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Renau Introduces New Generation of ARM CortexPowered Process Controllers


Keep Your Customers Cool and Your Profits Hot

Hot Refreshment Towels Increase Customer Satisfaction

Chicago Saturday, May 18, 2019

Hoffmaster Group, Inc. and Aardvark Team Up

Renau’s new T-2000 Series of next-generation ARM Cortex-A7 based PCAP touchscreen process controllers and timers designed specifically with the foodservice industry in mind give foodservice equipment operators complete control over their commercial foodservice equipment. Unlike older capacitive touch solutions, these state-of-the-art capacitive touchscreens can easily be used while wearing gloves. Available in 4.3-, 6.8- and 10-inch

For many regions, the beautiful blooms of spring also serve as notice that hot summer months are on the horizon. Yes, during the summer people venture out, plan vacations and depending on your region, the economy is bustling from tourism. The rise in temperature, sunny weather and happy activity can have a significant impact on restaurants who naturally benefit from the increase in people traffic. However, if you happen to be in a hot and humid environment, you’re faced with a

Customer satisfaction is the most important part of your business. Your customers judge you, and your business, by the way they are treated when they visit your restaurant. A simple, cost-effective way to satisfy your customers is to present them with a premoistened, 100 percent cotton terry cloth refreshment towel before, or after, their meal. White Towel Services, Inc., a leader in the refreshment towel industry, offers a full range of affordable pre-packaged,

Aardvark® paper straws is the world’s leading brand of paper straws made in the USA. Not only are Aardvark paper straws earth and marine friendly, naturally degradable, FDA/EU compliant and compostable, they are also noticeably longer lasting than other paper straws in the market. Hoffmaster®, an industry leader in premium disposable tableware, knew Aardvark was a company worth investing in. Andy Romjue, President of

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Pitco’s Integrated Oil Management System

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New Product Offerings from Sterno

There are three distinct features to Pitco’s Integrated Oil Management System: ROV Fryers with Auto Filtration, the SOS Smart Oil Sensor and the Infinity Touch 7-inch touchscreen controller. Reduced Oil Volume (ROV) fryer models not only are built with the Solstice Supreme burner technology that is unmatched in today’s market, these models are designed with a more shallow fry area reducing the “cold zone.” This allows the fryer to achieve the same

To meet the needs of the evolving foodservice landscape, Sterno Products recently launched SpeedHeat®, a flameless, water-activated system that produces high-heat steam, with zero ramp-up time. It is considered by many in the catering industry to be the most innovative portable heat system since the introduction of Sterno chafing fuel more than a century ago. Industry press has echoed this opinion – SpeedHeat recently took top honors in Foodservice Equipment

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Soft Coffee Pods: Leading Single Cup Alternative

Over the last few years, single-cup coffee makers have gone mainstream and become a staple in offices and restaurants across the country. These popular machines use specially made capsules with pre-measured levels of coffee grounds in order to brew anywhere from a single cup to a whole carafe of fresh coffee. However, these capsules aren’t without drawbacks, and many sophisticated coffee drinkers are choosing new, soft coffee pods over traditional plastic

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Seviroli Foods: Chef-Inspired Pastas and Sauces

An interview with Joseph Seviroli, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Seviroli Foods.

RDN: Seviroli Foods is a family owned and operated company. Tell our readers how the company started. JS: We started as a small pastry shop in Queens, New York, in 1960. Making pasta, especially tortellini, was my father’s passion. He purchased equipment from Italy so he could start making

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Karat Manufactures New Sipper Lid By Kendra Cerbasi, Marketing Coordinator, Karat® by Lollicup™

Karat by Lollicup is launching the new Strawless™ Sipper Lid to help customers comply with straw bans and stay on trend within the coffee, tea and restaurant industry. New Strawless Sipper Lids allow you to skip the straw and sip! These lids are perfect for combating local and nationwide straw bans along with cutting down on straw waste. The new Strawless Sipper Lid is the first of its kind, because it has a hybrid feature for drinking with or without a straw. This is the first lid to have both features, allowing individuals with health

conditions or people with disabilities that need to drink with a straw to be able to do so. “With imposing straw bans taking effect, we needed to provide a solution for our customers who are having difficulty finding an affordable way to serve drinks without a straw. We also thought it was important to give customers a choice to use a reusable or eco-friendly straw with the lid, as well,” says Chief Executive Officer Alan Yu. Karat by Lollicup created this lid to be the solution for straw bans, and help customers who are struggling to find an alternative. Customers will now be able to stay on trend and up to date with their

Food For Life Baking Co. Offers Sprouted Grain Breads Food For Life Baking Co.®, makers of the incredibly delicious and nutritious Ezekiel 4:9® Sprouted Grain Bread, has been committed to the health of its customers since its inception over 50 years ago. Among the many natural sprouted grain breads are its widely popular Ezekiel 4:9 and Genesis 1:29® breads, English muffins, tortillas, buns, cereal, pitas and pasta. Sprouting maximizes digestibility and nutrition while lowering the glycemic index in the company’s

flourless bakery products. Beyond the commitment to superior nutrition, there’s also a commitment to a balanced and protected pH in every loaf. Why is a balanced pH so important? Because Food For Life recognizes that a balanced pH is absolutely essential for optimum health. This is why Food For Life meticulously chooses its ingredients, and refuses to use acidifying agents such as cultured wheat starch, vinegar, calcium propionate and ascorbic acid – all preservatives.

Restaurant Daily News competitors with this new lid. sipper This lid is made from PET, which is easy to recycle compared to other plastics. Karat by Lollicup is a premier beverage and disposable goods supplier and manufacturer for the foodservice industry. Karat by Lollicup owns four brands: Karat, Karat Earth®, Tea Zone® and Total Clean™. For more information, visit booth #1257, go to or, call 626.965.8882 or email

As an amazing benefit of sprouting, grains actually become more alkaline as water and oxygen support the growth of the new plant and naturally balances the pH. While a balanced pH is great for health reasons – helping protect against disease and illness – a higher pH does tend to shorten shelf life. This is why the company primarily sells Food For Life breads frozen. Because of the popularity of its Continued on Page 93


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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Pulmuone USA Launches Ready-to-Eat Tofu Crumbles and Crispy Tofu Bites Established in May 1984, Pulmuone Foods USA is recognized as a leader in refrigerated, natural food products. The company employs food scientists and experts domestically and internationally. Founded originally in Seoul, Pulmuone offers wholesome food products in a range of categories, from conventional water-packed and ready-toserve pre-marinated and pre-baked tofu to authentic Asian-inspired foods, such as dumplings, vegan kimchi, noodle bowls, low-carb noodles, wraps and more. At NRA, the company is launching Ready-to-Eat Tofu Crumbles in three

varieties, as well as Crispy Tofu Bites and Bulk Super Firm High Protein (Sprouted) 6/6# Vac Pack Tofu. The company has manufacturing facilities throughout California, New York and Massachusetts, with scientists and food experts who work tirelessly, utilizing cutting-edge technology to research and develop the most organic, natural, delicious products that can be brought to the market. Pulmuone is committed to the wellbeing of your family and the environment, promoting sustainable and earthfriendly lifestyles. By delivering convenient and wholesome foods and services

Amoroso’s is Philly Bred for Sandwich Greatness Nothing says more about the quality of your restaurant, grocery store, supermarket, sports or entertainment venue or foodservice operation than the quality of the bread you sell and serve. That’s why Amoroso’s Baking Company is sure to enhance your company’s reputation and help attract new customers. For more than 115 years, beginning in 1904 in Philadelphia, Amoroso’s Baking Company and its authentic Italian Hearth-Baked Bread and Rolls have been

the stuff legendary Philly cheesesteaks, hoagies, roast beef and roast pork sandwiches made their reputations on. Over the past 40 years, that reputation has spread across the country and around the world. Amoroso’s now offers its extended shelf-life items that have been inspired by Amoroso’s sandwich rolls in Philadelphia for commissaries and grab and go applications. Amoroso’s is “Why Philly sandwiches are world-famous.”™

JoeFroyo Makes the Old New Again with Cold-Pressed Creamery By Colby Scharsch, Lead Designer, JoeFroyo

Soy, almond, quinoa, cashew, rice, hemp, millet, oat, even macadamia. It seems like nowadays, you can turn anything into a “milk.” To be sure, there is a huge market for lactose-free dairy alternatives. But in 2019, some of the biggest innovations in the lactose-free beverage space are coming from within the dairy industry. Dairy disruptor JoeFroyo is leading a charge to change the way people think about milk. “Believe me, I’m lactose-intolerant: I get it,” says JoeFroyo Founder and President Zach Miller. “But I also love

dairy, and I wanted to find a way to bridge that gap. Dairy alternatives have been trying for years to recreate the perfect balance of taste, mouthfeel and essential nutrition that milk provides. My main difference is, instead of running away from milk, I ran toward it.” That passion led Miller to start JoeFroyo, as he began formulating a drink that would combine the caffeine boost of coffee with the valuable health benefits of cultured dairy, but without the lactose. The resulting beverage was JoeFroyo’s first product, Probiotic Cold Brew™. But the undertaking led to Miller developing a proprietary process for creating a lactose-free cultured dairy

DeBrand Truffles: A Sweet Conclusion to Any Meal DeBrand Truffles are the luxurious sweet conclusion that will entice each and every customer. These 12 incredible variations seem almost too beautiful to eat ... almost! Each oversized piece is individually and artistically designed, but their true beauty lies within. These are the perfect complement to your menu and require no preparation by you. Featuring these beautiful truffles on your menu and in a display case is the perfect way to entice your customers. As they arrive, they will be

greeted by the promise of a high-quality, gourmet dessert. Even if they decide against indulging immediately after their meal, they can purchase truffles as they leave to be enjoyed later. This is an easy add-on sale and has no need for any preparation, just bag or box and go. DeBrand is also happy to provide artwork and product descriptions for menus, displays and social media advertising. These irresistible silky, rich truffles are petite, gourmet chocolate desserts,

Restaurant Daily News that fit today’s busy lifestyles, the company provides conscious choices for the planet and its people, which allows all people to walk a path for a better tomorrow. Pulmuone is attending the NRA show with a determination to find even more opportunities through which it can present product offerings and production capabilities to large foodservice operators. The company is determined to be the go-to company for plant-based protein, now and in the future. It takes great pride in providing quality, plant-based products that are not only good for people, but also good for the earth. Pulmuone’s customers are in all facets of the foodservice arena – includ-

ing healthcare, non-commercial, college and university as well as large national and regional restaurant chains. The company consistently seeks unique ways to present plant proteins in ways that will help customers connect with all types of guests – vegan, vegetarian, flexitarians and even carnivores who are beginning to embrace healthier eating through programs such as Meatless Mondays. A Harris Poll in 2016 indicated that 37 percent of all restaurant guests nationally are seeking vegetarian options when dining out.

Now the classic Philly sandwich rolls, synonymous with Philadelphia-style sandwiches, are available anywhere in the United States or around the world. So recognizable is the quality of Amoroso’s frozen products, Philadelphia natives immediately recognize Amoroso’s unique taste and high quality. With the resources and capacity to service both individual food retailers and large supermarket chains – even design custom products tailored to specific com-

pany needs – Amoroso’s is the local Philly bakery that’s an international become resource. Now the rolls that made Philly sandwiches worldfamous are available worldwide. Amoroso’s also offers a wide array of specialty goods, including, but not limited to, rye breads and other variety sliced breads, bagels, table breads, burger buns and more.

base, including using high pressure processing (HPP) to extend shelf life and improve taste. While he was overjoyed by the success of the Probiotic Cold Brew formula, Miller was even more excited about the potential for the cold-pressed dairy base he had created. After using the same process to create the lactose-free, probiotic Clean Label Creamer™, Miller was ready to fully explore the opportunities for producing dairy using HPP. The end result is Cold-Pressed Creamery™, a new label for JoeFroyo’s cold-pressed dairy beverages produced using HPP. As with all of JoeFroyo’s products, Cold-Pressed Creamery will use Real California Milk®, cultured to unlock live and active probiotics, and

with lactase added to remove the lactose. “We’re inviting non-milk drinkers back into the barn, so to speak,” says Miller. “By using non-traditional dairy innovations, we’re hoping to turn people back on to traditional milk. We amplify what people love about milk, remove the lactose, which people don’t love, and it leaves us with real, high quality dairy, but it almost tastes like a new drink.” In addition to the previous Probiotic Cold Brew and Clean Label Creamer products, Cold-Pressed Creamery will soon release lactose-free probiotic whole milk and chocolate milk products.

perfect for the table or to go. DeBrand Truffles boast a minimum shelf life of two months at room temperature, with no need for refrigeration or preparation by your staff. All varieties are guaranteed in stock and are available to ship within one to two business days, all year round. DeBrand packaging is also available for purchase, and its truffle wholesale prices are currently set for resellers to earn a margin over 62 percent. DeBrand makes it easy to offer a gourmet chocolate experience year round. DeBrand recommends carrying an ongoing selection of at least four to six

For more information, visit booth #10724, go to, or email John Penty at john.penty@

Visit Amoroso’s at booth #1835. For more information, call sales at 215.863.8815, email or go to

Visit JoeFroyo at booth #10216. For more information, go to www.joe or call 253.682.8586. different truffles to provide a wide selection and an eyecatching display. Its four most popular truffles are Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Peanut Butter and Raspberry. In addition to selling truffles by the piece, they are also available in prepackaged assortments, ideal for holidays, events and when guests are in a hurry. DeBrand Truffles deliver a high-quality, gourmet chocolate experience that your guests are sure to remember. For more information, visit booth #10618.


Saturday, May 18, 2019

Authentic Specialty Grains from Royal Increasingly, consumers are seeking out and paying more for authentic ingredients and dishes. Technomic®, in the 2019 Ethnic Food & Beverage report, shows 53 percent of Americans are consuming more ethnic foods and beverages with one in four of all consumers desiring limited and full-service restaurants offer ethnic foods and flavors. The Royal® brand, a leader in authentic specialty grains, goes directly to the origin to source products from

regions from which they are known; where the ideal blend of soil, climate and water makes for a distinctly aromatic and flavorful grain. For example, Royal Basmati is grown at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, giving this full-flavored grain it’s naturally enticing aroma and delicate taste. Then after careful harvesting, it is aged for a minimum of 12 months in temperature-controlled silos, further enhancing the characteristics of the grain.

LoRaWAN: Food Safety’s New Technological Marvel If you’ve never heard of LoRa, you’re not alone. Although it’s the hottest new communication technology on the market today, it’s also relatively brand new. Originally developed in 2012 and only just starting to make its way into mass market products, LoRa specializes in transmitting over long ranges (hence the name). In fact, LoRa devices can transmit over 10 miles with clear line-of-sight. This technology is also remarkable for its low-power consumption, energy efficiency and low cost. Most importantly for commercial kitchens and their food safety programs, LoRa also performs well in very difficult environments. Restaurants may not care about transmitting to a receiver located

miles away, but they do need a device that can work from within a heavily insulated, stainless steel deep freezer. In fact, many heavily insulated coolers are essentially Faraday cages that prevent electromagnetic signals from escaping. A LoRa-based wireless temperature sensor, however, can reliably transmit its signal even under these conditions. LoRa uses lower frequencies in the 868 and 915 MHz ranges, which are more successful at transmitting through heavy materials. By contrast, although Bluetooth (which operates in the 2.4 GHz band) and Wi-Fi are the de facto standard for most wireless devices to communicate with other equipment or with the cloud, they

Fox Laminating Company Expands to Include Digital Printing Fox Laminating Company is a manufacturer, printer and laminator – with all products proudly made in the USA. It is best known for creating high quality, custom laminated wood plaques, and has been in business for over 40 years. In addition to impressive looking plaques, the company produces menus and table display cards in a variety of styles. Recently, Fox expanded its services to include digital printing. It is a certified Xerox® digital printer and provides every type of print service for most paper

stocks. The Xerox Color 1000i Press provides black, CMYK – full color and spot color print options. Moreover, the 1000i digital press is capable of printing metallic gold and silver inks, as well as a clear coating with as many passes needed to give the raised feature that many customers are looking for. The creative department at Fox also has the ability to provide pre-press services such as crops and bleeds, imposition, scanning and photo manipulation, just to name a few. The main benefit in obtaining this

Carla’s Pasta: The Production Facility of the Future Carla’s Pasta is setting new standards in the food safety industry. Its new production facility is designed around a high hygiene, BRC+ concept, and the only ready-to-eat filled pasta company in the U.S. establishing this level of excellence for food safety. This new state-of-the-art production facility is purposefully designed with a three-zone hygiene system, requiring employees and equipment designated to each zone to remain within their respective area. This prevents pathogens from ever entering food prep areas. The facility features 21-inch stainless steel concrete filled baseboards to eliminate

harborage collecting cavities, stainless steel curbs to block moisture collection, and ¼-inch thick antimicrobial coated concrete floors for a chemical and slip resistant surface. The use of multi-zoned, stainlesssteel air ducts in high hygiene areas create positive air pressure to prevent outside air from ever entering, minimizing any risk of foreign airborne contaminants. The ultraviolet lighting and HEPA filtration systems disinfect and filter out foreign matter from the air. Underneath the facility, an isolated multi-zone draining system carries wastewater away from each zone inde-

Restaurant Daily News Royal closely partners with its farmers to sustainably source, grow and harvest its grains, including water management programs to reduce water consumption in its crops by 3x and provide cleaner water in villages, also providing its network of over 75,000 farmers with resources to help improve the areas where they live, going beyond the requirements of Fair-Trade guidelines, enabling a better quality of life. For recipe inspiration and to learn

more about the Royal brand and its lineup of authentic specialty grains, visit the company’s booth or go online at www.authentic At the show, the company is cooking and offering free samples of its traditional Royal Basmati, Royal Chef’s Secret and Royal Thai Hom Mali Jasmine products, and giving away a $100 gift card each day of the show.

can falter in these conditions. Before LoRa, remotely monitoring the temperature in a cold-holding unit often entailed making undesirable compromises, like drilling holes to run cable or setting up multiple antennas to extend the signal. Those efforts add expense, labor and potential points of failure – and could end up voiding equipment warranties. LoRa requires none of that. It just works. Digital, automated and wireless food safety systems are proliferating in restaurant kitchens, thanks to their ability to provide better results, safer food, enhanced brand protection and peace of mind that operations are shielded against food safety disasters. However, smart devices like temperature sensors cannot work if they cannot successfully and con-

sistently communicate at all times. The LoRa-enabled sensor “lives” fully in the environment it is monitoring, so no wiring, drilling or extra equipment (like repeaters or external antennas) are required to get data from the device to the Cloud. LoRa sensors are also hardened against power grid issues; data can be stored on the device until power and/or internet connectivity is restored. LoRa presents exciting new opportunities for restaurants to get smart about their operations, implement more effective food safety systems and drive greater efficiencies.

color press for the foodservice and restaurant industry is to produce eye-popping menus, table tent cards, counter cards, placemats, order forms, employee I.D. badges, magazine and newsprint article plaques, award acrylic plaques and anything in between. Additionally, Fox is able to provide excellent finishing options, such as scoring, folding, stapling, binding, and of course, laminating. With the capability to design, print and fulfill all orders, Fox provides full production and shipping without having to compromise turn-around time, quality con-

trol and pricing. Laminated wood plaques and digital printing services are produced from start to finish in the company’s West Hartford, Connecticut manufacturing shop. If you are in the vicinity, feel free to stop in for a quick tour. Fox also offers Do-ItYourself I.D. supplies, attachments and laminating equipment.

pendently, so the plant is never at risk for contamination if a backup were ever to occur. Drain pipes in the building are bound together by a process called electrofusion, which provides a seamless, welded seal between sections of pipe, preventing any opportunity for pathogens to propagate. An Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) is also strictly enforced throughout the building, to seek out any traces of pathogens. Before the start of production, and each day, allergen and ATP swabs (measuring actively growing microorganisms) are conducted throughout the facility. Case Level 10 testing on all finished product is also completed regularly to ensure maximum confidence

For more information, visit booth #685 or go to

For more information, visit booth #9442, go to, call 678.526.4628 or email info@

Visit Fox Laminating Company at booth #9123. For more information, call 860.953.4884, email graphics@ or go to in food safety. Every night, 40,000 gallons of hot, pressurized water is heated to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and used for a complete facility wash-down, including the blanchers and spiral freezers. With the facility of the future now a reality, Carla’s Pasta continues to lead the industry with an unprecedented level of food safety practices. This facility totals 90,000 square feet, bringing the entire production capacity to just shy of 200,000 square feet. Carla’s Pasta is the largest specialty filled pasta company in the U.S., woman owned and family operated since 1978 and proud to be recognized and part of NWBOC. Visit Carla’s Pasta at booth #707.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Restaurant Daily News

Captain Ken’s Celebrates More Than 50 Years By Mike Traxler, co-Owner, Captain Ken’s Foods, Inc.

