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DRAMATIC WORSHIP SERVICE TPie House on the Sand” Elliot Field (This is a Y/orship service* The audience, therefore, is asked to enter quietly and engage in silent meditation.) VJorship Prelude Hymn 365 ^’Hov; Firm a P'oundation” Scripture Offering Prayer

(1, 2 & 5th stanzas)

Characters in the Drama Director; Lola Dell Jennings Assistant; Wilma Mosholder Thomas Reynolds, a business man Maud Reynolds, his v/ife Alec Reynolds, their son Phyllis Reynolds, their daughter Max Reynolds, their younger son Dan Mulvaney, a workman liose Mulvaney, his daughter Mag, the old family nurse Mrs. Sniggles, a neighbor Scene; Time;

Paul Ziegler Ruth Morrison Gerald Riley Betty Hughes Ralph Scherer William Van Cleve Mae Mokry Doris Norris Meredith Rosensteel

The living-room of the Reynolds* home A Sunday afternoon.

Stage Manager: Curtis Coate Properties Manager; Mary Musser Coach; Professor J. F. Smith 9S i\ A


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The Pastor

Profile for Otterbein University

1936 The House on the Sand  

1936 The House on the Sand