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MedImpact Improves Member Experience, Reduces Costs for Pharmacy Partners

Boston Sunday, August 25, 2019


Increase Product Storage Space with Uniweb

Bausch + Lomb Ocuvite Eye Performance Vitamins

Maintaining Compliance, Improving Patient Safety

By Dave Halter, Senior Vice President Strategic Finance Operations 110 External Operations & Innovations, MedImpact

The U.S. spends more per capita on healthcare than any other country in the world, but it has a high prevalence of diabetes, worse cardiovascular outcomes and lower life expectancy compared to other high-income countries. U.S. healthcare costs reached $3.6 trillion in 2018 and spending is anticipated to soar to nearly $6 trillion by 2027.

For retailers, real estate expenditures and competition challenges many merchants to find ways to increase their product selection and give consumers a quick and resourceful shopping experience. Additionally, they want to provide staff an efficient and effective place to work. This is where Uniweb can deliver. The nearly 50-year old corporation highlights that it is a “solution company,” dedicated to listening to the requests of its clients and developing tailor-made,

The 21st century has brought countless innovations and digital devices that have brought new demands to our eyes, creating space for unique challenges as they relate to our health. That is why Bausch + Lomb has introduced its latest ocular vitamin supplement, Ocuvite® Eye Performance. These new vitamins are formulated to help strengthen the macula, the eyes’ natural protective filter, so consumers can help protect one of their most important senses from certain stressors they encounter

Healthcare professionals play a significant role in ensuring the wellbeing of their patients. One of their many responsibilities include focusing on safe and effective drug use. Pharmacists in particular are vital to maintaining the safety of these drugs. From receipt and storage to compounding, dispensing and administration of medication, handling hazardous drugs requires a comprehensive plan to manage the entire medication lifecycle.

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Prasco’s Authorized Generics Bring Affordability to Quality Medications An interview with Chris Arington, Chief Executive Officer, Prasco.

CDD: Why does it seem like every day another authorized generic is launching?

CA: The prescription drug landscape continues to evolve, and authorized generics (AGs) have become an increasingly important tool for pharmaceutical companies. Authorized generics are a unique class of generics with the exact same drug

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KNAPP: Re-Imagining Retail and Pharmacy

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Avadim Health Provides Pain Relief Options

The retail store, whether it be an independent pharmacy, chain store pharmacy or even a grocery store, is under unparalleled pressure from the mega eCommerce brands, regulators and even the customers themselves – as these same customers demand low price, free shipping and the convenience of same day service. KNAPP Retail Technologies Take Off Recently announced, KNAPP has teamed with Takeoff Technologies to deliver its

Avadim Health (Avadim) is a rapidly growing life sciences company founded in 2007 and located in Asheville, North Carolina. According to Ralph Lombardo, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, the word Avadim means “to serve.” He explains that the company is very proud of its corporate culture, which is based on a servant orientation that includes partners, customers and those who suffer from chronic pain, infectious diseases, and

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Smith Drug Delivers Customer Satisfaction

As one of the premier full-line wholesale pharmaceutical distributors in the U.S., Smith Drug Company is committed to delivering on the promise of giving customers that “Wow!” moment. What exactly does that mean? It means Smith Drug delivers in the most trying conditions, even when others don’t. Its customers will tell you Smith Drug is the first vendor they’ve seen after a devastating hurricane or a record snowstorm. The company knows that

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Retail Pharmacies Need to Be Ready for Rx Recalls By Kirk Herweck, Director, Rx Supply Chain & Workplace Solutions, Inmar

Recalls for pharmaceuticals are a concern, a challenge – and a cost center – for everyone in the Rx value chain. Therefore, retail pharmacies cannot rely solely on suppliers to notify them regarding recalls and/or product withdrawals. To improve their response to market actions, retail pharmacies need to optimize the recall notification function and reduce their recall alert processing time. That’s why retail pharmacies need

RASMAS. RASMAS is an automated product recall notification, communication disbursement and reporting tool available from Inmar that streamlines the Rx recall response workflow and helps ensure proper recall management and documentation. With RASMAS in place, retail pharmacies can reduce their recall alert processing time by as much as 80 percent. A “Noisy” Recall Environment As the industry is experiencing a record number of Rx recalls, the challenges to

Aurobindo: Organic Growth, Strategic Acquisitions Aurobindo Pharma Limited (APL) was incorporated on the 26th of December 1986 as a private limited company by Mr. P.V. Ramprasad Reddy and Mr. K. Nityananda Reddy. Born of their vision and a relatively small group of highly committed scientists, engineers and professionals, the company commenced operations with a single manufacturing unit, specializing in semi-synthetic penicillin (SSP). Roughly two years later, another manufacturing unit was established near Hyderabad, India. The addition of this manufacturing unit empha-

sized Aurobindo’s focus on its core strengths of vertical integration, large scale manufacturing and a robust R&D portfolio. In 1992, Aurobindo Pharmaceutical Limited became a public company, and by 1995 it listed on the Indian Stock Exchange. Ten years later it made a strategic move to enter the premium markets of the USA and Europe with its generic formulations. Aurobindo Pharma Limited exports to over 150 countries across the globe. Today, Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc.

Chain Drugstore Daily immediate and effective response are increasing. Compounding the systemwide stress created by this increased activity is the tremendous “noise” generated by multiple sources distributing redundant and duplicate recall notices, often in multiple and varying formats. The resulting effects from all of this include misdirection of recall notifications, a lack of accountability and visibility throughout individual retail organizations during a recall response and potential liability for mismanagement of recall response due to lack of consolidated Continued on Page 53

operates as a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma Limited with headquarters in East Windsor, New Jersey. The company has successfully launched affordable products across multiple therapeutic areas and delivery technologies while leveraging world-class talent in a global market. Aurobindo has managed to grow its business rapidly, both organically and by way of strategic acquisitions, to be one of the leading companies in the industry. The company has received among the highest number of ANDA approvals of all generic firms Continued on Page 53

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Chain Drugstore Daily

Mobile Spaces from Uniweb “Take it to go” with Uniweb’s product line for mobile health centers, disaster response units, on-site office space or roving training facilities. Take your operation on the road by installing Uniweb products in trailers, buses, box trucks and cargo containers to create a space where medical staff can work on the vehicle in exam areas, office areas and labs. Keep supplies, tools and equipment secured and organized using Uniweb’s 24-gauge steel panels, workstations, locking cabinets and accessories. C2 cabinets, fivedrawer cabinets, two-drawer cabinet, under counter drawers and Lok ‘n Roll are just a few of the company’s secure and elite locking units.

Storage Space Need extra storage in such a tight area? Need to secure merchandise or files? The Lok ‘n Roll Cabinet® does both! It pro-

vides a secure, locking cabinet with a Uniweb shape exterior and a sliding bay pull-out housed within. Stock supplies inside and out! In a health mobile, this cabinet can be used for C2 narcotics lock up, HIPAA regulated patient records and CAL file storage, will call, etc. Add a sliding wall unit to increase storage capacity without increasing the overall footprint. Double, even triple the storage of your wall panel. Uniweb’s wall panel is secured to the interior wall, a track is laid down in front of the panel, then a second complete gliding panel or bay is assembled in front.

Work Space Need ample work surfaces? The Uniweb workstation is a true multifunctional system that can be custom-built to serve a variety of needs. Featuring storage areas both above and below the counter

Delivering Success: Amneal Posts Impressive Stats Amneal set new company records in 2018, closing out the year as the leader in U.S. generic approvals and launches with 62 final and 10 tentative ANDA approvals plus 42 product launches. The company celebrated the accomplishment as a bright spot in a challenging generics market rife with increased competition and intense pricing pressures. “We achieved industry-leading pipeline execution in 2018 with a consistent pace of new approvals and launches,” notes Andy Boyer, Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations at Amneal. “We are positioned to launch up to 50 in 2019.” Notable 2018 launches included Methylphenidate Hydrochloride extended release tablets, Phytonadione tablets, Levothyroxine tablets, Potassium Chloride oral solution, Erythromycin instant release tablets and Colesevelam

Hydrochloride tablets. The company has already launched more than 20 products in 2019, including its first two transdermal system products (rivastigmine and estradiol) along with testosterone gel and bosentan tablets.