Great foods often originate in unlikely places. In fact, Captain Ken Freiberg developed his famous Firehouse OvenBaked Beans while on duty at Firehouse No. 14 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fifty years later, this signature recipe (plus many others) are made with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality. The story of Captain Ken’s Foods began in the summer of 1943, when Ken Freiberg joined the St. Paul, Minnesota fire department. In 1953, he was promoted to Captain. As was custom at most fire stations, each fireman took turns cooking meals for his fellow firefighters. Captain

Ken’s specialty was making oven-baked beans with bacon. Word spread, and people from the neighborhood would stop by the fire station hoping to sample some of Captain Ken’s home cooked oven-baked beans. As Ken’s bean recipe grew in popularity, his fellow firefighters urged him to start a business, but Ken wasn’t ready to give up life as a firefighter. In 1963, though, he used his two-week vacation to sell his oven-baked beans from a food stand at the Minnesota State Fair. The beans were a big hit! A few years later in 1967, at age 55, Ken retired early from the fire department to start Captain Ken’s Foods. It didn’t take long for Captain Ken’s reputation for making quality food products to grow.

Prairie View Industries: A Proven Company

By Sonia M. Krupicka, Sales Manager, Prairie View Industries, Inc.

PVI is a USA manufacturer of foodservice equipment and access ramps. We are centrally located in Nebraska, USA, and ship direct from the heartland of America to make our lead times unmatched. PVI is committed to continuously improving the high quality of standard products offered at a competitive price. With a world full of promises unkept and a flood of cheap imitations, PVI is the real deal. PVI manufactures the highest quality foodservice equipment in the USA. With

a product line that consists of both stainless and aluminum equipment, PVI can be your one-stop-shop for all your kitchen and restaurant needs. For close to 30 years, PVI has been producing a wide variety of foodservice equipment to meet the needs that exist. We are continually striving to go beyond the typical foodservice equipment, looking for fresh and new ideas that industrious entrepreneurs want and need for thriving catering, bakery or restaurant businesses. As mentioned before, we manufacture both access ramps and foodservice

Accurate Box Remains FSSC 22000 Food Safety Certified Accurate Box, a leading manufacturer of litho-laminated packaging in the United States, proudly received its FSSC 22000 Food Safety Certification back in November of 2017, and continues to be certified after an audit in November of 2018. Accurate Box’s facility went through a lengthy and detailed review of its procedures and documentation as it relates to food safety practices. This certification is in addition to Accurate Box’s ISO

9001:2015 Quality Standards. “I am very proud of the entire Accurate Box team for their hard work in receiving this certification. Our number one core value is to be customer focused; we cannot succeed unless our customers do. This wonderful accomplishment will allow us to better service our customers, especially those in the food and beverage industry,” said Lisa Hirsh, President and Chief Executive Officer. FSSC 22000 contains a complete

Control °Freak from Breville | PolyScience The Breville | PolyScience® Control °Freak™ is the world’s first temperaturecontrolled cooking system to accurately measure, set and hold every cooking temperature from 86 degrees to 482 degrees Fahrenheit within plus or minus 1 degree Fahrenheit of stability. In addition to the through-the-glass pan temperature sensor, the Control °Freak features a temperature probe that communicates and controls the precise temperature of water and fat-based liquids, making potentially challenging

techniques/recipes such as egg poaching, hollandaise, curds and meringues easy by controlling the temperature of the ingredients themselves. This opens up the possibility of executing more progressive menu options, even with less-skilled labor. The machine can record recipe temperature programs for future use with features such as: hold a temperature indefinitely (72 hours with a timer), automatically “Keep Warm” (140 degrees Fahrenheit), “Repeat Timer,” and “Stop

Today, Captain Ken’s processes and markets a diverse range of premium food products for the foodservice and retail markets. The company features a broad line of award-winning chilies, made-from-scratch ovenbaked beans (not canned!), specialty taco meats, varied flavored macaroni and cheese recipes and more. Other customer favorites include Sloppy Joe Meat Sauce, Tater Tot Casserole, Chicken Pot Pie Filling, Cheesy Hashbrown Potatoes, Spanish Rice and Home-style Chicken Chow Mein. All products are made using premium ingredients and are pre-cooked, then flash frozen to lock in freshness and nutritional value. Captain Ken’s Foods is family owned and operated. Products are manufactured at the company’s St. Paul,


Minnesota facility, which is a USDA- and FDA-inspected and certified plant. Package types range from institutional size one-gallon pouches to single serve containers. Products are distributed by national and regional broadline distributors. End-user operators include restaurants, cafeterias, resorts, casinos, caterers, convenience stores, delis, healthcare facilities, schools and more. All Captain Ken’s products offer quality, consistency and value. Employees take great pride in making great tasting food products and continuing the commitment to quality that Founder Captain Ken Freiberg started more than 50 years ago.

For more information, visit www.captain, call 651.298.0071, contact Mike Traxler or stop by booth #8062.

equipment. We added the foodservice equipment line to our manufacturing in 1999. Since that time, PVI has become a major player in the foodservice industry through innovative design and creativity. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and building equipment that will solve their specific needs. Our design team not only brainstorms with customers but is also able to provide professional CAD drawings for approval before manufacturing. When considering any major purchase, most of us look for something of quality, durability and a proven record of consistency. We want something that will

last and that we can count on when we need it. PVI believes that there are no shortcuts for quality. We are not the typical cookie cutter company. We pride ourselves on every piece of equipment manufactured at our facility. Quality, Durability, Guaranteed is not just our motto, it’s who we are and what we are known for. With a proven record of consistency for many years, look no further then PVI for all your foodservice equipment needs.

certification scheme for food safety systems and prerequisite programs based on existing standards for certification. It is a globally acknowledged benchmark food safety standard established by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) that integrates the international food safety management system standard ISO 22000 with the ISO/TS 22002-4 standard.

lithography and has the ability to print seven colors plus UV coating in a single pass on both small and large runs. It is an expert in creating high quality packaging for the club store, ecommerce and quick service food industries. In business since 1944, and women owned since 1998, Accurate Box manufactures in New Jersey and ships competitively throughout all of North America.

About Accurate Box Company Accurate Box Company is one of the largest family owned manufacturers of high graphic corrugated packaging in the United States. It specializes in offset

Cooking.” These programs can be shared with other Control °Freaks thanks to a custom USB port and stick. The ability to create and store temperature programs allows for “one touch operation,” yielding a consistent result no matter who’s cooking. USB functionality allows temperature programs to easily be shared across multiple cookers and locations. A dual-fan system efficiently and effectively cools all the machine’s internal components, extending the life of the Control °Freak and eliminating overheat-

For more information, go to, call 800.554.7267 or email

Visit Accurate Box at booth #7260. For more information, go to www.accurate or call 973.345.2000.

ing. The unit comes with a protective travel case for safe transport. The Control °Freak carries a two-year limited product warranty. Breville | PolyScience for commercial kitchens brings innovation, great design and precision to the professional culinary world. The company aims to build products that give chefs more control so they can focus on delivering their best creative work. For more information, visit booth #1840 or go to


Saturday, May 18, 2019

XLERATOR Hand Dryers Save Restaurant 96 Percent Annually Compared to Paper Towels By William Gagnon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Excel Dryer, Inc.

“It’s my job to spot the latest trends that can help us cut costs,” said Tim Taillefer, General Manager of Max Burger in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. “The best investment we made when opening this location was XLERATOR® hand dryers.” XLERATOR by Excel Dryer is the original, patented, high-speed, energyefficient hand dryer. For Max Burger, it represented a 96-percent cost savings over paper towels, eliminating extra maintenance and waste while creating a more hygienic restroom environment. A customized cost-savings analysis revealed that Max Burger used nearly 750,000 paper towels a year, an annual

expense of $5,850. As Taillefer noted, “most folks aren’t going to grab one; they’re going to grab 10 to 20. You’re going to go through multiple boxes a day.” XLERATOR proved a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative. After purchasing two of the highefficiency hand dryers, Max Burger saw its annual hand-hygiene expense plummet to $224.64, a savings of $5,600 per year. In addition, the analysis showed, XLERATOR Hand Dryers reduced the restaurant’s hand-drying carbon footprint by 80 percent. That’s because by throwing in the towel, Max Burger saved approximately 62 trees, 11 cubic yards in landfill space and 72,789 gallons of water – just in a single year. XLERATOR was not the first hand

Packaging to Simplify Off-Premise Sales Off-premise sales is not only an opportunity for any restaurant to grow their sales and brand recognition, but a rapidly growing sector of the business. Offpremise sales covers an array of exciting ways to get your product out there: takeout, meal kits, catering, kiosks, food trucks, retail and more. Off-premise sales account for over a third of all restaurant sales and is expected to keeping growing. Lacerta has looked to design packages for the industry that are stylish, practical and unique, with an aim to always put the food first, making the launch of any new project effortless. With a full tamper evident line, Fresh n’ Sealed includes grab-and-go packages from salad containers, wraps, parfaits, sandwiches and more. Lacerta’s upscale tamper evident square

bowls offer a contemporary look that gives food stand-out shelf appeal. It’s offered in three different footprints: 4.5-inch, 6-inch and 7.5-inch, ranging from 8 to 48 ounces. The containers were designed with sleek lines for salads, pre-packaged meals, on-the-go foods and more. Both the 6-inch and 7.5-inch also offer a variety of film sealable inserts for all the salad or snack toppings one could ever want. Having film sealable inserts extends shelf life and offers a lot of options for assembling. With these containers, inventory management is simplified; there is no need for shrink bands, film, inventorying matching lids and other complexities. Lacerta offers multi-compartment snack boxes in two, three or four compartments, along with smaller

Waring Commercial Drink Mixers: Power, Durability, Efficiency The company that introduced America to the “Miracle Mixer,” the first blender on the market, has unveiled its new HeavyDuty Drink Mixer Series. Designed with ultra-durable die-cast metal housing and sealed electronic controls, these units are engineered for high-volume applications to accommodate the growing demand for drink mixers that deliver superior performance and consistency. “It took thorough field analysis and innovation to develop this series of drink mixers,” said Waring General Manager Dan DeBari. “Our engineers have

removed all failure points by redirecting airflow, removing switches and sealing all splash zones.” The result: a new age of fail-free drink mixing technology that enables operators to produce large volumes of blended beverages with consummate ease and efficiency. True 1 HP motors with high torque and feedback provide power to spare. Electronic controls with countdown LED timers, speed functions and MAX pulse make these drink mixers especially easy to use, and two types of agitators handle all different mixes with hard or soft ice

Oleo Elvira Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oleo Elvira Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an unparalleled oil from Granada that was born from tradition and history. Discover a unique blend of Picual, Hojiblanca, Lucio, Loaime, Gordal de Granada, Negrillo de Iznalloz and

Escarabajuelo olives. The millenarian olive trees of Granada give this oil a delicate scent of almond with, at first, a sweet sensation followed by a slightly bitter finish. The oil pairs well with Manchego cheese and

Restaurant Daily News dryer in place at Max Restaurant Group establishments. The company had installed troughstyle hand dryers in the past, a choice that ultimately served as a learning experience. “The cleaning element became an issue, as they fill with water,” explained restaurant manager Laura Katsoulis. “We had to maintain those. With the XLERATOR, it maintains itself.” As the restaurant’s self-described “Mr. Fix-it,” Taillefer also appreciates the XLERATOR’s durability and reliability, which he notes have made it the industry standard. “I’ve been in the restaurant industry for almost two decades, and after the first year everything begins to break,” he said. “Unlike XLERATOR Hand Dryers, many of our restroom fixtures have needed replacement.” What’s more, the XLERATOR dries hands three times faster than convention-

al hand dryers – while using 80 percent less energy. Hygiene is particularly important for the restaurant industry, another reason Taillefer cited for choosing the XLERATOR. “We serve about 4,000 people a week, so it’s great that guests and staff don’t have to touch anything when they use the XLERATOR,” he said, noting that the handsfree approach helps prevent the spread of illness. “[That] is a big advantage for the foodservice industry, because the flu can wipe out half my staff in a day.” “It’s a logical choice to do it right the first time,” Taillefer said he would advise other eateries. “Get an XLERATOR Hand Dryer, and never have to worry about paper products again.”

handheld packages and parfaits. Grab-and-go packaging is not the only way to get into the sector, though; meal kits and take-home kits are a great way to take your existing recipes and bring them straight to your customer’s kitchen. Lacerta can find smaller packages for the ingredients or supply a large container to fit everything nicely. With Fresh n’ Sealed, you get both the security and peace of mind, along with a great way to differentiate your product from the competition. The packages are designed so that once closed, they provide security, leak resistance and freshness. In order to open the package, a tear strip must be removed to gain access to the newly exposed tabs to remove the lid. All the containers are 100 percent

recyclable, have flawless clarity and are easy to use.

creams for exceptional versatility. The smooth die-cast metal housing is not only superbly constructed, but easy to clean and reduces sound during operation. A recessed surface in the base eliminates the need to tilt the cup, reducing operator fatigue and preventing spills. Extra-wide cup rests keep cups securely in place while mixing. At the touch of a button, low-, medium- and high-speed settings and “count up” and “count down” programmable timing options simplify mixing a wide variety of beverages. The pulse feature provides an extra boost to complete or refresh mixes. From ice cream shakes and smoothies to daiquiris and margariIberico ham. Cold pressed and unfiltered, this exceptional organic olive oil comes in a unique packaging with an authentic golden label. While the bottle will stand out on your shelf and catch the eye of your customers, it is the exquisite marriage of the different olives that will draw them to come back for more.

Visit Excel Dryer at booth #3476. For more information, go to www.excel, call 800.255.9235 or email

About Lacerta Group, Inc. Lacerta is a family-owned manufacturer of plastic food packaging. From concept to prototyping, mold-making and production, it is a turnkey manufacturer of custom and stock packaging, including party trays, on-the-go containers, prepared meal containers and more. The Fresh n’ Sealed tamper evident line ranges from 1.5 to 120 ounce and has expanded to include parfaits, snack packs, square bowls and even microwavable. With Fresh n’ Sealed packages, you get a refreshingly simple and streamlined design.

For more information, visit booth #10539, go to, call 508.339.3312 or email tas, these drink mixers elevate any drink menu to help boost bar business and encourage a higher check average in the dining room. As impressive as the series’ many features are, the most exceptional innovation may be its independent airflow technology, which increases the distance between intake and exhaust to prevent recirculation and ensure machines will not overheat. Thermal protection extends the life of each unit exponentially by preventing the motor from overheating due to overuse. Visit Waring at booth #2616.

