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Never forget

PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (Central Lobby), recognizes the significance of PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 opening on Sept. 11th. To honor the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice that day, PMMI will match donations up to $50,000 to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Built upon the mantra, “While we have time, LET US DO GOOD,” the Tunnel to Towers Foundation supports our nation’s fallen and catastrophically injured first responders, military heroes and their families. Donate at packexpolasvegas.com/T2T-donation. SD

sponsors hotel shuttle

Free transportation to the convention center is available daily from 7:00–11:00 a.m. and to show hotels from 2:00–6:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday and 2:00–4:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Buses to the hotels depart from outside the Central Hall. Shuttle buses are sponsored by Amicus Spend Management (Booth SU-7699A) SD

Match service to needs

Effective asset management improves performance and reliability, reduces unplanned downtime and minimizes adminstrative tasks. Service packages from Syntegon (Booth C-2800) provide support at seven levels so plans can be matched to needs. Fixed-rate plans decrease risk, simplify budgeting and scheduling and allow end users to focus attention on core business. SD

Events support students

The PMMI Foundation supports students preparing for careers in packaging and processing. Read in tomorrow’s PACK EXPO Show Daily about scholarship winners and yesterday’s fundraisers, the Golf Tournament at the Bali Hai Golf Club and a private PACK gives BACK™ performance of O™ by Cirque du Soleil®, sponsored by Rockwell Automation (Booth SL6127) SD

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Show breaks records as PMMI celebrates 90th year.

On behalf of PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (Central Lobby), I welcome you to the 15th edition of PACK EXPO Las Vegas, the most comprehensive packaging and processing event in North America this year.

Now one of the largest trade shows in North America, the 2023 edition with more than 2,300 suppliers occupying nearly 1 million sq. ft. of floor space, shows how much this event has grown since its start in 1995 as PACK EXPO West with 532 exhibitors and just over 200,000 sq. ft. of floor space.

Due to the growth in our industry and listening to our industry’s concerns, we’ve expanded this show’s offerings and are proud to present the PACK EXPO Las Vegas debuts of Sustainability Central, the Logistics Pavilion and the Healthcare Packaging Pavilion. We also are excited to report substantial growth in the Processing Zone, which is 50% larger than in 2021

Two other debuts center on education, a ma-

Minhas speaks at PPWLN event

The annual Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network (PPWLN) Breakfast will be held from 7:30–9 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 12) in Room N-247. The event is free, but you must pre-register.

Attendees will have an opportunity to network with peers and gain inspiration from Manjit Minhas, an award-winning entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den judge, who will share how she transformed a simple idea into a massive beer empire and thrived in a male-dominated industry. A native of Calgary, Alberta, who started Minhas Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries at the age of 19 alongside her brother,

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jor aspect of all PACK EXPO trade shows. One is the Industry Speaks Stage (Booth C-1141)

(see schedule, p. 24), where experts from the PACK EXPO Partner Program, will discuss the latest hot topics and industry trends such as remote access, supply chain solutions, augmented reality and operational efficiency. The second is the Sustainability Stage (Booth N-9967) (see schedule, p. 14), part of Sustainability Central, where attendees will learn how to make their brands more sustainable.

Sustainability, a concern of PMMI, its partners, vendors, members and PACK EXPO exhibitors and attendees, assumes an even higher level of impor-

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Vote now for TEA winners

Recognize PACK EXPO debuts by selecting winners in four categories.

Voting has opened to choose Technology Excellence Awards (TEA) for 2023. Showgoers may select winners in four categories: Food/ Beverage; General Packaging & Processing; Personal Care/Pharma; and Sustainability. Votes may be cast between now and noon on Tuesday, Sept. 12, on-site, online or on the official show mobile App.

“We encourage all attendees to take part in the voting process,” says Laura Thompson, vice president, trade shows at PMMI, who introduced the

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Your East Coast Connection for Packaging and Processing packexpoeast.com Sponsored by: Booth C-4340 Scan to get the app: Sponsored by: Booth C-3222 Download the Mobile App revolutionize your place in the industry d arch Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center • Search exhibitors, products, sessions • Access My Show Planner • Navigate the show halls • Get news and notifications • Vote in the 2023 Technology Excellence Awards
Jim Pittas, president & CEO, PMMI.
It is time to experience
Primary PACKAGING AUTOMATION paxiom.com 1.833.4PAXIOM   PaxiomGroup  PaxiomXperience Pre-roll Weighing Filling Bagging Wrapping Capping Sealing Labeling Cartoning Forming Packing Palletizing Pre-made Pouches Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Swifty Bagger + PrimoCombi VerTek + PrimoCombi Container Filling VersaPak VF1200 Flow Wrappers Jar Filling + PrimoCombi Table Top Bagger High speed washdown VFS F40 - compact F65 - high performance i65 - most versatile BOOTH C-5006 Scan for our Video Library Sales & Service for 31” 36” 45”

Case packer for gentle product handling

Bottom-loading via the Everest case packer from Schneider Packaging Equipment (Booth C-2223, SL-6604) means no machinery touches the top of your products. The machine—a conventional alternative to pick-and-place systems—is well-suited for rectangular or lay-flat cartons, delicate or sensitive products, gabletop cartons, shrink wrap or transparent film on top and industrial cans or bottles. SD

Heat-sealing basics

Heat Sealing-Art or Science? white paper written by Charles Trillich, co-founder of TOSS Machine Components (Booth SL6407), describes heat-sealing technologies and the evolution of precision heat-sealing. SD

Schubert founder passes away

Gerhard Schubert, founder and shareholder of Schubert North America (Booth SL-6820, SU-7654), passed away on July 4, 2023, at the age of 84. His vision of a modular, robot-assisted, top-loading packaging machine continues to influence today’s packaging technology. He began his career in 1953 with an apprenticeship as a mechanic and then spent about a decade gaining experience as a design engineer. In 1966, he founded Gerhard Schubert GmbH in Crailsheim, Germany, where it now anchors an international business with locations worldwide. SD

Inc. honors Packsize

Inc. magazine puts Packsize® International (Booth SU-7407) on its 2023 Best Workplaces list. The magazine also recognized the supplier of Right-Sized Packaging on Demand® systems in the Enduring Impact category, which recognizes high-scoring companies that have been in business for 15 or more years. “At Packsize, we have embraced a spirit of what we call ‘conscious cultivation’ to foster a work environment that is supportive, compassionate and socially responsible,” explains Sue Urses, chief human resources officer at Packsize. SD

PMMI publishes guide to standards

PMMI Business Intelligence, a division of PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (Central Lobby), has published 2023 The Impact of Global and Local Standards on OEMs & Suppliers. The peer-reviewed guide serves as a resource for those who need to understand the importance of standards for good business, what core standards are relevant to packaging and processing and how to identify the standard(s) they need to follow. A free download is available at pmmi.org/report/2023-impact-global-and-local-standards-oems-suppliers. SD

Japanese beauty care brand Shokubutsu Monogatari is hitting all of the three Rs—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—with a new 100% recyclable pouch construction for its shower cream refills in Thailand. Shokubutsu Monogatari is a brand of Lion, a Japanese multinational manufacturer of detergent, soap, medications, oral hygiene products and other toiletries, whose corporate commitment includes, “Supporting cleanliness, health and comfort, while protecting our global environment.”

“Lion has always been committed to developing sustainable projects and packaging,” says Lion (Thailand) SPC Business Executive Manager Somsak Srisaardrak. “This is in line with the shifting needs of consumers, as they become increasingly interested in environmentally friendly products.”

In 2019/2020, Lion asked Dow Thailand Group “to not only address consumer needs but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance a circular economy in Thailand” by developing a recyclable pouch for its shower cream refills, says Kodak Xiao, Asia Pacific marketing director for Packaging Health & Hygiene, global market segment director for Food & Specialty Packaging and Specialty Plastics at Dow (Room S-116), the official Sustainability Partner for PACK EXPO Las Vegas.

Shokubutsu Monogatari had already entered the refillable/reusable packaging space with flexible refill pouches—a popular format in Thailand—but the packaging could not be recycled. According to Xiao, requirements for such a pouch include durability and high toughness to protect and ensure the quality of the product across its useful life as well as optics for shelf appeal. “Traditionally, such refill bags are made from multi-material packaging that typically involves different types of materials, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), nylon and polyethylene (PE),” he explains. “PET and nylon are used for printing purposes, while nylon can further strengthen the toughness of the packaging, and PE provides the function of heat seal.”

Dow was able to create a recyclable refill pouch with the required properties by using its INNATE™ TF Polyethylene Resins for Tenter Frame Biaxial Orientation (TF-BOPE) to replace the PET and nylon, resulting in an all-PE structure. According to Xiao, Dow is first to launch the TF-BOPE material globally, which is typically challenging to produce.

“Tenter frame biaxial orientation is a mature film fabrication technology widely used in producing BOPP [biaxially oriented polypropylene], BOPET and BOPA [biaxially oriented polyamide] films,” says Xiao. “Traditionally, utilizing this technology to make BOPE is very difficult, as it is challenging to acquire a decent operation window on the industrial production lines due to the inherent property limitations of PE.”

To develop INNATE™ TF PE resins, Dow employed its proprietary catalyst and polymerization

technologies as well as its experience in the orientation film market. Notes Xiao, due to their unique molecular architecture, BOPE films can be smoothly fabricated on existing BOPP lines with high quality consistency and gauge evenness.

“Meanwhile,” he adds, “the high orientation applied in MD [machine direction] and TD [transverse direction] during the tenter frame process endows films with excellent mechanical properties, high stiffness and outstanding optical appearance, which represents a giant leap from the performance of traditional PE films and enables the substitution of traditional non-recyclable materials with all-PE designs for various packaging applications.

“The film also offers distinctive physical properties that can enable material substitution, film layer elimination and downgauging to reduce overall packaging materials.”

Joining Lion and Dow Thailand Group in developing the Shokubutsu Monogatari refill pouch were Dow’s Pack Studios Singapore and the distribution network of Asian petrochemical company SCG Chemicals (SCGC). “The recyclable refill bag for Shokubutsu Monogatari shower creams is an example of how more sustainable packaging can help to close the loop, through collaboration from business alliances, Dow’s recyclable packaging solution and support from SCGC,” says Lion’s Srisaardrak. “These made the development of Lion Thailand’s first recyclable refill bags possible while ensuring the quality of the product inside the packaging. This packaging also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance a circular economy in the country.”

The Shokubutsu Monogatari shower cream refill pouch was introduced in September 2022 in two sizes, 200 and 500mL, across Thailand in department stores and supermarkets and “will eventually replace the older bags,” says the company.

For more info, visit dow.com. SD

Editor’s Note: The original version of this article was posted on March 1, 2023 by Packaging World.

The Impact of Global and Local Standards on OEMs & Suppliers APRIL/2023 pmmi.org
Refill pouch ranks as 100% recyclable Resin technology enhances monomaterial properties.
Monomaterial pouch provides performance attributes along with recyclability.

Secondary & End of line

When the choice is yours, why not choose more? A leading provider of primary, secondary, and end-of-line packaging machines, Paxiom has more than 30 years of industry expertise. Operating from seven global facilities, with a passionate and focused staff of professionals with the strongest national service presence, the ability to provide systems integration, and an installed base that included more than 7,000 machines across the world. Paxiom. Get more.

Pre-roll Weighing Filling Bagging Wrapping Capping Sealing Labeling Cartoning Forming Packing Palletizing Scan for our Video Library BOOTH C-5006 PopLok Boxxer T-18 PKR Delta BI 600 + BU 600 Tray Former Case Erector Robotic Case & Tray Packer Bag Inserter & Bag Uncuffer
PACKAGING AUTOMATION paxiom.com 1.833.4PAXIOM   PaxiomGroup  PaxiomXperience Sales & Service for Visit our 50,000 sq ft Las Vegas Integration & Xperience Center 2037 East Maule Avenue, Las Vegas 89119 15 minutes from the convention center / 5 minutes from airport

Ryson opens office in Mexico

New Ryson International (Booth C-4736) office in Mexico provides sales, service and support to customers in Latin America. Luis Lisandro Sanchez (right) is point of contact for sales. He has worked in the packaging industry in Latin America for 21 years and has experience in food/beverage and home and personal care products. Field Service Engineer Adrian Yescas Garcia (left) has been active in the Mexico and U.S. markets for more than six years. SD

Filler meets dairy standards

Hygienic rotary and straight-line machine from ATS Engineering (Booth SL-6238) fills liquid or viscous food products, seals containers and then applies overcaps. Machine, configured in up to eight lanes, offers easy changeover between cup sizes and no-cup/no-fill feature. Options include multi-fill capability, bottom-up fill and gas flushing. SD

Automate manual packing

Based on advanced mobile conveyors and robots, the BRIXX pick-and-place system from FlexLink Systems (Booth C-4400) automates manual operations for co-packers and eCommerce fulfillment operations, meeting consumer demand for higher differentiation and personalization. Modular, clickand-play design and intuitive software enable quick layout transformations to facilitate changeover. SD

NCA hosts lounge

The Candy Bar Lounge (Booth SU-7201), sponsored by Syntegon (Booth C-2800) and hosted by the National Confectioners Association (Booth SU-7201), provides a spot for confectionery industry attendees to network, gain insights and recharge during the show. SD

Machine loads 40 cartons/min.

Spartan cartoner from Econocorp (Booth C-4422) automates case/tray erecting and packing on beer lines. The rugged, mechanical, automatic horizontal cartoner operates at speeds of up to 40 cartons/minute. End-load cartons can be loaded manually or automatically. Closing options include tuck or sealing with hot melt or hot air. SD

Need project advice?

Industry veterans at the “Ask the Expert” Station (Central and South Lower Hall Lobbies) stand ready to answer packaging and processing questions. Attendees can stop by for guidance on narrowing their search for suppliers and navigating the show. SD

Virtual PLC optimizes workflows

Virtual nature enables operation independent of hardware.

The SIMATIC S7-1500V from Siemens Digital Industries (Booth SL-6351) is an entirely virtual PLC based on the functions and operation of the SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC but independent of its hardware.

The virtual controller S7-1500V is compatible with TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal, also from Siemens, which provides a gateway to automation in the digital enterprise.

This integration allows you to use OT solutions previously employed in an IT environment and benefit from their advantages without giving up familiar structures. It also integrates into Industrial Edge, allowing users to operate applications centrally and automate process steps in a datacentric and software-based way. Thanks to IT mechanisms, you can even optimize entire workflows and costs with the SIMATIC S7-1500V PLC.

Key benefits include:

• Administration. Applying software updates to PLCs is easier because all software updates can be managed centrally with Industrial Edge Management system.

• Hardware Independent. The virtual PLC can be downloaded similarly to an App and integrated directly into the IT environment, enabling decoupling of hardware and software. The software runs on computers with Indus-

trial Edge Run Time in the factory while the hardware remains directly in the shop floor.

• IT-OT Convergence. The virtual PLC also plays an important role in IT-OT integration that helps customers make better data-driven decisions on performance, productivity, flexibility and sustainability.

For more info, visit siemens.com/global/en/products/ automation/systems/industrial/plc/simatic-s7-1500/ virtual-plc.html. SD

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Hallie Forcinio

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Miles Boone and George Burns

Advertising Sales Management

Dave Newcorn, President, PMMI Media Group

John Schrei, Vice President, Sales, PMMI Media Group

2023 6
EXPO Las Vegas 2023 SHOW DAILY
Demo of SIMATIC S7-1500V virtual PLC at Siemens Digital Industries (Booth SL-6351) shows benefits of its ability to operate independently of hardware.

tance this year. The new Sustainability Central will take an expansive look into packaging sustainability and what it means to brands, including expert speakers, interactive content and actionable sustainable solutions in manufacturing, materials, recovery, logistics, analytics and design. Dow (Room S-116), our official Sustainability Partner, will contribute its expertise in promoting sustainable practices by participating in Sustainability Central and the Sustainability Stage and sponsoring all the recycling on the show floor.

Our commitment to sustainability also includes the PACK EXPO Green program, which identifies exhibitors showcasing sustainable products and educational sessions focused on the topic. Another destination, the Reusable Packaging Pavilion, sponsored by the Reusable Packaging Association (Booth SU8000), along with its Reusable Packaging Learning Center (Booth SU-8000), addresses this aspect of sustainability.

To expedite your search, the PACK EXPO Sustainability Solutions Finder, curated by PMMI Media Group (Central Lobby), provides a targeted list of exhibitors to visit.

In our ongoing efforts to encourage the next generation of packaging and processing professionals, we are offering an array of events for emerging leaders and students, including

• The Young Professionals Networking Event, sponsored by Beckhoff (Booth SL-6335)

• The Future Innovators - Robotics Showcase (Booth N-9769), sponsored by Bastian (Booth N-10343) (see story, p. 29)

• The Amazing Packaging Race, a competition sponsored by Emerson Discrete Automation (Booth SL-6107) for teams from colleges, trade schools and universities

• The 2022 PACK Challenge (Booth N-9026), honoring the team from Waterford Union High School in Waterford, WI, builder of the winning filling machine for PACK EXPO International in 2022.

Speaking of PACK EXPO International, we are looking forward to welcoming you to Chicago next year (Nov. 3–6, 2024) and hope to see you earlier in 2024 at PACK EXPO East (March 18–20, 2024).

Please also make plans to participate in the newest member of the PACK EXPO family of trade shows, PACK EXPO Southeast. It will launch in 2025 in Atlanta (March 10–12).

Best wishes for a successful show, Jim


Minhas has built a company that ranks as the 10th largest brewery in North America, selling more than 8 billion pints of beer and generating revenue of $270 million last year.

Beyond her entrepreneurial prowess, Minhas has cemented her place as a renowned public speaker, mentor and host of the highly acclaimed Manjit Minhas Podcast. Through insightful interviews with top business leaders and CEOs, she extracts invaluable wisdom on achieving success. Discover how she triumphed over obstacles, defied the odds and thrived in the fiercely competitive beer and spirits arena.

The PPWLN Breakfast is sponsored by Emer son Discrete Automation (Booth SL-6107), Sep timatech Group (Booth C-2836), ID Technolo gy (Booth C-3414), BW Packaging (Booth C-1800), WestRock (Booth C-2023), SMC (Booth C-4839) Morrison Container Handling Solutions (Booth C-1651), Plexpack (Booth C-3036) and POWHER (ProMach Womens Resource Group).

For more info, visit pmmi.org/ppwln. SD

Attain a complete understanding of packaging sustainability and what that means for your brand. Reshape Your Brands Impact Explore 6 key areas of packaging sustainability encouraging you to think outside the box. Find Inspired Ideas Talk with top universities about their projects centered around sustainability and the circular economy. Get Insights from Experts FREE sessions on how to make your brand more sustainable. Booth: N-9967 • Manufacturing • Material • Design • Logistics • Recovery • Analytics • Michigan State University • Wisconsin Stout • Indiana State University
(PPWLN Continued from page 1) ( Welcome Continued from page 1) Manjit Minhas

Vertical Conveying. Simplified.

Spiral Conveyors & Bucket Elevators

Unit Load Spirals convey cases, totes and packaged goods smoothly on our slat style belts and come in 9 standard slat widths ranging from 6” to 30”. Available in powder coated carbon steel, stainless steel, wet environment and freezer versions.

Mass Flow Spirals handle full and empty bottles, cans and jars in mass up to 2,000 units per minute. Available in 4 different slat widths ranging from 6” to 20”.

Narrow Trak Spirals are super compact and designed to handle smaller loads. Our 6” and 9” wide nesting slats can end-transfer small cartons and packages or side-transfer small bottles and containers in a single file or in mass at speeds in excess of 220 FPM.

Ryson’s Bucket Elevators combine vertical and horizontal transportation of bulk materials in one integral unit.

Our Bucket Elevators are designed for gentle handling and well-suited to transport a broad range of bulk products. They are completely enclosed with overlapping pivoting buckets, that prevent spillage and helps mitigate foreign debris.

They can be configured with multiple inlets or outlets that can be controlled individually. Available in three standard bucket sizes, yielding capacities up to 300, 700 or 1,800 cubic feet per hour. They can also be delivered in powder-coated carbon-steel, or stainless-steel for wet environments.

All Ryson equipment is modular and built to order. No matter the application, the Ryson team is up to the challenge of finding solutions for your conveying needs. For application assistance or more information, give us a call or visit www.ryson.com

Check out our running equipment at Pack Expo | Booth C-4736


(757) 898-1530

Ryson Spiral Conveyors need less floor space than conventional conveyors and are faster and more reliable than any elevator or lift.


hotspots find targeted solutions


The Containers and Materials Pavilion

Find new sustainable materials, flexible packaging, printable films and more. Also see award winning packages at:

PACKage Printing Pavilion

Explore technology that makes customization, promotions, small runs, on-demand production and smart packaging cost effective.

The Logistics Pavilion

Find supply chain solutions including warehousing and dock equipment and systems, inventory management and control, distribution logistics services and transportation.

The Processing Zone

Find front-of-the-line solutions for food and beverage processing and discover ways to increase safety, improve efficiency and achieve total system integration.


The Confectionery Pavilion

Uncover specialized equipment and integrated systems for your candy, chocolate, mints and gum production lines.

Sponsored by:

The Reusable Packaging Pavilion

Discover reusable assets that not only reduce waste but also provide more reliable protection for your production and can be part of a smart supply chain.

Sponsored by:


The Healthcare Packaging Pavilion

A one stop shop for solutions targeted to pharmaceuticals, biologics, nutraceuticals, medical devices and more.

Serac expands operations

Acquires NFM/Doselec, opens offices in Mexico and India.

At Serac (Booth C-2423), operations are expanding via acquisition and the establishment of offices in Mexico and India.

On January 20, 2023, the Serac Group acquired NFM and its subsidiary Doselec, located in Falaise in the Normandy region of France.

The acquisition of Doselec takes place amid a strong global demand in the dairy products market and more generally in the market for food products in cups, which according to several studies is expected to grow by 16% by 2026.

Joining Serac Group, “will allow Doselec to . . . establish itself in places where it was difficult to go alone,” states Manuel Colasse, general manager of Doselec. Philippe Farrugia, Executive general manager of the Serac Group, explains, “Doselec’s expertise is a natural fit with the Serac Group’s core business in technical filling and consolidates our position in a fast-growing global market.”


New offices in Mexico City and Pune, India, are building on Serac’s strong presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America. The new location in Mexico City, along with an existing subsidiary in Brazil, will enhance the company’s ability to provide faster and more efficient service to customers in Central and South America.

Serac MidAm offers a full range of services related to the installation, maintenance and upgrade of filling and capping machines designed and manufactured at Serac’s U.S. subsidiary in Carol Stream, IL. Mexico and the region are key market areas for packaging machinery, with a growing demand for high-quality and reliable equipment.

“We are excited to expand our global footprint with the opening of our new office in Mexico,” says Farrugia.

Rodrigo Melo Sanfuentes has been named general manager of Serac MidAm. “He brings a wealth of experience in the manufacturing industry and is excited about the opportunity to lead Serac’s efforts in the region,” says Nicolas Ricard, managing director Serac’s U.S. operations, who oversees business development in the North and Central Americas.

He adds, “I am confident that with our expertise and commitment to providing high-quality machines and services, we will be able to exceed our customers’ expectations and continue to grow our business in this region.”

The new office in Pune focuses on after-sales services and support of long-standing partners like Chitale Dairy and Castrol India.

“. . . having a unit here in Pune will only reduce our waiting time for spare parts and provide faster support and services,” says Sanket Shah, Castrol’s India engineering manager.

For more info, visit serac-group.com. SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 10 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Rodrigo Melo Sanfuentes, GM of Serac MidAm. Now part of Serac, Doselec cup fillers reach a broader audience.

Kick back and dine for

Kick back and dine for leSS!

Open Daily Open Daily In North Hall

PACK EXPO Southeast debuts in 2025

in Atlanta

PMMI launches show to complement PACK EXPO East, better serve southern region.

The first edition of PACK EXPO Southeast, the newest show in the PACK EXPO portfolio, produced by PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (Central Lobby), is scheduled to take place March 10–12, 2025, in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center, the world’s largest LEED-certified convention center.

Located within driving distance of key manufacturing cities and a mere two-hour flight from 80% of the U.S. population, PACK EXPO Southeast will harness all the power of the PACK EXPO portfolio of trade shows for the robust southeast market.

Refuel Relax Return

South Upper Hall Room S-220


Monday – Tuesday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am – 3:00








“This show represents a big opportunity to bring the industry together in a region of the country that is not currently served by a trade show focused on packaging and processing,” explains Jim Pittas, president & CEO, PMMI. “PACK EXPO Southeast in Atlanta is the perfect location to focus on targeted opportunities in this robust market, which is home to some of the top manufacturing industries in the region.”

