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Why the Mark of Conformity Matters

Quality Assurance Strategies & Risk Management Solutions By Don Neff, President, LJP Construction Services

By Jennifer Chen, Marketing Coordinator, ICC Evaluation Service

Construction defect litigation (CDL) claims have significantly impacted the building industry. They are complex and costly to resolve, reducing homeowner satisfaction and tarnishing a builder’s reputation. Building companies that proactively focus on raising construction quality can minimize these CDL issues in the field and improve performance that will help avoid costly rework. This will produce higher homebuyer satisfaction and fewer warranty claims. LJP Construction Services provides third party QA solutions for building and insurance company clients seeking effective risk management strategies and training programs spanning the full project delivery cycle. In the face of current pent-up housing demand coupled with the lack of skilled construction trade workers, builders find themselves unable to produce sufficient housing in many U.S. markets. This lack of skilled workers can result in project deficiencies such as poor field workmanship, misinterpretation of plan details and deviations from manufacturers’ recommendations. Leading builders have initiated a more proactive and robust approach to raise their quality metrics with a unique software solution employed by qualified independent field consultants evaluating specific assemblies during construction. The CaptureQA® app is a proprietary inspection and documentation software designed by LJP Construction Services to identify trending problems before they become embedded in a completed project. It connects the field to the office with same-day reporting and provides powerful graphical measures that are both intuitive and insightful about project

A mark of conformity is a protected mark issued by a body performing third-party conformity assessment, indicating that an object has been evaluated and is in compliance with specific requirements. ICC-ES marks provide evidence that a product has gone through a rigorous technical evaluation by expert staff, ensuring compliance to the latest applicable codes and standards. Once an ICC-ES evaluation report is issued to a building product manufacturer, the manufacturer is authorized to apply the ICC-ES mark of conformity to their product as proof of compliance. ICC-ES marks are marks of confidence because they are the most widely accepted and recognized in North America and other regions around the world, and the preferred choice by code officials and government regulators – allowing them to instantly approve products for installation with confidence and peace of mind. Country-specific marks are available for Canada and Mexico, to show compliance to Canadian and Mexican standards, for use in those markets. Program-specific marks are also available to products evaluated to specific schemes or programs, in which case an additional identifier is also provided below the mark, such as compliance to the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), low lead requirements, and

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HomeServe Acquires Louisville Based United Plumbing Company

Enersponse Partners with Samsung SmartThings

HomeServe USA, a leading provider of service plans, repair, and installation services for the home, announced the acquisition of United Plumbing Company. Based in Goshen, Kentucky, a suburb of Louisville, the residential plumbing company has been providing top quality plumbing services in the area for several decades. The relationship between United Plumbing and HomeServe is not a new one. United Plumbing has been a longstanding contractor in the HomeServe network for 14 years and has won numerous accolades and awards throughout the years, including the prestigious Diamond Award, awarded annually to HomeServe’s top contractor. United Plumbing is led by Christopher Montgomery, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and sole owner of the business since 2012. While Chris has been in the plumbing trade for almost three decades, the Montgomery family’s legacy in the plumbing business can be traced back to the late 1930s when Sam Montgomery, Sr., Chris’ grandfather, began his career as a plumber, eventually starting his own plumbing company in the mid-1940s, which he ran until his retirement in the mid-1980s. In 1984, Chris’ father and brother, Sam Montgomery, Jr. and Sam Montgomery, III, respectively, started United Plumbing. Chris Montgomery joined the family business in the mid-1990s, became an owner in 1999, and soon thereafter started the Company’s service division, the precursor to United Plumbing’s current business focus. Today, United Plumbing has nearly 40 employees and offers a variety of exterior and interior plumbing services including: leak detection, drain cleaning, septic system installation and service, hydrojetting, sewer service and repairs, water heaters, faucet and pipe leak repairs, and sump pumps. “Cultural fit, quality of service and customer experience are the three most important attributes we evaluate when considering new acquisitions,” commented Rob DiPietro,

