled us both to open a gap to the rest of the fi eld. From that point it was a matter of setting consistent laps with no mistakes to hand the car back to Brodie in good shape.”

Pulling out the Porsche “Brodie was outstanding as always and the team did an excellent job, mega car speed, great pit work, we had everything in place to try and win it. We’ll be back next year even stronger and faster, that’s for sure,” Russell added. The Dayco sponsored racer was performing double duties at Bathurst once again this year, piloting his EBM Porsche Carrera Cup car in three races. He was joined by a new sponsor for this highprofile round, Australian family-owned tool company, Prokit who promoted its trade trusted PK Tool brand on his #99 Porsche Cup Car. After leading the all-important Carrera Cup qualifying session on Thursday, a fuel pressure problem late in the session saw him unable to complete it, relegating him to 9th for the first of three Bathurst races. With prior Bathurst Porsche Carrera Cup race wins and fastest laps under his belt, Russell showed his Mount Panorama speed to race his way to start from 4th by the Sunday’s third and final race. As luck would have it, Russell’s PK Tool Porsche was rear impacted on the first lap by a competitor, relegating him to 14th by the end of the short nine lap race. A massive weekend crowd of 204,069 people attended the 60th anniversary running of Australia’s Great Race, the third highest total in the event’s history.

Bathurst never fails to provide a spectacle for Aussie racing fans.

Many millions more watched the event on television and via live streaming. According to Dayco Australia Managing Director, Arnold Mouw, the company’s highly successful long-term association with David Russell continues to deliver valuable automotive trade and enthusiast coverage for the global company.

Dayco Dave to the rescue “We couldn’t be prouder of what Dayco Dave has achieved at Bathurst this year, he just gets faster and faster across the 12 years that he has been an ambassador for our company and his effort this year at Bathurst was just incredible,” Arnold said.

“As sponsor of the fastest Supercar co-driver in the field, all of us at Dayco look forward to next year at the mountain where I’m sure that the next step up on the podium beckons.” The Dayco brand could not be missed at Mount Panorama this year with the logo onboard with talented Super2 driver Aaron Love, who won one of the races of the weekend in an exciting inaugural Supercar race victory for the Blanchard Racing Team. Dayco was also aboard the Cooldrive Mustang with Todd Hazelwood and Tim Blanchard in the Bathurst 1000 who were heading towards a points earning finish until mechanical failures ended their challenge.

Dave Russell wasn’t just on-hand for the Supercars, as he competed in the Porsche Carrera Cup. | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



Alastair talked Gabbi through Ryco’s thorough air filter development facilities during her tour.

Filtering it down

The Mechanical Mum checks out Ryco facility.


echanics social media sensation The Mechanical Mum was able to get an up-close look at what makes Ryco filters one of the top premium options on the market. Gabbi Schneider – the face behind Mechanical Mum – visited Ryco HQ in Melbourne’s west, to check out the company’s top-of-the-line labs and testing facilities. She said while her family’s workshop in

Perth used Ryco filters frequently, getting a first-hand look at how they’re perfected was another kettle of fish. “It’s amazing, because I’m not a qualified mechanic – being able to learn more about the nitty gritty, in-depth side to filters,” Gabbi said. “The boys will send through a note saying the filter needs to be replaced, and it’s my job to then explain to the customer what that means and why they should spend the money.”

Beyond the packaging

Gabbi had her videography team/son Aron on deck to help film her experience at Ryco.


Guiding Gabbi through Ryco was its General Manager of Engineering Innovation and Quality, Alastair Hampton. He said given Ryco’s reputation as a premium filter supplier, connecting with independent workshops and consumers was hugely important. “The more chances we have to talk to consumers, workshop owners and mechanics, it’s better for us,” he said. “This is because that’s our audience, whenever people are interested enough to come and talk to us directly, we’re always


About The Mechanical Mum Gabbi works at her husband’s workshop (Scheider Mechanical & Tyre Centre) in Dianella, Perth. In 2019, she started The Mechanical Mum – a blog/vlog aiming to help boil down the mechanic world to everyday folks. A few years later, and The Mechanical Mum is proving massively popular thanks to its relatable content. “We’ve been pushing it over the last two months… we’ve been putting out Instagram and TikTok,” Gabbi said. “The feedback we’ve been getting - people are blown away. “We did something on tyre sizes – when you ring up for a quote on tyres, you need to know the sizes. “Most people don’t know how to find their tyre sizes, even the younger generation mostly knows even less. “Just being able to educate people is a huge passion for me. It started mainly for women, but it turns out there’s plenty of guys that don’t know what we’re talking about.”

happy to show them our labs, and what the point of difference is for our brand. “We’ve got people here developing locally, responding to what Australians are after from filtration. “From that we can see opportunities and create products that we think will better meet the needs of consumers locally.” Between oil, fuel and air filters, Gabbi was able to check out all the ways Ryco ensures its products are the best they can be before heading out to market. This included Ryco’s range of Syntec premium oil filters, which remove 99.8 per cent of contaminants, easily exceeding OEM specs. “Ryco has such amazing products, we’ve been using them for as long as I’ve been at the workshop and probably longer,” Gabbi said. “Being able to see what goes into the testing behind them means we can trust them when we put them into cars. “Even being able to touch two different oil filters … that difference makes it a no-brainer for us. There’s a lot of value in being able to see what goes on behind the scenes. “Those Syntec filters … physically feeling those has been a massive difference.”

Ryco’s Syntec oil filters keep cars going for longer thanks to their specially designed filtration systems.




Always alert A lot of change is sweeping up the mechanic world.

Cybercrime continues to rise, and it’s more important than ever for mechanics to keep their data safe from prying eyes.


nce again, this article features various topics and information that I have come across in the industry and wish to share with you to assist you in the running of your automotive repair workshop. In previous articles, I have written about the necessity of you, the practitioner to be on a constant path of learning and education and I was happy to read how people such as Bursons have put training on their equipment sales and products on the front foot. Just recently they have teamed up with some of their major supporting businesses to offer training to the sales team, managers, and associated parties to learn the best about their equipment and how this can help within a business. This is a great model and I hope that all suppliers will follow suit. In this everchanging arena where technology is king, we all need to be caught up in this ever-learning environment.

Receiving transmissions


In saying this, it leads me to my next section where I have been looking at the different transmission fluids for EV’s. again, this is a contradiction from some suppliers which will just add confusion to our retail market. My understanding of this latest spec of transmission fluid, is that the fluid is less hydroscopic than other transmission fluids. Therefore, without absorbing as much moisture, it has a better benefit within the electrified vehicle/transmission. The other


day I had an enquiry from a member who was told you don’t need anything special, that a standard CVT oil will work. I am doing further investigation in exactly what properties are required and what some of the changes are in the additive packages that make up this new EV transmission fluid. Still on the topic of EV’s and your workshop readiness, I have been concerned about some companies’ drive to make all practitioners utilize an oscilloscope in the general service of a hybrid or EV. There is no doubt that an oscilloscope is an incredibly useful tool and is critical in the correct diagnosis of a failing component. However, it is totally not required if you were just completing a routine service. For argument, a top-grade multimeter and a scan tool with the correct vehicular protocols are your two next best friends. Please watch for the upsell as the information from some salespeople is not incorrect but for your use, may be overzealous. Start with the basic tools and work your way up. In my mind, quality PPE and insulated hand tools have a degree of higher importance on routine service than an elaborate oscilloscope.

Keeping your cool My career is not as a long-range weather forecaster, however I believe that this year’s summer is not only going to be dry, but extremely hot. Welcome to the money tree of air conditioning servicing. We all realize that

EVs provide an entirely new frontier for mechanics, and that extends to the use of transmission fluid.

this is a seasonal opportunity but in times of extreme temperature swing, your consumer will love you for the upsell when it comes to a quality service on their cars air conditioning system. The opportunity to change receiver dryers, AC drive belts, clean heater boxes or evaporator cases, to rectify those blocked condensers, all equate to high profits for your business and a very satisfied customer. With this opportunity, it is some of your responsibility to ensure that you are licensed and have your equipment serviced or replaced so that a correct diagnosis can be made. So regularly, I read from ARC that they have completed audits in specific areas, and I am dismayed at the number of practitioners that have caught out by not being licensed or in fact don’t have their equipment registered. It is quite alarming. Every year the IAME offers AC training, and every year I feel

that we haven’t captured as many people as we should. I realize that TAFE and other RTO’s offer similar courses but why is it that ARC still find such a high percentage of people that blatantly refuse to get qualified. The IAME this year will dedicate a trainer to prioritizing AC training or RPL for any practitioner that needs to be licensed and we will attend to your enquiry without delay. It is the best that we can do for our industry to separate a trainer from normal duties just to prioritize air conditioning licensing. Please contact

Somebody’s watching me As a part of my compliance update, I wish to advise all readers of the necessity to watch out for the new form of cybercrime which surrounds artificial intelligence (AI). The days of the simple locker viruses appear

to be diminishing but false emails that have not come from your system but are identical to your system are on the rise. Yesterday I learnt of a business that had 50 emails sent to customers with fraudulent accounts that never originated from their computer. The email signatures look perfect, the logos and layout are identical and even the grammar and punctuation used is not dissimilar to what this organisation would normally use however all of this was created by AI at an unknown location. The company’s IT department went through every computer in the shop and none of those 50 emails came from the company server. It is all a part of this new AI fraud. Business disruption and reputational damage are probably the best things that can happen as legislation is changing and that makes cybercrime an offence for directors of a business. The protection of personal information is now a part of legislation going before the government under increasing reforms of the privacy act. You cannot allow these cyber criminals to obtain any of your customers information in anyway whatsoever and one of the items that was raised to me was a business should now consider marketing back in the old style of flyers more so than broadcast emails where the cyber criminals can obtain email address. Just be warned in this space.