Focusing Generic R&D Efforts on Complex, High-Value Products To help better insulate the company from market competition and pricing challenges, Amneal continues to focus aggressively on building a diversified pipeline of complex, high-value products. Its Generics R&D team successfully filed 31 ANDAs in 2018, 65 percent of which were non-oral solid products, creating a pipeline of 105 filings across various dosage forms. Additionally, Amneal currently has nearly 100 generic products in development, almost a quarter of which are injectables, a segment the


translates into a roomy and uncluttered workspace. The convenient modular wiring system means your workstation will be up and running in no time. The system’s efficiency is complemented by the aesthetic appeal of laminated counter tops, as well a wide range of color choices, locking drawer and cabinet abilities, and privacy screen options. Furthermore, the adjustable height powered workstation allows for a smooth powered transition from sitting to standing positions and everything in between with five preset height settings that adjust from 24 inches to 51 inches at the touch of a button. This sleek furniture hides bulky wires and connections. The backsplash options allow an extensive selection of workflow accessories available, all designed to your color specification.

Private Space Need partitions within your space for one-on-one customer care? Maintain privacy with the use of Uniweb’s consultation/immunization pop-out screens which provide convenience with their portable and flexible ADA compliant design. Uniweb crafts a welcoming and comfort-focused ambiance with the use of privacy glass doors and panels and natural light to keep the room comfortable. Combine this with sound absorbing décor fabric or wood panels to manage patient confidentiality. These dynamic pop-out rooms provide unsurpassed utility at an affordable price.

company has increasingly targeted in 2019 and beyond.

nesses to Amneal Specialty. With integration now complete, Amneal has shifted its focus to optimizing and strengthening the company’s infrastructure and systems, generating additional cost-savings that will help Amneal be even more competitive. “2018 was marked by several key strategic milestones, most notably the reshaping of our company through the merger of Impax and Amneal,” says Boyer. “By the end of the year, we completed the integration of the two companies and accelerated the capture of synergies, resulting in approximately $60 million of cost savings for the year. We also strategically deployed capital with the acquisition of Gemini Laboratories and through several partnerships including agreements with Jerome Stevens Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Lannett for Levothyroxine.”

Specialty Pharma Business Highlights Amneal is also focused on strengthening specialty pharma, which diversifies its business beyond generics. The company recently provided updates regarding ongoing development work on investigational drug IPX203, its extended release formulation of carbidopa-levodopa for patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease. Top line results are expected in the first half of 2020, with a New Drug Application (NDA) filing expected in 2021.

Integration Highlights Amneal exceeded its 2018 integration synergy target, capturing $60 million in cost savings. Other key highlights included the harmonization of its Order-toCash system/processes, consolidating all distribution within its Glasgow, Kentucky operations, and the rebranding of its Impax Specialty and Gemini busi-

Give Uniweb your challenges today. For over 26 years, Uniweb has been a proud member of NACDS.

Visit Uniweb at booth #2231. For more information, call 800.486.4932 or go to

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Chain Drugstore Daily

HangUps Cure Headaches for Pharmacies Worldwide Chain, independent and online pharmacies are streamlining their prescription organization and retrieval process with the patented HangUp system. The HangUp bag-and-rack Rx organizing and retrieval system simplifies the process from filled prescription to patient delivery, while reducing costly errors and misfills. Pharmacists just place prescriptions and patient information sheets into clear, durable HangUp bags and hook the bags onto the easy-access HangUp rack. When patients arrive or shipments are being prepared, clerks can find prescriptions easily and retrieve them quickly, thereby saving time for all involved, while minimizing errors and

confusion. See-through HangUp bags are clear and durable, saving clerks from having to rummage through bins or drawers to locate the correct prescriptions and present them to customers. Available barcoding and scanning assure accurate tracking throughout the process. The HangUp system is used in thousands of pharmacies worldwide, including the top 10 U.S. pharmacy chains. Instore experience with the HangUp prescription retrieval system shows 25 percent faster retrieval time compared with traditional bin or drawer systems. That adds up to significant labor savings since pharmacy clerks can handle more trans-

Camber Pharmaceuticals Recognized by McKesson Camber Pharmaceuticals was awarded the ClarusONE Services Collaborative Supplier of the Year Award by McKesson in honor of its leadership in the generics pharmaceutical industry at the McKesson Pharmaceutical National Sales Conference. Camber Pharmaceuticals received this award due to its collaborative strengths and partnership on future newmarket launches, industry dynamic expertise and overall market intelligence. Over the past year, Camber Pharmaceuticals increased sales by 50 percent with ClarusONE members. Kon Ostaficiuk, President of Camber, commented, “We are very honored to receive the Collaborative Supplier of the Year Award from such an outstanding partner as McKesson, whose

ongoing support is instrumental to our mutual success. Our entire organization shares in this achievement, and I couldn’t be prouder of our team.” Ranked 7th on the Fortune 500, McKesson recognized Camber Pharmaceuticals for its work as a generic pharmaceutical industry leader. “Our 185-year legacy in distribution and our customer-first approach are only possible with the right partners,” shared Chris Rector, Vice President, Sourcing and Supplier Relations, McKesson. “It’s an honor to work alongside Camber Pharmaceuticals to better patient care and deliver value for our customers.” About Camber Pharmaceuticals Camber Pharmaceuticals is a fully inte-

CBDistillery: Gimmick-Free CBD CBDistillery™ knows what it takes to bring CBD to the masses: high-quality products that are easy to use and simple to understand. That’s why CBDistillery is committed to gimmick-free CBD and providing ongoing consumer education to new and seasoned CBD consumers alike. With an extensive product assortment complete with accessible price points and recognizable branding, CBDistillery is a great fit for any retail location. With nearly 18k verified five-star reviews, CBDistillery’s commitment to quality shines through. Recently named the No. 1 Value CBD Brand in America by Mashable, CBDistillery prides itself on delivering high quality hemp-derived

CBD products at a fair price point. With farmers in four different states, CBDistillery guarantees a high-quality supply. Due to its size, CBDistillery buys for less and therefore sells for less. CBDistillery is proud to pass on savings to the consumer. For example, offering a 4mg tincture at an opening price point, $10.99, helps capture customers with a smaller budget or who are new to CBD. With built-in trade-up value, it’s easy to incentivize trade-up for the experienced consumer as higher strength tinctures are more cost-effective. CBDistillery is equipped with the innovation pipeline to create long-term sustainable growth. CBDistillery taps into consumers’ desire for ease of use and

Introducing Hammond’s Licorice and Sour Bites Hammond’s Candies, a Denver, Coloradobased confectioner that has been delighting candy lovers since 1920, has launched a lineup of delicious, Australian-style licorice and sour bites. Licorice fans will love the soft, richly flavored Black

Licorice and Red Licorice Bites, and those who crave sour candies are sure to enjoy the new Green Apple Sour Bites and Blue Raspberry Sour Bites. “Our new licorice and sour bites gave us an opportunity to enter a catego-

actions in less time, while also helping to eliminate errors caused by misfilled or unclearly labeled prescriptions. HangUp bags are heavy-duty, reusable and available in seven sizes, giving your pharmacies reduced expenses for behind-the-counter operations when compared to disposable, single-use paper supplies. A wide variety of sturdy, economical HangUp Rack Systems are available to accommodate existing spaces or to replace the inefficient legacy storage spaces within your prescription handling areas. Among the available options are wall racks for standard shelving brackets, wall mounted multi-tier racks and freestanding racks. Plus, advanced HangUp based sysgrated international pharmaceutical company that maintains quality and integrity in all its products. Its parent company, Hetero Drugs of Hyderabad, India, is one of the world’s leading API and finished dosage manufacturers. Camber’s commitment to the consumer is to bring the highest quality generic pharmaceuticals to the market to improve quality of life through cost-effective medications.

About McKesson Corporation McKesson Corporation, currently ranked 7th on the Fortune 500, is a global leader in healthcare supply chain management solutions, retail pharmacy, community oncology and specialty care, and healthcare information technology. McKesson partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers, providers, pharmacies, govern-


tems are available that integrate digital tracking technology to add even greater accuracy while further reducing the amount of time and handling needed from “prescription filled” to “prescription delivered.” The HangUp storage and retrieval system has helped companies organize and streamline their materials handling for over 45 years. Parent company Monaco, LLC, of Bethel, Connecticut, proudly guarantees your satisfaction, and offers prompt shipping with friendly customer service.

