Cincinnati Preschool Promise 2023 Impact Report

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2023 Impact Report

We are committed to keeping the promise of equitable, accessible, affordable preschool for every child. Enjoy the impact stories reflecting how we delivered on the promises made to our children, educators, preschools, and community.


Deborah Allsop

Nikita Anderson

Pamela Bowers

Verline Dotson

Terri England

Christine Fisher

Marcia Futel

Anthony Hobson

Michelle Hopkins

Jalissa Hutchins

Micah Kamrass

Ross Meyer

Kristi Phillips

Laura Sanregret

Bishop Ennis Tait

Sallie Westheimer


Tanya Del Valle

Lindsey DiBlasi

Sydney Gardner

Leslie Johnson

Florence Malone-Crump

Kenetra Mathis

Brittnii Pina

Héctor Polanco

Anyssa Selkirk

Laura Carr

Dr. O’dell M. Owens, Emeritus Chara Fisher Jackson, Executive Director & CEO

We expand ACCESS to affordable quality preschool for Cincinnati children and families.


We BUILD part nerships with Providers to increase high-quality programs.

We CONTRIBUTE to an equitable early childhood community to sustain high-quality programs and results.


To ensure equitable access to high-quality preschool so that every Cincinnati child is prepared for kindergarten.

Preschoolers ready for kindergarten.

Our region values preschool as an integral part of a child’s education and as an important support for working families. The community acknowledges that the best outcomes are possible with continuous access to highquality education, beginning with preschool and ongoing engagement throughout a child’s educational experience. This is especially true for children with the greatest need. Kindergarten readiness and third-grade reading are shortterm benefits of increased participation in preschool. The longer-term benefits, from middle school through high school, will produce a more qualified workforce and community.



of preschoolers who received tuition assistance through the Cincinnati Preschool Promise showed up for kindergarten ready to learn, as measured by the 2022-2023 Overall Ohio Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R).

CPP TA preschoolers enrolled in CPS kindergarten scored within Approaching or Demonstrating performance levels on the KRA-R at a higher frequency (between 5.6 (Columbus) to 21.9 (Akron) percentage points) compared to average scores from the largest school districts in Ohio.

CPP’s Year 6 Evaluation showed that on the KRA-R: CPP TA participation increased the odds of Overall Demonstrating Readiness by 41.5% and the odds of being On Track in Language and Literacy by 83.3% when statistically controlling for the other predictors.



Nikita Harris believes receiving tuition assistance enabled her children, Nicolas and Nikita, to get an exceptional preschool education. “I found out about Cincinnati Preschool Promise from a relative and some friends,” says Nikita. “I went to several highly recommended preschools and selected one I felt best suited my children’s personalities.” She was very systematic in her decision-making. “I sought a truly caring preschool for my children. I wanted a safe, comfortable environment with patient and caring teachers I could trust and a preschool that received good reviews from other parents.”

Cincinnati Preschool Promise had hundreds of high-quality preschools for Nikita to choose from, including ones that were feeders for reputable kindergartens. “My final decision was based upon being able to visit the preschool and observe the care and lessons provided in the classroom before I enrolled my children,” Nikita adds. “My children were eager to go to school and needed to be in a preschool that fostered their curiosity.”

Cincinnati Preschool Promise provided tuition assistance and additional educational resources for Nikita’s children. “I loved that my children could share and learn from other children. In the first grade currently, Nicholas shares everything he learns with his younger sister. Nikita, a kindergartner, enjoys her teachers -- especially her big brother.

“Nicholas was a shy preschooler who I have seen blossom into an engaged first grader. He loves sharing what he is learning with everyone he encounters. My daughter Nikita is like his shadow. They both have received what I wanted — a strong start on their educational journey.”



“I moved from a home-based preschool into a 12,000 square-foot building with more capacity to educate preschoolers and fulfill a long-held dream. Cincinnati Preschool Promise helped me build the foundation for a successful business—the coaching I received, and the training opportunities for my staff got us through the difficult times. We have the resources to improve our curriculum and provide more profound educational opportunities for our preschoolers.”

High-Quality Seats Created 124

Preschools Part icipating in Coaching 117

“I believe it is important to give preschoolers a strong foundation for future learning. As a lifelong learner, I take every opportunity to expand my knowledge and, I encourage my preschool families to do the same. Cincinnati Preschool Promise has professional development workshops and coaches that help me work on the business aspects of my preschool.”