Packed with units in a case, The French Farm offers two sizes, a 16-ounce or a 24.34-ounce bottle. Imported directly from Spain. For more information, call 713.660.0577 or go to wholesale

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Restaurant Daily News

Marra Forni: A Custom Solution When Andrew Dana and Chris Brady created Washington, D.C.’s Timber Pizza in May 2014, its Neapolitan-type pizza was solely available at local farmers markets. Dana and Brady’s newest venture, Call Your Mother Deli, is a Jewish-inspired deli in the city’s Park View neighborhood. It specializes in a hybrid, wood-fired bagel that combines the sweet flavor of Montreal style with the boiled, baked and chewy consistency of the New York style. Call Your Mother Deli has benefited from custom ovens manufactured by Marra Forni’s Metal Fabrication Department, which is capable of accommodating any requested size or shape without compromising the excellent heat consumption and retention of a tradition-

al oven. Although these units are predominantly used for pizza, they are capable for a wide range of cooking tasks, from proteins and vegetables to unique bagel styles. With its Metal Fab Department, Marra Forni controls the entire manufacturing process. Operators benefit from faster lead time, controlled quality, new equipment and more opportunity for personalization and customization. “We had a different oven prior, and the change was like night and day,” says Dana. “Marra Forni’s custom built oven is easier to use, and the product quality is great. For a pizza oven, it holds the temperature well.” In addition to pizza, the oven is used for making empanadas, baking bread and roasting meat and vegetables. On the weekends, pastries and

ZIVELO: Your Total-Solution Partner in Self-Service Kiosks Not long ago, restaurant leaders were asking whether or not consumers would use kiosks, and if they did, if it would have a negative impact on customer service. Today, with nearly every major restaurant chain adopting self-service kiosks, those questions have been answered. It’s no longer a matter of if the technology could be applied successful to restaurant, but how it can be implemented most effectively. The concept is proven, and consumers are increasingly choosing to patronize restaurants that offer effective self-service platforms, resulting in increased sales and loyalty. In fact, kiosks are so effective, some of ZIVELO’s clients have experienced up to 30 percent ticket lift after installation. Yet, the strongest results come from clients that embraced ZIVELO’s proven successful rollout strategies, learned by successfully deploying

kiosks throughout the restaurant industry. “We’ve shipped tens of thousands of kiosks to some of the biggest brands in the world, and have gathered lots of lessons,” says Healey Cypher, Chief Executive Officer of ZIVELO. “There’s a lot of nuance to urban versus suburban environments or the languages spoken in a community. If you don’t have a conscious strategy for deployment, you fall into a lot of traps.” Hardware, for example, is one area where many restaurants make mistakes, says Kris Bartel, Chief Business Development Officer for ZIVELO. “You can’t just put a pole-mounted tablet on the counter and expect it to work and be long-lasting in a commercial setting,” he says. “We’ve found that you need a fully immersive experience provided by a 27- to 32-inch screen, which makes customers feel like they

Custom Fabricated Foodservice Equipment from IRP Iowa Rotocast Plastics, founded in 1983, takes pride in being a trusted manufacturer and supplier of custom fabricated portable and semi-permanent foodservice equipment for stadiums, venues, arenas, convention centers, casinos, amusement parks and restaurants. IRP equipment can be found on six continents; IRP products can be found in all 50 states, in addition to 41 countries around the world. IRP equipment that is custom manufactured exclusively for Gatorade is a regular sideline fixture during professionally televised sporting events, including the Super Bowl. IRP has also sent equipment to every Summer Olympics since the 1996 games hosted by Atlanta, Georgia. IRP equipment provides a cohesive aesthetic with your venue’s architectural elements, while incorporating the most current technology and materials

available. IRP is well aware that while form may grab the consumer’s attention, function must take precedence in order for the equipment to serve its purpose. All IRP equipment meets industry standards, including NSF and UL approval. IRP’s team of engineers, designers and project managers strive to ensure that the equipment designed will provide a congruous and harmonious synergy with the elements chosen by the venue architects. Superb craftsmanship, durability and quality are the foundations of the IRP brand. IRP is well-equipped to fulfill an entire stadium package but has also earned a reputation for fabricating unique kiosks and carts that other companies would hesitate to build, due to their complexity or the fact that only a singular unit is needed. IRP equipment can be designed with

biscuits are prepared in these units. “Even though the oven cooks with live fire, it’s less of a guessing game,” says Dana. Timber Pizza also includes a mobile operation with two Marra Forni ovens. “With food trucks, we’re dealing with cold temperatures in winter and hot temperatures in summer, so if it could handle the outside elements, we knew the Marra Forni oven could handle our bagel production.” Call Your Mother’s bagel oven is 8 square feet and custom-painted pink. It is designed to crank out thousands of bagels a day. “Typical pizza ovens are domed and not as big as our bagel oven,” says Dana, who adds that Marra Forni is easy to work with and very responsive. “For the most part, people


who make ovens are not down for making custom, and Marra Forni went the extra step to create what we wanted. Plus, they’re local to us, so we were able to go to their test kitchen to work with them.” Marra Forni is currently developing a fourth custom oven for Dana and his team’s new pizza concept. Marra Forni is the fastest-growing brick oven manufacturer in the world. All ovens are 100 percent American manufactured and are all ETL, NSF and CE certified. Questions? Consult with an expert Business Developer at inquiries@

Visit Marra Forni at booth #2068. For more information, go to

can spend time customizing their orders.” When customers are immersed, they are more likely to consider add-on items, like cookies. “Even if your cookie is only $0.99, if your average ticket is $5, you’ve immediately earned a 20 percent lift,” Bartel says. “Kiosks also never fail to ask a guest if they want a drink, so you can make an extra $1.59 on a high-margin item.” Placement and scheduling are also important factors. “You don’t want to put it in a corner or down a hallway near the bathrooms, you want the kiosk to be a disrupter – almost right in the way when a customer comes in to stop the guest from going to the counter,” Bartel says. Plus, when deployed correctly, restaurants see increases for high-margin addon items, like fries, and the kitchen must be prepared to handle increased volume. Additionally, it can help to schedule an employee ambassador to invite guests to

use the kiosks, and help customers understand how to use them in the first few weeks, which can speed up adoption rates. “ C o l l e c t i v e l y, restaurants find that customers love the experience of the kiosks and get to order things at their pace,” Cypher says. “But associates love them, too. It changes their role into a heightened customer service person instead of requiring them to just take orders.” Finally, software, installation, maintenance and financing are also major factors. ZIVELO is your total-solution partner for all of this. Though each restaurant is different and will require its own plan, partnering with a team that knows the industry and has experience with largescale kiosk rollouts can ensure a smooth transition.

a combination of food and beverage serving options, or as mobile retail or POS stations. IRP’s entire process is streamlined because all elements of design and production are kept in-house, allowing maximum efficiency and quality control. This means all projects ship straight from the facility where they are designed and fabricated. Middle-men equate to markup, and IRP saves you money and time by being both fabricator and supplier. Its central location in the United States allows for shorter lead times to either coastline. In addition to fabricated equipment, the IRP family of brands manufactures and distributes a variety of other product categories, but all ultimately have the same goal of increasing food and beverage sales for clientele while promoting brand awareness. The RotoTough plastic products are

designed for ice-down beverage concession, a popular and economical line of hawking bins and push carts which allow the vendor to take the product to the consumer, and lastly, Breezers, a line of electric refrigeration which ranges in size from countertop units to full height double door versions. Whether a customer is looking for a draught and pretzel cart six feet in length or a 30-foot semi-permanent seasonal kiosk for an outdoor space, IRP will handle every element of a client’s project. From conception through to fabrication, IRP’s dedicated team wholeheartedly devotes themselves to any project with professionalism, quality and efficiency and is well-regarded within the industry for meeting project deadlines and producing superior products that last season after season.

For more information, visit booth #6379, or visit

For more information, call 800.553.0050 or go to


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Select the Right Pan with LloydPans An interview with Paul Tiffany, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, LloydPans®.

RDN: You’ve often talked about the ‘systems approach’ in terms of what customers should know before selecting pans. Would you explain that approach, and why it’s necessary?

PT: A restaurant is a food factory. First decisions must involve menu and service rate to define production requirements – including all downhill contributors of equipment, utensils, space and processes. All hardware must be selected to make the concept work, or it will fail.

RDN: ‘Smallwares’ is used to describe pans necessary to food production, but you dislike that term. Why is that? PT: Despite being priced lower than

ovens or hoods, pans are not interchangeable commodities. In the systems approach, the right pan must fit the concept – even if it’s not the lowest priced option – in order to achieve success.

RDN: Seasoning is a term used in the pizza industry to describe a necessary process for bare pans prior to production. What does seasoning involve?

PT: Seasoning involves applying a thin coat of oxidizable oil and baking it until a polymerized film is produced. Typically, 5-20 bake cycles are needed to achieve a ‘seasoned’ surface with some release properties. Alternatives include silicone glaze, PTFE non-sticks, and permanent, stick-resistant release finishes.

RDN: Selecting bare pans is often seen as less expensive. Are there limitations to

The Right Tools to Ensure Food Quality and Safety An interview with Jeff Yeager, Vice President – Foodservice, Cooper-Atkins, Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions.

RDN: Cooper-Atkins was recently acquired by Emerson as part of its Commercial and Residential Solutions business. As a leader in providing foodservice products to major QSR chains, why was Cooper-Atkins attractive to Emerson?

JY: The added expertise from CooperAtkins complements – and significantly extends – Emerson’s global capabilities in monitoring foodservice facilities throughout the entire supply chain. In today’s rapidly changing world, we continue to expand our technological capabilities to support and help protect brand integrity by providing the right tools that help ensure consistent food quality and safety.

RDN: What are the main QSR/restaurant risks and concerns surrounding food?

JY: Main concerns primarily include receiving, prepping, cooking and storing food items and maintaining them at the appropriate temperatures. If food safety protocols are not followed, end users can become sick and possibly die, resulting in damage to brand equity and huge financial losses due to expensive recalls. Brand protection is paramount; consistent food safety protocols lead to consistent quality of products, which directly affects same-store growth and system expansion for the franchisee and/or shareholders. RDN: How has technology affected the foodservice industry?

JY: FSMA rules are sprinkled with references to maintaining electronic records (though not specifically required).

Panasonic NE-SCV2N High Speed Oven Designed and built for ease of use and quick cooking capabilities, the proven Panasonic NE-SCV2N High Speed Oven is the ideal choice for kitchens where fast, efficient heating is essential and space is at a premium.

Space-Saving Footprint This sleek, powerful, 1200W oven’s space-saving footprint (outer dimensions, just W 18.66 x D 22.24 x H 16.22 in., cavity W 10.63 x D 13.00 x H 4.33) and Cool Touch surfaces make it simple, safe and easy to place in or on virtually any counter space, and stack multiple units on top of one another to maximize tight space (requires joint plate). It’s especially beneficial in cafe settings where workable space is always precious and having an easy-to-operate, multipurpose cooking device supports a

wide range of menu options. Great for sandwiches (breakfast/lunch) and bar food (chicken fingers, nachos, pizzas and more).

A Step Above No matter the foodservice setting, the oven’s flexibility and easy operation sets it apart from other commercial ovens. An easy to see, easy to operate LCD touch panel and touchpads effortlessly control manual and memory cooking programs, set 350 to 525 degree pre-heat temp range, cooling and more. The panel also controls a variety of heating patterns utilizing Panasonic patented technology to create six distinct heating patterns that combine up to three heating functions – convection, grill and Inverter microwave – for speedy heating of frozen, refrigerated or room temperature dishes.

Restaurant Daily News seasoning in terms of pan performance?

PT: Eventually, seasoning builds and lifts off in pieces that stick to the underside of the crust. The total cost of bare pans should include seasoning and re-seasoning, which conservatively adds $1-$4 per pan. Seasoned pans scratch easily, which means more maintenance if metal tools are used. RDN: Can you explain the difference between competitive release finishes and LloydPans Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote® finish?

PT: PTFE non-sticks offer approximately 5,000 release cycles, but they’re not metal utensil safe and don’t often last long in hot pizza ovens. Silicone glaze is less durable, and offers about 1,000 release cycles with the same limitations as PTFE coatings. LloydPans Pre-

Unfortunately, traditional paper and pencil temperature data collection introduces an additional source of potential pathogen contamination and is time-consuming and possibly inaccurate. One of the best alternative methods to manual data recording is using an automated or wireless temperature measurement solution (e.g., Cooper-Atkins’ NotifEye Wireless Monitoring Solution). Such an automated technology, purpose-built for use in foodservice/processing, complies with the most demanding design requirements. As a result, it operates reliably over long periods in harsh environments. RDN: How is technology helping brands with accountability into their distribution chains?

JY: As a leader in the temperature monitoring industry, we fill an important step in providing end-to-end service across the cold chain. We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and supplying the right tools for the right jobs – even before they realize they need them. Consistently helping ensure quality 1,000 Program Memory The Panasonic NESCV2N High Speed Oven can conveniently program and store up to hundreds of convection, grill and Inverter microwave menus, as well as flexible menu combinations of grill and microwave, convection and microwave, and convection and grill menus.

Edit Menus Too This high speed oven includes the ability to easily edit and store menus from either the product itself or your PC with an included SD memory card and SD-USB Adapter.

7 Heating Accessories To optimize heating for a full range of menu applications, the NE-SCV2N includes seven accessories for optimal cooking applications. They include a base plate liner, ceramic tray, wire

Seasoned Tuff-Kote (PSTK) is a permanent, non-toxic, metalutensil safe finish that offers excellent release in pizza and bakery applications without a definite end of life limit.

RDN: Can you share an example of how you helped a customer overcome a baking challenge?

PT: Baking brownies in a super-heated pizza conveyor oven isn’t easily done. By making a stack of standard pans to moderate the intense bottom heat of the oven and a perforated cover to moderate top heat, we solved that challenge. The interior featured PSTK finish for good release and was attractive enough to be used at the table, and tough enough to withstand metal forks. For more information, go to www.lloyd, email or call 800.748.6251.

with our state-of-the art instruments helps build trust between us as the manufacturer and end users where food safety is concerned; it’s the top priority of any business owner. Technology has increased transparency in the distribution process because it allows for checkpoints determining acceptance or rejection. Cooper-Atkins’ HACCP manager enterprise device and software allow electronic data acquisition and historical recording, and its menu feature with user-programmable checklists identify and track tasks. A corrective action linked to these tasks prevents them from being completed until the corrective action is implemented. Wi-Fi capability enables remote access to data and also increases the integrity of the data, which can be easily saved into the historical record for analysis during audits. Labor can be diverted to more customer-facing responsibilities, which is a valuable overall benefit. For more information, go to or call 860.347.2256.

rack, pizza and white ceramic plates, an oven sheet and aluminum paddle.

Minimized Maintenance With the Panasonic NESCV2N High Speed Oven, easy everyday maintenance consists of cleaning a removable air filter and drip tray, base plate liner, ceramic tray, wire rack, pizza and white ceramic plates, oven sheet and aluminum paddle (optional accessories) and wiping down the easyclean enamel door.

In the event of any steamer difficulties, Panasonic supports your NE-SCV2N High Speed Oven with comprehensive customer service. Technical support is just a phone call away. For more information, go to www

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Restaurant Daily News

Glastender Introduces Modular Beverage Stations Glastender, Inc., headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, has expanded its product offerings into the kitchen fabrication market with its new Modular Beverage Stations concept. Modular Beverage Stations are configured and manufactured to customerspecific requirements. A complete lineup is designed by selecting from the top options and then specifying the module types and sizes to mount below the top. Stations ship complete in lengths up to 144 inches. “With our Modular Beverage Stations concept and our online configurator, we have created something new for the foodservice industry,” stated Todd Hall, President of Glastender. “We have

taken the hassle out of making a custom beverage station lineup. You no longer need to settle for standard or wait around to get a response from a custom fabricator. Go to and use our configurator to create and price your own custom station in minutes.” The top options are flexible to meet various customer requirements. The top overhang may be 1/4, 1 or 2 inches. The three edge and nose profiles include flat, marine or rounded. The three depths available include 24, 30 and 36 inches. The top is available with various back and side splash configurations and also with an integrally welded drip trough with removable perforated insert in lengths from 12 to 36 inches.

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Suppression Systems from Amerex An interview with Jamie Knowles, Product Manager, Restaurant Systems, Amerex Corporation.

RDN: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

JK: I discharged my first fire extinguisher onto a live fire when I was 14 years old, and have been involved in the fire industry ever since. My diverse 30-year career in fire protection has given me unique experiences with many kinds of fire hazards and allows me to approach restaurant fire suppression from an educated and innovative perspective. Now as an Amerex team member, I work with a group of highly skilled professionals dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers in the food service industry. RDN: Tell our readers about your company and your products.

JK: Founded in 1971, Amerex is an Alabama-based manufacturer that produces a comprehensive line of fire extinguishers and pre-engineered fire suppression systems. These products meet building and life safety requirements in a variety of commercial and industrial markets. Since creation, Amerex has continuously pursued the highest quality products and services. Investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes while building and maintaining beneficial relationships with suppliers allows us to meet and exceed industry standards. RDN: How can Amerex benefit our readers?

JK: Amerex makes Class K fire extinguishers and restaurant fire suppression systems for commercial cooking operations. These products are tested and listed with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for

Kitchen Measurement Tools from CDN An interview with Shawn DiGruccio, Executive Vice President, CDN. RDN: CDN celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. What do you attribute to CDN’s continued success?

SD: Our focus has always been quality and innovation in kitchen measurement tools, and these core attributes have been a driving force in our success. We started the business with a full range of timers and thermometers, many of which are exclusive to CDN. Now we’ve expanded our categories to include a broad range of scales, which gives us a well-rounded line of only kitchen measurement products. We’re proud to be a global category leader, and our products are used in over 20,000 foodservice locations worldwide, including large international coffee and restaurant chains. RDN: What are CDN’s competitive advantages?

SD: Quality and innovation are at the top of the list. We offer a broad range of thermometers, timers and scales, from the basic to the unique, including many CDN exclusives. We are specialists, and our business is solely focused on kitchen measurement tools.

RDN: What is CDN’s focus for 2019?

SD: During this anniversary year, we are focused on proven top sellers that perform day-in and day-out in professional kitchens. It’s not just what we sell – itvs what we do to streamline foodservice operations and make them more efficient. RDN: How would you describe your thermometer assortment?

SD: Our wide range of NSF-certified thermometers provides foodservice operators options for all their temperature needs, such as our top-selling Thin Tip Pocket Thermometer (DTT450) and the

Incredible design flexibility is achieved through the 11 different module types that are available to mount below the top. The modules are named for the type of cabinet they are or the role they serve in the lineup. As the name implies, adjustable shelf, fixed shelf and open storage modules have either an adjustable shelf, a fixed shelf or open cabinet storage. Drawer modules are available with one, two or four drawers. Drop-in modules are specifically intended to house various drop-in units and sink modules are specifically designed to house the optional sink bowls that are integrally welded into the top. An empty space module provides space for a slide-in unit, like a trash can or undercounter refrigerator, and an end the protection of hoods, ducts and cooking appliances. Amerex can meet your needs with professional solutions and specifications for a large variety of fire hazards. In addition to our product offerings, Amerex is dedicated to serving you with real relationships. RDN: What drives your market?

JK: According to a 2017 NFPA study, there are over 8,000 fires annually in eating and drinking establishments, with the most common cause being related to cooking flames and flammable kitchen materials. Because of this, restaurant fire suppression systems are required by fire code to protect ‘grease producing appliances’ in commercial cooking operations. Amerex restaurant systems integrate seamlessly into kitchen designs, building fire alarms and building control systems without hindering cooking operations or detracting from the aesthetics of the kitchen. RDN: What is on the horizon for technology and product evolution?

