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Hearing Is Personal: How Lucid Technology Adapts to Your Ears

Dallas Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Ivy Camps Receives Funding from MonCap and Man Capital

Every day each of us experiences an extraordinary variety of sound that is, in many ways, personal to us. The alarm tone that wakes us up, the conversations we have with people – each of these are uniquely experienced individually and personally. While we can’t individually manage all of our aural exposure, we certainly can have our preferences. Normal ears contain around 15,500 sensory hair cells that sit alongside a membrane that vibrates with each incoming sound. Each frequency of sound vibrates the hair cells in specific locations, which is why we are able to hear differences in sounds. While different sounds vibrate different parts of our membrane, louder sounds increase the amplitude of the vibration. When it comes to hearing loss, the majority is sensori-neural loss, where inner and outer hair cells have been damaged. This leads to an inability to hear soft sounds, while still being able to hear (and be sensitive) to loud sounds. So, while a person experiencing hearing loss can still have a dynamic range of hearing, it is a much smaller range than a person with normal hearing. The standard for today’s hearing aids and amplifiers is a technology called Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC). WDRC logically amplifies softer sounds more than louder sounds, in an effort to balance what the user hears. It gives the most amplification to soft sounds, less to average sounds and even less to loud sounds. Ears that are experiencing hearing loss have a decreased range of what they can hear and WDRC attempts to generically boost the range of soft sounds.

Ivy Camps USA, Inc., a global education technology company delivering live curated classes to children aged 6-18 taught exclusively by instructors from top U.S. universities, announced that it has raised funding from MonCap and Man Capital. Founded by Danny Hundert, Ivy Camps has taught over 1,000,000 student-hours of fun, educational content that supplements school-based learning programs. Ivy Camps' instructors hail from universities such as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Courses start at $149 for 5-session modules and some of the most popular offerings include Public Speaking, Crypto for Kids, Video Editing for YouTube, Engineer a Better World with the Stanford Design Cycle, and Writing for College Admissions. This funding round will be used to accelerate growth and expand the Company's global presence. As part of the investment, Jonathan Sockol and Loutfy Mansour will be joining the Company's Board. "We are pleased to welcome MonCap and Man Capital as partners in Ivy Camps," said Hundert. "Both have a proven reputation of being active, value-added partners and will help us further our mission of inspiring every child to follow their passions and excel beyond the classroom." Jonathan Sockol, Managing Partner at MonCap, commented "We are proud to be backing Danny and his team. Ivy Camps expands learning beyond the traditional curriculum taught in school classrooms and equips children with the essential skills and knowledge that they need to succeed." Loutfy Mansour, CEO at Man Capital said, "Ivy Camps is changing the landscape of learning around the world. We are excited to work together to drive a paradigm shift in education while enabling children to interact with the best and brightest on the planet."

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Boxlight Technology and Services Transform the Educational Experience

Boxlight technology solutions help teachers transform the educational experience with innovative products ranging from cutting-edge interactive displays and audio solutions to standardsdriven STEM lessons and hardware. By empowering teachers to take learning to the next level with a robust portfolio of solutions, the learning environment illuminates the power of knowledge possible for all students. Boxlight strives to design and develop materials, resources, and services to help create an immersive, interactive experience that connects people with potential and passion with purpose. Its turnkey solutions include the award-winning ProColor interactive display which boosts engagement via simultaneous Touch 360° interactivity. Teachers will save time and effort with cloud drive functionality, and have increased opportunities for collaboration with software, apps, and screen-sharing tools to motivate everyone in the class. Boxlight’s MimioSTEM solutions inspire teachers to integrate dynamic STEM instruction to foster key skills like critical thinking, perseverance, creative problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, and effective communication. The award-winning MyStemKits online lesson platform helps teachers find and use standards-aligned, hands-on lessons that spark interest in STEM topics and concepts for lifelong learning and application. MimioSTEM solutions also feature products that connect student learning with valuable tech-related skills via 3D printing, robotics, and data collection and analysis. MimioSTEM solutions are comprehensive and results-driven. To help teachers implement educational technology successfully and with confidence, Continued on Page 5

