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A Message from the Board Chairs

Cincinnati Preschool Promise Board of Managers

Dear Cincinnati Community:

Anthony Hobson

Cincinnati Preschool Promise is more important than ever for the challenges we faced last year during a global pandemic. In a world of restrictions, vaccinations, masking, and social distancing, we found a way to assist in delivering high-quality education to our preschoolers.

Bianca Edwards Bishop Ennis Tait

Despite the impact of COVID-19, we were able to enroll 1,360 children.

Cheryl Rose

There was a greater dependence upon technology and a heavier

Christine Fisher

reliance on each other as we sought innovative ways to address challenges unlike any we have experienced before. Our parents and Providers stepped up to ensure safe learning environments for our preschoolers. The Cincinnati community renewed a school levy during the pandemic that enabled us to continue serving our youngest learners.

Deborah Allsop Gary Lindgren H. James Williams, PhD Laura Sanregret

We adapted the support we offer our preschoolers to meet the new challenges in education. And, in an ever-changing environment, Cincinnati Preschool Promise has never lost sight of the long-term gains of guaranteeing our preschoolers’ access to high-quality preschool education. Thank you to the City of Cincinnati taxpayers for your continued investment in Cincinnati Preschool Promise and Cincinnati Public Schools. We appreciate the trust our families have in us in serving them and their children. And, finally, we acknowledge the staff,

Marcia Futel Micah Kamrass O’dell M. Owens, MD , MPH Sallie Westheimer Terri England Vanessa Y. White, PhD

Board, and stakeholders of both organizations who make our nonprofit and school system what it is today and their support and encouragement to succeed in the future.

Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education

Stay well,

Ben Lindy Carolyn Jones Eve Bolton Melanie Bates Mike Moroski

O’dell M. Owens

Carolyn Jones

Cincinnati Public Schools, Board Chair

Cincinnati Preschool Promise, Board Chair

M D, M P H


Pamela Bowers Ryan Messer

Mission The mission of Cincinnati Preschool is to ensure equitable access to high-quality preschool so that every Cincinnati child is prepared for kindergarten.

Vision Our region values preschool as an integral part of a child’s education and as an important support for working families. The community acknowledges that the best outcomes are possible with continuous access to high-quality education, beginning with preschool, and ongoing engagement throughout a child’s educational experience. This is especially true for children with the greatest need. Kindergarten readiness, and third grade reading are short-term benefits of increased participation in preschool. The longer-term benefits, from middle school through high school, will produce a more qualified workforce and community in which all residents have an opportunity to thrive.

Our Story Cincinnati Preschool Promise is possible thanks to a significant investment from taxpayers. In 2016, and again in 2020, a 5-year Cincinnati Public Schools levy was approved with overwhelming support. The levy allocated $33 million per year to strengthen K-12 education and $15 million per year to expand access to quality preschool.

Cincinnati Preschool Promise has been an absolute lifesaver for my family! I am a single mom with three kids and was eligible to receive the full tuition funds for my youngest two children. They have been able to attend an incredible 5-star rated preschool (Kennedy Heights Montessori). This school has been an absolute treasure with dedicated, smart, professional, and loving teachers and staff members, with a consistent structure and supportive Montessori environment. I could never have afforded my children this opportunity without CPP’s financial support. My middle child is a voracious reader and has already tested as Gifted at his Cincinnati Public School (CPS). I believe that his preschool experiences set him up for this level of success. I also appreciate how my children have been introduced to the Montessori approach, which continues at their CPS Montessori School. I will always be grateful for this amazing resource!”

— Briana Ellis, CPP Parent


Our ABCs of Impact

ACCESS to affordable quality preschool for Cincinnati children and families. 2020-2021 Preschool Students Served - CPP


Preschool Students Served - CPS


BUILD partnerships with Providers to increase high-quality programs.

The Ohio Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R), used to measure school readiness based on Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards, was not uniformly administered to all first-time kindergarteners this

2020-2021 High-Quality Seats Created


year because of Covid-19. Though data is not available on language and literacy, math or overall kindergarten readiness based on KRA-R performance, other assessments were used to measure progress of students who received Tuition

CONTRIBUTE to an equitable early childhood community to sustain high-quality programs.