Enersponse, a distributed energy resource (DER) management provider, announced its partnership with Samsung SmartThings, the premier technology enabling connected living and driving the future of IoT. The partnership will provide users with access to a portfolio of utility integrations and grid service programs via SmartThings Energy, a popular service within the SmartThings app. In addition, SmartThings users will be able to connect their utility account with Enersponse and automate their smart home devices, including thermostats, hot water heaters and EV chargers, and throttle energy usage in response to real-time factors like grid emergencies, extreme weather, system outages and energy pricing fluctuations. Enersponse is focused on helping customers save money and meet environmental sustainability objectives by optimizing their energy usage when it matters most, with the added benefit of helping power suppliers support grid stabilization and reduce reliance on fossil fuel-powered plants. The partnership with SmartThings Energy extends Enersponse’s availability beyond its current B2B market footprint—which has been heavily focused on national retailers, office buildings, grocery stores, water districts and multifamily residential buildings—and into the B2C residential market, making Enersponse’s technology accessible to residential dwellings with smart-home enabled devices. “Our team is focused on driving sustainability for a cleaner tomorrow and partnering with a forward-thinking and like-minded company like SmartThings is a massive step forward, enabling residential energy users to play a much more active role in the journey towards energy decarbonization,” said James McPhail, chief executive officer and founder of Enersponse. “Supporting our mission of simplifying grid service program participation and making it accessible to all, SmartThings Energy enables

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Hardware & Housewares Review

DIY Car Key Replacement With Your Phone Reach in your pocket. Pull out your keys. Chances are, if you want to replace that car key, you need to go to a dealership. You’ll pay for an expensive key. They’ll cut it using a special cutting machine. Then, they’ll hook your car up to a special computer to electronically “pair” the key with your car. All this technology means that dealerships have a virtual monopoly on key replacement, and it’s been that way for decades. Not anymore. Introducing SnapKey from Car Keys Express. SnapKey lets consumers replace car keys themselves, using just a mobile phone. SnapKey uses patented technology that lets consumers avoid the time, expense, and hassle of a dealership service appointment. It’s also safe and secure, while saving users up to 75% off dealership prices. How It Works It’s just two steps: “pic and pair.”

Pic: Users download the Car Keys Express app and take a picture of their key. We cut a new key and ship it to the customer or your store.

Pair: Then, customers use our EZ Installer to quickly and easily make it work with their car.

With today’s high-tech car keys easily topping $400 or more, consumers are desperate for alternatives. With SnapKey, gone are the days when replacing keys meant traveling to a specific dealership, in a specific location, during specific hours of the day, to pay for an expensive key that’s made to work using specialized key cutters and computers. With SnapKey, drivers can “do it themselves” with their phone, without ever leaving home. Features & Benefits • No hassles. Skip the dealership and the locksmith; add new keys to your car at

Supporting Sustainable Plumbing Products with Green Certification By Jennifer Chen, Marketing Coordinator, ICC Evaluation Service

Building and plumbing manufacturers around the world are aiding governments in their quest to reduce water consumption by producing new, innovative and technologically advanced bathroom products. ICC-ES PMG is the leading provider of product certification in plumbing products globally and offers listings to meet all manufacturer certification needs in the United States, Canada and Mexico. ICC-ES PMG is licensed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to certify water-efficient products under the WaterSense® program. The program identifies water-efficient toilets, bathroom sink faucets, showerheads, urinals, weather-based irrigation controllers, flushometer-valve water toilets and sprinkler spray bodies. The EPA introduced this program to help in protecting the nation's water supply by promoting water efficiency and increasing awareness of water-efficient products, pro-

grams and practices. ICC-ES PMG offers WaterSense certification at no additional charge for report holders. The Green Certification Program is available for products that comply with the green codes and LEEDS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). For manufacturers, this certification will highlight the company’s commitment to sustainable practices – something a growing number of consumers take into consideration when making a product purchase. ICC-ES PMG is also a supporter and scheme partner to the Unified Water Label Association (UWLA). The Unified Water Label (UWL) is a harmonized European label for all water-using bathroom products. For those looking to enter the European market, this label is an important way to recognize energy-efficient bathroom products. ICC-ES PMG can certify such products, further supporting sustainable bathroom solutions in the marketplace The ICC-ES Listing program is accredited by the ANSI National