A hotter and drier summer will push even the most well-kept aircon to its limits. | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



Best of British

Over 600 vehicles of British origin shimmer at Brisbane’s annual All British Day. WORDS AND IMAGES: IAIN CURRY

W. G. Grace makes an appearance in front of a 1934 Daimler V26 Sedan. Every British monarch from Edward VII in 1898 up to Queen Elizabeth II have been driven in Daimlers, so why not cricket royalty too?






e like reminding the Poms we’re better than them at most things, but let’s face it, when it comes to cars, their back catalogue has ours licked. For starters, they’ve given us Jaguar, Lotus, Rover, MG, Austin, Triumph, RollsRoyce, Bentley and Aston Martin. And really, models like the Jag E-Type, Aston DB5, Mini Cooper, Ford Escort and Land Rover Defender would be found in many lists of history’s most significant vehicles. Mother England’s finest came together in Tennyson, Brisbane this September for the annual All British Day. It’s the main fundraising charity event hosted by the MG Car Club of Queensland, and this year over 620 vehicles were exhibited over expansive playing fields. It was a sun-kissed spectacular to behold, deeply impressive that such a varied selection of automobiles from veterans, vintage, classics and moderns all originated from the same country.

Not just cricket Australian mechanics have plenty to thank the British car industry for, of course. For starters, many reading this will owe their livelihood to servicing and repairing Brit brands. And some of you will have worked out ways to put right a few things the Poms got wrong. Older English cars don’t mind a bit of rust, and some of those Brit engines and gearboxes are highly incontinent - drip trays under a few display cars were noted – so there’s plenty to keep those in our industry busy. Kudos is due to all backyard mechanics displaying at this show. Hundreds of the vehicles were presented to an exceptional level, and a fair few were concours standards. Car clubs also put on some tidy displays, with charming names such as the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of Qld and the Ford 8 & 10hp Sidevalve Club of Qld. You can picture the milky cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches at the AGMs. If you like your cliched Britishness, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Just through the entry was a collection of London black cabs, then a pre-war Aveling & Porter steamroller before a fleet of military, civilian, emergency and rally Land Rover Defenders in various states of restoration. An early 60s pink and white Commer Karrier ice cream van brought 26


This one doesn’t go underwater. But James Bond vibes are strong with this Series 1 Lotus Esprit, complete with JB007 plates.

Winner of the post-1980 class was this very extrovert 2003 TVR Tuscan with chameleon (flip) paint. It stood out more than beige Morris Minors.

Race-historied 1957 Lotus Mk 11 Le Mans in Colin Chapman’s distinctive British Racing Green with yellow wheels scheme. Red cabin and steering wheel add to the raciness. | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



Roll up on a hot day with a 1960s Commer Karrier ice cream van and you can guarantee the queues will be long. You’re not going to miss it in that bright pink, either.

A brace of Leyland P76s - they may have been Wheels Car of the Year for 1973, but Aussie buyers rejected them and production ceased at the Zetland plant in 1974. The green car is a 1 of 488 Targa Florio V8 versions.

back some childhood memories, and had a lengthy queue beside it all day.

Everyone’s cup of tea The show was separated into two distinct areas – one accommodating the more affordable Brits, while a lower field hosted the more blue blood Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Jaguars and Astons. The Lotus area included an extensively raced 1957 Mk 11 Le Mans; a 1953 Mk VI and later examples of the breakthrough Sevens. A pair of Series 1 Lotus Esprits were in distinctive The Spy Who Loved Me white, sporting obligatory James Bond plates. Plenty of Insta photos were taken beside these impossibly low wedges. Ford Escorts included Mk1 rally replicas, factory new-looking base-spec Mk2s and an ultra-rare (and now valuable) Mk5 RS Cosworth hooligan. Gatherings of AustinHealey ‘bugeye’ Sprites; Triumph TR3s; Ford Zephyrs, Zodiacs and Consuls; Minis and Morrises followed, before some Bristols, Jensen Interceptors and early Range Rovers upped the poshness. Of the more unusual, a Leyland P76 Targa Florio oozed 70s excess, a tiny Mini Clubman S somehow sported a surf rescue board on its roof, while a chameleon (flip) paint 2003 TVR Tuscan was winner of the post-1980 class.

Car royalty The top awards went to the more workingclass offerings. A superbly presented 1967 Commer commercial van won the prized Best of British, a 1969 Rover P5B Best Pre1981 Classic and People’s Choice was a 1978 Leyland Moke. 28

Fancy things were happening on the lower field, including a W.G. Grace impersonator – with perfect beard and ancient cricket bat – posing beside a 1934 Daimler V26 Limousine which was used in the coronation of King George VI. Spotting a 1920 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 1956 Bentley S Continental, incredible Jaguar D-Type replica and every style of E-Type imaginable shows the standard of eye candy here. Event organiser David Robinson said there were probably about 2000 people roaming through the cars at any one time,


but such was the space here it never felt crowded. No pesky roped off areas either – you could get very close to all the British vehicles, with owners happy to share information to anyone showing interest. A brass band proved apt British musical accompaniment, but one Grant Berry suggested food stalls could be more English. “Pork pies, bacon butties, battered sav and fish ‘n chips,” he suggested for next year’s show. So superb is this annual event, the organisers will probably find ways to make it happen.





4 x4 FOR PER

MORE THAN ROTORS MORE APPLICATIONS DBA offers the widest range of complete braking solutions, individually developed for each application.



All hooked up

Launch unveils the superior Euro Tab III. reprogramming, and the optional VCI passenger car and truck software compatibility expands its usability to a broader range of vehicles. The Smartlink C not only supports but elevates your capabilities with Launch Super Remote Diagnosis (SRD). Through the Smartlink platform, mechanics gain the power to remotely tap into vehicles, performing advanced diagnostics, reprogramming, and recoding of ECUs using top-tier professional diagnostic tools, including OEM software. This provides tonnes of possibilities for efficient and comprehensive vehicle service.

All your gear sorted Mechanics also have a chance to secure three powerful tools (outlined below) for free with their purchase of a Launch Euro Tab III. This offer runs between November 1 – December 22. For more information, visit

The Euro Tab III and handset provide the ultimate diagnostics interface.


or a diagnostic tool that works quickly to deliver comprehensive results, look no further than Launch’s Euro Tab III. The Euro Tab III’s 13-inch display comes packed with diagnostic features across more than 100 car brands which now includes McLaren. It boasts 39 total service and reset functions including brake reset, coolant bleeding, air level calibration as well as battery and clutch matching. The Euro Tab III supports CAN, CAN FD, DoIP, J2534, D-PDU and RP1210 communication protocols and standards. Its easy-to-use interface makes a mechanic’s job simple, and comes with in-built training and repair modules which help you track and fix issues fast. The Euro Tab III also comes with three years’ worth of free software updates, ensuring mechanics are as up-to-date as possible when using the diagnostic tool. With a generous 256GB of storage and wireless connectivity to the VCI, the 30

Euro Tab III stands ready to tackle any high-speed task you throw its way with unparalleled efficiency. Running on the robust Android 9 operating system, the Euro Tab III boasts a freshly engineered Launch APK for a seamless and potent user experience.

The complete package As well as the Euro Tab III handset, the package also contains the Smartlink C communication interface. This device attaches to the vehicle via OBD port and connects to the handset via wifi . The SmartLink C is perfect for working through advanced protocols including DoIP, CAN FD, D-PDU and RP-1210. The Smartlink C is a versatile and adaptable tool for automotive professionals who need to reprogram ECUs in vehicles, whether they are working with passenger cars or trucks. Its J2534 compliance ensures that it meets industry standards for ECU


Oscilloscope Module This new tool from Launch easily detects high-level faults in electrical components like sensors, actuators, and circuits. When integrated with X-431 scan tools, it provides precise diagnostic information, expanding their functionality for shops and technicians. TPMS Module A powerful tool that enhances X-431 diagnostic tools, offering new features and revenue opportunities for mechanics. TPMS RF Sensors This is compatible with 95 per cent of OE sensors in both 315MHz and 433MHz frequencies, offers unlimited wireless reprogramming, and provides precise pressure measurements to 0.1BAR using a top-tier automotive-grade chip.

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Deep diagnostics How mechanics can get the best insight into vehicles thanks to Autel.


utel’s selection of diagnostic equipment are no ordinary tools. They’re comprehensive systems designed to elevate your diagnostic capabilities. The MaxiSys Ultra and Ultra EV diagnostic tools, as well as the EV Diagnostics Kit streamline diagnostic processes. All three offer a wealth of information, and are backed by robust hardware. Autel is your gateway to more efficient and precise vehicle repairs in the ever-evolving world of automotive technology.