USPS Connect: Powering Next-Day Delivery

No other organization reaches and serves the American public so visibly every day than the United States Postal Service®. Now, it’s leveraging its vast network and reach to bring businesses what consumers are demanding: fast and affordable next-day delivery. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, consumer shopping behaviors have fundamentally changed. Shipping has surged tremendously as consumers moved their purchasing online. By 2025, the e-commerce share of all retail sales is expected to grow to 23 percent, more than double its share in 2019. Rather than waiting for their lunch hour or after the kids are in bed, consumers are placing orders on their mobile devices as they think of them, between video conference calls or while doing daily tasks. At the same time, consumers increasingly expect their orders to be fulfilled and delivered quickly, with more than 30 percent saying they are frustrated when shipping takes too long. About 87 percent say the shipping experience directly impacts their decision to shop with a merchant again. To compete and grow, businesses must adapt. The key is positioning the product closer to the customer so orders can be placed later in the day and still be delivered the next. That’s why in February, USPS will begin rolling out USPS Connect, a suite of affordable package delivery solutions for businesses, across the nation. At its core, USPS Connect is about providing solutions that help businesses of all sizes – whether a local neighborhood business or a national shipper – grow their business through mail Continued on Page 5


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

EdTech Show Daily

ELMO Connecting Minds Learning isn’t static. It’s dynamic. Last year, ELMO announced the next stage of the company’s 100-year legacy to expand its educational product focus to be a complete ecosystem of connected solutions that streamline a classroom’s workflow and create a more immersive learning experience for students with the document camera at the helm. The critical component of this mission is “connectivity.” ELMO products are designed to interact seamlessly with one another and other devices, allowing teachers to create dynamic learning in their in-person and hybrid classrooms. ELMO’s commitment to providing teachers with empowering tools that are user-friendly, engaging and helpful has driven 2021 at ELMO and will continue to drive its mission moving forward because the learning environment is ever-changing and connecting minds is ELMO’s focus. The ELMO family of award-win-

ning document cameras range from portable, wireless and the best-selling TT series, to high-end platform cameras for giant lecture halls where every detail matters. Teachers can either ditch their desks, walk around the room or even go outdoors, capturing images using wireless document cameras or use a 4k camera to zoom in on the tiniest detail of a specimen for a biology lesson. With document cameras being the cornerstone of ELMO’s product line for education, the newest ELMO Interactive Display has arrived to supercharge the classroom even more. This interactive panel comes in 75" or 86" if you want to make a giant impression on your students. It links curious minds to visual learning with seamless screen sharing in 4k Ultra HD display, one-click document camera projection to the panel screen, the ability to annotate directly on an image with industry-leading intelligent touch tech-

High-performance Solutions from Qorvo An interview with Philip Chesley, President – Infrastructure and Defense, Qorvo.

ESD: Congratulations on becoming the new Qorvo Infrastructure & Defense Products (IDP) president. What is your primary focus for IDP in this position?

PC: My goal for the IDP business is to build on the organization’s proven track record of success and further diversify Qorvo’s product and technology mix. I also look forward to strengthening our industry relationships by delivering world-class solutions for RF, power, communications, automotive, smart home, IoT and aerospace and defense customers. By working across multiple markets, we can efficiently develop advanced technology processes, products and manufacturing capabilities to innovate next-generation products more quickly.

ESD: What does “Qorvo All Around You” mean to you?

PC: The Qorvo team has always been driven by the possibility of discovering new technologies and advancements that make the world a better, more connected place. For more than 30 years, we have been inno-

vating high-performance solutions that solve our customers’ most difficult challenges. We are very excited about expanding our customer offerings in MEMS, UWB, power and automotive through seven successful acquisitions in the past 2.5 years. Today, we are advancing technologies such as Wi-Fi, Ultra-Wideband and power management that are fundamentally changing how we live and helping us all to be better stewards of our planet.