Like its sister shows, PACK EXPO Southeast will serve the packaging and processing needs of 40 vertical markets and deliver a depth and breadth of exhibits not provided by any other events in the region. It also will offer a strong educational component and networking events. PACK EXPO Southeast offers attendees an opportunity to:

• See new packaging and processing technology in action

• Gather crossover ideas from other industries

• Take advantage of the convenient location and bring a team of colleagues

• Foster new connections in the region via networking events and more intimate size

• Move projects forward faster by talking to experts and assessing options side-by-side.

Laura Thompson, vice president, PMMI, concludes, “PACK EXPO Southeast 2025 will provide a prime opportunity for exhibitors to reach a new, untapped customer base in this region. And attendees will have the chance to experience new kinds of machinery, materials and other innovations live and in-person, while forging critical relationships with their peers and suppliers.”

Exhibit booth sales have begun. Attendee registration will open in November 2024 during PACK EXPO International in Chicago.

Stop by the PMMI Booth located in the Central Lobby to learn more. For more info, visit packexposoutheast.com. SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 12 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
pm Sponsored by: Booth C-3222
am PACK EXPO 101: Navigate the Show Like a Pro
pm Bringing Your Products to Market Using Contract Packagers & Manufacturers
am PACK EXPO 101: Navigate the Show Like a Pro
pm How to Make Your Product’s Packaging Environmentally Friendly
am PACK EXPO 101: Navigate the Show Like a Pro
your badge says “First-Time Attendee” stop by to:
Ask questions of show staff
Access product locators
Enjoy refreshments and comfortable seating
Attend special sessions
an Exclusive Networking Reception on Tuesday 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm. Your First-Time Attendee Badge is your access pass.
AM - 3:00 PM Monday - Wednesday
back of the show floor Visit the North Hall Backyard Bistro with lunch options at discounted rates
Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center will host the first PACK EXPO Southeast. Its central location is within walking distance of hotels and other attractions.
Innovate Boldly. Package Sustainably. ™ Fiber-based food and beverage packaging solutions to help you stand out on shelf and improve operating efficiency Demand for sustainable packaging continues to increase. With operations around the world and expertise in every industry, market and channel, WestRock is a global leader in sustainable paper and packaging solutions, offering a broad portfolio of fiber-based products and industry-leading automation. Visit us at Booth #2023 to learn how WestRock can help you replace plastic with innovative, automated fiber-based solutions that differentiate your brand, protect your product and advance your sustainability goals. westrock.com ©2023 WestRock Company. WESTROCK, WestRock and Design, and the WestRock Logo are trademarks owned by WestRock Company. All rights reserved. Canopy : Replace shrink film for products sold or distributed in corrugated trays with a fiber-based wrap

11, 2023

Sustainability Stage debuts

Anew show feature, Sustainability Central in the North Hall, houses the Sustainability Stage (Booth N-9967) where attendees will learn from more than a dozen industry experts about how to improve the environmental profile of their brands.

Topics include logistics, labeling, waste reduction, sustainable design and transitioning to more sustainable materials. with an opening presentation by Daniella Souza Miranda, global business director, Circular & Renewable Solutions at Dow (Room S-116), the show’s official Sustainability Partner.

Session descriptions, times and locations are listed on the following pages.



10:00-10:30 AM

As the demand for sustainable products and practices grows, we’re taking a deeper look at how we manage resources, leverage new technology, make and use products and handle the materials afterward. Join us to hear how a materials ecosystem approach can unlock the value from plastic and agricultural waste.



11:00-11:30 AM

Using Flock Freight’s solution—shared truckload— as proof of concept, learn how companies can meet sustainability goals without sacrificing profitability. Dive into how sustainability lies at the core of Flock Freight’s business model and has played a pivotal role in building enterprise value. Hear an expert debunk the misconception that sustainable strategies are at odds with creating value and the need for better models to turn sustainability from an added expense to a key ingredient for growth.

Flock Freight


12:00-12:30 PM

Lovevery’s goal is to help parents feel confident they’re giving their children the best start in life. Fun, simple and engaging, our award-winning play products are thoughtfully crafted and rigorously tested for quality and safety. Our play essentials are made with sustainable, organic and natural materials that are good for the planet. We call this The Lovevery Commitment, which is grounded in our commitment to families to preserve what we’ve been given and pass it down to our children. As part of this commitment, we are

Sustainability STAGE

Updated schedules may be found on the show website or via the show App, sponsored by ProMach (Booth C-3222)

Other free educational opportunities on the show floor include the new Industry Speaks Stage (Booth C-1141) (see schedule, p. 24), the Innovation Stage (Booths C-2051, C-2058, C-2151) and the Processing Innovation Stage (Booth N-10511) (see schedule, p. 30), plus The Forum—An Industry Knowledge Exchange (Booth C-2158) (see schedule, p. 58)

Schedule as of August 23, 2023.

For more info, visit packexpolasvegas.com. SD

working to reduce carbon output across our supply chain. Our packaging design practices are playing a key role by focusing on reducing the amount of material, volume and weight we use to deliver our products. We’re also finding new ways to introduce reusable packaging and educate families on how to recycle.


1:00-1:30 PM

Now more than ever, consumers are asking more of brands and retailers when it comes to packaging. They want it to be recyclable, affordable, have a low impact and ultimately be sustainable. Understanding consumer sentiment can be difficult while balancing other aspects of packaging design. This session will help navigate the challenges of consumer engagement around innovative sustainable packaging while proving that it is beneficial for the planet and your wallet.



2:00-2:30 PM

Every process has pros and cons depending on what you want to achieve at a brand level. Explore the manufacturing process of injection molding with sustainable materials, including strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and limitations. Learn if an injection-molded process is right for you.

Dustin Wills

VP, North American Sales Paperfoam


3:00-3:30 PM

Recovery has become more than traditional curbside pickup. Learn about innovation in recovery for hard-to-recycle materials and back to the basics in traditional recycling. This panel discussion will bring class to trash.

Brent Lindberg - Moderator

Founder & Head of Curiosity


Dylan Layfield

VP, Material Sales & Recycling


Tamsin Ettefagh

Chief Sustainability & EVP, Commercial


Lon Pschigoda

GM, WMU Paper Pilot Plants

Western Michigan University

Steve Lyons

Dir, Strategic Environmental Analysis

Sabacci Consulting Group


4:00-4:30 PM

Do you know what you can and cannot say on your packaging? Do you know when new state requirements take effect and how they will impact your organization’s compliance? Hear industry-leading experts break down new regulatory requirements and restrictions. Discuss the rapidly changing regulatory landscape and how you can be prepared.

Dan Felton Exec Dir




10:00-10:30 AM


Building the perfect wardrobe goes beyond mere chance; it requires the expertise to choose the best silhouette, fabrics and accessories. Step onto the fashion runway and hear insider style secrets, empowering you to curate a well-coordinated packaging wardrobe considering materials, shapes, textures and colors that will bring your packaging to life.

Brent Lindberg

Founder & Head of Curiosity

Fuseneo ∆

14 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023

OxyStar barrier material utilizes a multilayer PET with an oxygen scavenging agent. PET has a naturally low oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and this construction slows down the flow of oxygen molecules through the package from the outside. Once the scavenger agent finds an oxygen molecule, it a aches to it and binds the oxygen within the sidewall of the package to keep your product fresh and lasting longer.




11:00-11:30 AM

Sprite’s status as one of the biggest and most recognized brands in the world can largely be attributed to its crisp lemon-lime taste and iconic green bottle. As of 2022, Sprite, Seagram’s, Fresca and Mellow Yellow have transitioned from a green to a clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle in North America. This move marks Coca-Cola’s commitment to a World Without Waste by making it easier to recycle PET packaging into new bottles, thus supporting a circular economy. For Sprite, this was no easy feat as the brand is associated with predominately green packaging. Coca-Cola was able to make the switch to a more sustainable package through technical expertise and by understanding the consumer mindset.


Global Packaging Development & Innovation Lead



12:00-12:30 PM

As alternative materials enter the packaging landscape, it is critical that they are designed and engineered to provide relief from their problematic predecessor and function and protect as a replacement. Manufacturers are demanding alternatives but need a level of confidence not always accessible within the framework of a startup. Collaborations like that of Atlantic Packaging and Cruz Foam promote innovation and application ingenuity. Hear how a great idea can turn into a viable replacement when validated through industry standards and endorsed by a sustainable leader like Atlantic Packaging.




1:00-1:30 PM

An estimated 11 billion kg of plastic pour into our waterways and devastate our oceans. Rather than seeing plastic as waste, we need a way to reveal its inherent value and recognize its true worth in changing our lives. Plastic Bank, founded in 2013, is a social enterprise that provides an opportunity for the world to collect and exchange plastic as a currency. This idea has spurred a global Social Recycling movement that has stopped 80 million kg of plastic waste from entering the ocean, while empowering collection communities in vulnerable coastal areas of Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa to find a path out of poverty. Learn how recycling can be socialized by being part of a greater purpose-driven movement—for individuals and institutions alike. Plastic pollution endangers more than 800 species, including us. Hear how you can become part of the solution.

David Katz

Plastic Bank


2:00-2:30 PM

This foursome plus moderator will provide a “CliffsNotes” version of can’t-miss innovations at the show and provide colorful commentary about sustainability developments. Learn what these innovations mean for the packaging industry and how they might be helpful to your own organization.

Brent Lindberg - Moderator

Founder & Head of Curiosity


Cory Connors Dir, Sustainable Packaging

Landsberg Portland

Adam Peek

Sr VP, Sales Meyers

Evelio Mattos

Creative Dir, Packaging

International Direct Packaging

Jonathan Quinn Dir, Mkt Development & Sustainability



3:00-3:30 PM

Explore successful examples and challenges associated with advancing circular economy practices. From sourcing renewable key inputs, energy considerations and decarbonization to recycling and recovery, companies are considering how to minimize waste and keep materials in circulation while regenerating nature. With billions of packages in circulation around the world daily, this session considers the significant potential impact of packaging and provides tactics for driving progress toward a more sustainable future.

Christopher Davidson

VP, Sustainability



4:00-4:30 PM

At Colgate-Palmolive, we are really proud that Colgate is in more homes than any other, so we can and we will create a healthier, more sustainable future for all. To achieve this mission, Colgate has developed a Sustainability and Social Impact Strategy with 11 actions ranging from Accelerating Action on Climate Change to Designing Sustainable Products. This session will cover the strategy, actions and examples of how Colgate is embedding sustainability across its value chain.

Cecilia Coates

Mgr, Global Sustainability




10:00-10:30 AM

As the consumer goods and packaging industry faces several headwinds coming out of COVID, including an uncertain economic situation, softening demand, supply chain challenges that haven’t fully been resolved, etc., sustainability often takes a back seat to cost optimization and other performance improvement levers. There are, however, ways to incorporate sustainability into these initiatives to continue to make progress toward goals and commitments without sacrificing either objective. Learn how to incorporate sustainability thinking into cost optimization and provide examples of its value creation.

Rebecca Marciniak


Dilhani de Silva


Roland Berger


11:00-11:30 AM

It’s time to go beyond broad recyclability claims and design packaging that is actually being recycled into valuable post-consumer recycled material. But how can brands transform from passive producers of waste to active participants in a circular economy? By embracing a systems approach that engages materials suppliers, reprocessors, materials recovery facilities and machinery makers to shed light on all the links of the circular supply chain. From advanced recycling to reuse and refill and monolayer materials, we’ll explore the ways stakeholders can take their recyclability claims from promise to reality.

Matt Reynolds

Chief Editor, Packaging World

Anne Marie Mohan

Senior Editor, Packaging World

Sean Riley

News Editor, Packaging World PMMI Media Group


12:00-12:30 PM

To meet the combination of growing consumer demand and an escalating regulatory environment, Michelman helps customers transition to more sustainable solutions for their packaging needs. Discuss how to transition from film-based to fiber-based substrates that will enable improved end-of-life options for final structures in existing recycling streams—all while maintaining excellent barrier performance!

Talia Collins

Mgr, Global Research & Development


Toby Corey

Exec Chairman & COO

Cruz Foam SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 16 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023


BOOTH C-5033


Brewery shifts to fiber-based handles

Automated applicator applies paperboard can handles.

Ska Brewing, a craft brewery in Durango, CO, is the first craft brewery in North America to install an automated paperboard can handle applicator from WestRock (Booth C-2023). The new machine allows the company to transition all of its beer offerings from plastic carriers to a fiber-based multipack product wrap.

“The installation of the CanCollar Corsair is one of Ska’s ongoing, never-finished efforts to build a more sustainable future,” says brewery co-founder & CEO Dave Thibodeau. “We saw the opportunity to implement this fiber-based CanCollar, and we’re jumping on it. We hope it will become the industry standard moving forward.”

The craft brewery, which has never been keen on plastic packaging, identified WestRock’s Can Collar as an alternative that supports its sustainability goals. The company’s CanCollar Corsair machine automatically applies various CanCollar paperboard-based multipack formats to 24-pack trays of product, which allows Ska to package all of its canned brand offerings—including four packs and six packs—using a solution that reduces plastics consumption by up to 95% when compared to alternative plastic multipack options.

“The CanCollar, which promotes circularity, will immediately reduce the amount of plastic Ska contributes to the environment by approximately 4 tons/year,” says Ska Brewing COO Steve Breezley. “This contributes to a reduction in overall waste and the carbon footprint associated with the shipping and storage of our products.

The innovation, ethos and ethics behind this solution are what we’re all about.” For more info, visit westrock.com. SD

Editor’s Note: The original version of this article was posted by Packaging World on April 12, 2023.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 18 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 Checkweigher Protect your brand with inspection solutions that enhance food safety and weight compliance for packaging lines. Large Bag Metal Detector LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR EQUIPMENT ONLINE sales@fortresstechnology.com | (416) 754-2898 Find out more about how our equipment can enhance your operation line at Pack Expo Las Vegas: BOOTH 4303!
Ska Brewing converts to CanCollar paperboard carriers and becomes the first craft brewery in North America to automatically apply the multipack handles on a CanCollar Corsair machine.

Wherever you are and whatever your industry, there’s a PACK EXPO event to provide solutions you need today and the inspiration for tomorrow.

March 18-20, 2024

Philadelphia, USA

June 4-7, 2024

Mexico City, Mex.

Nov. 3-6, 2024

Chicago, USA




Guadalajara, Mex.
29-Oct. 1, 2025
Las Vegas, USA
Learn more at packexpo.com or visit the PMMI Booth, Central Hall Lobby.
10-12, 2025 Atlanta, USA

Partners bring knowledge to show Partner

Program links attendees to wide array of organizations.

Approximately 30 organizations are partnering with show organizer PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (Central Lobby), for PACK EXPO Las Vegas, connecting attendees to leading associations from all segments of packaging and processing.

“The Partner Program is one reason why PACK EXPO Las Vegas is the most comprehensive packaging and processing event in North America in 2023,” says Jim Pittas, president & CEO, PMMI. “These organizations bring targeted knowledge to the show floor and give attendees actionable information to improve their operations.”

Participants in the PACK EXPO Partner Program exhibit in the Partner Pavilion or elsewhere on the show floor.

New this year, the PACK EXPO Las Vegas Partner Plus Program gives groups the opportunity to present sessions on the Industry Speaks Stage (Booth C-1141) (see schedule, p. 24) or to co-locate meetings with the show under the banner, Industry Meets. For example, the Cold Pressure Council (Booth C-1153) has scheduled its Annual Conference on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center and a Board of Directors meeting the next day. Other Industry Meets participants include: the International Bottled Water Association (offsite);

MHI Automation Industry Groups; Composite Can & Tube Institute (Booth C-1350); Contract Packaging Association (Booth C-1256); Institute of Packaging Professionals (Booth C-1154); and OMAC - The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (Booth C-1255). The latter plans a public General Session and a Workgroup meeting at 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., respectively, on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

The Industry Speaks Stage, another first for PACK EXPO Las Vegas, offers an opportunity to hear experts representing Partner Program participants discuss hot topics and trends including automation, high-pressure pasteurization, digital transformation, contract manufacturing/packaging, flexible packaging, modern warehousing and logistics, machinery standards and sustainability.

“As part of the PACK EXPO Partner Program, we are looking forward to seeing our members and meeting potential members while talking to brand owners, packaging designers, label printers, molders and others who are learning more about the advantages of in-mold labeling and decorating technology,” says Dianna Brodine, managing director at the In-Mold Decorating Association (Booth C-1347). “In addition, we are releasing white papers about the sustainability and recyclability of in-mold labeling/dec-


Cold Pressure Council (Booth C-1153)

Composite Can & Tube Institute (Booth C-1350)

Contract Packaging Association (Booth C-1256)

Institute of Packaging Professionals (Booth C-1154)

International Bottled Water Association

MHI Automation Industry Groups

OMAC - The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (Booth C-1255)

orating processes and presenting an Industry Speaks session on the subject [4:30 p.m., Monday, Sept. 11].”

For up-to-date schedules and Partner Program Pavilion details, check the PACK EXPO Las Vegas mobile App, sponsored by ProMach (Booth C-3222), or the show website.

For more info, visit packexpolasvegas.com, promach.com. SD


3-A Sanitary Standards (Booth C-1353)

AIM (Booth SU-8306)

AMERIPEN (Booth C-1151)

Anuga FoodTec Family (Booth C-1158)

ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers (Booth C-1145)

Association for Roll-to-Roll Converters (Booth C-1351)

Association of Plastic Recyclers (Booth C-1157)

Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (Booth C-1150)


Cold Pressure Council (Booth C-1153)

Composite Can and Tube Institute (Booth C-1350)

Consumer Brands Association (Booth C-1248)

Contract Packaging Association (Booth C-1256)

Flexible Packaging Association* (Booth C-1348)

Foil & Specialty Effects Association* (Booth C-1346)

Foundation for Supply Solutions (Booth C-1152)

International Bottled Water Association

In-Mold Decorating Association* (Booth C-1347)

Institute of Packaging Professionals* (Booth C-1154)

Instituto Argentino del Envase (Booth SU-8135)

International Society of Beverage Technologists (Booth C-1354)

MHI Automation Industry Groups

National Confectioner’s Association (Booth SU-7201)

OMAC – The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (Booth C-1255)

OPC Foundation (Booth C-1250)

PLCopen (Booth C-1253)

Reusable Packaging Association* (Booth SU-8000)

SNAC International (Booth C-1146)

The Tube Council of North America*

UCIMA – Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (Booth C-1149)

U.S. Department of Commerce (Booth C-1159)

World Packaging Organisation* (Booth C-1246)

11, 2023 20
EXPO Las Vegas 2023
*Participant in The Showcase of Packaging Innovations® (Booth N-9550), sponsored by WestRock (Booth C-2023) (see story, p. 22).

Engineered for reliability and longevity, VDG Drum Motors are designed for 80,000 hours of continuous operation before maintenance, reducing operational and maintenance costs and increasing throughput.

21 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 IMPROVES INCREASES EXTENDS Belt Tracking Belt Traction by 40% Lifespan of the Conveyor Belt VDG IronGrip™ Lagging Maintenance-Free, Efficient & Space Optimized Conveyor Belt Drive Solution VDG Drum Motors Visit Us at Booth #SU-8025 Learn more: www.vandergraaf.com /PS (888) 326-1476

Showcase displays award winners

Visit The Showcase of Packaging Innovations®, sponsored by WestRock.

The Showcase of Packaging Innovations® (Booth N-9550), sponsored exclusively by WestRock (Booth C-2023), features award-winning packages from competitions around the world.

“The Showcase of Packaging Innovations is a traditional and treasured component of PACK EXPO,” says Jim Pittas, president & CEO of PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (Central Lobby), the show organizer. “We are most grateful to WestRock for sponsoring this facet of the show once again. Being able to view an array of innovative packaging in one place is inspiring and gives attendees ideas to take home and adopt to make their packaging more environmentally-friendly and consumer-friendly.”

Ten organizations are participating in this year‘s

Showcase, which is located in the North Hall straddling the boundary between the Containers and Materials Pavlion and the PACKage Printing Pavilion.

Sustainability plays a role in many of the award winners. A judge for the Flexible Packaging Association competition, Gary Borges, associate professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout, explains, “Sustainability is growing tremendously . . . Post-consumer recycling is a trend that we saw. And we’re seeing an increase in paper structures that . . . we can send to our paper waste streams at home. So, we’re seeing all of these innovations taking place. It is pretty impressive.”

For more info, visit packexpolasvegas.com, westrock. com, dow.com, flexpack.org, fsea.com, imdassociation. com, iopp.org, profoodworld.com, reusables.org, tube.org, worldpackaging.org. SD

At the Flexible Packaging Association, the RESCUE!® Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap earned the Highest Achievement Award. It also won a Packaging Excellence Gold Award, a Technical Innovation Silver Award and an Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging Award. The flexible packaging, produced by Glenroy for Sterling International, is easy to use: Cut along the dotted line at the top to expose the trap entrance, add water and hang. The pouch construction protects the consumer from the powerful attractant inside. Once the trap is full (collecting up to 20,000 flies), the consumer simply discards it.

In the ninth annual Sustainability Excellence in Manufacturing Awards, organized by ProFood World, a PMMI Media Group (Central Lobby) publication, First Place in the Program Category honors a certified carbon-neutral brand made in a zero-waste Conagra Brands facility in Fayetteville, AR.


Dow (Room S-116)

Dow Packaging Innovation Awards

Flexible Packaging Association (Booth C-1348)

Foil and Specialty Effects Association (Booth C-1346)

In-Mold Decorating Association (Booth C-1347)

Institute of Packaging Professionals (Booth C-1154)

ProFood World (Central Lobby)

Sustainability Excellence in Manufacturing Awards

Reusable Packaging Association (Booth SU-8000)

The Tube Council of North Ameria WestRock (Booth C-2023)

World Packaging Organisation (Booth C-1246)

In a competition sponsored by the In-Mold Decorating Association, label supplier MCC Verstraete and molder Jokey Group were honored with the Best In-Mold Label Award for an interactive in-mold label with a digital watermark. Designed for De Dames van Akkkerlust, a new ice cream brand, the intelligent feature adds value in the packaging journey—from tracking and authenticating products to boosting customer engagement to digitally sorting the package for recycling. The sustainable packaging is designed to reflect the nature of the ice cream, which is made on a sustainable farm from 100% organic milk.

The Best of Show Award in the 2023 AmeriStar competition, sponsored by the Institute of Packaging Professionals, revolutionizes single-use packaging with a focus on sustainability and consumer satisfaction. Annie’s certified industrially-ompostable molded fiber cup offers functionality equal to a plastic thermoform and broadens the use of molded fiber into shelf-stable products. The packaging offers a 45% reduction in carbon footprint and is direct-printed via a flexographic process. A spray coating made from a renewable formula offers grease and water protection. Improved convenience and warmth retention enhance the consumer experience. The package also won an AmeriStar Award in the Sustainable Packaging category.

The top prize in the Dow Packaging Innovation Awards, the Diamond Award, went to Procter & Gamble for its G ECOCLIC® box for liquid laundry capsules. The patent-pending cardboard packaging scores for sustainability and child safety. The carton consists of FSC-certified materials with a minimum of 70% recycled fibers, and its dimensions and design fit 50% more packs per pallet. The certified child-resistant design also is easy to open even for people with dexterity limitations and sight or cognitive impairments. A reassuringly loud ‘one click’ closure signals the pack is closed.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 22 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023

Demo shows integrated line

Immersive holographics showcase other machines.

Afully integrated packaging line Syntegon (Booth C-2800) shows multiple systems running with the DCG compact pullnose distribution system at the forefront. Ideally suited for goods such as sticky bars or baked products, the DCG system discharges up to 32 rows of product/min. On the PACK EXPO line, it gently discharges 400 products onto the downstream packaging leg at 18 cycles/min.

Then the FIT inline module continuously feeds products to the hygienic Doboy Pack 403 horizontal form/fill/seal machine. Linear motors ensure gentle handling while preventing products from sticking together or accumulating along the way.

The single-wrapped products continue at a rapid and steady pace to an RPP robotic pick-and-place system, where delta robots softly pick, group and deposit products in batches of four into the infeed of the final machine, a Klikok MEC mid-range end-load cartoner. The cartoner, with its patented rotary carton feeder, packs foursomes of products into each carton at rates of up to 170 cartons/min. Alongside the live machines, visitors can view two immersive holograms showing other technologies in the company’s portfolio: Osgood liquid-filling machines and Elematic case packers.