Infrared Gun/Thermocouple Thermometer (INTP662) that combines infrared for noncontact surface temperatures with a thermocouple probe for internal temperatures. Our Cooking Thermometer (IRT200 CAL) with a convenient calibration tool built-in to the sheath, making field calibration quick and easy. From room service to fine dining and establishments in between, CDN has the right temperature measurement tools to meet your needs.

RDN: What are your foodservice accounts looking for in timers?

SD: Timers are about efficiency, making the most of time. Simplicity and ease of use are important, as well as a set of desired features, such as repetitive tasks, for particular applications. Top selling CDN exclusives include the easy and intuitive Extra Big Digit Timer (TM15) and the Multi-Task Timer & Clock (TM8), a combination clock and hours/minutes/seconds timer


wall module is available to finish off the end if the empty space is located at the end of a lineup. Glass rack modules include rack slides for installations where glass rack storage is required, while the roll-out shelf module includes two roll-out shelves to provide easier access to storage. Lastly, an urn stand module provides a special lowered work surface area for installations where larger tea urns are being used. Where applicable, the front of a module may include doors or an apron or a combination of both, which are also available with louvers to allow air flow as necessary. In addition to their incredible design flexibility, Modular Beverage Stations are all heavy-gauge, stainless steel construction to ensure quality and durability.

JK: As commercial cooking equipment evolves from high efficiency appliances to cutting edge filtration systems, we must constantly re-evaluate our products to provide the best fire protection for this ever-changing market. In addition to ever-evolving fire hazards, electronics will play a key role in developing products to meet the needs of our clients. Having a fire system that is supervised and able to be integrated into the building control and fire alarm systems is of paramount importance in today’s market. RDN: What distinguishes your company from the competition?

JK: Quality. Service. Innovation. All fire equipment manufacturers that sell products tested to ANSI/UL 300 standards have proven designs and capabilities. What sets us apart is Amerex’s willingness to look at new innovative solutions that meet customer demands, commitment to superior manufacturing and dedication to provide the best customer service that we can. with memory.

RDN: What types of commercial kitchen scales do you offer?

SD: We now have eight different series of scales, covering a range of features from basic to more advanced for all types of foodservice applications. Most of our scales are NSF listed and CDN exclusives, such as the Submersible Scales (SD1110X, SD2210X), with an IP67 rating, tare function, field calibration and high/low limit alerts. The Portion Control Scales (SD0502, SD1114, SD1112, SD2202, SD3302, SD5502) come in different capacities and profiles from 5 to 55 pounds. Our easy-to-use Digital Glass Scale, 15 pounds (SD1502) provides a great value with key features including tare function, sturdy tempered glass platform and an easy-to-read backlit display. For more information, go to www.cdn, email or call 800.338.5594.


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Bar Maid: Innovative, Problem-Solving Products Bar Maid Corporation first developed the 5-brush electric glass washer in the 1960s and is now the No. 1 manufacturer of electric glass washers in the world. When you have a really great product, competitors try to imitate. Low-cost imports recently became available, but these may lack safety features and certifications. “Without UL/CSA and NSF testing and approval, can you really be sure the glass washer is reliably safe and worth the liability risk?” says George Shepherd, President of Bar Maid. Shepherd warns not to be influenced by the CE mark, which is often the only mark found on imported products. CE is not valid in the USA or Canada. It is often “self-declared” with no testing, and may not be recognized by insurance companies, health departments or other agen-

cies in the United States. Bar Maid Electric Glass Washers offer unmatched quality, performance and safety. The A Series Upright Glass Washer and SS Series Submersible Glass Washer feature heavy duty, durable construction that is built tough for use in even the busiest, most demanding bars and restaurants. Both models are used by many of America’s largest chains. Factors that set Bar Maid Electric Glass Washers above the competition: exclusive new two-year warranty (registration required for year two); electrical safety testing and certification to UL and CSA required by OSHA and most health departments; sanitation testing and certification to NSF standards required by health departments; “Bi-Bristle” brushes perform significantly better and far outlast import brands, with a large variety of

Introducing The Perfect 10 Spatula By Brittany Clevenger, Editor, Franklin Machine Products

Backed by 100 years of innovation, our team at Franklin Machine Products continues to seek out new, solution-based products in the foodservice industry. This year, we showcase one of our most popular products of the year, The Perfect 10 Spatula™. The Perfect 10 is one of those magi-

cal problem-solving products on the market. It’s designed to reduce labor, save time and money, and preserve as much product as possible, all at an affordable price. Foodservice workers and restaurant owners alike know that time is vital in a business that’s all about food. Timing alone can often overshadow the reputation of a great dish and food preparation is a frequent culprit. Adding The Perfect

Blendtec: Quality Can’t Be Outsourced What does it mean to be an American company? At Blendtec, it means keeping everything – from brainstorming new ideas to building blenders to shipping them out – all in its 275,000 square foot facility. Blendtec takes pride in providing jobs in its hometown of Orem, Utah, and Blendtec’s employees from engineers to manufacturing to marketing and customer service all take pride in being a part of the world’s most advanced blender. Keeping everything under one roof is the best way to meet the company’s stringent quality standards and exceed its customers’ expectations. Blendtec does all it can in-

house, and the few things that it doesn’t do, it keeps as close to home as possible!

Design Blendtec’s talented team of industrial designers and engineers work together to form cutting-edge designs that have the advanced features its customers want in their kitchens.

Engineering Blendtec is proud of its engineers. Thanks to them, Blendtec has pioneered the most advanced blending technology available. Their passion for quality and

CHEFTOP MIND.Maps PLUS: Intelligent Cooking, Guaranteed Results The CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS ovens are the culmination of Unox’s years of research and experience of working alongside the most demanding chefs as they take on the daily challenge of making their creative ideas a reality. They are designed to be easy to use and to guarantee top performance in all working conditions. The ovens use the latest smart technologies to give real support in your work and to adapt to any kitchen, guaranteeing high performance and repeatable results regardless of the load. Achieving identical results for each load

requires control, intelligence and expertise. Every detail counts: what happens before and during cooking, the various load quantities, food whose properties vary with the seasons and the unique manual techniques of each member of your team. For example? Cooking multiple trays requires more time than for just one or two: the door remains open for longer and the consequent drop in temperature is greater. The oven must begin cooking at a lower temperature and cook a higher quantity of food, for

Restaurant Daily News accessory brushes for cleaning virtually any size of glass; Made in USA and known for reliability for nearly 60 years. Bar Maid customers asked for a super power, quiet operation blender and the BLE-300 3HP Heavy Duty Blender delivers. With simple Hi/Low On/Off controls and a virtually unbreakable BPA-free 64 ounce Eastman Tritan® Copolyester container, this blender has the power and versatility professionals need behind the bar and in the commercial kitchen. Bar Maid’s top-selling GP-100 Glass Polisher is fast and efficient, at least five times faster than hand polishing, easily paying for itself with huge labor savings and more sanitary than using a bar rag. But the number one reason customers say they are buying it is safety. With the GP100 there’s virtually no glass breakage or associated injuries, reducing glassware expenses and potential workers compen-

sation claims. While the GP-100 is key to sparkling glassware, the new CP-7000 Cutlery Polisher quickly turns wet, clean cutlery into dry, spot-free, sparkling cutlery. Waterspotted cutlery can make patrons question its cleanliness. The CP-7000 can polish up to 7,000 pieces per hour, removing water spots and eliminating unsanitary hand polishing. “The glass polisher and cutlery polisher are the perfect polishing partners,” said Shepherd. “Busy restaurants, hotels and banquet providers are going to love the time-saving efficiency and sparkling results.” Have a lower volume of glasses to polish? The hand-held GP-1M Glass Polishing Wand has a soft, lint-free cloth sleeve covering its flexible rubber tip and conforms to the shape of glassware. It is perfectly shaped to polish inside tall champagne glasses.

10 Spatula to your food preparation routine is the only way to go. With its patented flexible, curved-blade edges, this product sets itself apart from a traditional flat spatula. With a traditional spatula or scraping tool, scooping the product out, then scraping the inside of the can will eventually yield all of your product. With the Perfect 10, its edges do most of the work by grabbing thick and viscous product, such as sauces,

pastes, puddings and pie fillings with one turn of its ergonomically designed handle. In record time (an average of 10 seconds, versus over 20 seconds with a traditional spatula), you will have an empty #10 can and more time to prepare for the rest of the day’s service.

innovation can be seen in each design they bring to life.

Manufacturing and Assembly Virtually all manufacturing is done in-house, including injection molding, CNC and circuit boards. Once parts are manufactured, skilled teams build and box every blender, mixer and mill from start to finish in Blendtec’s in-house assembly stations.

Sales and Marketing Blendtec’s sales and marketing team knows all about its consumers. Its engineering team knows how to think outside

which more time is required to achieve the correct working conditions. In addition, the humidity emitted by the fullyloaded oven is greater than a partial load, and if the door is opened unexpectedly, it significantly alters all the parameters of the cooking process. Achieving repeatable results requires continual supervision, monitoring of every detail and immediate intervention. In a few words: control, intelligence and expertise. That’s exactly what CHEFTOP MIND.Maps PLUS oven with ADAPTIVE.Cooking™ provides.

For more information, go to www.fmp, call 800.257.7737 or email the box. Together, they collaborate to solve industry problems and make the products Blendtec customers need. It’s the perfect pair.

Customer Service Blendtec’s customer service department is the best around. They’re dedicated to making sure owning a Blendtec is a smooth experience for customers, restaurants and independent retailers, and are available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide support.

For more information, go to or call 801.222.0888.

Thanks to the ADAPTIVE.Cooking technology, your oven is transformed into an intelligent tool capable of interpreting your settings and understanding your desired result. Through its sensors and intelligence, your CHEFTOP MIND.Maps PLUS registers changes in humidity and temperature. It effectively understands the quantity of food inserted into the oven to then automatically regulate the cooking process by acting on all the parameters and modulating the combined action of the INTENSIVE.Cooking™ technologies, guaranteeing you an identical and perfect result every time. Exactly as you imagined.

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Restaurant Daily News

US INC: Refrigeration, Cooking, Stainless Steel Products An interview with Josh Chronister, Director of Sales, US INC. RDN: Tell our readers about your company and your product line.

JC: US INC is a manufacturer of commercial foodservice, bio-medical and scientific equipment. For our foodservice equipment, we sell strictly to distributors in North America. Our foodservice equipment consists of refrigeration, cooking and stainless steel products. Our refrigeration product line includes commercial reach-in refrigerators and freezers, salad prep tables, chef bases, back bar and under the counter models. Our cooking equipment product line includes ranges, fryers, griddles and grills, and our stainless steel products include compartment and bar sinks, dish tables, wall shelves, worktables

and hundreds of other commercial kitchen items. A new addition to our product line includes many different models of wire shelving. RDN: Describe your company’s marketing strategy and what makes your company different from others.

JC: Our company believes the best method to become a leader in this industry is to provide high quality products at competitive prices and offer the best customer support. Let’s give our customer, the distributor, a price that allows them to compete, up front and not tie them to the myriad of conditions with rebates and pie in the sky quotas. These gimmicks have been around for a while and need to be changed. We at US removed these gimmicks and instead have replaced them with honest pricing up front without hav-

Tucs Introduces New 50, 100 and 200 Gallon Self-Contained 75 psi Gas Kettles Tucs Equipment is known as a leader in cooking vessel technology, and today that tradition continues with the addition of 50, 100 and 200 gallon self-contained, gas-fired kettles. These new kettles can be ordered in either stationary or tilting configurations. High-pressure 75 psi steam gives operators the option to caramelize and cook recipes that typical 50 psi kettles

can’t touch. The integrated, space saving control panel gives operators control of agitator speeds and direction as well as for control of kettle temperature. The control panel can be mounted on the left or right side of the kettle. When configured, the control panel can provide remote factory diagnostics. The trough shape allows for an

Royal Industries Promotes New Services for Partners Royal Industries, which was founded over 75 years ago and is located in Chicago, Illinois, serves a nationwide market as furniture manufacturers and also as direct importers of commercial foodservice smallware, s/s worktables and hand sinks, janitorial, baking and pizza products for the restaurant, hospitality, janitorial, mass feeding and institutional industries. Unlike many other companies in the industry, Royal Industries does not offer products to the end users but rather works with authorized dealers and resellers. This partnership modality makes the company unique and very successful.

Stavros Moraitis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, notes that the company’s consistency in being seen as a staple in the E&S industry is an accomplishment that brings tremendous pride. Its innovative partnership program is unique to the industry. The company continues to redefine the role of vendor in order to better support authorized dealer/partners within their unique programs and their various marketing service opportunities. Royal Industries believes that being a true value-added partner to customers is its greatest accomplishment. Moraitis emphasizes that companies need to be able to resolve daily problems quickly.

Bally: Lower Costs, Increased Efficiencies Whether the needs are for a small walkin cooler or freezer, black chiller or large refrigerated building, Bally panels can be made to satisfy whatever application is designed. Nominal or custom sizes (to the inch) are available to meet the designs of architects and consultants. Bally poured in place panels are manufactured in 4-, 5- and 6-inch thickness to meet your specific needs and exceed all Federal Energy Code requirements. Bally is proud to be the first major manufacturer in the foodser-

vice segment to have fully integrated Honeywell’s environmental friendly Solstice® LBA into its poured in place insulation. The trademark of Bally is its “diaphragmatic joining system” which incorporates a structural band fastened to the speed-loc joining mechanism. Bally’s unique Speed-Loc® system provides an internal cage/skeleton of reinforcement throughout the entire enclosure. This interconnection results in unparalleled strength and allows Bally to outperform

ing to wait until next year to receive a rebate check or credit memo. As you know, there have been other brands that went down this path and are now out of business with the distributor left holding the bag. You can be assured that our prices are lower than the competition designed to make the distributor money today.

RDN: What products do you see as your hottest items for this year?


place. Twenty-five percent lower in price without sacrificing quality, so that now they can compete with the web-based businesses too ... A new product line we added this year are the glass door LCD refrigerator display reach-ins. The LCD reach-ins are equipped with glass doors with a state-ofthe-art translucent LCD video screen with WiFi capability for the customer to advertise their merchandise or their business. Our stainless steel products continue with larger than expected sales. Again, our philosophy is the same – lower prices and higher quality than the rest. This product line will be another winner for 2019. With this product line, our newly designed z-style sheet pan and pastry racks might steal the show. These racks are z-style designed for easy storage while not in use.

JC: I believe all of our product lines have features and benefits to suit the individual; however, in the refrigeration product line, the Value series might be the one to capture the largest audience for fiscal 2019. Here’s why: imagine two products side by side, that on the surface look very similar and all the components are very much the same; but one is available at nearly 25 percent less. That means that the US distributor would have the ability to compete with anyone in the market-

For more information, go to www, call 888.556.2112 or email

ergonomically efficient low profile for loading and cleaning, thereby minimizing the need for operator platforms and pits. Interior access can be further enhanced via an optional slide out platform step. The narrow width of its kettles allows installation under standard depth ventilation hoods. The horizontal “paddle wheel” style agitator provides superior mixing as well as uniform suspension of particulate without damage to even the most delicate item. Agitator and scraper blades are eas-

ily removable without tools. These new self-contained Tucs kettles can easily be connected to a volumetric pump for use in a cook-chill workflow. Marty Tucs and his Food Process Equipment Team have earned a reputation over 30-plus years for developing very innovative solutions to difficult food processing problems. With an 80,000 square foot production plant located in Princeton, Minnesota, TUCS Equipment Inc. can meet the equipment needs of foodservice operators worldwide.

Being partners rather than merely dealers allows this to be more effectively accomplished. This year the company is focusing on providing new services for its customers rather than showcasing new products. These services include, but are not limited to, marketing support, new drop ship programs, and bid and quote support. All of these services allow dealer/partners to be more time-effective and concentrate on growing their own sales. Royal Industries offers flyer and promotional materials – anything their partners need to sell or market their company or individual brands. The company is focused on quality, not only in its furniture but also in its ability to provide sales collateral materials to partners to help them brand their companies while selling Royal Industries products.

The foodservice industry consists of three categories: Good, Better, Best. Royal Industries competes as a Better (or second category) company. This means it offers better quality products at a good level – that is, its price is very competitive for a slightly better product. If the needed product isn’t from the Royal Industries product line, the company will search and provide what is needed – even to the extent that if/when a competitor has what a Royal Industries’ dealer needs, the company will still source it for them because as Moraitis emphasizes, “we are partners, not vendors.”

the competition. Bally is proud to offer the strongest door in the industry. All Bally doors come standard with a unitized heavy gauge structural Uchannel steel frame with additional welded backing plated integrated at every accessory mounting point. The structural steel carries the weight and eliminates door sagging for superior performance over the life of the unit. Bally’s team of refrigeration engineers continues to develop products designed to lower annual operating costs and increase efficiencies. Along with

Bally’s standard energy savings offering of SmartSpeed™ evaporators the company has launched the SmartVap+™ to pair with the existing SmartVap™. Together, this intuitive technology operates seamlessly with existing manual or newer electronic expansion valves in order to provide energy savings adaptive defrost capabilities as well as provide the operator a vast array of reporting.

For more information, go to www or call 773.478.6300 ext. 2840.