The best in repair guidance Autel’s MaxiSys ULTRA system simplifi es the complex world of diagnostics, offering guided assistance based on Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and symptoms, enabling mechanics to work with precision and effi ciency. Its split-screen interface grants access to multiple repair guidance options all in one place, saving valuable time during the diagnostic process. The MaxiSys Ultra has a comprehensive OE (Original Equipment) repair library, offering repair advice directly from vehicle manufacturers. Its system supports a range of diagnostic protocols, including D-PDU, J2534, and RP1210, making it compatible with a wide array of vehicles. The MaxiSys Ultra system is also equipped to handle high-speed CAN, including DoIP and CAN FD protocols. From the latest GM and Toyota models to prestigious brands like Maserati, this tool covers a wide spectrum of vehicles. Making life even easier, the MaxiSys Ultra comes with VIN scanning and auto-scan capabilities, reducing manual data entry and saving mechanics time.

Fuelling the future The MaxiSys Ultra EV is your key to unlocking intelligent EV diagnostics, ensuring high-voltage system testing and analysis 32

Autel’s MaxiSys ULTRA system simplifies the complex world of diagnostics, offering guided assistance based on Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and symptoms, enabling mechanics to work with precision and efficiency. are not only secure but also highly efficient. Autel’s MaxiSys Ultra EV offers a comprehensive solution for high-voltage systems and battery packs, ensuring that you can confidently diagnose and service an extensive range of vehicles. Autel has designed this system to be your go-to solution for U.S., European, and Asian electric, gas, diesel, and hybrid vehicles.


The MaxiSys Ultra taps into user-based advice through the MaxiFIX Community*, where seasoned professionals share their valuable insights. Regardless of the make or fuel type, MaxiSys Ultra EV’s advanced diagnostics are ready to assist you in identifying and solving issues with precision. Electric vehicles are no longer niche, and this system caters to this shift. It offers in-depth battery pack diagnostics for some of the most popular EVs on the market, including brands like BMW, Tesla, and Volkswagen/ Audi. The MaxiSys Ultra EV goes beyond diagnostics; it is module programmingcapable, and pairs perfectly with the MaxiFlash J2534 passthru programming device for versatility and innovation. It also provides mechanics with valuable insights such as All Systems fault detection, System Topology Maps, Code Lookup, and even alerts for TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) and service campaigns, ensuring that no detail escapes your attention. Safety is massively import, especially when dealing with high-voltage systems. The MaxiSys Ultra EV includes features that adhere to industry safety standards.

Big-time upgrades The EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit is your gateway to advanced vehicle diagnostics. It’s designed to cater to a wide spectrum of vehicles, spanning across U.S., European, and Asian markets. No matter the make or fuel type, you’ll be equipped to handle it all. With this kit in hand, you’ll gain access to a vast array of diagnostic capabilities. The kit encompasses electric, gas, diesel, and hybrid vehicles, ensuring that you’re prepared for whatever rolls into your garage. Autel provides you with the essential EVDiag Box and an array of adapters tailored for specific vehicles. This enables you to dive deep into battery pack diagnostics for electric vehicles, enhancing your ability to pinpoint issues and offer accurate solutions. One of the most critical aspects of modern vehicles, particularly electric ones, is their battery packs. To address this, Autel’s kit offers comprehensive battery pack diagnostics for some of the most renowned electric vehicle brands, such as BMW, Tesla, and Volkswagen/Audi. The Upgrade Kit includes specialized adapters and

The Maxisys Ultra EV friendly user interface allows mechanics to easily check statuses for many electric vehicles, including hybrids.

jumpers designed for battery analysis. These tools simplify the diagnostic process, making it efficient and safe for you and your technicians.

You can find all three of these products at your local Repco store, or by checking online at * Coming soon.

choose oex

OEX has supported Australian auto electricians and mechanics with quality aftermarket products since 1997. With a comprehensive and ever evolving range, OEX has the right parts for your vehicle applications.

Alternators | Automotive Accessories | Cable & Wire | Compressors | Condensers | Fuses & Terminals | Globes | LED Lighting | Radiators | Starter Motors | Switches


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Seeking solutions Roadsafe leading innovation with in-house research and development team.


oadsafe is one of Australia’s leading automotive chassis and suspension component manufacturers that has designed and developed premium quality aftermarket products for the Australian car parc across four decades. All Roadsafe products undergo testing that is compliant with globally recognised standards, bolstering its reputation and trade customer trust. Roadsafe chassis and suspension product development and testing is conducted in a purpose-built research and design facility located in Melbourne, along with the use of local sealed and unsealed roads. Roadsafe has the experts, the testing technology and the facilities to ensure the delivery of improved automotive chassis and suspension components to the Australian automotive aftermarket. The Ford Falcon lower front ball joint project is one shining example of many Roadsafe automotive product developments that have been introduced over the past four decades. The Ford Falcon lower front ball joint found in the AU / BA / BF models manufactured from 2000 to 2008 forms part of an uncanny suspension system that does not have a great history.

Finding a solution The front suspension system fitted to these models has two lower front ball joints which are in a constant, axial load carrying tension position. This means that when the ball joint

is installed to the vehicle and it is parked, there is approximately 600kgs of force on each ball joint, trying to pull them apart. While performing its normal ball joint duties of oscillating and articulating, it has been calculated that each ball joint will endure up to 800kgs of load at its peak. Roadsafe identified this as an issue and started to investigate a solution, as the OEM Ford ball joints were suffering a higher failure rate compared to industry standards. Roadsafe is and has been firmly entrenched in supplying a wide range of steering and suspension chassis parts to the automotive industry that serviced the Australian Taxi industry for many years. Roadsafe were able to collect many failed OEM ball joints for review and identified a number of areas of improvement for the internal ball joint design. Roadsafe worked on re-engineering the internal design of the Ford Falcon lower front ball joint to provide a more robust solution that would aim to exceed 100,000kms of use.

Upgraded performance Once the Roadsafe engineering team were satisfied with the results, real world vehicle testing took place. The Roadsafe ball joint improvements were trialed over a 12-month period in Taxis driven in Melbourne that had shown to be particularly hard on these components. The Taxis also drove the kilometres needed to validate Roadsafe’s findings in real world conditions. The trials

Roadsafe’s team of experts at its state-of-theart facility in Melbourne ensure each product is designed and tested to the highest quality.



There were multiple elements that were reviewed and improved including: • Insert material upgraded to a more durable Polyoxymethylene (POM) material. • Developed a more robust twopiece insert maximising the contact area of the ball stud. • No unnecessary voids or gaps that would allow deformation. • Increased internal ball stud diameter for more even load distribution. • Increased material properties of backing cap to prevent bowing, which would create and allow internal movement. Each time the ball joint design was advanced, sample ball joints were manufactured and tested using Roadsafe’s unrivalled chassis component testing facilities. This included cyclic testing machines running for up to 1,000,000 cycles. Each machine load was applied at up to 600kg pull, 400kg push and 15 degrees off-centre rotations applied concurrently to simulate the forces applied when fitted to the car. exceeded 100,000kms without failures or excessive wear. As this specific ball joint is located close to the brake rotor, excessive heat was of major concern and the material used needed to be matched so it could perform consistently within this harsh automotive environment. This and several other factors were considered and overcome in Roadsafe’s evolution of this premium quality aftermarket ball joint. Roadsafe continues to enjoy an excellent success rate to this day for the Australian company’s BJ426 & BJ426+ARM components with a negligible return rate. To find out more about the Roadsafe product range call 03 8687 1700 or visit


When only the best will do Check our online catalogue - all tools in stock - in Australia Specialist SpecialistTools Tools Australia, Australia, A A division division of of Responsive Responsive Engineering Engineering Australia. Australia. 64 64 Kembla Kembla Street Street Fyshwick Fyshwick ACT ACT 2609 2609 P: P: 02-6280 02-6280 4334 4334 || E: E: ||W: W: 36



The Porsche 911’s current owner loves its rawness, which is lacking in many modern sports cars.

Turbo Legend Le Mans 24 Hours winner Vern Schuppan’s 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo still works its magic after almost four decades of boost. WORDS AND IMAGES: IAIN CURRY


icture the scene. You’re looking out across a sparkling Atlantic Ocean, glass of Portuguese Vinho Verde in hand. You’ve recently become just the second ever Australian to win the Le Mans 24 Hours. You’re in the middle of a longterm gig as a Porsche factory driver, and on your resume, you’ve chalked up a podium at the Indy 500 and a handful of Formula One starts. Life’s good. Then a delivery truck pulls up. It’s November 1986 and your new car’s just arrived. With such illustrious employers, little wonder it’s a Porsche 911. And as you’re South Australian racing star Vern Schuppan, it’s the mad dog, wide arched, huge-winged Turbo model.

A supercar not for the feint hearted, but since you’re one of the world’s finest endurance race drivers, you start imagining the epic local fast road thrills you and the new car will embark on.

In the right hands Exactly what this 911 Turbo and its talented first owner got up to on some of Europe’s finest driving roads may never be known, and some of its history after that is patchy. But almost 40 years after it was delivered to Schuppan’s Portuguese home, its steering wheel is now found on the right-hand side, and it lives a much quieter life in sunny Queensland. Its current owner has known the car | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



It wasn’t until the current owner had the 911’s history looked at by a specialist that he learnt it once belonged to Schuppan.