For filling, the Osgood LFS model is the next generation in clean and ultra-clean applications for preformed cups and tubs. The Elematic 1001TL topload case packer, a North American favorite, combines a small footprint with a large format range and quick changeovers. The holograms’ educational visuals and voiceovers show viewers all that the machines have to offer. For more info, visit syntegon.com. SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 23 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 Visit us in booth # SL-5949 A ma c Tray F G Ha d Op I p c y m H p d B k A ma c Find your scale at YamatoAmericas.com Always the best way to weigh. A SCALE FOR ANY APPLICATION • From napkin drawing to operational equipment • Maximizing productivity, minimizing floor space • OEM communications ... we’ll connect the dots • Immediate solutions designed for future expansion • Agency compliance built directly into your conveyor Accumulate, Rotate, Elevate, Integrate, Lift-gate, Incline, Combine, Decline, Alpine, In-line, Grip, Flip, Split, Invert, Divert, Merge, Twist, Turn, Curves, Transfer, Push, Stack, Hand pack, What’s that?, Serpentine, Sanitary. Multi-Conveyor ... your best, conveyed better. www.multi-conveyor.com But your secret is always safe!
In addition to a live demo of an integrated packaging line for goods that require gentle handling, Syntegon (Booth C-2800) is using immersive holographics to showcase other machines. The integrated line demo begins with the DCG system, which discharges products at 18 cycles/min.

Industry Speaks Stage features PACK EXPO Partners

Anewcomer to the free educational programming at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, the Industry Speaks Stage (Booth C-1141) in the Central Hall, draws experts from the PACK EXPO Partner Program.

The 30-min. presentations focus on topics such as automation, standards, developments in high-pressure processing, sustainability, flexible packaging, contract man-


10:30-11:00 AM

Do you want to be more efficient in developing your application software? Check what PLCopen and its members can provide. Topics include ways to a structured approach, development of application-specific libraries of reusable components, object orientation also for motion control and software quality issues.



11:30-12:00 PM

With the snack and snacking adjacent category generating 27% of all food and beverage sales in the U.S., take a look at why snacking is a central component of our daily lives and how the market is evolving to reflect consumer preferences.

VP, Membership & Communications

SNAC International


12:30-1:00 PM

Learn the latest updates made in the newly published ANSI/PMMI B155.1 Safety Requirements for Packaging and Processing Machinery and their impact on business opportunities. Both machine builders and end users need to know the latest requirements and how to apply them as these influence the design and operation of packaging and processing machinery.



design safety engineering, inc.


1:30-2:00 PM

The world of robotics and automation for intralogistics is advancing quickly. Suppliers are pushing into new frontiers as technical barriers fall and innovations come to market. Warehouse operators and solution designers are combining technologies in new ways. With a focus on mobile robotics, piecing, picking and learning systems,

ufacturing/packaging, warehouse automation, in-mold labeling/decorating, metallic labels/cartons, automatic identification and data capture, beverages and snack food.

Session descriptions, times and locations are listed on the following pages. Updated schedules may be found on the show website or via the show App, sponsored by ProMach (Booth C-3222)

Other free educational opportunities on the show

participants will gain insight into cutting-edge applications from a panel of industry experts.

Brent Barcey

VP, Sales & Business Development

TRG Member: Plus One Robotics


2:30-3:00 PM

Industry collaboration leads to innovation that increases consumer trust, achieves industry goals and aids navigation of complex regulatory landscapes by examining SmartLabel.

John Hewitt

VP, Packaging & Sustainability

Consumer Brands Association


3:30-4:00 PM

Discover the untapped potential of high-pressure processing (HPP) in adding value to food waste streams by enhancing protein functionality, extracting bioactive compounds, fast freezing and more.

Research Associate Professor

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Joyce Longfield Board Member

Cold Pressure Council


4:30-5:00 PM

In-mold technologies offer advantages in both sustainability and recyclability for brand owners, molders and decorators of plastic products. The in-mold application of a film label renders packaging and containers recyclable in the normal workflow of a recycling facility without requiring the removal of the label material. Production and operational efficiencies result in sustainable creation of durable goods for markets such as automotive, medical and appliance. Learn more about in-mold technologies and their advantages described in white papers to be released at PACK EXPO Las Vegas.

floor include the new Sustainability Stage (Booth N-9967) (see schedule, p. 14), the Innovation Stage (Booths C-2051, C-2058, C-2151)/Processing Innovation Stage (Booth N-10511) (see schedule, p. 30), plus The Forum—An Industry Knowledge Exchange (Booth C-2158) (see schedule, p. 58)

Schedule as of August 23, 2023.

For more info, visit packexpolasvegas.com. SD


10:30-11:00 AM

Real-world examples from end users highlighting their digital transformation journey when using OPC technologies.

Mike Clark Dir

OPC Foundation North America


11:30-12:00 PM

The current widespread use of HPP technology has been a journey driven by innovation. Join us to learn more about the foundations of its current success and the expanding opportunities that lie ahead.

Rick Marshall

Dir, Business Development

Shape Process Automation


12:30-1:00 PM

By embracing automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies, the packaging industry is witnessing significant advancements in traceability, data management, quality control and consumer engagement. These technologies empower businesses to optimize operations, streamline supply chains, enhance customer experiences and maximize competitiveness in a rapidly evolving market. Hear an overview of the technologies changing the market and learn about the role AIM plays in helping advance the packaging and AIDC industry.

Michael Allen

Business Development Dir

AIM North America


1:30-2:00 PM

Hear about the current state of the flexible packaging industry and discuss legislative, regulatory and other factors driving innovation in the space, the second fastest growing segment of the packaging industry in the U.S.

Flexible Packaging Association ∆

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 24 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
In-Mold Decorating Association
SEPTEMBER 11, 2023
SEPTEMBER 12, 2023




Ronchi America proudly presents the SIRIO/S capper, built in Atlanta, GA. This SIRIO/S capper includes all of the Ronchi features and is FAT ready within 12 weeks or less. The SIRIO/S capper is also capable of being synchronized with the US built Ronchi EXACTA/R 18 filler.



2:30-3:00 PM

Viewing data from the Contract Packaging Association’s State of the Industry Report, member feedback and its Request for Quote platform, dive into the changing demands of this dynamically growing industry. These essential providers of capabilities and services address the needs of emerging and legacy brands launching food and retail products. Explore how CoMans and CoPacks add value as consumerand market-driven needs impact the packaged goods supply chain. Understand how brands are adapting to meet new challenges with strategic CoMan and CoPack partnerships and accelerating time to market.

Contract Packaging Association


3:30-4:00 PM

Sustainability as it relates to decorative metallics is on the forefront of the minds of brand owners and others in the print and packaging industries. The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) has taken important steps to generate pertinent, accurate information about metallic transfer-decorating technologies and sustainability. Discuss recent FSEA studies on the repulpability/recyclability of metallic-transfer decorating on paper/board.

Foil & Specialty Effects Association


4:30-5:00 PM

This comprehensive overview of the automation journey starts at initial strategy and design, moves to the implementation of automation technologies and ends with the continuous monitoring and optimization of these systems. Take an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities presented by end-to-end automation in warehousing and logistics, focusing on the significance of strategic planning and meticulous design in the successful implementation. View a blueprint for a successful transition toward automated operations. Then, navigate toward the nuts and bolts of logistics automation, showcasing technologies that enhance productivity, reduce errors and contribute to overall business growth. Lastly, highlight the indispensable role of sensor intelligence in ensuring operational efficiency and safety in automated systems. Examples of intelligent sensor systems demonstrate how these technologies provide crucial data, support real-time decision making and empower businesses to remain agile and responsive in the face of changing market dynamics. Lastly, the presentation will highlight the indispensable role of sensor intelligence in ensuring

both operational efficiency and safety in automated systems. This segment features examples of intelligent sensors, demonstrates how these technologies provide crucial data, support real-time decision making and empower businesses to remain agile and responsive to changing market dynamics.

Chris York

Slate River Systems

Nils Hart

Exec Dir, Business Development

Murata Machinery USA

Susan Nangle

Consulting & Digital Solutions SICK



10:30-11:00 AM

The U.S. remains at a critical precipice on packaging and environment policy with significant new laws continuing to be passed and implemented on packaging producer responsibility, labeling, recycled-content mandates and more. Join a fast-paced discussion about what’s happening and how to engage with the ensuing challenges and opportunities.


11:30-12:00 PM

Examine the global and regional perspectives of sustainability and circular design, showcasing initiatives, programs, regulations and roadmaps from Italian packaging machinery manufacturers.


UCIMA - Italian Packaging Machinery

Manufacturers’ Association


12:30-1:00 PM

The vision of the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) is to be the premier global beverage industry technical association, which drives sustainable growth, resolves challenges and leads productivity innovations. ISBT offers the global industry a platform to network and help the industry thrive. Come learn what this 75-year-old society offers its members and their companies in a global format.

Int’l Society of Beverage Technologists SD

UnPACKed discusses standards

Host Sean Riley sits down with Bruce Main, PMMI machinery safety expert and technical advisor, for a wide-ranging discussion about standards and regulations. To access the interview, search for unPACKed with PMMI on Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts or click on pmmi.org/podcast/episode-121-managing-risk-pmmi-ansi-standard.

During this podcast, Main clarifies misconceptions about machinery standards, discusses PMMI’s latest standard update and recommends a new white paper as a resource to OEMs. Main starts by describing the difference between legal regulations such as from Occupational Safety and Health Administration or the E.U. and voluntary industry standards like ANSI/PMMI B155.1 Safety Requirements for Packaging and Processing Machinery

He emphasizes that machinery builders and users need to pay attention to the ANSI B155.1 standard since it outlines the required risk assessment process.

To round out the podcast, Main recommends that both OEMs and their customers use the white paper, 2023 The Impact of Global and Local Standards on OEMs & Suppliers, to learn more about current standards and their subsequent impact.

For more info, visit pmmi.org/podcast/episode-121-managing-risk-pmmi-ansi-standard. SD


SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 26 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023

Shift to more responsible packaging

Portfolio offers recyclable, renewable, recycled-content options.

Many brand owners attend PACK EXPO to find technologies that minimize their environmental impact and meet their sustainability goals, but different products have different performance requirements. So, there is no single “best” packaging type.

This poses immediate challenges along the sustainability pathway. Consumers are demanding products and packaging that are better for the planet. But it can be hard to know where to start. For example, when considering more recycled content, producers are working to understand rapidly changing regulations and a wide spectrum of municipal recycling standards.

Amcor Flexibles North America and Amcor Rigid Packaging (Booth SU-7244, SU-7254) offer more sustainable options for all products, with on-demand, measurable and reportable data for 130 packaging comparisons to support sustainability goals and reporting. Attendees can take a deep dive into more responsible flexible and rigid packaging and find actionable steps to move forward. Its portfolio includes products that deliver recyclability for complex applications, new fiber packaging and higher recycled content across all packaging formats.

“While some materials have clear benefits, they may not be the right choice when you consider the full life cycle of the product,” says John Wilson, sus-

tainability director at Amcor. “Our R&D teams can help brands to design the best solutions for their packaging application.” To address sustainability needs, Amcor is exhibiting samples from its AmPrima™, AmFiber™ and AmSky™ portfolios:

• AmPrima recycle-ready substrates are designed to be recycled—if clean and dry—through existing store drop-offs or curbside, where available, and can include recycled content.

• AmFiber paper-based packaging is curb-


side-recyclable and meets the needs of dry mixes, confections and bars and is an alternative to polyethylene (PE) overwraps.

• AmSky recycle-ready thermoform blister packs are polyvinyl chloride- and aluminum-free, meet the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) Critical Guidance Recognition for the PE recycle stream and pass the APR high-density PE rigid recycle stream testing. For more info, visit amcor.com/afna. SD

27 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 1 2 3
SCREW DRIVE UNITS COMBINERS + DIVIDERS TWIST BLOCK Meter, Meter, turn, group, or index product for turn, group, or index product for applications like sleeving, code dating, filling, and more. Lane Lane combiners and dividers are great combiners and dividers are great additions when you need to add another system upstream or downstream to increase throughput.
PHONE: +1-708-756-6660 WEBSITE: EMAIL: www.morrison-chs.com info@morrison-chs.com Learn more about all of our flexible automation solutions by visiting our website and exploring our product videos. You’ll find so much more!
Invert Invert containers within a UHMW plastic containers within a UHMW block that mounts to your conveyor in a small footprint featuring quick and easy disassembly for cleaning. STOP BY BOOTH C-1651 TO REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR APPROACH TO CONTAINER HANDLING. AmPrima recycle-ready substrates deliver heat resistance, stiffness, clarity, graphics performance and run speeds that brands demand, and often match the performance of current nonrecyclable alternatives.

Protect product quality

Inspection systems ensure only good products go out the door.

Fortress Technology (Booth C-4303) is presenting nine contaminant detection and inspection concepts so attendees can compare performance attributes, size and layout options. Applications include a wide range of food categories, such as bakery, bulk, meats, dairy, snacks, fresh produce, prepared foods and confectionery, as well

as ingredients, raw materials, pharmaceuticals and packaged items.

The company is introducing an x-ray system designed specifically for North American facilities. One of this year’s highlights, the Icon x-ray machine, is designed for high-care food production environments with advanced detection algorithms, superior

The PMMI Foundation would like to thank those who kicked off the show at PACK gives BACK

The money raised helped provide academic scholarships to six students pursuing careers in the packaging and processing industry.




hygiene standards and multiple Industry 4.0 networking and data integration options.

Another notable machine, the Stealth large bag metal detector, is integrated with the new Fortress Raptor XL checkweigher. This combination helps eliminate costly returns and recalls for bulk manufacturers, suppliers and ingredient buyers.

To optimize factory floor space and accommodate faster upstream equipment, Fortress offers the three-lane Multi-Aperture metal detector. This unit is suitable for production facilities that release multiple products.

The Raptor checkweigher, which easily integrates with existing metal detection equipment, delivers dynamic weight monitoring to meet legislative weight rules with minimal customization on existing product feed and packing lines.

Fortress also is showcasing a side-by-side Interceptor metal detector configuration, offering an alternative approach to maintaining compliance with hazard analysis and critical control points requirements without installing two separate inspection lines. This configuration caters to bakery, dairy and meat producers and provides enhanced metal detection capabilities while addressing product and orientation effects simultaneously.

For more info, visit fortresstechnology.com. SD

Editor’s Note: The original version of the article was posted by Packaging World on July 6, 2023.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 28 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
With multiple machines on display at Fortress Technology (Booth C-4303), attendees can compare contaminant detection and inspection concepts
Haleigh Gartner Clemson University Caden Sand Alexandria Technical and Community College Julianne Hom California Polytechnic State University Jeffrey Santos Hennepin Technical College Marissa Rupert Pennsylvania College of Technology
To support the PMMI Foundation visit: pmmifoundation.org
Sierra Seton Toronto Metropolitan University

Lenze sponsors lounges

Once again, Lenze Americas (Booth C-4803) is sponsoring lounges for exhibitors and PMMI members at PACK EXPO Las Vegas. The lounges provide meeting space, seating, refreshments and a chance to take a break away from the busy show floor.

The Exhibitor Lounges are located in rooms S-215 and N-114. The two PMMI Member Lounges are located in rooms S-222 and N-101.

“Lenze Americas understands the significance of providing members and exhibitors with a dedicated space to rejuvenate amidst networking with attend ees at their booths. We take pride in our continued sponsorship of these lounges this year,” says Paul O’Connor, Lenze Americas.

“We are grateful to Lenze Americas for support ing this resource again,” says Jim Pittas, president & CEO, Processing Technologies (Central Lobby) nizer of the PACK EXPO family of trade shows.

Future Innovators

He explains, “This year’s industry growth and numerous new features at PACK EXPO Las Vegas will make the show floor incredibly busy. As a result, these lounges will be highly sought after by exhibitors and PMMI members as a valuable space to relax and network.”

The respite space will be especially welcome this year as the PACK EXPO Las Vegas show floor is expected to be extra busy with 30,000 attendees touring nearly 1 million sq. ft. of floor space to visit more than 2,300 exhibitors.

For more info, visit packexpolasvegas.com, lenze.com. SD

Students demo self-built robots


Robotics teams from Las Vegas-area high schools are demonstrating the robots they have built along with design, engineering, assembly and troubleshooting skills at The Future Innovators - Robotics Showcase (Booth N-9769), sponsored by Bastian Solutions (Booth N-10343)

Demos are scheduled throughout each day of the show. Stop by to see what these teams have built, watch their robot in action, ask questions and tell the students about career opportunities in manufacturing and engineering.

Monday - Tuesday | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Located in the North Hall in Booth N-9769

Wednesday | 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

This annual event is designed to open doors for a new generation of packaging professionals and encourage participation in STEM studies. It’s one of many student-based activities at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, which also includes the winners of the 2022 PACK Challenge (Booth N-9026) from Waterford Union High School and the Amazing Packaging Race, which is sponsored by Emerson Discrete Automation (Booth SL-6107) and occurs on the final day of the show.

For more information about supporting student programs, visit the PMMI U booth at N-9000.

Produced by:

For more info, visit packexpolasvegas.com, bastiansolutions.com, emerson.com/en-us/industries/automation/ food-beverage. SD

35% metsagroup.com/metsaboard Come see Vegas-area high school students showcase their “bot skills”. Interact with the bright minds of the future and ask questions about their innovative robot designs.

29 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright is up to 35% lighter than conventional paperboards, while retaining the same quality and rigidity. MORE THAN YOUR AVERAGE PAPERBOARD BOOTH N-9216

Innovation Stages offer free educational sessions

The always-popular Innovation Stage program returns to PACK EXPO Las Vegas with four platforms: the Processing Innovation Stage (Booth N-10511) in the North Hall, plus three Innovation Stages (Booth C-2051, C-2058, C-2151) in the Central Hall. Exhibitors and subject matter experts will present more than 60, 30-min. sessions about the latest technology breakthroughs and best practices.

Topics range from automation, digitalization, artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity to food safety, workforce challenges, sustainability and technology innovations. Highlights include sessions by WestRock (Booth C-2023) (sustainability), Syntegon Packaging Technology (Booth C-2800) (gloveless fill/ finish), Siemens Digital Industries (Booth SL-6351) (digital twins), Delkor


10:00–10:30 AM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

Robotic equipment is fascinating and exciting to watch but does not bring any value to your production processes unless it can run continuously in an unforgiving manufacturing environment. Learn how innovative robotic technology is improving automation aptitude of real manufacturing lines.

Robotics Portfolio Mgr

R.A Jones, a Coesia company


10:00–10:30 AM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

Super Piezo Inkjet guarantees a high level of coding excellence across different substrates while ensuring compliance with the strictest traceability regulations. Reproduce high-quality 2D barcodes at speeds up to 120m/min.

Key Accounts Mgr



10:00–10:30 AM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

Session covers the history and basics of sanitary drainage system design in food facilities. Learn how to match the proper floor drain to your application.

Sales Exec & Leads Product Development

FoodSafe Drains


10:30–11:00 AM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Explore how designing your CPG manufacturing enterprise with focus on “digital readiness” can enhance and optimize your current operation and build a future-proofed infrastructure that will support and leverage innovative digital technologies and initiatives.

Systems (Booth C-3840) (robots), Soft Robotics (Booth N-10311) (AI-enabled food picking) and Metsä Board (Booth N-9216) (zero-waste packaging). Session descriptions, times and locations are listed on the following pages. Updated schedules may be found on the show website or via the show App, sponsored by ProMach (Booth C-3222)

Other free educational opportunities on the show floor include the new Sustainability Stage (Booth N-9967) (see schedule, p. 14) , the new Industry Speaks Stage (Booth C-1141) (see schedule, p. 24) and another popular standby, The Forum—An Industry Knowledge Exchange (Booth C-2158) (see schedule, p. 58) . Schedule as of August 23, 2023.

For more info, visit packexpolasvegas.com. SD



11:00-11:30 AM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

Every firm knows cybersecurity is essential. But let’s face it: Not all of them treat it that way. This session gives CPG firms an essential “starter pack”—a thorough set of real-world cases, best practices and trends—that will help them get up to speed.

Constantine Antoniou Cybersecurity Consultant Schneider Electric


11:00–11:30 AM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

Labor challenges and increasing customer demands make it tough to stay ahead of the game. You need scalable automation solutions that can be implemented quickly to maximize productivity and profits. This session focuses on how scalable automation will help increase ROI and OEE and improve your competitive position.


11:00–11:30 AM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

Implement a custom MES solution to increase operational visibility, improve uptime and reduce waste streams. A case study of a recently completed project at a pet food processing facility highlights best practices. Learn about project justification, determining the correct development methodology, ensuring a successful rollout and the benefits/payback realized from the custom solution.


11:30–12:00 AM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Sustainable solutions, whether for eCommerce, retail or distribution packaging, include resealable, stitched paper form/fill/seal vs. plastic film, newly available 100% recycled film containing 50% post-consumer recycled content, and glue-less paperboard dividers inserted automatically between glass bottles.

Emmanuel Cerf



12:00–12:30 PM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

Healthcare has unique sustainability challenges including maintaining medicinal efficacy and ensuring medical device functionality and sterility. Materials science innovations can help improve both patient and environmental health. A roadmap shows how the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) help close the sustainability gap.

Melissa Green

Head of Global Mktg

TekniPlex Healthcare



12:00–12:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

For those struggling with rising costs, labor shortages and insufficient capital, learn how to automate packaging tasks without the traditional barriers and risk of automation purchases. Instead, RaaS yields immediate savings, more flexibility and guaranteed uptime.

VP, Products & Partnerships



12:00–12:30 PM

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 30 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Todd Gilliam North America CPG Industry Leader Rockwell Automation
NorthWind Technical Services
Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511 ∆
2346 Success Drive Odessa, FL 33556 PHONE 727-232-8200 EMAIL Sales@Pharmaworks.com WEB Pharmaworks.com ©2023 ProMach Inc. ProMach Collaboration, ProMach Performance Integrated Blister Line Solutions On display at Pack Expo Booth C-3225

Achieve success in case-handling projects: Create the right starting block, flow and matrix of pack patterns; eliminate issues prior to production such as rejecting/ diverting inaccurate patterns and developing correct, repeatable centerlines; and close the case and optimize conveyance, accumulation, case orientation and guiderails at the end of the line.


12:30–1:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

To help comply with new regulations and achieve sustainability goals, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical has eliminated all traces of PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated substances) from its shelf-life-extending oxygen-absorber packaging, making it one of the most eco-friendly options in the industry. Learn how the packaging design was revolutionized without compromising performance, quality or safety.

North American GM Sales & Mktg, Oxygen Absorbers Div

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America


1:00–1:30 PM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

Explore pathways for incorporation of recycled content, the environmental impact of recycled content (backed by certified life-cycle-analysis data), consumer perceptions of on-pack sustainability claims and the role of policy in the circular economy.

Justene Anderson

Advanced Technology Product Development

Amcor Flexibles North America


1:00–1:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzzword these days. Its most discussed application is predictive maintenance, but implementation of large-scale AI applications can be daunting, expensive and time-consuming. Learn AI’s potential to transform productivity through incremental adoption—identifying applications where AI makes otherwise difficult or impossible analysis feasible.

Harpak-ULMA Packaging


1:00–1:30 PM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

Integral testing partnerships are needed between food manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. Collaborating closely with partners has led to quick changes and manufacturing innovations.

Key Account Mgr


1:30–2:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Automation can look scary, but with the right tools, it can be the solution! Learn what to look for and how to apply the knowledge to see results in your plant, mitigate labor shortages and optimize line design.

Dir of Sales - Automation Multivac


2:00–2:30 PM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

Automation and recyclable fiber packaging help brands, manufacturers, retailers and co-packers meet today’s challenges, optimize operations and supply chain, reduce carbon footprint, and deliver a more efficient, connected and integrated business model.

Maurizio Carano

Dir, Product Mgmt & Mktg WestRock HARMONIZING


2:00–2:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

Digitalization and factory automation are revolutionizing how companies operate, streamlining processes and increasing productivity. Manufacturers can benefit from intelligent systems that automate everything from material handling to data retrieval and integration. Explore how these technologies can generate faster production, reduce costs and improve product quality.

Sean Spees

Mkt Segment Mgr - Consumer Packaged Goods

Bosch Rexroth


2:00–2:30 PM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

IIoT connects equipment like automated clean-inplace, clean-out-of-place systems or process equipment to the Cloud. Benefits of IIoT include not only automated electronic data capture and Cloud access but opportunities for improved process efficiencies and give manufacturers the ability to remotely analyze system operation.