See the HangUp prescription storage and retrieval system at booth #1008. For more information and free samples, contact Monaco, LLC at, email or call 203.744.3398.

ments and other organizations in healthcare to help provide the right medicines, medical products and healthcare services to the right patients at the right time, safely and costeffectively. United by its ICARE shared principles, its employees work every day to innovate and deliver opportunities that make its customers and partners more successful – all for the better health of patients. McKesson has been named the “Most Admired Company” in the healthcare wholesaler category by Fortune, a “Best Place to Work” by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, and a top military-friendly company by Military Friendly. For more information, visit

For more information, visit booth #1717, call 732.529.0430 or go to www

a wide product selection with an expansive product selection that includes CBD Topicals, Full Spectrum and Isolate CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Gummies, and even CBD Oil Pet Tinctures for four-legged friends. All CBDistillery products are U.S. Hemp Authority-certified, and sourced from non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the United States using natural farming practices. CBDistillery takes the guesswork out of buying CBD with shelf-ready merchandising and simplified consumer education included in all packaging through informative labels and educational inserts. Sleek, legible labels provide a positive buying experience for consumers to easily understand each prod-

uct, including its CBD content and proper use. Updated labeling provides the easiest buying process yet, with the CBD content per serving clearly displayed on each bottle of CBD Oil Tinctures. More than just a brand with exceptional products and service, Balanced Health Botanicals flagship brand CBDistillery strives to provide the masses with easy access to hemp-derived CBD products and widespread education that includes the latest industry research, scientific data and unfiltered consumer testimonials.

ry we’re really excited about,” said Andrew Schuman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hammond’s Candies. “We know our customers have been craving licorice, and our chewy Australian-style bites are satisfying their sweet tooth. Our mouth-watering, tangy sour bites are already getting rave reviews. Fans can’t resist the sweet and sour combination.” Hammond’s Licorice and Sour Bites

are now shipping to retail stores across the country. Each flavor is available in a 7-ounce bag, in a case pack of eight, with a suggested retail price of $5.95 each. Place your order for Hammond’s Licorice and Sour Bites by calling 800.CANDY.99 (800.226.3999).

For more information, visit booth #2641 or go to

Follow the company on Facebook at and Instagram at @hammondscandies.


Sunday, August 25, 2019

Prana Principle Launches Innovative Beauty and Skincare Line Prana Principle announces its new line of CBD-infused beauty and skincare products, delivering the very best available topical ingredients to the CBD marketplace. CBD products are moving fast into almost every area of the beauty industry. In an untapped market, CBD products are making their way into well-known retailers to fill a niche need for savvy CBD customers. Prana Principle has combined its extensive retail and hemp experience to create a new and innovative line of beauty, skin and hair products – the Prana Principle Professional Series. “Our products are different from many on the market, because we started with the highest quality product available, then developed a CBD formula for

that specific product,” said Prana Principle Chief Executive Officer, Sebastien Hebbelinck. “We have combined excellent ingredients with our pure and trusted CBD to create an unsurpassed line of topicals.” CBD is recognized for its countless benefits, many of which include natural healing properties. CBD contains amino acids, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, all of which are vital to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. CBD has been known to cleanse and calm the skin through its moisturizing properties. These naturally healing CBD products are extremely valuable in today’s market as they are consistent with the current trend of pure, all-natural brands. “We began development of our

Increase Sales, Not Wait Times By Jeff Ditges, President, Source Communications

While you are here this weekend looking for ways to improve your customer experience, remember that wait times and the relationship of the pharmacist to the customer are two factors paramount to shoppers’ trust in your stores. According to a Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Report on Pharmacy Satisfaction, independent pharmacies continue to have the highest

performance ratings in overall satisfaction, likelihood to return and likelihood to recommend. One of the reasons the indies score so high is they have the shortest wait times. Many of these independent stores are our customers. They have organized their pharmacy with our Modular Pole Systems™. Our product line is easy, straightforward and comes pre-assembled for quick and seamless installation. We use common sense in our designs and always think about future uses, so

MarkeTouch: Independently Owned, the Better Business Option Change is inevitable. MarkeTouch appreciates mutual respect and a true partnership from its clients. Recently, there has been an influx of MarkeTouch competitors who have been purchased by large conglomerates and private equity firms. As a result, MarkeTouch has gained industry market share due to its competitors’ changes in personnel, environment and relationships no longer existing on a foundation of trust. MarkeTouch believes there are hundreds of reasons to stick with an independently-owned company, but here’s its top 10 list to show you why it’s the best option. Number 10: Its private company focuses

specifically on patient communications solutions rather than a portion of its product offering. Number 9: Familiar faces. The majority of MarkeTouch personnel has worked with the company since inception. Number 8: MarkeTouch is nimble, adaptive and quick to respond to market demands. It stays on the bleeding edge of industry trends. Number 7: There isn’t an off-the-rack option when it comes to MarkeTouch’s clients. The company understands that each project is unique and customizes each solution accordingly. Number 6: Efficiency. MarkeTouch

How HempFusion Promotes Relaxation and Sleep When we experience something – good or bad – our body automatically reacts to help maintain balance through our endocannabinoid system (ECS). But when out of balance, the ECS can affect our ability to relax and fall asleep. Fortunately, HempFusion®’s unique whole-food, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract serves the ECS with an array of phytocompounds, cannabinoids, terpenes and natural fatty acids that when com-

bined, have a powerful effect in supporting the ECS’s role in maintaining overall health. Then, HempFusion decided to “fuse” complementary, natural ingredients that have been scientifically studied to promote relaxation and support falling asleep.

HempFusion Stress The company fused HempFusion’s Whole Food Hemp Complex with

Chain Drugstore Daily beauty and skincare line in response to what our customers told us they wanted,” said Hebbelinck. “Because of what we heard from customers, we knew demand would be high, and a consistent and robust supply chain was imperative.” Prana Principle offers facial serums, balms, oils, masks, an acne and eczema treatment, which all have been combined with CBD to promote healthy skin. Haircare products and lotions are also included in this line. “Our relationship and experience with suppliers have allowed us develop these products both quickly and at the industry’s highest standards,” said Hebbelinck. Prana Principle’s beauty products include topical serums and lotions. The all-natural, radiant, moisturizing face

serum and eye serum help smooth fine lines, minimize dryness and enhance complexion. There are also hydrating face masks, moisturizing lotion pearls and a healing lip balm, all combined with CBD to enhance effects. In addition to the hydrating topical face products, Prana Principle also offers a line for the treatment of acne and eczema. The Prana Principle Professional Series line offers a full line of products for the whole body. Products include healing masks, radiant moisturizing serums and balms, lotions, oils and even hair care. Consumers will have all of their CBD needs at their fingertips with the trusted quality and excellence they have come to expect from Prana Principle.

you get a product that works great today and is adaptable for tomorrow. Whether it’s your point of sale, employee workstations or customer facing products, we ensure your hardware is accessible and secure, providing the ability to reconfigure as technology and equipment changes, reducing the cost of ownership and waste. In addition to wait times, pharmacists and staff continue to be an important part of the overall pharmacy experience and one of the aspects that are key to customer satisfaction. To that end, many

pharmacies offer counseling areas where pharmacists can talk to patients privately. If these areas are clean, organized and don’t show an array of equipment and a tangled mess of cables, your customer is going to feel they are in a professional environment with a thoughtout plan of how to best process their prescription needs. Source Communications. Start here.

develops most new applications within 45 days, and most change requests are processed within days, not weeks or months. Number 5: The MarkeTouch team is cross-trained, experienced and agile. Its sales team interacts directly with its developers, its client services team interacts with its project management team. It’s an open-door policy when it comes to figuring out how to better serve you. Number 4: Quantified, qualitative results. All service offerings are quantifiable with documented results. MarkeTouch never provides a service without tracking its benefits and successes. Number 3: MarkeTouch works on a first-name basis. Each client has a single

point of contact for all creative, technical and reporting questions. Call MarkeTouch directly, not a call center. Number 2: MarkeTouch is not limited by conflicts. It can and will work with any vendor required to meet its clients’ needs. And finally, the Number 1 reason to work with MarkeTouch: Charles, Lyle and Randy. MarkeTouch’s executive team and owners are always available to clients.

Sensoril®, a patented, organic extract from Ashwaghanda, which has been shown to support relaxation when the body senses stress. Between these two powerful extracts, the human body is receiving incredible support for the interconnected biological systems that help the body manage stress.

restorative sleep. With HempFusion Sleep, the company fused its HempFusion Whole Food Hemp Complex with PharmaGABA®, a natural form of the amino acid GABA that has been scientifically studied to support relaxation that may lead to deeper restorative sleep. It’s like “noise-canceling” to calm the mind and reduce the noise pollution in your head when trying to sleep.

HempFusion Sleep Lack of sleep can be very challenging to the body. Helping to support the body with relaxation may lead to better, more

For more information, visit booth #2625.

Visit Source Communications at booth #2856.