The 911 goes from zero to 100km/h in five seconds, which at the time was unbeatable.

While parts for the 911 are acquirable, prices have reached significant highs in the last two years.

for 12 years, as he maintained it for the previous custodian at his Porsche specialist workshop. A German native with enviable experience restoring and repairing European exotica, he’s keen to stay anonymous due to the Turbo’s provenance and value. “It’s kind of my retirement fund,” he explains. “This is why I keep it, but also because I love it.” In that way, he’s not your typical Porsche 911 Turbo owner. Those shopping for the latest Turbos (it’s around $540,000 for a

2023 Turbo S) usually love showing off they’re in the brand’s flagship acceleration monster. But the owner of this 1986 Turbo owns it for different reasons. “It has the rawness modern cars don’t have,” he explained. “When you sit in it you give it a certain respect. There’s no power steering so you need a bit of muscle to move it around. There’s the clutch, the gear shifter and traction control is your right foot. Not everyone could drive this car.” Nor should they. Back in the 1980s the | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



911 Turbo was at the supercar top table, and much like all from that era, were best left in the hands of accomplished drivers.

Widow maker I’m sure the Porsche factory will have been far happier seeing race driver Schuppan’s name on this Turbo’s delivery papers, rather than some got-rich-quick young finance whizz likely to oversteer it into a ditch. “They call it the neck breaker; the widow maker,” its owner said. “And there’s a reason why. If you had bad tyres on, I definitely wouldn’t take one out in the rain. Not that this car has ever seen rain.” This ’86 Turbo is in simply stunning condition. It wears its original Granite Green metallic body colour, although it was resprayed (very well) at the same time it was right-hand-drive converted. Exactly when and where this happened is unknown, but Japanese stickers on the door panel jambs show it was imported there before landing in Australia. Today’s owner had worked on the car for over a decade before buying it four years ago. He had no idea its first owner was 1983 Le Mans winner Vern Schuppan (who drove a Rothmans-liveried Porsche 956 that year), until its history was properly explored by a specialist. “Hearing it was a Schuppan car was a surprise, I was pretty lucky,” he said. Its documents show it is a rare nonsunroof model with air conditioning fitted. Its grey/green leather seats and carpet match the body colour (black interiors were far more common), while options included electrically adjusted sports seats and a Blaupunkt Toronto radio. Then, as now, it’s the engine that’s the Turbo’s party piece. Known internally as the Porsche 930, the earliest 1975-1977 Turbos used a 3.0-litre flat six-cylinder. From 1978, engine bore was enlarged from 95mm to 97mm and stroke increased by 4mm, bringing displacement up to 3.3-litres. These later cars were fitted with a larger turbo and an air-to-air rather than water-to-air intercooler.

A piece of racing history By 1986, the birth year of this car, Bosch Motronic engine management and LEJetronic fuel injection was in play, and engine figures were 243kW at 5750rpm and thumping 432Nm at 4000rpm. Hitting 100km/h from standstill in around fiveseconds flat meant practically no other production car could touch it. Thankfully, stopping power came from a set of Porsche 40


This Porsche is a joy to drive on a sunny day, but you wouldn’t want to be caught in the rain with older tyres. | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



From the leather tones to the orange and black gauges, the 911’s interior is quintessential Porsche.

917-dervied brakes, the very same used to win Le Mans in 1970 and 1971. Climbing into the cabin and it’s delightfully 1980s, its distinctive colour over well patina’d leather chairs with truly enveloping bolstering. Porsche’s distinctive and never-bettered black and white gauges with orange needles are perfectly laid out, and I spot the shift pattern on the manual shifter runs out at number four. What? A four-speed? Apparently Porsche engineers felt the 930 Turbo had so much torque a fifth cog wasn’t really necessary. By the way, all 930s were only ever available with three pedals, manual shifter and rear-wheel-drive. It was aimed at proper drivers, so no auto was offered. How times have changed. All modern 911 Turbos are dual-clutch auto and all-wheel-drive only – real enthusiasts buy GT3s instead. “When the previous owner had it the goal for me was to keep it original,” I was told. “He wanted to fit a bigger turbo, but instead I said we could do something different with the exhaust.” I’m shown underneath while it’s on a hoist, marvelling at the cramped but beautifully formed maze of stainless steel. It’s a Dansk exhaust system which shortens the distance from turbo to the cylinder bank, after oil line modifications. “It’s street legal for sound in Europe,” I’m told. “It’s German autobahn safe, except maybe when flames come out of 42

the back.” Which, when this car is at play, those following get to enjoy. The exhaust system also makes the turbo lag – such a characteristic of these early turbo cars – slightly smoother.

Green machine On our test drive I get to experience it. Once you’re over 3500rpm the turbo properly wakes up. There’s a noticeable whoosh in performance. It arrives like a tap being turned on, but is manageably smooth if you’re expecting it. Acceleration isn’t seat-pinning by modern standards, but it is glorious. The sound and energy smash your senses in this Turbo, which perfectly combines rawness with a comfortable, quality-packed ride and drive. Its owner’s passion has never wavered. “Over the years of working on this Turbo, doing its engine and gearbox rebuild, I just grew to the car,” he said. “I knew it very well, the owner drove it maybe 100km a year, and I’d always serviced it, changed the oils, brake fluids and anything it needed. It wasn’t cheap, but it was the right time in my life to own one.” What sort of work is needed on these old Turbos, I ask? “The cylinder heads start to rust through; it’s a material fault,” I’m told. “You mustn’t stop the car when it’s glowing hot; you need to get a little bit more oil through the turbo first. There are gearbox bearing issues, problem fuel pumps, and oil

leaks mainly through gaskets getting old. They get corrosion on the front fenders, and lower doors.”

A prize I’m told an engine rebuild takes about 40 hours, with new valve seats and valve stem seals very time consuming on these older Porsche motors. At least parts aren’t a problem: Porsche keeps a massive inventory for its historical vehicles. “Everything is available, mostly out of Germany, but prices have gone up horrendously these past two years,” I’m told. The owner had to replace the Turbo’s tyres as they’d hit ten years old, despite them appearing perfect after travelling just 1500km. “It was $3000 for a set of P Zeros in Porsche specification,” he explained. “And that is with connections!” But as with all of us who fell in love with sports and supercars in the 1980s, you’ll forgive them anything. “It’s got a certain kind of smell,” the owner said. “This is where it begins. “Then you start it, there’s maybe a short puff out of the back because it’s a boxer engine, and then there’s the punch when the turbo kicks in. “I love it. It’s still my hero car.” From a racing legend first owner to its skilled expert current custodian, this welltravelled 930 Turbo is still delivering magic almost forty years later.


RYCO CONNECT BLUETOOTH SENSOR As industry leaders, the Ryco engineering team are constantly striving to make innovative improvements to the Ryco 4x4 Upgrade Kit range. The NEW Ryco Connect S102SK Fuel Water Separator Wireless Bluetooth Sensor Kit allows users to be notified instantly by the Ryco Connect App or optional S101X In-Cab Indicator when it’s time to inspect and drain the unit. So, when you need the confidence to push your 4x4 to the limit, be Ryco Ready.



Best in belts

GMB Premium Drive Belts and Timing Belt kits.

GMB’s latest offerings of Timing Belts and Drive Belts complement an already massive range of premium OE products available in Australia.


MB has introduced a full range of automotive belts to its everincreasing product offering. The new range of drive belts are said to cover just about the entire car parc and are available off the shelf for customers to order. Drive belts are increasingly important to the correct functioning of a modern automotive engine. These systems differ in that all the engine driven units, such as the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and A/C compressor, are now predominately driven by the one belt. According to GMB, the modern belt style also grips better, allowing better transfer of driving power to the driven components. 44

All of GMB’s Timing and Drive belts are manufactured to the highest specification and only use OEM material such as EPDM material for drive belts and HNBR material for timing belts. Belt tension cords are also premium OEM specification. These materials provide a broad temperature tolerance, high flexibility, and strength combined with excellent resistance to chemicals, tearing, and abrasion. The materials used by GMB are extremely durable and ideally suited to the operating conditions of accessory drive belts and timing belts used in automotive applications. Furthermore, all GMB products are durability tested and quality controls are applied to ensure suitability for use in extreme automotive conditions. The entire range of both Drive Belts and Timing Belt kits are now listed in GMB’s electronic catalogue, and GMB is very confident this product range


will be well accepted with its superb OEM quality, range, and competitive pricing for our customers. GMB – a tier one manufacturer to leading OEMs and aftermarket customers worldwide – brings in this addition of Automotive Belts and Timing Belt Kits as a logical extension to the ever-increasing range of GMB premium OE quality products now available in Australia. Timing kits are a ‘kilometre interval’ replacement, requiring to be changed due to their integral operation to the engine, it is critical that all components are of exceptional quality. GMB manufactures belts, tensioners and idlers so you know exactly what is in the box each and every time. Mechanics across the globe trust and use GMB engine drive components due to their quality and reliability. Contact GMB on 1300 007 132 to find your nearest authorised stockist.