Peter Barrie

Product Mgmt Dir



2:30–3:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Think radically about your packaging supply chain by challenging traditional assumptions and practices that may be limiting your organization’s potential. Join us to explore new approaches to packaging network design, including when, how and where all your packaging needs are performed.

Shelly Nirvelli

VP, Bus Dev – Packaging Solutions for North America

Alicemarie Geoffrion

Pres, Packaging Solutions for North America

DHL Supply Chain


3:00–3:30 PM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

The gloveless Versynta microBatch working cell is the realization of robotic excellence for aseptic pharmaceutical applications on the smallest scale. As advancements in personalized medicine shrink pharmaceutical batch sizes, the highly flexible, fully automated microBatch machine removes humans to reduce contamination risks while maximizing product quality and yield.

Dr. Laura Moody

Dir, Product Mgmt, Pharma North America

Syntegon Pharma Technology


3:00–3:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

The spiraling skilled trades shortage is leaving manufacturers nervous about the future. But after cracking the code to find thousands of skilled trades applicants each month, Skillwork has a plan to help manufacturers not just come out of the crisis alive, but on top.

Kappes Chatfield

Communications Dir

Brett Elliott

Pres & CEO


SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 32 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023



3:00–3:30 PM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

Hygienic facilities constantly seek ways to improve their process and reduce production costs using equipment that maintains required levels of hygiene and standards. Learn how the FluxCore drive technology in QUANTM pumps can improve operations and reduce energy consumption by up to 80%.

Product Mktg Mgr



3:30–4:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Many manufacturers turn to mobile platforms and robots to tackle today’s challenges. Mobile robots navigate crowded factory floors and perform a range of complicated tasks. But how serious is this trend? What experiences have manufacturers had? How do you get started with this technology?

KUKA Robotics


4:00–4:30 PM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

Learn how a Digital Twin can simulate, predict and optimize machines. See how an “Executable Digital Twin” can expand the usefulness of a traditional Digital Twin to make real-time decisions to optimize running equipment.

Portfolio Development Mgr

Siemens Digital Industries


4:00–4:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

Automation has transitioned from a futuristic concept to a necessity for remaining competitive. Hear about the primary business reasons Berry Global selected autonomous mobile robots and how automation strategies have changed in the past two years.

OTTO Motors

Scott Spaeth

Berry Global



10:00–10:30 AM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Smart factories are leading the way when it comes to leveraging data to improve operations, reduce costs and increase environmental sustainability. As Industry 4.0 continues, we look at the positive impact automation can have on tackling cybersecurity, efficiency, safety and sustainability in smart factories.

Phoenix Contact USA ∆

Come see Vegas-area high school students showcase their “bot skills”. Interact with the bright minds of the future and ask questions about their innovative robot designs. Located in the North Hall in Booth N-9769 Monday - Tuesday | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Wednesday | 9:00 am - 3:00 pm For more information about supporting student programs, visit the PMMI U booth at N-9000. Produced by: THE ‘BOTS ARE TAKING OVER PACK EXPO Las Vegas! SHOWCASE Future Innovators
PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023


10:00–10:30 AM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

Dealing with the challenges of increasing productivity despite employee turnover? See how to improve OEE by getting the correct data to make the right decisions, implementing smart devices and Guided Changeover to reduce planned and unplanned downtime, increase machine optimization and reduce product and packaging waste.


10:00–10:30 AM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

Steam systems can deliver significant sustainability benefits through energy and water savings. Learn how we help identify and implement solutions that support and contribute to achieving net-zero goals through system efficiency, connected insights and decarbonization options—throughout the steam system—from generation to point of use.



10:30–11:00 AM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Advancements in robotics are revolutionizing industries with flexible and affordable automation. Learn how implementing robots can replace multiple lines, how modular scalable systems can grow along with operations without capping future capabilities and how to recognize automation opportunities and create a system that satisfies retailer demands for various packaging formats.

Delkor Systems


11:00–11:30 AM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

As leading brands seek to eliminate problematic plastic in their packaging, recyclable solutions are top-ofmind. For some markets, particularly dairy, beverage and nutraceuticals, a recyclable option has been out of reach. GreenLabel BlockOut shrink sleeves provide a light-blocking, recyclable labeling alternative for transparent polyethylene terephthalate containers.


12, 2023 (CONT’D)


11:00–11:30 AM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

CPG faciliites have used cameras and other vision technology for years for quality assurance and security. Now, there’s an exciting frontier for vision: AI-enabled, real-time asset health monitoring. This session walks through how this technology works and how it unlocks productivity.

Mauricio Casares

Smart Factory Improvement Mgr

Schneider Electric


11:00–11:30 AM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

We all have heard the term “lights-out bakery.” The concept is to build a bakery where lights are not needed because the line is fully automated, and no personnel are required to operate the equipment. Today’s continuous mixing technology is already close to the “lights-out” goal.

Jim Warren VP, Exact Mixing

Reading Bakery Systems


11:30–12:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

New user interface allows integrators to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) with the click of a button. Optimize bulk picking and remove the need for bulky singulation machines. Learn how easily our food automation solution can be programmed to handle variance between applications and optimized to increase yield.

Harley Green

Strategic Business Dir

Soft Robotics


12:00–12:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

The utility operating cost of a packaging machine is largely driven by the heating systems needed to seal or form packages. Design choices can impact thermodynamics, reduce operating costs and help improve uptime. A new heater design demonstrates a 25% reduction in energy consumption and better process control—without any customer design changes.

VP of Operations



12:00–12:30 PM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

The latest innovations in laminating adhesives meet the continuous challenges of regulations and circular economy and highlight the impact of adhesives within the flexible packaging structure. Close teamwork among all stakeholders is the key to success.

Michael Reed




12:30–1:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Data visibility is critical. Certifications, material locations, maintenance records . . . knowledge leads to productivity and helps keep facilities running more efficiently. Learn how BR Code scannable tapes and labels, together with the free BitRip mobile App, can put critical data at your fingertips . . . without expensive equipment and systems.

Scott Sommers

VP, Insights & Innovation



12:00–12:30 PM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

SmartCycle label film is produced from a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that has similar properties to traditional, non-recyclable films but is recyclable along with the PET bottles being labeled. This innovation for the labels market will have long-lasting environmental benefits.

Mkt Development Mgr, Labels North America

Klöckner Pentaplast

Shurtape Technologies


1:00–1:30 PM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

As sentiment around environmental sustainability increases, consumers are looking hard at consumption habits and the waste that their purchases generate— and the role packaging plays is central to this. Learn how to win consumers with waste-reducing, recyclable packaging, made from renewable resources.

Jeannine Scherzer

Global Mktg Dir

Chuck Tarlton

Innovation Dir

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 34 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Graphic Packaging International ∆ SEPTEMBER
innovation North Hall #10054 | sptsinfo@hp.com Wider swath to print without stitching High-speed, high resolution, and longer throw distance Water-based inks for low environmental impact and recyclability Visit HP booth, be among the first to discover HP 2600 & HP 108 mm The new HP 2600 solvent ink benefits: Expanded substrate coverage for treated & untreated PE Stable dry time of less than 3 seconds on every substrate tested Crisp QR codes and flawless track & trace Preview the future with HP 108 mm bulk print solution:
& marking


1:00–1:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

Sustainability is the way forward, and innovative, sustainable packaging for consumer goods is becoming more prevalent in the marketplace. Learn about approaches to thoughtfully use adhesives in the design and production of sustainable consumer goods packaging.


Mktg Mgr

H.B. Fuller


1:00–1:30 PM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

High-pressure processing, or HPP, is a non-thermal process for foods that inactivates pathogens and eliminates the need for preservatives, while maintaining nutrients and flavor. Learn about how HPP works, trends and examples of commercial food and beverage applications.

Dr. Vinicio Serment

HPP Applications & Food Processing Specialist

Anthony Zapata

Business Development


1:30–2:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Are you struggling to keep your workforce effective and deal with the high mix of demands from consumers? Suffering from quality issues after changeovers? More adaptable equipment is needed.

Americas OEM Segment Mgr - Packaging

Rockwell Automation


2:00–2:30 PM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

Minimize risk and reduce cost while being more sustainable with right-sized packaging. When it comes to packing and shipping, you can make efficiencies in larger factors such as operations and system design but also in smaller details like automated box sizing and packing processes.

Solutions Acct Exec

Bastian Solutions


the life cycle of packaging, from production to recycling, emphasizing the positive impact of closing the loop. The first step toward a packaging circular economy is to design for end-of-life to ensure the package can be efficiently recycled or repurposed, thus reducing waste to landfill and promoting resource recovery. Incorporating post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, such as the innovative REVOLOOP technology, enhances circularity in packaging applications, supporting environment, social, governance (ESG) and PCR incorporation legislation. Minimizing the carbon footprint is the ultimate ESG goal, achieved through the use of low-carbon or biobased materials and lightweighting techniques, which reduce energy consumption during production and transportation. Working together we can accelerate the move to a circular future.

Michelle Sauder

Mktg Dir, Food & Specialty Packaging

Heather Turner

Mktg Dir, Industrial & Consumer Packaging

Rennisha Wickham

Sr Mktg Mgr, Rigid Packaging Dow


2:00–2:30 PM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

HPP offers greater profitability than conventional processing, fresher taste (not altered by heat, chemicals or irradiation), the “clean” label consumers are demanding, longer shelf life due to drastically reduced spoilage and enhanced food safety since the extreme pressure inactivates pathogens.

Dr. Errol Raghubeer

VP, Food Science & Technology

JBT - Avure HPP



2:30–3:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Today’s shipping yards face overwhelming challenges that go beyond manual tracking methods. See how leading logistics operations are leveraging effective yard management practices to ditch spreadsheets, paper and radios while improving the bottom line by millions of dollars per year.

Colin Mansfield

Dir of Sales & Mktg

Yard Management Solutions

ment and reduces downtime, maintenance costs and risks of fire or explosion.

Frank Reda

Sales Mgr - Americas

Magnetic Products


3:00–3:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

The advantages of cabinetless machine design are clear. New technologies that combine all control functionality in IP65/67 form factors help shrink machine footprints by 75% and reduce component count. Review real-world examples that demonstrate how to successfully design cabinetless packaging machines.

Eric Reiner

IPC Product Mgr

Beckhoff Automation


3:00–3:30 PM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

Merck is automating its laboratory environment and digitalizing production at its global headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, in response to market demands for ever-shorter lead times and customized products. Modular production and relying on an industry standard called Module Type Package (MTP) are key.

Giuseppe Menin

Life Sciences & Process Industry Mgr



3:30–4:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Discuss current challenges impacting the packaging workforce, the importance of academia and the role technology plays when it comes to shaping the next generation of leaders in the industry.

Matthew Wright

CEO & Founder



4:00–4:30 PM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151



2:00–2:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

Dow will showcase our holistic approach to improving


3:00–3:30 PM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

Protecting the purity of your product reduces the potential risk of a recall, damage to brand reputation and financial liability. Adding “intelligent” technology to your magnetic separation equipment protects equip-

Protect brand and product via collaboration with a partner that provides equipment and services to manufacturers, laboratories and production lines. Learn about the latest research that describes the current state of packaging, factors that are driving the industry forward and roadblocks to innovation.

Global VP, Sales & Mktg

Industrial Physics

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 36 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023


4:00–4:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

The combination of 3D Vision for robot guidance (SICK), advanced path planning (Realtime Robotics) and robots (Mitsubishi Electric Automation) solves the most demanding 3D bin-picking problems more accurately/faster than ever before.

Nick Longworth

Business Consultant, Industrial Robotics SICK

Matthew Somerville

Dir of Sales, North America

Realtime Robotics



10:00–10:30 AM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

In today’s challenging environment, it is becoming critical to leverage your OEMs for your operational success. How do we capture, organize and make data available outside manufacturing equipment to enable this much-needed support from machine builders?

Let’s start with the basics: data-ready machines supporting performance management.

Steve Mulder

Americas OEM Mgr

Rockwell Automation


10:00–10:30 AM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

“Monomaterial packaging” is one of the buzzwords in the flexible packaging industry, since current multi-material packaging is not easy to recycle. PP GL Barrier film is a key component to make

recyclable retort pouches.

Chris Ward VP, Toppan Packaging Innovation Ctr Toppan Group


10:00–10:30 AM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

The journey toward sustainable packaging progresses with oneBARRIER monomaterials, a family of recyclable polymer- or paper-based substrates.

Chris Marshall

Area Sales Mgr BOBST


11:00–11:30 AM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

An entirely new way to think about robotics relies on intelligent linear transport systems. Wireless movers can be equipped with powered end effectors that result in a low-profile, flat multi-robot system that’s fully embedded into packaging machinery instead of attached as a separate, standalone robot module.

U.S. Mechatronics Product Mgr

Beckhoff Automation




10:30–11:00 AM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Before packaging operators look to artificial intelligence or machine learning to solve their most pressing problems, they need a strong product and packaging data foundation through digitized specifications.


11:00–11:30 AM

Innovation Stage 2 | C-2151

Industrial digital transformation enables new approaches to efficiency. Whereas traditional approaches break out production efficiency (measured in OEE) from energy management key performance indicators, a sustainability-oriented OEE integrates the two. Currently being tested, this approach offers significant promise in driving decarbonization.


11:00–11:30 AM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

2024 will be the year automation comes into its own. Warehouses are ready, the technology is falling into place, and all that’s left is for you to jump in and start benefiting. But, before making any investment, it’s good to know where we are today, and what’s coming.


11:30–12:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic. Understanding how materials can affect the sustainability curve is challenging and requires a holistic approach. Hear about new developments and improvements of materials specific to thermoforming and tray-sealed package design for food.

37 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 Fast Lead Times Built to Order Engineered for Success dornerconveyors.com BOOTH #C-1455



12:00–12:30 PM

Innovation Stage 3 | C-2058

Address the impact consumer demand for sustainable products has had on CPG and retail. Get your roadmap to use Virtual Twin technology to accelerate sustainable and profitable packaging models to plan the circular logistical journey to develop and qualify packaging of the future.

Dassault Systèmes


12:00–12:30 PM

Processing Innovation Stage | N-10511

The food and beverage industry has shifted focus to Cloud-based software. This shift has delivered decisive benefits as roughly 75% of food and beverage companies have seen key performance indicator improvements. Digital readiness is essential.

Solution Consulting Dir, Food & Beverage


Automated line personalizes packs

Aagard booth visitors create their own Minnesota Fun Pack.

Visitors to Aagard (Booth SL-5914) may observe automated variety pack assembly and create their own Minnesota Fun Pack. This personalized, on-demand, one-off pack, which offers a customized mix of items—including golf balls, fishing lures, hockey pucks and playing cards—addresses the demands of the eCommerce and Direct Ship industries.

The demonstration features kinematic control from Rockwell Automation (Booth SL-6127) running a six-axis Comau articulated arm robot and a Doosan cobot, eliminating the need for separate controllers. This innovative setup, combined with the newest iTRAK 5730 independent cart technology, also from Rockwell, empowers independent control of multiple movers on curvilinear paths, significantly boosting automation flexibility. End users can integrate the system with their work-in-progress trays, allowing for effortless flavor combination capabilities.

The ever-evolving consumer landscape demands flexible packaging systems, which can handle personalized orders efficiently. The automated system delivers on-demand cutomization for a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

Other system features include Rapid Learning™ training for a seamless startup the first day and safety-enhancing Allen-Bradley GuardLink passive tap and Rockwell Guard locking switch. Emulate3D digital twin technology and vuforia® Expert Capture™ augmented reality knowledge transfer software, also from Rockwell, sup-


12:30–1:00 PM

Innovation Stage 1 | C-2051

The circular economy will soon guide all consumption. As the need for packaging grows, we must use design for easy recycling or purposeful re-use. Learn from winners in this year’s Better With Less—Design Challenge.

Sustainability Mgr

Metsä Board SD

port machine operation and training. For more info, visit aagard.com, rockwellautomation.com. SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 38 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Another variety pack system, the Myrias case packer, runs 100+ cases/min. Capable of handling up to six flavors and case counts ranging from 12 to 96, the machine can arrange up to 4,000 variety pack configurations. The Aspire robot-based case packer/palletizer performs both operations simultaneously, fits in less than 140 sq. ft. and handles 50+ cases/min. Aagard‘s robot- and cobot-equipped case packing system delivers SKU of You capability, achieving new heights in personalization.

Many players, one team. www.syntegon.com

Many players, one team. www.syntegon.com

Many players working hard to ensure the productivity, safety, and sustainability of our machines are always at their best.

Many players working hard to ensure the productivity, safety, and sustainability of our machines are always at their best.

Many players, one team. www.syntegon.com

Many players working hard to ensure the productivity, safety, and sustainability of our machines are always at their best.

Many players working hard to ensure the productivity, safety, and sustainability of our machines are always at their best.

Many players working hard to ensure the productivity, safety, and sustainability of our machines are always at their best.

Many players working hard to ensure the productivity, safety, and sustainability of our machines are always at their best.

One team dedicated to providing exemplary service — every time.

Many players, one team. www.syntegon.com

Many players working hard to ensure the productivity, safety, and sustainability of our machines are always at their best.

See us in Booth C-2800!

See us in Booth C-2800!

See us in Booth C-2800!

See us in Booth C-2800!

See us in Booth C-2800!

See us in Booth C-2800!

See us in Booth C-2800!

One team dedicated to providing exemplary service — every time.

One team dedicated to providing exemplary service — every time.

Many players, one team. www.syntegon.com

One team dedicated to providing exemplary service — every time.

One team dedicated to providing exemplary service — every time.

Many players, one team. www.syntegon.com

One team dedicated to providing exemplary service — every time.

One team dedicated to providing exemplary service — every time.

Many players, one team. www.syntegon.com

12 finalists in a video (see packexpolasvegas.com/the-show/ technology-excellence-awards-finalists). “Be sure to take the time to check out the finalists and the winners in their booths,” advises Thompson. The winner in each category will be announced on Tuesday afternoon.

Many exhibitors submitted entries of technology never seen before at a PACK EXPO. Three finalists were selected in each category by the TEA panel:

• Aaron Hand, editor-in-chief, ProFood World

• Anne Marie Mohan, senior editor, Packaging World

• Keren Sookne, editor-in-chief, Healthcare Packaging

• Matt Reynolds, editor, Packaging World


sanitary construction, simple operation and an integrated weighing system to monitor product weight. After the operator selects the product, the unit automatically detects the opening and empties the container. Once empty, the container is rinsed, and the system returns to home position for automatic cleaning in place.

The ASD, an electro-servo pump (ESP) system from JBT, relies on electric servo motors to operate a reciprocating ball screw to move ceramic plungers, build the pressure inside an HPP pressure vessel and provide a constant flow of high-pressure media throughout the pressurization step. Recognized as green technology, benefits include 30% energy savings vs. standard hydraulic systems, a 40-50% reduction in thermal load to the room, a 30% smaller footprint, an 86% reduction in oil use, quieter operation and lower spare parts and wear costs.


In the General Packaging & Processing Category, the finalists are an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled augmented reality (AR) technology from Harpak-ULMA Packaging (Booth SL-6188, SL6101), DairySeal™ containers from Amcor Rigid Packaging (Booth SU-7244, SU-7254) and the SOMIC 434 next-generation case packer from Somic Packaging (Booth SL-6172)

Food/Beverage finalists include the Aneko Emsys liquid evacuation system from Aneko (Booth N-10165), the Avure Servo Drive (ASD) high-pressure processing (HPP) pump from JBT (Booth SL6111; SL-6349) and the QUANTM electric diaphragm pump from Graco (Booth N-10634)

Designed to quickly empty drums, barrels or jerricans of concentrated liquids, the Aneko Emsys system is ideal for syrup preparation rooms with

Graco’s QUANTM electric diaphragm pump combines the efficiency of electric drive with the flexibility of integrated controls, plug-and-play installation, built-in diagnostics and the benefits of air-operated double diaphragm technology (stall under pressure, run dry, self-prime and the ability to handle solids and abrasive materials). It eliminates inefficiencies inherent in traditional pneumatic pumps and the cost of compressor maintenance and is up to 80% more energy efficient than air-driven technologies.

AI has become an increasingly popular tool to optimize and streamline analytics and business processes. The ability to leverage granular data sets to quickly and accurately produce recommendations can transform good solutions into great ones. This Harpak-ULMA technology utilizes AI to identify patterns, predict outcomes, optimize decision-making processes and transform packaging operations.

The DairySeal line of packaging from Amcor for ready-to-drink products features ClearCor™, an advanced polyethylene terephthalate (PET) barrier. Along with sustainability benefits, DairySeal containers maintain physical integrity during shipment, allow for customizable design, meet shelf-life requirements and help improve consumer satisfaction in a highly competitive landscape.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 40 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
( TEA Finalists Continued from page 1)
The LCA system from Xyntek, A CXV Global Company (Booth SL-6185) deploys a network of fixed-position cameras to ensure coverage of hard-to-reach areas and inspects the entire line in seconds to expedite line clearance. AI technology from Harpak-ULMA Packaging (Booth SL-6188, SL-6101) identifies patterns, predicts outcomes, optimizes decision-making processes and transforms packaging operations. DairySeal line of packaging for ready-to-drink products features ClearCor™, an advanced polyethylene terephthalate barrier. QUANTM electric diaphragm pump eliminates inefficiencies inherent in traditional pneumatic pumps and the cost of compressor maintenance and is up to 80% more energy efficient than air-driven technologies. Aneko Emsys evacuation system offers sanitary construction, simple operation and an integrated weighing system to monitor product weight. Metal-free design makes SprayPET Revolution aerosol fully recyclable. Polymer structure maximizes design options.

Standardized mechatronic modules on the Somic 434 case packer maximize automation, accessibility and productivity. One of the first uses of AmorKinetics decentralized servo technology from Rockwell Automation (Booth SL-6127), the functional modules can be individually adapted to desired format ranges, thereby future-proofing the machine. A stainless-steel frame with integrated electrical provides a straightline case-packing process and ergonomic adjustment, cleaning and maintenance. Locating noise-intensive components in a cabinet reduces noise levels.


essential features: recycle-ready; high moisture barrier; child resistance; and a closure that allows pouch sizes to be miniaturized to match bottle sizes. Internal Amcor consumer testing indicates a preference for the pouch vs. traditional pill bottles.

The LCA from Xyntek deploys a network of fixed-position cameras to ensure coverage of hardto-reach areas and inspects the entire line in seconds. Operators manage line clearance by exception to quickly remove any rogue product. When compared with human observation, the system reduces line inspection time by up to 85%, minimizes downtime, increases line capacity utilization by as much as 20% and dramatically improves OEE.

Packaging (Booth SL-6635), the IMA Ilapak Delta OF-360 X flow wrapper from IMA North America (Booth C-3200, C-3400) and the SprayPET Revolution, a 100% recyclable all-polymer aerosol from Plastipak Packaging (Booth N-9357).

The three finalists in the Personal Care/Pharma Category are a child-resistant, reclosable high-barrier pouch from Amcor Healthcare Packaging (Booth SL-6635), the SmartFactory LineClearance Assistant™ (LCA) from Xyntek, A CXV Global Company (Booth SL-6185) and the PEWO-pack 600 high-speed stretch wrapper from Pester USA (Booth SL-6726)

The reclosable, child-resistant pouch from Amcor Healthcare Packaging serves as an alternative to rigid pill bottles for over-the-counter medications and vitamins. The pouch structure incorporates several

Pester’s space-saving PEWO-pack 600 highspeed stretch wrapper with high-end stretching technology offers stable film packaging with sustainable packaging materials. Performance features include speeds up to 60 cycles/min, compatibility with virtually any consumer product and fast changeover. Compared to conventional shrink wrapping, the unit can cut energy consumption by 75%, material consumption by 50% and floor space needs by 30%.


Designing for recyclability can be challenging for pharmaceuticals because many products rely on difficult-to-recycle foil laminations to provide a sufficient barrier to water vapor transmission. A metallized polyolefin material from Amcor Healthcare Packaging, combined with Amcor’s recycle-ready AmPrima™ film, provides an alternative, yielding a lamination that is compatible with the polyethylene film recycling stream and suitable for pharmaceutical sachets.

The IMA Ilapak Delta OF-360 X flow wrapper is considered the world’s first variable geometry flow wrapper. It is capable of running any flexible packaging material, from paper-based to complex laminates and recyclable mono-polymer films. Changeover is accomplished with the press of a button on the operator interface.