Rugs Direct Acquires Lightopia, an Omnichannel Lighting Retailer Rugs Direct Holdings, LLC recently completed the acquisition of Lightopia, LLC, an omnichannel lighting retailer for residential customers and trade professionals. Lightopia represents brands focused on contemporary design, quality materials and responsible manufacturing, and helps clients solve architectural and decorative lighting needs utilizing the latest LED lighting technology. The company has three retail locations and one warehouse in southern California and an online store at www.lightopiaonline.com. Together, Rugs Direct and Lightopia

are well-positioned to be a leader in the mid- to high-end home furnishings market. The combined company has an extensive product catalog of over 200 partner brands, a customer base of more than 400,000 residential, trade professional and commercial customers, and has grown revenues significantly in recent years. “Category expansion is core to the long-term strategy of Rugs Direct, and we are thrilled to have Lightopia join us,” said Rugs Direct CEO, Myles Felsing. “We have recently seen success adding

home • Keys shipped precut for your vehicle • Patentpending Optical Key Recognition Technology • EZ Installer lets consumers “pair” key to vehicle without dealership computers • EZ Installer can be re-used to add more keys later • Save time and money • Safe and secure • Live support • Keys have 3-year “better-than-OEM” warranty • Unique in the industry—only Car Keys Express cuts keys by photo and provides an installer for pairing • SnapKey is available via web store checkout or via the Car Keys Express mobile app For more information, www.carkeysexpress.com.



Accreditation Board (ANAB), the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), entidad mexicana de acreditación (EMA), and Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and is the most widely accepted and trusted program in North America. ICC-ES PMG can accelerate your product certification using the ICC-ES Controlled Conformity Assessment (CCA) program, providing manufacturers more control on their timeline, while still benefiting from the recognition of the trusted ICC-ES mark of conformity. ICC-ES PMG provides a one-stop shop for the testing, listing and evaluation of innovative plumbing products, and upholds the highest standards for safety and reliability – providing expedited certification for all client listings at a low cost. About ICC-ES A nonprofit, limited liability company, ICC-ES is the leading evaluation service

adjacent soft décor categories to our core area rugs assortment and see tremendous opportunity within the lighting category going forward. Our belief is that lighting often serves as a key starting point of an interior design or redecorating project, and area rugs are the finishing touch that ties it all together. Having two strong ecommerce brands in these cornerstone product categories positions us well for continued growth.” Ken Vick, Principal of Lightopia, said, "Lightopia is excited to partner with Rugs Direct and its strong marketing, merchandising, and technology capabilities. These are the ingredients we needed to grow so it's a perfect fit." Felsing went onto say, “From early conversations with Ken, we recognized

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Lee M. Oser Founder

for innovative building materials, components and systems. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs), Building Product Listings and PMG Listings provide evidence that products and systems meet requirements of codes and technical standards worldwide. The ICC-ES Environmental Programs issue VAR environmental reports that verify a product meets specific sustainability targets defined by today’s codes, standards, green rating systems and ICC-ES environmental criteria. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) meet global market demand for science-based, transparent, quality-assured information about a product’s environmental performance. ICC-ES is a subsidiary of the International Code Council® (ICC®). For more information, visit www.icces.org, call 800.423.6587..

how well the companies were aligned culturally. Both have a passion for good design, a commitment to getting it right for the customer, and understand the importance of working together as a team. I am looking forward to thoughtfully integrating these two companies to take our category-focused brand-positioning to the next level.” Myles Felsing will be CEO of the combined company and Ken Vick will serve as Executive Vice President, Sales.