ESD: With the addition of Power, what are the implications for the future of Qorvo and power electronics?

PC: The programmable power market is growing rapidly, and these acquisitions will enable Qorvo to expand its offering and help redefine the user experience with connected devices. Qorvo’s power management products are already used to charge, power and control a wide range of consumer, commercial and industrial applications. Adding UnitedSiC’s core competencies and silicon carbide semiconductor capabilities expand our opportunities in high-power applications and enable Qorvo to deliver high-value systems for motion control, circuit protection and power conversion.

ESD: How do you think Matter will

AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH TCEA Kimberly Oser Publisher Anthony Socci Vice President of Sales

nology, and many other helpful features that keep students engaged. It pairs with the CRA-2 Wireless Tablet, enabling teachers the freedom to walk around the classroom making notes directly onto the tablet and visualizing them on the screen from anywhere in the classroom. This ELMO ecosystem of connected classroom solutions will inspire, engage, inform and connect minds in your classroom.

For more information, visit booth #1419, go to www.elmousa.com or call 516.501.1400. affect the smart home?

PC: At Qorvo, our goal is to elevate the consumer’s smart home experience. That means helping our customers design high-performing, compatible devices in a small form factor. A key breakthrough in this area is our unique ConcurrentConnect™ technology, which delivers full, simultaneous support for multiple open, low-power RF protocols such as Bluetooth LE, Thread and Zigbee. With the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s open-source Matter approach, smart devices and systems will easily be commissioned and operate across different platforms such as those from Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung. The consumer will be able to select smart home devices based on merits other than “what works with my system at home.” Qorvo talks about Ultra-Wideband (UWB) becoming the next big wave in wireless technology. ESD: What is it about Qorvo’s UWB that makes it such a must-have technology?

PC: What sets UWB apart the most from the other technologies is its accuracy. Unlike similar solutions, such as RFID, UWB wireless technology can both position and track objects in real-time. Devices containing UWB technology communicate directly with each other to

Schools Meet Challenges with Trafera Schools have unique challenges. Trafera has built its business around helping with those needs. Trafera takes time to understand what’s important to you and add its expertise to your corner. That’s why Trafera is one of the top nationwide partners for Chromebooks in education. But Trafera's mission to transform learning experiences through technology goes beyond pushing boxes of equipment.

Just see what customers have to say: “While I have a large IT reseller network at my fingertips, I always, easily choose Trafera to supply all of our

school district's Chromebooks! The warranty program they have is absolutely top-notch, as is their “White Glove” service. When I have had questions and requests, no matter how big or small, I am treated like I'm part of a team. There are so many businesses out there competing for our [attention], but there is no way I am switching from Trafera. When you find a company that does such great work, provides more than enough value in products and services and has people who truly care and respect your business's wishes, you keep and nurture that relationship.”

– Branden Strong (Technology Coordinator | Triton Public School, MN)

Trafera measures success not based on how many devices it sells to schools, but by how those devices are being used to enrich and transform student learning. Trafera believes that all the devices, panels, and gadgets in the world couldn’t improve learning experiences until it made people its number one investment. Providing a future-ready education requires more than just access to powerful technology. Educators need to be

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determine location and distance, down to a few centimeters. UWB also works in non-line-of-sight conditions where camera tracking is not possible. In addition, as it operates at very high frequencies, it offers great bandwidth and doesn’t interfere with other radio waves. Qorvo’s advanced UWB technology opens new possibilities within mobile, automotive, industrial and consumer IoT markets. The Impulse Radio UWB technology pioneered by Decawave, which was acquired by Qorvo in 2020, enables realtime centimeter accuracy distance/location measurement and secure low-power, lowlatency data communication. Also, we want to go beyond just chipsets to offer turnkey modules or building blocks, reducing design complexity and the cost to implement UWB. For more information, www.qorvo.com.