Plastipak has launched SprayPET Revolution™, a 100% polymer aerosol, which is fully recyclable. A metal-free design and all-polymer valve replaces traditional metal valves with rubber gaskets. Available in dip-tube or bag-on-valve configurations, the all-polymer aerosol offers flexible shape design for on-shelf differentiation and eliminates concerns about rusting or denting.

For more info, visit packexpolasvegas.com. SD

In the Sustainability Category, the finalists are the Recycle-Ready Sachet from Amcor Healthcare

41 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
The reclosable, child-resistant pouch from Amcor Healthcare Packaging (Booth SL-6635) serves as an alternative to rigid pill bottles for over-the-counter medications and vitamins. Recyclable sachets rely on metallized polyolefin material combined with AmPrima™ film to yield a structure that’s compatible with the polyethylene film recycling stream. Standardized mechatronic modules on the Somic 434 case packer maximize automation, accessibility and productivity. The IMA Ilapak Delta OF-360 X flow wrapper runs any flexible packaging material, from paper-based to complex laminates and recyclable mono-polymer films. Changeover is accomplished with the press of a button on the operator interface. The PEWO-pack 600 high-speed stretch wrapper combines compatibility with sustainable materials with high speeds (up to 60 cycles/min.), fast changeover and conservation of energy, materials and floor space. The ASD electro-servo pump (ESP) system builds the pressure inside an HPP pressure vessel and provides a constant flow of high-pressure media throughout the pressurization step.

Conveyors clean in minutes

Snack maker solves downtime problem caused by sticky coating.

It’s hard to put the “honey roast” into honey-roasted nuts when the conveyor system on the processing line doesn’t work, because the honey roast flavor formulation has hardened between the belt and spindle. It’s even harder to free the conveyor of that sticky honey-roast formulation when the time to prep and clean the conveyor often takes 90 min. or more. But that’s exactly the problem Commerce, CA-based New Century Snacks faced several times a day when making its premium honey-roasted nuts for several private-label brands.

Since 1999, New Century Snacks has perfected its custom blend and spice formulations for peanuts, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds and pepitas. On a daily basis, the company roasts and seasons more than 75,000 lb. of nuts and seeds and blends together 40,000–60,000 lb. of mixes. But when one of the conveyor systems is consistently down for maintenance, those daily numbers can drop.

The trouble on the honey-roasted processing line started when the conveyor would be shut down for 10 or 15 min. while employees were on break. During operation, nuts fall from a chute onto the moving conveyor. Employees then spray a specialized honey-roast flavor formulation onto the nuts as they move on the conveyor to additional processing down the line.

After a few minutes, the honey-roast flavor formulation would start turning sticky and tacky on the conveyor. If the conveyor was turned off for a few minutes, the sticky coating would prevent it from starting up again.

“With our old conveyors, they’d be so gummed up and so weak that we would have to clean them on more occasions, often two or three times a shift, just to get them going again,” recalls Marc Williamson, maintenance manager at New Century Snacks. “Basically, the problem we were having was the tack powder formulation would dry, and our guys would go on break, and when they came back and turned the conveyors back on, they wouldn’t move.”

The answer for Williamson proved to be two AquaPruf 7600 Series sanitary conveyors from Dorner (Booth C-1455). Designed solely for food, pharmaceutical and other industries that require a high level of sanitation, the conveyor can be disassembled and cleaned in a matter of minutes—a timesaving attribute that’s benefiting New Century Snacks.

“It’s a beautiful thing how we can wash our new conveyors down,” says Williamson. “Before I’d have to wrap up the motor and control box with plastic and tape and still be careful washing it to make sure water wouldn’t get in there.”

Williamson reports it used to take at least 90 min. to prep and clean the old conveyors. When this happened two or three times each shift, the conveyors could be down for several hours a day for cleaning. With the AquaPruf 7600 Series conveyors, both are fully cleaned and ready for use in less than 10 min. He says, “The time savings is just unreal. You can lift up the nose bar on one side and completely loosen the belt. And using the belt lifters to hold up the

belt, you can actually clean the top and bottom sides of the belt. Every single piece of metal inside the frame can be washed down. If I wanted to take the whole belt and conveyor apart, I could have it done in literally 5 min.”

The two 7600 Series conveyors on the honey-roast processing line are 16 ft. long and 2 ft. wide. He also uses two other 7600 Series conveyors on a separate packaging line.

Another area of concern for Williamson was product loss because many nuts would fall from the overhead chute and roll off the conveyor. Dorner solved this problem by manufacturing the conveyor with sidewalls on the belt. Sidewalls on the 7600 Series are completely washable and are manufactured directly onto the belt, resembling an S shape design to give it flexibility in rolling over the spindles. “We used to lose a lot of product, but now we don’t lose any,” says Williamson. “We chose the Dorner conveyors specifically for our honey-roasted process and they’ve worked out perfectly for us.”

Mike Bruhns, a Dorner agent for Los Angeles-based Package Devices, says the conveyor system has improved efficiency on New Century Snacks’ honey-roasted line. He notes, “It’s nice to be involved in something that helps people so much and to have someone come back and say what a great improvement the conveyors have made. That’s what we’re here for, and that is what made it so nice.”

For more info, visit dornerconveyors.com. SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 42 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Sidewalls on the easy-to-clean 7600 Series conveyor prevent coated nuts from falling on the floor and being wasted.

Patty Andersen chairs PMMI Board

PMMI welcomes first female Board chair.

Patty Andersen, co-owner and vice president of Human Resources and After Market Services at Delkor Systems (Booth C-3840), chairs the 2023 Board of PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (Central Lobby), organizer of the PACK EXPO trade shows.

“Patty has provided PMMI with valuable guidance as a leader and a Board member. We are excited as she takes on a larger role in the strategic direction of PMMI as our first female chair,” says Jim Pittas, president & CEO, PMMI. “Her more than 20 years of packaging industry experience, coupled with her ability to inspire others to work together and think creatively to solve problems, make her an incredible asset to the association.”

ing Systems Advisory Council.

She has extensive experience in capital equipment manufacturing and provides expertise in organizational needs analysis, root cause analysis and lean manufacturing processes. Andersen’s real strengths lie in her depth of understanding in each of her respective areas of management and her ability to inspire others to work as a team to execute initiatives

with a high degree of quality and innovative problem-solving.

Andersen succeeds PMMI’s prior Board of Directors Chair Emmanuel Cerf, vice president at PolyPack (Booth C-1844). Cerf continues to serve on the PMMI Executive Committee as immediate past chair.

For more info, visit PMMI.org. SD

At PMMI, Andersen has held several leadership positions, beginning with joining the Education & Workforce Development Committee in 2010 and assuming the chairperson role of the committee in 2015. She has a long history of service to both the industry and association. Andersen served as a member and chair of the Employee Development Committee (2012-2019), vice chair and chair of the Strategic Planning Committee (2020-2023) and founding member of the Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network (PPWLN), serving on the Executive Council since 2016. She has served as a member of the PMMI Board of Directors since 2017 and joined the Executive Committee as vice chair in 2020.

Education and the development of the packaging and processing workforce have been a passion for Andersen throughout her career. Beyond her commitment to PMMI, Andersen has served on the Board of Directors of Hennepin Technical College Foundation, been a member of the Central Lakes College Robotics/Automated Systems Technology Advisory Council, St. Paul College Electromechanical Automation Systems Advisory Council and Northwoods Technical College Automated Packag-

43 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 CALL 1-877-236-0266 OR SEE VIDEOS OF OUR MACHINES IN ACTION AND MORE AT UNIVERSAL1.COM Break-Away Tamp Systems Flag Labeling Systems Hugger Belt Systems Indexing Roller Systems Interrupted Belt Systems Multi-Panel Systems Split Belt Systems Tamp/Wipe Systems Tamper Seal Systems Vacuum Belt Systems Vertical Trunion Systems Zero Down Time Systems WHEN IT COMES TO LABELING, YOU ONLY NEED TO KNOW ONE THING... OUR NAME. Uni_SD_OurName_final.indd 1 7/1/22 4:26 PM BOOTH C-2303
Delkor’s Patty Andersen serves as first female chair of PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies.

Andersen and Sons Shelling takes pride in doing big business with small-town values. Founded in 1904, this fourth-generation, family-owned-and-operated company produces a variety of tree nuts sold nationwide at most major retailers, as well as internationally. Now processing more than 125 million lb. of nuts annually, Andersen’s ongoing focus on integrity and quality fuels their success, and five Safeline x-ray inspection systems from Mettler-Toledo (Booth C-1814) help ensure products always meet their high standards.

“Prior to 2017, we were sending all our nuts in bulk to contract packers that produced retail packs for our customers,” says Mike Andersen, owner and vice president of Sales at Andersen. “When one of our biggest retailers told us they were having problems with their contract packer, they asked us to start private labeling retail packs ourselves in addition to processing. As we began planning our first retail packaging lines, we decided to add x-ray inspection and turned to Mettler-Toledo.”

“Our relationship with Mettler-Toledo Safeline goes way back. We purchased our first metal detector from them over 20 years ago, and we still use it today. We’ve tried working with other inspection equipment suppliers, but we’ve had so many bad experiences, we now only work with Mettler-Toledo,” notes Andersen. “Over the last few years, we’ve purchased four Safeline X33 x-ray systems, and then in 2021, our sales rep, Bay Area Packaging, recommended the advanced X36 for our newest line.”

Andersen’s new X36 x-ray inspection system is installed on a retail packaging line inspecting nuts in polyethylene pouches between 8 and 40 oz. in size. Capable of handling up to 125 packages/min., Andersen is currently inspecting 58 packages/min.

on average, which gives them room to grow. Bags of “good” product are conveyed downstream to secondary packaging. Any out-of-tolerance bags are removed from the line with a Mettler-Toledo pneumatic pusher reject device and then inspected by Andersen’s quality control team to identify and remedy any potential problems.

“Rocks are a huge concern in our industry,” says Mallory Daily, food safety manager at Andersen. “During harvesting, each tree is shaken so the nuts fall on the ground and are then mechanically gathered, so inevitably some rocks get scooped up. This means that a metal detector won’t cut it now that we’re responsible for final product quality on retail packs. X-ray systems can detect and remove far more foreign material.”

“Tree nuts are a particularly difficult product for most x-rays to inspect, because their density is so close to that of a rock,” reports Ryan Bughao, director of Operations at Andersen. “We’ve turned our x-ray systems’ sensitivity way up so it can find even the smallest, most difficult-to-detect foreign material. The X36 in particular is incredibly accurate. It’s able to find contaminants far beyond other systems on the market. Once it even found a tiny wire that a nut had grown around! We were so impressed.”

Based in Vina, CA, Andersen processes walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans and more. Its products are packaged into a variety of retail packs that go to market under both private labels and its Glenda’s Farmhouse brand.

“Since every type of nut is classified as a separate allergen, we take sanitation incredibly seriously here,” says Daily. “We do both dry cleaning and chemical cleaning to remove proteins during every changeover. Although our Mettler-Toledo x-ray

[systems] are detecting finished products in sealed bags, we still deep clean the belts just in case there was a broken bag or spill. Overall, these systems are very easy to clean.”

Since Andersen’s packaging room can reach over 100 F in the summer, they added an optional Mettler-Toledo air conditioning unit to their X36. This add-on helps ensure the x-ray system can run for long hours even in very hot temperatures. “We haven’t had a single overheating issue on our X36. That is no small feat considering our challenging environment,” adds Bughao.

“Another benefit of our Mettler-Toledo x-ray systems is the technology helps us confirm our graders and optical sorters are running correctly,” says Daily. “If one of our x-rays starts identifying lots of rocks or other foreign material, it alerts us to look for the source—whether the issue is coming from a supplier or upstream line equipment or something else. Addressing the problem quickly helps us maximize product quality and line efficiencies.”

“Demand for our products is growing so fast, we’re currently building a 300,000+-sq.-ft. building to add more retail packaging lines. We’ve already purchased another X36 x-ray system for the new plant,” concludes Andersen. “At the end of the day, we sleep better knowing our world-class Mettler-Toledo x-ray systems are protecting our final product quality.”

For more info, visit: mt.com/pi-pr. SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 44 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Nut supplier safeguards quality X-ray systems identify difficult-to-detect foreign material.
A 15-in. capacitive touchscreen display simplifies operation. High-performance x-ray software can reduce the need for manual adjustments and the potential for human programming errors. Andersen’s new X36 x-ray inspection system is installed on a retail packaging line inspecting nuts in polyethylene pouches between 8 and 40 oz. in size.

Replace manual product sampling

Thermal imaging and data capture boost productivity.

At PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Israel’s Yoran Imaging (Booth N-10942) will introduce an innovative approach to comprehensive inspection and production data analysis.

The developer of thermal imaging systems to optimize filling and heat-sealing processes on packaging lines will discuss the technology’s value particularly in the food and beverage (F&B) sector, where imprecise inspection by sampling has long been the norm on high-speed packaging lines and where vital aspects of filling and sealing procedures are seldom monitored and harnessed.

what is often the final pre-market gateway— package sealing

• Increase productivity by capturing performance data, alerting operators when preset quality or OEM parameters are degrading and providing guardrails and guideposts that minimize machine downtime through informed preemptive measures.

“Given the steady evolution of technology, far too many production lines are making do with outdated, even obsolete, packaging operations,” says Dan Ram, chairman of Yoran Imaging. “Doing away with imprecise, often misrepresentative sampling while obtaining line performance metrics will soon be a must-have to remain competitive.”

For more info, visit Yoran-Imaging.com. SD

The quality control and production streamlining technology also brings benefits to filling and heat-sealing lines in the pharma industry.

Initially developed for the defense industry, thermal imaging inspection has since been incorporated into high-leverage manufacturing environments. It occupies a small footprint and integrates easily.

For F&B and pharma applications, Yoran Imaging’s novel Process Analytical Monitoring system replaces manual sampling with automatic, 100% product inspection and, simultaneously, provides unprecedented levels of packaging line insight that can be used for ongoing production improvements. The technology also streamlines the transition to more sustainable packaging materials by verifying and persistently monitoring sealing properties.

Data capture continues to expand in a variety of manufacturing settings, but technological hurdles and cost-benefit limitations have delayed adoption in certain facets of F&B packaging. By translating filling and heat-sealing data into real-time, dashboard-ready metrics, Yoran Imaging’s systems overcome longstanding ROI hesitancies by empowering line operators to effectively preempt out-of-spec products or equipment failures before they occur. This “uptime is money” benefit (combined with material waste reduction) has prompted several major food manufacturers to pilot the technology.

In pioneering thermal imaging technology specifically for filling and heat-sealing processes, Yoran Imaging aims to bring F&B and pharma customers a set of layered benefits:

• Eliminate outdated sampling through cost-effective, comprehensive and contact-free inspection of each product, vastly decreasing the likelihood of defective products clearing

- 9:00am • Room N-247

Manjit Minhas , the youngest brewery owner in the world, will share her powerful story of breaking into this competitive industry, and offer valuable advice on how to conquer obstacles and live your dream life.

45 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Minhas turned an idea into a Beer Empire
Brewing Success: How Manjit
12 7:30
Register at pmmi.org/ppwln Thank You to Our Event Sponsors
Thermal imaging systems can optimize heat-sealing processes on packaging lines, eliminate the need for manual sampling, capture performance data and increase productivity.

Tetra Pak works toward

Prior to Earth Day 2023, Tetra Pak (Booth C-4340) unveiled recycling initiatives that are helping to turn all components of a used carton package into quality materials and goods. These initiatives are part of the investments the

company has been making for decades to support collection and recycling infrastructure across the world and grow the number of recycling operations handling cartons worldwide from 40 in 2010 to more than 200 today.

According to the World Bank, global waste will increase 70% by 2050, unless immediate and significant action is taken. Despite its essential role in feeding a growing global population, food packaging can add to the issue if not properly collected and recycled. Tetra Pak’s recent collaborations are focused on creating recycling capacity, increasing collection rates and ensuring that materials from post-consumer beverage cartons can re-enter the economy.

Markus Pfanner, vice president Sustainability Operations at Tetra Pak, emphasizes that building a circular economy requires system-wide action and cooperation, supported by a regulatory framework that creates the conditions to turn challenges into opportunities. “We need to move away from a linear ‘take-make-waste’ model toward a more connected circular economy,” Pfanner comments. “But being part of a circular solution can’t be driven single-handedly by one individual or entity. Scientists, policy makers, recyclers and industry players and citizens must work together.”

In 2022, Tetra Pak invested nearly €30 million ($33.3 million) into projects worldwide, with plans to invest up to €40 million ($44.5 million) annually in coming years. As part of the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment, the company supports the industry ambition to increase the collection of beverage cartons for recycling to 90% and the recycling rate to 70% in the E.U. by 2030.

The company’s goals also include realizing the national recyclability criteria for its packages in all countries where it operates and fulfilling the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Commitment, a common vision of a circular economy for plastics.

“Three principles are guiding our circularity agenda: designing out waste and pollution; keeping products and materials in use; and regenerating natural systems,” adds Christine Levêque, vice president Collection and Recycling at Tetra Pak. “These initiatives showcase how innovation and a clear drive to change the status quo are key to keeping quality materials in circulation and minimizing the use of new ones. None of these developments could be realized without our 70 experts around the globe, who are collaborating every day with recyclers, local authorities and food and beverage manufacturers to drive the transformation needed to scale up collection and recycling.”

For more info, visit tetrapak.com. SD

Editor’s Note: The original version of this article was posted by Packaging World on April 5, 2023.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 46 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Environmentally responsible packaging machinery solutions marchesini.com/be Booth 6701 Visit us at:
fewer cartons to landfill.
circularity Recycling efforts send
According to the World Bank, global waste will increase 70% by 2050, unless immediate and significant action is taken.

ADCO celebrates 65 years Firm delivers pizza packaging innovation.

Any way you slice it, efficiency and uptime are paramount in a successful frozen pizza production line. With 30 of its 65 years focused on developing frozen pizza cartoning expertise, it’s no surprise top pizza producers rely on ADCO Manufacturing (Booth C-1605) over and over to design and implement pizza packaging solutions.

“We’ve packaged every type of pizza out there: flat bread, doubles, mini, jumbo, gluten-free, vegan, meat-lovers, cauliflower-crust and everything in between,” says Bernard McDowell, vice president Sales & Marketing for ADCO, which is marking its 65th anniversary this year. “As such, we’ve had the distinct opportunity to shape the frozen packaging landscape over the last three decades. Having seen it all, we take a lot of pride in guiding our customers through different scenarios that can impact your process, brand and bottom line.”

In this highly competitive market every detail matters. ADCO’s designs speak to the unique challenges of the pizza industry. Recently, a simple, yet effective modification reduced carton mispicks by nearly 50%. ADCO engineers reimagined the incline angle of the carton magazine as well as the pick gate. This created carton back pressure and ensured contact and engagement by the vacuum cups.

They also developed a pizza stacker, capable of handling up to four stacked 12-in. pizzas at the astonishing rate of 140/min. This automated advancement allows for precise and rapid stacking for high-volume club pack production.

Even simple concepts that are common to most pizza packaging operations have been optimized. “We discovered that by extending the gradual plows, we could ensure product integrity and a smooth transition from bucket to carton load, even at high speeds,” recalls McDowell.

The inline non-loaded product discharge conveyor is a simple innovation that translates to a significant reduction in rejects, rework and waste.

The open “balcony” design of the BBC horizontal end-load cartoner signifies a commitment to maximum sanitary standards, accessibility and safety, all in a minimal footprint.

Changing consumer preferences and dietary trends will continue to influence packaging requirements. ADCO’s capability to meet evolving needs is attributed to experience and the ability to anticipate roadblocks or barriers to success. As the industry shifts with the rise of gluten-free, plant-based, keto and high-protein options, ADCO will continue to develop technology that responds to consumer and manufacturer’s needs.


“We’re all customer service representatives,” explains McDowell, adding, “Dedication to our customers extends beyond the customer service team

and permeates every corner of ADCO. Right from the start, clients find reassurance in the knowledge that any ADCO contact is poised to provide direction toward a solution. In fact, it’s not unusual for us to respond to texts and phone calls from shift production managers—even third shift!”

ADCO’s aftermarket sales, service, training and

rapid response consistently exceed the high standards of its customers. The relationships with partners and customers are built on trust, reliability and excellence. “Together, we’ll continue to shape the future of frozen pizza packaging automation,” concludes McDowell.

For more info, visit adcomfg.com/. SD

47 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 Kirk-Rudy w w w . k i r k r u d y . c o m RFID SOLUTIONS PACKAGE PRINTING Prints on a large variety of products! • L be • E d g • Verification/Inspection • Inkjet printing BOOT 9644 North High Speed C rrug ed • Ch b rd Paper bags • Napkins Coasters • And more... INKJET SYSTEMS w LABELING APPLICATORS w ATTACHING SYSTEMS Pack_Expo_23_Qtr.indd 1 7/25/2023 5:30:45 AM

Conveyor multi-tasks in small space

Astainless steel, washdown-compatible conveyor system from Multi-Conveyor (Booth C-1718) transports empty food cans and cups through multiple processes: air rinse cleaner; invert and revert; filler; checkweigher; and x-ray inspection and beyond.

Inspected product travels through a liquid rinse, air dry and inverts again. From this point, cans travel through two 90-degree curves, a gripper incline, then onto an upper level reflow accumulation table.

A video (youtu.be/MJ8_pcDvtvE) shows how the S-shaped incline gently grips individual units and elevates them more than 5 in. in an incredibly small footprint. Products are gripped gently by the pair of side-by-side parallel conveyors that use neoprene gripper bulb chains to control product, delivering them to an elevated accumulation table. The upper accumulation table allows product to recirculate until it is manually removed by operators for insertion into a retort basket.

A manually operated gate, installed prior to the gripper, allows the end user to reroute product onto a secondary portable line. This section is attached with simple pin-pull and is used to feed a separate recirculating reflow accumulation table upstream of a secondary retort.

Reflow accumulation continually recirculates product until each can or tub is gently guided to an operator for manual removal. In general, accumulation conveyors provide a means to temporarily store product, allowing additional time or distance ahead of a downstream operation.

Multi-Conveyor designs and builds alpine, uni-directional, bi-directional, inline, mass flow, reflow, single file, multi-lane, serpentine, drum spiral and rotary accumulators, along with associated infeed and discharge systems, to meet rate and capacity specifications.

For more info, visit multi-conveyor.com. SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 48 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 Join a network of packaging and processing professionals dedicated to advancing the industry through its next generation of leaders. STAND OUT FROM
On the Rise Awards
Leadership Development Program
Quarterly e-newsletter
One-day Young Professionals Conference
Networking receptions at PACK EXPO trade shows For more information, visit:
Programs include:
Accumulate, single-file, rinse, invert, grip, incline, accumulate.
When a second retort is required, a straight portable conveyor and reflow accumulation table (foreground) easily attach to the main washdown conveyor system from Multi-Conveyor (Booth C-1718) via a “1-pin-pull” mechanism.

impulse heat sealing

Impulse Temperature Controllers

The PIREG ® heatseal temperature controllers are designed specifically for controlling the heat sealing operations performed in a wide range of applications including: vertical and horizontal form, fill, and seal; pouch filling and sealing; film wrapping, and pouch making. The PIREG ® impulse temperature controllers are cUL Listed and universally adaptable to almost any application, and do not require the use of thermocouples or RTD’s. PIREG ® temperature controllers are designed for “in cabinet” and “panel mount” uses and also available with EtherNet/IP® communication capabilities. TOSS Technology— delivering perfect impulse heat seals every time. www.tossheatseal.com

Here’s WALDO!

Booth SL-6407

Waldo Packaging Machinery is a manufacturer of fully automated vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines for packaging liquids, slurries and high viscosity products. Servicing businesses of all sizes in a range of markets that include food/beverage, cosmetics, and cleaning fluids, their complete line of machines are compact, user friendly and cost efficient. www.waldo.com.mx

PackworldUSA Medical Sealers

What sets PackworldUSA apart from all the rest is its use of the high response, state of-art, TOSS Technology All PackworldUSA machines come equipped with the advanced PIREG ® temperature controller. Only TOSS uses Variable Resistance Controlled (VRC) heat sealing technology to monitor and adjust temperature precisely over the full length and width of the heat sealing element, accurate up to 500°C. www.packworldusa.com

TOSS Alloy-20 ® and Norex® Heatseal Bands are available in over 350 styles, shapes and sizes. Custom designed for any application, new or existing, TOSS Alloy-20 ® Heatseal Band are longer lasting and provide for effective sealing at optimum speeds. When used in conjunction with the PIREG ® Temperature Controllers, the TOSS Alloy-20 ® heatseal bands provide instant thermostatic feedback eliminating the need for thermocouples. This instant feedback assures precise, repeatable results on each and every seal. www.tossheatseal.com

TOSS Heat Seal Cover Materials

In the optimum sealing set up, the heatseal band must be electrically and thermally insulated from the jaw bar. TOSS offers a wide selection of PTFE cover cloths and tapes that are available in standard and custom sizes. Other insulating materials available from TOSS include Silicone Rubber, Snaplon,® Durit,® and Siglaha ® www.tossheatseal.com

To learn more visit www.tossheatseal.com or www.packworldusa.com

award winning packaging takes center stage

Focused interest areas narrow search

Check out Sustainability Central, Processing Zone, Logistics and Healthcare Packaging Pavilions, other favorites.