E D A R T E H T FOR With a state of the art research and development facility in South Australia along with over 30 years of experience in the industry, the ClutchPro range by Australian Clutch Services offers the most comprehensive replacement clutch solution.


1 Hakkinen Road, Wingfield SA 5013






Heating up Robinson Soldering Irons return with a modern makeover at Warren & Brown Tools.

The new plastic hand of the Robinson Soldering Iron is impact-resistant and provides electrical and thermal insulation.


oldering is a skill that has found its way into a wide array of industries, offering the means to create and repair a multitude of items. From intricate electronic components to beautiful jewelry pieces, soldering opens up a world of possibilities. However, with the benefits of this versatile craft come certain responsibilities – primarily, ensuring safety. Warren & Brown Tools (WBT) take safety seriously and is committed to providing high-quality soldering and etching equipment to help you achieve your projects efficiently and safely. WBT’s range of soldering and etching equipment is extensive and continually expanding to meet the diverse needs of professionals and hobbyists alike. From soldering irons and soldering guns to soldering stations, metal etchers, gas soldering equipment, and a wide range of accessories and spare parts, WBT has you covered. While having the right tools is essential, it’s equally important to observe best practices and safety measures to make your soldering experience secure and enjoyable. 46

The exciting news doesn’t stop there WBT is thrilled to welcome back to the family the Robinson Soldering Irons. Robinson Soldering Irons are the ideal tool for almost any soldering job and are renowned for their quality, reliability, and craftsmanship. We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to enhance your soldering experience, introducing a new plastic impact-resistant handle that provides electrical and thermal insulation, along with an on/off switch to meet safety requirements and electrical approval V99045. The Robinson Soldering Irons are available in a wide range of wattage and sizes, spanning from 80W all the way up to a formidable 500W, ensuring that there’s an iron suited perfectly for the requirements of your next soldering job. Soldering not only creates reasonably permanent but reversible connections between joints in sheet metal objects but also forms an art. These Robinson


Soldering Irons feature a stainless steel barrel and balanced weight, making them an essential instrument for any comprehensive toolbox. Whether you’re crafting jewelry or tackling heavy-duty automotive repairs, they’ve got your back. Additionally, remember that soldering iron tips have a limited lifespan, so keeping your gear in top shape is vital. WBT is committed to ensuring that these essential spare parts are readily available within WBT’s extensive product range. And as if that’s not enough, WBT offers a full range of soldering products and accessories to suit any application, covering everything from basic soldering needs to intricate soldering projects. Your soldering dreams have just become a reality. To dive into the world of Warren & Brown Tools and explore its vast range of soldering and etching equipment, visit us online at or get in touch with your local Warren & Brown Tools Distributor. Get ready to take your soldering game to new heights.


Tough tech

ACS release new single mass flywheel kits for BT-50, D-Max & Hiace.


ustralian Clutch Services has recently released a new range of standard and heavy-duty single mass flywheel conversion clutch kits for the 2020 - on Mazda BT-50/Isuzu D-Max 3.0L and the 2019 - on Toyota Hiace 2.8L. These new kits are offered under the ClutchPro (Standard) and Xtreme Outback (Heavy Duty) brands and are available now through their nationwide distributor network.

Coming in clutch The new clutch kits for the 2020 – on Mazda BT50 and Isuzu D-Max 3.0L have been designed as direct fit replacements. The ClutchPro kit offers a single-mass flywheel conversion for improved strength and reusability along with a wide-angle damper organic friction disc which has been integrated to minimise the increased noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) that is often introduced by a reduction in dampening when converting from a dual mass style flywheel. The kit comes complete with everything required for installation including flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, release bearing, spigot bearing and alignment tool. The new Xtreme Outback alternate for this kit offers all the kit inclusions found in the ClutchPro kit whilst increasing the clamping force by 35%, ideal for modified vehicles that require a higher torque holding capability. “Our single mass flywheel conversion kits for the Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max help to fill a gap in the market for our distributor network who are seeing increased demand for these products,” Australian Clutch Services Sales Manager Colin Jevons explained. “Like all ACS products, these kits have been through an extensive

development process to ensure excellent performance and quality and we are proud to bring these exciting new kits to the market for such popular vehicles.”

Covering the bases The new ACS Hiace single mass conversion kits also fill a gap in the market for these highly demanded products. “Our standard replacement and heavy-duty clutch options for the previous generation Hiace models have always proven popular in the market,” Colin said. “With these vehicles being used for trade purposes and often having very high mileage under tough conditions, the opportunity to change to a single mass

The new single mass flywheel kit from ACS comes with everything you need for clutch conversion on certain BT-50, D-Max & Hiace vehicles.



flywheel is a popular option and combined with our Xtreme Outback heavy-duty upgrade, we expect this to be a very popular option for our customer base.” Each kit for the Hiace comes complete with flywheel bolts, release bearing, pressure plate bolts, spigot bearing and alignment tool. These kits also integrate a wide-angle damper disc to minimise the changes to NVH and the Xtreme Outback upgrade offers an additional 18 per cent clamping force for those using the vehicles for towing heavy loads regularly. “Each of our new kits are offered as complete clutch solutions with everything required for the installation in one box,” Colin explained. “We put a lot of work into ensuring that all of our ACS clutch kits, whether it is our standard replacement ClutchPro range, truck and bus ClutchPro Commercial range or our Xtreme Clutch & Xtreme Outback performance upgrades, are available as a complete clutch kit with all of the accessories the installer may need for ease of installation and to offer maximum durability to the new clutch.” For more information about the new single mass flywheel conversion kits, please visit or call 1800 CLUTCH.





EURO TAB III * 1. Buy a Euro Tab III scan tool and get a Oscilloscope Module and a TPMS module plus 4 TPMS sensors for free. 2. Buy an AUSCAN 4 scan tool and get a TPMS module plus 4 TPMS sensors for free. 3. Valid time: between Nov 1 and Dec 22, 2023 For more details please call 1300 369 788 or visit

ADAS Mobile

For Mobile Job


Electric Vehicle Add-On Kits

Best seller


Launch Tech Australia

Scanning vehicles in Australia since 2001

All prices are GST, freight and installation exclusive. All pictures are for illustration purpose only. The real products might be different from the pictures. LAUNCH and Powerlift have the right to change the features and prices without notice. Please consult with us for the latest information. All logos, and brands are properties of their respective owners and for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. Copyright © 2022 Launch Tech Au Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

4/39 Eddie Rd, Minchinbury NSW 2770


1300 369 788


All in

No matter your braking needs, CoolDrive has you covered.

Comprehensive general servicing needs covered with CoolDrive.


oolDrive Auto Parts stocks everything workshops need when it comes to general servicing requirements. From filters to lubricants, spark plugs, brakes, and batteries, to general consumables, there is no doubt as to why CoolDrive remains one of Australasia’s preferred automotive parts distributors. Its branch network now numbers 37 locations across Australia and New Zealand, supported by high-tech ordering systems, available online 24/7 on CoolDrive’s iShop platform or via the phone. An added benefit of ordering through CoolDrive is that its customers can receive one invoice for both parts and lubricant purchases, making billing more efficient, saving time and effort.

relying on MANN-FILTER, their dependability and innovation cannot be matched.

Lubricants CoolDrive also provides a comprehensive range of high-quality lubricants, both synthetic and mineral-based, to meet specific needs. Premium lubricants from trusted brands like PETRONAS and Castrol are available, which have been rigorously tested and approved by the OEMs to ensure exceptional vehicle performance, longevity, and customer satisfaction. CoolDrive has also launched a new bulk lubricant delivery service in selected areas, comprising a specialised fleet of vehicles offering drum drop-offs, or a pump-out service into on-site storage tanks.

Spark plugs

CoolDrive has customers sorted with its selection of filters from reputable brands.

Filters CoolDrive supplies more than one million filters to workshops every year, offering topquality options from market-leading brands such as Sakura and MANN-FILTER. Sakura Filters Australia has been in the automotive industry for over 30 years, with more than 7,000-part numbers covering automotive, commercial, heavy equipment, marine, and industrial sectors. All Sakura Filters products are tested to the highest quality standards and laboratory-accredited to ensure reliability and performance. While MANN-FILTER provides premium filters that protect, prolong, and perform in any operating conditions, due in part to the company’s 70 years of engineering experience. Designed to meet strict safety standards and with 97 per cent of Europe’s vehicles 50

Spark plugs from Bosch and DENSO are also available at CoolDrive. Driven by precision, Bosch spark plugs are developed in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturers to the specific requirements of each engine to deliver optimum performance, and excellent anti-seize and corrosion protection. DENSO is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of ignition technology, including spark plugs, with 97 per cent market coverage in Australia.


wide range of passenger vehicles. They offer a long service life and optimal performance, ensuring maximum current flow and high cranking power. Super Crank’s innovative batteries feature a unique 99 per cent pure lead plate design, ensuring outstanding performance in extreme weather conditions and highperformance output. With three-times more corrosion resistance, increased durability, and 60 per cent more electrical flow compared to conventional designs, Super Crank batteries are crafted for the Australian environment using advanced German technology.