For more information, go to www


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LFC Biodigesters from Power Knot The LFC® biodigester is a machine that digests waste food. LFC biodigesters are made of stainless steel and are usually installed in the kitchen or wherever waste food is generated. The LFC biodigesters reduce the expense, inconvenience and mess of disposing of waste food. Power Knot has models that process from 20 pounds to 4,000 pounds per day of waste food. LFC biodigesters are simple to install and use and can accept waste food at any time. They are free of odors and have low operating costs. The output is grey water that is safely discharged into the sewer system. Each LFC biodigester

reports the amount of waste ingested on its touchscreen and sends that data to the cloud. The information about usage and statistics can be accessed anywhere on any device. By diverting waste food from landfills, you will save money on the collection of trash with a payback that is typically two years or less. By eliminating smells, flies and rodents around trash bins, you will improve cleanliness, and by removing the need for plastic bags and the staff having to take trash out of the kitchen, you improve operations. By keeping the waste food out of the landfill, you are significantly reducing

New Technology from the Front of House to the Back of House Dallas-based manufacturer SandenVendo America, Inc. is promoting its revolutionary technology, Lumilinna and KuraBan, at the 2019 NRA Show. Lumilinna B dispenses superchilled, icy beverages to consumers. Lumilinna B is the new four compartment cooler that uses precise refrigeration control to hold products just below the freezing point. This technology produces ice crystals throughout a beverage which delivers a refreshing new drink experience. KuraBan utilizes a Non-Thermal

Electric Field Energy (N-TeFe) technology, developed through more than 15 years of research and development in Japan. N-TeFe technology, which works within a temperature range of 28 degrees Fahrenheit to 37 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius) to inhibit oxidation and bacterial growth. The KuraBan technology creates a perfect environment for preserving fresh foods without the need for potentially harmful chemicals or radiation. SandenVendo America will also be showing its Hot Food and Ambient Food

The Perfect Pizza Oven for You Starts With Forno Bravo By Alexander Clark, Marketing, Forno Bravo



Each year, thousands of people begin their journey towards finding “the perfect pizza oven” for their newly inspired outdoor kitchen, startup pizzeria or an expansion to their current business offerings. But what does “perfect” mean when the context is so far reaching? Does it come down to size, shape and finish? Do things like accessibility and fuel options count? What about recovery times and

community-tested longevity? Price point? I believe the simple answer is ... yes. To me, perfect is not made up of a single feature or design, but rather, a combination of elements that make an oven perfect for you. Our goal at Forno Bravo is to create a foundation of performance and reliability that our customers can build upon to match their individual needs. Each pizza oven core is manufactured in our Salinas, California facility,

Cooler Concepts: 25 Years of Reliability An interview with Bill Dunnett Jr., Founder and President, Cooler Concepts.

RDN: After leading the beer industry for 25 years, what keeps you reaching for more?

BD: There is still so much to accomplish. In my travels I still see poorly used beer coolers that are dangerous, hard to work in and cluttered. People just don’t know there is a better option.

RDN: What problems exist in your scope that most people don’t think to consider?

BD: Many do not have a clear plan on what they want to do for proper beverage storage. The number of taps, serving vessel size and any other storage they may

need are all considered in our final suggestion to the customer.

RDN: Can you recall the name of your oldest project still open for business? Looking back on it, what are your thoughts?

BD: It would have to be El Cortez in Country Club Hills, Illinois. I sold them a shelving system while working on the beer truck in 1994. During a remodel and after 10 years of daily use, I picked up the original shelving and had the grime acid stripped and hot dipped galvanized again. When it came time to reinstall the shelving, the refinished product looked just like it did in 1994. For El Cortez, it gave them everything they were looking for and the durability speaks for itself.

Restaurant Daily News your carbon footprint. With the LFC cloud you can easily create reports for any stakeholder. The LFC biodigesters use aerobic digestion to break down the waste food. A proprietary blend of naturally occurring microorganisms digests the waste rapidly; these are supplemented once per year. The mechanism is not maceration, so the exiting water comprises mostly digested material that has been converted to water. A motor in the machine turns the contents of the drum slowly – and only for a quarter of the time – to ensure no physical breakdown. Energy consumption is very low Display, CaffeUno and WHYNOT Saver and Dispenser System.

CaffeUno: Bean-to-cup coffee machine featuring the tankless instant heat water system. Crysta: Fully-automatic fresh-brewed coffee machine that serves delicious café latte with “coffee of rich flavor” that is not beaten by milk. Open Hot Food Displays: The same stylish look as the current HFD line with the open design that increase impulse purchases. The Ambient Food Display features LED lights and white shelves, swing open front doors and sliding back doors perfect for full and/or self-serving. and features a proprietary formula designed to famously retain heat, as well as withstand extreme changes in temperature without putting stress on the dome. High-quality materials plus science equals long lasting, high-quality ovens. By controlling the entire process from start to finish right here in the USA, we’re able to uniquely provide highlycustomizable configurations and finishes that truly meet our customers’ needs without compromising quality or accruing excessive costs. From kits to fully assembled, wood fired, gas or combo, stucco or custom

and operating costs are minimal. As a profitable company with installations globally, Power Knot is a market leader in kitchen food digesters. Its LFC biodigesters are the most technologically advanced machines available and the company offers a three-year warranty. The LFC biodigesters offer a payback period typically of less than two years. Power Knot designs, develops and manufactures all LFC biodigesters at its headquarters in the capital of Silicon Valley, California. For more information, go to www

WHYNOT: Using the patented FreshKeep™ wine saver technology, the cork replacement from the bottle is performed within a nitrogen gas filled environment, permitting zero exposure of the wine to oxygen, preserving the wine for up to 11 months.

SandenVendo America is a Dallas, Texas (USA) based manufacturer of foodservice equipment, vending machines and micro market solutions.

For more information, visit booth #11309, go to or call 800.344.7216.

tile, countertop or steel stand, the list goes on and on ... all with transparent pricing to match. On behalf of Forno Bravo, I want to thank the countless members of the Forno Bravo family for welcoming us into your homes and businesses. I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing community and an unbelievably talented team. If you’re thinking about buying a pizza oven in 2019 that will reach your measure of perfection, I hope you’ll start with us. Visit Forno Bravo at booth #264. For more information, go to www.forno, call 800.407.5119 or email

RDN: Having broken into the industry as a small business and becoming a main player, what is your goal for the next 25 years?

Program is in the AutoQuotes catalog and we’re represented by the finest manufacturer’s reps. We will be putting our models into KCL by the time anyone reads this article.

RDN: Where can dealers and designers find you?

BD: I would like to be thought of as a company that personally cares about the end user. By choosing Cooler Concepts, they get me, my team and 25 years of reliability. They have a partner that cares about their business and is only a phone call away. Our passion, expertise and knowledge are unparalleled by any other shelving company.

BD: I think to just keep getting the word out, whether it’s through our reps, person to person or via social media platforms. We have never had a warranty claim in 25 years, for any reason. It is a major accomplishment and we’re very proud. I’d like to keep informing people that they can determine what their beer cooler looks like. Not a catalog!

BD: We can be found at, on Instagram @cooler_concepts. Our Ready-Ship

RDN: What impression would you like to leave on the restaurant industry?

For more information, call 800.598.2945, go to or find the company on Instagram @cooler_concepts.

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Restaurant Daily News

Award-Winning Authentic Ethnic Street Food Street food-inspired dishes were named a top trend prediction on NRA’s What’s Hot 2019 Culinary Forecast, and 40 percent of 18-34 year olds are looking for ethnic items specifically described as “street foods,” according to Technomic. A previous hurdle for restaurant operators interested in menuing authentic global street foods was the need for specialized equipment like vertical broilers, plus the necessary kitchen space and labor talent. With new technology and product innovations like ReadyCarved™ Flame Broiled Off-the-Cone Slices from Grecian Delight, any operator can now serve popular ethnic street foods like gyros, shawarma and al pastor. At the 2019 National Restaurant Show, Grecian Delight is being recognized with FABI Awards for its new

ReadyCarved Natural Halal Shawarma Slices, available in Beef & Lamb and Chicken, plus its new ReadyCarved Al Pastor Pork Slices. These new additions join ReadyCarved Gyro Slices which were introduced in early 2018 and available in Beef & Lamb and Chicken. ReadyCarved Flame Broiled Offthe-Cone Slices are the quick and easy way to add real, authentic ethnic street foods to any menu. New ReadyCarved Al Pastor and Natural Halal Shawarma feature cuts of meat that are tumble marinated, then hand stacked by artisan carvers to 500-pound cones, flame broiled, robotically sliced and individually quick frozen to lock in that conecarved freshness and flavor. ReadyCarved Slices go from freezer to plate in four minutes or less. No extra

SKECHERS Caters to Foodservice Industry An interview with Harold Surabian, National Sales Manager, SKECHERS Direct. RDN: How long has SKECHERS been in this business, offering a line of work shoes?

HS: SKECHERS originally started in 1992 as a utility footwear company, so this goes back to our roots from day one. Most people are really surprised to see all the different work shoes we make, but you can see in our booth that we provide a lot of options for foodservice employees who want to look good, stay safe from slips and falls and be comfortable throughout their shifts.

RDN: Tell our readers about the SKECHERS Direct Corporate Shoe Program. Who can join?

HS: Our corporate shoe program has been out for about seven years now and it’s available to companies with 200 or more employees who are based in the U.S. or Canada. It’s a cost-free program with no minimum purchasing requirements, no set-up fees, no costs whatsoever. Your employees simply buy direct from SKECHERS and get 30 percent off year-round on our ASTM Mark II tested slip-resistant work shoes and corporate casual styles. If your company does not meet the minimum employee requirement, we can set you up on our 25 percent off program. RDN: Can you accommodate companies with uniform requirements that include shoes?

HS: Yes. Purchases can be made online on our SKECHERS Ecommerce site

Cilantro Sauce). Skhug is a spicy Middle Eastern sauce and a traditional accompaniment to shawarma and falafel, but also has great applications with any meat, as a salad dressing, pizza drizzle or mix in with hummus or Greek yogurt for an amazing dip. Skhug has been called out by Technomic, Datassential and NRA’s What’s Hot Annual Chef’s Survey as a trend for 2019. Grecian Delight, A Pure Mediterranean Foods Company, brings you the very best of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with products including gyros and specialty meats, pitas and flatbreads, tzatziki, hummus and spreads, falafel and additional Mediterranean specialties.

that’s custom-built to the uniform needs of your company. If you require black slip-resistant shoes, your employees won’t see a brown boot on the website, so they can’t buy it thinking that it would be okay to wear to work. That’s the beauty of our program compared to many of our competitors.

RDN: Are there any other benefits?

RDN: How long does it take to get the shoes ordered through the website?

HS: Orders usually ship within 48 hours and online orders receive free shipping and free returns. If you have an employee that you hire to start the next day or would simply like to try on their shoes before purchasing, they can also shop at any of our 500-plus SKECHERS retail stores nationwide and in Canada. We have a SKECHERS retail store in every major city and this is an enormous benefit that none of our competitors can touch.

Visit Grecian Delight at booth #812, South Hall. For more information, go to or call 800.621.4387.

HS: Yes. Our slipresistant shoes come with a $5,000 slip and fall warranty that helps protect your company from the expensive consequences of slips and falls. Plus, your employees will enjoy our quarterly friends and family day events, which allow them to extend their 30 percent discount on SKECHERS shoes for the entire family, including kids’ shoes, sandals, casual shoes and our performance line of running, walking and golf shoes (over 3,000 styles to choose from). This is another employee benefit that our competitors can’t offer, as they only make work shoes. For more information, visit the SKECHERS Direct Booth in the South Hall at booth #3126. After the show, call Harold Surabian at 310.318.3100, ext. 1860 or email

Truffles boast a minimum shelf life of two months at room temperature, with no need for refrigeration or preparation by your staff. All varieties are guaranteed in stock and are available to ship within one to two business days, all year round. DeBrand packaging is also available for purchase, and its truffle wholesale prices are currently set for resellers to earn a margin over 62 percent. DeBrand makes it easy to offer a gourmet chocolate experience year-round. Featuring these beautiful truffles on

ongoing selection of at least four to six different truffles to provide a wide selection and an eye-catching display. Its four most popular truffles are Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Peanut Butter and Raspberry. In addition to selling truffles by the piece, they are also available in prepackaged assortments, ideal for holidays, events and when guests are in a hurry. DeBrand Truffles deliver a high-quality, gourmet chocolate experience that your guests are sure to remember.

as a summertime drink, today rosé is the “it” vino on the market, ubiquitous yet still effortlessly chic and available bottled, boxed or canned. It has even made the leap beyond the wine aisle and into seltzers, ciders, candies – and, yes,

vinaigrettes. To create wine vinegar, rosé is aged until it’s concentrated in flavor, developing a pleasantly tart taste with lovely fruity notes. Stonewall Kitchen then pairs this vinegar with black pepper, garlic, oil and a few other ingredients, resulting in a wonderfully refreshing dressing that’s tangy and

sweet. An ideal product for ever-popular brunch gatherings, Rosé Vinaigrette will leave customers tickled pink by how it complements dishes like berry-studded salads and roasted vegetables.

Yes Way, Rosé! Your customers can now rosé all day with Stonewall Kitchen’s new Rosé Vinaigrette, a delightful dressing that features a bright and vibrant vinegar distilled from everyone’s favorite blush-toned wine. Once only thought of

space, labor, special skills or equipment needed. ReadyCarved Slices can be heated on a flattop grill, in an oven, high speed oven, impingement oven or even a microwave, making authentic ethnic street food a possibility for any operation. Beyond their classic sandwich formats, ReadyCarved Slices have applications all across the menu. These authentic ethnic proteins make delicious and exciting additions on salads, in popular ethnic bowls, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, on loaded French fries, Mediterranean nachos, Mezze-style sampler or shareable platters, or even as pizza toppers. In addition to the FABI Award recognition for ReadyCarved Al Pastor and Natural Halal Shawarma Slices, Grecian Delight was also the recipient of a third 2019 FABI Award for its reformulated Skhug sauce (a.k.a. Four Pepper

your menu and in a display case is the perfect way to entice your customers. As they arrive, they will be greeted by the promise of a high-quality, gourmet dessert. Even if they decide against indulging immediately after their meal, they can purchase truffles as they leave to be enjoyed later. This is an easy add-on sale and has no need for any preparation, just bag or box and go. DeBrand is also happy to provide artwork and product descriptions for menus, displays and social media advertising. DeBrand recommends carrying an

DeBrand Truffles: Effortless, Profitable, Enticing Imagine having the perfect dessert to complement your menu that requires no preparation. DeBrand Truffles are the luxurious sweet conclusion that will entice each and every customer. These 12 incredible variations seem almost too beautiful to eat ... almost! Each oversized piece is individually and artistically designed, but their true beauty lies within. These irresistible silky, rich truffles are petite, gourmet chocolate desserts, perfect for the table or to go. DeBrand


For more information, visit booth #10618.

For more information, call 888.326.5678 or go to


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Dairy Disruptor JoeFroyo Explores Lactose-Free Cultured Milk By Colby Scharsch, Lead Designer, JoeFroyo

Anyone who has been in the dairy aisle in the past decade has seen the wild proliferation of dairy alternatives, from soy, almond and rice milks to hemp and quinoa beverages, and that’s just scraping the surface. While all of these grain/seed/nut milks have been vying for the attention of the dairy averse, innovators within the dairy industry, like JoeFroyo, have been busy addressing many of the issues that people have with cow’s milk, including removing lactose. “We think nature got it mostly right with milk,” says JoeFroyo Founder and President Zach Miller. “Great taste, essential nutriation, that delectable mouthfeel. Our process amplifies what’s already great about milk and tones down

the lactose. What you’re left with is real, high quality dairy, but it almost tastes like a new drink.” While formulating JoeFroyo’s first product, Probiotic Cold Brew™, Miller developed a proprietary process for creating a lactose-free cultured dairy base, which expanded the company’s ambitions and product offerings. Through its process, JoeFroyo cultures Real California Milk® to unlock live and active cultures, adds lactase to break down the lactose, and produces a naturally sweet, probiotic-packed, lactose-free dairy base that pairs perfectly with coffee and – well, anything else that milk pairs well with. After using this base to create its Probiotic Cold Brew and Clean Label Creamer™ products, JoeFroyo has widened its scope to include other dairy staples, ice

Wholesome Food Products from Pulmuone USA An interview with John Penty, National Sales Manager – Foodservice, Pulmuone USA.

RDN: Tell our readers about Pulmuone USA.

JP: Established in May 1984, Pulmuone Foods positioned itself as a ‘wholesome foods’ company by being the first company to sell packaged tofu/sprouts products in Korea. The company has made and sold more than 700 wholesome food products in a range of categories, from conventional water-packed and readyto-serve pre-marinated and pre-baked

tofu to authentic Asian-inspired foods, such as dumplings, vegan kimchi, noodle bowls, low-carb noodles, wraps and more. We have manufacturing facilities throughout California, New York and Massachusetts. We employ food scientists and experts to utilize cutting-edge technology in order to research and develop the most organic, natural, delicious products. Pulmuone is recognized as a leader in refrigerated, natural food products. At Pulmuone, we are committed to the well-being of your family and the environment, promoting sustainable and

2019 Best of Show

Restaurant Daily News cream and powdered coffee creamer.

Introducing Crema Smart™ JoeFroyo’s new Crema Smart line, launching at the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show, features an array of lactose-free probiotic ice creams, and the world’s first powdered half & half. Crema Smart Ice Cream is packed with prebiotics, probiotics and 5 grams of protein per serving. The brand will debut a trio of classic flavors – chocolate, vanilla and cold brew latte – with more flavors coming soon, including caramel macchiato, espresso chip, cookie dough, Moose Tracks® and more. Crema Smart lactose-free powdered half & half is one of a kind, any way you slice it up. Not only is it the world’s first powdered half & half, it is also lactosefree and full of beneficial probiotics. Perfect on the go, now you can have perfectly creamy coffee, on the countertop earth-friendly lifestyles. By delivering convenient and wholesome foods and services that fit today’s busy lifestyles, we are able to provide conscious choices for the planet and its people, which puts us all on a path for a better tomorrow.

RDN: What do you hope to accomplish at the show?

JP: We are seeking opportunities to present our product offerings and production capabilities to large food service operators (chains), college and university, and industrial/manufacturing customers. We want to be the go-to company for plantbased protein now and in the future for all foodservice operators.

RDN: What brings Pulmuone the most pride? JP: We take great pride in providing quality plant-based food products that are good for people and good for the earth. RDN: What products are you launching this year?

JP: We’re excited to launch Ready-to-

or on a mountaintop.

Cold-Pressed Creamery™ Cold-Pressed Creamery is a new label for JoeFroyo’s cold-pressed dairy beverages produced using highpressure processing (HPP) to extend shelf life and improve taste. The label will include two of JoeFroyo’s previous products, Probiotic Cold Brew and Clean Label Creamer as well as upcoming lactosefree probiotic whole milk and chocolate milk products. Probiotic Cold Brew combines caffeine, probiotics and protein by bringing together smooth cold brew with the valuable health benefits of lactose-free cultured dairy. Clean Label Creamer provides these same functional benefits, whatever coffee you’re drinking. Visit JoeFroyo at booth #10216. For more information, go to www or call 253.682.8586.

Eat Tofu Crumbles in three varieties, as well as Crispy Tofu Bites, and our Bulk Super Firm High Protein (Sprouted) 6/6# Vac Pack Tofu. RDN: Who are your target customers?

JP: Our target customers are all segments of foodservice – any operator that is ready to take part in the hottest food trend and the future of food: plant proteins. RDN: How do your products or services help your customers compete in their marketplace?