Assistance. Kindergartners who received tuition assistance from CPP as preschoolers were more frequently at or above benchmark on the Acadience Reading Assessment compared to Non-CPP kindergarteners by 9.5 percentage points among

2020-2021 Teacher Promise Grant Recipients


Staff Support Fund Sites


Black/African-American students, 8.2 percentage points among Hispanic students, and 15.1 percentage points among Multi-Racial/Other students.

See INNOVATIONS in Community Research and Program Evaluation at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital- CPP Year 4 Evaluation


New & Expanded Initiatives Coffee & Conversation Enjoy a virtual cup of coffee and join an energetic group of Community Preschool Providers. This is a time to discuss emerging issues in early childhood education, network in a Provider-only space, and share best practices with members of the CPP network. From vaccination protocols to new tumbling techniques, no topic is off limits in these sessions.

Ready Rosie This Provider requested early education digital tool that helps schools and communities across the nation deepen and scale their family engagement efforts. Ready Rosie has been recognized by The National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement as a research-based parenting curriculum with documented positive outcomes for both schools and families.

Provider Council The Council convenes community preschool Providers who have a direct voice in influencing CPP decisions and priorities by lending their expertise to drive CPP’s mission. Representatives from family child care, single, and multi-site programs are members of the Council.

Preschool Chats These virtual sessions serve as an open forum to engage and share information with parents and others in the Cincinnati

ABC Mouse This award-winning digital learning program covers reading, math,

community. Current national and local issues concerning early

art, music and more. Created by teachers and education experts,

childhood education are discussed.

experts, games, puzzles, and other fun activities help kids practice

Promise Ambassadors Volunteers enable us to stay true to our mission of helping our youngest learners become ready for kindergarten. From

letters, numbers, and more. It has over 10,000+ exciting learning activities all expertly designed to help prepare young learners for kindergarten and beyond.

administrative work to parades, we have several ways for you to

Books Alive! For Kids®

get involved and connect your network to CPP.

This locally based, Emmy Award-winning literacy program aims to

Promise Readers

reduce childhood illiteracy, teach resilience, and stimulate a love for learning by engaging early readers through sight, sound and touch.

This is an opportunity for community members to share the joy of reading by selecting your favorite book, reading it aloud, and recording for inclusion in the CPP YouTube library of stories.

Smart Start This collaboration between CPP and the African American Chamber and its members gives young learners a ‘smart start’ by providing educational materials for students to use outside of their preschool classrooms.

Pitch Night CPP’s open submission opportunity for individuals, nonprofits, and businesses to pitch creative ideas that bring new initiatives to CPP focused on innovation in early childhood education. Any concept, strategy or partnership that supports CPP’s mission of ensuring

“CPP has been a great partner with our preschool program. At Bobren’s Tiny Tots, we take pride in offering high-quality education to our families. This year, we’ve offered a graduation ceremony with catered food and provided back-to-school supplies for the families and community. This event was made possible by having CPP as a partner with our with enrolled families. Thank you again for your support in helping us continue providing educational experiences for our “tiny tots!”

— Brenda Booker, Bobren’s Tiny Tots Co.

equitable access to high-quality preschools is welcome.


Tuition Assistance: ACCESS to affordable quality preschool The Difference Access Makes

The Tuition Assistance Program

No child’s preschool education journey should end before it begins

The 2020-2021 school year posed continued challenges with

because of financial obstacles. By the age of five, children’s brains

temporary reductions in class size and classroom closures to

are already 90 percent developed. This means strong, early learning

accommodate health and safety requirements due to COVID-19.

experiences can build a strong foundation for their futures. Research

Nevertheless, we continued to support families so they would have

shows children who attend high-quality preschool are more likely to

access to a high-quality preschool education. Collectively, 158 high-

enter kindergarten prepared to learn, graduate from high school, and

quality preschools, CPP and CPS provided Tuition Assistance to 1,361

thrive in college and life.