Workshop consumables CoolDrive also provides an industry-leading range of workshop consumables for a seamless workshop experience, from safety to cleanliness, to achieving flawless results. Available are CRC anti-corrosion and maintenance products, Tectaloy and ACDelco coolants, tyre shine, brakes and parts cleaner, adhesives and sealants from Loctite and Permatex, Jayair air-conditioning consumables, Cataclean fuel and exhaust system treatments, nitrile gloves and hand cleaners, SONAX and Hot Wheels Americana Series car care products, plus Bosch wiper blades.



Capping off CoolDrive’s servicing offerings is CoolData, its technical resource platform, which enables workshops to diagnose, maintain and repair vehicles with technical drawings, a unique electronics data module including wiring diagrams and guided tests, and intelligent diagnostics. Routine maintenance and servicing procedures covered in CoolData include printable worksheets, smart links to relevant data sources, links to generic parts, follow-up and additional tasks, service indicator reset instructions and service period times, tyre pressure monitoring systems, and an overview of all important wear intervals for parts.

When it comes to batteries, CoolDrive offers proven options from Bosch and Super Crank. Bosch batteries are renowned for their ability to meet the electrical demands of a

For more information on CoolDrive and its product and service offerings, visit

Braking requirements are covered thanks to CoolDrive’s exclusive digital braking catalogue, BrakeBook, and impressive range of braking products and accessories. Brands available include Bremtec Brakes, Bosch, Brembo, Fremax, HULK 4X4, ICER, Project Mu and Stolz, which ensures a complete fitment offering with products available for street, performance, off-road and track usage. CoolDrive also has an extensive range of quality braking consumables, including brake fluids, cleaners, greases, and lubes.



Narva’s expanded EX2 range means bigger, better lighting for vehicles that need it.

Lighting the way

NARVA expands popular EX2 LED range with light bar and RGB options.


everal new LED light bar options have been added to Narva’s EX2 range, providing owners who want to give their vehicles a stunning look even greater choice, while not compromising on lighting performance or durability. Initial EX2 models were launched earlier this year and were available as 4, 6, 7 and 9” diameter driving lights – the addition of EX2 LED bars including 10” single and double row, 20” single and double row, and 30” single and double row models, now broadens the range, making it suitable for more applications and vehicle types. As with their driving light counterparts, the EX2 LED bars feature high power 5W ‘Cree’ LEDs that deliver an intense hybrid beam pattern, providing strong lighting penetration and width without dark spots or hot spots. Output per bar ranges from 2,235 effective lumens and 1 Lux at 284m, and 1 Lux at a width of 34m for the 10” single row model, to 15,084 effective lumens and 1 Lux at 724m and 1 Lux at a width of 100m for the 30” double row lamp. A versatile 3” pod light is also available within the range. For many owners, a major attraction of EX2 is the high customisation levels they offer. The EX2 lamps and bars come standard with two interchangeable trim colours (Electric and Slate), with a further six trim colours available (Sunburst, Volcano, Juiced, Hyper, Bubblegum and Stealth) to order online at no extra cost, allowing owners to truly express themselves. And even more customisation is possible by selecting from the EX2R line52

up with RGB, with options available across both driving lights and light bars.

Get the ‘R’ factor with EX2R If the kaleidoscope of trim colours is not just enough, Narva also offers an ‘R’ spec which features an ADR-approved white front position light enabled with RGB technology. RGB stands for red, green and blue, and this technology allows many different light colours to be created by mixing the three. Available via a 12V RGB Bluetooth® Controller Kit, this technology allows up to 48 other colour selections for the front position lights when in use off-road. This customisation is accessed via a smart phone app to make changing the position light colours easy to match the driver’s mood. The 12V RGB Bluetooth® Controller Kit features a pre-fused cable and is included within the pair of 7” (p/n 72174) and a pair of 9” (p/n 72184) EX2R driving lights kits and with the 20” (p/n 72844) and 30” (p/n 72852) EX2R double row light bar kits allowing users to change their position lights from ADR approved white when in use off road. For all other EX2R LED Lamps and Light Bars, the additional 12V RGB Controller Kit is also available separately should customers wish to unlock the RGB capability. Along with this impressive ability to customise, and high-quality lighting performance, prospective owners can rest easy knowing that the expanded range has been designed, engineered and tested in Australia to withstand demanding local

conditions. To achieve this, they feature a tough, pressure die-cast aluminium housing and virtually unbreakable, UV resistant, hard-coated polycarbonate lenses; they’re also sealed to IP68 and IP69K for water and dust ingress.

Big and bold Lightweight yet extremely durable composite mounting brackets and stainless-steel mounting hardware, further adds to the durability. Once fitted, simple tilt adjustment using an Allen key will soon have the lamps in their optimum position. Another notable benefit of the EX2 range is its ease of installation for the DIY enthusiast. The lamps and bars’ revolutionary internal switching system (patent pending) does away with the need for a wiring harness or for any connecting wires to pass through the firewall. In many cases such as with positive switched vehicles the lamps are simply patched into the high beam wire and fuse directly to the battery; only three wires need to be connected to be up and running. The new Narva EX2 and EX2R LED driving lamps and light bars are backed by a generous 7-year ‘no fault’ warranty (see website for details) and can be purchased from leading automotive, four-wheel drive and transportation outlets nationwide.

To learn more about the new Narva EX2 and EX2R ranges and to order additional trims, visit the microsite at



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23/09/2022 4:50:02 PM


Charged up

Projecta adds heavy-duty IS3000 & IS5000 to Innovative INTELLI-START Jump Starter Range.


ower-packed - the IS3000 and IS5000 Jump Starters are ideal for use on large industrial and commercial equipment including heavyduty trucks, tractors, and agricultural equipment. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy or efficient means of jump-starting heavy equipment, with users often resulting to moving large batteries around on unwieldy trolleys to jump start the machines. With their easy portability, light weight (10.6kg and 13.5kg respectively) and patented Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT), the IS3000 and IS5000 industrial jump starters alleviate these pain points adding convenience and efficiency for users. The IS Jump Starter range also reduces the risk of being caught out without charge when going to jump start a vehicle, as recharging the trolley rigs can often be forgotten.

Rapid recharge technology By leaving the INTELLI-START Jump Starters connected to a vehicle’s battery once started, RRT can fully replenish the energy that was discharged during the starting process in just 40 seconds. This feature means that the INTELLI-START Jump Starters will then be ready to use in the next emergency without needing regular recharging – its clever technology that is unique to the Projecta INTELLI-START Jump Starter range. The IS3000 is suitable for both 12V and 24V electrical systems and provides 1000A clamp power for 12V systems and 850A for 24V electrical set-ups, along with 3000 peak amps – it’s enough to start petrol and diesel engines up to 12L displacement in 12V machines and all 24V engines. The larger IS5000 has even greater

Both INTELLI-START IS3000 and IS5000 are perfect for heavy duty vehicles and larger machinery.



clamp power, an impressive 1500A in 12V electrical systems and 1000A for 24V systems – in both cases peak amps are 5000. This output is sufficient to breathe life into petrol and diesel engines up to 16L capacity in equipment with 12V systems, and unlimited capacity in the case of vehicles with 24V electrics. The two jump starters also offer ‘no battery’ operation and can jump start vehicles without a starter battery.

Hardened starters Both the IS3000 and IS5000 Jump Starters feature a strong exterior casing that uses a steel chassis and rubber overmoulded construction with integrated handle and concealed cable storage. Also ensuring reliability and safety are ‘no solder’, high current connections and solid 3mm clamp teeth, while an

advanced all-in-one protection system prevents surges, short circuits and overheating in these units. For greater convenience, both models also boast auto sensing clamp connection, while operating this equipment is also simple via the intuitive LCD display with real time updates. A further benefi t of the new models is their ability to jump start vehicles and machines that use a variety of battery types including lithium, wet, AGM, gel and calcium.

At your back When it is finally time to recharge the IS3000 and IS5000, this is done using the included docking station, which provides hassle-free benchtop charging. Owners can also rest easy knowing that the INTELLI-START range is equipped with premium LiFePO4 batteries, the safest lithium technology available. Additionally, the units feature an advanced, ‘all-in-one’ protection system that prevents surges, short circuits, and overheating. The IS3000 and IS5000 also deliver excellent longevity for users because they’re designed to deliver up to 2000 battery cycles, around four times more

The large IS5000 jump starter is capable of starting petrol and diesel engines up to 16L capacity in equipment with 12V systems, and unlimited capacity for 24V vehicles.

than competitor lithium cobalt based jump starters.

