Geschäftsführer Zürich 03/2021

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the upcoming brand bgbc was founded in 2017 by three young creatives (anatol bopp, samuel rühli and luis vogelsang) from zürich, switzerland. driven by their vision to create high quality limited edition streetwear, they’ve embarked on a journey in a big game with an even bigger challenge (BGBC). bgbc is the embodiment of what it takes to reach success and as the owner of a limited edition bgbc piece, you are officially part of that journey. the number one priority is to make our customers happy. bgbc is where high quality streetwear meets an affordable price .

“PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE“ people are people is much more than just a print on a t-shirt. it is a reminder that should teach us all to forgive the sins of others and to accept everyone as they are because people are people!