preschoolers. The average investment was $6,600 per child. Tuition Assistance was also offered for an Extended Learning Session (ELS)

The Tuition Assistance program enables us to extend access beyond

from June to August to maximize the opportunities for classroom

financial support from other federal, state, local, and private funding

instruction and mitigate Covid-19–related interruptions in learning.

sources. That’s because sometimes those funding sources just aren’t

In 2020, CPP provided Tuition Assistance for 360 preschoolers at 47

enough. As the “last dollar in,” our Tuition Assistance program helps

community Provider sites during the Extended Learning Session.

close the funding gap with supplemental or full financial support for families who, without our last dollar in, would not be able to send their

Since 2017, when the Tuition Assistance program began, more than

children to preschool. Without CPP many children would be left behind

6,141 preschool students were provided access to a high-quality

without access to a high-quality preschool.

preschool education.

Our Tuition Assistance program also helps Community Providers

Family Eligibility for Tuition Assistance

maintain or increase their high-quality ratings, maximize access

Families can apply for Tuition Assistance at any time and applications

to high-quality preschool, and fill their classrooms to fulfill their

are processed within 5 days. Eligible families are encouraged to

business potential. CPP’s Year 4 Evaluation Report and wage studies

enroll throughout the academic year from August to May. The Tuition

show that providers designated as high-quality and participating in

Assistance program helps families who:

Tuition Assistance are better able to provide higher wages, benefits, and more for the early childhood educators they employ.

● Have preschoolers aged three or four years old by September 30; ● Live within the CPS district boundaries; ● Live at-or-below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), which equates to about $77,250 for a family of four.


Eligible Preschool Providers Community Providers, eligible to participate in the CPP Tuition Assistance program are Family Child Care, single, and multi-center sites, and Parochial Schools, within the CPS district. Each Provider must have achieved a quality rating of 3, 4, or 5 star in Ohio’s Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) system. These Providers are designated by CPP as “high-quality.” But there’s more to the story. As members of the CPP network and an essential part of delivering quality early childhood education, Tuition Assistance Providerscommit to: ● Comply with CPP’s Equity Policy; ● Adopt a spirit of transparency in reporting outcomes and data-sharing; ● Participate in an annual external evaluation; ● Attend provider briefings; ● Adhere to all CPP policies and procedures beyond the alreadystringent requirements of licensure and the SUTQ system.

2020 -2021

2019 -2020

2018 -2019

2017 -2018

Life Cycle

Preschool Students Served - CPP






Preschool Students Served - CPS






Total Participating Preschools - CPP






Total Participating Preschools - CPS






Average Tuition Assistance Provided Per Preschooler






Before we became a part of the program, we had heard great things. We knew we had to get involved. We are so glad to be in the Tuition Assistance program. Since being in the program, my son has received a tablet to enhance his learning. It has set him up to master his skills and develop confidence. We are so grateful this program exists. Thank you for all the opportunities.”

— Marie Hudson, CPP Parent


Quality Improvement: BUILD partnerships with Providers Defining Quality

And We’re Moving On Up

Quality is not ambiguous or innate. We can build it. It can be

SUTQ recognizes and promotes learning and development

measured, taught, learned, and honed. That’s why Ohio’s Step Up

programs through a five-star quality rating system reflecting

to Quality (SUTQ) tiered rating and improvement system is the

the extent to which the provider meets national research-based,

foundation of our Quality Improvement program (QI).

outcome-oriented quality program standards for licensing, health, and safety regulations. Rated providers fall into star ratings of 1-5,





Life Cycle

From Unrated to 1 Star






From Unrated to 2 Star






From 1 Star to 2 Star






Reached 3 Star to 5 Star






Total Star Improvements






with 5 being the highest possible rating. CPP defines high-quality preschool programs as those with a 3, 4, or 5 star SUTQ rating. Providers are making the investment to build quality every day, but it can take significant time to gain or increase a quality rating. That’s why our QI program is essential to ensure the accessibility and availability of high-quality preschool seats. It helps more providers reach high-quality faster, have the capacity to extend Tuition Assistance to more families, and expose more students to the benefits of a quality preschool education.