An array of pavilions and other focused interest areas help attendees at PACK EXPO Las Vegas zero in on the products and services they need. New this year is Sustainability Central (Booth N-9455) and the accompanying Sustainability Stage (Booth N-9967) (see schedule p. 16). This interactive destination in the North Hall offers an expansive look into what sustainability means and serves as a resource for sustainable manufacturing, materials, design, recovery, logistics and data.

Another PACK EXPO Las Vegas debut, The Logistics Pavilion in the North Hall, addresses a topic that ranks in the top five searches on the PACK EXPO website. It offers targeted solutions to address the boom in eCommerce. Participating exhibitors include warehousing, fulfillment, distribution logistics and transportation service providers.

NORTH HALL Booth N–9550

Also new for the Vegas show, The Healthcare Packaging Pavilion targets attendees working in businesses devoted to life sciences. This “show within a show” in the South Lower Hall will house innovations for pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and medical devices.

One of the largest special interest areas, The Processing Zone in the North Hall, presents products/services to help increase efficiency, achieve total system integration and ensure employee safety. Roughly 50% bigger than in 2021, this area features front-ofthe-line technologies such as homogenizing, heat treating, forming/sizing and coating. It also hosts the Processing Innovation Stage (Booth N-10511) (see schedule, p. 30).

The Confectionery Pavilion, hosted by the National Confectioners Association (Booth SU-7201), will feature the latest trends relating to aeration, batch refining, shaping, cluster production and other candy-making techniques. Located in the South Upper Hall, this pavilion also provides a spot to take a break and recharge at the Candy Bar Lounge (Booth SU-7201), sponsored by Syntegon Packaging Technology (Booth C-2800)

The Containers and Materials Pavilion will display the latest innovations in paperboard, glass, metal, plastic, flexible and resealable packaging, as well as containers and materials. Located in the North Hall, the pavilion houses The Showcase of Packaging Innovations® (Booth N-9550) (see story, p. 22). Sponsored by WestRock (Booth C-2023), this attendee favorite will display award-nominated packaging.

The PACKage Printing Pavilion in the North Hall focuses on the advantages of digital printing, showcasing the latest in cost-effective solutions for smart, short-run, on-demand, variable data and personalized packaging.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 50 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
In the Containers and Materials Pavilion
DOW-Packaging Innovation Awards
FPA —Flexible Packaging Association
FSEA Foil and Specialt y Ef fects Association
ProFood World’s Sustainabilit y Excellence in Manufacturing Awards
RPA —Reusable Packaging Association
The Tube Council  WPO—World Packaging Organisation Featuring entries from:
IMDA —In-Mold Decorating Association
IoPP—Institute of Packaging Professionals  WestR ock

The Reusable Packaging Pavilion, sponsored by the Reusable Packaging Association (Booth SU-8000), presents sustainable packaging concepts to help reduce waste, cut costs and gain supply chain efficiency. This pavilion in the South Upper Hall also houses the Reusable Packaging Learning Center (Booth SU-8000).

The Workforce Development Pavilion (Booths N-9000–N-9026) is a one-stop shop for resources to strengthen the workforce. Learn about PMMI U offerings, including popular training workshops, and meet students interested in careers in the industry.

The Association Partner Pavilion (Booths C-1145–C-1354) houses participants in the PACK EXPO Partner Program and connects attendees to leading associations from all segments of packaging and processing. Experts from the PACK EXPO Partner Program address the latest hot topics and industry trends such as sustainability, remote access, supply chain solutions, augmented reality and operational efficiency on the Industry Speaks Stage (Booth C-1141) (see schedule, p. 24)

For more info, visit packexpolasvegas.com. SD

Roadmap to ESG

OpX also plans to revise remote access document.

The OpX Leadership Network (Central Lobby), a community of OEMs and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers convened by PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (Central Lobby), has published a work product, Journey to a Successful ESG Program, and plans to begin revising its remote access document in October.

Journey to a Successful ESG Program will be featured in a presentation by Roy Greengrass, president of The ESG Group, at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 12) at The Forum (Booth C-2158). Free downloads of Journey to a Successful ESG Program may be accessed via QR code, available at the OpX booth.

This work product reflects the transition the business world is making from a focus on sustainability to the broader observation of ESG (environmental, social, governance) practices. It is designed to help small and mid-size CPG companies and OEMs address the growing demand from investors and customers for ESG commitments and reports. Built around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the document defines ESG, sets a framework, identifies six success factors and describes near-term and longer-term goals, strategies and tactics for each of the three pillars. There’s also a chapter that explains how to craft an ESG report and links to examples from Conagra and Amway.


For the update of its Remote Equipment Access Options Analysis work product, OpX is seeking IT and OT professionals to review the five remote access methods mentioned in the 2018 report, determine which ones remain in use and identify new methods. “We plan to begin work in October 2023 and issue an updated document during the second quarter of 2024,” says Bryan Griffen, director, Industry Services at PMMI. “This is a critical foundational document, which has spawned documents from other groups such as OMAC - The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (Booth C-1255) and PMMI’s MaX Member Forum. These organizations are awaiting this revision to update their publications.”

For more info, visit opxleadershipnetwork.org. SD

BOOTH C-5238

Spiral conveying. Straight up!

As the market leader in spiral conveyors in the bottling and canning industry we think of solutions for elevating and accumulating cans and bottles. It’s what we do. At AmbaFlex it’s not just about building the right equipment, it’s about developing a special solution for you. Here’s to spiral conveying.

Spiral Elevators & Accumulators for pack, single file and mass flow handling.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 51 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 by
www. A mb
Amb A Flex |
AF lex.com
AmbaFlex_ad_multi-bottling_102x284.indd 1 21/03/18 10:00

Controls maximize sheeter reliability

BW Papersystems, a sister company of BW Packaging (Booth C-1800) headquartered in Phillips, WI, is a global leader in industrial paper machines and equipment. The company’s 11 brands are well known in sheeting, packaging, stationery, book binding, security documents, corrugating and finishing markets.

Following a longtime corporate focus on reliable production enabled by technology, BW Papersystems’ folio-size sheeter machines lead the industry in performance and product quality. The sheeters are widely found in international paper and board operations, as well as in folding carton, printing and converting facilities and specialty mills. In 2018, BW Papersystems introduced the Falcon, a high-performance, folio-sized sheeter for paper mills.

Now in its second generation, the Falcon is fully customizable and designed to handle market-required sizes and paperboard grades. It creatively combines time-tested papermaking machine components—including Jagenberg winders, E.C.H. Will stackers, Bielomatik paper technology and Marquip knife control—brands gained primarily through acquisitions. Pete Forster, senior controls engineer at BW Papersystems, says this combination of sheeting technologies delivers the industry’s highest levels of folio-size cut quality, cleanliness and accuracy.

In 2020, BW Papersystems decided to centralize the control and automation functions of the Falcon,

technologies control champion, says the upgrade has brought the machine to new levels of efficiency. “Before we moved from Falcon I to Falcon II, it had two control systems—one for the stacker and the other for the other functions—both doing significant work,” Little says. “There was a lot of traffic going back and forth. When that happens, you lose the context. Bringing everything into a single Siemens platform made things much simpler. Now everything, including the stacker control system, is running on the same physical computer.”

The first components in the upgrade were SIRIUS ACT pushbuttons from Siemens Digital Industries (Booth SL-6351), a modular system of pushbuttons for front plate mounting and rear-mounted electrical

machine, and labor comes in at about $80/hr., it is a significant assembly time and cost savings. That is really what we would consider the impact of the efficiency game.”

Little agrees that switching to “smart, addressable buttons from an old, hardwired system” was a significant labor savings that includes troubleshooting costs. He explains, “A lot of times, wiring errors caused very difficult-to-troubleshoot issues. So that was a big win.” He adds because the pushbuttons and other Siemens control products are available around the world and over the counter—combined with an international service reach—field service and repairs take less time. Today, each console is connected by PROFInet and/or PROFIsafe to the S7-1500 failsafe controller, as well as compact SINAMICS

S120 drives with 1FK7, 1PH8 and Simogear motors, Scalance unmanaged Ethernet switches and Sitop standard and uninterruptable power supplies. PROFInet was chosen as the network for its versatility, including the ability to connect the pushbuttons to high-speed servo drives. Now, BW Papersystems has one network to view all devices as well as perform diagnostics.

All components, including a SIMATIC IPC427E industrial computer and panels, are linked through Siemens TIA Portal engineering software. This common engineering tool reduces the number of tools BW Papersystems technicians are required to learn.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 52 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Sheeter delivers highest levels of cut quality, accuracy.
Now, BW Papersystems has one network to view all devices as well as perform diagnostics on its Falcon II sheeter. A unified control system from Siemens Digital Industries (Booth SL-6351) runs the stacker and all other functions on the Falcon II sheeter.

Helping you bring your best products to market.

Delivering Results. With Heat and Control, you have a partner with the scale to support your success, the innovation to advance your operations, and a commitment to quality that will help you offer better products for consumers.


• Food processing systems

• On-machine and process area seasoning application

• Conveying and product handling

• Multihead/combination scale weighing and filling

• Snack bagmaking and case packing

• Metal detection and x-ray

• Check weighing and seal checking

We are successful when you are successful. That’s why we apply creativity, engineering excellence, and determined perseverance to every project to help our customers get the performance their business demands—whether measured by flavor, efficiencies, sustainability, improvement, or innovation.

42 2 ~2~ ~2



17 20

36 41 26


91 97
98 34 1
• Controls and information systems
Booth C-1623

Report discusses contract packaging

CPA partnerships promote benefits of contract packaging.

After a busy spring trade show season that saw hundreds of visitors to its booths, the Contract Packaging Association (CPA) (Booth C-1256) continues to expand its network, promote the benefits of contract packaging and quantify the business.

Here at PACK EXPO, the group is participating in the Association Partner Pavilion and is represented in multiple speaking engagements. This includes its debut as part of the First-Time Attendee Lounge (Room S-220) where it is presenting Bringing Your Products to Market Using Contract Pack-

agers & Manufacturers. This presentation is designed to help end users learn how to find help at the show through its members.

Other presentations include Dynamic Growth: Contract Packaging and Manufacturing Industry at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday on the Industry Speaks Stage (Booth C-1141) and two presentations at The Forum (Booth C-2158): State of the Co-Man/CoPack Industry 2023 at 1:30 p.m. on Monday; and Best Practices of Successful CoMan/CoPack Relationships at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

The group also is publishing its biennial State of the Industry report, which discusses contract packaging and manufacturing trends since 2008. It can be ordered at contractpackagingreport.com.

Upcoming events include the Consumer Health Products (CHPA) Association 2023 Regulatory, Scientific & Quality Conference, Sept. 18–20, 2023, in Bethesda, MD; the Natural Products Expo East, Sept. 20–23, 2023, in Philadelphia; and the the 2024 Engage Contract Packaging and Manufacturing Experience, Feb. 20–22, 2024, at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek in Orlando, FL.

The CHPA event is a first for CPA and provides an opportunity to talk to self-care product developers about contract packaging and manufacturing services. CPA hopes to expand awareness of its Request for Quote tool to help more consumer healthcare brands find member companies that can help bring their product to market.

Earlier this year, CPA participated in Leveraging Co-Packers for Innovative Supply Chain Solutions, a joint event with the Chicagoland Food & Beverage Network, which represents the second-largest food and beverage industry market in the nation. Held in June

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 54 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 Enjoy all the educational and networking opportunities traditionally offered at larger PACK EXPO shows on a, more personable scale. Your East Coast Connection for Packaging and Processing FREE Registration Offer! Use Promo Code: EASTEARLY at packexpoeast.com Offer expires 10/1/2023

at Frain Industries (Booth SL-5963) in Carol Stream, IL, the event included a co-pack/co-man state-of-theindustry report, a panel discussion and Q&A featuring CPG decision makers, co-manufacturing leadership, industry analysts, a facility tour and networking.

In another collaboration, CPA sponsored a golf tournament in May, organized by the Chicagoland Food & Beverage Network and Bigger Table, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization bringing together the food and beverage industry to address hunger, unemployment and inclusive economic development in Chicagoland. CPA’s foursome included: CPA Board President Jerry Thompson; Jeff Graham; former CPA Board President Mark O’Malley; and CPA General Counsel Eric Greenberg.


The CPA board held elections for two General and two Associate Board Member positions follow-

ing its February 2023 ENGAGE event. The two new General Board Members are DeAnn Devenney, director of Sales and Marketing for Maverick Packaging and Dillon Vincent, director of Quality Assurance, Crystal Packaging. Two Associate Board Members were re-elected: Gregory Frazier, director of Sales at Frazier & Son (Booth SL-6122) and

Dan Altman, vice president of Sales & Marketing, Delkor Systems (Booth C-3840)

For more info, visit contractpackaging.org, frain.com, frazierandson.com, delkorsystems.com. SD

Editor’s Note: This article is based on one published on July 21, 2023, by Packaging World.

55 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 www.mt.com/pi M R Partner With the Product Inspection Experts Booth 1814 Metal Detection X-Ray Inspection Checkweighing Vision Inspection    Customized Material HandlingGlobal Field-based Service  Serialization Solutions  See Live Demonstrations on New Inspection Systems!
(l-r) CPA Board President Jerry Thompson; Jeff Graham; former CPA Board President Mark O’Malley; and CPA General Counsel Eric Greenberg at a CPA-sponsored charity golf tournament.

Tailor-made weighing systems

MULTIPOND America (Booth SL6567) and its headquarters in Germany serve the food and non-food industry by drawing on decades of expertise. The focus is on achieving greater efficiency and economy by customizing the entire weighing process.

In an interview at Interpack (May 4-10, 2023, Messe Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf Germany), Philipp Kapser, head of European Sales at MULTIPOND, describes how the company helps its customers meet current and future market requirements.


A: I would like to answer that question with an example from the clothing industry. Ready-to-wear clothing is designed to fit as large a cross-section of the population as possible. It stands to reason, then, that compromises have to be made in terms of the fit itself. A tailored suit, on the other hand, is created for

your own body shape and any particular needs it may have. The individual details are a constant reminder that it was made exclusively for me.

MULTIPOND can be likened to a bespoke tailor, in that we do not offer a standard solution. Our weighing systems are precisely like this suit: It fits like a glove, fulfills the customer’s requirements for the best quality and may well be with him for life.

The growing demand tells us that this is exactly what customers appreciate about us. Supply bottlenecks and difficulties in procurement are a major burden for most companies. Some might think that custom products are hard to make. Why, then, is MULTIPOND achieving such growth?

We have more people on our development team than most similar medium-sized machine construction companies. Most manufacturers are currently looking for alternatives and short-term options to ensure their ability to deliver. We, on the other hand, score points with our high degree of development and vertical integration throughout the entire production process. This independence from the procurement market gives us not only more calculable costs. We are able to adapt to changes in that market with the highest degree of flexibility and agility.

Especially in these difficult times, we believe in the importance of a dependable and long-term partnership of equals. The increased machine sales of over 40% in 2022 is testimony to this approach.


A: Quite often, only the acquisition costs are considered when comparing offers. At first glance, a customized product is usually more expensive than the standard, but if we take a closer look, several other factors play a key role as well.

For example, our J-generation multihead weighers

are set apart by their all-round hygienic design. This is the basis for fast and straightforward cleaning of the entire system while maintaining the highest hygiene standards. The fully automated calibration function and associated adjustment of the load cells ensure maximum availability. The significantly reduced downtimes this achieves lead to maximum utilization of production times for our customers. Our weighing systems, then, ensure an output that far outstrips the dump performance of a competitor product.

In addition, MULTIPOND is brilliant when it comes to accuracy. Our newly developed 18-head weighing system is considered a high-precision weigher and debuted at Interpack. With a target weight of 5g, for example, we can guarantee a maximum deviation of 0.5%. This is equivalent to a difference of 0.025g—in effect, nothing at all. This allows our customers to minimize the amount of giveaway and significantly increase the return on their investment.

Our high quality standards mean that we are often unable to compete with the price of cheaper suppliers. That said, a MULTIPOND weighing system usually pays for itself in the first year of use.


A: If the initial requirements change, we adapt our weighers to the new production conditions. We talk to our customer to find the best possible solution that suits the new circumstances to perfection. No compromises are needed, because every weighing system can be converted to the new conditions through a wide variety of modifications.

Even machines that have been in operation for decades can be modified, and the availability of spare parts is guaranteed.

For more info, visit multipond.com/en/. SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 56 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Celebrating 31Years in the Packaging Industry! R m
Weighers combine hygienics, accuracy and flexibility.
J-generation multihead weighers feature a hygienic design. A fully automated calibration function and associated adjustment of the load cells ensure maximum availability and significantly reduce downtime. Philipp Kapser, head of European Sales at MULTIPOND.


How can you package confectionery and baked goods flexibly in a wide variety of pack formats? With pick & place robots that accurately position each product and systems that effortlessly switch between different packaging materials. Saving precious resources –with virtually no waste. This is our Mission Blue. A true benefit for the climate and the many FMCG manufacturers who have been relying on us since 1966. And for you too. www.schubert.group/en/confectionery-snacks.html


Forum sessions draw crowds

Returning to PACK EXPO Las Vegas, The Forum—An Industry Knowledge Exchange (Booth C-2158) features free, 45-min. workshops and interactive sessions on a variety of trending topics such as digitalization, cybersecurity, emerging brand development, artificial intelligence and digitial twins, as well as updates on courses and reports associated with the dairy industry, the cold chain, the circular economy, environmental/social/governance strategies, the co-manufacturing/co-packaging trends and sustainability. Session descriptions, times and locations are listed on the following pages.




9:30-10:15 AM

How will the European Union’s upcoming legislation, the Cyber Resilience Act, affect your business? Hands-on, informative and intellectually stimulating exercises will strengthen your cyber resilience and understanding of industrial cybersecurity. Where do cyber attackers find the information needed to develop and deploy malware? Learn how to detect attacks and identify the intrusion point on the network, as well as dos and don’ts for various roles when an attack occurs. Learn more about the standards and guidance OMAC - The Organization for Machine Automation and Control provides.


10:30-11:15 AM

WorldStar, a prestigious packaging competition organized by the World Packaging Organisation, features the best-of-the-best packaging innovations from around the globe.


11:30-12:15 PM

Discover effective strategies for navigating the intricacies of data governance with a focus on the crucial role of experienced IoT providers in delivering robust access controls. Learn how granting the right level of access enables organizations to unlock the full potential of data while upholding privacy and security. See how skilled IoT providers enable the construction of Key Performance Indicators from PackML-enabled machines, providing invaluable insights for OEMs and line owners. This collaborative approach unlocks shared benefits and fosters a balanced ecosystem for data-driven value creation.

OMAC - The Organization for Machine Automation

Updated schedules may be found on the show website or via the show App, sponsored by ProMach (Booth C-3222).

Other free educational opportunities on the show floor include the new Sustainability Stage (Booth N-9967) (see schedule, p. 14), the new Industry Speaks Stage (Booth C-1141) (see schedule, p. 24) and the Innovation Stage (Booths C-2051, C-2058, C-2151)/Processing Innovation Stage (Booth N-10511) (see schedule, p. 30). Schedule as of August 23, 2023.

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12:30-1:15 PM

Manufacturing firms are a prime target for ransomware shutdowns. Yet most businesses are unprepared to make tough decisions and often make costly mistakes in terms of insurance claims, paying ransoms and cleanup costs. Walk through a real-life scenario and learn how to hone your cyber response skills.


1:30-2:15 PM

The Contract Packaging Association presents statistics and trends to help consumer packaged goods companies collaborate with co-manufacturing and co-packaging partners.

Melville Group


2:30-3:15 PM

Inspired by the 2023 Emerging Brands Summit program, this interactive session will discuss insights and practical advice to empower aspiring and established brands. Discuss tips on how to navigate growth stages with your co-manufacturer, successfully develop new products or finance different stages of growth. And, just as important, learn how to grow with intent— from adding automation to understanding the true cost of capital project investments, to setting your brand up for acquisition if that is your end goal. Gain actionable insights and elevate your brand’s game.

Kim Overstreet

Dir, Emerging Brands Alliance

Sean Riley

Sr News Dir

PMMI Media Group


3:30-4:15 PM

From the rise of plant-based alternatives to shifting consumer preferences and fluctuating costs, the dairy industry has been challenged in recent years by market developments. Nevertheless, the future of the dairy industry is bright for producers open to innovation.

Machine, technology and solution suppliers have a vital role to play in helping dairy producers refine their operations and maximize efficiency. In the PMMI Dairy report, suppliers will learn the ins and outs of the dairy market and hear directly from industry insiders to better understand the needs of today’s dairy producers.

Donna Ritson


DDR Communications



9:30-10:15 AM

Explore different ways that manufacturers can harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to grow or enhance their businesses while utilizing best practices.

Andy Lomasky

Sr Dir, IT



10:30-11:15 AM

The Institute of Packaging Professionals and its Sustainable Packaging Technical Committee are developing a curriculum on sustainable packaging. Add your input and come with your questions!

Patrick Keenan

Packaging Engineer, Sustainability

General Mills

Steve Carter

Packaging Engineering Mgr

Winland Foods


11:30-12:15 PM

Discuss the latest PMMI research covering warehouse integration.

Jonathan Pipe

Sr Consulting Analyst

Interact Analysis


12:30-1:15 PM

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, sustainability and responsible business practices have gained significant importance. To achieve a cleaner,

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 58 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023

safer, more sustainable world, all companies must realize the importance and value of managing environmental-, social- and governance (ESG)-related business challenges in a way that fits their pace and unique objectives. This session will look at ways to build a viable ESG program for your company.

The ESG Group



1:30-2:15 PM

The cold chain is a logistics management process for products that require refrigerated temperatures. Failure to keep cold-chain products cold will render them unusable, which leads to waste. A successful cold chain ensures temperature-sensitive products are kept within optimal temperature ranges and maintain the desired states from start to finish. Unpack the cold supply chain to ensure a full understanding of its requirements and limitations, then piece it together again, working through how packaging can best support a good outcome.

Pierre Pienar

Packaging in the Cold Supply Chain World Packaging Organisation


2:30-3:15 PM

The APR Design® Guide is the leading global resource for recyclable plastic package design. Technical experts from the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) show how this free resource can help you meet your sustainability commitments, as well as other programs like the APR Design® Recognition and APR PCR Certification.

Curt Cozert COO

Scott Trenor, PhD Technical Dir


3:30-4:15 PM

Interactive workshop reveals best practices for transitioning to different flexible materials in CPG operations.

Rebecca Marquez

Dir, PMMI Media Group, Custom Research PMMI



10:30-11:15 AM


Ron Puvak Exec Dir

Contract Packaging Association


11:30-12:15 PM

Digital Twin technology appears to be the starting point for any operational digitization of industrial processes and the innovation of business models. Learn how digital twin supports the interoperability and sustainability of supply chains.

Giuseppe Padula

Regional Branch Organizer

Digital Twin Consortium

Zinet Boz

Asst Professor

University of Florida SD

59 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 Do you know which one is leaking? We do. 49 Edgerton Drive, North Falmouth, MA 02556 +1 508.566.7825 taptone.com Innovations in Container Inspection From foil sealed cups to glass beverage bottles and gallon chemical jugs, TapTone has inspection and rejection systems to handle your inspection challenges. All at production line speeds.
Glass, plastic, metal
Bottles, cans, jugs, tubs, cups
Food, beverage, chemical, nutraceutical
On-line and integrated systems Visit us at PackExpo Booth C-4300

ATS machines fill, seal, overcap

With today’s growing global demand and market for packaged foods, ATS Engineering (Booth SL-6238) is recognized as a manufacturer of precision packaging equipment for the food industry.

The company combines years of experience, technological expertise and intense understanding of end-users’ expectations to provide customized systems. Over the years, it has earned a worldwide reputation as a single-source, highly specialized supplier of high-speed filling, sealing and overcapping machines for a wide range of applications.