It’s clear that MarkeTouch’s independent option stands above the rest.

For more information, visit booth #315 or go to and www

For more information, visit booth #1966 or go to

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Chain Drugstore Daily

Creme Of Nature Launches PLEX Breakage Defense Three-Step Strengthening System Trusted hair care leader Creme of Nature® launches new salon-grade technology PLEX Breakage Defense ThreeStep Strengthening System, formulated with strength-building key ingredients proven to help protect hair from the inside out. This three-step system provides a simple and easy regimen that will provide extra insurance to build strength and prevent future damage. This system provides quick results for a noticeable difference you can see and feel after just one use. There are many causes of hair damage, ranging from dryness, chemical processing, excessive heat styling and lack of proper maintenance, resulting in split ends, breakage and thinning. Inspired by consumer needs, the PLEX Breakage Defense Three-Step Strengthening System includes a Bond Mender PreTreatment, Bond Restoring Shampoo and Bond Restoring Conditioner. The system

is formulated for all hair textures – natural, color treated, transitioning and relaxed. For the relaxed consumers, Creme of Nature has developed a PLEX Strengthening Relaxer System with PLEX Strengthening Treatment. The new system will be available exclusively at nationwide Sally Beauty retailers. In salons, treatments can be very expensive, and some women are unable to get to the salon on a regular basis. They opt to care for their hair at home with products that may or may not be right for their hair type. “Caring for your hair at home has become easier and affordable with Creme of Nature’s new PLEX Breakage Defense Three-Step Strengthening System,” said Teneya Gholston, Senior Director of Marketing for Creme of Nature. “We conducted an extensive hair damage and care survey, and results

Essential Oil Lotion from Two Old Goats A quilter’s quest to find relief from her arthritis and wrist pain and dry, chapped hands led to a seven-year journey and countless combinations of essential oil blends. Seeking a remedy that was natural and lacked a strong odor, without worrisome ingredients and perfumes, Karen Pharr realized that in 2000, such a product did not exist. She then set out to create what she needed. Given her need to quilt, she realized that it also needed to be free from any residue and non-staining. Finally, in 2007, Pharr finalized the formula that is still used 12 years later. The formula’s use of goat’s milk as the base, along with her Teen Goat Queen past, and her husband’s goatee, lead to the company’s

memorable name. Pharr’s friends, family, neighbors and fellow quilters loved her new lotion both for its silky texture and for its easing of tired, sore muscles. In 2008, Pharr sold the business to friends Richard and Karen Snyder, who continue to expand distribution and sales. The six therapeutic-grade essential oils naturally relieve pain by providing camphor, menthol and methyl salicylate. These natural ingredients, with their relaxant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties deliver superior relief to OTC and non-prescription analgesics along with a pleasant, natural scent. The goat’s milk base allows the lotion to be absorbed quickly and completely – while

show that 92 percent of women self-treat at home. For this reason, Creme of Nature has formulated a new affordable recovery treatment for home use that will reduce damage and breaking, allowing hair to grow stronger and longer. Our simple threestep process helps reinforce those weak hair bonds, making them stronger, more flexible and more resistant to breakage.” The Creme of Nature PLEX Breakage Defense Three-Step Strengthening System contains key ingredients castor oil and argan oil from Morocco.

The newest Creme of Nature PLEX Breakage Defense Three-Step Strengthening System products include: Bond Mender Pre-Treatment (SRP $6.98) – The first step in a strength-building regimen: reinforces weak fragile bonds and when used as a system with the complimentary products, helps strengthen and protect hair on the inside and out. nourishing and moisturizing the skin. The effectiveness of the formula, combined with the memorable name, has allowed this familyowned business to help many customers while earning recognition as one of Inc. Magazine’s FastestGrowing Companies. With 12 years of business and over 4 million bottles sold, the products earned a solid reputation for delivering on their pain-relieving promise. This is further demonstrated by more than 100 pages of customer reviews and a nearly 4.7 average rating. Users describe how it works to relieve pain in aching joints, knees and ankles. Some note that they “won’t leave the house with-


Bond Restoring Shampoo (SRP $5.98) – Removes impurities and build-up while nourishing strands. Bond Restoring Conditioner (SRP $5.98) – Moisturizes and improves appearance of dry, damaged strands. PLEX Strengthening System with PLEX Relaxer Strengthening Treatment (SRP $9.29) – A relaxer system designed to help build strength and reduce breakage for a noticeable healthier difference you can see and feel after just one use. Helps strengthen and fortify hair after chemical treatment while providing protection from damage and breakage. For more information, go to www.creme Follow the company on Instagram (@cremeofnature), Facebook (, YouTube ( NatureOfficial), Snapchat (cremeof nature) and Twitter (@cremeofnature).

out a 2-ounce bottle.” The product line has expanded beyond the lotions to include a shea-butter infused balm, body wash, goat’s milk soap and bath crystals. All products feature the essential oil blend used in the pain-relieving lotions. A key introduction for the show is the new, FDA-compliant arthritis formula in a new 6ounce tube. This new product features added menthol, while still utilizing the same six essential oil blend and goat’s milk base for a cooling sensation and pain relief.

Visit Two Old Goats at booth #1866. For more information, go to www.twoold, email or call 866.324.3787.

2019Best of Show


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New Product Releases from ARKRAY ARKRAY announces its exciting 2019 new product releases that can make life simpler for both pharmacists and their customers. Be among the first to offer these innovative solutions to your customers.

Phazix ARKRAY proudly introduces Phazix, the newest innovation for those who have trouble taking solid-form medications and supplements. With Phazix, patients can easily swallow an entire tablet, capsule or powder, whole or crushed, without mixing with food. It is simple and easy to use. You just dispense a small amount onto a spoon with the pills and swallow. Phazix works as a slippery gel that forms a strong bolus around the medica-

tion in the mouth, glides easily down the esophagus, and then quickly breaks away in the stomach, allowing the medication to be available to the body for absorption the way the manufacturer intended. Phazix has a pleasant, natural vanilla flavor that may mask the unpleasant taste or smell of medications and supplements. Phazix replaces food carriers which may have an effect on absorption rate of medications. For more information about Phazix, go to GLUCOCARD® Shine Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems Simplify SKU management and cater to patient needs with the GLUCOCARD

Renpure Launches New Plant-Based Beauty Collection Under global personal care company MAV Beauty Brands, Renpure introduces hair and body care products made with its highest concentration of natural, biobased ingredients. Renpure believes that products using plant-based ingredients don’t need to come at a high cost, low efficacy or be hard to find. Renpure believes in a new kind of natural beauty without compromise: good-for-you ingredients, high performance, accessibility and affordability. The comprehensive new Renpure plant-based beauty

line-up is comprised of shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos, leave-in conditioners and scalp-care, which are designed to meet the needs of diverse hair types, as well body care. Meeting some of the strictest wellness criteria from retailers such as Whole Foods and Target, to expanded product offerings at the likes of Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid, Renpure’s goal is to make products with natural, plant-based ingredients accessible and affordable, no matter where consumers shop.

Abdallah Candies Introduces Retreats By MaDonna Schmitz, National Sales Manager, Abdallah Candies

Abdallah Candies proudly introduces Retreats. These amazing portable and resealable candy pouches are the perfect snack size to self-indulge, enjoy, relax, take a break from the day and reseal for another moment of contentment later.

The Retreats are brightly colored packages with nine varieties of flavors. Three amazing sorbets: raspberry, orange and lemon, each uniquely creamy and smooth without being too sweet. Two amazing sea salt caramels: one milk and one dark with the famous Abdallah caramel center. Three toffees: English toffee, butter almond toffee and a cashew almond tof-

Chain Drugstore Daily Shine meter family. You can provide four unique meters to meet patient testing needs, all operating on one test strip platform. The new Express and Connex provide options for your customers. Shine Express offers confidence through voice guidance. Guide users through meter set-up, testing and review of results in their choice of English or Spanish. Shine Connex transfers results via Bluetooth to your phone for monitoring/management. GLUCOCARD Shine Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems meet the same FDA accuracy requires as the more expensive meters. Post-market surveillance studies show all GLUCOCARD Shine Blood Glucose Meters and Test Strip combinations continue to meet a Renpure believes that anything a chemical can do, a plant can do better. It believes in formulating without the ingredients that your hair and skin don’t want, while keeping good-for-you ingredients like coconut, tea tree, charcoal, hemp, rose, biotin and so much more. Renpure’s newest collection does all of this, without compromise. Each product is formulated without the use of sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol and more, all while maintaining high performance as evident in its deep cleansing, rich lathers and luxurious textures. “Lose the sulfates. Keep the bubbles” is a mantra the fee, each with a solid buttery flavor and an awesome bite of crunch. New to the line is a smooth double dark fudge Retreat. The inspiration for the Retreats was to provide smaller bite sized pieces to broaden the market to the delicious taste of creams and toffees. These items are intended for personal consumption versus a gift pack, and so smaller sizes and increased items were considered in developing the item’s weight.

high level of accuracy. A 50count supply of GLUCOCARD Shine Blood Glucose Test Strips is usually less than the average insurance copay. With the kind of accuracy and affordability the GLUCOCARD Shine Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems provide, more focus can be put on selecting the meter that works best for each patient. For more information about GLUCOCARD Shine Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems, go to -management.