Life Cycle

QI Providers Converted to TA






QI Providers Achieved High-Quality






High-Quality Seats Created






Total Seats at QI Providers






Total QI Providers






Coaching Support Unrated to 2 star provider coaching hours


Unrated to 2 star providers in coaching


3 to 5 star coaching hours


3 to 5 star providers in coaching (pilot project)


Total coaching hours


Total Providers in coaching



Complying with evolving COVID-19-related health and safety requirements to protect children, families, and staff made the already-daunting task of achieving a high-quality rating even more difficult. Despite the challenges, 119 community providers continued to work toward advancing by participating in the Quality Improvement program, and created more than 350 new high-quality preschool seats in the Cincinnati Public Schools district.

Cost of Quality: CONTRIBUTE to an equitable early childhood community Staff Support Fund

Recruitment, Retention & Wage Parity in the Workforce

Last year, we launched the Staff Support Fund to unrated 1-, and

A skilled and committed early childhood education workforce is essential to having a high-quality preschool. Recruitment, retention, and wage parity for preschool teachers has been an ongoing challenge that has reached a crisis level during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, CPP expanded our efforts to strengthen the early childhood education talent pipeline by promoting job opportunities in the community Provider network, offering free professional development sessions for those seeking career advancement and continuing our wage pilots. The complexities and costs associated with establishing wage equity are growing. Reaching a minimum base pay of $15 per hour is not enough to achieve and sustain excellence in preschool education. That’s why helping community-based Providers and lead teachers cover the costs that can make or break efforts to gain and sustain a high-quality program is a priority for CPP. We help supplement the costs of quality through two wage pilot programs: the Teacher Promise Grant (TPG) and the Staff Support Fund (SSF).

2 star preschools retain quality staff as they pursue a high-quality rating through our Quality Improvement program (QI). Through the SSF, Providers have access to $3,000 per lead teaching position in their center or family child care program to support any preschool teachers in the following areas: ● Offering retention, recruitment, or advancement bonuses ● Offsetting costs for health insurance or other benefits; ● Supplementing teachers’ wages ● Paying for formal education in a degree-granting program; in early childhood education. An analysis of workforce challenges and opportunities for CPP to make an impact are included in our Year 4 external evaluation report, to be released in September 2021.

Direct Program Spending by Fiscal Year Tuition Assistance Spend - CPP

Cost of Quality - CPP*

TPG Spend

Tuition Assistance Spend - CPS

Cost of Quality - CPS*

SSF Spend

Quality Improvement Spend

Teacher Promise Grant Our Teacher Promise Grant supports and contributes to the retention of lead teachers at 3, 4, and 5- star community-based preschools that participate in the Tuition Assistance program. Eligible lead teachers



Less than 1%


1% 12%



receive direct payments of up to $4,000 in TPG funding in a given


year. As a condition of the award, recipients are required to remain teaching in a community preschool and continue their professional


2% 1% 1% 3%







development. The grant money can be used in any way needed and many teachers report using the funds for continuing education and family expenses. In the 2020-2021 program year, 54 Lead Teachers at 36 Tuition Assistance program sites received Teacher Promise Grants.

2020 -2021

2019 -2020

2018 -2019

Teacher Promise Grant Recipients




Teacher Promise Grant Sites




Staff Support Fund Recipients





Less than 1%



9% 35%




Life Cycle

300,000 Cost of Quality - CPP*


Cost of Quality - CPS*






Life Cycle

*Cost of Quality incudes Teacher Promise Grants, Teacher Advancement Bonus & Workforce Development Expenses


Equity Policy

The CPP Board and staff commit to driving equity in our

Specifically, in alignment with the CPS Board Policy 2255 and

organization, initiatives, and the diverse community we serve.

our mission, Cincinnati Preschool Promise strives to:

Cincinnati Preschool Promise addresses equity issues by taking

● Stabilize a skilled and qualified workforce, particularly

the following steps in our internal structures, spending, policies,

in classrooms serving Cincinnati’s most historically

and procedures. We design and implement programming to

disadvantaged children;

meet our goals:

● Foster a highly-skilled preschool teaching workforce including support for historically disadvantaged teachers;

● Allocating the organization’s financial, material, and human capital equitably; ● Eliminating, wherever possible, policies and practices that perpetuate these inequities; ● Ensuring that new CPP initiatives, policies, or procedures do not create inequities; ● Identify, develop, and apply policies and practices that have demonstrably made a positive difference for teachers and Providers from historically disadvantaged backgrounds; ● Support building relationships among Providers, in order to break down historic barriers and uplift the sector.