As a custom designer and manufacturer of high-quality precision equipment, ATS offers durable rotary and straight-line machines that package a variety of liquid and viscous products, including cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, ricotta, ice cream, dips, margarine, cocktail sauce, honey, pesto, dough, batter, garlic and horseradish.

Adaptable for either single or multiple filling operations, the affordable machines meet and/or exceed USDA, FDA and 3-A standards. Since long-term performance is paramount, all equipment is rigorously tested prior to being shipped so systems provide years of trouble-free operation.

Beyond simply building equipment, the company serves as a packaging engineering consultant for design, build, installation, startup, training and follow-up needs. A long history of applications experience enables it to ensure end users receive optimum results through every stage of production.

For more info, visit atseng.ca. SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 60 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
SHOW ACT SOON! Winners will be announced on Tuesday Afternoon! Vote by Tuesday at noon on the mobile app or at packexpolasvegas.com/vote. FOOD/BEVERAGE GENERAL PACKAGING & PROCESSING PERSONAL CARE/PHARMA SUSTAINABILITY Additional info: packexpolasvegas.com/tea
Superior Innovations From the Technology Excellence Awards Finalists Vote for the Ultimate Winner in these Categories: Hygienic rotary and straight-line machines fill liquid or viscous food products, seal containers and then apply overcaps. PROMACH (BOOTH C-3222) FOR SPONSORING THE MOBILE APP.

Thermal inkjet offers advantages

Experts at HP (Booth N-10054) discuss how thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology addresses coding and marking needs and the advantages it offers over other type of inkjet coding/marking equipment.

HP TIJ technology also is being showcased across the show floor by multiple HP Partners. In addition, HP is displaying the new HP 2600 solvent ink and doing preview demos of the HP 108mm bulk printing TIJ system. The new HP 2600 solvent print cartridge is designed for easy, quick changes and is filled with ink that is designed to print on treated and untreated polyethylene and requires less drying time.

Real-world case studies demonstrate how HP TIJ is helping businesses boost their productivity as well as achieve regulatory compliance.

For more info, visit hp.com/thermalinkjet. SD

Revised ANSI B155.1 debuts

As part of maintaining a strong, useful technical standard, a consensus committee representing both suppliers and customers met and reviewed the ANSI B155.1 Safety Requirements for Packaging and Processing Machinery. The committee is pleased to report that, following a public comment period, the updated ANSI B155.1-2023 has been released for use in the industry. The updated sections:

• Clarified text related to responsibilities of machinery suppliers, users, modifiers, purchasers of used machinery and others

• Introduced concepts of co-packer/co-manufacturer and associated responsibilities

• Updated and clarified responsibilities for existing (legacy) machinery

• Included requirements for when whole body access applies

• Improved the information about validation

• Improved information related to remote/tele-operations of machinery

• Expanded requirements for radiation hazards and associated risk reduction measures

• Added new requirements for Heated Systems and Related Equipment for Processing of Materials

• Updated requirements for information for use and manuals

• Updated/improved annexes

• Created new annexes to assist readers in applying the contents of the standard. The requirements of this standard apply to new, modified or rebuilt industrial and commercial machinery and affects PMMI member companies, integrators and customers.

For more info, visit pmmi.org/standards-and-regulations. SD

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 61 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Thermal inkjet technology imparts crisp codes on a variety of surfaces.

Contest honors sustainable designs

Winners discuss what inspired their submissions.

The third international Better with Less–Design Challenge, organized by Metsä Board (Booth N-9216), invited designers to create zero-waste packaging. The competition drew 124 entries from 27 countries. Six entries received recognition.

The competition jury, which consisted of packaging design experts from around the world, chose two submissions to share First Place: Kid’s Headphones Packaging and the Paperboard Protecting Filler.

“Choosing the winner from such excellent entries was an incredibly difficult decision, so the jury decided to select two first-place winners,” says Ilkka Harju, chairman of the jury and packaging services director at Metsä Board.

The Kid’s Headphones Packaging by Kitty Ching focuses on consumer usability and recyclability. According to the jury, the elegant design engineering provides easy-to-open packaging and excellent protection for the product. It also allows reuse, as the inner part of the packaging provides an option to store the headphones.

The Paperboard Protecting Filler by Marcin Michalski, Monika Klimpel and Adrian Olejnik serves as a transport package for a TV or other electronics. A beam-like structure protects the contents on each side of the package. The lightweight and durable fiber packaging supports the circular economy in terms of easy recycling and source reduction.


Third Place was awarded to David Thiel for RESHAPE, a packaging concept designed to accommodate a wide range of products. The packaging format significantly reduces the number of packaging components that need to be stored. Graphics guide consumers to tailor the packaging to their specific needs.


The Zero-Waste Medication Blister Pack by Patrick Walby earned an internship at Metsä Board’s Paperboard and Packaging Excellence Centre in Finland. The pharma industry package aims to replace the plastic and aluminum used in medication packaging with paperboard.


Two Honorable Mentions also were awarded, one for Totally Bananas packaging, designed by Max Gubbins, and the other to F’lover packaging, designed by Mine Koca.


After the winners were chosen, Metsä Board convened a roundtable to reveal insights about the motivation and inspiration behind their design concepts and sustainable package design.

Q: What was the initial idea for your Better With Less entry?

Thiel: The core idea of RESHAPE was reduce and reuse—reduce the consumption of raw materials (i.e., water, energy, wood) and reuse the same packaging many times in a variety of ways.

Walby: I began by brainstorming about the variety of packaging that I see and use in my daily life, ranging from food and convenience packaging to consumer packaging. The idea for the Zero-Waste Blister Pack came to me when I was taking medication for a headache. Seeing the empty plastic blister pack end up in the [rubbish] bin made me think there had to be a more sustainable way of packaging medication.

Ching: I noticed that there wasn’t a circular solution for low- to mid-range headphones, especially for junior/kid’s products, the assumption being that most kids would lose the product before they outgrow it.

Koca: A zero-waste experience was one of my main goals. I aimed to find a design solution with the folding method without using extra materials such as plastic, glue or a lot of paperboard. In addition, I wanted a single branch or a small bouquet of flowers to be giftable, to look minimal and stylish, and I thought I could achieve this with a minimal packaging design.

Ching (Kids Headphones Packaging): I wanted the challenge of packaging an irregularly shaped object.

Gubbins: We wanted to create something potentially disruptive and beautiful. Totally Bananas Packaging is a zero-waste packaging alternative because there actually is no packaging. Small and shallow holes are pierced in the skin of the banana which accelerates the bruising of the skin in just that area. This allows graphics and communication of information on the surface of the banana with no ink.

Koca: I thought that the use of plastic and paperboard in the flower packaging sector is unnecessary and that more minimal designs can be created. By making a functional design with less paperboard, F’lover is a package that is easy to produce, transport, store, display and recycle.

Q: Why did you pick this particular category/ packaging design for this product?

Walby: When it came to creating a sustainable blister pack, there was no need to reinvent the wheel but rather reframe it with circularity in mind. The current form of the packaging works and just needs to be redesigned slightly to make it both structurally sound and usable when producing it out of paper. Instead of pushing medication out of the foil seal, the paper can be peeled back and designed so that it can accommodate different size medications.

Michalski: The filler project had earlier appeared in our internal research and development program. The Better with Less competition is the first time we presented this concept to a worldwide audience. We are constantly working on its development and improvement.

Thiel: This solution is directly connected with delivery services/eCommerce and could make a huge impact by minimizing the carbon footprint (through the reduction of empty space in transport). ∆

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 62 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
One First-Place winner of the 2022-2023 Better with Less – Design Challenge, Kid’s Headphones Packaging, combines easy opening and product protection with reusability. Sharing First Place, the easily recyclable, source-reduced Paperboard Protecting Filler protects TVs and other electronics with a beam-like structure. Third Place was awarded to RESHAPE, a concept that significantly reduces the number of packaging components that need to be maintained in inventory. Patrick Walby won the student prize with his plastic- and aluminum-free Zero Waste Medication Blister Pack.

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our NEW Pharma Inspection Solutions!

Gubbins: These zero-waste solutions are applicable to nearly everything, it’s just a matter of changing consumer habits and industry mindsets. Manipulating the exterior natural protection of fruits and vegetables to communicate information is certainly possible for much of what we eat. The piercing of the skin like we suggest with bananas is probably limited to bananas and select other fruits.

Q: What do you think the future is for your design concept?

Walby: There is no doubt that we need to start designing for a sustainable future, and I hope this

design concept can spark change, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, the medical and pharmaceutical industries produce a lot of waste with one-time-use packaging made of both hard and soft plastics. Finding areas that can be moved toward using more sustainable and zero-waste materials such as in the creation of blister packs needs to happen.

Michalski (Paperboard Protecting Filler): We would like our fillers to be widely used as soon as possible. After winning the Better With Less competition, we hope to promote our concept to electronics and other manufacturers around the world.


Ching: Ideally, I hope it becomes the standard for headphones, creating uniformity in stores, encouraging all users to care for their belongings because the packaging is for keeps.

Gubbins: We want to collaborate with brands and supermarkets to bring the concept to life. It is these types of solutions that we need if the reduction of waste is the goal.

Koca: I think that more minimal packaging will be made in every field in the future. While not wasting our resources and sustainability issues are at the forefront, it is inevitable that packaging will move in this direction in every sector.

Q: What are the main challenges to creating beautiful and functional packaging that’s also a circular solution?

Thiel: The greatest challenges are the production capabilities and the balance between functionality and consumer-friendly. Most goods and products are packaged in over-engineered and wasteful forms that require an excess of materials. Creating beautiful and functional packaging does not have to be overly complicated but does require thinking outside of the box and exploring how you can get the most out of a packaging concept while reducing the number of materials used.

Michalski: The main challenge was to create a paperboard solution that would meet all the requirements of polystyrene fillers, such as strength, ease of forming, product protection and, of course, price. The first idea appeared very quickly, but it took quite a lot of time to technically develop a ready-made

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 64 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
10-12, 2025 / Atlanta, GA Georgia World Congress Center Your Southeast Packaging & Processing Connection
packexpo southeast.com Learn more at Introducing...
One of two Honorable Mentions went to Totally Bananas packaging, designed by Max Gubbins. The concept calls for altering the skin of the banana to carry brand and product information, thereby eliminating the need for packaging, labels or ink.
(Sustainable Designs Continued from page 62)
The third annual Better with Less - Design Challenge drew 124 entries from 27 countries.

product that would meet the expectations.

Ching: Main challenges include changing behaviors and education. We must educate others that packaging plays a vital role and shouldn’t be an afterthought so that companies invest in sustainable packaging and design for longevity. In addition, we need to educate the public to recycle and be mindful of their consumption of products/ fashion and its impact on the environment.

Koca: The first difficulties that come to my mind are the use of uniform designs, the size of the products and the difficulty of carrying them, and the cost of a design that is both functional and aesthetic.

Gubbins: Circular options are just one potential solution to our waste problem. If circular is the goal, then governments need to provide systems to address the waste stream. Many cities still don’t have compre hensive programs in place. Beyond that, brands need to actually design packaging that can be recycled. Then customers must change their shopping habits and expectations of what packaging is. At Our Way Studio, we believe in reducing the packaging to be minimal, or even better, to nothing. Totally Bananas packaging aims to show how this goal is possible.

Q: What would be your advice for others look ing to submit designs for this type of packaging challenge in the future?

Walby: The best advice I can give is to explore a wide range of avenues that can be taken to package your chosen product or goods. Beautiful packaging may not be as functional and vice versa—the key is

to balance the two. Think about who would be picking up the packaging and using it, and how can I make packaging that meets the needs of my target audience while ensuring zero waste can be achieved.

Thiel: Try to understand real customer needs and the current situation of the market and try to develop your idea with a broad mindset and in line with sustainability.

Ching: Go for it. Any well-considered design

idea should be shared because it encourages others to also make eco-friendly decisions and facilitates conversations on sustainability.

Gubbins: Be brave, not mediocre.

For more info, visit metsagroup.com/metsaboard. SD

Editor’s Note: The original version of this article was posted by Packaging World on April 10, 2023.

65 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
The second Honorable Mention went to F’lover, designed by Mine Koca, for a concept that eliminates plastic and glue and minimizes the amount of paperboard used.
Learn more at PACK EXPO Booth C–4803.
Providing the
to Deliver “What’s
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Rental equipment bridges the gap

Plant-based jerky startup succeeds with co-manufacturing.

For startups and emerging brands throughout the food and beverage space, a significant hurdle is figuring out how to get production scaled up—how to find a co-manufacturer or co-packer willing to work with them or how to find the capital to equip their own production lines before they’ve established a solid customer base.

Jack & Friends, a plant-based startup in Great Neck, NY, went through some headache and heartache to find the right co-manufacturer, but then also needed to find a way to fill in the gaps in that co-man’s production line. A key factor in making everything work has been the startup’s ability to test out which equipment will work best for its jackfruit-based jerky recipe with rental agreements through Frain Industries (Booth SL-5963)


Jessica Kwong, founder and CEO of Jack & Friends, launched the company’s first product in 2019, less than a year after graduating from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science. Although she always wanted to do something more entrepreneurial, Kwong envisioned her immediate future after graduation learning product development through a series of internships and jobs for the R&D department of a medium to large food com-

pany. She was all set to head that direction, with a full-time offer from Mondelēz in hand, but the pull of the Jack & Friends brand was just too strong to ignore.

“Jack & Friends is really built on a larger mission to craft food, inclusive of different lifestyles, diets and allergy restrictions, without having to sacrifice nutrition or quality,” she says. “This plant-based jerky was the perfect introduction—it’s vegan and Top 9 allergen-free but still a good source of protein and fiber with no added sugar.”

The company soft-launched its first stock keeping unit (SKU) exclusively online in March 2019 and then had a hard launch with its full three-SKU set in June 2020—including Jack & Tom (tomato and poblano pepper), Jack & Barb (sweet barbecue) and Jack & Teri (ginger teriyaki). The products, all with a base of jackfruit and pea protein, are now sold online as well as in a few stores in New York and Massachusetts.

Jack & Friends has had its difficulties, particularly trying to launch, as it were, during initial Covid lockdowns. “At that time, we were still self-manufacturing in a facility in Long Island City,” Kwong says. “We just didn’t have enough product to sell because we couldn’t make it fast enough. And we went through this whole zigzag of finding a manufacturer,

and everything just took so much longer, given the state of the world.”

Jack & Friends had planned to work with a co-manufacturer before the pandemic hit, but then the co-man fell on hard times, and they found themselves back at square one. Now Jack is working with a manufacturer in Nebraska. “We’re finally in the place that we had hoped to be in before the pandemic set in, where we have this great contract manufacturing partner, we have scaled up production, and we have more inventory now,” Kwong says. “We can finally implement all these sales strategies that we wanted to implement and had in the pipeline, but just didn’t make sense when we didn’t have product on hand.”

If Kwong had things to do over again, she says she would have started her search for a co-man sooner and would have sought specialized help rather than trying to search on her own. The jerky business, she says, “is a very network-driven manufacturing industry, where it helps to have someone who’s been on the inside.”

Although meat-based jerky is not made exactly the same as plant-based jerky, it has still helped Jack & Friends to find a co-manufacturer that already had a strong background in jerky manufacturing. “It made sense to have beef jerky manufacturers because they have all the ovens, they have the knowledge of


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FS2 MKII shrink labeler: Small footprint, Big performance

the cook cycles and how to properly dehydrate jerkylike products,” Kwong says. “More upstream in the process, it’s very different. So we had to work with their existing production lines and figure out where there were gaps that we had to fill in.”


Filling in those gaps has been a whole lot easier with rental equipment from Frain Industries. This gave Jack & Friends the flexibility to try out various types of equipment and capacities to figure out what might work best before purchasing.

Two key pieces of equipment that Jack & Friends needed to complete the manufacturing line at the co-man were a kettle and a slicer. The jerky maker rented a Groen kettle and an Urschel Laboratories (Booth N-10241) cutter slicer from Frain.

The co-manufacturer already had a slicer that it uses to produce meat-based jerky, of course, but it didn’t quite work for Jack’s needs. Kwong explains, “It’s almost like a water wheel. That works great for full cuts of meat and things like that. And we tested our ingredients on that, too. Obviously, if it would work, then there’d be no need to bring in other pieces of equipment. But it wasn’t giving us the right particle size and the right cut for what we needed, which is why we brought in this particular Urschel piece of equipment.”

As it turned out, the first Urschel slicer that Jack & Friends tried was exactly what was needed. “We actually ended up purchasing the same unit that we were renting from Frain from Urschel because we knew that we wanted this exact piece of equipment,” Kwong says.

“It worked great when we rented it from Frain, so we figured it would just make sense to own it.”

The kettle was a piece of equipment entirely foreign to meat-based jerky production, so Jack & Friends knew it would have to incorporate something new. “We have a unit process that requires a

pre-cook step, so we needed some type of jacketed vessel, like a kettle, that could mix and heat up some of our ingredients prior to everything else that comes along with the process,” Kwong says. “For us, the kettle was the best option because it had both mixing and heating elements, and we needed something that

67 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
AI-Enabled Picking Solutions for Food Processing Visit us at Pack Expo in booth N-10311 SoftRoboticsInc.com Artificial Intelligence 3D Vision Soft Grasping THE mGripAI™ SOLUTION See our latest poultry automation solution
A plant-based jerky startup relies on a co-manufacturer and rented equipment to produce its jackfruit-based products.

could provide a decent amount of shear—so mixing quite fast to make sure there was no burning on the sides and it was being properly homogenized.”

There has been more trial and error with the kettle, so Jack is still renting that from Frain. “We’re still in talks with Frain to see if there might be a bigger option that we could rent,” Kwong says. “We’re looking at total capacity so that, as we continue to grow, we have the most efficient piece of equipment possible. But we also have to keep the other considerations in mind, like the mixing speed. We have

to make sure any piece of equipment will have the proper shear action. We’re also looking at things that could have a jacketed heating element and some type of mixing, but isn’t necessarily a kettle. Anything that could be more vertical so that we’re utilizing the ceiling height and not necessarily taking up such a large horizontal footprint is something that we’re considering as well because, with our co-man, they have to be mindful of floor space. So we’re thinking about a lot of different options.”

In the meantime, Jack & Friends will continue

to rent the Groen kettle from Frain so production can continue while the food company figures out the most efficient option. With each piece of equipment, Kwong explains, there’s an initial three-month contract period, not to mention setup and installation. So it’s not as if Jack & Friends would want to keep trying option after option. “We want to be sure that we would have something with a very high probability of working,” she adds.


Although it might seem fortuitous that the slicer was a one-and-done deal, it was also the result of guidance from Frain, Kwong notes. “We were pretty confident that that particular piece of equipment would work for us. And Frain’s group, they’re super knowledgeable,” she says. “We had a lot of conversations like, ‘This is what we’re trying to do. What equipment do you have that could do this?’”

Frain thought the Urschel slicer would be a good fit for Jack’s production needs. “They connected us to Urschel to do a test run at their R&D facility to make sure that it actually would process the ingredients as we intended, with our specific set of ingredients,” Kwong recalls. “So that whole process went very smooth, and we were pretty confident that that particular piece of equipment would work for us.”

Frain already had the Urschel slicer in its large inventory of available equipment, but it was also able to leverage its network of equipment suppliers to get Jack & Friends the help it needed to test out its ingredients, Kwong adds.

Although Frain has some rent-to-own agreements, this piece of equipment was available only as part of Frain’s rental fleet, so Jack & Friends didn’t have the option to buy that slicer from Frain. Knowing that it was working well in production, however, made it easy to make the decision to buy from Urschel.

Meanwhile, Jack’s co-man has been patient as well, Kwong says. “This is a totally new product for them,” she says. “But they understand that the plantbased category is where the industry is heading as well, so they’re very keen on maintaining or keeping up with innovations as they come along. They’ve been very good about working with a smaller startup like Jack & Friends and being more flexible with what we need because they know that we’re trying to figure it out and obviously do right by them as well.”

For more info, visit frain.com, urschel.com. SD

Editor’s Note: The original version of this article was posted on May 30, 2023, by Packaging World.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 68 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
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“We’re finally in the place that we had hoped to be in before the pandemic set in.”
—Jessica Kwong Jack & Friends

Performance depends on feeding Multihead

need optimum product flow.

Amultihead weigher, or combination scale, needs to have product on it in order to record any kind of weight. But how does the product get on the scale? Focusing on how to properly set up and use feed equipment will help you get the best speed and accuracy from your multihead weigher.

The three main ways to feed product onto a multihead weigher include:

• A vibratory feeder (also known as a cross-feeder)

• A bucket elevator

• Belt feeders.

At Yamato (Booth SL-5949), we typically recommend a crosshead feeder, but no matter what you choose, it is important to achieve the correct product flow. The goal is to achieve a waterfall-like flow of product onto the top of the scale.


A multihead weigher relies on a consistent level of product across all its components. When weigh buckets have limited levels of product or too much product inside, finding a good combination of buckets to achieve the pre-programmed target weight will be difficult. On average, the scale is looking for four buckets in combination to reach the desired target weight.

So for optimum performance, it’s essential to avoid starving or flooding the scale. Starving is when the feed equipment is not delivering enough product, which can leave the top cone empty, linear feed pans with little to no product and feed/ weigh buckets lacking adequate product levels. When a the scale is starved, it skips


NEW at Pack Expo ‘23/Las Vegas Quadrel will introduce a system with PLC controlled, fully automatic, one button product changeover. This exciting new design reduces change overs to less than one minute. For a demonstration, stop by Booth #1655

Let Quadrel move your packaging line into the future.

From the harshest environments to the most sophisticated Pharmaceutical applications requiring vision, validation and serialization, Quadrel is ready to partner with you. Our systems arrive Ethernet ready, with secure remote access available for monitoring, editing and trouble shooting.

In addition Quadrel systems feature Internationally compliant guarding, Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC, Panelview color touchscreen operator interface, full servo control and redundant applicators for zero downtime non-stop operation. These systems are ideal for the most demanding pharmaceutical, food, beverage, automotive and personal care applications.

In addition, we now offer continuous motion labeling technology which dramatically increases production rates.

cycles as it looks for the best combination of buckets, reducing the speed of the scale and slowing the entire production line.

Flooding is when the product level on the scale’s top cone, linear feed pans and feed/weigh buckets is too high. Too much product in the weigh buckets limits the number of buckets that can be used in a combination. Flooding weigh buckets force the scale to potentially choose only one or two buckets in combination. This is inefficient since each weigh head on a scale increases its accuracy.

A Yamato combination scale’s software can force an overfilled bucket into combination after a settable number of cycles, but this should only be a last resort since it may increase product giveaway.


To help the feed equipment know when to deliver product to the scale, Yamato locates a load cell below the top cone. For each recipe/program, the operator sets high and low limits. The high limit refers to how much weight is allowed to be sitting on top of the scale’s top cone. When the load cell below the top cone reaches its high limit, it signals the feed equipment to stop delivering product. As the level of product on the top cone draws down, the load cell sends a signal to the feed equipment to turn on and deliver product to the top of the scale.


When setting up your line, it’s vital to optimize the placement of your feed equipment so it can deliver product to the most central point on the scale’s top cone, typically, the upper 4–6 in. This allows the top cone to turn on, evenly vibrating the product in a counterclockwise fashion to each linear feed pan. If the feed equipment is not mounted directly above the top cone, product is likely to under- or overshoot it. This will not achieve the desired waterfall effect and prevent even distribution to each of the linear feed pans.

The mounting height also is important. For fragile products, if feed equipment is mounted too high, the drop can cause unnecessary damage. Too big of a drop also can cause product to fall away from the uppermost point of the top cone, preventing it from evenly moving to each linear feed pan.

Mounting feed equipment too close to the top cone restricts product and keeps it from evenly reaching all the linear feed pans. It also makes the top cone and linear feed pans harder to remove for sanitation and maintenance.


Lastly, to maximize weighing accuracy, feed equipment should be isolated from the structure where the Yamato combination scale is mounted to minimize transfer of external vibrations to the sensitive load cells.


Regardless of the equipment chosen to feed your combination scale, keep these key points in mind for maximum performance.