Visit ARKRAY at booth #1361. For more information, contact your local rep, go to, email info@ or call 800.566.8558.

brand lives by. Through this launch, Renpure has created a more consistent, harmonious and seamless shopping experience by selecting distinct, vibrant colors and fragrance profiles that provide a sensorial experience for consumers. The packaging is designed to simplify the shopping process, strengthen the product benefit language as well as increase visibility for important claims such as its strict zero statement: “zero gluten, dyes, propylene glycol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde”™. Learn more at

The Retreats were recently introduced and have been well received by retailers and consumers alike. Each Retreat package weighs approximately 2.75-3 ounces and each is priced at $2.99 suggested retail. Abdallah Candies is a fourth generation, family owned company producing quality confections since 1909.

For more information, go to www, call 800.348.7328 or email

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David Biernbaum Passionate About SmartMouth’s Rapid Growth By Tara Kane, Communications



David Biernbaum is Founder and President at David Biernbaum & Associates LLC., Consumer Goods Marketing, National Retail Sales, Consulting and Equity Development. Since 1977, David Biernbaum and his teams have achieved extraordinary success delivering brand-equity and brandachievement for client-companies, retail partners and more than 200 consumer products on today’s shelves, mostly health and wellness. Biernbaum specializes in premium-priced specialty brands that deliver category expansion and incremental dollars. Since November of 2015, David Biernbaum devotes much of his time to St. Louis-based SmartMouth Oral Health Laboratories, where he is acting as Chief Marketing Officer, heading up strategic

business development, retail broker-sales management and consumer products marketing. SmartMouth markets highly effective specialty oral rinses, toothpaste and mints. Since January 2016, with Biernbaum’s elite marketing skills, broker-sales leadership and as the company’s primary national accounts professional, SmartMouth has grown to become a $48 MM retail brand, more than four times its size from $11 MM as recently as 2014. Biernbaum speaks glowingly about his Chief Executive Officer-client, and now, very close friend, Andrew Burch, who in 2014 was appointed by a new Board at St. Louis-based Triumph Pharmaceuticals, dba SmartMouth Oral Health Laboratories. “Andy inherited a tumultuous situation left behind by previous management.” He added, “Andy’s own background of success and expertise

Consumers Review New Remedy Dermatology Series Lotion When it comes to skincare, it’s important to have scientific support and expertise to produce the highest quality products. In fact, those factors are important to get consumers to try a new brand. New Remedy Dermatology Series Moisturizing Lotion is a unique, proprietary botanical formula that provides a wide range of benefits. It contains proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates for skin nutrition; natural oils and other moisturization support; plus a high level of skin soothing antioxidants. While the science behind the product

may pique customer interest, the proof comes when they actually try it. That’s why Remedy monitored reviews from customers to see how this new product performs for them. Among the many 5star reviews the product received, a high percentage came from people who considered their skin highly sensitive or extremely dry and irritated. Other popular comments referred to the smooth texture, the way it absorbs quickly and the gentle formulation. Here are a few excerpts: “My skin is really dry due to medical

A Different Consulting Model: XIL Consulting Susan Lang understands the economics of the drug industry. During her six years of working for George Paz at Express Scripts, she realized the opaque nature of the industry created winners and losers, especially in the mid-market. After leaving Express Scripts, Susan was able to look across the industry, and a huge knowledge gap became painfully obvious. Mid-market payers, pharmacies, health plans and wholesalers interpret drug economics, their own leverage and customer service very differently from top-tier PBMs and health plans. The goal of founding XIL Consulting

was to close that gap by sharing insights that could help the middle-tier win more consistently. XIL Consulting focuses on the economics of improving the margin and gross profits for their clients. “It is vitally important that we work as part of your team, which is unusual. Actionable knowledge transfer is a big component of that. As we work on engagements with our clients, we’re teaching,” says Lang. “This drives more informed market decisions, so our clients can sustain their competitive advantage even after we’re gone.” The space is hyper competitive and

Warrell Creations Pioneers Innovative Snacks Warrell Creations, the private label and contract manufacturing segment of The Warrell Corporation, continues to bombard the confectionery and snack industry with new twists on the market’s leading brands. Its portfolio of

manufactured innovations are a combination of ancient grains, superfruits, nuts and seeds packed with a range of flavors, nutrients and allergy friendly foods. Outcomes are often indulgent treats with a twist of functional capa-


is in finance and banking, so being a level-headed entrepreneur with rare management skills, he immediately surrounded himself, and the brand, with a high-level experienced team in marketing, sales, operations and manufacturing.” Biernbaum explained, “When Andy put his complete faith and confidence in me and handed over the keys to me for such a strategic role, that was all the motivation I needed to make SmartMouth start to achieve its real potential, which I always knew was much greater than its past.” Biernbaum adds, “I have zero doubt that SmartMouth will keep developing at this pace, and probably even faster.” When Biernbaum began in his new role, he brought on his own network of independent brokers that under his leadership achieved much faster success, effective placement, shelf-presence and productive promotions to drive new trial for a premium mouthwash brand. In addition, Biernbaum inaugurated a highly effective marketing strategy with a dynamic new

mix, and much improved messaging and brand-statement. Biernbaum summarized, “SmartMouth expands retail oral health solutions with innovation, science and technology, category growth, premium profits, shelfspace productivity and off-thecharts customer and consumer-loyalty,” he added, “for consumers, SmartMouth delivers on its promise not only to eliminate bad breath, but also to prevent bad breath from returning for up to 12 hours per rinse.” He noted that the brand line-up also includes a Clinical DDS formula that offers the same bad breath protection, but also provides prescription-strength enhancements for healthy gums and plaque prevention, and an oral breath rinse providing dry mouth benefits. SmartMouth also launched a premium toothpaste with zinc and dry mouth mints with zinc and xylitol.

reasons, especially my elbows. I’ve been using this product for four days and can already see a huge improvement.” “You don’t have to put a huge amount on. It rubs into your skin easily and is not greasy.” “I’ve not seen a product that is free of the ingredients found on the North American 80 Comprehensive Series (NAC 80) list of possible allergens before.” “I love it is free of paraben and sulfates.” It shouldn’t be surprising that Remedy Dermatology Series Lotion has elicited such positive responses. It’s

made by Medline Remedy®, the No. 1 brand of skincare in the medical field, with a history of creating high level skincare for all types of skin issues. Remedy Dermatology Series Moisturizing Lotion was introduced into retail in March of 2019. Packaging is designed to stand out from other therapeutic lotions on shelf, highlighting the effectiveness and gentle, botanical formula. Available sizes include 3-ounce, 8ounce and 12-ounce bottles.

dominated by 44 Fortune 100 companies. Lang puts it bluntly. “Look, these mid-market clients really have to play a different game. They’ve got to be smarter, quicker, and turn the rule book on its head.” XIL addresses this issue by asking the right questions – the key to any strategy – and by intently listening to their clients. Solutions are customized based on clinical assets, pricing capabilities and overall goals of the engagement. To get to the right answers, XIL challenges clients’ assumptions, so that clients participate in the same robust debates the XIL team has amongst themselves. As Lang explains, “Everything we work on is incredibly complex, and there isn’t a single answer. Some answers are more efficient. When we finish an engagement, our clients can

actually execute their new strategies and get to a better, more competitive position.” XIL’s unconventional model of consulting resonates with the market. In just five years, the firm is a proven success, quickly growing in size to meet an ever-increasing demand. XIL combines phenomenal talent, representing decades of deep and wide market knowledge, with a sophisticated analytics platform to benefit their clients. A final point from Lang: “Our position as part of your team, that philosophy of alignment, sets us apart. We’re deeply vested in your success. That’s our long-term play.”