● Develop programs considering the impacts on the diversity of preschool educators, and maintain or expand it in any way possible; ● Work with a wide variety of Provider types (in-home, parochial, public, private, and non-profit centers. The collection of Providers should be geographically dispersed and culturally and linguistically relevant to the children in their care. These needs include, but are not limited to: • Students from non-English speaking backgrounds; • Students who have experienced trauma and adverse conditions (ACES); • Students with special education needs; • Students residing in quality gap neighborhoods. ● Ensure that our work addresses inequities and provides options, including single-site centers and family child care.


Quality Improvement & Tuition Assistance by Types

Student Ethnicity 73% African American/Black

34% Type B 25% Single Site Center

12% Hispanic

19% Type A

7% White

17% Multi-Site Center

6% 1% 1% 1%

4% School-Based (Parochial)

Other American Indian/Alaskan Native Asian or Pacific Islander Unknown

49% Type B 23% Type A 21% Single Site Center

Household Income

5% School-Based (Parochial) 3% Multi-Site Center

43% Income Requirement Waived

Quality Improvement & Tuition Assistance by Ethnicity

36% <100 % 12% 131-200 %

67% African American/Black

5% 100-130 % 2% 201-250 % 2% 251-300 %

4% Caucasian 2% Multi

* Federal Poverty Levels are used to determine eligibility for Tuition Assistance

17% Not For Profit 10% Unknown

Preschool is an experience that differs from kindergarten in that it allows children to develop under the watchful eye of developmentally appropriate trained personnel. Preschool isn’t an extension of kindergarten; rather, it’s a time for children to develop their reading, writing, and math skills uniquely. It means children are ready for kindergarten, and their families are ready to support their child’s learning. The best early learning environments are developmentally appropriate, culturally responsive, and experience-rich programs. Being ready for kindergarten means having well-developed preschool skills for social interaction, language, play, emotional development, early literacy, familiarity with numbers, and fine motor skills. By investing in early education, businesses and families eventually gain a strong, prepared workforce who live and work in thriving communities.”

— Jaumall Davis

Kindergarten Teacher, Oyler School

Note: An update analysis of quality neighborhoods is included in our Year 4 Evaluation. Please visit our website for more information.


List of Providers 2020-21 Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

# A



24 Hour Child Care From The Heart Alouette Learning Center

Karla’s Kiddie Kingdom LLC

Alphabet Junction, Inc

Kendra Pugh

Angela F. Lyshe-Thierry

Keneice’s Loving Arms Child Care LLC

Bethel Christian Academy, Inc.

Kennedy Heights Montessori

Betty’s Angels at Home Preschool and Daycare

Kiara Jenkins

Bobren’s Tiny Tots Co.