equally empowered with the skills they need to create an instructional shift using these tools. In response to that – on top of providing technology from best-inclass(room) manufacturers like HP, Lenovo, Google for Education, Newline, AVer and more – Trafera offers high-quality professional development, ready-made digital lesson plans (trails.trafera.com), and a wealth of online resources (blog.trafera.com) that helps support the meaningful integration of technology in education. It's simple: right technology = right support = bright future. For more information, visit booth #2012 or go to www.trafera.com

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

EdTech Show Daily

Bamboo Plastic Composite Offered by MingFeng MingFeng Packaging has recently expanded operations in Dongguan, China, and now utilizes state-of-the-art facilities on an industrial park covering more than 230,000 square meters. It has also introduced a new and exciting Biomass composite material to the packaging and display market. Bamboo plastic composite is the latest member to join the family of

environmentally friendly materials. Bamboo powder, PE/PP plastic, and a processing agent are mixed together to form a green bamboo plastic material. It is very strong and durable. Bamboo plastic is UV resistant as well as waterproof. It is also antibacterial and nontoxic. Bamboo plastic can be beautifully molded into a box or display by methods

Lucid (Cont’d. from p. 1)

Lucid identified the need for a more nuanced approach that highlights and differentiates a wider range of sounds, while optimizing comfort and natural sound. Its innovative technology focuses on an adaptive dynamic range optimization approach. Where WDRC boosts soft noises the most, Lucid technology gives the same Ivy Camps (Cont’d. from p. 1)

For more information on Ivy Camps, visit www.ivycampsusa.com.

About Ivy Camps Ivy Camps provides educational and fun programming to children via in-person and online interactive classes. With a consistent 5-star satisfaction rating, Ivy Camps prides Boxlight (Cont’d. from p. 1)

Boxlight-EOS Education offers a wide range of professional development and training such as self-paced, online courses, certifications, and customized programs to better meet a school or district’s needs. USPS (Cont’d. from p. 1)

and shipping services. A major component of the Postal Service’s 10-year growth strategy, USPS Connect capitalizes on the vast reach of

ny believes that a greatlooking package is well represented by the outstanding product that is placed inside of it. MingFeng has achieved the highest level of certifications for quality and environmentally safe work places. ISO9001, SEDEX and FSC are among the important few.

For more information, www.mingfengus.com.



Enhancements include a black sheet metal beverage holder and a headphone/VR hook. To fully experience the multi-color edge lit glass surface, turn down the lights. Control the colors, cadence and intensity with the LED remote. A side-mounted, high-speed, three-port USB 3.0 hub and power adapter charge your devices. The undermounted power surge protector tray helps reduce cord clutter. The S1-21 Gaming Shelving has “Z” legs to match the Gaming Chair. This storage shelving is perfect for small speakers, games and other accessories. Constructed from the 2-inch tubular steel and 5mm tinted, tempered glass, the two middle glass shelves adjust in height to fit your gear. The Gaming Shelving includes remote controlled multi-color LED illumination, cable management

and leveling feet. The four-tier shelving spine matches the Gaming Desk and Gaming Chair colors. The Gaming Chair was designed by an award-winning, worldclass car seat designer, using his 25 years of experience. Unlike entry-level gaming chairs with pillows, the designer integrated a 2-inch lumbar cushion and oversized headrest. The commercial grade Gaming Desk, Gaming Shelving and Gaming Chair are designed for long gaming sessions, built to last and backed by a threeyear warranty. The chair features cold cure foam, eight-way adjustable arms and PU leather accented by diamond stitching. The desk, shelving and chair share aesthetics that are striking from afar to close up, top to bottom or an all-around 360 view. The desk and shelving have an

For more information, go to www.the atlanticstore.com/gaming/dardashti/ desks-and-shelves. To learn more about the Dardashti line of gaming products, go to www.theatlanticstore.com/ gaming/dardashti.