bilities, such as truffles enrobed and coated with cocoa nibs, combinations of tree nuts clustered with dried fruits and ancient grains, protein isolate centers enrobed in protein-enhanced, chocolaty coating rolled in almond pieces and brittles made with granola. Its R&D team is very clever at finding ways to enhance your brand and develop new products. The distribution division focuses on

providing candy and snacks for specialty retailers. It offers turnkey merchandising tools that create an impulse profit center in most any store. The Pennsylvania Dutch Candies quality hanging bag line is now available in private label. The program boasts 12 case assorted minimum orders, seven-day lead time and the best assortment available. Let it help you

For more information, email david@, or go to www.biernbaum .com or

For more information, go to www

For more information about XIL Consulting, visit

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REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP Expands Product Offering The plant-powered snack revolution continues at REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP™ with the expansion of its cauliflower-based snack line that now includes Stars, Stalks and Tortilla Chips. Also joining alongside its cauliflower counterpart is butternut squash, the newest ingredient base for the brand’s Pretzel line. REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP launched less than a year ago with a line of cauliflower-based snacks that included crackers and pretzels made from real veggies. Both lines have been celebrated as plant-based, bet-

ter-for-you versions of familiar formats like the cheesy crackers you ate as a kid and traditional pretzels made from wheat flour. REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP is expanding the cracker line with the launch of cauliflower-based star shaped crackers in Cheddar, Pizza and Sea Salt flavors. The brand is also launching cauliflower-based stalks, which are light and airy puff-like tubes, in Cheddar and Sea Salt flavors. The brand’s cauliflower-based Grain Free Tortilla Chips in Sea Salt, Nacho and Lime flavors were also unveiled in March 2019.

Jake’s Nut Roasters New Roasted Salted Inshell Almonds Jake, a fourth-generation member of the Jasper Family, is proud to continue the farming traditions of his great-grandfather that have been passed down for over 70 years. Since 1948, a commitment to quality and innovation has propelled many fine Jasper Specialty Foods products into the hands of health-conscious almond lovers around the world. Brand new to the mix of Jake’s Nut Roasters’ creative line of specialty almond snacks is Jake’s distinctively packaged Roasted Salted Inshell Almonds. Definitely a twist on today’s typical packaged almond products, these inshell almonds provide an unparalleled snacking experience, and make eating

this healthy, plant-based snack both fun and satisfying ... and they are perfect for sharing, too! Produced in a dedicated peanut-free facility and sourced from Jake’s own orchards, these premium California almonds are dry roasted and seasoned in small batches to deliver exceptional quality. Health benefits abound with California almonds, which contain a wholesome blend of both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats known to help reduce cholesterol levels and support cardiovascular health. Jake’s Roasted Salted Inshell Almonds are packaged in a unique and reusable 16-ounce burlap bag, allowing

Darrell Lea: Not Just for Liquorice Lovers From humble beginnings 90 years ago selling sweets from a pushcart, and later to a small factory under the first arch of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia, Darrell Lea has a manufacturing pedigree almost unrivalled in the world of candy. In the U.S., Darrell Lea is known for its world famous soft liquorice which has been available for over a decade. Darrell Lea soft liquorice has fast become a firm favorite with those who prefer a softer, MedImpact (Cont’d. from p. 1)

However, the U.S. ranks poorly in health system performance. Our nation’s unsustainable healthcare costs are forcing the industry to recognize – from a cost and outcomes perspective – that it’s more efficient to move toward a healthcare delivery model based on performance, value and outcomes. As the industry migrates away from fee-for-service reimbursement and moves toward pay-for-performance models, pharmacies will no longer get paid simply for providing services like dispensing drugs. Pharmacies are the most frequent touchpoint in all of healthcare that a member experiences. PBMs can help improve outcomes and reduce costs by offering high-performing pharmacy solutions that drive quality care by influencing behavior

genuine, plant-based recipe as an alternative to brands with a predominantly artificial ingredient list. Darrell Lea thought the timing was right to launch a major new sub-brand specifically for the U.S. market that it knew Americans would love. Darrell Lea is proud to introduce its newest addition to the lineup, Real Twists in both 10ounce Strawberry and Grape flavors. This full flavored, fruity confection is in

change, increasing clinical value and improving adherence, safety and member service. Research also reveals that every $1 invested in pharmacist clinical services results in nearly $4 in benefit. MedNetwork ® Performance is a transparent, high-performance pharmacy solution that leverages advanced analytics and reporting that scores pharmacy performance to help guide pharmacies to reduce costs and improve member adherence and outcomes across all channels. Pharmacies can maximize outcomes and differentiate with enhanced clinical consultative services to improve adherence and member experience. Transparent, data-driven performance metrics in comparison with non-participating or low-performing networks can increase sales and volume. Members can improve adherence, outcomes and their


Another vegetable taking root this year from the brand is Butternut Squash, with the launch of butternut squash-based pretzels in both sticks and twists shapes. All REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP snacks are certified by the Non-GMO Project, certified gluten-free and made from real veggies and vegan ingredients. The snacks are a fun and tasty way to sneak in some nutrition at snack time. “We are excited to expand our awardwinning cauliflower-based snack line with the launches of Stars, Stalks and Tortilla Chips and to venture into a new vegetable offering with butternut squash-based pretzels,” said Aaron Greenwald, President of

REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP. “At REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP, we’re proud to be able to offer snacks, made from real veggies, that taste as delicious as the conventional versions, but deliver high nutrition standards. This is just the beginning for us; with an abundant innovation pipeline highlighting consumers’ favorite veggies, there will be a REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP snack for everyone in the family in 2019.”

for easy access and convenient storage. Jake’s rustic burlap bag has a classic, masculine appearance that looks great on a store shelf, kitchen counter or table centerpiece. Reach in and grab a handful of these tasty almonds ... just twist and crack for a delicious snack! Be sure to try some of Jake’s other bold and unique seasoned almond products, “Straight from Jake’s Orchard” to you. Jasper Specialty Foods is a multigenerational, family-run operation headquartered in Newman, California, specializing in the production of unique almond related food snacks, confections and other treats for the specialty food market. “From Farm to Market” is a slogan often used to epitomize the philosophy of the company in that, first and fore-

most, it is farmers seeking to grow and produce the finest almonds in the world by controlling every aspect of the process, including planting, farming, harvesting, processing, packaging, sales and distribution. Some of its popular brands include Nunes Farms, Jake’s Nut Roasters and Jasper Ranch, to name a few. The company is actively involved in developing new flavors, custom mixes and smart packaging with an emphasis on small batch process and exceptional quality. California almonds from Jake’s Nut Roasters are the perfect pairing of bold new flavors and traditional, handcrafted production.

the form of a twisted, soft bite candy without any of the tough bite qualities of those currently sold locally. Each flavor will be available in a very generous 10-ounce bag for launch with a smaller 1.7-ounce on-thego bag available later in the year. The total U.S. candy market is in slight growth, but who is driving that growth? It is the emerging brands who are innovating for the consumer of 2019. Consumers are seeking enhanced eating

experiences and products made with quality ingredients. Darrell Lea Real Twists are a retail solution to a growing problem. Produced in Sydney, Australia, all Darrell Lea branded items are made with no artificial colors or flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives and no GMOs. Keeping with the Darrell Lea promise of high standards, Real Twists does not disappoint on quality, ingredients, softness or flavor.

overall experience with deeper pharmacist engagement. Health plans can improve outcomes – quality, financial and member – with transparent pharmacy performance reporting. Similar to CMS Star Ratings, MedNetwork scores and ranks pharmacy performance for pharmacies and plan sponsors. We apply cluster analysis to categorize and distinguish network performance, allowing them to maximize quality care while reducing costs.

Industry-Leading, Transparent Technology Saves Time & Money MedImpact partnered with NCPDP to develop the first industry Pharmacy Portal that accesses NCPDP’s resQ data in real-time. By leveraging industry efforts like NCPDP’s resQ, MedImpact helps eliminate significant ongoing operational and technology costs and reduces overhead

For more information, go to or call 888.989.9055. Follow the company on Facebook or on Instagram @FromTheGroundUpSnacks.

For more information, call 800.255.1641 or go to or

associated with managing network member pharmacies. Our Pharmacy Portal is designed to make network enrollment and credentialing easy and transparent. Pharmacy users can use the same user login credentials to access the MedImpact Pharmacy Portal as they do to update their NCPDP pharmacy profile. This innovative technology also enables MedImpact to use all the data and documents uploaded to NCPDP’s resQ as part of our enrollment and credentialing processes, eliminating the need for pharmacies to respond to redundant “asks” for information. By working closely with our pharmacy partners, MedImpact helps streamline the onboarding process, identify potential issues and save PSAOs time and money. Visit MedImpact at booth #817.