JP: Pulmuone consistently seeks unique ways to present plant proteins that help our customers connect with all types of guests, including but not limited to vegan, vegetarian and flexitarians. A Harris Poll in 2016 indicated that 37 percent of all guests nationally are seeking vegetarian options when dining out.

For more information, visit booth #10724, go to, or email John Penty at john.penty@

New Chocolate Bar Flavors from Hammond’s

Two new chocolate bars have come out from Hammond’s Brands, the parent company of Hammond’s Candies and Old Dominion Peanut Company. Coconut Cream Pie is a milk chocolate treat with coconut flakes and a rich, creamy ganache, and Sodapop! is a

unique, cola-flavored milk chocolate bar featuring fizzy popping candy which replicates the carbonated beverage.

For more information, call 888.226.3999 or go to

Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Brooklyn Crafted ginger beers pack a zesty punch and are made with 100 percent fresh, unfiltered ginger pieces you can actually see in the bottle. Available in a variety of flavors – Lemon Lime, Mango, Extra Spicy, and

Earl Grey – Brooklyn Crafted is perfect on its own or incorporated into fun cocktails.

For more information, go to www

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Restaurant Daily News

Udi’s Gluten Free and Gardein Plant-Based Proteins Nearly 45 percent of Americans are experimenting with their approach to eating, and many of them are looking to gluten-free or plant-based diets. Udi’s® and Gardein™ products provide the delicious flavor, ease of use and category expertise you need to take your menu beyond the basics and offer something for everyone.

Gardein Plant-Based Protein For consumers seeking a healthier, plant-forward lifestyle, such as the onethird of Americans who consider themselves “flexitarians,” Gardein offers plant-based cuisine in an abundance of flavors and varieties that will excite the palate and help create a wide selection of meat-free menu options for any time of day. Vegan/vegetarian diet-based menu

BSI Introduces the Next Big Thing in Food Guards BSI, an industry leader in food guards and counter fabrication, is unveiling several new guard designs and product upgrades. The newest guard in BSI’s lineup allows for a three-axis adjustment in a totally new way. The new patent-pending design is so simple to use it only requires one person to adjust the height, angle or projection of the glass. In addition to the thoughtful design, brackets can be removed or added to a guard that has a top shelf or rear leg. This swing-arm design allows for quick retrofits, simple layout reconfigurations and the ability to add mid-shelves and top shelves after installation. BSI is also debuting a new longspan guard that can reach more than 16 feet without a center support. BSI’s ClearSpan and MegaSpan have long been industry favorites, and this new guard complements these products with a minimalist approach that will be at home in the most modern of environments or blend elegantly into a more traditional servery. The new long-span guard removes as much hardware as possible and still supports the weight of a top shelf, heat, lights and glass panels over impossibly long spans with no deflection. BSI is also highlighting a new riff on Solera heated merchandisers. The round, portable pedestals are an elegant way to display hot items. The units have modular base extensions, so the height can be adjusted between 3 inches to 8.5 inches to let users create multi-tiered displays that beautifully showcase food. The bases can also be powder-coated to match the décor.

For more information,



claims have risen 17 percent, and Gardein boasts the widest variety in the plant-based protein category to help you refresh your menu. The newest additions to the Gardein family of products reflect the latest foodservice trends. Create in-demand entrées, appetizers, breakfasts and sides featuring Breaded Chick’n Breasts and Wings, Sliced Italian Saus’age, Breakfast Saus’age Patties and Beefless, Black Bean and Chick’n Slider Patties. Gardein has partnered with Meatless Monday to create a program to help operators benefit even more from the trend

toward plant-based dishes – and participating in Meatless Monday reduces your environmental impact. Visit www.gardeinmeatless for details, recipes and much more.

Udi’s Gluten Free Since 2013, the number of menus featuring gluten-free items has increased 182 percent, and Udi’s products will help you make sure your operation is cashing in on the gluten-free trend with a pleasing texture and delicious taste enjoyed by everyone. Udi’s offers breads, rolls, buns, tortillas, pizza crusts and more to expand your menu offerings. With Udi’s as your partner, serving gluten-free products is a snap. It has cre-


ated the Udi’s Gluten Free 1-23 program to assist operators with setting up their operation. Visit www.udisglutenfree123 .com to see how easy gluten free can be.

Easy to Implement Don’t miss out on the additional traffic, revenue and customer satisfaction from patrons seeking plant-based or gluten-free options. Both Gardein and Udi’s products are nearly effortless to implement in your existing menu – then use their broad product portfolios to inspire even more creative menu ideas.

To learn more, visit booth #1453, go to or call 866.816.7313.


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New Table Lamps from Sterno An interview with Laura Calder, Senior Product Manager, Sterno Products.

RDN: What’s new with table lamps and Sterno Products?

LC: Sterno is launching 20 new and ontrend table lamps this season, which brings us to over 130 lamps in our portfolio. Our expanded assortment provides operators with more options that they can choose between to find the design that best enhances their concept. RDN: What makes these lamps unique?

LC: Our new lamp designs are influenced by trends in restaurant décor and styling. Maintaining a pulse on restaurant trends and translating them into table lamp designs is what has guided our refreshed line.

RDN: Is the farm-to-table trend still relevant?

LC: Yes, this trend and the increased attention to locally-sourced ingredients continue to influence cuisine, and have now crept into restaurant styling. Anticipate more exposed weathered brick, metals like chrome and brass and an emergence of wood paneling. Locally-discovered décor and greenery, like ferns and vines, are popular for the natural and calming atmosphere they create. Our new Penny lamps mix metal with glass for an industrial statement, and our simplistic Sonoma lamps are a gorgeous, subtle complement to wood accents and greenery.

RDN: What about formal dining and table lighting?

LC: Formal diners today want to experience a unique, upscale dining experience, but without the traditional stuffiness. ‘Comfy elegance’ is being created throughout the country, through thoughtful lighting, crisp color palettes and comfortable, plush seating. White linen table

Vertullo Imports: Sourcing the Finest Italian Ingredients Vertullo Imports sources high quality specialty items from all over the world, leveraging longstanding supplier relationships and robust networks. While the company truly is all over the map, a high concentration of its items are sourced from Italy. To ensure attention to craftsmanship, quality, authenticity and taste, it even has overseas staff headquartered in Italy to help source and interface directly with Italian suppliers. It’s no secret that Vertullo Imports loves Italy and its fantastic cuisine. Every region has its own

distinctive style of cuisine, and the goal of Vertullo Imports is to bring a myriad of authentic Italian flavors to your dishes. Italy is synonymous with pasta; however, Northern Italy is actually known for its rice and polenta. Vertullo Imports offers Arborio and Carnaroli Rice, Pearled Italian Farro, Quick Cooking Polenta and more. In addition, it also offers a line of frozen, ready to cook and serve Risottos, available in Parmesan, Broccoli & Cauliflower, Porcini Mushroom and Saffron.

Folding Utility Carts and I.O.Shen Knives from Master Grade Master Grade manufactures high-end products for commercial kitchens, including but not limited to kitchen knives, butcher knives, knife accessories, electric knife sharpeners, manual knife sharpeners, sharpening sticks, small kitchen appliances and more. The founders of Master Grade realized that every electric knife sharpener on the market left users wanting something better. Its founding team was determined to develop the finest knife sharpener consumers could find at the best possible prices. The resulting flagship knife sharpener was introduced in 1994. That very first sharpener is now universally known and used in fine restaurants, hotels and grocery stores around the world. In addition to a variety of sharpeners, Master Grade is particularly proud of

its Folding Utility Cart, which is marketed under the Folding Master brand and engineered in America. The company’s newest launch is the Heavy Duty Folding Utility Cart. It has the following features and is excellent for all carting and commercial kitchen professionals. The carts are easy to open and to fold, are space saving up to 80 percent, and are heavy duty, strong and durable. They have a safety device in place to avoid finger injuries, and have an alligatoring (patterned cracking resembling an alligator’s scales) corrosion-resistant lacquer. The carts include two locking and two non-locking caster roller wheels, and have 5 inches of heavy duty hard rubber threaded stem casters with ball bearing construction, 3/8-inch stem width and

TELLIER, Makers of the Original Food Mill For 65 years, TELLIER has been using innovation to unleash creativity and improve efficiency in the kitchen. It all started in 1947 when Louis

Tellier revolutionized the gastronomic world by creating the world’s first professional food mill. This groundbreaking innovation – the first of a long series,

Restaurant Daily News clothes are less common, and many are adding lounge areas with smaller tables.

RDN: Smaller tables – does that mean smaller lamps?

LC: Yes. We’ve seen many restaurants trend toward using smaller, easierto-move tables as a solution to accommodate the daily mix of small and large parties of customers. We offer a wide selection of smaller footprint table lamps, from our classic, chandelier-inspired Anka, to our sleek, color-saturated Siren.

RDN: How has social media changed how restaurateurs style their spaces?

LC: Review sites are powerful influencers on how food is prepared and served, as well as how table tops are styled. We’re going to see an elevated level of creativity, and many embracing the comeback of retro colors and vibrant, graphic wallpapers as a way to impress their guests and encourage them to socially share their experience. Southern Italy is all about olive oil. Vertullo Imports’ Mediterranean Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a buttery flavor and fruity aroma. Enjoy it as an ingredient in dressings, soups and sauces or drizzle over pasta, fish and grilled vegetables. In addition to olive oil, Vertullo Imports also has a line of truffle oils. Vertullo Imports certainly can’t talk about its Italian ingredients without mentioning its Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Add an extra layer of depth, acidity and brightness to dressings, sauces, marinades, stews and more with its flavorful 300 pound load rating per wheel. The carts are 34 inches long by 17.5 inches wide by 35 inches high, have a payload of 500 pounds, 170 pounds per shelf for even distribution and are patent pending. Master Grade also is known for its I.O.Shen brand of professional cooking knives, with more than 30 styles and designs that use a harder steel in order to achieve the ultimate cutting edge. Master Grade perfected the use of two grades of steel to create a three-layer blade. The I.O.Shen Master Grade knives use a layer of extremely hard Japanese steel (Erdon 62⁰) which is sandwiched between two layers of a softer stainless steel (Erdon 10⁰) in order to produce the ultimate cutting edge. The softer layers add a protective, shock-absorbing element to the blade that then reduces resistance as the knife cuts through food. The Erdon 62⁰ established the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of robust and efficient small kitchen appliances. In 65 years of experience, TELLIER has consistently been launching innovative and useful

RDN: How’s Sterno supporting this elevated creativity?

LC: Our bold new colors and ontrend designs can be styled with a broad range of concepts to add interest and intimacy to a space. Our new Allure – Real Flame, No Mess Candle offers the opportunity for endless creative applications. Developed to meet the challenges of using a real wax candle, the Allure provides a real flame, without the melted wax mess. It features a patent pending plastic cover and base that fits 24-hour and 30-hour Sterno SoftLight® Liquid Wax Candles. The Allure can be used in a unique vessel or within the included hurricane and filled with sand, coffee beans or shells, etc. to create a stunning piece. To learn more, review our catalogs or request samples, operators should connect with their Sterno Products Representative or explore Visit Sterno Products at booth #6912. For more information, go to www.sterno or call 951.682.9600.

line of vinegars. Head south to Sicily and enjoy Vertullo Imports’ Arancini rice balls. Each is blended with local mozzarella and Parmesan cheese and rolled in Italian breadcrumbs. If you’re looking for authentic Italian ingredients to elevate your next dish, look no further. Vertullo Imports is your source for the finest ingredients across the different regions throughout Italy.

Visit Vertullo Imports at booth #5645. For more information, go to www.vertullo, call 516.222.6220 or email

steel is exposed at the very edge of the blade, which then ensures that the knife is the sharpest blade allowed to be manufactured. Master Grade is one of only two manufacturers to produce knives without machinery. Each I.O.Shen knife takes approximately seven hours of exquisite manual craftsmanship to create the perfect three-layer blade. Chef Karim Maoui noted that I.O.Shen knives are “designed to fit and balance perfectly in the hand with the perfect compromise of the weight of a German knife with the exquisite cutting edge of Japanese craftsmanship.” Master Grade is committed to continuous improvement. It epitomizes innovation, quality and value. For more information, visit booth #8258 or go to products to provide its worldwide customers with tools designed to meet their needs and requirements. The company is now a major player in the professional kitchen and catering equipment market.

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Restaurant Daily News

Renau’s SPM-708 Uses Advanced Technology to Protect Foodservice Equipment Featuring Renau’s advanced, patentpending Over-Current Protection Technology and boasting eight 5-amp power outputs, the SPM-708 replaces large and expensive solid state relays and relay switches with a microprocessorbased smart power module using advanced technology not available anywhere else that significantly increases reliability and equipment life while reducing the end-user’s labor, maintenance and inventory costs. With eight separate 5-amp outputs and a small footprint (measuring just 3.62 inches deep by 3.42 inches wide by

0.875 inches high), the powerful, compact SPM-708 can be placed inside controlled equipment along with any of Renau’s powerful process controllers to safely and reliably power industrial equipment. Machine operators interface with the SPM-708 and process controllers via any of Renau’s sleek and intuitive display devices, which can be mounted virtually anywhere on the outside of the controlled appliance. This eliminates expensive, complicated and bulky wiring harnesses and greatly simplifies installation. Renau’s unique, innovative Single

Not Just A Pizza Oven By Francesco Marra, President and Chief Executive Officer, Marra Forni

What sets Marra Forni’s brick ovens apart from all others on the market is the incredible functionality. We use proprietary refractory bricks that give our ovens the ability to reach up to 1,000 degrees. Additionally, we use forced air burner technology instead of atmospheric burners, so that the heat spreads uniformly. All of this makes it possible to produce authentic Neapolitan, neoNeapolitan, New York, Sicilian and just about any other style of pizza. We are the only company with touchscreen-operated rotating decks, which enable the operator to customize the timing, anywhere from 15 seconds to three minutes and control the deck rotation speed to the second, to cook the

pizza to perfection every time. Also, Marra Forni is an American manufacturer so customer service and technical support are readily available. That is not always the case with an imported oven. Another asset of our oven is the versatility of cooking. Even though a brick oven is known mostly for cooking pizza, it’s also great for baking, slow roasting, braising and searing (meats, vegetables, seafood, etc.) in cast-iron pans – even sous vide! With all these capabilities, a Marra Forni oven is one piece of equipment that is capable of replacing many appliances, making it incredibly cost efficient. But don’t take our word for it – take it from our clients.

“It’s more like, what don’t I put in the oven! Everything from fresh bread, to sandwiches, meatballs, blistered cherry

Meet the Founders of ANIKs They say necessity is the mother of all invention. Truer words could not have been spoken for Al and Debbie Erturk, the founders of ANIKs Outdoor Comfort Solutions. It was the early 2000s and the Erturk’s were suddenly confronted with their young daughters’ diagnosis of allergic reactions to mosquito bites. “What do you do?” said Al Erturk. “We live in a humid environment and there are mosquitos everywhere.” The thought of their daughter missing out on

outdoor play dates and catching the ball with dad weighed heavily on the Erturks. Outside of ineffective topical sprays and restrictive clothing, there weren’t a lot of options for combating mosquitos. “We had two options,” said Debbie Erturk. “Become a prisoner to the indoors or develop a solution that would give our daughter the freedom to run and play outside.” In 2004, Al and Debbie Erturk founded ANIKs Outdoor Comfort Solutions.

Mastery, the New Generation of Cold Press Machines by Zumex Often, due to the frenetic pace the vast majority of the population undergoes, the body is not given the care it requires. To fight against this reality, fruit and vegetable juices are the best ally: a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and active enzymes that will provide energy and vitality. Would you like to learn about the different techniques for juice production? Are you familiar with the benefits of coldpressed juices? Fruits and vegetables are vital food for humans. A large part of the

benefit provided by these foodstuffs of a plant origin are due to their content of phytochemicals, a set of more than 25,000 secondary metabolites that are synthesized by the plants and that are widely distributed in more than 5,000 foods and beverages, playing a significant role in their color, flavor and aroma. The new Zumex Mastery cold press machine has joined the latest trend in the production of juices: eliminate all processes involving a treatment at high

Wire Communication Network offers unrivalled scalability and upgradeability while eliminating the need for expensive and complicated wiring harnesses. With the Single Communication Wire Network, Renau’s customtailored controllers can control anything in your kitchen or commercial foodservice environment without paying for costly extras or sacrificing desired performance. The SPM-708 offers countless advantages over traditional solid state and mechanical relays. With silent operation, no moving parts and drastically longer operating life due to Renau’s patented hybrid relay technology, the SPM-708 is a small, yet powerful device that you can count on to reliably power tomatoes, charred onions, prime rib, roasted pork butt, branzino and just about anything else. I cook a lot of things overnight, slow and low.” – John Paolone, Executive Chef/Owner at Cafe Firenze in LA

“People who say that these are just pizza ovens couldn’t be more wrong. We bake everything from bread to slow roasted meats and fish.” – Jeff Grant, Owner/Culinary Director at Tazza Kitchen in VA

“I have two Marra Forni’s in each of my five Fortina Restaurant locations. One for pizza and in the other we cook all our proteins, vegetables and fish.” – Christian Petroni, Owner of Fortina Restaurants in NY

One of our proudest accomplishments


the most demanding applications in your kitchen or other foodservice industry environment. Engineered with the foodservice industry’s harsh environments specifically in mind, all Renau products are fully encapsulated for outstanding protection from extreme temperatures, humidity and shock. Designed and manufactured at Renau’s state-of-the-art facility in the United States, all Renau products are rigorously tested before shipment and come with an industry-leading three-year warranty. more information, visit For, stop by booth #4652 or call 818.341.1994.

last year was the development of our Metal Fabrication Department. We now control the entire process of manufacturing, so we can offer custom sizes, shapes and features. Additionally, our highly-skilled tile setters can deliver handcrafted tile designs that not only complement but enhance the look of your restaurant. This is why we’re the fastest growing brick oven manufacturer in the world. All ovens are 100 percent American manufactured and are all ETL, NSF and CE certified. Each handcrafted oven is custom built and tiled to order, offering abundant color choices to complement unique establishments. Questions? Consult with an expert Business Developer at inquiries@ Visit Marra Forni at booth #2068. For more information, go to

“Providing that outdoor relief for our daughter made us realize there was an opportunity in the outdoor comfort space to grow,” said Al Erturk. The two set out to develop products and services that would allow customers to maximize the enjoyment of their outdoor spaces. From mosquito and NoSeeUm control to the patented TurboCool™ and TurboCool with Heat climate control systems, to shade and shelter products like the Vortex Umbrellas and Vizione

Louvered Roof Systems, ANIKs Outdoor Comfort Solutions blazed a trail to become America’s No. 1 outdoor comfort provider. “When we set out down this path in 2004, we had no idea ANIKs would grow to become the premier provider of outdoor comfort service,” said Erturk. “We’re extremely thankful because we love what we do, are passionate about our products and committed to our customers.”

temperature to thus be able to obtain a cold press juice in which the quality of the raw material – both at an organoleptic level as well as at a nutritional level – is not altered in the final product, maintaining the taste and the micronutrients of the original foodstuff. The robust Zumex Mastery has a unique and revolutionary design, becoming the most elegant and efficient cold press machine on the market, which is easy to transport and clean due to its mobile base. Its efficiency in the pressing process and its power thanks to its grater discs and brushless motor allows for a production volume of up to 30 gal/h (up to 40 gallons with a trained operator and fruit

with a high juice content such as cucumber, watermelon, melon, etc.). Soft fruit, hard fruit, fruit with skin, fruit without skin, green leafy vegetables, etc. Whatever source food and its condition, it will be possible to obtain a juice full of color, flavor and nutrients with a minimum of waste. If you are thinking about starting a juice business, buy the best equipment, invest in quality. Fresh juice machines with cold press technology allow the extracting of the multiple benefits offered by fruits and vegetables.