amplification to soft, average and loud sounds. It focuses on the average loudness of conversational speech and places this information within the listener’s dynamic range. So, rather than compress every sound to fit within the dynamic range, Lucid technology adapts the sounds to fit naturally within the listener’s range. Lucid Technology creates a personal hearing ecosystem that each person

can use to create their own preferred listening experience. The new LucidShape™ technology feature allows for comprehensive real-time personalization and the ability to manage acoustics across any listening environment. The app builds on the current four hearing aid preset programs and allows individual personalization that is very specific. As the trend to personalization

continues to improve through technology, in this ever-evolving world, one thing remains constant: the demand for a discreet, comfortable hearing enhancement solution that can quickly adapt to personal preferences in realtime. This level of comfort and personalization would not be possible without the continued advances of the proprietary Powered by Lucid® technology ecosystem.

itself on being the preeminent provider of supplemental education. For more information, visit www.ivycampsusa.com.

changing the world. Its strategy revolves around being great partners and providing resources to foster transformational growth. The collective experience of its partnership spans a broad array of industries and geographies. Visit www.moncap.vc for more information.

Mansour Group. The Mansour Group is a global conglomerate that employs over 60,000 people in over 100 countries. It is an independent entity wholly owned by the Mansour family which provides the flexibility and ability to move quickly while benefitting from the stability of a high quality and committed sponsor. Visit www .man-capital.com for more information.

nology solutions with the goal of helping educators improve and enhance instructional practices so that students can take what they have learned beyond the classroom. By offering educators fully integrated products that cover every facet of the teaching and learning

experience, students are better able to navigate the challenges of a tech-driven society as resourceful, complex problem solvers.

Atlantic’s New Dardashti Gaming Desk and Shelving Atlantic has sold gaming storage and accessory products since 2003. The Dardashti Gaming Desk and Shelving are the latest additions to this high-end product line, joining the Gaming Chair and Gaming Riser. Inspired by today’s highend performance vehicles, this gaming collection provides the highest design value considering materials, performance and aesthetics. The Z1-21 Gaming Desk has a generous 45.75-inch wide playing surface that is 29 inches deep. A tinted, tempered 8mm glass playing surface is surrounded by a black engineered wood top. The desktop is supported by a 3-inch, anodized “Z” leg, constructed with tubular steel that is supported by sturdy 25.5inch leveling feet for no wobble. An integrated black steel plate protects the desktop when attaching a monitor mount.

of injection, compression and extrusion. It can also be used to make other, much larger products such as furniture or building materials such as decks and patios. MingFeng has manufactured highquality packaging for a variety of industries, including but not limited to: jewelry, numismatic, cosmetic, confection, electronic, beverage and cigar. The compa-


About MonCap MonCap is a growth-based investment firm backed by some of the world's largest family offices and institutions. It seeks to invest $10-$100mm into companies and managers who share its ambitious goals of Boxlight’s award-winning, high-quality offerings are designed to ensure that teachers confidently and competently integrate technology tools so that every student benefits from them. The Boxlight mission is to be the leader of innovative and effective techits unmatched physical distribution network to help businesses in every community across America meet growing consumer demand for fast and affordable delivery. To do so, USPS is transforming and

About Man Capital Man Capital is the investment arm of the

realigning its network to speed package delivery so when customers place an order, they get it as quickly as possible, often the next day. USPS is built for this because it is the only carrier that serves every home

inviting wide “Z” frame design, stunning illuminated glass surfaces and a bold matching color palette. Offered in five matching racing inspired accent colors, enthusiasts can choose from bold Royal Blue, Racing Yellow, Midnight, Ruby Red or Arctic White. The Dardashti gaming collection’s sophisticated design features redefine the gaming desk, shelving and chair category by melding style, function and durability. Distinct bold colors contrast with the use of glass and steel. Suggested retails are $499.99 (Gaming Desk), $299.99 (Gaming Shelving) and $499.99 (Gaming Chair) with immediate availability.

For more information, email marketing @boxlight.com.

and business six and often seven days a week. Its 644,000 employees also live, work and purchase in every community in the country. That’s why at every level, in every community, it is invested in business’ success.