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Uniweb (Cont’d. from p. 1)

cost-effective products to meet those specifications. Uniweb has established a wellearned reputation for finding more space for retailers, around the pharmacy counter as well as the rest of the store. “We create new space,” says Ron Mackert, Vice President and 18-year veteran at Uniweb. “A lack of space can really handcuff a retailer’s ability to maximize sales and profits. We can increase the amount of inventory by an average of 35 percent more than from traditional fixtures.” Uniweb systems will increase product storage by a minimum of 17 percent Avadim Health (Cont’d. from p. 1)

resistant wounds and skin conditions. To Lombardo, this emphasis on service is the heart of Avadim. The company’s mission is to change lives and transform communities by identifying and addressing unmet needs in the health arena. The company offers a portfolio of advanced, safe solutions and has created a strong pipeline across a broad range of health and wellness areas. Whether Avadim is developing products aimed to improve health and enhance the quality of life, or to help communities through local and global philanthropy efforts, Lombardo reiterates that its mission is to serve, and that service is a responsibility that the company KNAPP (Cont’d. from p. 1)

hyperlocal eCommerce grocery solution. The Takeoff/KNAPP team has already delivered the first of several robotic grocery systems for Sedano’s, Ahold Delhaize and Wakefern, with a number of other national and regional chains queued up to implement this latest technology. Using slightly different technologies, KNAPP has also expanded its Apostore and KNAPP-Store robotic solutions to the North American market, to fulfill pharmacy orders at the retail store more efficiently. Already in use across Europe, these systems are designed to open up more floor space by 60 percent to 70 percent, for expanded services that the industry is demanding. Prasco (Cont’d. from p. 1)

product as the brand, and they represent a meaningful option for a patient to access a brand quality product at an affordable price. Prasco continues to have a leadership position in this space – in the past three years, we have launched authorized generic versions of brand products representing over $14 billion in brand sales.

CDD: Where can patients find out if an authorized generic version of a particular Warrell Creations (Cont’d. from p. 43)

promote your location. Warrell Creations is the innovator of choice in the consumer-packaged goods snack space. Six process kitchens give its dedicated product development team the flexibility to

to 25 percent, and in some cases, by as much as 50 percent. One benefit is that Uniweb bays do not have a break between bays, which allows for continuous inventory placement. Also, the movable 16-inch trays are easy to adjust so staff can position them on the panel to accommodate the tallest bottle. All this translates into zero unused space. Uniweb offers a variety of products for retailers looking to expand their pharmacy section without any dramatic increase in space allocation. The company offers counter wall fixtures, pharmacy wall fixtures, Rx gondolas, Rx end caps, workstations and Rx locking units. Uniweb also manufactures complete preengineered modular pharmacies that

Chain Drugstore Daily include locking cabinets, under-counter vials, doors, shelves and sinks. The pharmacy can be assembled in two to three days and is pre-wired with a UL-Listed modular wiring system and can be tied into the in-store power and plumbing. In addition to Rx fixturing, Uniweb manufactures a wide range of wall fixtures, gondolas, feature end caps and specialty fixtures for the entire store. “We are a one-stop source for retailers,” Mackert notes. “I think it is very important to point out that our design service for retailers is free and includes a set of plans that the client can keep,” says Mackert. “We think that sends a clear message to our retail partners that we go into this as a

true partnership. We are here to help both of us be profitable. We are always ready to sit down with our clients and tell them what we are about and ask them what they need from us.” “In the end, it is all about saving money and helping to make the retailer more efficient,” says Mackert. “We develop a collaborative relationship with our clients, providing them a one-stop shop where they can pick and choose what they need. Our solutions are based on their needs and our flexibility is designed to help retailers build unique solutions.”

Visit Uniweb at booth #2231. For more information, call 800.486.4932 or go to

takes very seriously. For Avadim, this means that service takes the shape of identifying therapeutic clinical gaps in the marketplace, developing solutions and partnering with academic university hospitals to build-out evidence-based compendiums that prove efficacy. Avadim researches solutions for infectious diseases and neuromuscular disorders, including restless leg syndrome, diabetic neuropathy and non-healing chronic wounds. The company is committed to ensuring the quality and safety of its products while delivering the best possible health and wellness outcomes. Avadim’s products are non-toxic, safe for daily use and produced in an FDA regulatory and compliant drug and med-

ical device manufacturing facility in the United States. According to Chris Sposato, Vice President of Consumer Health, the company’s goal for TSE is to successfully launch two products, both of which are innovations in the medical health market. The first product is Theraworx Relief for Joint Discomfort and Inflammation, an OTC choice now available for 91 million sufferers of arthritic joints. With Theraworx, Avadim seeks to help individuals who endure chronic suffering from swollen and inflamed arthritic joints. Theraworx is helpful when individuals are unable to safely use oral NSAID medications and where opioids are no longer considered appropriate.

Also being introduced is the U-PAK, an option for recurrent urinary tract infections. The U-PAK is indicated for the prevention of urinary tract infections for those who suffer from recurrent UTIs – primarily women and those who selfcatheterize at home. Lombardo explains that Avadim products fill therapeutic gaps in care and are also proving to bring incremental revenue to their respective categories. The company’s brands target chronic conditions which have demonstrated significant repeat purchase revenues. Avadim is able to help retail partners by driving repeat trips and repeat purchases.

This means that MTM and other patient consulting, vaccinations, on-site clinics or additional space for HBA are available to the pharmacy in previously underutilized or wasted space. By automatically storing pharmacy medications dynamically and densely, versus one med-one facing, these systems also reduce tech requirements in this labor constrained market. Additionally, all meds are delivered FEFO reducing expired medications and returns. The Apostore 24 Hour Access Terminal connects to the main system in a hub and spoke solution for a local network of stores, allowing patients the kind of access that meets their needs without the requirement and additional cost for

the physical pharmacy to be open after hours.

low hanging fruit – the higher margin items – while also delivering convenience and value. Where does that leave the rest of the market? KNAPP believes that means the adoption of new distribution models that leverage existing, local bricks and mortar, combined with the convenience demanded by the consumer; a hyperlocal distribution network that has a comprehensive assortment of items that are top of mind with the consumer. All this combined with a local “click and collect” automated or robotic local fulfillment model that is fast, efficient and convenient.

drug is available?

The Case for HyperLocal Fulfillment, Robotics and eCommerce Today, 55 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas. In the United States, the US Census Bureau now states that roughly 80 percent of the country’s population lives in urban areas. At the same time, eCommerce is driving the demand for smaller, more frequent orders, and smaller more frequent orders that increase labor and transportation costs in these densely populated areas. There is formidable competitive pressure as others move more aggressively into grocery, retail, pharmacy and other sectors; in an attempt to garner the pharmacies near them. I’m excited to make this information available.

CA: Historically, it has not been easy to find information about authorized generics, but Prasco is working to change that. We developed a tool for patients, pharmacists and health care professionals to look up any brand or generic drug to find out if there is an authorized generic version available. The tool is available at www.authorized Pharmacists can look up a drug and understand how to source it, while consumers can use a product locator to find

CA: I believe authorized generics will continue a strong growth trajectory. In light of the continuing discussions about the need to improve access and affordability, there will be more opportunities for AGs. Launching an authorized generic will continue to be a smart solution for

innovate freely. A structured new product development stage gate process, coupled with Rapid Prototyping Methodology, enables customers to accelerate their time to market. While many CPG companies take 18 to 36 months to launch new items, Warrell Creations has helped customers launch

new innovations as rapidly as 6 to 9 months. Its processes include artisanal panning, enrobing, fire roasting, nut clusters, snack bites and brittle. With over 50 years of experience behind it, Warrell Creations has forged a go-to-market strategy that has labeled it as Your Partner of Choice™ for private

CDD: Where do you see authorized generics in the future?