Kids Play 513 LLC

C.A.R.E Home Childcare

Kila’s Angels Daycare

CAA - Discovering Minds Learning Center

Kimberly Cubit

CAA - Life Learning Center CAA - Millvale

LaRoy Holloway Latoya Dixon Latoya Spraggs

Carolyn Franklin

Learning Grove - Bond Hill

CELC - East End

Learning Grove - CityLink

Champion Childcare

Learning Grove - East Walnut Hills

Children’s World LLC

Learning Grove - Future Environments

Childtime Children’s Center

Learning Grove - Gateway Visions

Cincinnati Scholar House Child Development Center

Learning Grove - Peaslee Early Learning Center

Color Us Blended Family Childcare

Learning Grove - Price Hill

Corban Learning Center

Learning Grove - Schiff I

Corryville Catholic

Learning Grove - Schiff II

Cozy Care Nursery School & Childcare

Learning Grove - YWCA

Creative Environment For Youth LLC

Little Kings and Queens Learning Center LLC

Creative Imaginations Childcare LLC

Little Lamb

CUB - Camp Washington

Little Steps Daycare Center LLC

CUB - Millvale

Little Treasures Under Ms. Chris’ Care


Loving Kindness Education & Learning Center Lynn Burnam

Daddy’s Daycare - Linn Street

Monica Thomas

Denise Thompson

Mt. Washington Baptist Day Care & Preschool

Divine Daycare Center Inc. Ebony’s Learning Center, LLC


Nanny’s Multi Level Learning Centers, INC. New Horizons

God’s Little Angels Learning Center

Nicole Burns

Holy Family School

Nikisha Hill


North Bend Learning Center

In God’s Hands Christian Youth Center

Nurse Julie’s Daycare

Inspired Kids Learning Center LLC


Kimberly Lowe

Carmelia Montgomery

CWFF Child Development Center



CAA - Ted Berry

CUB - Winton Campus


Karen Jones


Patricia Blanchard

InVision Child Care

Peggy Glasper

Janet Rolley

Peggy’s Precious Angels

Just 4 Kidz Academy

Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Preschool


List of Providers 2020-21 Tuition Assistance

Quality Improvement


# A

Rainbow Room Preschool Learning Center Red Brick Childcare LLC


A Mother’s Love 24HR Childcare

Regina Buchannon

ABC DayCare

Robyn Perkins

Above and Beyond Early Learners Academy

Saint William School

Advanced Early Learning Academy

Sherry Johnson

Andrea Famble

Simpy’s Playhouse and Learning Center

Angela Kirkland

Sky’s The Limit Learning Center

Anitra Latham

Sonya Woods St. Boniface Preschool


3T Learning Academy


Beautiful Beginnings Childcare Calvary Kids Learning

St. Francis Seraph School

Chalies Howard

St. James Child Development Center

Cherish Your Children Childcare

St. Lawrence Preschool

Cincinnati Hebrew Day School

Susan Lemons

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Armleder Campus

The BeeHive Child Care

Constant Care Learning Center

The Best Childcare LLC

Corrinda Ibrahim

The Children’s Home

Crossroads Child Development Center

The Little Daisy House

Cynthia Kahr

The Little Tree House of Knowledge The Salvation Army Learning Center


Daddy’s Daycare CDC Millvale Court Darlene Hill

Tonya Moore

Della Ferguson

TOTally Kids Learning Center

Delvon Hunter


UC - Arlitt

Destiny Childcare and Development Center


Venessa Brogden

Erica Benton

Venetta Hazel

Erica Parks

Vicky’s Tender Heart Childcare

Essential Learning Academy


UC - Early Learning Center

Vonda Cathey Water Lily Learning Center, LLC


Embracing Quality Child Care, LLC

Frances Moore Generation Hope Childcare and Preschool

Wesley Education Center

GIGI’s Daycare

Westwood United Methodist Church

Gingerbread House Childcare LLC

Where The Sidewalk Ends Academy



William Mallory Early Learning Center


YMCA - Christ Child YMCA - Duck Creek YMCA - Gamble Nippert

Helping Hands Creative Learning Childcare Center LLC Imaginations at Work Immanuel Child Development Center


J.C. Wynn Center of Excellence Jacqueline Hall-Beckett

YMCA - Valley

Jasmine Davis

Youthland Academy of Pleasant Ridge

JoeQuita Stephens

Youthland Academy of Price Hill

Just 4 Kids 2 Learning Center


Kampusland Inc. Katrina’s Family Child Care Kenyetta L. Hightower


Quality Improvement K

Quality Improvement

Kenyetta L. Hightower

Renee Anderson


Kids Fun Zone Childcare, LLC Kristie Springs




Sheree Williams

LaLa’s Lil One’s Learn & Play

Shining Stars Learning Center of Cincinnati

Leonna Larkins

Skyky’s Daycare

Little Dreamers Childcare

Small Hands A.B.C.