On the job Other Projecta INTELLI-START models in the line-up include the IS920, IS1220, IS1400, IS1500 and IS2000. All INTELLI-START variants are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)-

compliant, and Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) certifi ed. The latest additions to the INTELLI-START Jump Starter range are available from leading automotive and transportation outlets nationwide and are covered by a generous 2-year product replacement or refund warranty. | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



Impossible diesel injectors Specialist Tools Australia has a product for every occasion.


pecialist Tools Australia is all about diesel vehicle issues, and solutions. Our technicians have been working on diesel vehicles – specifically the fuel system for the last 50 years. These days it’s common rail vehicles. This is a whole new ball game. Everything from European to Asian technology, which are both so vastly different, Specialist Tools Australia has seen it all. So, if you have a question, phone them and talk to an experienced technician who has most likely already had the same issue. But all repairers just see an issue and want a simple solution. The right tool for the job can make the difference between a profit or loss. Specialist Tools Australia is a small business and know how challenging it can be. Diagnosis is the first line of defence. If you can show your customer why you are replacing parts, you’re all good. Without it, if the outcome isn’t up to speed – you can be in trouble. Testing and replacement of components has a cost. That’s where experience counts, and Specialist Tools Australia’s technicians are more than happy to help you out. They have seen almost every issue and had to work out a solution – often before the tools were even available. They have also sourced the best quality and most applicable tools for these repairs worldwide. Specialist Tools Australia’s primary workshop tools for difficult injector repair tools are:

Number 2: Govoni Injector washer remover GO512 Stuck Injector seat washer removal can be a problem in common rail diesels. The quality of this washer removal tool is superb. This works by expanding and locking into the centre hole of the washer. Using the integral slide hammer to remove the washer, it fits just about all later common rail injector seat washers and can be relied upon to remove even the most stubborn seized washers.

Number 1: Govoni Master Universal Injector Removal Kit GO405 This is a European tool provides a very flexible mounting system that will adjust to most engine applications. In limited space, mechadraulic or hydraulic rams - or just even just a spanner via the bearingmounted puller nut. This kit has adaptors for a variety of injectors with upgrades for more specific applications. The leverage that this system can provide is more than sufficient for any seized injector you are likely to encounter.

Number 3: Govoni Diesel Injector Extractor Kit Injectors GO425 Designed for Bosch (2.1 l, 2.2 l), Delphi (3.Bosch (2.1 l, 2.2 l), Delphi (3.0) GO425, Mercedes Sprinters etc. This tool is used when the injector is difficult to access and quite seized, and where disassembly of the injector is acceptable and required to remove it. This tool is place onto the cylinder head over the injector, with the injector solenoid removed. The injector is then drawn out using a centre pulling threaded adaptor. This is ideal when there is limited space for removal. 56


Number 4: Injector Seat Cutters SA-3636L Common rail injectors which have been leaking at the seat washer should have the washer seat surface cleaned up carefully. This tool has been our most outstanding and comprehensive washer seat clean up tool set, fitting most injector washer seat sizes.

Number 5: Slide Hammer Injector Removal Kit for Bosch SA-5167A This is the most versatile tool where the injector is not extremely tightly seized and access allows the included slide hammer to be used. Injectors can often be removed using the provided fork, without damage allowing for reuse. The tool fits many commonly found Bosch injectors and can be used without removing the cylinder head. So, this is usually the first choice when attempting to remove Bosch magnet valve injectors. You can find these and many other specialised tools at or for technical support call 02-62804334 or email sales@










From a proud heritage of automotive electrical and air conditioning Know How, we have diversified our range, knowledge and solutions as we look to the future. We see a growing demand for mechanical products in the automotive industry. From transmissions to braking systems to servicing parts, mechanical components are critical to a vehicle’s performance and safety. We have expanded into these new ranges to offer a complete solution to you, our customers, and provide the widest product range for all your automotive parts needs.

Visit for your nearest branch. | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



To think this amazing wagon went for just £1199 back in the day.



Surf Special

Few cars looks as quintessentially Australian as an EH Holden wagon. Warren Evans’ two-tone beauty has lived a double life as builder’s van and surf seeker. WORDS AND IMAGES: IAIN CURRY


f you’re out early enough at Noosa’s river mouth or First Point, you’ll likely spot this striking 1964 EH Holden wagon with surf board on its roof. Views here are practically unspoilt by developments, so with the EH in sight and sun beating down on rolling waves, you could be transported to those carefree 60s surf days before tourists knew about the place. History’s very important to this wagon’s owner, 77-year-old Warren Evans. A 40year Noosa local, he bought the EH from a representative of its original owner about 14 years ago. The well-used EH came complete with its original bill of sale, service booklet and tool kit. Warren also tracked down an EJ and EH shop manual off eBay; a chunky booklet that’s invaluable for maintaining this 60-year-old classic.

The little red motor that could “Older cars are easy to work on,” Warren explained. “You open the bonnet and can see the grass underneath. You haven’t got this plethora of electronics and mechanicals everywhere.” Popping the hood proves his point. Holden’s famed “Red” motor made its debut in these EHs, and this – the smallest 149cu in (2.4-litre) inline six-cylinder – takes up just a portion of the generous engine bay. Back in 1963, when the EH was introduced, these 149 and larger 179 red motors were big leaps over the outgoing “Grey” Holden engines. The 149 offered 75kW and the 179 86kW – tame by today’s standards, but increases of 33 per cent and 53 per cent over those old greys. The new engines featured goodies such as a seven-bearing crankshaft, an external oil pump and filter for easier servicing, hydraulic valve lifters and higher compression. It was smoother, stronger and more economical, and Warren says for daily driving, despite his 149 being the smaller motor, “it goes okay.” Not quick, but why rush when you’re on the coast road anyway? | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC





Some parts of the EH need constant care, but a lot of the mechanics are fairly straightforward.

Blue skies Warren’s carried out the bulk of the EH’s engine, transmission and interior work himself. He grew up around Essendon, Victoria, where his mechanically minded father taught him basic mechanics as a kid. “I’ve kept it going ever since,” he said. “I started off hotting up Victa lawnmowers, then went to racing motorbikes, before getting into cars like hotting up FJ Holdens.” When he bought the EH wagon it was in good but tired condition. The previous owner had already had the body repainted its original Barwon Blue / Fowlers Ivory two-tone, but had run out of money to do the interior. Even so, the life the vehicle had led meant some aspects still appeared factory new. It was originally bought new in June 1964 at Eagers Toowoomba, by a builder from the nearby town of Pittsworth. Holden called this wagon the Special Station Sedan, and it cost £1199, rego was £16 and delivery another £10. “I reckon the builder rolled the rear seats forward and would have put a tray across the back for his tools,” said Warren. “The rear seat and door cards are original, and look virtually unused.” The front seats and door cards were re-worked by a contact who bought all the original colour dyes from

As well as being very well kept, Warren’s EH has its original bill of sale, service booklet and tool kit.

GM Holden. These – and the rears – still burst with that 1960s blue colour.

One special wagon You could buy these EHs in three grades: Standard, Special and Premier. The ‘Special’ badge on this car’s front fender gives away its level, although Warren said “there’s nothing I can find that’s special about it, except that I love it. It hasn’t got anything other than an air vent; there’s no heater or anything.” The ’Special’ features actually include

stainless steel trim along the sides, twotone vinyl interiors and the white roof. You had to move into the Premier to score goodies like leather, a two-speed fan heater and rather fancy push button AM radio. The dashboard in this wagon is original, its chromework and rather optimistic 120mph speedo sparkling in the sunshine after a thorough clean-up job by Warren. Simple chrome knobs to the left of the steering column covers your lighter (integral back in the 60s), wipers and choke for the threespeed manual gearbox. It’s a column shift | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



with no synchro on first. “The original owner had a stroke and couldn’t put the clutch in anymore,” Warren explains. “He’d used it with a trailer on the back and with roof bars, and by the time I got it, it needed some TLC. The motor was well worn, but it just needed a re-bore, new rings and bearings.” While leaving the bore job to professionals, Warren put the engine back together himself before tackling the gearbox. He gifted it new bearings, new universal joints and new synchro rings, but was pleased to see the diff remained fine. Robust old things these Holdens. “Parts are quite easy to get hold of, Rare Spares has plenty,” Warren explains. “Little things like synchro rings are hard to come by, but the EJ-EH Holden Club has people with workshops full of parts, so I can pick up a fair bit.”

Constant care There was a good dose of rust in the wagon’s panels, which must be regularly monitored. It had spent most of its life in inland Queensland, but now must endure the salty moist air of its current coastal home. Warren had new metal parts cut in rather than bogging it up to ensure the job was done properly. The finish, as you can see in the images, has made the expenditure worthwhile. The suspension and drum brakes are as original fitment, and Warren said the EH’s anchors are more of a concern than being able to keep up with traffic. “It’s very

This small 149cu in (2.4-litre) red Holden engine was one of the first of the iconic motors to appear.

hard to pull up quickly,” he said. “It’s not sophisticated brake-wise. “You must check they’re working okay quite regularly, as if you don’t use the car the brakes will stick.” As for general maintenance - as Warren said earlier - these are relatively very simple cars to work on. “You just adjust the points, put new plugs in, just tune it,” he explained. “It prefers being used, so I drive it pretty regularly to the surf spots.” The car made a very important trip to Toowoomba when its original purchaser passed away. “I drove at the front of his funeral parade in this car, as it was the vehicle everyone knew him for,” Warren said. “His wife and daughter, who had learnt to drive in it, were in the EH with me.”

Irreplaceable Now firmly a part of his own family, Warren said he still loves working on his classic wagon, and it remains a popular sight in prized Noosa parking positions when the surf’s pumping. Exactly sixty years ago these EH Holdens were the fastest selling Australian car ever. It took the fight to the recently-launched Ford Falcon, and we bought over 250,000 EHs in its 18-months on sale, before it made way for the new HD. Parked up beside Noosa’s shoreline, Warren’s well used, much loved and beautifully restored example is a quintessential slice of Australian history. We (sadly) really don’t make them like we used to.