As a Mom, Angela Doyles understands and appreciates having a highquality education for her children. As a lead teacher at Learning Grove Price Hill, she appreciates Cincinnati Preschool Promise’s support of her efforts in the classroom. “The Teacher Promise Grants I’ve received have helped me recover financially from the effects of Covid by enabling me to supplement my income,” she remarks. “The unrestricted funds have replaced some of the funding lost when the monies supporting recovery from the pandemic were no longer available.”

Angela teaches in a diverse preschool where preschoolers and their families, primarily Latino, speak Spanish with English as their second language. “It’s a little challenging, but we have figured out how to communicate in the best interest of the children we serve,” she adds. “I have come to know that no matter what language you speak or your background, we all want the best for our children. Cincinnati Preschool Promise has helped me do more in the classroom and at home.”

Angela has seen first-hand the difference Teacher Promise Grants make. “I’ve used the grants to stabilize my family at home and supplement school supplies for the preschoolers in my classroom.” Angela has an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education. She takes advantage of the professional development classes offered by Cincinnati Preschool Promise. “I never imagined the personal impact I could have on children and their families when I was a student. I wake up every day knowing that I can change a child’s life trajectory. And, the grants from CPP help me to provide consistency in my preschoolers’ education.”

Angela says she has 25 children —five at home and 20 in her classroom. “Each child deserves the best I can give, and the Teacher Promise Grants make much of the classroom and home improvements possible.”





Every family has a successful preschool experience.

1. Increase enrollment to reach 35% of eligible preschoolers.

2. Develop a plan that ensures the special needs of every child are met.

3. Provide support and opportunities for parent education.

High-quality drives all preschool endeavors.

Meet changing needs through maximum financial flexibility.

1. Fund and put into place teacher recruitment and retention programs.

2. Create a plan to support programs that operate outside traditional hours.

3. Develop a community partnership plan to support students and families.

1. Execute the master agreement that promotes our critical mission.

2. Develop a joint board-approved process for strategic implementation.

3. Develop a landscape assessment of funding sources.


“Tuition Assistance is integral to our ability to serve our population. This is the most beneficial part of the CPP partnership. We also love participating in CPP music and enrichment opportunities.”

- CPP Provider

“The amount of paperwork required for SUTQ can be overwhelming. CPP coaching support helps tremendously as the rules are always changing. The teacher incentives are extremely important as many teachers will probably be looking for employment elsewhere.”

“This center goes above and beyond to provide our son with an enriching educational experience every day. It is important for us to have him in an environment where he can learn to speak up for himself, share, and socially problem solve.

- Preschool Parent

“The tuition assistance provides the majority of the budget for all aspects of our program.”

- TA Provider

“A lot of families at my school are working parents. Having tuition assistance helps them be able to work and send their kids to school. Families don’t have to wait until kindergarten.”

- TA Teacher

- Preschool Owner

“Preschool Promise gives our children backpacks with materials to help them to keep up with activities at home with their parents. They also support us with books and programs to help children and teachers increase their social-emotional skills.

- CPP Provider

“Tuition assistance is integral to our ability to serve our population. This is the most beneficial part of the CPP partnership.”

- CPP Provider

“You have a curriculum and activities to help my child get ready for kindergarten.”

- CPP Family



We appreciate our strategic partners who support our educational efforts, programming, mission, and vision. You continue to make a difference in the lives of Cincinnati preschoolers!

Thank you for your generous support of the Mission, Vision, and work of the Cincinnati Preschool Promise.

• Mr. David Kandel, The Eugene C. and Nellie E. Kandel Family Fund

• Steve and Linda Grieser

• 3T Learning Academy LLC

• Dayspring Church of God

• Kendall Weems

• Greater Cincinnati Foundation

• Princeton High School Baccalaureate Committee & Graduating Seniors



Support CPP Plus with a contribution that makes special initiatives to support kindergarten readiness possible. Did You Know:

$3.50 buys a The Night Before Preschool book for a child, encouraging their excitement about the year ahead.

$10 provides monthly postcards to keep a family engaged in the developmental milestones of our youngest learners and The Night Before Kindergarten storybook.

$100 provides a classroom with a Calm Corner Kit and Calmee the Caterpillar, helping children learn how to regulate their emotions.

$500 funds one month of Musical Journeys sessions in a preschool classroom. CPP’s partnership with Linton Chamber Music’s Peanut Butter & Jam has consistently helped students advance in literacy, math, and social-emotional development.

$5,000 supports our Back-to-Preschool Jam, bringing together all children, families, teachers, and providers in the CPP network for a day of educational play and fun to kick off the new school year.

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