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brand companies, with positive results for patients and payers. In the coming years, I see expansion of AGs through increased patient awareness and choice, and I look forward to seeing how our business model evolves in the biosimilar space. The future always starts with innovation, and when Prasco’s partners are the world’s most innovative in pharmaceutical research and development, our future looks brighter than ever. Visit Prasco at booth #657.

label and contract manufacturing solutions. A competitively advantaged Quality Management System, a breadth of manufacturing capabilities, a demonstrated willingness to invest and a team of dedicated project managers is capped with its cornerstone strength: We Innovate For You™.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Chain Drugstore Daily Smith Drug (Cont’d. from p. 1)

pharmacies are relying on them to deliver their patients’ prescriptions on time, and the Smith Drug team will do what it takes to make that happen. It means that Smith Drug offers all the tools, products and services its customers need to thrive in a highly competitive environment. It offers the most extensive assortment of products availBausch + Lomb (Cont’d. from p. 1)

every day. These stressors, which include stronger sunlight as a result of increased UV exposure, blue light emitted from digital devices and longer hours looking at screens, are continually exposing eyes to new levels of stress. In fact, today most adults spend nearly 12 hours a day on digital devices, exposing themselves to blue light for extended periods of time. Even those who do not work in front of a computer are exposed – blue light is emitted from the sun, LED lights, fluoImproving Patient Safety (Cont’d. from p. 1)

Monitoring Requirements of Hazardous Drugs The CDC and the State Board of Pharmacy have outlined recommendations for ensuring the safe handling of vaccines and medication. Their guidelines, aptly named Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit, is a comprehensive guide for healthcare providers to maintain safety in their pharmacy. This, along with the USP General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs – Handling in Healthcare Settings, provides best practices for handling hazardous drugs, including vaccines and medication. At the end of this year, USP General Inmar (Cont’d. from p. 4)

alerts. In order to effectively address these issues and mitigate the associated human and business costs, proactive retail pharmacies need to secure a single source of recall alerts, which is the core capability of RASMAS.

An Unmatched Response-Enablement Resource In addition to singularly aggregating recall notifications, RASMAS helps speed remediation by simplifying the recall response workflow from initial notice to final resolution. Automated Aurobindo (Cont’d. from p. 4)

for several years running, and currently ranks third in terms of total volume in the U.S. market, with about 550 ANDAs filed with the FDA and over 380 final approvals. From discovery to development to commercialization, the growth is aided by cost-effective drug development and substantial manufacturing. The R&D center in Hyderabad covers over 13,000 square meters with over 700 scientists striving for excellence. The team is focused on the areas of organic synthesis, analytical research, dosage form development, pharmacology, bio-equivalence studies and drug delivery systems.

able, including access to specialty medications, OTC, HME, brand and generic pharmaceuticals. It means Smith Drug values its customers’ experiences. Each of its distribution centers is staffed with representatives who work personally with customers for fast resolutions. Whether it’s for IT support or a question about an order, all of the calls are answered by a real person who will work with you until you have

rescent lights, cell phones and televisions. Americans are also working longer hours, increasing the likelihood of eye fatigue and stress throughout the day. Outside of the home and office, UV exposure continues to increase, making the eyes more vulnerable to the sun. “Ocuvite Eye Performance vitamins are the result of insights gathered directly from consumers and eye care professionals to specifically formulate a supplement that can help nourish and support the eyes’ natural protective filter,” said Chris Marschall, Vice President and General Manager, U.S. Consumer Health

Chapter <800> will be published with new requirements to help ensure a safe environment and protection of healthcare practitioners and others when handling hazardous drugs. This includes monitoring environmental temperature, humidity levels and pressure differential to maintain proper handling and storage methods for drugs. Maintaining proper environmental conditions for storage, preparation, transportation and administration can mean the difference between a healthy and a sick patient.

Automated Versus Manual Monitoring Continuous monitoring of these environmental conditions provides a proactive approach to pharmacy safety. Previously,

step-by-step documentation generates an audit trail for supporting internal/external inspections and operational reviews while maximizing transparency for recall response accountability. RASMAS matches recall alerts to a subscriber’s inventory file using Inmar’s proprietary rapidID technology and builtin management escalation capabilities ensure adherence to corporate policy. Automated business reply forms are included with the solution and the RASMAS mobile app enables immediate, onthe-go response to urgent recalls. Reporting is equally robust and includes documentation of recall

Aurobindo continues to invest in the future of the company and recently commercialized its newest large scale state of the art manufacturing facility, Unit-10, bolstering its portfolio of large scale manufacturing infrastructure. This facility is solely dedicated to supporting the ongoing growth in the U.S. market. Aurobindo focuses on strategic portfolio management across a broad product line with no single product contributing more than 5 percent of total revenue. In recent years, it has continued to expand into new therapeutic categories and delivery methods such as injectables, OTCs, oncology, hormones, oral contraceptives, ophthalmic, metered dose - dry powder inhalers and biosimilar.

what you need. It’s no coincidence that Smith Drug’s customer satisfaction is rated the highest in the industry. It means Smith Drug goes above and beyond to set its customers up for success. The company’s merchandisers and pharmacy experts help customers maximize success. Whether it’s guidance on setting up the front end or information on new offerings and products, Smith Drug’s customers regularly share feed-

Care, Bausch + Lomb. “We believe the nutrient formula found in these vitamins will provide consumers the nourishment they need to help protect their eyes today, so they can keep up with our fast-paced, digital-centric world.” The Ocuvite Eye Performance eye vitamins were formulated with seven vital nutrients that help strengthen the macula, which protects the eyes from stressors such as sunlight and blue light emitted from digital devices. These nutrients include lutein and zeaxanthin to help filter blue light; omega-3s to help support a healthy retina; zinc to help regulate

pharmacists and other healthcare professionals would record temperature, humidity and pressure differential measurements using manual methods such as pen and paper. This provides a snapshot in time and requires significant effort to analyze. Technological advancements have enabled automated monitoring and alerting to detect excursions, stopping problems before they occur. Additionally, compliance and operations managers have better visibility into temperature excursions and are able to take the appropriate corrective actions for temperature excursions. A proactive approach to pharmacy safety maintains vaccine efficacy and improves patient safety, a priority every pharmacist can support. response and return activity at the enterprise, regional, store and user level.

A Tool for Recouping Recall Costs Responding to Rx recalls is not optional for retail pharmacies, but that doesn’t mean they must shoulder the cost of responding. The labor costs, administration costs and fees for disposition that are all part of the recall management process should not be the retail pharmacy’s burden. RASMAS provides detailed documentation of all measurable activity related to recall response. Retail pharmacies can use this data to fairly and accuFlash forward to 2019. Aurobindo is well positioned in terms of scale, efficiency and cost-effectiveness through its expansive yet lean operating model, and now ranks among the largest generics suppliers around the globe. Although this has been fueled largely by organic growth, the recently announced definitive agreement to acquire Sandoz’s U.S. oral solids and dermatology business units further advances Aurobindo’s aggressive growth strategy. This greatly strengthens the company’s vast market presence, as well as the scope and breadth of the partnerships it holds with key customers here in the U.S. Aurobindo’s Managing Director, Govind Narayanan, added, “We look forward to delivering the benefits of


back on what a difference its entire team has made to a store. Ultimately, it means that Smith Drug Company believes in giving its customers reliability and quality. Time and time again, its “Wow!” moments give customers the competitive edge they need for success. For more information, visit booth #1251 or go to

immune function in the eye; Vitamins C & E, antioxidants key to eye health; and Vitamin D, antioxidant to help prevent inflammation. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) Ocuvite Eye Performance eye vitamins (50 ct.) are now available for purchase in the vitamin and eye care aisles at most major U.S. retailers. Visit Bausch + Lomb at booth #644. For more information, visit

Improving Pharmacy Safety SmartSense offers real-time remote monitoring solutions that cuts out manual temperature checks, so pharmacists can focus on their patients. Wireless sensors provide efficient and reliable methods for maintaining the necessary quality standards for medications and drugs, reducing time spent on mundane tasks and leading to a healthier population.

For more information, visit booth #2442 or contact Josh Griggs, MBA, Director of Sales – Healthcare & National Accounts, SmartSense by Digi by calling 574.347.6166 or 574.850.0751, or emailing

rately assess all attributable costs and pursue appropriate remuneration from the manufacturer involved. Proper notification of a recall or drug withdrawal is crucial to initiating a timely response – but it is only the start of an expensive and complex undertaking for which retail pharmacies should be fully and properly reimbursed. Contact Inmar to learn how RASMAS recall management saves time and money while improving patient safety and reducing risk. For more information, visit booth #1151.

this transaction to all our stakeholders including employees, patients, customers and healthcare providers across the U.S.” As a result of this acquisition, subject to regulatory approval by FTC, Aurobindo will be adding nearly 300 unique product families to its portfolio, climbing the ranks even further into a dominant and diversified market leadership position in the U.S, and ensuring that the company remains one of the leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturers around the globe.

Visit Aurobindo at booth #1951. For more information, contact your account manager, visit or call 866.850.2876.

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