Little Footprints Learning Center

Small Kids Adventures Learning Center LLC

Little Promises (Operated by Cincinnati Urban Promise)

St. Francis de Sales School

Maimouna Ba

St. Joseph


Mame Sady

Tanya Johnson Teefah’s Learning Center

Marshette Riggs-Smith

Terri McCormick

Mini Miracles Learning Center

The Miracle Seeds

Morgan Phillips

The Tot Spot at Seymour

Ms. Kay’s All Star Childcare

These Precious Hands Child Development Center

Nature w/ Nurture Preschool & Day School, LLC

Trina Carter

Next Generation Early Learning Center Pamela Boykins Pamela Elliott


Patricia Russell


Sheila Solomon

Krystle Sickman

Mame’s Daycare


Sharhonda Johns

Under the Sea Childcare Yolanda Champion Youthland Academy of Beekman Youthland Academy of Cheviot

Rabiah Shakir

Yvonne Steele


Ready Set Learning Center

Zion Temple Christian Academy

Partnership Matters

For current list of our partners, visit our website:

The Promise Team Tanya Del Valle Chara Fisher Jackson

Senior Administrative

Executive Director & CEO


Florence Malone-Crump Outreach & Enrollment Manager

Interns Cassidy Grence Quincy Buchannon Maecon Yared Anne Stevenson

Kenetra Mathis

Brittnii Pina

Community Engagement

Quality Improvement

Evaluation Manager

& Marketing Manager


Hector Polanco

Sydney Gardner

Laura Carr

Finance Director

Outreach Specialist

Communication Consultant

Programs &


LaKeisa Ealy

Ciera Dickey

Dear Friends of Cincinnati Preschool Promise: Despite the challenges of the 2020—2021 school

We contributed to educational outcomes in

year, we continued our trajectory to give every child

the early childhood ecosystem. By creatively

a fair start on their educational journey. This year’s

seeking new learning opportunities for every

annual report highlights the three key components

Cincinnati preschooler, we better prepare them

that drive our mission. These building blocks are

for kindergarten. Our impact, and the trust we

the ABCs of what we do — provide Access, Build

fostered throughout the early childcare community,

partnerships, and Contribute to providing equitable

reinforces our determination to drive successful

early childhood education.

long-term outcomes with kindergarten readiness.

Your investment, as reflected in this annual report,

Though the estimated number of children enrolled

sustained us. Our heartfelt thanks to each member of

in preschool dropped nationwide by 30 percent,

the Cincinnati community who continues the work of

our enrollment dropped by less than 17 percent.

Cincinnati Preschool Promise and Cincinnati Public

The resilience of the Cincinnati Preschool Promise

Schools through the passage of the school levy.

network throughout the continuing pandemic gave parents additional community resources to support

We kept the promise of expanding access to

the development of the whole child. We will build

high-quality preschool education. In addition

upon the things we know work well and continuously

to providing tuition assistance, we launched

evaluate new opportunities and their outcomes.

new pilot programs to maintain the viability of preschool sites during a pandemic. We extended

Your involvement, expertise, and ideas are needed

learning sessions, expanded literacy initiatives,

and welcome. We invite you to remain a part of

and deepened our engagement with parents and

the Cincinnati Preschool Promise network by

families. These partnerships enabled us to develop

volunteering, visiting our website, participating in

opportunities to impact our preschoolers’ readiness

our Facebook chats and sharing the impact of the

for kindergarten positively.

promises kept. You are an essential part of our early childhood education team to ensure every child is

By building partnerships, we expanded professional

ready for kindergarten!

development courses for our Community Providers to help meet Step Up to Quality criteria and support


them as small business owners. In addition, our Teacher Promise Grants enabled Providers to retain critical staff. And, we enhanced our newsletters to keep our various stakeholders informed. All this, without losing our focus on providing access to high-quality preschool. We continually seek to partner with other organizations like 4C for Children, Success by Six, the Southwest Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children, the African American Chamber, and others to impact the futures of our preschoolers.

Chara Fisher Jackson

Cincinnati Preschool Promise

Executive Director and CEO

Tianay Amat Cincinnati Public Schools

Interim Superintendent

15 513-447-4277