About Rugs Direct Rugs Direct is backed by L2 Capital Partners, a private equity firm that specializes in making equity investments in a diverse group of lower-middle-market businesses.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Hardware & Housewares Review

Food Waste Disposers from Joneca Company LLC An interview with Tom Dugan, Director of National Accounts, Joneca Company LLC. HHR: How has business changed over the past few years?

TD: Due to the pandemic, with families spending less on travel and entertaining, and more time at home, renovations in the kitchen have resulted in a dramatic increase in our business. Coupled with consumers looking for a recognized name in the products they buy, we have been fortunate to be able to offer the American Standard Elite line of food waste disposers.

HHR: What separates Joneca Company LLC from other suppliers of food waste disposers? TD: I believe we pay more attention to LJP (Cont’d. from p. 1)

performance. CaptureQA combines project images with the associated narrative that provide real-time quality assurance reporting and related analysis in one digital package that can be acted on as quickly as reports are received. The key ICC (Cont’d. from p. 1)

environmental (Green) codes or sustainability targets. ICC-ES marks are found on a variety of building, plumbing, mechanical, swimming pool and spa, and fuel gas products. Start looking for the new mark option on ICC-ES approved products HomeServe (Cont’d. from p. 1)

President, HomeServe Skilled Trades. “United Plumbing embodies those attributes at the highest level, and we’re excited about the growth prospects and opportunities to come from this expansion of our partnership. We’re also excited to enter the Louisville market, a key strategic market Enersponse (Cont’d. from p. 1)

homeowners to make smarter decisions about their energy consumption when it matters most.” Historically, utilities issue flex alerts and expect end-users to manually power down if they want to save money. Using Enersponse’s intelligent automation platform allows users to program their response and take control of their power bill. Users can pre-set their schedules with preferences for how much they are willing to shift their energy usage. These changes can be aggressive or nearly imperceptible—for example, reducing smart thermostat settings by two degrees when grid demand surges or delaying a dishwasher cycle until after peak hours or during increased time-of-use (TOU) rates.

The latest SmartThings Energy app, which was recently showcased at CES,

what customers want. Some people are looking for the lowest price, a brand they know and trust, and the best quality in their purchase. Consumers demand all of that. We offer all of that. Since 1985, Joneca has built its reputation on providing the highest quality product, with the best features available in the market, at competitive prices. HHR: Tell our readers about the features you're talking about.

TD: All Joneca and American Standard Elite disposers come with stainless steel grinding elements. No one else makes such an offer. Stainless steel, unlike galvanized steel, works better with water. Using galvanized steel from other suppliers could result in corrosion over time. All Joneca and American Standard Elite disposers feature a Lifetime Guarantee against failure due to corro-

metrics are simple to understand and can provide the field team with the ability to correct issues early in the construction process. A comprehensive view of a project’s construction progress makes it easier to identify anomalies that could be potential trouble spots in other similar projects. For instance, one of the worldwide!

About ICC-ES A nonprofit, limited liability company, ICC-ES is the leading evaluation service for innovative building materials, components and systems. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs), Building Product Listings and PMG Listings provide evi-

for HomeServe, and a city with a rich history and legendary traditions like the Kentucky Derby. With United Plumbing, we feel we have the right horse for the race.” Chris Montgomery, United’s former owner and newly appointed General Manager, reflected on the acquisition: “Deciding to sell your business is never

allows users to: • Link their utility account through the SmartThings Energy app by adding Enersponse as a “device” and subsequently automating their smart home settings to better control energy usage. • Create automations to shift energy usage of appliances such as thermostats, air-conditioners, dishwashers, washer/dryers, refrigerators or EV chargers when energy demand and prices are elevated and revert to normal settings when power grid demand events end. • Receive demand response notifications directly through the SmartThings app to adjust home energy usage behaviors beyond what’s been set up within the user’s customized pre-set automations. • Access power consumption reports from their connected smart meter, helping to better understand their energy usage on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

sion. No one else makes such an offer. All Joneca and American Standard Elite disposers run on a Permanent Magnet Motor and coupled with the Torque Master Grinding System, offer higher torque than some other brands to ensure fewer jams. All Joneca disposers operate from 2400 to 2800 rpms versus some others at 1,725 rpms. Bio Shield Antimicrobial Protection is provided in all disposers to help eliminate bacteria caused odors. HHR: Tell our readers about your Instant Hot Water dispenser product.