For more information, visit booth #1678.

For more information, go to, call 305.591.0061 or email


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Five Issues That Can Cause Food Safety Failures According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six Americans will get sick from a foodborne illness this year; if foodborne illnesses fell by just 10 percent, it would save five million Americans from getting sick. However, food safety incidents can result from more than just the usual suspects – like storing food at unsafe temperatures or failing to cook them to sufficiently hot temperatures. Here are five unexpected issues that can cause food safety failures in a restaurant.

1. Misplaced Trust Sometimes restaurant owners will invest in a temperature monitoring system ... and then ignore it. For example, when cold-holding equipment offers a built-in readout and displays data that conflicts with the new temperature sensors, owners often favor the readout. Unfortunately, the thermostat in cold-

holding units can be very fragile and fail before the equipment itself does. At minimum, test any discrepancy with a third sensor.

2. The Wrong Temperature Sensors Restaurants have many options when it comes to checking temperatures, but not all thermometers, probes and sensors are appropriate in all locations. For example, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sensors placed in a deep freezer might struggle to transmit signals without modifying the unit (and thus voiding the warranty). In other cases, the specific temperature sensor may not be sufficiently accurate for its intended usage. The FDA requires that a probe inside a restaurant be accurate to +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some probes and sensors will only meet that requirement within a very narrow operating range, like 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, once you

Flax-Based Products from Flax4Life By Kasondra Shippen, General Manager, Flax4Life

Flax4Life is a small family owned and operated bakery located in the Pacific Northwest that is certified gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free (except coconut). Our goal is to make flax-based products that not only taste good, but are good for you. Healthy ingredients are essential, but the taste is, too. Our baked goods are meant to be enjoyed by anyone, allergies or not. If you are looking for a flavorful treat that is high in Omega 3s, healthy protein, fiber and lignans, look no further. Your taste buds will not be disappointed with our delicious line of muffins, brownies, granola, cakes and toaster buns. All the products are all natural, preservative and cholesterol free. We are excited to introduce the

newest flavor of our brownies: Chocolate Mint. Our rich and gooey brownies just got a little better with this sweet addition. Make sure to come by our booth and experience some fudgy, sweet mint goodness. This new flavor will delight your senses. If you are in search of something onthe-go, our single-serve muffins and brownies are a perfect solution. The same quality product, but in more convenient packaging. You can choose from three muffin flavors: Carrot Raisin, Chocolate Chip and Wild Blueberry, and now all five brownie flavors are available. These small, delicious packages are perfect for lunches, road trips, games or any time you need a little treat. Are you in the mood for something a little richer? We also have our guilt-free rich Chocolate Cake covered in fudge

Restaurant Daily News place it in a cold-holding unit, the accuracy may exceed the +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit error margin requirement.

3. Equipment Malfunctions and Failures Even the best cold-holding equipment will suffer from maintenance hiccups, and eventually, total failure – taking restaurateurs by surprise if they didn’t realize there were problems. Careful temperature tracking can reveal patterns of behavior, like temperatures fluctuating over time, that can enable restaurants to take care of the issue before the device fails and inventory sits at unsafe temperatures until someone happens to notice.

4. Fraud Not all worker fraud is malicious. Often, it’s just lazy practices. If the boss isn’t around, why not just fill out the paperbased temperature logs in advance? Unfortunately, a lazy employee means the restaurant may miss equipment malfunctions or other issues, as described above,

frosting and dark chocolate shavings, or our scrumptious Carrot Cake covered in dairy-free cream cheese frosting with toasted coconut. If you are at a birthday party or dinner gathering, there won’t be any leftovers of these cakes, so get the party started! Or stay in and eat the whole cake by yourself. No matter the time of day, our products are healthy treats that will keep you going and satisfy any hunger cravings. If it’s first thing in the morning with a bowl of our uniquely soft granola or a latenight chocolate brownie snack, you will not feel guilty enjoying our products, because they are good and good for you. Handmade wholesome goodness, nutritious and delicious! Muffin Flavors: Wild Blueberry, Carrot Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Orange,

until it’s too late. Digital checklists and automated temperature sensors can save the day here; they can either automate the process (removing the worker from the process entirely) or impose controls that force the worker to fill out checklists and logs when, where and how they’re supposed to.

5. No Alerts One of the biggest risks in food safety: you don’t know what you don’t know. If your food safety system depends on someone checking all temperatures all the time, the system is prone to problems. An automated system can generate alerts via email, text message or even phone any time temperatures go out of spec – potentially saving your restaurant from an extremely unpleasant surprise. For more information, visit booth #9442, go to, call 678.526.4628 or email info@ Apple Cinnamon and Hawaiian Pineapple.

Brownie Flavors: Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, Dark Cherry, Cappuccino, and new Chocolate Mint.

Granola Flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip, Pineapple Coconut & Mango, Banana Coconut and Cranberry Orange. Toaster Bun Flavors: Original, Everything and Cinnamon Raisin.

Cake Flavors: Chocolate and Carrot.

Visit Flax4Life at booth #10509. For more information or to order a sample, go to, call 360.715.1944 or email customer Follow the company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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Pitco’s Latest in Integrated Oil Management As technology in our personal lives becomes faster and more efficient, the need for instant gratification and technical adaptation grows in tandem. More output with less effort is quickly changing from a luxury to a necessity, especially in commercial kitchens. From restaurants to catering companies and convenience to grocery stores, needs are changing, and if they don’t adapt to add more variety to suit their crowd levels, either someone else will or their profit remains stagnant at best.

All of Pitco’s innovations are geared towards management needs and user needs alike. Nothing is a better example of that the latest roll out of its ROV Rack Fryer. This fryer uses almost 20 percent less oil than standard rack fryers, easing the financial burden management faces to supply oil for operations. The ROV Rack Fryer features a newly designed filtration system that not only features a wider drain for faster filtration, but also features many automated processes. No one has to stand over the fryer waiting for

Café Espresso Machine for Restaurants The Café Espresso is the one-step solution that delivers authentic espresso and specialty beverages in a reliable, affordable and compact design. Complement your coffee program by offering coffee house quality drinks to your menu and elevate the customer experience while generating more revenue per ticket. Serve lattes, cappuccino and espresso beverages without the hassle or expense of an in-house barista. Espresso with intelligent “one touch” control, wrapped in a sleek modern

design. Choose your coffee’s perfect grind from five available settings. Personalize your drink with the intuitive touch wheel by controlling the amount of espresso or milk during preparation. Café Espresso delivers espresso and specialty drinks any barista would be proud to serve. The professional frothing head delivers perfectly hot or frothed milk. Easy to use, remove and keep clean. The adjustable coffee spout from 3.15 to 5.5 inches accommodates a wide range of cup sizes from demitasse to a large cup,

Oasis Concepts Reveals New Products Oasis Concepts specializes in professional foodservice products that are foldable, portable, high quality and require no assembly. Its patented precision-hinge folding mechanisms allow them to open and fold easily within seconds. Each product is built with durability and convenience in mind. When not in use, they can be folded up to just a few inches thick to save space. Oasis Concepts is introducing a new

folding cabinet. “We used the same principles that helped create our existing lineup of folding carts, islands, tables and racks to develop this product,” said Kelvin Ng, President. “In the process, a few more patents were achieved. You will have to stop by our booth to see how a cabinet can fold down to just a few inches.” “The folding cabinet can be customized to fit your needs. We can make

Theater Chain Eliminates Lines, Saves on Labor with Apex Despite complete disruption from streaming entertainment services, the movie industry thrives as successful theaters reinvent the guest experience by upgrading amenities, including seating, ticketing and concessions. Now guests can reserve seats before coming to the theater and they’re more likely to explore expanded concession options. But they’re not willing to wait for their order. Luckily, technology ensures guests don’t have to wait in line to get what they want. Santikos Entertainment®, a San Antonio-based movie theater chain, relies on self-serve automated solutions from Apex Supply Chain Technologies® to eliminate the wait at concessions while reducing labor-intensive order handling. Streamlining Order Pick-Up Helps Guests and Employees Santikos knows order pick-up can negatively impact the guest experience and

frustrate employees. Previously, as concession employees ran hot orders from the kitchen to warming units, guests were notified by text to pick up their orders. Two more employees helped guests find their order as quickly as possible. But during peak hours, it was common to see more than a dozen guests hovering around the busy warming station as orders spilled out onto the counters. This confusion was creating an operational bottleneck. “We saw a clear opportunity to streamline the order pick-up experience,” says Rob Lehman, Santikos Entertainment’s Chief Operating Officer. “We began working with Apex to make order pick-up as seamless as the rest of our guest experience.”

Differentiating the Guest Experience with Technology Apex worked closely with Santikos,

Restaurant Daily News one tank to fill up in order to start the next filtration process. Not only that, but this fryer contains a unique in-tank sensor that is the safest solution to prevent the fryer from heating without oil in the tank, which is the number one cause of fryer fires. The sensor is also used to help the fryer know when to kick on its Auto-Top Off feature, in that any oil that is lost through the cooking and filtration process is safely administered with fresh oil to keep safe and optimum cooking levels. This fryer is equipped to manage those operations all on its own to keep oil standards at optimum levels for the best food quality

and to get the highest output of product possible. These fryers can handle the most demanding crowds, cooking racks full of bone-in chicken perfectly every time. The unit can fry up to 64 pieces of bone-in (eight piece cut) chicken or 60 chicken strips on four racks. Fried chicken is an incredible value add to any menu, and with the Pitco ROV Rack Fryer you’ll see a return on investment faster than ever before.

while reducing splash. It also offers automatic cleaning cycles and portable pour-over design. Since 1974, Newco has earned a solid reputation in the OCS and foodservice markets through the development of innovative products designed specifically to meet the unique needs of its customers. The company is dedicated to building innovative beverage solutions for creative customers through teamwork and exceptional performance that leads to success. Newco Enterprises operates in a state-of-the-art 120,000-square-foot

facility located in Saint Charles, Missouri. Newco is vertically integrated with in-house capability of software and engineering design, metal fabrication, custom graphics and electronic control board manufacturing processes. Specializing in manufacturing coffee brewers, tea brewers, single cup brewers, water systems and beverage accessories.

them in a number of sizes with any number of shelves,” said Ng. “You can also choose the materials you would like. We offer it in stainless steel, powder coated steel, hardwood, MDF with woodgrain veneer. The shelves can be made adjustable as an option. We can also add adjustable partitions. A wooden top can also be added to turn it into a serving

cart with cabinet. This collapsible cabinet has already been patented in several countries.” Oasis Concepts can custom design its carts and cabinets to fit your requirements.

deploying two banks of Apex Flow-Thru™ 10,000 lockers across two locations. Now when orders are delivered from the kitchen, they’re placed in a locker compartment. This automatically triggers a guest notification, alerting them their order is ready and giving them a unique pick-up code. Once a guest enters their code, the secure compartment containing their order opens automatically. The guest takes their order and shuts the compartment door. The entire transaction takes just seconds and doesn’t require them to wait in a line. “Implementation and training went really smoothly,” says Lehman. “Once the managers saw it in action, they were all in. Line employees picked up on the workflows quickly and enjoy the new process.” Guests also picked up the new process quickly. The Apex technology is easy for them to use and the lockers’ LED lighting attracts everyone’s

Visit Pitco at Middleby booth #4200. For more information, go to, call 603.225.6684 or email orderpitco@

Visit Newco at booth #238. For more information, go to or call 800.325.7867.

Visit Oasis Concepts in the South Building at booth #3494. For more information, visit, call 800.231.1330 or email sales@ attention.

Order Sizes Increase, Labor Plummets The lockers easily handled more than 44,000 orders in the first few months across both locations, and Santikos has seen order size increase with customers using the lockers. Labor has seen an even bigger impact, dropping from three order pickup employees to one – regardless of peak ordering periods. Based on these results, the Santikos team is expanding its use of the solution to other locations and also adding the AXCESS 2000.H Pick-Up Station. It’s the industry’s first heated, self-service order pick-up station and received the 2019 Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association.

For more information, go to www, email or visit booth #5670.

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Restaurant Daily News

The Mighty Story: A Grand Distribution A large restaurant chain was looking to refresh its brand image. With approximately 170 locations and 5,100 employees, it needed a cost effective, professional and customized solution that would showcase its brand and help staff connect with guests.

The Challenge Rolling out brand new uniforms was costly and unsustainable. With numerous locations, the brand must be represented consistently and professionally for all employees. The franchise was looking for a tool that would create a connection

between employees and customers. In the midst of a busy season, it required a timely execution of four weeks to design, manufacture, package and distribute to each location across the USA. The Mighty Badge accepted the challenge, and was the perfect solution to reach all locations quickly.

The Solution The easy to use, reusable Mighty Badge name badge kits allowed each store to personalize and assemble the badges quickly and easily. Because supplies were stocked on-site, franchises did not

Deliver First-Class Service to Your Customers The difference between a great dining experience and a fantastic dining experience can be the smallest detail. Surprise your customers with a pre-moistened, 100 percent cotton terry cloth refreshment towel before, or after, their meal. Served refreshingly chilled or soothingly warmed, your customer will remember that touch of first-class service they received. White Towel Services offers a full range of affordable pre-packaged, pre-

moistened, single use, terry cloth towels sized from 8 inches by 8 inches up to 12 inches by 12 inches. Each towel comes scented with lemon or lavender essential oils for the ultimate in a luxury towel. Also available in peach-mango and unscented. Using a White Towel Services towel warmer for heating is easy. Just add its pre-moistened towels at the beginning of service and turn the warmer on. Your towels will be hot and ready all day. With

Varimixer Introduces Kodiak Mixers The Varimixer Kodiak sets a completely new standard for how a professional mixer should work. Heavy lifting and uncomfortable working positions are a thing of the past. The unique Danish design saves you clean up time and makes this machine the market’s most hygienic. Now, the 30-quart Kodiak model has been joined by a 20-quart mixer. For more than six months, designers and engineers from the Danish American manufacturer of professional mixers observed how people work in 25 different kitchens and bakeries. With a focus on working positions, heavy lifting and moving, cleaning and hygiene, they studied the routines before, during and after the working at the mixer. The result is the Kodiak, 20- and 30quart mixers that set a new standard for

ease-of-use, a result that has been recognized with the prestigious NRA Kitchen Innovation Award. “We saw that work at many mixers requires a lot of heavy lifting,” says Jan Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer of Varimixer. “Working with Kodiak does not. The bowl is placed on a high bowl trolley that is wheeled directly under the mixer, where it is easily attached, raised and lowered using an ergonomically designed handle on the side of the machine.” The bowl trolley allows the bowl to be wheeled directly to and from the machine at worktop height. The bowl is seated securely in a rubber ring during movement. At the worktop, the bowl can be tipped, making it easy to remove the contents. Varimixer Kodiaks comply with the

New Waring Commercial Dehydrator Maximizes Flavor, Creativity, Sales Driven by consumer demand for fresh, flavorful menu enhancements, dried food items are increasingly popular among chefs for their highly concentrated flavor and versatility. Pastry chefs integrate dried fruits into desserts for a boost of flavor, while bartenders use them to give craft cocktails a tasty twist. To meet the needs of the market, Waring has developed the WDH10 10Tray Dehydrator – an exceptional, highefficiency unit designed to perfect the dehydration process and produce a wide

variety of dried food items. Ideal for customizing dishes with delicious jerky, dried fruits, herbs and vegetables, the dehydrator is engineered with sophisticated airflow mechanics to concentrate flavor, preserve freshness and add texture. Equipped with an array of easy-touse features, including a capacitive-touch LED display that features five programmable memory settings, the Waring Dehydrator puts custom specialty applications at a chef’s fingertips. From dried fruit-infused specialty drinks to platters


need to order new badges for new or seasonal staff, or misplaced badges. In order to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the locations, design templates were premade and locked in by head office. Onsite staff only needed to add employee names and titles using a custom dropdown list, and had the option to include information about their favorite product, which allowed customers to connect on a personal level. In addition, the name badges were competitively priced, and the reusability made them extremely cost effective. The kits were delivered on time to each restaurant chain, ensuring the brand

was presented consistently in every Further, store. employees were able to share a bit of themselves with customers by identifying their favorite meal combos.

a small footprint, you can place it almost anywhere. Each warmer has a 100 percent money back lifetime warranty, and are UL Listed.

Using White Towel Services private label options, you can design the towel packaging any way you wish. Convey your marketing message creatively and stand out from your competition.

Add Your Brand Your company has its own unique identity, from your signature products and services to the special relationships you’ve created with your customers. Now it’s time for you to build your most precious asset – your good name – by creating your own prestige brand.

The Results The Mighty Badge provided a strategic solution that exceeded all expectations. The customer received exceptional value, customer service and a long-term partnership.

For more information, visit booth #9932, go to, call 800.563.2464 or email customerservice@

White Towel Services, Inc. is the original source for hot and cold towel service.

Visit White Towel Services at booth #3878. For more information, go to www, email or call 817.868.7900.