For more info, visit yamatoamericas.com. SD

Editor’s Note: The original version of this article was written by Yamato.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 70 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Challenge us! 7670 Jenther Drive • Mentor, OH 44060 Phone: 440-602-470O0 • Fax: 440-602-4701 • Email: labeling@quadrel.com WWW.QUADREL.COM
Proper product feeding is critical to precise performance of multihead weighers.
The Velocity Series™ is the ultimate advancement in Bulk Can Depalletizing technology. Available in a variety of models, Sentry once again brings their unmatched reputation to the market to create unprecedented throughput. Contact a sales professional today for an individual consultation to learn more about the advantages of the The Velocity Series™ The perfect combination of rate, reliability, and performance. Introducing The Velocity Series™ by Sentry Equipment Sales@SentryEquipment.com I 434.525.0769 I SentryEquipment.com 1800 CPM Run Speed 2100 CPM Surge Speed 2100 CPM Run Speed 2500 CPM Surge Speed 2600 CPM Run Speed 3100 CPM Surge Speed 3100 CPM Run Speed 3500 CPM Surge Speed sentry ™

Robotics replace semiauto machines

Pick-and-place action increases throughput.

Sweet Candy, based in Salt Lake City, the unofficial “sweet tooth capital” of the U.S., is known for its quality candy and world-class customer service. To meet increasing customer demand for its signature product, Chocolate Sticks, a Pickerline from Gerhard Schubert, parent company of Schubert North America (Booth SL-6820, SU-7654), made it possible for the confectioner to add another shift.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate coating? Cherry, orange or even mango flavored-jelly fillings? Sweet Candy’s chocolate jelly sticks are offered in a variety of flavors. Customers can select up to 10 standard flavors plus additional seasonal flavors. Sweet’s R&D team is always working on surprising its customers with new tasty flavors, from coconut-pineapple to mango-chili sticks.

Sweet’s chocolates from his C-54 cargo plane for children in post-war Germany. And during . . . Prohibition, the liquor once used in the flavorings had to be locked in a vault and every drop accounted for,” recalls Rick Kay, president & owner of Sweet Candy. Whatever it is, “folks need their candy,” says Kay. “During a pandemic, you may not be buying a jet ski, but you’ll probably keep buying your Orange Sticks.”

So, it was no surprise that during the Covid pandemic, Sweet ran its plant as usual, without furloughing any employees. The demand for the chocolate stick products kept increasing so the confectioner needed to increase throughput on the line to be able to add another shift.


The existing equipment was semiautomated. Geoff Dzuida, vice president Operations at Sweet Candy explains, “It had done a great job of getting us to where we are today, but it wasn’t the right equipment for us to take the next step, and it required a lot of human intervention and manipulation. Additionally, it was only packing about 50% of the upstream product, and so the other 50% needed to be packed by hand. We turned to Schubert for a robotic solution that solved our labor equation and also allowed us to make that change in throughput.”

A robotics-based packaging system handles the larger production volume and offers the flexibility to adjust the number of sticks per box. Other requirements included high mechanical stability, outstanding customer service and easy machine operation. “Schubert became a very obvious choice, and I don’t regret it one bit,” emphasizes Kay.

also executed by an F4 robot, and the second product layer is loaded. An F4 robot closes the box by placing a pre-erected lid onto the filled carton bottom.

Looking back at the new machine project, Kay remembers the good times spent at Schubert’s headquarters in Crailsheim, Germany. “The factory acceptance test in Germany was perfect, the site acceptance test . . . in Salt Lake City was accelerated

The company’s signature product has become one of the most popular sweet treats in North America.

Actively managed by the third, fourth and fifth generation, the family-owned confectioner has been supplying its customers with its favorite sweets since 1892. Back in early days, Utah was known for its love for sugar, so Leon Sweet, who first sold licorice root candies from a horse-drawn wagon in Portland, OR, decided to move to Utah for greater access to the sugar mills. Today, Sweet Candy is the largest national distributor of salt-water taffies, jelly-filled chocolate sticks, sour candy and chocolate-covered cinnamon bears.

Sweet Candy has survived a couple of pandemics, the Great Depression and two World Wars. “The famous ‘Candy Bomber’ Gail Halvorsen dropped


The new Schubert Pickerline packages the quality chocolate sticks into pre-erected trays. This packaging task includes placing a layer of wax paper between two layers of product. Another important feature is the “on-the-fly” product count modification. The bottom layer has a fixed number of products; the top layer can be adjusted by +/-1 during production. This adjustment is necessary as the product is sold by weight rather than count. The adjustment can be done during production via a manual input at the operator interface.

Chocolate sticks transition into the new packaging system from an 860mm-wide cooling tunnel belt. Within the packaging system, 16 vision-guided F4 SCARA (selective compliance articulated robot arm) robots pre-group the sticks in a multi-pick fashion to form layers of 15–17 sticks. Previously erected carton bases are indexed into a transport chain, and an F4 robot loads the carton trays with the first pre-grouped layer. In the next step, a wax paper sheet is placed on top of the first layer,

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 72 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
A Pickerline with 16 vision-guided F4 robots allowed the confectioner to meet its goals for increased production. A manual input on the human/machine interface can modify product count onthe-fly during production. An F4 robot places a sheet of wax paper to separate the two layers of chocolate Known for its quality candy and world-class customer service. Sweet Candy produces its signature product, chocolate jelly sticks, in 10 standard flavors plus additional seasonal flavors.

and [went] remarkably well. From the initial project planning to the currently ongoing operator training in Charlotte, NC, Schubert has provided everything we’ve expected,” reports Kay.

Armin Klotz, sales account manager at Schubert, says, “By opting to automate their packaging processes, the confectioner is now able to take on another level of flexibility and product availability to succeed in fulfilling the demands of their continuously growing customer base. The company’s culture, the friendliness and openness of the owner-family and management is remarkable and reflected well throughout the entire workforce, making our teams always feel a warm welcome onsite. One can notice similarities to Schubert’s company culture — it must be a family-owned company thing.”

For more info, visit schubert.group. SD



BRIXX® is a new, modular, click-and-play solution based on an intuitive software to reduce the manual operations and allow quick transformations for co-packing lines. Based on advanced, mobile conveyors and robots to automate manual repetitive packing and co-packing processes.

This unique design by FlexLink is a solution to automate currently manual packing operations through a flexible sytem adapting to the variability of products, packs, cartons, or trays. It is scalable according to production capacity needs, affordable and easy-to-use.

Automate product transformations such as:







Read more at Flexlink.com or contact us at info.us@flexlink.com

BOOTH C-4400

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 73 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
FlexLink is part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based industrial and packaging solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna, Italy. www.coesia.com (l-r) Armin Klotz of Schubert with Geoffrey Dzuida and Rick Kay from Sweet Candy.

• (860) 342-1100 standard-knapp.com • eol.group


In the North Hall, the Processing Zone, a fixture of PACK EXPO Las Vegas, occupies 50% more space this year compared to 2021. Exhibitors specialize in the front-of-line technologies shown below. This section of the show floor also houses the Processing Innovation Stage (Booth N-10511) (see schedule, p. 30). For more info, visit packexpolasvegas.com.

Editor’s Note: Product information and photos are drawn from The Processing Zone Showcase 2023, published by ProFood World


The VDG SSV-XP drum motor drives modular, wire mesh and monolithic thermoplastic conveyor belts without using sprockets. It features an interchangeable machined profiled sleeve that enables different styles of modular belts to be used with the same drum motor. The all-316-stainless steel motor withstands washdown pressures up to 3,000 psi and comes in a range of diameter sizes, belt speeds, horsepower and industry-specific options for a variety of food processing and packaging belt conveyor applications.

VDG (Van der Graaf)

Booth SU-8025 vandergraaf.com


Compliant with global net weight regulations for packaged and premium foods, the Raptor checkweigher comes in 100-, 200-, 300- and 400mm belt widths. The unit verifies the weight of each product up to 17 lb. and rejects non-conforming packs. Defined product application tolerance tables are integrated into the software, while modular electronics facilitate full integration with upstream and downstream equipment. A conveyor-only mode provides an override option to run the unit as a conveyor without checkweighing. Optional automated Contact 4.0 data logging and reporting is available to connect machine reporting to back-end reporting software and export in real time.

Fortress Technology

Booth C-4303 fortresstechnology.com


Used for boneless poultry processing, the Eagle Maximizer RMI x-ray inspection machine is equipped with an automated reject management system. Dual lanes enable processors to run up to 120 pieces/min./lane. The machine has a small footprint. Eagle Product Inspection Booth N-10813 eaglepi.com

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 74 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 Search exhibitors, products and educational sessions Access Your My Show Planner and add to your personal agenda Navigate from booth-to-booth using interactive floor plans Get news and notifications about show happenings, giveaways and more Vote for the 2023 Technology Excellence Award winners Search “PACK EXPO ” in the App Store or Google Play, or visit Booth C-3222 scan to download the official show app Sponsored by: & navigate the show with ease download the mobile app revolutionize your place in the industry Keyword Search packexpolasvegas.com/app
63 Pickering Street, Portland, CT info@standard-knapp.com BOOTH C-3800 Standard-Knapp’s latest & greatest case and tray packing technology on display Unipack 2.0 TriWraptor



Built for processing meat, poultry and alternative proteins, the M VersaPro (MVP) dicer creates 2D dices, strips or shreds of a predetermined thickness. The belt-fed 2D dicer has 12-in. infeed and takeaway belts that work together for even transitioning of product and discharging into totes. An IP69K-certified electrical enclosure features a double-sealed door for protection during washdown. An optional fluted crosscut is driven by a 5-hp (3.7-kW) motor equipped with a variable frequency drive. An optional intuitive touchscreen human/machine interface gathers data; monitors machine components, including sensors and amperage; adjusts operating speeds; and saves recipes.

Urschel Laboratories

Booth N-10241



The Simplimatic autonomous mobile robot automates full-load and material transportation tasks traditionally performed by forklifts. The unit is made to dock to end-of-line roller or drag-chain transfer conveyors, facilitating the integration of autonomous transfer pallets and gaylords in an existing facility. The robot navigates without the aid of lines or magnetic strips, rerouting to avoid obstructions in its path.


Booth C-4814



With customized robotics and tooling, the iFTS flexible transfer system offers pouch size change flexibility. Placed on a magnetic shuttle, the intelligent system automatically substitutes another shuttle as needed. The standard frame mounting, guarding and overhead enclosures can be adapted around other machines on the line, while the lower frame mounting enables the integration of conveyors and other equipment. The system is suitable for a variety of products, including bulk packs and dry foods, such as snacks, cereal and candy.

Booth C-4400




Tuesday, September 12 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm


Hosted by:

Sponsored by:

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 75 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 WEIGHING. MOVING. DISTRIBUTING. THE RIGHT WEIGHING SOULTIONS FOR EVERY PRODUCT, EVERY TIME. We are your trusted partner for weighing technology, feeding and product transfer systems since 1946. www.multipond.com Visit us at South#6567Hall
Join industry peers for targeted networking and access to resources specific to the confectionery market throughout the show. In the Confectionery Pavilion South Upper Hall Booth SU-7201
A Sweet Spot for Networking
Booth C-2800



The Videojet 3350 Smart Focus 30-watt carbon dioxide laser marking system prints text, barcodes and graphics at speeds up to 2,000 characters/sec. Equipped with a marking head that provides 0- to 90-degree rotation, the unit features an auto-adjustable focal distance, uniform flat field correction, a pilot beam focus finder, a flexible range/size mode, built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connections and a remote interface control.


Booth C-1935 videojet.com


The Allpax retort software suite offers retort supervisory control, tamper-resistant data capture and retort and retort room automation machine control. Fully compliant with FDA regulations, the next-generation suite was developed in the Microsoft.NET Framework to allow upgrades and future customization. The software suite also implements OPC UA for PLC-level communication, enabling the use of encrypted connections. Retrofits are available for older Allpax retorts as well as non-Allpax retorts.

Allpax, a ProMach product brand

Booth C-3214 allpax.com


A robotic cell integrates a delta robot with a buffer and hygienic conveyor. The vision-guided, highspeed robot identifies incoming products on the conveyor before picking and placing them into a carton, case, thermoform, flow wrapper or cartoner. Built for dry cleaning, the hygienic conveyor complies with U.S. food safety regulations. It features a foldable belt and beveled or rounded horizontal surfaces, as well as stainless-steel construction.

Rotzinger Group

Booth SU-7113


Born from the tragedy of 9/11, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation carries forward a legacy of courage and heroism. Built upon the mantra, “While we have time, LET US DO GOOD,” the Foundation supports our nation’s fallen and catastrophically injured first responders, military heroes and their families.

PMMI recognizes the significance of PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 opening on September 11 and strives to honor the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice on September 11, 2001. PMMI will match donations up to $50,000 to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.



Out of Every Dollar goes directly to T2T programs and services.

T2T.ORG Learn more and consider donating. packexpolasvegas.com/T2T-donation



The Cobra DX dry vacuum pump features settings controlled via an integrated touchpad, a variable speed drive with different operating modes and advanced screw vacuum technology. Available in two sizes, the unit achieves pumping speeds up to 950 cubic m/hr. and an ultimate pressure of 0.01 hPa (mbar). Operating data is continuously recorded. Applications include thermoformers, tray sealers and modified-atmosphere packaging machines.

Busch Vacuum Solutions

Booth SL-6258 buschvacuum.com


The EcoMiser Elite oil-removal system incorporates swirl tube technology; the swirl tube can be arranged in many installation configurations. Its internal hot-oil rinse system includes a dedicated pump and skid that provide the correct oil pressure and flow at each rinse nozzle to clean the suction plenum, drain pans, swirl tube separation chamber and other areas. The doors of the system have shutoff switches as standard.

Reyco Systems

Booth N-10954 reycosystems.com


ShopFloorConnect overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and data collection software collects and displays real-time production efficiency and downtime data from every machine. It also produces manufacturing reports, including detailed OEE reports in a variety of formats.

Wintriss Controls Group

Booth SL-6867 wintriss.com SD

77 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 Vibratory for Every Challenge Mechanical and Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders, Conveyors & Screeners Mechanical Two-Mass Screener Mechanical Two-Mass Screener Small Compact Electromagnetic Feeders Mechanical Over Under Conveyor Feeders, Conveyors & Screeners Long Overhang Feeders Visit us! BOOTH # SL-5901 Eriez.com | 814.835.6000 ERIEZFeedersConveyorsAd_PE_8_23.qxp_Layout 1 8/8/23 1:25 PM Page 1



The multifunctional 991 Unipack 2.0 case packer combines case packing, unpacking and repacking functions. Designed for small to medium plants, the machine occupies a small footprint and operates at 5–15 cases/min. Also on display, the 298T TriWraptor tray packer features the high-speed Robo-Wand™ wrapping module for consistent, tight, wrinkle-free wrapping of a wide range of product sizes.


Booth C-3800 standard-knapp.com


Compact and easily adjustable using hand cranks, this uniform semiautomatic L-Clip case sealer seals low-profile clamshell-type boxes at speeds up to 40 cartons/min., eliminating the time and labor cost of hand taping. The unit includes a 3-in. tape head, adjustable legs and casters.

A.B. Sealer Booth SL-5805 absealer.com


Compact, affordable PKR™-Delta robot cell picks and places flexible or rigid packaging at up to 50 single picks or 80 twin picks/min. Available in single or multi-cell configurations, the PKR family of pick-and-place cells handle applications that require precise transfer of a retail package into a master secondary case, tray or carton or loading a machine like a flow wrapper or thermoformer.


Booth C-5006 valtaratec.com ∆

Packaging Solutions That Work!

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 78 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
We Solve & Support Packaging Equipment Challenges So You Can Grow Your Business
From cartoners and sleevers, to case packers, ADCO has the expertise to optimize your packaging operation. Explore innovative packaging solutions for food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer and household products. Come visit us in booth C-1605

thank you to our partners!

These organizations are an integral part of PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 and played a pivotal role in bringing the entire packaging and processing industry together for this event.

* As of July 6, 2023



A new range of durable, ICF full-metal inductive sensors increase uptime and are well-suited to harsh, high-temperature washdown environments such as agriculture and food and beverage. IO-Link enables new intelligent monitoring capabilities to allow predictive maintenance to be scheduled before downtime occurs.

Carlo Gavazzi Booth SL-6432 GavazziOnline.com


Product can be packaged by target weight or by piece count with the Dataweigh™ Omega combination scale. Counting software counts and dumps product by individual weight, packaging a piece count as low as one.

Yamato Booth SL-5949 yamatoamericas.com


Material handling is made easy with the DCMove belted conveyor. A new plug-and-play iDrive v2 configuration allows customers to select from a ready-to-run conveyor to a flexible-control mode. The DCMove conveyor is available in widths from 10 to 48 in., in lengths from 2 to 40 ft. end drive (up to 99 ft. center drive) and handles loads up to 400 lb. end drive (1,000 lb. center drive).

Dorner Booth C-1455 dornerconveyors.com


Betel Delta 2-EVO bottle sorter and orienter changes over in less than 5 min. and needs no change parts. Capable of speeds up to 500 bottles/min., the agile unit streamlines bottling production and reduces the time-to-market for new products.

Ronchi America Booth SU-7412 www.ronchiamerica.com

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 80 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Find solutions fast and free on PMMI ProSource ProSource.org is the most reliable and complete online directory of North American packaging and processing technology suppliers—designed from the buyer’s perspective and validated by industry experts. prosource.org View 900+ validated suppliers and PMMI members. Use over 100 filters to find the right suppliers. Search more than 400 categories of machines, materials and services. Liquid Fillers (11 companies) el/budget odels Liquid Fillers (11 companies) Fill Type Capabilities Fill by t me (6 Fill by weight (7 Hot fill 11 Volumetric (9 E y-l el/budget models available 1 ) IIoT eady (6 Tool-less changeover (8) Entry-level/budget models available Hot Fill



Fewer pieces in this new twist block design— compared to traditional designs—mean less opportunity for contaminants and quicker disassembly/ cleaning/reassembly. Standard models range from 12 to 18 in., with custom sizing available.

Morrison Container Handling Solutions

Booth C-1651



The commercial focus expands for the mGripAI™ artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled picking technology for consumer goods, eCommerce and logistics applications. This combination of 3D vision, AI and soft grasping gives industrial robots the dexterity and hand/ eye coordination of human workers, enabling use in unstructured applications such as order fulfillment, sortation, decanting and kitting. The mGripAI gripper with its proven ability to reliably pick, place and sort delicate and variable products at extremely high speeds (greater than 90 parts/min.) helps warehouses and distribution centers decouple operations from the challenges of labor availability.

Soft Robotics

Booth N-10311


Raising the bar on logistics.

Rehrig Pacific is a trusted authority in sustainable supply chain solutions. With a century of experience, we manufacture reusable plastic products and develop cutting-edge material handling solutions designed to work in automated systems. As sought-after thought partners, we drive innovation for a changing global landscape.


The Mercury high-speed, vertical form/fill/seal (V/F/F/S) bagger fills bags ranging from 2 to 11 in. wide and 3 to 15 in. long at rates up to 140/min. The unit’s small footprint and quick setup and changeover make it a cost-effective bagging solution.

Matrix Packaging Machinery, a ProMach product brand

Booth C-2825


81 SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
Learn more at rehrigpacific.com JOIN US AT PACK EXPO BOOTH #7901


A polyolefin blister film/barrier polypropylene (PP) lidding film combination has been certified as recyclable, supporting sustainable healthcare packaging demands. The transparent, mid-barrier blister package is recyclable where PP recycling streams are available.

TekniPlex Healthcare Booth SL-6620 tekni-plex.com/healthcare


EtherCAT-enabled power supply units, which directly process measurement data and internal device diagnostics information, help enable predictive maintenance for increased availability and reduced downtime. The single-phase, 24 VDC power supplies are available as both 10 A and 20 A variants with an output power of 240 and 480 W, respectively.

Beckhoff Automation Booth SL-6335 beckhoff.com


LeafyPack brand EliteWeigh multihead weigher weighs food, pharmaceuticals, cannabis, cosmetics and other items directly above the package, ensuring accurate measurements with a tolerance of 0.05g. The system can weigh cannabis flower at speeds ranging from 80200 cycles/min., calculating product weight before final packaging.

Plan IT Packaging Systems

Booth SL-6175 planitpackaging.com


Suitable for medium- to large-batch powder or pellet dosing, the Essentia 100 capsule filler produces up to 100,000 capsules/ hr. The system requires minimal floor space and boasts easy cleaning and maintenance. Statistical weight control system supports quality assurance.

SHOW DAILY SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 82 PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023
MG America
SL-6534 mgamerica.com OpXLeadershipNetwork.org If you’re looking for industry best practices to help you stay ahead of the game –OpX Leadership Network is your answer. Leadership Network Moving Operational Excellence Forward ® PMMI Operational Best Practices by Industry, for Industry Remote Equipment Access Options Analysis FALL 2018 brought to you by: PMMI 11911 Freedom Drive, Suite 600 Reston, VA 20190 PMMI 12930 Worldgate Dr Ste 200 Herndon, VA 20170 TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP USER GUIDE FOR CPG INDUSTRY 2020 One Voice Factory Acceptance Tests Protocols for Capital Equipment in the CPG industry SPRING 2022 RFP GUIDELINES FOR CPG INDUSTRY SUMMER 2018 PMMI 11911 Freedom Drive, Suite 600 Reston, VA 20190 brought to you by: REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL



Using advanced mobile conveyors and robots, the BRIXX® robotic picking system accommodates


Available in intermittent- or continuous-motion modes, the BTS blister transport system marries blister packaging with end-of-line cartoning for a turnkey system. Integrating technology from two ProMach product brands, the BTS transfers and collates up to 500 blisters/min. The BTS counts the proper number of blisters per cycle to the cartoner infeed bucket. An overhead vacuum transport system accommodates speed fluctuations between the blister machine and cartoner, maximizing output. The system handles a wide range of blister format sizes.

Pharmaworks, a ProMach product brand

Booth C-3225, SL-6501


Serpa Packaging Solutions, a ProMach product brand

Booth C-3433, SL-6501 serpapackaging.com


Bucket elevators—available in stainless steel or powder coated—transport bulk materials both vertically and horizontally, with a modular design allowing customized configurations. Overlapping pivoting buckets prevent spilling and mitigate foreign debris.

Ryson International

Booth C-4736


multiple product variations, supporting demand for differentiation and personalization, especially in co-packing and eCommerce operations. The clickand-play operation reduces repetitive manual packing, while quick layout changes help manage seasonal peak loads.

FlexLink Systems

Booth C-4400


Thank You

To our sponsors for making the PMMI Foundation’s fifteenth Fundraiser Golf Tournament a great success. Funds raised enhance the Foundation’s support to the future of the packaging and processing industry through scholarships, student manufacturing camps, education trainings, and program development.


Sponsors as of July 24, 2023.

For more information about the PMMI Foundation contact PMMI at 1-888-ASK-PMMI

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2023



Removing fine-particle ferrous contamination up to 0.5-in. from dry, free-flowing products under gravity flow is simplified through single-skin, rare earth magnet or ceramic tubes and unique stripping bushings. The grate-in housing unit includes a remote mounting panel with a filter regulator, solenoid valve and NEMA 12 pushbutton control.

Eriez Booth SL-5901 eriez.com


PrimoCombi weigh-filling system achieves tight weight tolerances and consistency when handling cannabis products. The unit accurately weighs and dispenses cannabis flower via a 14-head configuration that can handle containers, jars, bags or cartons.

Canapa Solutions/Paxiom

Booth C-5006 canapasolutions.com


Outstanding control performance from a new multi-axis servo inverter allows operators to increase machine cycle rates by up to 20%. Auto-tuning function makes commissioning easier and improves machine efficiency. Power supply modules in single and double axes are operated in a DC network.

Lenze Americas

Learn more at pmmi.org/industry-training

Booth C-4803 lenze.com




The Nebula high-speed decontamination tunnel achieves 6-log decontamination while allowing for continuous, high-speed tub introduction, up to 6/min. The tunnel’s chambers manage pressure to ensure maximum safety, avoiding hydrogen peroxide circulation within the isolator. The tunnel can be integrated into aseptic fill/finish lines.

IMA North America

Booth C-3200, C-3400 ima.it


Visualizing and simulating planned automation projects reduces risk by validating designs in advance. 3D simulator software connects to software and factory devices without going through an OPC server, updating 3D data in digital spaces about 12 times faster than OPC environments. The software allows testing and debugging automation logic pre-construction and identifies abnormal situations on production lines once installed.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Booth N-10011



Looking to simplify data access? The AMS device manager data server simplifies importing critical instrument and valve data into common dashboarding tools and applications. The server publishes intelligent field device data—in near real time—to industrial software analytics solutions already in use. This eliminates complex custom data integration and manual workarounds that delay results and cause siloed data.

Emerson Discrete Automation

Booth SL-6107 emerson.com

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