TD: We offer the ASH-210 and the ASH410-D. The ASH-210 has a thermostat providing up to 200º F of hot water, by way of a point-of-use faucet. The tank holds 2.5 quarts of water and a 1300-watt heating element. The ASH-410-D offers a digital display allowing you to regulate the temperature up to 208º F, up or down,

most common defects in residential construction is water intrusion in window and roof assemblies. Catching and tracking these types of problems by an ongoing, methodical QA process before they become hidden defects can save developers and contractors millions of dollars in repairs, litigation and reputational risks.


1º at a time. The tank holds 2.4 quarts of water and a 1500-watt heating element. We believe we are the only supplier in the market to offer all our products with stainless steel, rather than copper parts, that come in contact with water. Water and stainless steel “get along better”!

HHR: What can we expect to see in the coming year from Joneca?

TD: We are always striving to offer the highest quality product, with the most features, at a competitive price. Believe it or not, we are testing ways to keep you from standing in front of the disposer while it is working and more time with family and friends. We just introduced units across the line up that are lighter in weight, offer a smaller footprint, resulting in a more eco-friendly product. For more information, go to www.joneca.com, call 714.231.4189 or email tom@joneca.com.

Litigation can arise from poorly designed architectural and engineering plan details, poor construction practices and deferred maintenance on the part of homeowners and homeowner associations. What’s in your toolbox? For more information, www.ljpltd.com.



dence that products and systems meet requirements of codes and technical standards worldwide. The ICC-ES Environmental Programs issue VAR environmental reports that verify a product meets specific sustainability targets defined by today’s codes, standards, green rating systems and ICC-ES environmental criteria. Environmental

Product Declarations (EPDs) meet global market demand for science-based, transparent, quality-assured information about a product’s environmental performance. ICC-ES is a subsidiary of the International Code Council® (ICC®).

About Enersponse Enersponse is an energy resource management platform that works with power providers across the country to aggregate their distributed energy resource (DER) and rebate programs and with energyusing clients across the U.S. to maximize financial incentives by automating load reduction responses. This process helps providers maintain a stable grid and saves customers money, earns them passive income through rebates from their energy providers and helps them meet corporate social responsibility objectives. Enersponse’s intelligent automation-powered distributed energy resource platform is connected to hundreds of power generators across North America, all dispatchable to customers’ existing control systems. The company’s advanced technology keeps track of what’s happening down to a micro-locational level—even for large enterprises with facilities distributed

across multiple power grid providers— monitoring weather patterns, system outages and energy pricing fluctuations and synching this data with pre-set client preferences to intelligently adjust in real-time without the need for human intervention. This means less stress on internal resources and an automated one-stop-shop solution for consolidating all available energy conservation programs to maximize cost savings—ultimately paying customers and their controls companies to save energy. Enersponse received a Bronze Stevie Award in Energy Innovation of the Year in 2019, Company of the Year in Energy in the 2020 International Business Awards and most recently was awarded a Gold Stevie Award for Company of the Year in Energy in 2021.

an easy decision. United Plumbing has been good to me, my family, and my extended family, which is my employees. I feel blessed. But I knew that if I wanted to take United to the next level, I wanted to have the right partner. HomeServe has been a tremendous partner and this decision is a testament to that relationship. I am excited for this next chapter as part of

For more information, visit www.icces.org, call 800.423.6587.

HomeServe.” Leading plumbing, HVAC and electrical companies interested in growing or transitioning their business, now or in the future, should visit www.homeservetransition.com to learn more. Business owners also can contact Rob DiPietro, President, HomeServe Skilled Trades LLC, at Rob.Dipietro@HomeServeUSA.com.

Learn more about Enersponse at www.enersponse.com or follow via social media at @Enerpsonse.