CE and UL requirement that prohibits the operation of mixers when the bowl is not in place – thanks to a unique, magnetic bowl detector. This protects the user from harm from rotating mixer tools. The patented safety guard is also held in place by magnets, which also act as safety cut-offs – the machine will not operate if the guard has not been attached. The safety guard with integrated funnel is made of transparent polycarbonate. This makes it easy to monitor progress in the bowl. The bowl has a high position, and the sides of the upper part of the machine slope inwards to increase the field of view of the bowl. “The bowl and the mixer tools have also been widened. This increases the speed and saves time during production. Our whip is the world’s most efficient,”

Zimmermann concludes. “Kodiak is hand-built in Denmark from stainless steel, which, coupled with clever design, makes it very easy to clean. As the only mixer in the world, Kodiak complies with the IP44 standard, which means it can be cleaned using water. And the safety guard and bowl and mixing tools can be washed in a dishwasher,” the director says. But beyond that, the machines’ standard equipment can be supplemented with a smaller bowl and accompanying mixer tools for the production of smaller volumes. Kodiak 20 can be equipped with a 12-quart bowl and Kodiak 30 with a 15-quart bowl, which increases the mixers’ utility value.

of dried meats, fruits and veggies, the unit makes it easy to add variety to any menu. Because the dehydration process preserves flavor and nutrients, it extends shelf life and eliminates waste. The Waring Dehydrator ensures optimal performance with adjustable temperature range and timer, and the viewing window allows for easy monitoring of food items as they dehydrate. Constructed with solid, brushed stainless steel housing, the unit fuses sleek, sophisticated form with simple, stress-free function, and includes removable stainless steel mesh trays. What’s more, the Waring Dehydrator

offers generous output yet conserves counterspace with its compact design. A combination of power and portability makes it perfect for high-traffic restaurants, bakeries and other busy foodservice operations. “We pride ourselves on equipping operators to meet customer demand and take advantage of the latest food trends,” said Dan DeBari, Waring’s General Manager. “Today’s consumers are especially drawn to the fresh flavor of dried snacks. Our dehydration technology brings out flavor, maintains freshness and reduces spoilage.”

Visit Varimixer at Middleby booth #4200.

Visit Waring at booth #2616.

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Restaurant Daily News

Custom Venting Solutions: Adding Beauty to Your Space In today’s world, it is important to deliver a unique dining experience and an inviting space that leaves lasting impressions. AMPCO has the solution. Whether you are a new restaurant owner, or you are looking to renovate your current establishment, custom vent-

ing can enhance your space through custom painted colors, laser-cut designs including patterns, logos, phrases etc., and custom outer materials such as copper and polished stainless steel. You’ve managed every detail of your restaurant – don’t settle for average

Pitco (Cont’d. from p. 1)

production with 30 percent less oil. ROV fryers also feature an auto filtration function which will drain, filter and refill fill the tank without the need for any staff member to come into contact with the hot oil. Not only that, but ROV Fryers have a built-in sensor to monitor oil levels and can trigger an Auto Top-Off function that ensures the correct amount of oil is in the fryers at all time. The SOS Smart Oil sensor is the most accurate oil sensor technology available today and is a key component Renau (Cont’d. from p. 1)

screen sizes, the T-2000 Series offers foodservice operators a sophisticated display interface that can be configured as a process control or freshness timer and installed virtually anywhere. Measuring less than 1.91 inches deep, the T-2000 Series is compact and versatile enough to allow equipment manufacturers to mount it on a panel or even separately on a wall or fixture. Using Renau’s wireless Renau.Net Network, the T-2000 Series can wirelessly connect to Renau’s wireless battery powered sensors or remote actuation modules to monitor and control even the most intensive and demanding Sterno (Cont’d. from p. 1)

Reports Magazine, 2018 Tabletop Competition; Catersource Magazine called the product a “terrific innovation.” Sterno continues to expand its foodservice offerings with its line of Insulated Food Carriers (IFCs), designed for the demands of the catering industry, and are ideal for hot (or cold) delivery. These lightweight and portable IFCs are ideal for transporting your culinary creations at the optimal temperature. Known as Sterno Delivery®, this line

applications and customer specifications. So whether you need venting for your dining area, or more attractive venting to match your building facade, AMPCO can help elevate the design of your space to create a more inviting environment by aligning with your restaurant’s interior or exterior design elements.

To learn more, go to www.ampco or call 800.624.8642.

500-plus SKECHERS retail stores in the United States and Canada. “This cost-free program has some incredible benefits and will provide your employees with a substantial discount on safe, comfortable and durable trend-right footwear resulting in improved worker safety, morale and overall efficiency,” says Harold Surabian, National Sales Manager. The SKECHERS Direct program is available to companies with 200 or more employees and who are based in the United States or Canada. The program

offers employees a year-round 30 percent discount on SKECHERS slipresistant work shoes and corporate casual styles. All of the SKECHERS slip-resistant shoes are ASTM Mark II tested to meet or exceed a coefficient of friction of 0.50 or greater. Included in the program is SKECHERS $5,000 Slip and Fall Warranty that helps protect your company from costly slip-and-falls. In addition, employees will benefit from SKECHERS Quarterly Friends and Family Days events on shoes for the entire family, including kids’ shoes, walking shoes, running shoes and even golf shoes (30 percent off on over 3,000 great styles).

Should you choose to participate, you may also offer your employees a payroll deduction program for their shoe purchases, which would enable them to spread the cost of their shoes over multiple paychecks. This part of the program is entirely optional for the employer, and you need not offer a payroll deduction plan to enable your employees to enjoy all the other benefits of the SKECHERS Direct Corporate Shoe Program.

of the Integrated Oil Management System (IOMS). The SOS sensor provides a numerical readout of the compounds in oil that increase as the oil breaks down. You will know for certain when oil is past its useful life, or more importantly, when it is not. The SOS Smart Oil Sensor saves on oil costs and ensures food quality. The SOS could not be easier to use. Built into the filtration system, a reading is taken every time the oil is filtered. Controlling Pitco’s IOMS is the Infinity Touch. The 7-inch touchscreen controller features a user friendly and

easy to understand program to complete all communications about the fryer. A single touch activates the filtration process from start to finish. The Infinity Touch will data log fryer usage and operator activity, such as number of cook cycles and filtrations per day. It even stores a history of SOS oil quality readings. This is the data you need to manage your oil dollars. All of these features working together are what make Pitco’s Integrated Oil Management System the most effective frying solution on the market. The fryer tank and functionality design of the ROV

fryer using Pitco’s Solstice Supreme burner technology, paired with the stateof-the-art Infinity Touch controller and the SOS Smart Oil Sensor are redefining oil management. Pitco’s Integrated Oil Management System saves labor cost and improves staff safety in the kitchen and also allows operators to reduce oil use, extend oil life and improve food quality.

Benefits of the SKECHERS Direct Corporate Shoe Program Are you tired of costly slip-and-falls? Are you frustrated with your current shoe program? The SKECHERS Direct Corporate Shoe Program is the answer. This program is cost-free with no minimum purchasing requirements or setup fees – your employees buy direct from SKECHERS and save. SKECHERS will put together a custom ecommerce site and will customize the selection based on your company’s uniform policy. Your employees can purchase shoes online with free shipping and free returns or by shopping at any of the

exhaust systems. AMPCO’s custom venting solutions can be customized to your unique application requirements. The engineering staff provides complete design services that take the guesswork out of installation even for the most complex systems. AMPCO offers a broad range of venting and components to fit a wide array of interior and exterior commercial


applications, while significantly reducing labor costs. With the ability to quickly and easily access and select programs and recipes, as well as full support for safety and compliance processes such as HACCP, user manuals, job aids and ingredient level and freshness monitoring, the T2000 Series is a labor saving tool unlike any other. Foodservice operators can quickly and easily read the T-2000 Series’ high-resolution color display from across the kitchen, and because the screen is the interface, use is incredibly intuitive, easy and designed to help reduce both operator error and food waste.

of IFCs features: multi-reinforced, crosswoven, high-tensile strength liners, creating a super-tough, leak-proof environment; dense-gauge urethane foam with high insulation value, providing state-ofthe-industry heating/cooling performance; and continuous formed foam vertical wall construction, delivering 360 degree temperature protection. Worried about butane safety? You’ll be glad to know Sterno’s butane canisters are designed with the latest safety technology. The unique safety system features Temperature Sensing Valve (TSV)

Easily upgradeable and fully reprogrammable, the T-2000 Series allows recipe menus and system configurations to be quickly updated through the integrated USB port, sub-GHz wireless transceiver or optional Wi-Fi adapter when paired with smart devices or cloud-based programming software. This allows for the creation of custom recipe menus, animated job aids, warning alarms, sound files and system configurations that can be stored on an authorized user’s hard drive for future use and reference, or for larger organizations, shared with a remote location using Renau’s powerful Smart Kitchen Manager™ (SKM™) Software Servers. and Rim Vent Release (RVR) technologies. The TSV shuts off the flame if the stove is being misused and overheating. The RVR is a back-up safety feature that prevents over-pressurization. Along with 20 new, on-trend lamp designs, Sterno’s new Allure – Real Flame, No Mess Candle offers the opportunity for endless creative applications. Developed to meet the challenges of using a real wax candle, the Allure provides a real flame, without the melted wax mess. It features a patent pending plastic cover and base that fits 24-hour

For more information, visit the SKECHERS Direct Booth in the South Hall at booth #3126. After the show, call Harold Surabian at 310.318.3100, ext. 1860 or email

Visit Pitco at Middleby booth #4200. For more information, go to, call 603.225.6684 or email orderpitco@

When it comes time to update the system, the desired update file can be downloaded via a flash drive or over the air. In order to perform in the most demanding foodservice industry environments, all Renau products are fully encapsulated for outstanding protection from extreme temperatures, humidity and shock. Designed and manufactured in the United States, all Renau products are rigorously tested and come with an industry-leading three-year warranty. For more information, visit, stop by booth #4652 or call 818.341.1994.

and 30-hour Sterno SoftLight® Liquid Wax Candles. The Allure can be used in a unique vessel or within the included hurricane and filled with sand, coffee beans or shells, etc. to create a stunning piece. Stop by the Sterno Products booth to see all the company will be delivering to the foodservice industry in 2019.

Visit Sterno Products at booth #6912. For more information, go to or call 951.682.9600.

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Restaurant Daily News Seviroli Foods (Cont’d. from p. 1)

pasta at our bakery, and that’s really where and how it all started. Today, Seviroli Foods is the world’s largest frozen tortellini manufacturer. RDN: What items does Seviroli Foods offer today?

JS: Seviroli offers a large portfolio of products, including tortellini, ravioli, manicotti, stuffed shells, cavatelli, readySoft Coffee Pods (Cont’d. from p. 1)

capsules. Soft pods are sweeping the nation because they incorporate traditional brew methods in their brewing process. Instead of harming the environment, the waste produced makes the world better. Soft coffee pods require a brew mech that is specially molded to secure the pod during extraction, like Newco’s White Towel Services (Cont’d. from p. 1)

pre-moistened, single use, terry cloth refreshment towels in sizes from 8 inches by 8 inches up to 12 inches by 12 inches. Each towel comes scented with lemon or lavender essential oils for the ultimate in a luxury towel. They are also available in a wonderful peach-mango scent or unscented. Using a White Towel Services towel Hoffmaster (Cont’d. from p. 1)

Hoffmaster’s Foodservice Division, said, “This is an important acquisition for Hoffmaster as Aardvark straws are a natural extension of our premium portfolio and complement our line of environmentally responsible products.” Soon after the acquisition of Aardvark by Hoffmaster Group, Inc., the plans to open a new, larger manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana, began. This new state-of-the-art facility, that opened its doors to manufacturing in Keep Customers Cool (Cont’d. from p. 1)

host of additional challenges: limited indoor seating, increased wait times, unhappy customers and empty patio seating. Most of the year, customers dining al fresco is a great way to ease the pressure in the main dining room and increase daily profits, but in the hottest, most humid part of summer, everyone wants to sit in cool air conditioning. Normally this meant a sparse outdoor crowd until dusk but that no longer has to be the case. Food For Life Baking (Cont’d. from p. 4)

Ezekiel breads, the company is seeing more competitors now releasing sprouted grain breads, though they are using acidifying agents like vinegar and cultured wheat starch to extend their shelf life. Unfortunately, these ingredients lower the pH, by increasing the acidity which Food For Life feels often defeats the purpose of sprouting in the first place. To be a truly healthful product, Food For Life strongly believes in protecting the pH level of

to-eat meal kits, sauces and more. We also offer an extensive variety of fillings, shapes and styles to match the specific needs of our customers. RDN: Tell our readers about your manufacturing process.

JS: We have two state-of-the art SQF certified manufacturing facilities. Each houses authentic, Italian-made pasta equipment. We source only the highest grades of ingredients from a global base

CX Touch or Fresh Cup Touch. Soft coffee pods are designed to make one cup at a time, but are made with far fewer materials. Instead of a hard plastic shell, most pods are entirely made up of paper or silk, which is sealed in a foil packet to lock in freshness. Their flat, disc-like shape also increases the surface area for water to come into contact with the coffee grounds. This means more flavor and aroma is extracted from the grounds, improving the overall quality of each warmer for heating is easy! Just add its pre-moistened towels at the beginning of service and turn the warmer on. Your towels will be hot and ready all day. With a small footprint, you can place the warmer almost anywhere. Each warmer has a 100 percent money back lifetime warranty, and is UL Listed. A refreshment towel served refreshingly chilled, or soothingly warmed, will help your customer will

February 2019, will help to increase production and better support the demand for current and new Aardvark customers. Bans on plastic straws continue to grow along our nation’s waterways. Notable foodservice operator brands have also announced they will begin to eliminate plastic straws from their establishments. Hoffmaster Group Inc’s investment in the infrastructure, assets and employees at Aardvark are all in anticipation to meet the current customer’s demands as well as the forecasted growth of paper straws.

Thankfully, science and technology have a solution for those hot summer days. Misting tents and fans are nothing new, but soggy food does not seem to have caught on as a huge seller in restaurants. There is certainly a place for misting tents and fans; poolside cabanas, beach patio bars and anywhere where the expectation of getting wet is acceptable. What do you do if your outdoor dining experience doesn’t fit into any one of those categories? You turn to TurboCool™. Developed by Al Erturk, Founder and Chief Executive

its sprouted grain bread, targeting a balanced pH. Because of its commitment to health, you can be assured that Ezekiel 4:9 Bread is the pinnacle of nutrition. Sprouted to maximize nutrition and digestibility! By adding pure filtered water to certified organic grains, legumes and seeds, Food For Life is able to maximize nutrition and digestibility. Enzymes like amylase and protease are released naturally, helping to break down carbohydrates and protein, making them easier to digest while

of suppliers, while maintaining stringent standards for all of the ingredients we select, such as 100 percent hard durum semolina, eggs, hard cheeses and whole milk ricotta. Great ingredients, quality control and food safety are of utmost importance to us.

RDN: Are you introducing any new items?


nary-trained chefs, is hard at work developing a variety of ready-to-eat meal kits. We’re also expanding our pasta line to include items such as Burrata Cheese Ravioli, Sausage & Broccoli Ravioli, Shrimp & Roasted Garlic Ravioli and Crepe Manicotti, just to name a few.

JS: Always! Our R&D department, which consists of a full team of culi-

Visit Seviroli Foods at booth #5645. For more information, go to, call 516.222.6220 or email customer

Soft coffee pods are fully recyclable and even compostable. This means that the pods not only break down naturally, but also provide the surrounding soil with nutrients in the process. There are no plastic cups to throw away, or components to separate. In fact, there are several creative ways to dispose of your recyclable coffee pods and benefit the environment, such as tilling them into your garden or adding them to your compost

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remember that touch of first-class service your restaurant provides. This simple experience can entice them to come back again or to recommend your restaurant to their friends. Why not add your name and logo to each package? Your company has its own unique identity, from your signature products and services to the special relationships you’ve created with your customers. Design the towel packaging any

When you already have the top of the line paper straw, what do you do next? Innovate. Aardvark and Hoffmaster are continually looking at new ways to meet the needs of their ever-changing customers. Aardvark’s line of paper drinking and cocktail straws have expanded in lengths and diameters to meet the requirements of all types of drinks, including shakes, smoothies, coffee and boba teas. Coffee stir sticks, collated pack of boba tea straws and bar stirrers are also new additions to the Aardvark line in 2019. The invention of Officer of ANIKs Outdoor Comfort Solutions, TurboCool is a patented solution guaranteed to keep you dry, while lowering the ambient temperature by 10 to 15 degrees in humid environments and as much as 30 degrees in arid environments. “Simply put, TurboCool is unlike anything you have ever seen,” says Al Erturk. “You can be three feet away from one of our patented TurboCool ports and you just don’t get wet.” TurboCool is manufactured in the United States and uses a combination of patented technolo-

maximizing nutrition and lowering the glycemic index. Baked to perfection! Food For Life’s slow baking technique means that every sprouted grain loaf is baked at lower temperatures to help preserve important natural vitamins and minerals and never “flash browned,” which can often trap active yeast. Loaded with both types of fiber – soluble and insoluble. Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Bread is loaded with both important natural soluble and insoluble fiber to help your body function at its

bin. The future of single cup brewing is here. Newco is helping its customers succeed – one cup at a time. For more than 40 years, it has pioneered brewing systems for coffee and tea that combine the latest technology and sleek styles.

way you wish. Convey your marketing message creatively and stand out from your competition. White Towel Services, Inc. is the original source for hot and cold towel service.

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the one of a kind Eco-Flex™ paper straw allows the straw to bend, providing a solution in the healthcare industry and inpatient care. Hoffmaster and Aardvark are committed to providing a high-quality alternative to plastic and plant-based (PLA) alternatives, with a focus on reducing waste and saving precious marine life.

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gies to ensure complete evaporation. Available in white or black aluminum cabinets (additional colors are a paid option), TurboCool can be wall, post or ceiling mounted in addition to recessed installation in new construction. If you are looking to increase per table revenue in your outdoor dining area during those hot summer days and keep your customers happy and coming back, TurboCool is the ideal solution. For more information, visit booth #1678.

peak. Aren’t all breads just carbs? Amazingly, Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 breads often contain just as much protein as the stuff you put on your sandwich, from all plant-based sources. Ezekiel 4:9 Bread, made with 100 percent organic ingredients. Your body and taste buds will know the difference. Check with your foodservice distributor for lower cost restaurant pack options.

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