Other than his adoration for the EH, Warren doesn’t know what makes this version overtly ‘special’ compared to the standard model.




Firm formula

Herculiner Restore – ute liner restorer in a handy spray.


t’s inevitable that using a ute as a work vehicle or even just as a recreational vehicle will mean its load area will be spoiled. Even utes with bed liners will be subjected to fading, plastic deterioration and scratching, but now JB Weld has that problem solved. JB Weld Herculiner Restore is a new product from a well-known and respected brand. This bed liner restorer can be used on any ute bed liner whether it was a professional installation or a DIY project.

Super coating Herculiner Bed Liner Restore is a specially formulated spray-on coating that restores any bed liner to its original colour and provides gloss to faded liners. But the most significant feature is that it protects the liner with a new durable coating. This is not just a spray that will provide a temporary glossy finish to the liner, it will add a resilient coat which will act as a barrier between the original coating and outside elements. The purpose of the spray is to extend the life of the ute liner by adding a polymer coating that adds a membrane or skin to provide added longevity. Once fully cured, the new topcoat can provide up to 12 months of protection to your ute liner, the duration is dependent on whether the liner is exposed daily for long hours to the sun.

Keeping covered Like all the Herculiner products, it was designed to be easy to apply. First clean down the liner with soap and water being careful to remove dirt and grease from the surface. After the liner is completely dry, shake the Herculiner Restore bottle and spray onto a cloth for application on vertical surfaces. For difficult to reach

Once applied, Herculiner Bed Liner Restore should keep your liner protected for 12 months.

areas spray an even coat directly on the surface, this is best applied with a mist spray; the bottle has an adjustable nozzle. While the product sprays on milky white it dries to a clear coat, however, ensure that you work it well into the surface with a soft cloth immediately for best results. After applying the coat evenly on the bed liner with a soft cloth let it rest for 15 minutes and the ute liner is back to its best. One bottle is enough to do a ute liner in even larger utes on the market like the Dodge RAM and you can use Herculiner Restore for touch ups on plastic trim parts,

but it is recommended to trial a small area first as not all plastics react the same.

Total protection Herculiner Restore joins other products in the Herculiner range such as the Herculiner Bed Liner Kit which has everything you need to apply a protective coating on ute beds it includes all necessary products such as brushes and sanding materials. There is also the Herculiner aerosol spray which is great for minor touch ups and for hard-to-reach areas, and two different sized tins of Herculiner brush-on bed liner. Herculiner is a JB Weld product available in Australia through HPP Lunds. For more information visit or call Ben Leonard on 07 3722 1111. | AUSTRALIAN CAR MECHANIC



Oil over all Hybrid growth driving HYSPEC solution at Castrol.


ou don’t have to spend long on Australian roads to witness the continued growth of hybrid vehicles. Spearheaded by Toyota, all major OEM’s now offer hybrid variants across their most popular models and the growth observed locally is mirrored across the world. The demand for hybrid technology is growing so fast that by 2025 it’s projected that one in every four cars sold globally will be a hybrid1. Despite this explosion in popularity, as of today, there is currently no industry standard specification defined for hybrid engine oils.

The challenge for hybrid oils They might look the same on-road, but the reality is that hybrid vehicles operate differently than conventional cars. Specifically, hybrids use multiple energy sources to propel the vehicle: the engine, electric motor and battery, with the switch between the internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric motor challenging an engine oil in three key areas:

The Castrol HYSPEC standard Observing the lack of industry standard, and the challenge in providing assurance around hybrid oil performance to OEMs, mechanics and drivers, Castrol has defined HYSPEC, a new technical standard for hybrid engine oils. Castrol HYSPEC is not a new product, ingredient, or competitor comparison. HYSPEC is a benchmark to measure the Contaminants - hybrid engines run at cooler temperatures, which can lead to water and fuel build-up in the oil. This can disrupt some oils and cause engine deterioration. Engine intermittency - hybrid engines can operate at lower speeds, and then ramp up to high engine speeds quickly. Some oils can’t keep up, resulting in reduced engine performance and protection. System efficiency - cooler running and lower oil temperatures can lead to reduced engine efficiency and in turn, poorer fuel efficiency and charging of the battery.


HYSPEC has been thoroughly researched and tested by Castrol to be the ultimate oil for hybrids.

performance of hybrid engine oils and is informed by a year-long road trial on mild, full, and plug-in hybrids that captured over two billion pieces of data. This testing saw vehicles travel over 300,000kms for more than 7,000 hours – the equivalent to driving 24/7 for more than 42 weeks. Following this trial, Castrol was able to define the parameters for the rigorous HYSPEC standard, a standard composed of 15 industry tests relevant to hybrid operation, and supplemented by Castrol bespoke tests.

The benefits of HYSPEC For strong resistance, protected switching and fuel economy2, OEMs, workshops and vehicle owners can now choose oils that have been tested and proven to perform against the HYSPEC standard including Castrol EDGE 0W-20 C5, Castrol MAGNATEC Hybrid 0W-16 among others. In fact, those products that have been certified as meeting Castrol’s new HYSPEC standard are demonstrated to deliver at least a 25 per cent3 benefit across the critical areas of contaminants, engine intermittency and system efficiency.

Endorsed by the world’s best Motorsport has long been the ultimate testing ground for vehicles and their


powertrains, and that includes hybrid technology. This embrace of hybrid technology now extends through to the highest levels of motorsport including Formula 1® and World Rally Championship, with teams pioneering some of the most advanced hybrid technology. The current F1® power unit is the most powerful and fuel-efficient hybrid in the world, using energy recovery systems to increase power output and increase efficiency. Meanwhile WRC cars include a plugin hybrid unit and a 1.6 turbo-charged engine. Rallying provides a unique platform to learn and develop lubricant solutions for road-going hybrid cars, with oils pushed to the extreme across a variety of surfaces including gravel, snow, ice and tarmac. Oil formulations in motorsport face intense investigation before making it to the track including data modelling, in-house screening, and tough engine performance tests. To that end, BWT Alpine F1® Team and Ford M-Sport WRC consider the three factors identified in HYSPEC critical in hybrid motorsport performance and have formally endorsed the Castrol’s HYSPEC hybrid performance standard.

Hybrid technology is being implemented across the auto industry, and Castrol is right at the forefront with HYSPEC.

A hybrid future While hybrid technology will continue to evolve, Castrol’s 25 years and counting of researching, testing, and reporting on the characteristics of hybrids ensure that it continues to be at the forefront of innovation in this space, with HYSPEC being just one such example. By continuing to work closely with vehicle manufacturers to develop their hybrid testing techniques – Castrol is able to constantly refine the lubricants they depend on to optimise performance and protection. 1 As per IHS Markit predictions, 2021. 2 As demonstrated in testing against HYSPEC, Castrol’s hybrid performance standard. Strong resistance demonstrated by water and fuel contamination handling, protected switching by wear, stability and cold temperature testing, and fuel economy by industry standard fuel economy testing. 3 Compared to performance minimum requirements set in both industry specification and Castrol bespoke testing across tests applicable to hybrid vehicle types, covering contaminants, engine intermittency and system efficiency.





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More parts to keep you cool for summer.

OEX air conditioning parts are ISO 9001 certified, meaning they reach the high standards of development, testing and support.


s the Australian car parc continues to expand, so does the OEX air conditioning range. With an evergrowing range of quality air conditioning (AC) hard parts, spare parts, and consumables, OEX is the Specialist’s Choice for your automotive AC components. Built to keep you cool in the toughest Australian conditions, OEX’s AC range includes universally fit and vehicle specific hard parts and spare parts to suit a range of passenger motor vehicles, including current model applications and light commercial vehicles. With a history of excellence spanning over 25 years, OEX is at the forefront of innovation in the Australian and New Zealand automotive landscape, regularly sourcing parts for vehicles and developing solutions to meet the market needs. 66

OEX and its manufacturing partners are ISO 9001 certified ensuring the diverse range meets certain criteria, including: • Stringent engineering, testing and quality control procedures • High level service and product support • The experience, expertise, and flexibility to develop and tool new products to deliver fast aftermarket programmes • Consistent and reliable finished products that will survive even under the most adverse weather and operating conditions


Specialist product knowledge, coupled with extensive buying power, means OEX will always provide a top-quality product at an affordable price, enabling you to service more vehicles with high quality parts for less. For all AC part needs, mechanics can find OEX at their local NAPA Auto Parts or Repco branch, with locations spanning across Australia. Mechanics can find futher information about AC parts and other products by visiting and



Featuring Projecta’s patented 40 second Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT), the new Intelli-Start Industrial range are the first 12/24V jump starters in the world to recharge themselves. The safest jump starters on the market, they’re tested and proven to start just about engine, big or small. If you demand safety, reliability and portability, look no further than Projecta’s Intelli-Start IS3000 or IS5000. • Starts 12V diesel and petrol vehicles up to 16L (IS5000) • Starts all 24V vehicles • Up to 1500A of clamp power (12V, IS5000 model) • Easy to use with an intuitive colour screen • Automatic 12/24V voltage detect • Lightweight and portable


Visit to find out more P R O J E C TA ASK AN AUSSIE POWER EXPERT ON 1800 422 422






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